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11866: KINSMAN FRANCIS - Millennium : Towards Tomorrow's Society
10360: CORNISH FRANCIS - Anaphoric Relations in English and French a Discourse Perspective
40614: GUERCIO FRANCIS M - Sicily: The Garden of the Mediterranean the Country and Its People
14821: TROCHU FRANCIS - Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret 1765-1826
46044: PRIBRAM ALFRED FRANCIS - England and the International Policy of the European Great Powers 1871-1914 Ford Lectures Delivered at Oxford in Michaelmas Term 1929
48696: FRANCIS, POPE - Evangelii Gaudium the Joy of the Gospel
2354: GRANT SIR FRANCIS J - The Manual of Heraldry
23625: WATT FRANCIS - The Life and Opinions of the Right Hon. John Bright
47152: FRANCIS OF ASSISI, SAINT & ET AL & OTTO KARRER - The Little Flowers Legends, and Lauds of St. Francis of Assisi
7524: SHERIDAN MRS FRANCIS - The History of Nourjahad
33824: BURGESS FRANCIS H - A Guide to Shore and Harbour Fishing
34658: EDMUNDS FRANCIS - Anthroposophy a Way of Life
34955: BACON FRANCIS - Essays of Francis Bacon
40596: DREWE FRANCIS - Ticehurst, Stonegate and Flimwell
38606: HASTINGS DOYLE SIR FRANCIS - The Return of the Guards and Other Poems
36101: WARNER FRANCIS - Francis Warner Early Poems
36374: CARR FRANCIS - Ivan the Terrible
5853: WILLIAMS FRANCIS - The Right to Know the Rise of the World Press
7649: WINDROW MARTIN AND MASON FRANCIS - A Concise Dictionary of Military Biography
7825: HYETT FRANCIS A - Gloucester in Natural History
8192: CAMPS FRANCIS E - Camps on Crime
9693: CARTY FRANCIS - Irish Saints in Ten Countries
39052: MEYNELL FRANCIS (EDITED BY) - The Week-End Book New Edition
48955: THOMPSON FRANCIS - St Ignatius Loyola
43101: HYDE FRANCIS E - Far Eastern Trade 1860-1914
41254: PREVEDEN FRANCIS R - A History of the Croatian People (Volume 2 Only)
42549: STEER FRANCIS W - The History of the Dunmow Flitch Ceremony
31191: METZI FRANCISCO - The People's Remedy the Struggle for Health Care in el Salvador's War of Liberation
48945: FRANCO FR - Supreme Witness Brief Profiles of Comboni Missionaries Murdered in the Missions
27626: BALDERI ININIO/RUSSOLE FRANCO - Zeven Variaties Op Een Tema
10680: MAURIAC FRANCOIS - A Woman of the Pharisees (la Pharisienne) Translated by Gerald Hopkins
13805: RABELAIS FRANCOIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel
16449: CARON FRANCOIS - An Economic History of Modern France
48055: GUIZOT FRANCOIS P G - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchingson with the Essay by Francois P.G. Guizot
34157: TRUFFAUS FRANCOIS - The Films in My Life
9011: FEJTO FRANCOIS - Heine a Biography
19448: GIROUD FRANCOISE - I Give You My Word (France's Minister for Women) Translated from the French by Richard Seaver
3240: MALLET-JORIS FRANCOISE - The Uncompromising Heart a Life of Marie Mancini Louis X1v's First Love
45186: FRANGOPULO N J - Rich Inheritance a Guide to the History of Manchester
45131: JESSUP RONALD AND FRANK - The Cinque Ports Foreword by Elizabeth Bowen
32380: CARR FRANK G G - The Cutty Sark and the Days of Sail
48481: KNIGHT FRANK - A Beginner's Guide to the Sea
28337: EGAN FRANK - The Uninvited Guest: A Magic Fantasy for Boys and Girls
48139: MURPHY FRANK - Daniel Mannix Archbishop of Melbourne
24326: BYRNE FRANK (CONCOCTED BY) - An Irish Stew
24773: O'CONNOR FRANK - The Common Chord : Stories and Tales
40958: BALLARD FRANK H - The Desire of All Nations
23378: HARRIS FRANK - Unpath'd Waters
1931: HOWES FRANK - Full Orchestra
23581: O'CONNOR FRANK - My Fathers Son
33418: BORGER ROBERT AND CIOFFI FRANK (EDITORS) - Explanation in the Behavioural Sciences Confrontations
13087: GEORGE FRANK - Man the Machine
10308: SHAW CAPTAIN FRANK H - Odysseys and Oddities
42285: JOHNSON FRANK (EDITOR) - R a a F over Europe
32565: GEORGE FRANK H - Science and the Crisis in Society
32359: STUART FRANK - A Seal's World
32061: BORGER ROBERT AND CIOFFI FRANK (EDITOR) - Explanation in the Behavioural Sciences Confrontations
32258: LANE FRANK W - Animal Wonderland
31581: MANUEL FRANK E - Shapes of Philosophical History (the Harry Camp Lectures 1964)
14540: UNDERHILL FRANK H - The British Commonwealth : An Experiment in Co-Operation Among Nations
20153: SWINNERTON FRANK - Arnold Bennett
30376: HOUGHTON FRANK - China Calling
36085: SALMON FRANK (EDITOR) - The Persistence of the Classical Essays on Architecture Presented to David Watkin
39002: SWINNERTON FRANK - The Adventures of a Manuscript Being the Story of "the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists"
14529: DELFORD FRANK - The Life and Times of Miss America
20614: LEWIS FRANK - Essex and Sugar: Historical and Other Connections
11813: HUGGETT FRANK E - Life Below Stairs
36149: FIELD FRANK (EDITOR) - The Conscript Army a Study of Britain's Unemployed
2242: MCCOURT FRANK - 'Tis.
