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329753: JANET CAMERON - Paranormal Brighton and Hove True Ghost Stories
318923: JAMES CAMERON - Point of Departure. An Experiment in Biography
34472: ROBERT CAMERON - Above Hawaii. A Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Hawaiian Islands
317721: ANNE CAMERON - Orca's Song
20591: F. J. CAMM - Radio Engineer's Vest Pocket Book
315924: CHARLES RICHARD CAMMELL - Memoirs of Annigoni
315927: CHARLES RICHARD CAMMELL - Memoirs of Annigoni
321787: JOHN CAMP - Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Pubs
9450: VIOLET CAMPBELL - God's Children with Tails
10442: IAN CAMPBELL, - Selected Short Stories of R.L. Stevenson
11324: FIONA CAMPBELL AND DON HARPER - Thunder and Lightning
13156: JAMES CAMPBELL - Gate Fever
14276: DI CAMPBELL - The Wind in the Willows Craft Book
19130: DAVID F. HATLER, R. WAYNE CAMPBELL AND ADRIAN DORST - Birds of Pacific Rim National Park
20195: SUSAN CAMPBELL - A Calendar of Gardeners' Lore Revealing the Secrets of the Walled Kitchen Garden
22776: WILLIAM CAMPBELL - Villi the Clown
24905: P. F. CAMPBELL - An Outline of Barbados History
316701: ETTA CAMPBELL - Linen Embroideries
32084: PATRICK CAMPBELL - My Life and Easy Times. An Autobiography
326382: ETTA CAMPBELL - Linen Embroideries
33728: ALEXANDER CAMPBELL - The Heart of Japan
316994: DAVID GRAHAM-CAMPBELL - Portrait of Perth, Angus and Fife
318684: ARTHUR CAMPBELL - The Siege. A Story from Kohima
314908: CYNTHIA CAMPBELL - The Most Polished Gentleman. George Iv and the Women in His Life
319341: ROBIN BOVEY. WAYNE CAMPBELL - Birds of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland
328238: SUSAN CAMPBELL - A Shire Album. Walled Kitchen Gardens
324062: JAMES GRAHAM-CAMPBELL - The Viking World.
321766: GRACE CAMPBELL - Highland Heritage
324976: DONALD CAMPBELL - The Encyclopedia of British Birds
324943: A. C. CAMPBELL - The Hamlyn Guide to Seashores and Shallow Seas of Britain and Europe
327440: MILDRED CAMPBELL - The English Yeoman Under Elizabeth and the Early Stuarts
321245: COMPILED BY THE EDITORS OF CAMPUS - The Trouble Campus
13042: COURTLANDT CANBY - A History of Rockets and Space
328361: LILLIAN CANDLIN - Memories of Old Sussex
328689: FRANCESCO CANESTRINI AND MARIAROSARIA IACONO - The English Garden at the Royal Palace of Caserta
4429: DON CANHAM - Field Events
318044: CARLO MARIA MARIANI. ENZO CANNAVIELLO - Carlo Maria Mariani. Paradiso Riconquistato
6231: NORMAN CANNELL - First Year Applied Mathematics
1618: JOHN CANNING. - The Illustrated Mayhew's London.
318495: ROBERT W. HOLLAND. B. W. CANNING - Principles of Teaching Applied to Pitman's Shorthand
324767: CANNING - Handbook on Polishing
319286: B. W.CANNING - Teaching Office Skills
329838: B. W. CANNING - Teaching Office Skills
24210: A. ELLIOTT-CANNON - Australia
28288: WILLIAM WALTER CANNON - The Song of Songs Edited As a Dramatic Poem
326426: INTRO. BY ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY - My Prayer Book B for Women and Girls
322961: EVELYN FRANCIS CAPEL - A Celebration of a Pioneering Spirit.
326618: STEVE CAPLIN - Icon Design. Graphic Icons in Computer Interface Design
4451: ROBERT FARRAR CAPON - Angels Must Eat
318658: ROBIN CAPON - Introducing Drawing Techniques
315731: EDMUND CAPON - Art and Archaeology in China
328258: W. MELVILLE CAPPER AND DOUGLAS JOHNSON - Arthur Rendle Short. Surgeon and Christian
321269: W. MELVILLE CAPPER AND H. MORGAN WILLIAMS - Heirs Together. A Christian Approach to the Privileges and Responsibilities of Sex
317580: ELIO CAPPUCCIO - Alfredo Romano
318886: JOHN CARDEN - Morning Noon and Night. Prayers and Meditations from the Third World
322781: TIMOTHY CARDER - The Encyclopaedia of Brighton
318304: R. CARDEW - Letters of a Soldier to His Son
20696: LORENZO CAPELLINI. DOMENICO CARDINI AND CARLO CRESTI - Allemandi's Firenze Architectural Guide
4196: NEVILLE CARDUS - Sir Thomas Beecham
3093: DUDLEY CAREW - To the Wicket
15064: JACQUI CAREY - Beginner's Guide to Braiding
29308: FRANCES CAREY AND ANTONY GRIFFITHS - From Manet to Toulouse Lautrec. French Lithographs 1860-1900
14118: JAMES CARGILE - Paradoxes
310887: ENZO CARLI - Pre-Conquest Goldsmiths' Work of Colombia in the Museo Del Oro, Bogota
318184: ENZO CARLI - Italian Sculpture from Wiligelmo to the Twentieth Century
321568: HENNING CARLSEN - Flyvske Billeder. En I Princippet Sandfaerdig Beretning Af Henning Carlsen
27703: A. BRUCE CARLSON - Communication Systems. An Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication
326652: JEFF CARLSON - Visual Quickstart Guide. Imovie Hd 6 and Idvd 6 for Mac Os X
316504: P. M. CARLSON - Folie Douce (Murder Is Academic)
323869: THOMAS CARLYLE - The French Revolution. A History. Volume I
323868: THOMAS CARLYLE - The French Revolution. A History. Volume Ii
12077: AMY CARMICHAEL - Gold By Moonlight
13072: FRANCES CARMICHAEL - Cooking for Christmas
18333: AYRE CARMON - Holocaust
1308: DALE CARNEGIE - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
10026: KENNETH D. CARNEGIE - In Green Pastures
10027: KENNETH D. CARNEGIE - The House of the Lord
325370: W. CARNEGIE - Practical Trapping of Vermin and Birds
317518: MOSCO CARNER - The World of Music. The Waltz
325995: CHARLES CARNEY AND GINA MISIROGLU - Pace Jammin' Michael and Bugs Hit the Big Screen
328892: A.D.R. CAROE - The House of the Royal Institution
314088: ALBAN D.R. CAROE - Old Churches and Modern Craftsmanship
314746: FRANCO CARPANELLI - Souvenir-Guide of Arezzo
6924: S. C. CARPENTER - Winnington-Ingram
