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314048: THOMAS-SCHELER AND JONATHAN A. HILL - Lavoisier. 1743-1794
328530: T. R. SCHELLENBERG - The Management of Archives
22899: ROBERT A. LONSINGH SCHEURLEER - Antieke Sier. Goud En Zilver Van Grieken En Romeinen
324228: BODO A.SCHIEREN - Spaghetti. How to Prepare and Cook over 80 Different Meals. Includes Wine Guide for Each Meal
323704: STACY SCHIFF - Cleopatra. A Life
20981: HERMAN SCHILLER - Geschichte Der Romischen Kaiserzeit. Erster Band. 2 Teil: Von Der Regierung Vespasians Bis Zur Erhebng Diokletians
2103: ARNE SCHIOTZ - Collins Guide to Aquarium Fishes and Plants
30648: ELISABETH SCHIPPERGES - Der Kitda-Codex. Ein Werk Ottonischer Kolner Buchmalerei
2860: MURRAY SCHISGAL - Jimmy Shine
319776: WERNER SCHMALENBACH - Picasso to Lichtenstein. Masterpieces of Twentieth Century Art from the Nordrhein Westfalen Collection in Dusseldorf
22108: PAUL F. SCHMIDT - Gessner. Der Meister Der Idylle
324571: GEORG SCHMIDT - Die Malerei Deutschland 1900-1918
326795: CLARA SCHMIDT - Alphabets; Alphabete; Alfabetos
324263: MICHAEL SCHMIDT - Lives of the Poets
321444: WARREN H. SCHMIDT - Organizational Frontiers and Human Values
9146: ANDREW BARD SCHMOOKLER - The Parable of the Tribes
10888: JIM SCHNABEL - Dark White
326441: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - The Late Civil War Forerunners and Provisional Issues of East China. Philatelic Footprints on the Road to the Liberation of Shanghai. The Hugh Lawrence Collection. January 12th 2014.
326442: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - The Elling O. Eide Collection of the Local Posts of China. Part I. 13th January 2014
326443: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - Cancellations of the First Customs Issue of Imperial China. The Wen Sun Kong Collection Part 3. 11th January 2014
326444: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - Cancellations of the First Customs Issue of Imperial China. The Wen Sun Kong Collection Part 1. 15th December 2012
326446: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - The Nostalgia Collection of Chinese Tombstone Cancellations. 13th January 2014
326447: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - Selections from the Huang Ming-Jeng Grand Prix Collection of Imperial China 19th Century Postal History. The Large Dragons, Small Dragons and Dowager Issues. 15th December 2012
326439: INTERASIA AUCTIONS LTD. JEFFREY S. SCHNEIDER - Cancellations of the First Customs Issue of Imperial China. The Wen Sun Kong Collection. 2012 and 2013
18527: SALMAN SCHNEOUR - Noah Pandre's Village
318093: SALMAN SCHNEOUR - Noah Pandre's Village
18059: ARTHUR SCHNITZLER - Professor Bernhardi
24217: RICHARD J. SCHOECK AND JEROME TAYLOR, EDITORS - Chaucer Criticism. Volume Ii. Troilus and Criseyde and the Monor Poems
321479: J.EDWARD RUSSO, PAUL J. H. SCHOEMAKER - Confident Decision Making. How to Make the Right Decision Every Time
319884: MAX SCHOEN - The Effects of Music. A Series of Essays
14451: SUSAN SCHOENFELD WITH WINIFRED BENDINER - Pattern Design for Needlepoint and Patchwork
16739: A. T. SCHOFIELD - Directory of Domestic Hygiene
321938: ARTHUR SCHOFIELD - The Normal Tutorial Series. The Norman Blackboard Drawing
317062: PERCY A. SCHOLES - The Oxford Junior Companion to Music
312855: FRED J. SCHONELL - The Psychology and Teaching of Reading
12070: HUGH J. SCHONFIELD - The Pentecost Religion
12078: HUGH J. SCHONFIELD - The Passover Plot
315186: OUNDLE SCHOOL - Portrait of Oundle
323471: MARIE-THERESE ULLENS DE SCHOOTEN - Lords of the Mountains. Southern Persia and the Kashkai Tribe
18799: JAMES SCHOULAR - Constitutional Studies. State and Federal
321530: OTTO SCHRAG - Sons of the Morning
14591: JEAN-JACQUES SERVAN-SCHREIBER - The American Challenge
321400: ALBRECHT SCHREIBER - Als Vom Himmel Feuer Fiel. Lubecks Passion Im Luftkrieg 1942
312840: ROY E. SCHREIBER - The Political Career of Sir Robert Naunton 1589-1635
328887: JEAN-JACQUES SERVAN-SCHREIBER - The World Challenge
17448: TIMOTHY SCHRODER - The Schroder Collection
324889: L. SCHROTER AND DR. C. SCHROTER - Flore Coloriee Portative Du Touriste Dans Les Alpes
319875: FRANZ SCHUBERT - No. 895. Schubert Op. 100 Klaviertrio. Trio Es Dur Fur Pianoforted Violine Und Violoncell
20382: PAUL SCHUBRING - Luca Della Robbia Und Seine Familie
323395: HERBERT M. SCHUELLER - The Persistence of Shakespeare Idolatry. Essay in Honor of Robert W. Babcock
2629: JOSEPH SCHULL - The Century of the Sun
317597: JACQUES SCHULMAN - Verkooplijst Met Vaste Prijzen. Fixed Price List. Archaeology and Ancient Coins. List 233, October 1986
30033: HANS-DIETER SCHULZ - Miba Modellbahn Praxis 1. Kleine Basteleien Fur Jedermann
19861: CARL SCHULZE - Ifor: Allied Forces in Bosnia
320891: E. F. SCHUMACHER - Good Work
316405: E. F. SCHUMACHER - A Guide for the Perplexed
319802: ROBERT SCHUMANN - Samtliche Lieder Fur Eine Singstimme Mit Kjlavierbegleitung. Band I.
