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316477: ERIC HUNNINGHER - Making Gardens. A Celebration of Gardens and Gardening in England and Wales from the National Gardens Scheme
7601: DAVID HUNT - Sea and Shore Birds of the Isles of Scilly
8475: ROGER HUNT - Villages of England
9284: JOHN GABRIEL HUNT - The Essential Franklin Delano Roosevelt
11108: PETER HUNT - Herbaceous Plants 2
12571: HUGH HUNT - Old Vic Prefaces. Shakespeare and the Producer
16674: THOMAS C. HUNT - Digestive Disease - the Changing Scene
319179: ANGELA ELWELL HUNT - The Tale of Three Trees
311785: JOHN HUNT - Life Is Meeting
316761: SIR DAVID HUNT - Memoirs. Military and Diplomatic
323545: ARTHUR B. HUNT - Wheel of Adventure. Brighton's Golden Jubilee of Rotary
38754: VICTORIA CAREW HUNT - One Two One. Women in Parliament. Photographs
325340: LEIGH HUNT - The Town. Its Memorable Characters and Events
318598: DAVID C. HUNT - Legacy of the West
327435: VIOLET HUNT - The Wife of Rossetti. Her Life and Death
318202: FELICITY HUNT AND CAROL BARKER - Women at Cambridge. A Brief History
321448: JOHN W. HUNT - Managing People at Work. A Manager's Guide to Behaviour in Organizations
327798: WILLIAM HUNT - Early Britain. Norman Britain
323921: PHILIP E. HUNT - The Story of Melton Mowbray
313389: ARTHUR B. HUNT - Wheel of Adventure. Brighton's Golden Jubilee of Rotary
326267: ARTHUR B. HUNT - Wheel of Adventure. Brighton's Golden Jubilewss of Rotary 1913-1963
10507: BEATRICE TRUM HUNTER - Gardening without Poisons
14549: ALIXANDER HUNTER - The Handicapped Squirrel
327609: JOHN HUNTER AND IAN RALSTON, EDITOR - Archaeological Resource Management in the Uk. An Introduction
311283: MATTHEW HUNTER - The Gibraltar Factor
316390: DR. ALLAN G. HUNTER - The Path of Synchronicity. Align Yourself with Your Life's Flow
321760: PENELOPE HUNTING - Royal Westminster
26035: SAMUEL P. HUNTINGTON - The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
328632: SAMUEL P. HUNTINGTON - Changing Patterns of Military Politics
6762: ELIZABETH VALENTINE HUNTLEY - Peninsula Pilgrimage
319394: MOIRA HUNTLY - Draw in Brush and Ink
17915: MICHAEL HURD - The Orchestra
327905: JOHN HURD AND BEN GOURLEY. - Terra Britannica. A Celebration of Earthen Structures in Great Britain and Ireland
317545: FRANK HURLEY - Victoria. A Camera Study
322731: MARTIN HURLIMANN - Paris
4211: S. HUROK - Impresario
328057: H. G. HURRELL - Wildlife: Tame But Free
10303: GEOFF HURST - Geoff Hurst. 1966 and All That
325388: H. E. HURST - The Nile. A General Account of the River and the Utilization of Its Waters
323189: CHRISTOPHER HURST - The Invisible Art. The Pursuit of Book Making
329396: BERNICE HURST - The Handbook of Communication Skills
314951: ABRAHAM B. HURWITZ AND ARTHUR GODDARD. CEDRIC ASTLE, EDITOR - Games to Improve Your Child's English
4543: JOANNE HUSH - Classic Chinese Cooking for the Vegetarian Gourmet
314702: DESMOND CHAPMAN-HUSTON AND ERNEST C. CRIPPS - Through a City Archway. The Story of Allen and Hanburys 1715-1954
317790: J. EDITH HUTCHEON - Things Seen in Madeira
326480: ROBIN HUTCHEON - Chinnery. The Man and the Legend
32077: MONICA M. HUTCHINGS - The Isle of Wight
319326: MARGARET HUTCHINGS - Dolls and How to Make Them
317897: RICHARD J. HUTCHINGS - Idylls of Farringford. A Biographical Study of Alfred Lord Tennyson in the Isle of Wight with Selected Poems
320458: MONICA HUTCHINGS - Inside Somerset
316890: ELIZABETH HUTCHINGS - Discovering the Sculptures of George Frederick Watts, O.M. , R.A.
316891: ELIZABETH HUTCHINGS - Discovering the Sculptures of George Frederick Watts, O.M. R.A.
13790: ROSS E. HUTCHINS - Insects
326454: GEOFF HUTCHINSON - The Lovers' Seat Fairlight Glen. The History and the Love Story of 1786 Fact and Fiction
2046: R. C. HUTCHINSON - Image of My Father
6527: MARGARET HUTCHINSON - Childhood in Edwardian Sussex
13892: ROBERT W. HUTCHINSON - A First Course in Wireless
329900: GEOFF HUTCHINSON - Fuller of Sussex. A Georgian Squire. The Story of Mad Jack
329039: GEOFF HUTCHINSON - The Pioneer of Television. Baird. The Story of John Logie Baird 1888-1946.
322913: REV. H. N. HUTCHINSON - Extinct Monsters and Creatures of Other Days. A Popular Account of Some of the Larger Forms of Ancient Animal Life
329790: GEOFF HUTCHINSON. - The Mary Stanford Disaster. The Story of a Lifeboat November 15 1928. Rye Harbour Lifeboat Tragedy
323334: GEORGE HUTCHINSON - The Last Edwardian at No. 10. An Impression of Harold Macmillan
322829: ROBERT HUTCHINSON - No. 634 Policy Studies Institute. Cable, Dbs and the Arts. [Cable Data Base Systems and the Arts]
316416: DAVID HUTCHINSON AND CAROL TENNYSON - Transition to Adulthood. A Project Report. A Curriculum Framework for Students with Severe Physical Disability
316256: GEORGE W. HUTCHINSON - Bevan and Mabel Lean of Sidcot
312844: LT. COL. GRAHAM SETON HUTCHISON - The British Army
315995: SIDNEY C. HUTCHISON - The History of the Royal Academy 1768-1986
322324: WOLFGANG HUTT - Albrecht Durer 1471-1528. Das Gesamte Graphische Werk Hanzeichnungen Einleitung Wolfgang Hutt. Volume Ii.
322323: WOLFGANG HUTT - Albrecht Durer 1471-1528. Das Gesamte Graphische Werk Hanzeichnungen Einleitung Wolfgang Hutt. Volume I.
