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10713: REYNOLDS ERNEST - Modern English Drama a Survey of the Theatre from 1900
48207: BERESFORD-COOKE REV ERNEST - The Sign of the Cross in the Western Liturgies
38480: REYNOLDS ERNEST - Modern English Drama a Survey of the Theatre from 1900
40885: SUTHERLAND BATES ERNEST - The Life of the Bible
40257: YOUNG ERNEST - North American Excursion
16868: HENLEY WILLIAM ERNEST - Hawthorn and Lavender (with Other Verses)
30744: LINDGREEN ERNEST - The Art of the Film
47908: BAKER SIR ERNEST - The Politics of Aristotle
28813: BENN ERNEST J P - Trade
19342: BOYD ERNEST A (EDITOR) - Appreciations and Depreciations: Irish Literary Studies
35371: BARLER ERNEST (TRANSLATED BY) - The Politics of Aristotle
21688: GOWERS ERNEST - The Complete Plain Words
41926: HAYES ERNEST H - More Yarns on Social Pioneers
10538: SHORT ERNEST - Theatrical Cavalcade
41927: HAYES ERNEST H - More Yarns on Christian Pioneers
39668: BELFORT BAX ERNEST - Reminiscences and Reflexions of a Mid and Late Victorian
48217: ROBERTS H. ERNEST - Notes on the Medieval Monasteries and Ministers of England and Wales
45349: ERNEST JONES, MD - Psycho-Myth, Psycho-History (Volume One) Essays in Applied Psychoanalysis
12369: KRAUSZ ERNEST - Ethnic Minorities in Britain
3925: SHORT ERNEST H - The Painter in History
13851: RHYS ERNEST (SELECTOR) - The Golden Treasury of Longer Poems
48320: LAW ERNEST - A Short History of Hampton Court in Tudor and Stuart Times to the Death of Charles I.
41175: WRIGHT G ERNEST - The Challenge of Israel's Faith
40884: HAYES ERNEST H - Begin Here! Discussion Topics for Young People
47544: RAYMOND ERNEST - One of Our Brethren
21194: RHYS ERNEST (EDITED BY) - Shorter Novels
41921: HAYES ERNEST H - Yarns on Social Pioneers
53996: SWINTON SIR ERNEST D - Over My Shoulder Autobiography
39956: D'HAUTERIVE ERNEST - The Second Empire and Its Downfall
52817: BARKER ERNEST - The Development of Public Services in Western Europe 1660-1930
28437: COOPER GORDON AND WELSMAN ERNEST - Your Holiday in Ireland
41928: HAYES ERNEST H - Yarns on the Human Quest
28031: BOYD ERNEST - Literary Blasphemies (Reprint of the 1927 Edition)
45363: ERNEST JONES, MD - Psycho-Myth, Psycho-History Essays in Applied Psychoanalysis
23014: COOPER GORDON AND WELSMAN ERNEST - Your Holiday in Ireland
3090: SANGER ERNEST - Englishmen at War. A Social History in Letters 1450-1900
31087: VAN DEN HAAG ERNEST - Political Violence and CIVIL Disobedience
33128: BARKER ERNEST - Principles of Social and Political Theory
34580: BRAMAH ERNEST - Kai Lung's Golden Hours
34582: BRAMAH ERNEST - The Wallet of Kai Lung
40401: BRAMAH ERNEST - Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat
40712: RHYS ERNEST (EDITED BY) - Selections from Sydney Smith
53317: SIMMONS ERNEST J. - Dostoevsky the Making of a Novelist
47495: BALDUCCI ERNESTO - John "the Transitional Pope"
20275: BRADFORD ERNLE - Nelson the Essential Hero
20724: BRADFORD ERNLE - Hannibal
39061: BENZ ERNST - Buddhism or Communism Which Holds the Future of Asia
18343: JONG CEES DE AND SCHILP ERNST - The Image of a Company : Manual for Corporate Identity
53802: SALOMON ERNST VON - The Captive the Story of an Unknown Political Prisoner
32993: SAMHABER ERNST - Merchants Make History
55245: HELMREICH ERNST C. - A Free Church in a Free State? the Catholic Church, Italy, France, Germany 1864-1914
41605: MCQUEEN LT. -COLONEL J A /MANNERS REAR-ADMIRAL SIR ERROL - Intelligence Work and the Bible
54853: ROSENTHAL ERWIN I. J. - Judaism and Islam
25314: KUEN ERWIN - Kusnacht
52145: ESCHENBURG, THEODOR & ETC. & L. WILSON - Road to Dictatorship Germany, 1918-33
27963: ESKERDJIAN - Old Master Paintings from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
19236: STUART ESME - Harum Scarum : A Poor Relation
26301: WINGFIELD-STRATFORD ESME - The History of British Civilization
30: HAMILTON ESME - Speedy the Story of an Irish Pony
29342: WRIGHT ESMOND - Washington and the American Revolution
37645: "ESPOIR", & ETC. - Communist Cartoons Cartoons from "the Communist", 1920-22
38523: ESSLIN, MARTIN - The Theatre of the Absurd
10843: FORBES ESTER - Paul Revere and the World He Lived in
20359: MEYNELL ESTHER - Bach
45058: ESTRADA, NELSON P. - From Followers to Leaders the Apostles in the Ritual Status Transformation in Acts 1-2
53653: EVANS E. ESTYN - Northern Ireland About Britain No. 13
28580: EVANS E ESTYN - Nothern Ireland a New Guide with a Portrait
54205: EVANS E ESTYN - The Irishness of the Irish
45587: ROHU ETHEL - John Roberts Evangelist
506: MANNIN ETHEL - Cactus
507: MANNIN ETHEL - Land of the Crested Lion a Journey Through Modern Burma
19249: CARLETON WILLIAMS ETHEL - Companion Into Oxfordshire
508: MANNIN ETHEL - Proud Heaven
13471: CORKEY ETHEL - The Magic Circle
505: MANNIN ETHEL - Confessions and Impressions
4617: MANNIN ETHEL - Two Studies in Integrity Gerald Griffin and Rev Francis Mahony ("Father Prout")
17311: LEWIS ETHELREDA - Trader Horn (the Ivory Coast in the Earlies) Foreword by John Galsworthy
4775: VINEY ETHNA - Dancing to Different Tunes
47087: ROBO ETIENNE - Saint Joan the Woman and the Saint
22736: SHIBER ETTA - Paris-Underground
46039: EUBANK, KEITH - Paul Cambon Master Diplomat
17575: WEBER EUGEN - Apocalypses (Prophecies, Cults and Millenial Beliefs Through the Ages)
28970: O'NEILL EUGENE - A Touch of the Poet
54186: ERDELY EUGENE V - Germany's First European Protectorate the Fate of the Czechs and Slavaks
29699: HEIMLER EUGENE - Mental Illness and Social Work
25016: O'NEILL EUGENE - Dynamo
39469: EHRLICH EUGENE - Nil Desperandum a Dictionary of Latin Tags and Phrases
25109: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Hairy Ape, Anna Christie, the First Man
25059: O'NEILL EUGENE - Lazarus Laughed and Dynamo
24157: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Great God Brown: Including the Fountain, the Dreamy Kid and Before Breakfast
23973: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Great God Brown: Including the Fountain. The Dreamy Kid and Before Breakfast
23858: O'NEILL EUGENE - Ah, Wilderness
32826: LINDEN EUGENE - Apes Men and Language
28669: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Hairy Ape and Other Plays
25380: O'NEILL EUGENE - Dynamo
24390: O'NEILL EUGENE - Three Plays: The Emperor Jones, Anna Christie, the Hairy Ape Introduction by Lionel Trilling
24241: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Moon of the Caribbes and Six Other Plays of the Sea
4025: O'NEILL EUGENE - Long Day's Journey Into Night
24395: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Moon of the Caribbes and Six Other Plays of the Sea
20684: LINDEN EUGENE - Apes, Men and Language
24597: O'NEILL EUGENE - Marco Millions a Play
13663: FROMENTIN EUGENE - The Masters of Past Time
25060: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Moon of the Caribbees and Six Other Plays of the Sea
46856: JOLY EUGENE - What Is Faith?
