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40608: JOHNSON HEWLETT (THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY) - The Socialist Sixth of the World
56371: HEXTER, J H - Judaeo-Christian Tradition Second Edition
56770: HEY, DAVID - The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History
55036: HEYER, F. & D.W.D. SHAW - The Catholic Church from 1648 to 1870
39345: HEYMANN, C. DAVID - Ezra Pound the Last Rover a Political Profile
16861: GOULD HEYWOOD - Headaches and Health
42773: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III a Personal History
37123: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III a Personal History
39812: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Court of St. James's
48551: HICKEY, MARY L. - Arise and Call Her Blessed Seven Words and Seven Scenes from the Life of Mary
55757: HICKEY, KIERAN - The Light of Other Days Irish Life at the Turn of the Century in the Photographs of Robert French
46819: HICKEY, WILLIAM & PETER QUENNELL - Memoirs of William Hickey
42715: HICKIN, NORMAN ERNEST - Irish Nature
3556: BEACH MRS HICKS - A Cardinal of the Medici Being the Memoirs of the Nameless Mother of the Cardinal Ippolito de Medici
45627: HICKSON, RACHEL - Supernatural Communication
52165: HIDDEN, JOHN & JOHN EDGAR FARQUHARSON - Explaining Hitler's Germany Historians and the Third Reich
52777: HIDEN, JOHN - Germany and Europe 1919-1939
53783: HIDEN, JOHN - Republican and Fascist Germany Themes and Variations in the History of Weimar and the Third Reich, 1918-1945
36483: HIDEN J W - The Weimar Republic
52587: HIDEN, JOHN & PATRICK SALMON - The Baltic Nations and Europe Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the Twentieth Century
56470: HIGGINS, AIDAN - Donkey's Years Memoirs of a Life As Story Told
50680: HIGGINS, IAN - Anthology of Second World War French Poetry
23515: HIGGINS F R - The Dark Breed a Book of Poems
40879: HIGGINS, JOHN - Making of an Opera "Don Giovanni" at Glyndebourne
55727: HIGHAM JOHN, KRIEGER LEONARD AND GILBERT FELIX - History the Princeton Studies
47371: BELLOC HILAIRE - Elizabethan Commentary
45083: PAGE HILARY (EDITOR) - Toys You Can Make Yourself
32783: GRAHAM HILARY - Women Health and the Family
21679: EAGLE DOROTHY AND CARNELL HILARY (EDITED BY) - The Oxford Literary Guide to the British Isles
31757: STANILAND HILARY - Universals
35473: BINDING HILARY - Discovering Dunster a History & Guide
4787: ROBINSON HILARY - Somerville and Ross (a Critical Appreciation)
9961: SPURLING HILARY - Secrets of a Woman's Heart the Later Life of I. Compton-Burnett 1920-1969
18026: HIDALGO HILDA - Lesbians of Colour : Social and Human Services
12268: SCOTT HILDA - Women and Socialism: Experiences from Eastern Europe
39866: GRZIMEK HILDEGARD - In Meinem Herzen Haben Viele Tiere Platz
39304: KNEF HILDEGARD - Das Urteil ; Oder, Der Gegenmensch
45638: HILL, STEPHEN - White Cane Religion
10254: MILLER HELEN HILL - The Case for Liberty
55463: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - The English Bible and the Seventeenth-Century Revolution Uses of the Bible in 17th-Century England
51889: HILL, C. - History Workshop a Journal of Socialist and Feminist Historians : Issue 33-Spring 1992
46760: HILL, DAVID - Gospel of St. Matthew
37738: HILL, M. J. & R. M. HARRISON & A. V. SARGEANT & V. TALBOT - Men out of Work a Study of Unemployment in Three English Towns
30028: HILL C W - Edwardian Scotland
37694: HILL, MICHAEL - State, Administration and the Individual
33956: HILL A L - Elementry Stories for Reproduction
45653: HILL, CLIFFORD - A Prophetic People
35969: HILL C W - Discovering British Postage Stamps
4895: MILLER HELEN HILL - Greek Horizons
54812: HILL, PAUL - The Age of Athelstan Britain's Forgotten History
39341: HILLARY, EDMUND - From the Ocean to the Sky
54508: HILLESUM, ETTY & A.J. POMERANS - Letters from Westerbork
49824: ATTERIDGE HILLIARD - The German Army in War
50420: HILLING, JOHN B. - The Historic Architecture of Wales an Introduction
31598: KAISER C HILLIS - An Essay on Method
52493: HILLMAN, JORDAN JAY - The Torah and Its God a Humanist Inquiry
43791: HILLMAN, J. A. - Alexander Ideals of Links
47682: HILLS, NICHOLAS - English Fireplace Its Architecture and the Working Fire
43612: HILTON, LISA - Mistress Peachum's Pleasure a Biography of Lavinia, Duchess of Bolton
38864: JONES GEORGE HILTON - Charles Middleton the Life and Times of a Restoration Politician
46746: HILTON, WALTER & ILLTYD TRETHOWAN - Scale of Perfection
39018: BROWN HILTON - Rudyard Kipling a New Appreciation
32381: HILTON R H - The Decline of Serfdom in Medieval England
55340: HILTON, DONALD - A Word in Season
53809: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - The People of the Book Philosemitism in England, from Cromwell to Churchill
41059: HINDE, THOMAS - Hinde's Courtiers 900 Years of English Court Life
47319: HINDLEY, GEOFFREY - England in the Age of Caxton
45007: HINDUS, MILTON - The Broken Music Box
56208: HINGLEY, RONALD - Russian Secret Police Muscovite, Imperial Russian and Soviet Political Security Operations 1569-1970
55617: HINGLEY, RONALD - Russian Writers and Society in the Nineteenth Century
53840: HINGLEY, RONALD - Russian Writers and Soviet Society, 1917-78
54790: HINGLEY, RONALD - A Life of Anton Chekhov
54465: HINGLEY, RONALD - Pasternak a Biography
46648: HINNEBUSCH, PAUL - Dynamic Contemplation Inner Life for Modern Man
46274: HINNEBUSCH, PAUL - Friendship in the Lord
52699: HINNELLS , JOHN R - The New Penguin Handbook of Living Religions
8998: HINSLEY F H (EDITOR) - Material Progress and World-Wide Problems 1870-1898 (Volume 11)
40661: HIRO, DILIP - Black British, White British
40161: HIRSCH, FRED - Social Limits to Growth
56692: HIRSCH, PETER - Traveler's Guide to Jewish Germany
52943: HIRSCH, AMMIEL & YOSEF REINMAN - One People, Two Worlds
49863: RABBI W. HIRSCH - Rabbing Psychology
30538: MCDANIEL AND HISE R - Cases in Marketing Strategy
52275: THE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY HISTORY - The Journal of Contemporary History (Vol 2 No 3 Nov 1967) Education and Structure
11423: HARBURY C D AND HITCHINS D M - Inheritance and Wealth Inequality in Britain
45078: HITT, RUSSELL T. - Jungle Pilot Life & Witness of Nate Saint
10876: STAGNER ROSS AND ROSEN HJALMAR - Psychology of Union-Management Relations
