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325724: BONHAMS - Auction Catalogue. The Old Forge. The Roy Davids Collection of Decorative Arts and Bronzes. 2015
325715: BONHAMS - Auction Catalogue. The Dampier Letter. 2015
327066: BONHAMS - Auction Catalogue. Asian Art. 2015
326434: BONHAMS - The Misumi Collection. Important Works of Lacquer Art and Paintings: Part I. 2014
315934: BONHAMS - Topographical Pictures 2002
315983: BONHAMS - Auction Catalogue Sir William Russell Flint R.A. P.R. W.S. Watercolours, Drawings, Prints and Books 1992
320734: BONHAMS - Ceramic Design 1869-1945 Including the Creffield Collection and the Senft Collection, 2007
321545: BONHAMS - Auction Catalogue: Creative Encounters: Portraits of Writers, Artists and Musicians. The Roy Davis Collection 2005
326875: BONHAMS - Auction Catalogue. The Library of the Late Hugh Selbourne M.D. Prt Two. 2016
313617: GASTON PAPELOUX. GASTON BONHEUR - The Nocturnal Magic of the Pyramids Presented By Gaston Papeloux
318530: DIETRICH BONHOEFFER - Christology
324446: J. LEWIS BONHOTE - Birds of Britain and Their Eggs
7386: COLONEL J. J. BONIFACE - Riding
33712: CHRIS BONINGTON - Annapurna South Face
3180785: ANDRE BONNARD - Greek Civilization from the Antigone to Socrates
313801: ANDRE BONNARD - Greek Civilization from Euripides to Alexandria
27803: BRIGITTE BONNAVE - Perles de Rocaille Tissage Et Enfilage
314530: CAREY BONNER - Child Songs for Primary Departments of the Sunday School and Day School and for Home Singing. Volume I
22033: WALDEMAR BONSELS - Indienfahrt
13101: J. GORDON BOOK - Michael Faraday
316744: BEAUMONT TRAVEL BOOK - Catalogue 4. Foreign and British Travel, History Etc. Including New Sections on Photography and Architecture
315456: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 115 Bibliography, Calligraphy and Typography 1986
315455: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 116 Varia 1986.
315458: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 112. 75 Bindings and 10 Manuscripts. 1985
315459: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 11. Varia. 1985
317550: BOXWOOD BOOKS AND PRINTS. PETER NICHOLLS - 20th Century British Wood Engraving. Private Press; Illustrated Books; Signed Prints
315602: JEFF WEBER RARE BOOKS - The Black Death Being the Continuation of the Library of Dr. Fritz Strauss and His Collection of Books About the Plague Including Insects and Early Microscopy. Caalog 53
316830: HEREWARD BOOKS - March Catalogue 1998. A Selection of Books on Guns, Shooting, Fishing and Other Related Subjects
316911: RAINSFORD RARE BOOKS - Catalogue A44. Applied Art and General
316849: INCH'S BOOKS - Catalogue 129. Design of Cities.
316850: INCH'S BOOKS - Caalogue 108. Modern Architecture and Urban Design. Some Rare Books
316851: INCH'S BOOKS - Catalogue 120. Architecture
316852: INCH'S BOOKS - Catalogue 117. Modern Architecture. Some Rare Books
316841: HEREWARD BOOKS. - Spring 2002. A Selection of Books on Guns, Shooting, Fishing and Other Related Subjects.
316808: GROVE RARE BOOKS - A Catalogue of Interesting Yorkshire Books. Summer 2007
316809: SIMON GOUGH BOOKS - Catalogue 30. Africa and the Middle East. Part 1 in a Series of Travel Catalogues
316782: ERGO BOOKS - Catalogue 4040. Detective Fiction, 18th Sherlock (Holmes), Etc.
