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38943: BENNETT, ALAN - Father! Father! Burning Bright
31794: BENNETT T ET AL (EDITORS) - Culture Ideology and Social Progress a Reader
17825: BENNETT H. S. - The Pastons and Their England
45603: BENNETT, RICHARD A. - Your Quest for God
15395: ALAN BENNETT - Telling Tales
11952: LEIGH-BENNETT E P - On This Evidence
45593: BENNETT, RICHARD A. - Food for Faith
39357: BENNETT, ARNOLD & JAMES G. HEPBURN & R. HOWE - The Letters Family Letters V. 4
35885: EFRAT BENNI - Artist's Proof
721: GREEN BENNY - Shaw's Champions
28114: GREEN BENNY - Shaw's Champions: G B S and Prizefighting from Cashel Byron to Gene Tunney
24870: GREEN BENNY - Shaw's Champions: G.B. S. And Prizefighting from Cashel Byron to Gene Tunney
47321: BENOIT, PIERRE & B. WEATHERHEAD - Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
50905: BENOSCHOFSKY, I. & A. SCHEIBER & J.W. WIESENBERG - Jewish Museum of Budapest
14849: BENSON E F - The Blotting Book
42772: BENSON E F - King Edward VII an Appreciation
55065: BENSON, ASHER - Jewish Dublin Portraits of Life by the Liffey
55684: BENSOUSSAN, GEORGES - Une Histoire Intellectuelle Et Politique Du Sionisme 1860-1940
1754: EAGLESON R WHITE R BENTLET C (EDITORS) - Language and Literatures in the Formation of National and Cultural Communities.
56753: BENTLEY, MICHAEL - Companion to Historiography
56642: BENTLEY, JAMES - God's Representatives Twentieth-Century Popes
39062: BENTLEY-CRANCH, DANA & NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - Edward VII Image of an Era, 1841-1910
32712: GLASS BENTLEY - Science and Ethical Values (the John Calvin Mcnair Lectures)
42874: BENTLEY-CRANCH, DANA & NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - Edward VII Image of an Era, 1841-1910
35935: HAND G J AND BENTLEY D J - Radcliffe and Cross the English Legal System
42045: BENTOV, ITZHAK - Stalking the Wild Pendulum on the Mechanics of Consciousness
49944: BENVENISTI, MERON - Son of the Cypresses Memories, Reflections, and Regrets from a Political Life
53165: BENVENISTI, MERON - Conflicts and Contradictions
56389: BENVENISTI, MERON - Intimate Enemies Jews and Arabs in a Shared Land
53748: BENZ, WOLFGANG AND DISTEL, BARBARA - Dachau Review (Volume 1) History of Nazi Concentration Camps: Studies, Reports, Documents
56730: BERADT, MARTIN - Beide Seiten Einer StraßE Roman Aus Dem Scheunenviertel. Nachw. V. Eike Geisel
35016: SAKLATVALA BERAM - Arthur: Roman Britain's Last Champion
54664: BERAMENDI (JUSTO G, RAMÓN MÁIZ & XOSÉ M NÚÑEZ; EDITORS). - Nationalism in Europe Past and Present (2 Volumes) Actas Do Congreso Internacional Os Nacionalismos en Europa Pasado E Presente: Santiago de Compostela, 27-29 de Setembro de 1993.
47334: BERAN, BRYAN - Royal Westminster Abbey
29914: LANG BEREL - Heidegger's Silence
56725: BEREND, IVAN T - History Derailed Central and Eastern Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century
53598: BEREND, IVAN T - Decades of Crisis Central and Eastern Europe Before World War II
42338: BERENDT, JOHN - The City of Falling Angels
36764: BERENDT, JOHN - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
55847: BERENGER, JEAN & C.A. SIMPSON - A History of the Habsburg Empire 1273-1700 and 1700-1918 (2 Volumes)
55702: BERGER, STEFAN - The Search for Normality National Identity and Historical Consciousness in Germany Since 1800
57109: BERGER, MICHAEL S. - Rabbinic Authority
55966: BERGER, ANNE-EMMANUELLE - Algeria in Others' Languages
54561: BERGER, STEFAN - Writing National Histories Western Europe Since 1800
53411: BERGER, DAVID - The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference
56058: BERGERON, LOUIS & R. R. PALMER - France Under Napoleon
50413: BERGHAHN, V. R. - Modern Germany Society,Economy and Politics in the Twentieth Century
49381: BERGHAUS, GUNTER (EDITOR) - Theatre and Film in Exile German Artists in Britain, 1933-1945
49963: BERGMANN, WERNER & RAINER ERB - Anti-Semitism in Germany the Post-Nazi Epoch from 1945-95
8620: BECKER BERIL - Paul Gauguin: The Calm Madman
51836: BERING, DIETZ - The Stigma of Names Antisemitism in German Daily Life, 1812-1933
27151: BERINGER J - Thoma Der Malerpoet
10437: BERKI R N - The Genesis of Marxism : Four Lectures
12031: BERKI R N - The Genesis of Marxism: 4 Lectures
50128: BERKLEY, GEORGE E. - Vienna and Its Jews the Tragedy of Success, 1880's-1980's
55989: BERKOVITZ, JAY R. - The Shaping of a Jewish Identity in Nineteenth-Century France
54831: BERKOWITZ, MICHAEL & SUSAN TANANBAUM & SAM BLOOM - Forging Modern Jewish Identities Public Faces and Private Struggles
55125: BERKOWITZ, MICHAEL - The Jewish Self-Image American and British Perspectives, 1881-1939
39665: BERLIN, ISAIAH & RAMIN JAHANBEGLOO - Conversations with Isaiah Berlin Recollections of a Historian of Ideas
56048: BERLIN, ADELE & MARC ZVI BRETTLER & SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR: MICHAEL FISHBANE - The Jewish Study Bible Featuring the Jewish Publication Society Tanakh Translation
57124: BERLIN, ISAIAH & HENRY HARDY & STROBE TALBOTT - The Soviet Mind Russian Culture Under Communism
49937: BERLINERBLAU, JACQUES - The Secular Bible Why Nonbelievers Must Take Religion Seriously
53238: BERMANT, CHAIM - Troubled Eden an Anatomy of British Jewry
53755: BERMANT, CHAIM - Lord Jakobovits the Authorized Biography of the Chief Rabbi
49324: BERMANT, CHAIM - Troubled Eden an Anatomy of British Jewry
22344: BERNAL J D - The Extension of Man: A History of Physics Before 1900
28953: SHAW BERNARD - The Doctor's Dilemma a Tragedy
28952: SHAW BERNARD - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant the Second Volume, Containing the Four Pleasant Plays
28837: SHAW BERNARD - Press Cuttings: A Topical Shetch Compiled from the Editorial and Correspondence Columes of the Daily Papers Formed by the C and D Guild Royal Court Theatre July 1909
1506: KENNEDY BERNARD - Context Reality Celtic Phantasm-Celtic Poems
38694: HUGHES G BERNARD - English Glass for the Collector 1660-1860
16442: SHAW BERNARD - Plays Unpleasant
28407: SHAW BERNARD - In Good King Charles's Golden Days a History Lesson by Bernard Shaw
28191: SHAW BERNARD - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant. The First Volume Containing the Three Unpleasant Plays and the Second Volume Containing the Four Pleasant Plays
38847: BERGONZI BERNARD - The Turn of the Century Essays on Victorian and Modern English Literature
24339: FALK BERNARD - Thomas Rowlandson: His Life and Art a Documentary Record
20377: MACLAVERTY BERNARD - The Great Profundo and Other Stories
2762: HART BERNARD - The Psychology of Insanity
3213: FALK BERNARD - The Way of the Montagues a Gallery of Family Portraits
35332: CULLEN BERNARD - Hegel's Social and Political Thought an Introduction
12335: HUTTON J BERNARD - The Traitor Trade
15015: ROBSON WILLIAM A & CRICK BERNARD (EDITORS) - The Future of the Social Services
34402: WOOD G BERNARD - Ferries & Ferrymen
15017: SHAW BERNARD - Complete Plays with Prefaces (Volume 2)
55764: BERNARD, ANNE–MARIE - The World of Proust, As Seen by Paul Nadar
17097: SHAW BERNARD - Plays Extravagant (Too Good to Be True, the Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, the Millionairess)
17098: SHAW BERNARD - The Black Girl in Search of God (and Some Lesser Tales)
1689: ASHMOLE BERNARD - An Historical Guide to the Sculptures of the Parthenon
16642: SHAW BERNARD - Androcles and the Lion
28192: SHAW BERNARD - The Doctor's Dilemma, Getting Married & the Shewing-Up of Blanco
43741: GUENEE BERNARD - Between Church and State Lives of Four French Prelates in the Late Middle Ages
20056: SHAW BERNARD - Plays and Players: Essays on the Theatre
22225: SHAW BERNARD - Bernard Shaw: The One-Volume Definitive Edition
17139: SHAW BERNARD - The Political Madhouse in America and Nearer Home (a Lecture)
19746: HOLLOWOOD BERNARD (EDITED BY) - Pick of Punch 1965
18002: MYERS BERNARD S (EDITED BY) - Encyclopedia of Painting (Painters and Painting of the World from Prehistoric Times to Modern Day)
18293: LAMARCHE-VADEL BERNARD - Michelangelo
20651: LLEWELLYN BERNARD - With My Back to the East
18524: KNAPP A BERNARD - Society and Polity at Bronze Age Pella (an Annales Perspective)
18769: HUGHES G BERNARD - English Glass for the Collector 1660-1860
22223: FERGUSSON BERNARD - Travel Warrant
23605: POOL BERNARD (EDITED BY) - The Croker Papers 1808-1857
48042: BASSET BERNARD - Born of Friendship the Spirit of Sir Thomas More
41498: WALL BERNARD - Headlong Into Change an Autobiography and a Memoir of Ideas Since the Thirties
30291: SHAW BERNARD - Cashel Byron's Profession
15911: GROOM BERNARD - The Unity of Wordsworth's Poetry
50959: HOMA BERNARD - Orthodoxy in Anglo-Jewry 1880-1940
20627: HUGHES G BERNARD - English and Scottish Earthenware 1660-1860
13879: MALAMUD BERNARD - The Magic Barrel
11164: DUKORE BERNARD F - Bernard Shaw Director
17266: CRICK BERNARD - In Defence of Politics
48967: KELLY REV BERNARD (EDITOR) - Butler's Lives of the Saints (5 Volume Set)
22314: SHAW BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
49116: BASSET BERNARD - Newman at Littlemore
42353: GILBERT BERNARD - Cross Lights: Tales
56778: BOGAN REV BERNARD - The Great Link a History of Sat George's, Southwark
54989: MARTIN BERNARD - Prayer in Judaism
56274: MCDANNELL COLLEEN & LANG BERNARD - Heaven a History
22962: SHAW BERNARD - Geneva a Fancied Page in History in Three Acts
28132: SHAW BERNARD - In Good King Charles's Golden Days
23261: SHAW BERNARD - The Man of Destiny: A Trifle
57099: SHAW BERNARD - John Bull's Other Island and Major Barbara London
23635: SHAW BERNARD - Translations and Tomfooleries
23656: SHAW BERNARD - Pygmalion
1353: DORIVAL BERNARD - Contemporary French Painting
55835: SHAW BERNARD - The Matter with Ireland
21910: SHAW BERNARD - Essays in Fabian Socialism: The Works of Bernard Shaw
46358: BASSET BERNARD - Priest in Paradise with God to Illinois
30264: MACLAVERTY BERNARD - Grace Notes
21778: STANLEY BERNARD - 40 Patience Games (No 1)
30916: HARRISON BERNARD - Form and Content
31547: COSER LEWIS A AND ROSENBERG BERNARD (EDITORS) - Sociological Theory a Book of Readings (4th Edition)
34265: SHAW BERNARD - Cashel Byrons Profession
347: SHAW BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
36819: SHAW BERNARD - Major Barbara a Screen Version
37210: SHAW BERNARD - Back to Methuselah a Metabiological Pentateuch
4011: SHAW BERNARD - Our Theatres in the Nineties (Vol 3)
5734: MACLAVERTY BERNARD - Walking the Dog and Other Stories.
