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45818: COPELAND, KENNETH - Honor Walking in Honesty, Truth, and Integrity
39666: COPEMAN, G. & ETC. - Shared Ownership How to Use Capital Incentives to Sustain Business Growth
48616: COPLESTON, F. - Aquinas an Introduction to the Life and Work of the Great Medieval Thinker
49175: F. C. COPLESTON - Aquinas
46664: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
19217: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
32491: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
46846: COPLESTON F C - Jesus Christ or Mohammed? the Bible or the Koran?
46360: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
28561: BOYLE T CORAGHESSAN - She Wasn't Soft
20976: CORBETT P B - The Scurra
34519: ROBINSON S CORBETT T - The Dreamer's Dictionary
43697: CORDEN, W.MAX - Too Sensational on the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes
31948: LEFF CORDON - History and Social Theory
48695: COREN, MICHAEL - Why Catholics Are Right
17474: REDGRAVE CORIN - Michael Redgrave My Father
11644: GATES HENRY LOUIS AND WEST CORNEL - The Future of the Race
36557: BUDGE IAN AND O'LEARY CORNELIUS - Belfast : Approach to Crisis a Study of Belfast Politics 1613-1970
51876: CORNICK, MARTYN & CERI CROSSLEY - Problems in French History
51193: CORNWALL, MARK - Last Years of Austria-Hungary a Multi-National Experiment in Early Twentieth-Century Europe
50729: CORNWELL, JOHN - Seminary Boy
51947: CORNWELL, JOHN - The Dark Box a Secret History of Confession
37547: RICCI CORRADO - Michelangelo
47136: PALLENBERG CORRADO - Vatican from Within
27354: RICCI CORRADO - Michaelangelo
7632: BARNETT CORRELLI - Marlborough
13710: BARNETT CORRELLI - The Swordbearers: Studies in Supreme Command in the First World War
10229: CORRIGAN PHILIP, RAMSAY HARVIE AND SAYER DEREK - Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory (Bolshevism and Its Critique)
46366: CORRIGAN, FELICITAS - Benedictine Tapestry
46473: CORRIGAN, FELICITAS & SIR ALEC GUINNESS - George Thomas of Soho
47791: CORTAZZI, HUGH - Images of Japan 1885-1912 Scenes, Tales and Flowers
45797: COSTA, DANIEL - The Lost Gold of Rome the Hunt for Alaric's Treasure
49416: COSTELLO, PETER - Dublin Castle in the Life of the Irish Nation
38555: COSTELLO, FRANCIS J. - The Irish Revolution and Its Aftermath, 1916-1923 Years of Revolt
51982: COSTELLO, PETER & PETER VAN DE KAMP - Flann o'Brien an Illustrated Biography
51211: COSTELLO, PETER - Life of Leopold Bloom
40121: COTON A V - The New Ballet Kurt Jooss and His Work
25606: MACDONNELL JOHN COTTER - The Life and Correspondence of William Connor Magee (2 Volumes) Archbishop of York, Bishop of Peterborough
43711: COTTER, MATTHEW J. (EDITOR) - Sidney Hook Reconsidered
5171: MACDONNELL JOHN COTTER - Life and Correspondence of William Connor Magee Archbishop of York Two Volumes
49087: COUGHLAN, NORA & JANE SAUNDERS - The White Dust Track
40011: COULCHER, PATRICK & DENIS HEALEY - A Natural History of the Cuckmere Valley
43090: COULDREY, VIVIENNE - Tiffany Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany
41745: COULSON C A - Science , Technology and the Christian
47721: COULTER G G - Social Life in Britain from the Conquest to the Reformation
7767: COULTER G C - Medieval Panorama the English Scene from the Conquest to the Reformation
47617: COULTON G G - The Medieval Scene an Informal Introduction to the Middle Ages
47267: COULTON G G - Ten Medieval Studies with Four Appendices
19456: COULTON G G - The Medieval Scene an Informal Introduction to the Middle Ages
48152: COULTON G. G. - The Medieval Village
47269: COULTON G G - In Defence of the Reformation Three Lectures Delivered at the Central Hall, Liverpool
15830: COULTON G C - Europe's Apprenticeship (a Survey of Medieval Latin with Examples)
48069: COULTON G C - Life in the Middle Ages (Vols 1 & 2)
48266: COULTON G G - Europe's Apprenticeship a Survey of Medieval Latin with Examples
6994: COULTON G G (SELECTED BY) - Life in the Middle Ages (Vol1) Only) Religion, Folk-Lore and Superstition
27814: ARTS COUNCIL - Paintings from the Louvre: Manet and His Circle
27776: ARTS COUNCIL - French Drawings from Fouquet to Gauguin (Book of Illustrations)
27075: BRITISH COUNCIL - Henry Moore
27645: ARTS COUNCIL - Shakespeare in Art: Paintings, Drawings and Engravings Devoted to Shakespearean Subjects
27103: ARTS COUNCIL - Decade Painting, Sculpture and Drawing in Britain 1940-49
37733: COUNCIL, SCOTTISH CONSUMER - The Law of the School Parent's Guide to Education Law in Scotland
25976: ARTS COUNCIL - Picasso 55 Lithographs 1945-1947
27113: ARTS COUNCIL - Goya: Drawings, Etchings and Lithographs
42670: ARTS COUNCIL - An Aspect of American Painting and Sculpture 1948-1968 the Art of the Real
27114: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL - Views of the Thames: Greenwich to Windsor
27077: ARTS COUNCIL - Mexican Art from 1500 B. C to the Present Day
40930: GALLATIN COUNT (EDITOR) - The Great Peace Maker the Diary of James Gallatin 1813-1827