24172: HARRIS FRANK - Elder Conklin and Other Stories
10574: CHAPPLE FRANK - Sparks Fly a Trade Union Life
28799: TUOHY FRANK - Live Bait
21784: FINN FRANK - Pets and How to Keep Them
15857: STOCKDALE SIR FRANK (REPORT BY) - Development and Welfare in the West Indies 1940-1942
34953: BLACKWELL FRANK - Children in the Picture
11976: BARLOW FRANK (EDITOR) - Exeter and Its Region
11222: KNIGHT FRANK - That Rare Captain: Sir Francis Drake
31960: PARKIN FRANK - Class Inequality and Political Order Social Stratification in Capitalist and Communist Societies
15589: ORME FRANK W - The Landscaped Rock and Water Garden
26638: HERRMANN FRANK (INTRODUCED BY) - Selected Paintings at the Norton Simon Museum
26271: O'CONNOR FRANK - The Road to Stratford
48087: O'CONNOR FRANK - An Only Child
39675: SWINNERTON FRANK - A Galaxy of Fathers
41961: COLQUHOUN FRANK - Harringay Story the Official Record of the Billy Graham Greater London Crusade 1954
23431: O'CONNOR FRANK - The Art of the Theatre
24655: HARRIS FRANK - Oscar Wilde
40606: SMEDLEY FRANK E - Frank Fairlegh
2613: O'CONNOR FRANK - Irish Miles
48475: O'CONNOR FRANK - Collection Two
964: DOHERTY FRANK - The Stalker Affair Including an Account of British Secret Service Operations in Ireland
19979: ALLEN EDWARD FRANK - Dictionary of Abbreviations and Symbols
20216: MCCOURT FRANK - Angela's Ashes: A Memoir of a Childhood
3270: LOWE FRANK A - Days with Rarer Birds
46292: DOBSON FRANK - The Life and Times of George Silvertop of Ministeracres
14757: VAN EYNDE FRANK (EDITOR) - Linguistic Issues in Machine Translation Communication in Artificial Intelligence Series
26379: O'CONNOR FRANK - Frank o'Connor Collection Two
21343: SWINNERTON FRANK - Arnold Bennett: A Last Word
30648: ALLAUN FRANK - No Place Like Home Britain's Housing Tragedy
30718: PALMER FRANK - Grammar
31242: BORGER ROBERT AND CIOFFI FRANK (EDITORS) - Explanation in the Behavioural Sciences Confrontations
3295: MACSHANE FRANK (EDITOR) - The Notesbooks of Raymond Chandler and English Summer
33169: RAMPARTS EDITORS OF AND BROWING FRANK - Prison Life a Study of the Explosive Conditions in America's Prisons
34236: SWINNERTON FRANK - Harvest Comedy
34316: SLAUGHTER G FRANK - The Crown and the Cross
34724: BROWN B FRANK - The Nongraded High School
29646: EINHARD THE FRANK - The Life of Charlemagne Translated and Introduction by Lewis Thorpe
34998: MACDERMOT FRANK - Tone and His Times
35088: BLACKWELL FRANK - Children in the Picture a Report on the Primary Extension Programme
35551: DELANEY FRANK - A Walk to the Western Isles After Boswell and Johnson
35804: O'CONNOR FRANK - My Father's Son
36016: MUIR FRANK - Comedy in Television Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures
36385: KAPRAL FRANK S - Coach's Illustrated Guide to Championship Wrestling
36409: GIANAKARIS GEORGE AND DAMICO FRANK - The Handbook of Wrestling Drills
26120: EGAN FRANK - Through the Hollow Oak : A Book of Nonsence for Children and Older Children : A Fairy Story without Any Fairies
37069: COLLINGWOOD FRANK - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man by Joyce Coles Notes
37071: MCGUINNESS FRANK - Mary & Lizzie
381: TUOHY FRANK - Yeats
4168: DELANEY FRANK - Betjeman Country
4293: O'CONNOR FRANK (EDITOR) - A Book of Ireland
446: HARRIS FRANK - Bernard Shaw (a Biography) . With a Postscript by Shaw
4552: O'CONNOR FRANK - My Father's Son
5774: MORLEY FRANK - The Long Road West a Journey in History
5820: MUIR FRANK - A Kentish Lad the Autobiography of Frank Muir
7094: BARNABY DR FRANK - Instruments of Terror
956: MACDERMOT FRANK - Tone and His Times
9949: GERVASI FRANK - The Violent Decade a Foreign Correspondent in Europe and the Middle East 1935-1945
17215: MOORE FRANK FRANKFORT - The Life of Oliver Goldsmith
46778: FRANKIEL, SANDRA S. - Christianity
40025: FRANKLAND, NOBLE - Witness of a Century Life and Times of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught 1850-1942
19757: FRANKLIN DR (TRANSLATOR) - The Earl of Warwick Adapted for Theatrical Representation As Performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Covent Garden a Tragedy
39104: FRANKLIN, ROBERT - Lord Stuart de Rothesay the Life and Times of Lord Stuart de Rothesay of Highcliffe Castle, 1779-1845
48196: FRANKLYN, JULIAN - Dictionary of Rhyming Slang
30699: COETZEE FRANS - For Party or Country Nationalism and the Dilemmas of Popular Conservatism in Edwardian England
48003: LIGNEL FRANS - In Flanders Fields Museum Guide
26711: BELSKY FRANTA - Sculpture
26543: BELSKY FRANTA - Franta Belsky Sculpture
40781: MARC FRANZ - Tierstudien 36 Handzeichnungen
16345: KAFKA FRANZ - Metamorphosis and Other Stories
29513: WERFEL FRANZ - The Song of Bernadette
26681: LANDSBERGER FRANZ - Die Kunstlerischen Probleme Der Renaissance
34291: KAFKA FRANZ - America
41065: HERRE FRANZ - Kaiser Franz Joseph Von Osterreich sin Leben-Seine Zeit
29490: FISCHER ERNST AND MAREK FRANZ - Marx in His Own Words
29415: KAFKA FRANZ - Metamorphosis and Other Stories
34238: KAFKA FRANZ - The Trial
35867: BLEI FRANZ - Andre Gide Der Schlechtgefesselte Prometheus
41613: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - The Sheik and the Dustbin
48863: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Gunpowder Plot Terror and Faith in 1605
25382: DARLING F FRASER - Natural History in the Highlands & Islands ( the New Naturalist Series)
42831: FRASER, FLORA - Princesses the Six Daughters of George III
14290: TURNER JOHN FRAYN - Frank Sinatra: A Personal Portrait
44126: FUNCKEN LILIANE AND FRED - Arms and Uniforms the Age of Chivalry -3 Volumes
49057: CROSSLEY FRED H. - English Church Design 1040-1540 A.D.
