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14141: ELAINE KAYE - A History of Queen's College, London 1848-1972
18122: MARVIN KAYE - The Complete Magician
318606: DAVID KAYE - The Darwen County Series. A History of Nottinghamshire
3064: JOHN B. KEANE - A Christmas Surprise
23956: MOLLY KEANE - Molly Keane's Nursery Cooking
31611: FERGAL KEANE - All of These People. A Memoir
324335: JOHN KEANE - Tom Paine. A Political Life
313994: B. L. KEARLEY - Riding Made Easy
325670: PAUL MIKULA, BRIAN KEARNEY AND RODNEY HARBER - Traditional Hindu Temples in South Africa
3568: R. KEARTON - Wild Nature's Ways
3572: R. KEARTON - Our Rarer British Breeding Birds
14082: RUSSELL KEAT - The Politics of Social Theory
10221: THOMAS KEATING - Awakenings
310123: H. R. F. KEATING - Mrs. Crags Crimes Cleaned Up
317670: LAURENCE J. KEATING. - The Great Mary Celeste Hoax. A Famous Sea Mystery Exposted
27867: DIANA KEAY - The Book of Smocking
328117: KENNETH KEAY - Puss in Boots. A Tale from the Land of Nod
7751: JENNY KEE - Knits from Nature
319853: BRIAN KEEBLE - Art for Whom and for What?
323778: GERTRUDE A. KEECH - One Inheritance. A Family History
1337: VANESSA KEEGAN - Vanessa Keegan's Machine Knitting Book
322256: KEVIN KEEGAN - Kevin Keegan
316972: E.L. KEEGEL - Monographs on Tea Production in Ceylon. No. 4. Tea Manufacture in Ceylon
18427: FRANK KEELING - Constructional Carpentry
316703: MICHAEL KEELING - Morals in a Free Society
317073: JIM KEELING - The Terracotta Garden. Creative Ideas from Leading Gardeners
13383: LIANE KEEN - Make a Meal of It
326481: LAURENCE KEEN AND CHARLOTTE LINDGREN - William Barnes. The Dorset Engravings
315776: MARY KEEN - Colour Your Garden. A Portfolio of Inventive Planting Schemes
2127: RAYMOND W. B. KEENE - Just Across the Road
324129: ORRIN KEEPNEWS AND BILL GRAUER - A Pictorial History of Jazz. People and Places from New Orleans to Modern Jazz
16344: KEESING - The Cultural Revolution in China
318205: TOUSSIE SALOMONSON-KEEZER - In Potjes é En Pannetjes
316202: ELISABETH KEHOE - Fortune's Daughters. The Extravagant Lives of the Jerome Sisters: Jennie Churchill, Clara Frewen and Leonie Leslie
11510: CHARLES KEIL - Tiv Song
313844: DAVID KEIR - The Younger Centuries. The Story of William Younger & Co. Ltd. , 1749 to 1949
313841: AGNES NEWTON KEITH - Three Came Home. Sketches By the Author and Don Johnston
321619: GERRIT J. KEIZER - The Complete Encyclopedia of Mushrooms
19076: JAMES KEKWICK AND JACK HUGHES - The Town and Country Planning Act 1954
326646: SCOTT KELBY - Classic Photoshop Effects.
326648: SCOTT KELBY - Macintosh. The Naked Truth
318296: CHRISTOPHER BROWN, JAN KELCH AND PIETER VAN THIEL - Rembrandt. The Master and His Workshop. Paintings.
320972: DIANE KELDER - The French Impressionists and Their Century
314436: HORST KELLER - Graphic Art of German Expressionism 1972/73
16542: KITTY KELLEY - Nancy Reagan
319338: KELL KELLY AND M. F. DESCHENES - Smocking for Presents
320697: LINDA KELLY - Richard Brinsley Sheridan. A Life
326801: ALISON KELLY - The Book of English Fireplaces
19635: JOHN KELMAN - The Holy Land
327605: MOULTRIE R. KELSALL AND STUART HARRIS - A Future for the Past
11097: E. M. 'MICK' KELSALL - The Riverman's Story
315252: YASHAR KEMAL - The Wind from the Plain
17695: NORMAN KEMISH - Lansdowne House, the Marquis and His Successors. An Unfolding of 180 Years in the History of Paris Smith and Randall
318063: PETER KEMP - Decision at Sea: The Convoy Escorts. Men and Battle
320160: ANTHONY KEMP - Castles in Colour
318183: MARTIN KEMP - Leonardo Seen from the Inside out
322782: PAUL KEMP - Midget Subarmines of the Second World War
17989: LESLEY POLING-KEMPES - The Harvey Girls
317811: VISCOUNT KEMSLEY - The Kemsley Manual of Journalism
320630: ALAN KENDALL - David Garrick. A Biography
22199: R. T. KENDALL - Understanding Theology Volume Ii
28099: JOAN KENDALL - The Development of a Distinctive Form of Quaker Dress
313980: PAUL MURRAY KENDALL - Richard the Third.
22426: JILL S. KENDRICK - Fifty Sea Shells from Herm Island
21829: THOMAS KENEALLY - Homebush Boy
30630: JANOS KENEDI - Faites-le-Vous-Meme. L'economie Parallele En Hongrie
315107: RUDOLPH KENNA - Glasgow Art Deco
315465: GEORGE F. KENNAN - The Other Balkan Wars. A 1913 Carnegie Endowment Inquiry in Retrospect with a New Introduction and Reflections on the Present Conflict
328224: DAVID KENNARD - The Dogs of Windcutter Down. One Shepherd's Struggle for Survival
2053: EUGENE KENNEDY AND SARA C. CHARLES - On Becoming a Counsellor
2642: MICHAEL KENNEDY - The Sea Angler's Fishes
14916: JEAN KENNEDY - Isle of Devils
22717: DOUGLAS KENNEDY - In God's Country
328114: RANKIN KENNEDY - The Modern Machine Shop. Its Tools, Practice and Design. A Practical Work, Etc. Volume Iii
311221: D.E. KENNEDY - The Security of Southern Asia
324197: LUDOVIC KENNEDY - Thirty Six Murders and Two Immoral Earnings
325308: G. A. STUDDERT KENNEDY - The Unutterable Beauty. The Collected Poetry of G.A. Studdert Kennedy
321482: CAROL KENNEDY - Guide to the Management Gurus. Short Cuts to the Ideas of Leading Management Thinkers
314733: MAUD KENNEDY - The Flowering Tree
316136: JOHN KENNEDY - Tommy Steele. The Facts About a Teenage Idol and an "Inside" Picture of Show Business
10284: HUGH KENNER - A Colder Eye
2811: KENNETH AND MARGUERITE FAWDRY - Pollock's History of English Dolls and Toys
324092: FRANCES KENNETT - Folk Medicine Fact and Fiction. Age-Old Cures. Alternative Medicine. Natural Remedies
322677: JOHN T. KENNEY - "Truth in a Tale" Series. The Grey Pony
6450: BRUCE KENRICK - Come out the Wilderness
24866: CHRISTIE'S SOUTH KENSINGTON - Sale of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Auction Catalogues 1980
11957: WILLIAM KENT - My Lord Mayor
18474: VIOLET KENT - The Player's Library and Bibliography of the Theatre
318478: JOHN KENT - The Age of Disunity
328532: DAVID KENT AND NORMA TOWNSEND, EDITOR - Joseph Mason, Assigned Convict. 1831-1837
328072: JOAN KENT - Binder Twine and Rabbit Stew
324069: NICOLAS KENT - Naked Hollywood. Money, Power and the Movies
318829: ROCKWELL KENT - N By E
315840: WILLIAM KENT - Walks in London
326363: LOUIS KENTNER - Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides. Piano
317216: LOUIS KENTNER - Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides. Piano
4694: LESLIE KENTON - The Biogenic Diet
324476: LESLIE & SUSANNAH KENTON - Raw Energy. Eat Your Way to Radiant Health
14500: ANNE KENYON - Embroidery and Design on Patterned Fabric
312539: OLGA KENYON - Womenõs Voices Through Two Thousand Years of Letters. Their Lives and Loves Through Two Thousand Years of Letters
315650: LEVI KEOGH - Sale of Iris Murdoch Collection Spring 2010
318954: ERIC KEOWN - Theatre World Monograph No. 3. Peggy Ashcroft
310918: KER AND CLEAVER - Heroes of Exploration
26440: MESTO KERAMIKY - Bechyne 1884-1994. 110 Let Stredni Prumyslove Skoly Keramicke
323805: FRANK KERMODE AND ANITA KERMODE - The Oxford Book of Letters
323852: FRANK KERMODE AND ANITA KERMODE - The Oxford Book of Letters
20811: EMIL KERN AND A. E. ROUSSY - Technique de L'alpinisme
2553: COULSON KERNAHAN - The Garden of God and Other Nature-Fancies and Studies
321141: MRS. COULSON KERNAHAN - The Trap
4778: JEAN KERR - The Snake Has All the Lines
15301: GEORGE F. NORDENHOLT, JOSEPH KERR AND JOHN SASSO - Handbook of Mechanical Design
19354: GRAHAM KERR - The New Seasoning
318892: JANICE KERR - Medical Words and Phrases
322966: JESSICA KERR - Shakespeare's Flowers
313036: LENNOX KERR - Cruising in Scotland. The Log of the Migrant.
