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325427: R. RENOLD, EDITOR - Letters of William Allen and Richard Barret. 1572-1598
317964: JOHN SAMUEL, EDITOR - History of the Open Golf Championship
326721: LUKE BARBER, EDITOR - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the Counties of East and West Sussex. Volume 152. 2014
326722: LUKE BARBER, EDITOR - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the Counties of East and West Sussex. Volume 151, 2013.
325441: ROBERT REDMAN, EDITOR - The Dorchester. The Renaissance 1989
325440: PAUL S. BOYER, EDITOR - The Oxford Companion to United States History
326663: JAMES WINES. PHILIP JODIDIO EDITOR - Green Architecture
313499: MICHAEL DAVIE, EDITOR - The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh
325426: P. R. HARRIS, EDITOR - Douai College Documents. 1639-1794
310946: WILLIAM THORNHILL, EDITOR - The Case for Regional Reform. Extracts from Essential Documents
310941: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT, EDITOR - The Recollections of Rifleman Harris As Told to Henry Curling
310923: EILIS DILLON, EDITOR - The Hamish Hamilton Book of Wise Animals
310915: JANET H. PERRY, EDITOR - The Harrap Anthology of Spanish Poetry
310875: C. ANNE WILSON, EDITOR - Traditional Country House Cooking
323742: NORMAN BECKETT, EDITOR AND COMPILER - Industrial North Staffordshire
323746: MARCEL KURZ, EDITOR - The Mountain World 1954
323738: LOUIS KRONENBERGER, EDITOR - The Pleasure of Their Company. An Anthology of Civilized Writing.
323745: MARCEL KURZ, EDITOR - The Mountain World 1953.
319821: DR. LYNN PEARSON, EDITOR - Journal of the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society. Volume 16, 2010
319818: EMMANUEL COOPER, EDITOR - International Magazine of Ceramic Art and Craft. Ceramic Review. Issue 219 May/June 2006
319819: EMMANUEL COOPER, EDITOR - International Magazine of Ceramic Art and Craft. Ceramic Review. Issue 233 September/October 2008
319820: BUNNY KEMSKE, EDITOR - International Magazine of Ceramic Art and Craft. Ceramic Review. Issue 245 September/October 2010
313041: ALASTAIR M. DUNNETT, EDITOR - Alastair Maclean Introduces Scotland
319771: HUGH HELLICAR, EDITOR - Poems of Faith and Love
320859: DAN H. LAURENCE, EDITOR - Bernard Shaw. Collected Letters 1926-1950. Volume 4
318045: ROBIN SIMON, EDITOR - Frederic, Lord Leighton. 1830-1896 and Leighton House. A Centenary Celebration
319756: JONATHAN SACKS, PREFACE BY. PAUL FOSTER, EDITOR - Otter Memorial Paper No. 14. Chagall Glass at Chichester and Tudeley
314617: DIAGRAM GROUP. RUTH MIDGLEY, MANAGING EDITOR - Musical Instruments of the World. The First and Only Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Its Kind
319727: JOHN CANNING, EDITOR - 100 Great Events That Changed the World. From Babylonia to the Space Age
317414: ANDREW GOODMAN. ROBERT HARDCASTLE, EDITOR - Gilbert and Sullivan's London.
317405: BRUCE VAUGHAN, EDITOR - Top Ten. Tactics for the Major Species from Ten Leading Specialist Anglers
314820: W. HENDERSON, EDITOR - Victorian Street Ballads. A Selection of Popular Ballads Sold in the Street in the Nineteenth Century
326473: JOHN GOODWIN, EDITOR - Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company 1960-63. In Stratford on Avon and London
39460: JOHN HADFIELD, EDITOR - The Saturday Book. No. 28
327540: H. S. SALT, EDITOR - Godwin's Political Justice
328051: ANDREW DUNCAN, EDITOR - Ordnance Survey. Walkerõs Britain. Complete Pocket Guide to over 240 Walks and Rambles
327395: ROGER SHARROCK, EDITOR - John Bunyan. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinner and the Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come
327379: BOYD CAMPBELL, EDITOR - Roving Commissions Number 14
327340: PROFESSOR MIKHAIL B. PIOTROVSKI, EDITOR - State Hermitage Museum. Hermitage Development Trust. Treasures of Catherine the Great
324531: CHARLES LANE SAYER, EDITOR - Correspondence of Mr. John Collier (Deceased) and His Family 1716-1780. Volume Ii (2)
319091: MARTIN BANHAM, EDITOR - The Cambridge Guide to World Theatre
319080: SIMON ROGERS, EDITOR - The Hutton Inquiry and Its Impact
319062: PATRICK DONNER. ANTONIA HOPKINS, EDITOR - No Answering Melody and Other Stories
325309: ANGUS WATSON, EDITOR - The Way of Achievement. Reflections on Human Endeavour and Experience in British and American Prose and Poetry
321413: LIEUT. COLONEL L. A. BETHELL, EDITOR - "Blackwood" Tales from the Outposts. V. Jobs of Work
317624: WALTER GRATZER, EDITOR - A Bedside Nature. Genius and Eccentricity in Science 1869-1953.