12949: H. E. HUTTER - Magnetism in Industry and Science
19285: WARWICK HUTTON - Making Woodcuts
314609: CLARKE HUTTON - A Picture History of Britain
317458: S. K. HUTTON - By Eskimo Dog-Sled and Kayak. A Description of a Missionary's Experiences and Adventures in Labrador
320207: C. CLAYTON HUTTON - The Making of Henry Vi
320186: KENNETH HUTTON - Chemistry. The Conquest of Materials
328599: J. F. HUXFORD - Arms of Sussex Families
14562: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Themes and Variations
31660: ANTHONY HUXLEY - An Illustrated History of Gardening
316980: JULIETTE HUXLEY - Leaves of the Tulip Tree. Autobiography
33729: JULIETTE HUXLEY - Wild Lives of Africa
314021: JULIAN HUXLEY - From an Antique Land. Ancient and Modern in the Middle East
315784: ANTHONY HUXLEY - The Penguin Encuyclopedia of Gardening
317313: NILS HUXTABLE - Fotoalbum Der Klassischen Dampfeistenbahnen
324274: WENTWORTH HUYSHE - The Graphic History of the South African War 1899-1900. A Complete Narrative of the Campaign
15662: EDWARD HYAMS - A Dictionary of Modern Revolution
327896: EDWARD HYAMS - A History of Gardens and Gardening
324365: EDWARD HYAMS - Dionysuis. A Social Historyof the Wine Vine
324817: ALBERT M. HYAMSON - Routledge's Miniature Reference Library. Newspaper Reader's Companion. A Dictionary of Political and Social Terms
22283: H. MONTGOMERY HYDE - George Blake Superspy
325015: GEORGE E. HYDE - Black's Young Naturalist's Series. British Insects.
322681: H. MONTGOMERY HYDE - Norman Birkett. The Life of Lord Birkett of Ulverston
325546: H. MONTGOMERY HYDE - The Story of Lamb House Rye. The Home of Henry James
2100: FLORENCE B. HYETT - Fifty Christmas Poems for Children
312945: PAUL HYLAND - Purbeck. The Ingrained Island
17321: MAC HYMAN - No Time for Sergeants
324081: CLARISSA HYMAN - The Spanish Kitchen. Regional Ingredients, Recipes and Stories from Spain
26923: DELL HYMES - Pidginization and Creolization of Languages
316290: VISCOUNT CUNNINGHAM OF HYNDHOPE - A Sailor's Odyssey. The Autobiography of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope
13210: PAUL HYNDS - Worldwide High Speed Ferries
327033: H. B. N. HYNES - The Ecology of Running Waters
318751: THE W. I. AND MICHAEL SMITH - A Cook's Tour of Britain
326666: IRENE IACOPI - Soprintendenza Archaeological Di Roma. Domus Aurea
11757: IAN AND RALPH ORMES - The Sky Masters
328643: W. S. IBBESTON - Electric Wiring Theory and Practice for Wiremen, Engineers and Students Including Special Chapters on Illumination, Motors and Generators
328616: W. S. IBBETSON. - Electric Wiring Theory and Practice for Wiremen, Engineers and Students Including Special Chapters on Illumination, Motors and Generators
320748: SATOMI ICHIKAWA - Friends
313972: DAVID ICKE - Love Changes Everything
321026: MOSHE IDEL - The Kogod Library of Judaic Studies. Ben: Sonship and Jewish Mysticism
17151: ION L. IDRIESS - The Great Boomerang
320654: SABURO IENAGA - Tourist Library 15. History of Japan
313007: CHARLES IGGLESDEN - A Saunter Through Kent with Pen and Pencil. Volume Vi
328994: CONN IGGULDEN, HAL IGGULDEN - The Dangerous Book for Boys
322081: MICHAIL IGNATIEFF - Schule Des Kunstlerischen. Balalaika-Spiels
17031: S. R. SLAYMAKER II - Captives' Mansion
328933: ROBERT E. OSGOOD, GEORGE R. PACKARD III, AND JOHN H. BADGLEY - Studies in International Affairs No. 8. Japan and the United States in Asia
323234: DAISAKU IKEDA - The Human Revolution. Vol. 1, No. 1
323150: DAISAKU IKEDA - The Creative Family. Life Force of the New Society
317231: THE EARL OF ILCHESTER - Chronicles of Holland House 1820-1900
329106: D.S.LEES, J. E.MEADE, HENRY SMITH, A. P.HERBERT, A.R. ILERSIC - Freedom Or Free-for-All. Essays on Welfare, Trade and Choice. Volume 3 of the Hobart Papers
2093: JANE ILES - The Needlework Garden
9203: GERALD ILES - Magnificat
30457: JANE ILES - Old English Roses in Needlework
313046: M. ILIN - Black on White. The Story of Books
320524: M. ILIN - Black on White. The Story of Books
315957: RICHARD ILLING - The Art of Japanese Prints
8439: R. S. ILLINGWORTH - Common Symptoms of Disease in Children
10594: CAPTAIN JOHN H. ILLINGWORTH - Twenty Challenges for the America's Cup
14136: R. S. ILLINGWORTH - The Development of the Infant and Young Child; Normal and Abnormal
22659: GERALD LIP, ILLUSTRATOR - Historic Buildings of West Sussex
326017: HANS ANDERSEN. HARRY CLARKE ILLUSTRATOR. - Fairy Tales from Hans Andersen
321624: JOSEF HLAVAC, ILLUSTRATOR - Little Blue Feather
321683: A. J. SMITH, ILLUSTRATOR - Woodpigeon Shooting
323741: ARTHUR WRAGG, ILLUSTRATOR - The Lord's Prayer in Black and White
315833: HANS ANDERSEN. JIRI BEHOUNEK, ILLUSTRATOR - The Nightingale. A Favour Hans Andersen Story Retold for Young Children
317517: ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON, HENRY IRVING. J. BERNARD PARTRIDGE, W.TELBIN, J. HARKER, HAWES CRAVEN, ILLUSTRATORS - Souvenir of Becket By Alfred Lord Tennyson First Presented at the Lyceum Theatre 6th February 1893
327558: E. V. ILYENKOV - Dialectical Logic. Essays on Its History and Theory
7172: FRED IMHOFF AND LEX PRANGER - Boat Tuning for Speed
15450: EDWARD T. IMPARATO - Into Darkness
316820: HIGH RIDGE BOOKS IN. - Catalogue 48. Mostly 18th and 19th Century American Maps. Including Wall Maps, Pocket Maps, Sea Charts, Civil War Maps and Other Scarce Items of Cartographic Interest
316835: HERITAGE BOOK SHOP INC. - Occasional List 1012. Mark Twain
316833: HERITAGE BOOK SHOP INC. - Autograph Letters Catalogue 1987
316834: HERITAGE BOOK SHOP INC. - Catalogue 197. William Shakespeare Collected Editions 1623-1823. Every Significant Edition Based on Colin Franklin's Shakespeare Domesticated. 1995
316819: HIGH RIDGE BOOKS INC. - Catalogue 49. Trade Catalogues from the 19th and 20th Centuries
321227: DANIEL YANKELOVICH, INC. - The Changing Values on Campus. Political and Personal Attitudes of Today's College Students. A Survey for the Jdr 3rd Fund
314054: OAK KNOLL BOOKS HERITAGE BOOK SHOP, INC. - The Typographic Book. A Catalogue
319703: WAIMEA SOUTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC. - From River to Range [New Zealand]
329677: GARY INDIANA - Three Month Fever. The Andrew Cunanan Story
325035: CATHERINE ING AND GRACE POND - Champion Cats of the World
20732: REX INGAMELLS - The Great South Land
16524: J. K. INGHAM - The Upper Ordovician Trilobites from the Cautley and Dent Districts of Westmorland and Yorkshire. Part 2
16525: J. K. INGHAM - The Upper Ordovician Trilobites from the Cautley and Dent Districts of Westmorland and Yorkshire. Part 3
328788: ELISABETH INGLES - Bakst 1866-1924
325512: ROY INGLETON - The Gentlemen at War. Policing Britain 1939-45
12608: RUTH INGLIS - The Children's War
29832: BRIAN INGLIS - Fringe Medicine
9870: ROBERT INGPEN - Pioneer Settlement in Australia
10166: REV. J. H. INGRAHAM - The Pillar of Fire Or Israel in Bondage
326583: CATHERINE INGRAM - This Is Pollock.