318430: MARTIN JARRETT-KERR - Our Trespasses. A Study in Christian Penitance
6346: D. P. KERRIGAN - Supplement to Hill and Kerrigan on the Town and Country Planning Act 1947
317692: COLM KERRIGAN - A History of Tower Hamlets
16711: KRISTINE KERSHUL - Japanese in 10 Minutes a Day
310372: ANTHONY F. KERSTING AND JOHN ASHDOWN - The Buildings of Oxford.
314654: A. F. KERSTING AND ANTHONY THORNE - Prospect of London
320137: DAVID KESSLER - The Falashas. The Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia
321255: ED KESSLER - People's Bible Studies. The Good Samaritan. Secrets of the Parables 1
318024: JOSEPH A. KESTNER - Masculinities in Victorian Painting
17250: RICHARD M. KETCHUM - The Battle for Bunker Hill
320772: WILLIAM C. KETCHUM - Simple Beauty. The Shakers in America
12587: J. O. KETTERIDGE - Dictionary of Technical Terms and Phrases
328282: CHRISTOPHER KETTERIDGE AND SPIKE MAYS - Five Miles from Bunkum. A Village and Its Crafts
322492: JOHN R. KETTERINGHAM - Lincolnshire Natives and Others
322493: JOHN KETTERINGHAM - Lincolnshire People
313819: EVA KEULS - The World in Colour. Greece
10490: SARAH KEY - Freddie. A Diary of a Cot Death
28286: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Frances Parkinson Keyes Cookbook
322048: BRENDA KEYES - Traditional Samplers
316509: PAUL KEZDI - You and Your Heart
12873: LE-BA-KHAHAN AND LE-BA-KONG - Vietnamese-English/English-Vietnamese Dictionary
321684: MI MI KHAING - Burmese Family
22732: IMRAN KHAN - Indus Journey. A Personal View of Pakistan
317091: OLGA KHARITIDI - Entering the Circle. Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered By a Russian Psychiatrist
1800: SABIHA KHOKHAR - A Taste of Baltistan
327492: N. S. KHRUSHCHEV - Khrushchev in America
327308: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - Disarmament and Colonial Freedom
327927: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - Soviet Booklet No. 79. Soviet Policy on Germany. "We Propose Peace . . " Speeches By N.S. Khrushchov and Documents of the Soviet Governmentjune-Sepember 1961
327665: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - Soviet Booklet No. 71. N.S. Khrushchov in France, 1960. A Collection of Speeches and Addresses
327772: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - World without Arms World without Wars. Book 2
4548: CORVINA KIADO - Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook
5398: JOHN KIDD - On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man
327553: RONALD KIDD - British Liberty in Danger. An Introduction to the Study of Civil Rights
323870: JANE KIDD - The Better Horse. Breeding and Training for Equestrian Sports
321458: HARRY KIDD - The Trouble at the L.S. E. 1967-1967
316517: HARRY KIDD - The Trouble at L.S. E. 1966-1967
21367: F. S. KIDDER - Triangulation Applied to Sheet Metal Pattern Cutting
318584: MARTIN KIDDLE - The Moffatt New Testament Commentary. The Revelation of St. John
325059: PAULINE KIDNER - My Secret World
15035: PETER KIDSON AND PETER MURRAY - A History of English Architecture
11193: SOREN KIERKEGAARD - Fear and Trembling. The Book on Adler
6698: THOMAS KIERNAN - Olivier - the Life of Laurence Olivier
19405: V. G. KIERNAN - Poets Politics the People
18604: CHARLES KIGHTLY - Strongholds of the Realms
328194: CHARLES KIGHTLY - Strongholds of the Realm
318323: DENNIS KILEY - South Africa
8815: D. H. KILLEFFER - The Genius of Industrial Research
325260: MARY KILLEN - Dear Mary. The Spectator Book of Solutions. A Hilarious Handbook of Offbeat Etiquette
327069: MAJOR ROBERT KILN - D-Day to Arnhem with Hertfordshire's Gunners. A Personal Account
13179: ROGER KILROY - The Compleat Loo
326089: JEROME KILTY - Dear Liar. A Biography in Two Acts
14620: DETTE KIM - Paperworks
19141: GEORGE H. T. KIMBLE - Tropical Africa. Volume I: Land and Livelihood
1886: EMILY KIMBROUGH - Hand in Hand
13223: EMILY KIMBROUGH - Pleasure By the Busload
22163: EMILY KIMBROUGH - Forever Old, Forever New
21040: G. T. KIMMINS - The Masque of the Children of the Empire
316970: DENNIS KINCAID - British Social Life in India 1608-1937.
319844: DAVID KINDERSLEY - Mr. Eric Gill. Further Thoughts By an Apprentice
2853: HUGH BARTY-KING - The Baltic Exchange
4514: ANGELA KING - Knit Two
10687: HUGH BARTY-KING - Water the Book
12903: RONALD KING - Royal Kew
13554: TOM KING - In the Shadow of the Giants
14093: ROBERT D. KING - Historical Linguistics and Generative Grammar
14228: MARTIN V. DEISE, CONRAD NOWIKOW, PATRICK KING AND AMY WRIGHT - Executive's Guide to E-Business from Tactics to Strategy
16633: SHIRLEY KING - Dining with Marcel Proust
17539: JESSIE M. KING - Drawings of Paris
22290: GRAHAM ROSE, PETER KING AND DAVID SQUIRE - The Love of Roses. From Myth to Modern Culture
22848: CORETTA SCOTT KING - My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.
27709: HUGH BARTY-KING - Scratch a Surveyor
27700: GORDON J. KING - Colour Television Servicing
319847: BRUCE KING - Buildings of Earth and Straw. Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-Bale Architecture
318395: ROSS KING - Brunelleschi's Dome. The Story of the Great Cathedral in Florence
311780: CECIL KING - Atlantic Charter
318952: CECIL KING - Strictly Personal
317274: E. J. KING - The Propagation of Plants
317982: DONALD KING - Textiles from the Sangiorgi Collection
311212: BILLIE JEAN KING WITH CYNTHIA STARR - We Have Come a Long Way. The Story of Women's Tennis
322164: COLONEL E. J. KING - The Knights of St. John in the British Empire, Being the Official History of the British Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
320401: FLEET ADMIRAL ERNEST J. KING - U.S. Navy at War 1941-1945. Official Reports to the Secretary of the Navy
322645: MRS. HARRY (HELEN) KING - How to Hook Rugs
319489: PATRICIA KING - Dolls' House Fireplaces and Stoves
37421: FRANCIS KING - The Japanese Umbrella and Other Stories
324741: M. TRUBY KING - Mothercraft
325650: EDMUND KING - Medieval England from Hastings to Bosworth
328916: ROSS KING - Brunelleschi's Dome. The Story of the Great Cathedral in Florence
323097: JESSIE M. KING - The Grey City. A Brook of Drawings.