323957: F.E. FINN, EDITOR - The Albermarle Book of Modern Verse. Volume 2.
325661: BORIS FORD, EDITOR - The Cambridge Cultural History. Volume 3. 16th Century Britain
322429: GEORGE W. WILLIS. BARBARA MCKENZIE, EDITOR - Historical Miscellany of Basingstoke
322430: ANDREW LANG, EDITOR. - Violet Fairy Book
317468: ROBERT SCOTT BURN, EDITOR - The New Guide to Carpentry, General Framing, and Joinery; Theoretical and Practical
322792: ROSEMARY CHURCH, EDITOR - The Compleat Parish Officer
320889: DAVID ORMROD, EDITOR - Fellowship, Freedom and Equality. Lectures in Memory of R.H. Tawney
323399: WILLIAM BRAY, EDITOR - The Diary of John Evelyn. Volume Two.
317243: CAROLINE HASLETT, EDITOR - The Electrical Handbook for Women
317237: MICHAEL E. BLACKMAN, EDITOR - Surrey Record Society Volume Xxix. Ashley House (Walton on Thames) Building Accounts 1602-1607
317215: TOM STEPHENSON, EDITOR - The Countryside Companion
322386: ROBERT CHAMBERS, EDITOR - Cyclopaedia of English Literature Consisting of a Series of Specimens of British Writers in Process and Verse. Volume I
322397: STUART MACDONALD, EDITOR - Journal of Art and Design Education. Volume 2. No. 2 1983
322398: STUART MACDONALD, EDITOR - Journal of Art and Design Education. Volume 1. No. 2 1982
322387: ROBERT CHAMBERS, EDITOR - Cyclopaedia of English Literature Consisting of a Series of Specimens of British Writers in Process and Verse. Volume
322419: DAME EDITH SITWELL, EDITOR - The Atlantic Book of British and American Poetry Volume 2
314770: JACK YATES, EDITOR - Kaleidoscope 2. Dreams and Nightmares
317961: FRANK BUTLER, EDITOR - News of the World Football and Sports Annual 1974
318235: JOHN BOURNE, EDITOR - More New Plays for Boys and Girls
324071: KELLY KNAUER, EDITOR - Time Great Discoveries. An Amazing Journey Through Space and Time
325259: JANE CROWELL MORSE, EDITOR - Beatrix Potter's Americans: Selected Letters
316159: MALCOLM MARGOLIN, EDITOR - The Way We Lived. California Indian Stories, Songs and Reminiscences
326611: ZARA GROUNDES-PEACE, COMPILED BY. ROBIN HOWE, EDITOR - Mrs. Groundes-Peace's Old Cookery Notebook
323859: TOM MCARTHUR, EDITOR - The Oxford Companion to the English Language
321813: DOROTHEA HALL, EDITOR. - Collecting for Pleasure. Sporting Pastimes. An Absorbing Guide to the History and Values of Affordable Antiques.
320063: GWEN MAKA. GORDON METCALF, EDITOR - Riding with Ghosts. An Englishwoman's 4,000 Mile Solo Cycle Ride from Seattle to Mexico
315014: KURT L. LONDON, EDITOR - The Soviet Impact on World Politics
321552: NICOLA SMITH, EDITOR - Woodstreet. The Growth of a Village
321608: FRANCIS BEAUMONT. JOHN DOEBLER, EDITOR - Regents Renaissance Drama Series. The Knight of the Burning Pestle
319634: JOHN E. BLAKE, EDITOR - Ark No. 3, Summer Issue
319492: HELEN EXLEY, EDITOR - Business Quotations
328257: LAURENCE HOUSMAN, EDITOR - What Can We Believe? Letters Exchanged between Dick Sheppard and L.H.
