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328032: DAVID ATTENBOROUGH - Quest Under Capricorn
321367: PAUL ATTERBURY - Cornish Ware. Kitchen and Domestic Pottery By T.G. Green of Church Gresley, Derbyshire
320336: PAUL ATTERBURY - Poole in the 1950s. Catalogue of Exhibition Spring 1997
319595: PAUL ATTERBURY - Dennis Chinaworks
317963: PAUL ATTERBURY - Branch Line Britain. A Nostalgic Journey Celebrating a Golden Age
327279: JOHN ATTFIELD AND STEPHEN WILLIAMS, EDITORS - 1939. The Communist Party and the War
327277: C. R. ATTLEE - As It Happened
21299: GEORGE M. ATTURA - Magnetic Amplifier Engineering
35003: EDWARD L. ATTWOOD - Text-Book of Theoretical Naval Architecture
324743: GILAD ATZMON - The Wandering Who? a Study of Jewish Identity Politics
4084: MARCEL AUBERT - Stained Glass of the Xiith and Xiiith Centuries from French Cathedrals
314606: JEANNINE AUBOYER AND ROGER GOEPPER - Landmarks of the World's Art. The Oriental World- India and South East Asia and China, Korea and Japan
323292: GILES ST. AUBYN - Edward Vii. Prince and King
311834: GILES ST. AUBYN - The Year of Three Kings 1483
11020: LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS - The House of the Prophet
322901: LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS - The Rector of Justin
318211: BLOOMSBURY AUCTIONS - The David Loman Library of Near Eastern and Asiatic Books Including Travel, Archaeology and Antiquities, and Linguistics. Auction Catalogue 2006
318212: BLOOMSBURY AUCTIONS - 19th and 20th Century Photographs. Auction Catalogue 2005
327324: MOSSGREEN AUCTIONS - Mossgreen Auctions Catalogue. Australian and Colonial Antique and Historical 2015
323999: HERITAGE AMERICAN ART AUCTIONS - Across the Pond and Back Again Iii: Works from Graham Williford's Pioneering Collection of American Painting. 2014
328064: CHRISTOPHER AUDLAND - Right Place Right Time
316699: W. & G. AUDSLEY - Designs and Patterns from Historic Ornament. 256 Copyright Free Designs for Artists and Craftsmen
328750: WILLIAM JAMES AUDSLEY AND GEORGE ASHDOWN AUDSLEY - Popular Dictionary of Architecture and the Allied Arts. A Work of Reference for the Architect, Builder, Sculptor, Decorative Artist and General Student. Volume I Second Edition Revised. A (Alpha) to Aqueduct
328749: WILLIAM JAMES AUDSLEY AND GEORGE ASHDOWN AUDSLEY - Popular Dictionary of Architecture and the Allied Arts. A Work of Reference for the Architect, Builder, Sculptor, Decorative Artist and General Student. Volume Ii Only Aquila to Baptisterium
328748: WILLIAM JAMES AUDSLEY AND GEORGE ASHDOWN AUDSLEY - Popular Dictionary of Architecture and the Allied Arts. A Work of Reference for the Architect, Builder, Sculptor, Decorative Artist and General Student. Volume Iii Only Bar to Buttery.
22906: NAGEL AUKTIONEN - 63. Varia-Auktion Im "Neckarhof" Stuttgart
24939: JANE AUSTEN - Volume the Third
328970: JANE AUSTEN - Shorter Works
328971: JANE AUSTEN - Northanger Abbey
313691: JANE AUSTEN - Pride and Prejudice
314352: BRIAN AUSTEN - Windmills of Sussex. A Guide to Fourteen Sussex Windmills
328976: JANE AUSTEN - Sense and Sensibility
328974: JANE AUSTEN - Persuasion
317760: BRIAN AUSTEN - English Provincial Posts 1633-1840. A Study Based on Kent Examples
318074: PAUL AUSTER - The Brooklyn Follies
324600: ROBERT AUSTIN - Today's Tonbridge. Tonbridge Civic Society's First 40 Years
325462: JANET AUSTIN - Kirdford. The Old Parish Discovered
1626: AUTOBOOKS - Datsun 100a, 120a 1971-77 Autobook
318541: NORMAN AUTTON - Pastoral Care in Hospitals
3814: M. NELSON D'AUVERGNE - Tarnished Coronets
20244: EDMUND B. D'AUVERGNE - The Nightside of Paris
9933: DIANA AVEBURY - Zelda and the Corgis
327283: EDWARD AVELING AND ELEANOR MARX AVELING - Shelley's Socialism. Two Lectures
316709: HAROLD AVERY - Under Padlock and Seal
315245: ALFRED H. AVERY - Small Alternating Current Motors.
324957: HERBERT AXELL AND ERIC HOSKING - Minsmere. Portrait of a Bird Reserve
320758: HERBERT AXELL - Of Birds and Men
11378: MAE BOREN AXTON - Country Singers As I Know 'em
322122: WALT DISNEY. JEAN AYER - Donald Duck and His Friends
324124: THOMAS G. AYLESWORTH AND VIRGINIA L. AYLESWORTH. - Chicago. The Glamour Years (1919-1941)
1805: GORDON C. AYMAR - Bird Flight
21809: WILLIAM F. AYRES - The Highbury Story. Highbury Chapel Bristol
325626: RUTH AYRES - The Story of Bodle Street Green. 3rd Edition
325627: RUTH AYRES - The Story of Bodle Street Green. 4th Edition
325372: IAN AYRIS AND PETER WHITE - Stott Park Bobbin Mill
324119: ELISABETH AYRTON - Time Is of the Essence
325998: ELISABETH AYRTON - Royal Favourites. Recipes from Palace Kitchens
314689: MICHAEL AYRTON - British Drawings
329191: W. E. AYTOUN - Aytoun's Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers
8413: AYWYOS - Hints on Etiquette and the Usages of Society with a Glance at Bad Habits
20978: G. W. B - Out of the Twilight: Hymns of Faith and Love.
