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7978: DE MAUPASSANT GUY - Bel -Ami
8927: DE MAUPASSANT GUY - Notre Coeur Translated by Marjorie Laurie
53919: GUYNN, WILLIAM - Writing History in Film
46266: GUZIE, TAD - Book of Sacramental Basics, the
49027: GUZIE, TAD W. - Jesus and the Eucharist
15083: WILLIAMS GWYN - The Land Remembers : A View of Wales
13584: JONES GWYN - Background to Dylan Thomas and Other Explorations
55691: HUGHES PHILIP GWYN - Wales and Drovers
51795: JONES IEUAN GWYNEDD - The Dynamics of Politics in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Wales an Inaugural Lecture Aberystwyth Jan 1971
50507: GWYNN, DENIS & JAMES E. HANDLEY & PATRICK J. CORISH - Great Britain England and Wales-Scotland
27055: SHETELIG HAAKON - Norges Forhistorie: Problemer Og Resultater I Norsk Arkaeologi
50998: HAAS, PETER J. - Human Rights and the World's Major Religions Vol 1-the Jewish Tradition
43802: HAASS, RICHARD N. - Intervention Use of American Military Force in the Post-Cold War World
55446: HABERMAS, JURGEN - The New Conservatism Cultural Criticism and the Historians' Debate
42864: HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, GEZA VON & A. VON SOLODKOFF & G. VON HAPSBURG - Faberge Court Jeweler to the Tsars
22044: FISCHER DAVID HACKETT - The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History
40144: HACKFORTH R (TRANSLATED BY) - Plato's Phaedo
54927: HACOHEN, RUTH - The Music Libel Against the Jews
51022: HACOHEN, DEVORA AND MENAHEM - One People the Story of the Eastern Jews
53841: HADDA, JANET - Isaac Bashevis Singer a Life
54653: HADDOUR, AZZEDINE - Colonial Myths History and Narrative
29275: HADFIELD J A - Dreams and Nightmares
22024: HADFIELD A M - Time to Finish the Game: The English and the Armada
41863: WALLACE-HADRILL D S - A Sword in the Parish
18973: HAESE RICHARD, BROWN MIKE AND NODRUM CHARLES - Power to the People: The Art of Mike Brown
42537: O'HAGAN, SHEILA - Troubled House
47552: HAGERTY, JAMES - Cardinal Hinsley Priest and Patriot
51047: HAHN, BEVERLEY - Chekhov a Study of the Major Stories and Plays
46782: HAIDER, ANTON GRABNER - Letters to a Young Priest from a Laicised Priest
40413: HAIGH, R.H. & DAVE MORRIS & ANTHONY PETERS - The Guardian Book of Munich
38332: HAINES, GREGORY - Destroyers at War
29065: HAINES R M - Calendar of the Register of Adam de Orleton Bishop of Worcester 1327 - 1333
45215: HAINING, PETER - The Dream Machines
37558: HALE, AMY & ALAN M. KENT & TIM SAUNDERS - Inside Merlin's Cave a Cornish Arthurian Reader 1000-2000
49013: HALE, ROBERT - Canterbury and Rome Sister Churches
51161: HALES E. E. Y. - Pio Nono a Study in European Politics and Religion in the Nineteenth Century
14934: COSIN B FLUDE M AND HALES M (EDITORS) - School Work and Equality
55239: HALES E. E. Y. - Revolution and Papacy 1769-1846
52147: HALES E. E. Y. - Pope John and His Revolution
55486: HALEVI-WISE, YAEL - Sephardism Spanish Jewish History and the Modern Literary Imagination
48140: HALEVY, MIRIAM - Evolution of Mediaeval Drama from the Life to Come to Recorded Time the English Old Testament Play Drama in Mediaeval Germany
50023: HALEVY, DANIEL - The End of the Notables
2031: HALEY K. H D - Charles II
10232: HALL J C - The Burning Hare
1805: CAINE HALL - The White Prophet
15690: HALL J C - The Summer Dance and Other Poems Part 1-1939-1943 Part 2-1947-1951
25021: HALL MR AND MRS S C - The Book of the Thames from Its Rise to Its Fall
37754: HALL, PENELOPE - Penelope Hall's Social Services of England and Wales Edited by Anthony Forder
24144: HALL MRS S C - Popular Tales of Irish Life and Character
36302: CAINE HALL - The Shadow of a Crime
41886: HALL A C A - Notes for Meditation Upon Collects for the Sundays and Holy Days Part 1-Advent to Trinity
27976: SOEHNER HALLDOR - Spanische Meister Band 1
38168: HALLER, LYNN - Page Design 121 Layout Designs That Push the Envelope , with the Stories on How the Designers Did It
46615: HALLETT, GARTH - Darkness and Light the Analysis of Doctrinal State
9723: SUTHERLAND HALLIDAY - Hebridean Journey
8148: HALLIDAY W J (EDITOR) - Milton's Minor Poems
52064: HALLIGAN, FREDRICA R. - The Art of Coping
46302: HALLIGAN, NICHOLAS - Sacraments of Initiation and Union Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist: Volume 1 - Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
51948: HALLMAN, DIANA R. - Opera, Liberalism, and Antisemitism in Nineteenth-Century France the Politics of Halévy's la Juive
42906: HALLOCK G B F - Ninety-Nine New Sermons for Children a Source-Book of Suggestion
43828: HALLOWS, IAN S. - Regiments and Corps of the British Army
54236: HALLS, W. D. - Politics, Society and Christianity in Vichy France
54967: HALPERIN, SAMUEL WILLIAM - Essays in Modern European Historiography
53347: HALPERN, BARUCH - David's Secret Demons Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King
30692: HALSEY A H , FLOUD J, ANDERSON C A - Education, Economy and Society a Reader in Th Sociology of Education
32139: HALSEY A H - Change in British Society
39873: HALSEY, A. H. (EDITOR) - Trends in British Society Since 1900 Guide to the Changing Social Structure of Britain
49994: HALTOF, MAREK - Polish National Cinema
39797: HAMBLETON F C - Famous Paddle Steamers
55483: GLUCKEL OF HAMELIN - The Life of Cluckel of Hamelin 1646-1724
42734: HAMER, RICHARD - A Choice of Anglo-Saxon Verse Parallel Text
48603: HAMER, EDNA - Elizabeth Prout, 1820-64 a Religious Life for Industrial England
52401: HAMEROW, THEODORE S. - Remembering a Vanished World a Jewish Childhood in Interwar Poland
38793: HAMILTON, GERALD - Way It Was with Me - the Definitive Autobiography of Isherwood's 'Mr Norris'
40470: HAMILTON-MERRITT, JANE - A Meditator's Diary a Western Woman's Experiences in Thailand Monasteries
3299: TURNER HAMILTON H - Architectural Practice and Procedure a Manual for Practitioners & Students
46081: HAMILTON, KEITH A. - Bertie of Thame Edwardian Ambassador
53407: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Brothers Mann the Lives of Heinrich and Thomas Mann, 1871-1950, 1875-1955
53837: FYFE HAMILTON - Poems in Praise of Cats a Cheerful Anthology of Poems Old and New Gathered Together