316781: EXPLORER BOOKS - The Polar Regions. Voyages, Exploration and Discovery. Catalogue 27
316747: BEELEIGH ABBEY BOOKS - A Catalogue of British Topography and Travel and Exploration. Summer 1993. Ba/53
316748: BEELEIGH ABBEY BOOKS - Catalogue of Books Relating to the British Isles 1988. Ba/43
316749: BEELEIGH ABBEY BOOKS - Catalogue of Books Relating to the British Isles, Ba/36
316723: ASH RARE BOOKS - London: Catalogue of Books and Maps for Sale
316724: ASH RARE BOOKS - Turned to Crime
316715: AUSTIN DESMOND CONTEMPORARY BOOKS - Catalogue. Modern British Prints 1914-1960
316714: AUSTIN DESMOND CONTEMPORARY BOOKS - Catalogue Two. Modern Illustrated Book
316713: AUSTIN DESMOND CONTEMPORARY BOOKS - Catalogue One. The Modern British Illustrated Book
315663: DAWSON RARE BOOKS - Travel and Exploration Catalogue 272
315660: DAWSON RARE BOOKS - Travel and Exploration. Catalogue No. 277
316900: POTTERTON BOOKS - Catalogue Vi. 1983.
316901: POTTERTON BOOKS - Catalogue Viii. 1984.
313880: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 185. Architecture and Allied Trades. 2001.
313873: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 166. Architecture, Art and Illustrated Books Including Colour Plate Books, Early Lithography, Early Photography, Emblems and Festivals, Costume, Catalogues of Collections and Sales, Guide Books and Books on London. 1996
313878: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 118. Architecture and Allied Arts. Botany, Gardening and Estate Managements Etc. 1987.
313879: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 174. Architecture, Furniture and Ornament Garden Architecture and Design. 1998.
313863: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 131. Architecture and Allied Arts. Botany, Gardening, Estate Management, Etc. British and Foreign Guide Books. 1988
315641: JEFF WEBER RARE BOOKS - Catalogue 57. 1998. The Richard Westfall Library of Newton and Newtonia
313864: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 115. Bibliography, Calligraphy and Typography. 1986
313865: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 113. Illustrated Books Drawings and Prints and Books on the Fine and Applied Arts. 1985
316831: HAWTHORN BOOKS - Catalogue 83. Science Fiction and Fantasy
313866: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 171. Books on the Fine and Applied Arts Including Costume, Guide Books and Catalogues of Public and Private Collections, Sales, Etc. 1997
315648: K BOOKS - Africa. 1987
315649: K BOOKS - Catalogue 313. World Imprints 4. 362 Books from 115 Printing Places. Many Greek and Latin Classics
313874: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 187. Art and Illustrated. 2001
313875: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 190. London. 2002
315461: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 124. Illustrated Books and Prints and Books on the Fine and Applied Arts. 1987.
315463: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 120. Bibliography Calligraphy and Typography 1987
313939: ELTON ENGINEERING BOOKS - Elton Engineering Books Catalogue No. 8. A Catalogue of Reference Books. Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Transport, Manufacturing, Architecture and Building Technology. 1994
313941: ELTON ENGINEERING BOOKS - Elton Engineering Books Catalogue No. 12. Architecture and Engineering 19th and 20th Century Reference Works. 1997
313942: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 188 Winter Selection. 2001
315457: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 114. Architecture and Allied Arts, Botany, Gardening and Estate Management Etc. 1986
315453: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 118. Architecture and Allied Arts. Botany, Gardening and Estate Management Etc. 1987
315452: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 119. A Manuscript Emblem Book and Illustrated Books from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century Including Bible Illustrations, Emblem Books, Fable Books, Etc. 1987
315460: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 110. Bibliography Calligraphy and Typography 1985
315462: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 121. Varia 1987.
313867: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 154. Architecture, Art and Illustrated Books. 1994
313868: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 158. Architecture, Art and Illustrated Books. 1994
315628: NIGEL WILLIAMS (BOOKS) - Catalogue P.G. Wodehouse September 1991
315644: GERALDINE WADDINGTON BOOKS AND PRINTS - Catalogue 38, Spring 2000. Wood Engraved Illustrated Books
313938: ELTON ENGINEERING BOOKS - Elton Engineering Books Catalogue No. 6. Timber and Masonry, Iron and Steel, Cement and Concrete. The Science and Development of Materials and Their Application to Building and Civil Engineering. 1991
315454: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue No. 117. Illustrated Books and Prints and Books on the Fine and Applied Arts 1986
324142: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Life and Film. Revised Edition
316743: BEAUMONT TRAVEL BOOKS. - Catalogue Forty Four. Travel History Military Etc.
