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025161: MARTIMORT, A. G. (ED.) - The Church at Prayer: Introduction to the Liturgy
022410: MARTIMORT, A. G. (ED.) - The Church at Prayer: Introduction to the Liturgy
022384: MARTIMORT, A. G. (ED.) - The Church at Prayer: The Eucharist
042506: MARTIN, RALPH P. - Word Biblical Commentary Volume 48 : James
043804: MARTIN, EDWIN ROPER - The Rule of the Pope-King Weighed by Facts and Figures, a Letter to the Legislators of Great Britain
036832: MARTIN, DAVID - Reflections on Sociology and Theology
027547: MARTIN, BRIAN - John Henry Newman, His Life and Work.
022968: MARTIN, RALPH P. - Colossians and Philemon
026447: MARTIN, DAVID - Strange Gifts?: A Guide to Charismatic Renewal
042129: DUDLEY, MARTIN & ROWELL, GEOFFREY (EDS) - Confession and Absolution
025953: DUNCAN, F. MARTIN & DUNCAN, L. T. - Wonders of Insect Life: Bees, Wasps and Ants
041248: MARTIN, F. - Vie de Madame de Bonnault D'Houlet Fondatrice de la Societe Fideles Compagnes de Jesus
040199: MARTIN, RALPH P. - Colossians and Philemon
018879: MARTIN, ANDREW - Forbidden Revolutions - Pentecostalism in Latin America, Catholicism in Eastern Europe
038779: MARTIN, RALPH P. - Mark: Evangelist and Theologian
040457: MARTIN, JENNIFER NEWSOME - Hans Urs Von Balthasar and the Critical Appropriation of Russian Religious Thought
016822: MARTIN, BRIAN - John Henry Newman, His Life and Work.
033964: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD - The Dust of Combat : A Life of Charles Kingsley
021850: LUIS MARIN DE SAN MARTIN - Los Augustinos; Origenes Y Espiritualidad
033843: MARTIN, BRIAN W. - John Keble : Priest, Professor and Poet
039127: MARTIN, RALPH P. - Colossians: The Church's Lord and the Christian's Liberty
033781: MARTIN, G. H. - The Ipswich Recognizance Rolls 1294-1327 a Calendar
043747: MARTIN, JEAN-MARIE (ED.) - Registrum Petri Diaconi ( Montecassino, Archivio Dell'Abbazia, Reg. 3)
039333: MARTIN, DALE B. - Sex and the Single Savior: Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation
020466: MARTIN, ALEXANDER - Fine African Sculpture
020467: MARTIN, ALEXANDER - Objects Africa
018933: MARTIN, DARNISE C. - Beyond Christianity: African Americans in a New Thought Church
017894: MARTIN, FRANCIS, JR. - Feminist Question : Feminist Theology in the Light of Christian Tradition
037270: MARTIN, DAVID - A Sociology of English Religion
042192: MARTIN, D.; MARTIN, B. - New Winchelsea, Sussex: A Medieval Port Town
035589: MARTIN, BRIAN - John Henry Newman, His Life and Work
041040: MARTIN, BRIAN - John Henry Newman, His Life and Work
14563: MARTIN, HUGH - The Faith of Robert Browning.
030611: MARTIN, JANET D. - The Cartularies and Registers of Peterborough Abbey
13357: DIDELIUS, MARTIN & CONZELMANN, HANS - The Patoral Epistles; a Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles
038638: MARTIN, S. I. - Britain and the Slave Trade
16733: MARTIN, EDWARD A. - Bibliography of Gilbert White; the Naturalist & Antiquarian of Selborne.
030390: MARTIN, KINGSLEY (MAYER, J. P. ED) - French Liberal Thought in the Eighteenth Century
027170: MARTIN, SAMUEL - The Church and the Nation: The Opening Address Delivered at the Autumnal Assembly of the Congregational Union of England and Wales in the Weigh-House Chapel, 1862
026533: MARTIN, M. 'ABBE - Actes Du Brigandage D'Ephese, Traduction Faite Sur le Texte Syriaque Dans le Manuscrit 14530 Du Musee Britannique
031133: HALPORN, JAMES W., OSTWALD, MARTIN & ROSENMEYER, THOMAS G. - The Meters of Greek and Latin Poetry
025940: MARTINDALE, C. C. - Athens, Argentine, Australia
022913: MARTINEAU, HARRIET - Dawn Island, a Tale
037265: MARTY, MARTIN E. - A Nation of Behavers
025459: MARTYN, JOHN - Pope Gregory and the Brides of Christ
031324: MARTYN, F. - A Sermon Preached at the Funeral Obsequies of the Right Reverend John Milner Bishop of Castabala and Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District on the 27th Day of April, 1826 at the Catholic Chapel Wolverhampton
042825: HARRIS, MARVIN & ROSS (EDS) - Food and Evolution: Toward a Theory of Human Food Habits
023646: MARWICK, M. G. - Sorcery in Its Social Setting: A Study of the Northern Rhodesian Cewa
040904: MARWICK, MAX - Witchcraft and Sorcery
027606: MARXSEN, WILLI - The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
038985: MARXSEN, WILLI - The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
043498: EILEEN MARY, SISTER - Pilgrimage and Possession: Conversion in the Writings of St Teresa and St John of the Cross
039520: EILEEN MARY - St Therese of Lisieux, Her Relevance for Today
027630: FELICITY MARY - Mother Millicent Mary of the Will of God; Mother Foundress of the Society of the Precious Blood 1869-1956
042761: SOCIETY OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART OF MARY - Adelaide de Cice, Foundress of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary
036166: DOUGLAS, MARY & KABERRY, PHYLLIS M. (EDS) - Man in Africa
033360: AGATHA MARY, SISTER - The Rule of Saint Augustine: An Essay in Understanding
16027: MARZSEN, WILLI, WILCKENS, ULRICH, DELLING, GERHARD, GEYER, HANS-GEORG, MOULE, C. F. D. (ED.) - The Significance of the Message of the Resurrection for Faith in Jesus Christ.