319624: JOHN HODGES, EDITOR - Ark No. 15. Journal of the Royal College of Art
319626: DAVID A. WEEKS, EDITOR - Ark No. 8 Journal of the Royal College of Art. July 1953
312989: CHARLES C. F. GREVILLE. HENRY REEVE, EDITOR - A Journal of the Reigns of King George Iv, King William Iv and Queen Victoria. Volume Vii
312949: D.W. HAMLYN. R. F.HOLLAND, EDITOR - The Psychology of Perception
322784: HELENA HAYWARD, EDITOR - World Furniture. An Illustrated History from Earliest Times
37403: CYNTHIA MANSON, EDITOR - Mystery for Christmas. Twelve Tales of Seasonal Suspense
326148: HAROLD WHEELER, EDITOR - Cassell's Romance of Famous Lives. Vol Iii
326149: HAROLD WHEELER, EDITOR - Cassell's Romance of Famous Lives Vol. Ii
326177: IAN BEVAN, EDITOR - The Sunburnt Country. Profile of Australia
328435: K. I. ZARADOV, GENERAL EDITOR. Y.G. PANFILOV, COMPILING EDITOR. - Marxism-Leninism in Our Time. Detente and the Revolutionary Process
325556: J. C.STUTTARD, EDITOR - History of Fetcham
325533: PETER S. BAILEY. COLIN MADDOCK, EDITOR - Newhaven-Dieppe from Paddle to Turbine Š the Story of the Service and Steamers
325501: COMMODORE P. J. MELSON, EDITOR - White Ensign Š Red Dragon. The History of the Royal Navy in Hong Kong 1841-1997
325489: VARIOUS HANDS. JOHN P.ARKWRIGHT, EDITOR - Cabinet-Making for Amateurs. A Practical Handbook on the Making of Various Articles of Furniture
325471: KATHLEEN M. HARRIS, EDITOR - Embroidery. The Journal of the Embroiders' Guild Winter 1956-57
325465: DR. BRIAN AUSTEN, EDITOR - Journal of the Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society. Barcombe Mills. Its Industrial and Transport History.
325659: BORIS FORD, EDITOR - The Cambridge Cultural History. Volume 7. Victorian Britain
321418: MICHAEL KERR, EDITOR - The Telegraph Book of River and Sea Journeys. Bon Voyage.
318811: COLUMBUS, EDITOR - Good Afternoon Children.
318763: B. W.CANNING, EDITOR - Today's World. Shorthand and Longhand Edition
318020: RICHARD KNOWLES, EDITOR - Implications of the 1985 Transport Bill
311846: BRYAN HOLME, EDITOR - Tales from Times Past
311847: NEIL PARKYN, EDITOR - The Seventy Architectural Wonders of Our World
320230: EDGAR STEPHENSON, EDITOR - The Banque Jules Boutin's Guide to Dinart. Dinard (Brittany) Queen of the Emerald Coast. All the Year Round Resort
325814: CHRISTOPHER REDMOND, EDITOR - Canadian Holmes. The First Twenty-Five Years. An Anthology
319836: CHRISTOPHER WADE, EDITOR - More Streets of Hampstead. An Historical Survey of Streets, Houses and Residents in the Southern Sector of the Old Borough
38676: JOHN E. JONES, EDITOR - Yr Ymofynydd, Neu Gyfrwng Gwybodaeth a Rhyddymofyniad I'r Cymry
38605: H. A. COX, EDITOR - A Handbook of Empire Timbers
313065: MAGGIE KESWICK, EDITOR - The Thistle and the Jade. A Celebration of 150 Years of Jardine, Matheson & Co.
325649: BORIS FORD, EDITOR - The Cambridge Cultural History. The Romantic Age in Britain.
325761: STEVE SHEPPARD, EDITOR - The Selected Writings of Sir Edward Coke. Volume I.
315517: JANE MOLINEUX, EDITOR - Pandemonium I the Kitchen
317536: TRAN VAN HOA, EDITOR - Prospects in Trade, Investment and Business in Vietnam and East Asia
313802: DAVINA HUXLEY, EDITOR - Cretan Quests. British Explorers, Excavators and Historians.
325454: MARGARET FOUNTAIN. W.F.CATER, EDITOR - Love Among the Butterflies. The Travels and Adventures of a Victorian Lady
327955: MARC FITCH, EDITOR - The Index Library. Index to Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London. Vol. Xii. 1694-1700
325170: ROBIN BAIRD-SMITH, EDITOR - Winter's Tales. New Series Two
325567: AIDAN WALKER, GENERAL EDITOR. - The Encyclopedia of Wood. A Tree By Tree Guide to the World's Most Versatile Resource
313294: JEANNE JENNINGS, EDITOR - Sussex Recalled
323162: EDWARD HYDE: EARL OF CLARENDON. ROGER LOCKYER, EDITOR - The History of the Great Rebellion.
