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43251: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide Allied Bombers 1939-1945
31204: CHAPMAN J D - Geography and Energy
16321: COHEN CHAPMAN - Agnosticism or... ? Pamphlet No 15
20664: PINCHER CHAPMAN - Their Trade Is Treachery: The Full, Unexplained Truth About the Russian Penetration of the Free World's Secret Defences
11940: PINCHER CHAPMAN - Sex in Our Time: The Frontiers of Modern Research
38962: CHAPMAN, GUY - The Dreyfus Trials
32672: CHAPPELL V C (EDITOR) - The Philosophy of Mind
32429: CHAPPELL V C (EDITOR) - The Philosophy of Mind
10675: NARASIMHA CHAR K T (SELECTOR) - The Quintessence of Nehru
44088: CHARATAN, KIRA & CAMILLA CECIL - Under Fire in the Dardanelles the Great War Diaries and Photographs of Major Edward Cadogan
47100: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE - The Vision of the Past
47158: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE - Building the Earth
47157: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE - Letters to Leontine Zanta
47162: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE - An Essay on the Interior Life le Milieu Divin
47161: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE - The Future of Man
10200: CHAN CHARIS - Imperial China
28937: LEVER CHARLES - Harry Lorrequer
28650: LEVER CHARLES - The Knight of Gwynne
37828: WHEELER CHARLES (FOREWORD BY) - The Age of Charles II Winter Exhibition 1960-1
45948: PETRIE SIR CHARLES - George Canning
27984: STERLING CHARLES - La Peinture Flamande: Rubens Et Son Temps
42017: STOVELL CHARLES - From Christ to St Paul and from St Paul to Christ a Re-Statement Concerning the One Gospel
48274: BEARD CHARLES R - The Romance of Treasure Trove
47724: ISAACSON REV CHARLES S - The Story of the English Cardinals
46191: WEBSTER SIR CHARLES - The Foreign Policy of Palmerston 1830-1841 (2 Volumes)
28351: LEVER CHARLES - The o'Donoghue
28308: LEVER CHARLES - Jack Hinton the Guardsman
28203: MORGAN CHARLES - Epitaph on George Moore
28198: LEVER CHARLES - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
39582: HARPER CHARLES G - Half-Hours with the Highwaymen Picturesque Biographies and Traditions of the "Knights of the Road" Volume 1 Only
38740: DICKENS CHARLES - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
39930: ROSS CHARLES - Edward IV
45886: CHARLES, EDWARD - The House of Medici Inheritance of Power
48331: SIR PETRIE CHARLES - Philip II of Spain
29975: LEVER CHARLES - Charles o'Malley the Irish Dragoon in One Volume
47847: JAUFFRET JEAN-CHARLES - La Guerre D'Algerie par Les Documents (Vol 1) L'Avertissement 1943-1946
46870: GORE CHARLES - St. Pauls Epistle to the Ephesians a Practical Exposition
48466: GORE REV CHARLES - Leo the Great
25170: LEVER CHARLES - Roland Cashel (Two Volumes)
43665: DICKENS CHARLES - Christmas Books
48424: LEADBEATER CHARLES W. - The Science of the Sacraments Leadbeater Was Regionary Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church for Australasia
30358: HODGE CHARLES - The Second Epistle to the Corinthians an Exposition
46162: MAXWELL THE RT HON SIR CHARLES - The Life and Letters of George William Frederick Fourth Earl of Clarendon in Two Volumes (2 Volumes)
41301: COWMAN MRS CHARLES (COMPILED BY) - Travelling Toward Sunshine
31410: MERCER CHARLES - Living in Cities Psychology and the Urban Environment
46755: BLOUNT CHARLES F - Half -Hours with S John's Gospel Part 2 CCXII-Xx1
6492: THOMAS CHARLES - Britain and Ireland in Early Christian Times Ad400 to 800
39057: DICKENS CHARLES - Christmas Stories & Pictures from Italy
20106: SMYTH CHARLES - Church and Parish: Studies in Church Problems. (the Bishop Paddock Lectures for 1953-4) Illustrated from the Parochial History of St Margaret's Westminster
4629: WHEELER CHARLES (FOREWORD BY) - Painting in England 1700-1850 from the Collection of Mr and Mrs Paul Mellon
35092: KINGSLEY CHARLES - The Water Babies
15162: SPENCE CHARLES - An Essay Descriptive of the Abbey Church of Romsey in Hampshire
34322: LAMB CHARLES - Tales from Shakespeare Designed for the Use of Young People
23142: LEVER CHARLES - Charles o'Malley: The Irish Dragoon
19237: KINGSLEY CHARLES - Westward Ho
34369: WHITE CHARLES - The City of London (Official Guide )
32350: HADFIELD CHARLES - The Canal Age
32016: RYCROFT CHARLES ET AL - Psychoanalysis Observed
32055: FORMAN CHARLES - Industrial Town Self-Portrait of St Helens in the 1920's
32193: ROSNER CHARLES - The Writing on the Wall 1813-1943
32235: WHITING CHARLES - A Bridge at Arnhem
32391: KINGSLEY CHARLES - Hypatia or Old Foes with an Old Face
31850: LEES CHARLES (EDITOR) - Politics Surveys Debates and Controversies in Politics (Volume 23 Number 1 Febuary 2003)
31876: MORGAN CHARLES - Liberties of the Mind
19888: SWINBURNE ALGERNON CHARLES - A Study of Ben Jonson
18529: RUUD CHARLES A - Russian Entrepreneur Publisher Ivan Sytin of Moscow 1851-1934
20468: ROY JAMES CHARLES - The Fields of Athenry: A Journey Through Irish History
8613: BAINBRIDGE HENRY CHARLES - Peter Carl Faberge Foreword by Sacheverell Sitwell
18893: HOLMES SIR CHARLES - A Grammar of the Arts
18552: LEVER CHARLES - Luttrell of Arran, the Dodd Family Abroad, the o'Donoghue, the Martins of Cro' Martin (4 Vols)
18144: HASTINGS CHARLES - The Theatre (It's Development in France and England, and a History of It's Greek and Latin Origins)
28401: LEVER CHARLES - Arthur o'Leary: His Wanderings and Ponderings in Many Lands
28570: LEVER CHARLES - Barrington
28572: LEVER CHARLES - Roland Cashell
28623: LEVER CHARLES - Charles o'Malley: The Irish Dragoon (Two Volumes) Edited by His Daughter
28624: LEVER CHARLES - Charles Lever's Novels of Irish Life: Novels and Romances (16 Volume Set)
1939: LEVER CHARLES - Tom Burke of 'Ours'
28300: LEVER CHARLES - Jack Hinton the Guardsman
29197: READE CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth a Tale of the Middle Ages (Vol 2 Missing) 3 Volumes Only
26996: JOHNSON CHARLES - The Language of Painting
41522: SMYTH CHARLES - The Friendship of Christ a Devotional Study
25049: LEVER CHARLES - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
32421: SINGER CHARLES - A Short History of Ideas to 1900
23099: EWALD ALEXANDER CHARLES - The Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield K.G. And His Times
15373: DAVY CHARLES - Words in the Mind : Exploring Some Effects of Poetry English and French
21508: HIGHAM CHARLES - Ziegfeld
20541: PETRIE SIR CHARLES - A Historian Looks at His World
19634: MATAGNE CHARLES. S J - Repertoire Des Ouvrages Du XVII Siecle de la Bibliotheque Du C.D. R.R. (1601-1650)
41941: GORE CHARLES - St. Pauls Epistle to the Ephesians a Practical Exposition
24396: LEVER CHARLES - One of Them
13635: DRAGE CHARLES - Family Story : The Drages of Hatfield
22034: CRUICKSHANK CHARLES - Henry VIII and the Invasion of France
10515: MOSELEY CHARLES - A Field Full of Folk a Village Elegy
39096: KNIGHT CHARLES - Passages of a Working Life During Half a Century with a Prelude of Early Reminiscences. Volume 1.
