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321115: JANE SHAW - Octavia, Daughter of God. The Story of a Female Messiah and Her Followers
317686: GLADYS E. SHAW - Whatever! Whenever! Wherever!
319446: JANET SHAW - The American Girls Collection. Meet Kirsten. An American Girl. Book One
22248: WILLIAM SHAWCROSS - The Quality of Mercy
15207: JAMES O'SHEA AND CHARLES MADIGAN - Dangerous Company
317045: P. L. O'SHEA AND B. M. O'SHEA - 100 Walks in East Sussex
325826: JAMES O'SHEA AND CHARLES MADIGAN - Dangerous Company. The Consulting Powerhouses and the Businesses They Save and Ruin
318739: MARY SHEAFF - From Tortoise Hill. A Story of China
328915: JOHN SHEAIL - Rabbits and Their History
1550: STEPHEN SHEARD - Summer & Winter Knitting
318204: MICHAEL SHEARD - Yes, Mr. Bronson. Memoirs of a Bum Actor
319493: HUGH SHEARMAN. - Newsletter. A History of the Oldest British Daily Newspaper. 1737-1987
14454: W. S. SHEARS - William Nash of St. Paul's Cray
317069: W.S.SHEARS - This England. A Book of the Shires and Counties
320082: ELIZABETH SHEARS - Why Do We Eat? a Practical and Unique Book Based on Nutrition Research with Recipes
3391: BEN SHECTER - Partouche Plants a Seed
31979: VINCENT SHEEAN - The Amazing Oscar Hammerstein. The Life and Exploits of an Impresario
26046: GRAHAM SHEEN - The Really Easy Bassoon Book.
26051: GRAHAM SHEEN - Going Solo Bassoon.
6718: CONNIE SHEERIN - Mosaics in an Afternoon
321041: DEREK SHEFFIELD - This Forgotten Place. A Kentish Chronicle
323597: JEAN SHELLEY - Early Houses in Crawley High Street.
7346: JOHN SHELLEY AND ROGER HUNT - Computer Studies a First Course
327546: LADY SHELLEY, EDITOR. PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY - Shelley Memorials: From Authentic Sources and an Essay on Christianity
325641: JEAN SHELLEY - History in Maps. Charlwood. A Parish on the Weald Clay. Settlement, Economy and Change.
324673: J. M.SHELMERDINE - Introduction to Woodstock
325815: DEANNA SHEMEK - Ladies Errant. Wayward Women and Social Order in Early Modern Italy
2098: JEAN H. SHEPARD - The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Cookbook
4622: SUE SHEPHARD - Pickled, Potted and Canned
20884: BETTY SHEPHARD - For Sceptics Also
34488: MICHAEL SHEPHARD - Come Wildfowling
4026: A. P., SHEPHERD - A Scientist of the Invisible
319015: DAVID SHEPHERD - The Man Who Loves Giants. An Artist Among Elephants and Engines. David Shepherd's Life Story
22825: EDGAR SHEPPARD - Whitehall Palace and the Execution of King Charles I
323432: W. J. LIMMER SHEPPARD - Great Hymns and Their Stories
327595: RICHARD SHEPPARD - Cast Iron in Building
317449: J. T. SHEPPARD - The Relevance of Greek Poetry. The Presidential Address Delivered to the Classical Association in the Regent House at Cambridge on 14th April 1943.
27731: ASIA SHEPSUT - Journey of the Priestess
320704: ANTONY SHER - Antony Sher Characters. Paintings, Drawings and Sketches
319009: ANTONY SHER - Year of the King. An Actor's Diary and Sketchbook
6085: LISA SHERIDAN - Lisa Sheridan on Photography
326752: RONALD SHERIDAN AND ANNE ROSS - Grotesques and Gargoyles. Paganism in the Medieval Church
319349: IAN NEWTON, EDITOR. RACHEL A. SHERINGHAM - Port out Starboard Home. The Diary of Rachel A. Sheringham 1901-1905
1462: WILL SHERRACOMBE - Country Verse
35001: O. A. SHERRARD - A Life of Emma Hamilton
323882: NED SHERRIN - Voices from the Wings. A Connoisseur's Collection of Great Theatrical and Showbiz Anecdotes
315867: NED SHERRIN - Cutting Edge Or Back in the Knife Box Miss Sharp. Ned Sherrin's Anthology of Wit
19670: H. T. WEBSTER. PHILO CALHOUN. ROBERT E. SHERWOOD - The Best of H.T. Webster. A Memorial Collection
313672: JANE SHERWOOD - Peter's Gate. A Book for the Elderly
328207: NIKOLAI SHESTERNYA - Ussr Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Health Protection. Questions and Answers
10425: CORNELIUS SHIELDS - Cornelius Shields on Sailing
318978: IBRAHIM F. I. SHIHATA - Energy Resources and Policies of the Middle East and North Africa. The Other Face of Opec. Financial Assistance to the Third World
3087: A. E. P. SHILLINGFORD - England's Vanishing Windmills
320651: PHYL SHILLINGLAW - Introducing Weaving
319155: TERUHISHA KITAHARA, YUKIO SHIMIZU - Robots and Spaceships
329016: REV. R. SHINDLER - From the Usher's Desk to the Tabernacle Pulpit. The Life and Labours of Pastor C.H. Spurgeon
313544: BETTY SHINE - A Free Spirit. Give You the Right to Make Choices
327315: PHILLIP K. SHINNICK - Historical Perspective, China and the Olympics
325853: BERYS J. M. SHIPLEY - The Lost Churches of Brighton and Hove
316526: MARTEN SHIPMAN - Education As a Public Service.
318870: MARTEN SHIPMAN - The Management of Learning in the Classroom
315997: HORACE SHIPP - The Italian Masters. A Survey and Guide
13292: WILLIAM L. SHIRER - Love and Hatred
312530: THE REV. F. J. SHIRLEY - Richard Hooker and Contemporary Political Ideas
21771: K. SHIVKUMAR - A Woman's Wit
21772: . SHIVKUMAR - The Beggar King
310944: AMITY SHLAES - Germany. The Empire Within
320809: AVI SHLAIM - Israel and Palestine. Reappaisals, Revisions, Refutations
315944: RICHARD SHONE - Toulouse-Lautrec
12175: ANDREW SHONFIELD - The Attack on World Poverty
315701: ARGONAUT BOOK SHOP - Catalogue 106. Fine and Rare Books with an Emphasis on Cvalifornia and the American West
316734: BLACKWELL'S MUSIC SHOP - Blackwell's Catalogue 1002. Antiquarian Music and Books
316732: BLACKWELL'S MUSIC SHOP - Blackwell's Catalogue M1180. Antiquarian Music and Books. 1984
316720: ARGONAUT BOOK SHOP - Catalogue 116. Fine and Rare Books with an Emphasis on California and the American West
316719: ARGONAUT BOOK SHOP - Catalogue 109. Fine and Rare Books with an Emphasis on California and the American West
316718: ARGONAUT BOOK SHOP - Catalogue 107. Fine and Rare Books with an Emphasis on California and the American West
321224: A. RENDLE SHORT - Modern Discovery and the Bible
315583: STEVE SHORT AND ROSEMARY NEERING - In the Path of the Explorers. Tracing the Expeditions of Vancouver, Cook, Mackenzie, Fraser and Thompson
18290: EDWARD SHORTER - Bedside Manners
311789: LIU SHOUBAO - Hills and Rivers of Guilin
325694: J. P.SHOWELL - School of Natural Science Society Publication No. 38. Lichens
16492: NICHOLAS SHRADY - Sacred Roads
21949: ADAM SHRAGER - The Finest Crew in the Fleet
27848: MICHAEL SHRUBB - The Birds of Sussex. Their Present Status
313087: DR. KARL P. N. SHUKER - From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings
6948: MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN - Garlic Cookery
329580: NICOLA SHULMAN - Graven with Diamonds. The Many Lives of Thomas Wyatt: Courtier, Poet, Assassin, Spy
325317: MAX SHULMAN - Rally Round the Flag, Boys!