11573: NORMAN SCHUR - British Self-Taught: With Comments in American
15441: C. SCHUTZ - Theatre Francais Publie
324624: SUSAN POLIS SCHUTZ - I Want to Laugh I Want to Cry. Poems on Women's Feelings
323068: ALFRED SCHUTZE - The Enigma of Evil
38576: J. J. SCHUURMAN AND M. A. J. GOEDEWAAGEN - Methods for the Examination of Root Systems and Roots
2889: PROFESSOR DR. G. SCHWANTES - The Cultivation of the Mesembryanthemaceae
20102: RONNY SCHWARTZ - Contemporaries
24056: RONNY SCHWARTZ - Contemporaries
319486: SELMA SCHWARTZ - The Rothschild Collection. Waddesdon Manor Guide
30634: HEYR F. SCHWARZ - Problems in European Civilization. Metternich, the "Coachman of Europe". Statesman Or Evil Genius?
320193: HANS SCHWARZ - The Search for God. Christianity, Theism, Secularism, World Religions
327991: ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF. - On and Off the Record. A Memoir of Walter Legge
323501: GENERAL H. NORMAN SCHWARZKOPF AND PETER PETRE - It Doesn't Take a Hero. The Autobiography
23138: CURT SCHWEICHER - Daumier
322329: JOAN SCHWITZER AND KEN GAY, COMPILERS - The Archive Photographs Series. Highgate and Muswell Hill
327290: A GROUP OF ECONOMISTS, SCIENTISTS AND TECHNICIANS - Britain without Capitalists. A Study of What Industry in a Soviet Britain Could Achieve
327696: A GROUP OF ECONOMISTS, SCIENTISTS AND TECHNICIANS - Britain without Capitalists. A Study of What Industry in a Soviet Britain Could Achieve
1953: PATRICK SCOTT - Victorian Poetry 1830-1870
2672: DIXON SCOTT - A Fresh Wind in the Willows
8290: DUKINFIELD HENRY SCOTT - An Introduction to Structural Botany
11755: W. S. SCOTT - Jeanne D'arc
16988: A. C. SCOTT - An Introduction to the Chinese Theatre
318577: E. F.SCOTT - The Moffatt New Testament Commentary. The Epistle of Paul to the Colossians to Philemon and to the Ephesians
27742: GEORGE RYLEY SCOTT - A History of Torture
28085: SHEILA SCOTT - On Top of the World
328548: REMCO CAMPERT. JOHN SCOTT AND GRAHAM MARTIN, TRANSLATED BY - Poetry Europe Series. In the Year of the Strike
326619: SIR WALTER SCOTT - Ivanhoe
324642: VIRGIL SCOTT - The Savage Affair
328841: DAVID SCOTT - Samurai and Cherry Blossom. A Journey to Modern Japan and Along the Ancient Tokai-Do
328070: HARDIMAN SCOTT - Secret Sussex
323071: SCOTT - Scott's Last Expedition. Captain Scott's Own Story. Extracts from Personal Journals
324248: ANNE SCOTT - Hastings Country Park History and Archaeology
328623: STEPHEN SCOTT - People's Place Booklet No. 3. Plain Buggies. Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren Horse-Drawn Transportation
320268: SIR WALTER SCOTT - The Lady of the Lake with All His Introductions, Various Readings, and the Editor's Notes.
320270: WALTER SCOTT - Oeuvres de Walter Scott Traduction de Defauconpret. Ivanhoe
320277: PETER SCOTT - A Coloured Key to the Wildfowl of the World
27781: RENATA SCOTTO AND OCTAVIO ROCA - Scotto. More Than a Diva
34484: LARRAINE SCOULER - Back to Front. A New Approach to Machine Applique
321247: WILLIAM W. SCRANTON - The Report of the President's Commission on Campus Unrest Including the Detailed Reports on the Killings at Kent State and Jackson State
326371: R. C. SCRIVEN - The Prospect of Whitby
323764: ROGER SCRUTON - Modern Philosophy. An Introduction and Survey
20458: JANE SEABROOK - Remember Them Well. East Hoathly and Halland. Hostilities from Thomas Turner to the Second World War
315312: G. E. M. SKUES (SEAFORTH AND SOFORTH) - Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout
6296: STERLING SEAGRAVE - The Yamato Dynasty
17751: J. N. SEALE - Questions and Answers on Diesel Engines
7199: JULIAN SEAMAN - Showing Off
321859: WALTER DE M. SEAMAN - Far Beyond the Stars
5393: MURIEL V. SEARLE - Down the Line to Brighton
11473: RONALD SEARLE - The Illustrated Winespeak
15494: RONALD SEARLE - Das Eckige Ei
325478: JOYCE WELDON-SEARLE - Holidays with My Uncle and Occasional Poems.