329302: RICHARD INGRAMS - John Stewart Collis. A Memoir
325236: MICK INKPEN - Nothing
17982: COLONEL HENRY INMAN - The Old Santa Fe Trail
3841: HAMMOND INNES - The Conquistadors
317249: MIRANDA INNES - Country Living. The Passionate Gardener
22894: MIRANDA INNES - Rags to Rainbows
29378: WILLIAM T. INNES - Exotic Aquarium Fishes. A Work of General Reference
325737: FRANCIS CARR. BRIAN INNES AND BEATRICE WARD, EDITORS - Facts of Print Series. A Guide to Screen Process Printing
324526: DOROTHY HAMMOND INNES - Home Is My Garden
313028: DOROTHY HAMMOND INNES - What Lands Are These?
325824: JOCASTA INNES WITH BRONWEN CUNNINGHAM - Eatability. A Fresh Approach to Easy Food
327589: DONALD INSALL - Care of Old Buildings Today. A Practical Guide
314100: DONALD W. INSALL - The Care of Old Buildings Today. A Practical Guide
21819: BEDFORDSHIRE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - The Bedfordshire Village Book
27826: WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - Herefordshire. Within Living Memory
323613: NEWDIGATE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - Our Village 1923-1956
325543: BURWASH WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - A Walk in Burwash
326743: CHARTERED SURVEYORS INSTITUTION - Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works. Authorized Agreement between the Chartered Surveyors' Institution and the National Federation of Building Trades Employers and Approved By the Institute of Builders. 3rd Edition
322532: JOHN CODRINGTON, INTO - The First Country Life Picture Book of London
7949: INTRO - Contemporary Music Graphics
326475: QUENTIN BLAKE, INTRO. - Edward Lear's Complete Nonsense.
321769: KARL GULLERS. ERIC LINKLATER, INTRO - England Photographed By Karl Gullers
322565: W. A. MOZART. ANTHONY BURGESS, INTRO - Cassell Opera Guides. W.A. Mozard. Don Giovanni. Idomeneo
326725: C. R. DODWELL, INTRO AND NOTES - The Faber Library of Illuminated Manuscripts. The Great Lambeth Bible.
22334: ROY STRONG, INTRODUCTION - The Masque of Beauty
317499: OSGOOD HANBURY MACKENZIE OF INVEREWE - A Hundred Years in the Highlands
320802: IONA AND PETER OPIE - The Classic Fairy Tales
314605: VERONICA IONS - Indian Mythology
324207: BERNARD IRELAND - Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail . War at Sea 1756-1815
3599: BARBARA IRESON - Cottage Crafts
324611: BARBARA IRESON - The Faber Book of Nursery Stories
35087: KATHARINE IREYS - Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces
3195: BILL IRISH - Championship Bowls
16937: MABEL V. IRVINE - From a Nursery Window
19266: M. ELIZABETH IRVINE - Classic Posters for Needlepoint
22383: WASHINGTON IRVING - Rip Van Winkle
325664: J. A. IRVING - The Public in Your Woods. An Owner's Guide to Managing Urban Fringe Woodland for Recreation.
323676: R. L. G. IRVING - The Alps
324098: CLIVE IRVING - Crossroads of Civilization. 3000 Years of Persian History
2667: MARGARET IRWIN - That Great Lucifer
314296: JOHN IRWIN AND KATHARINE B. BRETT - Origins of Chintz
313047: MARGARET IRWIN - The Proud Servant. The Story of Montrose
313456: DAVID IRWIN - The Visual Arts Taste and Criticism
323140: MARGARET IRWIN - These Mortals
319905: H. M. IRWIN - Naturopathy Explained Simply
326491: ABU BAKR JABIR AL-JAZA'IRY - Minhaj Al-Muslim. Volume 1. A Book of Creed, Manners, Character, Acts of Worship and Other Deeds
329669: WALTER ISAACSON - Steve Jobs
313305: ELIZABETH ISAACSON - The House of History. The First Storey. The Middle Ages
312532: HENRY F. CAUTHEN. N. JANE ISELEY - Charleston Interiors
322062: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - The Condor and the Cows
328206: ALEXANDER ISHLINSKY - Scientific and Technological Revolution and Trade Unions
328418: ALEXANDER ISHLINSKY - Scientific and Technological Revolution and Trade Unions
325313: CHARLES E. ISRAEL - Rizpah. A Novel.
318715: MARTIN ISRAEL - New Library of Pastoral Care. Living Alone. The Inward Journey to Fellowship
328670: MARTIN ISRAEL - Precarious Living. The Path to Life
315612: B. M. ISRAEL - Catalogue 112. Rare Books from 1563 to 1944 a Selection from Our Stock
14391: ESA ITKONEN - Methods of Formalization Beside and Inside Both Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Linguistics
320567: E.R. HARDY IVAMY - Show Business and the Law
14944: A. G. L. IVES - British Hospitals
321783: ALAN IVIMEY - Pilgrim's Pleasure. The West Country
318957: OLGA IVINSKAYA - A Captive of Time. My Years with Pasternak
12697: SUSAN GROHS IWAMURA - The Verbal Games of Pre-School Children
329686: B. K. S. IYENGAR - Light on Yoga. Over 200 Postures and 14 Breathing Exercises
19193: GEORGES IZMIDLIAN - Oriental Rugs and Carpets Today
318806: SEBASTIAN IZZARD - Keisai Eisen. Seven Paintings
313580: NONI JABAVU - Drawn in Colour. African Contrasts
324555: JEAN VALLERY-RADOT. PHILIPPE JACCOTTET - Le Dessin Francais Au Xvii Siécle
29814: IAN JACK - Granta. The Magazine of New Writing / 95, Fall 2006. Loved Ones.
314155: IAN JACK - English Literature 1815-1832
325490: GEORGE JACK - Wood Carving: Design and Workmanship
324151: FRED JACKA AND ELEANOR JACKA, EDITORS - Mawson's Antarctic Diaries
313775: HARVEY JACKINS - The Reclaiming of Power
2540: TONY JACKLIN - Jacklin
3831: L. A. J. JACKMAN - Marine Aquaria
8722: BRIAN JACKMAN - The Countryside in Winter
317309: BRIAN JACKMAN - The Countryside in Winter.