319382: ERIC SHULTZ - Glass, Mosaics and Plastics
324691: JOANNA SMITH; HAROLD CHAPMAN, THELMA SHUMSKY - The Day Before Yesterday. A Photographic Album of Daily Life in Victorian and Edwardian Britain
322908: NEVIL SHUTE - Ruined City
2206: NINA SHUTTLEWOOD - Stylish Knitting
313348: TIMOTHY SHY AND RONALD SEARLE - The Terror of St. Trinian's Or Angela's Prince Charming
314660: ED SIBBETT, JR. - Art Nouveau Stained Glass Pattern Book.
322451: BRIAN SIBLEY - The Land of Narnia. Brian Sibley Explores the World of C.S. Lewis
327607: MARION SICHEL - Costume Reference 1. Roman Britain and the Middle Ages
322025: HARVEY VAN SICKLE - Parishes and Churches in Romney Marsh
322616: MARGARET SIDDALL - From Schoole to School. Changing Scenes: 1699-1999
22550: RUTH SIDEL - Women and Child Care in China
329610: J. B. SIDGWICK - Astronomy for Night Watchers
327539: SIDNEY AND BEATRICE WEBB - Soviet Communism: A New Civilization?
317390: MICHAEL SIEBLER - Greek Art
317391: MICHAEL SIEBLER - Roman Art
323449: MARCUS SIEFF - Don't Ask the Price. The Memoirs of the President of Marks and Spencer
9085: ELIE SIEGMEISTER - Invitation to Music
314511: LUIGI SIGNORELLI - The Palazzo Vecchio and the Piazza Della Signoria. Handbook and Itinerary
325147: NEIL ASHER SILBERMAN - The Hidden Scrolls. Christianity, Judaism, and the War for the Dead Sea Scrolls
320507: A. E. SILK - Tables for Calculating the Discharge of Water in Pipes for Water and Power Supplies
328203: BELINDA SILLARS - Trouble!
316603: STUART SILLARS - Success in Communication
324101: SILLINCE - Minor Relaxations. Further Pictures from Punch
324545: SILLINCE - United Notions. More Pictures from 'punch'
19046: JOSE SILVA AND PHILIP MIELE - The Silva Mind Control Method
5806: BRIAN L. SILVER - The Ascent of Science
326187: HEATHER BUSCH. BURTON SILVER - Why Cats Paint. A Theory of Feline Aesthetics
328560: LARRY SILVER - Art in History
324998: CAROLINE SILVER - Guide to the Horses of the World
321508: DAVID SILVERMAN - The Theory of Organisations. A Sociological Framework
326039: ROB SILVERSTONE - A Mule in Brighton. A Taste of the Downs
323933: CHRISTOPHER SILVESTER - The Literary Companion to Parliament
317180: HANS SILVESTER - Kittens of the Greek Islands
33677: KATHARINE SIM - Journey out of Asia
317850: KATHARINE SIM - These I Have Loved. A Siamese Cat Saga
327996: ALISON SIM - Food and Feast in Tudor England
328726: CLIFFORD D.SIMAK - Out of Their Minds
328138: GEORGE SIMENON - Deux Enquetes Due Commissaire Maigret. Le Chien Jaune. Felicie Est la
318426: MARGARET SIMEON - The History of Lace
320855: RENE SIMMEN - The World of Puppets
22954: TRICIA SIMMONDS - St. Paul's Cathedral
329230: JACKIE SIMMONDS - Pastel Workbook. A Complete Course in Ten Lessons.
325989: POSY SIMMONDS - Gemma Bovery
1843: SUE SIMMONS - The Military Horse
8165: SUE SIMMONS - Picture It in Machine Appliquʒ
315536: RICHARD SIMMONS - Farewell to Fat Cook Book
1463: ANDRE SIMON - Drink
2585: HILDA SIMON - The Courtship of Birds
7337: HILDA SIMON - Insect Masquerades
12642: ANDRE L. SIMON - The Commonsense of Wine
328938: WILLIAM E. SIMON - A Time for Truth. A Distinguished Conservative Dissects the Economic and Political Policies That Threaten Our Liberty Š and Points the Way to an American Renaissance
311205: JOHN SIMON - Paradigms Lost. Reflections on Literacy and Its Decline
1966: SIMONE AND ROGER WAISBARD - Masks, Mummies, and Magicians
314295: LEE SIMONSON - The Art of Scenic Design
12641: MARC SIMONT - Afternoon in Spain
7831: R. W. SIMPSON - Airlife's General Aviation
18334: W. W. SIMPSON - Youth and Anti-Semitism
23674: JOHN SIMPSON AND TIRA SHUBART - Lifting the Veil
317001: W. DOUGLAS SIMPSON - Portrait of the Highlands
30020: J. SIMPSON - The Irregular Scale Practice
324814: JOHN SIMPSON - Not Quite World's End. A Traveller's Tales
317010: W.DOUGLAS SIMPSON - Portrait of Skye and the Outer Hebrides
315576: ALAN SIMPSON - Stacking the Decks. A Study of Race, Inequality and Council Housing in Nottingham
329789: IAN SIMPSON - Drawing
324806: JOHN SIMPSON - Days from a Different World. A Memoir of Childhood
321020: JOHN SIMPSON - A History of Edenfield and District
317584: JOHN SIMS AND MAX REED - Catalogue 20. Art Documentation and Illustrated Books
314068: JOHN SIMS AND MAX REED - Art Documentation and Illustrated Books. Catalogue 22
17980: I. R. SINAI - The Challenge of Modernisation
320305: EVE SINAIKO - Posters: Turn of the Century
321515: TERRY SINCICH - A Course in Modern Business Statistics. 2nd Edition
9362: UPTON SINCLAIR - Another Pamela
14716: CLIVE SINCLAIR - The Lady with the Laptop and Other Stories
16063: ANDREW SINCLAIR - Corsair
22310: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The Savage. A History of Misunderstanding
25421: ANDREW SINCLAIR - My Friend Judas
322727: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The Last of the Best. The Aristocracy of Europe in the Twentieth Century
325713: MARION SINCLAIR WITH MICHAEL NEWTON - Hebridean Odyssey. Songs, Poems Prose and Images.