42817: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - Henrietta Maria
7847: KIRK HAMILTON - The Cat's Medical Dictionary
16955: FRASER W HAMISH - Trade Unions and Society (the Struggle for Acceptance 1850-1880)
7048: SWANSTON HAMISH F G - In Defence of Opera
9739: HUMES WALTER M AND PATERSON HAMISH M (EDITORS) - Scottish Culture and Scottish Education 1800-1980
30754: HAMLYN D W - Mind Vol 88 No 349 Jan 1979 a Quartly Review of Philosophy
3228: THOMAS H C AND HAMM W A - Civilization in Transition (1789-1870)
46142: HAMM, JEFFREY - Action Replay an Autobiography
53426: HAMM, MICHAEL F. - The City in Late Imperial Russia
50456: HAMMER, REUVEN - The Jerusalem Anthology
22286: HAMMERTON J A - Other Things Than War Musings and Memories
25738: INNES HAMMOND - Levkas Man
49311: HAMMOND J L - Gladstone and the Irish Nation
46811: HAMMOND, DICK - Tales from Hidden Basin
53935: HAMON, HERVÉ & PATRICK ROTMAN - Génération Tome 1, Les Années de Ręve
31109: JACKSON J HAMPDEN - Marx, Proudhon and European Socialism
55548: HAMPSON, NORMAN - The Perfidy of Albion French Perceptions of England During the French Revolution
22577: SIDES HAMPTON - Ghost Soldiers (Ghosts of Bataan) the Astonishing Story of One of Wartimes Greatest Escapes
39197: HAMST, O. - Handbook of Fictitious Names
39434: HANBURY-TENISON, ROBIN - A Question of Survival for the Indians of Brazil
22725: HANCOCK H E - Semper Fidelis : The Saga of the "Navvies"1924 to 1948
53349: HANCOCK W. K. - Four Studies of War and Peace in This Century the Wiles Lectures 1960-1
34701: PRINGLE ML KELLMER DAVIE R HANCOCK L E - Directory of Voluntary Organisations Concerned with Children
40019: HANCOX, JOY - The Queen's Chameleon Life of John Byrom - a Study in Conflicting Loyalties
50990: HANDLER, ANDREW - An Early Blueprint for Zionism Gyozo Istoczy's Political Anti-Semitism
53354: HANDLIN, OSCAR - The Uprooted the Epic Story of the Great Migrations That Made the American People
38210: HANDY, AMY - The Golden Age of Sail
40778: HANGAR, GEORGE - Reflections on the Menaced Invasion
22050: HANLEY D L, KERR A P AND WAITES N H - Contemporary France: Politics and Society Since 1945
45005: HANNAH, SOPHIE - The Hero and the Girl Next Door
52704: SENESH HANNAH - Her Life and Diaries
45006: HANNAH, SOPHIE - Hotels Like Houses
26475: MULLER HANNELORE - European Silver the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
27204: MULLER HANNELORE - European Silver the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
26770: HANNEMA DR D - Catalogue of the D.G. Van Beuningen Collection
46341: LILJE HANNS - Martin Luther 1483/1983
36604: BAGROW LEO & WERTHEIM HANS (EDITORS) - Imago Mundi (Vols 1-3) Yearbok of Old Cathography
55087: WEBER EUGEN & ROGGER HANS - The European Right a Historical Profile
41030: NAEF HANS - Schweizer Kunstler in Bildnissen Von J-a-D Ingres
32871: FINK HANS - Social Philosophy
31222: KIESSLING KERSTIN LINDAHL AND LANDSBURG HANS (EDITORS) - Population Economic Development and the Environment the Making of Our Common Future
27198: HUTH HANS - Abraham Und David Roentgen Und Ihre Neuwieder Mobelwerkstatt
25419: LEICHT HANS - Dschingis Khan Vom Chinesischen Meer an Die Pforten Europas Dokumente Und Zeitgenossiche Aufzeichnungen
22511: HASS HANS - To Unplumbed Depths
26705: HUTH HANS - Nature and the American: Three Centuries of Changing Attitudes
55632: ZINSSER HANS - Rats, Lice and History
53784: ROTHFELS HANS - The German Opposition to Hitler an Assessment
11927: BAERWARD HANS H - Party Politics in Japan
27531: HUTH HANS - Roentgen Furniture, Abraham and David Roentgen European Cabinet Makers
26563: HUTH HANS - Roentgen Furniture, Abraham and David Roentgen: European Cabinet Makers
46829: KUNG HANS - The Council and Reunion
27470: MUTZEL HANS - Vom Lendenschurz Zur Modetracht Aus Der Geschichte Des Kostums
27441: MACKOWSKY HANS - Michelagniolo
34332: ANDERSEN HANS - Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales
50543: KOHN HANS - The Mind of Germany the Education of a Nation
46602: KUNG HANS - Living Church Reflections on the Second Vatican Council
38220: HANSEN, CHADWICK - Witchcraft at Salem
19039: ADAMS CHARLES HANSFORD - Guardian of the Law Authority and Identity in James Fenimore Cooper
2184: JOHNSON PAMELA HANSFORD - Thomas Wolfe a Critical Study
21909: HANSON A H - Parliament and Public Ownership
14230: HANSON A H - Planning and the Politicians and Other Essays
50752: HANSON, ERIC O. - The Catholic Church in World Politics
2253: HANSON R P C - Saint Patrick His Origins and Career
41969: HANSON, PETER - The Joy of Stress
6815: HANSON C O - Forestry for Woodmen
40861: HANSSEN, MAURICE - The Healing Power of Pollen with Propolis and Royal Jelly -Honey
54229: GLATZER HANUM N - The Dynamics of Emancipation the Jew in the Modern Age
1444: SEILER HARALD - Kurt Schwippert
5643: PENROSE HARALD - An Ancient Air
16465: HARBINSON W A - The Light of Eden
52031: HARBINSON, JOHN F. - Ulster Unionist Party, 1882-1973 Its Development and Organization
54122: HARBISON, PETER & HOMAN POTTERTON& SHEEHY JEANNE - Irish Art and Architecture from Prehistory to the Present
46169: HARBUTT, FRASER J. - Yalta 1945 Europe and America at the Crossroads
23571: DAWSON WILLIAM HARBUTT - Richard Cobden and Foreign Policy: A Critical Exposition, with Special Reference to Our Day and Its Problems
48444: ED. BY HARCOURT, MELVILLE - Thirteen for Christ
40897: HARDEN, EDGAR F. - Emergence of Thackeray's Serial Fiction
46177: HARDIE, FRANK - Political Influence of the British Monarchy, 1868-1952
34585: CRAIG HARDIN - The Literature of the English Renaissance 1485-1660
42367: HARDING, BILL - Films of Michael Winner
54866: HARDING, JAMES - The Astonishing Adventure of General Boulanger
14215: HARDING H A - Introduction to Foremanship
39611: HARDING, E.J. & STEPHEN CONSTANTINE - Dominions Diary the Letters of E.J. Harding, 1913-16
49232: HARDMAN, JOHN - Louis XVI
55668: HARDUF, DAVID MENDEL - Transliterated English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary
10444: GARTHORNE-HARDY G M - A Short History of International Affairs 1920-1934
40573: HARDY, DAVID & LARRY - What a Mistake!