28780: GRAMMONT COUNT - Memoirs of the Court of Charles the Second
35941: CORTI COUNT - Ludwig I of Bavaria
50881: TOLSTOY COUNT - Sebastopol
20286: COUPLAND R (SELECTED BY) - The War Speeches of William Pitt the Younger
31395: COURT W H B - A Concise Economic History of Britain from 1750 to Recent Times
43424: COURTAULD, GEORGE & PETER WARD & JUDITH HANNAM - The Pocket Book of Patriots over 100 British Heroes :
20090: ILBERT SIR COURTENAY - House of Commons Manual of Procedure in the Public Business 1941
27094: LEWIS C T COURTNEY - The Baxter Price List 1924 Supplement to "George Baxter the Picture Printer "1924
51829: COUTOUVIDIS, JOHN & JAMIE REYNOLDS - Poland, 1939-47
41904: COUTTS, GENERAL FREDERICK L. - No Discharge in This War a One Volume History of the Salvation Army
45555: COUTTS, JOHN - Saints Alive! a Brief History of the Christian Church
45558: COUTTS, FREDERICK L. - The History of the Salvation Army 1946-77 - Weapons of Good Will V. 7
10367: COVAL S - Scepticism and the First Person
50828: COWAN, NEIL M. & RUTH SCHWARTZ COWAN - Our Parents' Lives Jewish Assimilation in Everyday Life
33200: COWAN J C - Pleasure and Pain a Study in Philosophical Psychology
45748: COWAN, ROSS - For the Glory of Rome a History of Warriors and Warfare
49613: G. COWARD, HAROLD - Scripture in the World Religions a Short Introduction
47999: COWARD, NOEL - Lyrics of Noel Coward
45177: COWBURN, JOHN - Shadows and the Dark the Problems of Suffering and Evil
41239: COX, TOM - Motor Boat and Yachting Manual
38918: COX, DAVID - The Henry Wood Proms
21938: COX C B - Two-Headed Monster
47532: COX, JOHN CHARLES & ALFRED HARVEY - English Church Furniture
41261: COX, C. B. & DYSON, A. E. (EDITORS). - Word in the Desert. Tenth Anniversity Number
43024: COXON H B - Roman Catholicism an Explanation of Catholic Belief Taken from Official Sources
49041: COYLE, TOM - This Is Our Mass
36686: CRACE, JIM - Continent
52004: CRACKNELL, KENNETH - Wilfred Cantwell Smith Oxford a Reader
43226: CRADDOCK, CHRIS - A Manual of Clay Shooting
37705: CRAFT, MAURICE, ETC. - Linking Home and School
36326: CRAGG G R - The Church and the Age of Reason (1648-1789) (Vol 4)
49100: CRAGG, G.R. - The Church and the Age of Reason, 1648-1789 Vol 4
42036: CRAIG A C - Preaching in a Scientific Age the Warrack Lectures for 1953
6147: TAPPING G CRAIG - Austin Clarke a Study of His Writings
50472: CRAIG, MAURICE JAMES - The Architecture of Ireland from the Earliest Times to 1800
50883: CRAIG, GORDON A. - Theodor Fontane Literature and History in the Bismarck Reich
51026: CRAIG, PHILIPPA - This Is the Liturgy This Is Divine Revelation
4982: CRAIG J, MCANULTY J AND FLANNIGAN P - Ireland the Promise of Socialism
9608: CRAIK T W - The Tudor Interlude
39631: CRAKER, TREVOR - Opening Accounts and Closing Memories Thirty Years with Thames and Hudson
39162: CRAMPTON, R. J. - Hollow Detente Anglo-German Relations in the Balkans, 1911-14
50593: CRAMPTON, R. J. - Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century
49009: D. H. S. CRANAGE - The Home of the Monk an Account of English Monastic Life and Buildings in the Middle Ages
50067: CRANE, SUSAN A. - Collecting and Historical Consciousness in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany New Forms for Collective Memory in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany
43151: CRANE, STEPHEN & RICHARD JENSETH & DR KEITH CARABINE - The Red Badge of Courage & Other Stories
44131: CRANE, DAVID - Men of War the Changing Face of Heroism in the 19th Century Navy
50330: CRANG, JEREMY A & PAUL ADDISON - Firestorm the Bombing of Dresden 1945
39680: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - The Fall of the House of Habsburg
40027: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - Maria Theresa
51153: CRAPEZ, MARC - Naissance de la Gauche, Suivi de. Précis D'Une Droite Dominée
51137: CRAPEZ, MARC - La Gauche Réactionnaire Mythes de la Plèbe Et de la Race Dans le Sillage Des Lumières
47755: CRASTER H H E - Speeches on Foreign Policy by Viscount Halifax
52027: CRAWFORD, HEATHER - Outside the Glow Protestants and Irishness in Independent Ireland
40421: CRAWFORD, DONALD & ROSEMARY CRAWFORD - Michael and Natasha the Life and Love of Emperor Michael II, the Last Tsar of Russia
37314: CRAWSHAW, ALWYN - Alwyn Crawshaw's Oil Painting Course
37317: CRAWSHAW, ALWYN - The Half-Hour Painter Paint a Successful Landscape in 30 Minutes
49200: CREAN, THOMAS - A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins
50631: CRENSHAW, JAMES L. - The Psalms an Introduction
52013: CRESSY, DAVID - Bonfires and Bells National Memory and the Protestant Calendar in Elizabethan and Stuart England
17255: MILLER NOD AND NORRIS CRESTA (EDITED BY) - Life After the Broadcasting Bill (Proceedings of the 20th University of Manchester Broadcasting Symposium)
46297: CRICHTON, J.D. - Our Lady in the Liturgy
46443: CRICHTON, J.D. - Lights in the Darkness Fore-Runners of the Liturgical Movement
48468: CRICHTON, J.D. - Ministry of Reconciliation a Commentary on the Order of Penance 1974
