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21758: ALBRECHT DURER - Paintings, Drawings and Prints
7413: MAE DURHAM - Tobei
8688: ANDREW DURKAN - Vendange
329438: KEN HEYMAN. JOHN DURNIAK - A Photographer and a Picture Editor Demonstrate How to Choose the Right Picture
317713: GERALD DURRELL - The Whispering Land
324982: GERALD DURRELL - Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons
10901: ERIK DURSCHMIED - Don't Shoot the Yanqui
18810: CHARLES PETIT-DUTAILLIS - Studies and Notes Supplementary to Stubbs' Constitutional History Down to the Great Charter
13863: ALEXANDER DUTHIE - The Greek Mythology
22835: CHRISTOPH DUTSCHLER - Rondo Molto Allegro. Claves Schallplatten - Ein Photoband
327140: HARRY POLLITT, J. R. CAMPBELL, R. P. DUTT - Welfare State Or Warfare State?. An Appeal to Every Sincere Labour Man and Woman from Harry Pollitt, J.R. Campbell and R.P. Dutt
327483: R.PALME DUTT - Problems of Contemporary History.
327485: R. PALME DUTT - Britain in the World Front
322335: WILLIAM A.DUTT - Highways and Byways in East Anglia
327472: R. PALME DUTT - Guide to the Problem of India
327486: R. PALME DUTT - Fascism and Social Revolution
327477: R. PALME DUTT - Makers of the New World Series. Lenin
327478: R. PALME DUTT - The Internationale
327142: HARRY POLLITT, R. PALME DUTT - The Truth About Trotskyism. Moscow Trial January 1937.
1150: T. E. DUTTON - Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing
4660: RALPH DUTTON - Normandy and Brittany
9886: JOAN PARRY DUTTON - The Good Fare and Cheer of Old England
328050: REGINALD J. G. DUTTON - Teach Yourself Dutton Speedwords. Ordinary Writing at Shorthand Speed
31564: PAUL DUVAL - Canadian Drawings and Prints
19695: K. J. ERBEN. ANTONIN DVORAK - The Spectre's Bride. A Dramatic Cantata
316035: FRANTISEK DVORAK - Drawings Holbein
314959: VERA G. DWYER - The Kayles of Bushy Lodge. An Australian Story
313977: NATALIE DYE - Cosmopolitan Sex Confession. Real-Life Steamy Sexploits
328807: DR. WAYNE W. DYER - Getting in the Gap. Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation, with Cd
323483: GEOFF DYER - The Missing of the Somme
325553: R.A.BRIMMELL, W. H. DYER AND R.A. HASKELL - Hastings. Walk About the Old Town
325529: W. H.DYER - Hastings in Saxon and Norman Times
326303: JAMES DYER - The Penguin Guide to Prehistoric England and Wales
32029: ANDREAS FEININGER. PATRICIA DYETT - Changing America. The Land As It Was and How Man Has Changed It.
18343: CAROL DYHOUSE - Feminism and the Family in England 1880-1939
19636: HENRY VAN DYKE - Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land
318736: HENRY VAN DYKE - The Story of the Other Wise Man
328042: CLIFFORD DYMENT - Straight Or Curly?
4621: ERIC DYMOCK - Bmw a Celebration
7168: STEPHEN W. DYSON - Twins in Tanks
314153: A. E. DYSON - Between Two Worlds. Aspects of Literary Form
9367: J. E. - The Bond of Sympathy
22750: A. L. O. E. - Harry Dangerfield, the Poacher
315640: R.E. AND G. B. WAY - Catalogue No. 56. General Sport
322013: W. E. AND D. J. BUTLER - Modern British Bookplates
315632: R.E. AND G. B. WAY - Catalogue No. 56. General Sport Catalogue. 1990
327209: ANNE FREMANTLE, EDITOR. ╩ - A Mentor Religious Classic. Űthe Papal Encyclicals in Their Historical Context. Ű
324088: MRS. CECIL CLEMENTI, M.B.E. - Through British Guiana to the Summit of Roraima
315633: R.E. AND G. B. WAY - Catalogue No. 70. General Sport
315778: H. E. AND J. BAWDEN - Making a Shrub Garden
313662: WHITE EAGLE - Spiritual Unfoldment 2. [Ii] the Ministry of Angels and the Invisible World of Nature.
