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327322: ANNY LUTTER - Reflections and Dreams. Poems for Everyone
14836: GILES A. LUTZ - Wild Runs the River
327154: DE PURY & LUXEMBOURG - Auction Catalogue. Impressionist and Modern Art, 24th June 2002
38418: ARCHIBALD LYALL - Rome Sweet Rome
313744: ARCHIBALD LYALL - A Guide to the Languages of Europe. A Practical Phrase-Book
328702: GARTH LYDER - The Boy from Tacarigua. An Autobiography
325118: KEITH LYE - A Kingfisher Guide. Minerals and Rocks
5516: LYN AND HUBERT GUTTERIDGE - Kiki, the Mousebird
23491: CHRISTOPHER LYNAS - The Eworld Handbook
5884: FRANCES LYNCH - In the House of Dark Music
29898: DAVID LYNCH - Indoor Photography
35663: ROBERT LYND - The Book of This and That
319077: RYTA CYN LYNDLEY - Small to Medium
317685: NEIL LYNDON - A Boyhood in the Weald
324696: DERYCK LYNHAM - Tales from the Ballet. Swan Lake. Petrouchka
325918: ADELE B. LYNN - The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book. 50 Activities for Promoting Eq at Work
325229: MATTHEW LYNN - Birds of Prey. Boeing V. Airbus
1274: NINETTE LYON - Chicken and Game
6455: NINETTE LYON AND PEGGIE BENTON - Fish for All Seasons
316854: RICHARD LYON - Catalogue of Books for Sale. Travel and Art Documentation 1981.
319647: JAMES LYON - A Practical Guide to the Modern Orchestra
320125: HARRY LYONS AND CHRISTOPHER MORLEY - Ch. Dresser. People's Designer 1834-1904. Exhibition By New Century 1999
14115: J. LYONS AND R. J. WALES, EDITORS - Psycholinguistics Papers
327734: A. NEIL LYONS - Robert Blatchford. The Sketch of a Personality. An Estimate of Some Achievements
325443: MATHEW LYONS - Impossible Journeys
18368: ALLAN LYTEL - Transistor Af and Rf Circuits
31964: PHILIP LYTH - A History of Nottinghamshire Farming
26401: S. G. E. LYTHE AND J. BUTT - An Economic History of Scotland 1100-1939
22734: HUMPHREY LYTTELTON - Humphrey Lyttelton's Jazz and Big Band Quiz
21113: J. M. AND M. J. COHEN - The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations
318617: C. M. AND G. E. PHILLIPS - Back to India
328766: WILLIAM SPARKS, D.S.M. WITH MICHAEL MUNN - The Last of the Cockleshell Heroes. A World War Two Memoir
323455: EDGAR MAAS - The Dream of Philip Ii. A Biography
326732: JEREMY MAAS - The Prince of Wales's Wedding. The Story of a Picture
313097: WILLIAM MABEY - Bournemouth in 1868.
326302: RICHARD MABEY AND TONY EVANS - The Flowering of Britain
4118: R. A. S. MACALISTER - A History of Civilization in Palestine
316279: FLORA MACALLAN - Engel
314713: H. B. N. HYNES, T.T. MACAN AND W. D. WILLIAMS - Freshwater Biological Association Scientific Publication No. 19. A Key to the British Species of Crustacea: Malacostraca Occurring in Fresh Water with Notes on Their Ecology and Distribution
6865: WILSON MACARTHUR - The Desert Watches
18960: ANTONIA MACARTHUR - His Majesty's Bark Endeavour
31579: JOHN MACARTHUR - The Quest for Character
325455: ELLEN MACARTHUR - Taking on the World
32183: C. A. MACARTNEY - Hungary. A Short History
329117: DAVID MACAULAY - Underground
313091: ANDREW MACBEATH - W.H. Aldis
323276: PROF. E.W. MACBRIDE - Benn's Sixpenny Library No. 109. Evolution
320101: FIONA MACCARTHY AND PATRICK NUTTGENS - Eye for Industry: Royal Designers for Industry 1936-1986
310342: FIONA MACCARTHY - The Simple Life. C.R. Ashbee in the Cotswolds
15898: VICTOR MACCLURE - The Practical Elocution Book
5173: RENE MACCOLL - Just Back from Russia
315989: D. S. MACCOLL - Life Work and Setting of Philip Wilson Steer
1264: FINLAY J. MACDONALD - Crotal & White
6689: GEORGE MACDONALD - At the Back of the North Wind
11073: MALCOLM MACDONALD - People and Places
20996: JAKE MACDONALD AND SHIRLEY SANDREL - Faces in the Flood. Manitoba's Courageous Battle Against the Red River
319184: ALAN MACDONALD - Whispering in God's Ear. An Inspired Collection of Poetry for Children
329277: GEORGE MACDONALD - The Princess and Curdie
329226: GEORGE MACDONALD - The Princess and the Goblin
325975: ALISTAIR MACDONALD - The History of Langley Park Golf Club 1910-1985.
