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041139: COAKLEY, J. F. - A Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library
026037: [COAKLEY, W. P. ED.] - 1066 Commemmoration Lectures
041148: COAKLEY, J. F. - Robinson's Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar
017808: COATE - Sin Guilt and Forgiveness
14287: COATE, MARY ANNE - Sin, Guilt and Forgiveness; the Hidden Dimensions of a Pastoral Process.
020289: COBB, GERALD - The Old Churches of London
035915: COBB, GERARD FRANCIS - Separation Not Schism, a Plea for the Position of Anglican Reunionists
033135: COBB, GERARD FRANCIS - The Kiss of Peace: Or England and Rome at One on the Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist, an Essay in Two Parts Together with a Sequel or Answer to Criticisms on the Same
032996: COBB, PETER - Doctor Pusey
032878: COBB, PETER - Doctor Pusey
031945: COBB, PETER G. - Walsingham
028778: COCHINI, CHRISTIAN - Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy
018436: COCHRANE, CHARLES NORRIS - Christianity and and Classical Culture; a Study of Thought and Action from Augustus to Augustine.
035048: COCKSHUTT, A. O. J. (ED.) - Religious Controversies of the Nineteenth Century: Selected Documents
16751: COE, RALPH T. - Sacred Circles; Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art.
026900: COELHO, PAULO - Diario de Un Mago
037667: COELHO, CHRISTOPHER - A New Kind of Fool: Meditations on St. Francis
026893: COELHO, PAULO - Pelerin de Compostelle
023888: COFFEY, GEORGE - Guide to the Celtic Antiquities of the Christian Period Preserved in the National Museum, Dublin
030018: COHEN, STEPHEN D. - Cowboys and Samurai : Why the U.S. Is Losing the Battle with the Japanese and Why It Matters
019128: COHEN, ABNER - Arab Border-Villages in Israel: A Study of Continuity and Change in Social Organization
019047: COHEN, YEHUDA - Why Religion?
038731: COHEN, AMNON - The Guilds of Ottoman Jerusalem
035138: COHEN, A. - Everyman's Talmud
032132: COHEN, ABNER - Custom and Politics in Urban Africa: A Study of Hausa Migrants in Yoruba Towns
028112: COHN, NIK - The Heart of the World
022572: COIT, STANTON - National Idealism and the Book of Common Prayer, an Essay in Re-Interpretation and Revision
033579: COKE, THOMAS (VICKERS, JOHN A. ED.) - The Letters of Dr Thomas Coke
030406: COLDSTREAM, NICOLA - Les Macons Et Sculpteurs
020334: COLE, GEORGE - Tracts on the Prayer Book
035516: COLEGATE, ISABEL - A Pelican in the Wilderness : Hermits and Solitaries
039970: COLEMAN, B. I. - The Church of England in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: A Social Geography
036853: COLEMAN, B. I. - The Church of England in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: A Social Geography
036326: COLEMAN, PETER - Christian Attitudes to Homosexuality
021434: COLEMAN, BRUCE IVOR - The Idea of the City in Nineteenth-Century Britain
042107: COLEMAN, GERALD - Homosexuality: Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice
042461: COLEMAN, DELPHINE - Kingstone: The Story of a Herefordshire Village from Domesday to the Present Time
029318: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - Specimens of Table Talk
017631: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR (COBURN, KATHLEEN ED.) - The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Vol I 1794-1804 Notes
039528: COLERIDGE, S. T. (HART, H. STJ. ED.) - Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit
037169: COLERIDGE, J. T. - A Memoir of the Rev. John Keble, Late Vicar of Hursley
027397: COLES, BRYONY - Anthropology for Archaeologists: An Introduction
027341: COLES, BRYONY (ED.) - The Wetland Revolution in Prehistory: Proceedings of a Conference Held by the Prehistoric Society and Warp at the University of Exeter, April, 1991
022576: COLES, ROBERT - The Spiritual Life of Children
030971: COLEY, MAY - Wild Flower Preservation: A Collector's Guide
042041: COLGRAVE, HILDA - Saint Cuthbert of Durham
019140: COLGRAVE, HILDA - Saint Cuthbert of Durham
036082: BARTHOLOMEW, CRAIG; GREENE, COLIN & MOLLER, KARL (EDS) - Renewing Biblical Interpretation
039129: COLLANGE, J. F. - Enigmes de la Deuxieme Epitre de Paul Aux Corinthiens Etude Exegetique de 2 Cor. 2: 14 -7: 4
029819: COLLANGE, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Epistle of Saint Paul to the Philippians
028078: COLLARD, CYRIL - Savage Nights
021315: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - The Potters' View of Canada : Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware
028348: COLLECTIF - Assemblees Dominicales En L'Absence Du Pretre
033216: COLLECTIF - Tradition Et Modernisme En Afrique Noire
039805: COLLEDGE, E. - Mediaeval Netherlands Religious Literature
038416: COLLEDGE, ERIC - The Mediaeval Mystics of England
027151: ARCHBISHOP JANANI LUWUM THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE - An Experimental Liturgy for Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College
030882: THE QUEEN'S COLLEGE, BIRMINGHAM - The Queen's Rite
024425: SELLY OAK COLLEGES - Mingana Collection of Oriental Manuscripts
036662: [COLLET, PIERRE] - The Life of Henri-Marie Boudon, Archdeacon of Evereux
16659: COLLETT, T. S., & CARTWRIGHT, B. A. - Eidetic Images in Insects: Their Role in Navigation.
023556: COLLETTE, CHARLES HASTINGS - A Reply to 'Catholic Belief' a Book Specially Intended for the Conversion of Protestants and Endorsed and Recommened by Cardinal Manning No II Justification
023557: COLLETTE, CHARLES HASTINGS - A Reply to 'Catholic Belief' a Book Specially Intended for the Conversion of Protestants and Endorsed and Recommened by Cardinal Manning
038141: COLLEY, LINDA - Captives: Britain, Empire and the World 1600-1850
038079: COLLEY, LINDA - Taking Stock of Taking Liberties: A Personal View
021387: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies
039147: COLLINS, RAYMOND F. - I & II Timothy and Titus): A Commentary
034523: COLLINS, A JEFFEREIES (ED.) - The Brigettine Breviary
038780: COLLINS, JOHN J. - Encounters with Biblical Theology
026621: COLLINS, PATRICK W. - More Than Meets the Eye; Ritual and Parish Liturgy
025438: COLLINS, DAVID J. - Reforming Saints; Saints' Lives and Their Authors in Germany 1470-1530.