328067: ADA HARRISON, EDITOR - Grey and Scarlet. Letters from the War Areas By Army Sisters on Active Service
313372: CANDIDA LYCETT GREEN, EDITOR - John Betjeman. Letters Volume One: 1926 to 1951
313371: CANDIDA LYCETT GREEN, EDITOR - John Betjeman. Letters Volume Two 1951-1984
314844: JUDITH STINTON, EDITOR - Racism and Sexism in Children's Books
314804: CYRIL CONNOLLY, EDITOR - Horizon. A Review of Literature and Art. September 1944, Vol. X No. 57
323877: CHRIS THOMAS, EDITOR - London's Archaeological Secrets. A World City Revealed.
313405: SIR JULIAN HUXLEY, EDITOR - The Humanist Frame. The Modern Humanist Vision of Life
313451: JOHN BERGER. NIKOS STANGOS, EDITOR - The Look of Things. Essays By John Berger
313452: STANLEY S. MADEJA, EDITOR - Arts and Aesthetics: An Agenda for the Future
313455: STANLEY S. MADEJA, EDITOR - The Arts, Cognition, and Basic Skills
313465: R. R.TOMLINSON. C. G. HOLME, EDITOR - Picture Making By Children
324264: LINDA R. WILLIAMS, EDITOR - Bloomsbury Guides to English Literature. The Twentieth Century from 1900 to the Present Day.
317918: GAGOSIAN GALLERY. MARK DI SUVERO, ARTIST. RAYMOND FOYE, SERIES EDITOR - Mark Di Suvero. Open Secret: Sculpture 1990-92. Poems Selected By the Artist
324758: ALLARDYCE NICOLL, EDITOR - Shakespeare Survey. An Annual Survey of Shakespearian Study and Production. I
318593: PAULA M. SMILEY, EDITOR - Studies in the History of Art. Volume 12.
327263: CHARLES KNEVITT, EDITOR - Perspectives. An Anthology of 1001 Architectural Quotations
313793: MARINA VAIZEY, EDITOR - The Art Quarterly of the National Art Collections Fund. No. 13 Spring 1993
327742: GRAHAM LYONS, EDITOR - The Russian Version of the Second World War. The History of the War As Taught to Soviet Schoolchildren
327759: DON MULLAN, EDITOR - Eyewitness. Bloody Sunday. The Truth
327784: SAMUEL R. DELANY, EDITOR - Nebula Winners Thirteen
327790: J. B. TRAPP, EDITOR - Background to the English Renaissance. Introductory Lectures.
327794: IVAN FROLOV, EDITOR - Marxism-Leninism and Our Time. Dialectical Materialism and Modern Science. Proceedings of an International Symposium
313707: RICHARD BUTLER, EDITOR - A View from the Cliffs. The East Devon Heritage Coast
313826: CAROLINE MOOREHEAD, EDITOR - Freya Stark. Letters. Volume Seven: Some Talk of Alexander 1952-59
313827: JOHN DAVY, EDITOR - Work Arising from the Life of Rudolf Steiner
313831: JOHN BETJEMAN. STEPHEN GAMES, EDITOR - Trains and Buttered Toast. Selected Radio Talks
321202: W.R. NIBLETT, EDITOR - The Quail Roost Seminar of December 1968. Higher Education. Demand and Response
326624: GWEN JONES, EDITOR - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of East and West Sussex. Volume 134. 1996
317452: DR. RONALD J. GOLDMAN, EDITOR - Readiness for Religion. About Myself Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
324999: MARABEL HADFIELD, EDITOR - The Manual of Horsemanship
327152: SIAN GRIFFITHS, EDITOR - Predictions 30 Great Minds on the Future
321378: ANNE FINDLAY. MAUREEN DE SAXE, EDITOR - Wye Parish Church of St. Gregory and St. Martin, Kent. A Historical Guide
311837: MICHAEL LEVIEN, EDITOR - The Cree Journals. The Voyages of Edward H. Cree, Surgeon R.N. As Related in His Private Journals 1837-1856
319691: PATRICK HAYMAN, EDITOR - The Painter and Sculptor. A Journal of the Visual Arts. Volume 2, No. 2, Summer 1959.
320766: JANE SHOAF TURNER, EDITOR - Master Drawings. The Woodner Collection
317709: C. E. M. JOAD, ADVISORY EDITOR - The English Counties. Illustrated
317710: MICHAEL SEED, EDITOR - Assurance. An Anthology
322845: LEONARD COTTRELL. MARSHALL B. DAVIDSON, EDITOR - The Horizon Book of Lost Worlds By the Editors of Horizon Magazine
322842: JOHN GAISFORD, EDITOR - Times Gone By. A Photographic Record of Great Britain 1856-1956. From the Archives of the Hulton Picture Company
328267: ERVIN PAMLENYI, EDITOR. - A History of Hungary
325751: ALEC DETSICAS, EDITOR - Collectanea Historica. Essays in Memory of Stuart Rigold
325752: R. H. HELMHOLZ, EDITOR - Three Civilian Notebooks 1580-1640. Vol. 127
326986: DEREK FRASER, EDITOR - A History of Modern Leeds
326962: VINCENT TEWSON, EDITOR - Report of Proceedings at the 81st Annual Trades Union Congress Held at the Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington, September 5th to 9th 1949.
