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15730: DEFOE DANIEL - Moll Flanders
38946: DEFOE DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
48567: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St. Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury. Belief Andritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans Volume 3 Part 2
30510: TAYLOR DANIEL M - Explanation and Meaning an Introduction to Philosophy
37703: MOSTELLIEER FREDERICK & MOYNIHAN DANIEL P (EDITORS) - On Equality of Educational Opportunity Papers from the Harvard University Seminar on the Coleman Report
48566: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St. Osmunds Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury Volume 3 Part 1 with Dissertations on Belief and Ritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans
35137: FARSON DANIEL - Henry Williamson a Portrait
8769: FARSON DANIEL - Henry an Appreciation of Henry Williamson
9789: SNOWMAN DANIEL - Placido Domingo's Tales from the Opera
48564: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury Volume 1
18816: BOONE DANIELE - Picasso the Masterworks
29480: ALIGHIERI DANTE - The Vision or Hell Purgatory and Paradise
29562: DANTE - Vita Nuova
21321: DANTE - The Vision: Or Hell Purgatory and Paradise of Dante Alighieri with a Life of Dante, Chronological View of His Age, Additional Notes and Index
36899: DANZIGER, KURT - Socialization
35032: PHILLIPS DAPHNE - The Story of Reading Including Caversham, Tilehurst Calcot, Earley and Woodley
22474: BATH DAPHNE - Longleat: From 1566 to the Present Time
48557: MAURIER DAPHNE DU - The Scapegoat
17928: HANMER JALNA AND STATHAM DAPHNE - Women and Social Work (Towards a Woman-Centered Practice)
10727: BENNETT DAPHNE - Margot : A Life of the Countess of Oxford and Asquith
10586: STATHAM DAPHNE - Radicals in Social Work
35550: DU MAURIER DAPHNE - Rule Britannia
35711: DU MAURIER DAPHNE - The Glass Blowers
37106: OLIVIER DARIA - The Burning of Moscow 1812
39449: HAMBOURG DARIA - Richard Doyle
12022: LEADER DARIAN - Why Do Women Write More Letters Than They Post
48322: SIDNEY DARK - Archbishop Davidson and the English Church
3316: DARLINGTON C D - The Evolution of Man and Society
41592: DARLOW T H - At Home in the Bible
20771: BATES DARREL - A Gust of Plumes: A Biography of Lord Twining of Godalming and Tanganyika
25599: FIGGIS DARRELL - Ae (George W Russell) : A Study of a Man and a Nation
43639: DARWIN, CHARLES & JAMES A. SECORD - Evolutionary Writings Including the Autobiographies
10877: HILTON EARL AND SHRELL DARWIN - Exposition : A Rhetoric and Reader with Literary Emphasis
46495: DARWIN, CHARLES/BURROW JOHN - The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
11911: BARBIN LUCY AND MATERA DARYL - Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
41859: DASS, RAM & PAUL GORMAN - How Can I Help? Emotional Support and Spiritual Inspiration for Those Who Care
43110: LEVER CHARLES & DAUGHTER - The Novels of Charles Lever Charles o'Malley the Irish Dragoon (2 Volumes)
30335: SOBEL DAVA (TRANSLATED BY) - To Father the Letters of Sister Maria Celeste to Galileo 1623-1633
7110: SOBEL DAVA - Longitude
29916: ASHURST GILL WALDING AND WILLIAMS DAVE - The Spirit of Kirk Ireton the 20th Century in Photographs
26325: MULLINS DAVE - Ladies of the Kasbah the Story of Ireland's Most Infamous Brothel and the Women Who Worked There
10878: PRIOR MIKE AND PURDY DAVE - Out of the Ghetto a Path to Socialist Rewards
45191: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Faithful Handmaid Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III
39610: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Faithful Handmaid Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III
40451: DAVEY, NORMAN - Building Stones of England and Wales
29031: ADAM DAVID (COMPILED BY) - The Wisdom of the Celts
28969: MEENAN JAMES AND WEBB DAVID A (EDITED BY) - A View of Ireland: Twelve Essays on Different Aspects of Irish Life and the Irish Countryside
28616: HANLEY DAVID - In Guilt and in Glory
47726: MATHEW DAVID - Naval Heritage
38756: MINTON DAVID - Motorcyclist's Handbook the Complete Guide to Biking
46416: QUINLAN FR DAVID - Postgate Story 1599-1973
17208: LOTH DAVID - The Erotic in Literature: A Historical Survey of Pornography
38386: EVELEIGH DAVID J - Candle Lighting Shire Album Number 132
48237: WHITELAW DAVID - Corpus Delicti an Enquiry Into the Various Methods by Which Famous Murderers Have Disposed of Their Victims
34483: SMILANSKY MOSHE AND NEVO DAVID - The Gifted Disadvantaged a Ten Year Longitudinal Study of Compensatory Education in Israel
38698: PHILLIPSON DAVID - Smuggling a History 1700-1970
48027: GARRITY DAVID A - 44 Irish Short Stories
2991: TYLDEN-WRIGHT DAVID - Anatole France
38931: GARNETT DAVID - The Familiar Faces Being the Third Volume of the Golden Echo
41204: MAYBURY-LEWIS DAVID - The Savage and the Innocent
47050: MATHEW DAVID - Catholicism in England 1535-1935 Portrait of a Minority , Its Culture and Tradition
14335: THOMSON DAVID - England in the Twentieth Century 1914-79
37728: GIL DAVID G - Unravelling Social Policy
15311: CECIL DAVID - Max
31437: MCLELLAN DAVID - The Thought of Karl Marx an Introduction an Introduction
18101: HARRISON W AND SHEPHERD DAVID - A Christian Family in Britain
41957: PECK DAVID G - Living Worship
27714: THOMSON DAVID (EDITED BY) - Political Ideas
27702: THOMSON DAVID - England in the Twentieth Century
10743: JONAS DORIS AND DAVID - Young Till We Die
23370: MEENAN JAMES AND WEBB DAVID A (EDITORS) - A View of Ireland: Twelve Essays on Different Aspects of Irish Life and the Irish Countryside