38416: DENISE MACDONALD - Ma Ma Hta. Burmese Headwoman 1940's
320549: HELEN MACDONALD - Human Remains. Dissection and Its Histories
316578: COLIN MACDONALD - Croft and Ceilidh Or Corra-Chagailte
314349: KEVIN MACDONNELL - A Photographer's Guide to Sussex
313355: KEVIN MACDONNELL - A Photographer's Guide to Sussex
22237: DONALD MACDOUGALL - Don and Mandarin
310121: JAMES K. MACDOUGALL - Death and the Maiden
327726: JOSEF MACEK - The Hussite Movement in Bohemia
14461: A. T. MACER - Dilapidations: Law and Practice
20226: GRANT MACEWAN - Eye Opener Bob. The Story of Bob Edwards
326399: WALTER MACFARLANE - The Principle and Practice of Iron and Steel Manufacture. 4th Edition
315448: THE REV. JOHN MACGOWAN - Infernal Conference; Or Dialogues of Devils Concerning the Many Vices Which Abound in the Social, Civil and Religious World
323198: JOHN BUNYAN. MARY MACGREGOR - The Pilgrim's Progress Told to the Children
314614: JAMES G. MACGREGOR - A History of Alberta
318499: G. H. C. MACGREGOR - The Gospel of John
319724: MIRIAM MACGREGOR - Country Chaos
315331: GEDDES MACGREGOR - The Thundering Scot. A Portrait of John Knox
315151: ALASDAIR ALPIN MACGREGOR - Percyval Tudor-Hart 1873-1954 Portrait of an Artist
19604: HAMISH MACINNES - The Price of Adventure
22568: DONALD E. MACINNIS - Religious Policy and Practice in Communist China. A Documentary History
20638: DUGALD MACINTYRE - Highland Naturalist Again
327739: EDWARD C. MACK AND W. H. G. ARMYTAGE - Thomas Hughes. The Life of the Author of Tom Brown's Schooldays
1698: JAMES MACKAY - Nursery Antiques
4856: MARGARET MACKAY - The Violent Friend: The Story of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson
315296: ERNEST MACKAY - The Indus Civilization
317503: THE LATE DR. W. P. MACKAY - The Seeking Saviour and Other Bible Themes
328389: ERNEST MACKAY - The Indus Civilization
321560: SAMUEL MACKECHNIE - Popular Entertainments Through the Ages
7120: ANDREW MACKENZIE - Archaeology in Romania
15195: FINLAY MACKENZIE - Chinesische Kunst
16566: MURDO MACKENZIE - Contrast Psychology
19713: COMPTON MACKENZIE - Prince Charlie and His Ladies
22035: COMPTON MACKENZIE - Rockets Galore
321770: COMPTON MACKENZIE - I Took a Journey. A Tour of National Trust Properties
310897: DONALD MACKENZIE - Gentlemen at Crime. Autobiography
315124: DONALD A. MACKENZIE - Stories of Russian Folk-Life
38680: IAN MACKENZIE - Ancient Landscapes of British Columbia
322828: KATHLEEN MACKENZIE - White Swallos
315729: JOHN MACKENZIE - Mackenzie's Guide to Edinburgh
9584: MARY MACKIE - Creative Editing
22663: ALLISTER MACKIE - The Trade Unionist and the Tycoon
320249: H. J. MACKINDER - The Rhine. Its Valley and History
22297: CATHY MACKINLAY - Children's Party Cake Book
10514: LACHLAN MACKINNON - The Lives of Elsa Triolet
325056: JOHN MACKINNON - In Search of the Red Ape
2347: JOHN P. MACKINTOSH - The British Cabinet
319472: ALASTAIR MACKINTOSH - Symbolism and Art Nouveau
320797: GEORGE E. MACKLEY - Wood Engraving
313051: JUDITH MACKRELL - Reading Dance
5115: ERIC MACLAGAN - Bayeux Tapestry
323393: W.G. MACLAGAN - The Muirhead Library of Philosophy Series. The Theological Frontier of Ethics
22661: C. MACLAURIN - De Mortius
4195: CHARLES MACLEAN - The Wolf Children
12792: MAGNUS MACLEAN - The Literature of the Celts
16045: FITZROY MACLEAN - Bonnie Prince Charlie
23170: FITZROY MACLEAN - Take Nine Spies
325607: RORY MACLEAN - Under the Dragon. Travels in a Betrayed Land
326038: JAMES H. MACLEAN AND JOHN S. SCOTT - The Penguin Dictionary of Building. Fourth Edition.
322669: ALISTAIR MACLEAN - South By Java Head
327846: GORDON LINDSAY MACLEAN - Field Companion to Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa
329361: FITZROY MACLEAN - Eastern Approaches
329184: DOUGLAS MACLEANE - The Great Solemnity of the Coronation of a King and Queen According to the Use of the Church of England
37478: ARCHIBALD MACLEISH - The Wild Old Wicked Man and Other Poems
327372: ROBERT MACLEOD - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architect and Artist
12191: R. H. MACMILLAN - Automation. Friend Or Foe?
323332: HAROLD MACMILLAN - At the End of the Day. 1961-63
6853: ROBERT MACNEIL - Wordstruck
327630: MORAG MACNEILL - Gairm Publications Vol. 61 Everyday Gaelic
31629: MARY MACPHAIL - All About the Rottweiler
317898: W. J. MACPHERSON - Studies in Economic and Social History. The Economic Development of Japan C. 1868-1941
321276: JOHN MACQUARRIE - Principles of Christian Theology
19772: MICHAEL MACRONE - It's Greek to Me! Brush Up Your Classics
317435: A. J. MACSELF - The Gardener's Treasury of Popular Plants and Their Cultivation
324901: A.J. MACSELF - French Intensive Gardening on Money-Making Lines
328193: A. J. MACSELF - Ferns for Garden and Greenhouse
315310: ANGUS MACVICAR - Satellite 7
328248: SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA - The Fall of the Spanish American Empire
38955: JANE MADDERS AND GRACE HORSEMAN - Growing Up in the Twenties
315064: MAUD MADDICK - Mother's Eyes Or Faithful in the Least
7809: JUDI MADDIGAN - Soft Toys for Babies
315905: PETER MADDOCKS - How to Be a Cartoonist
323806: BRENDA MADDOX - The Married Man: A Life of D.H. Lawrence
31035: TIME MADGE - White Mischief. A Cultural History of Cocaine
18758: JEFF MADRICK - Marrying for Money
13286: AXEL MADSEN - Silk Roads
322566: MAURICE MAETERLINCK - Pelleas Et Melisande. Drame Lyrique En Cinq Actes. Musique de Claude Debussy
319365: AMALIA MAGAPANOU - Embroideries
313498: EDITORS OF ESQUIRE MAGAZINE - Esquire Party Book
13233: SEAN MAGEE - Racing and the Irish
318670: ROLF MAGENER - Prisoners' Bluff
317728: K. BRENDA MAGER - This Earth. A Second Volume of Essays from an English Village
13543: GIOVANNA MAGI - Egypt Rediscovered in 19th Century Pictures
313095: LADY MAGNUS - Outlines of Jewish History
323290: PHILIP MAGNUS - King Edward the Seventh
5462: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON - The Clacken and the Slate
318407: MAGNUS MAGNUSSON - I've Started So I'll Finish. The Story of Mastermind
319893: VICTOR MAGRIE - The Harrow Connection. Exhibition Catalogue
34505: JOAO MAGUEIJO - Faster Than the Speed of Light. The Story of a Scientific Speculation
319374: MARY MAGUIRE - Decorative Tin and Wirework. 100 Contemporary Tincraft Projects and Wirework Designs to Decorate the Home
324074: REZA MAHAMMAD - Rice, Spice and All Things Nice
32024: BETTY MAHMOODY WITH WILLIAM HOFFER - Not without My Daughter
327745: JOHN MAHON - Harry Pollitt. A Biography
315197: IRENE MAHONEY - Madame Catherine
321965: ALFRED O'MAHONY - Baltimore. A Perspective
329092: MIRIAM M. MAHY - There Is an Occupation
325829: MOLLY MAIDMENT - Child of the Red Lion. An Hotelier's Story
329417: MARGARET MAIDMENT - A Manual of Hand-Made Bobbin Lace
17070: KARL MAIER - Into the House of the Ancestors
321084: NORMAN MAILER - The Naked and the Dead
313125: BASIL MAINE - Our Ambassador King. His Majesty King Edward Viiiõs Life of Devotion and Service As Prince of Wales
19357: HORST MAINER - Glass Engraving
318680: LT. COL. A. A. MAINS - Soldier with Railways
3533: MARCUS MAINWARING - Nor Any Drop to Drink
326787: DOMENICO MAIOLI - Tempio Di S. Vitale in Ravenna. Scoperta Del Quadriportico E Ricomposizione Dell' Antica Facciata Con 20 Illustrazioni.