15170: KIDD CHARLES - Debrett Goes to Hollywood
14064: RYSKAMP CHARLES (INTRODUCTION) - Early Printed Books: Major Acquisitions of the Pierpont Morgan Library 1924-1974.
13280: GORE CHARLES - The Sermon on the Mount : A Practical Exposition
13426: CARRINGTON CHARLES - Rudyard Kipling : His Life and Work
48041: FERGUSON CHARLES - Naked to Mine Enemies the Life of Cardinal Wolsey
13445: JOY CHARLES R (EDITOR) - Albert Schweitzer : An Anthology
13687: SAROLEA CHARLES - Count L N Tolstoy : His Life and Work
12091: MCCARRY CHARLES - Citizen Nader: A Biography
209: DUFF CHARLES - Ireland and the Irish
2229: LEVER CHARLES - Charles o'Malley (the Irish Dragoon)
45095: DICKENS CHARLES - The Nine Christmas Numbers of All the Year Round (1859-1867)
48107: BROWN CHARLES - The Romance of Dedications
10923: FORMAN CHARLES - Industrial Town: Self -Portrait of St Helens in the 1920's
46659: CHARLES, RODGER/ MACLAREN DROSTAN - Social Teachings of Vatican II Its Origin and Development--Catholic Social Ethics, an Historical and Comparative Study
45152: FOX-DAVIES ARTHUR CHARLES (COMPILER) - Armourial Families Dictionary of Some Gentlemen of Coat Armour
48726: BOLTON CHARLES A - Salford Diocese and Itss Catholic Past the First Centenary
41226: SAROLEA CHARLES - The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution a Historical Parallel and a Forecast
46787: GORE CHARLES - The Reconstruction of Belief: Belief in God, Belief in Christ the Holy Spirit and the Church (in One Volume)
46227: COX J CHARLES - Pulpits, Lecterns and Organs
38151: DICKENS CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickeby
19832: JOHNSON MR CHARLES - The Country Lasses or the Custom of the Manor
28663: LEVER CHARLES - Jack Hinton the Guardsman (Two Volumes) Edition de Luxe
27878: EVANS CHARLES E - Memoirs of Lieutenant - Commander Charles E Evans Sept. 14th 1858-May 11,1944
40484: KENNEDY CHARLES W - Early English Christian Poetry with Critical Commentary
2006: WILSON CHARLES - Mercantilism
41757: BROWN REV CHARLES - The Acts of the Apostles XIII-XXVIII
3267: GRAVES CHARLES - The Bamboo Grove and Other Poems
45144: ANNANDALE CHARLES - The Concise English Dictionary Literary Scientific and Technical
47573: KINGSTON CHARLES - Judges and the Judged
43666: DICKENS CHARLES - Christmas Books
36054: MOSLEY CHARLES - Lichfield in Retrospect
4265: LEVER CHARLES - The Adventures of Arthur o'Leary
28434: LEVER CHARLES - Charles o'Malley (the Irish Dragoon)
40433: PERRAULT CHARLES - The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault
49159: RENFREW CHARLES - Rambling Through Life
1423: CARRINGTON CHARLES - Rudyard Kipling
23563: GRAVES CHARLES - Italy Revisited
29484: RYCROFT CHARLES - Anxiety and Neurosis
29444: DICKENS CHARLES - The Mystery of Edwin Drood
29437: DICKENS CHARLES - The Pickwick Papers
29428: DICKENS CHARLES - American Notes for General Circulation
29341: BAUDELAIRE CHARLES - L'Art Romantique Litterature Et Musique
40356: SAROLEA CHARLES - The French Renascence
30210: WALTON IZAAK AND COTTON CHARLES - The Complete Angler (Illustrated Edition)
30351: HODGE CHARLES - An Exposition of the First Epistle to the Corinthians
49213: CHARLES, RODGER - Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
38659: RODGERS REV CHARLES (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society Vol 2 New Series
30675: ANDERSON CHARLES - Toward a New Sociology Revised Edition
11591: OSBORNE CHARLES - Verdi: A Life in the Theatre
31192: MCCAGHY CHARLES H - Deviant Behavior Crime Conflict and Interest Groups
33168: TALAMINI AND PAGE CHARLES H - Sport and Society
33506: ANDERSON CHARLES H - The Political Economy of Social Class
34045: WEBB CHARLES - The Marriage of Aoung Stockbroker
34256: KINGSLEY CHARLES - Hypatia
40140: PETRIE SIR CHARLES - Philip II of Spain
35259: GOREN CHARLES H - Goren's Bridge Complete
35455: CARPENTER ANDREW (EDITOR) /FORD CHARLES - Adventure at Sienna Vol 7 Irish Writings from the Age of Swift
35460: ROGERS REV CHARLES (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Royal Society (Vol 2 Only) New Series
35474: MORGAN CHARLES - Liberties of the Mind
3599: SQUIRE CHARLES - Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance.
36026: CURRAN CHARLES J - Broadcasting from West of Suez
36060: LEVER CHARLES - Our Mess Jack Hinton the Guardsman ( Vol 1 )
42101: NEWMAN CHARLES E - Advent, Christmas and Other Sermons
23300: BARRITT DENIS P AND CARTER CHARLES F - The Northern Ireland Problem: A Study in Group Relations
4746: LAMB CHARLES - The Essays of Elia
4921: KINGSLEY CHARLES - Westward Ho!