324055: RONALD SEARLE - To the Kwai – and Back. War Drawings 1939-1945
319518: A. B. SEARLE - The Natural History of Clay
321835: W. J. SEARLE - Book Crafts for Beginners
318334: S. A. SEARLE - The Tidal Threat. East Head Spit, Chichester Harbour
317998: RONALD SEARLE - Searle's Cats
327548: ALBERT SEATON - Stalin As Warlord
324287: GEORGE SEAVER - Albert Schweitzer. The Man and His Mind
1423: SEBASTIAN AND PETER COE - Running for Fitness
317316: AL SECKEL - Incredible Visual Illusions.
30037: HERB SECKLER - Ruidoso Countryside. The Early Days
24040: HARRY SECOMBE - An Entertaining Life
312836: MERYLE SECREST - Being Bernard Berenson. A Biography
9918: C. PLINII CAECILII SECUNDI - Epistolae Et Panegyricus
2101: GEORGE SEDDON - Swan River Landscapes
22479: SUE SEDDON - Travel
320558: REG NIGHTINGALE, ARTHUR SEDDON AND THE LATE PETER GEE, EDITORS - Our Bygone Years in Pictures. Publication No. 30
315542: DIANE SEED - Diane Seed's Pasta Cooking
313376: SIMPSON'S SEEDS - The Tomato Book with Recipes Contributed By Members of the Tomato Growers Club
320777: SIR. J.R.SEELEY - Ecce Homo. A Survey of the Life and Work of Jesus Christ
326421: H. WADDINGHAM SEERS - Pompey. The Tale of a Donkey
328696: SETSUKO SEGAWA - Japanese Quilt Art
15334: MME. LA COMTESSE DE SEGUR - Memoires D'un Ane
18116: COMTESSE DE SEGUR - Contes Choisis
319081: ROBERT W. SEIDEL - Los Alamos and the Development of the Atomic Bomb
316030: WILLIAM C. SEITZ - Claude Monet
18332: SIMONE SEKERS - Celebrations.
315535: SIMONE SEKERS - Effortless Entertaining
327682: ZDENEK SEL - Klement Gottwald and February 1948
27814: JOHN SELBY - The Road to Yorktown
318630: JOHN SELBY - The Thin Red Line of Balaclava. The Story of Balaclava Told By Some of Those Who Were There.
315046: THOMAS G. SELBY - The Chinaman in His Own Stories
312544: ANTHONY SELDON - Brave New City. Brighton and Hove Past, Present and Future
13340: R. C. H. MORISON, SELECTED AND EDITED BY - Chambers's Recitations for the Children
322978: LESLEY BLANCH, SELECTED AND EDITED BY - Harriette Wilson's Memoirs
324185: PHILIP WAYNE, SELECTED AND EDITED BY - The Personal Art. An Anthology of English Letters
328744: ROBIN SKELTON, SELECTED AND TRANSLATED BY - Two Hundred Poems from the Greek Anthology
313815: RICHARD SEDDON, SELECTED AND EDITED BY - Rudolf Steiner. Essential Readings
326252: CHRISTOPHER FALKUS, SELECTED AND EDITED BY - The Private Lives of the Tudor Monarchs.
323132: CHRISTOPHER FALKUS, SELECTED AND EDITED BY - The Private Lives of the Tudor Monarchs
323131: MARTIN ARMSTRONG, SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY - The Major Pleasures of Life
325579: GEORGE STURT. SELECTIONS AND EDITING BY A.F. COLLINS - The Craftsman Series. The Wheelwright's Shop
22439: MARGARET CABELL SELF - The Morgan Horse in Pictures
324216: KURT SELIGMANN - The History of Magic. A Catalogue of Sorcery, Witchcraft and the Occult
16304: CHARLES GRIER SELLERS, JR. - Jacksonian Democracy
327385: R. C.SELLEY - Ancient Sedimentary Environments and Their Sub-Surface Diagnosis. 4th Edition
315058: GEORGE GODFRAY SELLICK - Highway Dust. The Narrative of a Treasure Hunt, Etc.