322945: WHITE EAGLE - Walking with the Angels. A Path of Service
313663: WHITE EAGLE - Spiritual Unfoldment 3. The Way to the Inner Mysteries
313661: WHITE EAGLE - Spiritual Unfoldment 1. How to Discover the Invisible Worlds and Find the Source of Healing
323056: WHITE EAGLE - Heal Thyself. The Key to Spiritual Healing and Health in Mind and Body
322056: ROBIN J. EAGLEN - Special Publication No. 5. The Abbey and Mint of Bury St. Edmunds to 1279
318984: TERRY EAGLETON - Criticism and Idealogy. A Study in Marxist Literary Theory
328603: ANDREW EAMES - The 8. 55 to Baghdad
326798: ELIZABETH EAMES - English Medieval Tiles
327073: MELINDA S. MEADE. ROBERT J. EARICKSON - Medical Geography. Second Edition
2800: DONALD EARL - The Age of Augustus
321985: ALAN EARL - Pause for Thought. Reflections from Swaledale
321986: ALAN EARL - Dinner at Peat Gate Head. The Secrets Revealed!
324522: ADA EARLAND - Ruskin and His Circle
15286: PETER EARLE - The Wreck of the Almiranta
3114: JEREMY EARLY - Hidden Jewels
22470: ELEANOR EARLY - And This Is Boston! (and Seashore and Country Too)
15057: BRIAN EASLEA - Science and Sexual Oppression
37655: CHRISTIE'S EAST - 19th Century European Paintings October 1996
35617: CHRISTIE'S EAST - Photographs. April 2001
35618: CHRISTIE'S EAST - Photographs. April 2002
35615: CHRISTIE'S EAST - Photographs Including Property from the Collection of the Lerner Family Partnership, October 2001
325606: GEORGE EAST - Home and Dry in Normandy. A Memoir of Eternal Optimism in Rural France
17869: JONATHAN EASTLAND - Camera at Sea
325210: JANE EASTOE - Allotments. Inspiration and Practical Advice for Would Be Smallholders.
23123: MALCOLM EASTON - Augustus John. Portraits of the Artist's Family
318612: W. E. EASTWAYS - Christine of the Fourth
20229: FAITH EATON - The Miniature House
328118: SU EATON AND MARTIN BRIDLE - Punch and Judy in the Rain
327391: JAN EATON - A Creative Guide to Knitted Lace
14955: ABBA EBAN - Abba Eban
322849: M. I. EBBUTT - The British Myths and Legends
313010: GEORG EBERS - Uarda. A Romance of Ancient Egypt. Volumes I and Ii
329176: BODO EBHARDT - Deutsche Burgen Als Zeugen Deutscher Geschichte
327206: RAYMOND EBSWORTH - Restoring Democracy in Germany. The British Contribution
324326: MATTHEW ECCLESTON - Enfield. Portrait of a London Borough
319784: ALAN ECCLESTONE - The Scaffolding of Spirit. Reflections on the Gospel of St. John
11382: JEAN ECHENOZ - Double Jeopardy
27859: ALLAN ECKERT - The Last Great Auk
37393: E. STODDART ECKFORD AND M. S. FITZGERALD - Household Management. A Handbook of Domestic Economy and Hygiene
12198: DONALD P. ECKMAN - Systems: Research and Design
322262: K. J. EDDEY - An Outline of Local Government Law
322705: DAVID EDDINGS - The Ruby Knight. Book Two of the Elenium
11548: MARY BAKER EDDY AND JAMES F. GILMAN - Painting a Poem
315127: DANIEL C. EDDY - The Young Man's Friend Containing Admonitions for the Erring, Counsel for the Tempted, Hope for the Fallen Designed for the Young Man, the Husband and the Father
35676: ROGER EDDY - Connecticut. William Hubbell
10823: LEON EDEL - The American Essays of Henry James
323506: EMIL LUDWIG. EDEN AND CEDAR PAUL, TRANSLATORS - Bismarck. The Story of a Fighter