44912: HARDY, THOMAS & C. H. SISSON - Jude the Obscure
40132: HARDY, ALAN - Queen Victoria Was Amused
36650: HARDY, THOMAS - Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy (Wordsworth Poetry) (Wordsworth Poetry Library) with an Introduction and Bibliography
36904: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure
39433: HARDY, WILLIAM - Encyclopedia of Decorative Styles 1850-1935
31335: HARE R M - Freedom and Reason
30731: HARE R M - Plato
31698: HARE R M - The Language of Morals
50286: HAREVEN, SHULAMITH - Vocabulary of Peace Life, Culture and Politics in the Middle East
51415: THE EARL OF HAREWOOD - Kobbe's Complete Opera Book
42761: HAREWOOD, GEORGE HENRY HUBERT LASCELLES - The Tongs and the Bones. The Memoirs of Lord Harewood
47013: HARGREAVES , JOHN - A Guide to Philippians Ispck Study Guide 18
30612: HARGREAVES F J - The Size of the Universe
33661: HARGREAVES J. F. - The Size of the Universe
48892: HARING, BERNARD - The Eucharist and Our Everyday Life
52053: HARING, BERNARD - The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Redemption of the World
47104: BERNHARD HARING - The New Covenant
46937: HARING, BERNARD - The Beatitudes Their Personal and Social Implications
47981: HARING, BERNARD & GABRIELLE L. JEAN - Medical Ethics
47235: HARING, BERNARD - Song of the Servant
46536: HARING, BERNARD - Free and Faithful in Christ Moral Theology for Priests and Laymen V. 1
10191: CLEVELAND HARLAN (EDITOR) - The Promise of World Tensions
32325: SEVERNE HARLEIGH - Chums a Tale for Youngsters
4076: GRANVILLE-BAKER HARLEY (EDITOR) - The Eighteen -Seventies Essays by Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature
15067: GRANVILLE-BAKER HARLEY - The Use of the Drama
14060: PRESTON HARLEY (SELECTOR AND CATALOGER) - London and the Thames : Paintings of Three Centuries
8389: GRANVILLE-BARKER HARLEY - Prefaces to Shakespeare
45027: HARLOW R E - King David Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel
55442: HARNACK, ADOLF VON - What Is Christianity
16817: LOVE HAROLD (INTRODUCED AND EDITED BY) - The Penguin Book of Restoration Verse
45264: NICOLSON HAROLD - Tennyson Aspects of His Life , Character & Poetry
10141: PINTER HAROLD - Landscape and Silence
11146: HOBSON HAROLD - Indirect Journey
15910: GOAD HAROLD - Language in History
32311: AVERY HAROLD - The Orderly Officer
32344: PRIESTLY HAROLD - London the Years of Change
32120: LASKI HAROLD J - An Introduction to Politics
32127: RYDER JUDITH AND SILVER HAROLD - Modern English Society
32133: PERKIN HAROLD - The Origins of Modern English Society 1780-1880
31479: OSBORNE HAROLD (EDITOR) - Aesthetics
20118: WILSON HAROLD - The Governance of Britain
14729: HOBSON HAROLD - Verdict at Midnight : Sixty Years of Dramatic Criticism
27342: JOACHIM HAROLD (CATALOGUED BY) - The Helen Regenstein Collection of European Drawings
22041: MANSFIELD HAROLD - The Challenge the Story Behind America's Forts and Jets
22046: HARTLEY SIR HAROLD - Humphry Davy
41981: WILLIAMSON HAROLD - Plato's Apology of Socrates
14342: BROWN HAROLD - Most Splendid of Men: Life in a Mining Comminity 1917-25
14420: BLOOM HAROLD (EDITOR) - Paul Valery
11986: BLAKEMORE HAROLD (EDITOR) - Latin America : Essays in Continuity and Change
10969: HELFRICH HAROLD W (EDITOR) - Agenda for Survival Enviromental Crisis-2
32451: BROWN HAROLD I - Perception Theory and Commitment the New Philosophy of Science
39828: KURTZ HAROLD - The Empress Eugenie a Biography
5986: NICOLSON HAROLD - The Age of Reason (1700 to 1789)
46053: COVILLE ALFRED & TEMPERLEY HAROLD - Studies in Anglo-French History During 18th,19th, & 20th Centuries
53631: LASSWELL HAROLD D - Propaganda Technique in World War I
36227: BASTIN HAROLD - British Insects and How to Know Them
41603: ANSON HAROLD - I Believe in God
23565: ROSE HAROLD - Your Guide to Ireland
30188: OXBURY HAROLD - Great Britons Twentieth-Century Lives
21937: BEAVER HAROLD - The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe
30631: SILVER HAROLD (EDITOR) - Equal Opportunity in Education
30653: LASKI HAROLD J - Where Do We Go from Here an Essay on Interpretation
30654: LASKI HAROLD J - Liberty in the Modern State
32947: SCHULTZ HAROLD J - English Liberalism and the State
33655: LASKI J. HAROLD - Liberty in the Modern State
35398: BASTIN HAROLD - Freaks and Marvels of Insect Life
35486: MACMILLAN HAROLD - The Blast of War 1939-45
5555: PRIESTLY HAROLD E - The English Home
6039: EVANS HAROLD - Good Times Bad Times
6979: MATTINGLY HAROLD - Roman Imperial Civilisation
7069: BRUNVAND JAN HAROLD - The Study of American Folklore: An Introduction
9468: LASKI HAROLD J - The American Democracy
39425: WILSON JOHN HAROLD - Mr Goodman the Player
47239: RAHM HAROLD J. - Am I Not Here Mother of the Americas. Our Lady of Guadalupe
37291: HARPER, J.RUSSELL - Krieghoff
55116: HARPER-SCOTT, J.P.E. - Elgar an Extraordinary Life
32874: HARRE R - The Philosophies of Science an Introductory Survey
31561: HARRE R - An Introduction to the Logic of the Sciences
39093: MARTINEAU HARRIET - A History of the Thirty Year's Peace 1816-1846 Volume 4
12253: BLODGETT HARRIET - Centuries of Female Days: Englishwomen's Private Diaries
48638: HARRINGTON, WILFRID J. - New Testament Message a Biblical-Theological Commentary: Mark
47023: HARRINGTON, WILFRID J. - New Testament Message a Biblical-Theological Commentary 4: Mark
46954: HARRINGTON, WILFRID J. - Key to the Bible (Vol 3)
39212: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL - The Next Left the History of a Future
46847: HARRINGTON SJ, DANIEL J. - Interpreting the New Testament New Testament Message 1
55316: HARRINGTON, DONAL - Prayer Reflections for Group Meetings a Parish and Ministry Resource
55163: HARRINGTON, JOHN P - Modern Irish Drama
46321: HARRIOTT, JOHN - The Empire of the Heart
2920: HARRIS J. R - Egyptian Art
17202: HARRIS R I D - The Growth and Structure of the Uk Regional Economy 1963-85
44072: HARRIS, RONALD GEORGE - Fifty Years of Yeomanry Uniforms (Volume1)
55211: HARRIS, ROSEMARY - Prejudice and Tolerance in Ulster a Study of Neighbours and "Strangers" in a Border Community
43723: HARRIS, C. C. (EDITOR) - Family, Economy and Community
52115: HARRIS, MARIA - Dance of the Spirit Seven Steps of Women's Spirituality
16865: HARRIS R W - Romanticism and the Social Order 1780-1830
17839: HARRIS R W - Absolutism and Enlightenment 1660-1789
20612: HARRIS R W - England in the Eighteenth Century 1689-1793
37688: HARRIS, LOUIS - Inside America Who We Are, What We Think, Where We'Re Headed
51007: HARRIS, JM - The Pride of Jacob Essays on Jacob Katz and His Work
48936: HARRIS, PAUL & DAVID REIFF - Cry Bosnia
41574: HARRIS, THOMAS A. - I'm Ok, You'Re Ok
51099: HARRIS, MARY - Catholic Church and the Foundation of the Northern Irish State
37739: HARRIS, DR NEVILLE - Law & Education Regulation, Consumerism and the Education System
51278: HARRIS, LIS - Holy Days the World of a Hasidic Family
45641: HARRISON, TED - Members Only? Is the Church Becoming Too Exclusive?