3874: DELACROIX EUGENE - Eugene Delacroix 1798 -1863 (a Catalogue in French)
24493: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Long Voyage Home: Seven Plays of the Sea
39391: FIELD EUGENE - Poems of Eugene Field Complete Edition
51528: O'CONNELL EUGENE - Chapters of Little Times
23577: O'NEILL EUGENE - Plays First Series, the Straw, the Emperor Jones and Diff'Rent Introduction by C E Bechhofer
28481: O'NEILL EUGENE - Ah, Wilderness! and Days without End: Two Plays by Eugene o'Neill
21644: MCELDOWNEY EUGENE - The Faloorie Man
7691: O NEILL EUGENE - A Touch of the Poet
40683: O'NEILL EUGENE - The Emperor Jones a Play
46913: MALY EUGENE H - New Testament Message 9 Romans
44914: EUGENIDES, JEFFREY - Virgin Suicides
50732: ZOLLI EUGENIO - Before the Dawn Autobiographical Reflections by Eugenio Zolli
11592: LEVINE MARVIN J AND HAGBURG EUGINE C - Public Sector Labor Relations
4062: EURIPIDES - The Bacchae of Euripides Translated by Gilbert Murray
4081: EURIPIDES - The Trojan Women of Euripides Translated by Gilbert Murray
30241: EURIPIDES - The Bacchae and Other Plays
33309: EURIPIDES - Medea and Other Plays
33313: EURIPIDES - Alcestis and Other Plays
34885: EURIPIDES - The Trojan Woman
34886: EURIPIDES - The Electra
41128: EUROPE, COUNCIL OF - Christian IV and Europe the 19th Art Exhibition of the Council of Europe, Denmark 1988
37959: EUROPE, COUNCIL OF - The Status of Public Officials in Europe
4119: EURYDICE - Satyricon a Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier
46294: 4EUSEBIUS - The History of the Church
12263: CHESSER EUSTACE - Shelley and Zastrozzi : Self -Revelation of a Neurotic
39702: CHESSER DR EUSTACE - Shelly & Zastrozzi Self-Revelation of a Neurotic
31949: ETZIONI AMITAI AND ETZIONI EVA (EDITORS) - Social Change Sources Patterns and Consequences
50924: REICHMANN EVA G. - Hostages of Civilisation the Social Sources of National Socialist Anti-Semitism
53957: HARASZTI EVA - Kossuth Hungarian Patriot in Britain
52990: JONES PROF EVAN J - Education in Wales During the Middle Ages Inaugural Lecture of the Professor of Education Delivered at the College on 2 December 1947
49388: JONES EVAN J. - Some Contributions to the Economic History of Wales
11689: JONES EVAN (EDITOR) - The Father
12300: LUARD EVAN - Peace and Opinion
38839: MORGAN EVAN - At Dawn Poems, Profane and Religious
28161: MORRIS GLADYS EVAN - Tales from Bernard Shaw
40083: BENTLEY NICOLAS AND ESAR EVAN - The Treasury of Humorous Quotations
6984: WALSH JOHN EVANGELIST - Unravelling Piltdown: The Science Fraud of the Century and Its Solution
47893: EVANGELISTI, SILVIA - Nuns a History of Convent Life 1450-1700
43891: EVANS, CAROL - West Coast Homeland of Mist
53241: EVANS, RICHARD - Rereading German History from Unification to Reunification 1800-1996
50834: EVANS, RICHARD J. - The Coming of the Third Reich
52631: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Society and Politics in Wilhelmine Germany
12559: EVANS I O - Flags
25950: HERBERT A EVANS - Highways and Byways in Oxford and the Cotswolds
47668: EVANS, JOAN - Life in Medieval France
43635: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Strength of the Hills an Autobiography
55249: EVANS, RICHARD J. - The Third Reich at War How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster
35967: EVANS F E - Discovering CIVIC Heraldry
53588: EVANS, RICHARD J. - Feminist Movement in Germany, 1894-1933
55302: EVANS, LESLIE WYNNE - Education in Industrial Wales Study of the Works School System, 1700-1900
40906: EVANS, ROBLEY - J.R. R. Tolkien
53625: EVANS, HAROLD - Editing and Design. Book One - Newsman's Egglish
21328: HUC REGIS-EVARISTE - Lamas of the Western Heavens Translation by Charles de Salis
45213: EVATT, BRIGADIER-GENERAL - Historical Record of the 39th Royal Garhwal Rifles Vol 1- 1887-1922
53982: EVDOKIMOVA, SVETLANA - Pushkin's Historical Imagination
17185: BERCKMAN EVELYN - Creators and Destroyers of the English Navy As Related by the State Papers
18091: BROOKS EVELYN - Your Textile Printing
19230: WAUGH EVELYN - A Handful of Dust
20761: SHUCKBURGH EVELYN (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY) - The Memoirs of Madame Roland: A Heroine of the French Revolution
47272: WAUGH EVELYN - Edmund Campion
11608: POLLARD EVELYN - Randwick and Roundabout
25935: HATCH EVELYN M - Burgundy Past and Present
9675: POLLARD EVELYN - Randwick and Roundabout
41842: UNDERHILL EVELYN - Worship
21610: BERCKMAN EVELYN - No Known Grave
31040: WAUGH EVELYN - Edmund Campion
6016: BENSON ROBERT AND EVELYN (COLLECTED BY) - Catalogue of Italian Pictures at 16, South Street Parl Lane, London and Buckhurst in Sussex
87: HARDY EVELYN - The Conjured Spirit (Swift)
38958: WAUGH EVELYN - Vile Bodies
10885: RYND EVELYNE E - Mrs Green Again
1884: SULLEROT EVELYNE - Women on Love Eight Centuries of Feminine Writings
8681: HARRE T EVERETT T - The Heavenly Sinner: The Romance of Lola Montez
8227: EVERSZ R M - Shooting Elvis Confessions of an Accidental Terrorist
54425: GOLDMAN ALBERT & SPRINCHORN EVERT - Wagner on Music and Drama a Compendium of Richards Wagner's Prose Works
16644: SPRINCHORN EVERT (EDITOR) - 20th Century Plays in Synopsis
44952: EWART, GAVIN - 85 Poems
39934: EWART, NEIL - Writer and the Reader Anthology of Quotations
36355: MILNE EWART - Jubilo Poems
37753: EYDEN, JOAN L.M. - Social Policy in Action
12215: LEAVITT H DILL W AND EYRING H - The Organizational World : A Systematic View of Managers and Management
29714: EYSENCK H J - Uses and Abuses of Psychology
19266: EYSENCK H J - Sense and Nonscence in Psychology
21684: EYSENCK H J - Know Your Own I.Q.