327524: RENE FULOP-MILLER. EDEN AND CEDAR PAUL, TRANSLATORS - Leaders, Dreamers and Rebels. An Account of the Great Mass Movements of History and of the Wish Dreams That Inspired Them
19780: MADALEN EDGAR - Froissart's Chronicles
11044: GEORGE EDINGER AND E. J. C. NEEP - The Grand Old Man
325577: SARAH EDINGTON - Complete Traditional Recipe Book
325942: J. R. EDISBURY - Practical Hints on Absorption Spectrometry (Ultra Violet and Visible)
32175: JUDITH EDISON - Dolls
22154: A. A. NOUJAIM, C. EDISS AND L. I. WEIBE - Liquid Scintillation Science and Technology
326196: CANON J. R. FLETCHER. EDITED AND COMPILED BY D. JOHN STEPHAN - Short History of Saint [St. ] Michael's Mount
329788: VALERIE C. DOUET, EDITED AND REVISED BY - New Edition. Drawing for Pleasure
324688: J. E.CARPENTER, EDITED AND SELECTED BY - Routledge's Comic Reciter
327760: WILLIAM RUST. EDITED AND COMPLETED BY ALLEN HUTT - The Story of the Daily Worker
326463: REV. J. MACARTNEY, EDITOR - The Presbyterian Messenger. The Monthly Organ of the Presbyterian Church of England 1908-1909
326465: REV. J. MACARTNEY, EDITOR - The Presbyterian Messenger. The Monthly Organ of the Presbyterian Church of England 1910-1911
322795: GWEN MAKA. GORDON MEDCALF, EDITOR - Riding with Ghosts
320628: JANET MANSFIELD, EDITOR - Pottery in Australia. May, June 1984. Volume 23 No. 1
326364: DAVID RUDLING, EDITOR - Ritual Landscapes of Roman South East Britain
326391: GRAHAM FELLOWES, EDITOR - The World of Wooden Bobbins, the Story of Old Wooden Textile Bobbins, Their Place in History, in the Hands of the Collector and in the Home
313077: KINGSLEY AMIS, EDITOR - The New Oxford Book of Light Verse
1232: MIN LEE, EDITOR - Chambers Book of Facts.
1318: ALAN COREN, EDITOR - Punch in the Country
1338: PHILIP HOWARD, EDITOR - The Times Bedside Book
1580: BRENDA HORSFIELD, EDITOR - Steam Horse: Iron Road
2388: NIGEL NICOLSON, EDITOR - Harold Nicolson
2392: JACK SINGLETON, EDITOR - Home This Afternoon
3080: NIGEL NICOLSON, EDITOR - Harold Nicolson
3139: KYLIE SANDERSON, EDITOR - British Fabrics
3252: DEBORAH KELLAWAY, EDITOR - Women Gardeners
3259: JANE SEABROOK, EDITOR - As Clean a Lot of Children As He Had Ever Seen
3266: KAREN PAYNE, EDITOR - Between Ourselves
3443: C. L. HAWKER, EDITOR - Simple Colloquial Persian
3582: JULIAN WEST, EDITOR - Travelling the Turf 1992
3598: NICHOLAS DE JONGH, EDITOR - The Bedside Guardian
3678: MARCUS WILLIAMS, EDITOR - Double Century
3785: JOHN DAWSON, EDITOR - Prints and Printmaking
3861: ROSEMARY MOON, EDITOR - Classic Chinese Cuisine
4014: FRANK BRADY, EDITOR - Boswell in Search of a Wife 1766-1769
4028: JOHN GORE, EDITOR - The Creevey Papers
4034: DESMOND FLOWER, EDITOR - Louis Xiv at Versailles
4078: JOHN WAIN, EDITOR - Interpretations
4082: SIR HAROLD SCOTT, EDITOR - Crime and Criminals
4134: JONATHAN GOODMAN, EDITOR - The Pleasures of Murder
4322: GORDON DONALDSON, EDITOR - The Memoirs of Sir James Melville of Halhill
4324: KINGSLEY HART, EDITOR. - The Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple 1652-54
4380: MICHAEL DORN, EDITOR. - Tycoons in the Kitchen
4427: ANNA MCCORQUODALE, EDITOR - Debrett's Cities of the World London