034375: MASCALL, E. L. - Saraband : The Memoirs of E.L. Mascall
034885: MASCALL, E. L. - Grace and Glory
043677: MASKELL, WILLIAM - Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae or Occasional Offices of the Church of England According to the Ancient Use of Salisbury
044351: MASKELL, WILLIAM - What If the Meaning of the Late Definition on the Infallibility of the Pope? an Enquiry
032304: MASKELL, WILLIAM - Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae or Occasional Offices of the Church of England According to the Ancient Use of Salisbury
030559: MASLENITSYN, S. I. - Yaroslavian Icon Painting
024763: MASLENITSYN, S. - Pereslavl-Zalessky
024210: MASLENITSYN, S. - Kostroma
024208: MASLENITSYN, S. - Pereslavl-Zalessky
034735: MASON, ALISTAIR - History of the Society of the Sacred Mission
040435: MASON, J. A.; MARTIN, FRANCIS - The Triumph of Truth, in the Conversion of the Rev. J.A. Mason from the Errors of Methodism to the Catholic Faith; a Memoir of the Life and Death of Mrs Sarah Mason of Ticknall [Bound with 10 Further Tracts]
019745: MASON, ALISTAIR - History of the Society of the Sacred Mission
040620: MASON, R. T. - Framed Buildings of the Weald
030983: MASON, ALISTAIR - History of the Society of the Sacred Mission
039346: MASSAUX, EDOUARD - Influence de Levangile de Saint Matthieu Sur la Litterature Chretienne Avant Saint Irenee
034565: MASSINGHAM, BETTY - Turn on the Fountains: The Life of Dean Hole
021724: MASSON, IRVINE - The Mainz Psalters and Canon Missae 1457-1459
024743: MASTERS, MAXWELL T. - On the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Oxfordshire and the Contiguous Counties
028235: MASTERSON, PATRICK - Atheism and Alienation : A Study of the Philosophical Sources of Contemporary Atheism
032477: MATHERS, EWAN - The Cloisters of Iona Abbey
034704: MATHESON, P. E. - The Life of Hastings Rashdall
042642: MATHESON, PETER - Reformation Christianity: 5 People's History of Christianity
019052: MATHEUS, ROBERT - Palestine in Jesus' Time
028697: MATHEW, GERVASE - Byzantine Aesthetics
028553: MATHEW, GERVASE - Byzantine Aesthetics
042071: MATHEW, DAVID - Catholicism in England: The Portrait of a Minority: Its Culture and Tradition
024691: MATHEW, DAVID - The Courtiers of Henry VIII
031367: MATHEW, BRIAN - The Larger Bulbs
031366: MATHEW, BRIAN - Dwarf Bulbs
042677: MATHEW, DAVID - Catholicism in England: The Portrait of a Minority: Its Culture and Tradition
16474: MATHEW, ARNOLD HARRIS - Old Catholic Missal and Ritual; Prepared for the Use of English-Speaking Congregations of Old Catholics in Communion with the Ancient Archepiscopal See of Utrecht.
030443: MATHEW, DAVID - Catholicism in England: The Portrait of a Minority: Its Culture and Tradition
038560: PINTO-MATHIEU, ELISABETH - Marie-Madeleine Dans la Litterature Du Moyen Age
043729: ENRIQUE GARCIA HERNAN; JOSE CUTILLAS FERRER; RUDI MATTHEE (EDS) - The Spanish Monarchy and Safavid Persia in the Early Modern Period
038177: CHRISTOPHER HARVIE; H. C. G. MATTHEW - Nineteenth-Century Britain: A Very Short Introduction
033891: MATTHEW, DONALD - The Norman Monasteries and Their Possessions.
042469: MATTHEW, H. C. G - Gladstone: 1809-1898
023718: MATTHEWS, JOHN - Amos: Rev. Amos B. Matthews Victorian Methodist Traveller
020576: MATTHEWS, PETER - In Inns of Lancashire
044297: MATTHEWS, A. G. - The Congregational Churches of Staffordshire with Some Account of the Puritans, Presbyterians, Baptists and Quakers in the County During the 17th Century
035804: MATTHEWS, GARETH B. - The Augustinian Tradition
039297: MATTHEWS, SHELLY (ED.) - Walk in the Ways of Wisdom: Essays in Honor of Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
037911: MATTHEWS, LESLIE G. - The Royal Apothecaries
041565: MATTINGLY, HAROLD - Roman Coins from the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western Empire
023270: MAUCK, MARCHITA - Shaping a House for the Church
14755: HAMILTON MAUGHAN, H. - The Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church with an Introduction and Explanatory Note.