43190: HOBART, FRANK WILLIAM ARCHER - Pictorial History of the Sub-Machine Gun
56835: HOBERMAN, JAMES - Bridge of Light Yiddish Film between Two Worlds
43989: HOBHOUSE, HERMIONE - A History of Regent Street
56320: HOBSBAWM, E. J. - Nations and Nationalism Since 1780 Programme, Myth, Reality
29500: HOBSBAWM E J - Bandits
27909: HOBSBAWM E J - Industry and Empire (from 1750 to Present Day)
50691: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - Fractured Times Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century
36965: HOBSBAWM, E.J. - Bandits
43630: HOCHSCHILD, ADAM - Bury the Chains the British Struggle to Abolish Slavery
38783: HOCKADAY, MARY - Kafka, Love and Courage Life of Milena Jesenska
4712: HOCKEY S F (EDITOR) - The Account -Book of Beaulieu Abbey Edited for the Royal Historical Society (Text in Latin)
46712: HOCKLEY, JO/CLARK DAVID - Palliative Care for Older People in Care Homes
2841: FARRAR-HOCKLEY. A H - The Somme Pan Grand Strategy
53594: HODGES, RICHARD - The Anglo-Saxon Achievement
42967: HODGES, WILFRED - Logic
25625: HODGKINS J R - Over the Hills to Glory: Radicalism in Banburyshire 1832-1945
39174: HODGKINSON, RICHARD & FLORENCE WOOD & KENNETH WOOD - A Lancashire Gentleman Letters and Journals of Richard Hodgkinson, 1763-1847
14417: HODGKINSON W P - An Eloquent Silence
35592: RAW C PAGE B HODGSON G - Do You Want to Be Rich ? Bernard Cornfeld and Ios: An International Swindle
55550: HODIN, J. P. - Edvard Munch
24770: VAN HOEK - People and Places
54693: HOERDER, DIRK & LESLIE PAGE MOCH - European Migrants Global and Local Perspectives
17587: HOFFER L - Chess : Revised and Brought Up to Date by J Du Mont
54083: HOFFMAN, EVA - After Such Knowledge a Meditation on the Aftermath of the Holocaust
50967: HOFFMAN, EVA - Time
50625: HOFFMAN, RABBI LAWRENCE A. - The Land of Israel Jewish Perspectives
57107: HOFFMAN, CHRISTHARD & WERNER BERGMANN & HELMUT WALSER SMITH - Exclusionary Violence Antisemitic Riots in Modern German History
56748: HOFFMAN, EVA - Shtetl the History of a Small Town and an Extinguished World, the Life and Death of a Small Town and the World of Polish Jews
51051: HOFFMAN, JOEL - In the Beginning a Short History of the Hebrew Language
54696: HOFFMAN, CHARLES - Gray Dawn the Jews of Eastern Europe in the Post-Communist Era
55637: HOFFMANN, CHRISTHARD - Preserving the Legacy of German Jewry History of the Leo Baeck Institute 1955-2005
50949: HOFFMANN, PETER - Stauffenberg a Family History, 1905-1944
53430: HOFMANN, GERT & MICHAEL HOFMANN - The Film Explainer
50634: HOFMANN, PAUL - The Viennese Splendor, Twilight, and Exile
46270: HOGAN, RICHARD M. & JOHN M. LEVOIR - Faith for Today the Teachings of Pope John Paul II
48686: HOGAN, MAURICE P. & THOMAS NORRIS - Evangelising for the Third Millennium the Maynooth Conference on the Catechism, May 1996
56087: HOGAN, ROBERT & JAMES DOUGLAS - Murder at the Abbey Theatre a Comic Historical Novel
14627: HOGARTH R G - The Trent and I Go Wandering by
9436: HOGARTH, WILLIAM - The Five Days of Perergination
42344: HOGG, Q. (LORD HAILSHAM) - A Sparrow's Flight Memoirs
54255: HOGG, JAMES & KARL MILLER - The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
43218: HOGG, IAN V. - Complete Handgun 1300 to the Present
44007: HOGG, IAN V. - Military Pistols and Revolvers the Handguns of the Two World Wars
43217: HOGG, IAN V. - Complete Machine Gun 1885 to the Present
43219: HOGG, IAN V. - Guns and How They Work
56366: HOGGART, RICHARD - A Local Habitation
36933: HOGGART, SIMON & DAVID LEIGH - Michael Foot a Portrait
48851: HOGGE, ALICE - God's Secret Agents Queen Elizabeth's Forbidden Priests and the Hatching of the Gunpowder Plot
43508: HOGGE, ALICE - God's Secret Agents Queen Elizabeth's Forbidden Priests and the Hatching of the Gunpowder Plot
42654: HOHMANN, M./WEIKART D - Young Children in Action Study Guide
39784: BLOXAM MATTHEW HOLBECHE - The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture
56575: HOLBORN, HAJO - A History of Modern Germany 1648-1840
48866: HUTTON WILLIAM HOLDEN - Sir Thomas More
40738: HOLDEN, ANTHONY - Olivier
49839: HOLFTER, GISELA - German-Speaking Exiles in Ireland 1933-1945
50231: HOLFTER, GISELA - The Irish Context of 'Kristallnacht' Irish-German Studies Vol 8
54719: ROSE JOHN HOLLAND - The Life of Napoleon I
20751: ADAMSON J H AND HOLLAND H F - The Shepherd of the Ocean: A Biography of Sir Walter Ralegh
46067: HOLLAND, R. F. & DIANA MARKIDES & ROBERT HOLLAND - The British and the Hellenes Struggles for Mastery in the Eastern Mediterranean 1850-1960
6722: JACK HOLLAND - Hope Against History the Ulster Conflict
12400: BENHAM F AND HOLLEY H A - A Short Introduction to the Economy of Latin America
34704: ASHTON PATRICA KNEEN PAT DAVIES F HOLLEY B - The Aims of Primary Education: A Study of Teachers' Opinions
21108: HOLLINGDALE R J (SELECTOR) - A Nietzsche Reader
48492: HOLLINGS, MICHAEL - Go in Peace
46316: HOLLINGS, MICHAEL - Living Priesthood
36522: HOLLINGWORTH H L - Abnormal Psychology Its Concepts and Theories
15316: ALPERT HOLLIS - The Barrymores
53425: HOLM, JEAN & BOWKER JOHN - Making Moral Decisions
50378: HOLM, JEAN & JOHN BOWKER - Picturing God
40223: HOLME, THEA - Caroline Biography of Caroline of Brunswick
56576: HOLMES, COLIN - John Bull's Island Immigration and British Society, 1871-1971
43275: HOLMES, RICHARD - Soldiers Army Lives and Loyalties from Redcoats to Dusty Warriors
38703: HOLMES, GEOFFREY (ED) - Sidmouth a History
56808: HOLMES, J.DEREK - Triumph of the Holy See a Short History of the Papacy in the Nineteenth Century
45293: HOLMES, RICHARD - Coleridge Early Visions V. 1
45860: HOLMES, RICHARD - Redcoat the British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
52628: HOLMES, PAUL - Debussy
43472: HOLMES, RICHARD - The World at War the Landmark Oral History from the Previously Unpublished Archives
53356: HOLMES, BRIAN - Educational Policy and the Mission Schools Case Studies from the British Empire
43285: HOLMES, RICHARD - In the Footsteps of Churchill
40372: HOLMES M R - Moorfields in 1559 an Engraved Copperplate from the Earliest Known Map of London
46384: HOLMES, PETER - Caroline Casuistry the Cases of Conscience of Fr Thomas Southwell, Sj
41937: HOLMES E E - Prayer and Action or "the Three Notable Duties"
40813: HOLMES, PAUL - Debussy
4116: HOLMES O W - The Poet at the Breakfast Table
4117: HOLMES O W - The Professor at the Breakfast Table.