20688: EYSENCK H J - Intelligence: The Battle for the Mind: H.J. Esenck Versus Leon Kamin Environment or Heredity? the Crucial Debate on the Shaping of Intelligence
39165: EYSENCK, H. J. - Rebel with a Cause Autobiography of Hans Eysenck
35752: EYSENCK H J - Fact and Fiction in Psychology
49401: EZRAHI, SIDRA DEKOVEN - By Words Alone the Holocaust in Literature
36781: FABER, HAROLD - Book of Laws
54987: FABER, RICHARD - High Road to England
33688: FABRE J. H. - Social Life in the Insect World
34366: FABRE H J - Socail Life in Insect World
34620: FABRE H J - Social Life in the Insect World
30944: FACIONE P, SCHERER D AND ATTIG T - Values and Society an Introduction to Ethics and Social Philosophy
27333: MUSEO INTERNAZIONALE DELLE CERAMICHE IN FAENZA - Faenza: Bollettino Museo Internazionale Delle Ceramiche in Faenza Annata XXXIV Anno 1948 Fasicolo IV-VI
54351: FAGAN, BRIAN - The Intimate Bond How Animals Shaped Human History
17617: FAIRBAIRN W A - Some Game Birds of West Africa
27595: FAISON S L (INTRODUCED BY) - Honore Daumier: Third Class Railway Carriage in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York the Gallery Books No. 13
21057: WEST REBECCA / EVANS FAITH - Rebecca West Family Memories
7409: COMPTON MACKENZIE FAITH - The Sibyl of the North the Tale of Christina , Queen of Sweden
42134: FALK, TOBY (EDITOR) - Trésors de L'Islam Text in French
54071: FALKUS, M. E. - The Industrialisation of Russia, 1700-1914
37243: FALLET PAR C - La France Sites, Monuments Et Souvenirs
23659: VISCOUNT GREY OF FALLODON - Fallodon Papers
46987: FALLON, FRANCIS T. - 2 Corinthians New Testament Message 11
49831: FALLS, CYRIL - The Birth of Ulster
39322: FANE, ISABELLA & JOHN PEMBLE - Miss Fane in India
38132: FANE, ISABELLA; PEMBLE, JOHN - Miss Fane in India
52367: FANNING, PROFESSOR BRYAN - Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland
51109: FANNING, RONAN - éamon de Valera a Will to Power
46955: FANNON, PATRICK, S. M. M. - The Four Gospels
49791: LE FANU. W R - Seventy Years of Irish Life Being Anecdotes and Remniscences
4606: LE FANU J S - Uncle Silas (a Tale of Bartram -Haugh)
45253: O'FAOLAIN, JULIA & LAURO MARTINES - Not in God's Image Women in History from the Greeks to the Victorians
1118: HEFFERNAN THOMAS FAREL - Wood Quay (Clash over Dublin's Viking Past)
54211: FARGNOLI, A.NICHOLAS & MICHAEL PATRICK GILLESPIE - James Joyce a-Z an Encyclopedic Guide to His Life and Work
54963: FARIAS, VICTOR - Heidegger and Nazism
55339: FARICY, ROBERT & LUCY ROONEY - Knowing Jesus in the World Praying with Teilhard de Chardin
14451: MOWAT FARLEY - The Alban Quest : The Search for a Lost Tribe
55685: FARMAR, TONY - The Cle Directory of the Irish Book World
51399: FARMBOROUGH, FLORENCE - With the Armies of the Tsar a Nurse at the Russian Front, 1914-1918
41994: FARMER E N - A Year's Preaching Sixty-Six Short Sermons
47055: FARMER, DAVID HUGH & J. F. WEBB - The Age of Bede Bede's "Life of St. Cuthbert", Eddius Stephanus' "Life of Wilfrid" and Other Works
40448: FARMER, DAVID HUGH & D.H. FARMER & J.F. WEBB - The Age of Bede Bede's "Life of St. Cuthbert", Eddius Stephanus' "Life of Wilfrid" and Other Works
46012: FAROQHI, SURAIYA - Approaching Ottoman History an Introduction to the Sources
46082: FAROQHI, SURAIYA - The Ottoman Empire and the World Around It
17908: BAIN GEORGE SAYERS AND ELSHEIKH FAROUK - Union Growth and the Business Cycle (an Econometric Analysis)
39305: FARR, DIANA - Gilbert Cannan a Georgian Prodigy
49469: FARRELL, J.G. - Troubles
55557: FARRELL, S. & MICHAEL DE NIE - Power and Popular Culture in Modern Ireland Essays in Honour of James S. Donnelly, Jr.