524: MORGAN CHARLES - Epitaph on George Moore
5810: MUNN CHARLES W - Clydesdale Bank the First One Hundred and Fifty Years
6953: TENNYSON CHARLES - Alfred Tennyson
7133: DICKSON CHARLES - Revolt in the North Antrim and Down in 1798
7430: WILSON CHARLES - First with the News (the History of W.H. Smiith 1792-1972) .
7855: WHITEHEAD CHARLES - The Life and Times of Sir Walter Ralegh
7982: LELAND CHARLES G - Hans Breitmann's Ballads Complete
8364: LELAND CHARLES G - The Breitmann Ballads
8673: EDMONDS CHARLES - T E Lawrence
40496: DYSON HOPE AND TENNYSON CHARLES - Dear and Honoured Lady the Correspondence between Queen Victoria and Alfred Tennyson
45640: BRIDGES REV CHARLES - The Christian Ministry
38888: CRAMPTON CHARLES - Cane Work
46681: DEVAS FRANCIS CHARLES - Mother Mary Magdalen of the Sacret Heart Foundress of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God 1832-1900
46902: GORE CHARLES - St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans a Practical Exposition-Vol 1 (Chapters 1-VIII)
42505: KNIGHT CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Works of William Shakspere (3 Volumes)
20833: CHARLESWORTH M L - J B Oldham of Oldham's Hall 1882-1962
22895: CHARLESWORTH J K - The Geology of Ireland an Introduction
10223: MORGAN FIDELIS WITH CLARKE CHARLOTTE - The Well Known Trouble-Maker
19654: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - The Professor
19647: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre
14263: WOLFF CHARLOTTE - Bisexuality : A Study
13923: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - Shirley
5157: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - Shirley
29550: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - The Professor
29438: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre
29434: BRONTE CHARLOTTE - The Professor
46172: CHARLTON, MICHAEL - The Eagle and the Small Birds Crisis in the Soviet Empire from Yalta to Solidarity
43805: CHARLTON, PETER - The Thirty-Niners Australian Conscripts in Wwii
7873: POTTS D C AND CHARLTON D G - French Thought Since 1600
46154: CHARMLEY, JOHN - Churchill the End of Glory a Political Biography
44073: CHARNLEY, ROBERT - The Summer of '89 Being the Photographic Record of a Scottish Highland Summer Tour in the Year 1889 by an English Gentleman from Tunbridge Wells
41531: CHARNOCK M B - The Journey of the Child of God a Course of Instruction for Scholars of the Catechism
27500: GALERIE JEAN CHARPENTIER - Objets D'Art Et D'Ameublement Princepalement Du Xviiie Siecle
27499: GALERIE JEAN CHARPENTIER - Objets D'Art Et D'Ameublement Des Epoques Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI Et Empire
41687: PIGGOTT W CHARTER - That Boy Again ! and Other Taks to Young Folk
11966: GREENE WILLIAM CHASE - The Achievement of Greece: A Chapter in Human Experience
13886: ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN M M - A Conscript of 1813 and Waterloo
38215: KEBLE CHATTERTON E - Windjammers and Shellbacks Strange True Stories of the Sea
34587: CHAUCER - The Preamble and Tale of the Wife of Bath
40864: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY & NEVILL COGHILL - The Canterbury Tales in Modern English
21097: FORD WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY - Library of Congress Division of Manuscripts: A List of Vernon-Wager Manuscripts in the Library of Congress
41906: CHAVASSE C M - The Meaning of Lessons and of the Psalms
43583: BOWYER CHAZ - Bomber Group at War
11586: CHECKLAND S G - The Rise of Industrial Society in England 1815-1885
40200: JAGAN CHEDDI - Forbidden Freedom the Story of British Guiana
39714: MIJATOVICH CHEDOMILLE - A Royal Tragedy Being the Assassination of King Alexander and Queen Draga of Servia
41124: CHEETHAM, SIR NICHOLAS - New Spain Birth of Modern Mexico
39236: CHEETHAM F H - Louis Napoleon and the Genesis of the Second Empire
40511: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH & R. WILKS - The Duel and Other Stories
44902: CHEKHOV, A.P. & D. MAGARSHACK - Lady with Lapdog and Other Stories
26655: PEIFEN CHEN - Ancient Chinese Bronzes in the Shanghai Museum
44967: TRENCH JOHN CHENEVIX (EDITOR) - Records of Buckinghamshire Volume 26 1984
32286: TRENCH RICHARD CHENEVIX - English Past and Present
13558: TRENCH CHARLES CHENEVIX - A History of Marksmanship
23116: TRENCH RICHARD CHENEVIX - Poems by Richard Chenevix Trench
22878: TRENCH RICHARD CHENEVIX - On the Study of Words Revised by a L Mayhew
10151: YOUNG TIEN-CHENG - International CIVIL Service: Principles and Problems
46854: O. P CHENU, M. D. - Is Theology a Science
32475: HUBER CHERI - How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
2839: KEARTON CHERRY - The Island of Penguins
33167: ROWLINGS CHERRY - Social Work with Elderly People
36906: CHESSHYRE, ROBERT - The Return of a Native Reporter
28546: ANDERSON CHESTER G - James Joyce
29138: CHESTERTON G K - The Napoleon of Notting Hill
29139: CHESTERTON G K - The Innocence of Father Brown
19279: CHESTERTON G K - Stories, Essays and Poems
13946: CHESTERTON G K - The Man Who Was Thursday
48036: CHESTERTON G K - Heretics
12861: CHESTERTON G K - The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown
48090: CHESTERTON G. K. - The Collected Poems of G.K. Chesterton
47959: CHESTERTON G K - Alarms and Discursions
47958: CHESTERTON, G. K. /SMITH MARIE - Collected Nonsense and Light Verse
46357: CHESTERTON G K - The Catholic Church and Conversion
39037: CHESTERTON G K - The Father Brown Stories
40320: CHETWODE, PENELOPE - Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalusia
21416: CHILDS W H J - Physical Constants
39960: CHIMAY, THERESE DE CARAMAN - Violets for the Emperor the Life of Louisa de Mercy-Argenteau 1837-1890
12520: NAKAYAMA CHINATSU - Behind the Waterfall
41387: CHIRGWIN A M - The Bible in People's Lives
46780: CHITTISTER, JOAN - The Fire in These Ashes a Spirituality of Contemporary Religious Life
39190: CHITTY, SUSAN - Charles Kingsley's Landscape
40552: CHOMSKY, NOAM - American Power and the New Mandarins
48817: CHONG, DENISE - The Girl in the Picture the Remarkable Story of Vietnam's Most Famous Casualty
39811: PEARSE CHOPE R - Address by the President: 20th July 1926: Hartland Abbey Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science and Literature and Art 1926-Hartland Abbey
11481: LUCAS ST JOHN CHOSEN BY) - The Oxford Book of French Verse (XIII Century-XX Century)
48304: S. B. CHRIMES - Lancastrians Yorkists and Henry VII
43196: CHANT CHRIS - Sas in Action
40044: VIVEASH CHRIS - James Stanier Clarke Librarian to the Prince Regent, Naval Author , Friend of Jane Austen
38372: BONINGTON CHRIS - The Climbers a History of Mountaineering
38351: CHRIS, BONINGTON - Everest the Hard Way the First Ascent of the South West Face
15003: HARMAN CHRIS - Beauraucracy and Revolution in Eastern Europe
20968: ASPIN CHRIS - The Woollen Industry
21602: WOODHEAD CHRIS (EDITED BY) - Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Verse: An Anthology of Sixteen Poets
35951: APPIGNANESI RICHARD AND GARRATT CHRIS - Introducing Postmodernism
7468: AGEE CHRIS (EDITOR ) - Poetry (Oct-Nov 1995) Contemporary Irish Poetry (Numbers 1 & 2)
22328: RYDER CHRIS - The Fateful Split: Catholics and the Royal Constabulary
24628: RYDER CHRIS - The Ulster Defence Regiment: An Instrument of Peace?