39237: HOLMES D T - A Scot in France and Switzerland
45931: HOLMES, RICHARD - Sahib the British Soldier in India 1750-1914
52451: HOLMGREN, BETH - Rewriting Capitalism Literature and the Market in Late Tsarist Russia and the Kingdom of Poland
32498: HOLMYARD E J - Alchemy
54735: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE HOLOCAUST - Auschwitz, Beginning of a New Era? Reflections on the Holocaust
41557: HOLROYD, STUART - Alien Intelligence
40202: HOLT, JOHN & ALLAN FROMME - How Children Fail
41431: HOLT, JOHN - How Children Learn
49146: HOLTZ, ALBERT - A Saint on Every Corner Glimpses of Holiness Beyond the Monastery
56660: HOLTZ, BARRY - Back to the Sources Reading the Classic Jewish Texts
41352: HOLVENSTOT, LUZ - Irish Setters
47373: HOLVENSTOT, LUZ - Irish Setters
56368: HOMBERGER, ERICAND CHARMLEY JOHN - The Troubled Face of Biography
33361: HOMER - The Odyssey
29431: HOMER - The Iliad
28776: NOEL RODEN THE HON - Thomas Otway
46075: WELLESLEY COLONEL THE HON F A - Secrets of the Empire-Private Letters from the Paris Embassy Selections from the Papers of Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley
29505: MAXWELL SCOTT HON MRS - St Francis de Sales and His Companions
32634: BOYLE ROBERT THE HON - The Sceptical Chymist
7717: BALDWIN STANLEY RT HON - On England and Other Addresses
56172: HONDERICH, TED - The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
49834: JOSEPH HONE - The Life of George Moore
55583: HONE J M - Thomas Davis
23745: ROSSI MARIO M AND HONE J M (TRANSLATED BY) - Pilgrimage in the West
28492: ROSSI MARIO M AND HONE J M (TRANSLATED BY) - Pilgrimage in the West
36721: DE BALZAC HONERE - Old Goriot Translated by M a Crawford
38326: HONEY, W. B. - English Glass
37331: HONEY, W.B.; CHARLES, ROBERT J. - English Pottery and Porcelain
52348: HONNEF, KLAUS - German Photography, 1870-1970
43619: HONNEF, KLAUS - Andy Warhol 1928-1987 Commerce Into Art
24085: TRACY HONOR - The Butterflies of the Province
156: TRACY HONOR - The First Day of Friday
28166: TRACY HONOR - Mind You, I'Ve Said Nothing: Forays in the Irish Republic
13703: DE BALZAC HONORE - Old Goriot
34191: BALZAC HONORE DE - A Harlot High and Low
1073: TRACY HONOUR - In a Year of Grace
153: TRACY HONOUR - The Beauty of the World
50953: HOOD, JOHN Y. B. - Aquinas and the Jews
43474: HOOK, ALEX - Modern War Day by Day
39542: HOOPER, DAVID - Public Scandal, Odium and Contempt an Investigation of Recent Libel Cases
31736: HOOYKAAS R - Religion and the Rise of Modern Science
53001: HOOYKAAS, REIJER - Religion and the Rise of Modern Science
14658: COSTLEY WHITE HOPE - Gloucestershire Stories
37341: COSTLEY-WHITE HOPE - Mary Cole Countess of Berkeley
46583: HOPE, CHARLES - Titian
6925: HOPINSON M R - Anne of England the Biography of a Great Queen
27417: BLAKE J P AND REVEIRS-HOPKINS A E - Old English Furniture for the Small Collector: Its Types, History and Surroundings from Mediaeval to Victorian Times
37712: HOPKINS, ADAM - The School Debate
49397: HOPKINS K. S. - Rhondda Past and Furutre
43796: HOPKIRK, PETER - Foreign Devils on the Silk Road the Search for Lost Cities and Treasures of Chinese Central Asia
45918: HOPKIRK, PETER - The Great Game on Secret Service in High Asia
56640: HOPPEN, K. THEODORE - Ireland Since 1800 Conflict and Conformity
32252: KING HORACE - Before Hansard
19343: PLUNKETT HORACE - Ireland in the New Century with an Epilogue in Answer to Some Critics
29188: PYM HORACE M (EDITOR) - Caroline Fox Her Journals and Letters 1835-71 (Vol 2 Only)
34371: WYNDHAM HORACE - Consider Your Verdict
11395: WYNDHAM HORACE - Victorian Parade
41595: TEN BRINK BERNARD/KENNEDY HORACE M - Early English Literature to Wiclif
47234: BOJORGE HORACIO - The Image of Mary According to the Evangelists
5767: EWING JULIANA HORATIA - A Great Emergency and a Very ILL-Tempered Family Introduction by Gillian Avery
52661: HORBURY, WILLIAM - Jews and Christians in Contact and Controversy
40418: HORGAN, PAUL - The Heroic Triad Essays in the Social Energies of Three Southwestern Cultures
40546: HORLEY, SANDRA - Love and Pain a Survival Handbook for Women
50672: HORN D B - British Public Opinion and the First Partition of Poland
56943: HORNE, ALISTAIR - A Savage War of Peace Algeria 1954-1962
47767: HORNE, ALISTAIR - Macmillan-Official Biography Volume One the Making of a Prime Minister 1894-1956
43994: HORNE, ALISTAIR - Napoleon, Master of Europe, 1805-07
51498: HORNE, JOHN - Our War Ireland and the Great War
50469: HORNE, JOHN & EDWARD MADIGAN - Towards Commemoration Ireland in War and Revolution 1912-1923
53633: HORNE, JOHN - German Atrocities, 1914 a History of Denial
43223: HORNER, R M - Singapore Diary the Hidden Journal of Captain R M Horner: The Diary of Captain R M Horner
50525: HORNIG, DIETER & ENDRE KISS - Vienne-Budapest 1867-1918. Deux âges D'or, Deux Visions, Un Empire
52184: HORNSBY-SMITH, MICHAEL P. - The Changing Parish Study of Parishes, Priests and Parishioners After Vatican II
22632: HORNUNG E W - Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
16410: HORNUNG E W - Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
55275: HOROWITZ, DANIEL & MOSHE LISSAK & CHARLES HOFFMAN - Origins of Israeli Policy
52797: HOROWITZ, IRVING LOUIS - Taking Lives Genocide and State Power
38840: HORSFALL, JOHN - The Iron Masters of Penns
9756: HORSMAN E A (EDITOR) - Ben Jonson Bartholomew Fair
55190: JAHNER HORST - Kuenstlergruppe Brucke
26541: PICASSO/KELLER HORST (INTRODUCTION BY) - Picasso Drawings and Works in Colour Works from 1900-1971
12964: CALISHER HORTENSE - Herself
50025: PALOCZY-HORVATH G - In Darkest Hungary
56825: HOSKING, GEOFFREY - History of the Soviet Union 1917-1991
15793: HOSKING GOEFFREY A, AVES JONATHAN AND DUNCAN PETER S - The Road to Post-Communism (Independant Political Movements in the Soviet Union 1985-1991)
56265: HOSKINS, W. G. - Fieldwork in Local History
47170: HOSKYNS, SIR EDWYN & FRANCIS NOEL DAVEY & GORDON S. WAKEFIELD - Crucifixion-Resurrection the Pattern of the Theology and Ethics of the New Testament
10186: FAKHER HOSSEIN - The Relationship Among the Principal Organs of the United Nations
39333: HOTCHNER A E - Papa Hemingway a Personal Memoir
42356: HOUGH, RICHARD ALEXANDER - Edwina Countess Mountbatten of Burma
51738: HOUGHTON, BENJAMIN ALAN - Variations of Ambush
46784: HOULDEN, J. L. - Ethics and the New Testament
17880: HOUSMAN A E - The Name and Nature of Poetry
46978: HOUTART, FRANCOIS - The Challenge to Change the Church Confronts the Future
29078: HIBBARD HOWARD - Carlo Maderno: A Cura Di Aurora Scotti Tosini