315808: L. G. G. RAMSEY, EDITOR - The Connoisseur. December 1951. Vol. 128, No. 524
315807: H. GRANVILLE FELL, EDITOR - The Connoisseur October 1951. Vol. 128, No. 523.
316646: KONSTANTIN RAUDIVE. NADIA FOWLER, TRANSLATOR. JOYCE MORTON, EDITOR - Breakthrough. An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communiation with the Dead
321695: J. A. HAMMERTON, EDITOR - Punch Library of Humour. Mr. Punch Afloat. The Humours of Boating and Sailing.
316396: STEVE RICHARDS, EDITOR - New Statesman. Preparing for Power. Interviews 1996-1997
314597: ERNEST RHYS, EDITOR - Everyman's Library. Plato. Five Dialogues.
321737: SAM PHILLIPS, EDITOR. - Frieze Art Fair London 2012
319682: JAMES MELLER, EDITOR - The Buckminster Fuller Reader
314474: ELIZABETH LAMOND, EDITOR - A Discourse of the Common Weal of This Realm of England. First Printed in 1581 and Commonly Attributed to W.S.
325785: NILS P. HAUGEN. JOSEPH SCHAFER, EDITOR - Pioneer and Political Reminiscences
323775: NICHOLAS GRIFFIN, EDITOR - The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell. Volume 1 the Private Years (1884-1914)
327223: JEANNE MARIE TEUTONICO, EDITOR - Architectural Ceramics. Their History, Manufacture and Conservation. A Joint Symposium of English Heritage and the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation. 22-25 September 1994.
321415: G. H. MARTIN, EDITOR - The Ipswich Recognizance Rolls 1294-1327. A Calendar
316399: C. A. GIBB, EDITOR - Penguin Modern Psychology. Leadership. Selected Readings
322769: BILL WOODROW, EDITOR - Royal Academy Illustrated 2007. A Selection from the 239th Summer Exhibition
326402: JAMES NYE. VIC GAMMON, EDITOR - A Small Account of My Travels Through the Wilderness.
314822: JOHN SAMPSON, EDITOR - Gypsy Folk Tales
325848: MAGGIE KESWICK, EDITOR - A Celebration of 150 Years of Jardine, Matheson & Co. The Thistle and the Jade
318222: LILIANE LIJN. LINDA SAUNDERS, EDITOR - Light and Memory. Liliane Lijn
315417: PROF. GILBERT RYLE, EDITOR - Mind. A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy. Vol. Lvii, No. 226. April 1948
327226: MICHAEL FOSTER, EDITOR - Pre-Raphaelite and Other Masters. The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection
322396: STUART MACDONALD, EDITOR - Journal of Art and Design Education. Volume 1. No. 3 1982
327067: TIM FENN, EDITOR - From Old Chapel Field. Selected Letters of Robin Tanner 1920-1988.
318153: WILLIAM STANLEY BRAITHWAITE, EDITOR - The Book of Georgian Verse
318151: PETER QUENNELL, EDITOR - Byron. Selections from Poetry, Letters and Journals
318114: JAMES BENTLEY, EDITOR - Some Corner of a Foreign Field. Poetry of the Great War
318108: KENNETH BAKER, EDITOR - The Faber Book of English History in Verse
321600: NICHOLAS SALMON, EDITOR - William Morris on History
320815: ALAN DENT, EDITOR - Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell. Their Correspondence
321267: THE REV. PROFESSOR F. DAVIDSON, EDITOR - The New Bible Commentary
322491: WILLIAM COOK, EDITOR - Eric Morecambe Unseen. The Lost Diaries, Jokes and Photographs
321233: LYNNE P. BALDWIN, EDITOR - Active Learning in Higher Education. Volume 5 Number 1, March 2004
323696: C. A. ROBINSON, JR., EDITOR - An Anthology of Greek Drama. Second Series
323697: C. A.ROBINSON, JR. EDITOR - An Athology of Greek Drama. First Series
328342: JACKIE WILLS, EDITOR - Missing the Nile. Experiences of Sudanese People in Brighton
318815: HECTOR BOLITHO, EDITOR - A Batsford Century. A Record of a Hundred Years of Publishing and Bookselling 1843-1943.