49095: CRICHTON, J.D. - The Once and Future Liturgy
37097: PORTEOUS CRICHTON - The Beauty and Mystery of Well-Dressing
46379: CRICHTON, J.D. - The Lord Is Risen Liturgy from Passiontide to Pentecost
49692: CRIDEN, YOSEF & SAADIA GELB - The Kibbutz Experience Dialogue in Kfar Blum
27016: THOMSON D CROAL - Matthew Maris an Illustrated Souvenir
26164: CROCKETT S R - Lads' Love
43266: CROFTON, IAN - History without the Boring Bits a Curious Chronology of the World
43235: CROFTON, IAN - History without the Boring Bits a Curious Chronology of the World
22450: CROKER K B - Things Phoenix 1782-1982: Phoenix Assurance Bicentenary
59: CROKER B M (MRS) - The Cat's-Paw and a Rolling Stone
3320: SAUNDERS R CROMBIE - A Guide to the Fishing Inns of Scotland
47669: CROOK, JOSEPH MORDAUNT - The Dilemma of Style Architectural Ideas from the Picturesque to the Post-Modern
51106: CROOKE, ELIZABETH - Politics, Archaeology and the Creation of a National Museum of Ireland an Expression of National Life
35868: CROSLAND T W H (COMPILED BY) - English Songs and Ballads
23720: JEFFARES NORMAN AND CROSS K G W (EDITORS) - In Excited Reverie: A Centenary Tribute to William Butler Yeats 1865-1939
49261: CROSS, TONY - St. Helena Including Ascension Island and Tristan Da Cunha
26256: CROSS E L - Walks in the Cairngorms Near Aviemore
43175: CROSS, ROBIN - Fallen Eagle the Last Days of the Third Reich
24524: NORMAN JEFFARES A AND CROSS K G W (EDITED BY) - In Excited Reverie: A Centenary Tribute W B Yeats 1865-1939
46646: CROSS, ERIC - Tailor and Ansty
48641: ST JOHN OF THE CROSS - Spiritual Canticle and Poems
50988: CROSS, TIM - The Lost Voices of World War I an International Anthology of Writers, Poets and Playwrights
44151: CROSS, ROBIN - Fallen Eagle the Last Days of the Third Reich
46404: CROUAN, DENIS & MICHAEL MILLER - The History and the Future of the Roman Liturgy
51418: CROW, THOMAS - Emulation Making Artists for Revolutionary France
43550: CROWDY, TERRY - The Enemy Within a History of Espionage
51217: CROWLEY, TONY & DR TONY CROWLEY - Language in History Theories and Texts
47937: CROWLEY, FRANK - A New History of Australia
48661: CRUDEN - Cruden's Concordance a Convenient Manual for the Study of the Holy Scriptures
42816: CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - Henry VIII and the Invasion of France
47957: CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - English Occupation of Tournai, 1513-19
540: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - Neighbours (the Ewart-Biggs Memorial Lectures 1978-1979)
26349: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - Passion & Cunning: Essays on Nationalism, Terrorism and Revolution
4685: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - The Long Affair
32113: CRUMP C G - The Logic of History
50424: CRYSTAL, DAVID - Spell It out the Singular Story of English Spelling
52205: CRYSTAL, DAVID - The Stories of English
43896: CUDDEFORD, MICHAEL J. - Identifying Buckles
48733: CUGNO, ALAIN & B. WALL - St. John of the Cross Life & Thought of a Christian Mystic
44965: CULL, ELIZABETH - Portrait of the Chilterns
28347: CULLEN L M - Life in Ireland
40136: CULLEN, TOM - Empress Brown Story of a Royal Friendship
40732: CULLEN, TOM - Empress Brown Story of a Royal Friendship
31511: CULLINGWORTH J B - Town and Country Planning in Britain
27365: MINISTERE DE LA CULTURE DE L'U. R. S. S. - Protection Et Restauration Des Monuments Architecturaux de Leningrad 1918 - 1978
20234: BENTLEY H CUMBERLAND - Songs and Verses
22345: CUMMINS W A - King Arthurs Place in Prehistory: The Great Age of Stonehenge
39512: CUNLIFFE, BARRY & SHIRLEY FELTS & EDGAR HOLLOWAY - Rome and the Barbarians
39365: CUNLIFFE, MARCUS - Soldiers and Civilians Martial Spirit in America, 1775-1865
42340: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - Specimen Days
36996: CUNNINGHAM, JOHN E. - Chaucer's "Prologue to the Canterbury Tales" a Critical Study Incorporating Chaucer's Text
31919: EISENSTADT S N AND CURELARU M - Macro-Sociology Theory Analysis and Comparative Studies (Volume 25 Number 2 Summer 1977)
45219: CURLE, B.R. & P. MEARA - Historical Atlas of Kensington and Chelsea
36892: CURRAN, JAMES & JEAN SEATON - Power without Responsibility Press and Broadcasting in Britain
29737: MACAODHA B S AND CURRIE E A - Ireland a Systematic and Regional Geography
7852: CURRY C - Wave Optics (Interference and Diffraction)
9885: CONROY JACK AND JOHNSON CURT - Writers in Revolt the Anvil Anthology 1933-1940
38948: CURTIN, JEREMIAH - Tales of the Fairies and of the Ghost World
45877: CURTIS, GREGORY - Disarmed the Story of the Venus de Milo
49746: CURTIS, MAURICE - A Challenge to Democracy Militant Catholicism in Modern Ireland
38401: CURTIS, TONY - Glass and Metalware
23742: BRADFORD CURTIS (EDITED BY) - Reflections by W B Yeats from the Journals
47643: CURTIS L P - Chichester Towers
48731: CUSACK, C. F. (THE NUN OF KENMARE) - The Illustrated History of Ireland from Early Times 400 A.D. - 1000 A.D.