10075: THELEN DAVID - Paths of Resistance Tradition and Dignity in Industrializing Missouri
17939: MARSDEN DAVID (EDITED BY) - Pay and Employment in the New Europe
9833: TUNSTALL JEREMY AND WALKER DAVID - Media Made in California Hollywood. Politics and the News
23393: MCKITTRICK DAVID - The Nervous Peace
12665: MALOUF DAVID - Antipodes
15572: DYKER DAVID A (EDITED BY) - The Soviet Union Under Gorbachev : Prospects for Reform
30573: SILVERMAN DAVID - The Theory of Organisations a Sociological Framework
15211: PRYCE-JONES DAVID - Cyril Connolly Journal and Memoir
11126: EDWARDS DAVID L - A Reason to Hope
17991: WISE DAVID - The Spy Who Got Away (the Inside Story of the Cia Agent Who Betrayed His Country)
31740: PEARS DAVID - What Is Knowledge? Essays in Philosophy
15487: THOMSON DAVID - Nairn in Darkness and Light
27847: WALROND-SKINNER SUE AND WATSON DAVID (EDITED BY) - Ethical Issues in Family Therapy
33396: RICHARDSON KEN AND SPEARS DAVID (EDITORS) - Race Culture and Intellegence
13151: PARK DAVID - The Healing
13081: HOUSTON DAVID - Wingmaster
32828: MCLELLAN DAVID - Marx
32864: GREENWOOD JOHN AND WILSON DAVID - Public Administration in Britain
31384: PEARS DAVID - Wittgenstein
32513: HARRISON DAVID - The Sociology of Modernization and Development
32586: DICKSON DAVID - Alternative Technology and the Politics of Technical Change
45774: GLANTZ DAVID M - The Battle for Leningrad 1941-1945
32123: FRANCIS HYWEL AND SMITH DAVID - The Fed a History of the South Wales Miners in the Twentieth Century
32164: LAVENDER DAVID - The American West
17544: HASS ROBERT AND LEHMAN DAVID (EDITED BY) - The Best American Poetry 2001
31606: GREENWOOD DAVID - The Nature of Science
31609: RICHIE ARTHUR DAVID - Studies in the History and Methods of the Sciences
31687: COOPER DAVID E - Philosophy and the Nature of Language
31742: ROSENTHAL DAVID M (EDITOR) - Materialism and the Mind-Body Problem
31815: MARSH DAVID C - The Future of the Welfare State
14032: CECIL DAVID - Early Victorian Novelists : Essays in Revaluation
31913: MARTIN DAVID - A Sociology of English Religion
14656: LANE DAVID - The End of Inequality : Stratification Under Sociolism
14154: BERRY DAVID - Central Ideas in Sociology: An Introduction the Sociology & Social Welfare Series
31207: LACEY COLIN AND LONGMAN DAVID - The Press As Public Educator Cultures of Understanding, Cultures of Ignorance
31249: FREEMAN MICHAEL AND ROBERTSON DAVID (EDITORS) - The Frontiers of Political Theory Essays in a Revitalized Discipline
20672: TALLIS DAVID - Musical Boxes
20694: THOMSON DAVID - Europe Since Napoleon
19562: DURANT DAVID N - Ralegh's Lost Colony: The Story of the First English Settlement in America
18031: MAMET DAVID - The Old Religion
21573: CRAWFORD DAVID - British Building Firsts: The First Castle to the First Airport
14507: SINCLAIR DAVID - Dynasty : The Astors and Their Times
29645: HAY DAVID - Between the Muckle Cheviot and the Sea Echoes of a Northumbrian Family
37545: JONES DAVID - Exhibition of Old Master Drawings 16th -19th Century
28679: CALLOWAY STEPHEN AND COLVIN DAVID - Oscar Wilde: An Exquisite Life
26511: THOMSON DAVID - Renaissance Paris Architecture and Growth 1475-1600
29069: ROBINSON DAVID (EDITED BY) - Visitations of the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1829 -1841
29489: MCLELLAN DAVID - Mark's Grundrisse
36282: KNOWLES DAVID - The Monastic Constitutions of Lanfranc Translated from the Latin
14430: COX DAVID - The Henry Wood Proms
29781: FORSYTHE DAVID P (EDITOR) - The United Nations in the World Political Economy Essays in Honour of Leon Gordenker
14940: WEIR DAVID (EDITOR) - Men and Work in Modern Britain
12929: BRIERLEY DAVID - Cold War
15319: DUNKERLEY DAVID - The Study of Organizations
15391: HARTNETT DAVID - At the Wood's Edge
25646: TRIBE DAVID - 100 Years of Free Thought
15446: SHIPMAN DAVID - Caught in the Act (Sex and Eroticism in the Movies)
31702: PEARS DAVID - What Is Knowledge ? Essays in Philosophy
21367: THOMPSON DAVID M (EDITOR) - Stating the Gospel: Formulations and Declarations of Faith from the Heritage of the United Reformed Church
22703: EWEN DAVID - Popular American Composers: From Revolutionary Times to the Present
19196: LINDSAY SIR DAVID - Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis
30322: THOMSON DAVID - Rosebud the Story of Orson Wells
17923: GREENWOOD JOHN R AND WILSON DAVID J - Public Administration in Britain
21924: BUCKLAND DAVID - David Buckland Performances
21562: SWINFEN WARDEN AND ARSCOTT DAVID - The Bbc Radio Guide to Hidden Sussex
18288: ALSTON DAVID (FOREWORD BY) - Within These Shores (a Selection of Works from the Chantrey Bequest 1883-1985)
17412: CREELEY ROBERT AND LEHMAN DAVID (EDITED BY) - The Best American Poetry 2002
26363: WATKIN DAVID - English Architecture : A Concise History
20910: HOBMAN DAVID (EDITED BY) - The Social Challenge of Ageing
30613: LAMBERT CAMILLA AND WEIR DAVID (EDITORS) - Cities in Modern Britain
13036: CAIRNS DAVID - Berlioz (Vol 1-the Making of an Artist 1803-1832)
22813: JENKINS DAVID (EDITED BY) - The Dragon: Volume 37 (February and March Editions) a Two Part Study of the Poetry of Yeats
47571: MATHEW DAVID - The Age of Charles I
10490: RORVIK DAVID M - In His Image : The Cloning of Man
26313: MARCUS DAVID (EDITOR) - Irish Christmas Stories
46472: MATHEW DAVID - Catholicism in England 1535-1935 Portrait of a Minority: Its Culture and Tradition
16185: HOLBROOK DAVID (COMPILER) - Iron Honey Gold (the Uses of Verse) Volume 1
17585: PRITCHARD DAVID - First Moves : How to Start a Chess Game
34364: KEIR DAVID - Newspapers
27856: DAICHES DAVID - Charles Edward Stuart: The Life and Times of Bonnie Prince Charlie