40069: FARRELL R B - Dictionary of German Synonyms
36678: FARRELL, J.G. - The Singapore Grip
55075: BANKWITZ PHILIP CHARLES FARWELL - Maxine Weygand and CIVIL-Militar Relations in Modern France
46723: FATHERS, MICHAEL & ANDREW HIGGINS & ROBERT COTTRELL - Tiananmen the Rape of Peking
13256: MEER FATIMA - Race and Suicide in South Africa
45087: FAUSSET A R - Bible Encyclopaedia and Dictionary Critical and Expository
11256: BRODIE FAWN M - Thomas Jefferson : An Intimate History
16848: WELDON FAY - Praxis
22696: WELDON FAY - Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen
21236: FAY C R - Great Britain from Adam Smith to the Present Day: An Economic and Social Survey
42360: FAY C R - Life and Labour in the Ninteenth Century Lectures Delivered at Cambridge University in the Yeatr 1919
9993: LEVINE FAYE - The Culture Barons an Analysis of Power and Money in the Arts
38389: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Domestic Bygones. Shire Album Series No. 20
37851: FEATHERSTONE H L - A Century of Nationalism
36798: FECHTNER, LEOPOLD - 5,000 One-and-Two-Line Jokes the a-Z of Snappy Sure-Fire Humour on 250 Popular Topics
47105: FEIDER, PAUL A. - The Sacraments Encountering the Risen Lord
52187: FEIERBERG, M.Z. - Whither? & Other Stories
10744: FEIGENBAUM E, MCCORDUCK P, AND NII PENNY H - The Rise of the Expert Company
6993: FEINBERG J G - The Atom Story
53641: FEINER, SHMUEL - Haskalah and History the Emergence of a Modern Jewish Historical Consciousness
52340: FEINER, SHMUEL & ANTHONY BERRIS - Moses Mendelssohn Sage of Modernity
50600: FEJTO FRANCOIS, A. J. P. TAYLOR - The Opening of an Era 1848 an Historical Symposium
52740: FELDMAN, JAN - Lubavitchers As Citizens a Paradox of Liberal Democracy
18652: TOBEIN FELICITAS - Chagall
18379: TOBIEN FELICITAS - Franz Marc
29074: BULLEN ROGER AND STRONG FELICITY (EDITORS) - Palmerston I: Private Correspondence with Sir George Villiers (Afterwards Fourth Earl of Clarendon) As Minister to Spain 1833 - 1837 Prime Ministers Papers
35444: SCHELLING FELIX E - The Queen's Progress and Other Elizabethan Sketches
21525: SCHELLING FELIX E - Elizabethan Drama: A History of Drama in England Frm the Accession of Queen Elizabeth to the Closing of the Theatres, to Which Is Prefixed a Resume of the Earlier Drama from It's Beginnings ( Volume 1only)
43653: MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY DR. FELIX - Elijah: An Oratorio (Vocal) English Version by W. Bartholomew
9397: SCHELLING FELIX E - Elizabethan Drama 1558 -1642 (2 Vols)
50140: FELSENSTEIN, FRANK - Anti-Semitic Stereotypes a Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture, 1660-1830
42675: FENELON M - Les Aventures de Telemaque Fils D'Ulysse
54748: FENN, RICHARD - The Blackwell Companion Sociology of Religion
51080: FENNELL, JOHN - Nineteenth Century Russian Literature Studies of Ten Russian Writers
52208: FENNELL, DESMOND - Nice People and Rednecks Ireland in the Eighties
46065: FENTON, LAURENCE - Palmerston and the Times Foreign Policy, the Press and Public Opinion in Mid-Victorian Britain
42828: FEODOROVNA, ALEXANDRA/MASSIE ROBERT K - The Last Diary of Tsarita Alexandra
19625: VARIA ZIMMERMAN FERDERICK (INTRODUCED BY) - Verfassungsschutzbericht 1985
27836: SCHMIDT DR PAUL FERDINAND - Die Sechs Bucher Der Kunst (5 Volumes)
13853: GREGOROVIUS FERDINAND - Lucrezia Borgia: A Chapter from the Morals of the Italian Renaissance
20890: KEANE FERGAL - A Stranger's Eye a Foreign Correspondent's View of Britain
48512: MCGRATH FERGAL - Newman's University Idea and Reality
1252: ALLEN FERGUS - Mrs Power Looks over the Bay
53340: FERGUSON, NIALL - Virtual History Alternatives and Counterfactuals
52753: FERGUSON, GEORGE - Signs and Symbols in Christian Art with Illustrations from Paintings from the Renaissance
37164: FERGUSSON, GORDON - The Green Collars Tarporley Hunt Club and Cheshire Hunting History in Corporating Hunting Songs by R E Egerton Warburton
55362: CABROL REV DOM FERNAND - Saint Benedict
51438: BRAUDEL FERNAND - La Dynamique Du Capitalisme
47651: HAYWARD FERNAND - A History of the Popes
32852: PESSOA FERNANDO - L'Hora Del Diable
36396: COMPTE FERNANDO - Lucha Libre Olimpica
51420: FERRARI, JÉRÔME - Le Sermon Sur la Chute de Rome
47135: FERRER BLEHL, VINCENT (EDITOR) - Realizations Newman's Own Selection of His Sermons
28787: HOWELL A G FERRERS - Dante His Life and Work
40274: FERRO, MARC - Nicholas II the Last of the Tsars
53794: FERRO, MARC & RANDALL, STEVEN - Resentment in History
52806: FERRY, GEORGINA - The Understanding of Animals
53702: FEST, JOACHIM - Plotting Hitler's Death the German Resistance to Hitler, 1933-45
12634: TOUATI FETTOUMA - Desperate Spring Translated by Ros Schwartz.
53964: FEUCHTWANGER, LION - The Devil in France My Encounters with Him in the Summer of 1940
53051: FEUCHTWANGER, EDGAR - Bismarck
53614: FEUCHTWANGER, EDGAR - Prussia Myth and Reality
45835: FEUGÈRE, MICHEL - Weapons of the Romans
8585: FERGAR FEYYAZ - Gestes a la Mer
48751: FFINCH, MICHAEL - Cardinal Newman the Second Spring
41160: FFRENCH-BEYTAGH, GONVILLE - A Glimpse of Glory Edited by Vera Hodges
34469: BLAKE FFRENCH V L R - The Crimean War
54485: FICHTNER, PAULA SUTTER - The Habsburgs Dynasty, Culture and Politics
53321: FIEDLER, LESLIE A. - Fiedler on the Roof Essays on Literature and Jewish Identity
49309: FIEDLER, LESLIE A. - To the Gentiles
51991: FIELD, FRANK - Three French Writers and the Great War Studies in the Rise of Communism and Fascism
38076: FIELD, FRANK & ETC. - To Him Who Hath a Study in Poverty and Taxation
10154: HAVILAND H FIELD - The Political Role of the General Assembly
5152: FIELD G C - Political Theory
40091: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones (2 Volumes) a Founding
36711: FIELDING, HENRY; MUTTER, R.P.C. - Tom Jones
36777: FIELDING, HENRY - Joseph Andrews & Shamela
45689: FIELDS, NIC - Hadrian's Wall Ad 122-410
45754: FIELDS, NIC - Warlords of Republican Rome Caesar Versus Pompey