82: KENNEDY BERNARD - Leaves of Autumn - a New Poetry Collection 1988 -1998
8787: SHAW BERNARD - Major Barbara
46716: ANDERSON BERNARD W - The Living World of the Old Testament
48258: ASPINWALL BERNARD - The Formation of the Catholic Community in the West of Scotland: Some Preliminary Outlines a Pamphlet from the Innes Review Vol XXXIII
47641: BERNEN, ROBERT & SATIA BERNEN - Myth and Religion in European Painting, 1270-1700 the Stories As the Artists Knew Them
42089: WILSON BERNER'S - From Six Great Cities
27379: BERENSON BERNHARD - Die Florentiner Maler Der Renaissance
8973: HURWOOD BERNHARDT J - My Savage Muse (the Story of My Life Edger Allan Poe) an Imaginative Work
15166: RUBENS BERNICE - Milwaukee
48294: DE GASZTOLD CARMEN BERNOS - Prayers from the Ark Foreword by Rumer Godden
56714: BERNSTEIN, ALAN E. - The Formation of Hell Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds
54113: BERNSTEIN, DEBORAH - The Struggle for Equality Urban Women Workers in Prestate Israeli Society
55913: BERNSTEIN, ALAN E. - The Formation of Hell Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds
57103: BERRESFORD ELLIS, PETER - The Celtic Dawn a History of Pan Celticism
51981: BERRESFORD ELLIS, PETER - Celtic Inheritance
45745: BERRESFORD ELLIS, PETER - Celt and Roman the Celts in Italy
29734: RITCHIE BERRY - Good Company the Story of Scottish and Newcastle
48606: BERSELLI, COSTANTE & P. JENKINS - In Praise of Mary Hymns from the First Millennium of the Eastern and Western Churches
53284: ENGELMANN BERT - Preussen Land Der Unbengrenzten Moglichkeiten
56923: BERTALL - The Communists of Paris 1871 Types-Physiognomies-Characters
41255: BERTELLI, SERGIO & ELVIRA GARBERO ZORZI - The Courts of the Italian Renaissance
38976: BERTENSHAW T H - Rhythm, Analysis and Musical Form with Exercises
41897: FENNELL BERTHA - The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
41746: KRALL BERTHA C (EDITOR) - Harvest -Tide in Many Lands Stories of the World's Harvests
27197: BERTI L , TOFANI A M P, CANEVA CATERINA - Die Uffizien Florenz
42896: HARDING BERTITA - Phantom Crown the Story of Maximillian and Carlota of Mexico
40460: BRECHT BERTOLT - Parables for the Theatre the Good Woman of Setzuan & the Caucasian Chalk Circle
29498: BRECHT BERTOLT - The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
34557: BRECHT BERTOLT - The Life of Galileo
32413: RAPHAEL BERTRAM - The Thinking Computer Mind Inside Matter
21029: WINDLE BERTRAM C A - Prehistoric Age in England: Archaeological Remains from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
22348: NICHOLS WALLACE BERTRAM - The Song of Sharruk
47639: OSBOURNE BERTRAM - Justices of the Peace 1361-1848 a History of Our Magistracy During Five Centuries
8636: DAVIS BERTRAM H - Johnson Before Boswell a Study of Sir John Hawkins'Life of Samuel Johnson
16545: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Has Man a Future
18064: DIMMITT RICHARD BERTRAND - A Title Guide to the Talkies
40705: RUSSELL BERTRAND - The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872-1967 (3 Volumes)
31267: RUSSELL BERTRAND - The Problems of Philosophy
19502: RUSSELL BERTRAND - The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872-1914
19823: D'ASTORG BERTRAND - Aspects de la Litterature Europeenne Depuis 1945
9294: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Power a New Social Analysis
32477: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Philosophy and Politics
25331: FLORNOY BERTRAND - Inca Adventure
33562: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Portraits from Memory and Other Essays
55159: RUSSELL BERTRAND - German Social Democracy a New Edition of His First Book
55474: ISRAEL. VAADAT HA-HAKIRAH LA-HAKIRAT HA-ERUIM BE-MAHANOT HA-PELITIM BE-BERUT - The Beirut Massacre the Complete Kahan Commission Report / with an Introduction by Abba Eban
15223: BAINBRIDGE BERYL - Master Georgie
15046: DHANJAL BERYL - Sikhism
18735: WOOD CLIVE AND SUITTERS BERYL - The Fight for Acceptance: A History of Contraception
36153: LUCEY BERYL - A Village Where the World Is One the Pestalozzi International Children's Village in England
40210: BERZON, BETTY & ROBERT LEIGHTON (EDITORS) - Positively Gay New Approaches to Gay Life
52312: BESANCON, ALAIN - The Forbidden Image an Intellectual History of Iconoclasm
49935: BESSEL, RICHARD - Germany, 1945 from War to Peace
22554: REDFIELD BESSIE - Aid to Rhyme
51134: BEST, GEOFFREY - The Permanent Revolution French Revolution and Its Legacy, 1789-1989
32862: RUBIN BETH A - Shifts in the Social Contract Understanding Change in American Society
50946: BETHELL, NICHOLAS - Gomulka His Poland and His Communism
39133: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Ghastly Good Taste
53004: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Freud's Vienna and Other Essays
51950: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO B. - Frued's Vienna & Other Esseys
14063: WADIA BETTINA - Botticelli
51922: BETTS, RAYMOND - Tricouleur the French Overseas Empire
55241: BETTS, CLIVE - Culture in Crisis Future of the Welsh Language
54446: BETTS, RAYMOND F. - Uncertain Dimensions Western Overseas Empires in the Twentieth Century
35152: BETTS P Y - People Who Say Goodbye Memoirs of Childhood
38463: BETTS, P. Y. - People Who Say Goodbye Memories of Childhood
20743: MACQUITTY BETTY - The Battle for Oblivion: The Discovery of Anaesthesia
20995: MILLER BETTY - Robert Browning
20662: JAMES BETTY - A Kingdom by the Sea: An Exploration of Northumberland, Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire
12247: VERNON BETTY D - Margaret Cole 1893-1980
15932: SCHECHTER BETTY - The Dreyfus Affair (a National Scandal)
3095: ASKWITH BETTY - Keats
35745: FRIEDAN BETTY - The Second Stage
4718: KEMP BETTY - King and Commons 1660-1832
20852: BEVAN D J V - Recollections a Shrewsbury Scrapbook
52448: BEVAN, ROBERT - The Destruction of Memory Architecture at War
42834: BEVAN, BRYAN - King Richard II
1507: ELIOT SIMON AND STERN BEVERLEY (EDITORS) - The Age of Enlightenment : An Anthology of Eighteenth -Century Texts (2 Volumes)
11881: BAXTER BEVERLEY - First Nights and Noises Off
41996: NICHOLS BEVERLEY - The Fool Hath Said
41535: GRAY CHARLOTTE & HAYNE BEVERLY - Psychology Today 1977? Vol 3 No 9
23974: PISANO BEVERLY - Irish Wolfhounds
16470: HILLIER BEVIS (COMPILED AND INTRODUCED BY) - John Betjeman a Life in Pictures
30489: NICHOLS THEO AND BEYNON - Living with Capitalism Class Relations and Modern Factory
54631: BIALE, DAVID - Eros and the Jews from Biblical Israel to Contemporary America
52641: BIALE, DAVID (EDITER) - Cultures of the Jews a New History
54455: BIALE, DAVID - Power and Powerlessness in Jewish History
45811: BICHENO, HUGH - Vendetta High Art and Low Cunning at the Birth of the Renaissance
50673: BICKERMAN, ELIAS J. - From Ezra to the Last of the Maccabees Foundations of Post-Biblical Judaism
45670: BICKNELL E J - A Theological Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England
43909: BIDDLE, MARTIN - King Arthur's Round Table an Archaeological Investigation
44010: BIDDULPH, STEVE - Manhood an Action Plan for Changing Men's Lives
53657: BIEN, DAVID D. - Calas Affair Persecution, Toleration and Heresy in Eighteenth-Century Toulouse
45646: BIERMAN, JOHN - Righteous Gentile Story of Raoul Wallenberg, Missing Hero of the Holocaust
51908: BIGGS, MELISSA E. - French Films, 1945-93 a Critical Filmography of the 400 Most Important Releases
52207: BIGGS-DAVISON, JOHN & GEORGE CHOWDHARAY-BEST - The Cross of Saint Patrick - the Catholic Unionist Tradition in Ireland
54805: BIGSBY, CHRISTOPHER - Remembering and Imagining the Holocaust the Chain of Memory
46017: SIMSIR BILAL N - British Documents on Ottoman Armenians (2 Volumes) Volume (1)1856-1880 Volume (2)1880-1890
19478: GERRARD BILL - Theory of the Capitalist Economy: Towards a Post Classical Synthesis
31834: JONES BILL (EDITOR) - Political Issues in Britain Today
22522: SWAINSON BILL (EDITOR) - Encarta Book of Quotations: 25,000 Quotations from Around the World
10847: RISEBERO BILL - Fantastic Form: Architecture and Planning Today
40318: STEEN BILL (EDITOR) - Christ's College Magazine No 227
10278: WANNAN BILL (SELECTOR) - Stagecoach Stories of Old Australia
29672: HARGREAVES BILL - Can You Manage Stares ? the Life of Bill Hargreaves
21723: CULLEN BILL - It's a Long Way from Penny Apples
34969: BRYSON BILL - Dictionary of Troublesome Words
17671: HOEG PETER AND AUGUST BILLE - Miss Smilla's Feeling for the Snow
21258: GENERAL SIR PETER DE LA BILLIERE - Storm Command: A Personal Account of the Gulf War
43329: BILLINGS, MALCOLM - The Crusades the War Against Islam 1096-1798
47026: BILLINGSLEY, JIM & JAN GALLEHAWK - Lasting Friendship
36729: BILLINGTON, MICHAEL - Alan Ayckbourn
40117: BILLINGTON, MICHAEL - Peggy Ashcroft
1310: GRADY BILLY - The Irish Peacock the Confessions of a Legendary Talent Agent Billy Grady
53734: BILSKI, EMILY D - Berlin Metropolis Jews and the New Culture, 1890-1918
41392: BIN, HU - Keep Fit the Chinese Way
28555: BINDING T J - Firebird 1: Writing Today
39977: BINGHAM, CAROLINE - Stewart Kingdom of Scotland, 1371-1603
45855: BINGHAM, MADELEINE - Sheridan the Track of a Comet
21681: ELLIOTT-BINNS L - The Reformation in England
21673: BINNS C F - The Potters Craft: A Practical Guide for the Studio and Workshop
46713: ELLIOTT-BINNS L - From Moses to Elisha Israel at the End of the Ninth Century Bc
53586: NORMAN E. BINNS - An Introduction to Historical Bibliography
40182: BIRCH, ANNE - What Chance Have We Got? Occupation & Employment After Mental Illness-Patients' Views
41168: BIRD, ARTHUR - Adventure in Evangelism
52338: BIRD, STEPHEN & ANTHONY STRUGNELL & JONATHAN MALLINSON - Reinventing Voltaire the Politics of Commemoration in Nineteenth-Century France
49028: BIRD, DAVID - The Royal Road to Joy the Eucharist and the Beatitudes
56411: BIRGER, ZEV & JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR - About Books Five Talks from the Jerusalem Book Fair
40595: NEWTON JOHN AND NEVINS J BIRKBECK - Two Essays (1) the Amorial Bearings of the Isle of Man : Their Origin, History and Meaning. (2) the Four-Penny Coinage of Great Britain("Joeys")
47900: BIRKENHEAD, LORD - Rudyard Kipling
28465: VARIA & FOSTER BIRKET (DESIGNS BY) - Country Life
39452: BIRLEY, ERIC. - Corbridge Roman Station; Northumberland.