321898: CONSTANCE EILEEN KING - The Collector's History of Dolls
328871: A. W. KINGLAKE - Picador Travel Classics. Eothen. Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East.
321230: RICHARD KINGSBURY - The Realities of University Life
313032: ROSEMARY KINGSLAND - After the Ball Was over. A Novel
323898: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Yeast. A Problem
316394: CHARLES KINGSLEY. - Westward Ho! Or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight of Burrough in the County of Devon in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth Rendered Into Modern English
323197: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Heroes Or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children
327451: HIS WIFE, F.E. KINGSLEY - Charles Kingsley. His Letters and Memories of His Life
13653: WILLIAM H. G. KINGSTON - Mark Seaworth
14636: W. H. G. KINGSTON - The Three Admirals
326010: W. H. G. KINGSTON - The Kingston Library. My First Voyage to Southern Seas
321537: W. H. G. KINGSTON - Afar in the Forest
328610: WILLIAM H. G. KINGSTON. - The Swiss Family Robinson. A New Translation from the Original German. Revised Edition
326348: W. H. G. KINGSTON - In the Rocky Mountains
22678: IAN KINLOCH - Figments and Fragments
318721: ANGUS I. KINNEAR - Against the Tide. The Story of Watchman Nee
316940: G. P. R. BALFOUR-KINNEAR - Flying Salmon
33739: LORD KINROSS - Europa Minor. Journeys in Coastal Turkey
2847: ANTHONY KINSEY - The Art of Screen Printing
21934: LISA KINSMAN - Chinese Entertaining
7738: RUDYARD KIPLING - Soldiers Three
20930: RUDYARD KIPLING - Twenty-One Tales
22018: RUDYARD KIPLING - Supplication of the Black Aberdeen
321981: RUDYARD KIPLING - Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Inclusive Edition 1885-1918. Volumes I, Ii, and Iii. [3 Volume Set]
1067: SIR NORMAN KIPPING - Summing Up
9975: HAMILTON KIRK - Index of Treatment in Small-Animal Practice
22617: HAMILTON KIRK - The Cat's Medical Dictionary
318363: THE REVD. BRIAN KIRK - The Tanton Dissenting Academy
314418: J. F. KIRKALDY - Geologists' Association Guide No. 29 Geology of the Weald
325119: J. F. KIRKALDY - Blandford Colour Series. Minerals and Rocks in Colour
323185: J. F. KIRKALDY - Blandford Colour Series. Fossils in Colour
317299: W. H. SCOTT, ENID MUMFORD, I. C. MCGIVERING, J. M. KIRKBY - Social Research Series. Coal and Conflict. A Study of Industrial Relations at Colleries
318022: MICHAEL J. KIRKBY AND IAN DOUGLAS, EDITORS - Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. The Journal of the British Geomorphological Research Group. January-February 1981. Vol. 6, No. 1
316987: W.E. LAKE. TEXT BY NELLIE KIRKHAM - The Pilgrims Way. Camera Studies By W.E. Lake
4853: WALLACE KIRKLAND - Adventures of a Cameraman
16055: SIR IVONE KIRKPATRICK - Mussolini.
16337: THOMAS KIRKUP - An Inquiry Into Socialism
33678: JAMES KIRKUP - Filipinescas. Travels Through the Philippine Islands
25864: ANNA HELENE KIRSCH - Still the Person I Turn to
316633: JOHN W. KIRTON - The Four Pillars of Temperance
325701: BARBARA KISER - Trees and Aftercare. A Practical Handbook
312997: EPHRAIM KISHON - My Family Right Or Wrong. Hilarious Stories
319295: REGINALD KISSACK - The Clue to Rome. Introduction to a City
318740: R. KISSACK - Methodists in Italy
315875: HENRY KISSINGER - Years of Upheaval
318191: HIROSHI KITAMURA - Choices for the Japanese Economy
324332: MOLLY ELDRETT NEE KITCHENER - Mantles and Matches. A Hertfordshire Childhood
315018: KITCHENER - In Memoriam. In Memory of Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum.
326637: SUSAN A. KITCHENS - The Quicktime Vr Book. Creating Immersive Imaging on Your Desktop
7919: C. H. KITSON - Rudiments of Music
310888: H. D. F. KITTO - Form and Meaning in Drama. A Study of Six Greek Plays and of Hamlet
313093: HENRY C. KITTREDGE - Shipmasters of Cape Cod
319069: MICHAEL CHISHOLM. PHILIP KIVELL - Hobart Paper 108. Inner City Waste Land. An Assessment of Government and Market Failure in Land Development
322797: MARGARET BROWN KLAPTHOR - The First Ladies
17105: DONALD L. KLASS - Biomass As a Nonfossil Fuel Source
20829: PHILIP J. KLASS - Ufo-Abductions. A Dangerous Game
325828: RAINER W. KLAUS AND ULRICH STEINMULLER. LAWRENCE P. BUCK - Monemvasia. The Town and Its History
19234: DR. HERMANN J. KLEIN - Star Atlas
22504: H. M. J. KLEIN AND WILLIAM F. DILLER - The History of St. James' Church (Protestant Episcopal) 1744-1944
36230: DR. JOF. KLEIN - Chemie Organischer Teil
36231: DR. JOF. KLEIN - Chemie Organischer Teil
323583: RUDI KLEIN - A Handbook on Tendering and Contracting. A Practical and Easy Reference Guide for Specialist Contractors
316479: JOSEPHINE KLEIN - Working with Groups. The Social Psychology of Discussion and Decision
313431: H. H. KLEINMAN - The Religious Sonnets of Dylan Thomas. A Study in Imagery and Meaning
7328: RICHARD H. KLEMER - A Man for Every Woman
323242: WILLIAM W. KLENKE - The Art of Wood Turning. A Revised and Enlarged Edition of Art and Education in Wood Turning
323915: FLORA KLICKMANN - The Home Art Crochet Book
10786: SUSANNE KLOJGARD - Decorative Boxes
327619: MILTON KLONSKY - William Blake. The Seer and His Visions
7860: HEILA KLOPPER - Filet Crochet
12445: HARRY KLOPPER - To Fire Committed
2107: PHYLLIS KLUGER - Victorian Designs for Needlepoint
19536: PHYLLIS KLUGER - A Needlepoint Gallery of Patterns from the Past
314938: PHYLLIS KLUGER - Victorian Designs for Needlepoint
327452: JAMES KLUGMAN - From Trotsky to Tito
327455: JAMES KLUGMANN - History of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Volume Two: 1925-1927 the General Strike
315973: PROF. PIERRE KLUYSKENS - Vier Uit Sint-Martens-Latem
24096: MALCOLM KNAPP - Grantham. A Pictorial History
1840: JAN KNAPPERT - Kings, Gods & Spirits
317786: JAN KNAPPERT - An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend. Indian Mythology
313135: TIMOTHY KNATCHBULL - From a Clear Blue Sky. Surviving the Mountbatten Bomb
323561: SIGFRID KNAUER - The Wisdom in Human Illness
5764: SEBASTIAN KNEIPP - My Water-Cure
325362: KENTON KNEPPER - Kentonism
313453: GERARD L. KNIETER AND JANE STALLINGS, EDITORS - The Teaching Process and Arts and Aesthetics
6229: CHARLES KNIGHT - Old England: A Pictorial Museum
9640: KOBOLD KNIGHT - Plot Digest
9919: BERNARD H. KNIGHT - Modern Road Construction
12550: JOAN KNIGHT - Journey to Japan
14638: MAXWELL KNIGHT - Animals and Ourselves
18387: DAVID M. KNIGHT - Natural Science Books in English 1600-1900
18731: CAPTAIN FRANK KNIGHT - Voyage to Bengal
20071: F. E. KNIGHT - Four in the Half-Deck
22244: E. F. KNIGHT - With the Royal Tour
322399: GUISEPPE PANZA, CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT. - Art of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. The Panza Collection.