41664: MARSHALL HOWARD D - Business and Government the Problem of Power
47481: FRERE WALTER HOWARD - The Anaphora or Great Eucharistic Prayer an Eirenical Study in Liturgical History
49348: HOWARD, MICHAEL - War and the Liberal Conscience the George Trevelyan Lectures in the University of Cambridge, 1977
55312: HOWARD, WALDEN & ALICE HOWARD - Exploring the "Road Less Travelled"
38190: COLLINS F HOWARD - Authors' & Printers Dictionary
34908: COLLINS F HOWARD - Authors' & Printers' Dictionary
20072: FAST HOWARD - The Selected Work of Tom Paine & Citizen Tom Paine
33561: KAHANE HOWARD - Logic and Philosophy a Modern Introduction
31807: JONES HOWARD (EDITOR) - Issues in Social Welfare
31266: ROBINSON HOWARD (EDITOR) - George Berkeley Principles of Human Knowledge and Three Dialogues
26489: KEWLEY CHARLES AND FARRAR HOWARD - Fishing Tackle for Collectors
18066: ENGEL HOWARD - Murder Sees the Light
50699: HOWARD, MICHAEL - The Oxford History of Twentieth Century
48805: HOWARD, ANTHONY - Basil Hume the Monk Cardinal
48220: FRERE WALTER HOWARD - The Marian Reaction in Its Relation to the English Clergy a Study of the Episcopal Registers
48197: FAST HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Selected Work of Tim Paine
13639: GREENFELD HOWARD S - Caruso: An Illustrated Life
24262: SMITH HOWARD - Ireland: Some Episodes from Her Past
41599: CRAGO T HOWARD - Real Discipleship Studies in Practical Christian Living
51463: HOWARD, JONATHAN - Darwin a Very Short Introduction
51442: HOWARD, MICHAEL S. - Jonathan Cape, Publisher
55724: HOWARD, WILLIAM J. - Editor, Author and Publisher Conference Proceedings November 1968
2819: RICKETTS HOWARD - Firearms
30633: JONES HOWARD - Crime in a Changing Society
33150: GLENNERSTER HOWARD - Paying for Welfare the 1990's
3463: REDMOND -HOWARD L G - Home Rule
42959: HOWARD, ROGER - Mao Tse-Tung and the Chinese People
20295: HOWART R G (INTRODUCTION) - Minor Poets of the Seventeenth Century: Suckling, Lovelace, Carew and Herbert
47839: HOWARTH, DAVID J. - Greek Adventure Lord Byron and Other Eccentrics in the War of Independence
40505: HOWE, ERIC GRAHAM - She and Me a New Statement of an Old Problem
54219: HOWE, STEPHEN - Ireland and Empire Colonial Legacies in Irish History and Culture
26309: HOWE M W - The Shame of Oscar Wilde from the Shorthand Reports
55792: HOWELLS B. E. - A Calendar of Letters Relating to North Wales 1533-Circa 1700
52993: HOWELLS, ROSCOE - Sounds between Islands of Pembrokeshire
48094: HOWES, CATHY ANNE - Wedding Vows and Traditions
56604: HOWGATE, ET AL - Lucian Freud Portraits
48262: HOWSE, DEREK - Greenwich Time and the Discovery of the Longitude
51447: HSIA, R. PO-CHIA & HARTMUT LEHMANN - In and out of the Ghetto Jewish-Gentile Relations in Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany
53671: HSIA, R. PO-CHIA - The World of Catholic Renewal 1540-1770
57129: HSIA, R. PO-CHIA - The Myth of Ritual Murder Jews and Magic in Reformation Germany
53412: PO-CHIA HSIA - The Myth of Ritual Murder Jews and Magic in Reformation Germany
56194: HUBATSCH, WALTHER - Frederick the Great of Prussia Absolutism and Administration
15656: HUBBARD L E - Soviet Labour and Industry
3936: BURKE S HUBERT - Historical Portraits of the Tudor Dynasty and the Reformation Period (3 Volumes)
10040: COLE HUBERT - First Gentleman of the Bedchamber
4248: COLE HUBERT - First Gentleman of the Bedchamber the Life of Louis-Francois -Armand Marechal Duc de Richelieu
55345: MCEVOY HUBERT - A Family Book of Prayers
49088: NORTHCOTT HUBERT - The Venture of Prayer
47679: VAN ZELLER HUBERT - One Foot in the Cradle an Autobiography
55336: ZELLER VAN HUBERT - The Inner Search
48645: HUCK, GABE - Three Days Parish Prayer in the Paschal Triduum
55722: HUCKS, J. & ALUN RICHARD JONES & WILLIAM TYDEMAN - Pedestrian Tour Through North Wales in a Series of Letters J Hucks B a (1795)
39860: STRODE HUDSON - Now in Mexico
31728: HUDSON W D - Modern Moral Philosophy
15551: HUDSON G F - Fifty Years of Communism Theory and Practice 1917-1967
13526: HUDSON W H - The Book of a Naturalist
3098: HUDSON G F (EDITOR) - Reform and Revolution in Asia
31027: HUDSON W D - Modern Moral Philosophy
8200: HUDSON W H - Birds and Man
8260: HUDSON W H - Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest
47402: CONRAD JOESEPH & HUEFFER F. M. - The Inheritors an Extravagant Story
56868: HUELLE, PAWEL - Cold Sea Stories
46305: HUELS, JOHN - Disputed Questions in the Liturgy Today
54570: HUENER, JONATHAN - Auschwitz, Poland, and the Politics of Commemoration, 1945-1979
19029: JOHNSON HUEY D - Green Plans Greenprint for Sustainability
37882: HUFFINGTON, ARIANNA - Picasso Creator and Destroyer
45104: HUGGETT, JOYCE - Listening to God
55364: HUGGETT, JOYCE - Finding God in the Fast Lane
45652: HUGGETT, JOYCE - Marriage on the Mend
55366: HUGGETT, JOYCE - Open to God Meditating on the Incarnation
35050: HUGGINS P J - Excavations at Sewardstone Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex 1966
45209: PHILLIPS HUGH - The Thames About 1750 Limited Edition 200 Copies and Signed by Author
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6390: INGRAM J H - Companion to Cheshire
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29694: MURDOCH IRIS - A Fairly Honourable Defeat
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23058: MURDOCH IRIS - The Book and the Brotherhood
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32700: RICHTER IRMA A - Selections from the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
57088: IRVING, R. E. M. - Christian Democracy in France
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5604: IRVING R L G - The Alps
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12298: FRIEDMAN IRVING S - Inflation : A World Wide Disaster
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43009: BROWN J IRWIN (REV) - Ireland- Its Humour and Pathos a Study
46069: IRWIN, ROBERT - For Lust of Knowing the Orientalists and Their Enemies
57005: HUSIK ISAAC - A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy
29171: DISRAELI ISAAC - Curiosities of Literature (Vol 3 Only)
108: GOLDBERG ISAAC - Studies in Spanish American Literature
12258: BALBUS ISAAC D - Emotional Rescue
55860: HERZOG DR ISAAC - Judaism Law & Ethics
15020: RUBIN THEODORE ISAAC - Reflections in a Goldfish Tank
54988: LEVY ISAAC - The Synagogue Its History and Function
53709: SIMON MAURICE AND LEVY ISAAC - Essays and Addresses by Samuel Daiches
56256: THOMAS ISAAC - William Salesbury and His Testament
