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35332: CULLEN BERNARD - Hegel's Social and Political Thought an Introduction
12335: HUTTON J BERNARD - The Traitor Trade
15015: ROBSON WILLIAM A & CRICK BERNARD (EDITORS) - The Future of the Social Services
34402: WOOD G BERNARD - Ferries & Ferrymen
15017: SHAW BERNARD - Complete Plays with Prefaces (Volume 2)
17097: SHAW BERNARD - Plays Extravagant (Too Good to Be True, the Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, the Millionairess)
17098: SHAW BERNARD - The Black Girl in Search of God (and Some Lesser Tales)
1689: ASHMOLE BERNARD - An Historical Guide to the Sculptures of the Parthenon
16642: SHAW BERNARD - Androcles and the Lion
28192: SHAW BERNARD - The Doctor's Dilemma, Getting Married & the Shewing-Up of Blanco
43741: GUENEE BERNARD - Between Church and State Lives of Four French Prelates in the Late Middle Ages
20056: SHAW BERNARD - Plays and Players: Essays on the Theatre
22225: SHAW BERNARD - Bernard Shaw: The One-Volume Definitive Edition
17139: SHAW BERNARD - The Political Madhouse in America and Nearer Home (a Lecture)
38602: MONTGOMERY GENERAL SIR BERNARD (FOREWORD BY) - Poems from the Desert Verses by Members of the Eight Army
19746: HOLLOWOOD BERNARD (EDITED BY) - Pick of Punch 1965
18002: MYERS BERNARD S (EDITED BY) - Encyclopedia of Painting (Painters and Painting of the World from Prehistoric Times to Modern Day)
18293: LAMARCHE-VADEL BERNARD - Michelangelo
20651: LLEWELLYN BERNARD - With My Back to the East
18524: KNAPP A BERNARD - Society and Polity at Bronze Age Pella (an Annales Perspective)
18769: HUGHES G BERNARD - English Glass for the Collector 1660-1860
22223: FERGUSSON BERNARD - Travel Warrant
23605: POOL BERNARD (EDITED BY) - The Croker Papers 1808-1857
48042: BASSET BERNARD - Born of Friendship the Spirit of Sir Thomas More
41498: WALL BERNARD - Headlong Into Change an Autobiography and a Memoir of Ideas Since the Thirties
30291: SHAW BERNARD - Cashel Byron's Profession
15911: GROOM BERNARD - The Unity of Wordsworth's Poetry
20627: HUGHES G BERNARD - English and Scottish Earthenware 1660-1860
13879: MALAMUD BERNARD - The Magic Barrel
11164: DUKORE BERNARD F - Bernard Shaw Director
17266: CRICK BERNARD - In Defence of Politics
48967: KELLY REV BERNARD (EDITOR) - Butler's Lives of the Saints (5 Volume Set)
22314: SHAW BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
48176: BOGAN BERNARD - The Great Link a History of St George's Southwark 1786-1848-1948
48393: DOM ORCAHRD BERNARD ET AL (EDITORS) - A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture
49116: BASSET BERNARD - Newman at Littlemore
42353: GILBERT BERNARD - Cross Lights: Tales
22962: SHAW BERNARD - Geneva a Fancied Page in History in Three Acts
49271: WIGAN BERNARD - The Liturgy in English
28132: SHAW BERNARD - In Good King Charles's Golden Days
24887: SHAW BERNARD - Geneva a Fancied Page of History in Three Acts
23261: SHAW BERNARD - The Man of Destiny: A Trifle
23635: SHAW BERNARD - Translations and Tomfooleries
23656: SHAW BERNARD - Pygmalion
1353: DORIVAL BERNARD - Contemporary French Painting
21910: SHAW BERNARD - Essays in Fabian Socialism: The Works of Bernard Shaw
46358: BASSET BERNARD - Priest in Paradise with God to Illinois
27946: PARES BERNARD - A History of Russia
30264: MACLAVERTY BERNARD - Grace Notes
21778: STANLEY BERNARD - 40 Patience Games (No 1)
30916: HARRISON BERNARD - Form and Content
31547: COSER LEWIS A AND ROSENBERG BERNARD (EDITORS) - Sociological Theory a Book of Readings (4th Edition)
34265: SHAW BERNARD - Cashel Byrons Profession
347: SHAW BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
36819: SHAW BERNARD - Major Barbara a Screen Version
37210: SHAW BERNARD - Back to Methuselah a Metabiological Pentateuch
4011: SHAW BERNARD - Our Theatres in the Nineties (Vol 3)
5734: MACLAVERTY BERNARD - Walking the Dog and Other Stories.
82: KENNEDY BERNARD - Leaves of Autumn - a New Poetry Collection 1988 -1998
8787: SHAW BERNARD - Major Barbara
46716: ANDERSON BERNARD W - The Living World of the Old Testament
48258: ASPINWALL BERNARD - The Formation of the Catholic Community in the West of Scotland: Some Preliminary Outlines a Pamphlet from the Innes Review Vol XXXIII
47641: BERNEN, ROBERT & SATIA BERNEN - Myth and Religion in European Painting, 1270-1700 the Stories As the Artists Knew Them
42089: WILSON BERNER'S - From Six Great Cities
49705: VON BULOW PRINCE BERNHARD - Imperial Germany
27379: BERENSON BERNHARD - Die Florentiner Maler Der Renaissance
8973: HURWOOD BERNHARDT J - My Savage Muse (the Story of My Life Edger Allan Poe) an Imaginative Work
15166: RUBENS BERNICE - Milwaukee
48294: DE GASZTOLD CARMEN BERNOS - Prayers from the Ark Foreword by Rumer Godden
45745: BERRESFORD ELLIS, PETER - Celt and Roman the Celts in Italy
29734: RITCHIE BERRY - Good Company the Story of Scottish and Newcastle
48606: BERSELLI, COSTANTE & P. JENKINS - In Praise of Mary Hymns from the First Millennium of the Eastern and Western Churches
41027: BERTELL, DR. ROSALIE - No Immediate Danger Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth
41255: BERTELLI, SERGIO & ELVIRA GARBERO ZORZI - The Courts of the Italian Renaissance
38976: BERTENSHAW T H - Rhythm, Analysis and Musical Form with Exercises
41897: FENNELL BERTHA - The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
41746: KRALL BERTHA C (EDITOR) - Harvest -Tide in Many Lands Stories of the World's Harvests
27197: BERTI L , TOFANI A M P, CANEVA CATERINA - Die Uffizien Florenz
42896: HARDING BERTITA - Phantom Crown the Story of Maximillian and Carlota of Mexico
40460: BRECHT BERTOLT - Parables for the Theatre the Good Woman of Setzuan & the Caucasian Chalk Circle
29498: BRECHT BERTOLT - The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
34557: BRECHT BERTOLT - The Life of Galileo
32413: RAPHAEL BERTRAM - The Thinking Computer Mind Inside Matter
21029: WINDLE BERTRAM C A - Prehistoric Age in England: Archaeological Remains from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
20547: WINDLE BERTRAM C A - Remains of the Prehistoric Age in England
22348: NICHOLS WALLACE BERTRAM - The Song of Sharruk
47639: OSBOURNE BERTRAM - Justices of the Peace 1361-1848 a History of Our Magistracy During Five Centuries
8636: DAVIS BERTRAM H - Johnson Before Boswell a Study of Sir John Hawkins'Life of Samuel Johnson
16545: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Has Man a Future
18064: DIMMITT RICHARD BERTRAND - A Title Guide to the Talkies