325025: BLACK KNIGHT - The Diary of a Freeman
317278: MAXWELL KNIGHT - Be a Nature Detective
326386: JOHN KNIGHT - Rain in a Dry Land. The Power of God in a War-Torn Country
324099: FRANK KNIGHT - The Golden Age of the Galleon
325902: SUE KNIGHT - Nlp at Work. Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Different That Makes a Difference in Business. 2nd Edition
313063: BRIGID KNIGHT - I Struggle and I Rise. A Novel
314863: PETER KNIGHT - Shadow on Skjarling
324184: PHILLIP KNIGHTLEY, - The First Casualty. The War Correspondent As Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker from the Crimea to Vietnam
323886: PHILLIP KNIGHTLEY AND COLIN SIMPSON - The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia
316217: PHILLIP KNIGHTLEY - The First Casualty. From the Crimea to Vietnam: The War Correspondent As Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker
5561: PAUL KNOBEL - Schone Alte Biertrinkgefasse
324132: KUNO KNOBL WITH ARNO DENNIG - Tai Ki. To the Point of No Return.
321485: RICHARD J. SCHONBERGER. EDWARD M. KNOD - Operations Management: Improving Customer Service. 4th Edition
314080: KONRAD KNOPP - Elements of the Theory of Functions
320551: JOAN KNOTT - Occasional, Paper No. 3. Newcastle Upon Tyne City Libraries. The First 100 Years
314234: PATRICIA KNOWLDEN - The Long Alert 1937-1945
326156: DAVID J. KNOWLES - The Tree Climbers. A Childhood in Brighton
313061: L. C. A. KNOWLES - The Industrial and Commercial Revolutions in Great Britain During the Nineteenth Century
3248: R. A. KNOX - Literary Distractions
311795: CHARLES S. KNOX - Engineering Documentation for Cad/Cam Applications
318429: IAN KNOX - 100 Instant Talks for All Occasions
22155: YUTAKA KOBAYASHI AND DAVID V. MAUDSLEY - Biological Applications of Liquid Scintillation Counting
319903: GUSTAVE KOBBE - How to Understand Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung Being the Story and a Descriptive Analysis of the Rhinegold, the Valkyr, Etc.
327072: HELEN L. KOCH - Twins and Twin Relations
313563: PAUL KOCHER - Master of Middle-Earth. The Achievement of J.R. R. Tolkien
8124: VICTOR DE KOCK - Ons Drie Eeue. Our Three Centuries
323268: MARION KOENIG - The Travels of Marco Polo
323005: H. G. KOENIGSBERGER AND GEORGE L. MOSSE - A General History of Europe. Europe in the Sixteenth Century
11877: CHRISTA KOEPFF - The New Finch Handbook
316564: ARTHUR KOESTLER - Darkness at Noon
316521: ARTHUR KOESTLER - The Thirteenth Tribe
316514: ARTHUR KOESTLER AND C. H. ROLPHE - Hanged By the Neck. An Exposure of Capital Punishment in England
320484: HANS-MICHAEL KOETZLE - Photo Icons. Volume 2. The Story Behind the Pictures 1828-1991
328624: OSWALD KOFLER - Der Schnatterpeck-Altar Zu Lana Bei Meran
316461: MAURICE KOGAN - Educational Policy Making. A Study of Interest Groups and Parliament
316421: MAURICE KOGAN - The Politics of Educational Change
321176: MAURICE KOGAN AND TIM PACKWOOD - Advisory Councils and Committees in Education
7519: ERIC L.KOHLER - A Dictionary for Accountants
316505: WOLFGANG KOHLER - The Mentality of Apes
15342: C. M. KOHN - Wer Lachelt Mit?
327343: VLADIMIR KOKOREV AND ANATOLI REZNIKOVSKY - Southern Africa the Essence of the Conflict
314658: DMITRY KOMISSAROV AND YEFIN GORDON - Ilyushin Il-76 Russia's Versatile Airlifter
317993: MANUEL KOMROFF - Heroes of the Bible
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22386: PAUL G. KONODY - Chardin
22388: P. G. KONODY - Filippo Lippi
327253: ANGUS KONSTAM - The Bismarck 1941. Hunting Germany's Greatest Battleship
14882: TON KOOT - Rembrandt's Night Watch
22784: ANTONINA KOPTAYEVA - Ivan Ivanovich
328472: AL KORAN - Bring out the Magic in Your Mind
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320899: ELVIRA KORF - Elba
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319643: ALBERT KOSLOFF. - Ceramic Screen Printing
325795: STEPHEN KOSS - The Rise and Fall of the Political Press in Britain. Vol. 2 the Twentieth Century
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318766: DAVID KOSSOFF - The Book of Witnesses
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316962: SIR JOHN KOTELAWAL - An Asian Prime Minister's Story
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325906: JOHN KOTTER AND HOLGER RATHGEBER - Our Iceberg Is Melting. Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions
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318508: HENDRIK KRAEMER - Foundations of the Christian Mission. Studies in the Gospel and the World. Why Christianity of All Religions?
7767: EVA FRODL-KRAFT - Die Glasmalerei
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315747: KATE KRAY - The Black Widow. The Life and Crimes of Linda Calvey
324054: MIKE KRECIALA - Eyecatcher
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39492: JAMES KRENOV - The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking
319591: JAMES KRENOV - Worker in Wood
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325917: GARY KROEHNERT - 102 Extra Training Games.
322421: KATE FREILIGRATH KROEKER - The Canterbury Poets Series. Poems Selected from Heinrich Heine
311275: ROSALYN KROKOVER - The New Borzoi Book of Ballets
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318796: UNA KROLL - Trees of Life. The Prayer of Intercession and Its Cost
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7334: DIMITRI P. KRYNINE - Soil Mechanics
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318951: WILLIAM M. KUHN - Henry and Mary Ponsonby. Life in the Court of Queen Victoria
324168: WILLIAM M. KUHN - Henry and Mary Ponsonby. Life at the Court of Queen Victoria
325950: JOHN WHITE KUHRT - A Counting-House Dictionary Containing an Explanation of the Technical Terms Used By Merchants and Bankers in the Money Market and on the Stock Exchange. New Edition
22719: ELIAS KULUKUNDIS - Journey to a Greek Island
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325434: STEPHEN LACEY - The Startling Jungle. Colour and Scent in the Romantic Garden
321239: COLIN LACEY AND DENIS LAWTON - Issues in Evaluation and Accountability
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30996: RENE LAFARGE - Jean-Paul Sartre: His Philosophy
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314860: R. D. LAING - The Facts of Life
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324117: PAUL LAKELAND - The Politics of Salvation. The Hegelian Idea of the State
2191: JIM LAKER - Spinning Round the World
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6087: P. C. M. LAMB - Printing
12000: EDGAR LAMB - The Illustrated Reference on Cacti and Other Succulents, Vol. 1
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323508: ANDREW LAMBIRTH - William Shakespeare. A Biography with the Complete Sonnets.