024076: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Jesus : A Portrait
022775: COLLINS, PHILIP - Radios Redux: Listening in Style
022125: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Rethinking Fundamental Theology
020427: COLLINS, DIANA - Partners in Protest: Life with Canon Collins
038814: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Second Journey: Spiritual Awareness and the Mid-Life Crisis
036071: COLLINS, RAYMOND F. - Introduction to the New Testament
036018: COLLINS, ROGER - Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000
15051: COLLINS, RAYMOND F. - Introduction to the New Testament
029351: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Jesus Risen
038257: COLLINS, JEFF - Derrida for Beginners
030528: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Interpreting Jesus
036570: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Interpreting Jesus
030431: O'COLLINS, GERALD - Jesus : A Portrait
039481: COLLINSON, SYLVIA WILKEY - Making Disciples: The Significance of Jesus' Educational Methods for Today's Church (Paternoster Theological Monographs)
023240: COLLINSON, PATRICK; CRAIG, JOHN; USHER, BRETT (EDS.) - Conferences and Combination Lectures in the Elizabethan Church: Dedham and Bury St Edmunds, 1582-1590
035087: COLLOMS, BRENDA - Victorian Country Parsons
035043: COLLOMS, BRENDA - Victorian Visionaries
033951: COLLOMS, BRENDA - Victorian Country Parsons
023544: COLLYER, ISLIP - Vox Dei; a Defence of Simple Faith, Presenting the Real Case for the Bible
018891: COLLYER, WILLIAM BENGO - Lectures on Scripture Parables
029161: COLMER, JOHN - Coleridge: Critic of Society
028409: COLOGAN, W. H. (ED.) - The Church of Old England, Being a Collection of Papers on the Continuity of the English Church, and on the Attempts to Justify the Anglican Position.
033597: COLOMBIERE, CLAUDE LA (O'BRIEN, WILLIAM P. ED.) - Claude la Colombiere Sermons Volume I : Christian Conduct
024252: ACTS OF A CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM COLOQUIUM - Religion and the Use of the Earth's Resources; Acts of a Christian-Muslim Colloquium
023577: COLQUHOUN, FRANK - Contemporary Parish Prayers
037633: COLQUHOUN, FRANK - Contemporary Parish Prayers
037624: COLQUHOUN, FRANK (ED.) - Parish Prayers
032589: COMAROFF, J. L. (ED.) - The Meaning of Marriage Payments
025769: COMBELLACK, MYRNA - The Camborne Play : A Verse Translation of Beunans Meriasek
15534: COMBER, THOMAS - Short Discourses on the Common-Prayer
031748: COMBES, LOUIS DE - The Finding of the Cross
041001: COMBLIN, JOSE - Being Human: A Christian Anthropology
036622: COMBLIN, JOSE - The Holy Spirit and Liberation
039536: COMFORT, PHILIP W. - Early Manuscripts & Modern Translations of the New Testament
042198: ROYAL COMMISSION - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan Volume III Part Ia: Medieval Secular Monuments
042197: ROYAL COMMISSION - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan Volume III Medieval Secular Monuments Part II: Non-Defensive
033156: ROYAL COMMISSION - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford
043309: LITURGICAL COMMISSION - The Promise of His Glory : Services and Prayers for the Season from All Saints to Candlemas
023961: COMMISSIONERS - First Report of Commissioners Into Rubrics, Orders and Directions for Regulating Public Worship According to the Church of England and Ireland with Minutes of Evidence
034598: ANGLO-CATHOLIC CONGRESS COMMITTEE - The Fifth Anglo-Catholic Congress London & Oxford 1933 [Oxford Movement Centenary July 8th-17th 1933: Official Handbook]
034931: TRACT COMMITTEE - Church Hymns
026418: S. PETER'S COMMUNITY - Memories of the First Twenty-Six Years of S. Peter's Community
14352: ST HILDA COMMUNITY - Women Included; a Book of Prayers and Services.
