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026211: STEUBEN - Steuben Glass, Christmas 1973
030669: PAULSON, STEVE & PAULSON, PAM - Church Signs Across America
036077: RITTNER, CAROL; SMITH, STEVEN & STEINFEKLDT, IRENA - Holocaust and the Christian World
028001: STEVENS, KEN - Alphabetical Guide for Bee-Keepers
034481: STEVENS, T. P. - Cassock and Surplus : Incidents in Clerical Life, Mainly in London
026608: STEVENS, DENIS - Tudor Church Music
017972: STEVENS, MICHAEL E.(ED.) - Remembering the Holocaust
022423: STEVENS, CLARE - Building for the Future: The Church of St Barnabas, Dulwich
020606: STEVENSON, WILLIAM - Bygone Nottinghamshire
028284: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Nuptial Blessings; a Study of Christian Marriage Rites
028253: STEVENSON, KENNETH (ED.) - Liturgy Reshaped
028212: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Covenant of Grace Renewed; a Vision of the Eucharist in the Seventeenth Century.
021914: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Accept This Offering : The Eucharist As Sacrifice Today
036609: STEVENSON, KENNETH - First Rites : Worship in the Early
047425: STEVENSON, G. H. - Roman Provincial Administration Till the Age of the Antonines
023860: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Accept This Offering : The Eucharist As Sacrifice Today
036423: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Nuptial Blessings: A Study of Christian Marriage Rites
018342: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Handing on : Borderlands of Worship and Tradition
038900: STEVENSON, W. B. - Grammar of Paelstinian Jewish Aramaic
031477: STEVENSON, KENNETH - All the Company of Heaven: Companion to the Principal Festivals of the Christian Year
031476: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Covenant of Grace Renewed: A Vision of the Eucharist in the Seventeenth Century.
031391: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Handing on : Borderlands of Worship and Tradition
044806: KATIE STEVENSON (ED.) - The Herald in Late Medieval Europe
036017: STEVENSON, FRANCIS SEYMOUR - Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, a Contribution to the Religious Political and Intellectual History of the Thirteenth Century
039433: STEVENSON, KENNETH W. - Gregory Dix: Twenty Five Years on
032911: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Nuptial Blessings; a Study of Christian Marriage Rites
032870: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Dom Gregory Dix
037578: STEVENSON, JOSEPH - Narratives of the Expulsion of the English from Normandy MCCCCXLIX-MCCCCL Robertus Blondelli de Reductione Normanniae; le Recouvrement. . ; Conferences between the Ambassadors
034848: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Nuptial Blessings; a Study of Christian Marriage Rites
037205: STEVENSON, PETER; WRIGHT, STEPHEN I. - Preaching the Atonement
047550: STEVENSON, KENNETH - Covenant of Grace Renewed: A Vision of the Eucharist in the Seventeenth Century.
034605: STEVICK, DANIEL B - The Altar's Fire: Charles Wesley's Hymns on the Lord's Supper, 1745 Introduction and Comment
024847: STEVICK, DANIEL B. - Baptismal Moments; Baptismal Meanings
028030: STEWARD, JULIAN H. - Theory of Culture Change: The Methodology of Multilinear Evolution
041358: STEWARD, JULIAN H. (ED.) - Contemporary Change in Traditional Societies Volume I Introduction and African Tribes
028734: STEWART, H. F. - Doctrina Romanensium de Invocatione Sanctorum: Being a Brief Enquiry Into the Principles That Underlie the Practice of the Invocation of Saints
027872: STEWART, FRANCES - Technology and Underdevelopment
042912: STEWART, COLUMBA - Prayer and Community: The Benedictine Tradition
034419: STEWART, HERBERT LESLIE - A Century of Anglo-Catholicism
026713: STEWART, JAMES S. - The Gates of New Life
026644: STEWART, JAMES S. - King for Ever
026233: STEWART, CECIL - Byzantine Legacy
047280: STEWART, IAN HALLEY - The Scottish Coinage
034221: ROBERT B. STEWART (ED.) - The Message of Jesus : John Dominic Crossan and Ben Witherington III in Dialogue
023423: STEWART, CECIL - Early Christian, Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture
023400: STEWART, CECIL - Byzantine Legacy
023396: STEWART, CECIL - Serbian Legacy
038083: STEWART, MATTHEW - The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World
029597: STEWART, JULES - Albert : A Life
037648: STIBBS, ALAN (ATHERSTONE, ANDREW ED.) - Such a Great Salvation: The Collected Essays of Alan Stibbs
020191: STIER, RUDOLF - The Words of the Angels, or Their Visits to the Earth and the Messages They Delivered.