4515: MARK DITTRICK, EDITOR. - Design Knitting
4596: PETER ROBERTS, EDITOR - Competitive Driving
4894: SERENA SUTCLIFFE, CONSULTANT EDITOR - Great Vineyards and Winemakers
4929: CHRISTINE VEASEY, EDITOR - Pins and Needles Treasure Book of Family Needlework
5117: W. J. TURNER, EDITOR. - The Englishman's Country
5411: GERALD R. DORMAN, EDITOR - Book Auction Records Volume 70
5540: JOHN FARLEIGH, EDITOR - Fifteen Craftsmen on Their Crafts
5689: ALICIA A. LEITH, EDITOR - Every Girl's Annual for 1888
5918: DR. HERBERT REISIGL, EDITOR - The World of Flowers
5961: MARY ENGLAND, EDITOR. - Warne's Happy Book for Girls
6051: EDWARD ABBOT PARRY, EDITOR - Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple (1652-54)
6064: MARSHA ROWE, EDITOR - Sex and the City
6095: MAURICE ASHLEY, EDITOR. - Dawn of a New Era
6187: H. LITTLEDALE, EDITOR - Lyrical Ballads
6217: ANDREW DUNCAN, EDITOR - The Woodworker's Handbook
6227: JOHN FULLER, EDITOR - The Chatto Book of Love Poetry
6554: JOHN EADIE, EDITOR - A New and Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures on the Basis of Cruden
6967: DAVID LEMMON, EDITOR - The Wisden Book of Cricket Quotations
7061: S. WINSTEN, EDITOR - G.B. S. 90
7080: WILLIAM R. YOUNG, EDITOR - Paul Martin. The London Diaries 1975-1979
7253: CHARLES PETERS, EDITOR - A Crown of Flowers
7295: LEONARD RUSSELL, EDITOR - The Saturday Book
7318: THE LATE OVID W. ESHBACH, EDITOR - Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals
7436: WILLIAM RANSOM HOGAN, EDITOR - William Johnson's Natchez
7414: CHARLES CLARK, EDITOR - Publishing Agreements
7560: LUCY MENZIES, EDITOR - Shrine and Cities of France and Italy
7742: JASMINE TAYLOR, EDITOR - French Style Fashion Knitting
8059: J. C. M. GIVEN, EDITOR - Royal Tunbridge Wells Past and Present
4586: T. J. H. CLARK, GUEST EDITOR - Steroids in Asthma
2002: AGNES HELLER, EDITOR - Lukacs Revalued
1955: GEORGE JOHNSON, EDITOR - The Magic Wand and Magical Review
8303: PROFESSOR WILLIAM WATSON, EDITOR - The Great Japan Exhibition
8311: NAOMI LEWIS, EDITOR - Grimms' Fairy Tales
2503: DOROTHY CARNEGIE, EDITOR - Dale Carnegie's Scrapbook
8428: JOHN DAVY, EDITOR - Work Arising from the Life of Rudolf Steiner
8878: FRANCIS KING, EDITOR - My Sister and Myself
7164: E. H. LOCKWOOD, EDITOR - Alumni Felstedienses
8887: ROBERT G. LAWRENCE, EDITOR - Jacobean and Caroline Comedies
8893: JANE DONOVAN, EDITOR - Very Vegetarian Cookbook
8894: LINDA FRASER, EDITOR - The New Chicken Cookbook
8905: TERESA MOZLEY, EDITOR - Everyday Gardening
8978: CAPTAIN JOHN MOORE, EDITOR - Jane's Fighting Ships 1987-88
8982: FRED LOMBARDI, COMPILER. J. SPENCER BECK, EDITOR - Variety Book of Movie Lists
8989: CHRISTOPHER SILVESTER, EDITOR. - The Penguin Book of Columnists
9275: C. W. M. WILSON, EDITOR - The Pharmacological and Epidemiological Aspects of Adolescent Drug Dependence
9349: JANIE RYAN, EDITOR - Creative Knitting
9397: KAY MACMULLAN, EDITOR - Matchbox Toys
9500: STEPHEN GRAY, EDITOR - Modern South African Stories
9518: JOHN B. HALSTED, EDITOR - Romanticism
9555: RICHARD HARRIS, EDITOR - The Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins; Baron Brampton
9603: CYNTHIA KERR RAO, EDITOR - Hong Kong 1981. A Review of 1980.