40705: RUSSELL BERTRAND - The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872-1967 (3 Volumes)
32726: RUSSELL BERTRAND - An Inquiry Into Meaning and Truth (the William James Lectures for 1940)
31267: RUSSELL BERTRAND - The Problems of Philosophy
19502: RUSSELL BERTRAND - The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872-1914
19823: D'ASTORG BERTRAND - Aspects de la Litterature Europeenne Depuis 1945
9294: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Power a New Social Analysis
32477: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Philosophy and Politics
25331: FLORNOY BERTRAND - Inca Adventure
33562: RUSSELL BERTRAND - Portraits from Memory and Other Essays
16101: MORET A DE BERUETE Y - The School of Madrid
15223: BAINBRIDGE BERYL - Master Georgie
15046: DHANJAL BERYL - Sikhism
18735: WOOD CLIVE AND SUITTERS BERYL - The Fight for Acceptance: A History of Contraception
36153: LUCEY BERYL - A Village Where the World Is One the Pestalozzi International Children's Village in England
40210: BERZON, BETTY & ROBERT LEIGHTON (EDITORS) - Positively Gay New Approaches to Gay Life
50536: BESSEL, RICHARD - Germany After the First World War
49935: BESSEL, RICHARD - Germany, 1945 from War to Peace
50192: BESSEL, RICHARD - Life After Death Approaches to a Cultural and Social History During the 1940s and 1950s: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During... Of the German Historical Institute)
22554: REDFIELD BESSIE - Aid to Rhyme
50679: BEST, GEOFFREY - War and Society in Revolutionary Europe, 1770-1870
32862: RUBIN BETH A - Shifts in the Social Contract Understanding Change in American Society
39133: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Ghastly Good Taste
14063: WADIA BETTINA - Botticelli
35152: BETTS P Y - People Who Say Goodbye Memoirs of Childhood
38463: BETTS, P. Y. - People Who Say Goodbye Memories of Childhood
31248: POWELL BETTY - Knowledge of Actions
20743: MACQUITTY BETTY - The Battle for Oblivion: The Discovery of Anaesthesia
20995: MILLER BETTY - Robert Browning
20662: JAMES BETTY - A Kingdom by the Sea: An Exploration of Northumberland, Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire
12247: VERNON BETTY D - Margaret Cole 1893-1980
15932: SCHECHTER BETTY - The Dreyfus Affair (a National Scandal)
3095: ASKWITH BETTY - Keats
35745: FRIEDAN BETTY - The Second Stage
4718: KEMP BETTY - King and Commons 1660-1832
8813: BENSON THEODORA AND ASKWITH BETTY - How to Be Famous or the Great in a Nutshell
20852: BEVAN D J V - Recollections a Shrewsbury Scrapbook
42834: BEVAN, BRYAN - King Richard II
46470: BEVAN, BRYAN - King Richard II
46762: ST.CYPRIAN & MAURICE BEVENOT - De Lapsis and de Ecclesiae Catholicae Unitate
1507: ELIOT SIMON AND STERN BEVERLEY (EDITORS) - The Age of Enlightenment : An Anthology of Eighteenth -Century Texts (2 Volumes)
11881: BAXTER BEVERLEY - First Nights and Noises Off
41996: NICHOLS BEVERLEY - The Fool Hath Said
41535: GRAY CHARLOTTE & HAYNE BEVERLY - Psychology Today 1977? Vol 3 No 9
23974: PISANO BEVERLY - Irish Wolfhounds
16470: HILLIER BEVIS (COMPILED AND INTRODUCED BY) - John Betjeman a Life in Pictures
30489: NICHOLS THEO AND BEYNON - Living with Capitalism Class Relations and Modern Factory
50614: BIALIK, HAIM NAHMAN - Revealment and Concealment
49662: BIALOSZEWSKI, MIRON - A Memoir of the Warsaw Uprising
45811: BICHENO, HUGH - Vendetta High Art and Low Cunning at the Birth of the Renaissance
50673: BICKERMAN, ELIAS J. - From Ezra to the Last of the Maccabees Foundations of Post-Biblical Judaism
45670: BICKNELL E J - A Theological Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England
43909: BIDDLE, MARTIN - King Arthur's Round Table an Archaeological Investigation
44010: BIDDULPH, STEVE - Manhood an Action Plan for Changing Men's Lives
49443: BIEMANN, ASHER D. (EDITOR) - The Martin Buber Reader
45646: BIERMAN, JOHN - Righteous Gentile Story of Raoul Wallenberg, Missing Hero of the Holocaust
42832: BIERMAN, JOHN - Napoleon III and His Carnival Empire
49403: BIGLER, ROBERT M. - Politics of German Protestantism Rise of the Protestant Church Elite in Prussia, 1815-48
46017: SIMSIR BILAL N - British Documents on Ottoman Armenians (2 Volumes) Volume (1)1856-1880 Volume (2)1880-1890
19478: GERRARD BILL - Theory of the Capitalist Economy: Towards a Post Classical Synthesis
45637: BILL, WILSON & TOMMY BARNETT - Whose Child Is This a Story of Hope and Help for a Generation at Peril
31834: JONES BILL (EDITOR) - Political Issues in Britain Today
22522: SWAINSON BILL (EDITOR) - Encarta Book of Quotations: 25,000 Quotations from Around the World
10847: RISEBERO BILL - Fantastic Form: Architecture and Planning Today
40318: STEEN BILL (EDITOR) - Christ's College Magazine No 227
10278: WANNAN BILL (SELECTOR) - Stagecoach Stories of Old Australia
29672: HARGREAVES BILL - Can You Manage Stares ? the Life of Bill Hargreaves
21723: CULLEN BILL - It's a Long Way from Penny Apples
34969: BRYSON BILL - Dictionary of Troublesome Words
17671: HOEG PETER AND AUGUST BILLE - Miss Smilla's Feeling for the Snow
21258: GENERAL SIR PETER DE LA BILLIERE - Storm Command: A Personal Account of the Gulf War
43329: BILLINGS, MALCOLM - The Crusades the War Against Islam 1096-1798
47026: BILLINGSLEY, JIM & JAN GALLEHAWK - Lasting Friendship
36729: BILLINGTON, MICHAEL - Alan Ayckbourn
40117: BILLINGTON, MICHAEL - Peggy Ashcroft
1310: GRADY BILLY - The Irish Peacock the Confessions of a Legendary Talent Agent Billy Grady
41392: BIN, HU - Keep Fit the Chinese Way
28555: BINDING T J - Firebird 1: Writing Today
39977: BINGHAM, CAROLINE - Stewart Kingdom of Scotland, 1371-1603
45855: BINGHAM, MADELEINE - Sheridan the Track of a Comet
21681: ELLIOTT-BINNS L - The Reformation in England
21673: BINNS C F - The Potters Craft: A Practical Guide for the Studio and Workshop
46713: ELLIOTT-BINNS L - From Moses to Elisha Israel at the End of the Ninth Century Bc
40182: BIRCH, ANNE - What Chance Have We Got? Occupation & Employment After Mental Illness-Patients' Views
41168: BIRD, ARTHUR - Adventure in Evangelism
49028: BIRD, DAVID - The Royal Road to Joy the Eucharist and the Beatitudes
40595: NEWTON JOHN AND NEVINS J BIRKBECK - Two Essays (1) the Amorial Bearings of the Isle of Man : Their Origin, History and Meaning. (2) the Four-Penny Coinage of Great Britain("Joeys")
47900: BIRKENHEAD, LORD - Rudyard Kipling
40959: VARIA & FOSTER BIRKET (DESIGNS BY) - A Shorter Version of the Moffatt Translation of the Bible
28465: VARIA & FOSTER BIRKET (DESIGNS BY) - Country Life
39452: BIRLEY, ERIC. - Corbridge Roman Station; Northumberland.