15790: HEAL DAVID W - Industrial Britain (the Steel Industry in Post War Bitain)
15031: STENT DAVID - Religious Studies (Made Simple)
14244: BRIERLEY DAVID - Big Bear Little Bear
14219: MUDD DAVID - About the City a Portrait of Truro
13265: WILLIAMS DAVID - President and Power in Nigeria: The Life of Shehu Shagari
13424: CRAIG DAVID - Bolthole
4213: CECIL LORD DAVID - The English Poets
12661: AYERST DAVID - Understanding Schools
12636: BALDACCI DAVID - The Winner
31180: GREEN DAVID G - An End to Welfare Rights the Rediscovery of Independence
11931: ELLIOTT DAVID - Thailand : Origins of Military Rule
11794: GREEN DAVID - Moving to the Country
11777: COLLARD GEORGE/BELLAMY DAVID - Exploring Northumbria
11772: BURTON DAVID H (EDITOR) - American History-British Historians
21485: KERR J LENNOX AND JAMES DAVID (EDITORS) - Wavy Navy by Some Who Served
11502: THOMAS DAVID - Naturalism and Social Science: A Post -Empiricist Philosophy of Social Science
11459: BUTLER DAVID - The Study of Political Behaviour
11042: MACFARLANE DAVID - Come from Away
32430: BRAYBROOKE DAVID - Philosophical Problems of the Social Sciences
2656: OGG DAVID - Europe in the 17th Century
26279: WATT DAVID (EDITOR) - The Constitution of Northern Ireland Problems and Prospects
39079: DUFF DAVID - Eugenie and Napoleon111
18879: BELL DAVID F - Circumstances: Chance in the Literary Text
32709: HUME DAVID - Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
4665: MARCUS DAVID (EDITOR) - Irish Ghost Stories
10034: COX DAVID - The Henry Wood Proms
40272: DOUGLAS DAVID C - William the Conqueror the Norman Impact Upon England
14752: RORVIK DAVID - As Man Becomes Machine: The Evolution of the Cyborg
17805: JOHNSON HAYNES AND BRODER DAVID S - The System the American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point
25502: CARNEY JAMES AND GREENE DAVID (EDITORS) - Celtic Studies : Essays in Memory of Angus Matheson 1912-1962
11812: WILLCOCKS DAVID (EDITOR) - Messiah Highlights from Handel's Oratorio and Other Christmas Music
38765: MASON DAVID L - Macconnal-Mason Gallery Fifty Four Recent Acquisitions a Catalogue
27881: CANNADINE DAVID - Class in Britain
11741: CAUTE DAVID - Joseph Losey a Revenge on Life
11623: LOORY STUART AND KRASLOW DAVID - The Diplomacy of Chaos
29285: THOREAU HENRY DAVID - Walden and CIVIL Disobedience
39659: DUFF DAVID - Victoria in the Highlands the Personal Journal of Queen Victoria with Notes and the Acquisition and Rebuilding of Balmoral Castle
42693: WRIGHT DAVID (INTRODUCED BY) - The Mid Century English Poetry 1940-1960
24231: MARCUS DAVID (EDITED) - Tears of the Shamrock: An Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories on the Theme of Ireland's Struggle for Nationhood
1396: GERARD DAVID E - Libraries and the Arts
1006: O'MAHONY DAVID - The Irish Economy
22884: PARKS DAVID (EDITED BY) - Transport Preservation in Ireland 1980-81
23803: PIERCE DAVID - Yeats's Worlds: Ireland, England and the Poetic Imagination
28125: MARCUS DAVID (EDITED BY) - Irish Ghost Stories
705: MARCUS DAVID (EDITED) - Irish Ghost Stories
38119: BUTTERWORTH ERIC AND WEIR DAVID (EDITORS) - The Sociology of Modern Britain
30433: EVELEIGH DAVID J - Old Cooking Utensils
46220: KELLY SIR DAVID - The Ruling Few or the Human Background to Diplomacy
30040: GREEN DAVID - Sarah Duchess of Marlborough
28524: ROSS DAVID - W B Yeats
29390: CLARKE DAVID H - Social Therapy in Psychiatry
41787: STOKES DAVID - The Rathswilly Days
30318: HANKS DAVID A - The Decorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
30621: SMITH DAVID M - Where the Grass Is Greener Living in a Unequal World
30637: MCLELLAN DAVID - Engels
30638: MCLELLAN DAVID - Marx Before Marxism
30647: LANE DAVID - The End of Inequality Stratification Under Socialism
30720: THOMSON DAVID (EDITOR) - Political Ideas
30922: EDWARDS DAVID - Free to Be Human Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of Illusions
31131: LANE DAVID - The Socialist Industrial State Towwards a Political Sociology of State Socialism
32075: MCLELLAN DAVID - Marx's Grundrisse
32434: THOMAS DAVID - Naturalism and Social Science a Post-Empiricist Philosophy of Social Science
32943: BRAYBROOKE DAVID - Philosophical Problems of the Social Sciences
32952: HUME DAVID - Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
32979: PIPER DAVID - Painting in England 1500-1880
33017: BRAYBROOKE DAVID - Philosophical Problems of the Social Sciences
33039: MCLELLAN DAVID - Marx Before Marxism
33066: THOMSON DAVID (EDITOR) - Political Ideas
33076: MCLELLAN DAVID - The Thought of Karl Marx an Introduction
33163: SMITH CHRIS AND HOATH DAVID C - Law and the Underprivileged
33175: WELLMAN DAVID T - Portraits of White Racism
33470: BRUTON MICHAEL AND NICHOLSON DAVID - Local Planning in Practice
33646: CECIL DAVID - A Portrait of Jane Austin
34213: WILLIAMS DAVID - Treasure by Degrees
34512: OLMSTED P CIGDEM WEIKART P DAVID (EDITED ) - Families Speak Early Childhood Care and Education in 11 Countries
43015: RORIE DAVID - The Book of Aberdeen 107th Annual Meeting of the British Medical Council
34977: OLMSTED P P AND WEIKART DAVID P (EDITORS) - How Nations Serve Young Children
35341: HOWARTH DAVID - Trafalgar the Nelson Touch
35557: CORBETT RONNIE AND NOBBS DAVID - And It's Goodnight from Him the Autobiography of the Two Ronnies
35732: VEREY DAVID - Wedding Tour January -June 1973 Emily Birchall
35968: IREDALE DAVID - Discovering Your Family Tree
554: KRAUSE DAVID - Sean o'Casey and His World
36156: CHAFFE DAVID - Stormforce
36245: THOMSON DAVID - England in the Nineteenth Century (1815-1914)