1912: WENDY JACKSON - Quilting for Presents
2216: JAMES A. JACKSON - The Centennial History of Manitoba
2434: HOLBROOK JACKSON - The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
8666: L. C. JACKSON - Wave Filters
12806: MARY HAMPDEN-JACKSON - Short My Release and Other Poems
13170: C. R. JACKSON AND MRS. L. S. DAUGHERTY - Agriculture
13267: ANDREW JACKSON - The Book of Life
18950: STANLEY JACKSON - A Short Walk from the Temple
22363: ROBERT JACKSON - Storm from the Skies
29852: GEOFFREY JACKSON - People's Prison
326667: ALBERT JACKSON AND DAVID DAY - Period House. An Ownerõs Guide
325073: JOHN JACKSON - Deer in the New Forest
327554: T. A. JACKSON - The Trials of British Freedom. Being Some Studies in the History of the Fight for Democratic Freedom in Britain
319670: LESLEY JACKSON - The New Look Design in the Fifties
315323: KEVIN JACKSON - Invisible Forms. A Guide to Literary Curiosities
319760: MATTHEW J. JACKSON - Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selecting. A Manual for Line Managers
327387: ROBERT JACKSON - The Sky Their Frontier. The Story of the World's Pioneer Airlines and Routes 1920-40
328271: PATRICIA JACKSON - Whitehall and Cheam Village. A History and Guide
317447: HOLBROOK JACKSON - Life and Letters Series No. 17. The Eighteen Nineties
325374: ROBERT JACKSON - Spitfire. The History of Britain's Most Famous World War Ii Fighter
327768: T. A. JACKSON - Charles Dickens. The Progress of a Radical
316607: PAUL Z. JACKSON AND MARK MCKERGOW - The Solutions Focus. The Simple Way to Positive Change
326059: CONSTANCE JACKSON AND JUDITH PLOWMAN - The Woolcraft Book. Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving
316324: LEO PAGE. R.M. JACKSON AND P. J. HALNAN REVISED BY - Justice of the Peace
319426: SHEILA JACKSON - A Pocket How to Do It Book. Simple Puppetry
32281: MICK JACKSON - The Underground Man
321092: F. HAMILTON JACKSON - Handbook for the Designer and Craftsman. Intarsia and Marquetry
318723: MICHAEL JACOBS - New Library of Pastoral Care. Swift to Hear. Facilitating Skills in Listening and Responding
14204: RODERICK A. JACOBS AND PETER S. ROSENBAUM - English Transformational Grammar
319173: ANNA JACOBS - Twopenny Rainbows
319423: W. W. JACOBS - Many Cargoes
38693: DIANE JACOBS - Christmas in July. The Life and Art of Preston Sturges
324125: TIMOTHY JACOBS - The Gangsters.
313448: RODERICK A. JACOBS AND PETER S. ROSENBAUM - Transformations, Style and Meaning
329201: JOHN HORNOR JACOBS - Foreign Devils
4372: DAN JACOBSON - The Electronic Elephant
7784: ARTHUR C. JACOBSON - Genius Some Revaluations
315073: DAN JACOBSON - A Dance in the Sun
3724: BENGT JACOBSSON - Mandelgren I Ostergotland
313035: D. JACOBSSON - Maize Turns to Gold
21736: LOUIS JACQUELIN AND RENE POULAIN - The Wines and Vineyards of France
328898: IWONA BLAZWICK, MICHEL JACQUES AND JANE WITHERS - Nouvel Jean Nouvel Emmanuel Cattani Et Associes
315861: BRIAN JACQUES - Voyage of Slaves. A Tale from the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
12261: HENRIK JAEGER - The Life of Henrik Ibsen
17958: MADHUR JAFFREY - Flavours of India
326773: MADHUR JAFFREY - Climbing the Mango Trees. A Memoir of a Childhood in India
329357: MADHUR JAFFREY - Climbing the Mango Trees. A Memoir of a Childhood in India
22362: ALFRED JAGER AND HANS MEIER - Appenzeller Volkskunst. Appenzell Arts and Crafts. Les Arts Et Metiers Du Pays D'appenzell
321312: E. J. DE JAGER - Contemporary African Art in South Africa
310949: WALTER R. JAGGARD AND FRANCIS E. DRURY - Architectural Building Construction. Volume Three
310948: WALTER R. JAGGARD AND FRANCIS E. DRURY - Architectural Building Construction. Volume One
323936: AEGIDIUS JAHN - The Silver World. An Essay on the Ultimate Problems of Philosophy
327552: MAX JAKOBSON - Finnish Neutrality. A Study of Finnish Foreign Policy Since the Second World War
16634: HENRY JAMES - The Ivory Tower
21994: G. P. R. JAMES - The Brigand Or Corse de Leon
23314: MARK JAMES WITH MARTIN HARDY - Into the Bear Pit
27800: LAWRENCE JAMES - Warrior Race. A History of the British at War
325220: TERRY JAMES - Waggoners' Walk. The Story Continues é
322330: CHARLES F. JAMES - The Story of the Performing Right Society. An Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Music
317677: TREVOR JAMES - About Dartmoor Prison
325321: GEORGE WHARTON JAMES - Indian Blankets and Their Makers
324106: LAWRENCE JAMES - Raj. The Making and Unmaking of British India
328870: ANNE SCOTT-JAMES - Down to Earth
326546: PETER JAMES AND RICHARD SADLER - Homes Fit for Heroes. Photographs By Bill Brandt 1939-1943.
328363: ANNE SCOTT-JAMES - Sissinghurst. The Making of a Garden
329355: NORMAN G. BRETT-JAMES - The Story of Hendon Manor and Parish
325137: RUSSELL CIOCHON, JOHN OLSEN, JAMIE JAMES - Other Origins. The Search for the Giant Ape in Human Prehistory
321472: BARRIE G. JAMES - Trojan Horse. The Ultimate Japanese Challenge to Western Industry
316875: ANTONY BRETT-JAMES - Europe Against Napoleon. The Leipzig Campaign 1831 from Eyewitness Accounts
321002: N. D.G. JAMES - A Forestry Centenary. The History of the Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
320504: NORMAN G. BRETT-JAMES - The Story of Hendon Manor and Parish
2779: DEREK JAMESON - Touched By Angels
21941: STORM JAMESON - Journey from the North Volume 1
315056: EGON JAMESON - One Thousand Curiosities of Britain
316091: STORM JAMESON - The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell
322343: STORM JAMESON - A Month Soon Goes
319329: JAMIE AND JESSI SEATON - The Seaton Collection. Exclusive Knitting Designs
325937: JAN AND TED ARUNDELL - Design and Make Polyester Jewelry
320881: JANE AND DEREK FISHER, MILDRED AND FRANCIS FORD - Bristol on Old Postcards. The City and Suburbs in the Early Twentieth Century
329872: DIANE JANES - Edwardian Murder. Ightham and the Morpeth Train Robbery
3620: JANET AND COLIN BORD - The Secret Country
13967: JANET AND COLIN BORD - Atlas of Magical Britain
319659: JANET AND DEREK FISHER, MILDRED AND FRANCIS FORD - Bristol on Old Postcards. The City and Suburbs in the Early Twentieth Century. Volume Three
17118: GUNNAR HARDING. BENGT JANGFELDT. - Artes. Tidskrift for Litteratur Konst Och Musik
328040: JAN JANGO - Hej Sparvagn!!!