033005: MAUNDER, J. D. - A History of the Furnishings of St Agatha's Church, Portsmouth
15485: MAUNDER, SAMUEL (WOODWARD, B. B., MORRIS, JOHN & HUGHES, W. EDS.) - The Treasury of Knowledge, and Library of Reference.
029254: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Babycakes
028100: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - The Night Listener
029606: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Maybe the Moon : A Novel
026940: MAUREL, J. BOSQUE - Granada: Diccionario Geografici-Estadistico-Historico de Andalucia
042199: MAUREY, YOSSI - Medieval Music, Legend, and the Cult of St Martin: The Local Foundations of a Universal Saint
036995: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - Reconstructing Christian Ethics: Selected Writings
031866: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - The Epistles of St. John: A Series of Lectures on Christian Ethics
031734: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - The Prayer-Book Considered Especially in Reference to the Romish System: Nineteen Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Lincoln's Inn
025995: SIMON, MAURICE & EPSTEIN, I. (EDS.) - Berakoth
023896: DRAKE, MAURICE & WILFRED - Saints and Their Emblems
042696: DRAKE MAURICE & DRAKE, WILFRED - Saints and Their Emblems
16300: MILBOURN, MAURICE & MILBOURN, EVELYN - Understanding Miniature Pottery and Porcelain
035364: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - The Kingdom of Christ: Or Hints on the Principles, Ordinances and Constitution of the Catholic Church in Letters to a Member of the Society of Friends
041169: BLOCH, MAURICE & PARRY, JONATHAN (EDS) - Death and the Regeneration of Life
034815: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - The Lord's Prayer. Nine Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Lincoln's Inn in the Months of February, March and April, 1848
034749: MAURICE, FREDERICK - The Life of Frederick Denison Maurice, Chiefly Told in His Own Letters
022550: BARBA MAURIZIO - L'Institutio Generalis Del Missale Romanum. Analisi Storico-Redazionale Dei Riti D'Ingresso, Di Offertorio E Di Comunione
041469: MAUSS, MARCEL - A General Theory of Magic
041298: MARCEL MAUSS - The Gift : The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies
028607: MAVROGORDATO, JOHN - Digenes Akrites Edited with an Introduction, Translation and Commentary
14820: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Memories of the Months (Three Volume Set).
037688: MAXWELL, A. S. - Christ's Glorious Return
044294: MAY, HENRY ARTHUR - Queen Street Congregational Church Wolverhampton the Story of a Hundred Years 1809-1909
044292: MAY, HENRY ARTHUR - Queen Street Congregational Church Wolverhampton the Story of a Hundred Years 1809-1909
044293: MAY, HENRY ARTHUR - Queen Street Congregational Church Wolverhampton the Story of a Hundred Years 1809-1909
033552: MAY, J. LEWIS - Cardinal Newman : A Study
025087: MAYCOCK, ALAN - Chronicles of Little Gidding
034362: MAYER, PHILIP (ED.) - Socializaion: The Approach from Social Anthropology
021381: MAYER, ADRIAN C. - Caste and Kinship in Central India, a Village and Its Region
041317: MAYER, IONA - The Nature of Kinship Relations: The Significance of the Use of Kinship Terms Among the Gusii
15759: MAYER, SYDNEY I. - Macarthur
028430: MAYERS, M. - The History of the Jews from Their Origin to Their Ultimate Dispersion with Many Explanatory Notes
036899: STEPHEN A. GRUNLAN; MARVIN K. MAYERS - Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective
018041: MAYES, ANDREW - Old Testament in Sociological Perspective
039890: MAYFIELD, GUY - An Anglican Guide to the Orthodox Liturgy
034776: MAYHEW, PETER - All Saints: Birth and Growth of a Community
16660: MAYNE, MICHAEL - The Enduring Melody.
035340: MAYOR, STEPHEN - The Churches and the Labour Movement
030781: [MAYRLECHNER, S.] - Hierarchia Benedictino-Ecclesiastica, in 50 Romanis Tum Ex Ordine, Tum Sub Regula Ss. P. Benedicti Pontificibus
041477: MAYS, JOHN BARRON - Crime and the Social Structure
023728: MAYS, JAMES L. - Amos a Commentary
035957: MAYS, JAMES L. - Micah, a Commentary
029832: MAYS, JAMES L. - Amos, a Commentary
029830: MAYS, JAMES L. - Hosea
026514: MAZAR, AMIHAI (ED.) - Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan
040043: MAZAR, AMIHAI - Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10, 000-586 B.C. E.
041287: MAZRUI, ALI A. - Violence and Thought: Essays on Social Tensions in Africa
020987: MBITI, JOHN S. - Bibel Und Theologie IM Afrikanischen Christentum
018505: MCADOO, HENRY - Eucharistic Theology of Jeremy Taylor Today
024586: MCADOO, HENRY - Eucharistic Theology of Jeremy Taylor Today
030844: MCALLISER, ISABEL - Alfred Gilbert
029218: MCARTHUR, COLIN - Underworld U.S. A
044097: MCARTHUR, A. ALLAN - The Evolution of the Christian Year
024930: MCARTHUR, A. ALLAN - The Christian Year and Lectionary Reform
029170: MCBRIDE, DENIS - Emmaus : The Saving Visit of God According to Luke
024075: MCBRIDE, DENIS - Gospel of Mark : A Reflective Commentary
024054: MCBRIDE, DENIS - Gospel of Luke : A Reflective Commentary
031321: [MCBRIDE, J. D.] - A Letter to a Country Clergyman [John Tucker B.D. ] on His 'Serious Appeal to the Bible' from a Resident Member of the University
022217: MCBRIDE, DENIS - Emmaus : The Saving Visit of God According to Luke
037670: MCBRIDE, DENIS - Awakening to Yourself: Reflecting with Paintings Volume 2
028760: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Report on the Church: Catholicism After Vatican II
033961: MCCABE, HERBERT - God Matters
018331: MCCABE, JAMES D. - Lights and Shadows of New York Life, or the Sights and Sensations of the Great City.