17514: EDWARD CARPENTER - Edward Carpenter 1844-1929
19619: HARRY CARPENTER - Where's Harry? My Story
25860: HUMPHREY CARPENTER - The Inklings. C.S. Lewis, J.R. R. Tolkien, Charles Williams and Their Friends
314814: EDWARD CARPENTER - Angels' Wings. A Series of Essays on Art and Its Relation to Life
321907: EDWARD CARPENTER - Edward Carpenter 1844-1929 Democratic Author and Poet. A Restatement and Reappraisal
9769: JEAN CARPER - The Food Pharmacy
2561: SANDY CARR - The Elle Knitting Book
313978: COLIN CARR - The Whimsical World of Colin Carr
329770: E. H. CARR - International Relations between the Two World Wars 1919-1939
328829: NICHOLAS CARR - The Shallows. How the Internet Is Changing the Way We Read, Think and Remember
314933: DAVID CARRASCO WITH SCOTT SESSIONS - "the Greenwood Press ""Daily Life Through History Series. "" Daily Life of the Aztecs. People of the Sun and Earth"
327347: ROLANDO CARRASCO - Chile's "Prisoners of War"
323660: T. CARRERAS - A Year in the Woodlands
8122: ROBERT CARRIER - A Million Menus
16329: ROBERT CARRIER - Great Casseroles
13027: SALLY CARRIGHAR - One Day on Beetle Rock
321533: SALLY CARRIGHAR - A Husky in the House
5991: DOROTHY CARRINGTON - The Traveller's Eye
322158: RICHARD CARRINGTON. - Mermaids and Mastodons. A Book of Natural and Unnatural History
317766: RACHEL CARRINGTON - Illustrated Handbook and Guide to Haddon Hall
321076: CHARLES CARRINGTON - Rudyard Kipling. His Life and Work
10116: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures Under Ground
18920: BRIAN CARROLL - Melbourne Churches and Schools Sketchbook
22443: LUDOVICI CARROLL. LEWIS CARROLL - Alicia in Terra Mirabilis
329474: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
320490: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
315248: LEWIS CARROLL - Songs from Alice. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Class
324362: LEWIS CARROLL - Chameleon Books. The Hunting of the Snark and Other Verses
319962: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
326897: LEWIS CARROLL - "the Nursery" Alice.
27821: IAN CARRUTHERS - Tools for Agriculture. A Buyer's Guide to Appropriate Equipment
324763: J. B.CARSON - Sun, Sand and Safari. Some Leaves from a Kenya Notebook
22069: JOHN PADDY CARSTAIRS - Hadn't We the Gaiety?
325314: G.M.CARSTAIRS - This Island Now Being the Bbc Reith Lectures 1962.
14578: JOHN CARSWELL - The Descent on England
1466: VIOLET BONHAM CARTER - Winston Churchill As I Knew Him
2885: BRIAN CARTER - Nightworld
11297: JEFF CARTER - Jeff Carter's Guided Tours of the Outback
12264: GEORGE GOLDSMITH CARTER - Forgotten Ports of England
16340: HARVEY L. CARTER - The Far West in American History
319185: AUDREY CARTER - Stop the Parish I Want to Get Off!
311343: ROBERT A. CARTER - Casual Slaughters
34478: G. S. CARTER - A General Zoology of the Invertebrates
322880: SYDNEY CARTER - Green Print for Song
326547: SEBASTIAN CARTER - Twentieth Century Type Designers
318926: RANDOLPH CARTER - The World of Flo Ziegfeld
316961: JOHN CARTER AND GRAHAM POLLARD - The Firm of Charles Ottley Landon & Co. Footnote to an Enquiry
318076: DAVID CARTER - Butterflies and Moths in Britain and Europe
325125: JANE GOLDMAN. CHRIS CARTER - The X-File Book of the Unexplained. Volume 1. Based on the Series Created By Chris Carter
320699: MIRANDA CARTER - Anthony Blunt. His Lives
322852: MICHAEL CARTER - Blandford Colour Series. Archaeology
323037: VIOLET BONHAM CARTER - Winston Churchill As I Knew Him
329264: ALFRED H. CARTER - Elements of Practical Medicine
313665: PAUL CARTLEDGE - Alexander the Great. The Hunt for a New Past
324620: SERGIO CARTOCCI - Tivoli. Villa D'este and Its Artistic Treasure. The Tibertine Area: Its History and Works of Art
321143: A. P. CARTWRIGHT - Gold Paved the Way. The Story of the Gold Fields Group of Companies
328444: JOHN CARVEL - Turn Again Livingstone
327920: MARTIN CARVER - Underneath English Towns. Interpreting Urban Archaeology
313640: M. CARY AND T. J. HAARHOFF - Life and Thought in the Greek and Roman World
6177: SEAN O'CASEY - The Plough and the Stars
18668: TINA CASEY - Fabulous Fashion Doll Clothing You Can Make
35064: J. ALLAN CASH - J. Allan Cash. Camera Globetrotter
37762: FERGUS CASHIN - Mae West. A Biography
2398: ELIZABETH CASS - Spanish Cooking
17331: CAROLINE CASS - Elton John's Flower Fantasies
320440: RAYMOND CASSIDY - Copped Hall. A Short History
17515: SIR HUGH CASSON - Queen Anne's Footstool
323919: HUGH CASSON - Hugh Casson Diary
317647: DARIO CASTAGNO WITH ROBERT RODI - Too Much Tuscan Sun. Confessions of a Chianti Tour Guide
322766: GEORGE CASTALDO - Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Including the Valley of Fire
331972: CASTANEDA - Narrative of the Coronado Expedition. Relacion de la Jornada de Cibola
328861: CAROLOS CASTANEDA - The Active Side of Infinity
326885: SUSAN P. CASTERAS - The Defining Moment. Victorian Narrative Paintings from the Forbes Magazine Collection
326893: SUSAN P. CASTERAS AND RONALD PARKINSON, EDITORS. - Richard Redgrave 1804-1888.
19019: RENE PIANTINI CASTILLO - Colosos de Iquique
318934: CHARLES CASTLE - Noel
323345: BARBARA CASTLE - Fighting All the Way
7901: DON CASTON - Easy to Make Toys for Your Handicapped Child
8357: CASTROL - Achievements 1960
8360: CASTROL - Achievements 1966
315153: WILLIAM HUTTON, EDITOR. SUSAN E. STRICKLER, CATALOGUE - The Toledo Museum of Art American Paintings
39484: CLIVE K. CATCHPOLE - Studies in Biology No. 115. Vocal Communication in Birds.