50109: CUSTINE, ASTOLPHE DE & MARQUIS DE CUSTINE & R. BUSS - Letters from Russia
45642: CUTHBERT, NICK - God Is My Father
48961: CVANCARA, ALAN - Journey Through France
42854: ASQUITH LADY CYNTHIA - The Married Life of the Duchess of York
10238: TOURNEUR CYRIL - The Revengers Tragedy
17493: DABYDEEN CYRIL - Discussing Columbus
15862: CONNOLLY CYRIL - The Evening Colonnade
35164: BAILEY CYRIL ( EDITED BY ) - The Legacy of Rome
23129: BUNT CYRIL - A Little Journey Through Ancient Ireland Journeys Through Our Early History
11974: RAY CYRIL (EDITOR) - The New Compleat Imbiber
21864: NOALL CYRIL - The Story of Cornwall's Lifeboats
37493: CONNOLLY CYRIL (EDITOR) - Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art Vol 8 No 78 June 1946
40944: DEWAR LINDSAY AND HUDSON CYRIL E - Christian Morals a Study in First Principles
21861: CZARNECKI MRS L A - The Hero of Italy and Other Poems
28812: ANDRADE E N DA C (PROF) - The Atom
47169: DAALEN D. H. VAN - The Real Resurrection
51453: DACHS, GISELA - Judischer Almanach Orte Und Raume
47451: DAFFERN, THOMAS GIFFORD - Poems for Assemblies
46239: DAHIYAT, EID ABDALLAH - Once Upon the Orient Wave Milton and the Arab Muslim World
52101: DAICHES, DAVID - Two Worlds an Edinburgh Jewish Childhood and Promised Lands: A Portrait of My Father
37885: DAINTREY, ADRIAN - Fragonard le Billet Doux
44960: O'DAIR, MARCUS - The Rough Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
8346: ASHFORD DAISY - Daisy Ashford: Her Book
40252: CADEN PETTUS DAISY (ARRANGED BY) - The Rosalie Evans Letters from Mexico
12631: STIVENS DAL - The Wide Arch
25665: MORRIS WILLIAM DALE - The Christian Origins of Social Revolt
12511: CLINE SALLY AND SPENCER DALE - Reflecting Men at Twice Their Natural Size
11638: SPENDER DALE - There's Always Been a Women's Movement This Century
30102: SPENDER DALE (EDITOR) - Feminist Theorists Three Centuries of Women's Intellectual Traditions
38588: DALEY, WILLIE/DODD PHILIP - The Last Matchmaker
49800: DALLAL, READING A - A Nostalgic Trip Into the History of the Jews of Iraq
41870: DALLIMORE, ARNOLD - The Life of Edward Irving Fore-Runner of the Charismatic Movement
49542: DALOS, GYORGY & JUDITH SOLLOSY - The Circumcision
52068: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - Longest Journey
52066: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - Simple Prayer
52067: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - The Cross a Pasture
48763: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - Simple Prayer
47209: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - Theology and Spirituality
41604: EVEREST T DALTON - Dust or Destiny
49667: DALY , MARY & DICKSON DAVID (EDITORS) - The Origins of Popular Literacy in Ireland Language Change and Educational Development 1700-1920
46046: DALY, JOHN C.K. - Russian Seapower and the Eastern Question, 1827-41
50090: DALY, MARY E. - Dublin, the Deposed Capital a Social and Economic History, 1860-1914
36963: DALYELL, TAM - Dick Crossman a Portrait
46977: A SISTER OF NOTRE DAME - A Popular Manual of Church History
48438: DAME EDWARDS, EANSWYTH - St. Eanswythe of Folkestone Her Life, Her Relics and Her Monastery
28838: GRANT DAMIAN (EDITOR) - Poetry 1969 (Number 10)
700: QUINN DAMIAN - Devil's Heaven
43393: LEWIS DAMIEN - Operation Certain Death the Inside Story of the Sas's Greatest Battle
33573: DAMPIER-WHETHAM, W C D - A History of Science and Its Relations with Philosophy and Religion
12328: JACOBSON DAN - Adult Pleasures: Essays on Writers and Readers
13023: JACOBSON DAN - Time and Time Again
10674: JACOBSON DAN - The Evidence of Love
41227: LAURENCE DAN H - Bernard Shaw Collected Letters 1874-1897
33949: JACOBSON DAN - The Beginners
4680: RIDER DAN - Adventures with Bernard Shaw.
21631: GIOIA DANA - The Gods of Winter
14423: SKINNER R DANA - Our Changing Theatre
17742: PARRY DANAAN - Warriors of the Heart (a Handbook for Conflict Resolution)
51790: DANBY, HERBERT - The Mishnah Translated from the Hebrew with Introduction and Brief Explanatory Notes
40222: DANGERFIELD, GEORGE - Victoria's Heir the Education of a Prince
2911: HALPERN DANIEL (EDITOR) - Antaeus a Series of Essays on Art
46445: JENKINS DANIEL - Tradition and the Spirit
48565: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury Volume 2 with Dissertations on the Belief and Ritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans
52142: CHAMIER DANIEL - Law Relating to Literary Copyright and the Authorship and Publication of Books
10216: PICK DANIEL - War Machine
51541: MORNET DANIEL - Les Origines Intellectuelles de la Revolution Francaise 1715-1787
32895: TAYLOR DANIEL M - Explanation and Meaning an Introduction to Philosophy
16659: DEFOE DANIEL - Moll Flanders
31116: CHIROT DANIEL - Social Change in the Twentieth Century
16281: PICK DANIEL - War Machine (the Rationalistaion of Slaughter in the Modern Age)
9521: AUDEN W H/HALPERN DANIEL - The Prolific and the Devourer-Antaeus Summer 1981
21395: JENKINS DANIEL - Tradition and the Spirit
50656: DANIEL, NORMAN - Islam and the West the Making of an Image
10775: TAYLOR-IDE DANIEL - Something Hidden Behind the Ranges: A Himalayan Quest
9628: GREEN DANIEL - To Colonize Eden Land & Jeffersonian Democracy
8326: POLLEN DANIEL A - Hannah's Heirs the Quest for the Genetic Origins of Alzheimer's Disease
31993: GREENBERG DANIEL S - The Politics of American Science
15730: DEFOE DANIEL - Moll Flanders
38946: DEFOE DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
48567: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St. Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury. Belief Andritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans Volume 3 Part 2
30510: TAYLOR DANIEL M - Explanation and Meaning an Introduction to Philosophy
37703: MOSTELLIEER FREDERICK & MOYNIHAN DANIEL P (EDITORS) - On Equality of Educational Opportunity Papers from the Harvard University Seminar on the Coleman Report
48566: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St. Osmunds Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury Volume 3 Part 1 with Dissertations on Belief and Ritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans
35137: FARSON DANIEL - Henry Williamson a Portrait
8769: FARSON DANIEL - Henry an Appreciation of Henry Williamson
9789: SNOWMAN DANIEL - Placido Domingo's Tales from the Opera
48564: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury Volume 1