27865: MAIRE AND CONOR CRUISE O'BRIEN - Ireland. A Concise History
22468: PHILIPPE MAIRET - Abc of Adler's Psychology
1623: S. P. B. MAIS - Oh! to Be in England
19838: S. P. B. MAIS - Royal London
317033: S. P. B. MAIS - The Land of the Cinque Ports
316944: S. P. B. MAIS - The Cornish Riviera
328338: S. P. B. MAIS - There'll Always Be an England
325459: S. P. B. MAIS - Southern Rambles for Londoners
326401: S. P. B. MAIS - The Land of the Cinque Ports
17333: HERBERT MAISCH - Incest
319280: JAY MAISEL - A Tribute
327145: IVAN MAISKY - The Munich Drama. Second Edition
15971: AGNES C. MAITLAND - The Story of Madge Hilton
324641: SARA MAITLAND - A Book of Spells.
328284: AMEDEO MAIURI - Pompeii
10172: JOHN MAJOR - The Autobiography
315719: LT. CDR. F. S. W. MAJOR - A Century and a Half of Skegness Lifeboats
1673: W. J. MAKIN - The Life of King George the Fifth
22645: FRANCES MAKOWER - Towards Tomorrow. The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
329094: ALEXANDER MAKSIK - A Marker to Measure Drift
310344: HENRY ELLIOT MALDEN - The Cely Papers. Selections from the Correspondence and Memoranda of the Cely Family, Merchants of the Staple Ad. 1475-1488
25806: R. H. MALDEN - The Hangings in the Quire of Wells Cathedral
323377: L. MALEVEZ - The Library of Philosophy and Theology. The Christian Message and Myth
316780: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - Catalogue 222. Politics Philosophy and Economics
315666: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - Atlases, Travel and Topography. Catalogue 263
315657: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - Collection of Books Published in England and English Books Published Abroad Before 1700. Catalogue 129
315654: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - S.T. C. 1502-1640. Wing 1641-1700. A Collection of 250 Books. Catalogue 110
315656: DAWSONS OF PALL MALL - The Royal Society of London 1660-1960. For the Promotion of Natural Knowledge. A Tercentenary Tribute
325107: GEORGE MALLABY - From My Level. Unwritten Minutes
321408: RENEE MALLETT - Strange New Hampshire
313669: AGATHA CHRISTIE MALLOWAN - Come, Tell Me How You Live. An Archaeological Memoir
325185: SIR MAX MALLOWAN - The Nimrud Ivories
1359: COLONEL DICK MALONE - Missing from the Record
32109: JOSEPHINE MALONE - Peter Newby. Friend to All Mankind 1745-1827. A Study of His Life and Poems and Friends.
18913: TOM MALONEY - U.S. Camera International Annual 1963
19256: HECTOR MALOT - The Adventures of Perrine (En Famille)
325969: ROBERT MALSTER - Wherries and Waterways. The Story of the Norfolk and Suffolk Wherry and the Waterways on Which It Sailed
329140: MAXWELL MALTZ - Psycho-Cybernetic Principles for Creative Living. Beyond Self-Image Theory to Positive Action
312932: JOHN MAN - Travel to Landmarks Series. Zwinger Palace Dresden.
319121: FRANK MANCHEL - An Album of Great Science Fiction Films
10792: WILLIAM MANCHESTER - The Sage of Baltimore
323496: WILLIAM MANCHESTER - The Death of a President. November 20 Š November 25 1973.
1287: LORD MANCROFT - A Chinaman in My Bath and Other Odd Pieces.
8056: S. MANDEL AND Z. L. SHIFTAN - Groundwater Resources Investigation and Development
7789: JOHN MANDER - Our German Cousins
9823: ROSALIE MANDER - Categories
320574: RAYMOND MANDER AND JOE MITCHENSON - A New Edition Revised and Enlarged of the Theatres of London
315743: RAYMOND MANDER AND JOE MITCHENSON - The Lost Theatres of London
321880: ANDRE PIEYRE DE MANDIARGUES AND FERDINANDO SCIANNA - I Grandi Fotografi Serie Argento. Henri Cartier-Bresson Ritratti 1928-1982
324694: EDWARD MANDINIAN - Purcell's the Fairy Queen. A Photographic Record.