315646: NIGEL WILLIAMS RARE BOOKS - P.G. Wodehouse Catalogue 14. May 1997
313876: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 156. London. 1994
313869: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 162. Topography and Travel. 1995
313870: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 181. Art and Architecture. 2000.
313871: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 178. London. 1999
315634: QUESTOR RARE BOOKS - Catalogue No. 7. On the History and Making and Faking of Books
313872: MARLBOROUGH RARE BOOKS - Marlborough Rare Books Catalogue 161. Architecture, Art and Illustrated Book. 1995
314049: VALENTINE RARE BOOKS - Catalogue Fifteen. The Victorian Three Decker.
314062: QUESTOR RARE BOOKS - Catalogue 11. About the Book
314063: QUESTOR RARE BOOKS - Catalogue 18. Books on Books
325408: MONK BRETTON BOOKS - Catalogue of Finely Printed Books from the Private Presses and Other Publishers. Catalogue One 1974
316927: JEFF WEBER RARE BOOKS - Catalogue No. 6. 1989/1990. Jack London
317601: SPORTSPAGES INCORPORATING BODYLINE BOOKS - Fine Sports Books I. Catalogue Autumn 2008
317587: AUSTIN/DESMOND CONTEMPORARY BOOKS - The Modern British Artist As Printmaker. Catalogue 3
317696: OLD CATHAY FINE BOOKS - Old Cathay Fine Books. Vatalogue Number 1. Christmas 1988. A Special Limited Edition Featuring A. & C. Black Colour Books
316746: BROMER BOOKSELLERS - Catalog 107. Miniature Books Collected By Irene Winterstein
325412: LAMESA BOOKSELLERS - Lamesa Booksellers Catalogue No. 28. Philosophy, Science, Religion. February 1975
314056: JARNDYCE ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLERS - Anthony Trollope and the Trollope Family
314059: GEKOSKI BOOKSELLERS - Catalogue of Rare Books Offered for Sale from the Collection of Giles Gordon. Catalogue No. 18. Summer 1994
315607: HOWES BOOKSHOP - Catalogue: Theology and Church History with Ecclesiastical Arts and Architecture. Catalogue 262, 1994
316846: HOWES BOOKSHOP - Catalogue 229. Five Centuries of Religion. Theology and Church History. 1480-1980
316858: MARRIN'S BOOKSHOP. - Antiquarian Books, Maps and Prints Relating to the County of Kent with an Addendum of General Stock. Spring 2005
316845: HOWES BOOKSHOP - Catalogue 309. A Celebration of Hastings. Two Centuries of Guides and Handbooks 1794-1998
316843: HOWES BOOKSHOP - Catalogue 303, 2003. Bibliography and Palaeography with a Supplement of Wise and Wiseana
316836: HALL'S BOOKSHOP - Catalogue 1, 1985. Scarce Books on Aeronautics, Mathematics and Science Etc.
316769: THE CASTLE BOOKSHOP - Catalogue 82. 2002. Archaeology and Local History
316768: THE CASTLE BOOKSHOP - Catalogue E6. 1987. Catalogue of Books Relating to East Anglia. Part One: Essex
316844: HOWES BOOKSHOP - Catalogue 223. Theology and Church History
313796: BOW WINDOWS BOOKSHOP - Bow Windows Book Shop Catalogues 51, 63, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 134, 135, 136, 137, 139, 140
313795: BOW WINDOWS BOOKSHOP - Bow Windows Book Shop Catalogues 1, 3, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44
313794: BOW WINDOWS BOOKSHOP - Bow Windows Book Shop Catalogues 5, 13, 14, 15, 16, 22, 25, 35, 39, 41, 44, 46, 51, 54, 61, 65, 70, 75, 76, 82
314050: THE TRAVELLERS' BOOKSHOP - A Selection of Baedekers, General Travel Guides and Folding Maps. June 2002.