041975: COMPER, FRANCES M. M. - The Life of Richard Rolle Together with an Edition of English Lyrics
032974: COMPER, J. NINIAN - Of the Christian Altar and the Buildings Which Contain It
041626: COMPTON, PIERS - The Story of Bisham Abbey
026756: COMSTOCK, GARY DAVID - Unrepentant, Self-Affirming, Practicing : Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay People Within Organized Religion
033292: COMSTOCK, GARY DAVID - Unrepentant, Self-Affirming, Practicing : Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay People Within Organized Religion
040522: CONDAMIN, ALBERT - Le Livre de Jeremie Traduction Et Commentaire
025528: CONE, POLLY (ED.) - Treasures of Early Irish Art, 1500 B.C. To 1500 A.D. : From the Collections of the National Museum of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, Trinity College, Dublin
028861: LAMBETH CONFERENCE - The Lambeth Conference 1958: The Encyclical Letter from the Bishops Together with the Resolutions and Reports
024953: UNITED STATES CATHOLIC CONFERENCE - Roman Calendar; Text and Commentary
029888: METHODIST CONFERENCE - Subject, Textual and Lineal Indexes to the Methodist Hymn Book
028866: LAMBETH CONFERENCE - The Lambeth Conference 1968 : Resolutions and Reports
028712: CONFERENCES - Conferences between Representatives Appointed by Archbishop of Canterbury on Behalf of the Church of England and Representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Latvia and Estonia
025598: CONFESSION - The Confession of Faith; the Larger and Shorter Catechisms with the Scripture Proofs at Large Together with the Sum of Saving Knowledge
029854: CONGAR, YVES - Diversity and Communion
032320: EXECUTIVE COUNCIL UNIVERSAL RACES CONGRESS - Record of the Proceedings of the First Universal Races Congress Held at the University of London, July 26-29, 1911
042050: CONIARIS, ANTHONY - Talks for Orthodox Funerals
039997: O'CONNELL, J. B. - Sacred Music and Liturgy; Instruction of the Sacred Congregational of Rites, September 3rd, 1958
036684: O'CONNELL, J. B. - The Celebration of Mass. A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal
042122: O'CONNELL, J. B. - The Celebration of Mass: A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal
035806: O'CONNELL, ROBERT J. - Images of Conversion in St. Augustine's Confessions
035765: O'CONNELL, ROBERT J. - The Origin of the Soul in St. Augustine's Later Works
035411: O'CONNELL, RAPHAEL - Reflections on the Litany of the Sacred Heart
033598: CONNOLLY, MARY BETH FRASER - Women of Faith : The Chicago Sisters of Mercy and the Evolution of a Religious Community
029179: O'CONNOR, ARMEL - The Idea of Mary's Meadow
029103: O'CONNOR, DANIEL - Three Centuries of Mission: The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 1701-2000
028539: CONNOR, CAROLYN - Art and Miracles in Medieval Byzantium: The Crypt at Hosios Loukas and Its Frescoes
022495: CONNOR, CAROLYN - Art and Miracles in Medieval Byzantium: The Crypt at Hosios Loukas and Its Frescoes
025620: O'CONNOR, S. J. (ED.) - A Calendar of the Cartularies of John Pyel and Adam Fraunceys
040126: MURPHY-O'CONNOR, JEROME - Paul: His Story
019885: O'CONNOR, GARRY - Universal Father : A Life of Pope John Paul II
018843: O'CONNOR, S. J. (ED.) - A Calendar of the Cartularies of John Pyel and Adam Fraunceys
040894: O'CONNOR, JOHN - Father Brown on Chesterton
030260: O'CONNOR, J, D. - John Locke
038670: CONSTABLE, JOHN - The Southwark Mysteries
039472: CONSTANT, G. - The Reformation in England II Introduction of the Reformation Into England Edward VI (1547-1553)
027588: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Evolution, Marxism and Christianity: Studies in the Teilhardian Synthesis
033693: UPPER HOUSE OF CONVOCATION - A Form for Admitting Converts from the Church of Rome and Such Others As Shall Renounce Their Errors and for Restoring Those Who Have Relapsed
024403: CONWAY, MARMADUKE P. - Playing a Church Organ
033614: CONWAY, STEPHEN (ED.) - Living the Eucharist : Affirming Catholicism and the Liturgy
024507: CONYBEARE, EDWARD - Rides Around Cambridge, a Cyclist's and Motorist's Guide to the District with an Appendix on Monumental Brasses of Cambridgeshire
017348: MORRELL CONYERS, R. - Bow Brickhill Buckinghamshire, a Brief History of the Village and Church
031684: CONZE, EDWARD (ED.) - Buddhist Scriptures
027526: CONZELMANN, HANS - An Outline of the Theology of the New Testament
039826: CONZELMANN, HANS - An Outline of the Theology of the New Testament
030144: CONZELMANN, HANS - History of Primitive Christianity
026373: COOK, JUDITH - Priestley
023877: FRERE-COOK, GERVIS - The Decorative Arts of the Christian Church
036312: COOK, GUILLERMO - The Expectation of the Poor: Latin American Base Ecclesial Communities in Protestant Perspective
019715: COOK, JUDITH - Dr Simon Forman: A Most Notorious Physician
037240: COOK, MARTIN L. - The Open Circle: Confessional Method in Theology
019592: COOK, G. H. - The English Cathedral Through the Centuries
16619: COOK, EDGAR T. - The Use of Plainsong.
029160: COOKE, KATHARINE - Coleridge
034519: COOKE, SIMON - Illustrated Periodicals of the 1860s: A Study of Context and Collaborations
041267: COOKE, SIMON - Illustrated Periodicals of the 1860s: Contexts and Collaborations
041282: COOKE, GEORGE WINGROVE - History of Party; from the Rise of the Whig and Tory Factions to the Passing of the Reform Bill [3 Vols]
030381: CROFT-COOKE, RUPERT - Sherry
032161: COOKE, MIRIAM - War's Other Voices : Women Writers on the Lebanese CIVIL War
021251: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K. - The Dance of Shiva
028076: COOMBS, JOYCE - Judgement on Hatcham, the History of a Religious Struggle, 1877-1886
036207: COOMBS, JOYCE - Judgement on Hatcham, the History of a Religious Struggle, 1877-1886
031169: COOMBS, JOYCE - George Anthony Denison, the Firebrand 1805-1896
031076: COOMBS, JOYCE - George Anthony Denison, the Firebrand 1805-1896
020810: COON, CARLETON S. - History of Man from the First Human to Primitive Culture and Beyond
042746: COONEY, JOHN - John Charles Mcquaid : Ruler of Catholic Ireland