320738: JANOS MANGA - Hungarian Folk Song and Folk Instruments
13299: JOHN JOSEPH MANGAN - Life, Character and Influence of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam
320343: SYDNEY MANGHAM - Earth's Green Mantle. Plant Science for the General Reader
326642: CYRIL MANGO - Byzantine Architecture
316867: CAROL MANHEIM - Catalogue No. 31. 1997. Nineteenth and 20th Century Art Books
316868: CAROL MANHEIM - Catalogue No. 30, 1997. Nineteenth and 20th Century Art Books
316866: CAROL MANHEIM - Catalogue No. 17. Nineteenth and 20th Century Art Books
316864: CAROL MANHEIM - Catalogue No. 25. 1996 Nineteenth and 20th Century Art Books
316865: CAROL MANHEIM - Catalogue No. 35. Nineteenth and 20th Century Art Books
326240: JOHN MANLEY AND DAVID RUDKIN. JOHN MANLEY, EDITOR - Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of East and West Sussex. Volume 141. 2003. Facing the Palace. Excavations in Front of the Roman Palace at Fishbourne
10559: DAVID MANN - A Concordance to the Plays of William Congreve
327861: F. O. MANN - Blow and Clee
318243: PATRICIA MANN - Systematics of Flowering Plants. An Introduction
37386: TOM MANN - Tom Mann's Memories
314488: JAMES MANN - Monumental Brasses
323940: THOMAS MANN - Stories of Three Decades
326543: DOUGLAS MANNERING - The Painting of Matisse. H. Matisse
12804: MARY E. MANNERS - The Bishop and the Caterpillar and Other Pieces
316263: ETHEL MANNIN - The Lovely Land. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
30653: MATTHEW MANNING - The Link. The Extraordinary Gifts of a Teenage Psychic
317277: S. A. MANNING - The Regional Naturalist. The Naturalist in South-East England, Kent Surrey and Sussex
327572: LEAH MANNING - A Life for Education. An Autobiography
319851: OLIVIA MANNING - Extraordinary Cats
323279: HUGO MANNING - Ishmael
323278: HUGO MANNING - Then People May Laugh
323277: HUGO MANNING - Instead of a Poem. Excepts from a Journal
328660: ROSEMARY MANNING - Heraldry
323389: HUGO MANNING - The Secret Sea
27738: JULE MANNIX - Married to Adventure
32176: EDITH MANNONI - Le Charme Des Vieilles Poupees
326748: JOHN MANSBRIDGE - Graphic History of Architecture
35106: PHILIP MANSEL - Pillars of Monarchy
8374: ALEX BARKER. SALLY MANSFIELD - Discovering Potatoes
315761: T. C. MANSFIELD - Of Cabbages and Kings
318586: WILLIAM MANSON - The Moffatt New Testament Commentary. The Gospel of Luke
318456: T. W. MANSON - The Teaching of Jesus. Studies of Its Form and Content
319441: JOAN MANT - All Much, Now Medals. Landgirls By Landgirls
313528: VICTORIA MANTHORPE - Children of the Empire. The Victorian Haggards
20059: RUTH MANTLE - Sketch Book 2 (in Miniature) Cambridge Itself - a Collection of Drawings
317806: JO MANTON - The Story of Albert Schweitzer
329339: D. Z. MANUILSKY - Seventh World Congress Communist International. Speech Delivered to the Active Members of the Moscow Organisation of the C.P. S.U. On the Work of the Seventh Congress, 1935
21914: ROGER MANVELL AND HEINRICH FRAENKEL - Doctor Goebbels. His Life and Death
329220: ROGER MANVELL - Ss and Gestapo; Rule By Terror
13103: M. B. MANWELL - Dad's Dorothy
11906: TIM MARA - The Thames and Hudson Manual of Screen Printing
19681: W. M. HOFMEYR, R. OGDEN, P. J. MARAIS - Algebra & Graphs Part Ii for Transvaal High Schools
313459: MATTEO MARANGONI - The Art of Seeing Art
318043: MATTEO MARANGONI - Guercino
322390: J. G. MARASH - Effective Speaking. A Course in Elocution
315557: IAN MARBER - The Food Doctor Everyday Diet
326308: JENNY MARCH - The Penguin Book of Classical Myths
318037: RUSSELL MARCH - The Jockeys of Vanity Fair
326891: LIONEL MARCH - Architectonics of Humanism. Essays on Number in Architecture
2160: SIR JAMES MARCHANT - Winston Spencer Churchill
23175: WILLIAM MARCHANT - The Privilege of His Company. Noel Coward Remembered
310877: BESSIE MARCHANT - Di, the Dauntless
19293: ISAAC F. MARCOSSON - Colonel Deeds. Industrial Builder
14227: MITCHELL P. MARCUS - A Theory of Syntactic Recognition for Natural Language
23149: WALTER DE LA MARE - Poems 1901-1918 Two Volumes
318115: WALTER DE LA MARE - Collected Poems
31636: MARGARET MARE - Eduard Morike. His Life and Work
328230: ERIC DE MARE - London 1851. The Year of the Great Exhibition
318143: WALTER DE LA MARE - Tom Tiddler's Ground. An Anthology of Poetry for Children
324049: WALTER DE LA MARE - The Lord Fish
15324: MLLE. MARIE MARECHAL - Nos Petits Camarades
11146: GEORGE R. MAREK - Cosima Wagner
13685: JAMES MARGACH - The Abuse of Power
329007: STELLA MARGETSON - Leisure and Pleasure in the Nineteenth Century
9747: STELLA MARGETSON - Fifty Years of Victorian London
324140: STELLA MARGETSON - The Long Party. High Society in the Twenties and Thirties
7947: ROBERTO MARGOTTA - History of Medicine
7647: MARIA AND LOUIS DIVALENTIN - Sculpture for Beginners
27727: MARIA AND LOUIS DIVALENTIN - Sculpture for Beginners
318033: CARLO MARIA MARIANA - Carlo Maria Mariani. Sollemnis Caerimonia. April 1987
316007: VIORICA GUY MARICA - Ingres
22000: JEAN H. MARIEJOL - Master of the Armada
328163: THERESE MARIN - Plus Un Regard (Roman)
2357: LUCIE MARION - The Home Chef
327570: GEORGE MARION - All Quiet in the Kremlin
317968: GEOFF HAMILTON. MARION AND PADDY LIGHTFOOT - Geoff Hamilton's Gardener's Challenge
323838: RICHARD MARIUS - Thomas More. A Biography
5507: CHRISTOPHER A. MARKHAM - Pewter Marks and Old Pewter Ware
21849: FELIX MARKHAM - Oxford
317087: URSULA MARKHAM - The Crystal Workbook. A Complete Guide to Working with Crystals
321449: CALVERT MARKHAM - The Top Consultant. Developing Your Skills for Greater Effectiveness
322265: KYSNIA MARKO - Embroidery Including over 60 Stitches and Many Original Projects.