325406: HOWES BOOKSHOP - Howes Bookshop Catalogue No. 168. English Literature, Bibliography and Palaeography, History, Economics
10522: JOHN BOON - High Street Witch at the Zoo
329522: DEREK BOORMAN - At the Going Down of the Sun. British First World War Memorials
20479: A. E. BOOTH - The Land Far Off
319265: MURIEL R. BOOTH - No Road Island. Stories from the West Indies
27845: CHERIE BOOTH AND CATE HASTE - The Gold Fish Bowl. Married to the Prime Minister 1955-1997
328850: ELIZABETH BOOTH - Crowood Travel Guides. Jamaica and the Greater Antilles
319653: MARK HAWORTH-BOOTH - The Land. Twentieth Century Landscape Photographs Selected By Bill Brandt
313843: JOHN BOOTH - "for Jesus' Sake" Being an Account of the Life and Ministry with Sermons of John Booth
2836: BOOTHBY - Recollections of a Rebel
323346: LORD BOOTHBY - My Yesterday, Your Tomorrow
2878: BASIL BOOTHROYD - Let's Stay Married
313517: DERRICK BOOTHROYD - Nowt So Queer As Folk. A Book of Reminiscence About Yorkshire and Yorkshiremen
323300: BASIL BOOTHROYD - Philip. An Informal Biography
323343: BETTY BOOTHROYD - Betty Boothroyd. The Autobiography
23155: BRUNO BORCHERT - Mystiek. Het Verschijnsel, de Geschiedenis, de Nieuwe Uitdaging
13963: MARY CATHCART BORER - Famous Rogues
313529: MARY CATHCART BORER - Famous Rogues
322853: MARY CATHCART BORER - Background to Archaeology
3079: PROFESSOR J. BORG - Cacti
15692: VICTOR BORGE - My Favourite Intervals
316407: ROBERT BORGER AND A. E. M. SEABORNE - The Psychology of Learning
15400: PATRICK BORIES - Vichy Memoire
316755: BJORCK & BORJESSON - Catalogue 530. The Near East and Africa. 1992
329268: MAX BORN - The Restless Universe
2703: GEORGE BORODIN - This Thing Called Ballet
9028: E.J. BOROWSKI AND J. M. BORWEIN - Collins Dictionary of Mathematics
13122: E.A. ZOSKO-BOROWSKY - How Not to Play Chess
9129: STANLEY BORRIE - Private Companies: Their Management and Statutory Obligations
17597: HERMINE BORRIE - The Golden Heron
322311: GEORGE BORROW - Lavengro. The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest
323310: GEORGE BORROW - Wild Wales. Its People, Language and Scenery
314818: GEORGE BORROW - The Romany Rye
322312: GEORGE BORROW - The Bible in Spain
324385: EVE BORSOOK - The Companion Guide to Florence
20512: B. BORSSUCK AND ANN JACKSON - Your Picture Dog in Needlework
2289: MIHIR BOSE - All in a Day
11199: MIHIR BOSE - Michael Grade. Screening the Image
10045: GORDON BOSHELL - My Pen My Sword
326522: WALTER BOSING - The Complete Paintings Bosch. Hieronymus Bosch C1450-1516 between Heaven and Hell
317172: CAROLINE BOSLY - Rugs to Riches. An Insider's Guide to Oriental Rugs
324067: ROSSANA BOSSAGLIA - Art Nouveau Revolution in Interior Design
316150: L. M. BOSTON - A Stranger at Green Knowe
319667: JEFFERY BOSWALL - Private Lives. Studies of Birds and Other Animals from the Bbc Tv Wildlife Series Look, and Private Lives
324958: JEFFERY BOSWALL - Birds for All Seasons
18256: HAZEL BOSWELL - French Canada: Pictures and Stories
315055: JAMES BOSWELL - New Developments. The Artist's Dilemma.
320988: GEORGE F. BOSWORTH - Cambridge County Geographies. Kent
13465: DOLORES BOTAFOGO - The Art of Brazilian Cookery
316287: ANN BOTHA - The Crumbles Story
14112: RUDOLF P. BOTHA - The Methodological Status of Grammatical Argumentation
312963: C. H. BOTHAMLEY - Manual of Photography
320292: C. H. BOTHAMLEY - The Ilford Manual of Photography
321250: ELIZABETH BOTT - Family and Social Work. Roles, Norms, and External Relationships in Ordinary Urban Families. 2nd Edition
33707: DOUGLAS BOTTING - One Chilly Siberian Morning
325833: DOUGLAS BOTTING - Explorer 16. Shadowing the Clouds. The Story of Airships
329165: MARCUS T. BOTTOMLEY - The Amazing Egg. How Its Strange Mystic Powers Can Work Miracles in Your Life. How It Can Create for You a Life of Charm and Happiness!