042786: COOPER, J. H. - The Moravian Church: History, Beliefs & Practices
040578: COOPER, MARGARET - The Worcester Book Trade in the Eighteenth Century
041814: COOPER, TIM - The Last Generation of English Catholic Clergy: Parish Priests in the Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield in the Early Sixteenth Century
034176: COOPER, WIREMU (ED.) - Taonga Maori a Spiritual Journey Expressed Through Maori Art
043411: COOPER, N. H. (ED.) - The Nottingham Area
022145: COOPER, BARBARA M. - Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel
037898: ARTEMIS COOPER - Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure
032582: COOPER, BARBARA M. - Marriage in Maradi: Gender and Culture in a Hausa Society in Niger, 1900-1989
032581: COOPER, BARBARA M. - Marriage in Maradi: Gender and Culture in a Hausa Society in Niger, 1900-1989
042488: COPAN, PAUL - Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God
024089: COPE, GILBERT (ED.) - Dying, Death and Disposal
023625: COPE, GILBERT (ED.) - Christianity and the Visual Arts
036118: COPE, GILBERT (ED.) - Problem Churches
032737: COPE, GILBERT - Ecclesiology Then and Now: A Few More Words to Church Builders
034679: COPE, GILBERT (ED.) - Making the Building Serve the Liturgy; Studies in the Re-Ordering of Churches
036852: COPELAND, WARREN R. - And the Poor Get Welfare: The Ethics of Poverty in the United States
043056: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Volume III Ockham to Suarez
043057: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Volume I Greece and Rome
027700: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Vol 3: Late Mediaeval and Renaissance Philsophy
027701: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Vol 4: Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Leibniz
027702: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Vol 5 Modern Philosophy : The British Philosophers Part II Berkeley to Hume
026184: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy: Volume IV Descartes to Leibniz
025897: COPLESTON, F. C. - Aquinas : An Introduction to the Life and Work of the Great Medieval Thinker
030063: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Vol 6 Modern Philosophy Part I the French Enlightenment to Kant, Part II Kant
028737: COPLESTON, F. C. - Aquinas : An Introduction to the Life and Work of the Great Medieval Thinker
031125: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Vol 4: Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Leibniz
031096: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy Vol I: Greece and Rome
030259: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - A History of Philosophy: Volume 5 Modern Philosophy: The British Philosophers Part I Hobbes to Paley
037530: COPLEY, ANTONY - Religions in Conflict: Ideology, Cultural Contact and Conversion in Late-Colonial India
038070: COPLEY, TERENCE - Black Tom: Arnold of Rugby, the Myth and the Man
021687: GIOVANNI DI COPPO (MANSFIELD, M. TRANS) - The Legend of the Holy Fina, Virgin Santo Gimignano
026862: SOCIETE D'ARCHEOLGIE COPTE - Bulletin de la Societe D'Archeolgie Copte, Tome VII, 1942
026860: SOCIETE D'ARCHEOLGIE COPTE - Bulletin de la Societe D'Archeolgie Copte, Tome XI, 1945
026539: COQUIN, R. G. (ED.) - Melanges Antoine Guillaumont; Contributions a L'Etude Des Christanismes Orientaux
041280: CORDELL, RICHARD - Somerset Maugham, a Biographical and Critical Study
028948: CORDER, J. KEVIN - The Fed & the Credit Crisis
041094: CORDRY, DONALD - Mexican Masks
022089: COREN, MICHAEL - Gilbert the Man Who Was G.K. Chesterton
042403: CORFE, T. (ED.) - An Historical Atlas of County Durham
042077: CORK, RICHARD - The Healing Presence of Art: A History of Western Art in Hospitals
042289: CORKE, JEAN - Suffolk Churches a Pocket Guide
028314: CORKERY, JAMES - Joseph Ratzinger's Theological Ideas: Wise Cautions and Legitimate Hopes
028077: CORLETT, WILLIAM - Now and Then
028981: IRIMIE, CORNEL & FOCSA, MARCELA - Romanian Icons Painted on Glass
018489: CORNELIUS, W. A. (ED.) - Mexican Migration and the U.S. Economic Crisis: A Transnational Perspective
041046: CORNELL, RKIA ELAROUI - Rabi'a from Narrative to Myth: The Tropics of Identity of a Muslim Woman Saint
031098: CORNFORD, FRANCIS MCDONALD (ED.) - The Republic of Plato
040852: GIOVANNI ANDREA CORNIA AND GERALD K. HELLEINER (EDS) - From Adjustment to Development in Africa: Conflict, Controversy, Convergence, Consensus?
028875: CORNWELL, JOHN - Seminary Boy : A Memoir
042042: CORNWELL, JOHN - Seminary Boy : A Memoir
030972: CORONATION - The Form and Order of the Service That Is to Be Performed and the Ceremonies That Are to Be Observed in the Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Abbey Church of S. Peter Westminster
025582: CHURCH HYMNAL CORPORATION - Hymns III, Church Hymnal Series III
025345: THE CHURCH HYMNAL CORPORATION - The Proper for the Lesser Feasts and Fasts Together with the Fixed Holy Days
030517: CORREIA, MARGARIDA SERVULO - O Caso de Barbacena. Um Paroco Deaaldeia Entre a Monarquia E a Republica
032789: CORSSEN, PETER - Monarchianische Prologe Zu Den Vier Evangelien Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Kanons
041222: COSER, LEWIS A. - Continuities in the Study of Social Conflict
026033: COSS, PETER - The Knight in Medieval England, 1000-1400
031101: BERSELLI, COSTANTE & GHARIB, GEORGES (EDS) - Sing the Joys of Mary: Hymns from the First Millenium of the Eastern and Western Churches
037590: COSTAS, ORLANDO E. - Liberating News: A Theology of Contextual Evangelization
037587: COSTAS, ORLANDO E. - Christ Outside the Gate: Mission Beyond Christendom
033385: COSTELLO, CON - The O'Connell Memorial Church and Canon Brosnan
033901: COSTEN, MICHAEL - The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade
024266: COTTER, JIM (DAVIES, CYNTHIA TRANS.) - Pilgrim Prayer
023988: COTTER, JIM - Healing - More or Less
023989: COTTER, JIM - Prayer in the Morning; a Book for Day's Beginning
023990: COTTER, JIM - Prayer at Night
039967: COTTER, JIM - Prayer at Night
14399: COTTER, JIM ( AND BLUE, LIONEL) - Love Rekindled; Practising Hospitality.