322072: JOSEPH JANISH - Dogue de Bordeaux
1917: VALERIE JANITCH - All Made from Paper
4272: VALERIE JANITCH - Fun with Puppets and Soft Toys
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9089: HERMAN KAHN - The Emerging Japanese Superstate
22517: ALBERT E. KAHN - Smetana and the Beetles
328918: DEBORAH KAHN - Canterbury Cathedral and Its Romanesque Sculpture
327930: PHIL KAISERMAN - Veteran Pensions Pamphlets Series No. 1. Saigon '45 with the Japs in Vietnam
320683: KEES KALDENBACH AND MICHEL DIDIER - Pilgrimage Through Life. Travelling in the Footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh
327658: Y. BAZYKI, P.KALININ - The Liberating Mission of the Soviet Army. 1944-1945
322298: ANTOINETTE KALLEYA - Olympia
316251: W. H. AUDEN, C. KALLMAN AND N. GREENBERG, EDITORS - An Elizabethan Song Book. Lute Songs, Madrigals and Rounds
327111: SANDRA KALNIETE - Latvju Tekstilmaksla. Latvian Tapestry
323709: MARION KAMINSKI - Art and Architecture. Venice
27608: I. J. KAMPEL - Semiconductors. Basic Theory and Devices
25551: DREW KAMPION AND BRUCE BROWN - A History of Surf Culture
323509: MARIA PIA ROSIGNOLI. TRANSLATED BY MARY KANANI - Portraits of Greatness. The Life and Times of Shakespeare
8320: ALICE KANDELL - Sikkim
322542: WASSILY KANDINSKY - Concerning the Spiritualin Art
13549: SHEELAGH KANELLI - Earth and Water
26935: TOVE SKUTNABB-KANGAS - Bilingualism Or Not. The Education of Minorities
316597: ROSABETH MOSS KANTER - World Class. Thriving Locally in the Global Economy
20017: CHARLES E. KANY AND MATHURIN DONDO - Spoken French for Students and Travellers
19167: DAVID E. KAPLAN AND ANDREW MARSHALL - The Cult at the End of the World
323899: PHILIP KAPLAN AND ANDY SAUNDERS - Little Friends. The Fighter Pilot Experience in World War Ii England
316221: JUSTIN KAPLAN - Lincoln Steffens. The Father of Modern Muckraking. A Biography
14479: R. O. KAPP - Electrical Transmission and Distribution. Volume 4, Switchgear Part 2
14481: R. O. KAPP - Electrical Transmission and Distribution. Volume 7 Instruments and Meters
14482: R. O. KAPP - Electrical Transmission and Distribution. Volume 8 Auxiliary Plant
2613: CLAIRE LACOSTE KAPSTEIN - Fashion Knitwear for Children
315025: HERBERT VON KARAJAN. - Herbert Von Karajan. My Autobiography
5304: MIREK KARASEK AND WADDAH K. ALEM - Socio-Economic Modelling and Forecasting in Developing Countries
326937: BOHUMIL KARASEK - Bedrich Smetana
329756: STEPHEN KARCHER - Ta Chuan, the Great Treatise. The Key to Understanding the I Ching and Its Place in Your Life.
329780: STEPHEN KARCHER - Ta Chuan the Great Treatise. The Key to Understanding the I Ching and Its Place in Your Life
320191: FREDERICK R. KARL AND LEO HAMALIAN - The Existential Imagination. From de Sade to Sartre
16625: STANLEY KARNOW - Paris in the Fifties
15420: MICHAEL DOBBS, K. S. KAROL AND DESSA TREVISAN - Poland; Solidarity; Walesa
22780: DAVID KARP - Sleep Walkers
327555: V. KARPINSKY - The Social and State Structure of the U.S. S. R
2636: ALEXEI KARPUN - Russian Jewellery
313042: VLADIMIR KARTSEV WITH TODD BLUDEAU - Zhirinovsky. An Insiderõs Account of Yeltsinõs Chief Rival and Bespredel the New Russian Roulette
326971: L. KASNECI - Steeled in the Heat of Battle. A Brief Survey of the History of the National-Liberation War of the Albanian People 1941-1944.
14077: JERROLD J. KATZ AND PAUL M. POSTAL - An Integrated Theory of Linguistic Descriptions
14104: JERROLD J. KATZ - The Underlying Reality of Language and Its Philosophical Import
14172: JERROLD J. KATZ - Philosophy of Language
21345: BRIAN KATZEN AND STANLEY BAKER - Looking at Cape Town
325480: JON R.KATZENBACH AND THE RCL TEAM - Real Change Leaders. How You Can Create Growth and High Performance at Your Company
25137: C. M. KAUFFMANN - Sketches By John Constable in the Victoria and Albert Museum
321563: TOBIAS KAUFHOLD - Camera Obscura. Museum Zur Vorgeschichte Des Films
2463: WILLIAM I. KAUFMAN - The Nut Cookery Book
13043: MORRIS KAUFMAN - Giant Molecules
18147: JONATHAN KAUFMAN - A Hole I N the Heart of the World
314840: BARRY NEIL KAUFMAN - Human Horizon Series. To Love Is to Be Happy with the Miracle of One Autistic Child
321052: LES LINE, KIMBALL L. GARRETT ANDŹKENN KAUFMAN - The Audubon Society Book of Water Birds
7109: THOMAS DACOSTA KAUFMANN - Central European Drawings 1680-1800.
321512: GUY KAWASAKI - The Macintosh Way. The Art of Guerrilla Management
7294: SHIRLEY KAY - The Arab World
19802: SHIRLEY KAY - Seafarers of the Gulf
21328: J. KAY AND C. T.WHITE - Toys: Their Design and Construction
33719: JUNE KAY - The Thirteenth Moon
312955: ELIZABETH KAY - Back to the Divide
327183: JAMES PHILLIPS KAY - The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Employed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester. New Impression.