10486: HOBBY ELAINE AND WHITE CHRIS (EDITORS) - What Lesbians Do in Books
21222: RYDER CHRIS - The Ruc: A Force Under Fire
35483: JESTY CHRIS - East Anglian Town Trails
42529: AGEE CHRIS ET AL - Irish Pages a Journal of Contemporary Writing: Vol 7, No 1: Self
9706: ELLIS CHRIS - How to Go Plastic Modelling
10874: WOLF CHRISTA - The Writer's Dimension: Selected Essays
9673: WOLF CHRISTA - The Writer's Dimension Selected Essays
20829: BIELENBERG CHRISTABEL - The Past Is Myself
27691: ZERVOS CHRISTIAN - Naissance de la Civilisation en Grece (Vol 1 Only)
14584: DARNTON CHRISTIAN - You and Music
19523: SHELLEY PERCY BYSSHE AND SELLE WILLIAM CHRISTIAN - Hellas: A Lyrical Drama and the Choruses Set to Music
17971: JENNINGS CHRISTIAN - Mouthful of Rocks (Through Africa and Corscia in the French Foreign Legion)
26394: GUNDEL CHRISTIAN - Der Mainzer Domschatz
22744: DELECLUSE CHRISTIAN - Untel, Pere & Fils Text by Jean Vautrin
27278: STUDI CHRISTIANI - IL Regno Pubblicazione Trimestrale Di Studi Cristiani (Anno 11 N 1 Quinto Quaderno) 1943 Xx1
27822: CHRISTIE, MANSON AND WOODS - The Collection of Pictures by Old Masters of Sir Joseph B Robinson of South Africa
42947: CHRISTIE, MASON AND WOODS - Catalogue of the Medici Archives Containing Rare Autograph Letters, Records and Documents 1084-1770 Sale for Febuary 4th 1918 at 8 King Street, London
39519: CHRISTIE'S - The Eclectic Eye Five Centuries of Art from the Galerie Yves Mikaeloff
39520: CHRISTIE'S - Art Nouveau Sale Tuesday 12th Febuary 2002
39522: CHRISTIE'S - Sale of Victorian and British Impressionist Pictures Including Drawings and Watercolours Thursday 4th June 2009
39524: CHRISTIE'S - Sale Classic Arts and Crafts Wednesday 2nd May 2001
39526: CHRISTIE'S - Sale of Works of Art from Country Houses Removed from Boxted Hse, Cheswick Hse, and Rabley Park Sale 3rd October 2001
35322: CHRISTIE'S - Fine French and Continental Furniture and Tapestries (4th July 1992)
41637: INNES T CHRISTIE - Thrilling Voices of the Past the Resurrected Past Lights Up the Bible
34607: CHRISTIE W D (EDITED BY) - The Poetical Works of John Dryden
45157: CHRISTIE'S LONDON - The Royal and Sun Alliance Collection Ref: Rsa 7006/7043-Thurs 19th May 2005
43922: CHRISTIE'S LONDON - Catalogue of Continental Drawings of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Thursday 27th November 1986 (Triton-3498)
19222: FOYLE CHRISTINA - So Much Wisdom: A Commonplace Book
35888: HOLE CHRISTINA - English Sports and Pastimes
11346: WALLACE CHRISTINE - Germaine Greer : Untamed Shrew
16899: INGHAM CHRISTINE - Life without Work : A Time for Change, Growth and Personal Transformation
17243: HALLETT CHRISTINE (EDITED BY) - Women and Social Services Departments
40604: BOLT CHRISTINE - The Anti-Slavery Movement and Reconstruction a Study in Anglo-American Co-Operation 1833/1877
37098: WEIGHTMAN CHRISTINE - Margaret of York Duchess of Burgundy 1446-1503
29265: BROOKES CHRISTOPHER - His Own Man the Life of Neville Cardus
1784: HOWARD CHRISTOPHER - Britain and the Casus Belli 1822 -1902
43100: HOLLIS CHRISTOPHER - Eton a History
43427: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilisations
22665: HOLLIS CHRISTOPHER - G K Chesterton
47608: DAWSON CHRISTOPHER - Mediaeval Religion and Other Essays the Forwood Lectures 1934-Liverpool University
38838: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - Down There on a Visit
28338: HILL IAN AND HILL CHRISTOPHER - The North from Down to Donegal
12494: HOPE CHRISTOPHER - The Love Songs of Nathan J Swirsky
29899: RYAN CHRISTOPHER - Lewis' Dublin a Topographical Dictionary of the Parishes ,Towns Etc of Dublin & County
41178: STORRS CHRISTOPHER E - Many Creeds: One Cross a Shorter Version of the Moorhouse Lectures 1943
2702: HEROLD J CHRISTOPHER - Mistress to an Age a Life of Madame de Stael
38628: FRY CHRISTOPHER - The Boy with a Cart Cuthman, Saint of Sussex
41580: HOLME CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - Psychology Today 1976 Volume 2 No 9
2532: SINCLAIR-STEVENSON CHRISTOPHER - Blood Royal (House of Hanover)
18045: SCHOLZ CHRISTOPHER - Fieldwork : A Geologist's Memoir of the Kalahari
25219: FITZ-SIMON CHRISTOPHER - The Irish Theatre
9504: BROOKES CHRISTOPHER - His Own Man: The Life of Nevill Cardus
42718: MORIARTY CHRISTOPHER - A Guide to Irish Birds
10019: MAYHEW CHRISTOPHER - Party Games
2116: TUGENDHAT CHRISTOPHER - Making Sense of Europe
12913: HOPE CHRISTOPHER - Serenity House
20105: MAITLAND CHRISTOPHER - Dr Leslie Weatherhead of the City Temple
15987: FRY CHRISTOPHER - A Sleep of Prisoners
42640: CZERNY KARL/GIBBONS CHRISTOPHER - 101 Exercises for Piano Opus 261
22393: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - All the Conspirators
23696: SMART CHRISTOPHER - Cat Jeoffry from "Rejoice in the Lamb"
15988: FRY CHRISTOPHER - The Dark Is Light Enough
32863: HANVEY CHRISTOPHER - Social Work with Mentally Handicapped People
32040: HILL CHRISTOPHER - Reformation to Industrial Revolution 1530-1780