18816: BOONE DANIELE - Picasso the Masterworks
29480: ALIGHIERI DANTE - The Vision or Hell Purgatory and Paradise
29562: DANTE - Vita Nuova
21321: DANTE - The Vision: Or Hell Purgatory and Paradise of Dante Alighieri with a Life of Dante, Chronological View of His Age, Additional Notes and Index
36899: DANZIGER, KURT - Socialization
35032: PHILLIPS DAPHNE - The Story of Reading Including Caversham, Tilehurst Calcot, Earley and Woodley
22474: BATH DAPHNE - Longleat: From 1566 to the Present Time
48557: MAURIER DAPHNE DU - The Scapegoat
17928: HANMER JALNA AND STATHAM DAPHNE - Women and Social Work (Towards a Woman-Centered Practice)
10727: BENNETT DAPHNE - Margot : A Life of the Countess of Oxford and Asquith
10586: STATHAM DAPHNE - Radicals in Social Work
35550: DU MAURIER DAPHNE - Rule Britannia
35711: DU MAURIER DAPHNE - The Glass Blowers
37106: OLIVIER DARIA - The Burning of Moscow 1812
39449: HAMBOURG DARIA - Richard Doyle
12022: LEADER DARIAN - Why Do Women Write More Letters Than They Post
48322: SIDNEY DARK - Archbishop Davidson and the English Church
3316: DARLINGTON C D - The Evolution of Man and Society
41592: DARLOW T H - At Home in the Bible
52085: DARNTON, ROBERT - The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History
49873: DARNTON, ROBERT - The Case for Books
20771: BATES DARREL - A Gust of Plumes: A Biography of Lord Twining of Godalming and Tanganyika
25599: FIGGIS DARRELL - Ae (George W Russell) : A Study of a Man and a Nation
43639: DARWIN, CHARLES & JAMES A. SECORD - Evolutionary Writings Including the Autobiographies
10877: HILTON EARL AND SHRELL DARWIN - Exposition : A Rhetoric and Reader with Literary Emphasis
46495: DARWIN, CHARLES/BURROW JOHN - The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
11911: BARBIN LUCY AND MATERA DARYL - Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
51646: DATTA, VENITA - Birth of a National Icon the Literary Avant-Garde and the Origins of the Intellectual in France
49441: DAUBE, DAVID - The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism
43110: LEVER CHARLES & DAUGHTER - The Novels of Charles Lever Charles o'Malley the Irish Dragoon (2 Volumes)
30335: SOBEL DAVA (TRANSLATED BY) - To Father the Letters of Sister Maria Celeste to Galileo 1623-1633
7110: SOBEL DAVA - Longitude
29916: ASHURST GILL WALDING AND WILLIAMS DAVE - The Spirit of Kirk Ireton the 20th Century in Photographs
26325: MULLINS DAVE - Ladies of the Kasbah the Story of Ireland's Most Infamous Brothel and the Women Who Worked There
10878: PRIOR MIKE AND PURDY DAVE - Out of the Ghetto a Path to Socialist Rewards
45191: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Faithful Handmaid Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III
39610: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Faithful Handmaid Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III
40451: DAVEY, NORMAN - Building Stones of England and Wales
28969: MEENAN JAMES AND WEBB DAVID A (EDITED BY) - A View of Ireland: Twelve Essays on Different Aspects of Irish Life and the Irish Countryside
28616: HANLEY DAVID - In Guilt and in Glory
47726: MATHEW DAVID - Naval Heritage
51122: MARTIN DAVID - A Sociology of English Religion
46416: QUINLAN FR DAVID - Postgate Story 1599-1973
17208: LOTH DAVID - The Erotic in Literature: A Historical Survey of Pornography
38386: EVELEIGH DAVID J - Candle Lighting Shire Album Number 132
48237: WHITELAW DAVID - Corpus Delicti an Enquiry Into the Various Methods by Which Famous Murderers Have Disposed of Their Victims
34483: SMILANSKY MOSHE AND NEVO DAVID - The Gifted Disadvantaged a Ten Year Longitudinal Study of Compensatory Education in Israel
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40513: MANN THOMAS/LINDLEY DENVER - Confessions of Felix Krull Confidence Man (Memoirs Part 1)
43932: DENYER, MARY - The Freewood Years " My Son, His Animals and Me " :
16838: THOMPSON DENYS (EDITED BY) - Discrimination and Popular Culture
21659: THOMPSON DENYS (EDITED BY) - Distant Voices: Poetry of the Preliterate
34305: KAY-ROBINSON DENYS - The First Mrs Thomas Hardy
27593: SUTTON DENYS - American Painting
14534: MURPHY DENYS (EDITOR) - Transport : Selected Readings
19463: HAY DENYS - The Medieval Centuries
39402: RUTLEDGE DOM DENYS - The Complete Monk Vocations of the Monastic Order
6706: BLAKELOCK DENYS - Round the Next Corner: A Life Story About London Theatrical Life in the Twenties & Thirties
8318: THOMPSON DENYS - Between the Lines or How to Read a Newspaper
8795: VAL BAKER DENYS - Little Reviews 1914-1943
22662: STANFORD DEREK - Christopher Fry
25698: WILSON DEREK - The Tower 1078-1978
11198: BRITTON DEREK - Lady Chatterley the Making of the Novel
2531: ALDCROFT DEREK H - Studies in Public Transport 1870-1970
22664: PEARSALL DEREK - Gower and Lydgate
47615: WILSON DEREK - A Tudor Tapestry Men, Women and Socirty in Reformation England
38475: WRAGGE MORLEY DEREK - The Evolution of Insect Society
32778: FRASER DEREK - The Evolution of the British Welfare State a History of Social Policy Since the Industrial Revolution
32593: GJERTSEN DEREK - Science and Philosophy Past and Present
32375: WRAGGE MORLEY DEREK - The Ant World
32088: JEHN DEREK - Learning Theory and Social Work
14640: BUCKLE EILEEN AND LORD DEREK - In the Country (250 Years of Country Life in Painting, Prose and Poetry)
18078: LAMBERT DEREK - The Golden Express
20906: DOUGAN DEREK - The Sash He Never Wore
19459: BREWER DEREK - Chaucer in His Time
18754: VAN ABBE DEREK - Goethe (New Perspectives on a Writer and His Time)
18395: JENKINS DAVID FRASER AND PULLEN DEREK - The Lipchitz Gift (Models for Sculpture)
13362: LAMBERT DEREK - The Red Dove
12067: GILL DEREK - Illegitimacy, Sexuality and the Status of Women
11750: JEWELL DEREK - Duke : A Portrait of Duke Ellington
11534: STANFORD DEREK - Christopher Fry Album
15623: MORRIS DEREK (EDITED BY) - The Economic System in the Uk
32422: ROWNTREE DEREK - Statistics without Tears
31693: BLACKMAN DEREK - Operant Conditioning an Experimental Analysis of Behaviour
47415: WILSON DEREK - England in the Age of Thomas More
30200: HUDSON DEREK (COLLECTED BY) - Essays and Studies 1961
31127: CARNOY MARTIN AND SHEARER DEREK - Economic Democracy the Challenge of the 1980's
31198: ROWNTREE DEREK - Statistics without Tears a Primer for Non-Mathematicians
35472: MILLS DEREK - The Fishing Here Is Great !