028904: MCCABE, BOB - The Life of Graham : The Authorised Biography of Graham Chapman
041066: MCCALMAN, JANET. (ED.) - Humane Societies
036742: MCCANN, DENNIS - Christian Realism and Liberation Theology: Practical Theologies in Creative Conflict
032287: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Woody Allen: New Yorker
032085: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Cary Grant : A Class Apart
032053: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Rebel Males : Clint, Brando and Dean
037259: MCCANN, DENNIS P. - New Experiment in Democracy: The Challenge for American Catholicism
033730: MCCARTHY, T. J. H. (ED.) - Chronicles of the Investiture Contest : Frutolf of Michelsberg and His Continuators
043203: MCCARTHY, F. D. - Australian Aboriginal Decorative Art
040964: MCCARTNEY, PAUL - Paul Mccartney: Paintings
030843: MCCAUL, JOHN - Britanno-Roman Inscriptions, with Critical Notes
035621: MCCAUL, A. - The Doctrine and Interpretation of the Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah
041897: MCCLELLAND, VINCENT ALAN - Cardinal Manning, His Public Life and Influence 1865-92
16126: MCCLELLAND, VINCENT ALAN - Cardinal Manning, His Public Life and Influence 1865-92
019091: MCCLELLAND, I. L. - The Origins of the Romantic Movement in Spain
023160: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON - Christian Church Art Through the Ages
023518: MCCLYMOND, MICHAEL J. - Familiar Stranger : An Introduction to Jesus of Nazareth
029934: MCCONNACHIE, JOHN - The Significance of Karl Barth
042566: MCCONVILLE, GORDON - Exploring the Old Testament Volume 4 the Prophets
037430: MCCOOG, THOMAS M. - The Reckoned Expense: Edmund Campion and the Early English Jesuits
020002: MCCORD, NORMAN - The Anti-Corn Law League 1838-1846
037700: MCCORMACK, JERUSHA HULL - The Man Who Was Dorian Gray
035015: MCCRICKARD, JANET E. - Incense: A Practical Source Book and Dictionary
020776: MCCUNE, WILLIAM PITT - A History of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament in the United States of America
037228: WILLI BRAUN; RUSSELL T. MCCUTCHEON - Guide to the Study of Religion
042702: MCDONAGH, ENDA - Immersed in Mystery: En Route to Theology
039323: MCDONALD, LYNN - Florence Nightingale: An Introduction to Her Life and Family: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 1 the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale
024074: MCDONALD, TIMOTHY V. (ED.) - Walsingham : A Year of Celebration - 19th August 1997-13th September 1998 - Commemorating 100 Years of Pilgrimage 1897-1997
16336: MCDONALD, J. I. H. - The Crucible of Christian Morality.
037206: MCDONNELL, KILIAN - The Other Hand of God: The Holy Spirit As the Universal Touch and Goal
031211: MCENANEY, MAURA - Willard Garvey, an Epic Life
13538: MCEVEDY, COLIN - The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History.
044043: MCEVOY, HUBERT - Work and Worship: Daily Readings and Prayers
039344: MCEWAN, DOROTHEA - Women Experiencing Church: A Documentation of Alienation
018892: MCFADYEN, JOHN EDGAR - Key to the Exercises in Prof A.B. Davidson's Revised Introductory Hebrew Grammar
037052: MCFADYEN, ALISTAIR IAIN - The Call to Personhood: A Christian Theory of the Individual in Social Relationships
036830: MCFAGUE, SALLIE - Metaphorical Theology: Models of God in Religious Language
042429: MCFAGUE, SALLIE - Speaking in Parables a Study in Metaphor and Theology
042025: MCGAUGHEY, J. DAVIS - Christian Obedience in the University: Studies in the Life of the Student Christian Movement of Great Britian and Ireland 1930-1950
040892: MCGILL, GORDON - Arthur
017511: MCGINN, COLIN - The Making of a Philosopher : My Journey Through Twentieth-Century Philosophy
024851: MCGOLDRICK, PATRICK (ED.) - Understanding the Eucharist; Papers of the Maynooth Union Summer School 1968
038775: MCGOVERN, ARTHUR F. - Liberation Theology and Its Critics: Toward an Assessment
023736: MCGRANDLE, PIERS - Trevor Huddleston, Turbulent Priest.
033052: MCGRANDLE, PIERS - Trevor Huddleston, Turbulent Priest
039174: MCGRATH, ALISTER - In the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible
036612: MCGRATH, ALISTER - Why God Won't Go Away - Engaging with the New Atheism
036523: MCGRATH, ALISTER E. - What Was God Doing on the Cross?