32156: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - The Destruction of Lord Raglan a Tragedy of the Crimean Way 1854-5
32157: LLOYD CHRISTOPHER - The British Seaman 1200-1860 a Survey
26919: WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER - Paintings in Dutch Museums
15768: STASHEFF CHRISTOPHER - A Wizard in Bedlam
25943: HOBHOUSE CHRISTOPHER - Oxford As It Was, and As It Is to-Day
30078: MORLEY CHRISTOPHER - Thunder on the Left
32396: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Campaign
15522: CAUDWELL CHRISTOPHER - The Concept of Freedom
26920: WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER (COMPILED BY) - Old Master Paintings in Britain: An Index of Cotinental Old Master Paintings Executed Before C. 1800 in Public Collections in the United Kingdom
25702: HILL CHRISTOPHER - A Century of Revolution 1603-1714
35949: HILL CHRISTOPHER - The Century of Revolution 1603-1714
21199: MARLOWE CHRISTOPHER - The Plays of Christopher Marlowe
22412: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - Prater Violet
11904: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - The Illustrated London News, Social History of Victorian Britain
18245: DOSWALD CHRISTOPHER (EDITED BY) - Missing Link (the Image of Man in Contemporary Photography)
11891: REID CHRISTOPHER - Sounds Good : 101poems to Be Heard
16133: HEROLD J CHRISTOPHER - Mistress to an Age (a Life of Madame de Stael)
20921: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - The Virgin Queen the Personal History of Elizabeth 1
26618: WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER (COMPILED BY) - Old Master Paintings in Britain an Index of Continental Old Master Paintings Executed Before C1800 in Public Collections in the United Kingdom
272: TRENT CHRISTOPHER - Motoring on Irish Byways
45795: CHRISTOPHER, HIBBERT - Florence Biography of a City
17140: ST JOHN CHRISTOPHER (EDITED BY) - Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw a Correspondence
11760: FRY CHRISTOPHER - Venus Observed
14443: MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER - A Different World : Stories of Great Hotels
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40779: CONRAD, JOSEPH & PAUL O'PREY - Heart of Darkness
37580: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Lord Jim
39431: AIKEN CONRAD - Punch the Immortal Liar Documents in His History
35688: VANDERBILT BALSAN CONSEULO - The Glitter and the Gold
42673: CONSTABLE W G (INTRODUCTION BY) - An Illustrated Souvenir of the Exhibition of British Art C1000-1860
18331: NAUBERT-RISER CONSTANCE - Klee : The Masterworks Series
3988: HOLME CONSTANCE - The Splendid Fairing
41671: HOLME CONSTANCE - The Wisdom of the Simple and Other Stories
40379: GARNETT CONSTANCE (TRANSLATED BY) - Tales from Tchehov
3989: HOLME CONSTANCE - The Things Which Belong
10417: WRIGHT CONSTANCE - Fanny Kemble and the Lovely Land
38897: JACQUES CONSTANCE L - Locum in Istanbul
4247: DE GRUNWALD CONSTANTIN - Baron Stein Enemy of Napoleon
34497: SOUMELIS CONSTANTIN G - Project Evaluation Methodologies and Techniques
4520: FITZGIBBON CONSTANTINE - The Irish in Ireland
15107: FITZGIBBON CONSTANTINE - Selected Letters of Dylan Thomas
13689: FITZ GIBBON CONSTANTINE - When the Kissing Had to Stop
5407: FITZGIBBON CONSTANTINE - Red Hand -the Ulster Colony
38564: COOGAN, TIM PAT - Wherever Green Is Worn the Story of the Irish Diaspora
47348: COOK S. A, ADCOCK F. E, CHARLESWORTH M P - The Augustan Empire 44, B.C. -A.D. 70
42677: COOK, R. L. (COMPILED BY) - Garland of Poems for Leonard Clark on His 75th Birthday
20794: COOK T A - Old Touraine: The Life and History of the Chateaux of the Loire (2 Volumes) " Volumes
39488: COOK, ROBERT MANUEL - Greek Art Its Development, Character and Influence
46228: COOK G H - The English Mediaeval Parish Church
47463: COOK C F - Book of Sussex Verse
40397: COOKE, ALISTAIR - The Patient Has the Floor
11746: COOKRIDGE E H - George Blake : Double Agent
38443: COOMBES H - T F Powys a Critical Look at His Work
47700: COOMBS, JOYCE - Judgement on Hatcham the History of a Religious Struggle 1877-1886:
40165: COOPER, WILLIAM - Scenes from Metropolitan Life
10440: COOPER R, HARTLEY K, HARVEY C - Export Performance and the Pressure of Demand: A Study of Firms
7680: COOPER J P (EDITOR) - Wentworth Papers 1597-1628
39843: COOPER, JILLY & TOM HARTMAN - Violets and Vinegar an Anthology of Women's Writings and Sayings
40321: COPE, WENDY - Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis
37013: COPE, WENDY - Serious Concerns
45818: COPELAND, KENNETH - Honor Walking in Honesty, Truth, and Integrity
39666: COPEMAN, G. & ETC. - Shared Ownership How to Use Capital Incentives to Sustain Business Growth
48616: COPLESTON, F. - Aquinas an Introduction to the Life and Work of the Great Medieval Thinker
49175: F. C. COPLESTON - Aquinas
46664: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
19217: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
32491: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
46846: COPLESTON F C - Jesus Christ or Mohammed? the Bible or the Koran?