31659: CHARLES SELTMAN - Approach to Greek Art
320635: A. SELWYN - The Retail Jeweller's Handbook and Merchandise Manual for Sales Personnel
9885: JEAN SELZ - Matisse
324617: CAMILLO SEMENZATO - The World of Art
13142: SUN YAT-SEN - The International Development of China
317780: JOHN M. SENAVERATNA - The Story of the Sinhalese from the Most Ancient Times Up to the End of "the Mahavansa" Or Great Dynasty
19373: EDITH E. SENCIL - The Famous Turkish Cookery
315538: ALAIN SENDERENS - The Cuisine of Alain Senderens. La Cuisine Reussie
7131: MICHAEL SENIOR - Myths of Britain
320670: MICHAEL SENIOR - Harlech and Lleyn. The History of South-West Gwynedd
323779: ADRIAN SENSICLE - Walk of Fame. Official Guide. Brighton. 100 Authorised Biographies Complete with Photographs and Special Features
315469: JAMES H. SEPHTON - Images of England. Around Aylesford
317875: ROBERT SERGEAN - Managing Shiftwork
2384: HOWARD SERGEANT - Poems from the Medical World
320499: JOHN, SERINA AND HARVEY PAGE. FAIRMAN GALLERY - The Cat Sat on the Mat. Exhibition Catalogue 1996
318208: FRANCISCO CALVO SERRALLER - Una Coleccion de Almanaques
322535: MAURICE SERULLAZ - Drawings in the Louvre. Volume 1. The French Drawings
6081: LESS SERVER - Cats
323270: LEE SERVER - Lions. King of Beasts
8340: ALASTAIR SERVICE - The Architects of London
315665: DAWSON BOOK SERVICE - Bibliography and Other Reference Works. Catalogue 30
316175: SUTTON'S GRASS ADVISORY SERVICE - The Identification of Grasses By the Foliage
314973: RONALD SETH - The First Time It Happened. Fifty Memorable Occasions in the Story of Man
313740: VIKRAM SETH - An Equal Music. A Novel
318504: DORA SETON - Essentials of Modern Cookery
325078: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Wild Animals I Have Known and 200 Drawings
4764: J. MILLOTT SEVERN - Phrenological and Physiological Chart
22364: ALEXANDER P. DE SEVERSKY - Air Power. Key to Survival
4444: MARIA JOSE SEVILLA - Spain on a Plate
7484: MARIA JOSE SEVILLA - Mediterranean Flavours Savouring the Sun
319321: MARIA JOSE SEVILLA - Spain on a Plate. A Mouthwatering Selection of Spanish Regional Food
6902: INGRID SEWARD - Royal Children of the Twentieth Century
22563: WILLIAM G. SEWELL - I Stayed in China
318048: KENNETH SEWELL WITH CLINT RICHMOND - Red Star Rogue. The Untold Story of a Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt on the U.S.
1141: JOHN SEYMOUR - The Shepherd
1372: WILLIAM SEYMOUR - Battles in Britain
18158: W. J. SEYMOUR - The Amateur Performer. How to Run a Small Concert Party
317862: WILLIAM SEYMOUR - Battles in Britain and Their Political Background 1642-1746
317863: WILLIAM SEYMOUR - Battles in Britain and Their Political Background 1066-1547. Volume 1
313654: CHARLES J. SEYMOUR - These Things Happen. Evidences of Contact with Another World
315029: AUBREY SEYMOUR - A Square Mile of Old England
313140: WILLIAM SEYMOUR - An Historical Guide to the British Monarchy. Sovereign Legacy
322121: PETER SEYMOUR - The Roaring Twenties. A Spicy Pop-Up Book for Adults Only
319478: GEORGE SFIKAS - Flowers of Greece
14194: THEODORE SHABAD - China's Changing Map
29302: R. B. SHACKELFORD - People and Paper. A History of Scott-Mobile 1939-1989
9544: G. L. S. SHACKLE - Economics for Pleasure
312854: JIM SNYDER. KEITH SHACKLETON - Ship in the Wilderness. Voyages of the Ms Lindblad Explorer Through the Last Wild Places on Earth
322148: TIM SHACKLETON - Royal Mail Special Stamps 1987
325358: SIR ERNEST SHACKLETON - The Heart of the Antarctic
316955: PAUL BAILEY, EDITOR. DAVID SHADBOLT - Ruling Passions. The Past Hundred Years of Local Government in Dartford
314983: BOYD C. SHAFER - Nationalism. Myth and Reality
13237: PETER SHAFFER - The Royal Hunt of the Sun
322064: EDMUND SHAFTESBURY - Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
328867: THE SAYED INDRIES SHAH - Destination Mecca
322921: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - King Richard Ii
25093: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Art of Singing. Part Ii
326026: SHAKESPEARE - The Winter's Tale
320245: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Plays of William Shakespeare Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copies Left By the Late George Steevens, Esq. , and Edmond Malone, Esq. , with a Sketch of His Life, and a Glossary
321628: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Taming of the Shrew
328059: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Sonnets
323146: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Measure for Measure
323143: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Pericles Prince of Tyre
326257: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Sonnets and a Lover's Complaint
16480: ROBERT LAMBOURNE, MICHAEL SHALLIS AND MICHAEL SHORTLAND - Close Encounters? Science and Science Fiction
320000: DARREN SHAN - Birth of a Killer. The Saga of Larten Crepsley, Book One.