313110: BARBARA SINCLAIR - Majority Leadership in the U.S. House
315000: ROBERT SINCLAIR - The British Press. The Journalist and His Conscience
324621: DONALD SINDEN - The Last Word. A Sparkling Collection of Put Downs, Epitaphs, Final Utterances, Touching Tributes and Damning Dismissals
324841: ENIO SINDONA - L'opera Completa Di Cimambue E Il Momento Figurative Pregiottesco
15310: FELIX SINGER AND W. L. GERMAN - Ceramic Glazes
17269: SHELLEY SINGER - Spit in the Ocean
27192: MURRAY SINGER - Psychology of Language. An Introduction to Sentence and Discourse Processes
321446: EDWIN J. SINGER AND JOHN RAMSDEN - Human Resources. Obtaining Results from People at Work
14060: PATWANT SINGH - Of Dreams and Demons. An Indian Memoir
16306: OTIS A. SINGLETARY - The South in American History
12069: ESTHER SINGLETON - The Collecting of Antiques
20092: FRANK SINGLETON - Tillotsons 1850-1950.
17783: FRANK SINGLETON - Hoghton Tower
328462: SIR THOMAS L. HEATH, COMMENTARY BY AND TRANSLATED BY - The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements Translated from the Text of Heiberg. Volume 2 Books Iii-Ix
323677: ADAM SISMAN - Boswell's Presumptuous Task
324471: M. E.REYNOLDS, HIS SISTER - Memories of John Galsworthy
316382: VALERIA V. SISTI - Leith's Latin American Cookery
14552: W. R. SISTROM - Microbial Life
326656: MARTIN SITTER AND ADRIAN RAMSEIER - Apple Pro Training Series. Dvd Studio Pro 4. Authoring Professional Dvds
19226: SACHEVERELL SITWELL - Touching the Orient
20308: EDITH SITWELL - Aspect of Modern Poetry
22880: OSBERT SITWELL - A Place of One's Own
318838: SACHEVERELL SITWELL - The Cyder Feast and Other Poems
323930: SACHEVERELL SITWELL - Selected Works of Sacheverell Sitwell
328860: TOMMY LEE, MICK MARS, VINCE NEIL, NIKKIE SIXX WITH NEIL STRAUSS - Motley Crue. The Dirt. Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band
316707: KATE THOMPSON SIZER - The Four Young Musicians Or God's Care Is over All
329246: MICHAEL SKAKUN - On Burning Ground. A Son's Memoir
325042: OSCAR WILDE. YVONNE SKARGON - The Importance of Being Oscar.
18648: JOHN SKEAPING - Drawn from Life
15852: JANE ILES, SOOZI DE LEON, VALERIE SKELTON, - Machine Embroidery
314266: RICHARD R. SKEMP - The Psychology of Learning Mathematics.
13799: BRIAN J. SKINNER AND STEPHEN C. PORTER - Physical Geology
23113: SUSAN SKINNER - The Minnow Catching Boys
318359: JOHN SKINNER - West Country Tour. Diary of an Excursion Through Somerset, Devon and Cornwall in 1797
2415: MARK SKIPWORTH - The Scotch Whisky Book
19379: MABEL COOPER SKJELVER - Nineteenth Century Homes of Marshall, Michigan
329804: EMMA SKY - The Unravelling. High Hopes and Missed Opportunity in Iraq
329405: SIR THOMAS SKYRME - History of the Justices of the Peace, Boxed Set. Volumes I England to 1689; Ii England 1689-1989; and Iii Territories Beyond England.
317060: MARGARET SLACK - Lakeland Discovered. From No Man's Land to National Park
320846: IRENE SLADE - A Ring of Bells. Poems of John Betjeman
319523: E. SLADEN AND R. A. MCKINLAY - Threshold to Business
328527: GARY SLAPPER AND DAVID KELLY - The English Legal System. 4th Edition
3160: ELAINE SLATER - Book of Needlepoint Projects
15804: NIGEL SLATER - Real Cooking
320550: T.R.SLATER AND C.WILSON - Archaeology and Development in Stratford-Upon-Avon
14784: CAROLYN SLAUGHTER - Before the Knife
324898: KARIN SLAUGHTER - Indelible
320223: MALCOLM SLESSER - Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide Books Series. The Island of Skye
39463: E. J. SLIJPER - Whales
329221: J. A. SLINN - Pills and Pharmaceuticals. A.H. Cox & Co. Ltd. 1839-1989.
314786: SEYMOUR SLIVE - Art Treasures of the World. How to Appreciate Art. Form and Design
13232: ANNIE SLOAN - Annie Sloan's Decorative Stencilling and Stamping
316493: CAPTAIN JOSHUA SLOCUM - Sailing Alone Around the World and Voyage of the Liberdade
18998: MARC SLONIM - Modern Russian Literature
37496: EVA ORNSTEIN-VAN SLOOTEN - Rembrandthuis Amsterdam
323169: DEBBY SLY - Pferde & Ponys
22895: RUDOLF SMAHEL - Valasske Museum V Prirode
10869: DR. SIMON SMAIL - The Family Medical Guide
327252: R. C. SMAIL - Crusading Warfare 1097-1193. Second Edition
17978: R. LEONARD SMALL - No Other Name
3494: NINIAN SMART - Background to the Long Search
13476: RICHARD SMART - On Others' Shoulders
329115: ALASTAIR SMART - Allan Ramsay 1713-1784
316444: NICHOLAS SMART - Crisis in the Classroom. An Enquiry Into State Education Policy
317865: FRANK E. SMEDLEY - Frank Fairlegh Or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil
322574: HARRY SMEDLEY - Genevieve. A Love Story
321440: EMIL F. SMIDAK - Smidak Principles. Avenira Edition.