34533: SCHONELL FRED J - The Psychology and Teaching of Reading
10307: MEW FRED - Back of the Wight
21015: ARCHER FRED - Fred Archer, Farmer's Son: A Cotswold Childhood in the 1920's
33598: HECHINGER FRED M (EDITOR) - A Better Start New Choices for Early Learning
34891: SCHONELL J FRED - Backwardness in the Basics Subjects
36435: HAMS FRED - Old Poultry Breeds
5295: HOYLE FRED - The Nature of the Universe a Series of Broadcast Lectures
9193: TOMKINS FRED (DR) - Jewels in Ebony
11655: TROUP FREDA - In Face of Fear: Michael Scott's Challenge to South Africa
41144: HOOD FREDERIC - God's Plan Forewood by Bishop of London-Lent Book
2816: HOOD FREDERIC - The Chapel of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
9583: SPOTTS FREDERIC (EDITOR) - Letters of Leonard Woolf
41163: MYERS FREDERIC W H - Saint Paul
39235: LEES FREDERIC - A Summer in Touraine
43652: HANDLE GEORGE FREDERIC - Samson, an Oratorio, or Sacred Drama Altered and Adapted from Milton by Newburgh Hamilton Vocal Only
31023: MONK RAY AND RAPHAEL FREDERIC (EDITORS) - The Great Philosophers from Socrates to Turing
7857: PHILLIPS FREDERIC - Verse from a Western Isle
39226: LEES FREDERIC - A Summer in Touraine
27434: KNAPP FREDERICH - Italienische Plastik Vom Funfzehnten Bis Achtzehnten Jahrhundert
48273: HARRISON FREDERICK - Life in a Medieval College the Story of the Vicars-Choral of York Minster
39409: WEDMORE FREDERICK - Dream of Provence Orgeas and Miradou
38044: GORE FREDERICK (COVER DESIGN BY) - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1981 a Souvenir of the 213th Summer Exhibition
39839: STEPHENSON CARL & MARCHAM FREDERICK G - Sources of English Constitutional History a Selection of Documents from Ad 600 to the Present
43848: BENTHAM FREDERICK - Tabs June 1966 Vol 12 No 2
10613: WOODS FREDERICK - Artillery of Words: The Writings of Sir Winston Churchill
10301: MULHAUSER FREDERICK L (INTRODUCER) - Mathew Arnold : Selected Poetry and Prose
33346: WILKINSON FREDERICK - Arms and Armour
10306: WATT FREDERICK B - Who Dare to Live
32524: ENGELS FREDERICK - Socialism Utopian and Scientific
14659: POHL FREDERICK - Jem: The Making of Utopia
16888: WEDMORE FREDERICK - Etchings
19087: ENGLES FREDERICK - Anti-Duhring: Herr Eugen Duhring's Revolution in Science
25792: MYATT FREDERICK - The Soldier's Trade: British Military Development 1660-1914
15428: POTTLE FREDERICK A (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
21406: POTTLE FREDERICK A (PREPARED BY) - Boswell's London Journal 1726-1763
4456: HARTT FREDERICK - Art (Vol 1 Only)
15463: LUMNEY FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Theatre in Review
2538: ROBINSON KENNETH AND MADDEN FREDERICK - Essays in Imperial Government
5570: POHL FREDERICK J - Like to the Lark the Early Years of Shakespeare
35429: ADAMS FREDERICK B - An Introduction to Pierpont Morgan Library
39094: VON RAUMER FREDERICK - England in 1835. A Series of Letters Written to Friends in Germany Volume 1
19575: ROBINSON KENNETH AND MADDEN FREDERICK (EDITORS) - Essays in Imperial Government Presented to Margery Perham
15798: LOCKER FREDERICK - London Lyrics
3182: BOAS FREDERICK S - An Introduction to Stuart Drama
41680: NORTH FREDERICK J (EDITOR) - Lenten Sermons by Representative Preachers
1383: MILLER FREDERICK - Pictures in the Wallace Collection
1370: GRICE FREDERICK - Nine Days Wonder
26364: WOODS FREDERICK - Legends and Traditions of Cheshire
30802: OSBORN FREDERICK J - Green-Belt Cities
33329: POTTLE FREDERICK A (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-63
33483: SONTAG FREDERICK - The Problems of Metaphysics
5444: AYER FREDERICK - The Man in the Mirror
9768: LUMLEY FREDERICK - Trends in 20th Century Drama a Survey Since Ibsen and Shaw
48559: MACNUTT FREDERICK B. - The Prayer Manual for Private Devotions or for Public Use on Divers Occasions
39095: VON RAUMER FREDERICK - England in 1835. A Series of Letters Written to Friends in Germany Vol 2
41208: POTTLE FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
39850: WARING JOSEPH FREDERICK - Cerveau's Svannah
2852: POHL FREDERIK - The Way the Future Was: A Memoir
8538: THATCHER OLIVER J AND SCHWILL FREDINAND - A General History of Europe (350 - 1900)
37383: MULHAUSER FREEDERICK L(EDITOR) - Matthew Arnold Selected Poetry and Prose
39878: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Jerome Kern
38890: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Salute to Irving Berlin
46000: FREELY, JOHN - Inside the Seraglio Private Lives of the Sultans in Istanbul
912: FREEMAN T W - Ireland
31404: FREEMAN M D A - The Legal Structure
39685: FREEMAN T W - The Conurbations of Great Britain
41233: FREEMAN, ROBIN - Art and Architecture of Owen Browne Carter, 1806-59
4960: FREEMAN T W - Ireland
38316: FREESTON, EWART C. - Prisoner of War Ship Models, 1775-1825
29466: KROEKER KATE FREILIGRATH - Poems Selected from Heinrich Heine
44038: FRENCH, ALBERT & ROGER KITCHEN - Your Loving Brother Albert the Letters of a Boy Soldier 1915-1916
49228: FREND, W.H.C. - Rise of Christianity
36762: FREUD, ESTHER - Hideous Kinky
47996: LORD MRS FREWEN - Tales from Westminster Abbey Tales Told to Children
48374: FREWIN, ANTHONY - Book of Days
45046: FREWIN, LESLIE (EDITOR) - Royal Silver Anniversary Book
43894: FREY, JULIA - Toulouse-Lautrec a Life
48634: FREYNE, S. - The World of the New Testament
46848: FREYNE, S. - The World of the New Testament
44150: FRIAR, STEPHEN - A Companion to the English Parish Church