37109: WILSON DEREK - The Tower 1078-1978 Foreword by Major-General W D M Raeburn
7390: PARKER DEREK - The West Country
8754: JARRETT DEREK - Britain 1688-1815
30289: BOLGER DERMOR (EDITOR) - Ladies' Night at Finbar's Hotel
22943: BOLGER DERMOT - Emily's Shoes
791: BOLGER DERMOT (EDITOR) - The Picador Book of Contemporary Irish Fiction
51750: BOLGER DERMOT - Never a Dull Moment
28136: BOLGER DERMOT (EDITED BY) - The Picador Book of Contemporary Irish Fiction
30166: BOLGER DERMOT - Father's Music
41917: DERRY, LILLIAN - Contemplation
21103: JAARGANG DERTIENDE - Forum 58
23009: MURPHY DERVLA - A Place Apart
14748: MAY DERWENT - The Professionals
35972: DERWENT ET AL - Discovering London (8 Volumes)
47676: MAY DERWENT - Dear Parson
50922: DERY, TIBOR & GEORGE SZIRTES - Niki the Story of a Dog
16770: ABEL DERYCK - Channel Underground: A New Survey of the Channel Tunnel Question
23606: EDWARDS-REES DESIREE - Ireland's Story
1249: HOGAN DESMOND - A Curious Street
297: MACCARTHY DESMOND - Portraits (Vol. I)
40966: SEWARD DESMOND - Richard III England's Black Legend
20408: FENNELL DESMOND - Cutting to the Point: Essays and Objections 1994-2003
21466: MORRIS DESMOND - The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal
49186: MURRAY DESMOND - A Saint of the Week
32166: YOUNG DESMOND - Rommel
31840: DINAN DESMOND - Ever Closer Union? an Introduction to the European Community
21033: HAWKINS DESMOND - Cranborne Chase
493: MACCARTHY DESMOND - Criticism (a Critic's View of Some Famous Names in Literature from the Past)
22264: STEWART DESMOND - T E Lawrence
43373: D'EPIRO PETER AND PINKOWISH MARY DESMOND - What Are the Seven Wonders of the World? and 60 Other Great Cultural Questions
1247: HOGAN DESMOND - Lebanon Lodge
7732: CLARKE DESMOND - The Ingenious Mr Edgeworth
21956: DONNELLY DESMOND - Struggle for the World: The Cold War from Its Origins in 1917
4002: MACCARTHY DESMOND (EDITOR) - Life and Letters
4378: MACCARTHY DESMOND - Humanities
4415: RUSHE DESMOND - Edmund Rice: The Man and His Times
4641: SEWARD DESMOND - Marie Antoinette
6515: RYAN DESMOND - Ireland Whose Ireland ?
7500: VERNON MURIEL T AND BONNER DESMOND C - Buckingham: A History of a Country Market Town
51331: EGAN DESMOND - Siege Monasterevin 22 October/7 November
50136: DESSAIX, ROBERT - Twilight of Love Travels with Tugenev
39841: DETSICAS, ALEC & NIGEL YATES (EDITORS) - Studies in Modern Kentish History Presented to Felix Hull and Elizabeth Melling
39435: DETSICAS, ALEC - Collectanea Historica. Essays in Memory of Stuart Rigold.
52156: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC - The Non-Jewish Jew
49065: DEVANANDA, ANGELA - Mother Teresa Contemplative in the Heart of the World
50104: DEVLIN, JUDITH & RONAN FANNING - Religion and Rebellion
5452: GANZEL DEWEY - Mark Twain Abroad
41048: MORGAN DEWI - The Bishops Come to Lambeth the Story of the Lambeth Conferences
15056: DAVIES DEWI - Brecknock Historian
11476: DYMOKE DEXTER (COMPILER) - Britain and Europe During 1977 : A Bibliographical Guide
18470: SUDJIC DEYAN (EDITED BY) - From Matt Black to Memphis and Back Again (an Anthology from Blueprint Magazine)
51746: NUALA NI DHOMHNAILL - Fear Suathinseach
50633: DIAMOND, MICHAEL - "Lesser Breeds" Racial Attitudes in Popular British Culture, 1890-1940
51830: DIAMOND, HANNA - Fleeing Hitler France 1940
41216: SOUHAMI DIANA - Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter
12068: LAMPLUGH DIANA - Beating Aggression: A Practical Guide for Working Women
12830: NOEL DIANA - Five to Seven the Story of a 1920's Childhood
11830: HEHIR DIANA O' - I Wish This War Were over
24141: MCLOGHLEN DIANA - The Last Headlands
33088: MANNING DIANA H - Society and Food the Third World
18629: PERKINS DIANE - Turner: The Third Decade (Watercolours 1810-1820)
30885: COYLE DIANE - The Weightless World Strategies for Managing the Digital Economy
40497: DIANNE, COLES/KLEIN LOIS - Banbury in Old Photographs
51654: DICEY A V - A Leap in the Dark a Criticism of the Principles of Home Rule As Illustrated by the Bill of 1893
11005: TAVERNE DICK - The Future of the Left: Lincoln and After
10222: LIPSEY DAVID AND LEONARD DICK (EDITORS) - The Socialist Agenda (Crosland's Legacy)
34668: WORRALL DICK - Gypsy Education a Study of Provision in England and Wales
31950: ATKINSON DICK - Orthodox Consensus and Radical Alternative a Study in Sociological Theory
11232: BERESFORD DICK - The Uncensored Guide to the Movies
51431: BATSTONE DICK - Poems from India
30644: WILSON DICK - A Quarter of Mankind an Anatomy of China Today
36833: DICK, PHILIP K. - Radio Free Albemuth
36834: DICK, PHILIP K. - Unteleported Man
41889: DICKEN, HELENE - Full Face to God
51898: DICKENS, A.G. - German Nation and Martin Luther
28725: DICKENS A G - Lollards and Protestants in the Diocese of York 1509-1558
39564: DICKENS, CHARLES - Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn and Other Stories
43803: DICKENS, PETER - One Nation? Social Change and the Politics of Locality
4808: DICKENS A G - The Age of Humanism and Reformation Europe in the Fourteenth Fiftheenth and Sixteenth Centuries
15785: EMILY DICKINSON - The Works of Emily Dickinson