5792: IAN SMILLIE - Mastering the Machine
31596: DAAN SMIT - A Gardener's Guide. Plants of the Bible
317202: TIM SMIT - The Lost Gardens of Heligan
313148: STUART SMITH - A View from the Iron Bridge
1018: GLENORA SMITH - Needlery
1540: VIAN SMITH - Point-to-Point
1555: MINA SMITH - Success with House Plants
1619: MARION SMITH - Woman's Weekly Knitting Book
2145: JOANNA SMITH - The New English Vineyard
2421: CHARLES W. SMITH - Rose Growing in South Africa
3590: G. ROLAND SMITH - First Models in Cardboard
3882: FREDERICK SMITH - Coventry
6173: LOUISE A. SMITH - Mary Baker Eddy
6218: H. CLIFFORD SMITH - Catalogue of English Furniture and Woodwork
6401: PETER SMITH - Sea Angling in Southern England
7085: DORIS M. SMITH - Encyclopaedia of 300 Crochet Stitches Designs and Patterns
8313: CHARLES W. SMITH - A Critique of Sociological Reasoning
9791: H. EASOM SMITH - Bantams for Everyone
10138: WILLIAM SMITH - A Smaller History of Greece
10701: ELBERT B. SMITH - The Death of Slavery. The United States 1837-65
10861: W. H. C. SMITH - The Last Czar
11701: C. COVE-SMITH AND R. E. CHASE - Pilotage on Inland Waterways
12027: T. ROGER SMITH AND JOHN SLATER - Architecture Classic and Early Christian
12324: SMALMAN SMITH - A Guide to the Modern County Court
12487: DAVID M. SMITH - Geography, Inequality and Society
12490: CLARE GORDON-SMITH - Flavouring with Olive Oil
13167: ROBERT PAUL SMITH - "Where Did You Go?" "out" "What Did You Do?" "Nothing"
13272: JOAN DE SMITH - Dog Easy
14069: NEILSON V. SMITH - The Acquisition of Phonology
14229: GEORGE W. SMITH - Computers and Human Language
14277: FRED C. SMITH - Growing Carnations and Pinks
15905: MARION SMITH - Woman's Weekly Classic Knits
18597: REV. E. H. SMITH - Happy Memories of West Somerset In100 Pictures
19229: GEOFFREY SMITH - A Passion for Plants
20144: NICKY SMITH - The Style of an Englishman and How to Achieve It
20721: JOHN REAY-SMITH - Living in Spain in the 80s
21267: ALFRED B. SMITH - High Voice No. 3
21268: ALFRED B. SMITH - High Voice No. 2
21695: GODFREY SMITH - The English Reader
21738: MICHAEL SMITH - The Duchess of Duke Street Entertains
22489: G. ROLAND SMITH - 100+ Easy Calligraphy Projects
22571: STAN SMITH - The Complete Watercolour Course
23104: B. J. SMITH - Reflections in Rhyme
23334: STAN BAYLISS SMITH - Bird Watch in a Sussex Garden
23783: J. SMITH AND H. O'FLAHERTY - In Our Father's House St. (Saint) Peter's and the Vatican
23737: GRAHAM SMITH - The Guildhall. Its History and Architecture
25009: CAPT. W. G. (BILL) SMITH - 1247 Preservation Pioneer
26075: JOSEPH SMITH - Synoptic Tables Showing the Relationship of the First Three Gospels
27716: GUY N. SMITH - Animals of the Countryside
27830: JOHN SMITH - Entering Rooms (Phoenix Living Poets)
29417: DAVID E. SMITH AND GEORGE R. GAY, EDITORS - "It's So Good Don't Even Try It Once. Heroin in Perspective
324805: CLIVE STAFFORD SMITH - Injustice. Life and Death in the Courtrooms of America
322964: LACEY BALDWIN SMITH - This Realm of England 1399 to 1688
328108: IAIN SMITH - The Mystery of the Russian Ruby. A Pop-Up Whodunit
316759: DELIA SMITH - Delia Smith's One Is Fun!
329229: RAY CAMPBELL SMITH - Watercolour Work-out. 50 Landscape Projects from Choosing a Scene to Painting the Picture
311247: GEORGE A. SMITH - Lovebirds and Related Parrots
32037: S. C. KAINES SMITH - Crome with a Note on the Norwich School
322912: LACEY BALDWIN SMITH - Elizabeth Tudor. Portrait of a Queen
322969: LOGAN PEARSALL SMITH - On Reading Shakespeare
325961: P. S. SMITH - Introduction to Structural Mechanics
36641: CHARLES H. GIBBS-SMITH - The Invention of the Aeroplane 1799-1909
328723: DELIA SMITH - The Delia Collection. Italian
328722: DELIA SMITH - The Delia Collection. Pork
324473: A. W.SMITH - A Gardener's Dictionary of Plant Names. A Handbook on the Origin and Meaning of Some Plant Names
327977: ROLY SMITH - Harrogate. A History and Celebration
325273: CHARLIE PYE-SMITH - Rural Rites. Hunting and the Politics of Prejudice.
321850: DELIA SMITH - Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course
317093: EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH - Symbolist Art
319274: CLIVE SMITH - Mill Hill As It Was
325949: DON SMITH - Cricket-Stumps and Sticklebacks. A Childhood on Teeside.
328237: ERIC P. SMITH - Repairing Antique Clocks. A Guide for Amateurs
323499: HEDRICK SMITH - The Power Game. How Washington Works
323215: ANDREW B. SMITH AND DAVID J. BATTEN - The Palaeontological Association. Fossils of the Chalk.