314560: BRIAN CATCHPOLE - A Map History of Modern China
316261: HELEN CATHCART - Sandringham. The Story of a Royal Home
320120: H. F. R. CATHERWOOD - The Christian in Industrial Society
316278: RICHARD CATLOW - The Pendle Witches
320703: JOHN CATO - Mirror to the Moon. The Photography of John Cato
326775: ALASTAIR BRUCE, JULIAN CALDER, MARK CATOR - Keepers of the Kingdom. Jubilee Edition
314145: GEORGES CATTAUI - Marcel Proust
5694: NEIL L. CATTON - The Neoprenes
12209: BRUCE CATTON - This Hallowed Ground
16062: BRUCE CATTON - Reflections on the Civil War
323916: BRUCE CATTON - The American Heritage. Picture History of the Civil War. The Epic Struggle of the Blue and the Gray
10016: NANCY CATTY - A First Book on Teaching
14168: MAUREEN CAUDILL AND CHARLES BUTLER - Naturally Intelligent Systems
17849: REBECCA CAUDILL - Somebody Go and Bang a Drum
325981: CHRISTOPHER CAUDWELL - Studies in a Dying Culture
312967: JOHN CAUGHIE - Television: Ideology and Exchange
7967: MAX CAULFIELD - Ireland
7810: G. W. CAUNT. - An Introduction to the Infinitesimal Calculus with Applications to Mechanics and Physics.
319790: JEAN-PIERRE DE CAUSSADE - The Sacrament of the Present Moment
14522: LEWIS W. CAVE - Cave's Guide to Turf Culture
323873: OENONE CAVE AND JEAN HEDGES - Smocking. Traditional and Modern Approaches
319483: MRS. HUGH CAVENDISH - Holker Hall and Gardens
315976: MARSHALL CAVENDISH - Marshall Cavendish Weekly Collection. The Great Artists Their Lives Works and Inspiration. No. 13 Cezanne
315494: RICHARD CAWLEY - Fast Fab Food
21983: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - The Art of India
14750: SILVANO CECCHERINI - The Transfer
327401: HUGH CECIL AND PETER H. LIDDLE, EDITORS - At the Eleventh Hour. Reflections, Hopes and Anxieties at the Closing of the Great War 1918.
323336: DAVID CECIL - Melbourne
323337: LORD DAVID CECIL - The Young Melbourne and the Story of His Marriage with Caroline Lamb
11782: SEAMAS O CEILEACHAIR - Nuafhili 2 (1953-1963)
3853: ANTHONY CEKOTA - Entrepreneur Extraordinary
317951: CAMILO JOSE CELA - Madrid
19944: SOUTH BANK CENTRE - A William Walton Evening
321939: CAMDEN ARTS CENTRE - Josef Herman Retrospective Exhibition 1980. Exhibition Catalogue
321918: CAMDEN ARTS CENTRE - Georgina Hunt. Recent Work 1982. Catalogue
313961: C. W. CERAM - Narrow Pass Black Mountain. The Discovery of the Hittite Empire
320037: C-3PO. TOLD TO MARC CERASINI - Star Wars Episode I. I Am a Droid By C-3po
320038: QUI-GON JINN. TOLD TO MARC CERASINI - Star Wars Episode I. I Am a Jedi By Qui-Gon Jinn
2659: BENNETT CERF - Shake Well Before Using
329172: VINCENT CERNE - Secrets of Mind Domination U.C. P. Unspoken Command Power
326938: MILEN CERNOHORSKA - Leso Janacek
328775: DONATELLA CERULLI - Speciale Terme Del Lazio
36239: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - Des Scharfsinnigen Junkers Don Quixote Leben Und Rittertaten.
316971: TEA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CEYLON. - Monographs on Tea Production in Ceylon. No. 5. One Day Course in Tea Manufacture
310126: M. E. CHABER - Uneasy Lies the Dead
328241: K. MERLE CHACKSFIELD - Smuggling Days
321126: W. S. CHADWICK - Buffo: The Baboon and Watchers of the Wilds
321808: OLIVER CHADWICK - English Silver
329113: PHILIP CHADWICK - Dawn Music. A Selection of Poems
327386: EILEEN CHADWICK - The Craft of Hand Spinning
324564: J. M.WALKER; S. THOROLD WINCKLEY; G. J. JORDAN; C. L. R. THOMAS; E. T. HARCOMBE; THE REV. JOHN L.ROBINSON; R. U. POTTS; REV. PERCIVAL S. CHADWICK - Notes on Famous Churches and Abbeys: St. Mary Madalene, Newark; Holy Trinity Church, Hull; Tintern Abbey; the Church of St. Michael, Melbourne; Fountains Abbey; Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin; the Abbey of St. Augustine, Canterbury. St. Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield
327793: EILEEN CHADWICK - The Craft of Hand Spinning
327056: OWEN CHADWICK - Mackenzieõs Grave
14070: WALLACE L. CHAFE - The Meaning and Structure of Language
315941: WILLIAM CHAFFER - Concise Marks and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain
16067: CH'U CHAI AND WINBERG CHAI - The Changing Society of China
326754: ANDREW CHAIKIN - Space. A History of Space Exploration in Photographs
21828: SOMERSET DE CHAIR - English Lyric Poets Vol. Ix. The Collected Verse of Somerset de Chair. Songs from St. Osyth
322458: BRITISH PRINTING SOCIETY. FRANK G. FREEMAN, CHAIRMAN. - Small Printing 1975 By the Publishing Group of the British Printing Society
321616: TRUDIE CHALDER - Overcoming Common Problems. Coping with Chronic Fatigue. Here's Help for a Brighter Future
315264: ALUN CHALFONT - Defence of the Realm
14157: SYLVIA CHALKER AND EDMUND WEINER - The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar
317511: DR. C. E. CHALLIS AND G. P.DYER, COMPILERS - Seven Centuries of the Trial of the Pyx
318914: RANDOLPH CARLETON CHALMERS - See the Christ Stand! a Study in Doctrine in the United Church of Canada
328707: MURIEL J. CHALMERS - The Bible Picture Book
329371: THAK CHALOEMTIARANA - Thailand. The Politics of Despotic Paternalism
18037: JEAN-LUC CHALUMEAU - The City in Art
14818: DAVID CHAMBERLAIN - Classic and Contemporary Nude Photography. A Personal View
20047: SAMUEL CHAMBERLAIN - Rockefeller Center
325590: ALLEN CHAMBERLAIN - Beacon Hill. Its Ancient Pastures and Early Mansions
318549: JOHN H. CHAMBERLAYNE - Man in Society
322817: RUSSELL CHAMBERLIN - The National Trust. The English Country Town
3675: LT.-COL. HARRY D. CHAMBERLIN - Training Hunters Jumpers and Hacks
22250: E. R. CHAMBERLIN - The World of the Italian Renaissance
322818: RUSSELL CHAMBERLIN - The English Tourist Board's Discover England. English Market Towns
18241: ANDREW D. CHAMBERS - Computer Auditing
323982: WHITTAKER CHAMBERS - Witness
326483: DAVID CHAMBERS AND JANE MARTINEAU - Splendours of the Gonzaga. Catalogue
318986: J. D.CHAMBERS - The Workshop of the World. British Economic History 1820-1880
328582: SIR WILLIAM CHAMBERS AND JOSEPH GWILT - A Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture with Illustrations, Notes and an Examination of Grecian Architecture
320494: DAVID CHAMBERS - Joan Hassall. Engraving and Drawings
319725: J. DANIEL CHAMIER - Percy Pitt of Covent Garden and the B.B. C.