52475: FIELL, CHARLOTTE & PETER FIELL - Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1868-1928
43461: FIENNES, RANULPH - Captain Scott
44995: FIENNES, PETER - To War with God the Army Chaplain Who Lost His Faith
43305: FIENNES, RANULPH - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
38346: DOMVILLE-FIFE C W - Square -Rigger Days Autobiographies of Sail
43914: FIFE, GRAEME - The Terror the Shadow of the Guillotine - France 1793-1794
1384: SACCHI FILIPPO (PRESENTAZIONE DI) - Case E Palazzi Di Vicenza
45894: FILJUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - Ivan the Terrible a Military History
8041: FILLINGHAM R C - Cataractacus or the Fruitless Sacrifice a Tragedy
28642: YOUNG FILSON - Ireland at the Cross Roads: An Essay in Explanation
49883: FINBERG, H.P.R. - The Formation of England, 550-1042
55766: FINBERG H. P. R - Approaches to History a Synopsism
30719: FINCH H L - Wittgenstein
31814: FINDLAY J N (SELECTED BY) - Studies in Philosophy British Academy Lectures
45962: FINDLEY, CARTER VAUGHN - The Turks in World History
35116: FINDON B N EDITOR) - The Play Pictorial No 34 Vol 6-No 136 Vol 23
54636: FINE, LAWRENCE - Judaism in Practice from the Middle Ages Through the Early Modern Period
51857: FINEBERG, MICHAEL & SHIMON SAMUELS & MARK WEITZMAN - Antisemitism the Generic Hatred: Essays in Memory of Simon Wiesenthal
55112: RABBINOWITZ & FINESTEIN - Essays Presented to Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday
55644: FINESTEIN, ISRAEL - Scenes and Personalities in Anglo-Jewry 1800-2000
52818: FINESTEIN, ISRAEL - Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times Studies in Diversity, 1840-1914
51058: FINK, CAROLE - Marc Bloch a Life in History
50617: FINKE, MICHAEL C. - Seeing Chekhov Life and Art
53216: FINKELSTEIN, ISRAEL & NEIL ASHER SILBERMAN - David and Solomon in Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of Western Civilization
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50586: FORD FRANKLIN L. - Strasbourg in Transition 1648-1789
54370: FRANKLIN, MYRTLE & MICHAEL BOR - Sir Moses Montefiore, 1784-1885
19757: FRANKLIN DR (TRANSLATOR) - The Earl of Warwick Adapted for Theatrical Representation As Performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Covent Garden a Tragedy
52285: FRANKLIN, MARTIN BENJAMIN - Years of Plenty, Years of Want France and the Legacy of the Great War
39104: FRANKLIN, ROBERT - Lord Stuart de Rothesay the Life and Times of Lord Stuart de Rothesay of Highcliffe Castle, 1779-1845
48196: FRANKLYN, JULIAN - Dictionary of Rhyming Slang
48003: LIGNEL FRANS - In Flanders Fields Museum Guide
26711: BELSKY FRANTA - Sculpture
26543: BELSKY FRANTA - Franta Belsky Sculpture
40781: MARC FRANZ - Tierstudien 36 Handzeichnungen
29513: WERFEL FRANZ - The Song of Bernadette
26681: LANDSBERGER FRANZ - Die Kunstlerischen Probleme Der Renaissance
34291: KAFKA FRANZ - America
51248: KAFKA FRANZ - Briefe an Den Vater.
41065: HERRE FRANZ - Kaiser Franz Joseph Von Osterreich sin Leben-Seine Zeit
29490: FISCHER ERNST AND MAREK FRANZ - Marx in His Own Words
29415: KAFKA FRANZ - Metamorphosis and Other Stories
34238: KAFKA FRANZ - The Trial
35867: BLEI FRANZ - Andre Gide Der Schlechtgefesselte Prometheus
50660: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Kraus Project
51630: FRANZOS, KARL EMIL - Leib Weihnachtskuchen and His Child
53254: FRASER, TOM & ALAN SHARP - The Peace Conferences of 1919-23 and Their Aftermath Chaim Weizmann: The Zionist Dream
41613: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - The Sheik and the Dustbin
48863: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Gunpowder Plot Terror and Faith in 1605
25382: DARLING F FRASER - Natural History in the Highlands & Islands ( the New Naturalist Series)
42831: FRASER, FLORA - Princesses the Six Daughters of George III
14290: TURNER JOHN FRAYN - Frank Sinatra: A Personal Portrait
44126: FUNCKEN LILIANE AND FRED - Arms and Uniforms the Age of Chivalry -3 Volumes
54823: BURNABY CAPTAIN FRED - On Horseback Through Asia Minor
49057: CROSSLEY FRED H. - English Church Design 1040-1540 A.D.
34533: SCHONELL FRED J - The Psychology and Teaching of Reading
10307: MEW FRED - Back of the Wight
21015: ARCHER FRED - Fred Archer, Farmer's Son: A Cotswold Childhood in the 1920's
54180: FRIEDLANDER RABBI DR A H AND WORMS FRED S - Meir Gertner an Anthology
34891: SCHONELL J FRED - Backwardness in the Basics Subjects
36435: HAMS FRED - Old Poultry Breeds
5295: HOYLE FRED - The Nature of the Universe a Series of Broadcast Lectures
9193: TOMKINS FRED (DR) - Jewels in Ebony
54826: CRAWFORD FRED H - Guns for Ulster
11655: TROUP FREDA - In Face of Fear: Michael Scott's Challenge to South Africa
41144: HOOD FREDERIC - God's Plan Forewood by Bishop of London-Lent Book
2816: HOOD FREDERIC - The Chapel of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
9583: SPOTTS FREDERIC (EDITOR) - Letters of Leonard Woolf
41163: MYERS FREDERIC W H - Saint Paul
39235: LEES FREDERIC - A Summer in Touraine
43652: HANDLE GEORGE FREDERIC - Samson, an Oratorio, or Sacred Drama Altered and Adapted from Milton by Newburgh Hamilton Vocal Only
31023: MONK RAY AND RAPHAEL FREDERIC (EDITORS) - The Great Philosophers from Socrates to Turing
7857: PHILLIPS FREDERIC - Verse from a Western Isle
39226: LEES FREDERIC - A Summer in Touraine
27434: KNAPP FREDERICH - Italienische Plastik Vom Funfzehnten Bis Achtzehnten Jahrhundert
48273: HARRISON FREDERICK - Life in a Medieval College the Story of the Vicars-Choral of York Minster
39409: WEDMORE FREDERICK - Dream of Provence Orgeas and Miradou
38044: GORE FREDERICK (COVER DESIGN BY) - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1981 a Souvenir of the 213th Summer Exhibition
39839: STEPHENSON CARL & MARCHAM FREDERICK G - Sources of English Constitutional History a Selection of Documents from Ad 600 to the Present
55205: HARRIES FREDERICK J. - Shakespeare and the Welsh
43848: BENTHAM FREDERICK - Tabs June 1966 Vol 12 No 2