023243: COTTER, JIM - Yes... Minister? : Patterns of Christian Service
037622: COTTER, JIM - By Stony Paths: A Version of Psalms 51-100
027062: COTTER, JIM - Healing - More or Less
14313: COTTER, JIM - By Stony Paths; a Version of Psalms 51-100
024312: JIM COTTER & AVIS MARY SLG - Loving God Whatever; Through the Year with Sister Jane, Community of the Sisters of the Love of God
037905: COTTER, JIM - Prayer in the Morning: A Book for Day's Beginning
037621: COTTER, JIM - Exploring
037597: COTTER, JIM - Through Desert Places: A Version of Psalms1-50
037488: COTTER, JIM - Healing More or Less : Reflections and Prayers at the End of an Age
021153: COTTERELL, PETER - Mission and Meaninglessness; the Good News in a World of Suffering and Disorder
037907: COTTIN, MADAME - Elisabeth Ou Les Exiles de Siberie
041816: COTTON, CHARLES - The Grey Friars of Canterbury 1224-1538 a Contribution to the 700th Anniversary of Their Arrival in England
036604: COTTON, ROBERT; STEVENSON, KENNETH - On the Receiving End: How People Experience What We Do in Church
038485: COTTON, CHARLES - The Grey Friars of Canterbury 1224-1538 a Contribution to the 700th Anniversary of Their Arrival in England
039895: QUILLER-COUCH, ARTHUR - Charles Dickens and Other Victorians
033567: COUENHOVEN, JESSE - Stricken by Sin, Cured by Christ : Agency, Necessity and Culpability in Augustinian Theology
026926: COULON, VICTOR (ED.) - Aristophane: Tome III Les Oiseaux, Lysistrata
026925: COULON, VICTOR (ED.) - Aristophane: Tome I Les Acharniens, Les Cavaiers, Les Nuees
029021: COULSON, JOHN (ED.) - Theology and the University, an Ecumenical Investigation
036871: COULSON, ANDREW - Tanzania: A Political Economy
027725: COULSON, JOHN (ED.) - Theology and the University, an Ecumenical Investigation
024998: COULSON, JOHN - Newman and the Common Tradition; a Study in the Language of Church and Society
042014: COULSON, JOHN (ED.) - Theology and the University, an Ecumenical Investigation
042834: COULSON, C. A. - Science and the Idea of God
042558: COULTER, JEFF - The Social Construction of Mind: Studies in Ethnomethodology and Linguistic Philosophy
026346: COULTON, G. G. - Social Life in Britain from the Conquest to the Reformation
026059: COULTON, G. G. (ED.) - Commentary on the Rule of St Augustine by Robertus Richardinus
025962: COULTON, G. G. - Europe's Apprenticeship: A Survey of Medieval Latin with Examples
025677: COULTON, G. G. - Art and the Reformation
036325: COULTON, NICHOLAS (EDS) - The Bible, the Church and Homosexuality
023414: COULTON, G. G. - Art and the Reformation
022342: COULTON, G. G. - Fourscore Years, an Autobiography by G.G. Coulton
018774: COULTON, C. G. - Christ, St Francis and Today
032633: COULTON, G. G. - Romanism and Truth, Part II the Struggle Against Common Sense
028886: THE ARCHBISHOPS' COUNCIL - Common Worship: Collects and Post Communions in Traditional Language
024439: MEDICAL COUNCIL - The British Pharmacopoeia Published Under the Direction of the General Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom, 1898
035123: ARTS COUNCIL - English Romanesque Art, 1066-1200
037834: ARTS COUNCIL - Delacroix: An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs Arranged by the Arts Council of Great Britain in Association with the Edinburgh Festival Society
036368: COUNTRYMAN, L. WILLIAM - Dirt, Greed & Sex: Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and Their Implications for Today
037602: COUNTRYMAN, L. WILLIAM - The Poetic Imagination: An Anglican Spiritual Tradition
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019247: COX, JOHN EDMUND (ED.) - Miscellaneous Writings and Letters of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr 1556
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036483: CRAGG, KENNETH - The Dome and the Rock: Jerusalem Studies in Islam
033915: CRAGG, KENNETH - The Order of the Wounded Hands : Schooled in the East
016839: CRAGG, KENNETH - Muhammad in the Qur'an : The Task and the Text
032929: CRAGG, KENNETH - The Arab Christian: A History of the Middle East
037742: CRAGG, KENNETH - Muhammad and the Christian: A Question of Response
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025400: CRANE, EVA - Directory of the World's Beekeepig Museums
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041372: CRAWFORD, D. - Thinking Black: 22 Years without a Break in the Long Grass of Central Africa
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038640: CROFT, STEVEN (ET AL.) - Evangelism in a Spiritual Age: Communicating Faith in a Changing Culture
038861: CROFTS, BRUCE (ED.) - At Satan's Throne; the Story of Methodism in Bath over 250 Years
023760: CROFTS, BRUCE (ED.) - At Satan's Throne; the Story of Methodism in Bath over 250 Years
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038464: CROMPTON, JOHN - The Hunting Wasp
028282: CRONIN, DANIEL P. - Priesthood : A Life Open to Christ
022970: CRONIN, DANIEL P. - Priesthood : A Life Open to Christ
022231: CRONIN, DANIEL P. - Priesthood : A Life Open to Christ
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019791: CROPPER, MARGARET - Evelyn Underhill
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042096: SAINT JOHN OF THE CROSS (PEERS, E. ALLISON ED.) - The Complete Works of Saint John of the Cross
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022392: F. L. CROSS - Darwell Stone, Churchman and Counsellor
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034225: CROSSAN, JOHN DOMINIC - A Long Way from Tipperary a Memoir
034223: CROSSAN, JOHN DOMINIC - Who Killed Jesus?
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026453: CROUAN, DENIS - The Liturgy Betrayed
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042140: CRUDEN, STEWART - The Scottish Castle
16682: CRUDEN, STEWART - Scottish Medieval Churches.
035741: CRUMLIN, ROSEMARY - Beyond Belief: Modern Art and the Religious Imagination
030021: CRUZ, JUAN JOSE - Desnudos, Muertos Y Ofendidos : La Experiencia de Estados Unidos En Vietnam Y Su Construccion En la Narrativa Norteamericana
027534: CUENOT, CLAUDE - Science and Faith in Teilhard de Chardin
15817: CUGNO, ALAIN - St John of the Cross; the Life and Thought of a Christian Mystic.
040970: CULLEN, PAUL - Pastoral Address of the Catholic Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland to the Clergy, Secular and Regular and the Laity of Their Flocks
030796: CULLEN, [PAUL] - Pastoral Letter to the Catholic Clergy and Laity of the Dioceses of Dublin, on the Festival of St Patrick
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042534: CULLER, JONATHAN - Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction
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037083: CULLER, JONATHAN - Barthes
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019929: CUNINGGIM, MERRIMON - Uneasy Partners: The College and the Church
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042826: CUNNINGHAM, ANDREW - Science and Culture of Nutrition, 1840-1940 (Clio Medica)
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020387: CUPITT, DON - The New Christian Ethics
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016929: CUPITT, DON - Time Being
017532: CUPITT, DON - Christ and the Hiddenness of God.