030836: STIERLIN, HENRI - Maya : Places and Pyramids of the Rainforest
044652: STILLINGFLEET, EDWARD - Origines Sacrae or a Rational Account of Grounds of Natural and Revealed Religion to Which Is Now Added Another Book Upon the Same Subject Written A.D. Mdcxcvii Publish'd from the Author's Own Manuscript
032552: STILLINGFLEET, EDWARD - A Sermon Preached at White-Hall February the 19th 1685/6 Being the First Friday in Lent
033571: STILMA, ASTRID - A King Translated : The Writings of King James VI & I and Their Interpretation in the Low Countries 1593-1603
044413: STIRRAT, R. L. - On the Beach: Fishermen Fisherwives and Fishtraders in Post Colonia Lanka
034206: STOCK, VICTOR - Taking Stock: Confessions of a City Priest
033557: STOCKING, GEORGE W. (ED.) - Observers Observed: Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork
032491: STOCKING, GEORGE W. (ED.) - Functionalism Historicized: Essays on British Social Anthropology
036128: STODDARD, WHITNEY S. - Art and Architecture in Medieval France: Medieval Architecture, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Manuscripts, the Art of the Church Treasuries
044200: STODDARD, JOHN L. - Twelve Years in the Catholic Church
020480: STOKES, H. G. - English Place-Names
031912: STOKES, GEORGE THOMAS (LAWLOR, HUGH JACKSON ED.) - Some Worthies of the Irish Church: Lectures in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin
024571: STOL, M. - Letters from Yale; Transliterated and Translated
037419: STOLDT, HANS-HERBERT (NIEWYK, DONALD L. ED.) - History and Criticism of the Marcan Hypothesis
15352: STONE, MICHAEL E. - The Armenian Version of the Testament of Joseph
031815: STONE, DARWELL - Outlines of Christian Dogma
044991: STONE, DARWELL (ED.) - Report of the First Anglo-Catholic Congress 1920
034506: STONE, DARWELL (ED.) - Report of the First Anglo-Catholic Congress 1920
043831: STONE, DARWELL - Purgatory
046707: STONE, DARWELL - The Faith of an English Catholic
043028: STONE, J. M. - Studies from Court and Cloister: Being Essays Historical and Literary Dealing Mainly with Subjects Relating to the Xvith and Xviith Centuries
023848: STONE, W. - Familiar Instructions on the Sacrament
023381: STONE, MICHAEL - The Armenian Inscriptions from the Sinai
036394: RONALD H. STONE - Politics and Faith: Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich at Union Seminary in New York (Mercer Tillich Series)
021411: STONE, MICHAEL (ED.) - Adamgirk' : The Adam Book of Arak'El of Siwnik
046076: MERLIN STONE - Paradise Papers: The Supression of Women's Rites
019482: STONE, MICHAEL (ED.) - Adamgirk' : The Adam Book of Arak'El of Siwnik
16589: STONE, MICHAEL E. - The Armenian Version of IV Ezra
036388: STONE, RONALD H. - Professor Reinhold Niebuhr, a Mentor to the Twentieth Century
017553: STONE, MICHAEL (ED.) - Adamgirk' : The Adam Book of Arak'El of Siwnik
035825: STONE, DARWELL - The Reserved Sacrament
046160: STONE, DARWELL (ED.) - Report of the First Anglo-Catholic Congress 1920
021466: STONE, MICHAEL E. - Selected Poems
15653: STONE, M. E. - Apocrypha, Pseuepigrapha and Armenian Studies.
15451: STONHOUSE, JAMES - Friendly Advice to a Patient, Calculated More Particularly for the Use of the Sick, Belonging to the Infirmaries As Well As to the out-Patients [Bound with] Spiritiual Directions for the Uninstructed Not Less Proper for the Use of Infirmary Etc
047281: STONOR, ROBERT JULIAN - Liverpool's Hidden Story
037958: STOREY, JOHN (ED.) - What Is Cultural Studies? a Reader
029985: STOREY, R. L. - The End of the House of Lancaster
017762: STOREY, JOHN - Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture : Theories and Methods
038139: STOREY, JOHN (ED.) - Cultural Theory and Popular Culture, a Reader
038130: STOREY, JOHN - An Introductory Guide to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
038123: STOREY, JOHN - An Introduction to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
038191: STOREY, JOHN - Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader
024412: PONTIFICO COMITATO DI SCIENZE STORICHE - IL Cristianesimo Nel Mondo Atlantico Nel Secolo XVII.
039510: STORKEY, ALAN - Foundational Epistemologies in Consumption Theory
046118: ANTHONY STORR - Feet of Clay: Study of Gurus
018390: STORR, VERNON F. - The Development of Anglican Theology in the Nineteenth Century 1800-1860
021157: STORRS, RONALD - Orientations
042446: STOTT, JOHN - The Message of Acts: To the Ends of the Earth
16286: STOTT, JOHN - Issues Facing Christians Today
14795: STOUGHTON, JOHN - Philip Doddridge, His Life and Labours, a Centenary Memorial.
025725: STOUT, HARRY S. - The New England Soul : Preaching and Religious Culture in Colonial New England
042196: FRERE, STOW & BENNETT, P. - The Archaeology of Canterbury: Volume I Excavations at Canterbury Castle Volume II Excavations on the Roman & Medieval Defences of Canterbury
038071: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Eminent Victorians: The Definitive Edition
043801: STRACKE, RICHARD - The Laud Herbal Glossary
16490: STRAD, D. HERMANN L. - Einleitung in Den Thalmud.