9676: EUGENE C. BLACK EDITOR - Victorian Culture and Society
9677: JERE CLEMENS KING, EDITOR - The First World War
9679: J. H. PARRY, EDITOR - The European Reconnaissance
9834: TIMOTHY EUSTACE, EDITOR - Statesmen and Politicians of the Stuart Age
9837: CAROLINE CONRAN, EDITOR - The Nouvelle Cuisine of Jean and Pierre Troisgros
9882: JACK THORNDIKE, EDITOR - Sea Fishing with the Experts
10052: HARLOW SHAPLEY, EDITOR - Source Book in Astronomy 1900-1950
10085: WILLIAM MYERS, EDITOR - Restoration and Revolution
10160: DONALD CARROLL, EDITOR - Dear Sir, Drop Dead!
10234: JOHN WAIN, EDITOR - Everyman's Book of English Verse
10355: SAMUEL HYNES, EDITOR - Thomas Hardy
10379: JOHN ELLISON KAHN, EDITOR - Reader's Digest Reverse Dictionary
10394: HARRY GOLDING, EDITOR - The Wonder Book of Soldiers
10441: RUPERT HART-DAVIS, EDITOR - More Letters of Oscar Wilde
10670: RONALD RUSSELL, EDITOR - Walking Canals
10675: EDGAR JONES, EDITOR - The Memoirs of Edwin Waterhouse
10682: FRANK PRIAL, EDITOR - The Companion to Wine
10720: JANET DE BOER, EDITOR - Dyeing for Fibres and Fabrics
10780: MILDER SEYDELL, EDITOR - Poetry Profile of Belgium
10973: VIKTOR FISCHL, EDITOR - Antonin Dvorak. His Achievement
10993: SARAH CURTIS, EDITOR - The Journals of Woodrow Wyatt
11195: BERNARD BARKER, EDITOR - Ramsay Macdonald's Political Writings
11308: ANN PASTERNAK SLATER, EDITOR - A Vanished Present
11055: C. A. PATRIDES, EDITOR. - Approaches to Marvell
11056: DORA SETON, EDITOR - The Complete Book of Home Needlecrafts
11796: G. W. FIELD, EDITOR - Heine. A Verse Selection
11871: NORMAN AULT, EDITOR - Seventeenth Century Lyrics from the Original Texts
11892: RAYMOND FAWCETT, EDITOR - Empire Youth Annual 1952
11893: FRANCINE. MARY REYNOLDS, EDITOR - Vogue French Cookery
12182: JOHN W. GARDNER, EDITOR - President John F. Kennedy. To Turn the Tide
12211: JOHN MAJOR, EDITOR - The Complete Angler Or the Contemplative Man's Recreation of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton
12469: E. M. SYMONDS, EDITOR - Clinics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
12470: BERTIL E. GLADER, EDITOR - Clinics in Haematology
12471: P. D. MARSDEN, EDITOR - Clinics in Gastroenterology
12565: DONALD DAVIE, EDITOR - The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse
12664: IRENE SERJEANT, EDITOR - The Child Under Eight at School. Volume Iii
12665: IRENE SERJEANT, EDITOR - The Child Under Eight at School. Volume Ii
12666: IRENE SERJEANT, EDITOR - The Child Under Eight at School. Volume Iv
12667: IRENE SERJEANT, EDITOR - The Child Under Eight at School. Volume I
12914: JEAN SUTCLIFFE, EDITOR - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
12929: SIRDAR IKBAL ALI SHAH, EDITOR - The Oriental Caravan
13002: C. G. HOLME, EDITOR - Art in the Ussr
13068: RICHARD GIRLING, EDITOR - The Sunday Times Travel Book
13132: A. H. JOHNSON, EDITOR - The Wit and Wisdom of Alfred North Whitehead
13151: GERALD PARSONS, EDITOR - Religion in Victorian Britain
13152: GERALD PARSONS, EDITOR - Religion in Victorian Britain
13195: ROBERT F. JONES, EDITOR - The Formation of the Constitution
13208: GERVASE MARKHAM. DAN LUCID, EDITOR - The Compleat Horseman
12889: IRENA HOARE, EDITOR - Make Your House a Home
13386: C. H. KNOTT, EDITOR - The Register of Tonbridge School from 1900-1965
13759: MAO TUN, EDITOR - Chinese Literature
13760: MAO TUN, EDITOR - Chinese Literature
13762: DAVID A. LOWE, EDITOR - Callas As They Saw Her
13857: ARMIN RAPPAPORT, EDITOR - Issues in American Diplomacy Volume 2
13864: MICHAEL KENNEDY, EDITOR - The Autobiography of Charles Halle
14081: WILLIAM BRIGHT, EDITOR - Supplement to Language Journal of the Linguistic Society of America
14095: MARGARET KING, EDITOR - Parsing Natural Language
14096: DAVID COHEN, EDITOR - Explaining Linguistic Phenomena
14126: DETMAR STRAUB. RICHARD T. WATSON, SERIES EDITOR - Foundations of Net-Enhanced Organizations.