017531: CUPITT, DON - The Leap of Reason
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017470: CUPITT, DON - Creation out of Nothing
017469: CUPITT, DON - The World to Come
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016878: CUPITT, DON - The Sea of Faith
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029834: CUPITT, DON - The Leap of Reason
14373: CUPITT, DON - Christ and the Hiddenness of God.
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017443: CUPITT, DON - Only Human
021599: CUPITT, DON - The Old Creed and the New
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041244: CURLEY, RICHARD T. - Elders, Shades and Women: Ceremonial Change in Lango, Uganda
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042932: CURRAN, CHARLES E. - Faithful Dissent
043014: CURRY, GERARD - Fine Lines
043275: CURRY, JOHN - Catholicity, Liberty, Allegiance: A Disquisition on Mr. Gladstone's Expostulation Written for the Bradford Catholic Club
042359: CURTAYNE, ALICE - Saint Catherine of Siena
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037987: VAN DAALEN, DAVID H. - A Guide to Galatians
037979: VAN DAALEN, DAVID H. - A Guide to Revelation
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026928: DAIN, ALPHONSE ; MAZON, PAUL (EDS.) - Sophocle: Tome III: Philoctete, Oedipe a Colone
040123: DAKERS, LIONEL - Beauty Beyond Words: Enriching Worship Through Music
034882: DALBY, MARK - Open Baptism
025687: DALES, DOUGLAS - Dunstan : Saint and Statesman
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033291: DALES, DOUGLAS - Shepherd and Servant : The Spiritual Legacy of St. Dunstan
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039157: DALMAN, GUSTAF - Jesus-Jeshua; Studies in the Gospels
13654: DALMAN, GUSTAF - Jesus-Jeshua; Studies in the Gospels
036985: DALTON, GEORGE - Tribal & Peasant Economies: Readings in Economic Anthroplogy
028633: DALTON, O. M. - East Christian Art: A Survey of the Monuments
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023944: DALTON, O. M. - Catalogue of Early Christian Antiquities and Objects from the Christian East in the Department of British and Medieval Antiquities and Ethnography of the British Museum
028535: DALTON, O. M. - Byzantine Art and Archaeology
043304: DALTON, LILIAN - The Story of the Oxford Mission to Calcutta
042721: CAHAL DALY - Steps on My Pilgrim Journey: Memories and Reflections
042698: CAHAL DALY - Steps on My Pilgrim Journey: Memories and Reflections
018038: DALY, MARY - Pure Lust : Elemental Feminist Philosophy
042689: DALY, CAHAL B. - The Price of Peace
032183: DALY, MARY - Pure Lust : Elemental Feminist Philosophy
036850: DALZELL, THOMAS G. - The Dramatic Encounter of Divine and Human Freedom in the Theology of Hans Urs Von Balthasar
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031957: PAPANDREOU, DAMASKINOS & DUPREY, PIERRE (EDS) - Tomos Agaiios Vatican-Phanar (1958-1970)
028243: SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME - The Foundations of the Sisters of Notre Dame in England and Scotland from 1845 to 1895
040652: DAMPIER, W. C. - A History of Science and Its Relation to Philosophy and Religion
030201: DANCHEV, ALEX - Oliver Franks : Founding Father
036647: DANGAMBO, ABDULKADIR - Rabe-Raben Adabin Hausa Da Muhimmancinsa Ga Rayuwar Hausawa
033408: THUREAU-DANGIN, PAUL - Newman Catholique D'Apres Documents Nouveaux
028806: HAMILTON, DANIEL & VOLKER, KURT (EDS) - Transatlantic 2020 : A Tale of Four Futures
041370: BIEBUYCK, DANIEL & DOUGLAS, MARY - Congo Tribes and Parties
036492: DANIEL, LILLIAN - Tell It Like It Is: Reclaiming the Practice of Testimony
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020422: DANIEL, LE P. CH. - Histoire de la Bienheureuse Marguerite-Marie Et Des Origines de la Devotion Au Coeur de Jesus
035447: ROCK, DANIEL & WEALE, JAMES - Hierurgia: Or the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with Notes and Dissertations Elucidating Its Doctrines and Ceremonies and Numerous Illustrations
042900: ZOHARY, DANIEL & HOPF, MARIA - Domestication of Plants in the Old World: The Origin and Spread of Cultivated Plants in West Asia, Europe, and the Nile Valley
032542: ROCK, DANIEL & WEALE, JAMES - Hierurgia: Or the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with Notes and Dissertations Elucidating Its Doctrines and Ceremonies and Numerous Illustrations
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020183: DANIELL, S. V. - The Story of Cornwall's Churches
036679: DANIELOU, JEAN - The Lord of History: Reflections on the Inner Meaning of History
018405: DANIELOU, JEAN - Gospel Message and Hellenistic Culture
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027027: DITCHFIELD, PETER HAMPSON - The Village Church
023166: DITCHFIELD, P. H. - Memorials of Old Oxfordshire
023094: DITCHFIELD, P. H. - The Arts of the Church: Symbolism of the Saints
018276: DITCHFIELD, G. M. - The Letters of Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808) : Volume I: 1747-1788
032634: DITCHFIELD, G. M. (ED.) - The Letters of Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808) Volume II 1789-1808
042308: DIX, GREGORY - The Image and Likeness of God
040012: DIX, GREGORY - Confirmation, or Laying on of Hands?
041053: DIX, GREGORY - The Shape of the Liturgy
023545: DIX, BOB - The Rastafarians
035223: DIX, GREGORY - God's Way with Man, Addresses for Three Hours
034081: DIX, GREGORY - The Shape of the Liturgy
033456: DIX, GREGORY ; KELLY, J. N. D.; PARKER, T. M. - The Story of the Christian Church in a Series of Broadcast Talks
15507: CHATTERTON DIX ET AL., - Hymns for Use During 1897 Being the Sixtieth Year of the Reign of Queen Victoria Dedicated by Special Permission to Her Majesty the Queen
035231: DIX, GREGORY - The Image and Likeness of God
034946: DIX, GREGORY - The Shape of the Liturgy
026620: DIXON, NEIL - Troubled Waters
13878: DIXON, BERNARD (ED.) - From Creation to Chaos; Classic Writings in Science.