035606: MCGRATH, ALISTER - The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World
042422: MCGRATH, ALISTER E.(ED.) - The Christian Theology Reader
041901: MCGRATH, FERGAL - Newman's University, Idea and Reality
038097: MCGRATH, ALISTER (ED.) - The Christian Theology Reader
019078: MCGRATH, FERGAL - The Consecration of Learning, Lectures on Newman's Idea of a University
037541: MCGRATH, PAM - Question of Choice: Bioethical Reflections on a Spiritual Response to the Technological Imperative (Avebury Series in Philosophy)
042969: MCGRATH, FERGAL - Newman's University, Idea and Reality
040076: MCGRATH, ALISTER (ED.) - The Christian Theology Reader
038016: MCGUIGAN, JIM (ED.) - Cultural Methodologies
031574: MCGUINNESS, MARGARET M. - Called to Serve: A History of Nuns in America
027391: MCGUIRE, MEREDITH B. - Religion, the Social Context
028827: MCHUGH, JOHN - On Englishing the Liturgy: An Open Letter to the Bishop of Shrewsbury, President of the Liturgical Commission
028059: MCINERNEY, JAY - How It Ended
025132: MCINNES, VAL AMBROSE (ED.) - Renewing the Judeo-Christian Wellsprings
044399: ANGUS MCINNES - Robert Harley, Puritan Politician
041730: MCINTOSH, K.H. - Fordwich: The Lost Port
031442: MCKANE, WILLIAM - Proverbs
040151: MCKAY, ALEXANDER - A Comprehensive Summary of Ecclesiastical History from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Year 1863
036862: MCKEE, JOHN - The Enemy Within the Gate: The Catholic Church and Renascent Modernism
032943: MCKENNA, JOHN H. - Eucharist and Holy Spirit: The Eucharistic Epiclesis in Twentieth Century Theology (1900-1966)
15544: MCKENZIE, JOHN L. - A Theology of the Old Testament.
021884: MCKENZIE, PETER - The Christians : Their Practices and Beliefs
037204: MCKENZIE, ALYCE M. - Matthew
037058: MCKIM, DONALD K. - The Bible in Theology & Preaching
039298: MCKINLAY, JUDITH K. - Reframing Her: Biblical Women in Postcolonial Focus (Bible in the Modern World)
042625: MCKINLAY, JUDITH E. - Gendering Wisdom the Host: Biblical Invitations to Eat and Drink
029572: FITZPATRICK-MCKINLEY, ANNE - Transformation of Torah from Scribal Advice
042851: MCKINNEY, H.LEWIS - Wallace and Natural Selection
028895: MCKINSTRY, LEO - Rosebery : Statesman in Turmoil
020785: MCLAREN, MORAY - Sir Walter Scott; the Man and Patriot
033062: MCLAURIN, DAVID - The Bishop of San Fernando: A Novel
019063: MCLEAN, G. R. D. - Poems of the Western Highlanders from the Gaelic
036157: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Marx's Grundrisse
032291: MCLENNAN, JOHN F. (RIVIERE, PETER ED.) - Primitive Marriage: An Inquiry Into the Origin of the Form of Capture in Marriage Ceremonies
041466: MCLEOD, M. D. - The Asante
017009: MCLEOD, ENID - Charles of Orleans, Prince and Poet
044301: MCLEOD, WILLIAM - Ashanti Gold Weights 12 Colour Slides with a Commentary
029632: MCLEOD, WALTER - The Geography of Palestine or the Holy Land Including Phoenicia and Philistia Specially Adapted to the Purposes of Tuition
035668: MCLYNN, NEIL B. - Ambrose of Milan: Church and Court in a Christian Capital
024246: MCMAHON, NORBERT - The Story of the Hospitallers of St John of God
031361: MCMANNERS, JOHN - French Ecclesiastical Society Under the Ancien Regime: A Study of Angers in the Eighteenth Century
018635: MCMANUS, ERWIN - Soul Cravings
035969: MCMULLEN, CLARENCE O. (ED.) - Rituals and Sacraments in Indian Religions
035788: MCNABB, VINCENT - Mary of Nazareth
16392: MCNABB, VINCENT - Infallibility; a Paper Read Before the Society of St Thomas of Canterbury.
040053: MCNALLY, R. J. - Fifty Modern Churches: Photographs, Ground Plans and Information Regarding Thirty-Five Consecrated and Fifteen Dedicated Churches Erected During the Years 1930-1945
038023: MCNAY, LOIS - Foucault: A Critical Introduction
039159: MCNEILE, A. H. - An Introduction to the Study of the New Testament
15824: MCNEILE, R. F. - Christianity in Southern Fenland
024539: MCNEILE, R. F. - Christianity in Southern Fenland
028623: MCNEILLIE, ANDREW - Guide to the Pigeons of the World
028399: MCPARTLAN, PAUL (ED.) - One in 2000? : Towards Catholic-Orthodox Unity: Agreed Statements and Parish Papers
022234: MCPARTLAN, PAUL - One in 2000? : Towards Catholic-Orthodox Unity
037227: MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER - Westminster Confession of Faith
031185: MCQUEEN, IAN - Bournemouth St Peter's
025216: MCREDMOND, LOUIS - Thrown Amongst Strangers: John Henry Newman in Ireland
042965: MCREDMOND, LOUIS - Thrown Amongst Strangers: John Henry Newman in Ireland
14498: MCREDMOND, LOUIS - Thrown Amongst Strangers; John Henry Newman in Ireland.