14960: MARK SHAND - River Dog
320577: MARK SHAND - Queen of the Elephants
324779: S. J. SHAND - Rocks for Chemists. An Introduction to Petrology for Chemists and Students of Chemistry
321263: ALFRED R. SHANDS - Religious Book Club Edition 129. The Liturgical Movement and the Local Church
7233: T. N. SHANE - Passed for Press
314952: ERIC SHANES - The Genius of the Royal Academy
326183: ERIC SHANES - Turner. The Life and Masterworks
21773: SHANKAR - Hari and Other Elephants
24054: PETER SHANKLAND - Death of an Editor. The Caillaux Drama
19859: ARTHUR BRYANT. EDWARD SHANKS - The Summer of Dunkirk. The Great Miracle
320882: FAITH SHANNON - Paper Pleasures. From Basic Skills to Creative Ideas
322040: SHEILA SHANNON - The Lightning-Struck Tower
322427: H. W. SHANSLAW - Everybody's Marionette Book
320556: BRENDA SHAPEERO - Adventures in Knitting. Breaking the Rules and Creating Unique Designs
315694: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Africa 2002
315599: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Catalogue Africa
315597: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Catalogue World Travel Omnibus
315598: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Catalogue "the Rest of the World"
315592: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Catalogue World Travel Viii
315593: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Catalogue World Travel Vi
315596: BERNARD J. SHAPERO - Catalogue World Travel V
328813: HARRY SHAPIRO AND CAESAR GLEBBEEK - Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy. Revised and Updated
19532: ROBERT SHAPLEN - Toward the Well-Being of Mankind
317474: HERBERT SHAPPIRO - Gunsmoke in Paradise
5848: BERNARD SHARE - Inish
319484: FAY SHARMAN - Wisely Garden
323223: MARGERY SHARP - The Eye of Love
321727: RICHARD SHARP - The Best Games People Play
324670: MARGERY SHARP - Britannia Mews
316466: RACHEL SHARP AND ANTHONY GREEN - Education and Social Control. A Study in Progressive Primary Education
328570: ADAM SEDGWICK. F. G. SINCLAIR. DAVID SHARP - Peripatus, Myriapods, Insects
315439: ELIZABETH SHARPE - A Visit to Iran
325800: JOANNE SHATTOCK AND MICHAEL WOLFF - The Victorian Periodical Press: Samplings and Soundings.
320779: NEIL SHAVE - Canoeing. Skills and Techniques
2296: BERNARD SHAW - Saint Joan
4367: JESSE SHAW - Special Force
17750: SIR WILLIAM FLETCHER SHAW - Twenty-Five Years
18353: HENRY SHAW - Dress and Decoration in the Middle Ages
323644: ROBERT SHAW WITH DAVID REED - Measuring and Valuing Customer Relationships. How to Develop the Measures That Drive Profitable Crm Strategies
319443: JANET SHAW - The American Girls Collection. Kirsten's Surprise. A Christmas Story. Book Three
324379: JOHN SHAW - The Directory of Knots
319445: JANET SHAW - The American Girls Collection. Kirsten Saves the Day. A Summer Story. Book Five
323539: BERNARD SHAW - John Bull's Other Island with How He Lied to Her Husband and Major Barbara
38627: BERNARD SHAW - Don Juan in Hell from Man and Superman
322559: BERNARD SHAW - Standard Edition of the Works of Bernard Shaw. Three Plays. Too True to Be Good; Village Wooing; on the Rocks
319444: JANET SHAW - The American Girls Collection. Kirsten Learns a Lesson. A School Story. Book Two
325219: JANE SHAW - Bernese Adventure
318-49: ROBBIE SHAW - Mcdonnell Douglas Dc-10
320399: JOSHUA SHAW - The Equipment and Working-Results of the Mersey Railway Under Steam and Under Electric Traction
326345: CATHARINE SHAW - Left to Ourselves Or John Headley's Promise
319442: JANET SHAW - The American Girls Collection. Changes for Kirsten. A Winter Story. Book Six
312914: ROBERT SHAW - The Flat
325217: JANE SHAW - Susan Pulls the Strings
325239: IRWIN SHAW AND RONALD SEARLE - Paris! Paris!
322560: BERNARD SHAW - Standard Edition of the Works of Bernard Shaw. Three Plays. Buoyant Billions; Farfetched Fables; Shakes Versus Shav
326728: HENRY SHAW - Alphabets and Numbers of the Middle Ages.
321115: JANE SHAW - Octavia, Daughter of God. The Story of a Female Messiah and Her Followers
317686: GLADYS E. SHAW - Whatever! Whenever! Wherever!