315485: CANON TIMOTHY YATES, EDITOR - Bryan Green. Parson Š Evangelist
321243: W. R. NIBLETT, EDITOR - Moral Education in a Changing Society
327725: CHE GUEVARA. DAVID DEUTSCHMANN, EDITOR - Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution. Writings and Speeches of Ernesto Che Vuevara
322135: GEN. SIR CHARLES NAPIER. LIEUT. GEN. SIR WILLIAM NAPIER, EDITOR - William the Conqueror. A Historical Romance
328428: GEO. CROWTHER, EDITOR - Anderson's Cumberland Ballads. Selections from the Cumberland Ballads of Robert Anderson. (a Selection) with Glossarial Index, Portrait and Other Illustrations
327180: SUSAN WEBER SOROS, EDITOR - E.W. Godwin. Aesthetic Movement. Architect and Designer
327179: DIETRICH NEUMANN, EDITOR - Film Architecture. From Metropolis to Blade Runner
326066: MEGAN ALDRICH, EDITOR - The Craces. Royal Decorators 1768-1899.
326212: LUKE BARBER, EDITOR - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of East and West Sussex. Volume 151. 2013.
317139: DAVID LARKIN, EDITOR - Dulac
317117: ARTHUR RAISTRICK, EDITOR - North York Moors. National Park Guide No. 4
323889: MARY HYDE, EDITOR - Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas. A Correspondence
325211: JOHN MILLER, EDITOR - Darling Judi. A Celebration of Judi Dench
322467: STUART MACDONALD, EDITOR - Journal of Art and Design Education. Volume 2, No. 3 1983
314031: SUSAN COOPER, EDITOR - J.B. Priestley. Essays of Five Decades
314076: JUNE HEATH. E. S. THOMPSON, EDITOR - Identifying and Valuing Black and White Pot Lids
314091: GLEESON WHITE, EDITOR - Practical Designing. A Handbook on the Preparation of Working Drawings
320976: CLARK WORSWICK, EDITOR - Japan. Photographs 1854-1905.
322422: PETER NOBLE, EDITOR - The British Film Yearbook 1947-48
317489: KISHO KUROKAWA. DENNIS SHARP, EDITOR - Kisho Kurokawa. From the Age of the Machine to the Age of Life.
314855: KATHERINE GIEVE, EDITOR - Balancing Acts on Being a Mother
315582: TIMOTHY SCHRODER, EDITOR - Heritage Regained. Silver from the Gilbert Collection
326352: TESSA CLARK, EDITOR - Bakelite Style
326230: LUKE BARBER, EDITOR - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of East and West Sussex. Volume 146. 2008
322401: STUART MACDONALD, EDITOR - Journal of Art and Design Education. Volume 3. No. 2 1984.
325662: BORIS FORD, EDITOR - The Cambridge Cultural History. Volume 4. 17th Century Britain
322407: RAYMOND PLUMMER, EDITOR - 1985. 70th Birthday Issue of the Yearbook of the Design and Industries Association
327949: S. A. SMITH, COMPILER; EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY, EDITOR - The Index Library. Index to Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London. Vol. Iv. 1584-1603
320561: RANKA SARACEVIC-WURTH, EDITOR - 1. The World Triennial Exhibition of Small Ceramics. (Svjestki Triennale Male Keramike. 1ere Triennal Mondiale de la Petite Ceramique; Triennale Mondiale Della Piccola Ceramica. Trienal Mundial de la Pequena Ceramica; Welt Triennale Der Kleine Keramik)
321877: CAROL DI GRAPPA, EDITOR - Fashion: Theory. Photographs and Essays
323392: GEOFFREY HEWLETT, EDITOR - A History of Wembley
323124: STEPHEN CRANE. JOHN T. WINTERICH, EDITOR - The Red Badge of Courage
325851: STEVE SHEPPARD, EDITOR - The Selected Writings of Sir Edward Coke. Volume Ii
322286: J. A. W. BENNETT, EDITOR - Medium Aevum. Vol. Xxxiii 1964. No. 3
322296: RICHARD BARBER, EDITOR - British Myths and Legends. Marvels and Magic; Heroes and Saints; History and Romance. 3 Volume Set
314965: F. NORMAN EDITOR - Hofmannsthal. Studies in Commemoration
326287: SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. ARUNDELL ESDAILE, EDITOR - Sussex Notes and Queries. Quarterly Journal of the Sussex Archaeological Society. Vol. Xii. 1948-1949.
322621: ODELL SHEPARD, EDITOR - The Heart of Thoreau's Journals
326503: RICK POYNER, EDITOR - Communicate: Independent British Graphic Design Since the Sixties
326506: GLADYS FABRE, DORIS WINTGENS HOTTE. MICHAEL WHITE, EDITOR - Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde Constructing a New World
326432: STANLEY CRAMP, CHIEF EDITOR - Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The Birds of the Western Palearctic. Volume I. Ostrich to Ducks.