044270: STRAIN, R. W. M. - Belfast and Its Charitable Society a Story of Urban Social Development
025368: STRANGE, RODERICK - John Henry Newman : A Mind Alive
022148: LE STRANGE, RICHARD - A History of Herbal Plants
041811: STRANGE, RICHARD LE - Monasteries of Norfolk
034048: STRANKS, C. J. - Dean Hook 'Dr Hook of Leeds'
018165: STRASSMANN, W. PAUL - The Strassmanns: Science, Politics and Migration in Turbulent Times, 1793-1993
033510: STRATHERN, ANDREW J. - Rope of Moka : Big-Men and Ceremonial Exchange in Mount Hagen New Guinea
037131: STRATHERN, MARILYN (ED.) - Dealing with Inequality: Analysing Gender Relations in Melanesia and Beyond
045309: STRATTON, JOHN M.; BROWN, JACK HOUGHTON; WHITLOCK, RALPH (ED.) - Agricultural Records, A.D. 220-1977
029584: STRATTON, BEVERLY J. - Out of Eden: Reading, Rhetoric, and Ideology in Genesis 2-3
027322: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - Structural Anthropology
032126: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - Myth and Meaning
041384: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - The Elementary Structures of Kinship
022560: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - Strukturale Anthropologie
043492: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - The Way of the Masks
046614: STRAW, WILLIAM - St. John's Church, Worksop: A Centenary History 1869-1969
020758: STRAW, CAROLYN A. - Melanesia; a Catalogue of the Ethnographical Collection in Exeter City Museum
13945: STRAWSON, P. F. (ED.) - Philosophical Logic.
017914: STRAWSON, JOHN - On Drag-Hunting
041828: STRAYER, JOSEPH R. - Dictionary of the Middle Ages. Vol. 12. Thaddeus Legend - Zwart Noc
024855: STREATFIELD, FRANK - The State Prayers and Other Variants on the Book of Common Prayer
043985: STREER, FRANCIS W. (ED.) - Farm and Cottage Inventories of Mid-Essex 1635-1749
045347: STROHM, PAUL;YALE UNIV PR - England's Empty Throne: Usurpation and the Language of Legitimation, 1399-1422
046331: STROMBERG, ROLAND N. - Religious Liberalism in Eighteenth-Century England
017723: STROMMEN, MERTON P. - The Church & Homosexuality: Searching for a Middle Ground
16735: STRONG, D. E. - Catalogue of the Carved Amber in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities.
041170: STROTHMANN, WERNER (ED.) - Moses Bar Kepha, Myron-Weihe
027178: STROTMANN, D. T. - Le Culte Marial En Russie
031612: STROUD, DEAN G. (ED.) - Preaching in Hitler's Shadow: Sermons of Defiance in the Third Reich
035545: STROUP, GEORGE W. - The Promise of Narrative Theology
024981: STROYEN, WILLIAM B. - Communist Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church 1943-1962
039483: STRUTT, ELIZABETH - The Book of the Fathers, Containing the Lives of Celebrated Fathers of the Christian Church and the Spirit of Their Writings
027996: STUART, F. S. - Bee-Keeping Practice.
036800: STUART, ELIZABETH - Daring to Speak Love's Name: A Gay and Lesbian Prayer Book
042110: STUART, ELIZABETH - Chosen: Gay Catholic Priests Tell Their Stories
045721: STUART, FRANK S. - City of the Bees
020447: STUART, F. S. - Bee-Keeping Practice
020004: STUART, F. S. - Bee-Keeping Practice
019661: STUART, F. S. - Bee-Keeping Practice
018076: STUART, DAVID E. - The Morganza, 1967: Life in a Legendary Reform School
023976: STUART, F. S. - Bee-Keeping Practice
14126: STUART, F. S. - Bee-Keeping Practice.
041084: [STUBBS, W. ED.] - Hymnale Secundum Usum Insignis Ac Praeclarae Ecclesiae Sarisburiensis
039444: STUCKEY, JACE - The Eastern Mediterranean Frontier of Latin Christendom
038136: CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL STUDIES - The Empire Strikes Back: Race and Racism in 70's Britain
024197: JOURNAL OF ROMAN STUDIES - Journal of Roman Studies; Essays Presented to N.H. Baynes
027037: CELTIC STUDIES - Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Celtic Studies, Held in Cardiff 6-13 July, 1963
029863: STUHLMACHER, PETER - Historical Criticism and Theological Interpretation of Scripture : Towards a Hermeneutics of Consent
019566: STYLES, DOROTHY - The Early History of Penkridge Church
030649: PELECANIDIS, STYLIANOS & ATZACA, PANAJOTA (EDS) - Corpus Mosaicorum Christianorum Vetustiorum Pavimentorum Grecorum I Graecia Insularis
040371: SUAREZ, FEDERICO - Penance
024979: SUBEV, TODOR (ED.) - The Sofia Consultation: Orthodox Involvement in the World Council of Churches
041941: SUCHODOLSKI, STANISLAW - Denar W Kalecie: Trzy Pierwsze Stulecia Monety Polskiej la Monnaie Dans la Pologne Du Haut Moyen-Age Die Polnische Munze IM Fruhen Mittelalter
017419: SUCKIEL, ELLEN - The Pragmatic Philosophy of William James
028424: SUDD, JOHN H. - An Introduction to the Behaviour of Ants
043261: SUE, EUGENE - Les Mysteres de Paris
047309: SUELZER, MARY JOSEPHINE (ED.) - Julianus Pomerius: The Contemplative Life
035228: SUENENS, LEON-JOSEPH - Edel Quinn, Envoy of the Legion of Mary to Africa
16493: SUFFLING, ERNEST R. - English Church Brasses from the 13th to the 17th Century
036847: SUGGATE, ALAN M. - William Temple and Christian Social Ethics Today
046783: SUGGATE, ALAN M. - William Temple and Christian Social Ethics Today
038776: SUGIRTHARAJAH, R. S. - Frontiers in Asian Christian Theology: Emerging Trends
038729: SUGIRTHARAJAH, SHARADA - Imagining Hinduism: A Postcolonial Perspective