39456: BIRLEY, ERIC - Chesters Roman Fort, Northumberland
29: BIRMINGHAM G A - The Search Party
29630: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - The Bad Times
49600: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE & M. B. DEBEVOISE - The Idea of France
50557: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE & IRA KATZNELSON - Paths of Emancipation Jews, States, and Citizenship
40816: BIRTILL, PAUL - Terrifying Ordeal Poems
43138: BISHOP, PATRICK - Fighter Boys Saving Britain 1940
43568: BISHOP, CHRIS - Order of Battle German Infantry in World War II
12295: COPPIN BISHOP L J - Unwritten History
43499: BISHOP, CHRIS - Order of Battle German Panzers in World War II
43314: BISHOP, PATRICK - Fighter Boys Saving Britain 1940
44104: BISHOP, JAMES - "Illustrated London News" Social History of the First World War
43368: BISHOP, CHRIS - Waffen-Ss Divisions 1939-45
30176: FLEETWOOD BISHOP - Chronicon-Preciosum or an Account of English Gold and Silver Money (1745)
43367: BISHOP, CHRIS - Panzergrenadier Divisions 1939-1945
28541: BISHOP A G ( EDITED BY) - Joyce Cary Selected Essays
48170: BURNET BISHOP - History of His Own Times
41409: SIMPSON ALAN H /CHANDLER REV BISHOP - Pagan Mystery Religions and the Christian Faith
48255: BISHOPS - Scottish Catechism of Christian Doctrine
49114: CATHOLIC BISHOPS - Music in Catholic Worship No. 857
50305: BISKUPSKI, M. B. B. - Independence Day Myth, Symbol, and the Creation of Modern Poland
25256: BISSIERE - Bissiere
46488: BLAAUW, MARTIJN & DUNCAN PRITCHARD - Epistemology a-Z
29754: BLACK EILEEN, KENNEDY S B. AND MAGUIRE W A - Dreams and Traditions 300 Years of British and Irish Paintings from the Collection of the Ulster Museum
45784: BLACK, JEREMY - The Hanoverians the History of a Dynasty
46109: BLACK, PROFESSOR JEREMY - The Dotted Red Line Britain's Defence Policy in the Modern World
23182: COLLISION BLACK R D - A Catalogue of Pamphlets on Economic Subjects 1750-1900 in Irish Libraries
45880: BLACK, JEREMY - The Hanoverians the History of a Dynasty
36566: BLACK, WILLIAM - The Irish Economies
7959: BLACK J B - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603
50528: BLACKBOURN, DAVID. - Class, Religion and Local Politics in Wilhelmine Germany. The Centre Party in Württemberg Before 1914
46493: BLACKBURN, SIMON - Think a Compelling Introduction to Philosophy
38552: BLACKER, WILLIAM & ROBERT H. WALLACE - Formation of the Orange Order, 1795-98 the Edited Papers of Colonel William Blacker and Colonel Robert H. Wallace
43221: BLACKER, BARNABY - The Adventures and Inventions of Stewart Blacker Soldier, Aviator, Weapons Inventor
9748: BLACKHAM H J - The Fable As Literature
15293: BLACKHAM H J - The Fable As Literature
21819: BLACKHAM H J - Six Existentialist Thinkers
43194: BLACKIE, LORNA - Clans and Tartans the Fabric of Scotland
44053: BLACKMAN, ERIC - Airman at the Helm
37711: BLACKSTONE, TESSA - Education and Day Care for Young Children in Need the American Experience
34762: BLACKWELL F F - Junior Natural Science (4 Volumes) Books1 to 4
40199: BLACKWOOD, CAROLINE - Great Granny Webster
11643: LITTELL BLAINE - South of the Moon on Stanley's Trail Through the Dark Continent
39475: BLAIR, PETER HUNTER - Roman Britain and Early England 55 B.C. - A.D. 871
40875: BLAKE, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Blake
48422: BLAKE, WILLIAM & SIR GEOFFREY KEYNES - Songs of Innocence and of Experience Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul
41628: BLAKE, ROBIN - Mind over Medicine Can the Mind Kill or Cure?