326433: STANLEY CRAMP, CHIEF EDITOR - Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The Birds of the Western Palearctic. Volume Ii. Hawks to Bustards
321928: PAUL WENGRAF, EDITOR - Apropos Series of Art Books, No. 2. Drawings By Children and Pupils of A.S. Neill's School
319693: KENNETH CLARK, EDITOR - The Designer-Craftsman. No. 65, December 1989.
323757: FREDERICK A. POTTLE, EDITOR - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
315149: RAMOND L. GARTHOFF, EDITOR - Sino-Soviet Military Relations
316528: ROGER SLEE, EDITOR - Deacon Studies in Education Series 10. Is There a Desk with My Name on It? the Politics of Integration
316523: NEVILLE JONES, EDITOR - Special Educational Needs Review Volume 3.
316503: ADAM ROBERTS, EDITOR - Civilian Resistance As a National Defence. Non-Violent Action Against Aggression
316491: DAVID LEMMON, EDITOR - Benson and Hedges Cricket Year Tenth Edition September 1990-September 1991
316486: EAMON DUNPHY. PETER BALL, EDITOR - Only a Game? the Diary of a Professional Footballer
316470: TIMOTHY ROGERS, EDITOR - School for the Community. A Grammar School Reorganizes
316471: R. S. PETERS, EDITOR - Students Library of Education. The Role of the Head.
316451: TYRRELL BURGESS, EDITOR - Dear Lord James. A Critique of Teacher Education.
316425: COLIN J.SMITH, EDITOR - New Directions in Remedial Education
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323283: JOE FISHER - The Case for Reincarnation
326565: SALLY FISHER - The Square Halo and Other Mysteries of Western Art. Images and the Stories That Inspired Them
322374: RIGHT HON. H. A. L. FISHER - Essex Hall Lecture 1922. Orthodoxy
317191: JAMES FISHER - Thorburn's Birds
325915: KIMBALL FISHER. MAREEN DUNCAN FISHER - The Distance Manager. A Hands on Guide to Managing Off Site Employees and Virtual Teams.
321441: SIR RONALD A.FISHER - Statistical Methods for Research Workers.
324813: MIKE FISHER - Beating Anger. The Eight-Point Plan for Coping with Rage
327031: D.R.FISHER - The History of Parliament. The House of Commons 1820-1832. Iii Constituencies Part 2: England, Staffordshire-Yorkshire and Cinque Ports, Wales, Scotland Ireland.
26940: JOSHUA A. FISHMAN - Advances in the Sociology of Language. Volume Ii Selected Studies and Applications
26929: JOSHUA A. FISHMAN - Language & Ethnicity in Minority Sociolinguistic Perspective
321389: V.C.FISHWICK - Pigs. Their Breeding, Feeding and Management. Revised Edition.
12959: CHARLES MARDEN FITCH - The Complete Book of Miniature Roses
326634: JOHN FITCHEN - The Construction of Gothic Cathedrals. A Study of Medieval Vault Erection
324800: W. H. FITCHETT - Nelson and His Captains. Sketches of Famous Seamen
322098: EDWARD WILLIAM FITHIAN - The Life of Robin Hood. The Celebrated Outlaw
316331: MARY FITT - The Turnip Watch
325060: RICHARD FITTER AND ALASTAIR FITTER - Collings Guide to the Countryside
2689: BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD - Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
13450: BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD - The Book of the Dog
16603: F. SCOTT FITZGERALD - This Side of Paradise
16970: KEVIN FITZGERALD - The Chilterns
22162: BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD - Winchester
325054: BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD - Town Fox, Country Fox
324948: BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD - Town Fox Country Fox
30054: LOUIS FITZGIBBON - The Katyn Memorial
322011: THEODORA FITZGIBBON - Traditional English Food. A Taste of England in Food and in Pictures
315497: THEODORA FITZGIBBON - A Taste of Ireland in Food and Pictures. Irish Traditional Food
35797: LESTER N. FITZHUGH - Terry's Texas Rangers. 8th Texas Cavalry, Csa. An Address
23861: AUDRIE E. FITZJOHN - The Museum and the Child
318691: SIR PERCY FITZPATRICK - Jock of the Bushveld
322445: DR. V. DE FIVAS - New Grammar of French Grammars
319892: DORA D. FLACK - Dry and Save. A Complete Guide to Food Drying at Home with Recipes
8836: KATHLEEN O'FLAHERTY - Paul Claudel and the Tidings Brought to Mary
17889: LIAM O'FLAHERTY - Der Stromer
318017: K. J. CLABBY, J. LUCEY, M. L. MCGARRIGLE, J. J. BOWMAN, P. J. FLANAGAN AND P. F. TONER - Water Quality in Ireland 1987-1990. Part One. General Assessment
323760: JUDITH FLANDERS - The Victorian House. Domestic Life from Childbnirth to Deathbed
30: TIM FLANNERY - Throwim Way Leg
325267: JAMES ELROY FLECKER - Hassan. The Story of Hassan of Bagdad and How He Came to Make the Golden Journey to Samarkand. A Play in 5 Acts.