319446: JANET SHAW - The American Girls Collection. Meet Kirsten. An American Girl. Book One
22248: WILLIAM SHAWCROSS - The Quality of Mercy
15207: JAMES O'SHEA AND CHARLES MADIGAN - Dangerous Company
317045: P. L. O'SHEA AND B. M. O'SHEA - 100 Walks in East Sussex
325826: JAMES O'SHEA AND CHARLES MADIGAN - Dangerous Company. The Consulting Powerhouses and the Businesses They Save and Ruin
318739: MARY SHEAFF - From Tortoise Hill. A Story of China
328915: JOHN SHEAIL - Rabbits and Their History
1550: STEPHEN SHEARD - Summer & Winter Knitting
318204: MICHAEL SHEARD - Yes, Mr. Bronson. Memoirs of a Bum Actor
319493: HUGH SHEARMAN. - Newsletter. A History of the Oldest British Daily Newspaper. 1737-1987
14454: W. S. SHEARS - William Nash of St. Paul's Cray
317069: W.S.SHEARS - This England. A Book of the Shires and Counties
320082: ELIZABETH SHEARS - Why Do We Eat? a Practical and Unique Book Based on Nutrition Research with Recipes
3391: BEN SHECTER - Partouche Plants a Seed
31979: VINCENT SHEEAN - The Amazing Oscar Hammerstein. The Life and Exploits of an Impresario
26046: GRAHAM SHEEN - The Really Easy Bassoon Book.
26051: GRAHAM SHEEN - Going Solo Bassoon.
6718: CONNIE SHEERIN - Mosaics in an Afternoon
321041: DEREK SHEFFIELD - This Forgotten Place. A Kentish Chronicle
323597: JEAN SHELLEY - Early Houses in Crawley High Street.
7346: JOHN SHELLEY AND ROGER HUNT - Computer Studies a First Course
327546: LADY SHELLEY, EDITOR. PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY - Shelley Memorials: From Authentic Sources and an Essay on Christianity
325641: JEAN SHELLEY - History in Maps. Charlwood. A Parish on the Weald Clay. Settlement, Economy and Change.
324673: J. M.SHELMERDINE - Introduction to Woodstock
325815: DEANNA SHEMEK - Ladies Errant. Wayward Women and Social Order in Early Modern Italy
34481: PHILIP SHEMILT - Salisbury 200. Salisbury Infirmary Bicentenary Review
2098: JEAN H. SHEPARD - The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Cookbook
4622: SUE SHEPHARD - Pickled, Potted and Canned
20884: BETTY SHEPHARD - For Sceptics Also
34488: MICHAEL SHEPHARD - Come Wildfowling
4026: A. P., SHEPHERD - A Scientist of the Invisible
22853: W. K. SHEPHERD - Plymouth. Delightful Centre for Holidays
319015: DAVID SHEPHERD - The Man Who Loves Giants. An Artist Among Elephants and Engines. David Shepherd's Life Story
22825: EDGAR SHEPPARD - Whitehall Palace and the Execution of King Charles I
323432: W. J. LIMMER SHEPPARD - Great Hymns and Their Stories
327595: RICHARD SHEPPARD - Cast Iron in Building
317449: J. T. SHEPPARD - The Relevance of Greek Poetry. The Presidential Address Delivered to the Classical Association in the Regent House at Cambridge on 14th April 1943.
27731: ASIA SHEPSUT - Journey of the Priestess
320704: ANTONY SHER - Antony Sher Characters. Paintings, Drawings and Sketches
319009: ANTONY SHER - Year of the King. An Actor's Diary and Sketchbook
6085: LISA SHERIDAN - Lisa Sheridan on Photography
326752: RONALD SHERIDAN AND ANNE ROSS - Grotesques and Gargoyles. Paganism in the Medieval Church
319349: IAN NEWTON, EDITOR. RACHEL A. SHERINGHAM - Port out Starboard Home. The Diary of Rachel A. Sheringham 1901-1905
1462: WILL SHERRACOMBE - Country Verse
35001: O. A. SHERRARD - A Life of Emma Hamilton
323882: NED SHERRIN - Voices from the Wings. A Connoisseur's Collection of Great Theatrical and Showbiz Anecdotes
315867: NED SHERRIN - Cutting Edge Or Back in the Knife Box Miss Sharp. Ned Sherrin's Anthology of Wit
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328462: SIR THOMAS L. HEATH, COMMENTARY BY AND TRANSLATED BY - The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements Translated from the Text of Heiberg. Volume 2 Books Iii-Ix
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41: J. B. SNELL - Early Railways
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328022: C. A.SPINAGE - Animals of East Africa
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322814: DAVID SQUIRE - Victorian Cottage Gardens
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11961: ROGER SQUIRE - Wizards and Wampum
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316951: DAVID STAFFORD - Secret Agent. The True Story of the Special Operations Executive
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327304: STALIN - Stalin on China. A Collection of Five Writings of Comrade Stalin on the Chinese Question
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317185: L. DUDLEY STAMP - Britain's Structure and Scenery.