28727: BLAKE N F - William Caxton and the English Literary Culture
30491: BAKER BLAKE - The Far Left an Expose of the Extreme Left in Britain
35825: "BLAKE" - Readiness at Dawn
37010: BLAKE, WILLIAM; BRONOWSKI, J - Selected Poems and Letters
38431: BLAMEY, MARJORIE & PHILIP BLAMEY - Flowers of the Countryside Time Limited Edition and Signed by the Artist
49115: BLAMIRES, HARRY - Where Do We Stand? an Examination of the Christian's Position in the Moderm World
50793: BLAMIRES, HARRY - Bloomsday Book Guide Through Joyce's "Ulysses"
17694: MCKINNEY BLANAID - Big Mouth
27085: BLANC S - Initiation a la Prehistoire Ce Qu'IL N'Est Pas Permis D'Ignorer Sur L'Age de la Pierre
40563: BLANCH, LESLEY - Pavilions of the Heart the Four Walls of Love
39270: BLANCH, STUART Y. - For All Mankind a New Approach to the New Testament
41134: BLANCH, STUART Y - For All Mankind a New Approach to the Old Testament
28180: BLANCHARD E F - The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith with a Notice of His Life and Genius
25129: BLANCHARD E F - The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith
32317: GAMOND BLANCHE - A Heroine of the Faith
23619: PATCH BLANCHE - Thirty Years with G.B. S. Shaw's Private Secretary for the Last 30 Years of His Life
36501: SIMPSON E BLANTYRE - The Robert Louis Stevenson Originals
35618: BROWN DAVID BLAYNEY - From Turners Studio Painting and Oil Sketches from the Turner Bequest
50684: BLED, JEAN-PAUL - Franz Joseph
46725: BLET, PIERRE S.J. - Pius XII and the Second World War
47002: BLIGH, JOHN - Sign of the Cross Passion and Resurrection of Jesus According to St. John
46986: BLIGH, JOHN - Colossians
47609: STUBBS S G BLAXLAND & BLIGH E W - Sixty Centuries of Health and Physick the Progress of Ideas from Primitive Magic to Modern Medicine
49345: BLOBAUM, ROBERT E. - Rewolucja Russian Poland, 1904-07
50524: BLOCH, MARC & CAROLE FINK - Memoirs of War 1914-15
42384: BLOCH, MICHAEL - The Duchess of Windsor
39916: BLOM-COOPER, LOUIS & DREWRY GAVIN (EDITORS) - Law and Morality Introduction by Bernard Crick
37709: BLONDEL, JEAN - Introduction to Comparative Government
9826: RIDLEY F AND BLONDEL J - Public Administration in France
10400: BLOOMFIELD B C (EDITOR) - Middle East Studies and Libraries a Felicitation Volume for Prof. J D Pearson
50332: BLOXHAM, DONALD - The Great Game of Genocide Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians
48201: RABBI LIONEL BLUE - Blue Heaven
40904: BLUE, LIONEL - A Backdoor to Heaven
48076: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Artistic Theory in Italy 1450-1600
36671: BLUNT, WILFRID - In for a Penny Prospect of Kew Gardens
37509: BLUNT A W E ET AL - Helps to Study the Bible
10666: BESKOW BO - Two by Two
31793: BOADEN N ET AL - Public Participation in Local Services
38380: BOARDMAN, PETER - Sacred Summits
48954: BOARDMAN, JOHN & JASPER GRIFFIN & OSWYN MURRAY - The Oxford History of the Classical World Greece & Rome
45766: BOARDMAN, JOHN & JASPER GRIFFIN & OSWYN MURRAY - The Oxford History of the Classical World the Roman World V. 2
41036: BOASE, WENDY & GEORGE TUTE - Folklore of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
29774: GELDOF BOB - Is That It ?
32094: LAMBERT JOHN PARIS CHRIS BLACKABY BOB - Housing Policy and the State Allocation , Access and Control
22248: CARRUTHERS BOB - Servants of Evil: Survivors of Hitler's Armed Forces
17599: LONGE BOB - Easy Magic Tricks
34006: ARNEBECK BOB - Proust's Last Beer a History of Curious Demises
36412: DOUGLAS BOB - Wrestling the Making of a Champion: The Takedown
8211: RIORDAN JOHN AND WHITMORE BOB - Living with Dementia
36663: BOBRICK, BENSON - East of the Sun Conquest and Settlement of Siberia
1798: BOCCACCIO - The Decameron
8381: BOCCACCIO - The Decameron
9171: BOCCACCIO - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio (2vols)
43709: BOCOCK, ROBERT - Freud and Modern Society
27156: WILHELM VON BODE - Funfzig Jahre Museumsarbeit
39719: BODINGTON, STEPHEN & MIKE GEORGE & JOHN MICHAELSON - Developing the Socially Useful Economy
27939: COFFIN SARAH AND HOFSTETTER BODO - Portrait Miniatures in Enamel: The Gilbert Collection
11516: BOELLA M J - Personnel Management in Hotel and Catering Industry
42705: BOERNER C G - Die Daumier-Sammlung Carl o Schniewind -New York
46611: BOFF, LEONARDO & CLODOVIS BOFF - Introducing Liberation Theology
11351: SZAJKOWSKI BOGDAN (EDITOR) - Documents in Communist Affairs 1985
47115: BOGLE, JOANNA - Book of Feasts and Seasons
15774: BOHNING W R - The Migration of the Workers in the United Kingdom and the European Community
27051: BOL LAURENS J, KEYES GEORGE S AND BUTOT F C - Netherlandish Paintings and Drawings from the Collection of F C Butot by Little Known Masters of the Seventeenth Century
42528: BOLAND, EAVAN - New Selected Poems
36551: BOLAND, KEVIN - Fine Gael British or Irish?
40238: BOLGER, DERMOT - Night Shift
47076: BOLSTER, M.ANGELA - Catherine Mcauley Venerablefor Mercy
48257: WALLER REV BOLTON C - Patrick -the Man
12860: BOLTON W F (EDITOR) - The Middle Ages (History of Literature in English Language Series Vol 1)
3516: CORNEY BOLTON (EDITOR) - The Poetic Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B.
47630: BOLTON F R - Caroline Tradition of the Church of Ireland with Particular Reference to Bishop Jeremy Taylor
38613: BONACCORSO, RICHARD - Sean o'Faolain's Irish Vision
9566: DOBREE BONAMY - John Wesley
9645: DOBREE BONAMY - Restoration Tragedy 1660-1720
39529: BONHAMS (KNIGHTSBRIDGE) - Period Design Sale 6th July 2010
49292: BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH & EBERHARD BETHGE - Letters and Papers from Prison the Enlarged Edition: E. Bethge
38338: BONINGTON, CHRIS & CHARLES CLARKE - Tibet's Secret Mountain the Triumph of Sepu Kangri
38333: BONINGTON, SIR CHRIS - Great Climbs a Celebration of World Mountaineering
38374: BONINGTON, CHRIS - Chris Bonington Mountaineer Thirty Years of Climbing the World's Greatest Peaks
38309: BONINGTON, SIR CHRIS - The Everest Years a Climber's Life
14612: GRAHAM-BONNALIE F E - Know Your Illness
43917: DE BONO, EDWARD - Practical Thinking Four Ways to Be Right; Five Ways to Be Wrong; Five Ways to Understand