46360: COPLESTON F C - Aquinas
28561: BOYLE T CORAGHESSAN - She Wasn't Soft
20976: CORBETT P B - The Scurra
34519: ROBINSON S CORBETT T - The Dreamer's Dictionary
49130: CORBON, JEAN & M.J. O'CONNELL - Wellspring of Worship
43697: CORDEN, W.MAX - Too Sensational on the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes
31948: LEFF CORDON - History and Social Theory
48695: COREN, MICHAEL - Why Catholics Are Right
17474: REDGRAVE CORIN - Michael Redgrave My Father
36557: BUDGE IAN AND O'LEARY CORNELIUS - Belfast : Approach to Crisis a Study of Belfast Politics 1613-1970
37547: RICCI CORRADO - Michelangelo
47136: PALLENBERG CORRADO - Vatican from Within
27354: RICCI CORRADO - Michaelangelo
7632: BARNETT CORRELLI - Marlborough
13710: BARNETT CORRELLI - The Swordbearers: Studies in Supreme Command in the First World War
10229: CORRIGAN PHILIP, RAMSAY HARVIE AND SAYER DEREK - Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory (Bolshevism and Its Critique)
46366: CORRIGAN, FELICITAS - Benedictine Tapestry
46473: CORRIGAN, FELICITAS & SIR ALEC GUINNESS - George Thomas of Soho
49229: CORRIGAN, FELICITAS - Helen Waddell
47791: CORTAZZI, HUGH - Images of Japan 1885-1912 Scenes, Tales and Flowers
45797: COSTA, DANIEL - The Lost Gold of Rome the Hunt for Alaric's Treasure
38555: COSTELLO, FRANCIS J. - The Irish Revolution and Its Aftermath, 1916-1923 Years of Revolt
40121: COTON A V - The New Ballet Kurt Jooss and His Work
25606: MACDONNELL JOHN COTTER - The Life and Correspondence of William Connor Magee (2 Volumes) Archbishop of York, Bishop of Peterborough
43711: COTTER, MATTHEW J. (EDITOR) - Sidney Hook Reconsidered
5171: MACDONNELL JOHN COTTER - Life and Correspondence of William Connor Magee Archbishop of York Two Volumes
48591: COUGHLAN, PETER & ETC. - Christian's Prayer Book Poems, Psalms and Prayers for the Church Year
49087: COUGHLAN, NORA & JANE SAUNDERS - The White Dust Track
40011: COULCHER, PATRICK & DENIS HEALEY - A Natural History of the Cuckmere Valley
43090: COULDREY, VIVIENNE - Tiffany Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany
41745: COULSON C A - Science , Technology and the Christian
47721: COULTER G G - Social Life in Britain from the Conquest to the Reformation
7767: COULTER G C - Medieval Panorama the English Scene from the Conquest to the Reformation
47267: COULTON G G - Ten Medieval Studies with Four Appendices
19456: COULTON G G - The Medieval Scene an Informal Introduction to the Middle Ages
48152: COULTON G. G. - The Medieval Village
47269: COULTON G G - In Defence of the Reformation Three Lectures Delivered at the Central Hall, Liverpool
15830: COULTON G C - Europe's Apprenticeship (a Survey of Medieval Latin with Examples)
48069: COULTON G C - Life in the Middle Ages (Vols 1 & 2)
48266: COULTON G G - Europe's Apprenticeship a Survey of Medieval Latin with Examples
6994: COULTON G G (SELECTED BY) - Life in the Middle Ages (Vol1) Only) Religion, Folk-Lore and Superstition
27814: ARTS COUNCIL - Paintings from the Louvre: Manet and His Circle
27776: ARTS COUNCIL - French Drawings from Fouquet to Gauguin (Book of Illustrations)
27075: BRITISH COUNCIL - Henry Moore
27645: ARTS COUNCIL - Shakespeare in Art: Paintings, Drawings and Engravings Devoted to Shakespearean Subjects
27103: ARTS COUNCIL - Decade Painting, Sculpture and Drawing in Britain 1940-49
37733: COUNCIL, SCOTTISH CONSUMER - The Law of the School Parent's Guide to Education Law in Scotland
25976: ARTS COUNCIL - Picasso 55 Lithographs 1945-1947
27113: ARTS COUNCIL - Goya: Drawings, Etchings and Lithographs
42670: ARTS COUNCIL - An Aspect of American Painting and Sculpture 1948-1968 the Art of the Real
27114: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL - Views of the Thames: Greenwich to Windsor
27077: ARTS COUNCIL - Mexican Art from 1500 B. C to the Present Day
47114: VATICAL COUNCIL - The Rite of Penance
40930: GALLATIN COUNT (EDITOR) - The Great Peace Maker the Diary of James Gallatin 1813-1827
28780: GRAMMONT COUNT - Memoirs of the Court of Charles the Second
35941: CORTI COUNT - Ludwig I of Bavaria
39771: KLEINMICHEL COUNTESS - Memories of a Shipwrecked World Translated by Vivian le Grand
20286: COUPLAND R (SELECTED BY) - The War Speeches of William Pitt the Younger
31395: COURT W H B - A Concise Economic History of Britain from 1750 to Recent Times
43424: COURTAULD, GEORGE & PETER WARD & JUDITH HANNAM - The Pocket Book of Patriots over 100 British Heroes :
20090: ILBERT SIR COURTENAY - House of Commons Manual of Procedure in the Public Business 1941
27094: LEWIS C T COURTNEY - The Baxter Price List 1924 Supplement to "George Baxter the Picture Printer "1924
41904: COUTTS, GENERAL FREDERICK L. - No Discharge in This War a One Volume History of the Salvation Army
45555: COUTTS, JOHN - Saints Alive! a Brief History of the Christian Church
45558: COUTTS, FREDERICK L. - The History of the Salvation Army 1946-77 - Weapons of Good Will V. 7
10367: COVAL S - Scepticism and the First Person
33200: COWAN J C - Pleasure and Pain a Study in Philosophical Psychology
45748: COWAN, ROSS - For the Glory of Rome a History of Warriors and Warfare
47999: COWARD, NOEL - Lyrics of Noel Coward
45177: COWBURN, JOHN - Shadows and the Dark the Problems of Suffering and Evil
48963: COX, GENEVIEVE - The Essential Creed
41239: COX, TOM - Motor Boat and Yachting Manual
14740: COX M V (EDITOR) - Are Young Children Egocentric?