030869: DIXON, CHARLES - Our Favorite Song Birds: Their Habits, Music and Characteristics
041342: DLAMAN, GUSTAF - Grammatik Des Judisch- Palastinischen Aramaisch
026464: DOBB, ARTHUR J. - The Services of Worship in the English Parish Church
037671: DOBB, ARTHUR J. - Like a Mighty Tortoise: A History of the Diocese of Manchester
036267: DOBBINS, JIM - Dobbins Diary of the New Frontier
035749: DOBELL, BRIAN - Augustine's Intellectual Conversion: The Journey from Platonism to Christianity
041211: DOBLE, C. E. (ED.) - Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne Vol I (July 4, 1705 - March 19, 1707)
041212: DOBLE, C. E. (ED.) - Remarks and Collections of Thomas Hearne Vol II (March 20, 1707 - May 23, 1710)
022024: DOBSON, E. J. (ED.) - The English Text Ancrene Riwle Bm Cleopatra: Cotton Cleopatra C VI
043367: DOBSON, CYRIL C. - The Mystery of the Fate of the Ark of the Covenant
033178: DOBSON, W. S. - The Works of Mr Richard Hooker with a General Index: Also Mr Isaac Walton's Life of the Author
16210: DOBSON, JOHN H. - Learn New Testament Greek.
038659: DOBSON, R. B. - Church Politics and Patronage in the Fifteenth Century
037975: DOBSON, JOHN H. - Guide to Exodus
033523: DOCKERY, JOHN BERCHMANS - Christopher Davenport: Friar and Diplomat
020778: DOCKERY, JOHN BERCHMANS - Christopher Davenport: Friar and Diplomat
043024: DOCKERY, JOHN BERCHMANS - Collingridge: A Franciscan Contribution to Catholic Emancipation
033424: DOCKERY, JOHN BERCHMANS - Christopher Davenport: Friar and Diplomat
035793: DODARO, ROBERT - Christ and the Just Society in the Thought of Augustine
028574: DODD, BRIAN - Paul's Paradigmatic 'i' Personal Example As Literary Strategy
029418: DODD, EDWARD - Polynesian Art
019572: DODD, C. H. - A New Gospel
15695: DODD, WILLIAM - Reflections on Death.
13726: DODD, C. H. - Wilfrid Lawrence Knox 1886-1950
025457: DODDRIDGE, PHILIP - The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses
039743: DODDRIDGE, P. - The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul; Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses. . to Which Is Added a Sermon on the Care of the Soul
020491: DODGSON, J.M. - Place-Names of Cheshire; Part V (I: I) the Place-Names of the City of Chester, the Elements of Cheshire Place-Names (a-Glyden).
031887: DODINGTON, GEORGE BUBB (WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE ED.) - The Diary of George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcome Regis from March 8, 1749 to February 6, 1761 with an Appendix Containing Some Curious and Interesting Papers
040938: DODSWORTH, WILLIAM - A Few Comments on Dr. Pusey's Letter to the Bishop of London
038708: DODWELL, C. R. - The Pictorial Arts of the West, 800-1200
021968: DODWELL, CHRISTINA - In Papua New Guinea
030661: DODWELL, C. R. - The Whitworth Art Gallery : The First Hundred Years
042108: DOE, MICHAEL - Seeking the Truth in Love: The Church and Homosexuality
024049: DOHENY, KEVIN - No Hands But Yours; Memoirs of a Missionary
026891: DOHERTY, F. C. - Three Private Speeches of Demosthenes
017645: DOHL, FREDERIC - "... That Old Barbershop Sound": Die Entstehung Einer Tradition Amerikanischer a-Cappella-Musik
032277: DOI, ABDUR RAHMAN I. - Woman in Shari'Ah (Islamic Law)
042206: DOLGER, FRANZ - Aus Den Schatzkammern Des Heiligen Berges 115 Urkunden Und 50 Urkundensiegel Aus 10 Jahrhunderten
022348: DOLL, PETER M. - After the Primitive Christians: The Eighteenth-Century Anglican Eucharist in Its Architectural Setting
035197: DOLLEN, CHARLES - Listen, Mother of God! Reflections on the Litany of Loreto
042325: DOLLEY, MICHAEL - The Norman Conquest and the English Coinage
034625: DOLLING, ROBERT R. - Ten Years in a Portsmouth Slum
040434: J. J. I. DOLLINGER (COX, EDWARD TRANS.) - A History of the Church [4 Vols Set]
035833: DOLLINGER, JOHN J. I. - Lectures on the Reunion of the Churches
029187: DOLMAN, ANNE HELEN - Much Love and Great Sadness: Memories of a Catholic Lady of Herefordshire 1810-1851
16452: CABROL DOM - La Priere Des Premiers Chretiens
026779: DOMINIAN, JACK - Sexual Integrity : The Answer to Aids
043381: DOMINIAN, JACK - Marriage, Faith and Love
040948: DE DOMINIS, ANTONY - My Motives for Renouncing the Protestant Religion
024379: DENEVI, DON & MOHOLY, NOEL FRANCIS - Junipero Serra: The Illustrated Story of the Franciscan Founder of California's Missions
040680: HARRINGTON, DONAL & KAVANAGH, JULIE - Prayer for Parish Groups: Preparing and Leading Prayer for Group Meetings, over 100 Resource Texts
027342: MOORE, DONALD & AUSTIN, DAVID (EDS) - Welsh Archaeological Heritage: Proceedings of a Conference
026605: BRIDGE, DONALD & PHYPERS, DAVID - The Water That Divides: The Baptism Debate
031762: DONALDSON, STUART A. - Church Life and Thought in North Africa A.D. 200
034357: DONALDSON, MARGARET - Children's Minds
023500: DONALDSON, CHRISTOPHER - Martin of Tours: Parish Priest, Mystic and Exorcist
033862: DONALDSON, A. B. - Henry Parry Liddon