39456: BIRLEY, ERIC - Chesters Roman Fort, Northumberland
29: BIRMINGHAM G A - The Search Party
29630: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - The Bad Times
56415: BIRNBAUM, PHILIP - Encyclopedia of Jewish Concepts
49600: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE & M. B. DEBEVOISE - The Idea of France
55256: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE - Un Mythe Politique "la République Juive: De Léon Blum à Pierre Mendès France
55236: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE & IRA KATZNELSON - Paths of Emancipation Jews, States, and Citizenship
50557: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE & IRA KATZNELSON - Paths of Emancipation Jews, States, and Citizenship
51927: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE & ARTHUR GOLDHAMMER - Jewish Destinies Citizenship, State, and Community in Modern France
40816: BIRTILL, PAUL - Terrifying Ordeal Poems
43138: BISHOP, PATRICK - Fighter Boys Saving Britain 1940
43568: BISHOP, CHRIS - Order of Battle German Infantry in World War II
12295: COPPIN BISHOP L J - Unwritten History
43499: BISHOP, CHRIS - Order of Battle German Panzers in World War II
43314: BISHOP, PATRICK - Fighter Boys Saving Britain 1940
44104: BISHOP, JAMES - "Illustrated London News" Social History of the First World War
30176: FLEETWOOD BISHOP - Chronicon-Preciosum or an Account of English Gold and Silver Money (1745)
43367: BISHOP, CHRIS - Panzergrenadier Divisions 1939-1945
28541: BISHOP A G ( EDITED BY) - Joyce Cary Selected Essays
48170: BURNET BISHOP - History of His Own Times
41409: SIMPSON ALAN H /CHANDLER REV BISHOP - Pagan Mystery Religions and the Christian Faith
48255: BISHOPS - Scottish Catechism of Christian Doctrine
49114: CATHOLIC BISHOPS - Music in Catholic Worship No. 857
50305: BISKUPSKI, M. B. B. - Independence Day Myth, Symbol, and the Creation of Modern Poland
57006: BISKUPSKI, MIECZYSAW B. & M. B. BISKUPSKI - The History of Poland
52436: BISS, ANDRE - A Million Jews to Save
25256: BISSIERE - Bissiere
52479: BITTON-JACKSON, LIVIA - Madonna or Courtesan? Jewish Women in Christian Literature
29754: BLACK EILEEN, KENNEDY S B. AND MAGUIRE W A - Dreams and Traditions 300 Years of British and Irish Paintings from the Collection of the Ulster Museum
56165: BLACK, PROFESSOR JEREMY - Culloden and the '45
45784: BLACK, JEREMY - The Hanoverians the History of a Dynasty
46109: BLACK, PROFESSOR JEREMY - The Dotted Red Line Britain's Defence Policy in the Modern World
51251: BLACK, MICHAEL - A Short History of Cambridge University Press
23182: COLLISION BLACK R D - A Catalogue of Pamphlets on Economic Subjects 1750-1900 in Irish Libraries
54881: BLACK, GERRY - Living Up West Jewish Life in London's West End
45880: BLACK, JEREMY - The Hanoverians the History of a Dynasty
54744: BLACK, GERRY - Lord Rothschild and the Barber
36566: BLACK, WILLIAM - The Irish Economies
7959: BLACK J B - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603
55107: BLACK, GERRY - Frank's Way Frank Cass and Fifty Years of Publishing
53695: BLACK, GERRY - Jewish London an Illustrated History
57118: BLACK, EUGENE C - The Social Politics of Anglo-Jewry, 1880-1920
50528: BLACKBOURN, DAVID. - Class, Religion and Local Politics in Wilhelmine Germany. The Centre Party in Württemberg Before 1914
38552: BLACKER, WILLIAM & ROBERT H. WALLACE - Formation of the Orange Order, 1795-98 the Edited Papers of Colonel William Blacker and Colonel Robert H. Wallace
43221: BLACKER, BARNABY - The Adventures and Inventions of Stewart Blacker Soldier, Aviator, Weapons Inventor
9748: BLACKHAM H J - The Fable As Literature
15293: BLACKHAM H J - The Fable As Literature
21819: BLACKHAM H J - Six Existentialist Thinkers
43194: BLACKIE, LORNA - Clans and Tartans the Fabric of Scotland
44053: BLACKMAN, ERIC - Airman at the Helm
37711: BLACKSTONE, TESSA - Education and Day Care for Young Children in Need the American Experience
34762: BLACKWELL F F - Junior Natural Science (4 Volumes) Books1 to 4
40199: BLACKWOOD, CAROLINE - Great Granny Webster
11643: LITTELL BLAINE - South of the Moon on Stanley's Trail Through the Dark Continent
39475: BLAIR, PETER HUNTER - Roman Britain and Early England 55 B.C. - A.D. 871
40875: BLAKE, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Blake
48422: BLAKE, WILLIAM & SIR GEOFFREY KEYNES - Songs of Innocence and of Experience Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul
41628: BLAKE, ROBIN - Mind over Medicine Can the Mind Kill or Cure?
30491: BAKER BLAKE - The Far Left an Expose of the Extreme Left in Britain
35825: "BLAKE" - Readiness at Dawn
38431: BLAMEY, MARJORIE & PHILIP BLAMEY - Flowers of the Countryside Time Limited Edition and Signed by the Artist
56663: BLAMIRES, HARRY - The New Bloomsday Book a Guide Through "Ulysses"
17694: MCKINNEY BLANAID - Big Mouth
27085: BLANC S - Initiation a la Prehistoire Ce Qu'IL N'Est Pas Permis D'Ignorer Sur L'Age de la Pierre
40563: BLANCH, LESLEY - Pavilions of the Heart the Four Walls of Love
39270: BLANCH, STUART Y. - For All Mankind a New Approach to the New Testament
41134: BLANCH, STUART Y - For All Mankind a New Approach to the Old Testament
28180: BLANCHARD E F - The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith with a Notice of His Life and Genius
32317: GAMOND BLANCHE - A Heroine of the Faith
23619: PATCH BLANCHE - Thirty Years with G.B. S. Shaw's Private Secretary for the Last 30 Years of His Life
56665: BLAND, KALMAN P. - The Artless Jew Medieval and Modern Affirmations and Denials of the Visual
36501: SIMPSON E BLANTYRE - The Robert Louis Stevenson Originals
35618: BROWN DAVID BLAYNEY - From Turners Studio Painting and Oil Sketches from the Turner Bequest
50684: BLED, JEAN-PAUL - Franz Joseph
46725: BLET, PIERRE S.J. - Pius XII and the Second World War
47002: BLIGH, JOHN - Sign of the Cross Passion and Resurrection of Jesus According to St. John
46986: BLIGH, JOHN - Colossians
47609: STUBBS S G BLAXLAND & BLIGH E W - Sixty Centuries of Health and Physick the Progress of Ideas from Primitive Magic to Modern Medicine
56460: BLINKHORN, MARTIN & RALPH GIBSON - Landownership & Power in Modern Europe
56009: BLINKHORN, MARTIN - Mussolini and Fascist Italy
49345: BLOBAUM, ROBERT E. - Rewolucja Russian Poland, 1904-07
54079: BLOCH, MARC - Strange Defeat a Statement of Evidence Written in 1940
42384: BLOCH, MICHAEL - The Duchess of Windsor
39916: BLOM-COOPER, LOUIS & DREWRY GAVIN (EDITORS) - Law and Morality Introduction by Bernard Crick
37709: BLONDEL, JEAN - Introduction to Comparative Government
9826: RIDLEY F AND BLONDEL J - Public Administration in France
53971: BLOOM, PROF. HAROLD - Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" Modern Critical Interpretations
10400: BLOOMFIELD B C (EDITOR) - Middle East Studies and Libraries a Felicitation Volume for Prof. J D Pearson
50332: BLOXHAM, DONALD - The Great Game of Genocide Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians
48201: RABBI LIONEL BLUE - Blue Heaven
40904: BLUE, LIONEL - A Backdoor to Heaven
54371: BLUM, JEROME - Our Forgotten Past Seven Centuries of Life on the Land
52666: BLUM, JAKOB & VERA RICH - Image of the Jew in Russian Literature the Post-Stalin Period
52827: BLUMENSON, MARTIN - Liberation
53418: BLUMENTHAL, W. MICHAEL - The Invisible Wall Germans and Jews: A Personal Exploration
48076: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Artistic Theory in Italy 1450-1600
36671: BLUNT, WILFRID - In for a Penny Prospect of Kew Gardens
37509: BLUNT A W E ET AL - Helps to Study the Bible
10666: BESKOW BO - Two by Two
31793: BOADEN N ET AL - Public Participation in Local Services
38380: BOARDMAN, PETER - Sacred Summits
48954: BOARDMAN, JOHN & JASPER GRIFFIN & OSWYN MURRAY - The Oxford History of the Classical World Greece & Rome
45766: BOARDMAN, JOHN & JASPER GRIFFIN & OSWYN MURRAY - The Oxford History of the Classical World the Roman World V. 2
29774: GELDOF BOB - Is That It ?