039240: SUGIRTHARAJAH, R. S. - Postcolonial Reconfigurations: An Alternative Way of Reading the Bible and Doing Theology
039151: SUGIRTHARAJAH, R. S. - The Bible and the Third World: Precolonial, Colonial and Postcolonial Encounters
038074: SUGIRTHARAJAH, R. S. - Asian Faces of Jesus
039236: SUGIRTHARAJAH, R. S. - Voices from the Margin: Interpreting the Bible in the Third World
021918: SUGIRTHURAJAH, R. S. (ED.) - Voices from the Margin: Interpreting the Bible in the Third World
021262: SUGITHARAJAH, R. S. (ED.) - Voices from the Margin : Interpreting the Bible in the Third World
042639: MAC SUIBHNE, PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820 to 1902 Volume IV
042636: MAC SUIBHNE, PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820 to 1902 Volume V
042637: MAC SUIBHNE, PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820 to 1902 Volume I
042638: MAC SUIBHNE, PEADAR - Paul Cullen and His Contemporaries with Their Letters from 1820 to 1902 Volume III
046778: SULLIVAN, MARY C. - Catherine Mcauley and the Tradition of Mercy
042105: SULLIVAN, ANDREW - Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homsexuality
025979: SUMMERS, PETER (ED.) - Hatchments in Britain 4, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire
024708: SUMMERS, PETER (ED.) - Hatchments in Britain 2, Norfolk and Suffolk
023912: SUMMERS, LEIGH - Hatchments in Britain 6; Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Middlesex
023468: SUMMERS, PETER G.(ED.) - Hatchments in Britain I: Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire
033048: SUMNER, GEORGE HENRY - Principles at Stake: Essays on Church Questions of the Day
036939: SUMNEY, JERRY L. - Paul: Apostle and Fellow Traveler
021144: SUNDBERG, KARL - Conversion and Contextual Conceptions of Christ, a Missiological Study Among Young Converts in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
022150: SUNDERMEIER, THEO - Nur Gemeinsam Konnen Wir Leben: Das Menschenbild Schwarzafrikanischer Religionen
021509: SUNDERMEIER, THEO;KUVARE, SILAS - Die Mbanderu: Studien Zu Ihrer Geschichte U. Kultur
034346: SUNDIATA, IBRAHIM - Brothers and Strangers : Black Zion, Black Slavery, 1914-1940
021564: SUNDKLER, BENGT G. M. - Bantupropheten in Sudafrika
023445: PANIC-SUREP, MILORAD - Yugoslavia: Cultural Monuments of Serbia
019958: SURTY, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM H. I. - The Most Comprehensive Qur'Anic Verse on Socio-Economic Ethics and Its Relevance to Modern Life
018965: SURTY, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM H. I. - Islam: The Quranic Overview
018525: SURTY, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM H. I. - Muslims' Contribution to the Development of Hospitals
018310: SURTY, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM H. I. - Muslims' Contribution to the Development of Hospitals
027179: SLOMAN, SUSAN & FAWCETT, TREVOR - Pickpocketing the Rich: Portrait Painting in Bath 1720-1800
030009: SCHMIDT, SUSAN & WEISSKOPF, MICHAEL - Truth at Any Cost : Ken Starr and the Unmaking of Bill Clinton
018755: BAUDISCH, SUSANNE & COTTIN, MARKUS - Urkinden Der Markgrafen Von Meissen Und Landgrafen Von Thuringen 1192-1234
047695: SUSO, HENRY (KNOX, THOMAS FRANCIS ED.) - The Life of Blessed Henry Suso
023643: SUTCLIFFE, JOSEPH - The Nature of Man
035226: SUTCLIFFE, T. (ED.) - Tracts for Our Times, 1833 to 1983
041678: SUTHERLAND, C. H. V. - English Coinage 600-1900
13405: SUTHERLAND, STEWART R. - God, Jesus and Beleif; the Legacy of Theism.
038760: SUTTLES, GERALD D. - The Social Order of the Slum: Ethnicity and Territory in the Inner City
027424: SUTTON, DENYS - Triumphant Satyr: The World of Auguste Rodin
045987: ALAN SUTTON - A Victorian World of Science: A Collection of Unusual Items and Anecdotes Connected with Ideas About Science and Its Applications in Victorian Times
045862: DAVID E. SUTTON - Memories Cast in Stone: The Relevance of the Past in Everyday Life
046254: SUTTOR, T. L. - Hierarchy and Democracy in Australia 1788-1870 the Formation of Australian Catholicism
033839: MIERS, SUZANNE & KLEIN, MARTIN A. (EDS) - Slavery and Colonial Rule in Africa
045644: JOHN SCHEID; JESPER SVENBRO - The Craft of Zeus: Myths of Weaving and Fabric
029305: DAHL, SVEND & TOPSOE-JENSEN, H. G. (EDS) - A Book on the Danish Writer Hans Christian Andersen: His Life and Work, Published on the 150th Anniversary of His Birth
041634: SWAIN, ERIC R. - O Famous Kent
047551: LUCAS SWAINE - The Liberal Conscience: Politics and Principle in a World of Religious Pluralism
046449: SWAINSON, C. A. (BEZOLD, C. ED.) - The Greek Liturgies Chiefly from Original Authorities with an Appendix Containing the Coptic Ordinary Canon of the Mass from Two Manuscripts in the British Museum
046947: SWANNELL, M. - Paper Modelling: A Combination of Paper Folding, Paper Cutting & Pasting and Ruler Drawing Forming an Introduction to Cardboard Modelling
044678: SWANSON, R. N. - A Calendar of the Register of Richard Scrope Archbishoop of York 1398-1405 Part 2
028067: SWANTON, E. W. - The Mollusca of Somerset (Land, Freshwater, Estuarine and Marine)
15871: SWARTWOUT, R. E. - The Monastic Craftsman; an Inquiry Into the Services of Monks to Art in Britian and in Europe North of the Alps During the Middle Ages.