319459: KERMIT SWILER CHAMPA - Mondrian Studies
317173: BERNARD CHAMPIGNEULLE - World of Art Library. Rodin
315270: HAROLD CHAMPION - The True Book About Emmeline Pankhurst
313330: F. C. CHAMPION - University Physics. Part One: General Physics
328290: F. C. CHAMPION - University Physics. Wave-Motion and Sound Being Part Four of a Complete Course in Five Parts
319360: PAT CHAMPNESS - Fabric Fun for Pleasure and Profit
5894: MIMI CHAN - Images of Chinese Women
7923: JOHN CHANCELLOR - The Jersey Plunder
329271: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Lives of the Rakes. The Restoration Rakes
329222: E. BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Libert and Regent Street
329260: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Lives of the Rakes. Old Rowley (King Charles Ii)
329261: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Lives of the Rakes. The Regency Rakes
329256: E.BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - Lives of the Rakes. 'old Q' and Barrymore
10544: JOHN CHANDLER - Wessex Images
22240: ARTHUR CHANDLER - Ara Coeli: An Essay in Mystical Theology
22989: ROBERT CHANDLER - The Story of St. Mary Magdalene Church, West Lavington
329683: RAYMOND CHANDLER - The Big Sleep
327270: JOHN CHANDLER - John Leland's Itinerary. Travels in Tudor England
16314: WU YU-CHANG - The Revolution of 1911
7340: NICK CHANNER - Untrodden Ways
17708: CHRISTOPHER CHANT AND JOHN BATCHELOR - Piston-Engined Airliners. Seventy Years of Air Transportation
328712: JEANNIE CHAPEL AND CHARLOTTE GERE - The Fine and Decorative Art Collections of Britain and Ireland. The National Art-Collections Fund Book of Art Galleries and Museums
328033: A CHAPLAIN. - Vermelles [Passed By Censor]. Notes on the Western Front By a Chaplain
1662: PATRICE CHAPLIN - Albany Park
21904: PETER H. CHAPLIN - The Thames from Source to Tideway
324678: M. A.CHAPLIN - Chimes for the Times
7529: BRIAN CHAPMAN - Organic Pathways: Synthesis and Analysis
15174: FRANK CHAPMAN - David Peacock's Tunbridge Wells Sketchbook
22099: GEOFFREY CHAPMAN - Catechism of the Catholic Church
22441: RONALD CHAPMAN - The Laurel and the Thorn
323004: BERYL CHAPMAN - Together They Fly
328259: HESTER W. CHAPMAN - Lady Jane Grey. October 1537 Š February 1554
31981: LEILA BERG. PAT CHAPMAN - The Train Back. A Search for Parents
328020: F.SPENCER CHAPMAN - Lightest Africa
327913: COLIN R. CHAPMAN - How Heavy, How Much and How Long? Weights, Money and Other Measures Used By Our Ancestors
318845: JEAN CHAPMAN - Pancakes and Painted Eggs. A Book for Easter and All the Days of the Year
325926: MARGARET CHAPMAN - Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook
313816: SERLE CHAPMAN - The Trail of Many Spirits. Paws, Wings, Hooves, Moccasins
328963: BRIGID CHAPMAN - The Weathervanes of Sussex
329744: BRIGID CHAPMAN - Brighton in the Fifties
319937: KENNETH M. CHAPMAN - Bulletin No. 4. Laborator of Anthropology. Pueblo Indian Pottery of the Post-Spanish Period
319990: JEAN CHAPMAN - Haunts and Taunts. A Book for Hallowe'en and All the Nights of the Year
10503: HERBERT CHAPPELL - Arabian Fantasy
323776: HERBERT CHAPPELL - Sounds Magnificent. The Story of Symphony
325072: J. S. R. CHARD - Forestry Commission Forest Record 99. The Roe Deer
313291: JUDY CHARD - My Devon Life
1889: JEANNETTE CHARLES - The Queen & I
438173: CHARLES AND MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare
313343: HENRY MOUNT CHARLES - Public Space Š Private Life. A Decade at Slane Castle
39453: DAVE CHARLES - To Outland and Back. One Millimetre from Home
321833: MARY CHARLES - Casey's Revenge. A Suspense Novel Set in Savannah, Georgia
18644: ROBERT J. CHARLESTON - A Gold and Enamel Box in the Form of a Glass Furnace
329206: CHARLOTTE AND PETER FIELL - Contemporary Graphic Design
319460: CHARLOTTE AND PETER FIELL - Tools for Living: A Sourcebook of Iconic Designs for the Home
323690: JOHN CHARMLEY - Churchill. The End of Glory. A Political Biography
317831: W. H. CHARNOCK - Unbalanced Cranks
327756: R. D. CHARQUES - The Soviets and the Next War. The Present Case for Disarmament
319788: PAUL CHARVANON AND RENE EVANNIER. GEOFFREY A.DUDLEY, TRANSLATOR - A Quick Reference Handbook. Emergency Homoeopathic First Aid
319279: JEROME CHARYN - War Cries over Avenue C
322219: BEATRICE CHASE - The Heart of the Moor
321390: JOANNA CHASE - Sew and Save
326856: J. SIRAT. M. VIEILLARD-TROIEKOUROFF. E. CHATEL - Monuments Sculptes En France (Iv-X Siécles) Iii. Le Val-D/Oise Et Les Yvelines
316637: JUDITH CHATFIELD - A Tour of Italian Gardens
324690: JUDITH CHATFIELD - A Tour of Italian Gardens
18068: RUTH CHATTERTON - Homeward Borne
6403: BETH CHATTO - Beth Chatto's Garden Notebook
325432: BETH CHATTO - Plant Portraits
317599: PICKERING & CHATTO - Catalogue 708. 1993. William Pickering and His Successors 1820-1900
320600: MANOLIS CHATZIDAKIS - The Greek Museums. Byzantine Museum
324401: J. U. NICOLSON. GEOFFREY CHAUCER - Canterbury Tales Rendered Into Moder English
11858: PADDY CHAYEFSKY - Gideon
5206: J. R. W. CHEATLE - A Guide to the British Landscape
322874: ANTHONY CHEETHAM - The Life and Times of Richard Iii
8727: SUSAN CHEEVER - Looking for Work
313384: A. P. CHEKHOV - The Russian Text of Three Plays. Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, the Cherry Orchard
322759: BONHAMS, CHELSEA - Tiles. Auction Catalogue 1993.