10301: MULHAUSER FREDERICK L (INTRODUCER) - Mathew Arnold : Selected Poetry and Prose
33346: WILKINSON FREDERICK - Arms and Armour
10306: WATT FREDERICK B - Who Dare to Live
14659: POHL FREDERICK - Jem: The Making of Utopia
16888: WEDMORE FREDERICK - Etchings
25792: MYATT FREDERICK - The Soldier's Trade: British Military Development 1660-1914
15428: POTTLE FREDERICK A (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
21406: POTTLE FREDERICK A (PREPARED BY) - Boswell's London Journal 1726-1763
4456: HARTT FREDERICK - Art (Vol 1 Only)
15463: LUMNEY FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Theatre in Review
5570: POHL FREDERICK J - Like to the Lark the Early Years of Shakespeare
35429: ADAMS FREDERICK B - An Introduction to Pierpont Morgan Library
39094: VON RAUMER FREDERICK - England in 1835. A Series of Letters Written to Friends in Germany Volume 1
19575: ROBINSON KENNETH AND MADDEN FREDERICK (EDITORS) - Essays in Imperial Government Presented to Margery Perham
15798: LOCKER FREDERICK - London Lyrics
3182: BOAS FREDERICK S - An Introduction to Stuart Drama
41680: NORTH FREDERICK J (EDITOR) - Lenten Sermons by Representative Preachers
1370: GRICE FREDERICK - Nine Days Wonder
26364: WOODS FREDERICK - Legends and Traditions of Cheshire
53644: ENGELS FREDERICK - Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany
30802: OSBORN FREDERICK J - Green-Belt Cities
33329: POTTLE FREDERICK A (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-63
33483: SONTAG FREDERICK - The Problems of Metaphysics
55681: MACMILLAN SIR FREDERICK - The Net Book Agreement 1899 and the Book of War 1906-1908
5444: AYER FREDERICK - The Man in the Mirror
9768: LUMLEY FREDERICK - Trends in 20th Century Drama a Survey Since Ibsen and Shaw
39095: VON RAUMER FREDERICK - England in 1835. A Series of Letters Written to Friends in Germany Vol 2
41208: POTTLE FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
39850: WARING JOSEPH FREDERICK - Cerveau's Svannah
2852: POHL FREDERIK - The Way the Future Was: A Memoir
8538: THATCHER OLIVER J AND SCHWILL FREDINAND - A General History of Europe (350 - 1900)
37383: MULHAUSER FREEDERICK L(EDITOR) - Matthew Arnold Selected Poetry and Prose
39878: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Jerome Kern
38890: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Salute to Irving Berlin
51012: FREEDMAN, JONATHAN - The Temple of Culture Assimilation and Anti-Semitism in Literary Anglo-America
49875: FREELEY-HARNIK, GILLIAN - The Lord's Table Meaning of Food in Early Judaism and Christianity: The Meaning of Food in Early Judaism and Christianity
912: FREEMAN T W - Ireland
31404: FREEMAN M D A - The Legal Structure
39685: FREEMAN T W - The Conurbations of Great Britain
41233: FREEMAN, ROBIN - Art and Architecture of Owen Browne Carter, 1806-59
52736: FREEMAN, GARTH - Petanque French Game of Boules
38316: FREESTON, EWART C. - Prisoner of War Ship Models, 1775-1825
49854: FREEZE, CHAERAN Y. & JAY M. HARRIS - Everyday Jewish Life in Imperial Russia
49872: FREIDENREICH, H P - Jewish Politics in Vienna, 1918-1938
50408: FREIDENREICH, HARRIET PASS - Jews of Yugoslavia a Quest for Community
29466: KROEKER KATE FREILIGRATH - Poems Selected from Heinrich Heine
52962: FREITAG, SABINE & RUDOLF MUHS - Exiles from European Revolutions Refugees in Mid-Victorian England
44038: FRENCH, ALBERT & ROGER KITCHEN - Your Loving Brother Albert the Letters of a Boy Soldier 1915-1916
49228: FREND, W.H.C. - Rise of Christianity
54105: FREND, W.H.C. - Saints and Sinners in the Early Church Differing and Conflicting Traditions in the First Six Centuries
36762: FREUD, ESTHER - Hideous Kinky
50147: EMMET LARKIN AND HERMAN FREUDENBERGER & HERMAN FREUDENBERGER - Memoirs of Joseph Prost C. Ss. R a Redemptorist Missionary in Ireland 1851-1854
50110: FREUND, GISELE - Gisele Freund Portraits
48374: FREWIN, ANTHONY - Book of Days
45046: FREWIN, LESLIE (EDITOR) - Royal Silver Anniversary Book
55204: FREYER, GRATTAN - Peadar o'Donnell
48634: FREYNE, S. - The World of the New Testament
46848: FREYNE, S. - The World of the New Testament
44150: FRIAR, STEPHEN - A Companion to the English Parish Church
55490: FRIDENSON, PATRICK & BRUCE LITTLE - The French Home Front, 1914-1918
44149: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography
45789: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography
49233: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography
46086: FRIEDBERG, AARON L. - The Weary Titan Britain and the Experience of Relative Decline, 1895-1905
17269: FRIEDLAENDER V H - Mirrors and Angles
52584: FRIEDLAND, MARTIN L. - The Trials of Israel Lipski a True Story of a Murder in the East End of London
51599: FRIEDLANDER, SAUL - Franz Kafka the Poet of Shame and Guilt
54444: FRIEDMAN, SAUL S. - The Oberammergau Passion Play a Lance Against Civilization
40766: SIEBURG FRIEDRICH - Chateaubriand
1932: MARX KARL AND ENGELS FRIEDRICH - The Communist Manifesto
26852: KEYSER FRIEDRICH - Reformations Almanach Fur Luthers Verehrer Auf Das Evangelische Jubeljahr 1817
50518: FRIEDRICH, ERNST - War Against War
25725: HEER FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World Europe 1100-1350
49251: HEILER FRIEDRICH - The Spirit of Worship Its Forms and Manifestations in the Christian Churches
31642: MARX KARL AND ENGELS FRIEDRICH - The Communist Manifesto
34556: NIETZSCHE FRIEDRICH - The Birth of Tragedy and the Genealogy of Morals
53512: FRIEL, BRIAN - Crystal and Fox
52923: FRIEND, ROBERT/LEVIN G - Found in Translation 20 Hebrew Poets
46400: ASHWORTH FRIENDS OF - Christ Our Light (Volume 1 ) Advent-Pentcost Patristic Readings on Gospel Themes
36662: FRIENDS, CHRISTOPH & - Curious Moments
42323: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - Behind the Scenes of Otto Preminger - an Unauthorised Biography
43643: FRITH, FRANCIS & PAUL HARRIS - Villages of Kent Photographic Memories
34005: SCHMALENBACH FRITZ - Oskar Kokoschka
2008: HARTUNG FRITZ - Enlightened Despotism