22496: WM. MARKOWITZ AND B. GUINOT, EDITORS - Continental Drift, Secular Motion of the Pole and Rotation of the Earth
22548: LILO MARKRICH - Oriental Iron-on Transfer Patterns
326101: CLAUDE MARKS - Theatre Sketchbook
15185: JOYCE MARLOW - The Oak and the Ivy
315437: DEREK MARLOWE - Nancy Astor. The Lady from Virginia. A Novel
326292: OVID. CHARLES D. YOUNG, TRANSLATOR. ALSO CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE - The Art of Love. Ovid. Publius Ovidius Naso. Together with the Elegies
319352: DOW MARMUR - Six Lives. A Memoir
322547: HAROLD MARNHAM AND W. O. ROUSTON - The Public Utilities Street Works Act 1950
315894: PATRICK MARNHAM - So Far from God. A Journey to Central America
20204: GEORGE MARPLES AND ANNE MARPLES - Sea Terns Or Sea Swallows
316968: MORRIS MARPLES - Poor Fred and the Butcher. Sons of George Ii
316439: DAVID MARQUAND - The New Reckoning. Capitalism, States and Citizens
7245: GABRIEL GARCIE MARQUEZ - El Coronel No Tiene Quien le Escriba
21841: DON MARQUIS - Archy and Mehitabel
317331: JOHN MARRIAGE - Chelmsford Past and Present
33682: JOHN MARRINER - Trebizond and Beyond
1814: JOHN MARRIOTT - Submarine
8163: EWART N. MARRIOTT - The Iron and Steel Industry As a Career
318217: LOUIS E. MARRITS - Modeled Portrait Sculpture
328614: CAPTAIN MARRYAT - Masterman Ready Or the Wreck of the Pacific
328641: CAPTAIN MARRYAT - Masterman Ready Or the Wreck of the Pacific
2542: F. ST. MARS - Snap-Shots of the Wild
313096: ALASTAIR MARS - Unbroken. The Story of a Submarine
12916: HENRY LATHROPE MARSDEN - Morgan's Brood
19280: SIMON MARSDEN - A Journal of a Ghosthunter
314911: PETER MARSDEN - The Historic Shipwrecks of South-East England
323151: KATHRYN MARSDEN - The Original Hay Diet. Food Combining Diet
10558: DANIEL L. MARSH - The American Canon
12441: REGINALD MARSH - Anatomy for Artists
15280: TESS MARSH - The Children's Book of Embroidery
319146: PETER MARSH - Robots. Superbly Illustrated Analysis of the Robotics Age from Today's Automated Assembly Lines to the Intelligent Machines of the Future
321720: RICHARD MARSH - Irish King and Hero Tales
328767: LYN MARSH - A Peasantõs Guide to Canada
317176: JEAN MARSH - The Illuminated Language of Flowers
325466: NGAIO MARSH - The Christmas Tree
320129: NGAIO MARSH - Perspectives. The New Zealander and the Visual Arts
55: JAMES VANCE MARSHALL - A River Ran out of Eden
3015: ALAN MARSHALL - Bumping Into Friends
18871: BEATRICE MARSHALL - Nancy's Nephew Or Mike's First Campaign
19010: BRENDA MARSHALL - Mr. Pickwick's Plentiful Portions
324827: MARK C. MARSHALL - Yellowstone Trails. A Hiking Guide
316981: HENRY MARSHALL - Ceylon. A General Description of the Island and Its Inhabitants with an Historical Sketch of the Conquest of the Colony By the English
324103: PETER MARSHALL - The First Easter
316167: JANE MARSHALL - Abbeys of England. Three Tours of England's Wonderful Abbeys
319347: ROSALIND K. MARSHALL - Henrietta Maria, the Intrepid Queen
318229: ROBERT K. MARSHALL - Julia Gwynn. A Novel. An American Gothic Tale
328039: JOHN MARSHALL - Metre Gauge Railways in South and East Switzerland
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7631: SARNOFF A. MEDNICK - Learning
2233: CHARLES L. MEE, JR. - Meeting at Potsdam
317019: ARTHUR MEE - The King's England. London: The City and Westminster
317020: ARTHUR MEE - The King's England. Hertfordshire
314172: ARTHUR MEE - Lincoln
317016: ARTHUR MEE - The King's England. Dorset. Thomas Hardy's Country
321756: ARTHUR MEE - Arthur Mee's Canterbury. The Shrine and Cradle of Our Faith
326831: GRAHAM MEE - Aristocratic Enterprise. The Fitzwilliam Industrial Undertakings 1795-1857.
316698: AIDAN MEEHAN - Celtic Patterns Painting Book
15701: DAVID MEEK AND TOM TYRRELL - Manchester United in Europe
328161: MARJA DE HAAN. TRANSLATED BY BARBARA MEES - Knit Together, Share Together. Simple Knitting for All the Family
313976: MYSTIC MEG - Mystic Meg's Astrosex. New Lovers' Guide to the Stars
316949: A. J. MEGAHEY - A History of Cranleigh School
4510: GITA MEHTA - Raj
327165: VED MEHTA - Daddyji
326640: SID MEIER - Sid Meierõs Colonization. Create a New Nation
18613: PEG MEIER AND DAVE WOOD - The Pie Lady of Winthrop and Other Minnesota Tales
326651: SID MEIER - Sid Meierõs Civilization. Build an Empire to Stand the Test of Time.
321764: HENRY W. MEIKLE - Scotland. A Description of Scotland and Scottish Life.
318967: OTTO F. A. MEINARDUS - Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity
322358: MARTIN MEISEL - Shaw and the Nineteenth Century Theater
1119: ANDREW MEISELS - Son of a Star
15317: A. MELANDRI - Mademoiselle Colibri. Tome 1
313137: MICHAEL MELFORD - Botham Rekindles the Ashes. The Daily Telegraph Story of the õ81 Test Series
16755: HOWARD MELL AND ERIC FISHER - Making Pictures and Patterns
324830: JEAN MELLANBY - Odd Objects
320771: KENNETH MELLANBY - Can Britain Feed Itself?