44149: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography
45789: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography
49233: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography
46086: FRIEDBERG, AARON L. - The Weary Titan Britain and the Experience of Relative Decline, 1895-1905
49187: GORRES IDA FRIEDERIKE - The Hidden Face a Study of Therese of Lisieux
17269: FRIEDLAENDER V H - Mirrors and Angles
40766: SIEBURG FRIEDRICH - Chateaubriand
1932: MARX KARL AND ENGELS FRIEDRICH - The Communist Manifesto
26852: KEYSER FRIEDRICH - Reformations Almanach Fur Luthers Verehrer Auf Das Evangelische Jubeljahr 1817
30552: NIETZSCHE FRIEDRICH - Beyond Good and Evil
25725: HEER FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World Europe 1100-1350
49251: HEILER FRIEDRICH - The Spirit of Worship Its Forms and Manifestations in the Christian Churches
31642: MARX KARL AND ENGELS FRIEDRICH - The Communist Manifesto
34556: NIETZSCHE FRIEDRICH - The Birth of Tragedy and the Genealogy of Morals
46400: ASHWORTH FRIENDS OF - Christ Our Light (Volume 1 ) Advent-Pentcost Patristic Readings on Gospel Themes
36662: FRIENDS, CHRISTOPH & - Curious Moments
42323: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - Behind the Scenes of Otto Preminger - an Unauthorised Biography
43643: FRITH, FRANCIS & PAUL HARRIS - Villages of Kent Photographic Memories
34005: SCHMALENBACH FRITZ - Oskar Kokoschka
2008: HARTUNG FRITZ - Enlightened Despotism
27386: KREDEL FRITZ - Das Fleine Buch Der Bogel Und Nefter Interfel-Bucherei: Nr100
36542: VOLBACH W FRITZ - Early Decorative Textiles
27759: STAHL FRITZ - Altenglische Meister Mit Zwei Vierfarbentafeln Dreiundvierzig Mattkunst Druckbildern , 5 Tondruck Bildern Und Zwei Gravuren
4943: BURGER FRITZ - Cezanne Und Hodler Einfuhrung in Die Probleme Der Malerei Der Gegenwart Von Fritz Burger
48590: FROHLICH, MARY - St Therese of Lisieux Essential Writings
43733: FROHOCK, FRED - Lives of the Psychics the Shared Worlds of Science and Mysticism
45492: FROMM, ERICH - Greatness and Limitations of Freud's Thought
45317: FROSH, STEPHEN - The Politics of Psychoanalysis an Introduction to Freudian and Post-Freudian Theory
48644: FROSSARD, ANDRE & POPE JOHN PAUL & J.R. FOSTER - Be Not Afraid Conversations with Pope John Paul II
47232: FROST, BEDE & MICHAEL FORSTER & MARK JABALE - Lent with St. Benedict
2399: FROUDE J. A - Essays in Literature and History
48852: FRUM, DAVID - The Right Man the Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush
48626: FRY, PLANTAGENET SOMERSET - Castles England Scotland Ireland Wales
36893: FRY, STEPHEN & HUGH LAURIE - A Bit of Fry and Laurie
27938: FRYBERGER BETSY G, WILLIAMS GLORIA, ADAMS CLINTON, CARRIER DAVID AND GILMOUR PAT - Picasso Graphic Magician Prints from the Norton Simon Museum
48005: POWICKE SIR F MAURICE & FRYDE E B - Handbook of British Chronology
32765: MARTIN RODERICK AND FRYER R H - Redundancy and Paternalist Capitalism a Study in the Sociology of Work
39163: FRYER, JONATHAN - Eye of the Camera Life of Christopher Isherwood
43014: FRYER, JONATHAN - Andre and Oscar Gide and Wilde and the Gay Art of Living
46728: DAUGHTERS OF ST PAUL & MARY LEA HILL FSP - Basic Catechism Creed Sacraments Morality Prayer
38927: FUCHS, STEPHEN - Aboriginal Tribes of India
40743: FULBRIGHT, J. W. WITH TILLMAN SETH P - The Price of Empire
38930: FULFORD, ROGER (EDITOR) - Your Dear Letter Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia, 1865-71
43286: FULLER J. F. C. - Decisive Battles of the Western World (3 Volumes)
49015: SHEEN FULTON J. - Peace of Soul
27240: NATIONAL ART COLLECTIONS FUND - Twenty Five Years of the National Art Collections Fund 1903 -1928
11117: FURNAS J C - Anatomy of Paradise Hawaii and the Islands of the South Seas
22510: FURNAS J C - The Life and Times of the Late Demon Rum
40512: JORDAN ROBERT FURNEAUX - Victorian Architecture
40452: JAYNE CAROLINE FURNESS - String Figures and How to Make Them a Study of Cat's Cradle in Many Lands
18022: DOSTOYEVSKY FYDOR - Crime and Punishment
11956: FYFIELD J A - Re-Educating Chinese Anti-Communists
13916: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - The Devils
34408: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - Crime and Punishment
22219: FYVEL T R - And There My Trouble Began: Uncollected Writings 1945-85
48615: MORAN GABRIEL - God Still Speaks the Basis of Christian Education
2070: BREYNAT MGR GABRIEL - The Flying Bishop
9425: FALLON GABRIEL - Sean o'Casey the Man I Knew
34547: DELLA-PIANA GABRIEL M - Reading Diagnosis and Prescription an Introduction
34830: CHANAN GABRIEL ( EDITED BY ) - Streaming and the Primary Teacher
34996: WHITE GABRIEL (INTRODUCTION BY) - American Naive Paintings of the 18th and 19th Centuries from the Collection of Edger William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch
30007: FAHR-BECKER GABRIELE (EDITOR) - Japanese Prints
10068: GRIFFIN GABRIELE (EDITOR) - Outwrite Lesbianism and Popular Culture
18369: PICON GAETAN - The Birth of Modern Painting
48981: BERNOVILLE GAETAN - Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier Foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters
27730: BALLARDINI GAETANO - Note Di Critica Ceramica Serie XV
39217: GAGE, NICHOLAS - Hellas Portrait of Greece
34535: GAHAGAN D M AND G A - Talk Reform Explorations in Language for Infant School Children
14412: SERVADIO GAIA - To a Different World in the Land of the Mafia