26558: BABEL ISAAK - Di Grasso
14492: IONESCU GHITA AND DE MADARIAGA ISABEL - Opposition : Past and Present of Political Institution
33666: HILYER ISABEL C. - Hydroponics Food without Salt
41670: PULLEN ALICE M & ARMFIELD J ISABEL - The Kernal of Christmas and Other Tales for Children
9560: RUSSELL ISABEL - Katherine and E B White an Effectionate Memoir
8533: AYER MARGARET HUBBARD AND TAVES ISABELLA - The Three Lives of Harriet Hubbard Ayer
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27203: LUBBEKE ISOLDE - Early German Paintings 1350-1550 the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Translated by Margaret Thomas Will
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49313: ABRAHAMS ISRAEL (EDITOR) - The Literary Remains of the Rev Simeon Singer Sermons & Memoir
56741: ISRAEL, GERARD & S.L. CHERNOFF - Jews in Russia
15327: D'ISRAELI I - Amenities of Literature: Consisting of Sketches and Characters of English Literature
48179: ZANINI ROBERTO ITALO - Bakhita a Saint for the Third Millennium
40072: SARASHINA LADY/MORRIS IVAN - As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams Recollections of a Woman in Eleventh-Century Japan
50813: TURGENEV IVAN - The Torrents of Spring
42801: DE LA BERE SIR IVAN - The Queen's Orders of Chivalry
13182: WHITE IVAN - Removal of an Exhibition
5170: TURGUENIEFF IVAN - A Nest of Hereditary Legislators
31957: REID IVAN - Social Class Differences in Britain
54512: TURGUENIEFF IVAN S. - A Nest of Hereditary Legislators
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26510: GASKELL IVAN - Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Painting the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
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33945: TURGENEV S. IVAN - Virgin Soil
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35497: IVANOVA E (COMPILER) - Russian Applied Art Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Century
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37972: IVINS W M - Prints : Technique and Expresssion
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45292: BROWN IVOR - What Is a Play?
42902: HERBERT IVOR - The Queen Mother's Horses
29576: KEYS IVOR - Johannes Brahms
37133: BROWN IVOR - Shakespeare
42131: JENNINGS SIR IVOR - The Queen's Government
49902: BOWEN IVOR - The Statutes of Wales
42970: IWASAKI, MINEKO & RANDE BROWN - Geisha of Gion the True Story of Japan's Foremost Geisha: The Memoir of Mineko Iwasaki
33036: VAN GINNEKEN JAAP - The Rise and Fall of Lin Piao
56360: JONES JACK - Some Trust in Chariots
16843: VANCE JACK - The Dragon Masters
25434: FISHER P JACK - Das Juwelen Buch 2 Auflage
32242: PEARL JACK - Blood and Guts Patton
32390: HURLEY JACK - Exmoor in Wartime 1939-1945
26939: HILLIER JACK - Japanese Prints & Drawings from the Vever Collection, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
30662: LEVIN JACK - Sociological Snapshots
1783: JACK D S (EDITOR) - Scottish Prose 1550-1700
26086: MCBRIDE JACK - Traveller in the Glens
14987: SIMMONS JACK - Flat Jack
11540: SHAW JACK - On Our Conscience: The Plight of the Elderly
24604: WERNER JACK (EDITED BY) - Lady, Wilt Thou Love Me? Eighteen Love Poems for Ellen Terry Attributed to George Bernard Shaw
5775: WESTRUP SIR JACK - An Introduction to Musical History
21839: JACK R D S (EDITED BY) - A Choice of Scottish Verse 1560-1660
30778: DOUGLAS JACK D - American Social Order Social Rules in a Pluralistic Society
30788: DOUGLAS JACK D (EDITED) - The Impact of Sociology Reading in the Social Sciences
33441: GOODY JACK (EDITOR) - Kingship
33910: RUSSELL JACK - Nelson and the Hamiltons
34589: STILLINGER JACK ( EDITED BY ) - MILL Autobiography
48903: JACKMAN A. - Via Crucis and Other Poems
42785: JACKMAN, S.W. - Chere Annette Letters from Russia 1820-1828
45004: JACKOWSKA, NICKI - News from the Brighton Front
38836: JACKS L P - All Men Are Ghosts
56280: JACKSON, MARIAN - The History of Germany Since 1789
39677: JACKSON, GEOFFREY - People's Prison
54865: JACKSON, STANLEY - The Sassoons
41458: FOAKES-JACKSON F J - The Biblical History of the Hebrews
22391: JACKSON H J (EDITED BY) - Samuel Taylor Coleridge Selected Letters
22392: JACKSON H J (EDITED BY) - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
40332: JACKSON, DAPHNE FRANCES - Atoms and Quanta
53999: JACKSON, CHARLES JAMES - English Goldsmiths and Their Marks
54345: JACKSON, GABRIEL - Concise History of the Spanish CIVIL War
51173: JACKSON, GABRIEL - The Making of Medieval Spain
45302: BATE WALTER JACKSON - The Achievement of Samuel Johnson
37930: JACKSON, GABRIEL - Making of Mediaeval Spain
49751: JACOB, WALTER & MOSHE ZEMER - The Environment in Jewish Law Essays and Response
52918: JACOB LASSNER, & TROEN S ILAN - Jews and Muslims in the Arab World Haunted by Pasts Real and Imagined
50907: WALTER JACOB - Christianity Through Jewish Eyes the Quest for Common Ground
54888: NEUSNER JACOB - History and Torah Essays on Jewish Learning
49529: MARCUS JACOB R - Communal Sick-Care in the German Ghetto
55045: HAAS DE JACOB - Theodor Herzl (Vol 2) a Biographical Study (Vol 2)
32579: NEEDLEMAN JACOB - The Hearth of Philosophy
10494: SHIPHERD JACOB R (COMPILER) - History of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue
48174: E. F. JACOB - Henry V and the Invasion of France
50558: AGUS JACOB B. - Banner of Jerusalem the Life, Times and Thought of Abraham Isaac Kuk the Late Chief Rabbi of Palestine
51378: LANDAU JACOB M - Jews in Nineteenth-Century Egypt
41397: JACOB W U - The Three Hours' Devotion Meditations on the Seven Words from the Cross
50837: JACOB, W. M. & NIGEL YATES - Crown and Mitre Religion and Society in Northern Europe Since the Reformation
8879: BURCKHARDT JACOB - The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
9733: KORG JACOB - Language in Modern Literature Innovation & Experiment
47603: BURCKHARDT JACOB - The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
53680: JACOBS, SAM WHITE , A AND SHENKER BARRY - The Red and the Blue Essays in Socialist Zionism
54683: JACOBS, LOUIS - The Jewish Mystics
37884: JACOBS, MICHAEL & MALCOLM WARNER - Art in the South-East
4032: JACOBS W W - Light Freights
4031: JACOBS W W - Sea Urchins
38331: JACOBS, T.A. - A History of Fire Engines
42624: JACOBS R, CARNER M, HOLLAND A. - Puccini's Madam Butterfly the Story of an Opera
53005: JACOBS, LOUIS - Faith Jewish Approach
55884: JACOBS, LOUIS - Helping with Inquiries an Autobiography
49498: JACOBS, LOUIS - What Does Judaism Say About?