36622: HUME DAVID - A Treatise of Human Nature Books II and III
37348: CARR DAVID - An Introduction to Painting the Nude
5204: KRAUSE DAVID (EDITOR) - The Letters of Sean o'Casey 1910-1941 (Vol 1 )
42222: GOUGH RICHARD/HEY DAVID - The History of Myddle
5705: MARSH DAVID C - The Changing Social Structure of England and Wales 1871 to 1961
6247: BEATY DAVID - The Water Jump the Story of Trans-Atlantic Flight
7031: BLEAKLEY DAVID - Faulkner Conflict and Consent in Irish Politics
7364: CECIL DAVID - The Young Melbourne
7548: HALER DR DAVID - Sudden Death
7704: SINCLAIR DAVID - Dynasty the Astors and Their Times
7899: CLARKE MARY AND VAUGHAN DAVID (EDITORS) - The Encyclopedia of Dance and Ballet
8240: THOMAS DAVID - Corot French School
8352: NICOL SMITH DAVID (EDITOR) - The Oxford Book of Eighteenth Century Verse
8410: NICOL SMITH DAVID - Characters from the Histories and Memoirs of the Seventeenth Century
8442: JAMES HENRY/GARNETT DAVID - Fourteen Stories by Henry James
8996: THOMSON DAVID (EDITOR) - The Era of Violence1898-1945 (Volume 12)
9082: PIPER DAVID (EDITOR) - Enjoying Paintings
9493: RIEFF DAVID - The Exile Cuba in the Heart of the Man
9549: CANNING DAVID - Convergence to Equilibrium in a Sequence of Games with Learning
984: HANLEY DAVID - In Guilt and in Glory
9717: DAICHES DAVID - Charles Edward Stuart
9887: NACHMIAS DAVID AND ROSENBLOOM DAVID H - Bureaucratic Culture Citizens and Administrators in Israel
9923: HOLLOWAY DAVID - Lewis and Clark and the Crossing of North America
9928: KUCHARSKY DAVID - The Man from the Plains the Mind and Spirit of Jimmy Carter
41101: DAVIDSON, JOHN - The Web of Life
41010: DAVIDSON, MAX - The Greek Interpreter
41004: DAVIDSON, ROBERT & A. R. C. LEANEY & A.R.C. LEANEY - The Pelican Guide to Modern Theology Biblical Criticism V. 3
45490: DAVIDSON, DONALD - Inquiries Into Truth and Interpretation
43306: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Africa in History
39196: DAVIDSON, R.NORMAN - Whitehall and the Labour Problem in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Britain
34548: PRINGLE KELLMER M L BUTLER N R AND DAVIE R - 11000 Seven- Year-Olds
41185: DAVIES, P.C.W. - Superforce Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature
43903: DAVIES, PETER - Josef Herman's Drawings and Studies
39078: DAVIES, DIDO - William Gerhardie a Biography
29812: DAVIES G K - Poems of Every Day
46245: DAVIES, JOHN GORDON - A New Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship
38853: GRIFFITH DAVIES J D - A King in Toils
48352: DAVIES R. T. - Medieval English Lyrics a Critical Anthology
43563: SAPPER & DAVID STUART DAVIES - Bulldog Drummond the Carl Peterson Quartet
37770: DAVIES, BLEDDYN & REDDIN MIKE - Universality, Selectivity and Effectiveness in Social Policy
41378: DAVIES, W.R. - What About the Charismatic Movement?
5549: DAVIES J H - Musicalia Sources of Information in Music
3202: DAVIES W H - Common Joys and Other Poems
48807: DAVIES, NICK - Dark Heart the Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain
36903: DAVIES, PAUL - God and the New Physics
6403: DAVIES ROBERTSON AND GUTHRIE TYRONE, MOISEIWITSCH TANYA & BOYD NEEL - Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd a Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada 1955
40340: DAVIS, PHILIP J.; REUBEN, HERSH - The Mathematical Experience
48189: DAVIS, CHARLES - Question of Conscience
38618: DAVIS, COURTNEY - Celtic Illumination the Irish School
22595: DAVIS A R (INTRODUCTION AND EDITOR) - The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse
38239: DAVIS, JOHN - Post Captain
40366: DAVIS, PATRICK - Experience of Norway
43469: DAVIS, BURKE & R. HOULIHAN - The CIVIL War Strange and Fascinating Facts
40590: DAVIS, RICHARD W. - Political Change and Continuity 1760-1885 a Buckinghamshire Study
15881: DAVIS H W C - England Under the Normans and Angevins 1066-1272
43734: DAVIS, MARGARET R - Families in a Working World the Impact of Organizations on Domestic Life
48295: DAVIS, NORMAN - Paston Letters Selection in Modern English Spelling
47976: DAVIS H - Moral and Pastoral Theology (Vol I and Vol 2 Only)
21607: ARRINGTON LEONARD J AND BITTON DAVIS - The Mormon Experience: A History of the Latter-Day Saints
41396: DAVIS, CHARLES - Question of Conscience
29917: DAWES J G - A History of Crich
48401: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER - Religion and Culture Gifford Lectures, Delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the Year 1947
41311: DAWSON, BILL - Golden Age of Enlightenment Is Here
41516: DAY, MICHAEL H. - Fossil Man
16965: LEWIS C DAY - Overtures to Death and Other Poems
28370: LEWIS C DAY - Pegasus and Other Poems
25605: LEWIS C DAY - A Hope for Poetry
8949: LEWIS CECIL DAY - A Hope for Poetry (Reprint with a Postscript)
24699: LEWIS C DAY - The Poetic Image: The Clark Lectures Cambridge 1946
24553: LEWIS C DAY - Word over All
25141: LEWIS C DAY - Selected Poems the New Hogarth Library Vol. II
25140: LEWIS C DAY - C Day Lewis Poems 1943-1947
25142: LEWIS C DAY - The Poetic Image: The Clark Lectures
38125: DAY, DORIS M. - How to Produce a Play for the Amateur Stage
28489: LEWIS C DAY - Selected Poems
23408: LEWIS C DAY - Collected Poems 1929-1936
28226: LEWIS C DAY - Collected Poems 1929 - 1933: Transitional Poem, from Feathers to Iron, the Magnetic Mountain
28732: LEWIS C DAY - Overtures to Death and Other Poems
23311: LEWIS C DAY - An Italian Visit
28594: DAY W G (EDITOR) - Towards a Bibliography of Sterne's Sermons: An Offprint from the Shandean Volume 5 1993 Limited Edition of 600 Copies
29970: LEWIS DAY C - Selected Poems
28531: LEWIS C DAY - Collected Poems of C Day Lewis 1954.