32094: LAMBERT JOHN PARIS CHRIS BLACKABY BOB - Housing Policy and the State Allocation , Access and Control
22248: CARRUTHERS BOB - Servants of Evil: Survivors of Hitler's Armed Forces
17599: LONGE BOB - Easy Magic Tricks
34006: ARNEBECK BOB - Proust's Last Beer a History of Curious Demises
8211: RIORDAN JOHN AND WHITMORE BOB - Living with Dementia
36663: BOBRICK, BENSON - East of the Sun Conquest and Settlement of Siberia
1798: BOCCACCIO - The Decameron
8381: BOCCACCIO - The Decameron
55515: BOCIURKIW, BOHDAN R. & ETC. - Religion and Atheism in the U.S. S.R. And Eastern Europe
27156: WILHELM VON BODE - Funfzig Jahre Museumsarbeit
50960: BODEMANN, Y.MICHAL - A Jewish Family in Germany an Intimate Portrait: At Home in the Geography of Time
55038: BODIAN, MIRIAM - Hebrews of the Portuguese Nation Conversos and Community in Early Modern Amsterdam
39719: BODINGTON, STEPHEN & MIKE GEORGE & JOHN MICHAELSON - Developing the Socially Useful Economy
27939: COFFIN SARAH AND HOFSTETTER BODO - Portrait Miniatures in Enamel: The Gilbert Collection
52310: BODOFF, LIPPMAN - The Binding of Isaac, Religious Murders, & Kabbalah Seeds of Jewish Extremism and Alienation?
53055: BOEHMER, ELLEKE - Colonial and Postcolonial Literature Migrant Metaphors
11516: BOELLA M J - Personnel Management in Hotel and Catering Industry
42705: BOERNER C G - Die Daumier-Sammlung Carl o Schniewind -New York
46611: BOFF, LEONARDO & CLODOVIS BOFF - Introducing Liberation Theology
56615: BOGERT, RALPH - The Writer As Naysayer Miroslav Krleza and the Aesthetic of Interwar Central Europe
54376: BOHLMAN, PHILIP - Jewish Musical Modernism, Old and New
54572: BOHM-DUCHEN, MONICA & MICHAEL P. STEINBERG - Reading Charlotte Salomon
55998: BOHM-DUCHEN, MONICA - Arnold Daghani
15774: BOHNING W R - The Migration of the Workers in the United Kingdom and the European Community
53870: BEN ZION BOKSER - Judaism and the Christian Predicament
27051: BOL LAURENS J, KEYES GEORGE S AND BUTOT F C - Netherlandish Paintings and Drawings from the Collection of F C Butot by Little Known Masters of the Seventeenth Century
36551: BOLAND, KEVIN - Fine Gael British or Irish?
56813: BOLCHOVER, RICHARD - British Jewry and the Holocaust
40238: BOLGER, DERMOT - Night Shift
56384: BOLL, HEINRICH - What's to Become of the Boy? or, Something to Do with Books
48257: WALLER REV BOLTON C - Patrick -the Man
51221: BOLTON, GLORNEY - Roman Century
12860: BOLTON W F (EDITOR) - The Middle Ages (History of Literature in English Language Series Vol 1)
3516: CORNEY BOLTON (EDITOR) - The Poetic Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B.
47630: BOLTON F R - Caroline Tradition of the Church of Ireland with Particular Reference to Bishop Jeremy Taylor
38613: BONACCORSO, RICHARD - Sean o'Faolain's Irish Vision
9566: DOBREE BONAMY - John Wesley
9645: DOBREE BONAMY - Restoration Tragedy 1660-1720
52597: BOND, BRIAN - The Pursuit of Victory from Napoleon to Saddam Hussein
51113: BONFIL, ROBERT - Jewish Life in Renaissance Italy
39529: BONHAMS (KNIGHTSBRIDGE) - Period Design Sale 6th July 2010
53517: BONHEUR, GASTON - The Village in the Mountain
49292: BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH & EBERHARD BETHGE - Letters and Papers from Prison the Enlarged Edition: E. Bethge
38338: BONINGTON, CHRIS & CHARLES CLARKE - Tibet's Secret Mountain the Triumph of Sepu Kangri
38374: BONINGTON, CHRIS - Chris Bonington Mountaineer Thirty Years of Climbing the World's Greatest Peaks
38309: BONINGTON, SIR CHRIS - The Everest Years a Climber's Life
14612: GRAHAM-BONNALIE F E - Know Your Illness
43917: DE BONO, EDWARD - Practical Thinking Four Ways to Be Right; Five Ways to Be Wrong; Five Ways to Understand
53763: BONORA-WAISMAN, CAMILLE - France and the Algerian Conflict Issues in Democracy and Political Stability, 1988-1995
37772: BOOKBINDER, ALAN & ETC. & OLIVIA LICHTENSTEIN - Comrades Portraits of Soviet Life
41369: BOOM, CORRIE TEN - In My Father's House
56719: BOON, GEORGE C. & JOHN MASTERS LEWIS - Welsh Antiquity
56893: BOONSTRA, JANRENSE & HANS JANSEN & JOKE KNIESMEYER - Antisemitism a History Portrayed
43157: BOORMAN, DEREK - For Your Tomorrow British Second World War Memorials
48463: BOOTH, R.K. - York the History and Heritage of a City
45258: BOOTH MRS - Papers on Godliness Reports of a Series of Addresses Delivered at St Jame's Hall London During 1881
45580: BOOTH, WILLIAM - Purity of Heart
36717: BOOTH, MARTIN - Hiroshima Joe
36148: BOOTHMAN D B ET AL - Topical Time of Preparation for Industry Commerce and Adult Life
42350: BOOTHROYD, BASIL - Philip an Informal Biography of H.R. H. Duke of Edinburgh
39478: BORD, JANET & COLIN BORD - A Guide to Ancient Sites in Britain
55187: BORG, MARCUS J. - Evolution of the Word the New Testament in the Order the Books Were Written
52785: BORGEN, PEDER & SOREN GIVERSEN (EDITORS) - The New Testament and Hellenistic Judaism
32832: LEKACHMAN ROBERT AND VAN LOON BORIN - Capitalism for Beginners
29713: PASTERNAK BORIS - Doctor Zhivago
18348: PIOTROVSKY BORIS (FOREWORD BY) - The Treasures of the Hermitage
18586: RUMER BORIS Z - Soviet Steel the Challenge of Industrial Modernization in the Ussr
15923: PASTERNAK BORIS - An Essay in Autobiography
50170: PASTERNAK BORIS - Boris Pasternak Safe Conduct an Early Autobiography and Other Works
34643: PASTERNAK BORIS - The Last Summer
50273: POLEVOI BORIS - The Final Reckoning
51600: BORNEMAN, JOHN & JEFFREY M. PECK - Sojourners the Return of German Jews and the Question of Identity
46948: BORNKAMM, GUNTHER - Jesus of Nazareth
40943: BOROS, LADISLAUS & M.B. DAVIES - Being a Christian Today
52055: BOROS, LADISLAUS - Living in Hope
52056: BOROS, LADISLAUS - Meditations
52054: BOROS, LADISLAUS & W.G-. DOEPEL - Meeting God in Man
49945: BOROWITZ, EUGENE B. - Exploring Jewish Ethics Papers on Covenant Responsibility
56430: BOSHER, J. F. - French Revolution
55949: BOSS, SARAH JANE (EDITOR) - Mary the Complete Resource
42882: BOSSI FEDRIGOTTI, ANTON - Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Und Seine Zeit
41213: BOSSY, JOHN - Under the Molehill an Elizabethan Spy Story
43395: BOSSY, JOHN - Under the Molehill an Elizabethan Spy Story
42023: BOSWARD S T - Man, the Glory of God
39781: BOSWELL, JAMES - Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson
34726: KAMM ANTONY & TAYLOR BOSWELL - Books and the Teacher
43742: BOSWORTH, RICHARD - Mussolini
50414: BOSWORTH, R.J.B. - Italy and the Wider World 1860-1960
56457: BOSWORTH, R J B - Mussolini's Italy Life Under the Dictatorship, 1915-1945
53388: BOTEACH, RABBI SHMUEL - The Wolf Shall Lie with the Lamb the Messiah in Hasidic Thought
53364: BOTEACH, SHMUEL - Wrestling with the Divine a Jewish Response to Suffering
37735: BOTTOMLEY, ANNE ET AL - The Cohabitation Handbook a Woman's Guide to the Law
32825: BOTTOMORE T B - Sociology a Guide to Problems and Literature
30625: BOTTOMORE T B - Elites and Society
31388: BOTTOMORE T B (EDITOR) - Karl Marx Early Writings
31422: BOTTOMORE T B - Critics of Society Radical Thought in North America
32459: BOTTOMORE T B - Sociology a Guide to Problems and Literature
43889: DE BOTTON, ALAIN - The Art of Travel
42315: DE BOTTON, ALAIN - Kiss and Tell
2542: BOULARD F - An Introduction to Religious Sociology (Pioneer Work in France) Translated by M J Jackson
55597: BOULARD F. - An Introduction to Religious Sociology Pioneer Work in France
46561: BOULAY, SHIRLEY DU - Beyond the Darkness a Biography of Bede Griffiths
46640: BOULDING, OSB MARIA - Gateway to Resurrection
48631: BOULTON SMITH, GEOFFREY - Music for the Mass Congregation Edition
22087: CURTIS S J AND BOULTWOOD M E A - An Introductory History of English Education Since 1800
47501: BOUQUET A. C. - Church Brasses British and Continental with Some Notes on Incised Stone Slabs and Indents
33685: BOUQUET A. C. - Comparative Religion
47949: BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL - Land of Crosses Struggle for Religious Freedom in Lithuania, 1939-78
46129: BOURNE, KENNETH - Palmerston the Early Years, 1784-1841
42092: BOURNE F W - Billy Bray the King's Son
30805: BOURNE L S - Urban Systems Strategies for Regulation a Comparison of Policies in Britain Sweden Australia and Canada
18468: BOUSSEL PATRICE, LAMARCHE-VADEL BERNARD - Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo (Two Volumes in Slipcase)
45411: BOUWSMA O K - Philosophical Essays
55719: BOWEN, EMRYS GEORGE - John Hughes (Yuzovka) 1814-1889
50021: BOWEN, EMRYS GEORGE - Geography, Culture and Habitat Selected Essays (1925-1975) of E G Bowen
48071: BOWERMAN, DIANA - Historic Thames Valley Taverns
52972: BOWIE, FIONA & PROFESSOR OLIVER DAVIES - Discovering Welshness
54307: BOWIE, MALCOLM - Proust Among the Stars How to Read Him; Why Read Him?