038143: MCROBBIE, ANGELA - Back to Reality: Social Experience and Cultural Studies
025905: MCTERNAN, OLIVER - Violence in God's Name: Religion in an Age of Conflict
15429: MCWHIRR, ALAN - Roman Gloucestershire
021445: MEAD, MARGARET - Culture and Commitment, a Study of the Generation Gap
020962: MEAD, BENEDICT - Patterns of Culture
040886: MEAD, MARGARET - Coming of Age in Samoa
032397: MEAD, MARGARET - Benedict, Ruth
032015: MEAD, MARGARET - Letters from the Field, 1925-1975
033629: MEAKIN, ANNETTE M. B. - Galicia, the Switzerland of Spain
031218: MEANS, BERNARD K. (ED.) - Archaeology and Roosevelt's New Deal for America
043216: MECKSEPER, CORD (ED.) - Stadt IM Wandel Kunst Und Kultur Des Burgetums in Norddeutschland 1150-1650
043916: MECKSEPER, CORD (ED.) - Stadt IM Wandel: Kunst Und Kultur Des Burgertums in Norddeutschland 1150-1650
026858: MEDAWAR, ALBA - Centenaire de la Naissance de Mgr Pierre Kamel Medawar 1887-1987
040641: MEDD, PETER GOLDSMITH - The Priest to the Altar, or Aids to the Devout Celebration of Holy Communion Chiefly After the Ancient English Use of Sarum
029046: MEDDEB, ABDELWAHAB - Islam and Its Discontents
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016942: MURDOCH, IRIS - Metaphysics As a Guide to Morals : Philosophical Reflections
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034968: MURPHY, CATHERINE - John the Baptist, Prophet of Purity for a New Age
036818: MURPHY, FRANCIS X. - Moral Teaching in the Primitive Church
027003: MURPHY, JOHN - Lamps of Anthropology
043630: MURPHY, BARNABY - Sermons for Every Sunday Throughout the Year Principally from the Epistles and Gospels Proper to Each Sunday Among Which Are Some of His Principal Charity Sermons Vol I
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023731: MURRAY, ROBERT H. - The King's Crowning
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027106: BRITISH MUSEUM - The Mount Sinai Manuscript of the Bible
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030066: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Exhibition of English Medieval Art 1930
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020499: TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM - Guide to the Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities
019499: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - List of Rubbings of Brasses: Classified and Arranged in Chronological Order
029702: LONDON MUSEUM - Medieval Catalogue
029390: BRITISH MUSEUM - Catalogue of an Exhibition Commemorating the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Introduction of the Book of Common Prayer
022153: MUSHILA, NYAMANKANK - Une Interpretation Theologique Du Processus de L'Emancipation En Afrique Sub-Saharenne
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041332: NADEL, S. F. - The Theory of Social Structure
032206: NAFZIGER, WAYNE E. - Inequality in Africa : Political Elites, Proletariat, Peasants and the Poor
025218: NAGAKURA, REIKO - A Short History of J.H. Newman's Reception in Japan
041124: NAGASIMA, NOBUHIRO (ED.) - Themes in Socio-Cultural Ideas and Behaviour Among the Six Ethnic Groups of Kenya: The Visukha, the Iteso, the Gusii, the Kipsigis, the Luo and the Kamba
037331: NAGLE, ROBIN - Claiming the Virgin: The Broken Promise of Liberation Theology in Brazil
026799: NAHMIAS, JEAN-FRANCOIS - L'Illusion Cathare
027769: NAIRNE, A. - The Alexandrine Gospel (Sirach, Wisdom, Philo, the Epistle to the Hebrews)
027802: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER - The Epistle of Priesthood: Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews
041942: NAKIELSKIEGO, WITOLDA - Katalog Wystawy Monet Sredniowiecznych
039040: NALDINI, MARIO - Documenti Dell'Antichita Cristiana Papiri E Pergamene Greco-Egizie Raccolta Fiorentina
032376: NAMANGI, ALIYU - Wakar Furan Gero Da Tsarabar Madina
032186: NAMANGI, ALHAJI ALIYU - Wakokin Imfiraji Na Bijar Na Tara
040366: [M'NAMARA, THOMAS] - Allocutions or Short Addresses on Liturgical Observances and Ritual Functions
028576: COMMUNITY OF THE HOLY NAME - To the Glory of His Name: The Vocation of the Community of the Holy Name
033302: NANCE, R. MORTON - Cornish for All, a First Book Containing a Precis of Cornish Grammar; the Tale of John of Chyanhorth or the Three Maxims and One Hundred Cornish Colloquies in Unified Spelling with Translations and Vocabulary
021108: NAPIER, MICHAEL - London Oratory Centenary 1884 1984
037361: NARDI, PETER M. - Gay Men's Friendships
037328: PETER M. NARDI & SCHNEIDER, BETH E. (EDS) - Social Perspectives in Lesbian and Gay Studies: A Reader
040145: NARDIN, G. - The Open Family: The Vision of the Early Church
038553: NASH, SUSIE - Between France and Flanders : Manuscript Illumination in Amiens in the Fifteenth Century
037718: NASH, DAVID - Blasphemy in the Christian World: A History