317868: JOHN DE KAY - Brown Leaves
320522: CARL LEE, SUE LEE, HILLARY HANSON, SARAH HORSMAN, JAN KAY - The Fat Pigeon Flies. An Autobiography of the Sheldon Community Celebrating 21 Years of the Society of Mary and Martha
319985: KEITH KAY - Take a Closer Look! the Big Book of Optical Illusions and Visual Oddities
326361: NORA KAY - English Trees
2714: M. M. KAYE - The Golden Clam
18122: MARVIN KAYE - The Complete Magician
318606: DAVID KAYE - The Darwen County Series. A History of Nottinghamshire
3064: JOHN B. KEANE - A Christmas Surprise
23956: MOLLY KEANE - Molly Keane's Nursery Cooking
31611: FERGAL KEANE - All of These People. A Memoir
324335: JOHN KEANE - Tom Paine. A Political Life
313994: B. L. KEARLEY - Riding Made Easy
325670: PAUL MIKULA, BRIAN KEARNEY AND RODNEY HARBER - Traditional Hindu Temples in South Africa
3568: R. KEARTON - Wild Nature's Ways
3572: R. KEARTON - Our Rarer British Breeding Birds
14082: RUSSELL KEAT - The Politics of Social Theory
329695: JONATHAN KEATES - Soon to Be a Motion Picture
329205: JONATHAN KEATES - Allegro Postillions
10221: THOMAS KEATING - Awakenings
310123: H. R. F. KEATING - Mrs. Crags Crimes Cleaned Up
317670: LAURENCE J. KEATING. - The Great Mary Celeste Hoax. A Famous Sea Mystery Exposted
27867: DIANA KEAY - The Book of Smocking
328117: KENNETH KEAY - Puss in Boots. A Tale from the Land of Nod
7751: JENNY KEE - Knits from Nature
319853: BRIAN KEEBLE - Art for Whom and for What?
323778: GERTRUDE A. KEECH - One Inheritance. A Family History
1337: VANESSA KEEGAN - Vanessa Keegan's Machine Knitting Book
322256: KEVIN KEEGAN - Kevin Keegan
316972: E.L. KEEGEL - Monographs on Tea Production in Ceylon. No. 4. Tea Manufacture in Ceylon
18427: FRANK KEELING - Constructional Carpentry
316703: MICHAEL KEELING - Morals in a Free Society
317073: JIM KEELING - The Terracotta Garden. Creative Ideas from Leading Gardeners
13383: LIANE KEEN - Make a Meal of It
326481: LAURENCE KEEN AND CHARLOTTE LINDGREN - William Barnes. The Dorset Engravings
315776: MARY KEEN - Colour Your Garden. A Portfolio of Inventive Planting Schemes
2127: RAYMOND W. B. KEENE - Just Across the Road
324129: ORRIN KEEPNEWS AND BILL GRAUER - A Pictorial History of Jazz. People and Places from New Orleans to Modern Jazz
16344: KEESING - The Cultural Revolution in China
318205: TOUSSIE SALOMONSON-KEEZER - In Potjes é En Pannetjes
316202: ELISABETH KEHOE - Fortune's Daughters. The Extravagant Lives of the Jerome Sisters: Jennie Churchill, Clara Frewen and Leonie Leslie
11510: CHARLES KEIL - Tiv Song
313844: DAVID KEIR - The Younger Centuries. The Story of William Younger & Co. Ltd. , 1749 to 1949
313841: AGNES NEWTON KEITH - Three Came Home. Sketches By the Author and Don Johnston
321619: GERRIT J. KEIZER - The Complete Encyclopedia of Mushrooms
19076: JAMES KEKWICK AND JACK HUGHES - The Town and Country Planning Act 1954
326646: SCOTT KELBY - Classic Photoshop Effects.
326648: SCOTT KELBY - Macintosh. The Naked Truth
318296: CHRISTOPHER BROWN, JAN KELCH AND PIETER VAN THIEL - Rembrandt. The Master and His Workshop. Paintings.
320972: DIANE KELDER - The French Impressionists and Their Century
314436: HORST KELLER - Graphic Art of German Expressionism 1972/73
16542: KITTY KELLEY - Nancy Reagan
319338: KELL KELLY AND M. F. DESCHENES - Smocking for Presents
320697: LINDA KELLY - Richard Brinsley Sheridan. A Life
326801: ALISON KELLY - The Book of English Fireplaces
19635: JOHN KELMAN - The Holy Land
11097: E. M. 'MICK' KELSALL - The Riverman's Story
315252: YASHAR KEMAL - The Wind from the Plain
17695: NORMAN KEMISH - Lansdowne House, the Marquis and His Successors. An Unfolding of 180 Years in the History of Paris Smith and Randall
329352: JOHN KEMP - Off to War with '054'
318063: PETER KEMP - Decision at Sea: The Convoy Escorts. Men and Battle
320160: ANTHONY KEMP - Castles in Colour
318183: MARTIN KEMP - Leonardo Seen from the Inside out
322782: PAUL KEMP - Midget Subarmines of the Second World War
17989: LESLEY POLING-KEMPES - The Harvey Girls
317811: VISCOUNT KEMSLEY - The Kemsley Manual of Journalism
320630: ALAN KENDALL - David Garrick. A Biography
22199: R. T. KENDALL - Understanding Theology Volume Ii
28099: JOAN KENDALL - The Development of a Distinctive Form of Quaker Dress
313980: PAUL MURRAY KENDALL - Richard the Third.