40603: BOWIE, JOHN - Charles I
50205: BOWKER, JOHN - The Meanings of Death
32499: BOWRA C M - The Greek Experience
48826: BOWRING, DR KELLY - Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary and What Heaven Is Calling Us to Do
44050: BOWYER, CHAZ - Bomber Barons
55033: BOYARIN, JONATHON - The Unconverted Self Jews, Indians, and the Identity of Christian Europe
56907: BOYARIN, JONATHAN & DANIEL BOYARIN - Jews and Other Differences the New Jewish Cultural Studies
56147: BOYARIN, JONATHAN - Storm from Paradise Politics of Jewish Memory
54682: BOYARIN, JONATHAN - Thinking in Jewish
53616: BOYARIN, JONATHAN - Storm from Paradise Politics of Jewish Memory
54310: BOYCE, ROBERT & JOSEPH A. MAIOLO - The Origins of World War Two the Debate Continues
10582: HARRISON G A AND BOYCE A J (EDITORS) - The Structure of Human Populations
8037: MARTIN BOYD - Modern American Drama and Stage
14478: BOYD A W - The Country Diary of a Cheshire Man
36792: BOYD, WILLIAM - A Good Man in Africa
51762: BOYERS, ROBERT - Atrocity and Amnesia the Political Novel Since 1945
53078: BOYLE, JOHN W. - Irish Labour Movement in the Nineteenth Century
14884: BOYLE T C - A Friend of the Earth
43812: BOYLE, KEVIN & TOM HADDEN - Northern Ireland the Choice
48019: O'REILLY ELIZABETH BOYLE - How France Built Her Cathedrals a Study of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
36555: BOYLE, KEVIN & TOM HADDEN - Ireland a Positive Proposal
36560: BOYLE, KEVIN & TOM HADDEN - Northern Ireland the Choice
53139: BRACHER, KARL DIETRICH - Turning Points in Modern Times Essays on German and European History
11287: BENEDICT BRAD - Brad Benedict's Bluebook
20341: BRADBY G F - Reaping the Whirlwind and Other Poems
40292: BRADDON, M. E. - Lady Audley's Secret New Indroduction by Norman Donaldson
38093: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Nelson the Essential Hero
41774: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Paul the Traveller
43485: BRADFORD, GEORGE R. & LEN MORGAN - 50 Famous Tanks
49470: BRADLET , BRUCE (EDITOR) - A Century of Studies Winter 2011 Vol 100 No 400
54965: BRADLEY A. G. - Highways and Byways in South Wales
54206: BRADLEY, JOHN - Viking Dublin Exposed the Wood Quay Saga
38636: BRADLEY A G - The Gateway of Scotland or East Lothian, Lammermoor and the Merse
56092: BRADLEY, ANTHONY & MARYANN GIALANELLA VALIULIS - Gender and Sexuality in Modern Ireland
40327: BRADLEY, KEITH & ARTHUR GELB - Worker Capitalism the New Industrial Relations
50437: BRADSHAW, JOHN - In Defence of Dogs Why Dogs Need Our Understanding
54085: BRADSHAW, BRENDAN & DAIRE KEOGH - Christianity in Ireland Revisiting the Story
55124: BRADSHAW, BRENDAN & PETER ROBERTS - British Consciousness and Identity the Making of Britain, 1533–1707
53090: BRADY, L. W. - T.P. O'Connor and the Liverpool Irish
55799: BRAGG, MELVYN - 12 Books That Changed the World
55762: BRAGUE, REMI - The Law of God the Philosophical History of an Idea
20191: BRAHAM PETER, RHODES ED AND PEARN MICHAEL (EDITORS) - Discrimination and Disadvantage in Employment: The Experience of Black Workers
55995: BRAHMS, JOHANNES & KENNETH HULL - Symphony No. 4 Ncs
34758: BRALEY E F - The School without the Parson Religious Instruction in the Council Schools
19789: STOKER BRAM - Dracula
45340: PRATT BRAMWELL - God's Private Eye the Work of the Salvation Army Investigation Dept.
39293: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Hunt Around the Highlands on the Trail of Colonel Thornton
29523: MATTHEWS BRANDER - The Dramatic Essays of Charles Lamb
40159: BRANDON, RUTH - The Burning Question the Anti-Nuclear Movement Since 1945
26084: SAUL GEORGE BRANDON - Prolegomena to the Study of Yeat's Plays
37725: BRANDON, DAVID - Homeless
53593: BRANDON, PETER & BRIAN SHORT - The South East from A.D. 1000
53069: SAUL GEORGE BRANDON - Age of Yeats the Golden Age of Irish Literature
52927: BRANDON, RUTH - Surreal Lives the Surrealists 1917-1945
48389: BRANDRETH, HENRY R. T - Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church
45117: BRANDSMA, FRANK - The Interlace Structure of the Third Part of the Prose Lancelot
55866: BRANDYS, KAZIMIERZ & R. LOURIE - A Warsaw Diary, 1978-81
40749: BRANGHAM A N - The Naturalist's Riviera
27662: HERZGOG ANTON ULRICH-MUSEUM BRAUNSCHWEIG - Kunstler Sehen Tiere: Tierdarstellungen Aus Eigenem Bestiz
51733: BRAYARD, FLORENT - Comment L'Idee Vint a M. Rassinier. Naissance Du Révisionnisme
51656: BRAYBROOKE, MARCUS & LORD COGGAN - Children of One God History of the Council of Christians and Jews
44990: BREARDON, JOHN - Sugar Coated War
48885: BREAULT, WILLIAM - A Voice over the Water an Invitation to Pray
56181: BRECHER, MICHAEL - Decisions in Israel's Foreign Policy
52336: BREDIN, JEAN-DENIS - Un Tribunal Au Garde-à-Vous. Le Procès de Pierre Mendès France, 9 Mai 1941
54779: BREDIN, JEAN-DENIS - The Affair the Case of Alfred Dreyfus
40005: ILSE GRäFIN VON BREDOW - Ein Fräulein Von Und Zu. Sonderausgabe. Geschichten Aus Ganz Normalen Kreisen
57092: BREFFNY, BRIAN DE & ROSEMARY FFOLLIOTT - The Houses of Ireland Domestic Architecture from the Mediaeval Castle to the Edwardian Villa
54208: BREFFNY, BRIAN DE & GEORGE NOTT - Churches and Abbeys of Ireland
45422: BREGER, LOUIS - Freud's Unfinished Journey Conventional and Critical Perspectives in Psychoanalytic Theory
49775: BREISACH, ERNST - Historiography Ancient, Medieval and Modern
50271: BREMER, THOMAS - Cross and Kremlin a Brief History of the Orthodox Church in Russia
29937: ROGERS BRENDA - Diving and Flying Poems and Drawings
10304: WINEAPPLE BRENDA - Sister Brother (Gertrude and Leo Stein)
32823: MADDOX BRENDA - The Pope and Contraception
16196: PEARCE BRENDA - Worlds for the Grabbing
28424: MADDOX BRENDA - George's Ghosts a New Life of W B Yeats
6805: COLLOMS BRENDA - Charles Kingsley
17130: KENNEDY KIERAN A AND DOWLING BRENDAN R - Economic Growth in Ireland the Experience Since 1947
4233: LEHANE BRENDAN - The Compleat Flea
3548: LEHANE BRENDAN - The Quest of Three Abbots
23471: BEHAN BRENDAN - Brendan Behan's Island: An Irish Sketch Book
7165: LEHANE BRENDAN - The Quest of Three Abbots
21: BEHAN BRENDAN - Borstal Boy
19302: KENNELLY BRENDAN - Selected Poems of Brendan Kennelly
24849: BEHAN BRENDAN - Borstal Boy
56216: KENNELLY BRENDAN - The Penguin Book of Irish Verse
52549: KENNELLY BRENDAN - A Small Light: Ten Songs of o'Conor of Carrigafoyle
24531: LEHANE BRENDAN - The Companion Guide to Ireland
51744: KENNELLY BRENDAN - Shelley in Dublin
26935: LEHANE BRENDAN - Ireland
30197: LEHANE BRENDAN - Ireland
30296: BEHAN BRENDAN - Brendan Behan's Island an Irish Sketch -Book
2258: LEHANE BRENDAN - The Companion Guide to Ireland
3499: LEHANE BRENDAN - The Companion Guide to Ireland
53886: BRENNAN, PAUL - Le Sécularisation en Irlande
54145: BRENNER, DAVID - Marketing Identities Invention of Jewish Ethnicity in Ost Und West
54849: BRENNER, Y.H. - Out of the Depths & Other Stories
55886: BRENNER, HENNY - "Das Lied Ist Aus" Ein Jüdisches Schicksal in Dresden
55050: BRENNER, MICHAEL & STEVEN RENDALL - Prophets of the Past Interpreters of Jewish History
50005: BRENNER, MICHAEL & BARBARA HARSHAV - After the Holocaust Rebuilding Jewish Lives in Postwar Germany
54850: BRENNER, Y.H. - Breakdown and Bereavement
51913: BRENNER, MICHAEL & BARBARA HARSHAV - After the Holocaust Rebuilding Jewish Lives in Postwar Germany
51718: BRENNER, MICHAEL - The Renaissance of Jewish Culture in Weimar Germany
52091: BRERETON, J.M. - The Brecon Beacons National Park
29192: HARTE BRET - The Works of Bret Harte Tales of the Argonauts and Eastern Sketches (Vol 3)
29190: HARTE BRET - The Works of Bret Harte -Poems and Drama (Vol 1)
20263: HARTE BRET - Some Later Verses
55277: BREUER, MORDECHAI - Modernity Within Tradition Social History of Orthodox Jewry in Imperial Germany
51188: BREUILLY, JOHN - Labour and Liberalism in 19th-Century Europe Essays in Comparative History
57108: BREUILLY, JOHN - Nationalism and the State
54434: BREUILLY, PROF JOHN - Austria, Prussia and Germany, 1806-1871