14182: DAFYDD GIBBON, EDITOR - Natural Language Processing and Speech Technology
14189: MICHAEL K. BRAME, EDITOR - Contributions to Generative Phonology
14203: JOHN MORTON, EDITOR - Biological and Social Factors in Psycholinguistics
14205: JOHN SELF, EDITOR - Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning
14221: WILLIAM ORR DINGWALL, EDITOR - A Survey of Linguistic Science
14299: FERGUS BARROWMAN, EDITOR - The Picador Book of Contemporary New Zealand Fiction
14324: OSWALD HANFLING, EDITOR - Philosophical Aesthetics. An Introduction.
14343: ERIK C. FUDGE, EDITOR - Phonology
14398: SARA NASH, EDITOR - Science and Intelligence
14401: PETER ROACH, EDITOR - Computing in Linguistics and Phonetics
14411: EDWARD TIMMS, EDITOR - Freud and the Child Woman. The Memoirs of Fritz Wittels
14426: MICHAEL SHORT, EDITOR - Gustav Holst. Letters to W.G. Whittaker
14559: LEO AUERBACH, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - The Babylonian Talmud in Selection
14624: E. A. LIVINGSTONE, EDITOR - The Concise Dictionary of the Christian Church
14680: ROWLAND JOHNS, EDITOR - Our Friend the Retriever
15067: MALCOLM JOHN, EDITOR - Music Drama in Schools
15081: GRAHAM OWENS, EDITOR - George Moore's Mind and Art
15091: MICHAEL BAKER, EDITOR - Pictures in the Post
15093: TERENCE DALLEY, EDITOR - The Complete Guide to Illustrations and Design Techniques and Materials
15105: FREDERICK A. POTTLE, EDITOR - Boswell on the Grand Tour: Germany and Switzerland 1764
15157: CONSTANCE BABINGTON SMITH, EDITOR - Letters to a Friend from Rose Macaulay 1950-1952
15356: JULIE WEST, EDITOR - Debrett's People of Kent
15477: ERIC SHULTS, EDITOR - Glass, Mosaics and Plastics
15566: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 11
15567: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 12
15568: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 13
15569: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 14
15570: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 15
15571: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 17
15572: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 18
15573: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 19
15574: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 20
15575: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 21
15580: ALAIN L. DE WECK, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume 28.