327439: FRANK BOTTOMLEY - The Castle Explorerűs Guide
329167: PHIL HADLEY. MARCUS T. BOTTOMLEY - A Young Man's Amazing New Mind Power Secret. Your Right to Happiness
329142: MARCUS T. BOTTOMLEY - Elemental Forces. Magickal [Magical] Pathways to Success, Health, Power and Love
316398: T. B. BOTTOMORE - Critics of Society. Radical Thought in North America
327032: ALAIN DE BOTTON - The Consolations of Philosophy
16564: DAVID BOUCHARD - If You're Not from the Prairie . . .
2389: JOSEPH BOUGHEY - Hadfield's British Canals
317789: F. R. H. DU BOULAY - An Age of Ambition. English Society in the Late Middle Ages
319888: ELIZE BOULDING - From a Monastery Kitchen
320301: NED BOULTING - How I Won the Yellow Jumper. Dispatches from the Tour de France
17651: HAROLD BOULTON - Songs of the North, Gathered Together from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Volume Ii
17652: HAROLD BOULTON - Songs of the North, Gathered Together from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Volume I
325493: E. H. B. BOULTON AND B. ALWYN JAY - British Timbers Their Properties, Uses and Identification
27622: GEOFFREY BOUMPHREY - Your House and Mine
315491: SARAH BOUNDS - Here's Health. Wholefood Baking
326598: TREVOR BOUNFORD - Digital Diagrams
329351: VANCE BOURJAILY - Confessions of a Spent Youth. A Novel.
327610: JUDITH KINNISON BOURKE - The History of a Village Band 1896-1996. The Warbleton Brass and Reed Band to the Warbleton and Buxted Band
325228: SEAN BOURKE - The Springing of George Blake
15169: RICHARD BOURNE - Londoners
316141: HILARY BOURNE - Spinning the Thread
316656: G. H. BOURNE - Aids to Histology
318089: PETER BOURNE - Black Saga
31649: JOHN BOURNE - Computer Takes All
320497: W. R. BOURNE - A Collection of Ceramic Receipts for Many Years Used By the Late John Bourne of Burslem for Fifty Years a Successful Practical Potter
322666: RICHARD BOURNE - Londoners
315289: CLIVE BOURSNELL AND COLIN THUBRON - The Royal Opera House Covent Garden
13390: PAUL BOUSFIELD - The Elements of Practical Psycho-Analysis
328091: CHARLES BOUTELL - The Handbook to English Heraldry
322137: MARGUETTE BOUVIER - Aristide Maillol 1864-1944
328132: DOROTHY BOUX - The Eternal One. Calligraphy and Illustration. An Ancient Text Translated from the Original Sanskrit By H.P. Blavatsky
34504: MARINA BOWATER - The Decorative Art of Russia
24082: M. BOWDEN - Science Vs Evolution
315492: CAROL BOWEN AND OTHERS - Chinese. Over 180 Classic Recipes
16591: ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Little Girls
323796: MARJORIE BOWEN - Wrestling Jacob. A Study of the Life of John Wesley and Some Members of the Family.
322596: ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Little Girls
320791: ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Little Girls
320792: ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Hotel
320789: ELIZABETH BOWEN - Eva Trout Or Changing Scenes
320785: ELIZABETH BOWEN - Joining Charles and Other Stories
322249: ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Little Girls
329843: RON BOWEN - Drawing Masterclass
327090: JAMES BOWEN AND MARGARITA BOWEN - The Great Barrier Reef. History, Science, Heritage
313381: ELIZABETH BOWEN - A World of Love
13528: F. O. BOWER - Botany of the Living Plant
327731: TOM BOWER - Blind Eye to Murder. Britain, America and the Purging of Nazi Germany – a Pledge Betrayed
316212: TOM BOWER - Conrad and Lady Black. Dancing on the Edge
319168: DIANA BOWERMAN - Historic Thames Valley Taverns
14160: DAVE BOWLER AND BRYAN DRAY - U2 a Conspiracy of Hope
321786: E. L. BOWLEY - The Fortunate Islands. The Story of the Isles of Scilly
328996: HARRY BOWLING - Backstreet Child
328997: HARRY BOWLING - As Time Goes By
329551: EILEEN M. BOWLT - The Goodliest Place in Middlesex. A History of the Ancient Parish of Ruislip from the Domesday Book to Modern Times.