42751: BREWER, ROY - An Approach to Print
5468: BREWER S M - Design for a Gentleman the Education of Philip Stanhope
52884: BREWI, JANET & ANNE BRENNAN - Mid-Life Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives
41840: BREWIS J S - We Have a Gospel
12210: BREYTENBACH BREYTEN - The True Confessions of an Albino Tetrrorist
29258: GIBBON EDWARD/LENTIN ANTONY/NORMAN BRIAN - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (28 Selected Chapters)
28651: BEHAN BRIAN - Kathleen: A Dublin Saga
47472: INGLIS BRIAN - The Story of Ireland
24669: INGLIS BRIAN - The Story of Ireland
4283: FOTHERGILL BRIAN - The Mitred Earl an Eighteenth -Century Eccentric
19082: SPITTLES BRIAN - George Eliot Godless Woman
16960: HERRIDGE ROY WITH HILLARD BRIAN - Believe No One (Major Criminal Investigations Including the Ealing Vicarage Rape)
28268: MOORE BRIAN - The Colour of Blood
28267: MOORE BRIAN - An Answer from Limbo
28249: MOORE BRIAN - An Answer from Limbo
28244: MOORE BRIAN - I Am Mary Dunne
9223: LALOR BRIAN - The Laugh of Lost Men an Irish Journey
19872: CALWELL BRIAN - Sea Lawyer: A Guide for Yachtsmen
35775: CONNELL BRIAN - Portrait of a Whig Peer Compiled from the Papers of the Second Viscount Palmerston 1739-1802
30436: KEMP BRIAN - Church Monuments
10886: DOBBS BRIAN - Dear Diary
24212: MOORE BRIAN - No Other Life
1307: KEENAN BRIAN - An Evil Cradling
33764: READ BRIAN - Men of Iron
1456: READE BRIAN - Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha
33448: SMITH BRIAN - Policy Making in British Government an Analysis of Power and Rationality
15034: MORRIS BRIAN (EDITOR) - John Webster : Critical Commentary
32169: GARDNER BRIAN - Mafeking a Victorian Legend
13336: NATAN ALEX AND KEITH -SMITH BRIAN (EDITORS) - German Men of Letters (Volume 6) : Literary Essays
30167: MOORE BRIAN - The Statement
28264: MOORE BRIAN - Lies of Silence
16245: ROET BRIAN - All in the Mind? (Think Yourself Better)
28263: MOORE BRIAN - The Statement
15998: TOURNEUR CYRIL/GIBBONS BRIAN - The Revenger's Tragedy
22070: THOMPSON BRIAN - A Monkey Among Crocodiles: The Disastrous Life of Mrs Georgina Weldon
11800: BELL DAVID AND REDHEAD BRIAN - Northumbria: A Collection and a Recollection
9893: ROET DR BRIAN - All in the Mind? Think Yourself Better
29215: MCNAIR BRIAN - News and Journalism in the Uk a Textbook
24400: MONTGOMERY BRIAN - Monty's Grandfather a Life's Service for the Raj
24077: CLEEVE BRIAN - Tread Softly in This Place
22934: BEHAN BRIAN - Time to Go
43597: BAILEY BRIAN - Hangmen of England a History of Execution from Jack Ketch to Albert Pierrepoint
13442: MATHEW BRIAN - Flowering Bulbs for the Garden
13462: BURLAND BRIAN - Love Is a Durable Fire
17432: ROBB BRIAN J - Brad Pitt the Rise to Stardom
39747: CONNELL BRIAN - Regina V Parmerston the Correspomdence between Queen Victoria and Her Foreign and Prime Minster 1837-1865
38200: TURNSTALL BRIAN - The Anatomy of Neptune from Henry V111 to the Present Day
17298: CAVEN BRIAN - The Punic Wars
39865: BRIAN, PATTON (EDITOR) - Tales from the Canadian Rockies
53120: TORODE BRIAN - The Hebrew Community of Cheltenham Gloucester and Stroud
24993: KEENAN BRIAN - An Evil Cradling
52398: CHAPMAN BRIAN - The Prefects and Provincial France
12196: GARDNER BRIAN - Mafeking a Victorian Legend
24593: LALOR BRIAN - The Laugh of Lost Men: An Irish Journey
47386: FOTHERGILL BRIAN - Nicholas Wiseman
23076: MOORE BRIAN - I Am Mary Dunne
23077: MOORE BRIAN - The Colour of Blood
28593: BREFFNY BRIAN DE (GENERAL EDITOR) - Ireland: A Cultural Encyclopaedia
28454: DE BREFFNY BRIAN - In the Steps of St Patrick
17060: CLEEVE BRIAN - The Judas Goat
28107: CLEEVE BRIAN - Cry of Morning
24659: CLEEVE BRIAN - Tread Softly in This Place
30115: STONE BRIAN (TRANSLATOR) - Medieval English Verse
23056: MOORE BRIAN - The Luck of Ginger Coffey
94: MOORE BRIAN - Lies of Silence
30455: PATTEN BRIAN - The Irrelevant Song
21356: FRIEL BRIAN (AFTER TURGENEV) - Fathers and Sons
3063: BRUEMMER FRED AND DAVIES BRIAN - Seasons of the Seal
3177: GRANT BRIAN (COMPILED BY) - The Quiet Ear Deafnes in Literature
33787: DAVIES BRIAN - Red Ice My Fight to Save Seals
34404: CONNELL BRIAN - A Portrait of a Whig Peer Compiled from the Papers of the Second Vicount Palmerston 1739-1802
36269: MOORE BRIAN - No Other Life
4673: VICKERS BRIAN (EDITOR) - The World of Jonathan Swift
5203: MOORE BRIAN - The Colour of Blood
5809: BAKER BRIAN - The Symbols of Sovereignty
8842: LAMB EDGAR AND BRIAN - Pocket Encyclopaedia of Cacti in Colour
9962: JOHNSON BRIAN - Test Pilot
49054: CAVANAUGH BRIAN - The Sower's Seeds One Hundred Inspiring Stories for Preaching, Teaching and Public Speaking
39010: READE BRIAN - Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha
41300: BRICE J I - Beneath the Cross a Three Hour Devotion for Good Friday
52284: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - Apocalypse
53824: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - The Genius of Paul Paul's Letters
53843: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - Samuel 1 & 2
57003: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - Moses Man of God and the Laws of Moses
50748: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther
50682: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - St. Luke & the Apostles
52772: BRICHTO, SIDNEY - The Conquest of Canaan the Books of Joshua and Judges
52885: BRICO, REX - Taize Brother Roger and His Community
43708: BRIDBURY, A.R. - Historians and the Open Society
56980: BRIDCUT, JOHN - The Faber Pocket Guide to Britten
45184: ADAMS WILLIAM BRIDGES - English Pleasure Carriages : Their Origin History Etc.
39508: BRIDGES, HAROLD - As I Remember
890: BOLAND BRIDGET - At My Mother's Knee
22380: WILLIAMS BRIDGET - The Best Butter in the World: A History of Sainsburys
48110: BRIDGETT T. E. - History of the Holy Eucharist in Great Britain (Vol 1) Btitons, Picts Scots and Anglo-Saxons
56765: BRIEDIS, LAIMONAS - Vilnius City of Strangers
50182: O'BRIEN, DARCY - The Hidden Pope the Untold Story of a Lifelong Friendship That Is Changing the Relationship between Catholics and Jews: The Personal J
56467: O'BRIEN, FLANN & RALPH STEADMAN & P.C. POWER - The Poor Mouth
55806: O'BRIEN, KATE - The Ante-Room Preface by Eavan Boland
52886: O'BRIEN, CONOR CRUISE - Ancestral Voices Religion and Nationalism in Ireland
56214: O'BRIEN, GEORGE - The Village of Longing & Dancehall Days
50091: O'BRIEN, FLANN - Rhapsody in Stephen's Green the Insect Play
42713: O'BRIEN, EUGENE - Savoy
51096: O'BRIEN, DARCY - Patrick Kavanagh
43682: O'BRIEN, JOHN B. - Studies in Irish, British and Australian Relations, 1916-63 Trade, Diplomacy and Politics
47155: O'BRIEN S. D. B. - Dominic Savio Teenage Apostle
55748: O'BRIEN, CONOR CRUISE & ETC. & OWEN DUDLEY EDWARDS - Conor Cruise o'Brien Introduces Ireland
52022: O'BRIEN, FLANN - The Various Lives of Keats and Chapman and the Brother
27712: BRIGGS A S - Victorian Cities
52325: BRIGGS, ASA - Essays in the History of Publishing in Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the House of Longman
56535: BRIGGS, ANTHONY - Brief Lives Fyodor Dostoevsky
47007: BRIGHT, LAWRENCE ET AL - Paul II Scripture Discussion Commentary
39559: BRIGHTWELL L R - The Zoo You Knew ?
35535: BROPHY BRIGID - The Prince and the Wild Geese
39633: HARMANN BRIGITTE - The Reluctant Empress the Biography of Empress Elisabeth of Austria
33938: BRIMBLE F J L - Trees in Britain Wild Ornamental and Economic
23043: SHERIDAN RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Works of the Late Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan ( in Two Volumes )
42310: BRINSON, PETER & CLEMENT CRISP - Ballet and Dance a Guide to the Repertory
43120: BRISTOW, DESMOND - A Game of Moles Deceptions of an Mi6 Officer
18967: ARTS COUNCILS OF GREAT BRITAIN - French Popular Imagery: Five Centuries of Prints
38307: BRITTEN, F. J. (REVISED RICHARD GOOD). - Britten's Watch and Clock Maker's Handbook Dictionary and Guide.