317680: BAA - Terminal 5 Transforming Heathrow
9682: CHARLES BABBAGE - Reflections on the Decline of Science in England and on Some of Its Causes
25872: ADRIAN BABBIDGE - The Land of the Yielding Flood. The Story of Thurrock
5458: AUDREY BABINGTON - Creative Wall-Hangings and Panels
325109: MARGARET A. BABINGTON - The Romance of Canterbury Cathedral
2742: LAUREN BACALL - By Myself
17295: LAUREN BACALL - Lauren Bacall By Myself
32181: EDI BACCHESCHI - The Complete Paintings of Giotto
14190: EMMON BACH - An Introduction to Transformational Grammars
19693: J. S. BACH - God So Loved the World (Also Hat Gott Die Welt Geliebt)
22706: STEVEN BACH - Marlene Dietrich
318932: STEVEN BACH - Marlene Dietrich. Life and Legend
316001: HILDE BACH - Indian Love Paintings
319704: IRVING BACHELLER - Wordsworth American Classics. Eben Holden. Tale of the North Country
319212: JANET BACKHOUSE - Books of Hours.
318474: R. H. BACKWELL - The Christianity of Jesus
22469: EDWIN M. BACON - Boston. A Guide Book to the City and Vicinity
22497: ROY BACON - The Illustrated Motorcyle Legends Kawasaki
33690: WALTER BACON - Highway to the Wilderness
316130: NORA VON BADITZ - Uber Die Padagogische-Eurythmie Fur Unterrichtende Mit Deichteauswahl
12669: FREDERICK C. BADRICK - The Stone Door
320860: ANDREW BAGHURST - The Adelaide Festival Theatre's Silver Jubilee Organ [1977]
325547: GEOFFREY SPINK BAGLEY - A Connoisseur's Guide to Rye
325688: GEOFFREY S. BAGLEY AND KENNETH M. CLARK - Publication No. 10. The Story of the Ypres Tower and Rye Museum
322057: ENID BAGNOLD - Enid Bagnold's Autobiography from 1889
319220: PHILIP S. BAGWELL - The Transport Revolution from 1770.
328107: GILBERT BAHL - Music Boxes. The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Restoring, and Enjoying New and Vintage Music Boxes.
311823: PAUL VON BAICH - British Columbia
11973: MICHAEL BAIGENT AND RICHARD LEIGH - The Temple and the Lodge
6364: A. R. BAILEY - A Text-Book of Metallurgy
16600: PAUL BAILEY - At the Jerusalem
22724: TREVOR BAILEY - Trevor Bailey's Cricket Book
38749: BRIAN J. BAILEY - Portrait of Leicestershire
328629: LIEUTENANT COLONEL F. M. BAILEY - Mission to Tashkent
313104: PEARL BAILEY - Pearlõs Kitchen. An Extraordinary Cookbook
326757: BRIAN BAILEY - Almshouses
317564: H. C. BAILEY - The God of Clay
8992: MARCUS BAILIE - Canoeing and Kayaking
313139: CLAUDE BAILLEN - Chanel Solitaire
1887: F. W. BAIN - The Corner in Gold
324145: ARTHUR BAIN - Life and Explorations of Fridtjof Nansen
2051: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - English Journey
22128: JOHN BAINBRIDGE - Around Taunton
313488: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - An Awfully Big Adventure
325544: J. MANWARING BAINES - Outline of Hastings History
327788: EDWARD BAINES - Baines's Yorkshire. Volume 2 East and North Ridings
323391: DAVID BAIRD - The Thane of Cawdor. A Detective Study of Macbeth
12935: IVAN BAKER - Home Baking Recipe Book
326660: DAVID BAKER - Famous Flyers. Manfred Von Richthofen. The Man and the Aircraft He Flew
321746: MICHAEL H. C. BAKER - Sussex Villages
311798: MARY BAKER - With All Hopes Dashed in the Human Zoo. The True and Heart-Rending Story of Mary Baker
31662: RICHARD ST. BARBE BAKER - Trees. A Book of the Seasons
31578: CANON A. E. BAKER - Science Christianity and Truth
327904: DAVID BAKER - Living with the Past. The Historic Environment
327236: JOAN STANLEY-BAKER - Japanese Art. Revised and Expanded Edition.