313838: JAMES ELROY FLECKER - James Elroy Flecker. Selected Poems
325599: JIM FLEGG - Oakwatch. A Seasonal Guide to the Natural History in and Around the Oak Tree
320663: CHARLES FLEMING - Radio and Car Battery Handbook for Automobile Electricians and Radio Servicemen
3303: ANNE FLEMING - Bright Darkness
323926: PETER FLEMING - Brazilian Adventure
314981: PETER FLEMING - The Siege at Peking
325896: IAN FLEMING AND ALLAN J. D.TAYLOR - Coaching Pocketbook. 2nd Edition
321620: BARBARA FLEMING - Lewes. Two Thousand Years of History
325948: BARBARA FLEMING - Lewes. Two Thousand Years of History
314225: CAPTAIN JAMES C. FLEMING - I Lived to Tell the Tale
319477: J. FLEMING AND P. L. NOCK - A Pictorial Souvenir of Windermere
325894: IAN FLEMING - The Teamworking Pocketbook.
313476: PETER FLEMING - Bayonets to Lhasa
325925: IAN FLEMING - Virtual Teams Pocketbook
1177: IRENE FLESHER - The Pressed Flower Picture Book
11340: IAN FLETCHER - Beaumont and Fletcher
13477: SHEILA FLETCHER - Women First
22368: EDWARD FLETCHER - Edward Fletcher's Non-Dating Price Guide to Bottles, Pipes and Dolls' Heads
22505: ALICE C. FLETCHER - A Study of Omaha Indian Music
25139: JOHN FLETCHER - The Painted Churches of Romania. A Visitor's Impressions
322686: SYDNEY E. FLETCHER. - The Cowboy and His Horse.
313804: JOANN FLETCHER - Cleopatra the Great. The Woman Behind the Legend
318087: J. S.FLETCHER - The Kang-He Vase
319650: MARK DUNSTAN, MARILYN DODSON, ALISON CARROLL, GINA FLETCHER AND SUE MOIR - Nelson College. Images of an Era. 150 Years in Pictures. [New Zealand]
324674: GEOFFREY FLETCHER - London. A Private View
316666: JOANN FLETCHER - Ancient Egypt. Life, Myth and Art
314072: EDWARD FLETCHER - Collecting Potlids
315415: SIR ERIC FLETCHER - Odda's Chapel, Deerhurst, Gloucestershire
320234: ANTONY FLEW - An Introduction to Western Philosophy. Ideas and Argument from Plato to Sartre
321815: PAULINE FLICK - Cat Collectibles
5242: HOWARD FLIGHT AND BONITA LEE-SWAN - All You Need to Know About Exchange Rates
325186: CLAUDE FLIGHT - Lino-Cuts. A Handbook of Linoleum-Cut Colour Printing
327869: F. BARRIE FLINT - The Adventures of Mr. Pip
317479: ARNOLD FLORANCE - Queen Victoria at Osborne
12073: MARIUS FLOTHUIS - Modern British Composers
23896: PETER FLOUD - Tributes to Peter Floud. The Published Writings of Peter Floud. The Wallpaper Designs of William Morris
3075: NEWMAN FLOWER - ? What Shall the Title Be? a Book
9585: CEDRIC FLOWER - Treasures of Australia
323894: NEWMAN FLOWER - George Frideric Handel. His Personality and His Times
326828: HENRI FOCILLON - Art Dõoccident. Le Moyen Age Roman Et Gothique
319613: GHEORGHE FOCSA - Le Musee Du Village a Bucarest
14196: JANET DEAN FODOR - Semantics: Theories of Meaning in Generative Grammar
7185: H. G. WITHAM FOGG - Vegetables Naturally
14332: H. G. WITHAM FOGG - Coloured Leaved and Berried Plants, Shrubs and Trees
320700: PROFESSOR G. E. FOGG AND DAVID SMITH - The Explorations of Antarctica. The Last Unspoilt Continent
325028: DR. BRUCE FOGLE - Dog Breed Handbooks. German Shepherd

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