15069: HOUSTON GAIE - All in the Mind : The Making of an Interpersonal Group in a Television Series)
11214: CAIGNON DENISE AND GROVES GAIL (EDITORS) - Her Wits About Her: Self Defence Success Stories by Women
27209: LEVIN GAIL - Twentieth-Century American Painting : The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
46437: GAINEY, JAMES - Princess of the "Mary Rose"
45837: GAINHAM, SARAH - Habsburg Twilight Tales from Vienna
48115: GAIRDNER, C. B. JAMES - The English Church in the Sixteenth Century from the Accession of Henry VIII to the Death of Mary
14524: PETROVIC GAJO - Mark in the Twentieth Century
47165: GALBIATI, ENRICO & K. WHITE - History of Salvation in the Old Testament
47166: GALBIATI, ENRICO & K. WHITE - Early Church in the Acts of the Apostles and in Their Writings
48501: GALBIATI, ENRICO & K. WHITE - History of Salvation in the Old Testament
48499: GALBIATI, ENRICO & K. WHITE - Early Church in the Acts of the Apostles and in Their Writings
21623: CRUNP GALBRAITH M (EDITED BY) - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Samson Agonistes
31417: GALBRAITH J K - American Capitalism the Concept of Countervailing Power
32535: GALBRAITH J K - The Galbraith Reader Selected by the Editors of Gambit
30435: GALE W K V - Ironworking
47198: GALIPEAU, STEVEN A. - Transforming Body and Soul Therapeutic Wisdom in the Gospel Healing Stories
46429: GALLAGHER, JIM - Padre Pio, the Pierced Priest a Biography
27347: WADDINGTON GALLERIES - Allen Jones Exhibition 23 June-16 July 1983
38757: WILLOW GALLERY - Romantic Russians to the Best of British 5th December -12 Th December 2008
27073: NATIONAL GALLERY - Pictures from the Gulbenkian Collection
27673: WALKER ART GALLERY - Prb Millais Pra
27632: TATE GALLERY - The Taste of Yesterday: An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture from the Gallery's Reserve Collection
18407: COE KERR GALLERY - The Remembered Image : Prendergast Watercolours 1896-1906
27112: NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY - Thomas Shotter Boys (1803 - 1874) Centenery Exhibition
18378: TATE GALLERY - Tate Report (Tate Gallery Biennial Report 1994-96)
27122: NOITTINGHAM UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY - Diploma Works by Present Royal Academicans: An Exhibition of 62 Paintings, Engravings, Architectural Drawings and Sculptures, Lent by the Royal Academy of Arts
27100: TATE GALLERY - The Annenberg Collection (September 2 - October 8)
27087: TATE GALLERY - A Hundred Years of German Painting 1850-1950
46715: GALLERY, NATIONAL PORTRAIT - King's Good Servant, Sir Thomas More, 1477/8-1535 Exhibition Catalogue
35036: BROD GALLERY - Brod Old Master Painting Exhibition 13th October-30 Th November 1977 Recent Acquisitions
36216: TATE GALLERY - The Turner Collection in the Clore Gallery
16630: LAPSLEY GALLIARD T - Crown, Community and Parliament in the Later Middle Ages
46824: GALLICO, PAUL - Honourable Cat Photographs by Jane Burton
40119: GALLOP, RODNEY - Mexican Mosaic Folklore and Tradition
38128: GALLOWAY, DAVID M. - Schools, Pupils and Special Educational Needs
17497: GALTON MAURICE, SIMON BRIAN AND CROLL PAUL - Inside the Primary Classroom
42614: JOHN BARTHOLOMEW /G V GALWEY - Illustrated Ireland Map Pictorial Map
27056: PARRY T GAMBIER - The Ministry of Fine Art to the Happiness of Life: Essays on Various Artists
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42843: TURNER SIR GEORGE - Mary Stuart Forgotten Forgeries
40197: MOORE GEORGE - Lewis Seymour and Some Women
5808: THOMAS GEORGE - Mr Speaker the Memoirs of Viscount Tonypandy
40006: BRAQUE GEORGES - Georges Braque Graphic Works 1882-1963
42393: CONDOMINAS GEORGES - We Have Eaten the Forest the Story of a Montagnard Village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
19977: ROUAULT GEORGES - Miserere Foreword by Anthony Blunt
1804: DUHAMEL GEORGES - Patrice Periot
17030: SIMENON GEORGES - Lost Moorings
17847: MONGREDIEN GEORGES - Daily Life in the French Theatre at the Time of Moliere Translated by Claire Eliane Engel
47296: DUBY GEORGES ET AL - A History of Private Life Revelations of the Medieval World (Volume 2)
14993: MONGREDIEN GEORGES - Daily Life in the French Theater at the Time of Moliere
27013: GRAPPE GEORGES (TEXTE DE) - L'Art Et le Beau: Troiseme Annee Vol. IV: Eugene Delacroix
29324: DUPEUX GEORGES - French Society 1789-1970
14394: BLAKISTON GEORGIANA - Woburn and the Russells
47689: BATTISCOMBE GEORGINA - John Keble a Study in Limitations
43188: GERAGHTY, TONY - Who Dares Wins the Story of the Special Air Service, 1950-1980
27713: WILLIAMS GERAINT L (EDITED BY) - John Stuart MILL on Politics and Society
15084: JENKINS GERAINT H - Literature, Religion and Society in Wales 1660-1730
36453: JENKINS J GERAINT - Life and Tradition in Rural Wales
2273: GOODWIN GERAINT - Conversations with George Moore
17281: PARRY GERAINT - Political Elites
40370: BULLETT GERALD (EDITED) - Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century
10103: TAN GERALD - The Economic Transformation of Asia
1315: HANLEY GERALD - The Journey Homeward
40045: HAMILTON GERALD - Blood Royal
4543: BULLETT GERALD - George Eliot Her Life and Book
45502: ELSE GERALD F - Aristotle's Poetics: The Argument
33292: SUMMERS GERALD - Owned by an Eagle
19074: KRUIJER GERALD J - Development Through Liberation Third World Problems and Solutions
14091: BULLETT GERALD (EDITOR) - The English Galaxy of Shorter Poems
4365: HINES GERALD D (FOREWORD) - Architectects of the United States of America 1989-1990.