38918: COX, DAVID - The Henry Wood Proms
21938: COX C B - Two-Headed Monster
47532: COX, JOHN CHARLES & ALFRED HARVEY - English Church Furniture
41261: COX, C. B. & DYSON, A. E. (EDITORS). - Word in the Desert. Tenth Anniversity Number
43024: COXON H B - Roman Catholicism an Explanation of Catholic Belief Taken from Official Sources
49041: COYLE, TOM - This Is Our Mass
36686: CRACE, JIM - Continent
43226: CRADDOCK, CHRIS - A Manual of Clay Shooting
37705: CRAFT, MAURICE, ETC. - Linking Home and School
36326: CRAGG G R - The Church and the Age of Reason (1648-1789) (Vol 4)
49100: CRAGG, G.R. - The Church and the Age of Reason, 1648-1789 Vol 4
42036: CRAIG A C - Preaching in a Scientific Age the Warrack Lectures for 1953
6147: TAPPING G CRAIG - Austin Clarke a Study of His Writings
4982: CRAIG J, MCANULTY J AND FLANNIGAN P - Ireland the Promise of Socialism
9608: CRAIK T W - The Tudor Interlude
39631: CRAKER, TREVOR - Opening Accounts and Closing Memories Thirty Years with Thames and Hudson
39162: CRAMPTON, R. J. - Hollow Detente Anglo-German Relations in the Balkans, 1911-14
49009: D. H. S. CRANAGE - The Home of the Monk an Account of English Monastic Life and Buildings in the Middle Ages
43151: CRANE, STEPHEN & RICHARD JENSETH & DR KEITH CARABINE - The Red Badge of Courage & Other Stories
44131: CRANE, DAVID - Men of War the Changing Face of Heroism in the 19th Century Navy
39680: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - The Fall of the House of Habsburg
40027: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - Maria Theresa
40421: CRAWFORD, DONALD & ROSEMARY CRAWFORD - Michael and Natasha the Life and Love of Emperor Michael II, the Last Tsar of Russia
37314: CRAWSHAW, ALWYN - Alwyn Crawshaw's Oil Painting Course
37317: CRAWSHAW, ALWYN - The Half-Hour Painter Paint a Successful Landscape in 30 Minutes
49200: CREAN, THOMAS - A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins
49190: THOMAS A KEMPIS & W. C. CREASY - Imitation of Christ
42297: FILS CREBILLON - The Sofa a Moral Tale
17255: MILLER NOD AND NORRIS CRESTA (EDITED BY) - Life After the Broadcasting Bill (Proceedings of the 20th University of Manchester Broadcasting Symposium)
46297: CRICHTON, J.D. - Our Lady in the Liturgy
46443: CRICHTON, J.D. - Lights in the Darkness Fore-Runners of the Liturgical Movement
48468: CRICHTON, J.D. - Ministry of Reconciliation a Commentary on the Order of Penance 1974
49095: CRICHTON, J.D. - The Once and Future Liturgy
37097: PORTEOUS CRICHTON - The Beauty and Mystery of Well-Dressing
46379: CRICHTON, J.D. - The Lord Is Risen Liturgy from Passiontide to Pentecost
36962: CRITCHLEY, JULIAN - A Bag of Boiled Sweets an Autobiography
27016: THOMSON D CROAL - Matthew Maris an Illustrated Souvenir
26164: CROCKETT S R - Lads' Love
43266: CROFTON, IAN - History without the Boring Bits a Curious Chronology of the World
43235: CROFTON, IAN - History without the Boring Bits a Curious Chronology of the World
22450: CROKER K B - Things Phoenix 1782-1982: Phoenix Assurance Bicentenary
59: CROKER B M (MRS) - The Cat's-Paw and a Rolling Stone
3320: SAUNDERS R CROMBIE - A Guide to the Fishing Inns of Scotland
47669: CROOK, JOSEPH MORDAUNT - The Dilemma of Style Architectural Ideas from the Picturesque to the Post-Modern
35868: CROSLAND T W H (COMPILED BY) - English Songs and Ballads
23720: JEFFARES NORMAN AND CROSS K G W (EDITORS) - In Excited Reverie: A Centenary Tribute to William Butler Yeats 1865-1939
49261: CROSS, TONY - St. Helena Including Ascension Island and Tristan Da Cunha
26256: CROSS E L - Walks in the Cairngorms Near Aviemore
43175: CROSS, ROBIN - Fallen Eagle the Last Days of the Third Reich
24524: NORMAN JEFFARES A AND CROSS K G W (EDITED BY) - In Excited Reverie: A Centenary Tribute W B Yeats 1865-1939
46646: CROSS, ERIC - Tailor and Ansty
48641: ST JOHN OF THE CROSS - Spiritual Canticle and Poems
44151: CROSS, ROBIN - Fallen Eagle the Last Days of the Third Reich
46404: CROUAN, DENIS & MICHAEL MILLER - The History and the Future of the Roman Liturgy
43550: CROWDY, TERRY - The Enemy Within a History of Espionage
47937: CROWLEY, FRANK - A New History of Australia
48661: CRUDEN - Cruden's Concordance a Convenient Manual for the Study of the Holy Scriptures
42816: CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - Henry VIII and the Invasion of France
47957: CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - English Occupation of Tournai, 1513-19
28631: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - Ancestral Voices Religion and Nationalism in Ireland
540: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - Neighbours (the Ewart-Biggs Memorial Lectures 1978-1979)
26349: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - Passion & Cunning: Essays on Nationalism, Terrorism and Revolution
4685: O'BRIEN CONOR CRUISE - The Long Affair
32113: CRUMP C G - The Logic of History
43896: CUDDEFORD, MICHAEL J. - Identifying Buckles
48733: CUGNO, ALAIN & B. WALL - St. John of the Cross Life & Thought of a Christian Mystic
44965: CULL, ELIZABETH - Portrait of the Chilterns
28347: CULLEN L M - Life in Ireland
40136: CULLEN, TOM - Empress Brown Story of a Royal Friendship
40732: CULLEN, TOM - Empress Brown Story of a Royal Friendship
31511: CULLINGWORTH J B - Town and Country Planning in Britain
27365: MINISTERE DE LA CULTURE DE L'U. R. S. S. - Protection Et Restauration Des Monuments Architecturaux de Leningrad 1918 - 1978
20234: BENTLEY H CUMBERLAND - Songs and Verses
22345: CUMMINS W A - King Arthurs Place in Prehistory: The Great Age of Stonehenge
39512: CUNLIFFE, BARRY & SHIRLEY FELTS & EDGAR HOLLOWAY - Rome and the Barbarians
39365: CUNLIFFE, MARCUS - Soldiers and Civilians Martial Spirit in America, 1775-1865
42340: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - Specimen Days
36996: CUNNINGHAM, JOHN E. - Chaucer's "Prologue to the Canterbury Tales" a Critical Study Incorporating Chaucer's Text
31919: EISENSTADT S N AND CURELARU M - Macro-Sociology Theory Analysis and Comparative Studies (Volume 25 Number 2 Summer 1977)
45219: CURLE, B.R. & P. MEARA - Historical Atlas of Kensington and Chelsea
36892: CURRAN, JAMES & JEAN SEATON - Power without Responsibility Press and Broadcasting in Britain
29737: MACAODHA B S AND CURRIE E A - Ireland a Systematic and Regional Geography
7852: CURRY C - Wave Optics (Interference and Diffraction)
9885: CONROY JACK AND JOHNSON CURT - Writers in Revolt the Anvil Anthology 1933-1940
38948: CURTIN, JEREMIAH - Tales of the Fairies and of the Ghost World
45877: CURTIS, GREGORY - Disarmed the Story of the Venus de Milo
38401: CURTIS, TONY - Glass and Metalware
23742: BRADFORD CURTIS (EDITED BY) - Reflections by W B Yeats from the Journals
47643: CURTIS L P - Chichester Towers
48731: CUSACK, C. F. (THE NUN OF KENMARE) - The Illustrated History of Ireland from Early Times 400 A.D. - 1000 A.D.