4552: SHELDON CHENEY - The Theatre
327978: KAREN CHENG - Designing Type
31985: WENDON BLAKE. GEORGE CHEREPOV - The Artist's Painting Library. Landscapes in Oil. A Step By Step Instruction Book
327299: K. U. CHERNENKO - K.U. Chernenko. Speeches and Writings. 2nd Enlarged Edition
11591: G. C. CHESHIRE - The Modern Law of Real Property
14153: PHYLLIS CHESLER - About Men
314308: HUBERT CHESSHYRE - Garter Banners of the Nineties
316770: G. & J. CHESTERS - Catalogue No. 56. British Topography
314732: GWENDOLEN E. CHESTERS - The Mothering of Young Children. A Short Discussion of the Needs of Little Children at Home and in Nursery Groups
16637: G. K. CHESTERTON - Five Types. A Book of Essays
318930: G. K. CHESTERTON - Watts
323979: G. K. CHESTERTON - Wine, Water and Song
317324: G. K. CHESTERTON - Wine, Water and Song
1553: MAURICE CHEVALIER - Bravo Maurice
9737: V. K. CHEW - Talking Machines
14465: JOSEPH CHIARI - Britain and France, the Unruly Twins
2446: FRANCIS CHICHESTER - Gipsy Moth Circle the World
7391: CLAUDE CHIDAMIAN - Bonsai Miniature Trees
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323402: HUBERT COLE - Beau Brummell
322647: TERRENCE COLE - Crooked Past. The History of a Frontier Mining Camp: Fairbanks, Alaska
324383: G. D. H.COLE - Persons and Periods. Studies
318013: SOPHIE COLE - The Lure of Old London
321910: G. D. H. COLE - Transactions of the William Morris Society. William Morris As a Socialist. A Lecture Given on 16th January 1957 to the William Morris Society at the Art Workers' Guild
316847: NICOLA COLEBY - Kiss and Kill. Film Visions of Brighton
10853: ALICE (VERNON COLEMAN) - Alice's Diary
13169: BRIAN COLEMAN - Basketball
14357: HOWARD W. COLEMAN - Colour Television
30656: RONA COLEMAN - Floristry Handbook
319362: ANNE COLEMAN - Quilting. New Dimensions
320970: VERNON COLEMAN. - Living in a Fascist Country
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315337: FLORENCE JULITTA COLEMAN - Fairy Stories
313806: VERNON COLEMAN - We Love Cats
313807: VERNON COLEMAN - Alice's Diary. The Memoirs of a Cat
313808: VERNON COLEMAN - Alice's Adventures. The Further Memoirs of a Cat
323839: TERRY COLEMAN - Nelson. The Man and the Legend
320097: VERNON COLEMAN - Money Power. The Secrets of Power over Money and the Essential Principles of Macro Investing
5974: NEIL COLES - On Golf
6515: K. ADLARD COLES - Channel Harbours and Anchorages
6792: MYRA COLES - The Complete Computer Sewing Book
21945: S. F. A. COLES - Greece a Journey in Time
326106: COLETTE AND ANITA LOOS - Gigi. A Comedy. (Acting Edition)
3744: DON COLICAN - The Queen Mother
317867: W. H. KERRY IN COLLABORATION WITH E. W. STOTT - The Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsmen. Freehand Drawing and Pictorial Illustration for Draughtsmen. Session 1939-40
5916: M. COLLE - La Partie de Chasse de Henri Iv
321237: BEAVER COLLEGE - Beaver College Center for Education Abroad. Study in Britain 1985-86
8121: JOY COLLIER - Joy Collier's Cape
17002: RICHARD COLLIER - The General Next to God
318414: ANN COLLIER - Creative Design in Bobbin Lace
318090: RICHARD COLLIER - Solitary Witness
311806: RICHARD COLLIER - The Sound of Fury. An Account of the Indian Mutiny
326424: MADELEINE COLLIER - The Lost Princess
4630: VAL COLLINS - The Complete Microwave Cookbook
20833: DORIS COLLINS - A Woman of Spirit
22165: DALE COLLINS - The Haven
23506: PATRICK COLLINS - Three Witnesses
313545: ANDREW COLLINS - Gateway to Atlantis. The Search for the Source of a Lost Civilisation
323718: LARRY COLLINS AND DOMINIQUE LAPIERRE - Freedom at Midnight. How Britain Gave Away an Empire
318741: FREDA COLLINS - Making Bible Plays for Little Ones
329022: WILKIE COLLINS - Four Mysteries. No Name; Armadale; the Woman in White; the Moonstone
317551: FREDA COLLINS - Children in the Market Place. A Book of Religious Drama for Children
325945: MICHAEL COLLINS - Alessi
316026: AMY FINE COLLINS - American Impressionism
319890: MICHAEL COLLINS - Christopher Dresser 1834-1904. Exhibition Catalogue
19375: MAURICE COLLIS - White of Mergen
329732: JOHN STEWARD COLLIS - While Following the Plough
323549: ROSE COLLIS - Brighton Boozers. A History of the City's Pub Culture
326958: JOHN STEWART COLLIS - The Worm Forgives the Plough. Book 1. While Following the Plough
15492: ROB COLLISTER - Lightweight Expeditions
9472: CARLO COLLODI - Pinocchio
317508: DAVID G. COLLYER - Shellfire Memories. Some Reminiscences of East Kent 1938-1945 By Those Shellfire Corner Veterans Who Lived Or Served in the Area. Part 1, September 1938-June 1940
317509: DAVID G. COLLYER - Shellfire Memories. Some Reminiscences of East Kent 1938-1945. Volume Ii By Those Shellfire Corner Veterans Who Lived Or Served in the Area
17262: COLNAGHI - Mannerism and the North European Tradition. Prints from C. 1520- C. 1630
328571: VICE-ADMIRAL P. H. COLOMB. - Naval Warfare. Its Ruling Principles and Practice Historically Treated. 3rd Edition
323614: EDWARD COLQUHOUN - Around Old and New Shoreham
325365: EDWARD COLQUHOUN AND K. T. NETHERCOATE-BRYANT - Britain in Old Photographs. Shoreham-By-Sea- Past and Present.