037840: DONALDSON, FRANCES - Child of the Twenties
040728: DRYDEN MINOR [O'DONNELL, FRANK HUGH] - New Paganism, a Satire
029908: O'DONNELL, JOHN - Hans Urs Von Balthasar
036851: O'DONNELL, JOHN - Hans Urs Von Balthasar
033584: LAQUA-O'DONNELL, SIMONE - Women and the Counter-Reformation in Early Modern Munster
036762: O'DONOGHUE, NOEL DERMOT - Heaven in Ordinarie: Prayer As Transcendence
043125: DONOVAN, CLAIRE - The Winchester Bible
036196: DONOVAN, MARCUS - The Mass and Its Meaning: Brief Addresses for the Parish Communion
031251: DONOVAN, MARCUS - After the Tractarians, from the Recollections of Athelstan Riley
035999: DONOVAN, MORTIMER J. - The Breton Lay: A Guide to Varieties
035829: DONOVAN, MARCUS - Sacramentals
035830: DONOVAN, MARCUS - Sacramentals
035755: DONOVAN, MARCUS - Faith and Practice, a Book of Catechism Instructions Based on the Catechism of Christian Faith and Practice
030805: DONOVAN, MARCUS - The Mass and Its Meaning: Brief Addresses for the Parish Communion
14290: DONOVAN, VINCENT J. - The Church in the Midst of Creation
040112: DONOVAN, J. - Catechism of the Council of Trent Translated Into English
036562: DONOVAN, VINCENT J. - Christianity Rediscovered; an Epistle from the Masai
018318: DOOLEY, PATRICK JOSEPH - Fifty Years in Yorkville or Annals of the Parish of St Ignatius Loyola and St Laurence O'Toole
026442: DOOLITTLE, G. M. - Scientific Queen-Rearing As Practically Applied, Being a Method by Which the Best of Queen-Bees Are Reared in Perfect Accord with Nature's Ways
035751: DOORDAN, DENNIS P. - Twentieth-Century Architecture
041131: DOORNBOS, MARTIN R. - Not All the King's Men: Inequality As a Political Instrument in Ankole, Uganda
023477: [VAN DOREN, WILLIAM HOWARD] - Mercantile Morals a Book for Young Men, Entering Upon the Duties of Active Life
023413: DORESSE, JEAN - Ethiopia
021360: DORESSE, JEAN - Ethiopia
033716: DORESSE, JEAN - Les Paroles de Jesus : L'Evangile Selon Thomas
042190: DORESSE, JEAN - Ethiopia
026027: DOREY, T.A. (ED.) - Erasmus
021959: DORING, HEINRICH - Grundriss Der Ekklesiologie: Zentrale Aspekte Des Katholischen Selbstverstandnisses Und Ihre Okumenische Relevanz
039194: DORNISCH, LORETTA - Paul and Third World Women Theologians
039315: SOELLE, DOROTHY & SCHOTTROFF, LUISE - Jesus of Nazareth
040881: HAMMOND, DOROTHY & JABLOW, ALTA - Women in Cultures of the World
036781: DORR, DONAL - Option for the Poor: A Hundred Years of Vatican Social Teaching
036488: DORR, DONAL - Spirituality and Justice
042828: PORTER, DORTOTHY & PORTER, ROY - Patient's Progress: Doctors and Doctoring in Eighteenth Century-England
024368: DOSSIN, GEORGES - Correspondance de Samsi-Addu Et de Ses Fils
024370: DOSSIN, GEORGES - Correspondance de Samsi-Addu Et de Ses Fils (Suite)
030895: DOSSIN, GEORGES - Archives Royales de Mari V Correspondance de Iasmah-Addu
16727: ADAMS, DOUG & APOSTOLOS CAPPADONA, DIANE - Art As Religious Studies.
039512: DOUGLAS, MARY - Evans-Pritchard
019369: DOUGLAS, TOM - Change, Intervention and Consequence: An Exploration of the Process of Intended Change
018693: DOUGLAS, WINFRED - Church Music in History and Practice
018061: DOUGLAS - In the Wilderness: The Doctrine in the Book of Numbers
032502: DOUGLAS, MARY (ED.) - Witchcraft Confessions and Accusations
020763: DOUMAS, CHRISTOS - Cycladic Art: Ancient Sculpture and Pottery from the N.P. Goulandris Collection
020800: DOUMAS, CHRISTOS - The N.P. Goulandris Collection of Early Cycladic Art
027049: DOUMERGUE, E. - Iconographie Calvinienne
030125: DOUMETH, R. P. MICHEL (ED.) - Anthologie Syriaque
043191: CLAY-DOVE, W. - The Story of Skegby and Stanton Hill
040018: DOVE, JOHN - John Bradburne of Mutemwa: Three Wishes Fulfilled
040614: DOW, ALEXANDER CRAWLEY - Ministers to the Soldiers of Scotland: A History of the Military Chaplains of Scotland Prior to the War in the Crimea
031737: DOWDEN, JOHN - An Historical Account of the Scottish Communion Office and of the Communion Office of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America with Liturgical Notes
032286: DOWDEN, JOHN - The Celtic Church in Scotland: Being an Introduction to the History of the Christian Church in Scotland Deown to the Death of Saint Margaret
035122: DOWELL, SUSAN - They Two Shall Be One: Monogamy in History and Religion
040476: DOWLEY, TIM - Atlas of the European Reformations
038964: DOWNING, F. GERALD - Jesus and the Threat of Freedom
028216: DOYLE, PETER - Westminster Cathedral: 1895-1995
032380: DOYLE, PETER - Mitres and Missions in Lancashire: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Liverpool 1850-2000
035961: DRAGAS, GEORGE DION - Ecclesiasticus (Orthodox Church Perspectives, Models and Eicons)
043400: DRAGE, CHRISTOPHER - Nottingham Castle a Place Full Royal
024523: DRAGUT, VASILE - Humor
039458: DRANE, AUGUSTA THEODOSIA - The History of St. Catherine of Siena and Her Companions

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