314157: PETER MELLEN - The Group of Seven
321123: LEONARD MELLING - With the Eighth in Italy. Chapter 1" from Salerno to the Garigliano By H.W. Melling
32135: DAVID MELLOR - Bill Brandt. Behind the Camera Photographs 1928-1983
320581: J. W.MELLOR - Tables to Facilitate the Calculation of Formulae from Analyses and Recipes. Reprinted from English Ceramic Society's Transactions Vol. Xii. 1913-14
322627: HUGH W. MELLOR - The Role of Voluntary Organisations in Social Welfare
328116: HERMAN MELLVILLE - Three Stories. Bartleby. Benito Cereno. Billy Budd
315192: GEORGE MELLY - Great Lovers. Paintings By Walter Dorin
326975: NIKOLAI TODOROV; LYUBOMIR DINEV; LYUBEN MELNISHKI - Bulgaria. Historical and Geographical Outline
5895: G. J. WHYTE-MELVILLE - Market Harborough
8507: ALAN MELVILLE - Gnomes and Gardens
33706: ALAN MELVILLE - Merely Melville. An Autobiography
17340: MELVIN AND ANITA BENARDE - Beach Holidays from Portugal to Israel
321673: MAUREEN MELVIN - Paws for Pasta
328793: CONSUELO LUCADE TENA, MANUELA MENA - The Key to the Prado
327722: PAT MENCHINI - The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book
14158: W. H. AUDEN. EDWARD MENDELSON - As I Walked out One Evening
328925: KLAUS MENERT - China Today
6088: DR. WILLIAM C. MENNINGER AND MUNRO LEAF - You and Psychiatry
9437: JOHN MENZIES - Crail Bay Farm
22282: D. W. MENZIES - The Grey People. A Study of the Criminal Mind
322777: FRANK A. MERCER AND RATHBONE HOLME, EDITORS - Art and Industry. March 1952. Volume 52, No. 309
314943: E. H. MERCER - Cells and Cell Structure
324399: NEIL MERCER - Fleet Air Arm
11651: HEINRICH MERCK - Vom Gewesenen Hamburg
18190: BRONWEN MEREDITH - Vogue Young Beauty
315528: MARY MEREDITH - Mary Meredith Cook Book
313504: GEORGE MEREDITH - The Shaving of Shagpat. An Arabian Entertainment
10182: IRIS MERLE - Portuguese Panorama
22639: MERLE AND PHYLLIS GOOD - 20 Most Asked Questions About the Amish and Mennonites
329114: BRIAN MERLIS AND OSCAR ISRAELOWITZ - Welcome Back to Brooklyn
319257: JUDITH MERRELL - One Hundred and One Ideas for Creative Prayers for Group Use
2235: WILLIAM MERRICK - No One of That Name
20456: HUGH MERRICK - Rambles in the Alps
316848: JOHN MERRILL - John Merrill the Story of His 7000 Mile British Coastal Walk
15910: HENRY SETON MERRIMAN - The Isle of Unrest
326084: H. SETON MERRIMAN - The Vultures
323407: BUSTER MERRYFIELD - During the War and Other Encounters. An Autobiography
318281: BARBARA MERTZ - Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs. The Story of Egyptology
313582: ANNABEL MERULLO AND NEIL WENBORN - British Military Greats
315080: W. S. MERWIN - Unframed Originals. Recollections
10313: FERNAND MERY - The Dog
315229: LEONARD MESHOVER AND SALLY FEISTEL - The Guinea Pigs That Went to School
19460: CHARLES MESSENGER - A Pictorial History of World War Ii
323482: CHARLES MESSENGER - The Century of Warfare. Worldwide Conflict from 1900 to the Present Day
314259: CHARLES MESSENGER - World War Two Chronological Atlas. When, Where, How and Why
328149: MICHAEL MESSENGER - The Culm Valley Light Railway
9164: CLAUDE J. W. MESSENT - A Guide to English Architecture
19094: JAN MESSENT - Have You Any Wool?
27823: JAN MESSENT - Embroidery and Nature
310873: JAN MESSENT - Have You Any Wool? the Creative Use of Yarn
324442: JAN MESSENT - Wool'n Magic
322391: JAN MESSENT - Embroidery and Nature.
7367: HAROLD MADISON MESSER - An Introduction to Vertebrate Anatomy
10087: FREDERICK METCALFE - The Englishman and the Scandinavian
311797: JOHN METCALFE - The Body of Christ and the Gifts
327914: THOMAS WASHINGTON-METCALFE - The Life and Adventures of Aloysius O'callaghan
312543: CRANSTOUN METCALFE - Peeresses of the Stage
10239: W. ERTELD, H. J. METTE AND W. ACHTERBERG. - Defects in Wood
320123: ANDRE METTHEY - La Ceramique Fauve. Andre Metthey Et Les Peintres. Exhibition 1996
3733: RUDOLF METZ - Minerals and Precious Stones
22793: RUDOLF METZ - Minerals and Precious Stones
326886: ANDREW PLUMRIDGE. WIM MEULENKAMP - Brickwork. Architecture and Design
319842: A. H. MEUX - Reading Topographical Maps. Metric Edition
5922: F. MEW - Back of the Wight
19196: EGAN MEW - Dresden China.
323207: D. F. BALL, G. MEW AND W. S. G. MACPHEE - Soils of Snowdon
14560: PETER MEYER - L'art En Suisse
15782: F. B. MEYER - Joseph: Beloved, Hated, Exalted.
16298: ALFRED G. MEYER - Marxism Since the Communist Manifesto
317314: L. R. SHAFFER, J. B. RITTER, W. L. MEYER - The Critical-Path Method
324824: CHRISTOPHER MEYER - Fast Cycle Time. How to Align Purpose, Strategy and Structure for Speed
320002: STEPHENIE MEYER - Breaking Dawn
7962: DIRK MEYHOFER - Contemporary European Architects, Volume 2
324386: LAURENCE MEYNELL - Famous Cricket Grounds. A Brief History of Some of the Famous Grounds in England; Together with an Account of Their More Notable Games and Incidents; and the Celebrated Personalities Connected with Them.