321327: NIGEL LAMBOURNE - Studio Drawing Books. Drawing People in Action
316004: NIGEL LAMBOURNE - Rembrandt Van Rijn. Paintings, Drawings and Etchings
324828: H. T. LAMBRICK - John Jacob of Jacobabad
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323018: ANTONY LAMBTON - The Mountbattens. The Battenbergs and Young Mountbatten
316024: CATHERINE LAMPERT - Rodin. Sculpture and Drawings
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13509: GODFREY LOCKER LAMPSON - Life in the Country
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319618: OSBERT LANCASTER - With an Eye to the Future
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323601: AUDREY LANCEMAN - A Wartime Childhood
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322774: F. HOWARD LANCUM - Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Bulletin No. 140. Wild Birds and the Land
324360: FRANK LAND - The Language of Mathematics
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314543: NEIL LANDS - History People Places. Burgundy
314539: NEIL LANDS - History People Places. Beyond the Dordogne
316410: HENRY A. LANDSBERGER - Comparative Perspectives on Formal Organizations
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319994: DEREK LANDY - Skullduggery Pleasant. Playing with Fire
319995: DEREK LANDY - Skulduggery Pleasant. Dark Days
319996: DEREK LANDY - Skullduggery Pleasant. Mortal Coil
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317908: CYRIL J. LANE - Flowers of the Countryside
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323297: PETER LANE - Princess Michael of Kent
37414: JANE LANE - Titus Oates
324033: JANE LANE - His Fight Is Ours
316320: ROGER LANE - The Mercers' Company Plate
318269: GORDON LANG - Miller's Pottery and Porelain Marks Including a Comprehensive Guide to Artists, Makers, Factories and Forms.
14085: RONALD W. LANGACKER - Language and Its Structure
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321042: MICHAEL LANGFORD - The Story of Photography. From Its Beginnings to the Present Day
1665: NINA SCOTT LANGLEY - Youth at the Zoo
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322494: ANN YEATES-LANGLEY - Lincoln. A Pictorial History
315895: MICHAEL LANGLEY - When the Pole Star Shone. A History of Exploration
6849: JAN LANGMAN - Medical Embryology
315299: I. A. LANGNAS AND J. S. LIST, EDITORS - Concise Dictionary of Literature
326389: OTTO LANGNEY - The Flute. Practical Tutor for the Flute in Four Systems
324704: RICK LANGSHAW - Geology of the Canadian Rockies
323905: E. L. LANGSTON - Bishop Taylor Smith. A Biography of the Right Reverend John Taylor Smith, Bishop of Sierra Leone
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327679: V. AFANASYEV, A.GALCHINSKY, V. LANTSOV. - Karl Marx's Great Discovery. The Dual Nature of Labour Doctrine: Its Methodological Role
324013: GEOFFREY LAPAGE - A Red Rosette
327489: I. LAPIDUS AND K. OSTROVITYANOV - An Outline of Political Economy. Political Economy and Soviet Economics
3036: MALCOLM LAPRADE - The Man in the Kitchen
22727: BRIAN LARA WITH BRIAN SCOVELL - Beating the Field. My Own Story
318853: JENNIFER REES-LARCOMBE - God's Gloves. Giving and Receiving Care
22821: LAWRENCE LARIAR - Fixit and Be Damned
27772: LAWRENCE LARIAR - Fish and Be Damned Or the Night Crawler's Companion
314298: OLIVER W. LARKIN - Art and Life in America
312943: JEAN LARTEGUY - The Praetorians
327259: JOAN AINAUD DE LASARTE - Art Romanic Guia
318885: HELEN LASCELLES - Sir William B. Richmond and His Work
327454: CHRISTOPHER LASCH - The Agony of the American Left
323498: JOSEPH P. LASH - Eleanor and Franklin.
322923: MARGHANITA LASKI - Jane Austen and Her World
328684: MARGHANITA LASKI - From Palm to Pine. Rudyard Kipling Abroad and at Home
327487: HAROLD J. LASKI - Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time
327449: HAROLD J. LASKI - The State in Theory and Practice
314447: MYRON LASKIN, JR. - El Greco. Saint Francis and Brother Leo Meditating on Death. Saint Francois Et le Frére Leon Meditant Sur la Mort
318891: ROBERT LASLETT AND COLIN SMITH - Effective Classroom Management. A Teacher's Guide
313043: SANDRA LASLETT - Spinsters of This Parish
30060: B. W. LAST - Politics and Letters in the Age of Walpole
312454: ANTHONY LAST - The Seductive Illusion. A Comment on the Failure of Economic Plans
26054: HARA LASZLO - Music for Bassoon with Piano Accompaniment. Fagottmusic Mit Klavierbegleitung. Fagottmuzsika Zongorakiserettel
14740: SIR JOSEPH LATHAM - Take-over
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22696: JEAN LATHAM - A Taste of the Past
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326858: EDWARD LATHAM - A Dictionary of Names Nicknames and Surnames of Persons Places and Things
314176: EDWARD CONNERY LATHEM - The Poetry of Robert Frost. All Eleven of His Books Complete
22087: GORDON LATIMER - English Home-Made Wines and Beers
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325145: THEODORA LAU - The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes
23411: CLARA E. LAUGHLIN - So You're Going to Spain!
315560: TERRY LAUGHLIN AND JOHN DELVES - Total Immersion. The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster and Easier
323831: PETER LAURITZEN - Venice. A Thousand Years of Culture and Civilization
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19576: PIERRE LAVEDAN - French Architecture
17993: DAVID LAVENDER - Westward Vision. The Story of the Oregon Trail
18009: DAVID LAVENDER - The Southwest
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314311: BILL LAVER - The Complete Vhf/Uhf Frequency Guide
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317792: PHYLLIDA LAW - Notes to My Mother-in-Law.
323160: JULIA LAWLESS - The Fragrant Garden. Growing and Using Scented Plants
84: PAT LAWLOR - Wellington
17758: J. LAWRENCE - Questions and Answers on Automobile Brakes
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326724: RICHARD RUSSELL LAWRENCE AND TERESA CHRIS - The Period House. Style, Detail and Decoration 1774-1914
315039: JOHN LAWRENCE - Tongue Twisters
327171: RICHARD RUSSELL LAWRENCE - The Book of the Edwardian and Interwar House
322439: MIKE LAWRENCE AND DOUG NYE - The Goodwood Road Racing Club. Festival of Speed 2-4 July 2010
316247: JOHN LAWRENSON AND LIONEL BARBER - The Price of Truth. The Story of the Reuters Millions
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325157: RICHARD LAWS - Antarctica. The Last Frontier
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321421: RANI CHAUDHRY-LAWTON AND RICHARD LAWTON - Ignition. Sparking Organizational Change.
12259: CHRISTOPHER LAYTON - European Advanced Technology
22859: C. & E. LAYTON - Printing Types By C.&. Layton from Plates Selected from Their Extensive Range of Type Faces
317156: GEORGE LAYTON - A Northern Childhood. The Balaclava Story and Other Stories
21667: SHELLEY FAYE LAZAR - Shelley Faye Lazar's Oriental Collection
27612: CAROLE LAZARUS AND JENNIFER BERMAN - Glorafilia. The Ultimate Needlepoint Collection
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322879: BRIAN LEA - The Nile to the Netherlands. Our Faith Journey
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12207: STEPHEN LEACOCK - Economic Prosperity in the British Empire
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328636: MUNRO LEAF - The Story of Ferdinand
325932: JOHN LEAF - Harrow School.
326186: CHARLES DARWIN. ABRIDGED BY RICHARD E. LEAKEY - The Illustrated Origin of the Species
313040: RICHARD LEAKEY - The Origin of Humankind
328555: LEAPFROGS - Curves
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319826: EDWARD LEAR - The Two Old Bachelors
328310: EDWARD LEAR - The Story of the Four Little Children Who Went Round the World
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13186: RODNEY LEGG - Romans in Britain
326020: A. K. LEGG AND RM JEX - Ford Mondeo. 1993 to 1999 (K to T Registration) Petrol. Haynes Service and Repair Manual
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323777: SYLVIA LEGGE - Affectionate Cousins. T. Sturge Moore and Marie Appia
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21842: ROSAMOND LEHMANN - A Sea-Grape Tree
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328007: ERNST LEHNER - Symbols Signs and Signets
319590: BURTON LEHRENBAUM - By the Numbers. The Story of Counting from the Abacus to the Artificial Brain
318176: FRANKIE LEIBE - Glass of the '20s and '30s. A Miller's Collector's Guide
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22722: LORD LEIGH - Poems Now First Collected
322940: J. E. AUSTEN-LEIGH - A Memoir of Jane Austen By Her Nephew
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318254: ELIZABETH LEITCH - The Family at Kilmory
321538: PATRICIA LEITCH - The Black Loch
321302: DUNCAN LEITCH - The Thinker's Library. Geology in the Life of Man. A Brief History of Its Influence on Thought and the Development of Modern Civilization.