16392: BROADHURST P. L. - The Science of Animal Behaviour
50716: BROCK, PETER - A Brief History of Pacifism from Jesus to Tolstoy
11125: BROCK W R - The Character of American History
50175: BROCK, PETER - Polish Revolutionary Populism a Study in Agrarian Socialist Thought from the 1820's to the 1850's
39655: BROCK, EDWIN - Blocked Heart
47582: BROCKETT, JOHN - No Free Lunches
52193: BROCKWAY, ALLAN & ETC. - The Theology of the Church, of the Churches and Jewish People Statements by the World Council of Churches and Its Member Bodies
54121: BRODERICK, JOHN - The Pilgrimage
51024: BRODERSEN, INGKE AND DAMMANN, RUDIGER, ET AL - Stories of an Exhibition Two Millennia of German Jewish History
44930: BRODKEY, HAROLD - The Runaway Soul
53265: BROGAN, HUGH - The Pelican History of the United States of America
24656: BROGAN D W - The Free State: Some Considerations on It's Practical Value
22127: BROGAN D W - The Development of Modern France (1870-1939)
53725: O BROIN,LEON - Protestant Nationalists in Revolutionary Ireland the Stopford Connection
53080: O BROIN,LEON - Fenian Fever an Anglo-American Dilemma
45366: BROME, VINCENT - Ernest Jones Freud's Alter Ego
41024: BROMLEY, D.ALLAN - The President's Scientists Reminiscences of a White House Science Advisor
48436: LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY FOR TH ELONDION BOROUGH OF BROMLEY - Bromley Local History (No 5 1980) Aspects of the History of the Community in the London Borough of Bromley Fifth Series
29680: BROMLEY D B - The Psychology of Human Ageing
48435: LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY FOR THE LONDON BOROUGH OF BROMLEY - Bromley Local History 1979 No 4 Number Four Aqspects of the History of the Community in the London Borough of Bromley
52991: BROMWICH, RACHEL - Aspects of Dafydd Ap Gwilym Collected Papers
31733: BRONOWSKI J - Science and Human Values
19229: BROOK V J K - Whitgift and the English Church
40170: BROOK, STEPHEN - Winner Takes All a Season in Israel
40134: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON - Uncle of Europe Diplomatic and Social Life of Edward VII
50547: BROOKE, JOHN HEDLEY - Science and Religion Some Historical Perspectives
54398: BROOKE, PETER - Ulster Presbyterianism the Historical Perspective, 1610-1970
46148: BROOKS, COLLIN & N. J. CROWSON - Fleet Street, Press Barons and Politics the Journals of Collin Brooks, 1932-1940
43401: BROOKS, ROBIN J. - Kent Airfields in the Second World War
43965: BROOKS, ALAN - West End Methodism the Story of Hinde Street
52668: BROSE, ERIC DORN - German History 1789-1871 from the Holy Roman Empire to the Bismarckian Reich
50348: A CHRISTIAN BROTHER - Edmund Ignatius Rice and the Christian Brothers
47933: CHOLERIC BROTHER - Cracks in the Cloister
25073: THE CHRISTAIN BROTHERS - Outlines of Irish History Ancient Times to 1829
55109: JOAN BROTHERS - Readings in the Sociology of Religion
51584: BROWM M. D. - David Salomons House Catalogue of Mementos
54247: BROWN, GORDON - My Scotland, Our Britain a Future Worth Sharing
51823: BROWN, TERENCE - The Irish Times 150 Years of Influence
47895: BROWN, DAVID - Palmerston a Biography
54688: BROWN, WENDY - Regulating Aversion Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire
46981: RAYMOND E. BROWN - The Gospel and Epistles of John a Concise Commentary
29725: BROWN J A C - The Social Psychology of Industry Human Relations in the Factory
37916: BROWN, PAULINE - Decoration on Fabric a Sourcebook of Ideas
10563: ABRAMS P AND BROWN R (EDITORS) - Uk Society Work Urbanism and Inequality
42964: BROWN, G.E. - George Bernard Shaw
40062: BROWN R G S - The Administrative Process in Britain
52387: BROWN, RICHARD & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS - Nineteenth-Century Britain
32027: BROWN J A C - The Social Psychology of Industry Human Relations in the Factory
40478: BROWN, IAIN GORDON - Scott's Interleaved Waverley Novels an Introduction and Commentary
54295: BROWN, MALCOLM - Verdun 1916
10542: BROWN J A C - The Social Psychology of Industry
13748: BROWN J A C - Freud and the Post-Freudians
30615: BROWN J A C - Freud and the Post -Freudians
11719: BROWN J A C - The Social Psychology of Industry
53465: BROWN, DAVID - Choices Ethics and the Christian
19775: BROWN LESTER R, FLAVI CHRISTOPHER AND NORMAN COLIN - The Future of the Automobile in an Oil-Short World Worldwatch Paper 32
40900: BROWN, PAUL - Psi
54210: BROWN, MALCOLM - Politics of Irish Literature from Thomas Davis to W.B. Yeats
56319: BROWN, FREDERICK - Theater and Revolution the Culture of the French Stage
41433: BROWN J A C - The Distressed Mind
53535: BROWN,GEORGE DOUGLAS AND MELROSE ANDREW - The House with the Green Shutters a Biographical Sketch and an Appreciation by Andrew Melrose
30123: GREEN H G/BROWN J W (REV) - A Few Picked Gems
54743: BROWN, HOWARD G. & JUDITH A. MILLER - Taking Liberties Problems of a New Order from the French Revolution to Napoleon
54745: BROWN, PETER ROBERT LAMONT - Authority and the Sacred Aspects of the Christianisation of the Roman World
36728: BROWN, G.E. - George Bernard Shaw
55210: BROWN, MALCOLM - Sir Samuel Ferguson
38894: BROWN, ANTHONY E. - Boswellian Studies a Bibliography
46451: BROWN, REV JOHN/COOKE REV HENRY - The Self-Interpreting Bible Containing the Old and Testaments According to the Authorised Version
56553: BROWN, PETER - The Body and Society Men, Women and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity
56282: BROWNE, JANET - Darwin's Origin of Species a Biography (Books That Shook the World)
55844: BROWNE, FATHER & E. E. O'DONNELL - Father Browne's Dublin
48838: BROWNE, NOEL - Against the Tide
2746: BROWNING R - In a Balcony
36664: BROWNING, ROBERT - Justinian and Theodora
40862: BROWNRIGG, RONALD - Come, See the Place Pilgrim Guide to the Holy Land
51380: BROWNSON - Brownson's Quarterly Review Volume V 3rd Series
52768: BRUBAKER, ROGERS - Citizenship and Nationhood in France and Germany
29061: WERNHAM RICHARD BRUCE (EDITOR) - List and Analysis of State Papers Foreign Series Preserved in the Public Record Office Vol 4 May 1592-June 1593 Elizabeth 1
10549: ALLSOPP BRUCE - Civilization -the Next Stage
18096: HENRYSON ROBERT/ DICKINS BRUCE (EDITED BY) - The Testament of Cresseid
10093: REYNOLDS BRUCE L (EDITOR) - Chinese Economic Policy
47592: VAWTER BRUCE - The Conscience of Israel Pre-Exilic Prophets and Prophecy
5971: ARNOLD BRUCE - A Concise History of Irish Art
46887: VAWTER BRUCE - A Path Through Genesis
19445: LOCKHART R H BRUCE - Guns or Butter War Countries and Peace Countries of Europe Revisited
56820: BRUCE, GEORGE - Warsaw Uprising 1st August-2nd October 1944
48327: VAWTER BRUCE - The Conscience of Israel Pre-Exilic Prophets and Prophecy
12083: CATTON BRUCE - This Hallowed Ground
12050: BRUCE H C - The New Man: Twenty Nine Years a Slave, Twenty Nine Years a Free Man
44115: BRUCE J M - Warplanes of the First World War Fighters Vol 1
39379: BRUCE, MARIE LOUISE - Anne Boleyn
21834: ALEXANDER BRUCE - Crafts and Craftsmen
34349: BARTON BRUCE - The Book Nobody Knows
35513: CATTON BRUCE - This Hallowed Ground
4037: SMITH BRUCE - Costly Performances Tennessee Williams the Last Stage
4410: ARNOLD BRUCE - A Concise History of Irish Art
5209: ARNOLD BRUCE - What Kind of Country
7299: CATTON BRUCE - The Penguin Book of the American CIVIL War
8019: TATTERSALL BRUCE - Stubbs and Wedgwood: Unique Alliance between Artist and Potter
8347: PARMER BRUCE - Blind Man's Mark
9267: LOCKHART BRUCE R H - Return to Malaya
9937: CATTON BRUCE - This Hallowed Ground
62: ARNOLD BRUCE - The Scandal of Ulysses
53823: BRUHNS, WIBKE - Meines Vaters Land
12057: STEIN BRUNO - Work and Welfare in Britain and the Usa
53948: BRUNSKILL, IAN (EDITOR) - The Times Great Victorian Lives an Era in Obituaries
52110: BRUSTEIN, WILLIAM - The Logic of Evil Social Origins of the Nazi Party, 1925-33
31897: ROBERTS BRYAN - Cities of Peasants Explorations in Urban Analysis
54970: LITTLE BRYAN - The Three Choirs Cities Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester
26223: MACMAHON BRYAN - The Sound of Hooves and Other Stories
24647: MACMAHON BRYAN - Here's Ireland
24422: MACMAHON BRYAN - The Sound of Hooves and Other Stories
27331: GUINNESS BRYAN (LORD MOYNE) - The Clock Poems and a Play
30077: FORBES BRYAN - Ned's Girl the Life of Edith Evans
30643: MAGEE BRYAN - Popper
31193: MASSAM BRYAN - Location and Space in Social Administration
33158: ROBERTS BRYAN - Cities of Peasants the Political Economy of Urbanization in the Third World
33530: HOWSON BRYAN (EDITOR) - Spotlight on French Life and Language in France Today
34120: MAGEE BRYAN - Aspects of Wagner
35544: PERRETT BRYAN - Seize and Hold Master Strokes on the Battlefield
35742: APPLEYARD BRYAN - The Pleasures of Peace Art and Imagination in Post -War Britain
45198: BRYANT, MARK & SIMON HENEAGE - Dictionary of British Cartoonists and Caricaturists
45611: BRYANT, CHRISTOPHER & IAN HENDERSON - Journey to the Centre Explorations in the Realm of the Spirit
55915: BRYANT, CHAD - Prague in Black Nazi Rule and Czech Nationalism
19749: BRYMER J H P - A Guide to Tropical Fishkeeping
52425: WILLIAMS E BRYN - Gwladfa Patagonia 1865-1965 the Welsh Colony in Patagonia
31684: SPIELBERG NATHAN AND ANDERSON BRYON D - Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe
35821: MORRISON N BRYSSON - Haworth Harvest the Lives of the Bronte's
50681: BUBER, MARTIN & NAHUM N. GLATZER & S. GODMAN - On Zion the History of an Idea
50697: BUBER, MARTIN & ABRAHAM COHEN & J. NEUGROSCHEL - The Jew Essays from Martin Buber's "Journal de Jude", 1916-28
50226: BUBER, MARTIN & NAHUM N. GLATZER - On Judaism
53696: BUBER-NEUMANN, MARGARETE & RALPH MANHEIM - Milena the Story of a Remarkable Friendship