7785: LEWIS C DAY - Collected Poems 1954
43359: DAYBELL, PETER - With a Smile and a Wave the Life of Captain Aidan Liddell VC,MC
44121: DEACON, RAYMOND WALKER - Hawker Hunter Fifty Golden Years
29041: SWIFT DEAN - The Choice Works of Dean Swift in Prose and Verse
1369: RAMSAY DEAN - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
37818: DEAN, BERYL - Embroidery in Religion and Ceremonial
20750: HUGHES DEAN - The Mormon Church: A Basic History
20986: JUNIPER DEAN - Man Against Mortality
23607: SWIFT DEAN - Gulliver's Travels: Stories Old and New in Lilliput and Brobdingnag
14499: HOLE DEAN - The Memories of Dean Hole
43784: DEAN, KENNETH J. - Town and Westminster a Political History of Walsall
38233: DEAYTON, ALISTAIR - Steam Ships of Europe an Illustrated Guide to Veteran Passenger Vessels
43336: DEBO, ANGIE - A History of the Indians of the United States
37414: DEBO, ANGIE - A History of the Indians of the United States
4971: TALL DEBORAH - The Island of the White Cow
38535: FRANCO DEBRA - Alternative Visions Distributing Independent Media in a Home Video World
19663: DEBUSSY C A - Pelleas and Melisande
18052: SWEENEY DECLAN - Losing the Children and Other Tales
43337: BROWN DEE - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West
17528: BEVERLEY DEENA - New Crafts: Stringwork
17721: CHOPRA DEEPAK - How to Know God (the Souls Journey Inot Themystery of Mysteries)
36713: DEFOE, DANIEL; ROSS, ANGUS - Robinson Crusoe
36817: DEFOE, DANIEL - A Journal of the Plague Year
47358: DEGROOT, MORRIS H. - Probability and Statistics
38688: FINKE GAIL DEIBLER - Fresh Ideas for Designing with Black, White and Gray
43967: DEIGHTON, LEN & GENERAL NEHRING - Blitzkrieg from the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk
13352: EHRENREICH AND ENGLISH DEIRDRE - Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness
23863: O'BRIEN DEIRDRE - Many Roads to Heaven
23969: O'BRIEN DEIRDRE - Love Knows No Death
29376: BAIR DEIRDRE - Anais Nin a Biography
49060: DEISS, LUCIEN & EDMOND BONIN - It's the Lord's Supper Eucharist of Christians
37880: DELANEY, FRANK - The Celts
47237: DELANEY, JOHN J. - A Woman Clothed with the Sun Eight Great Apparitions of Our Lady
48503: DELANEY, JOHN J. - Saints for All Seasons
26778: MILLAR DELIA - Queen Victoria's Life in the Scottish Highlands Depicted by Her Watercolour Artists
26965: MILLAR DELIA - Queen Victoria's Life in the Scottish Highlands Depicted by Her Watercolour Artists
15023: KELLY DELOS H - Deviant Behaviour : Reading in the Sociology of Deviance
9855: CULOT MAURICE/PORPHYRIOS DEMETRI - Rita Wolff Watercolours 1974 -1985
25651: ANDREWS EDWARD DEMING - The People Called Shakers: A Search for the Perfect Society
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23260: PASSOS JOHN DOS - The Great Days
43150: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR & DR KEITH CARABINE & CONSTANCE GARNETT - Crime and Punishment with Selected Excerpts from the Notebooks for Crime and Punishment
36477: DOSTOEVSKY F - The Grand Inquisitor with Related Chapters from the Brothers Karamazov
29711: DOSTOYEVSKY - The Brothers Karamazov (Vol 1)
14982: RADER DOTSON - Blood Dues
15533: HAMILTON C D AND DOTY C S (EDITORS) - Western Civilization : Recent Interpretations (2 Volumes)
39301: DOUBLEDAY H A - The Mar Case 1866 to 1885 and After Reprinted from Volume 9 of the Complete Peerage
17615: SUNDLING DOUG - The Doors: Artistic Vision : Their Vision of America and Life Portrayed in Their Six Studio Albums
43322: DOUGAN, ANDY - The Hunting of Man a History of the Sniper
15004: CONGDON TIM AND MCWILLIAMS DOUGLAS - Basic Economics (a Dictionary of Terms, Concepts and Ideas)
22090: METTAM ROGER AND JOHNSON DOUGLAS - French History and Society: The Wars of Religion to the Fifth Republic
11710: JAY DOUGLAS - After the Common Market : A Better Alternative for Britain
13203: DOUGLAS J W B - The Home and the School
38820: SMITH AUBREY DOUGLAS - Guilty Germans?