314957: ARIE VAN DE LEMME - A Guide to Art Deco Style
1186: KEN LEMMON - Cool Greenhouse Plants
23972: ROBERT S. LEMMON - Favorite Song Birds
23978: ROBERT S. LEMMON - Favorite Wildflowers
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4010: PHILIPPE LENOIR - Mauritius
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25117: AMAND V. SCHWEIGER-LERCHENFELD - Qvinnan Bland Skilda Folk
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321385: ANITA LESLIE - The Fabulous Leonard Jerome
320342: DORIS LESLIE - The Dragon's Head
324640: EMMA LESLIE - Arthur's Temptation Or a Bad Beginning
313792: SHANE LESLIE - Salutation to Five
323045: JACQUES LESSEYRAN - And There Was Light. The Autobiography of a Blind Hero in the French Resistance
315053: DORIS LESSING - The Memoirs of a Survivor
38079: DORIS LESSING - The Sum between Their Feet. Volume Two of Doris Lessing's Collected African Stories
315065: DORIS LESSING - A Proper Marriage
326576: FRED LESTER. - 2nd Edition of Looking Back; Also Diary of Walter Gale
5673: JOHN LESTERMAN - A Pair of Rovers
10308: ALFRED LEUTSCHER - Keeping Reptiles and Amphibians
318911: SAM LEVENSON - Everything But Money.
311279: F. M. LEVENTHAL - Respectable Radical. George Howell and Victorian Working Class Politics
21992: CHARLES LEVER - Tom Burke of Ours
328605: CHARLES LEVER - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
23073: MICHAEL LEVEY - Painting at Court
9650: MICHAEL LEVEY - A Concise History of Painting. From Giotto to Cezanne
20190: PETER LEVI - The Frontiers of Paradise
27828: PETER LEVI - The Greek World. Eliot Porter
313997: BERNARD LEVIN - The Way We Live Now
322971: BERNARD LEVIN - Enthusiasms. The Irresistible Celebration of the Joys of Life
323863: BERNARD LEVIN - Enthusiasms
315024: BERNARD LEVIN - If You Want My Opinion
313733: BERNARD LEVIN - Conducted Tour
313837: BERNARD LEVIN - If You Want My Opinion
313998: BERNARD LEVIN - Enough Said
323721: BERNARD LEVIN - Conducted Tour
323722: BERNARD LEVIN - Taking Sides. A First Selection of His Journalism
320194: BERNARD LEVIN - The Pendulum Years. Britain and the Sixties
318955: ROBERT LEVINE - Joan Collins. Superstar. A Biography
319808: SARAH LEVITT - Pountneys. The Bristol Pottery at Fishponds 1905-1969.
10947: DEBORAH LEVY - Beautiful Mutants
325798: LEONARD W. LEVY - Emergence of a Free Press.
318956: ALAN LEVY - Forever, Sophia. An Intimate Portrait
326179: S. LEON LEVY - Nassau W. Senior 1790-1864. Critical Essayist, Classical Economist and Adviser of Governments
15377: DICK LEWERS - How to Build a Fishing Rod
328368: A. J. LEWERY - Popular Art Past and Present
32799: SYLVIA LEWIN - A Short History of Pyrford and Wisley
321118: SUE LEWINGTON - The Making of Eden
3164: D. B. WYNDHAM LEWIS - I Couldn't Help Laughing!
6318: PETER LEWIS - Martial Arts of the Orient
11250: REBA LEWIS - Indonesia. Troubled Paradise
12316: C. S. LEWIS - Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer
17935: ROY LEWIS AND YVONNE FOY - The British in Africa
18006: JUNE R. LEWIS - The Village School
21158: SINCLAIR LEWIS - Elmer Gantry
328081: RALPH LEWIS - Scene in Sussex. A Fresh Look at the County
318424: FELICITY LEWIS - Needlepoint Samplers
328823: NORMAN LEWIS - Picador Travel Classics. I Came I Saw. An Autobiography
317029: RALPH LEWIS - Scene in Sussex. A Fresh Look at the County
328630: CECIL LEWIS - Sagittarius Rising
323240: VAL LEWIS - Ships' Cats in War and Peace
315093: ROY LEWIS - Cock of the Walk. A Mid-Victorian Rumpus
317784: MICHAEL LEWIS - The Hawkins Dynasty. Three Generations of a Tudor Family
313358: C. S. LEWIS - The Great Divorce. A Dream
318327: ROY LEWIS - A Form of Death. An Eric Ward Mystery
320390: C. S. LEWIS - The Magician's Nephew
321516: MIKE LEWIS AND GRAHAM KELLY - 20 Activities for Developing Managerial Effectiveness. A Management Skills Training Manual
318742: C. S. LEWIS - Mere Christianity. Fiftieth Anniversary Edition
325511: LOUISE LEWIS - Merrow. The Village and the Downs
322744: DEBORAH CORNER, COMPILER. DYLAN LEWIS - Dylan Lewis. The Leopard
326360: EILUNED LEWIS - A Companionable Talent.
323034: C.S. LEWIS - Broadcast Talks.
320536: C. S. LEWIS - Prince Caspian
321053: C.S. LEWIS - The Horse and His Boy
311299: PHYLLIS LEWSON - John X. Merriman. Paradoxical South African Statesman
314058: KWEE SWAN LIAT - Bibliography of Humanism
19338: ALEXANDER LIBERMAN - Campidoglio
325250: TH. DE DILLMONT. DMC LIBRARY. - Dmc Library. Yugoslavian Embroideries. 1st Series
315631: EAST SUSSEX COUNTY LIBRARY - Sussex Bibliography 1977
325249: TH. DE DILLMONT. DMC LIBRARY - Dmc Library. Bulgarian Embroideries. New Edition Revised
328583: MERGENTHALER TYPE LIBRARY - Linotype Collection. Typeface Handbook. Mergenthaler Type Library 1988
325251: TH. DE DILLMONT. DMC LIBRARY. - Dmc Library. Motifs for Embroideries No. 5.
325252: TH. DE DILLMONT. DMC LIBRARY. - Dmc Library. Motifs for Embroideries No. 3.
317384: LINDA HALL LIBRARY - Theories of the Earth 1644-1830. The History of a Genre. Exhibition of Rare Books from the History of Science Collection
2904: PATRICK LICHFIELD - Not the Whole Truth
318247: RICHARD NORTH. PATRICK LICHFIELD - Patrick Lichfield's Unipart Calendar Book
18921: HANS LICHT - Sexual Life in Ancient Greece
4301: P. M. LICHTENSTEIN AND S. M. SMALL - A Handbook of Psychiatry
38694: ROBERT LIDDELL - Aegean Greece
320274: ALFRED W. POLLARD, H. FRANK HEATH, MARK H. LIDDELL AND W. S. MCCORMICK. EDITORS - The Globe Edition. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
324601: PAT LIDDY - Dublin Be Proud. 1000 Years a Growin'. In Celebration of Dublin's Millennium Year 1988
12602: MARY LIDE - The Diary of Isobelle
327932: RAY O. LIGHT - The Present Party Building Movement in the Usa and the Materialist Conception of History
328446: R. O. LIGHT - Toward a New Leninist Party. A Ray. O. Light Guide to Action Featuring Documents of the First Ray O. Light Marxist-Leninist Conference.