37772: BOOKBINDER, ALAN & ETC. & OLIVIA LICHTENSTEIN - Comrades Portraits of Soviet Life
50310: BOOKBINDER, PAUL - Weimar Germany the Republic of the Reasonable
48820: BOOKER, CHRISTOPHER - The Seven Basic Plots Why We Tell Stories
41369: BOOM, CORRIE TEN - In My Father's House
43157: BOORMAN, DEREK - For Your Tomorrow British Second World War Memorials
45155: TARKINGTON BOOTH - Penrod Jashber
48463: BOOTH, R.K. - York the History and Heritage of a City
45258: BOOTH MRS - Papers on Godliness Reports of a Series of Addresses Delivered at St Jame's Hall London During 1881
45580: BOOTH, WILLIAM - Purity of Heart
36717: BOOTH, MARTIN - Hiroshima Joe
36148: BOOTHMAN D B ET AL - Topical Time of Preparation for Industry Commerce and Adult Life
42350: BOOTHROYD, BASIL - Philip an Informal Biography of H.R. H. Duke of Edinburgh
39478: BORD, JANET & COLIN BORD - A Guide to Ancient Sites in Britain
32832: LEKACHMAN ROBERT AND VAN LOON BORIN - Capitalism for Beginners
29713: PASTERNAK BORIS - Doctor Zhivago
18348: PIOTROVSKY BORIS (FOREWORD BY) - The Treasures of the Hermitage
18586: RUMER BORIS Z - Soviet Steel the Challenge of Industrial Modernization in the Ussr
15923: PASTERNAK BORIS - An Essay in Autobiography
50170: PASTERNAK BORIS - Boris Pasternak Safe Conduct an Early Autobiography and Other Works
34643: PASTERNAK BORIS - The Last Summer
50273: POLEVOI BORIS - The Final Reckoning
8424: PASTERNAK BORIS - Doctor Zhivago
46948: BORNKAMM, GUNTHER - Jesus of Nazareth
40943: BOROS, LADISLAUS & M.B. DAVIES - Being a Christian Today
49945: BOROWITZ, EUGENE B. - Exploring Jewish Ethics Papers on Covenant Responsibility
42882: BOSSI FEDRIGOTTI, ANTON - Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Und Seine Zeit
41213: BOSSY, JOHN - Under the Molehill an Elizabethan Spy Story
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19229: BROOK V J K - Whitgift and the English Church
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30123: GREEN H G/BROWN J W (REV) - A Few Picked Gems
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38894: BROWN, ANTHONY E. - Boswellian Studies a Bibliography
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45611: BRYANT, CHRISTOPHER & IAN HENDERSON - Journey to the Centre Explorations in the Realm of the Spirit
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50226: BUBER, MARTIN & NAHUM N. GLATZER - On Judaism
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43265: BUCHAN, JOHN - Greenmantle
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50034: BUHLE, PAUL - From the Lower East Side to Hollywood Jews in American Popular Culture
47271: KNOX R. BUICK - James Ussher Archbishop of Armagh
37142: BUITLEAR, EAMON DE - Irish Rivers
49434: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL AFANASEVICH & ET AL & MIRRA GINSBURG - The Fatal Eggs and Other Soviet Satire
50812: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL - White Guard
36971: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL; GLENNY, M. - Black Snow a Theatrical Novel
24151: MORRIS WILLIAM BULLEN - The Life of Saint Patrick Apostle of Ireland with a Preliminary Account of the Sources of the Saint's History
50750: BULLIET, RICHARD W - The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization
38787: BULLITT, ORVILLE H. - Search for Sybaris
45602: BULLOCK, RANDY - The Appointed Times
8351: GRIERSON H J C AND BULLOUGH G (CHOSEN BY) - The Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse
21411: BULLPITT E C - Lady Flora Montagu
16796: FEARNSIDES W G AND BULMAN O M B - Geology in the Service of Man
46709: BULMER-THOMAS, IVOR - St. Paul Teacher and Traveller
50470: HOBSON BULMER (EDITOR) - Saorstat Eireann Official Handbook
38217: EDWARD LYTTON BULWER - Leila or the Siege of Granada and Calderon the Courtier
20230: LYTTON SIR EDWARD BULWER (TRANSLATED BY) - The Poems and Ballads of Schiller
35546: LUTYENS DAVID BULWER - The Winged Avengers a Verse Drama
8002: BUNG G VAN DEN - Containerisation and Other Unit Transport
43974: BUNGAY, STEPHEN - The Most Dangerous Enemy a History of the Battle of Britain
50773: BUNIN, I.A. & D. RICHARDS & S. LUND - Long Ago Selected Stories
50006: BUNIN, I.A. & THOMAS GAITON MARRULLO & VLADIMIR T. KHMELKOV & THOMAS GAITON MARULLO - The Liberation of Tolstoy a Tale of Two Writers
49610: BUNIN, IVAN - Collected Stories of Ivan Bunin
42304: BUNNER H C - The Stories of H C Bunner (First Series)
48050: BUNSON, MATTHEW E. - The Pope Encyclopedia a to Z of the Holy See
36481: BURCHELL R A (EDITOR) - Westward Expansion (American Historical Documents Volume 2)
47356: BURDEN, RICHARD L. & J. DOUGLAS FAIRES - Numerical Analysis
37423: VAN BUREN A W - Ancient Rome As Revealed by Ancient Discoveries
36419: BURFORD E J - Royal St James's Being a Story of Kings, Clubmen and Courtesans
38842: BURG, KATERINA VON - Elisabeth of Austria a Life Misunderstood
38799: BURG, KATERINA VON - Ludwig II of Bavaria the Man and the Mystery
38337: BURGESS, ALAN & JIM PALMER - Everest the Ultimate Challenge
45294: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Flame Into Being Life and Work of D.H. Lawrence
39853: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Little Wilson and Big God Being the First Part of the Confessions of Anthony Burgess
36702: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Enderby Outside
36703: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Inside Mr Enderby
36706: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Doctor Is Sick
36707: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Enderby's Dark Lady, or No End to Enderby
36708: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Earthly Powers
36770: BURGESS, ANTHONY - A Dead Man in Deptford
36807: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Ninety-Nine Novels the Best in English Since 1939 - a Personal Choice
36855: BURGESS, ANTHONY - A Clockwork Orange
36246: DE BURGH W G - The Legacy of the Ancient World
8770: DE BURGH W G - The Legacy of the Ancient World
43920: BURGOYNE, PATRICK & JEREMY LESLIE - Board Surf/Skate/Snow Graphics