329100: RICHARD SMITH - Richard Smith. Seven Exhibitions 1961-7856
326669: CHARLES SAUMAREZ SMITH - The Rise of Design. Design and the Domestic Interior in Eighteenth Century England
318964: BERNARD SMITH - European Vision and the South Pacific
324847: CHARLIE PYE-SMITH - Rural Rites. Hunting and the Politics of Prejudice
311244: RALPH SMITH - Breeding the Colorful Little Grass Parakeet
328717: EDWIN SMITH AND OLIVE COOK - Prospect of Cambridge
315268: CHARLIE PYE-SMITH - Travels in Nepal. The Sequestered Kingdom
316616: IVAN T. ROBERTSON, MIKE SMITH AND DOMINIC COOPER - Motivation. Strategies, Theory and Practice
319831: STAN SMITH AND PROFESSOR H. F. TEN HOLT - The Artist's Manual. Equipment, Materials, Techniques
324608: H. LAKIN-SMITH - The Accountants' Library. Vol. Xvii. Printers' Accounts
326189: ANTHONY SMITH - The Great Rift. Africa's Changing Valley
319593: M. Q. SMITH - The Sculptures of the South Porch of Malmesbury Abbey. A Short Guide
321520: DEREK ADAM-SMITH AND ALAN PEACOCK, EDITORS - Cases in Organisational Behaviour. Lecturer's Guide
317213: ROLAND SMITH - On Foot in the Yorkshire Dales. 35 Circular Walks from the Nidd to the Swale
317186: HENRY A.SMITH - Garden Doubts and Difficulties. The Perplexed Gardener's Enquire Within
323847: GODFREY SMITH - The English Companion. An Idiosyncratic a to Z of England and Englishness
321450: DEREK ADAM-SMITH AND ALAN PEACOCK, EDITORS - Cases in Organisational Behaviour
325524: BERNARD SMITH AND T. NEVILLE GEORGE - British Regional Geology. North Wales
325507: JOHN OWEN SMITH - On the Trail of Flora Thompson Beyond Candleford
325486: J. CRUIKSHANK SMITH - "the Decorator" Series of Practical Books No. 9. Paint and Painting Defects, Their Detection Cause and Cure
322699: DR. R. N. SMITH - An Anatomy of the Horse. A Series of Transparent Illustrations in Colour
321690: DONALD SMITH - Metalwork. An Introductory Historical Survey
321535: C. FOX SMITH - Painted Ports
313356: GYPSY HUSSEY-SMITH - Lothian Australian Craft Series. Rope and Twine Crafts
314817: JAMES SMITH AND HORACE SMITH - Murray's Peoples' Classics. Rejected Addresses (Complete with Brief Memoirs of the Writers Imitated)
316658: REGINALD SMITH - Sketches from Penhalonga
325952: REV. E. H.SMITH - Happy Memories of West Somerset in 100 Pictures
314591: H. G. SMITH - Minerals and the Microscope
318041: E. F. M. SMITH - The Hidden Way
322170: STAN SMITH - The Artist's Handbook Series. Drawing and Sketching
326045: SYDNEY HARTLEY-SMITH - The Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsmen. Mechanical Methods of Calculation. Session 1946-47
324586: NORMAN KEMP SMITH - Descartes' Philosophical Writings
317132: IAIN CRICHTON SMITH - Literature for Life Series. Consider the Lilies
317641: SHEILA KAYE-SMITH - The End of the House of Alard
325793: ANTHONY SMITH - The Newspaper. A International History
315222: LT. COL. D. J. SMITH - Newnes Complete Engineer. A Reliable Guide to the Everyday Work of the Engineer. Volume I Š Workshop Processes
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23006: FRANCIS W. STEER - Guide to the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burpham
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324549: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - A Child's Garden of Verses
312851: WILLIAM STEVENSON - The Bormann Brotherhood
320975: GRETA B. STEVENSON - Contemporary Biology. The Biology of Fungi Bacteria and Viruses, 2nd Edition
320257: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
1910: ALEXANDER STEWARD - The World, the West and Pretoria
328341: MARJORIE STEWARD - East Sussex Federation of Women's Institutes 1919-1979. A Short History
3510: R. N. STEWART - Salmon and Trout
7642: R. J. STEWART AND JOHN MATTHEWS - Merlin Through the Ages
7714: JAMES B. STEWART - Blood Sport
16809: THOMAS A. STEWART - Intellectual Capital
18752: IAN STEWART - The Magical Maze
18783: IAN STEWART - Nature's Numbers. Discovering Order and Pattern in the Universe
29699: JAMES S. STEWART - The Wind of the Spirit
319422: W. K. STEWART - Brown's Rule of the Road Manual. The Rule of the Road at Sea. Brown's Rule of the Road for the Ministry of Transport Examinations. Foreign Going, Home Trade, Fishermen, Yachtsmen
311347: J. I. M. STEWART - The Last Tresilians
321507: JIM STEWART - Speed Trianing. Systems for Learning in Times of Rapid Change
323492: LIEUTENANT-COLONEL BOB STEWART - Broken Lives. A Personal View of the Bosnian Conflict
318538: JAMES S. STEWART - The Warrack Lectures. Heralds of God
323990: GEORGE R. STEWART - East of the Giants. A Novel
327800: CECIL STEWART - Simpson's History of Architectural Development Vol. Iii. Gothic Architecture
314320: HILARY STEWART - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
312852: MADEUA STEWART - The Music Loverõs Guide to the Instruments of the Orchestra
314060: ANDREW STEWART - Catalogue 57. Manuscript Leaves and Early Printed Leaves. 2000
314061: ANDREW STEWART - Catalogue 53. Manuscript Leaves and Early Printed Leaves. 1999
316078: DESMOND STEWART - Great Cairo. Mother of the World
322331: A.M.STEWART - Peeps at Nature Series. British Butterflies
314096: DAMIE STILLMAN - Decorative Work of Robert Adam
16512: F. C. STINTON - Fish Otoliths from the English Eocene. Part 1
16513: F. C. STINTON - Fish Otoliths from the English Eocene. Part 2
6406: DAVID STIRK - Carry Your Bag, Sir?
3361: MONICA STIRLING - A Pride of Lions
7399: E. R. STITT - Practical Bacteriology, Blood Work and Animal Parasitology
4612: WILLIAM STOBBS - Les Grandes Routieres
315354: D. STOCKDALE AND J DEXTER, EDITORS - Clowes and Coleman's Quantitative Chemical Analysis. An Intermediate Text Book
313817: KATHRYN STOCKETT - The Help
19562: STEWART STOCKMAN - A Practical Guide to Meat Inspections (Walley)
323500: DAVID A. STOCKMAN - The Triumph of Politics. Why the Reagan Revolution Failed
312925: J. L. STOCKS - Morality and Purpose
23514: MERVYN STOCKWOOD - Chanctonbury Ring. The Autobiography of Mervyn Stockwood
13177: CHRIS STODDARD - A Centennial History of Cottage City
21027: DIANA B. STODDART - The Sands of Time
323793: JANE T. STODDART - The Psalms for Every Day. With a Thousand Illustrations from Life and Literature
319940: GEORGETA STOICA - La Poterie Populaire Roumaine
316628: HUGH STOKER - Spinning and Trolling for Sea Fish
8465: AMBER GRAYSON, JAMIE STOKES AND FRIENDS. - Foul Facts. History. The Awful Truth
13665: SEWELL STOKES - Personal Glimpses
17293: EDWARD STOKES - Innocents Abroad
19045: SEWELL STOKES - Come to Prison
329458: SEWELL STOKES - Personal Glimpses
328066: GORDON STOKES - Modern Wood Turning
324307: H. G.STOKES - English Place-Names
328830: HENRY P. JUDD; MARY KAWENA PUKUI; JOHN F. G. STOKES - Handy Hawaiian Dictionary