315334: MARGARET BAKER - Fifteen Tales for Lively Children
318532: A. E. BAKER - Prophets for a Day of Judgment
312977: MICHAEL BAKER - Our Three Selves. The Life of Radlyffe Hall
37493: WILLIAM T. BAKER - They Took the Lifeboat Up the Mountainside and the Lynmouth Flood Disaster. 15th August 1952
313600: RICHARD ST. BARBE BAKER - My Life My Trees
315333: MARGARET BAKER - Tell Them Again Tales
315791: E. C. BAKER - Preece and Those Who Followed. Consulting Engineers in the Twentieth Century
315866: NICHOLSON BAKER - Room Temperature
315958: C. COLLINS BAKER - The Art Annual. Sir E.A. Waterlow R.A. His Life and Work
23176: ALEXANDER BAKSHY - The Theatre Unbound
320543: BERNT BALCHEN - Come North with Me. An Autobiography
322287: NIGEL BALCHIN - Lord, I Was Afraid
27610: EILEEN BALDERSON WITH DOUGLAS GOODLAD - Backstairs Life in a Country House
323458: ROBERT BALDICK - The Siege of Paris
325403: R. & J. BALDING - A Miscellany of Antiquarian, Rare and Scholarly Books. Catalogue No. 22, February 1975.
22389: A. LYS BALDRY - Burne-Jones
5660: ERNEST BALDWIN - Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry
9402: MARSHALL W. BALDWIN - Christianity Through the Thirteenth Century
22803: MICHAEL BALDWIN - The River and the Downs. Kent's Unsung Corner
325810: LELAND D. BALDWIN - Pittsburgh. The Story of a City. 1750-1865
317931: STUART A. BALDWIN - Geology, Palaeontology, Archaeology, Science, Etc. Catalogue 10, June 1997
322714: MARSHALL W. BALDWIN - The Mediaeval Church
314223: JIM BALDWIN. MARK BALDWIN - A Good Impression. The Story of Printing in Fakenham
316135: MONICA BALDWIN - I Leap over the Wall. A Return to the World After Twenty-Eight Years in a Convent
329799: GAY BALDWIN - The Original Ghosts of the Isle of Wight
311256: JAN BALET - What Makes an Orchestra
322848: MICHAEL BALFOUR - Stonehenge and Its Mysteries
317661: IAN BALFOUR - Famous Diamonds
79: KENNETH BALL - Austin Morris 1800, 1964-75 Autobook
1129: KENNETH BALL - Hillman New Minx 1966-69 Autobook
1563: KENNETH BALL - Renault 8, 10, 1100 1962-71 Autobook
11240: KENNETH BALL - Ford Cortina Mark 3 1970-72 Autobook
17846: SIR ROBERT S. BALL - In the High Heavens
22046: KENNETH BALL - Mini 1959-75 Autobook
27219: MARTIN J. BALL AND JOAN RAHILLY - Phonetics. The Science of Speech
323206: D. F. BALL AND R. GOODIER - Morphology and Distribution of Features Resulting from Frost-Action in Snowdonia
318141: PETER BROOKE-BALL - Concise Dictionary of Music, Pocket Reference
328305: KENNETH BALL - Volvo 1800. Owners Workshop Manual Autobook 776. P1800 1960-63; 1800s 1963-69; 1800e 1969-73; 1800es 1971-73
10475: EDGAR O'BALLANCE - Terrorism in the 1980s
29412: EDGAR O'BALLANCE - The Red Army of China
317455: R. M. BALLANTYNE - The Red Eric Or the Whaler's Last Cruise
315126: R. M. BALLANTYNE - My Doggie and I
317638: R. M. BALLANTYNE - Ungava
320059: R. M. BALLANTYNE - Up in the Clouds
328640: ROBERT MICHAEL BALLANTYNE - Hudson Bay Or Everyday Life in North America
328615: MICHAEL BALLANTYNE - Hudson Bay; Or Everyday Life in North America
1925: J. G. BALLARD - Empire of the Sun
329697: J. G. BALLARD - Millennium People
325508: VERONICA BALLARD - Horley Your Town. A Local History Time Travel Journey for Young People
329737: J. G.BALLARD - The Kindness of Women
31657: JAMES BALLINGALL - A Taste of China
327925: SANDOR BALOGH AND SANDOR JAKAB - The History of Hungary After the Second World War 1944-1980.
319061: T. BALSTON - Sheridan. The Rivals
321936: THOMAS BALSTON - Wood-Engraving in Modern English Books. Exhibition Catalogue
12443: BALZAC - The Chouans. A Passion in the Desert
19292: HONORE DE BALZAC - The Physiology of Marriage Or Meditations of an Eclectic Philosopher on Happiness and Unhappiness in Marriage
325992: HONORE DE BALZAC - Eugenie Grandet
324506: HONORE DE BALZAC - Contes Drolatiques. Droll Stories
320682: ANNEKE BAMBERY - Old Sheffield Plate
11508: H. J. K. BAMFIELD AND S. E. PALMER - The Art of Sailing
321649: T. W. BAMFORD - Practical Make-Up for the Stage
319941: TANCRED BANATEANU - Ceramica Din Glogova
319355: GISELA BANBURY AND ANGELA DEWAR - Embroidery for Fashion
314235: MEMBERS OF THE APPLEDORE BAND - A Band for All Seasons. The Story of the Appledore Band
12382: P. BANERJEE - Early Indian Religions
22146: P. BANERJEE - Early Indian Religions
327636: EDWIN BANFIELD - Barometers. Aneroid and Barographs
319412: ELIZABETH BANG - Christmas Doughcrafts. Salt Dough Projects for All Ages
8699: JOHN BANHAM - The Anatomy of Change
329427: JOANNA BANHAM AND JENNIFER HARRIS - William Morris and the Middle Ages. A Collection of Essays, Together with a Catalogue of Works Exhibited at the Whitworth Art Gallery 28th September Š 8th December 1984
314045: REV. THOMAS BANKES - The Christian's New and Complete Family Bible: Or Universal Library of Divine Knowledge. Containing the Sacred Texts of the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha at Large. Illustrated with Notes and Annotations Š the Whole Forming a Complete Body of Christian Divinity
323581: HARRY BANKHEAD - The Mighty 'preps'. Greek Prepositions (Plus Sundry Verbal Difficulties) Explained
9352: FRANCES BANKS - Teach Them to Live
16407: STEVEN BANKS - The Handicrafts of the Sailor
317209: F. R. BANKS - The Peak District
327855: JOHN BANKS - The Prestige Series, No. 11. The Fifties.