5464: JACOBS W W - Night Watches
55487: JACOBS, JANET LIEBMAN - Hidden Heritage the Legacy of the Crypto-Jews
53640: JACOBSON, MATTHEW FRYE - Special Sorrows the Diasporic Imagination of Irish, Polish and Jewish Immigrants in the United States
14995: PEARSON JACQUELINE - Tragedy and Tragic Comedy in the Plays of John Webster
10177: SIMMS JACQUELINE (EDITOR) - Life by Other Means (Essays on D J Enright)
35845: FEARN JACQUELINE - Domestic Bygones
37776: GRAD JACQUELINE - Psychiatric Social Workers and Research Vol 7 1964 No 3
51427: MARITAIN JACQUES - Antisemitism
12364: DROZ JACQUES - Europe between Revolutions 1815-1848
21613: BROSSE JACQUES - Religious Leaders: Chambers Compact Reference Book
10693: DROZ JACQUES - Europe between the Revolutions 1815-1848
54616: VERNANT JACQUES - The Refugee in the Post-War World
38749: MADAULE JACQUES - The Albigensian Crusade an Historical Essay
13818: ROUSSEAU JEAN-JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
47952: MARITAIN JACQUES - The Twilight of Civilization Translated by Lionel Landry
22347: DONEUX CAPTAIN JACQUES - They Arrived by Moonlight
49849: DELPECH JACQUES - The Oppression of Protestants in Spain
50262: MARITAIN JACQUES - Antisemitism
29276: ROUSSEAU JEAN-JACQUES - The Confessions
51894: BERQUE JACQUES - French North Africa the Maghrib between Two World Wars
33012: ROUSSEAU JEAN-JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (12 Books in 1)
33100: MAQUET JACQUES - Power and Society in Africa
7809: LEVRON JACQUES - The Royal Chateaux of the Ile de France Translated by Claire Eliane Engel
9079: ISRAEL GERARD AND LABER JACQUES - When Jerusalem Burned Translated from the French by Alan Kendall
54646: LORRAINE JACQUES - The Germans in France
45094: HAWKES JACQUETTA - Early Britain
5242: HAWKES JACQUETTA - A Guide to the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments in England and Wales
35227: JAEGER DR G - Health-Culture
42383: JAFFE, DEBORAH - Victoria a Celebration
52939: JAGER, LORENZ - Adorno a Political Biography
37644: WENNER JAHN S (EDITOR) - Rolling Stone Magazine Febuary 9th 1978 Issue Number 258
37643: WENNER JAHN S (EDITOR) - Rolling Stone Magazine April 7th 1977 Issue Number 236
45354: JAHODA, MARIE - Freud and the Dilemmas of Psychology
10108: JAIN R K (EDITOR) - China South Asian Relations 1947-1980 (Vol 2)
1345: STOREY R A AND JAINE T W M (COMPILERS) - Architectural History and the Fine and Applies Arts Sources in the National Register of Archives (Vol 2 Only)
31209: JABES JAK - Individual Processes in Organizational Behavior
27429: BURCKHARDT JAKOB - Rubens
56197: JAMA, SOPHIE - L'Histoire Juive de Montaigne
48580: JAMART, FRANCOIS TRANSLATED BY VAN DE PUTTE - Complete Spiritual Doctrine of St. Therese of Lisieux
48054: THORNE JAME - Handbook to the Environs of London
48061: DAY JAMES - Vaughan Williams
47471: JAMES VI OF SCOTLAND, I OF ENGLAND (ARBER EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Essayes of a Prentise, in the Divine Art of Poesie & a Counter Blaste to Tobacco
41188: REID JAMES - In Touch with Christ
27958: WILLIAMSON JAMES A - Great Britain and the Empire a Discursive History
43180: O'DONNELL JAMES P - The Berlin Bunker
40461: JAMES, P. D. - Death of an Expert Witness
54852: PARKES JAMES - The Foundations of Judaism and Christianity
38706: THYNE JAMES M - The Psychology of Learning and Techniques of Teaching
42321: JAMES, PAUL & PETER RUSSELL - At Her Majesty's Service
40335: JAMES, HENRY - The Wings of the Dove
32427: COPI IRVING M AND GOULD JAMES A - Readings on Logic
28349: STEPHENS JAMES - Songs from the Clay
39954: SUTHERLAND JAMES (EDITOR) - The Oxford Book of English Talk
56160: LANSBURY JAMES - Korzeniowski
57090: JAMES, SIAN - Small Country
43365: BEACH JAMES (INTRODUCED BY) - German Army Handbook
45582: SIEGFRIED RUTH/MOSS JAMES - Missionary Diary Translated from German by Elisabeth Balshaitis
40458: JAMES, HENRY - What Maisie Knew
49091: BRODRICK JAMES - The Origin of the Jesuits
25488: HANLEY JAMES - What Farrar Saw and Other Stories
38176: SMITH PRICE JAMES - From Abacus to Zeus
40653: HOGG JAMES - The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner Introduction by Andre Gide
43636: JAMES, WILLIAM & ALBUREY CASTELL - Essays in Pragmatism
53086: JAMES, JOYCE& BROWN TERENCE - Dubliners
24327: COUSINS JAMES H - A Bardic Pilgrimage: Second Selection of the Poetry of James H Cousins
24331: STEPHENS JAMES - The Crock of Gold
45853: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Henry Wellcome
23843: HANLEY JAMES - Plays One the Inner Journey & a Stone Flower
43387: JAMES, LAWRENCE - The Iron Duke a Military Biography of Wellington