27386: KREDEL FRITZ - Das Fleine Buch Der Bogel Und Nefter Interfel-Bucherei: Nr100
36542: VOLBACH W FRITZ - Early Decorative Textiles
54819: BAMBERGER FRITZ - Die Lehren Des Judentums Nach Den Quellen Herausgegeben Von Verband Der Deutschen Juden- (Band3 Teil V)
27759: STAHL FRITZ - Altenglische Meister Mit Zwei Vierfarbentafeln Dreiundvierzig Mattkunst Druckbildern , 5 Tondruck Bildern Und Zwei Gravuren
49897: STERN FRITZ - The Varieties of History from Voltaire to the Present
4943: BURGER FRITZ - Cezanne Und Hodler Einfuhrung in Die Probleme Der Malerei Der Gegenwart Von Fritz Burger
51172: FRITZSCHE, PETER - Reading Berlin, 1900
43733: FROHOCK, FRED - Lives of the Psychics the Shared Worlds of Science and Mysticism
45492: FROMM, ERICH - Greatness and Limitations of Freud's Thought
45317: FROSH, STEPHEN - The Politics of Psychoanalysis an Introduction to Freudian and Post-Freudian Theory
2399: FROUDE J. A - Essays in Literature and History
48852: FRUM, DAVID - The Right Man the Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush
48626: FRY, PLANTAGENET SOMERSET - Castles England Scotland Ireland Wales
49641: FRY, HELEN - Denazification Britain's Enemy Aliens, Nazi War Criminals and the Reconstruction of Post-War Europe: Enemy Aliens After the Second World War
54249: FRY, MICHAEL - The Union England, Scotland and the Treaty of 1707
36893: FRY, STEPHEN & HUGH LAURIE - A Bit of Fry and Laurie
49331: FRY, HELEN P. - Christian-Jewish Dialogue a Reader
27938: FRYBERGER BETSY G, WILLIAMS GLORIA, ADAMS CLINTON, CARRIER DAVID AND GILMOUR PAT - Picasso Graphic Magician Prints from the Norton Simon Museum
32765: MARTIN RODERICK AND FRYER R H - Redundancy and Paternalist Capitalism a Study in the Sociology of Work
39163: FRYER, JONATHAN - Eye of the Camera Life of Christopher Isherwood
43014: FRYER, JONATHAN - Andre and Oscar Gide and Wilde and the Gay Art of Living
46728: DAUGHTERS OF ST PAUL & MARY LEA HILL FSP - Basic Catechism Creed Sacraments Morality Prayer
54203: FUCHS, DANIEL - Saul Bellow Vision and Revision
38927: FUCHS, STEPHEN - Aboriginal Tribes of India
40743: FULBRIGHT, J. W. WITH TILLMAN SETH P - The Price of Empire
50221: FULBROOK, MARY - Piety and Politics - Religion and the Rise of Absolutism in England, Wurttemberg and Prussia
38930: FULFORD, ROGER (EDITOR) - Your Dear Letter Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia, 1865-71
43286: FULLER J. F. C. - Decisive Battles of the Western World (3 Volumes)
27240: NATIONAL ART COLLECTIONS FUND - Twenty Five Years of the National Art Collections Fund 1903 -1928
50393: FURHAMMER, LEIF & FOLKE ISAKSSON & K. FRENCH - Politics and Film
55807: FURLONG, MONICA - C of E the State It's in-Past and Present
11117: FURNAS J C - Anatomy of Paradise Hawaii and the Islands of the South Seas
22510: FURNAS J C - The Life and Times of the Late Demon Rum
40512: JORDAN ROBERT FURNEAUX - Victorian Architecture
40452: JAYNE CAROLINE FURNESS - String Figures and How to Make Them a Study of Cat's Cradle in Many Lands
55821: FUSSELL, PAUL - The Great War and Modern Memory
18022: DOSTOYEVSKY FYDOR - Crime and Punishment
11956: FYFIELD J A - Re-Educating Chinese Anti-Communists
34408: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - Crime and Punishment
49527: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR - Letters of Fyodor Dostoevsky to His Family and Friends
55272: FYSH, PETER (SENIOR LECTURER IN FRENCH & FYSH - Politics of Racism in France
22219: FYVEL T R - And There My Trouble Began: Uncollected Writings 1945-85
49961: GABLIK, SUZI - Magritte
48615: MORAN GABRIEL - God Still Speaks the Basis of Christian Education
2070: BREYNAT MGR GABRIEL - The Flying Bishop
9425: FALLON GABRIEL - Sean o'Casey the Man I Knew
34547: DELLA-PIANA GABRIEL M - Reading Diagnosis and Prescription an Introduction
34830: CHANAN GABRIEL ( EDITED BY ) - Streaming and the Primary Teacher
34996: WHITE GABRIEL (INTRODUCTION BY) - American Naive Paintings of the 18th and 19th Centuries from the Collection of Edger William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch
51954: WHITE GABRIEL (FORWARD BY) - Baroque in Bohemia
30007: FAHR-BECKER GABRIELE (EDITOR) - Japanese Prints
10068: GRIFFIN GABRIELE (EDITOR) - Outwrite Lesbianism and Popular Culture
54036: NISSIM GABRIELLE - IL Tribunale Del Bene la Storia Di Moshe Bejski
18369: PICON GAETAN - The Birth of Modern Painting
27730: BALLARDINI GAETANO - Note Di Critica Ceramica Serie XV
39217: GAGE, NICHOLAS - Hellas Portrait of Greece
34535: GAHAGAN D M AND G A - Talk Reform Explorations in Language for Infant School Children
55212: GAHAN, DANIEL - The People's Rising Wexford, 1798
54401: GAHAN, DANIEL - Rebellion Ireland in 1798
14412: SERVADIO GAIA - To a Different World in the Land of the Mafia
15069: HOUSTON GAIE - All in the Mind : The Making of an Interpersonal Group in a Television Series)
11214: CAIGNON DENISE AND GROVES GAIL (EDITORS) - Her Wits About Her: Self Defence Success Stories by Women
27209: LEVIN GAIL - Twentieth-Century American Painting : The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
51990: O'GAIN, UI RIONACH - Daniel o'Connell in Irish Folk Tradition Immortal Dan
46437: GAINEY, JAMES - Princess of the "Mary Rose"
45837: GAINHAM, SARAH - Habsburg Twilight Tales from Vienna
48115: GAIRDNER, C. B. JAMES - The English Church in the Sixteenth Century from the Accession of Henry VIII to the Death of Mary
14524: PETROVIC GAJO - Mark in the Twentieth Century
51985: GALAMBUSH, JULIE - The Reluctant Parting How the New Testament's Jewish Writers Created a Christian Book
47166: GALBIATI, ENRICO & K. WHITE - Early Church in the Acts of the Apostles and in Their Writings
48499: GALBIATI, ENRICO & K. WHITE - Early Church in the Acts of the Apostles and in Their Writings
21623: CRUNP GALBRAITH M (EDITED BY) - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Samson Agonistes
31417: GALBRAITH J K - American Capitalism the Concept of Countervailing Power