317476: J. D. N. BANKS - The History of the Hill Club
322304: LYNNE REID BANKS - The Key to the Indian.
326790: D. R. BANTING AND G. A. EMBLETON - Saxon England
329672: JOHN BANVILLE - The Infinities
22348: ROBERT W. BARBER - Abbot Samson. From the Chronicle of Jocelin of Brackland
23440: CHIPS BARBER - Around and About Sidmouth
316119: NOEL BARBER - The Black Hole of Calcutta. A Reconstruction
326276: LUKE BARBER - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the Counties of East and West Sussex. Volume 152. 2014
326000: JOHN AUBREY. RICHARD BARBER - Aubrey's Brief Lives. A Selection Based Upon Existing Contemporary Portraits
327400: RICHARD BARBER - Henry Plantagenet. A Biography
326693: RICHARD BARBER - The Devilõs Crown. A History of Henry Ii and His Sons [Henry Ii, Richard I, John]
315896: NOEL BARBER - From the Land of Lost Content. The Dalai Lama's Fight for Tibet
322345: ANTONIA BARBER - Catkin.
320016: PETER BARBER AND CHRISTOPHER BOARD - Tales from the Map Room. Fact and Fiction About Maps and Their Makers
324102: NEVILL BARBOUR - Morocco.
326339: FLORENCE L. BARCLAY - The Wall of Partition
318718: WILLIAM BARCLAY - Seven Fresh Wineskins. Daily Readings from the Old Testament
318712: WILLIAM BARCLAY - The Plain Man's Book of Prayers
326343: FLORENCE L. BARCLAY - Through the Postern Gate. A Romance in Seven Days
326341: FLORENCE BARCLAY - Returned Empty
316152: FLORENCE L. BARCLAY - The Wall of Partition
322327: GLEN ST. J. BARCLAY - The Empire Is Marching. Astudy of the Military Effort of the British Empire 1800-1945.
326344: FLORENCE L. BARCLAY - The Broken Halo
321264: OLIVER R. BARCLAY - The Christian's Approach to University Life
11911: JOHN BARDACH - Harvest of the Sea
12644: FABRICE BARDEAU - La Pharmacie Du Bon Dieu
322147: MIKE BARDEN - Royal Mail Special Stamps 1986
322146: MIKE BARDEN - Royal Mail Special Stamps. 1985
4874: FRANCES A. BARDSWELL - The Herb-Garden
328372: MAURICE BAREN - How It All Began in the Lake District
322993: OWEN BARFIELD - The Year Participated
322902: OWEN BARFIELD - Romanticism Comes of Age
322948: OWEN BARFIELD - The Voice of Cecil Harwood. A Miscellany
314907: CHARLES BARG - Between Two Fathers
318179: PIERO BARGELLINI - Florence the Magnificent. A History. Volume 4
329123: ANDREA BARIFFI - Andrea Baruffi. Una Estetica Della Leggerezza
22789: MAURICE BARING - Poems: 1914-1919
317596: PETER BARING - Peter Baring. Catalogue 3. 1994
32111: JAMES BARKE - The Wind That Shakes the Barley. A Novel of the Life and Loves of Robert Burns
3615: RALPH BARKER - Against the Sea
6557: BRIAN BARKER - When the Queen Was Crowned
10895: SEBASTIAN BARKER - A Fire in the Rain
13134: FELIX BARKER - The Oliviers
18341: BRIAN BARKER - Labour in London
21285: JOHN ROBERT BARKER - The Timber Merchants', Builders' and Contractors' Calculator
320648: BRIAN JOHNSON BARKER - Stellenbosch. Place of Gables, Oaks and Wine
329532: DUDLEY BARKER - A View of John Galsworthy. The Man of Principle
326532: CICELY MARY BARKER - Flower Fairies of the Winter. Poems and Pictures
318563: EDWIN BARKER AND RONALD PRESTON - Christians in Society
326531: CICELY MARY BARKER - Flower Fairies of the Spring. Poems and Pictures
329681: PAT BARKER - The Regeneration Trilogy. Regeneration; the Eye in the Door; the Ghost Road
323729: JULIET BARKER - Wordsworth. A Life
322564: HARLEY GRANVILLE-BARKER - Prefaces to Shakespeare
320821: HARLEY GRANVILLE-BARKER - Prefaces to Shakespeare. First Series. Love's Labour's Lost; Julius Caesar; King Lear
318029: DENNIS BARKER - Shire Album 142. Parian Ware
322414: RONNIE BARKER - Ooh-la-la! the Ladies of Paris
322325: MALCOLM BARKER - Yorkshire. The North Riding
321416: RALPH BARKER - Down in the Drink. True Stories of the Goldfish Club
326529: CICELY MARY BARKER - Flower Fairies of the Autumn with the Nuts and Berries They Bring
317109: MALCOLM G.BARKER - Yorkshire: The North Riding
326533: CICELY MARY BARKER - Flower Fairies of the Summer. Poems and Pictures
328010: FELIX BARKER AND PETER JACKSON - The History of London Maps
317771: SYLVIA Y. BARKLEY - Trees of Westonbirt School
320070: RT. REV. LUMSDEN BARKWAY - An Introduction to the Inner Life