319258: ANNE STAMPER - Rooms Off the Corridor. Education in the Wi and 50 Years of Denman College, 1948-1998
317841: TOM STANDAGE - The Turk. The Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth Century Chess Playing Machine
319827: MICHAEL STANDEN - Over the Wet Lawn
7597: DR. V. J. STANEK - Secrets of Nature
10331: V. J. STANEK - World of Strange Animals
312835: V. J. STANEK - Simba the Lion Cub
5202: LESLEY STANFIELD - The Knitting Stitch Manual
314309: DEREK STANFORD - Christopher Fry Album
328027: CHARLES THOMAS-STANFORD - Leaves from a Madeira Garden
312834: RAGNA THIIS STANG - The Art of Gustav Vigeland in 48 Pictures
1545: HENRY STANHOPE - The Soldiers
2291: MONTSE STANLEY - Knitting Plus
10645: LOUIS T. STANLEY - This Is Putting
15183: STANLEY - Carpenters and Mechanics Tools
22090: LOUIS T. STANLEY - Legends of Golf and Other Observations on the Game
24820: GEORGE F. G. STANLEY - The Story of Canada's Flag. A Historical Sketch
25008: LOUIS T. STANLEY - Swing to Better Golf
323534: ARTHUR PENRHYN STANLEY - The Minerva Library of Famous Books. The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold Dd.
312842: RUSSELL STANNARD - Grounds for Reasonable Belief
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14805: DEREK STANSFIELD - Driving to Heaven
320110: PETER STANSKY - Redesigning the World. William Morris, the 1880s and the Arts and Crafts
314444: JAMES B. STANTON - The Plains Buffalo: The Staff of Life
2928: MICHAEL STAPLETON - The Cambridge Gide to English Literature
321797: BARRY STAPLETON - Hampshire of One Hundred Years Ago
23959: H. E. C. STAPYLTON - The Eton School Lists from 1791 to 1850 (Every Third Year After 1793) with Short Notes
319839: DAGMAR STARCKE - Det Daglige Brod
12206: FREYA STARK - Ionia. A Quest
313862: FREYA STARK - Perseus in the Wind
313957: FREYA STARK - East Is West
320332: PETER STARKEY - Ceramic Skillbooks. Saltglaze
5692: S. G. STARLING - Mechanical Properties of Matter
19217: ALICE STARMORE AND ANNE MATHESON - Knitting from the British Islands
13287: TAMA STARR - Eve's Revenge
322053: RINGO STARR - Postcards from the Boys
6814: FRANTISEK STARY - The Natural Guide to Medicinal Herbs and Plants
328708: DANIEL STASHOWER - Teller of Tales. The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle
314850: DAPHNE STATHAM - Radicals in Social Work
322392: TONY STAVEACRE - Slapstick! the Illustrated Story
17725: RALPH STEADMAN - Jones of Colorado
314299: F. CECILY STEADMAN - In the Days of Miss Beale. A Study of Her Work and Influence
322557: WENDELL STEAVENSON - The Weight of a Mustard Seed
324023: L. S. STEBBING - A Modern Introduction to Logic
25119: REVD. H. STEBBINGS - The Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
22741: DOUGLAS STEDMAN - For Love and Honour. A Book of Stories from History
328627: JOHN P. ROCHE. MURRAY S. STEDMAN - The Dynamics of Democratic Government
1573: AMY STEEDMAN - Our Island Saints
320892: FRANCIS STEEGMULLER - Le Hibou Et la Poussiquette
16891: D. J. STEEL - General Sources of Births, Marriages and Deaths Before 1837
314396: DYNE STEEL - The History of the English Church in Geneva and the Geneva-English Connection from 1555 to the Present
321614: TOMMY STEELE - The World's Most Famous Bus Driver
22819: MARGUERITE STEEN - A Pride of Terrys
22938: FRANCIS W. STEER - Guide to the Church of St. Nicholas, Poling
22953: FRANCIS W. STEER - Guide to the Church of Coombes
23006: FRANCIS W. STEER - Guide to the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burpham
322549: FRANCIS W. STEER - The Shiffner Archives. A Catalogue
326163: JOHN STEER - A Concise History O Venetian Painting
322548: FRANCIS W. STEER - The Ashburnham Archives. A Catalogue
324423: FRANCIS W.STEER - Guide to the Parish Church of Earnley
29700: J. A. STEERS - An Introduction to the Study of Map Projections
318187: GEORGE STEFAN - Die Bucher Der Hirten Und Preisgedichte Der Sagen Und Sange Und Der Haengenden Gaerten
325840: RANDY STEFFEN - The Horse Soldier 1776-1943. Volume I. The Revolution, the War of 1812, the Early Frontier 1776-1850
326299: MAXWELL STEIN - Vinegar. Nature's Secret Weapon
25557: MICHELINE STEINBERG - Flashback. A Pictorial History 1879-1979. One Hundred Years of Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Company
313677: RUDOLF STEINER - Reincarnation and Karma. Two Fundamental Truths of Human Existence
15449: RUDOLF STEINER - The Secret Stream
322906: RUDOLF STEINER - A Lecture on Eurythmy Given at Penmaenmawr 26. 8. 1923
323231: RUDOLF STEINER - Overcoming Nervousness
328486: PROFESSOR GEORGE STEINER - The University Festival Lecture. A Festival Overture. 11th August 1996
323834: PAUL STEINITZ - Masterworks of Choral Music. Bach's Passions
314182: DAVID STEMP - Three Acres and a Cow. The Life and Works of Eli Hamshire
323825: JOHN LEWIS-STEMPEL - England. An Autobiography
317014: E. H. STENNING - Portrait of the Isle of Man
315482: JOHN STENNING - A Countryman's Further Reminiscences of Mid-Sussex
13290: ARNE STENSENG - Alf Lundeby
7135: DORIS MARY STENTON - Liber Memorialis Doris Mary Stenton
315803: DAVID STEPHEN AND JAMES LOCKIE - Nature's Way. A Look at the Web of Life
4797: THEO A. STEPHENS AND A. T. JOHNSON - My Garden's Choice
26934: MEIC STEPHENS - Linguistic Minorities in Western Europe
322990: DON STEPHENS - Ships of Mercy. The Remarkable Fleet Bringing Hope to the World's Forgotten Poor
320573: FRANCES STEPHENS - Theatre World Annual (London) No. 2. 1st June 1950-31st May 1951.