53775: HARRISON, BERNARD - The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism Jews, Israel, and Liberal Opinion (Philosophy and the Global Context (Paperback))
10109: SALISBURY HARRISON E - The Great Black Dragon Fire: A Chinese Inferno
45590: HARRISON, TED - Commissioner Catherine Catherine Bramwell-Booth
54792: HARRISON, R.K. - Biblical Hebrew
12145: SALISBURY HARRISON E - The Many Americas Shall Be One
42760: HARRISON H G - A Select Bibliography of English Genealogy with Brief Lists for Wales, Scotland & Ireland
54766: HARRISON, K DAVID - When Languages Die the Extinction of the World's Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge
41041: HARRISON, GAVIN - In the Lap of the Buddha
29333: HARRISON J F C - Early Victorian Britain 1832-51
34843: HARRISON G B - Introducing Shakespeare
37389: HARRISON, HAZEL & DANIELS ALFRED - The Complete Artist [Watercolors, Oils and Acrylics]
8076: HARRISON G B - An Elizabethan Journal (1591-1595)
9941: SALISBURY HARRISON E - Disturber of the Peace Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent
39448: HARRISON, PAUL - Inside the Third World an Anatomy of Poverty
38467: HARRISON PROF R K - The Dead Sea Scrolls
38720: COLLINGWOOD HARRY - A Middy of the Slave Squadron a West African Story
48281: BLACKBURNE HARRY W - The Romance of St George's Chapel Windsor Castle New Edition , with Additional Chapters by M F Bond
16810: LEVIN HARRY (EDITOR) - The Essential James Joyce
29947: LEVIN HARRY - James Joyce
29929: LEVIN HARRY (EDITOR) - The Essential James Joyce
2961: WITHERS HARRY C (EDITOR) - Texas Almanac 1956-1957 the Encyclopedia of Texas
25113: SEYMOUR JOHN AND NELIGAN HARRY - True Irish Ghost Stories
22472: BLACKBURNE HARRY W - The Romance of St. George's Chapel Windsor Castle
24492: LEVIN HARRY - James Joyce
10076: COGHILL MRS HARRY (EDITOR) - Autobiography and Letters of Mrs Margaret Oliphant
15692: HARRISON HARRY - Galactic Dreams
14553: HARRISON HARRY - One Step from Earth
14548: RITCHIE HARRY - Success Stories : Literature and the Media in England 1950-1959
20933: LAUDER SIR HARRY - Roamin' in the Gloamin'
17869: BROWNE HARRY - The Rise of the British Trade Unions 1825-1914
470: LEVIN HARRY (EDITOR) - The Essential James Joyce
16184: HARRISON HARRY - The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World
30329: HOPKINS HARRY - The Long Affray the Poaching Wars in Britain 1760-1914
12464: HARRISON HARRY - Galactic Dreams
11295: POTTER HARRY - Hanging in Judgment Religion and the Death Penalty in England from the Bloody Code to Abolition
10302: GOLOMBEK HARRY - The Game of Chess
30172: SEYMOUR ST J D AND NELIGAN HARRY L - True Irish Ghost Stories
37975: BOBER HARRY - Proportion in Art How to Appriciate Art
471: LEVIN HARRY - James Joyce: A Critical Introduction
3030: LEVIN HARRY (EDITOR) - The Essential James Joyce
33315: EDGINGTON HARRY - Nelson the Hero and the Lover
35704: ROBERTS HARRY - Poultry Book a Guide for Small or Big Poultry Keepers Beginners and Farmers
4234: SEYMOUR JOHN AND NELIGAN HARRY - True Irish Ghost Stories
4578: LEVIN HARRY - James Joyce: A Critical Introduction
8127: DIAMOND HARRY - Can You Get My Name in the Papers
9195: BROWN HARRY - Poems by Harry Brown
9870: RITCHIE HARRY - Success Stories Literature and the Media in England,1950-1959
49203: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT - Beggar in Purple Selections from the Commonplace Book of Rupert Hart-Davis
14638: TINDAL HART A (REV) - The Country Priest in English History
40169: HART-DAVIS, DUFF - The House the Berrys Built Inside the Telegraph 1928-1968
48382: HART, EDWIN F. S. A - The Pilgrims' Way from Shere to Titsey As Traced by Public Records and Remains
42333: HART, JULIAN TUDOR - A New Kind of Doctor
39090: HARTING, E. - British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times with Some Account of Wild White Cattle
28817: WITHERS HARTLEY - Money
12051: EDWARDS E HARTLEY - Saddlery : Modern Equipment for Horse and Stable
34222: ANTHONY HARTLEY (EDITOR) - The Penguin Book of French Verse (the Nineteenth Century)
3756: HARTLEY L P - The Go-between
5429: WITHERS HARTLEY - Poverty and Waste
52407: HARTMAN, G - Bitburg in Moral and Political Perspective
53508: HARTNETT, MICHAEL - The Killing of Dreams
51755: HARTNETT, MICHAEL - Poems to Younger Women
51324: HARTNETT, MICHAEL - Translations a Selection
45522: HARTNOLL, PHYLLIS - The Theatre a Concise History
31647: BRACE LEMON HARVEY - From Galileo to the Nuclear Age an Introduction to Physics
37748: HARVEY, ADRIAN (EDITOR) - Transforming Britain Labour's Second Term
13713: RIVERS JAMES AND HARVEY E R (EDITORS) - Macdonald Medley
50419: HARVEY, JOHN - The Art of Piety Visual Culture of Welsh Nonconformity
43321: HARVEY, ROBERT - The War of Wars the Epic Struggle between Britain and France 1793-1815
39996: HARVEY, ROBERT - Fire Down Below a Journey of Exploration from Mexico to Chile
54327: HARVIE, CHRISTOPHER - Scotland and Nationalism Scottish Society and Politics 1707 to the Present: Scottish Society and Politics, 1707-2000
53292: HASAN, SONIA & SANA HASSAN & S. S. HASAN - Christians Versus Muslims in Modern Egypt the Century-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality
50404: HASEK, JAROSLAV & ALAN MENHENNET - The Bachura Scandal and Other Stories and Sketches
43436: HASKEW, MIKE - Elite Forces of the Second World War an Encyclopedia
53376: HASKINS, SUSAN - Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor
45179: HASLER, CHARLES - Royal Arms Its Graphic and Decorative Development
42835: HASLER, CHARLES - Royal Arms Its Graphic and Decorative Development
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40047: HASLIP, JOAN - Imperial Adventurer Emperor Maximilian of Mexico
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54386: HASSAN, GERRY - Caledonian Dreaming the Quest for a Different Scotland