040233: [NASH, D. W.] - The Fox's Prophecy
025729: NASSIF, BRADLEY - Bringing Jesus to the Desert
035673: NATHAN, CLEMENS N. - The Changing Face of Religion and Human Rights: A Personal Reflection
026831: NAVA, MICHAEL - Goldenboy
035949: NAVONE, JOHN - Towards a Theology of Story
037235: NAYLOR, THOMAS H.; WILLIMON, WILLIAM H.; OSTERBERG, ROLF V. - The Search for Meaning in the Workplace
018323: NAZARBAEV, NURSULTAN - Without Right and Left
041369: NDAYISHINGUJE, PASCAL - L'Intronisation D'Un Mwami
032081: NDIAYE, A. RAPHAEL - La Place de la Femme Dans Les Rites Au Senegal
028619: NEALE, JOHN MASON - The Disciples at Emmaus and Other Verses for Eastertide
031743: NEALE, J. M. - Sermons for the Black Letter Days or Minor Festivals of the Church of England
041087: NEALE, J. M. - Notes Ecclesiological and Picturesque on Dalmatia, Croatia, Istria , Styria with a Visit to Montenegro
034033: NEALE, J. M. - The Moral Concordances of Saint Antony of Padua, Translated, Verified and Adapted to Modern Use
018925: NEALE, J.M. - The Rhythm of Bernard de Morlaix, Monk of Cluny, on the Celestial Country
031178: NEALE, J. M. - The Liturgies of S. Mark, S. James, S. Clement, S. Chrysostom and S. Basil and the Churches According to the Use of the Churches of Alexandria, Jerusalem, Constantinople and the Formula of the Apostolic Constitutions
035918: NEALE, JOHN MASON - Secession, a Sermon Preached in the Oratory of S. Margaret's, East Grinsted, November 18, 1859
14220: NEALE, JOHN MASON - Hierologus; or the Church Tourists.
044327: NEALE, J. M. - Tractarian Delusions, Catholic Truths a Letter in Reply to That of the Rev. E.B. Elliott
031865: NEANDER, AUGUSTUS - The Life of Jesus Christ in Its Historical Connexion and Historical Development
027514: NEANDER, AUGUSTUS - The Life of Jesus Christ in Its Historical Connexion and Historical Development
043699: GEORG BASELITZ; MIKLOS SZALAY; PETER NEBEL - African Art from the Han Coray Collection, 1916-1928
033423: NEDONCELLE, MAURICE - Trois Aspects Du Probleme Anglo-Catholique Au Xviie Siecle Avec Une Analyse Des XXXIX Articles D'Apres Chr. Davenport Et J.H. Newman
042911: NEEDHAM , JOSEPH (ED.) - Hopkins & Biochemistry 1861-1947 Papers Concerning Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins with a Selection of His Addresses and a Bibliography of His Publications
034092: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Within the Four Seas, the Dialogue of East and West
019561: NEEDHAM, A. - How to Study an Old Church
032564: NEEDHAM, RODNEY - Remarks and Inventions : Skeptical Essays About Kinship
035385: M'NEILE, HUGH - The World As It Shall Be; or, the Good Time That's Coming, the Closing Lecture of a Course at the Liverpool Church of England Institution
043382: NEILL, STEPHENANDERSON, GERALD H., & GOODWIN, JOHN (EDS) - Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission
043434: O'NEILL, C. O. - A Letter of His Lordship the Bishop of Grenoble Treating of the Divine Institution of the Papacy and Announcing the Formation of the Society of of the Servants of St. Peter
021101: NEILL, STEPHEN - Gott Und Die Gotter, Christlicher Glaube Und Die Weltreligionen
036029: NEILL, STEPHEN - The Interpretation of the New Testament 1861-1961
030016: NELLI, RENE - La Vie Quotidienne Des Cathares Du Languedoc Au XIII° Siecle
026813: NELLI, RENE - Le Phenomene Cathare: Perspectives Philosophiques, Morales Et Iconographiques
018185: NELMES, JILL (ED.) - Introduction to Film Studies
029564: NELSON, ROBERT - The Life of George Bull, Sometime Lord Bishop of St David's
026753: NELSON, JAMES B. - Embodiment : An Approach to Sexuality and Christian Theology
036475: NELSON, JAMES B. - The Intimate Connection : Male Sexuality, Masculine Spirituality
028788: NELSON, CANDICE J. - Grant Park : The Democratization of Presidential Elections, 1968-2008
023723: NELSON, JAMES; LONGFELLOW, SANDRA - Sexuality and the Sacred : A Reader
027412: NELSON, GEOFFREY K. - Cults, New Religions and Religious Creativity
043061: NELSON, ROBERT - A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England
038078: NELSON, CRAIG - Thomas Paine: Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Birth of Modern Nations
024812: NELSON, JAMES B. - The Intimate Connection : Male Sexuality, Masculine Spirituality
031906: NELTON, EDITH - The Second Coming: Its Messgae of Hope and Joy
043388: NEMEC, LUDVIK - The Infant of Prague the Story of the Holy Image and the History of the Devotion
028542: NERSESSIAN, V. - Armenian Illuminated Gospel-Books
021763: DER NERSESSIAN, SIRARPIE - Etudes Byzantines Et Armeniannes; Byzantine and Armenian Studies, Tome I
021705: NERSESSIAN, VREJ - The Bible in the Armenian Tradition
044098: NERSESSIAN, VREJ - The Bible in the Armenian Tradition
041959: NESBITT, M. - Our Lady in the Church and Other Essays