319519: ALICE MEYNELL - The School of Poetry
321793: LAURENCE MEYNELL - Men of the Counties 2. Great Men of Staffordshire
317576: LAURENCE MEYNELL - Exmoor
320276: ESTHER MEYNELL - Sussex
319144: J. C. MEZIERES AND P. CHRISTIN. SUZI BAKER, TRANSLATOR - Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent. Heroes of the Quinox
319143: J. C. MEZIERES AND P. CHRISTIN. L. MITCHELL, TRANSLATOR - Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent. World without Stars
28073: AGNES M. MIALL - Soft Toys
315449: AGNES M. MIALL - Those Turbulent Twins
316232: LEONARD MIALL - Inside the Bbc. British Broadcasting Characters
321708: DR. HANS JORG SCHRENK. THOMAS MICEK - Icelandic Ponies
21793: MICHAEL AND SYBIL BROWN - Food & Wine of France
313682: PETER COWLIN. MICHAEL AND JUNE COWLIN, EDITORS - Truth Is Veiled. A Practical Guide to Life and Death
12090: L. S. MICHAELIS - How the Body Works
322253: H. J. L. J. MASSE. REVISED BY RONALD F. MICHAELIS - The Pewter Collector
18053: MICHELIN - Michelin Guide France 2000
18223: MICHELIN - Michelin Guide France1955
2868: JOHN MICHELL - Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions
14274: JOHN MICHELL - Who Wrote Shakespeare
314023: JOHN MICHELL. - A Little History of Astro-Archaeology. Stages in the Transformation of a Heresy
321095: DIANA MICHENER - Dogs, Fires, Me
311346: PENNY MICKELBURY - One Must Wait. A Novel
14217: LAURENT MICLET - Structural Methods in Pattern Recognition
27857: SARA MIDDA - In and out of the Garden
323373: SARA MIDDA - In and out of the Garden
317999: SARA MIDDA - In and out of the Garden
321885: SARA MIDDA - Sketchbook from Southern France
19581: KEITH MIDDLEMAS - The Double Market
15397: F. C. LE MANQUAIS. THOMAS MIDDLEMASS - Railway Reflections
1473: MICHAEL MIDDLETON - Man Made the Town
2438: IAN MIDDLETON - Pet Shop
10618: CHRISTOPHER MIDDLETON - Nonsequences
325749: JUDY MIDDLETON - Hove in Old Picture Postcards
328677: CHRISTOPHER MIDDLETON. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Selected Poems
327635: W. E. KNOWLES MIDDLETON - The History of the Barometer
327414: G. A. T. MIDDLETON - The Principles of Architectural Perspective Prepared Chiefly for the Use of Students, with Chapters on Isometric Drawing and the Preparation of Finished Perspectives
317193: C. H. MIDDLETON - Outlines of a Small Garden
325744: JUDY MIDDLETON - Ancient Hove
327059: DOROTHY MIDDLETON - Baker of the Nile
317791: EDWARD C. MIDGALSKI AND GEORGE S. FICHTER - The Fresh and Salt Water Fish (Fishes) of the World
29368: MARY MIDGLEY - Utopias, Dolphins and Computers. Problems of Philosophical Plumbing
319868: MARY MIDGLEY - Science As Salvation. A Modern Myth and Its Meaning
326806: ROY MIDMER - English Mediaeval Monasteries 1066-1540. A Summary
32137: ANDRE MIGOT - Tibetan Marches
315902: GEORGE MIKES - Milk and Honey. Israel Explored
318052: ROBERT MIKESH - Restoring Museum Aircraft
327431: N. P. MIKESHIN - Theories and Critical Studies. History Versus Anti-History. A Critique of the Bourgeois Falsification of the Postwar History of the Cpsu
5889: HUGH MILES AND MIKE SALISBURY - The Kingdom of the Ice Bear
14940: SALLY MILES - Natural Collage
15036: SARAH MILES - Bolt from the Blue
17854: PETER MILES - A Gift of Observation
21955: BERNARD MILES AND J. C. TREWIN - Curtain Calls
324509: ALFRED H. MILES - Fifty-Two Stories of the British Navy from Damme to Trafalgar
6753: D. S. MILFORD - Hockey
324738: RALPH MILIBAND - The State in Capitalist Society. The Analysis of the Western System of Power
314851: MARY WOLSTONECRAFT. JOHN STUART MILL - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. The Subjecton of Women
320629: OLIVER MILLAR - Van Dyck in England
10351: RONALD MILLAR - A View from the Wings
317578: ERIC DYMOCK. ROBERT H. MILLAR - Scotland By Car
7600: OSCAR E. MILLARD - Uncensored
328782: RICHARD DE MILLE - Castaneda's Journey. The Power and the Allegory
2199: DOUGLAS MILLER - Earlier Days
6268: JACK MILLER - Life in Russia Today
11106: HENRY MILLER - Crazy Cock
12192: WARREN MILLER - The Way We Live Now
12805: M. MILLER - Training and Ownership
13579: CHARLES MILLER - Life Among the Cannibals
14335: ROBERT MILLER - Arguments Against Secular Culture
19042: PAUL R. MILLER - Sense and Symbol
20353: FRANCIS TREVELYAN MILLER - General Douglas Macarthur, Soldier - Statesman
22351: PEGGY MILLER - Life in Elizabethan London
22999: REV. G. H. MILLER - Litlington
320778: W.E. MILLER - Radio Circuits. Step By Step Survey of Superhet Receivers
328611: W. E. MILLER - Radio Circuits. A Step By Step Survey of Superhet Receivers
27797: ANDREW MILLER - The Earl of Petticoat Lane
28090: T. G. MILLER - Geology and Scenery in Britain
328123: JON MILLER - How to Fool Your Brain
328646: W. E. MILLER - Television Explained
34479: HARRY MILLER - Halls of Dartford 1785-1985
321161: HENRY D. R. MILLER - The Management of Change in Universities. Universities, State and Economy in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom
324251: EDWARD MILLER - The History and Antiquities of Doncaster and Its Vicinity with Anecdotes of Eminent Men
327885: JUDITH MILLER - Period Fireplaces. A Practical Guide to Period-Style Decorating
35697: RAY MILLER - Ray Miller's Houston
320873: MARY ELLEN MILLER - The Art of Mesoamerica from Olmec to Aztec
325353: EDWIN HAVILAND MILLER - Salem Is My Dwelling Place. A Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne
326404: LYN LESTINGER-MILLER - The Artists of Brown County
322635: W. C. MILLER - Feeding Ponies
323768: ARTHUR I. MILLER - Empire of the Stars. Friendship, Obsession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes
328613: W. E. MILLER - Television Explained
319045: CHRISTIAN MILLER - A Childhood in Scotland.
315748: ALICE MILLER - Breaking Down the Wall of Silence to Join the Waiting Child
324996: EVELYN MILLER - The T.F. H. Book of Budgerigars
326326: MADELINE MILLER - The Song of Achilles
21865: RICHARD MILLINGTON - A Twitcher's Diary. The Birdwatching Year of Richard Millington
313123: ROGER MILLINGTON - The Strange World of the Crossword
318780: WINIFRED MILLINGTON - Pitman Shorthand Theory Workbook. Graded to the New Course
320036: KERRY MILLIRON - Star Wars Episode I. Watch out Jar Jar!