32535: GALBRAITH J K - The Galbraith Reader Selected by the Editors of Gambit
30435: GALE W K V - Ironworking
53750: GALEN LAST, DICK VAN & ROLF WOLFSWINKEL - Anne Frank and After Dutch Holocaust Literature in Historical Perspective
47198: GALIPEAU, STEVEN A. - Transforming Body and Soul Therapeutic Wisdom in the Gospel Healing Stories
52859: GALLAGHER, MICHAEL PAUL - Dive Deeper the Human Poetry of Faith
55361: GALLAGHER, MICHAEL PAUL - Into Extra Time Living Through the Final Stages of Cancer, and Jottings Along the Way
55598: GALLANT, THOMAS - Modern Greece
27347: WADDINGTON GALLERIES - Allen Jones Exhibition 23 June-16 July 1983
38757: WILLOW GALLERY - Romantic Russians to the Best of British 5th December -12 Th December 2008
27073: NATIONAL GALLERY - Pictures from the Gulbenkian Collection
27673: WALKER ART GALLERY - Prb Millais Pra
27632: TATE GALLERY - The Taste of Yesterday: An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture from the Gallery's Reserve Collection
18407: COE KERR GALLERY - The Remembered Image : Prendergast Watercolours 1896-1906
27112: NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY - Thomas Shotter Boys (1803 - 1874) Centenery Exhibition
18378: TATE GALLERY - Tate Report (Tate Gallery Biennial Report 1994-96)
27122: NOITTINGHAM UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY - Diploma Works by Present Royal Academicans: An Exhibition of 62 Paintings, Engravings, Architectural Drawings and Sculptures, Lent by the Royal Academy of Arts
27100: TATE GALLERY - The Annenberg Collection (September 2 - October 8)
27087: TATE GALLERY - A Hundred Years of German Painting 1850-1950
46715: GALLERY, NATIONAL PORTRAIT - King's Good Servant, Sir Thomas More, 1477/8-1535 Exhibition Catalogue
35036: BROD GALLERY - Brod Old Master Painting Exhibition 13th October-30 Th November 1977 Recent Acquisitions
16630: LAPSLEY GALLIARD T - Crown, Community and Parliament in the Later Middle Ages
46824: GALLICO, PAUL - Honourable Cat Photographs by Jane Burton
53467: GALLMANN, KUKI - I Dreamed of Africa
54179: GALLOIS, WILLIAM - Time, Religion and History
38128: GALLOWAY, DAVID M. - Schools, Pupils and Special Educational Needs
52615: GALT, JOHN & IAN A. GORDON - The Entail or the Lairds of Grippy
42614: JOHN BARTHOLOMEW /G V GALWEY - Illustrated Ireland Map Pictorial Map
27056: PARRY T GAMBIER - The Ministry of Fine Art to the Happiness of Life: Essays on Various Artists
39989: GAMMOND, PETER - The Magic Flute a Guide to the Opera
46743: GAMMOND, PETER/BIRD RICHARD - Musical Instruments
51392: JONES ROBERT GAN (R J DERFEL) - Brad y Llyfrau Gleision
53138: GANIER RAYMOND, PHILIPPE - Une Certaine France L'Antisémitisme 40-44
39208: GOODWIN GARAINT - The White Farm and Other Stories
40058: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL & G. RABASSA - The Autumn of the Patriarch
40338: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL & G. RABASSA - Chronicle of a Death Foretold Translated by Gregory Rabassa
30110: LORCA FEDERICO GARCIA - The House of Bernarda Alba and Other Plays
39749: GARCIA, A. - History of the West Indies
42731: GARDENER C. B. E. , DAME HELEN (EDITOR) - The Faber Book of Religious Verse
49202: GARDINER, PATRICK - Kierkegaard
53656: GARDINER, JULIET - What Is History Today... ?
16085: GARDINER S C - German Loanwords in Russian 1550-1690
50747: GARDNER T W (FOREWORD BY) - N.U. T Conference Souvenir Brighton 1934
39446: GARDNER, JOHN - The King's Indian Stories and Tales
44061: GARDNER, JEAN - Aviation Landmarks
3275: GARDNER A H - Outline of English Architecture
41104: GARDNER, JOHN - The King's Indian Stories and Tales
29452: W H GARDNER (SELECTED BY) - Poems and Prose of Gerard Manley Hopkins
47388: GARDNER, R F R - Abortion the Personal Dilemma
43473: GARFIELD, SIMON - Our Hidden Lives the Everyday Diaries of a Forgotten Britain 1945-1948
14297: GARLAND H B - Lessing Minna Von Barnhelm
50430: GARRARD, JOHN - English and Immigration a Comparative Study of the Jewish Influx 1880-1910
38593: GARRATT, CHRIS & CHRIS RODRIGUES - Introducing Modernism
28019: FITZGERALD GARRET - Ireland in the World: Further Reflections
22833: FITZGERALD GARRETT - Towards a New Ireland
48123: MATTINGLY GARRETT - The Armada
29931: HORDER W GARRETT (EDITOR) - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier with Notes. Index of First Lines and Chronological List
34914: HORDER GARRETT W ( EDITED BY ) - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
4640: MATTINGLY GARRETT - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
6803: GARRETT A A - History of the Society of Incorporated Accountants 1885 To1957
54845: GARRIOCH, DAVID - The Making of Revolutionary Paris
13474: KEILLOR GARRISON - Lake Wobegon Days
12480: KEILLOR GARRISON - Radio Romance
21544: KEILLOR GARRISON - Wobegon Boy
12519: KEILLOR GARRISON - We Are Still Married : Stories and Letters
10369: KEILLOR GARRISON - The Book of Guys
46833: GARRONE, GABRIEL-MARIE & A. NEAME - Poor in Spirit Spirituality of Jeanne Jugan
24119: HOGG GARRY - Turf Beneath My Feet
14961: KILWORTH GARRY - The Roof of Voyaging (Book 1 of the Navigator of Kings)
28800: JENKINS GARRY - Daniel Day-Lewis the Fire Within
21786: HOGG GARRY - And Far Away
558: O'CONNOR GARRY - Sean o'Casey a Life
5750: O'CONNOR GARRY - Sean o'Casey - a Life
5884: HOGG GARRY - Museums of England
6654: O'CONNOR GARRY - William Shakespeare: A Life
43638: GARTEN, HUGO F. - Wagner the Dramatist
43047: GARTON, JANET - Norwegian Women's Writing, 1850-1990
11089: AYRES MICHAEL AND NEWBON GARY - Under Starter's Orders : A Guide to Racing on the Flat
18489: TINTEROW GARY (EDITOR) - Master Drawings by Picasso
14396: O'CONNOR GARY - French Theatre Today
12484: PAULSEN GARY - Eastern Sun, Winter Moon
31927: WYNIA GARY W - The Politics of Latin American Development (Second Edition)
9470: AYRES MICHAEL AND NEWBON GARY - Under Starter's Orders : A Guide to Racing on the Flat

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