024877: JEAN-NESMY, CLAUDE - Pratique de la Liturgie
022704: EVANS, NESTA & ROSE, SUSAN - Cambridgeshire Hearth Tax Returns Michaelmas 1664
034516: NESTORIUS (DRIVER, G. R. & HODGSON, LEONARD (EDS)) - The Bazaar of Heracleides Newly Translated from the Sryriac and Edited with an Introduction, Notes & Appendices
023290: NETTEL, REGINALD - Sing a Song of England; a Social History of Traditional Song
032837: NETTING, ROBERT MCC. - Hill Farmers of Nigeria: Cultural Ecology of the Kofyar of the Jos Plateau
032415: NETTLEFORD, REX M. - Mirror, Mirror: Identity, Race and Protest in Jamaica
020976: NETTLESHIP, MARTIN A. - Cheng Yu-Lin, a Creative Woodcarver
043293: NEUESCH, HANSPETER - Ruth and Billy Graham: The Legacy of a Couple
036397: NEUHAUS, RICHARD JOHN (ED.) - Reinhold Niebuhr Today
023737: NEUSNER, JACOB - Torah Through the Ages: A Short History of Judaism
018131: NEUSNER, JACOB - Torah Through the Ages: A Short History of Judaism
017827: NEUSNER, JACOB - Studying Classical Judaism: A Primer
035554: NEUSNER, JACOB - Ancient Israel After Catastrophe: The Religious World View of the Mishnah (Richard Lectures, University of Virginia)
14962: NEUSNER, JACOB - Major Trends in Formative Judaism; Fifth Series; Religion, Comparisons, History Recent Reviews.
13246: NEUSNER, JACOB (ED.) - Faith Seeking Understanding; the Tasks of Theology in Twenty-First-Century Judaism.
13247: NEUSNER, JACOB (ED.) - Eternal Israel Endures.
018752: NEUSNER, JACOB - The Unity of Rabbinic Discourse: Aggadah in the Halakhah
018754: NEUSNER, JACOB - The Hermeneutics of the Rabbinic Category-Formations, an Introduction
035295: NEVANLINNA, SAARA; TAAVITSAINEN, IRMA (EDS) - St Katherine of Alexandria: The Late Middle English Prose Legend in Southwell Minster Ms 7
026416: LE NEVE, JOHN - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857, IV York Diocese.
16699: LE NEVE, JOHN - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541, IV Monastic Cathedrals (Southern Province).
041263: NEVE, RICHARD - Neve's City and Country Purchaser and Builder's Dictionary
017564: NEVILLE, ROBERT C. - The Tao and the Daimon: Segments of a Religious Inquiry
16651: NEVILLE, ROBERT CUMMINGS - Preaching the Gospel without Easy Answers.
036588: NEVILLE, DAVID - Prophecy and Passion: Essays in Honour of Athol Gill
026995: NEVIN, R. J. - St Paul's Within the Walls: An Account of the American Chapel at Rome, Italy; Together with Sermons Preached with Its Consecration, 1876
026668: NEWBIGIN, LESSLIE - The Open Secret : Sketches for a Missionary Theology
021017: NEWBIGIN, LESSLIE - Open Secret : Introduction to the Theology of Mission
038075: NEWBIGIN, LESSLIE - Gospel in a Pluralist Society
026111: NEWBOLT, M. R. - Edmund Rich; Archbishop and Saint
029458: NEWBY, HOWARD - The Deferential Worker: A Study of Farm Workers in East Anglia
042286: NEWBY, P. H. - Saladin in His Time
041258: NEWBY, HOWARD - The Deferential Worker: A Study of Farm Workers in East Anglia
031798: [NEWEMAN, JOHN HENRY] - Tracts for the Times 82: Letter to a Magazine on the Subject of Dr Pusey's Tract on Baptism
039191: NEWGASS, EDGAR - An Outline of Anglo-American Bible History
044338: NEWLAND, HENRY - Sir Culling Eardley, a Judge in Israel
16671: NEWLANDS, G. M. - Theology of the Love of God.
16672: NEWLANDS, GEORGE - God in Christian Perspective.
031463: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (MACKINNON, D. M. & HOLMES, J. D. EDS) - Newman's University Sermons: Fifteen Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford 1826-43
040025: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - John Henry Newman : Prayers, Poems and Meditations
040048: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Parochial and Plain Sermons
034719: NEWMAN, J. H. - Lectures on Catholicism in England Delivered in the Corn Exchange, Birmingham
031844: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Parochial and Plain Sermons, Volume VI
031847: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Parochial and Plain Sermons, Volume I
031843: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Parochial and Plain Sermons, Volume III
041896: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Verses on Various Occasions
042361: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Meditations and Devotions
041878: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (DESSAIN, CHARLES STEPHEN & GORNALL, THOMAS SJ EDS) - The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman Volume XXVIII: Fellow of Trinity January 1876 to December 1878
034576: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Tracts for the Times: Thoughts on the Ministerial Commission Respectively Addressed to the Clergy No. 1
039699: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY ED.) - Newman: Prose and Poetry

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