39138: ROPER JAMES - The Founding of Memphis 1818-1820
39663: STUART JAMES (VICOUNT STUART OF FINDHORN) - Within the Fringe an Autobiography
47782: OGDEN JAMES - Isaac D'Israeli
53994: WARREN C E T AND BENSON JAMES - Above Us the Waves the Story of Midget Submarines and Human Torpedoes
21020: JONES JAMES H - Alfred C Kinsey a Public /Private Life
34454: WELLARD JAMES - The Search for Lost Worlds
19202: MORRIS JAMES - Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat
42514: JAMES C L R - Beyond a Boundary
33103: REEVES JAMES - Understanding Poetry
33402: GLEICK JAMES - Chaos Making a New Science
12927: AITKEN JAMES (EDITOR) - English Letters of the Xv111century
32512: LOVELOCK JAMES - Homage to Gaia the Life of an Independent Scientist
17745: ROOSE-EVANS JAMES - Passages of the Soul (Ritual Today)
32108: JEANS SIR JAMES - The Mysterious Universe
14630: WILLIAMS JAMES - Give Me Yesterday
14624: LITTLEJOHN JAMES - Social Stratification : An Introduction
14145: MORRIS JAMES - Pax Britannica: The Climax of an Empire
31296: WATSON JAMES D - The Double Helix a Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of Dna
20690: JOYCE JAMES - Dubliners and a Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man: (Complete and Unabridged)
48014: MARCHANT SIR JAMES - Dr John Clifford , C.H. Life , Letters and Reminiscences
3519: MACPHERSON JAMES (TRANSLATED) - The Poems of Ossian
20120: BISHOP JAMES - The Illustrated London News: Social History of Edwardian Britain
37837: JEFFERYS JAMES B - Labour's Formative Years 1849-1879 Volume 2
18872: LYNN JAMES (EDITED BY) - Sophie Von la Roche: The History of Lady Sophia Sternheim
16869: HEPBURN JAMES (EDITED BY) - Letters of Arnold Bennett (Vol 1 Letters to J B Pinker and Vol 2 1889-1915, Vol 3 1916-1931) 3 Volumes Only
30742: COBB JAMES C - The Selling of the South the Southern Crusade for Industrial Development 1936-1980
46231: SWINTON THE EARL OF & MARGACH JAMES D - Sixty Years of Power
30170: JOYCE JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
18539: CHESEBRO JAMES W (EDITED BY) - Extensions of the Burkeian System
29091: FRAZER SIR JAMES - Adonis a Study in the History of Oriental Religion
17668: WINNY JAMES (EDITED BY) - Chaucer: The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
32906: EARLE WILLIAM JAMES - Introduction to Philosophy
21220: KRITZECK JAMES (EDITED) - Anthology of Islamic Literature from the Rise of Islam to Modern Times
16518: BROUGH JAMES - Lillie (the Story of Edward VII and Lillie Langtry)
1788: GALWAY JAMES - James Galway: An Autobiography
21131: WILLIS JAMES - Lecture Notes on Psychiatry
22161: BRITTON JAMES - Literature in Its Place
19010: JONES JAMES H - Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public / Private Life
21351: MACNAIR JAMES I - Livingstone the Liberator: A Study of Dynamic Personality
21618: CAMPBELL JAMES - Talking at the Gates: A Life of James Baldwin
14050: SANFORD JAMES K (COMPILED AND EDITED) - Richmond : Her Triumphs, Tragedies and Growth
10331: KIRKUP JAMES - Tropic Temper a Memoir of Malaya
13385: REED JAMES - Sir Walter Scott : Landscape and Locality
18312: ADAMS JAMES - Landscaping with Herbs
11804: IVORY JAMES (COMPILER ) - Autobiography of a Princess
4096: LUNT JAMES - John Burgoyne of Saratoga
51503: BARNES JAMES J - Free Trade in Books a Study of the London Book Trade Since 1800
55144: PLUNKETT JAMES - Strumpet City
23274: LAVER JAMES - Oscar Wilde
24160: MURPHY JAMES - The Priest Hunters: A Story of Penal Days
22783: ESSE JAMES (JAMES STEPHENS) - Hunger: A Dublin Story
10438: AVERILL JAMES R - Patterns of Psychological Thought
43243: BANTING JAMES - The World's Most Evil Gangsters - the Lives and Times of Infamous Mobsters
52960: PARKES JAMES - The Jew in Medieval Community a Study of His Political and Economic Situation
21107: FREUD SIGMUND/STRACHEY JAMES - Two Short Accounts of Psycho-Analysis (Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis and the Question of Lay-Analysis)
14252: HALE JAMES (EDITOR) - The Midnight Ghost Book
20667: ROOSEVELT ELLIOT AND BROUGH JAMES - The Roosevelts of Hyde Park : An Untold Story
14235: CAMPBELL JAMES - Gate Fever: Voices from Prison
14232: PRESTON JAMES - Country Talk : Based on the Daily Telegraph Country Talk Column
49140: NORBURY JAMES - Warrior in Chains St Therese of Lisieux
13438: BARLOW JAMES - One Man in the World
13447: MCCLURE JAMES - Cop World : Policing the Streets of San Diego
13759: WELDON JOHNSON JAMES - Along This Way : An Autobiography
13775: AITKEN JAMES (EDITOR) - English Diaries of the Xv1, Xv11 and Xv111 Centuries
38406: DEESE JAMES - Psycholinguistics This Book Is Not-Writers World -Which Seems Ro Come Up on the Amazon Search.