13591: PERCY COLSON - Please Take Me Next Time
20212: ARMIDA MARIA-THERESA COLT - Fetes and Festivals of Sussex
317454: JEANETTE B. COLTHAM AND WILLIAM H. WRIGHT - Life Then. People to Remember. Norman Times
6307: GEORGINA COLTHURST - Fighting Back
4397: ROBERT COLVILLE - Beagling and Otter-Hunting
325385: JOHN COLVILLE - The Churchillians
23610: H. T. COMBE - Studies in Mathematics
316765: NORMAN COMBEN - Agriculture Husbandry Farriery and the Veterinary Art. A Slection of Antiquarian and Scarce Books, Pamphlets and Ephemera. 1986
316764: NORMAN COMBEN - Agriculture Husbandry Farriery and the Veterinary Art. Occasional List No. 2. March 2000
316763: NORMAN COMBEN - Agriculture Husbandry Farriery and the Veterinary Art. A Selection of Antiquarian and Scare Books, Pamphlets and Ephemera. 1992
22982: CHRISTINE COMBER - Drawn Together. An Introduction to the Rye Deanery Churches
22842: ALEX COMFORT - Imperial Patient
327302: EMILE BURNS, COMMENTARY AND NOTES BY - The Marxist Reader. The Most Significant and Enduring Works of Marxism
321213: CARNEGIE COMMISSION - The More Effective Use of Resources. An Imperative for Higher Education. A Report and Recommendations By the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, 1972
321212: CARNEGIE COMMISSION - From Isolation to Mainstream. Problems of the Colleges Founded for Negroes. A Report and Recommendations By the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, 1971
321214: CARNEGIE COMMISSION - New Students and New Places. Policies for the Future Growth and Development of American Higher Education. A Report and Recommendations By the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, 1971
22053: PRISON COMMISSIONERS - Works Manual
18600: V. M. E. HOLT, ETC. EDITORIAL COMMITTEE - Shropshire
318061: GENERAL JEAN COMPAGNON - 6 June 1944. The Normany Landings. The Strategic Victory of World War Ii
311800: THE PHILIP MORRIS GROUP OF COMPANIES - Asean Art Awards 1997
313351: GOLDSMITHS' COMPANY - The Goldsmith and the Grape. Silver in the Service of Wine
327582: A. H.S.LUCAS, COMPILER - An Alderney Scrapbook
3257: JANE SEABROOK, COMPILER - In Loving Memory
4629: ANNA MARTINI, COMPILER - Pasta & Pizza
5381: KRYSTYNA WEINSTEIN, COMPILER - The Henderson Illustrated Anthology of Money
5428: JONATHON GREEN, COMPILER - A Dictionary of Contemporary Quotations
6337: MARJORIE A. CAMPBELL, COMPILER - The Story of Guiding in Kent 1910-1960
6354: GARTH CHRISTIAN, COMPILER - Wings of Light
6424: ROBERT POOLEY, COMPILER - Air Touring Guide Middle East 1963
6911: PAMELA WESTLAND, COMPILER - Mrs. Beeton's Christmas Book
7384: NEVILLE ROGERS, COMPILER - Keats Shelley & Rome
7538: HERBERT GIRARDET, COMPILER - Land for the People
7698: HENRY PLUCKROSE, COMPILER - Art and Craft Today
8169: LADY LEWIS, COMPILER - Cooking in Harmony
5763: MARGARET HAINSON, COMPILER - Never Spread Like Marmalade
7192: DAPHNE SWANN, COMPILER - Cranks Bread and Teacakes
9111: EDWARD F. GRIFFITH, COMPILER - Doctors By Themselves
10296: W. N. SHAW, COMPILER - 1953 Mammoth Gadgets Annual
11114: JOHN M. CAPOZZI, COMPILER - A Spirit of Greatness
11960: MARY BATCHELOR, COMPILER - The Lion Prayer Collection
12031: MAGGIE HARRADINE, COMPILER - Oriental Express
13183: R. T. HARRISON, COMPILER - How to Become a Champion at Bowls
13482: TONY CURTIS, COMPILER - The Lyle Official Arms and Armour Review 1979
14495: DON ELLIS, COMPILER - Medway Yacht Club
15474: MIRIAM STRIBLEY, COMPILER - The Calligraphy Source Book
16398: D. C. BROWNING, COMPILER - Everyman's Dictionary of Literary Biography
16983: ARTHUR J. WILLIS, COMPILER - Hampshire Marriage Licences 1669-1680
17429: EDWARD F. COTTER, COMPILER AND EDITOR - The International Book of Catamarans and Trimarans
18365: BRIAN LOVE, COMPILER - Great Board Games
18767: MARGARET HILL, COMPILER - A Lifetime Love of Cooking
19655: HARRY GLOVER, COMPILER AND EDITOR - A Standard Guide to Pure-Bred Dogs
20180: ADAM FOX, COMPILER - A Brief Description of the Worshipful Company of Skinners
20197: F. H. SMITH COMPILER - Photo-Engraving By Line, Half-Tone & Photogravure
20789: ALFRED KURELLA, COMPILER - Dimitroff's Letters from Prison
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22947: S. J. HUNT, COMPILER AND EDITOR - A History of Fotheringhay
324159: KEN WIXEY, COMPILER - Images of Aviation. Auster
29301: MARTIN LAWRENCE, COMPILER - The Compleat Craftsman. Yesterday's Handicraft Projects for Today's Family
29351: CECILIA MCATEER, COMPILER - Sandbags and Tilley Lamps
30009: MARY TESTER, COMPILER - The Wit of the Asquiths
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316896: JOHN STAPLETON, COMPILER AND EDITOR - The a & B Story. 1965-1990 the First Twenty Five Years
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315659: DOUGLAS H. VARLEY, COMPILER - A Bibliography of Italian Colonisation in Africa with a Section on Abyssinia
31990: EDWARD T. COOK, COMPILER - A Popular Handbook to the National Gallery Including, By Special Permission, Notes Collected from the Works of Mr. Ruskin
326260: KATHERINE DUNCAN-JONES, COMPILER - Shakespeare's World
32079: E. F. LINSSEN, COMPILER - Nature Interlude. A Book of Natural History Quotations
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326024: RICHARD CROOK. LAWRENCE STEVENS, COMPILER. - A Peep at Victorian Eastbourne
324239: ANDREW GAINSBURY, COMPILER - Rye Memories 19. More About Transport Around Rye
315389: JOHN COUGHLAN, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Memories. A Pictorial Celebration for Dublin's Millennium
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322685: MICHAEL MARQUSEE, COMPILER - Venice. An Illustrated Anthology
323280: JUNE WIGGINS, COMPILER - The Lords and Ladies of the Manor Estate Hemel Hempstead. A Collection of Memories
323210: THE EARL OF BIRKENHEAD, COMPILER - John Betjeman's Collected Poems. Enlarged Edition
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315376: JENNI CALDER, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Treasure Islands. A Robert Louis Stevenson Centenary Anthology