49514: BURKE, EDMUND - Reflections on the Revolution in France and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London Relative to That Event
36595: BURKITT M C - The Old Stone Age a Study of Palaeolithic Times
48822: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Sacred Causes Religion and Politics from the European Dictators to Al Qaeda
47960: BURNE, JOHN - Dartford's Capital River Paddlesteamers, Personalities and Smallpox Boats
44920: BURNES, CAROL - Fine Lines
33797: BURNETT M F - Viruses and Man
42948: BURNS D G - Vocabulary of the Secondary Modern School Child Occasional Publication No1
45050: BURNS, JENNIFER & ANN HALLAMORE CAESAR & GABRIELLA ROMANI - Printed Media in Fin-de-Siecle Italy Publishers, Writers, and Readers
48198: BURNS GEORGE, S. J. - Gibbets & Gallows the Story of Blessed Edmund Arrowsmith
1478: STUBBS BURNS A - James Mcneill Whistler a Biographical Outline Illustrated from the Collections of the Freer Gallery of Art
37044: BURNS, EMILE - Introduction to Marxism
45848: BURPO, TODD & SONJA BURPO & COLTON BURPO - Heaven Is for Real a Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
46420: BURT, DONALD X - Day by Day with Saint Augustine
49870: BURTON, RICHARD D. E. - Holy Tears, Holy Blood Women, Catholicism, and the Culture of Suffering in France, 1840-1970
18390: FREDERICKSEN BURTON B - Masterpieces of Painting in the J Paul Getty Museum
39398: BURTON, ANTHONY & JOHN MURDOCH - Byron an Exhibition 30th May -25th August 1974
50556: BURTON, RICHARD D. E. - Blood in the City Violence and Revelation in Paris, 1789-1945
21806: HENDRICK BURTON J - The Life and Letters of Walter H Page
34926: ADAMS GEORGE BURTON - Civilisation During the Middle Ages Especially in Relation to Modern Civilization
48283: PALLISER MRS BURY - Historical Devices, Badges and War-Cries
34588: BURY P J - France: The Insecure Peace from Versailles to the Great Depression
50322: BURY, J.P.T. & R.P. TOMBS - Thiers, 1797-1877 a Political Life
50224: BURY J. P. T. - Gambetta and the National Defence: A Republican Dictatorship in France
31187: GABE J CALNAN M AND BURY M (EDITORS) - The Sociology of the Health Service
41589: BUSCAGLIA, LEO - Living, Loving, Learning
37720: BUSH, GEORGE & VICTOR GOLD - Looking Forward an Autobiography
7000: BUSH M L - Renaissance Reformation and the Outher World
25329: BUSHELL G H S - Ancient Arts of the Americas
8135: BUSHNELL G H S - The First Americans the Pre-Columbian Civilizations
46237: BUSHRUI, SUHEIL & JAMES M. MALARKEY - The Literary Heritage of the Arabs an Anthology: 1
47987: BUSSBY, FREDERICK - Winchester Cathedral, 1079-1979
35366: BUTCHER S H - The Poetics of Aristotle Edited with Critical Notes and a Translation
38778: JOHN THIRD MARQUESS OF BUTE - Scottish Cornations
49581: BUTLER E M - Heinrich Heine a Biography
47083: BUTLER, B.C. & VALENTINE RICE - Searchings
45051: BUTLER, ALBAN & PAUL BURNS - Butler's Lives of the Saints Concise Edition
38539: BUTLER, PATRICIA - Three Hundred Years of Irish Watercolours and Drawings
30596: BUTLER R J (EDITOR) - Cartesian Studies
23953: BUTLER E M - Sheridan a Ghost Story
24007: YEATS WILLIAM BUTLER (INTRODUCED BY) - The Poetical Works of William Blake
37729: BUTLER, JOHN R. & MARY E. PEARSON - Who Goes Home
50160: BUTLER JAMES, DONNISON F. S. - CIVIL Affairs and Military Government North-West Europe 1944-1946 United Military Series
37689: BUTLER, LORD - Art of the Possible Memoirs
37290: BUTLER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Making Ways the Visual Artist's Guide to Surviving and Thriving
41669: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont & Canton Ticino
40818: BUTT, GERALD - The Lion in the Sand the British in the Middle East
7795: BENSUSAN -BUTT. D M - On Economic Growth an Essay in Pure Theory
30039: BUTTER P H - William Blake Selected Poems
50569: BUTTERFIELD, HERBERT - The Whig Interpretation of History
48864: BUTTERWORTH, ALEX & RAY LAURENCE - Pompeii the Living City
38096: BUTTERWORTH, ERIC & ROBERT HOLMAN - Social Welfare in Modern Britain an Introductory Reader
48297: EDITED BY CHARLES BUXTON - Memoirs of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Bart
31448: BUXTON R J - Local Government
28903: BUZZARD C N - Shining Hours
45204: BYNG, JOHN - Rides Round Britain Edited by Donald Adamson
45250: BYRNE, LAVINIA - Sharing the Vision a Creative Encounter between Religious and Lay Life
46117: BYRNE, LEO GERALD - The Great Ambassador the Diplomatic Career of Rt Hon Stratford Canning
12317: CAIRNS H A - Prelude to Imperialism: British Reactions to Central African Society 1840-1890
41282: CAIRNS D S - The Riddle of the World
28090: MATTHEWS JOHN & CAITLIN - An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend: British & Irish Mythology
42249: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR - Lewd, Blasphemous and Obscene
36562: CALLAGHAN, JAMES - House Divided Northern Ireland Dilemma
50502: CALLAHAN, WILLIAM J & DAVID HIGGS - Church and Society in Catholic Europe of the Eighteenth Century
32271: CALVERT W R - Nature and the Rambler
45583: CALVERT, GRAHAM - Health, Healing & Wholeness
45232: CALVIN, JEAN - La Famine Spirituelle Sermon inédit Sur Esaïe 55, 1-2
37087: CALVINO, ITALO; MCLAUGHLIN, MARTIN - The Hermit in Paris Autobiographical Writings
47000: CAMARA, HELDER & A. NEAME - Gospel with Dom Helder Camara
47735: CAMARA, HELDER & J. GALLAGHER - It's Midnight Lord
47966: CAMBRIDGE - The Parallel Psalter
49297: CAMERON, EUAN - The European Reformation
1860: WATT DONALD CAMERON (EDITOR) - Contemporary History in Europe Problems and Perspectives
20929: GORDON HELEN CAMERON (LADY RUSSELL) - The Sunwheel: Hindu Life and Customs
43506: SPENCE CAMERON - Sabre Squadron
39869: CAMERON, RODERICK - Viceroyalties of the West the Spanish Empire in Latin America
27393: MAUCLAIR CAMILLE - Les Maitres de L'Impressionnsme
9100: SELDEN CAMILLE - The Last Days of Heinrich Heine
43611: CAMP, JOHN - Healer's Art the Doctor Through History
9980: CAMPAGNAC E T - William Garmon Jones
47029: CAMPBELL, DBJ - Synoptic Gospels,the Commentary for Teachers & Students