28761: ABRAHAM GERALD - Tchaikovsky : A Short Biography
20018: MCKNIGHT GERALD - Verdict on Schweitzer: The Man Behind the Legend of Lambarene
21384: BULLETT GERALD (EDITED BY) - Readings in English Literature: From Chaucer to Matthew Arnold
10589: STUDDERT-KENNEDY GERALD - Evidence and Explanation in Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach
46464: DWYER GERALD - Diocese of Portsmouth Past and Present
47556: VANN GERALD - Moral Dilemmas
5871: BOWMAN GERALD - The Lamp and the Book (Rcn Members Edition) the Story of the Rcn1916-1966
48135: VANN GERALD - The Paradise Tree
23983: GRIFFIN GERALD - The Collegians: The Dramatic Story on Which Are Based the Play the Colleen Bawn and the Opera the Lily of Kilarney
48267: VANN GERALD - The Two Trees Broadcast Addresses
42346: MAXWELL GERALD - The Old World Germany of to-Day
5877: SPARROW GERALD - "R.A. B" Study of a Statesman
17959: COBB GERALD - The Old Churches of London
47729: KELLY GERALD - Medico Moral Problems
33059: LEACH GERALD - The Biocrats Implications of Medical Progress
33205: KEMENY JOHN G SNELL J LAURIE AND THOMPSON GERALD L - Introduction to Finite Mathematics
33589: NEWMARK GERALD - This School Belongs to You and Me
34655: HEARD GERALD - Man the Master
34659: HEARD GERALD - The Code of Christ an Interpretation of the Beatitudes
34660: HEARD GERALD - The Creed of Christ an Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer
34989: MCKNIGHT GERALD - Gucci a House Divided
36099: BULLETT GERALD (EDITOR) - Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century
4656: HANLEY GERALD - Noble Descents
7902: SNARE GERALD - The Mystification of George Chapman
8878: BULLETT GERALD - News from the Village
43610: MORIARTY GERALD P (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY) - The Paris Law Courts Sketches of Men & Manners
47338: VANN GERALD - The Eagle's Word a Presentation of the Gospel According to St John
40860: VANN GERALD - The Son's Course
29055: BEECH GERALDINE (EDITOR) - Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office (4) Europe and Turkey
48948: CORR GERARD M - Devotion to Our Lady Among English Catholics,in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
34493: PANTIN GERARD - The Servol Life Centres
18708: DUROZOI GERARD - Toulouse-Lautrec
14082: WALTER GERARD - Nero
48133: MONTAGUE GERARD - Problems in the Liturgy
6746: CORR GERARD H - The Chinese Red Army Campaigns and Politics Since 1949
49020: BRADY GERARD K. - Saint Dominic Pilgrim of Light
19488: LERNER GERDA - Why History Matters: Life and Thought
25315: KUTSCHER GERDT - Chimu: Eine Altindianische Hochkultur
18143: GRUMMER DR. GERHARD - Technical Fundamentals Rice (Irrigation - Preparation of Land - Cultivation and After-Cultivation - Weed Control - Manuring and Fertilising - Plant Protection - Chemical Composition - Processing and Use - by-Products
34382: BOLDT GERHARD - Hitler's Last Days an Eye Witness Account Translated by Sandra Bance
25352: BOTT VON GERHARD - Die Gemaldegalerie Des Landesmuseums Darmstadt
25437: GUSE ERNST-GERHARD - Marc Chagall: Druckgraphik
4996: HERM GERHARD - The Celts
46821: GERHARDSON, BIRGER - The Origins of the Gospel Traditions
2962: BAZIN GERMAIN - Impressionist Paintings in the Louvre
40517: BAZIN GERMAIN - A Concise History of Art (Vol 2 Only) from the Renaissance to the Present Day
26413: BAZIN GERMAIN - La Peinture Italienne Aux XIV Et XV Siecles
35588: BAZIN GERMAIN - Baroque and Rococo
32854: GREER GERMAINE - The Whole Woman
31955: GREER GERMAINE - The Whole Woman
22400: BREE GERMAINE - The World of Marcel Proust
31021: GREER GERMAINE - Sex and Destiny the Politics of Human Fertility
29770: NUNN PAMELA GERRISH - From Victorian to Modern Innovation and Tradition in the Works of Vanessa Bell, Gwen John and Laura Knight
28196: ADAMS GERRY - Before the Dawn: An Autobiography
27473: ROSENTSWIEG GERRY (PRODUCED BY) - Artists / Prints 1976-1977
6858: ADAMS GERRY - Free Ireland : Towards a Lasting Peace
6859: ADAMS GERRY - Falls Memories
8698: STIMSON GERRY V - Heroin and Behaviour
22754: GERSON H (INTRODUCED BY) - Rembrandt's Influence in the 7th Century
42775: VON SCHWARZENFELD GERTRUDE - Charles V Father of Europe
29703: WILLIAMS GERTRUDE - The Economics of Everyday Life
39050: STEIN GERTRUDE - Picasso
41511: HOLLIS GERTRUDE - And Now , o Father a Happy Communion Book
14038: LANDA GERTRUDE AND M J - Jacob Across Jabbok
40585: WILLIAMS GERTRUDE - The Price of Social Security the Problem of Labour Mobility
33620: KEIR GERTRUDE - Adventures in Reading for Backward Readers Teacher's Companion
41517: HOLLIS GERTRUDE - My Beloved and My Friend
39608: MATHEW GERVASE - The Court of Richard 11
47096: GETTY-SULLIVAN, MARY ANN - The Women of the Gospels Missionaries of God's Love
47012: GETTY, MARYANN - Philippians and Philemon New Testament Message 14
43957: GHASSEM-FACHANDI, PARVIS - Violence Ethnographic Encounters
5795: ALGOSAIBI GHAZI A - The Gulf Crisis an Attempt to Understand
47119: GHEON, HENRI - The Secret If the Little Flower
10873: IONESCU GHITA - The Politics of the European Communist States
14405: NAKHAI GHODS - The Rubaiiyat of Ghods Nakhai
39620: GHOSH, DIPALI - Translations of Bengali Works Into English a Bibliography
47986: PUCCINI GIACOMO - La Boheme an Opera in Four Acts
34174: PUCCINI GIACOMO - Turandot (Opera Guide 27)
34516: PUCCINI GIACONMO - La Boheme (National Opera 14)
39403: GIANNARIS, GEORGE - Mikis Theodorakis Music and Social Change
46105: GIBB, LORNA - Lady Hester Queen of the East
6244: GIBBARD LES - Gibbard's Double Decade Omnibus: Modern History in Political Cartoons 1969-91
2673: GIBBENS T C N, MARRIAGE A, WALKER A - Psychiatric Studies of Borstal Lads
38310: GIBBONS, BOB & DAVIES PAUL - The Himalayas
39171: GIBBS, ANTHONY - In My Time an Autobiography
38121: GIBBS A C - Middle English Romances