326588: M. W. BARLEY - The English Farmhouse and Cottage
17175: THELMA BARLOW - Organic Gardening with Love
22476: GEOFFREY BARLOW - Welcome to Normandy
314985: GEOFFREY BARLOW AND ALISON HILL, EDITORS - Video Violence and Children
326837: DOROTHY WHITELOCK, DAVID C. DOUGLAS, CHARLES H. LEMMON, FRANK BARLOW - The Norman Conquest. Its Setting and Impact
2663: H. C. BARNARD - A History of English Education
5441: W. G. BARNARD - Elementary Pathological Histology
8348: MARJORIE BARNARD - The Persimmon Tree and Other Stories
11538: SIMON BARNARD - The Dragon of St. Pancras
38746: MARY BARNARD - The Sheepskin Book
324544: PEGGY BARNARD - Monkey in the House
326746: JULIAN BARNARD - The Decorative Tradition
329731: LADY EMMA BARNARD - Guide to the Gardens at Parham
4787: T. P. BARNEBY - European Alpine Flowers in Colour
1028: RICHARD BARNES - Coasts and Estuaries
18032: JOHN BARNES - Footsteps on the Backstairs
329152: BRIAN BARNES - One Hundred Hints for Improving Your Memory
316540: CHRIS BARNES - Practical Marketing for Schools
327660: RON BARNES - A Licence to Live. Scenes from a Post-War Working Life in Hackney
313818: KENNETH C. BARNES - The Creative Imagination. Swarthmore Lecture 1960
325863: TREVOR BARNES - People with a Purpose. A Nostalgic Journey Through Our British Obsession with Self-Improvement
324955: SIMON BARNES - How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher. Let Birds Into Your Life, Discover a New World
316415: DOUGLAS BARNES - Language, the Learner and the School
317323: R. G. SEARLE-BARNES - Pay and Productivity Bargaining. A Study of the Effect of National Wage Agreements in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield
12225: RICHARD J. BARNET - Allies
1268: KENNETH BARNETT - The Long-Sighted People
325762: CORRELLI BARNETT - Hitler's Generals
315863: RUSSELL T. BARNHART - Casino Gambling. Why You Win, Why You Lose
36233: T. ALEXANDER BARNS. - An African Eldorado. The Belgian Congo
19163: GINNY BARNSTON - Lace Treasures
314126: F. ASTER BARNWELL - The Pilgrim's Companion. A Handbook for the Spiritual Path
8396: STANLEY BARON - The Road to Rome
23331: STANLEY BARON - The Road to Rome
323012: BARON - Have You a Camera?
9950: STRINGFELLOW BARR - The Will of Zeus
33713: PAT BARR - The Coming of the Barbarians. The Story of Western Settlement in Japan 1853-1870
1693: DAPHNE BARRACLOUGH - A Flower-Lover's Miscellany
327260: GEOFFREY BARRACLOUGH - The Medieval Papacy
25839: OLIVER BARRATT - Oliver Barratt. Sculpture. Henry Moore Fellow 1990-1992
1678: CHARLES BARRETT - Isle of Mountains
2753: CHARLES BARRETT - Coast of Adventure
6415: ANDREA BARRETT - The Voyage of the Narwhal
26451: CHARLES BARRETT - An Australian Animal Book
329471: PAUL M. BARRETT - Glock. The Rise of America's Gun
327220: D. W. BARRETT - Life and Work Among the Navvies
37500: DEAN BARRETT - Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior. A Novel
324907: LAWSON WOOD, WILL OWEN, CON H. LOMAX, GEO. DIXON, OSWALD BARRETT - Lesson Sixteen. Composition and Methods Used in Illustrating
324992: ANMARIE BARRIE - A Beginner's Guide to Budgerigars
21009: J. M. BARRIE - Sentimental Tommy. The Story of His Boyhood
21057: J. M. BARRIE - My Lady Nicotine
314246: J. M. BARRIE - The Entrancing Life. Address Delivered on Installation As Chancellor of Edinburgh University October 25, 1930
319059: J. M. BARRIE - The Works of J.M. Barrie. Margaret Ogilvy By Her Son
319060: J. M. BARRIE - The Plays of J.M. Barrie. A Kiss for Cinderella. A Comedy
319058: J. M. BARRIE - The Plays of J.M. Barrie. What Every Woman Knows. A Comedy
329047: CHARLOTTE, VISCOUNTESS BARRINGTON - Through Eighty Years (1855-1935). The Reminiscences of Charlotte, Viscountess Barrington
8213: STANLEY BARRON - Diary of a Victorian Cat
316754: RODERICK M. BARRON - Catalogue 23 Coronelli. Spring-Summer 1994.
35006: GRAHAM TAYLOR. NIGEL BARRON - The Yellow Book. The Best of 1986 Student Art and Design
325835: TERENCE BARROW - Maori Art of New Zealand
324093: SYDNEY BIDDLE BARROWS WITH WILLIAM NOVAK. - Mayflower Madam. The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrows.