2484: WESTERMANN DIEDRICH - The African to-Day and to-Morrow
43039: DIENE, DOUDOU - From Chains to Bonds the Slave Trade Revisited
50086: ATMINTIES DIENOS - The Days of Memory Tarptautine Konferencija Skirta V
21024: HILDEBRANDT DIETER - Piano Forte a Social History of the Piano
19627: RASCH PROF DR DIETER - Biometrisches Worterbuch Erlauterungen
25310: EISLEB DIETER - Altperuanische Kulturen 1
33125: WUNDERLICH DIETER - Foundations of Linguistics
4452: HACKER DIETER - Dieter Hacker: New Works
14378: TINBERGEN JAN AND FISCHER DIETRICH - Warfare and Welfare: Integrating Security Policy Into Socio-Economic Policy
52046: BONHOEFFER DIETRICH - Letters & Papers from Prison
35675: ANDERSON DIGBY - Gentility Recalled 'Mere' Manners and the Making of Social Order
37265: DIJKSTRA, SANDRA - Flora Tristan Pioneer Feminist in the Age of George Sand
38165: DIKOVITSKAYA, MARGARET - Visual Culture the Study of the Visual After the Cultural Turn
40647: DILLON, FRANCIS - Place for Habitation Pilgrim Fathers and Their Quest
38377: CLAYTON CALTHROP DION - English Costume Painted and Described
51178: DIPPEL, JOHN V. H. - Bound Upon a Wheel of Fire
22492: BOGARDE DIRK - Snakes and Ladders
46600: DIRSZTAY, PATRICIA - Church Furnishings a National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies Guide
48105: DIRSZTAY, PATRICIA - Church Furnishings a National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies Guide
49968: DISKIN, HANNA & H. DISKIN - The Seeds of Triumph Church and State in Gomulka's Poland
7816: DITCHFIELD P H - The Charm of the English Village
46816: CATHOLIC CHURCH. CONGREGATIO PRO CULTU DIVINO - Instructions on the Revised Roman Rites
51168: OTTO DIX - Otto Dix Zum 90 . Geburtstag
40096: DIXON, PETER & DICK BELL - Amazon Task Force
9759: HUNT JOHN DIXON - The Wider Sea: A Life of John Ruskin
36249: TSCHIZEWSKIJ DMITRIJ - The Icons of St Nick
39303: DOBBS, BRIAN - The Last Shall Be First the Colourful Story of John Lobb the St. James's Bootmakers
38116: DOBELL, PETER C. - Canada's Search for New Roles Foreign Policy in the Trudeau Era
41666: DOBSCHINER, JOHANNA-RUTH - Selected to Live
51607: DOBSON R. B. - The Jews of Medieval York and the Massacre of March 1190 Borthwick Papers No 45
14079: CHAPMAN W DOBSON - County Palatine : A Plan for Cheshire
47835: DOCKRILL, M. L. - British Establishment Perspectives on France, 1936-40
45327: DOCTOR, RONALD & RICHARD LUCAS - The Organic and the Inner World (the Psychoanalytic Ideas Series)
36718: DOCTOROW, E.L. - The Book of Daniel
8710: DOCTOROW E L - Ragtime
46850: DODD, C.H. & JOHN ROBINSON - The Founder of Christianity
41934: DODD C H - The Meaning of Paul Today
46939: DODD C H - The Founder of Christianity
42770: DODDS, DENNIS WALTON - Count Leon Napoleon's Love Child
2795: BOWMAN. W DODGSON - Bristol
51825: DOHERTY, GABRIEL & DERMOT KEOGH - Michael Collins and the Making of the Irish State
52037: DOHERTY, CATHERINE DE HUECK - Poustinia Christian Spirituality of the East for Western Man
33612: DOHERTY C H - Science Builds the Bridges
50832: DOLAN, T.P. - Dictionary of Hiberno-English
12164: FRENCH DOLORAS (WITH LINDA LEE) - Working : My Life As a Prostitute
35452: MORAES DOM - A Matter of People
10600: MORAES DOM - Gone Away an Indian Journal
11703: MORAES DOM - A Matter of People
41512: CLEMENTS BERNARD DOM - A Monk in Margaret Street
51912: DOMB, RISA - Contemporary Israeli Women's Writing
50485: DOMB, RISA - The Arab in Hebrew Prose 1911-1948
49519: DOMB, RISA - Home Thoughts from Abroad Distant Visions of Israel in Contemporary Hebrew Fiction
40551: DOMINELLI, LENA & J. SMALL - Anti-Racist Social Work a Challenge for White Practitioners and Educators Practical Social Work)
29722: DOMINIAN J - Marital Breakdown
46639: DOMINIAN, JACK - Marriage, Faith and Love
46569: DOMINIAN, JACK - Proposals for a New Sexual Ethic
46573: DOMINIAN, JACK - Cycles of Affirmation Psychological Investigations Into Christianity
14593: LAWSON DOMINIC - The Inner Game
215: DALY DOMINIC - The Young Douglas Hyde the Dawn of the Irish Revolution and Renaissance 1874-1893 Foreword by Erskine Childers
48871: PHILIPPE MARIE-DOMINIQUE - Mystery of Mary Mary, Model of the Growth of Christian Life
28957: DE MENIL DOMINIQUE (EDITOR) - Jim Love from Now on
14634: HAWORTH DON - Figures in a Bygone Landscape: A Lancashire Childhood
15030: MOORE DON M (EDITOR) - Webster : The Critical Heritage
34539: CUPIT DON - The New Christian Ethics
19947: WILSON EDWARD M AND CRUICKSHANK DON W - Samuel Pepys's Spanish Plays
23017: FULLINGTON DON - The Connoisseur's Guide to Ireland
9881: WOOLFORD DON - Papua New Guinea Initiation and Independence
12517: BLOCH DON - Passing Through
29980: MCDONAGH DONAGH - Happy As Larry
24961: MACDONAGH DONAGH - Happy As Larry
5977: MACDONAGH DONAGH - Happy As Larry
30229: O'CAHILL DONAL - Killarney Land and Lake
46610: FLANAGAN DONAL ET AL - Truth and Life an Outline of Modern Theology
5369: O'DONOVAN DONAL - Dreamers of Dreams Portraits of the Irish in America
1748: STONE DONALD JR - French Humanist Tragedy a Reassessment
38281: HOLMES THOMAS H L AND MACCOLL DONALD - Poems of the Second World War
30420: READ DONALD - Documents from Edwardian England 1901-1915