041294: SWARTZ, MARVIN J. - Local-Level Politics: Social and Cultural Perspectives
020969: SWARUP, SAHNTI - 5000 Years of Art in Pakistan, an Exhibition Sponsored by the German Arts Council
023264: SWEASEY, PETER - From Queer to Eternity: Spirituality in the Lives of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People
034972: SWEASEY, PETER - From Queer to Eternity, Spirituality in the Lives of Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual People
027638: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom
024336: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL, DOLE, GEORGE F. (ED.) - Emanuel Swedenborg: The Universal Human and Soul-Body Interaction
043245: SWEENEY, NORBERT - Priest and Patriarch, a Sermon Preached at the Funeral of the Very Rev. Monsignor Thomas Brindle at St. Mary's Montpellier, Bath, December 19, 1871
043432: SWEENEY, J. N. - Lectures on the Nature, the Grounds & the Home of Faith Delivered in the Pro-Cathedral Church of the Holy Apostles, Clifton
044454: SWEENEY, J. N. - The Church a Light Unto the Nations a Sermon Preached at the Opening of St Benedict's Monastery and College Fort Augustus, Inverness Oct 16, 1878
036919: SWEET, LEONARD - Me and We: God's New Social Gospel
046901: JOHN COLLETON; SWEET, JOHN (ROGERS, D. M. ED.) - Just Defence of Standard Priestes; a Defence of the Appendix
035877: SWEET, JAMES BRADBY - The Failure of the Present Sunday-School System: Its Cause and Remedy
045178: SHEILA SWEETINBURGH (ED.) - Early Medieval Kent, 800-1220
028049: SWEETMAN, DAVID - Mary Renault : A Biography
14613: SWEETMAN, JOHN - The Dambusters Raid.
033717: SWETE, HENRY BARCLAY - Church Services and Service-Books Before the Reformation
044562: SWETE, HENRY BARCLAY - Church Services and Service-Books Before the Reformation
040255: SWETE, HENRY BARCLAY - The Gospel According to St Mark: The Greek Text with Introduction, Notes and Indices
037809: SWETE, H. B. - Theodori Episcopi Mopsuesteni in Epistolas B. Pauli Commentarii, the Latin Version with the Greek Fragments with an Introduction, Notes and Indices
031903: SWEWT, H. B. - The Gospel According to St Mark: The Greek Text with Introduction, Notes and Indices
044615: SWIERS, ROBBERT JAN - Theo Voorzaat: De Illusie the Illusion
041281: SWIFT, JONATHAN (DAVIS, HERBERT ED.) - The Drapier's Letters and Other Works, 1724-1725
041279: SWIFT, JONATHAN (DAVIS, HERBERT ED.) - The Examiner and Other Pieces Written in 1710-11
047103: RICHARD SWINBURNE - Faith and Reason
036361: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - The Existence of God
036362: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - The Coherence of Theism
16371: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - Was Jesus God?
047190: SYDENHAM, EDWARD; HAINES, G. C. (FORRER, L. & HERSH, C. A. EDS) - The Coinage of the Roman Republic
044193: CARTER, CHARLES SYDNEY & WEEKS G. E. ALLISON - The Protestant Dictionary Containing Articles on the History, Doctrines and Practices of the Christian Church
034888: SYKES, MARHERY - The Bible Reading Fellowship Story
028090: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER SIMON - The Big House: The Story of a Country House and Its Family
027609: SYKES, STEPHEN W. (ED.) - Authority in the Anglican Communion: Essays Presented to Bishop John Howe
024833: SYKES, S. W. - The Identity of Christianity : Theologians and the Essence of Christianity from Scheiermacher to Barth
036581: SYKES, STEPHEN - Friedrich Schleiermacher
044061: SYKES, BRYAN - Blood of the Isles: Exploring the Genetic Roots of Our Tribal History
036066: SYKES, S. W. - Friedrich Schleiermacher
017515: SYKES, S. W. - Friedrich Schleiemacher
017384: SYKES, S. W. - The Identity of Christianity : Theologians and the Essence of Christianity from Scheiermacher to Barth
15712: SYKES, NORMAN - The Crisis of the Reformation.