326826: MARGARET STOKES - Early Christian Art in Ireland
325013: W. J. STOKOE - Butterflies and Moths of the Wayside and Woodland
325987: DENNIS GRAY STOLL - The Dove Found No Rest. A Novel of Peasant India
319824: DONALD STOLTENBERG - The Artist and the Built Environment
314574: A. R. STONE - A Book of Lettering
329086: HELEN STONE - Churns and Cheeses. A Short History of Milk and Cheese
325809: BEN STONE AND MARIO MIGLIORINI - Clipping and Grooming Your Terrier. Clipping, Scissoring, Stripping, Plucking, Brushing, Combing, Bathing
314238: NEIL WOODCOCK, MICHAEL STARKEY, MERLIN STONE - The Customer Managements Scorecard: State of the Nation. A Strategic Framework for Benchmarking Performance Against Best Practice
320742: PASTOR H. E. STONE - Jesus, in the Offerings
38011: JUDITH STONEHILL - Greenwich Village. A Guide to America's Legendary Left Bank
328650: ROSEMARY BURTON, RICHARD CAVENDISH, BERNARD STONEHOUSE - Journeys of the Great Explorers. 30 Famous Voyages of Global Exploration Brought Vividly to Life
325061: BERNARD STONEHOUSE - Animals of the Antarctic. The Ecology of the Far South
17942: BERNARD STORER - The Natural History of the Somerset Levels
9167: EDWARD STOREY - Four Seasons in Three Countries
11908: JOYCE STOREY - Dyes and Fabrics
19550: ARTHUR STOREY - Trinity House of Kingston Upon Hull
321855: EDWARD STOREY - Keeping an Eye on Things. An Anthology of Children's Writing
29838: ANTHONY STORR - Human Aggression
320360: RONALD STORRS - Orientations
2548: JACK TREVOR STORY - Up River
11621: SOMMERVILLE STORY - Twenty Years in Paris with a Pen
25861: JOHN STOTT - What Christ Thinks of the Church. Revelation 1-3 Expounded By John Stott
318415: GERALDINE STOTT AND BRIDGET M. COOK - 100 Traditional Bobbin Lace Patterns
327190: R. A. SLANEY. DAVID STOW - 1. The State of Education of the Poorer Classes in Large Towns. 2. Supplement to Moral Training and the Training System with Plans for Improving and Fitting Up Training Schools
329972: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Uncle Tomõs Cabin
320908: LORD STRABOLGI - Singapore and After. A Study of the Pacific Campaign
318580: R. H. STRACHAN - The Moffatt New Testament Commentary. The Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians
315885: LYTTON STRACHEY - Characters and Commentaries
13741: G. A. STRAFFORD - Essentials of Plant Physiology
9475: HERBERT STRANG - Treasures of English Verse
17511: EDWARD F. STRANGE - Tools and Materials Illustrating the Japanese Method of Colour-Printing
329069: K. H. STRANGE - The Climbing Boys. A Study of Sweeps' Apprentices 1773-1875
314553: RICHARD LE STRANGE - A Complete Descriptive Guide to British Monumental Brasses
328430: CHARLES HILBERT STRANGE - The Jubilee of Tunbridge Wells As an Incorporated Borough
319242: RALPH STRANGER - Ralph Stranger's Wireless Library No. 4. Magnetism and Electro-Magnetism. The Mastery of These Lucidly Written Books Ensures Mastery of Your Wireless Set.
321112: JOYCE STRANGER - The Running Foxes
317529: ALAN STRANKS AND JOHN WORSLEY - On the Beat with Pc49
328985: PEER G. STRASMAN - Owners Workshop Manual. Vauxhall Astra 1980 to Oct 1984 1196 Cc. 1297cc 1598 Cc 1795cc
328988: PETER G. STRASMAN - Owners Workshop Manual. Renault. 1972-Feb. 1985. 845cc 956cc 1108cc 1289cc 1397cc
38147: EDITH STRASSER AND MARK HINTON - Ex Oriente Lux. Oriental and European Lacquer from the Basf Lacquer Museum Cologne
14761: ESME WINGFIELD-STRATFORD - The Victorian Tragedy
29360: STEPHEN STRATFORD - The Dirty Decade. New Zealand in the 80s
320420: SUE STRATFORD - Knitted Meerkats
4800: ARTHUR STRATTON - The Styles of English Architecture
30027: J. M. STRATTON - Agricultural Records A.D. 220-1968
326653: KATRIN STRAUB AND TORSTEN BUCK - Visual Quickproject. Creating a Newsletter in Indesign
10783: RALPH STRAUS - Lloyd's a Historical Sketch
322071: JOHN STRAUSBAUGH - Black Like You. Blackface, Whiteface, Insult and Imitation in American Popular Culture
3360: JOHN STRAWSON - A History of the Sas Regiment
311269: NOEL STREATFEILD - The Circus Is Coming
311266: NOEL STREATFEILD - The Bell Family
320584: NOEL STREATFEILD - White Boots
311264: NOEL STREATFEILD - Party Frock
3664: JOHN STREET - Plants for Performance
4893: FREDERICK STREET - Azaleas
6109: PHILIP STREET - Wildlife Preservations
11768: G. S. STREET - People and Questions
317009: PAMELA STREET - Portrait of Wiltshire
325106: A.G.STREET - Country Calendar
323381: J. M. STREET - Changes and Chances. Memories of Shrewsbury and Other Places
322697: A. G. STREET - In His Own Country. A Selection from the Writings of A.G. Street
312837: G. S. STREET - People and Questions
314114: GEORGE E. STREET - Notes of a Tour in Norther Italy
15823: VICTOR L. STREETER - Fluid Mechanics
321147: EDWARD STREETER - Along the Ridge. From North-Western Spain to Southern Yugoslavia
33705: EDWARD STREETER - Along the Ridge
317637: HESBA STRETTON - The Crew of the Dolphin
313468: MARY LOU STRIBLING - Art from Found Materials Discarded and Natural
319128: PHILIP STRICK - The Movie Treasury. Science Fiction Movies
325142: WHITLEY STRIEBER - Transformation. The Breakthrough
11545: AUGUST STRINDBERG - Plays, Second Series
25113: AUGUST STRINDBERG - Frā€¦Ken Julie; Mā‚¬Ster Olof; Fadren; Ett Drā€¦Mspel
328280: WARREN CHETHAM-STRODE - Three Men and a Girl
18889: GUNTER STROHBACH AND HERBERT LENTZ - Buffaloes and Billy-Goats
328765: JANE E. STROMSETH - The Origins of Flexible Response. Natoõs Debate over Strategy in the 1960s.
327603: ROY STRONG - The Artist and the Garden
327777: ANNA LOUISE STRONG - The Russians Are People
315113: ROY STRONG - The Elizabethan Image. Painting in England 1540-1620
326749: ROY STRONG - Country Life 1897-1997. The English Arcadia
316229: JEAN STROUSE - Morgan. American Financier
322285: JAN STRUTHER - Mrs. Miniver
328880: JANE STRUTHERS - Red Sky at Night. The Book of Lost Countryside Wisdom
9289: DAVID STRUTT - Please Wipe Your Crutch on the Towel Before You Leave
5106: G. B. STUART - The Road-Book to Old Chelsea
10158: DOROTHY MARGARET STUART - The English Abigail
22246: STUART AND ROMA GELDER - Memories for a Chinese Granddaughter
328565: ROBERT STUART - A Dictionary of Architecture; Historical, Descriptive, Topographical, Decorative, Theoretical, Mechanical. Volume Ii Only
325717: ANDREA STUART - Sugar in the Blood. A Family's Story of Slavery and Empire
317726: STUART AND ROMA GELDER - The Timely Rain. Travels in New Tibet
326336: SIR CAMPBELL STUART - Secrets of Crew House. The Story of a Famous Campaign
2995: UNA STUBBS - A Stitch in Time
327205: J. W. STUBBS - La Coume Across the Years
323763: JOHN STUBBS - Donne, the Reformed Soul
321139: D. C. BLOOD, V. P. STUDDERT. - Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary. 2nd Edition.