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51722: DONNAN HASTING - Interpreting Islam
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46998: HASTINGS , ADRIAN - Prophet and Witness in Jerusalem a Study of the Teachings of Saint Luke
46818: ADRIAN HASTINGS - The Church and the Nations
46447: HASTINGS, SELINA - The Red Earl the Extraordinary Life of the 16th Earl of Huntingdon
36954: HASTINGS, SIR MAX - The Korean War
36955: HASTINGS, SIR MAX & SIMON JENKINS - The Battle for the Falklands
48749: HASTINGS, SIR MAX - Armageddon the Battle for Germany 1944-45
51863: HASTRUP, KIRSTEN - Other Histories
54374: BETH HATEFUTSOTH - World of Yesterday Jews in Englnd 1870-1920
45612: HATHORNE, CAROL - Christian Dance for Those Who Can't... But Are Willing to Give It a Try
36935: HATTERSLEY, ROY - A Yorkshire Boyhood
36894: HATTON, DEREK - Inside Left
49210: HAUKE, MANFRED - Women in the Priesthood? a Systematic Analysis in the Light of the Order of Creation and Redemption
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54479: HAWES, JAMES - Englanders and Huns the Culture-Clash Which Led to the First World War
42862: HAWKES, JOHN - Travesty
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45909: HAYNES, ALAN - The Gunpowder Plot
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47851: HAYTER, TERESA - Hayter of the Bourgeoisie
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51515: HAYWARD, MAX & PATRICIA BLAKE - Writers in Russia, 1917-78
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54750: HECHT, JENNIFER - The End of the Soul Scientific Modernity, Atheism, and Anthropology in France
37968: HECKSCHER W S - What Are Pictures Made of Materials and Techniques
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54458: HEELAS, HEELAS - Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity
52798: HEER, FRIEDRICH - Europe, Mother of Revolutions
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4790: HENN T R - The Lonely Tower
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54843: HERBERT, JAMES D. - Paris 1937 Worlds on Exhibition
38843: PAUL HERBERT - Queen Anne
52397: TINT HERBERT - The Decline of French Patriotism 1870-1940
2845: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT - Memories of the Months
41567: STRANG HERBERT - Round the World in Seven Days
23829: DAVIS HERBERT (EDITED BY) - Swift Poetical Works
46137: BELL HERBERT C - Lord Palmerston (2 Volumes)
22708: HERBERT A P - Siren Song
55765: HUNT HERBERT J. - Honore de Balzac a Biography
30395: CARSON HERBERT M - The Epistles of Paul to the Colossians and Philemon an Introduction and Commentary
33243: HERBERT A P - The Wherefore and the Why Some New Rhymes for Old Children
33708: READ HERBERT - The Meaning of Art
34343: READ HERBERT - The Meaning of Art
34487: GINSBURG HERBERT - The Myth of the Deprived Child Poor Children's Intellect and Education
34841: SPENCER HERBERT - Essays on Education
37532: MORRISON HERBERT - Government and Parliament a Survey from the Inside
763: GOLDSTONE HERBERT - In Search of a Community the Achievement of Sean o'Casey
8188: READ HERBERT - A Concise History of Modern Sculpture
8362: MARSHALL HERBERT (SELECTOR) - Soviet One-Act Plays
9797: GOLDHAMER HERBERT - The Soviet Soldier Soviet Military Management at the Troop Level
47644: HENSLEY HENSON HERBERT - Bishoprick Papers
47613: VAUGHAN HERBERT M - The Last of the Royal Stuarts Henry Stuart Cardinal Duke of York
17529: BRENNAN HERBIE - The Atlantis Enigma
54553: HERCZL, MOSHE Y. - Christianity and the Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry
28815: HERFORD C H - English Literature
13294: HERKLOTS H G G - Publicans and Sinners: A Study of the Ministry of Jesus
53497: HERLIHY, JIM - The Royal Irish Constabulary a Short History and Genealogical Guide with a Select List of Medal Awards and Casualities
51838: HERMAN, JOSEF - Notes from a Welsh Diary
16824: MELVILLE HERMAN - Pierre (or, the Ambiguities)
41820: LONDSDALE HERMAN L - Trinity to Advent (Vol 2)
19215: WOUK HERMAN - Marjorie Morningstar
27174: MELVILLE HERMAN - Typee Introduction by Robert Gibbings
13668: MERVILLE HERMAN - White Jacket or the World in a Man-of-War
38061: MILLER HERMAN P - Rich Man, Poor Man Illustrations by Bill Gorman
33859: WOUK HERMAN - The Winds of War
51494: SCHWAB HERMANN - Jewish Rural Communities in Germany
41813: LILIENTHAL REV HERMANN - Some Actors in Our Lord's Passion Sermons for Lent and Easter
32084: STRASSER HERMANN - The Normative Structure of Sociology
21099: MEYER HERMANN H B - Library of Congress Select List of References on the Conservation of Natural Resources in the United States
36236: UHDE-BERNAYS HERMANN - Nuremberg
50522: SCHREIBER HERMANN - Teuton and Slav the Struggle for Central Europe
51501: RAUSCHNING HERMANN - Germany's Revolution of Destruction Translated by E W Dickes
50887: HERMANS, THEO - Babel Guide to Dutch & Flemish Fiction Fiction in Translation
35157: LEE HERMIONE - Willa Cather a Life Saved Up
48632: HERNADI, GYULA - Andras Szebeni Things Seen... Pecs
20327: SHEPPARD HAROLD L AND NEAL HERRICK - Where Have All the Robots Gone: Worker Dissatifaction in the '70's
42374: HERRIOT, JAMES & LARRY - The Lord God Made Them All
16766: PRINS HERSCHEL - Criminal Behaviour an Introduction to Criminology and the Penal System
53420: HERTEL, CHRISTIANE - Vermeer Reception and Interpretation
50590: HERTZBERG, DR ARTHUR - A Jew in America My Life and a People's Struggle for Identity
55146: HERZL, THEODOR - The Jewish State
52097: HERZOG, DAGMAR - Intimacy and Exclusion Religious Politics in Pre-Revolutionary Baden
40358: HERZSTEIN, ROBERT EDWIN - Waldheim the Missing Years
32327: STRETTON HESBA - The Wonderful Life of Christ
34981: STRETTON HESBA - The Crew of the Dolphin
32398: STRETTON HESBA - Lost Gip