22426: JILL S. KENDRICK - Fifty Sea Shells from Herm Island
21829: THOMAS KENEALLY - Homebush Boy
30630: JANOS KENEDI - Faites-le-Vous-Meme. L'economie Parallele En Hongrie
315107: RUDOLPH KENNA - Glasgow Art Deco
315465: GEORGE F. KENNAN - The Other Balkan Wars. A 1913 Carnegie Endowment Inquiry in Retrospect with a New Introduction and Reflections on the Present Conflict
328224: DAVID KENNARD - The Dogs of Windcutter Down. One Shepherd's Struggle for Survival
2053: EUGENE KENNEDY AND SARA C. CHARLES - On Becoming a Counsellor
2642: MICHAEL KENNEDY - The Sea Angler's Fishes
14916: JEAN KENNEDY - Isle of Devils
22717: DOUGLAS KENNEDY - In God's Country
328114: RANKIN KENNEDY - The Modern Machine Shop. Its Tools, Practice and Design. A Practical Work, Etc. Volume Iii
329002: LUDOVIC KENNEDY - Sub-Lieutenant. A Personal Record of the War at Sea
311221: D.E. KENNEDY - The Security of Southern Asia
324197: LUDOVIC KENNEDY - Thirty Six Murders and Two Immoral Earnings
321482: CAROL KENNEDY - Guide to the Management Gurus. Short Cuts to the Ideas of Leading Management Thinkers
314733: MAUD KENNEDY - The Flowering Tree
316136: JOHN KENNEDY - Tommy Steele. The Facts About a Teenage Idol and an "Inside" Picture of Show Business
10284: HUGH KENNER - A Colder Eye
2811: KENNETH AND MARGUERITE FAWDRY - Pollock's History of English Dolls and Toys
324092: FRANCES KENNETT - Folk Medicine Fact and Fiction. Age-Old Cures. Alternative Medicine. Natural Remedies
329981: ANNETTE M. KENNETT - Chester 1900 [Nineteen] Years of History
322677: JOHN T. KENNEY - "Truth in a Tale" Series. The Grey Pony
6450: BRUCE KENRICK - Come out the Wilderness
24866: CHRISTIE'S SOUTH KENSINGTON - Sale of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Auction Catalogues 1980
11957: WILLIAM KENT - My Lord Mayor
18474: VIOLET KENT - The Player's Library and Bibliography of the Theatre
318478: JOHN KENT - The Age of Disunity
328532: DAVID KENT AND NORMA TOWNSEND, EDITOR - Joseph Mason, Assigned Convict. 1831-1837
324069: NICOLAS KENT - Naked Hollywood. Money, Power and the Movies
318829: ROCKWELL KENT - N By E
315840: WILLIAM KENT - Walks in London
326363: LOUIS KENTNER - Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides. Piano
317216: LOUIS KENTNER - Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides. Piano
4694: LESLIE KENTON - The Biogenic Diet
324476: LESLIE & SUSANNAH KENTON - Raw Energy. Eat Your Way to Radiant Health
14500: ANNE KENYON - Embroidery and Design on Patterned Fabric
312539: OLGA KENYON - Womenõs Voices Through Two Thousand Years of Letters. Their Lives and Loves Through Two Thousand Years of Letters
315650: LEVI KEOGH - Sale of Iris Murdoch Collection Spring 2010
318954: ERIC KEOWN - Theatre World Monograph No. 3. Peggy Ashcroft
310918: KER AND CLEAVER - Heroes of Exploration
26440: MESTO KERAMIKY - Bechyne 1884-1994. 110 Let Stredni Prumyslove Skoly Keramicke
323805: FRANK KERMODE AND ANITA KERMODE - The Oxford Book of Letters
323852: FRANK KERMODE AND ANITA KERMODE - The Oxford Book of Letters
329665: FRANK KERMODE - Not Entitled. A Memoir
20811: EMIL KERN AND A. E. ROUSSY - Technique de L'alpinisme
2553: COULSON KERNAHAN - The Garden of God and Other Nature-Fancies and Studies
321141: MRS. COULSON KERNAHAN - The Trap
4778: JEAN KERR - The Snake Has All the Lines
15301: GEORGE F. NORDENHOLT, JOSEPH KERR AND JOHN SASSO - Handbook of Mechanical Design
19354: GRAHAM KERR - The New Seasoning
318892: JANICE KERR - Medical Words and Phrases
322966: JESSICA KERR - Shakespeare's Flowers
313036: LENNOX KERR - Cruising in Scotland. The Log of the Migrant.
318430: MARTIN JARRETT-KERR - Our Trespasses. A Study in Christian Penitance
6346: D. P. KERRIGAN - Supplement to Hill and Kerrigan on the Town and Country Planning Act 1947
317692: COLM KERRIGAN - A History of Tower Hamlets
16711: KRISTINE KERSHUL - Japanese in 10 Minutes a Day
310372: ANTHONY F. KERSTING AND JOHN ASHDOWN - The Buildings of Oxford.
314654: A. F. KERSTING AND ANTHONY THORNE - Prospect of London
320137: DAVID KESSLER - The Falashas. The Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia
321255: ED KESSLER - People's Bible Studies. The Good Samaritan. Secrets of the Parables 1
318024: JOSEPH A. KESTNER - Masculinities in Victorian Painting
17250: RICHARD M. KETCHUM - The Battle for Bunker Hill
320772: WILLIAM C. KETCHUM - Simple Beauty. The Shakers in America
12587: J. O. KETTERIDGE - Dictionary of Technical Terms and Phrases
328282: CHRISTOPHER KETTERIDGE AND SPIKE MAYS - Five Miles from Bunkum. A Village and Its Crafts
322492: JOHN R. KETTERINGHAM - Lincolnshire Natives and Others
322493: JOHN KETTERINGHAM - Lincolnshire People
313819: EVA KEULS - The World in Colour. Greece
10490: SARAH KEY - Freddie. A Diary of a Cot Death
28286: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Frances Parkinson Keyes Cookbook
322048: BRENDA KEYES - Traditional Samplers
329441: EMILE VOOGEL. PETER KEYZER - Black and White 200 Darkroom Tips
316509: PAUL KEZDI - You and Your Heart
12873: LE-BA-KHAHAN AND LE-BA-KONG - Vietnamese-English/English-Vietnamese Dictionary
321684: MI MI KHAING - Burmese Family
22732: IMRAN KHAN - Indus Journey. A Personal View of Pakistan
329779: HASAN-UDDIN KHAN - International Style. Modernist Architecture from 1925 to 1965.
317091: OLGA KHARITIDI - Entering the Circle. Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered By a Russian Psychiatrist
1800: SABIHA KHOKHAR - A Taste of Baltistan
327492: N. S. KHRUSHCHEV - Khrushchev in America
327308: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - Disarmament and Colonial Freedom
327927: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - Soviet Booklet No. 79. Soviet Policy on Germany. "We Propose Peace . . " Speeches By N.S. Khrushchov and Documents of the Soviet Governmentjune-Sepember 1961
327665: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - Soviet Booklet No. 71. N.S. Khrushchov in France, 1960. A Collection of Speeches and Addresses
327772: N. S. KHRUSHCHOV - World without Arms World without Wars. Book 2
4548: CORVINA KIADO - Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook
5398: JOHN KIDD - On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man
327553: RONALD KIDD - British Liberty in Danger. An Introduction to the Study of Civil Rights
323870: JANE KIDD - The Better Horse. Breeding and Training for Equestrian Sports
321458: HARRY KIDD - The Trouble at the L.S. E. 1967-1967
316517: HARRY KIDD - The Trouble at L.S. E. 1966-1967
21367: F. S. KIDDER - Triangulation Applied to Sheet Metal Pattern Cutting
318584: MARTIN KIDDLE - The Moffatt New Testament Commentary. The Revelation of St. John
325059: PAULINE KIDNER - My Secret World
15035: PETER KIDSON AND PETER MURRAY - A History of English Architecture
11193: SOREN KIERKEGAARD - Fear and Trembling. The Book on Adler
6698: THOMAS KIERNAN - Olivier - the Life of Laurence Olivier
19405: V. G. KIERNAN - Poets Politics the People
329372: BEN KIERNAN AND CHANTHOU BOUA, EDITORS - Peasants and Politics in Kampuchea 1942-1981
18604: CHARLES KIGHTLY - Strongholds of the Realms
328194: CHARLES KIGHTLY - Strongholds of the Realm
318323: DENNIS KILEY - South Africa
8815: D. H. KILLEFFER - The Genius of Industrial Research
325260: MARY KILLEN - Dear Mary. The Spectator Book of Solutions. A Hilarious Handbook of Offbeat Etiquette
327069: MAJOR ROBERT KILN - D-Day to Arnhem with Hertfordshire's Gunners. A Personal Account
13179: ROGER KILROY - The Compleat Loo
326089: JEROME KILTY - Dear Liar. A Biography in Two Acts
14620: DETTE KIM - Paperworks
19141: GEORGE H. T. KIMBLE - Tropical Africa. Volume I: Land and Livelihood
1886: EMILY KIMBROUGH - Hand in Hand
13223: EMILY KIMBROUGH - Pleasure By the Busload
22163: EMILY KIMBROUGH - Forever Old, Forever New
21040: G. T. KIMMINS - The Masque of the Children of the Empire
316970: DENNIS KINCAID - British Social Life in India 1608-1937.