41618: CAMPBELL, PATRICK - Thirty Five Years on the Job
32496: CAMPBELL A V - Moral Dilemmas in Medicine
47702: CAMPBELL W E - Erasmus, Tyndale and More
9747: BALFOUR CAMPBELL - Incomes Policy and Public Sector
28822: MACFIE RONALD CAMPBELL - The Body : An Introduction to Physiology
12310: BALFOUR CAMPBELL - Incomes Policy and the Public Sector
18875: HALE JANET CAMPBELL - Bloodlines: Odyssey of a Native Daughter
41076: CAMPBELL, JULIEANN - Setting the Truth Free the Inside Story of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign
45676: CAMPBELL, DUNCAN B. & ADAM HOOK - Siege Warfare in the Roman World 146 Bc-Ad 378
48711: CAMPBELL W J - Ushaw College 1808-2008 a Celebration
3161: FRASER ALEXANDER CAMPELL - Selections from Berkeley -Annotated
45844: CAMPION, THOMAS & JOAN HART - Ayres and Observations Selected Poems and Prose
40471: CAMUS, ALBERT & J. LAREDO - The Outsider
49832: CANDY, CATHERINE - Priestly Fictions Irish Popular Novelists
34680: HILSUM S AND CANE B S - The Teacher's Day
6714: MAULE H & CANE M (EDITORS) - The Man from Main Street Selected Essays and Other Writings of Sinclair Lewis
49377: CANG, JOEL - Silent Millions a History of the Jews in the Soviet Union
23489: DU CANN C G L - The Loves of George Bernard Shaw
48098: C. G. L. DU CANN - Miscarriages of Justice
50130: CANNADINE, DAVID - Class in Britain
21946: CANNELL J C - The Hundred Best Tricks
46749: CANNON, DOLORES - Jesus and the Essenes Fresh Insights Into Christ's Ministry and the Dead Sea Scrolls
48884: CANNON, JON - Medieval Church Architecture
50801: CANNUYER, CHRISTIAN - Coptic Egypt the Christians of the Nile
36283: MCLEOD CAMPBELL L CANON - Christian History in the Making
37845: COCKIN REV CANON F A - 3 Men and a Parson
46658: SMITH MGR CANON G D - Mary's Part in Our Redemption
28467: O'HANLON JOHN CANON - The Poetical Works of Lageniensis
30390: MORRIS LEON REV CANON - The Revelation of St John an Introduction and Commentary Tyndale New Testament Commentaries
49742: CANOVAN, MARGARET - Political Thought of Hannah Arendt
18858: CANZONERI M, ETHIER W, AND GRILLI V (EDITORS) - The New Transatlantic Economy
33086: SANFORD FILLMORE H AND CAPALDI E J (EDITORS) - Philosophies Methods and Apporoaches (Vol 1)
50319: CAPELL, RICHARD - Schubert's Songs
45237: CAPITAL - Capital Record Catalogue Complete to June 1954
13358: SMITH CAPT W G (BILL) - 1247 Preservation Pioneer
36341: CAMPBELL DAVID CAPT - Forward the Rifles the War Diary of an Irish Soldier 1914-1918
47684: BERKELEY CARA - Some Roman Monuments in the Light of History (2 Volumes)
10261: EVANS CARADOC - Caradoc Evans Selected Stories
46480: BEA AUGUSTIN CARDINAL - The Unity of Christians
48180: CARDINAL NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - The Dream of Gerontius
46542: HLOND CARDINAL - The Persecution of the Catholic Church in German -Occupied Poland
48532: NEWMAN JOHN HENRY CARDINAL - Blessed Art Thou Among Women Devotion to Mary, Mother of God
46262: GASQUET CARDINAL - The Religious Life of Henry VI
47950: NEWMAN JOHN HENRY CARDINAL - Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations
49860: CARDOZO JESSURUN, PAUL GOODMAN - Think and Thank the Montefiore Synagogue and College, Ramsgate 1833-1885
43757: CARELESS J M S (EDITOR) - The Pre-Confederation Premiers Ontario Government Leaders, 1841-1867
44080: CAREW, TIM - Wipers First Battle of Ypres
31972: HUNT R N CAREW - The Theory and Practice of Communism
20306: HUNT R N CAREW - A Guide to Communist Jargon
24507: HUNT R N CAREW (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - Unpublished Letters from the Collection of John Wild
21302: HUNT R N CAREW - The Theory and Practice of Communism
49821: CAREY, TIM - In Honour and Memory Memorials of Dun Laoghaire- Rathdown
41191: PIKE EDWARD CAREY - The Heroes of the Meeting-House
20916: MORE JULIAN AND MORE CAREY - Views from a French Farmhouse
30657: OPPENHEIM CAREY - Poverty the Facts
44943: CAREY, PETER - Illywhacker
36689: CAREY, PETER - Bliss
49652: CARGAS, HARRY JAMES (EDITOR) - Problems Unique to the Holocaust
38683: ZIGROSSER CARL - The Book of Fine Prints
12955: GILES CARL - Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons Giles Cartoons
14869: HIAASEN CARL - Basket Case
12581: NYLANDER CARL - The Deep Well: Archaeology and Life of the Past
14758: ROLLYSON CARL - The Lives of Norman Mailer : A Biography
29605: NIELSEN CARL - The Four Temperaments for Orchestra Miniature Score William Hansen Edition Nr: 959 B
41086: HEATH CARL - Religion and Dictatorship
27484: NEUMANN CARL - Rembrandt
17451: RACHMAN CARLA - Monet
49776: THE LEO BAECK INSTITUTE & J.A.S. GRENVILLE & JULIUS CARLEBACH - Leo Baeck Institute Year Book V. 39: Vol 39
4877: NOYES CARLETON - The Gate of Appreciation Studies in the Relation of Art to Life
20629: COON CARLETON S - The Hunting Peoples
39848: ALBRAND CARLHEINZ - Knopfels Abenteuer Mit Der Kamera in Versen Berichtet Von Carlheinz Albrand
35086: MORGAN MISS L A AND CARLISLE R W - Teacher's Background Booklet Autumn Into Winter
38231: MARULLO DI CONDOJANNI CARLO - La Sicilia Ed IL Sovrano Militare Ordine Di Malta
3653: GEBLER CARLO - The Glass Curtain (Inside the Ulster Community)
26998: PIROVANO CARLO (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - La Biennale Di Venezia: Visual Arts 82 General Catalogue
1934: CIPOLLA CARLO M - The Economic History of World Population
25361: MUNARI CARLO - Bortolo Sacchi
38328: MARULLO DI CONDOJANNI CARLO - La Famiglia Marullo Di Messina E le Sue Vicende Memorie Documenti
49083: VALLES CARLOG G. - Praying Together Psalms for Contemplation
49053: VALLES CARLOS G. - I Am Collecting Rainbows the Multiple 'i'
11096: FUENTES CARLOS - A New Time for Mexico
49601: CARLSON, JULIA - Banned in Ireland Censorship and the Irish Writer
40275: CARLTON, CHARLES - Royal Childhoods
42818: CARLTON, CHARLES - Royal Mistresses
38669: CARMAN W Y - Model Soldiers
14370: BIRD CARMEL - Woodpecker Point and Other Stories
47184: CARMICHAEL, AMY C. & STUART Y. BLANCH & BRENDA BLANCH - Learning of God Readings from Amy Carmichael
45116: CARMICHAEL, CALUM - Sex and Religion in the Bible