43265: BUCHAN, JOHN - Greenmantle
43256: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Island of Sheep
22056: BUCHANAN R A - Industrial Archaeology in Britain
48738: BUCHANAN, PATRICK - Where the Right Went Wrong
44142: BUCHANAN, HANDASYDE - Nature Into Art Treasury of Great Natural History Books
41674: BUCKINGHAM, JAMIE - Risky Living Key to Inner Healing
51037: BUCKINGHAM, JAMIE - Way Through the Wilderness
43609: BUCKLE, RICHARD - Diaghilev
43406: BUCKLER, JULIUS & NORMAN L.R. FRANKS & ADAM M. WAIT - Malaula! the Battle Cry of Jasta 17
47174: BUCKLEY, MICHAEL - His Healing Touch
43158: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. - Airborne a Sentimental Journey
55013: BUCKMAN, JOSEPH - Immigrants and the Class Struggle the Jewish Immigrant in Leeds, 1880-1914
38737: BUDWORTH, GEOFFREY - Tough and Versatile Knots
52225: BUFORD, BILL - Granta 30 New Europe: New Europe! 30
46812: BUFORD, BILL - Granta 28 Tenth Birthday Issue: Birthday Number: Birthday Special! 28
50034: BUHLE, PAUL - From the Lower East Side to Hollywood Jews in American Popular Culture
51203: BUISSERET, DAVID - Huguenots and Papists
51124: BUK-SWIENTY, TOM & ANNETTE BUK-SWIENTY - 1864 the Forgotten War That Shaped Modern Europe
55447: BUKEY, EVAN BURR - Hitler's Austria Popular Sentiment in the Nazi Era, 1938-1945
54821: BUKIET, MELVIN JULES - While the Messiah Tarries
49434: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL AFANASEVICH & ET AL & MIRRA GINSBURG - The Fatal Eggs and Other Soviet Satire
50812: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL - White Guard
36971: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL; GLENNY, M. - Black Snow a Theatrical Novel
24151: MORRIS WILLIAM BULLEN - The Life of Saint Patrick Apostle of Ireland with a Preliminary Account of the Sources of the Saint's History
38787: BULLITT, ORVILLE H. - Search for Sybaris
45602: BULLOCK, RANDY - The Appointed Times
8351: GRIERSON H J C AND BULLOUGH G (CHOSEN BY) - The Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse
21411: BULLPITT E C - Lady Flora Montagu
16796: FEARNSIDES W G AND BULMAN O M B - Geology in the Service of Man
46709: BULMER-THOMAS, IVOR - St. Paul Teacher and Traveller
38217: EDWARD LYTTON BULWER - Leila or the Siege of Granada and Calderon the Courtier
20230: LYTTON SIR EDWARD BULWER (TRANSLATED BY) - The Poems and Ballads of Schiller
35546: LUTYENS DAVID BULWER - The Winged Avengers a Verse Drama
55553: BUNDESTAG, GERMAN & LOTHAR GALL - Milestones, Setbacks, Sidetracts the Path to Parliamentary Democracy in Germany
8002: BUNG G VAN DEN - Containerisation and Other Unit Transport
56905: BUNIN, I.A. & THOMAS GAITON MARULLO - Ivan Bunin Russian Requiem, 1885-1920 a Portrait from Letters, Diaries and Fiction
50773: BUNIN, I.A. & D. RICHARDS & S. LUND - Long Ago Selected Stories
50006: BUNIN, I.A. & THOMAS GAITON MARRULLO & VLADIMIR T. KHMELKOV & THOMAS GAITON MARULLO - The Liberation of Tolstoy a Tale of Two Writers
54515: BUNIN, IVAN - The Village
53953: BUNIN, IVAN - Cursed Days the Great Anti-Bolshevik Diary of the Russian Revolu
42304: BUNNER H C - The Stories of H C Bunner (First Series)
48050: BUNSON, MATTHEW E. - The Pope Encyclopedia a to Z of the Holy See
36481: BURCHELL R A (EDITOR) - Westward Expansion (American Historical Documents Volume 2)
47356: BURDEN, RICHARD L. & J. DOUGLAS FAIRES - Numerical Analysis
37423: VAN BUREN A W - Ancient Rome As Revealed by Ancient Discoveries
36419: BURFORD E J - Royal St James's Being a Story of Kings, Clubmen and Courtesans
38842: BURG, KATERINA VON - Elisabeth of Austria a Life Misunderstood
38799: BURG, KATERINA VON - Ludwig II of Bavaria the Man and the Mystery
38337: BURGESS, ALAN & JIM PALMER - Everest the Ultimate Challenge
45294: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Flame Into Being Life and Work of D.H. Lawrence
53393: BURGESS, GREG - Refuge in the Land of Liberty France and Its Refugees, from the Revolution to the End of Asylum,1787-1939
36702: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Enderby Outside
36708: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Earthly Powers
36770: BURGESS, ANTHONY - A Dead Man in Deptford
36807: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Ninety-Nine Novels the Best in English Since 1939 - a Personal Choice
36855: BURGESS, ANTHONY - A Clockwork Orange
8770: DE BURGH W G - The Legacy of the Ancient World
43920: BURGOYNE, PATRICK & JEREMY LESLIE - Board Surf/Skate/Snow Graphics
57097: BURKE, PETER - Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe
51110: BURKE, EDMUND & L. G. MITCHELL - Reflections on the Revolution in France
36595: BURKITT M C - The Old Stone Age a Study of Palaeolithic Times
52728: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Earthly Powers Religion and Politics in Europe from the Enlightenment to the Great War
48822: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Sacred Causes Religion and Politics from the European Dictators to Al Qaeda
53032: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Germany Turns Eastwards a Study of Ostforschung in the Third Reich
51032: BURNE, MARTIN - Furiously Sweeping Woman God's Loving Pursuit of Each Person
44920: BURNES, CAROL - Fine Lines
33797: BURNETT M F - Viruses and Man
42948: BURNS D G - Vocabulary of the Secondary Modern School Child Occasional Publication No1
45050: BURNS, JENNIFER & ANN HALLAMORE CAESAR & GABRIELLA ROMANI - Printed Media in Fin-de-Siecle Italy Publishers, Writers, and Readers
1478: STUBBS BURNS A - James Mcneill Whistler a Biographical Outline Illustrated from the Collections of the Freer Gallery of Art
56420: BURNS, ROB - German Cultural Studies an Introduction
45848: BURPO, TODD & SONJA BURPO & COLTON BURPO - Heaven Is for Real a Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
52934: BURRIN, PHILIPPE - La France a L'Heure Allemande 1940-1944
54493: BURRIN, PHILLIPE - La France a L'Heure Allemande 1940-1944
46420: BURT, DONALD X - Day by Day with Saint Augustine
56414: BURTON, JUNE K. - Essays in European History (Vol 2) 1988-89 V. 2: Selected from the Annual Meetings of the Southern Historical Association, 1988-1989 - Vol. II
18390: FREDERICKSEN BURTON B - Masterpieces of Painting in the J Paul Getty Museum
39398: BURTON, ANTHONY & JOHN MURDOCH - Byron an Exhibition 30th May -25th August 1974
21806: HENDRICK BURTON J - The Life and Letters of Walter H Page
34926: ADAMS GEORGE BURTON - Civilisation During the Middle Ages Especially in Relation to Modern Civilization
48283: PALLISER MRS BURY - Historical Devices, Badges and War-Cries
34588: BURY P J - France: The Insecure Peace from Versailles to the Great Depression
50322: BURY, J.P.T. & R.P. TOMBS - Thiers, 1797-1877 a Political Life
50224: BURY J. P. T. - Gambetta and the National Defence: A Republican Dictatorship in France
31187: GABE J CALNAN M AND BURY M (EDITORS) - The Sociology of the Health Service
41589: BUSCAGLIA, LEO - Living, Loving, Learning
51826: BUSCHKUHL, MATTHIAS - Great Britain and the Holy See, 1746-1870
54189: BUSE, DIETER K. & JUERGEN DOERR - Modern Germany an Encyclopedia of History, People, and Culture 1871-1990 (2 Volumes)
37720: BUSH, GEORGE & VICTOR GOLD - Looking Forward an Autobiography
7000: BUSH M L - Renaissance Reformation and the Outher World
25329: BUSHELL G H S - Ancient Arts of the Americas
8135: BUSHNELL G H S - The First Americans the Pre-Columbian Civilizations
46237: BUSHRUI, SUHEIL & JAMES M. MALARKEY - The Literary Heritage of the Arabs an Anthology: 1
56916: STANDHAL & ROBIN BUSS - Lucien Leuwen
47987: BUSSBY, FREDERICK - Winchester Cathedral, 1079-1979
52413: BUSSE, HERIBERT & ALLISON BROWN - Islam, Judaism and Christianity Theological and Historical Affiliations
51615: BUTCHER, JUDITH - Copy Editing
35366: BUTCHER S H - The Poetics of Aristotle Edited with Critical Notes and a Translation
38778: JOHN THIRD MARQUESS OF BUTE - Scottish Cornations
51209: BUTLER, HUBERT & DERVLA MURPHY - Grandmother and Wolfe Tone
49581: BUTLER E M - Heinrich Heine a Biography
47083: BUTLER, B.C. & VALENTINE RICE - Searchings
52318: BUTLER, RUTH & JEANINE P. PLOTTLE & JANE MAYO ROOS - Rodin's Monument to Victor Hugo
45051: BUTLER, ALBAN & PAUL BURNS - Butler's Lives of the Saints Concise Edition
38539: BUTLER, PATRICIA - Three Hundred Years of Irish Watercolours and Drawings
30596: BUTLER R J (EDITOR) - Cartesian Studies
23953: BUTLER E M - Sheridan a Ghost Story
54659: BUTLER, L.J. & ANTHONY GORST - Modern British History a Guide to Study and Research
37729: BUTLER, JOHN R. & MARY E. PEARSON - Who Goes Home
52606: BUTLER, RONNIE - Balzac and the French Revolution
37689: BUTLER, LORD - Art of the Possible Memoirs
37290: BUTLER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Making Ways the Visual Artist's Guide to Surviving and Thriving
41669: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont & Canton Ticino
40818: BUTT, GERALD - The Lion in the Sand the British in the Middle East
7795: BENSUSAN -BUTT. D M - On Economic Growth an Essay in Pure Theory
30039: BUTTER P H - William Blake Selected Poems
48864: BUTTERWORTH, ALEX & RAY LAURENCE - Pompeii the Living City
38096: BUTTERWORTH, ERIC & ROBERT HOLMAN - Social Welfare in Modern Britain an Introductory Reader
31448: BUXTON R J - Local Government
28903: BUZZARD C N - Shining Hours
45204: BYNG, JOHN - Rides Round Britain Edited by Donald Adamson
52026: BYRNE, MILES EDITED BY HIS WIDOW - Memoirs of Myles Byrne 3 Vols in 1
45250: BYRNE, LAVINIA - Sharing the Vision a Creative Encounter between Religious and Lay Life
55959: SHELLY PERCY BYSSHE - An Address to the Irish People

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