324574: WILLIAM BOWYER - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1983. A Souvenir of the 215th Summer Exhibition
312464: VALERIE BOWYER - Along the Canal. The Kennet and Avon from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon
329520: CHAZ BOWYER - Bomber Group at War
324443: JACK BOWYER - The Evolution of Church Building
31617: RICHARD BOX - Richard Box's Flowers for Embroidery
322221: ARABELLA BOXER - Mediterranean Cookbook
22723: BOXWALLAH - An Eastern Backwater
16757: ANN BOYCE - Appliquƒ the Ann Boyce Way
11027: ALEXANDRA BOYD - Favourite Food from Ambrose Heath
11129: BRIAN BOYD - Vladimir Nabokov
11270: PALMER BOYD - Nagananda Or the Joy of the Snake-World
317498: EDWARD BOYD - Wanderlust's Third Innings
314337: R. M. BOYD - Alfriston
323135: DAVID D. BOYDEN - An Introduction to Music
25116: KARIN BOYE - Dikter
6079: D. G. BOYLE - Language and Thinking in Human Development
18858: CONALL BOYLE - In the Footsteps of the Gunpowder Plotters
316446: EDWARD BOYLE AND ANTHONY CROSLAND - The Politics of Education
21319: DOREEN BOYS - Once Upon a Ward
8623: F. G. BRABANT - Sussex
316998: KEITH BRACE - Portrait of Bristol
313380: GERALD WARNER BRACE - The Garretson Chronicle. A Novel
16494: FRANCIS J. BRACELAND - The Institute of Living. The Hartford Retreat 1822-1972
328619: ALAN BRACK - All They Need Is Love. The Story of the Liverpool Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1883-1983
315322: M. C. BRADBROOK - Malcolm Lowry. His Art and Early Life – a Study in Transformation
15885: KATHLEEN V. BRADBURY - The Modern Use of Solid Fuel
317197: JOSEPH BRADDOCK - Kent-Sussex Border Footpaths
313379: JOSEPH BRADDOCK - The Bridal Bed
12271: RUSSELL BRADDON - The Other 100 Years War
315054: NELLA BRADDY - Son of Empire. The Story of Rudyard Kipling
312946: GREGG BRADEN - The Divine Matrix. Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief
8422: ERNLE BRADFORD - The Sword and the Scimitar
323401: RICHARD, EARL OF BRADFORD - Stately Secrets. Behind the Scenes Stories from the Stately Homes of Britain
1231: A. G. BRADLEY - The English Lakes
12732: O. CHARNOCK BRADLEY - The Structure of the Fowl
320989: A. G. BRADLEY - Cambridge County Geographies. Wiltshire
28134: RICHARD BRADLEY - A Mesolithic Assemblage from East Sussex.
324116: JOHN HODGDON BRADLEY - Patterns of Survival. An Anatomy of Life
324225: ELIZABETH BRADLEY - Decorative Victorian Needlework
321443: IVER E. BRADLEY AND JOHN B. SOUTH - Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics
7683: ENID BRADSHAW - Dolls' Houses
324415: N. R.J. BRADSHAW - The First Chapter in the History of a Grammar School [Lewes County Secondary School for Boys]
324416: N. R. J. BRADSHAW - The Building of the House of God 1942-1960. [Chapel at Lewes County Secondary School for Boys]
22624: ANDREW BRADSTOCK - Saints & Sandinistas
6832: R. P. BRADY AND H. M. SPINK - New Ventures in Geography
22611: TERENCE BRADY AND EVAN JONES - The Fight Against Slavery
314523: MAURICE BRADY - The Centre Court Story
23463: ALLAN BRAHAM - Giovanni Battista Moronic 400th Anniversary Exhibition
2079: CARYL BRAHMS - Robert Helpmann
13565: CARYL BRAHMS - Curiouser and Curiouser
319305: BRAHMS - J. Brahms 16 Waltzes for Pianoforte Op. 39
313999: CARYL BRAHMS AND NED SHERRIN - Benbow Was His Name. A Story of Tall Ships in Battle Compiled from the Literature of the Sea and Fashioned Into a Novel.