51941: HESCHEL, ABRAHAM JOSHUA & J. NEUGROSCHEL - Maimonides a Biography
37381: HESIOD, - Hesiod and Theognis Translated by Dorothea Wender
10044: PEARSON HESKETH - Dizzy
13683: PEARSON HESKETH - The Life of Oscar Wilde
47715: PEARSON HESKETH - The Smith of Smiths Being the Life, Wit and Humour of Sydney Smith
20019: PEARSON HESKETH - Charles II His Life and Likeness
24457: PEARSON HESKETH - Conan Doyle
13937: PEARSON HESKETH - Gilbert and Sullivan
13316: PEARSON HESKETH - The Man Whistler
22850: PEARSON HESKETH (INTRODUCED BY) - Oscar Wilde's Plays, Prose Writings and Poems
33413: PEARSON HESKETH - Conan Doyle His Life and Art
34342: PEARSON HESKETH - Gilbert and Sullivan
351: PEARSON HESKETH - G B S: A Postscript
35251: PEARSON HESKETH - Dickens His Character, Comedy, and Career
6118: PEARSON HESKETH - Dickens His Character,Comedy and Career
39407: PEARSON HESKETH - The Man Whistler
53733: HESS, HANS - George Grosz
50517: HESS, MOSES & MEYER WAXMAN - The Revival of Israel Rome and Jerusalem, the Last Nationalist Question
55738: HESS, JONATHAN - Germans, Jews and the Claims of Modernity
33254: HESSAYON DR D G - The Lawn Expert
20024: TILTMAN H HESSELL - James Ramsay Macdonald Labour's Man of Destiny
51452: HESSING, J.: - Judischer Almanach 1994
45643: HESSION, ROY & LYNN GREEN & GEORGE VERWER - The Calvary Road Exploring Christianity
39112: CHAPMAN HESTER W - The Tragedy of Charles II in the Years 1630-1660
42878: CHAPMAN HESTER W - Lady Jane Grey October 1537-Febuary 1554
39294: HEWARD, EDMUND - Matthew Hale
47268: HEWARD, EDMUND - Matthew Hale
17931: HEWETT ED A - Reforming the Soviet Economy (Equality Versus Efficiency)
39288: HEWISON, ROBERT - Footlights! Hundred Years of Cambridge Comedy
40608: JOHNSON HEWLETT (THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY) - The Socialist Sixth of the World
55036: HEYER, F. & D.W.D. SHAW - The Catholic Church from 1648 to 1870
39345: HEYMANN, C. DAVID - Ezra Pound the Last Rover a Political Profile
16861: GOULD HEYWOOD - Headaches and Health
42773: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III a Personal History
37123: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III a Personal History
39812: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Court of St. James's
48551: HICKEY, MARY L. - Arise and Call Her Blessed Seven Words and Seven Scenes from the Life of Mary
55757: HICKEY, KIERAN - The Light of Other Days Irish Life at the Turn of the Century in the Photographs of Robert French
46819: HICKEY, WILLIAM & PETER QUENNELL - Memoirs of William Hickey
42715: HICKIN, NORMAN ERNEST - Irish Nature
3556: BEACH MRS HICKS - A Cardinal of the Medici Being the Memoirs of the Nameless Mother of the Cardinal Ippolito de Medici
45627: HICKSON, RACHEL - Supernatural Communication
52165: HIDDEN, JOHN & JOHN EDGAR FARQUHARSON - Explaining Hitler's Germany Historians and the Third Reich
52777: HIDEN, JOHN - Germany and Europe 1919-1939
53783: HIDEN, JOHN - Republican and Fascist Germany Themes and Variations in the History of Weimar and the Third Reich, 1918-1945
36483: HIDEN J W - The Weimar Republic
52587: HIDEN, JOHN & PATRICK SALMON - The Baltic Nations and Europe Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the Twentieth Century
50680: HIGGINS, IAN - Anthology of Second World War French Poetry
23515: HIGGINS F R - The Dark Breed a Book of Poems
40879: HIGGINS, JOHN - Making of an Opera "Don Giovanni" at Glyndebourne
55727: HIGHAM JOHN, KRIEGER LEONARD AND GILBERT FELIX - History the Princeton Studies
47371: BELLOC HILAIRE - Elizabethan Commentary
45083: PAGE HILARY (EDITOR) - Toys You Can Make Yourself
32783: GRAHAM HILARY - Women Health and the Family
21679: EAGLE DOROTHY AND CARNELL HILARY (EDITED BY) - The Oxford Literary Guide to the British Isles
31757: STANILAND HILARY - Universals
35473: BINDING HILARY - Discovering Dunster a History & Guide
4787: ROBINSON HILARY - Somerville and Ross (a Critical Appreciation)
9961: SPURLING HILARY - Secrets of a Woman's Heart the Later Life of I. Compton-Burnett 1920-1969
18026: HIDALGO HILDA - Lesbians of Colour : Social and Human Services
12268: SCOTT HILDA - Women and Socialism: Experiences from Eastern Europe
39866: GRZIMEK HILDEGARD - In Meinem Herzen Haben Viele Tiere Platz
39304: KNEF HILDEGARD - Das Urteil ; Oder, Der Gegenmensch
45638: HILL, STEPHEN - White Cane Religion
10254: MILLER HELEN HILL - The Case for Liberty
55463: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - The English Bible and the Seventeenth-Century Revolution Uses of the Bible in 17th-Century England
51889: HILL, C. - History Workshop a Journal of Socialist and Feminist Historians : Issue 33-Spring 1992
46760: HILL, DAVID - Gospel of St. Matthew
37738: HILL, M. J. & R. M. HARRISON & A. V. SARGEANT & V. TALBOT - Men out of Work a Study of Unemployment in Three English Towns
30028: HILL C W - Edwardian Scotland
37694: HILL, MICHAEL - State, Administration and the Individual
33956: HILL A L - Elementry Stories for Reproduction
45653: HILL, CLIFFORD - A Prophetic People
35969: HILL C W - Discovering British Postage Stamps
4895: MILLER HELEN HILL - Greek Horizons
54812: HILL, PAUL - The Age of Athelstan Britain's Forgotten History
39341: HILLARY, EDMUND - From the Ocean to the Sky
54508: HILLESUM, ETTY & A.J. POMERANS - Letters from Westerbork
54538: HILLESUM, ETTY & A.J. POMERANS - Letters from Westerbork
49824: ATTERIDGE HILLIARD - The German Army in War
50420: HILLING, JOHN B. - The Historic Architecture of Wales an Introduction
31598: KAISER C HILLIS - An Essay on Method
52493: HILLMAN, JORDAN JAY - The Torah and Its God a Humanist Inquiry
43791: HILLMAN, J. A. - Alexander Ideals of Links
47682: HILLS, NICHOLAS - English Fireplace Its Architecture and the Working Fire
43612: HILTON, LISA - Mistress Peachum's Pleasure a Biography of Lavinia, Duchess of Bolton