21738: GIBBS D, HILLMAN D, EDWARDS CAROLINE (EDITORS) - Tony Evans: Taking His Time
41145: GIBBS, J.C. - To Church with Enthusiasm
48843: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet
37798: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Prophet
39043: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Thoughts and Meditations by Kahlil Gibran Translated from the Arabic by Anthony Ferris
36835: GIBSON, WILLIAM - Burning Chrome
43056: GIBSON, JAMES M. - Kent Diocese of Canterbury (3 Volumes)
10567: CURREY R N AND GIBSONR V (CHOSEN BY) - Poems from India by Members of the Armed Forces
44911: GIDE, ANDRE & D. BUSSY - If It Die
44903: GIDE, ANDRE & D. BUSSY - The Immoralist
44929: GIDE, ANDRE & D. BUSSY - La Symphonie Pastorale / Isabelle
44934: GIDE, ANDRE & D. BUSSY - The Vatican Cellars
40665: CLARK GIDEON - Democracy in the Dock
32753: SJOBERG GIDEON (EDITOR) - Ethics, Politics and Social Research
15582: SJOBERG GIDEON - Ethics Politics and Social Research
11946: SCOTT MAY GIDEON - The Croft and the Ceilidh
113: LEWIS GIFFORD (EDITOR) - The Selected Letters of Somerville and Ross
24861: LEWIS GIFFORD (EDITED BY) - The Selected Letters of Somerville and Ross
3661: LEWIS GIFFORD (EDITOR) - The Selected Letters of Somerville and Ross
38204: GIGGAL, KENNETH; VRIES, CORNELIS DE - Great Classic Sailing Ships
29113: MURRAY GILBERT - The Trojan Women of Euripides
41772: WHITE REV GILBERT - Fifty -Six Short Sermons for the Use of Lay Readers
41755: RUSSELL GILBERT - Men & Women
19191: GILBERT W S - The Bab Ballads with Which Are Included Songs of Savoyard
31752: HARMAN GILBERT (EDITOR) - On Noam Chomsky Critical Essays
1795: MURRAY GILBERT (TRANSLATOR) - The Iphigenia in Tauris of Euripides
11936: ROZMAN GILBERT - The Chinese Debate About Soviet Socialism 1978-1985
11069: FITE GILBERT C - Cotton Fields No More: Southern Agriculture 1865-1980
43317: GILBERT, ADRIAN - Pow Allied Prisoners in Europe, 1939-1945
39049: GILBERT W S - Fifty "Bab" Ballads Much Sound and Little Sense
43370: GILBERT, MARTIN - D-Day
39915: GILBERT, MICHAEL (EDITOR)) - The Oxford Book of Legal Anecdotes
46455: DOBLE GILBERT H - Saint Iltut
43279: GILBERT, DR MARTIN - Continue to Pester, Nag and Bite Churchill's War Leadership
29375: COX MICHAEL AND GILBERT R A (EDITORS) - Victorian Ghost Stories an Oxford Anthology
48952: GILBERT, OSB DOM - Unfolding the Mystery Monastic Conferences on the Liturgical Year
37508: MURRAY GILBERT (TRANSLATOR) - The Electra of Euripides Translated Into English Rhyming Verse
20826: MILTON GILES - Nathaniel's Nutmeg: How One Man's Courage Changed the Course of History
12943: GILES F T - Children and the Law
17247: KEATING GILES - The Production and Use of Economic Forecasts
22360: DIXEY GILES (CHOSEN AND PARAPHRASED) - The Way of a Ship According to Apollonius Rhodius: Passages from the Argonautica
38111: LAPPING BRIAN AD RADICE GILES (EDITORS) - More Power to the People Young Fabian Essays on Democracy in Britain
5657: MILTON GILES - Big Chief Elizabeth How England's Adventurers Gambled and Won the New World
40494: ST. AUBYN GILES - The Royal George 1819-1904 the Life of Prince George Duke of Cambridge
40245: GILHESPY, DIANA & KEN JONES & TONY MANWARING & HENRY NEUBURGER & ADAM SHARPLES - Socialist Enterprise Reclaiming the Economy
18417: HEDLEY GILL - Julia Manheim (the Shifting Emphasis)
41243: GILL, CRISPIN - Duchy of Cornwall
12640: GILL B M - The Twelfth Juror
26901: SAUNDERS GILL - Picturing Plants: An Analytical History of Botanical Illustration
46080: GILLARD, DAVID - Struggle for Asia, 1828-1914 a Study in British and Russian Imperialism
45852: GILLEN, MOLLIE - Assassination of the Prime Minister Shocking Death of Spencer Perceval
42229: GILLER, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Book of Cricket Lists
1409: COHEN GILLES - Beau Comme Beaubourg
18472: CHOURAQUI GILLES (INTRODUCED BY) - Three Artists from France (Erik Dietman, Stephane Herbelin and Bernard Lassus)
7844: MARTINET GILLES - Marxism of Our Time or the Contradictions of Socialism Translated from the French by Frances Kelly
32216: EDWARDS GILLIAN - Hogmanay and Tiffany the Names of Feasts and Fasts
12654: FREEMAN GILLIAN - The Undergrowth of Literature
10295: AVERY GILLIAN - Victorian People
42288: GILLIATT, PENELOPE - Woman of Singular Occupation
43361: GILLIES, MIDGE - Waiting for Hitler Voices from Britain on the Brink of Invasion
48723: GILLIES, MIDGE - The Barbed-Wire University the Real Lives of Prisoners of War in the Second World War
40888: GILMER, WALKER - Horace Liveright Publisher of the Twenties
34476: ROSSINI GIOACCHINO - The Barber of Seville (a Comic Opera in Three Acts) Original Text and English Translation
25741: PRESSBURGER GIORGIO - The Law of White Spaces
29395: VASARI GIORGIO - The Lives of the Artists
48906: SALERNO GIOVANNI - On Mission with God in the Andes the Servants of the Poor of the Third World
27655: LANFRANCO GIOVANNI - Paintings from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of St. Paul's - without - the - Walls, Rome
32667: BALDELLI GIOVANNI - Social Anarchism
1381: PAPINI GIOVANNI - Das Wesen Der Renaissance : Schriftenreihe Symposion 6
45119: GIROUARD, MARK - Enthusiasms
38788: GIRTON, D. - Treatise on Domestic Pigeons
48134: GISBSON, PETER - The Concise Guide to Kings & Queens a Thousand Years of European Monarchy
10422: D'ESTAING V GISCARD - Towards a New Democracy
26444: BOLAFFI GIULIO (EDITOR) - Catalogo Nazionale Bolaffi D'Arte Moderna N. 7 IL Collezionista D'Arte Moderma
39460: LUGLI GIUSEPPE - The Roman Forum and the Palatine
42642: VERDI GIUSEPPE - Falstaff : An Opera in 3 Acts on a Libretto by Arigo Boito Italian-English
34170: VERDI GIUSEPPE - Otello (Opera Guide 7)
34477: VERDI GIUSEPPE - Macbeth (Opera in Four Acts)
34480: VERDI GIUSEPPE - La Traviata (English National Opera No 5)
48579: GIUSSANI, LUIGI - Why the Church?