8797: PHILIP BARRY - Hotel Universe
21307: DAVID BARRY - Street Dreams
318671: JOHN WOLFE BARRY - Text-Books of Science. Railways Appliances. A Description of Details of Railway Construction Subsequent to the Completion of the Earthworks and Structures Including Short Notice of Railway Rolling Stock
323550: MICK BARRY - The Rotary Club of Brighton. One Hundred Years of Service in Brighton
321691: NORMAN BARRYMAINE - The Time Bomb. A Veteran Journalist Assesses Today's China from the Inside
318111: ETHEL BARRYMORE - Memories. An Autobiography
3802: R. P. BARSTON AND PATRICIA BIRNIE, EDITORS. - The Maritime Dimension
327210: GUSTAV BARTEL - Gustav Barthel. ėdeutsche Aquarelle Der Gegenwart
322054: TONY BARTELME AND BRIAN HICKS. - Into the Wind. Around Alone: The Story of the World's Longest Race
1980: KONRAD BARTELSKI - Konrad Bartelski
19686: F. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY - Come, Let Us Sing (the 95th Psalm)
19687: FELIX MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY - Oratorio "St. Paul" in Vocal Score
4829: JOHN BARTLETT - Familiar Quotations
10169: VERNON BARTLETT - The Past of Pastimes
12436: ALAN F. BARTLETT - The Banyan Tree
316258: VERNON BARTLETT - A Book About Elba
22618: WAYNE BARTON - Chip Carving Techniques and Patterns
320944: LUCY BARTON - Historic Costume for the Stage
314742: J. E. BARTON - The Changing World. A Broadcast Symposium (6) Modern Art
314567: K. J. BARTON - Pottery in England from 3500 Bc Š Ad 1730
12350: FRANTISEK BARTOS - Bedrich Smetana. Letters and Reminiscences
315782: DOUGLAS BARTRUM - The Gourmet's Garden
14110: RENATE BARTSCH AND THEO VENNEMANN - Grundzuge Der Sprachtheorie
10504: E. BASCHET - Sudafrika Schwarzafrika 1890-1925
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16518: MICHAEL G. BASSETT - The Articulate Brachiopods from the Wenlock Series of the Welsh Borderland and South Wales. Part 4
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329048: BBC - The Year That Made the Day. How the Bbc Planned and Prepared the Coronation Day Broadcasts.
329217: G. BRAMWELL EVENS. ROMANY OF THE BBC - Out with Romany Adventures with Birds and Animals
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322042: GILLES BELY - Vendee
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327968: MIKE BIDDULPH - Introduction to Residential Layout
320679: MARGARET BIDE - West Surrey College of Art and Design. Textile Graduates 1968-1980. Exhibition of Current Work 8-31st October 1984
329795: R.F. BIDGOOD - Two Villages. The Story of Mortehoe and Woolacombe
1672: LYNN BIEDERSTADT - The Eye of the Mind
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323047: CHRISTABEL BIELENBERG - The Road Ahead.
23081: ALLAN BIGGS - Humoresque. For Piano
23082: ALLAN BIGGS - Bagatelle in D Flat for Piano
23083: ALLAN BIGGS - Ballerina for Piano
23084: ALLAN BIGGS - Legende for Piano Solo
328088: JOHN R. BIGGS - An Approach to Type
325047: MOLLY BIHET - A Child's War. The German Occupation of Guernsey As Seen Through Young Eyes
13173: GEORGE BILAINKIN - Maisky
322381: ROY E. BILES - The Complete Book of Garden Magic
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1817: ARTHUR BILLITT - The Story of Clack's Farm
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9425: JAN BILTON - The New Zealand Dinner Party Cookbook
319249: JOHN BIMSON - Travel Diary of the Holy Land
22593: HUSEEIN HAMZA BINDAGJI - Atlas of Saudi Arabia
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326758: HARRY BINGHAM - This Little Britain. How One Small Country Built the Modern World
327168: CAROLINE BINGHAM - Darnley. A Life of Henry Stuart Consort of Mary Queen of Scots
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324291: MARCUS BINNEY AND DAVID PEARCE, EDITORS - Railway Architecture.
38974: JOHN S. PEART-BINNS - Archbishop Joost de Blank. Scourge of Apartheid
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326864: W. DE GRAY BIRCH - Domesday Book: A Popular Account of the Exchequer Manuscript So Called with with Notices of the Principal Points of General Interest Which It Contains.
18691: MADELINE BIRD - Smocking with Ribbon
20752: ISABELLA L. BIRD - A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
26086: JAN BIRD - Easy to Make New Knitted Toys
319195: ANN BIRD - Made to Car
319202: ANN BIRD - Colour Me Spiritual
26402: ARTHUR H. BIRD - Farewell Milag
314370: ERIC BIRD AND LILIAN JAMES, EDITORS - Writers on the Coast. Kent Sussex Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
6271: DEA BIRKETT - Jella: A Woman at Sea
320922: ALICE BIRKHEAD - Peter the Great
313585: TONY BIRKS - The Complete Potter's Companion
326150: S. GRAHAM BRADE-BIRKS - Illustrated Edition de Luxe. Modern Farming, Vol. 1. A Practical Illustrated Guide
326151: S. GRAHAM BRADE-BIRKS - Illustrated Edition de Luxe. Modern Farming, Vol. 2. A Practical Illustrated Guide.
326152: S. GRAHAM BRADE-BIRKS - Illustrated Edition de Luxe. Modern Farming, Vol. 3. A Practical Illustrated Guide.