037217: SYKES, STEPHEN - The Identity of Christianity
024595: SYMONDS, HENRY EDWARD - The Church Universal and the See of Rome
024301: SYMONDS, RICHARD - Far Above Rubies: The Women Uncommemorated by the Church of England
024260: SYMONDS, RICHARD - Alternative Saints : Post-Reformation British People Commemorated by the Church of England
046185: SYMONDS, JOHN - Thomas Brown: A Study in Enthusiasm
033993: SYMONDS, HENRY EDWARD - The Church Universal and the See of Rome
046630: SYMONDS, H. EDWARD - The Council of Trent and Anglican Formularies
041839: SYMS, JAMES ANTHONY - Kent Country Churches: A Personal Exploration
041844: SYMS, JAMES ANTONY - Kent Country Churches Concluded
041847: SYMS, JAMES ANTONY - Kent Country Churches Continued
041685: SYMS, JAMES ANTONY - East Sussex Country Churches
16361: SYPHER, FRANCIS J. - Liber a; 1628-1700 of the Collegiate Churches of New York
045651: ELENA FRANGAKIS-SYRETT - The Commerce of Smyrna in the Eighteenth Century, 1700-1820
13205: PATRIMONIE SYRIAQUE - Dieu Misericorde, Dieu Amor; Actes Du Colloque VIII Patrimonie Syriaque, Vol I Textes Francais.
028466: IRVIN, DALE T. & SUNQUIST, SCOTT W. - History of the World Christain Movement, Vol II Modern Christianity from 1454-1800
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042031: THURLBY, MALCOLM - The Herefordshire School of Romanesque Sculpture
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043773: ULLATHORNE, BERNARD - The Discourse Delivered at the Opening Session of the Fourth Provincial Synod of Westminster
044727: ULLMANN, WALTER - The Growth of Papal Government in the Middle Ages: A Study in the Idealogical Relation of Clerical to Lay Power
044469: ULLOA, PIETRO C. - The Present Condition of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
046673: MAARTEN ULTEE - The Abbey of St. Germain Des Pres in the Seventeenth Century
032223: ULTZEN, G. - Constitutiones Apostolicae: Textum Graecum Recognovit Praefatus Est, Annotationes Criticas Et Indices Subiecit
030002: ECO, UMBERTO & MARTINI, CARLO MARIA - Belief or Nonbelief? a Confrontation
034207: UNAMUNO, MIGUEL DE - Tragic Sense of Life
045787: UNDERHILL, EVELYN (MENZIES, LUCY ED.) - Shrines and Cities of France and Italy
045326: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS - The Catholic Faith in Practice in English Parishes
035225: UNDERHILL, EVELYN - Shrines and Cities of France and Italy
018369: UNDERHILL, EVELYN - Worship
038705: UNDERHILL, EVELYN - The School of Charity: Meditations on the Christian Creed
046638: UNGHVARY, ALEXANDER SANDOR - The Hungarian Protestant Reformation in the Sixteenth Century Under the Ottoman Impact: Essays and Profiles
028867: CHURCH UNION - Lambeth 1948 Reviewed
027105: AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION - Union Questions, or Select Portions of Scripture from the Old and New Testaments Written for the American Sunday-School Union and Revised by the Committee for Publication
019188: SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION - A Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names with Their Pronunciations and Explanations [Pronouncing Dictionary]
033464: CHURCH UNION - The Church Union Gazette : The Monthly Journal of the English Church Union
021954: BRUDER UNITAT - Missions-Ordnung Der Sud Afrikan Ostlichen Provinz in Anschluss an Kap. X. Der Allgem. Synodal-Verlasses Der Bruder-Unitat Und an Die Synodal-Instruktion Von 1899
030235: UNKNOWN - The History of Maryvale
16224: VAN UNNIK, W. C. - Newly Discovered Gnostic Writings.
025217: UNO, KEI - Newman and Modern Japan; the Reception of Educational Ideas and Activities of J.H. Newman in Japan
046795: UNSWORTH, A. L. - The History of Twyford (Hants) Methodist Chapel and Sunday School
023535: UNTERMAN, ALAN - Jews : Their Religious Beliefs and Practices
033285: UNWIN, FRANCIS SYDNEY - The Arts of the Church: The Decorative Arts in the Service of the Church
032510: UNWIN, F. T. - Cambridge Barber Shop Tales
029629: UPCHER, FRANCES - Stories on the Commandments or the Commandments Explained: With Short Stories from the Bible
14436: UPJOHN, SHEILA - In Search of Julian of Norwich.
040174: UPTON, BRIDGET GILFILLAN - Hearing Mark's Endings: Listening to Ancient Popular Texts Through Speech Act Theory
043922: URBAN, SYLVANUS - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle for the Year Mdccxci Volume LXI Part the First
027787: URBEL, JUSTO PEREZ DE - Saint Paul; Apostle of the Gentiles
041813: URE, JAMES M. - The Benedictine Office, an Old English Text
021741: URE, PERCY NEVILLE - Justinian and His Age
025160: URENFELD, R. - Kurte Und Inland
020868: URO, RISTO (ED.) - Thomas at the Crossroads: Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
035598: URO, RISTO (ED.) - Thomas at the Crossroads: Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
047075: URQUHART, JAMES - The Parerga of William Honyman Gillespie of Torbanehill
044570: URQUHART, JUDY - Keeping Honeybees
14145: URQUHART, JUDY - Animals on the Farm Their History from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
040825: URQUHART, DAVID - Exposition of the Boundary Differences between Great Britain and the United States Subsequent to Their Adjustment by Arbitration
041744: D'URSEL, MARIE-CAROLINE - De Geschiedenis Van Belgie Beleefd in Vijfitig Kastelen
046669: USHER, JAMES - Archbishop Usher's Answer to a Jesuit with Other Tracts on Popery
021605: USTORF, WERNER; MURAYAMA, TOSHIKO (EDS.) - Identity and Marginality : Rethinking Christianity in North East Asia
021561: USTORF, WERNER;WEISSE, WOLFRAM - Radiokolleg Kirchen in Afrika: E. Sendereihe D. Deutschlandfunks
019944: UTECHIN, PATRICIA - Epitaphs from Oxfordshire Churches
018212: UTECHIN, PATRICIA - Epitaphs from Oxfordshire
039441: SISTER JANET C.S.M.V. - Mother Jane Margaret C.S. M.V.