15581: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume Ix (9)
15583: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume Viii (8)
15584: PAUL KALLOS, EDITOR - Progress in Allergy. Volume X (10)
15594: BENTLEY GLASS, EDITOR - The Quarterly Review of Biology. Volume 42
15688: ANTONY PRESTON, EDITOR - Decisive Battles of Hitler's War
15696: MARLBORO. TESSA CLARK, EDITOR - The Real Cowboy
15707: J. A. MANGAN, EDITOR - Physical Education and Sport: Sociological and Cultural Perspectives
15729: LAURENCE URDANG, EDITOR - A Dictionary of Misunderstood, Misused, Mispronounced Words
15967: ELISE POLKO. MRS. M. G. GLAZEBROOK, EDITOR - Musikalische Marchen
16069: ARTHUR P. MENDEL, EDITOR - The Twentieth Century 1914-1964
16075: RICHARD B. MORRIS, EDITOR - The Basic Ideas of Alexander Hamilton
16092: NELSON B. HENRY, EDITOR - In-Service Education for Teachers, Supervisors and Administrators
16292: JAMES CLARK, EDITOR - The Encyclopedia of Modern History
16399: J. P. KENYON, EDITOR - A Dictionary of British History
16601: REBECCA WEST. FAITH EVANS, EDITOR - Family Memories
16622: MARK LONGAKER, EDITOR - The Stories of Ernest Dowson
16629: ANTHONY TROLLOPE. JOHN HAMPDEN, EDITOR - Mary Gresley and Other Stories
16641: BEATRIX T. RUMFORD, GENERAL EDITOR - American Folk Paintings
16654: MRS. ALICE LADEN. R. J. MINNEY, EDITOR - The George Bernard Shaw Vegetarian Cook Book
16659: WILLIAM H. PRESCOTT. JOHN FOSTER KIRK, EDITOR - History of the Conquest of Peru
16713: ESTHER S. COPE, EDITOR WITH WILLSON H. COATES - Proceedings of the Short Parliament of 1640
17180: PHILIP ZIEGLER, EDITOR - Personal Diary of Admiral the Lord Louis Mountbatten
17317: EDWIN M. SCHUR, EDITOR - The Family and the Sexual Revolution
17789: JACK WERNER, EDITOR - Small Latin and Less Greek
17821: JILLIAN STEWART, EDITOR - The Complete Chinese Cookbook
18005: JOSIAH GREGG. MAX L. MOORHEAD, EDITOR - Commerce of the Prairies
18246: PHILIP W.GOETZ, EDITOR - The Great Conversation. A Reader's Guide to Great Books of the Western World
18283: MARTIN KAY, EDITOR - The County Durham Book
18469: MALCOLM BRADBURY,EDITOR - Present Laughter. An Anthology of Modern Comic Fiction
18501: BERYL HEITLAND, EDITOR - The Book of Really Good Recitations
18508: HARRY GOLDING, EDITOR - The Wonder Book of Aircraft for Boys and Girls
18700: R. L. GREEN, EDITOR - The Book of Nonsense By Many Authors
18706: KEN CATO, EDITOR - First Choice
18720: JOHN HADFIELD, EDITOR - Everyman's Book of English Love Poems
18867: PAUL OTTO SCHULZ, EDITOR - Insight Guides Umbria
18877: JAN MORRIS, EDITOR - John Ruskin. The Stones of Venice
19055: HERBERT VAN THAL, EDITOR - Edward Lear's Journals. A Selection
19439: THEODORE A. COOK, EDITOR - An Anthology of Humorous Verse
19479: CHRIS MARSHALL, GENERAL EDITOR - The Encyclopedia of Ships
19483: CHRIS BISHOP, EDITOR - Firepower. Sea Warfare
19521: EDWIN MORGAN, EDITOR - Stevenage Official Guide
19535: BLAIR WORDEN, EDITOR - Stuart England
19566: H. V. HORTON, EDITOR - Photographic Abstracts. Volume Xv, Part 1, 1935, No. 57
19567: H. V. HORTON, EDITOR - Photographic Abstracts. Volume Xiv, Part 1, 1933, No. 53
19568: H. V. HORTON, EDITOR - Photographic Abstracts. Volume Xv1, Part 1, 1936, No. 61
19589: JENNI FLEETWOOD, EDITOR - Hot Chilli Cookbook
19661: A. H. REED, EDITOR - With Anthony Trollope in New Zealand
19663: H. V. HORTON, EDITOR - Photographic Abstracts Volume Xiii, Part 1, 1933. No. 49
19798: FRANZ SALES MEYER. TONY BIRKS, EDITOR - A Handbook of Ornament
19809: JOHN F. KEMP, EDITOR - Reed's Ocean Navigator
20014: B. HAROCOPOS, TRANSLATOR. T. P. FISHER, EDITOR - The Technology of Gravity Die Casting
20032: LEOPOLD H. HAIMSON, EDITOR - The Mensheviks. From the Revolution of 1917 to the Second World War
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