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327645: IRIS, COMPILER - The British Road to Stalinism. An Iris Survey. Communist Menace to Britain Exposed
327631: BILL EGLON SHAW, COMPILER - Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. Photographer. A Selection of His Work. Whitby and Its People
324581: OLIVER DAWSON, COMPILER - Carters Dictionary of Gardening
327801: E.A. BEASLEY, COMPILER - Burrow's Glossary of Church Architecture Furniture and Fittings. A Concise and Reliable Handbook for Lovers of Old Churches
318427: DONALD HILTON, COMPILER - No Empty Phrases. An Anthology Based on the Lord's Prayer
324021: ERNEST GUY PERTWEE, COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Reciter's New Treasury of Prose and Drama. (Serious and Humorous)
324932: HENRY SOUTHGATE COMPILER - Many Thoughts of Many Minds
323649: DAVID BROWN, COMPILER - 50 Popular Topics. A Resources Directory for Schools
321290: FRANK TAYLOR. RICHARD WALSH, COMPILER - A History of Faversham & Oare Creeks and the Faversham Navigation
325611: ART MCCULLOCH, COMPILER - The War and Uncle Walter. The Diary of an Eccentric. Walter Musto
321680: WILL HAYES, COMPILER - The Stamper of the Skies. A Bible for Animal Lovers
322755: P. J. RIDGEON, COMPILER - Gas Chromatography Separations
315501: THEODORA FITZGIBBON, COMPILER - Small Oxford Books Eries. The Pleasures of the Table
329395: GRACE E. KING, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Conflict and Harmony. A Source Book of Man in His Environment
317804: JUDITH NICHOLLS, COMPILER - Otherworlds. Poems of the Mysterious
328348: ROSEMARY WARDALE, COMPILER - Sussex in the Old Days from Personal Memories Submitted to County Age Concern East Sussex
327950: E. STOKES, COMPILER - The Index Library. Index to Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London. Vol. V. 1605-19
323579: DAVID BROWN, COMPILER - 1989-1991. Goldmine Resources for Teachers
314206: JEAN SHELLEY, COMPILER - Maps and Houses of Horley from Tudor Times Until the Railway Came
314205: JEAN SHELLEY, COMPILER - The Timber Framed Houses of Ardingly
314228: WENDY WILLIAMS, COMPILER - A Celebration of 50 Faversham Papers
313851: BILL HANSEN, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Folk Song Sing Along
328263: DAVID B. WINTER, COMPILER - The Best of Crusade. The Best Articles, Features, Poems and Pictures from the First Hundred Issues of Crusade Magazine
322260: EVE HARLOW, COMPILER - The New Anchor Book of Canvaswork Stitches and Patterns
328685: SIR ISIDORE SPIELMANN, COMPILER - Souvenir of the Fine Art Section Franco-British Exhibition 1908
327946: J. CHALLENOR C. SMITH, COMPILER - The Index Library. Index to Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London. Vol. Ii. 1383-1558.
320415: EDDIE EPHRAUMS, COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Big Issue. Book of the Home
327314: V. I. LENIN. A. KOPTSEVA, COMPILER. - Lenin on Utopian and Scientific Socialism. Articles and Speeches
324358: VIVIAN ELLIOT, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Dear Mr Shaw. Selections from Mr. Shaw's Postbag
323875: MAJOR S. C. DEXTER, COMPILER - The Queen's Gurkha Signals. Forty Years
322258: EVE HARLOW, COMPILER - The New Anchor Book of Free-Style Embroidery Stitches
325087: RICHARD HARMAN, COMPILER - Countryside Mood
37406: A. J. STEWART, COMPILER - Merchant Ships: World Built. Vessels of 1000 Tons Gross and over Completed in 1964. 1965 Volume
37455: W. ERIC WILSON, COMPILER - Inland Waterways of Holland.
325550: JUNE MARY HARRIS, COMPILER - Andover's Wartime Years. A Miscellany
325516: JAMES H.SEPHTON, COMPILER - Images of England. Around Aylesford
325514: PHILIPPA SMITH, COMPILER - Exploring Parks and Gardens in East Sussex
312526: DAVID R. KIRKBY, COMPILER - From Sails to Atoms. First Fiftyyears of Sutherland Shire 1906-1956.
319835: CHRISTOPHER WADE, COMPILER - The Streets of Hampstead. A Survey of Their Origins and Names, Their Historic Houses and Famous Residents
318112: DAVID HOLBROOK, COMPILER AND TRANSLATOR - Plucking the Rushes. An Anthology of Chinese Poetry
326313: JANE ARMSTRONG, COMPILER - The Arden Dictionary of Shakespeare Quotations
321668: CHRISTOPHER IDLE, COMPILER - The Lion Book of Favourite Hymns. Well Loved Hymns and Their Stories
314465: KURT BLAUKOPF, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Mahler. A Documentary Study.
321152: JEAN K. BOWDEN, COMPILER - Hugh Thomson's Illustrations of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
327947: J. CHALLENOR C. SMITH, COMPILER - The Index Library. Index to Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London. Vol. L. 1383-1558
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318596: KATHARINE EUSTACE, COMPILER - The Rugby Collection. Artists of Promise and Renown.
318789: DONALD HILTON, COMPILER - A Word in Season. An Anthology of Prose and Verse for Use in Christian Education and Worship
322126: A. VAUGHAN, COMPILER - The Kenning Collection
321650: HELEN MORRIS, COMPILER - Where's That Poem? an Index of Poems for Children Arranged By Subject with a Bibliography of Books of Poetry
318127: LEONARD MERVYN, COMPILER - The Dictionary of Vitamins. The Complete Guide to Vitamins and Vitamin Therapy
326362: GEORGE BENNETT, COMPILER - The Kent Bibliography. A Finding List of Kent Material in the Public Libraries of the County and of the Adjoining London Boroughs
327114: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS, COMPILER - The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems. 34 Anthems for Mixed Voices
324589: PERLA SIEDLE GIBSON. SAM MORLEY, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Durban's Lady in White. An Autobiography
324973: JOHN GOODERS COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Second Bird-Watchers' Book
323652: DAVID BROWN, COMPILER - Goldmine. Finding Free and Low-Cost Resources for Teaching 1995-1996
322341: ROGER BROOK, COMPILER - Wake Up, Nurse!