025076: SISTER JANET C.S.M.V. - Mother Jane Margaret C.S. M.V.
14135: HARNAJ, V & MELETINOV, C. - Beekeeping in Cold Climates; International Symposium, Otaniemi-Helsinki, 1974
039237: VAAGE, LEIF E. - Subversive Scriptures: Revolutionary Readings of the Christian Bible in Latin America
046941: IRIS HAHNER-HERZOG; MARIA KECKESI; LAZLO VADJA - African Masks: From the Barbier-Mueller Collection
043283: VAIL, ANNE - Shrines of Our Lady in England
033002: VAIL, ANNE - Shrines of Our Lady in England
025220: VAISS, PAUL - Newman Sa Vie, Sa Pensee Et Sa Spiritualite: Premiere Periode, 1801-1832
031026: VAISS, PAUL (ED.) - From Oxford to the People: Reconsidering Newman and the Oxford Movement.
045769: VAIZEY, GEORGE - The Church on the Corner Its Teaching and Growth
045626: VALENTIN, JACQUES - The Monks of Mount Athos
022504: TRAPANI VALERIA - Memoriale Di Salvezza. L'Anamnesi Eucaristica Nelle Anafore D'Oriente E D'Occidente
023982: VALLANCE, AYMER - Old Crosses and Lychgates
020185: VALLANCE, AYMER - Old Crosses and Lychgates
026894: VALLET, BERNARD - Le Message Des Dieux 'Les Baux de Provence Et Ses Mysteres'
042736: VALLIERE, PAUL - Modern Russian Theology: Bukharve, Soloviev, Bulgakov: Orthodox Theology in New Key
046762: DIJK, S. J. P. VAN & WALKER, J. HAZELDEN - The Origins of the Modern Roman Liturgy: The Liturgy of the Papal Court and the Franciscan Order in the Thirteenth Century
041364: ATTA VAN, DON (ED.) - The Farmer Threat: The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Post-Soviet Russia
15196: VANAUKEN, SHELDON - A Severe Mercy; C.S. Lewis and a Pagan Love Invaded by Christ, Told by One of the Lovers.
035967: VANDANA - Gurus, Ashrams and Christians
040317: VANDEUR, EUGENE (GILBERTSON, VINCENT TRANS.) - The Holy Mass Popularly Explained
040684: VANIER, JEAN - Community and Growth
044182: VANIER, JEAN - Drawn Into the Mystery of Jesus Through the Gospel of John
040711: VANIER, JEAN - Be Not Afraid
047429: VANIER, JEAN - Man and Woman He Made Them
040767: VANIER, JEAN - Man and Woman He Made Them
045549: VANN, GERALD - The Eagle's World: A Presentation of the Gospel According to St John with an Introductory Essay
034802: VARDYS, V. STANLEY - The Catholic Church, Dissent, and Nationality in Soviet Lithuania
021285: VARENIUS, BERNHARDUS - Descriptio Regni Japoniae [Iaponiae]: Beschreibung Des Japanischen Reiches
045928: BALINT ANDRAS VARGA - Conversations with Iannis Xenakis
034736: VARIOUS - The Green Quarterly, an Anglo-Catholic Magazine
021363: VARIOUS - Anthropology and the American Indian, a Symposium
020307: VARIOUS - African Arts
043617: VARIOUS - Museum of Byzantine Culture 4/1997
041061: VARIOUS - African Arts
041713: VARIOUS - Lincolnshire History and Archaeology: 1992: Volume 27
040165: VARIOUS - Anglo-Catholic John-Bull Tracts
024500: VARIOUS - La Vierge Dans L'Art Et la Tradition Populaire Des Pyrenees, Exposition France-Espagne
024429: VARIOUS - Tracts for the Times Vol I
020309: VARIOUS - African Arts
020311: VARIOUS - African Arts
020312: VARIOUS - African Arts
020564: VARIOUS - African Arts
020565: VARIOUS - African Arts
020566: VARIOUS - African Arts
021272: VARIOUS - Mission in Unity; Towards Deeper Communion between Reformed Churches Worldwide
020743: VARIOUS - African Arts.