316522: DEREK BIRLEY - The Education Officer and His World
21141: WALTER BIRMINGHAM AND A. G. FORD, EDITORS - Planning Growth in Rich and Poor Countries
35063: G. A. BIRMINGHAM - The Birmingham Bus
320441: GEORGE A. BIRMINGHAM AND FORBES PATTERSON - Round Our North Corner. Giant's Causeway, Dunluce Castle, Carrick a Raide
9269: AUGUSTINE BIRRELL - More Obiter Dicta
314486: FABER BIRREN - Color Psychology and Color Therapy. A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life
12600: DOUGLAS PHILLIPS-BIRT - When Luxury Went to Sea
318572: ALLEN BIRTWHISTLE - The Sign of the Fish
328417: ALEXANDRA BIRYUKOVA - The Working Woman in the Ussr
7812: F. P. BISHOP - The Economics of Advertising
19528: MARTIN GILBERT. JAMES BISHOP - The Illustrated London News Marching to War 1933-1939
318707: PETER D.BISHOP - Clinging to Faith
37756: F. A. BISHOP - I Go to Sea
323195: W. R. HAMILTON, A. R. WOOLLEY, A. C. BISHOP - The Hamlyn Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils
314898: C. H. BISHOP - Folkestone. The Story of a Town
323322: JAMES BISHOP - The Illustrated London News Social History of Edwardian Britain
318058: PATRICK BISHOP - 3para [3 Para]
14449: NEIL BISSOONDATH - Digging Up the Mountains
313575: T. K. BISWAS - Horse in Early Indian Art
1278: WILLIAM BIXBY - The Universe of Galileo and Newton
318026: PER BJURSTROM - Sergel Dessins. Preface D'andre Fermigier
3177: DOROTHY BLACK - The Foot of the Rainbow
11258: IAN STUART BLACK - Doctor Who. The Savages
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18287: MAGGIE BLACK AND DEIRDRE LE FAYE - The Jane Austen Cookbook
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33724: PETER BLACK - The Poms in the Sun
316196: JEREMY BLACK - The English Press in the Eighteenth Century
321705: ROS BLACK - A Talent for Humanity. The Life and Work of Lady Henry Somerset
327368: JUDITH BLACK AND JIM POTTS, EDITORS - Swedish Reflections from Beowulf to Bergman
326315: JEREMY BLACK AND DONALD M. MACRAILD - Palgrave Study Guides. Studying History. Second Edition
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22233: DR. DAVID BLACKBURN AND PROFESSOR GEOFFREY HOLISTER - Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Modern Technology
323178: SIMON BLACKBURN - The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.
322997: JULIA BLACKBURN - Daisy Bates in the Desert. A Woman's Life Among the Aborigines.
327789: HARRY W. BLACKBURN. - The Romance of St. George's Chapel Windsor Castle. New Edition Revised
18051: NERO (HARRY BLACKER) - With Laugh and Affection
1949: R. D. BLACKMAN - Letter-Writer's Vade-Mecum and Dictionary Supplement
15793: VERNON BLACKMORE AND ANDREW PAGE. - Evolution the Great Debate
14212: RICHARD J. BLACKWELL - Discovery in the Physical Sciences
30952: BLACKWELL - Antiquarian Music. Secondhand Books on Music. Catalogue 734 from Blackwell's Music Shop. 1961
323243: LEWIS BLACKWELL - The Graphic Design of David Carson
325404: BASIL BLACKWELL - Complete Catalogue 1969.
320788: CAROLINE BLACKWOOD - The Fate of Mary Rose
325802: REV. COLIN BLAGG - Church of the Good Shepherd. Shoreham Beach 1913-1988
3547: ROBERT GORDON BLAINE - The Slide Rule
327060: ANN BLAINEY - The Farthing Poet. A Biography of Richard Hengist Horne 1802-84. A Lesser Literary Lion
10491: THOMAS L. BLAIR - Retreat to the Ghetto
26082: DONALD BLAIR - Clipped Wings
37774: PAULINE HUNTER BLAIR - A Thorough Seaman. The Ships' Logs of Horatio Nelson's Early Voyages Imaginatively Explored
14062: ROBERT BLAKE - Esto Perpetua
15060: MICHAEL BLAKE - Making Model Soldiers
15506: FANNY BLAKE - Essential Charles Rennie Mackintosh
324594: CHRISTOPHER BLAKE AND EDGAR LYTHE - A Maverick Institution. Dundee School of Economics. Fiftieth Anniversary. Commemorative Essays
316663: VERNON BLAKE - The Art and Craft of Drawing
324515: KATHY BLAKE AND BILL MILNE - Making and Decorating Your Own Paper. Innovative Techniques and Original Projects
319731: VERNON BLAKE - Relation in Art Being a Suggested Scheme of Art Criticism with Which Is Incorporated a Sketch of a Hypothetic Philosophy of Relation
328982: ROBERT BLAKE AND WM.ROGER LOUIS, EDITORS - Churchill. A Major New Assessment of His Life in Peace and War
327778: GEORGE BLAKE - No Other Choice. An Autobiography
316307: W. T. BLAKE - Thailand Journey
329236: LEWIS BLAKE - Bromley in the Front Line. The Story of the London Borough of Bromley Under Enemy Attack in the Second World War Told for the First Time from Official War Records.