315008: ROBERT STEPHENS WITH MICHAEL COVENEY - Knight Errant. Memoirs of a Vagabond Actor
317668: FIONA STEPHENS AND WENDA SHEHATA, EDITORS - The Siege of Shoreham. Reflections from the Front Line
318669: SIR WILLIAM M. ACWORTH, W. T. STEPHENSON - The Elements of Railway Economics
314292: ASHLEY STEPHENSON - The Garden Planner. Everything You Need to Know About Planning and Planting a Garden
319022: GWENDOLEN STEPHENSON - Edward Stuart Talbot 1844-1934
322192: SARA HAWKS STERLING - Robin Hood and His Merry Men
327186: S. M. STERN - Aristotle on the World State
319353: PAUL E. STERNBERG - Art By American Women. Selections from the Collection of Louise and Alan Sellars
4331: LUARENCE STERNE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman
9358: LAURENCE STERNE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
324348: LAURENCE STERNE - Camden Classics. A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.
325996: A. C. STERNEY - The Story of Mond Nickel
15936: CAROL STETSER - Black and White
31685: STEVE AND LINDA DASHEW - Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia
317118: CAMPBELL STEVEN - Glens and Straths of Scotland
9738: R. A. STEVENS - Building in History
11090: DAVID STEVENS - Handyman Gardener
16303: HARRY R. STEVENS - The Middle West
327292: NINA MOLEVA. OLIVE STEVENS AND ANNE CARTER, TRANSLATORS. - The Moscow Kremlin. Its History, Art Treasures, Architectural Monments
312853: P. G. STEVENS - John Grigg of Longbeach. A Biographical Essay
316481: FRANCES STEVENS - The Living Tradition. The Social and Educational Assumptions of the Grammar School
7387: TOM STEVENSON - Pruning Guide
10620: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Beach of Falesa
27182: ROSEMARY J. STEVENSON - Language, Thought and Representation
29410: JOHN STEVENSON - Popular Disturbances in England 1700-1870
323288: CHRISTOPHER SINCLAIR-STEVENSON - Blood Royal. The Illustrious House of Hanover
319018: LIONEL STEVENSON - The Showman of Vanity Fair. The Life of William Makepeace Thackeray
318893: KENNETH STEVENSON - The First Rites. Worship in the Early Church
323855: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Travels with a Donkey in the Levennes. Illustrated Edition
319494: BRUCE STEVENSON - Middlesex
314545: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - A Child's Garden of Verses
324549: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - A Child's Garden of Verses
312851: WILLIAM STEVENSON - The Bormann Brotherhood
320975: GRETA B. STEVENSON - Contemporary Biology. The Biology of Fungi Bacteria and Viruses, 2nd Edition
320257: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
1910: ALEXANDER STEWARD - The World, the West and Pretoria
328341: MARJORIE STEWARD - East Sussex Federation of Women's Institutes 1919-1979. A Short History
3510: R. N. STEWART - Salmon and Trout
7642: R. J. STEWART AND JOHN MATTHEWS - Merlin Through the Ages
7714: JAMES B. STEWART - Blood Sport
16809: THOMAS A. STEWART - Intellectual Capital
18752: IAN STEWART - The Magical Maze
18783: IAN STEWART - Nature's Numbers. Discovering Order and Pattern in the Universe
29699: JAMES S. STEWART - The Wind of the Spirit
319422: W. K. STEWART - Brown's Rule of the Road Manual. The Rule of the Road at Sea. Brown's Rule of the Road for the Ministry of Transport Examinations. Foreign Going, Home Trade, Fishermen, Yachtsmen
311347: J. I. M. STEWART - The Last Tresilians
321507: JIM STEWART - Speed Trianing. Systems for Learning in Times of Rapid Change
323492: LIEUTENANT-COLONEL BOB STEWART - Broken Lives. A Personal View of the Bosnian Conflict
318538: JAMES S. STEWART - The Warrack Lectures. Heralds of God
323990: GEORGE R. STEWART - East of the Giants. A Novel
327800: CECIL STEWART - Simpson's History of Architectural Development Vol. Iii. Gothic Architecture

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