16839: THOMAS R. MILLMAN - Jacob Mountain First Lord Bishop of Quebec
2306: JOHN FITZMAURICE MILLS - The Care of Antiques
5037: GEOFFREY MILLS - On the Board
5891: GARY B. MILLS - The Forgotten People
13590: STANLEY G. MILLS - Fountain Splashes
14912: MARGARET MILLS - The Morse Code for Radio Amateurs
14962: BEVERLY MILLS AND ALICIA ROSS - Desperation Dinners!
325097: DICK MILLS - A Fishkeeper's Guide to Coldwater Fishes
316047: JOHN FITZMAURICE MILLS - Collecting Now: Know Your Picture
1574: JAMES LEES-MILNE - The National Trust
7946: JENNI MILNE - Silk Painting
16467: A. A. MILNE - A World of Winnie-the-Pooh
327565: SEUMAS MILNE - The Enemy Within. Mi5 Maxwell and the Scargill Affair
322024: JUDITH MILNE - Flowers in Watercolour.
317217: JAMES LEES-MILNE - The National Trust. A Record of Fifty Years' Achievement
323158: A. A. MILNE - Winnie the Pooh. The Complete Collection of Stories and Poems
321871: A. A. MILNE - The Day's Play
319501: GUSTAV MILNE - Excavations at Medieval Cripplegate, London. Archaeology After the Blitz 1946-68
322280: A. A. MILNE - The Albatross Modern Continental Library. Volume 205. Four Days' Wonder
323272: DENNIS MILNER AND EDWARD SMART - The Loom of Creation. A Study of the Purpose and the Forces That Weave the Pattern of Existence
21694: G. TURQUET-MILNES - Apples I Have Picked
14414: ALEXANDER MILOVSKY - Keepers of Beauty
26953: LESLEY MILROY - Observing and Analysing Natural Language
5980: J. R. MILSOME - Modelling with Foil
311257: FRED MILSON - The Bike Book
17428: JEFF MILSTEIN - Building Cardboard Dollhouses
313947: RICHARD MILTON - Forbidden Science. Suppressed Research That Could Change Our Lives
328866: GILES MILTON - White Gold. The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and North Africa's One Million European Slaves
328883: GILES MILTON - Samurai William. The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan
16369: LIN MIN - Red Flag Canal
17919: PAUL S. MINEAR - Commands of Christ
323096: GORDON MINGAY - Mrs. Hurst Dancing and Other Scenes from Regency Life 1812-1823.
6421: PAOLINO MINGAZZINI - Greek Pottery Painting
10305: R. J. MINNEY - The Bogus Image of Bernard Shaw
322801: R. J. MINNEY - The Tower of London
320926: R. J. MINNEY - Viscount Southwood.
13735: ROGER MINSHULL - Regional Geography
7205: DAVIDE C. MINTER - Modern Needlecraft
13731: EMILE MIREAUX - Daily Life in the Time of Homer
323814: ANDREI MAYLUNAS & SERGEI MIRONENKO - A Lifelong Passion. Nicholas and Alexandra. Their Own Story
322746: ROHINTON MISTRY - Such a Long Journey
2096: ALAN MITCHELL - Lambert's Birds of Garden and Woodland
3801: VIC MITCHELL AND KEITH SMITH - Waterloo to Woking
5041: ANNETTE MITCHELL - The Country Diary Book of Knitting
5676: S. WEIR MITCHELL - Hugh Wynne
10980: G. A. G. MITCHELL AND D. MAYOR - The Essentials of Neuroanatomy
11988: ANDREW MITCHELL - A Fragile Paradise
16521: W. I. MITCHELL - The Ordovician Brachiopoda from Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone
16554: C. BRADFORD MITCHELL - Touching the Adventures and Perils . . .
25591: MAIRIN MITCHELL - Berengaria. Enigmatic Queen of England
311298: JAN MITCHELL - Eric Mitchell 1963-1986
328360: VIC MITCHELL AND KEITH SMITH - Branch Lines to East Grinstead
322918: DAVID J. MITCHELL - All Aboard! the Canadian Rockies By Train
322355: VIC MITCHELL AND KEITH SMITH - Branch Lines to Horsham
320170: PETER MITCHELL - The Art of the Western World. Dutch Painting.
326067: VAL MITCHELL AND SELINA COLLINS - You Can Christmas Scoubidou. Knot Your Way to the Best Christmas Ever
313393: MARY MITCHELL - A Warning to Wantons. A Fantastic Romance Setting Forth the Not Undeserved But Awful Fate Which Befell a Minx
328879: HENRY MITCHELL - The Essential Earthman
326859: W. R. MITCHELL - Harrogate Past
9934: LOIS MITCHISON - China
324511: MARY RUSSELL MITFORD - Our Village
322816: MARY RUSSELL MITFORD - Our Village. Illustrated Edition
322276: STEVEN MITHEN - After the Ice. A Global Human History 20,000-5000 Bc
320634: TADANARI MITSUOKA - Ceramic Art of Japan. Tourist Library Vol. 8
5688: R. G. MITTON. - Heat
318552: C. LESLIE MITTON - The Epistle of James
318440: C. LESLIE MITTON - The New Century Bible Commentary. Based on the Revised Standard Version Ephesians
22626: PAUL E. MIX - The Life and Legend of Tom Mix
316735: BRONISLAW MLYNARSKI - Catalogue 23, 1968. Books on Musical Literature
322083: ELIZABETH MOAD - Thrilling Quilling. The Ultimate Quiller's Sourcebook
315574: JOHN MOAT - Fiesta and the Fox Reviews His Prophecy
26946: MICHAEL MOBBS - Britain's South Asian Languages
25104: VILHELM MOBERG - Min Svenska Historia. Berā‚¬Ttad Fā€¦R Folket. Andra Delen. FrĀN Englebrekt Till Och Med Dacke
25105: VILHELM MOBERG - Min Svenska Historia. Berā‚¬Ttad Fā€¦R Folket. Fā€¦Rsta Delen. FrĀN Oden Till Engelbrekt
25108: VILHELM MOBERT - Invandrarna. Roman
20821: ELSIE MOCHRIE - Vellum Lampshades
22692: ELSIE MOCHRIE - Simple Weaving
24913: MARY MODAHL - Now Or Never
31676: COLETTE MODIANO - Twenty Snobs and Mao. Travelling de Luxe in Communist China
320907: VIRGINIA MOE - Animal Inn
16709: MICHAEL MOELLERING - Hollywood Goddeses
314101: ALFRED MOFFAT - Curly Locks

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