327082: COLIN BLAKEMORE - Bbc Reith Lectures 1976. Mechanics of the Mind
324008: RICHARD BLAKER - David of Judah.
24921: GEORGIANA BLAKISTON - Woburn and the Russells
325997: RAYMOND BLANC - A Blanc Christmas
9619: NELTJE BLANCHAN - The American Flower-Garden
3254: IAN BLANCHARD - Russia's 'age of Silver'
321455: KENNETH BLANCHARD AND ROBERT LORBER - Putting the One Minute Manager to Work
321456: KENNETH BLANCHARD AND ROBERT LORBER - Putting the One Minute Manager to Work
325907: KENNETH BLANCHARD AND ROBERT LORBER - Putting the One Minute Manager to Work. How to Turn the 3 Secrets Into Skills
2883: CYNTHIA BLANCHE - The Book of Energy
7595: ANTHONY BLAND - The Song and the City
8162: E. A.BLAND - Only Us Three
324441: ALEXANDER BLAND - Fonteyn and Nureyev. The Story of a Partnership
329846: JOOST DE BLANK - Saints at Sixty Miles an Hour
324554: ALBERT BLANKERT - Vermeer of Delft. Complete Edition of the Paintings
32101: FREDERICO BLASS - Demosthenis Orationes Ex Recensione Guilielmi Dindorfii Volume I - Orations I-Xix
32103: FREDERICO BLASS - Demosthenis Orationes Ex Recensione Guilielmi Dindorfii Volume Iii - Orations Xli-Lxi
329797: WILLIAM PETER BLATTY - Before the Exorcist. William Peter Blattyõs Own Story of Taking His Novel to Film
327021: GREGORY BLAXLAND - Amiens 1918
324921: MARK BLAYLOCK - All You Want to Know About Fruit
325235: MOLLY DOLAN BLAYNEY - Wedded Bliss. A Victorian Bride's Handbook
323379: IWONA BLAZWICK AND SIMON WILSON - Tate Modern. The Handbook
18389: H. J. DE BLIJ - Nature on the Rampage
326811: MARTIN BLINDHEIM - Norwegian Romanesque Decorative Sculpture 1090-1210
314094: DOUGLAS PERCY BLISS - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow School of Art
323892: KAREN BLIXEN - The Illustrated out of Africa
329859: R. HARVEY BLIZARD - One Ear to the Ground
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8210: EUGENE B. BLOCK - Fingerprinting
316753: THE BOOK BLOCK - Catalogue. Travel Voyages Americana 16-20th Centuries.
18949: HARRIET BLODGETT - Centuries of Female Days. Englishwomen's Private Diaries
3126: HENRY BLOFELD - On the Edge of My Seat
3750: HENRY BLOFELD - My Dear Old Thing
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31682: DENNIS BLOODWORTH - An Eye for the Dragon. South-East Asia Observed 1954-1970
31690: DENNIS BLOODWORTH - Chinese Looking Glass
317198: URSULA BLOOM - Sixty Years of Home
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25534: SIAN BLUNOS - Cooking for Coco
3893: WILFRID BLUNT - Isfahan
27790: WILFRID BLUNT - In for a Penny. A Prospect of Kew Gardens; Their Flora, Fauna and Falballas
320690: JOHN BLY - Discovering English Furniture
325541: HENRY BLYTH - Smugglers' Village. The Story of Rottingdean
9913: ENID BLYTON - Reference Book to Old Testament Bible Plates
13946: ENID BLYTON - The Sixth Holiday Book
313006: ENID BLYTON - Two Years in the Infant School. Topics 64 to 84 and Special Subjects
320356: DAVID BOAG AND NICK WILCOX-BROWN - A Taste of Life. Hall & Woodhouse Ltd. , Celebrating 225 Years. (Dorset Brewery History)
5933: CARL BOARDMAN - Oxfordshire Sinners and Villains
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313538: PAUL BOCUSE - My Classic Cuisine
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22428: DAVID BOE - The Story of Knole Park Golf Club 1924-1989
322279: PATRICE BOERENS - Two-Hour Cross-Stitch. 515 Fabulous Designs
27853: DIRK BOGARDE - A Particular Friendship
19372: ERNEST LUDLOW BOGART - An Economic History of the United States
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32179: LOUISE ADE BOGER - The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles
323641: DR. ROBERT W. BOGGS AND RONALD S. WAIFE - Transforming Clinical Development Performance Through Benchmarking and Metrics. Techniques to Improve Drug Development Processes and Quality
324498: JAMES BOGLE - Artists in Snowdonia
13329: JANUSZ BOGUCKIE - Matejko
14210: BRAN BOGURAEV AND TED BRISCOE, EDITORS - Computational Lexicography for Natural Language Processing
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319801: LECOQ DE BOISBAUDRAN - The Training of the Memory in Art and the Education of the Artist
317820: JEAN BOISSELIER - The Wisdom of Buddha
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314672: ANTOINE BON - In Greece
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328594: FRANCIS BOND - Gothic Architecture in England. An Analysis of the Original and Development of English Church Architecture from the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution of the Monasteries
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19026: BONHAMS - Impressionist and Modern Art
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318530: DIETRICH BONHOEFFER - Christology
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313801: ANDRE BONNARD - Greek Civilization from Euripides to Alexandria
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315648: K BOOKS - Africa. 1987
315649: K BOOKS - Catalogue 313. World Imprints 4. 362 Books from 115 Printing Places. Many Greek and Latin Classics

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