317516: H. R. PRATT BOORMAN, COMPILER - Newspaper Society. 125 Years of Progress
328379: ANNE MALTBY, COMPILER - Kersey Within Living Memory. An Oral History
315882: PHYLLIS A. MORTIMER, COMPILER - Only When It Hurts
316252: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS, COMPILER - The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems. 34 Anthems for Mixed Voices
320729: STAPELEY WATER GARDENS, COMPILER - Collins Guide to Waterlilies and Other Aquatic Plants
320192: JOHN BETJEMAN. THE EARL OF BIRKENHEAD, COMPILER - John Betjeman. Collected Poems
323651: DAVID BROWN, COMPILER - Goldmine. Finding Free and Low-Cost Resources for Teaching 1993-1994
320952: THE REV. PATRICK S.DINNEEN, COMPILER AND EDITOR - A Concise English-Irish Dictionary for the Use of Schools
320044: BUITONI. JUDITH BALL, COMPILER - A Journey Through Italy
324892: J. B. PICK, COMPILER - 180 Games for One Player
5431: OLYSLAGER ORGANISATION, COMPILERS - The Observer's Book of Commercial Vehicles
5596: ROBERTS & CO., COMPILERS - A PrescriberĆ¢s List
17550: THE STORM COALITION, COMPILERS - Oak Ridges Moraine
326880: EDWIN MILLER, COMPLIER - Eyewitness. The North East in Early Times 69-1464
17842: HENRY COMPTON - Newspapers
28150: H. COMPTON - Conveying Ideas. Fundamentals of Written Communication
329375: PIERS COMPTON - Cardigan of Balaclava
28080: JENNET CONANT - Tuxedo Park
329723: KENNETH JOHN CONANT - Pelican History of Art. Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture 800-1200
19987: SUSAN CONDER - The Complete Geranium
313696: MAJOR C. R. CONDER - Pictorial Bible Geography and Atlas of Palestine. Illustrated Bible Geography and Atlas
325024: WILLIAM CONDRY - Woodlands
327833: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - To Set a Country Free
1164: JEAN CONIL - Cuisine Fraicheur
313550: JOHN CONNELL - The Most Important Country. The True Story of the Suez Crisis
319073: ROLAND CONNELLY - The Eighty Five Martyrs
322244: CLARE CONNERY - Irish Food and Folklore. A Guide to the Cooking, Myths and History of Ireland
316489: DONALD S. CONNERY - The Irish.
16364: JAMES CONNOLLY - A Socialist and War 1914-1916
329061: JOHN CONNOLLY AND DECLAN BURKE, EDITORS - Books to Die for. The World's Greatest Mystery Writer on the World's Greatest Mystery Novels
2516: KAORI O'CONNOR - Creative Knitting
14811: CARROLL O'CONNOR - I Think I'm Outta Here
15159: GARRY O'CONNOR - The Pursuit of Perfection. A Life of Maggie Teyte
24052: GARRY O'CONNOR - Universal Father. A Life of Pope John Paul Ii
319005: GARRY O'CONNOR - Universal Father. A Life of Pope John Paul Ii
328844: DAVID O'CONNOR - Abydos. Egypt's First Pharaohs and the Cult of Osiris
325912: JOSEPH O'CONNOR AND JOHN SEYMOUR - Training with Nlp. Skills for Trainers, Managers and Communicators
327538: HARVEY O'CONNOR - Revolution in Seattle. A Memoir
323694: GARRY O'CONNOR - William Shakespeare. A Life
326774: SHARON O'CONNOR - Sharon O'connor's Menus and Music. Italian Intermezzo. Recipes By Celebrated Italian Chefs. Romantic Italian Music
313102: ROBERT CONNOR - Cassandra. Reflections in a Mirror
325327: J. E. CONNOR - Abandoned Stations on London's Underground. A Photographic Record
14937: DORSEY CONNORS - Gadgets Galore!
327854: NEVILLE S. CONRAD - Commonplace Iii
316560: SEBASTIAN CONRAN AND MARK BOND - Conran Octopus Contemporary Lighting
314262: SHIRLEY CONRAN - Superwoman. Everywoman's Book of Household Management
14677: KENNETH CONROW AND RICHARD N. MCDONALD - Deductive Organic Chemistry
319466: PETER CONSENTINO - The Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques
14456: MILLIE CONSIDINE - Just a Minute, Mrs. Gulliver
324391: W. G. CONSTABLE - The Painter's Workshop
21188: DIANA CONSTANCE - Painting from Photographs
326472: ALBERTA WILSON CONSTANT - Oklahoma Run
6904: DAVID CONSTANT - Cricket: Umpiring
325375: JACK JACKSON, CONSULTANT - Top Dive Sites of the Indian Ocean
329464: OAKHAM CONTEMPORARY - Johan de Fre. Still Life - Interpretations 2010
23929: FLAVIO CONTI - The Grand Tour. The Closed Faith
313064: FLAVIO CONTI - Grand Tour. Shrines of Power
22883: THE COUNTRY CONTRIBUTOR - The Ideas of a Plain Country Woman
4425: PAT CONWAY - Irish Ballads and Music for Tin Whistle
4426: PAT CONWAY - SoodlumĆ¢s Irish Tin Whistle Tutor
7472: MARTIN R. CONWAY - Shepherdstown
7963: PATRICIA CONWAY - Art for Everyday
3730: DUTTON COOK - Art in England
9122: JOSEPH COOK - Marriage with Preludes on Current Events
16808: E. THORNTON COOK - Royal Elizabeths
23656: BERYL COOK - Beryl Cook Bouncers
324947: JEAN E. COOK - Care of Hamsters. Choosing a Pet, Housing, Management, Feeding and Breeding
314315: JOHN C. MAXWELL-COOK - Structural Notes and Details
324727: OLIVE COOK - The English House Through Seven Centuries
321572: OLIVE COOK - Movement in Two Dimensions. A Study of the Animated and Projected Pictures Which Preceded the Invention of Cinematography
326805: MARTIN GODFREY COOK - Energy Efficiency in Old Houses
326593: CLARENCE COOK - The House Beautiful. An Unabridged Reprint of the Classic Victorian Stylebook
329666: DAVID A. COOK - A History of Narrative Film. Third Edition
320998: OLIVE COOK - Constable's Hampstead
326627: G. H. COOK - English Collegiate Churches of the Middle Ages
326861: ANDREW COOK - Ace of Spies. The True Story of Sidney Reilly
22748: FRANCES E. COOKE - An English Hero: The Story of Richard Cobden Written for Young People
322931: IVAN COOKE - Healing By the Spirit
329001: RUPERT CROFT-COOKE - The Gardens of Camelot
323460: ALISTAIR COOKE - The Americans. Fifty Letters from America on Our Life and Times
311791: DERYCK COOKE - Mahler 1860-1911
313840: GRACE COOKE - Meditation
319034: ALISTAIR COOKE - Masterpieces. A Decade of Classics on British Television
326855: PETER G. COOKSLEY - The Rfc/Rnas Handbook 1914-18
317618: ANTOON COOLEN - The Cross Purposes
329074: JOHN K. COOLEY - An Alliance Against Babylong. The U.S. , Israel and Iraq
2329: JOYCE COOMBS - George and Mary Sumner

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