4207: GLADSTONE MRS - Found and Burnt
47786: GLADSTONE, W. E. & LORD GRANVILLE & AGATHA RAMM & H. C. G. MATTHEW - The Gladstone-Granville Correspondence
38355: GLADWIN, D.D. - Steam Transport on the Roads
22106: GLADWIN D D - An Illustrated History of British Waterways
11859: ELDER GLADYS - The Alienated : Growing Old to-Day
42279: ROBERTSON-GLASGOW R C - Cricket Prints Some Batsmen & Bowlers 1920-1940
29741: BECKETT J C AND GLASSCOCK R E (EDITORS) - Belfast the Origin and Growth of an Industrial City
8279: STRUVE GLEB - 25 Years of Soviet Russian Literature (1918 to 1943)
37548: GLEIZES, ALBERT; BROOKE, PETER - Art and Religion, Art and Science, Art and Production Translation , Introduction and Notes by Peter Brooke
22313: LEEMING GLENDA - Who's Who in Thomas Hardy Foreword by Susan Hill
27936: SUJO GLENN - Legacies of Silence: The Visual Arts and Holocaust Memory
12234: TREWARTHA GLENN T - The Less Developed Realm: A Georgaphy of Its Population
38117: LANGFORD GLENN - Philosophy and Education an Introduction
31157: GLENNERSTER H - Social Service Budgets and Social Policy British and American Experience
44996: GLENTON, ROBERT - The "Royal Oak" Affair the Saga of Admiral Collard and Bandmaster Barnacle
44987: GLIDDON, GERALD - Arras and Messines, 1917
43977: GLIDDON, GERALD - The Battle of the Somme a Topographical History
2316: CROOKSHANK. ANNE AND THE KNIGHT OF GLIN - Irish Portraits 1660-1860
20738: CLIFTON GLORIA C - Professionalism, Patronage and Public Service in Victorian London
14981: WADE-GAYLES GLORIA - Pushed Back to Strength : A Black Woman's Journey Home
12267: WADE-GAYLES GLORIA - Pushed Back to Strength: A Black Woman's Journey Home
12136: WADE-GAYLES GLORIA - Pushed Back to Strength: A Black Women's Journey Home
7306: SKURZYNSKI GLORIA - Safeguarding the Land
7046: BOLTON GLORNEY - Roman Century a Portrait of Rome As the Capital of Italy 1870-1970
7919: BOLTON JR GLORNEY - Roman Century 1870-1970
41972: GLOVER T R - Progress in Religion to the Christian Era Wilde Lectures 1918/21 and Lowell Lectures Boston 1922
41542: GLOVER T R - The Pilgrim Essays on Religion
16088: GLOVER R - Leonidas a Poem (2 Vols)
44994: GLOVER, MICHAEL - That Astonishing Infantry Three Hundred Years of the History of the Royal Welch Fusiliers , 1689-1989
2733: GLOVER T R - Cambridge Retrospect
41092: GLOVER T R - Jesus in the Experience of Men
34624: GLOVER R T - The Ancient World a Beginning
37432: GLOVER T R - The Ancient World a Beginning
6835: GLOVER T R - The Ancient World
40910: GLOVER T R - The Jesus of History
13479: GLUSBERG JORGE, ORIOL BOHIGAS AND MIGUEL ANGEL ROCA - The Architecture of Miguel Angel Roca
2777: MORGAN GLYN - The Romance of Essex Inns Illustrated by the Author
20958: DANIEL GLYN (EDITED BY) - Archaeological Atlas of the World
22310: MORGAN GLYN H - The Romance of Essex Inns
21021: DANIEL GLYN - Writing for Antiquity
37170: WILLIAMS GLYNDWR (SELETED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Captain Cook's Voyages 1768-1779
31795: BREAKWELL GLYNIS M - Interviewing
35589: WICKHAM GLYNNE - The Medieval Theatre
10749: WINN GODFREY - This Fair Country
10537: GOODWIN GODFREY - Ottoman Turkey
32821: VESEY GODFREY - Perception
21683: EVANS GODFREY - Behind the Stumps
24358: SAXE JOHN GODFREY - The Poems of John Godfrey Saxe Complete Edition
16180: GOODWIN GODFREY - Ottoman Turkey : Islamic Architecture
43013: GODFREY, RUPERT - Letters from a Prince Edward, Prince of Wales, to Mrs Freda Dudley Ward, March 1918 - January 1921
33124: VESEY GODFREY (EDITOR) - Philosophy in the Open
41482: REED SIDNEY L & PAIN GODFREY S - More Gallant Gentlemen a Book of Yarns
40950: PAIN GODFREY S - Youth and the Gospel
24640: GODLEY A D (EDITED BY) - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore
47496: RIDLEY JASPER GODWIN - Nicholas Ridley a Biography
17467: LEWIS GOEFFREY - Lord Hailsham : A Life
14622: EWART EVANS GOERGE - Where Beards Wag All : The Relevence of the Oral Tradition
28773: GOETHE - Goethe's Gedichte (2 Volume)
27398: GOETHE J W VON - Gesprache Mit Eckermann
29483: GOETHE - Faust /Part One
42730: GOGARTY, OLIVER ST.JOHN - Sackville Street and Other Stories As I Was Going Down Sackville Street- Rolling Down the Lea- It Isn't This Time of Year at All
46807: VAN GOGH, VINCENT & BERNARD BRUCE - Vincent by Himself a Selection of Paintings and Drawings Together with Extracys Fron His Letters
20709: GOLBY J M (EDITOR) - Culture and Society in Britain 1850-1890: A Source Book for Contemporary Writings
1521: GOLBY J M (EDITOR) - Culture and Society in Britain 1850-1890 a Source Book of Contemporary Writings
20719: GOLDBERG P J P (EDITED BY) - Women in Medieval English Society
36723: GOLDBERG, S. L. - An Essay on King Lear
39867: GOLDBERG, SANDER M. - The Making of Menander's Comedy
46072: GOLDFRANK, DAVID M. - The Origins of the Crimean War
39445: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Rites of Passage
41262: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
44927: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
38056: GOLDRING, PATRICK - Friend of the Family Work of Family Service Units
14043: GOLDSCHEIDER L - Donatello : Complete Edition
25165: GOLDSMITH OLIVER, ADDISON JOSEPH AND STEELE RICHARD - The Vicar of Wakefield and Sir Roger de Coverley
19829: GOLDSMITH DR - The Good Natured Man Adapted for Theatrical Representation As Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden
28144: GOLDSMITH MR - Essays Collecta Revirefeunt
3785: JOHN GOLDSMITH (EDITOR) - Stephen Spender Journals 1939 -1983
43082: GOLDSMITH DR. - Essays by Dr. Goldsmith Collecta Revirescunt
34772: DAVIE R BUTLER N GOLDSTEIN H - From Birth to Seven a Report of the National Child Development Study
44015: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN KEITH - Caesar's CIVIL War 45bc-44bc
45768: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN - Roman Warfare
33444: GOLDTHORPE J E - Family Life in Western Societies
17250: MANN GOLO - Reminiscences and Reflections Growing Up in Germany
48905: GOMBRICH, EH - The Story of Art Pocket Edition
48811: GOMBRICH, ERNST - A Little History of the World
49069: GONZALES-BALADO, JOSE LUIS - Always the Poor Mother Teresa - Her Life and Message
47124: GONZALEZ, J. L. - A Portrait of Pope Montini
5299: GOOCH G P - Annals of Politics and Culture (1492-1899)
2197: LEAKEY LSB AND GOODALL V M - Unveiling Man's Origins
47874: GOODHART, PHILIP & URSULA BRANSTON - The 1922 the Story of the Conservative Backbenchers' Parliamentary Committee

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