314825: JOHN BRAILSFORD - Early Celtic Masterpieces from Britain in the British Museum
313526: JOHN BRAINE - J.B. Priestley
329343: SHEILA E. BRAINE - Up the Rainbow Stairs. A Story of Strange Adventure
319748: DOREEN BLUMHARDT, BRIAN BRAKE - Craft New Zealand. The Art of the Craftsman
10990: JO BRAND - A Load of Old Balls
317711: MAX BRAND - Silvertip's Strike
324888: LIZ BRAND - Fruit from Your Garden
9346: ANN BRANDEIS - Color Processing and Printing
327255: ALAIN ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG - The Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages
323356: MICHAEL BRANDER - Gundogs, Their Care and Training
19246: GEORG BRANDES - Dagbogsblade Fra En Rejse I Slesvig 19 Juli - 26 Juli 1860
325908: DONNA BRANDES - Gamesters' Handbook Two. More Games for Teachers and Group Leaders
325354: J. L. BRANDLER - Out of Nigeria. Witness to a Giant's Toils
317041: PETER BRANDON - The Making of the English Landscape. The Sussex Landscape
328139: PETER BRANDON - The Making of the English Landscape. The Sussex Landscape
328683: PETER BRANDON - The Darwen County History Series. A History of Surrey
323654: PETER BRANDON - The Making of the English Landscape. The Sussex Landscape
1431: GYLES BRANDRETH - The Christmas Book
323299: GYLES BRANDRETH - Philip and Elizabeth. Portrait of a Marriage
315852: WILLY BRANDT - World Armament and World Hunger. A Call for Action
327814: NOREEN BRANSON - History of the Communist Party of Great Britain 1927-1941
327813: HARPAL BRAR - Social Democracy. The Enemy Within
327812: HARPAL BRAR - Perestroika. The Complete Collapse of Revisionism
327828: HARPAL BRAR - Bourgeois Nationalism Or Proletarian Internationalism?
327824: HARPAL BRAR - Imperialism. Decadent, Parasitic, Moribund Capitalism
318636: SASTHI BRATA - My God Died Young. An Autobiography
34463: FERNAND BRAUDEL - The Identity of France. Volume Ii People and Production
38432: LEO BRAUDY - Jean Renoir. The World of His Films
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323684: CHAUNCEY C. STARKWEATHER, INTRO BY. - The World's Great Classics. Essays of British Essayists Including Biographical and Critical Sketches. Volume Ii
319886: MAX EHRMANN. SUSAN POLIS SCHUTZ, SELECTED BY - The Desiderata of Happiness. A Collection of Philosophical Poems By Max Ehrmann
319915: CHRISTOPHER FRY, INTRO. BY - Charlie Hammond's Sketch Book
326309: ADRIAN ROOM, REVISED BY - Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Millennium Edition
321045: C. M. VON WEBER. KEISUKE TSUTSUI, ADAPTED BY. ANN KING HERRING, TRANSLATED BY - C.M. Von Weber's Invitation to the Dance. Fantasia Pictorial
321081: MEMBERS OF THE LODGE, EDITED BY - Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. Transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076. Volume Iii for the Year 1998
326832: MICHELLE VERRIER INTRO. BY - The Orientalists. All Colour Paperback
326956: GIOVANNI AQUILECCHIA, STEPHEN N. CRISTEA, SHEILA RALPHS, EDITED BY - Collected Essays on Italian Language and Literature Presented to Kathleen Speight
16928: BARBARA NINDE BYFIELD - The Eating-in-Bed Cookbook
318341: ENID BYFORD - Somerset Curiosities. A Guide to Follies, Curious Tales, Unusual People and Architectural Eccentricities
315373: DAVID BYGOTT - Black and British
8032: MAY BYRON - Christmas Bells
11136: MAY BYRON - A Day with John Greenleaf Whittier
315179: MIKE BYRON AND JIM CLAYDEN - How to Pass the Ukcat. Unbeatable Practice for Success in the United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test.