18856: CAMPBELL DOUGLAS A (EDITOR) - The Call to Serve: Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Ministry in Honour of Bishop Penny Jamieson
14771: KIRKLAND DOUGLAS - Light Years : Three Decades Photographing Among the Stars
20911: GRAHAM DOUGLAS - Moral Learning and Development: Theory and Research
47974: GUTHRIE DOUGLAS - A History of Medicine
27876: SIMPSON W DOUGLAS - The Ancient Stones of Scotland
14362: LEECHMAN DOUGLAS - Eskimo Summer
13253: VALLANCE DOUGLAS - A Safe Job
11186: GORDON A L/SLADEN DOUGLAS - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon
10096: HOME WILLIAM DOUGLAS - Mr Home Pronounced Hume an Autobiography
47695: SLADEN DOUGLAS - The Secrets of the Vatican
38904: DOUGLAS-HOME, JESSICA - Violet Life and Loves of Violet Gordon Woodhouse
46188: ACTION LORD/WOODRUFF DOUGLAS - Essays on Church and State
41057: DOUGLAS, HUGH - Bonnie Prince Charlie in Love
24532: DUNN DOUGLAS (EDITED BY) - Poetry Review Volume 68 Number 1 April 1978
22960: WIGGIN KATE DOUGLAS - Penelope's Experiences in Scotland Being Extracts from the Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton
48025: DOUGLAS, HUGH - Charles Edward Stuart
43125: ANONYMOUS & HARRY DOUGLAS - A Night in a Moorish Harem
35109: JERROLD DOUGLAS - Mrs Caudle's Curtain Lectures and Other Stories and Essays
35667: GRESHAM DOUGLAS H - Lenten Lands My Childhood with Joy Davidman and C S Lewis
35831: SUTHERLAND DOUGLAS - The English Gentleman and the English Gentleman's Wife
48367: WOODRUFF DOUGLAS - The Tichborne Claimant a Victorian Mystery
7878: HILL DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - The Devil His Due
42784: DOUGLAS, SYLVESTER & CHARLES JONES - A Treatise on the Provincial Dialect of Scotland
9665: MARTIN DOUGLAS - The Telling Line Essays on Fifteen Contemporary Book Illustrators
45338: DOUGLAS, PROFESSOR MARY - Natural Symbols Explorations in Cosmology
46007: DOUWES, DICK - The Ottomans in Syria and Lebanon a History of Justice and Oppression
33381: WILSON JOHN DOVER - Life in Shakespeare's England
47576: WILSON J DOVER - The Essential Shakespeare a Biographical Adventure
41854: WILSON J DOVER - The Essential Shakespeare a Biographical Adventure
14728: DOW J C R - The Management of the British Economy 1945-60
42084: DOW, MOLLY - Mountains and Molehills - Questions for Christian Growth
28774: DOWLEY D M - Dr Ischenasch
43807: DOWNES, MARK - Iran's Unresolved Revolution
28556: BROXON MILDRED DOWNEY - Too Long a Sacrifice
45922: DOWNIE, R. S. - Ruso and the Demented Doctor
44026: DOWNIE, KENNETH C. & CLAIRE CHORLTON & MARTYN CHORLTON - Produce the Ducks, Downie an Army Marches on Its Stomach, a True Account
45308: DOWRICK, STEPHANIE - Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love
45645: DOWSETT, DICK - God, That's Not Fair!
43591: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN & DR JULIAN WOLFREYS & DR KEITH CARABINE - The Adventures & Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
43435: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - Complete Sherlock Holmes the Complete Stories
38236: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes Preface by Christopher Morley
40137: DOYLE, RODDY - A Star Called Henry
44935: DOYLE, RODDY - The Commitments
37358: DOYLE, JOHN (EDITOR) - Policing the Narrow Ground Lessons from the Transformation of Policing in Northern Ireland
46454: DOYLE, PETER - The Correspondence of Alexander Goss, Bishop of Liverpool 1856-1872
10170: MASONH T AND DOYLE W (EDITORS) - The Impact of the French Revolution on European Consciousness
14800: DOYLE A C - Adventures of Gerard
43258: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - Sherlock Holmes the Complete Stories
36701: DOYLE, RODDY - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
6867: SPRINGER MARY DOYLE - A Rhetoric of Literary Character Some Women of Henry James
39897: DOYLE, WILLIAM - The Old European Order, 1660-1800
43590: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN & DAVID STUART DAVIES & DR KEITH CARABINE - The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow 1
44924: DRABBLE, MARGARET & WILLIAM SIEGHART - The Forward Book of Poetry 1995
38352: DRAHOTOVA, OLGA & URBANEK GABRIEL. - European Glass
46326: DRAKE, TIMOTHY - There We Stood, Here We Stand 11 Lutherans Rediscover Their Catholic Roots: Eleven Lutherans Rediscover Their Catholic Roots
39562: GREENWOOD ALICE DRAYTON (EDITOR) - Selections from the Paston Letters As Transcribed by Sir John Fenn
47359: DRAZIN, P. G.& JOHNSON R S - Solitons an Introduction
46620: DREUILLE, MAYEUL DE - Seeking the Absolute Love the Founders of Christian Monasticism
47060: DREVES F M - With the Help of Our Lady
21305: MIDDLETON DREW - The Defence of Western Europe
30041: RUPP E G AND BENJAMIN DREWERY - Martin Luther
49111: DREYFUS, FRANCOIS - Did Jesus Know He Was God?
46254: O'DRISCOLL, MARY - Catherine of Siena Passion for the Truth, Compassion for Humanity
40824: DRIVER, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - Music for Love an Anthology of Amateur Music-Making
39879: DRUMMOND, JOHN D. - Opera in Perspective
42659: DRUMMOND, MARY JANE/ROUSE DOROTHY/PUGH GILLIAN - Making Assessment Work Values and Principles in Assessing Young Children's Learning
12262: MODJESKA DRUSILLA - Sisters
43327: DRYSDALE, HELENA - Strangerland a Family at War
11657: SQUIRES JAMES DUANE - Mirror to America : A History of New London, New Hampshire 1900-1950
30926: ELGIN DUANE - Promise Ahead a Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future
47117: AT THE CARMEL CO DUBLIN - The Spirit of Saint Theresa de L'Enfant Jesus
3433: TRINITY COLLEGE -DUBLIN - Ordinary Examination Papers 1922
45722: LUCAS-DUBRETON J - Daily Life in Florence in the Time of the Medici
16033: FAWCETT F DUBREZ - Cyclopaedia of Initials and Abbreviations
47718: DUCHESNE MGR L - Christian Worship: It's Origin and Evolution
49194: DUCKWORTH, ROBIN - This Is the Word of the Lord the Year of Matthew Year a
32608: SHAPERE DUDLEY - Philosophical Problems of Natural Science
14984: WRIGHT DUDLEY - The Book of Vampires
14178: PORTER LESLEY AND FOWKES DUDLEY - Bygone Days in the Peak District
13753: STAMP L DUDLEY - Applied Geography
39514: DUDLEY, DONALD R. - Roman Society