319844: DAVID KINDERSLEY - Mr. Eric Gill. Further Thoughts By an Apprentice
2853: HUGH BARTY-KING - The Baltic Exchange
4514: ANGELA KING - Knit Two
10687: HUGH BARTY-KING - Water the Book
12903: RONALD KING - Royal Kew
13554: TOM KING - In the Shadow of the Giants
14093: ROBERT D. KING - Historical Linguistics and Generative Grammar
14228: MARTIN V. DEISE, CONRAD NOWIKOW, PATRICK KING AND AMY WRIGHT - Executive's Guide to E-Business from Tactics to Strategy
16633: SHIRLEY KING - Dining with Marcel Proust
17539: JESSIE M. KING - Drawings of Paris
22290: GRAHAM ROSE, PETER KING AND DAVID SQUIRE - The Love of Roses. From Myth to Modern Culture
22848: CORETTA SCOTT KING - My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.
329979: JESSIE M. KING - The Grey City of the North. A Book of Drawings
27709: HUGH BARTY-KING - Scratch a Surveyor
27700: GORDON J. KING - Colour Television Servicing
319847: BRUCE KING - Buildings of Earth and Straw. Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-Bale Architecture
311780: CECIL KING - Atlantic Charter
318952: CECIL KING - Strictly Personal
317274: E. J. KING - The Propagation of Plants
317982: DONALD KING - Textiles from the Sangiorgi Collection
311212: BILLIE JEAN KING WITH CYNTHIA STARR - We Have Come a Long Way. The Story of Women's Tennis
320401: FLEET ADMIRAL ERNEST J. KING - U.S. Navy at War 1941-1945. Official Reports to the Secretary of the Navy
322645: MRS. HARRY (HELEN) KING - How to Hook Rugs
319489: PATRICIA KING - Dolls' House Fireplaces and Stoves
37421: FRANCIS KING - The Japanese Umbrella and Other Stories
324741: M. TRUBY KING - Mothercraft
325650: EDMUND KING - Medieval England from Hastings to Bosworth
321898: CONSTANCE EILEEN KING - The Collector's History of Dolls
328871: A. W. KINGLAKE - Picador Travel Classics. Eothen. Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East.
321230: RICHARD KINGSBURY - The Realities of University Life
313032: ROSEMARY KINGSLAND - After the Ball Was over. A Novel
323898: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Yeast. A Problem
316394: CHARLES KINGSLEY. - Westward Ho! Or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight of Burrough in the County of Devon in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth Rendered Into Modern English
323197: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Heroes Or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children
327451: HIS WIFE, F.E. KINGSLEY - Charles Kingsley. His Letters and Memories of His Life
13653: WILLIAM H. G. KINGSTON - Mark Seaworth
326010: W. H. G. KINGSTON - The Kingston Library. My First Voyage to Southern Seas
321537: W. H. G. KINGSTON - Afar in the Forest
328610: WILLIAM H. G. KINGSTON. - The Swiss Family Robinson. A New Translation from the Original German. Revised Edition
22678: IAN KINLOCH - Figments and Fragments
318721: ANGUS I. KINNEAR - Against the Tide. The Story of Watchman Nee
316940: G. P. R. BALFOUR-KINNEAR - Flying Salmon
2847: ANTHONY KINSEY - The Art of Screen Printing
21934: LISA KINSMAN - Chinese Entertaining
7738: RUDYARD KIPLING - Soldiers Three
20930: RUDYARD KIPLING - Twenty-One Tales
22018: RUDYARD KIPLING - Supplication of the Black Aberdeen
329608: RUDYARD KIPLING - Macmillan's Pocket Kipling. Letters of Travel (1892-1913)
321981: RUDYARD KIPLING - Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Inclusive Edition 1885-1918. Volumes I, Ii, and Iii. [3 Volume Set]
1067: SIR NORMAN KIPPING - Summing Up
9975: HAMILTON KIRK - Index of Treatment in Small-Animal Practice
22617: HAMILTON KIRK - The Cat's Medical Dictionary
318363: THE REVD. BRIAN KIRK - The Tanton Dissenting Academy
314418: J. F. KIRKALDY - Geologists' Association Guide No. 29 Geology of the Weald
325119: J. F. KIRKALDY - Blandford Colour Series. Minerals and Rocks in Colour
323185: J. F. KIRKALDY - Blandford Colour Series. Fossils in Colour
317299: W. H. SCOTT, ENID MUMFORD, I. C. MCGIVERING, J. M. KIRKBY - Social Research Series. Coal and Conflict. A Study of Industrial Relations at Colleries
318022: MICHAEL J. KIRKBY AND IAN DOUGLAS, EDITORS - Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. The Journal of the British Geomorphological Research Group. January-February 1981. Vol. 6, No. 1
316987: W.E. LAKE. TEXT BY NELLIE KIRKHAM - The Pilgrims Way. Camera Studies By W.E. Lake
4853: WALLACE KIRKLAND - Adventures of a Cameraman
16055: SIR IVONE KIRKPATRICK - Mussolini.
16337: THOMAS KIRKUP - An Inquiry Into Socialism
33678: JAMES KIRKUP - Filipinescas. Travels Through the Philippine Islands
25864: ANNA HELENE KIRSCH - Still the Person I Turn to
316633: JOHN W. KIRTON - The Four Pillars of Temperance
312997: EPHRAIM KISHON - My Family Right Or Wrong. Hilarious Stories
319295: REGINALD KISSACK - The Clue to Rome. Introduction to a City
318740: R. KISSACK - Methodists in Italy
315875: HENRY KISSINGER - Years of Upheaval
318191: HIROSHI KITAMURA - Choices for the Japanese Economy
324332: MOLLY ELDRETT NEE KITCHENER - Mantles and Matches. A Hertfordshire Childhood
315018: KITCHENER - In Memoriam. In Memory of Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum.
326637: SUSAN A. KITCHENS - The Quicktime Vr Book. Creating Immersive Imaging on Your Desktop
7919: C. H. KITSON - Rudiments of Music
310888: H. D. F. KITTO - Form and Meaning in Drama. A Study of Six Greek Plays and of Hamlet
313093: HENRY C. KITTREDGE - Shipmasters of Cape Cod
319069: MICHAEL CHISHOLM. PHILIP KIVELL - Hobart Paper 108. Inner City Waste Land. An Assessment of Government and Market Failure in Land Development
322797: MARGARET BROWN KLAPTHOR - The First Ladies
17105: DONALD L. KLASS - Biomass As a Nonfossil Fuel Source

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