328413: RAY O. LIGHT - On the 100th Anniversary of Stalin's Birth: A Tribute to Proletarian Collectivist Leadership Including Chapter Viii the Party from Foundations of Leninism By J.V. Stalin
320241: WILLIAM DOUW LIGHTHALL - Sights and Shrines of Montreal. A Complete Guide to the City. Illustrations and Map.
315946: THORN LIGHTING - Glass/Light
311830: PETER LIK - Wildlife Australia
15815: THOMAS M. LILLESAND AND RALPH W. KIEFER - Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
18841: FRED LILLEY - West Sussex in Character
313706: VIVIAN LINACRE - A Guide to Customary Weights and Measures
313437: EARL W. LINDERMAN AND DONALD W. HERBERHOLZ - Developing Artistic and Perceptual Awareness. Art Practice in the Elementary Classroom
328735: KENNETH LINDLEY - Seaside Architecture
313053: KENNETH LINDLEY - Town Time and People
314982: MAURICE LINDSAY - The Eye Is Delighted. Some Romantic Travellers in Scotland
324051: DONALD LINDSAY - A Form of Gratitude. The Life of Angela Limerick
318047: JACK LINDSAY - Death of the Hero. French Painting from David to Delacroix
321681: NORMAN LINDSAY - Puddin' Poems Being the Best of the Verse from the Magic Pudding
5944: ROBERT LINDSEY - Brando Songs My Mother Taught Me
14734: DAVID LINDSEY AND EDWIN G. DOLAN - Basic Macroeconomics: Principles and Reality
36263: RUNE LINDSTROM - The Play of Heaven. A Play Which Tells of a Road That Leads to Heaven
314625: CARL LINFERT - The Library of Great Painters. Hieronymus Bosch
318299: CARL LINFERT - Hieronymus Bosch
321146: MARTIN LINGS - Ancient and Modern Superstitions
3560: LILO LINKE - Magic Yucatan
2870: ERIC LINKLATER - The Raft and Socrates Asks Why
317004: ERIC LINKLATER - Orkney and Shetland. An Historical, Geographical, Social and Scenic Survey
318324: ERIC LINKLATER - The Voyage of the Challenger
327407: J. G. LINKS - The Ruskins in Normandy. A Tour in 1848 with Murray's Hand-Book
322745: CARL VON LINNE - Linnaei Flower Calender
322082: LESLIE LINSLEY - Scrimshaw. A Traditional Folk Art, a Contemporary Craft
326999: DEREK LINSTRUM - Historic Architecture of Leeds
327049: DEREK LINSTRUM - Historic Architecture of Leeds
25144: VALERIO LINTNER AND SONIA MAZEY - The European Community: Economic and Political Aspects
5015: W. J. LINTON. - Poems and Translations
327596: W.EVANS LINTON - The Drawing and Construction of Animals
26390: LEO LIONNI - Swimmy
315971: JEAN LIPMAN - American Primitive Painting
22861: LUCY R. LIPPARD - Pop Art
318328: GERARD LIPPERT - De L'animal a L'homme. Rencontre Ave Paul Delvaux. Etude de "la Denese". Peinture Murale de L'aquarium de L'universite de Liege
327564: WALTER LIPPMANN - U.S. Foreign Policy
321165: SEYMOUR MARTIN LIPSET - Rebellion in the University. A History of Student Activism in America.
14688: DAVID LIPSEY AND DICK LEONARD, EDITORS - The Socialist Agenda. Crosland's Legacy.
324538: TADEUSZ LIPSKI - Paper Sculpture
321667: GIORGIO LISE - How to Recognize [Recognise] Egyptian Art
6810: R. P. LISTER - Turkey Observed
319083: JOHN LISTER - By the London Post. Essays on Medicine in Britain and America
321811: GORDON LITHERLAND - Bottle Collecting Price Guide
38729: BRUCE LITTELJOHN AND WAYLAND DREW - A Sea Within. The Gulf of St. Lawrence
18951: ROBERT LITTELL - The Defection of A.J. Lewinter
311786: BLAINE LITTELL - South of the Moon. On Stanleyõs Trail Through the Dark Continent
1367: BRYAN LITTLE - The Colleges of Cambridge 1286-1973
6798: DARAN LITTLE - 40 Years of Coronation Street
7114: W. L. LITTLE - Staffordshire Blue
315142: BRYAN LITTLE - The Building of Bath 47-1947. An Architectural and Social Study
322203: J. P. BROOKE-LITTLE - Royal Heraldry. Beasts and Badges of Britain
323016: J. LITTLEJOHNS AND A. C. HORTH - Allied Arts and Crafts . Junior Course. (Teacher's Handbook)
315962: J. LITTLEJOHNS - British Water Colour Painting and Painters of to-Day
320256: J. LITTLEJOHNS - The Art for All Water Colour Series. Boats and Ships
325476: BARNET LITVINOFF - A Peculiar People. Inside World Jewry Today
328851: DA LIU - I Ching Coin Prediction
26949: ANNA LIVIA - Pronoun Envy. Literary Uses of Linguistic Gender
313054: JAMES W. LIVINGOOD - Chattanooga. An Illustrated History
27722: HELEN LIVINGSTON - Francis Frith's Surrey
325303: HELEN LIVINGSTON - Brighton and Hove. Pictorial Memories
318800: DAVID LIVINGSTONE - On Tana River. A Story of Kenya's Tana Church
327973: KAREN LIVINGSTONE - Essential Arts and Crafts
317750: HELEN LIVINGSTONE - Kent Pictorial Memories. The Francis Frith Collection
312984: R. W. LIVINGSTONE - The Greek Genius and Its Meaning to Us
327175: KAREN LIVINGSTONE AND LINDA PARRY - International Arts and Crafts
14014: CHARLES LLEWELLYN - The Mill's Life
2072: RACHEL LLOYD - Elizabethan Adventurer
2252: SELWYN LLOYD - Mr. Speaker, Sir
2303: CLARE LLOYD - The Travelling Naturalists
4016: SETON LLOYD - The Art of the Ancient Near East
4915: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - Foliage Plants
7105: JOHN LLOYD - Light and Liberu
10462: JOHN LLOYD - Light and Liberty
14386: H. ALAN LLOYD - Old Clocks
16455: ALAN LLOYD - The Year of the Conqueror
18890: DAN LLOYD AND IAIN RODGER, EDITORS - Anthroposophy Today
25415: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD AND SIMON THURLEY - Henry Viii. Images of a Tudor King
326677: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - The Queenõs Pictures. Royal Collections Through the Centuries
318657: SELWYN LLOYD - Suez 1956. A Personal Account
33722: JOAN LLOYD - Guatemala. Land of the Mayas
317281: LLOYD AND JENNIFER LAING - Art of the Celts
319823: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - The Year at Great Dixter
321392: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - The Adventurous Gardener
27827: JEFF & JENNIE LOADER - Making Board, Peg and Dice Games
316476: FRED LOADS - Fred Loads' Gardening Tips of a Lifetime
7455: M. LOANE - Simple Sanitation
16754: WREN LOASBY - Stencilling on Fabrics
30057: JOHN LOBELL - Joseph Campbell the Man and His Ideas
319373: PRISCILLA LOBLEY - Flower Making
317131: MARION LOCHHEAD - The Battle of the Birds and Other Celtic Tales
18497: WARD LOCK - Scarborough and District. Ward Lock Illustrated Guide Book
21084: REGINALD J. W. HAMMOND, EDITOR. WARD LOCK - Aberystwyth and North Wales (Southern Section)
318673: WARD LOCK - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Brighton and Hove, South Downs, Shoreham, Bramber, Lewes, Newhaven, Etc.