42691: DUDLEY, DONALD R. & DAVID MARSHALL LANG - Penguin Companion to Literature Classical, Byzantine, Oriental, African V. 4
24129: EDWARDS OWEN DUDLEY (EDITOR) - The Fireworks of Oscar Wilde
537: EDWARDS OWEN DUDLEY (EDITOR) - Conor Cruise o'Brien Introduces Ireland
41416: SYMON DUDLEY - Lambert Questions
43728: DUE, PROFESSOR JOHN - Indirect Taxation in Developing Economies Revied Edition
21622: COOPER DUFF - Operation Heartbreak
40230: DUFF, DAVID - Whisper Louise Edward VII and Mrs. Cresswell
17064: COOPER DUFF - Operation Heartbreak
47720: PACKER J I/DUFFIELD G E - The Work of Thomas Cranmer
46441: DUFFY, EAMON - Faith of Our Fathers Reflections on Catholic Tradition
48865: DUFFY, EAMON - The Voices of Morebath Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village
48869: DUFFY, EAMON - Fires of Faith Catholic England Under Mary Tudor
48709: DUFFY, EAMON - The Stripping of the Altars Traditional Religion in England,1400-1580
44925: DUFFY, CAROL ANN - Forward Book of Poetry 1996
46559: DUFFY, EAMON - The Stripping of the Altars Traditional Religion in England, 1400-1580
43353: O'DUFFY, EIMAR - Asses in Clover
1824: QUANTIC DIANE DUFVA - The Nature of the Place a Study of Great Plains Fiction
46171: DUGDALE, BLANCHE & NORMAN ROSE - Baffy the Diaries of Blanche Dugdale, 1936-47
28888: MONTROSE THE DUKE OF - My Ditty Box
40126: CYRIL OF RUSSIA GRAND DUKE - My Life in Russia's Service Then and Now
39742: OPORTO DUKE OF - H R H the Duke of Oporto Memories Crown Prince of Portugal
20624: ASHDOWN DULCIE M - Ladies-in-Waiting
47122: DULLES, AVERY - Models of the Church a Critical Assessment of the Church in All Its Aspects
49161: DULLES, AVERY - The Resilient Church the Necessity and Limits of Adaptation
46275: DULLES, AVERY - The Resilient Church the Necessity and Limits of Adaptation
43264: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE & KEITH WREN & DR KEITH CARABINE - The Count of Monte Cristo Introduction and Notes by Keith Wren
39984: DUNBAR, CLEMENT - Bibliography of Shelley Studies, 1823-1950
12679: MCLEAN DUNCAN - Bunker Man
38172: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR - Art Nouveau
41139: CAMPBELL REV DUNCAN - Hymns and Hymn Makers
49301: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - Goodbye Picasso
29904: ROBINSON DUNCAN - The Paintings of Tom Wood Man and Measure
32352: FORBES DUNCAN - British Fossils
42142: ARMYTAGE DUNCAN - Christianity in the Roman World Its Rise and Progress to the Fall of the Western Empire
45080: DUNCAN, DENIS - Solitude Stillness Serenity
32463: GALLIE DUNCAN - In Search of the New Working Class
49156: DUNCAN, BASIL - Year of Mystery
35433: FORBES DUNCAN - Travels in Turkey
35434: FORBES DUNCAN - The Wheel of Time
35435: FORBES DUNCAN - The Wheel of Life
35436: FORBES DUNCAN - The Buddhist Pilgrimage
35437: FORBES DUNCAN - Travels in the Holy Land from Baedeker to Begin
35438: FORBES DUNCAN - The Wheel of the Law
35440: FORBES DUNCAN - The Heart of Iran
7091: WATTS DUNCAN - Joseph Chamberlain and the Challenge of Radicalism
39513: DUNCE, BRIAN - Make Your Paintings Look Three-Dimensional How to Convey Depth, Dimension and a Sense of Space in Your Paintings
2980: DUNLOP R O - Ancient Arundel
41187: DUNN, DOUGLAS - Anthology on Scotland an Anthology
40225: DUNN, JANE - Elizabeth and Mary Cousins, Rivals, Queens
44137: DUNN, LAURENCE - Merchant Ships of the World in Colour, 1910-1929
38769: DUNNE, DECLAN - Peter's Key Peter de Loughry and the Fight for Irish Independence
41895: DUNNE, JOHN S. - Way of All the Earth an Encounter with Eastern Religions
10263: DUNNING A J - Extremes Reflections on Human Behavior
38104: DUNSIRE, ANDREW - Administration the Word and the Science
47561: DURANT G M - Discovering Mediaeval Art
42711: DURCAN, PAUL - Give Me Your Hand
46958: DURRWELL, F. X. - In the Redeeming Christ
16400: DURY G H - The Face of the Earth
13600: HAMSIK DUSAN - Writers Against Rulers
34906: PETIT-DUTAILLIS CH - The Feudal Monarchy in France and England from the Tenth to the Thirteenth Century
34508: DUTHIE H J - Primary School Survey a Study of the Teacher! S Day
47822: DUTTON, DAVID - Anthony Eden a Life and Reputation
47741: DUTTON, DAVID - Neville Chamberlain
39084: SEDGWICK HENRY DWIGHT - Cortes the Conqueror
29144: RYLE DWYER T - Haughey's Forty Years of Controversy
46215: DWYER F J - R.A. Cross and the Eastern Crisis of 1875-8 a Pamphlet-Reprinted June 1961
48538: DWYER GEORGE PATRICK, HOLLAND THOMAS - Mary Doctrine for Everyman
19231: THOMAS DYLAN - Under Milk Wood
17289: THOMAS DYLAN - The Doctor and the Devils with New Introduction by John Ormond
16444: THOMAS DYLAN - Portrait of the Artist As a Young Dog
20302: COX C B AND DYSON A E (EDITED BY) - The Twentieth Century Mind: History, Ideas and Literature in Britain 1: 1900-1918
1579: DYSON A E - Between Two Worlds Aspects of Literary Form
40560: DYSON, JOHN & JOSEPH FITCHETT - Sink the "Rainbow"! an Enquiry Into the "Greenpeace Affair"
30022: DYSON A O - The Immortality of the Past
40219: DYSON, JOHN - The Hot Arctic
39776: EAGAR M - Six Years at the Russian Court
36726: EAGLETON, TERRY - Criticism and Ideology a Study in Marxist Literary Theory
42717: DE BUITLEAR EAMON (EDITED BY) - Wild Ireland
12374: DELANEY EAMON - The Casting of Mr o' Shaughnessy
24498: DE BUITLEAR EAMON (EDITED BY) - Wild Ireland
25521: DE BUITLEAR EAMON (EDITED BY) - Wild Ireland
28553: DUNPHY EAMON - Unforgettable Fire (the Story of U 2)
6320: DUNPHY EAMON - Unforgettable Fire (the Story of U 2)
6505: DELANEY EAMON - An Accidental Diplomat My Years in the Irish Foreign Service 1987-1995
28232: SWEENEY EAMONN - Waiting for the Healer
609: SWEENEY EAMONN - Waiting for the Healer
7170: MULLOY EANNA - Dynasties of Coercion Emergency Legislation
1517: ILCHESTER THE EARL OF (EDITOR) - Elizabeth Lady Holland to Her Son (1821-1845) . Letters
47871: HALIFAX EARL OF - Fulness of Days
11140: LONGFORD EARL OF - The Grain of Wheat an Autobiography
46218: WOOLTON EARL OF - The Memoirs of the Rt. Hon the Earl of Woolton
22222: WINTERTON EARL - Orders of the Day: Memories of Nearly Fifty Years of the House of Commons
5174: LONGFORD THE EARL OF - Poems from the Irish
34836: EARL A AND R - Are the Pencils Sharpened ?