25689: LOGAN F DONALD - The Vikings in History
43162: DONALD, DAVID - Encyclopedia of CIVIL Aircraft
20038: GREENE DONALD - Samuel Johnson
47705: NICHOLAS DONALD - Mr Secretary Nicholas (1593-1669) His Life and Letters
10523: THOMAS DONALD - Henry Fielding
34395: CHIDSEY BARR DONALD - Goodbye to Gunpowder
14429: BROOK DONALD - A Pageant of English Actors
12967: MACKAY DONALD (EDITOR) - Scotland 1980: The Economics of Self Government
19181: CARR DONALD E - The Sexes
32511: WALSCH NEALE DONALD - Communion with God an Uncommon Dialogue
32636: GUSTAFSON DONALD F (EDITOR) - Essays in Philosophical Psychology
25770: BROOK DONALD - A Pageant of English Actors
31873: HOOK DONALD D - Madmen of History
31247: MICHIE DONALD - On Machine Intelligence
14969: THOMAS DONALD - Jekyll Alias Hyde
4661: CONNERY DONALD S - The Irish
20622: CARSWELL DONALD - Sir Walter: A Four-Part Study in Biography (Scott, Hogg, Lockhart, Joanna Baillie)
18897: BROTHERSTONE TERRY AND WITHRINGTON DONALD J (EDITED BY) - The City and Its Worlds Aspects of Aberdeen's History Since 1794
46878: THURSTON HERBERT AND ATTWATER DONALD (EDITORS) - Butler's Lives of the Saints (Volume 1 to 4)
51210: PEARCE DONALD R (EDITOR) - The Senate Speeches of W B Yeats
47315: EARL DONALD - The Age of Augustus
49139: ATTWATER DONALD - Martyrs from St Stephen to John Tung
37842: SOPER DONALD - Christianity and Its Critics
11888: DAVIE DONALD (EDITOR) - Augustan Lyric
4102: READ DONALD - The Power of News -the History of Reuters
37877: DONALD, JAMES (EDITOR) - Fantasy and the Cinema
47384: ATTWATER DONALD - Martyrs from St Stephen to John Tung
42069: SOPER DONALD - Tower Hill ,12. 30
28730: GINTER DONALD E (EDITOR) - Voting Records of the British House of Commons 1761-1820 (Six Volumes)
29393: HALL DONALD (SELECTED BY) - A Choice of Whitman's Verse
17347: THOMAS DONALD - Swinburne : The Poet in His World
29289: MILL JOHN STUART/WINCH DONALD - Principles of Political Economy with Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy Books 4 and 5
41063: NICHOLAS DONALD - The Young Adventurer
2739: KENNINGTON DONALD - The Literature of Jazz a Critical Guide
36232: THOMAS DONALD - Charge Hurrah! Hurrah! a Life of Cardigan of Balaclava
29492: MITCHELL DONALD - The Language of Modern Music
30642: MACRAE DONALD - Weber
33457: MCQUARIE DONALD (EDITOR) - Marx: Sociology Social Change Capitalism
48753: ATTWATER DONALD - St John Chrysostom Pastor and Preacher
34652: MOYLE DONALD - The Teaching of Reading
34765: ATTWATER DONALD - Eric Gill : Workman
34853: MCLEAN DONALD - The Education of Personality
35113: BROOK DONALD - The Romance of the English Theatre
35846: PICKETT DONALD W - Cairo and Other Poems
5013: TORCHIANA DONALD T - W B Yeats and Georgian Ireland-Critical Studies in Irish Literature Vol 2
45076: DAVIDSON REV DONALD - Mothers in the Bible
9176: GREENE DONALD J - The Politics of Samuel Johnson
9569: MCRAE DONALD - Winter Colours: Changing Seasons in World Rugby
9737: SUTHERLAND DONALD - Butt and Ben
39423: DONALDSON, FRANCES - The British Council the First Fifty Years
45057: DONFRIED, KARL P. - Paul Thessalonica and Early Christianity
28413: DONLEAVY J P - A Singular Man
28217: DONLEAVY J P - J.P. Donleavy's Ireland in All Her Sins and in Some of Her Graces
299: DONLEAVY J P - The History of the Ginger Man an Autobiography
38610: DONLEAVY, J. P. - The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms
22925: DONLEAVY J P - The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman
24980: DONLEAVY J P - A Singular Country
22924: DONLEAVY J P - Ireland a Singular Country
45032: DONLEAVY, J. P. - J.P. Donleavy's Ireland in All Her Sins and Some of Her Graces
23620: DONLEAVY J P - De Alfonce Tennis: The Superlative Game of Eccentric Champions
29775: DONLEAVY J P - A Singular Man
2228: DONLEAVY J P - Leila
4573: DONLEAVY J P - Schultz
24981: DONLEAVY J P - Schultz
24412: DONLEAVY J P - Schultz
2256: DONLEAVY J P - Schultz
23644: DONLEAVY J P - Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule
33922: DONLEAVY J P - A Singular Man
7233: DONLEAVY J P - The Ginger Man
24850: BYRNE DONN - Ireland the Rock and Whence I Was Hewn
16991: BYRNE DONN - The Power of the Dog
1952: BYRNE DONN - Messer Marco Polo
1951: BYRNE DONN - Hangman's House
30216: BYRNE DONN - Ireland the Rock Whence I Was Hewn
17239: DONNACHIE IAN, HARVIE CHRISTOPHER AND WOOD IAN S - Forward! Labour Politics in Scotland 1888-1988
36655: DONNE, JOHN; BOOTH, ROY - The Collected Poems of John Donne
49715: O'DONNELL, JAMES J. - Avatars of the Word from Papyrus to Cyberspace
23530: O'DONNELL C J - The Irish Future: With the Lordship of the World
49609: DONNELL, KRISTA O' & RENATE BRIDENTHAL & NANCY R. REAGIN - The Heimat Abroad the Boundaries of Germanness
38617: DONNELLY KEVIN, HOCTOR MICHAEL AND WALSH DERMOT (COMPILED BY) - A Rising Tide the Story of Limerick Harbour
37079: DONNISON, DAVID V. ET AL - Social Policy and Administration Revisited Studies in the Development of Social Services at the Local Level
48212: O'DONOGHUE, FRANCES - Bishop of Botany Bay Life of John Bede Polding - Australia's First Catholic Archbishop

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