15695: VANCE STUDLEY - The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
39501: VANCE STUDLEY - The Woodworker's Book of Wooden Kitchen Utensils
328492: RUSSELL STURGIS - A Dictionary of Architecture and Building. Biographical, Historical and Descriptive. Volume Ii F-N
322377: MATTHEW STURGIS - Hampton Court Palace
318371: J. C. STUTTARD - History of Headley.
329706: WILLIAM STYRON - Sophieõs Choice
18701: JAVIER BARON, JAIME LUIS MARTIN, RAMON RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN SUAREZ - Pintores Asturianos Nacidos En Las Decades 40 Y 50
319147: NIGEL SUCKLING - Heroic Dreams
311214: NIGEL SUCKLING - The Clothmerchant's Apprentice. The First Volume in the Tale of Rufus, the Clothmerchant's Apprentice
322188: DONALD SUDDABY - Robin Hood Omnibus
324436: MARTIN S. BRIGGS. JOSEF SUDEK - Magic in Stone
20937: SUE AND WINK HACKMAN - Constructing Television
21995: EUGENE SUE - The Mysteries of Paris
320265: EUGENE SUE - The Wandering Jew. A Tale of the Jesuits
34444: MICHEL SUFFRAN - "Sur Une Generation Perdue" Etudes Texts Et Documents Sur Les Ecrivains Bordelais Et Girondins Du Debut Du Xx Siecle
325643: BASIL SUGDEN - Basil Sugden's Mayfield Sketchbook Incorporating Suggested Walks Around the Village
318322: CHALMERS M. CLAPPERTON. DAVID E.SUGDEN - Scenery of the South. Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Sub-Antarctic Islands
13182: JOANNA SULLAM - Villages of France
15979: MICHAEL O'SULLIVAN AND BERNARDINE O'NEILL - The Shelbourne and Its People
23157: ARTHUR SULLIVAN AND J. PITTMAN, EDITORS - Balfe's Bohemian Girl Opera in Three Acts
326004: M. E. SULLIVAN AND P. M.COX - The Beacon Readers Series. Kitty and Rover
322910: J. W. N. SULLIVAN - Beethoven. His Spiritual Development
324286: TIMOTHY O'SULLIVAN - Thomas Hardy. An Illustrated Biography
314557: MICHAEL SULLIVAN - Chinese Art: Recent Discoveries
321921: KATHLEEN M. SULLY - Truth in a Tale Series. Small Creatures
39468: A. R. PALMER, A. REES, A. Q. SUMMERFIELD AND R. MEDDIS, EDITORS - Psychophysical and Physiological Advances in Hearing. Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Hearing, Grantham, U.K. 1-6th August 1997
5834: R. S. SUMMERHAYS - Summerhays' Encyclopaedia for Horsemen
323715: ANTHONY SUMMERS - The Arrogance of Power. The Secret World of Richard Nixon
10742: A. W. SUMMERS - Engines Good and Bad
316684: GILBERT SUMMERS - Loch Lomond Stirling and Trossachs and the Forth Valley
329161: PAUL SUMMERS - Devastating Love Spells! over 30 Potent Love Spells Š Use with Care
321301: DAVID SUMNER - Wyoming. Upon the Great Plains
321796: HEYWOOD SUMNER - Cuckoo Hill. The Book of Gorley
23702: L. SUNDERLAND - Trouble at Selborne. The Troubles of a Country Parson
315980: JOHN SUNDERLAND - The Masters 56. Chardin
320686: JOHN SUNDERLAND - Painting in Britain 1525-1975
12972: D. HAY SURGEONER - Navigation and Meteorology
323253: MAUD SURREY - Poems
316682: JOHN SURTEES - Eastbourne. A History
322663: R. S.SURTEES - Jorrocks on 'unting
328759: JOHN SURTEES - St. Wilfridõs. The Story of the Eastbourne and District Hospice
323913: KEN SUSNJARA - The Furniture Fabrication Factory
27719: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup
317505: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - Dawn Wind
18646: CLARE SUTCLIFFE - The Life of Thomas Hutchinson
18847: D. W. SUTCLIFFE AND J. G. JONES, EDITORS - Eutrophication: Research and Application to Water Supply
322257: JASMIN SUTER - Easy to Crochet
8899: J. R. SUTHERLAND - Dekker's Shoemaker's Holiday
13265: DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND - The Mad Hatters
316209: JAMES SUTHERLAND - The Restoration Newspaper and Its Development
318012: KATE SUTHERLAND AND ALISON BURT - Recipes from Alison Burt's Restaurant
319516: CHRISTINE SUTHERLAND - The Princess of Siberia. The Story of Maria Volkonsky and the Decembrist Exiles
324038: TERENCE SUTHERS - Hull Old and New
6696: MARTIN A. F. SUTTON - Lawns and Sports Grounds
10575: RICHARD SUTTON - Motor Mania
13558: WILLIE SUTTON WITH EDWARD LINN - Where the Money Was
18675: LEONARD SUTTON - Annuals Or Flowers Which Can Be Grown from Seed in One Year
21151: ANN SUTTON - British Craft Textiles
23836: HORACE SUTTON - Confessions of a Grant Hotel. The Waldorf-Astoria
31592: DENYS SUTTON - French Drawings of the Eighteenth Century
31615: H. T. SUTTON AND G. LEWIS - For Pleasure Only. Inventors' Workshop 2.
325470: CHARLES DICKENS. ADAPTED BY SHAUN SUTTON - A Christmas Carol Adapted As a Play in Three Acts By Shaun Sutton
312843: HORACE SUTTON - Confessions of a Grand Hotel. The Waldorf-Astoria
315577: HARRY T. SUTTON - Skeleton Coast. The Inside Story of Wrecks and Wreckers
316321: ANNE F. SUTTON - The Mercery of London. Trade, Gods and People 1130-1578
13774: SUTTONS - Hardy Annuals in the Garden
7687: HAN SUYIN - The Mountain Is Young
327780: BUDU SVANIDZE - My Uncle Joe
321438: KARL ERIK SVEIBY AND TOM LLOYD - Managing Knowhow. Increase Profits By Harnessing the Creativity of Your Company.