45642: CUTHBERT, NICK - God Is My Father
46852: FR. CUTHBERT - God and the Supernatural a Catholic Statement of the Christian Faith
48961: CVANCARA, ALAN - Journey Through France
42854: ASQUITH LADY CYNTHIA - The Married Life of the Duchess of York
10238: TOURNEUR CYRIL - The Revengers Tragedy
32522: SMITH CYRIL - Communist Society and Marxist Theory
17493: DABYDEEN CYRIL - Discussing Columbus
15862: CONNOLLY CYRIL - The Evening Colonnade
35164: BAILEY CYRIL ( EDITED BY ) - The Legacy of Rome
23129: BUNT CYRIL - A Little Journey Through Ancient Ireland Journeys Through Our Early History
40097: BEAUMONT CYRIL - Ballets of Today
41491: DAVEY CYRIL - On the Clouds to China the Story of Hudson Taylor
11974: RAY CYRIL (EDITOR) - The New Compleat Imbiber
21864: NOALL CYRIL - The Story of Cornwall's Lifeboats
21629: GARBETT CYRIL - The Claims of the Church of England
37493: CONNOLLY CYRIL (EDITOR) - Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art Vol 8 No 78 June 1946
40944: DEWAR LINDSAY AND HUDSON CYRIL E - Christian Morals a Study in First Principles
21861: CZARNECKI MRS L A - The Hero of Italy and Other Poems
28812: ANDRADE E N DA C (PROF) - The Atom
47169: DAALEN D. H. VAN - The Real Resurrection
46239: DAHIYAT, EID ABDALLAH - Once Upon the Orient Wave Milton and the Arab Muslim World
37885: DAINTREY, ADRIAN - Fragonard le Billet Doux
44960: O'DAIR, MARCUS - The Rough Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
8346: ASHFORD DAISY - Daisy Ashford: Her Book
40252: CADEN PETTUS DAISY (ARRANGED BY) - The Rosalie Evans Letters from Mexico
12631: STIVENS DAL - The Wide Arch
25665: MORRIS WILLIAM DALE - The Christian Origins of Social Revolt
12511: CLINE SALLY AND SPENCER DALE - Reflecting Men at Twice Their Natural Size
11638: SPENDER DALE - There's Always Been a Women's Movement This Century
30102: SPENDER DALE (EDITOR) - Feminist Theorists Three Centuries of Women's Intellectual Traditions
48867: DALES, DOUGLAS - Dunstan Saint and Statesman
38588: DALEY, WILLIE/DODD PHILIP - The Last Matchmaker
40074: DALLEY, STEPHANIE - Myths from Mesopotamia Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others
41870: DALLIMORE, ARNOLD - The Life of Edward Irving Fore-Runner of the Charismatic Movement
48763: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - Simple Prayer
47209: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - Theology and Spirituality
41604: EVEREST T DALTON - Dust or Destiny
46046: DALY, JOHN C.K. - Russian Seapower and the Eastern Question, 1827-41
36963: DALYELL, TAM - Dick Crossman a Portrait
46977: A SISTER OF NOTRE DAME - A Popular Manual of Church History
48438: DAME EDWARDS, EANSWYTH - St. Eanswythe of Folkestone Her Life, Her Relics and Her Monastery
28838: GRANT DAMIAN (EDITOR) - Poetry 1969 (Number 10)
700: QUINN DAMIAN - Devil's Heaven
43393: LEWIS DAMIEN - Operation Certain Death the Inside Story of the Sas's Greatest Battle
33573: DAMPIER-WHETHAM, W C D - A History of Science and Its Relations with Philosophy and Religion
12328: JACOBSON DAN - Adult Pleasures: Essays on Writers and Readers
13023: JACOBSON DAN - Time and Time Again
10674: JACOBSON DAN - The Evidence of Love
41227: LAURENCE DAN H - Bernard Shaw Collected Letters 1874-1897
33949: JACOBSON DAN - The Beginners
4680: RIDER DAN - Adventures with Bernard Shaw.
21631: GIOIA DANA - The Gods of Winter
14423: SKINNER R DANA - Our Changing Theatre
17742: PARRY DANAAN - Warriors of the Heart (a Handbook for Conflict Resolution)
40222: DANGERFIELD, GEORGE - Victoria's Heir the Education of a Prince
2911: HALPERN DANIEL (EDITOR) - Antaeus a Series of Essays on Art
46445: JENKINS DANIEL - Tradition and the Spirit
49113: ROPS H DANIEL - The Protestant Reformation
48565: ROCK DANIEL - The Church of Our Fathers As Seen in St Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury Volume 2 with Dissertations on the Belief and Ritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans
10216: PICK DANIEL - War Machine
32895: TAYLOR DANIEL M - Explanation and Meaning an Introduction to Philosophy
16659: DEFOE DANIEL - Moll Flanders
31214: COHEN DANIEL - Dreams Visions and Drugs a Search for Other Realities
31116: CHIROT DANIEL - Social Change in the Twentieth Century
16281: PICK DANIEL - War Machine (the Rationalistaion of Slaughter in the Modern Age)
9521: AUDEN W H/HALPERN DANIEL - The Prolific and the Devourer-Antaeus Summer 1981
21395: JENKINS DANIEL - Tradition and the Spirit
10775: TAYLOR-IDE DANIEL - Something Hidden Behind the Ranges: A Himalayan Quest
9628: GREEN DANIEL - To Colonize Eden Land & Jeffersonian Democracy
8326: POLLEN DANIEL A - Hannah's Heirs the Quest for the Genetic Origins of Alzheimer's Disease
31993: GREENBERG DANIEL S - The Politics of American Science

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