38864: JONES GEORGE HILTON - Charles Middleton the Life and Times of a Restoration Politician
46746: HILTON, WALTER & ILLTYD TRETHOWAN - Scale of Perfection
39018: BROWN HILTON - Rudyard Kipling a New Appreciation
32381: HILTON R H - The Decline of Serfdom in Medieval England
55340: HILTON, DONALD - A Word in Season
53809: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - The People of the Book Philosemitism in England, from Cromwell to Churchill
41059: HINDE, THOMAS - Hinde's Courtiers 900 Years of English Court Life
47319: HINDLEY, GEOFFREY - England in the Age of Caxton
45007: HINDUS, MILTON - The Broken Music Box
55617: HINGLEY, RONALD - Russian Writers and Society in the Nineteenth Century
53840: HINGLEY, RONALD - Russian Writers and Soviet Society, 1917-78
54790: HINGLEY, RONALD - A Life of Anton Chekhov
54465: HINGLEY, RONALD - Pasternak a Biography
46648: HINNEBUSCH, PAUL - Dynamic Contemplation Inner Life for Modern Man
46274: HINNEBUSCH, PAUL - Friendship in the Lord
52699: HINNELLS , JOHN R - The New Penguin Handbook of Living Religions
8998: HINSLEY F H (EDITOR) - Material Progress and World-Wide Problems 1870-1898 (Volume 11)
40661: HIRO, DILIP - Black British, White British
40161: HIRSCH, FRED - Social Limits to Growth
52943: HIRSCH, AMMIEL & YOSEF REINMAN - One People, Two Worlds
49863: RABBI W. HIRSCH - Rabbing Psychology
30538: MCDANIEL AND HISE R - Cases in Marketing Strategy
52275: THE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY HISTORY - The Journal of Contemporary History (Vol 2 No 3 Nov 1967) Education and Structure
11423: HARBURY C D AND HITCHINS D M - Inheritance and Wealth Inequality in Britain
45078: HITT, RUSSELL T. - Jungle Pilot Life & Witness of Nate Saint
10876: STAGNER ROSS AND ROSEN HJALMAR - Psychology of Union-Management Relations
43190: HOBART, FRANK WILLIAM ARCHER - Pictorial History of the Sub-Machine Gun
43989: HOBHOUSE, HERMIONE - A History of Regent Street
29500: HOBSBAWM E J - Bandits
27909: HOBSBAWM E J - Industry and Empire (from 1750 to Present Day)
50691: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - Fractured Times Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century
36965: HOBSBAWM, E.J. - Bandits
43630: HOCHSCHILD, ADAM - Bury the Chains the British Struggle to Abolish Slavery
38783: HOCKADAY, MARY - Kafka, Love and Courage Life of Milena Jesenska
4712: HOCKEY S F (EDITOR) - The Account -Book of Beaulieu Abbey Edited for the Royal Historical Society (Text in Latin)
46712: HOCKLEY, JO/CLARK DAVID - Palliative Care for Older People in Care Homes
2841: FARRAR-HOCKLEY. A H - The Somme Pan Grand Strategy
53594: HODGES, RICHARD - The Anglo-Saxon Achievement
42967: HODGES, WILFRED - Logic
25625: HODGKINS J R - Over the Hills to Glory: Radicalism in Banburyshire 1832-1945
39174: HODGKINSON, RICHARD & FLORENCE WOOD & KENNETH WOOD - A Lancashire Gentleman Letters and Journals of Richard Hodgkinson, 1763-1847
14417: HODGKINSON W P - An Eloquent Silence
35592: RAW C PAGE B HODGSON G - Do You Want to Be Rich ? Bernard Cornfeld and Ios: An International Swindle
55550: HODIN, J. P. - Edvard Munch
24770: VAN HOEK - People and Places
54693: HOERDER, DIRK & LESLIE PAGE MOCH - European Migrants Global and Local Perspectives
47751: VAN T HOFF B - The Correspondence 1701-1711of John Churchill First Duke of Marlborough and Anthonie Heinsius Grand Pensionary of Holland
17587: HOFFER L - Chess : Revised and Brought Up to Date by J Du Mont
54083: HOFFMAN, EVA - After Such Knowledge a Meditation on the Aftermath of the Holocaust
50967: HOFFMAN, EVA - Time
50625: HOFFMAN, RABBI LAWRENCE A. - The Land of Israel Jewish Perspectives
52968: HOFFMAN, ADINA & PETER COLE - Sacred Trash the Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza
51051: HOFFMAN, JOEL - In the Beginning a Short History of the Hebrew Language
54696: HOFFMAN, CHARLES - Gray Dawn the Jews of Eastern Europe in the Post-Communist Era
55637: HOFFMANN, CHRISTHARD - Preserving the Legacy of German Jewry History of the Leo Baeck Institute 1955-2005
50949: HOFFMANN, PETER - Stauffenberg a Family History, 1905-1944
53430: HOFMANN, GERT & MICHAEL HOFMANN - The Film Explainer
50634: HOFMANN, PAUL - The Viennese Splendor, Twilight, and Exile
46270: HOGAN, RICHARD M. & JOHN M. LEVOIR - Faith for Today the Teachings of Pope John Paul II
48686: HOGAN, MAURICE P. & THOMAS NORRIS - Evangelising for the Third Millennium the Maynooth Conference on the Catechism, May 1996
14627: HOGARTH R G - The Trent and I Go Wandering by
9436: HOGARTH, WILLIAM - The Five Days of Perergination
42344: HOGG, Q. (LORD HAILSHAM) - A Sparrow's Flight Memoirs
54255: HOGG, JAMES & KARL MILLER - The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
43218: HOGG, IAN V. - Complete Handgun 1300 to the Present
44007: HOGG, IAN V. - Military Pistols and Revolvers the Handguns of the Two World Wars
43217: HOGG, IAN V. - Complete Machine Gun 1885 to the Present
43219: HOGG, IAN V. - Guns and How They Work
36933: HOGGART, SIMON & DAVID LEIGH - Michael Foot a Portrait
48851: HOGGE, ALICE - God's Secret Agents Queen Elizabeth's Forbidden Priests and the Hatching of the Gunpowder Plot
43508: HOGGE, ALICE - God's Secret Agents Queen Elizabeth's Forbidden Priests and the Hatching of the Gunpowder Plot
42654: HOHMANN, M./WEIKART D - Young Children in Action Study Guide
54840: HOLAN, VLADIMIR - Selected Poems
39784: BLOXAM MATTHEW HOLBECHE - The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture
48866: HUTTON WILLIAM HOLDEN - Sir Thomas More
40738: HOLDEN, ANTHONY - Olivier
49839: HOLFTER, GISELA - German-Speaking Exiles in Ireland 1933-1945
50231: HOLFTER, GISELA - The Irish Context of 'Kristallnacht' Irish-German Studies Vol 8
54719: ROSE JOHN HOLLAND - The Life of Napoleon I
20751: ADAMSON J H AND HOLLAND H F - The Shepherd of the Ocean: A Biography of Sir Walter Ralegh