34837: EARL A AND R - How Shall I Teach History ?
7124: BIRKENHEAD EARL OF - Churchill 1874-1922
39953: BESSBOROUGH THE EARL OF - Return to the Forest
48259: BUCKLE GEORGE EARLE - The Letters of Queen Victoria 1879-1885
19120: EARLE T F - The Muse Reborn: The Poetry of Antonio Ferreira
9510: WELBY EARLE T (EDITOR) - The Complete Works of Walter Savage Landor
21680: EARNSHAW H G (COMPILED BY) - My Life Neville Cardus: My Life Compiled from Autobiography and Second Innings
43731: EASTERBY-SMITH, MARK - Evaluating Management Education, Training and Development
38226: EATON, JOHN P. & CHARLES A. HAAS - Titanic" Destination Disaster - the Legends and the Reality
43096: EATWELL, ROGER - Fascism a History
40262: EATWELL, JOHN - Whatever Happended to Britain? the Economics of Decline
1897: BOLAND EAVAN - Selected Poems of Eavan Boland
35: BOLAND EAVAN - In a Time of Violence
40836: EBDON, JOHN - Near Myths. A Love Affair with Greece
46241: EBERHARDT, ISABELLE - Oblivion Seekers, the
41910: ECHLIN, EDWARD P. - Earth Spirituality Jesus at the Centre
5623: SOMER JOHN AND COOPER BARBARA ECK - American and British Literature 1945 to 1975
46827: ECO, UMBERTO & RICHARD DIXON - The Prague Cemetery
24596: O'DONNELL DANIEL WITH ROWLEY EDDIE - Daniel o'Donnell My Story the Offical Book
39990: LINDEN EDDIE S - Aquarius 10 in Honour of John Heath-Stubbs
42132: EDDISON, JOHN - Who Died Why?
35246: JOHNSON ELEANOR & EDGAR ( EDITED BY ) - The Dickens Theatrical Reader
18744: MACDONALD EDGAR - James Branch Cabell and Richmond in Virginia
14346: DOSMAN EDGAR J (EDITOR) - Sovereignty and Security in the Artic
13575: WALLACE EDGAR - The Clue of the Twisted Candle
48514: LUSTGARTEN EDGAR - The Woman in the Case
12195: MCINNIS EDGAR - Canada: A Political and Social History
7885: BRITTEN SIR EDGAR - A Million Ocean Miles
38336: MORODER EDGARD - Gardena Valley in the Dolomites
48624: EDITED BY THROCKMORTON, BURTON H. JR. - Gospel Parallels a Synopsis of the First Three Gospel
48276: RICKERT EDITH - Chaucer's World
16830: ORDWAY EDITH B - Synonyms and Antonyms (an Alphabetical List of Words in Common Use Grouped with Others of Similar and Opposite Meaning)
42254: SITWELL EDITH - Victoria of England
9582: WHARTON EDITH - The Buccaneers (the Complete Edition)
2527: HURWITZ EDITH F - Politics and the Public Conscience
24712: SITWELL EDITH - The Shadow of Cain
19631: MULLER-ORTLOFF EDITH - Bildteppiche in Wolle Und Seide Knupferei Weberie Stickerei Batik
20596: MANLY JOHN MATTHEWS AND RICKERT EDITH - Contemporary American Literature: Biographies and Study Outlines
13958: WHERRY EDITH - A Wanderer on a Thousand Hills
39419: KEEN EDITH - Seven Years at the Prussian Court
49275: SITWELL EDITH - English Eccentrics
25873: SITWELL EDITH - Bath
33283: BRILL EDITH - Cotswold Crafts
21875: VELMANS EDITH - Edith's Book
35631: SITWELL EDITH - Green Song and Other Poems
35692: BRILL EDITH - Cotswold Ways
35789: SITWELL EDITH - The Song of the Cold
7682: SITWELL EDITH - The Queens and the Hive
38879: OLIVIER EDITH - Four Victorian Ladies of Wiltshire with Essay on Those Leisured Ladies
5296: EDITORS - The French Renaissance and Its Heritage Essays Presented to Alan Boase
49197: JACOB EDMOND - Theology of the Old Testament
3934: ROSTAND EDMOND - L'Aiglon (the Eagle) Drame en Six Actes , en Vers
29474: ROSTAND EDMOND - Les Romanesques Comedie en Trois Actes
35009: FLEG EDMOND - Why I Am a Jew Translated by Victor Gollancz
2149: AYTOUN WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Lays of Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems
47258: CURTIS EDMUND - A History of Ireland
18120: STILLMAN EDMUND (DIRECTOR OF STUDY) - The United Kingdom in 1980 the Hudson Report
2529: CREETH EDMUND (EDITOR) - Tudor Plays an Anthology of Early English Drama
1673: SWINGLEHURST EDMUND - The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites.
38871: SELOUS EDMUND - Thought-Transference (or What? ) in Birds
19643: GOSSE EDMUND (INTRODUCTION) - Restoration Plays from Dryden to Farquhar
24325: CURTIS EDMUND - A History of Ireland
14398: GOSSE EDMUND - On Viol and Flute
13472: BLUNDEN EDMUND - Shelley: A Life Story
1479: CURTIS EDMUND - A History of Ireland
28661: CURTIS EDMUND - A History of Ireland
28655: WAVLE ARDRA SOULS AND BURKE JEREMIAH EDMUND - Stories of the Emerald Isle
27419: FELLOWES EDMUND H - The English Madrigal
22971: SPENSER EDMUND - The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser (5 Volumes)

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