020550: VARIOUS - African Arts
020551: VARIOUS - African Arts
020552: VARIOUS - African Arts
020567: VARIOUS - African Arts
020563: VARIOUS - African Arts
020555: VARIOUS - African Arts
020556: VARIOUS - African Arts
020562: VARIOUS - African Arts
020557: VARIOUS - African Arts
020558: VARIOUS - African Arts
020559: VARIOUS - African Arts
020549: VARIOUS - African Arts
020548: VARIOUS - African Arts
020547: VARIOUS - African Arts
020543: VARIOUS - African Arts
020544: VARIOUS - African Arts
020542: VARIOUS - African Arts
020541: VARIOUS - African Arts
020561: VARIOUS - African Arts
020560: VARIOUS - African Arts
020366: VARIOUS - African Arts
020365: VARIOUS - African Arts
020318: VARIOUS - African Arts
020319: VARIOUS - African Arts
020316: VARIOUS - African Arts
020314: VARIOUS - African Arts
020308: VARIOUS - African Arts
020306: VARIOUS - African Arts
020320: VARIOUS - African Arts
020317: VARIOUS - African Arts
041176: VARIOUS - Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester Volume 75, Number 2 Summer 1993
020304: VARIOUS - African Arts
020305: VARIOUS - African Arts
020540: VARIOUS - African Arts
020538: VARIOUS - African Arts
020539: VARIOUS - African Arts
040164: VARIOUS - Church and Precept
031964: VARIOUS - [Dogon Issue] African Arts: August 1988, Vol XXI Number 4
034137: VARLEY, BENJAMIN - The History of Stockport Grammar School Including the Life of Sir Edmond Shaa
020501: VARLEY, W. J. - Cheshire Before the Romans
021664: VARTY, KENNETH - Reynard the Fox, a Study of the Fox in Medieval English Art
042111: VASEY, MICHAEL - Strangers and Friends: A New Exploration of Homosexuality and the Bible
028649: VASILIEV, ALEXANDER - History of the Byzantine Empire 324-1453
031627: VASILIEV, ALEXANDER - History of the Byzantine Empire 324-1453
035633: VASILIEV, A. A. - History of the Byzantine Empire 324-1453
043612: VASILIEV, ALEXANDER - History of the Byzantine Empire Vol. II
028394: TYPIS VATICANIS - Apostolischer Besuch Des Heiligen Vaters Benedikt XVI in Koln
047485: VAUGHAN, F. - History of the Free Church of England Otherwise Called the Reformed Episcopal Church
047092: VAUGHAN, F. - A History of the Free Church of England Otherwise Called the Reformed Episcopal Church
027806: VAUGHAN, ROBERT ALFRED - Hours with the Mystics; a Contribution to the History of Religious Opinion
033438: VAUGHAN, HENRY - Silex Scintillans, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations
043774: VAUGHAN, ROGER BEDE - Ecclesia Christi: Words Spoken at the Opening of the Second Session of the Fourth Provincial Council of Westminster
041155: DE VAUX, ROLAND - Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions
035108: VAUX, J. EDWARD - Church Folk Lore, a Record of Some Post-Reformation Usages in the English Church Now Mostly Obsolete
15723: VAWTER, BRUCE - The Conscience of Israel, Pre-Exilic Prophets and Prophecy.
033986: VAYDA, ANDREW P. (ED.) - Environment and Cultural Behaviour : Ecological Studies in Cultural Anthropology
023505: DE VEER, FLORINE - Second Chances
13562: VAN DER VEER, PETER - Gods on Earth; the Management of Religious Experience and Indentity in a North Indian Pilgrimage Centre.
022600: VEIL, STEPHAN (ED.) - Alt- Und Mittelsteinzeitliche Fundplatze Des Rheinlandes
047463: NIKOLAI VELIMIROVIC - Prologue from Ochrid: Part One: January, February, March Lives of the Saints and Homilies for Every Day in the Year
044311: VENABLES, GEORGE - Church Endowments for New Parishes, How We May at Once Provide Them
022139: VENN, J. A. - The Foundations of Agricultural Economics, Together with: An Economic History of British Agriculture During and After the Great War
043900: LIKHACHOV, DIMITRY; LAURINA, VERA & PUSHKARIOV, VASILY - Novgorod Icons : 12th-17th Century
040984: VERAX - Further Reply Addressed to the Reverend Dr Hook of Leeds Being in Answer to His Letter Proving the Infallibility the Catholicity and Apostolicity of the Roman Catholic Church with Letters to the Archbishop of York, Bishops of Lincoln and Exeter with Numerous Notes
045104: KATHLEEN VERDUIN - Medievalism in North America
045927: THANOS VEREMIS - The Military in Greek Politics: From Independence to Democracy
020178: VEREY, DAVID - Cotswold Churches
028742: VERGHESE, PAUL - The Joy of Freedom: Eastern Worship and Modern Man
018821: VERGHESE, PAUL - Die Syrischen Kirchen in Indien
032836: VERHAEGEN, BENOIT - Rebellions Au Congo: Tome I
028708: VERHEUL, AMBROSIUS - Introduction to the Liturgy
028375: VERHEUL, A. - La Priere Eucharistique Dans la Primitive Eglise
019872: VERHEYLEZOON, LOUIS - Devotion to the Sacred Heart; Object, Ends, Practice, Motives
043846: VERITY, R. - Subject and Object As Connnected with Our Double Brain and a New Theory of Causation
037444: VERKAMP, BERNARD J. - Evolution of Religion
038421: VERKHOLANTSEV, JULIA - The Slavic Letters of St. Jerome: The History of the Legend and Its Legacy, or, How the Translator of the Vulgate Became an Apostle of the Slavs
038625: VERKUYL, JOHANNES - Contemporary Missiology: An Introduction
037743: VERKUYL, J. - Contemporary Missiology, an Introduction
040244: VERMES, GEZA - The Dead Sea Scrolls in English
042686: VERMES, GEZA - An Introduction to the Complete Dead Sea Scrolls
036084: VERMES, GEZA - The Authentic Gospel of Jesus
025398: VERNON, F. G. - Bee Research Association Collection of Historical and Contemporary Beekeeping Material
041029: VERNON, F. G. - Beekeeping

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