46067: HOLLAND, R. F. & DIANA MARKIDES & ROBERT HOLLAND - The British and the Hellenes Struggles for Mastery in the Eastern Mediterranean 1850-1960
6722: JACK HOLLAND - Hope Against History the Ulster Conflict
12400: BENHAM F AND HOLLEY H A - A Short Introduction to the Economy of Latin America
34704: ASHTON PATRICA KNEEN PAT DAVIES F HOLLEY B - The Aims of Primary Education: A Study of Teachers' Opinions
21108: HOLLINGDALE R J (SELECTOR) - A Nietzsche Reader
46283: HOLLINGS, MICHAEL - Praying with the New Catechism
48492: HOLLINGS, MICHAEL - Go in Peace
46316: HOLLINGS, MICHAEL - Living Priesthood
45756: HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY - The Cardinal's Hat Money, Ambition and Everyday Life in the Court of a Borgia Prince: Money, Ambition and Housekeeping in a Renaissance Court
36522: HOLLINGWORTH H L - Abnormal Psychology Its Concepts and Theories
15316: ALPERT HOLLIS - The Barrymores
53425: HOLM, JEAN & BOWKER JOHN - Making Moral Decisions
50378: HOLM, JEAN & JOHN BOWKER - Picturing God
43719: HOLMAN, ROBERT - Trading in Children Study of Private Fostering
40223: HOLME, THEA - Caroline Biography of Caroline of Brunswick
43275: HOLMES, RICHARD - Soldiers Army Lives and Loyalties from Redcoats to Dusty Warriors
38703: HOLMES, GEOFFREY (ED) - Sidmouth a History
45293: HOLMES, RICHARD - Coleridge Early Visions V. 1
45860: HOLMES, RICHARD - Redcoat the British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
52628: HOLMES, PAUL - Debussy
43472: HOLMES, RICHARD - The World at War the Landmark Oral History from the Previously Unpublished Archives
53356: HOLMES, BRIAN - Educational Policy and the Mission Schools Case Studies from the British Empire
43285: HOLMES, RICHARD - In the Footsteps of Churchill
40372: HOLMES M R - Moorfields in 1559 an Engraved Copperplate from the Earliest Known Map of London
46384: HOLMES, PETER - Caroline Casuistry the Cases of Conscience of Fr Thomas Southwell, Sj
41937: HOLMES E E - Prayer and Action or "the Three Notable Duties"
40813: HOLMES, PAUL - Debussy
4116: HOLMES O W - The Poet at the Breakfast Table
4117: HOLMES O W - The Professor at the Breakfast Table.
39237: HOLMES D T - A Scot in France and Switzerland
45931: HOLMES, RICHARD - Sahib the British Soldier in India 1750-1914
52451: HOLMGREN, BETH - Rewriting Capitalism Literature and the Market in Late Tsarist Russia and the Kingdom of Poland
32498: HOLMYARD E J - Alchemy
54735: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE HOLOCAUST - Auschwitz, Beginning of a New Era? Reflections on the Holocaust
41557: HOLROYD, STUART - Alien Intelligence
40202: HOLT, JOHN & ALLAN FROMME - How Children Fail
41431: HOLT, JOHN - How Children Learn
49146: HOLTZ, ALBERT - A Saint on Every Corner Glimpses of Holiness Beyond the Monastery
41352: HOLVENSTOT, LUZ - Irish Setters
47373: HOLVENSTOT, LUZ - Irish Setters
33361: HOMER - The Odyssey
29431: HOMER - The Iliad
28776: NOEL RODEN THE HON - Thomas Otway
46075: WELLESLEY COLONEL THE HON F A - Secrets of the Empire-Private Letters from the Paris Embassy Selections from the Papers of Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley
46163: WELLESLEY COL THE HON F A (GRANDSON) (EDITOR) - The Diary and Correspondence of Henry Wellesley First Lord Cowley 1790-1846
29505: MAXWELL SCOTT HON MRS - St Francis de Sales and His Companions
32634: BOYLE ROBERT THE HON - The Sceptical Chymist
7717: BALDWIN STANLEY RT HON - On England and Other Addresses
49834: JOSEPH HONE - The Life of George Moore
55583: HONE J M - Thomas Davis
23745: ROSSI MARIO M AND HONE J M (TRANSLATED BY) - Pilgrimage in the West
28492: ROSSI MARIO M AND HONE J M (TRANSLATED BY) - Pilgrimage in the West
36721: DE BALZAC HONERE - Old Goriot Translated by M a Crawford
38326: HONEY, W. B. - English Glass
37331: HONEY, W.B.; CHARLES, ROBERT J. - English Pottery and Porcelain
52348: HONNEF, KLAUS - German Photography, 1870-1970
43619: HONNEF, KLAUS - Andy Warhol 1928-1987 Commerce Into Art
24085: TRACY HONOR - The Butterflies of the Province
156: TRACY HONOR - The First Day of Friday
28166: TRACY HONOR - Mind You, I'Ve Said Nothing: Forays in the Irish Republic
13703: DE BALZAC HONORE - Old Goriot
34191: BALZAC HONORE DE - A Harlot High and Low
1073: TRACY HONOUR - In a Year of Grace
153: TRACY HONOUR - The Beauty of the World
50953: HOOD, JOHN Y. B. - Aquinas and the Jews
43474: HOOK, ALEX - Modern War Day by Day
39542: HOOPER, DAVID - Public Scandal, Odium and Contempt an Investigation of Recent Libel Cases
51951: HOOSON, DAVID (EDITOR) - Geography and National Identity
31736: HOOYKAAS R - Religion and the Rise of Modern Science
53001: HOOYKAAS, REIJER - Religion and the Rise of Modern Science
14658: COSTLEY WHITE HOPE - Gloucestershire Stories
37341: COSTLEY-WHITE HOPE - Mary Cole Countess of Berkeley
46583: HOPE, CHARLES - Titian
6925: HOPINSON M R - Anne of England the Biography of a Great Queen
27417: BLAKE J P AND REVEIRS-HOPKINS A E - Old English Furniture for the Small Collector: Its Types, History and Surroundings from Mediaeval to Victorian Times
37712: HOPKINS, ADAM - The School Debate
49397: HOPKINS K. S. - Rhondda Past and Furutre
43796: HOPKIRK, PETER - Foreign Devils on the Silk Road the Search for Lost Cities and Treasures of Chinese Central Asia
45918: HOPKIRK, PETER - The Great Game on Secret Service in High Asia
32252: KING HORACE - Before Hansard
19343: PLUNKETT HORACE - Ireland in the New Century with an Epilogue in Answer to Some Critics
29188: PYM HORACE M (EDITOR) - Caroline Fox Her Journals and Letters 1835-71 (Vol 2 Only)
34371: WYNDHAM HORACE - Consider Your Verdict
11395: WYNDHAM HORACE - Victorian Parade
41595: TEN BRINK BERNARD/KENNEDY HORACE M - Early English Literature to Wiclif

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