327373: TERENCE A. LOCKETT - Collecting Victorian Tiles
12071: J. G. LOCKHART - Cosmo Gordon Lang
12340: J. G. LOCKHART - Memoirs of Sir Walter Scott
12341: J. G. LOCKHART - Memoirs of Sir Walter Scott
12342: J. G. LOCKHART - Memoirs of Sir Walter Scott
327729: R. H. BRUCE LOCKHART - The Two Revolutions. An Eye-Witness Study of Russia 1917
8896: LEE LOCKHEED - Wool Embroidery and Design
324188: R. M. LOCKLEY - Travellers' Tales; the Way to an Island
29317: ERNEST LOCKWOOD - Colne Valley Folk. The Romance and Enterprise of a Textile Stronghold
314994: A. P. M. LOCKWOOD - Animal Body Fluids and Their Regulation
321190: TREVOR LOCKWOOD - The Church on the Housing Estate. Mission and Ministry on the Urban Estate
3135: ROGER LOCKYER - Tudor and Stuart Britain 1471-1714
328510: J. NORMAN LOCKYER - Elementary Lessons in Astronomy
7250: NICHOLAS LODGE - Lace and Filigree
22320: SIR R. LODGE - The Close of the Middle Ages 1273-1494. Period Iii
323569: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris February-March 1993. Volume Forty-Two: 2
323571: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris April-May 1989. Volume Xxxviii, 3
323572: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris October-November 1998. Volume Forty Seven: 6
323570: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris February-March 1992. Volume Forty One: 2
323566: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris October-November 1991 Volume Forty: 6
323564: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris December 1998-January 1999. Volume Forty Eight: 1.
323563: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris August-September 1996. Volume Forty-Five: 5. Magazine
323568: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris. June-July 1992. Volume Forty One: 4
323565: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris October-November 1992. Volume Forty One: 6
323567: WHITE EAGLE LODGE - Stella Polaris August-September 1992. Volume Forty One: 5
19269: MARCIA LOEB - Pennsylvania Dutch Needlepoint Designs
319555: WALTER LOESCHCKE - Pictorial Library of Eastern Church Art, Vol. 14. Icons: Apostles and Evangelists
13350: KATE S. LOFTHOUSE - A Complete Guide to Drawn Fabric
318454: W. F. LOFTHOUSE - Jeremiah and the New Covenant
20218: W. J. LOFTIE - Westminster Abbey
318828: JOHN LOFTIS - Sheridan and the Drama of Georgian England
2048: FRANK LOGAN - Another World
12493: JACQUES LOGIE. - Waterloo. L'evitable Defaite
10078: HARVEY LOHR - Principia of Music
314670: ROBERT LOMAS - Turning the Hiram Key. Making Darkness Visible
18571: JAMES LOMAX AND RICHARD ORMOND - John Singer Sergeant and the Edwardian Age
322847: ANDREAS LOMMEL - Landmarks of the World's Art. Cave Paintings, Totems, Jewellery, Masks, Pottery, Textiles. Prehistoric and Primitive Man.
21289: JACK LONDON - The Little Lady of the Big House
21898: JACK LONDON - The Red One
328785: JACK LONDON - Jack London's Tales of Hawaii
35620: CHRISTIE'S LONDON - Photographs. May 2002
325442: JOHNSON'S LIFE OF LONDON - Johnson's Life of London. The People Who Made the City That Made the World
325472: REDFERN GALLERY, LONDON - Voyages Marine
317128: SIG LONEGREN - The Pendulum Kit
17051: BASIL S. LONG - Catalogue of the Jones Collection Part Iii Paintings and Miniatures
20005: F. J. LONG - Non-Ferrous Metals and Their Alloys
24994: HOWARD RUSK LONG - Main Street Militants. An Anthology from Grassroots Editor
317441: ROSEMARY LONG - Together Under the Baobab Tree
317440: ROSEMARY LONG - Under the Baobab Tree. A New Life in Africa
321730: DERIC LONGDEN - Lost for Words
19419: S. COLERIDGE-TAYLOR. LONGFELLOW - Five Choral Ballads By Longfellow with Accompaniment of Orchestra Or Pianoforte By Coleridge-Taylor
323445: ELIZABETH LONGFORD - Wellington. Pillar of State
313048: ELIZABETH LONGFORD - Victoria R.I.
12041: HENRY LONGHURST - I Wouldn't Have Missed It
320237: HENRY LONGHURST - Adventure in Oil. The Story of British Petroleum
313044: STEPHEN LONGSTREET - The Wilder Shore. A Gala Social History of San Franciscoõs Sinners and Spenders 1849-1906
6641: TESSA DE LOO - The Twins
325085: RICHARD JEFFERIES SAMUEL J. LOOKER - Field and Hedgerow Being the Last Essays of Richard Jefferies
1415: BRIAN LOOMES - Bird Gardening
25103: STANLEY LOOMIS - Den Farliga Vā‚¬Nskapen
4037: HENDRIK WILLEM VAN LOON - The Arts of Mankind
323992: HENDRIK WILLEM VAN LOON - R.V. R. The Life of Rembrandt Van Rijn Illustrated By Himself
319196: JOSE LOOSEMORE - Where They Have Trod. A Story of Sussex Shoemakers
27710: ERIKA LOPEZ - Flaming Iguanas
2227: SHIRLEY LORD - Small Beer at Claridge's
30432: WALTER LORD - The Dawn's Early Light
313359: WALTER LORD - Day of Infamy
313516: WALTER LORD - A Night to Remember
10391: KONRAD LORENZ - The Year of the Greylag Goose
8024: PATRICK LOSES - Patrick Loses's Whimsical Cross-Stitch
322837: DAVID LOTH - The Erotic in Literature. A Historical Survey of Pornography As Delightful As It Is Discreet
328491: J. C. LOUDON - Arboretum Et Fruticetum Britannicum; Or the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, Hardy and Half-Hardy, Pictorially and Botanically Delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly Described; with Their Propatation, Culture, Management and Uses in the Arts in Useful and Ornamental Plantations, Etc. Etc. Volume Iii
328490: J. C. LOUDON - Arboretum Et Fruticetum Britannicum; Or the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, Hardy and Half-Hardy, Pictorially and Botanically Delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly Described; with Their Propatation, Culture, Management and Uses in the Arts in Useful and Ornamental Plantations, Etc. Etc. Volume Iv
6746: LOUISA AND ROSA TEBBS - Supplement to the Art of Bobbin Lace
324514: NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE COLONIAL DAMES OF AMERICA IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA - Carnival of Recipes to a King's Taste. Favorite Recipes of Carnival Kings and Queens
328272: ANDREW LOUKES - Constable at Petworth
14218: NIGEL LOVE - Generative Phonology
14453: EDWARD G. LOVE - Card Fantasies
323463: JAMES BLAIR LOVELL - Anastasia. The Lost Princess
319285: R. BERNARD LOVELL - New Patterns of Learning. Adult Learning
328058: WILLIAM LOVELOCK - First Year Harmony. Complete
322097: SAMUEL LOVER - Handy Andy. A Tale of Irish Life
320310: ERNST VON WEIZSACKER, AMORY B.LOVINS AND L. HUNTER LOVINS - Factor Four. Doubling Wealth Š Halving Resource Use. The New Report to the Club of Rome
6599: J. L. LOW - Diocesan Histories Durham
16772: D. A. LOW - An Introduction to Machine Drawing and Design
19860: PROCESSOR A. M. LOW - Modern Armaments
31030: GEORGE C. LOW - The Literature of the Charadriiformes from 1894-1924 with a Classification of the Order and Lists of the Genera, Species and Subspecies
313160: EDWARD LOWBURY - Mystic Bridge
322597: LIEUT. COL. T. A. LOWE - Fruit Farm in England.
313395: LIEUT. COL. T.A. LOWE - Fruit Farm in England
322591: T. A. LOWE - The Craft of the Cottage Garden
324614: MARK ANTONY LOWER - The Worthies of Sussex. Biographical Sketches of the Most Eminent Natives Or Inhabitants of the County from the Earliest Period to the Present Time; with Incidental Notices, Illustrative of Sussex History
325746: JOHN LOWERSON - Victorian Sussex

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