319863: W. EDWIN BYWATER - The Power of Thought
314958: D.M.C. - A Journey Through Embroidery. Samplers
327550: THOMAS HUGHES. EDITED BY HIS DAUGHTER C.C. - Vacation Rambles. 2nd Edition
327966: LESLIE CABARGA - Logo Font and Lettering Bible. A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Constructions and Usage of Alphabets, Letters and Symbols
328792: CEASAR CABRAL - Instructional Guide to Surfing. Quick Tips
317404: LEN CACUTT - British Freshwater Fishes. The Story of Their Evolution
23979: B. BARTRAM CADBURY - Life in Shallow Sea Water
329263: C. MAXWELL CADE - Other Worlds Than Ours
323055: ELIZABETH CADELL - Mixed Marriage. The Diary of a Portuguese Bride
21678: LADY ADELAIDE CADOGAN - Illustrated Games of Patience
35026: MARY CADOGAN - The Nostalgia Collection Pip, Squeak and Wilfred
318558: CECIL JOHN CADOUX - A Pilgrim's Further Progress. Dialogues on Christian Teaching
6247: HERB CAEN - Herb Caen's San Francisco
34450: HERB CAEN - Herb Caen's New Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area
317722: HUBERT CAETANO - Gibraltar. Rock of Ages
12596: CHARLES H. CAFFIN - How to Study Pictures
315117: KATE CAFFREY - '37-'39 Last Look Round
16729: DAVID CAHAN - An Institute for an Empire. The Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt 1871-1918
315915: CLAUDIA LYN CAHAN - Manet
313362: HALL CAINE - The Woman Thou Gavest Me. Being the Story of Mary O'neill
314700: HALL CAINE - The Drama of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days. Scenes in the Great War.
2468: JOHN CAIRNEY - The Man Who Played Robert Burns
38417: JOHN CAIRNEY - Glasgow By the Way, But. Celebrating a City
325247: RANDOLPH CALDECOTT - R. Caldecott's Picture Books Series. The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate
325248: RANDOLPH CALDECOTT - R. Caldecott's Picture Books Series. Hey Diddle Diddle and Baby Bunting.
319539: LEONIE CALDECOTT AND STEPHANIE LELAND, EDITORS. - Reclaim the Earth. Women Speak out for Life on Earth
2494: NIGEL CALDER - The English Channel
10981: JULIAN CALDER AND JOHN GARRETT. - The New 35mm Photographer's Handbook
18403: LOUISA CALDER AND MARY KONIOR - Louisa Calder's Creative Crochet
326747: RITCHIE CALDER - Leonardo and the Age of the Eye
316974: TAYLOR CALDWELL - The Earth Is the Lord's. A Tale of the Rise of Genghis Khan
328364: TAYLOR CALDWELL - Great Lion of God
315294: DAVID H. CALDWELL - The Scottish Armoury
310937: TAYLOR CALDWELL - Testimony of Two Men
324834: MARY WHITON CALKINS - The Modern Student's Library Series. Berkeley Essay, Principles, Dialogues with Selections from Other Writings
327626: THOMAS CALLAGHAN - A Lang Way to the Panshop (Helping to Make Ends Meet)
327810: JOHN CALLAGHAN - Rajani Palme Dutt. A Study in British Stalinism
2453: EDITED BY L. CALLENDER - The Windmill. Stories, Essays, Poems & Pictures By Authors & Artists Whose Works Are Published at the Sign of the Windmill
320461: GEOFFREY CALLENDER - The Queen's House, Greenwich. A Short History 1617-1937
22669: N. GURNEY CALLIER - Jane Again
322974: PHILIP CALLOW - Van Gogh. A Life
327188: KIT CALVERT - Kit Calvert of Wensleydale. The Complete Dalesman
313281: COMMANDER JAMES CALVERT - Surface at the Pole. The Story of Uss Skate
3176782: CARROLL CAMDEN - The Elizabethan Woman. A Panorama of English Womanhood 1540 to 1640
5777: NIGEL CAMERON - The Mandarin Hong Kong

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