326301: DR.ELISABETH D.SVENDSEN - For the Love of Donkeys
1908: ELSIE SVENNAS - Advanced Quilting
314402: PAUL F. SVENNINGSEN - Little Nuisance
315789: BILL SWAIN - The Commonsense of Gardening
9045: ANTHONY SWAINSON - Smelling of Roses
313143: DAVID SWAN - Noda Pantomimes Present David Swanõs Cinderella
313144: DAVID SWAN - Noda Pantomimes Aladdin
13502: DONALD SWANN - The Space between the Bars
323735: ELSIE SWANN - Christopher North. John Wilson
317923: SWANN - Important 19th and 20th Century Photographs Auction Catalogue 2007
313618: DONALD SWANN - The Space between the Bars. A Book of Reflections
326166: PETER SWANN - Art of China Korea and Japan
319010: GLORIA SWANSON - Swanson on Swanson. An Autobiography
1178: E. W. SWANTON - As I Said at the Time
1576: E. W. SWANTON - Swanton in Australia with the Mcc 1946-1975
1862: E. W. SWANTON - Follow on
2618: E. W. SWANTON - W.G. Cricketing Reminiscences & Personal Recollections W.G. Grace
7256: E. W. SWANTON - Cricketers of My Time
318663: E. W.SWANTON - The Daily Telegraph. Cricketers of My Time. Heroes to Remember
13536: HENRY R. SWANZY - A Handbook of the Diseases of the Eye and Their Treatment
327058: RODGER SWEARINGEN AND G. R. URBAN, EDITORS - Studies in Comparative Communism. An Interdisciplinary Journal. July/October 1968.
329062: MATTHEW SWEET - The West End Front. The Wartime Secrets of London's Grand Hotels
19052: ELIZABETH SWEETING - Beginners Please Working. In the Theatre.
329390: DAVID SWEETMAN - The Love of Many Things. A Life of Vincent Van Gogh
313473: VALERIE SWENSON - A Child's Book of Rocks and Jewels
314482: JOHN SWETTENHAM - Historical Publication No. 6. The Evening of Chivalry
12852: CANON J. M. SWIFT - Editing a Parish Magazine
28149: REV. F. B. SWIFT - A History of the Church of Saint Kentigern Caldbeck
324897: JONATHAN SWIFT - Routledge's Prize Library Series. Gulliver's Travels. Illustrations W.B. Handforth
15865: LAURIE SWIM - The Joy of Quilting
322395: PHILIP SWINDELLS - The Master Book of the Water Garden
315489: CHARLES R. SWINDOLL - Solomon. Bible Study Guide. From the Bible-Teaching Ministry of Charles R. Swindoll
318899: CHARLES R. SWINDOLL - The Quest for Character
314341: WARDEN SWINFEN AND DAVID ARSCOTT - The Bbc Radio Sussex Guide to Hidden Sussex Š the Towns
4390: FRANK SWINNERTON - The Georgian Literary Scene 1910 - 1935
317054: H. H. SWINNERTON - Cambridge County Geographies. Nottinghamshire
37383: FRANK SWINNERTON - Nor All Thy Tears
325134: H. H. SWINNERTON - Solving Earth's Mysteries Or Geology for Girls and Boys
328947: ANNE SWINSCOW - Dartmoor Letterboxes
325084: JOAN SWINSON - My Wildlife Neighbours
314242: GEORGE SWINTON - Sanavik Cooperative Baker Lake. Sculpture 1974.
4043: JOHN SYKES - A Summer in Turkey
9305: JOHN SYKES - The Quakers
33732: JOHN SYKES - Family in Peru
323152: HOMER SYKES - Mysterious Britain. Fact and Folklore
22123: SYLKO - Sylko Fancy Dress
11384: SARAH SYMMONS - Goya. In Pursuit of Patronage
17588: JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS - The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
325446: CRAIG L. SYMONDS - Decision at Sea. Five Naval Battles That Shaped American History
328998: VIVIAN SYMONS - The Moving Church
322368: JULIAN SYMONS - Between the Wars. Britain in Photographs
326097: ARTHUR SYMONS - Colour Studies in Paris
311224: JULIAN SYMONS - The Belting Inheritance
9265: PATRICK M. SYNGE - Flowers in Winter
313955: JOHN M. SYNGE - The Tinker's Wedding and Other Plays. The Tinker's Wedding, Riders to the Sea and the Shadow of the Glen
313956: JOHN M. SYNGE - Deirdre of the Sorrows
315779: PATRICK M. SYNGE - Flowers and Colour in Winter
2363: IRIS SYRETT - The Iris Syrett Cookery Book
327638: LESLIE SYSON - The Watermills of Britain
320991: THOMAS S. SZASZ - The Manufacture of Madness. A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement
317072: J. SZCZEPANIAK - Poland
325605: ANDRAS SZEKELY - Spanish Painting
36226: S. V. SZOKOLAY - Solar Energy and Building
24005: K. T. - "a Boy Wanted"
327923: CARLOS TABLADA - Che Guevara: Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism
4053: PAUL TABORI - Epitaph for Europe
6127: PAUL TABORI - The Natural Science of Stupidity
315230: PAUL TABORI - The Art of Folly
327770: EDWARD TABORSKY - Czechoslovak Democracy at Work
326952: CHRISTOPHER TABRAHAM - Scottish Castles and Fortifications
22886: TATSUJI TADA - Japanese Recipes
318683: JOHN SCOTT-TAGGART - The Manual of Modern Radio
316649: HILARY TAGGART - He46. Pictures. Fifteen Pieces for Solo Flute
321672: JOHN SCOTT-TAGGART - Country Life Collectors' Guides. Italian Maiolica.
12411: RABINDRANATH TAGORE - Eastern Affairs
323656: DR. YOSH TAGUCHI - The Daily Telegraph Prostate Disorders.
328949: LAURIN GUILLOUX BUFFETAUD TAILLEUR - Objets D'art Tres Bel Ameublement Des 18e Et 19e Siecles Tapisseries
10680: MARIANNE HARASZTI-TAKACS - Spanish Masters
318287: KATHLEEN TALBOT - The Epicure's Monthly Companion. A Gastronomical Guide
328301: FREDERICK A. TALBOT - Conquests of Science. Lightships and Lighthouses
321343: ETHEL TALBOT - Meta the New Girl
321344: ETHEL TALBOT - Jane Steps out
10942: STROBE TALBOTT - Endgame
19485: JEFFREY TALL - Submarines & Deep-Sea Vehicles
1564: STEPHEN G. TALLENTS - The Starry Pool and Other Tales
321542: RICHARD TAMES - The Westminster and Pimlico Book
321173: JOHN TANBURN - Open House. An Experiment in Local Church Life
6170: STEPHEN TANG AND RICHARD CRAZE - Chinese Herbal Medicine
22226: HAN-SHAN TANG - Far Eastern Ceramics, China, Japan, Korea, Se Asia
319517: MICHAEL C. TANG - A Victor's Reflections and Other Tales of China's Timeless Wisdom for Leaders
5815: DEREK TANGYE - Somewhere a Cat Is Waiting
320168: DEREK TANGYE - A Cat Affair
321525: DEREK TANGYE - A Donkey in the Meadow
316954: DEREK TANGYE - A Cornish Summer
22415: ROBERT TANITCH - Gielgud
320210: ROBERT TANITCH - Ashcroft

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