9707: HEPBURN JAMES (EDITOR) - Arnold Bennett: The Critical Heritage
55570: JAMES, C.L.R. & ANNA GRIMSHAW - Cricket
12340: LAMBERT JAMES - Science and Sanctity
28625: JOYCE JAMES - Stephen Hero: The Relentless Truth of a Young Artists Moral Conflict
12168: JAMES ADRIAN, WILSON KATE, PARRY MARTIN (EDITORS) - Social Work in Family Proceedings: A Pratical Guide
12061: COMER JAMES P - Maggie's American Dream: The Life and Times of a Black Family
11548: MILLS JAMES - Airborne to the Mountains
11411: BENTLEY JAMES - Life and Food in the Dordogne
11309: HENRETTA JAMES A - The Evolution of American Society 1700-1815
11526: BAYTON JAMES A - Tension in the Cities : Three Programs for Survival
45286: BOSWELL JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson Lld with His Correspondence and Conversations
10346: DUNCAN JAMES S - A Businessman Looks at Red China
26233: HEGARTY JAMES - Emergency
47868: MARLOW JAMES - De Gaulle's France and the Key to the Coming Invasion of Germany
53372: SONTAG RAYMOND JAMES - Germany and England Background of Conflict, 1848-1894
48075: RORIMER JAMES J. - The Metropolitan Museam of Art: The Cloisters the Building and Collection of Medieval Art in Fort Tyron Park
25387: FINEGAN JAMES W - Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas : A Golfers Pilgrimage to the Courses of Ireland
56205: LEITH JAMES A. - Media and Revolution Moulding a New Citizenry in France During Ther Terror
42054: JAMES E O - The Social Function of Religion a Comparative Study
40939: JAMES E O - The Christian Faith in the Modern World a Study in Scientific Theology
22337: JOYCE JAMES - Exiles a Play in Three Acts
50589: JAMES, HENRY & ROGER LUCKHURST - The Portrait of a Lady
4198: REGAN JAMES - Crunch Time How to Reengineer Your Organization
17341: SMITH WILLIAM JAMES (EDITOR) - Grangers Index to Poetry
57096: JAMES, ARNOLD JOHN & JOHN E. THOMAS - Wales at Westminster 1800-1979
56562: PARKES JAMES - Antisemitism
56209: CONNOLLY JAMES - Labour in Ireland (1) Labour in Irish History (2) the Reconquest of Ireland Introduction by Robert Lynd
55455: SONTAG RAYMOND JAMES - Germany and England Background of Conflict, 1848-1894
55780: GILBERT JAMES (EDITOR) - Roman Catholic Question: A Copious Series of Important Documents, of Permanent Historical Interest on the Re-Establishment of the Catholic Hierarchy in England 1850-1
51652: PICCIOTTO JAMES - Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History Revised and Edited by Israel Finestein
38779: CLIFFORD JAMES - Dr Campbell's Diary a Visit to England in 1775
23991: PLUNKETT JAMES - The Gems She Wore: A Book of Irish Places
45568: HILTON JAMES - Good-Bye Mr Chips
24235: MCGUIRE JAMES - The King the Kaiser and Irish Freedom
40393: THURBER JAMES - Alarms and Diversions
40955: REID JAMES - Facing Life with Christ
882: STEPHENS JAMES - The Crock of Gold
3279: SETH JAMES (PROF) - A Study of Ethical Principles
24541: SYMINGTON ANDREW JAMES - Thomas Moore the Poet His Life and Works
37858: RIGG REV JAMES H - John Wesley, the Church of England and Wesleyan Methodism Their Relation to Each Other Clearly and Fully Explained in Two Dialogues
41417: STRACHAN JAMES - Hebrew Ideals Part Second (Gen25-50)
23814: HANLEY JAMES - At Bay
40556: HUGHES JAMES L - Froebel's Educational Laws for All Teachers
17765: CLEUGH JAMES - This Was Your World : A Survey of Amazing Years 1918-1929
2859: WILLIAMS JAMES - Give Me Yesterday
40273: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Albert, Prince Consort
28425: BOYLE JAMES (EDITED BY) - Ordnance Survey Memoir for the Parish of Antrim
23774: HANLEY JAMES - Quartermaster Clausen
39155: WICKENDEN JAMES - Beyond the High Savannahs
41439: TAYLOR JAMES - The Holy Spirit Readings and Addresses
43489: JAMES, LAWRENCE & HELEN LOWNIE - The Illustrated Rise & Fall of the British Empire
13711: BRYCE JAMES - The Holy Roman Empire
24666: HAWTHORNE JAMES (EDITED BY) - Two Centuries of Irish History Based on a Bbc Radio Series
52000: JAMES, HAROLD - A German Identity, 1770-1990
56501: STEPHENS JAMES - Here Are Ladies
43488: OVID/MICHIE JAMES - The Art of Love
3010: PLUNKETT JAMES - Farewell Companions
29995: JOYCE JAMES - Pomes Penyeach
39224: WOOD JAMES B - The Nobility of the Election of Bayeux 1463-1666 Continuity Through Change
55444: JOYCE JAMES - Ulysses
46339: FINNIGAN ROBERT & HAGERTY JAMES (EDITORS) - The Bishops of Leeds 1878-1985 Essays in Honour of Bishop David Konstant
28477: JOYCE JAMES - Dubliners
37744: JOYCE JAMES - James Joyce Collected Poems
54139: DONOHOE JAMES - Hitler's Conservative Opponents in Bavaria 1930-1945
3022: STEPHENS JAMES - The Adventures of Seumas Beg the Rocky Road to Dublin
30212: JAMES G P R - Henry of Guise/Attila or the States of Blois Also Contains Attila a Romance
21974: MANSELL NIGEL/ALLEN JAMES - Nigel Mansell My Autobiography
38036: JAMES, EDWARD - America Against Poverty
31133: GOODWIN C JAMES - Research in Psychology Methods and Design
33761: PATERSON-HAMILTON JAMES - Seven Tenths the Sea and Its Tresholds
34010: AGATE JAMES - Their Hour Upon the Stage
34337: LAVER JAMES - Nostradamus
34713: ALLABY MICHAEL & LOVELOCK JAMES - The Great Extinction What Killed the Dinosaurs and Devastated the Earth
34783: AITKEN JAMES (EDITED BY ) - English Letters of the X1x Century
34784: AITKENS JAMES ( EDITED BY ) - English Letters of the Xv111 Century
34829: SUTHERLAND JAMES (EDITOR) - The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes
34857: JEANS SIR JAMES - The Growth of Physical Science
34931: AITKEN JAMES ( EDITED ) - English Diaries of the Xv11 and Xv111 Centuries
35383: LEASOR JAMES - The Plague and the Fire
35471: WATSON JAMES - The Stanly Gibbons Book of Stamps and Stamp Collecting
35615: FINEGAN JAMES W - All Courses Great and Small
41161: BLACK JAMES - New Forms of the Old Faith Baird Lectures 1946-47 Under the Title Extra-Church Systems
36061: PLUNKETT JAMES - Farewell Companions
36130: GRIBBLE JAMES - Introduction to Philosophy of Education
36725: JAMES, HENRY - The Europeans
46479: LEVELL JAMES A - Memoirs of James a Levett Assistant Organist of Rochester Cathedral from 1930 to 1977
37162: LAVER JAMES (EDITOR) - Fashion from Ancient Egypt to the Present Day
37506: STEPHENS JAMES - The Crock of Gold
3801: WARBURG JAMES P - The United States in a Changing World an Historical Analysis of American Foreign Policy
4166: CONNOLLY JAMES - The Re-Conquest of Ireland
4383: STEPHENS JAMES - Songs from the Clay
4427: STEELE JAMES (EDITOR) - Architecture for a Changing World.
3: JOYCE JAMES - The Poetical Works of James Joyce
5039: GAIRDNER JAMES AND SPEDDING JAMES - Studies in English History
5220: JOYCE JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
5668: BARKE JAMES (EDITOR) - Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
6090: JOYCE JAMES - Exiles with an Essay on the Play by Francis Fergusson
6186: HEWITT JAMES (EDITOR) - Eye-Witnesses to Ireland in Revolt
6242: LEASOR JAMES - Green Beach

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