48103: F. J. DRAKE-CARNELL - Old English Customs and Ceremonies
47195: CARNEY, J. GUADALUPE - To Be a Revolutionary an Autobiographyof an American Priest Missing in Honduras
35778: BOWMAN CAROL - Return from Heaven Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family
14181: PAYNE CAROL - A Pinch of Rosemary: Country Tales of Lust and Passion
11675: OCHS CAROL - Women and Spirituality
30844: MCMILLAN CAROL - Women Reason and Nature
35529: MURDOCK ALEXANDER AND SCUTT CAROL - Personal Effectiveness
35542: ADAMS CAROL - The Gender Trap a Closer Look at Sex Roles 3 Messages and Images
5799: EASTON CAROL - Jacqueline Du Pre a Biography
1510: OMAN CAROLA - The Gascoyne Heiress : The Life and Diaries of Frances Mary Gascoyne-Cecil 1802-39
21552: OMAN CAROLA - Nelson
4547: SEYMOUR-JONES CAROLE - Beatrice Webb Woman of Conflict
49444: SKEEL CAROLINE A. J. - The Council in the Marches of Wales a Study in Local Government During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
16562: BLACKWOOD CAROLINE - Good Night Sweet Ladies
10679: FITTON CAROLINE - Sign Language Introduction by Tom Sharpe
29471: ALEXANDER CAROLINE - One Dry Season in the Footsteps of Mary Kingsley
36218: BUGLER CAROLINE (EDITOR) - The National Art Collections Fund 2002 Review
5814: HILLIER CAROLINE - The Western Midlands a Journey to the Heart of England
5488: ERICKSON CAROLLY - Our Tempestuous Day a History of Regency England
10778: REDGRAVE PAUL WITH SEWARD CAROLYN - Self-Defence for Women: A Manual
31485: FAULDER CAROLYN - Whose Body Is It ? the Troubling Issue of Informed Consent
41308: CAROTHERS, MERLIN R. - Prison to Praise
47936: CARPENTER, EDWARD - Cantuar Archbishops in Their Office
48487: CARPENTER, EDWARD & DAVID GENTLEMAN - Westminster Abbey
48397: CARPENTER, EDWARD - The Protestant Bishop Being the Life of Henry Compton, 1632-1713 Bishop of London
47328: CARPENTER, EDWARD - Archbishop Fisher His Life and Times
43800: CARR, FERGUS & KOSTAS IFANTIS - Nato in the New European Order
10888: CARR-SAUNDERS A M , JONES CARADOG D, AND MOSER C A - A Survey of Social Conditions in England and Wales As Illustrated by Statistics
49735: CARR, RAYMOND - Modern Spain, 1875-1980 Reissue in a New Cover
47888: CARR, EDWARD HALLETT - From Napoleon to Stalin and Other Essays
50713: CARR, WILLIAM - Hitler a Study in Personality and Politics
49846: EDWARD HALLETT CARR - The Romantic Exiles
45781: CARR, FRANCIS - Ivan the Terrible
50010: CARR, WILLIAM & HARRY HEARDER - The Origins of the Wars of German Unification
5459: CARR-SANDERS, CARADOG JONES AND MOSER C A - A Survey of Social Conditions in England and Wales As Illustrated by Statistics
49294: CARRETTO, CARLO & J. MOISER - Love Is for Living
39036: CARRINGTON, CHARLES EDMUND - Rudyard Kipling
31610: CARRITT E F - The Theory of Morals an Introduction to Ethical Philosophy
30740: CARRITT E F - An Introduction to Aesthetics
18842: CARRITT E F - Ethical and Political Thinking
40160: CARROLL, DAVID - The Matinee Idols
50436: CARROLL, MICHAEL P. - Veiled Threats the Logic of Popular Catholicism in Italy
37665: CARROLL, VALERIE/GIBSON JOHN - From Belfast's Sandy Row to Buckingham Palace Story of John Gibson
44899: JAGUAR CARS - Xj-S Jaguar H.E.
10561: CARSTAIRS G M - This Island Now: Being the Reith Lectures 1962
14301: CARSTAIRS G M - This Island Now : The Bbc Reith Lectures 1962
49353: CARSTEN F L - The Reichswehr and Politics 1918 to 1933
49760: CARSTEN, F.L. - Revolution in Central Europe, 1918-19
30415: CARSTEN F L - The Rise of Fascism
31942: CARTER M P - Home School and Work a Study of the Education and Employment of Young People in Britain
41608: COLWELL C CARTER - A Student's Guide to Literature
49106: CARTHY M. P. - Catholicism in English-Speaking Countries
46566: CARUANA, CHARLES - Rock Under a Cloud
42995: CARUS, P. - The Gospel of Buddha
43206: CARVER, FIELD MARSHAL LORD - The National Army Museum Book of the Boer War
49882: ARCHARD CARY (EDITOR) - Poetry Wales W.H. Davies (Special Issue) Vol 18 No2
11821: BRAHMS CARYL - Robert Helpman : Choreographer
15712: PHILLIPS CARYL - Crossing the River
49192: HOUSELANDER CARYLL - The Risen Christ
48286: HOUSELANDER CARYLL - The Stations of the Cross
45324: CASEMENT, ANN - Who Owns Psychoanalysis?
38615: O'CASEY, SEAN - Niall a Lament
46924: CASEY, JULIANA - Hebrews New Testament Message 18
24787: HOEY JOHN CASHEL (EDITED) - Speeches at the Bar and Senate by the Right Hon W M Conyngham , Lord Plunket (Lord High Chancellor of Ireland)
40797: CASHMORE, ERNEST & BARRY TROYNA - Black Youth in Crisis
17679: EASON CASSANDRA - Encyclopedia of Magic and Ancient Wisdom (the Essential Guide to Mtyh: Magic and the Supernatural)
17363: EASON CASSANDRA - A Complete Guide to Divination (How to Use the Most Popular Methods of Fortune Telling)
42870: CASSELS, LAVENDER - The Archduke and the Assassin Sarajevo June 28th 1914
49117: CASSIDY, SHEILA - Audacity to Believe
46462: CASSIRER, H.W. - God's New Covenant a New Testament Translation
42415: CASSON, HUGH (PREFACE) - Royal Academy Year Book 1981
40250: CASSON, JOHN - Lewis and Sybil Lewis Casson and Sybil Thorndike
20702: CASTERLINE JOHN B, LEE RONALD D, AND FOOTE KAREN A (EDITORS) - Fertility in the United States: New Patterns, New Theories
39186: CASTIGLIONI, LUIGI & ANTONIO PACE & JOSEPH ANDORFER EWAN & NESTA EWAN - Luigi Castiglioni's Viaggio Travels in the United States of North America, 1785-87
46299: CASTLE, TONY - Quotes and Anecdotes for Preachers and Teachers
48983: CASTLE, TONY - Basil Hume a Portrait
49048: CASTLE, TONY - Book of Famous Christians
46396: CASTLE, TONY & PETER MCGRATH - On This Rock the Popes and Their Times - St. Peter to John Paul II
34901: CASTLE E B - Ancient Education and Today
47193: CASTLE, TONY - Class of 63 the Extraordinary, Revealing and Heroic Stories of 15 Men Ordained As Catholic Priests 40 Years Ago
43797: CASTLEDEN, RODNEY - The Stonehenge People an Exploration of Life in Neolithic Britain 4700-2000 Bc
38747: CASTLES, FRANCIS G. & D.J. MURRAY & D.J. MURRAY CASTLES & D.C. POTTER - Decisions, Organizations and Society Selected Readings
41935: CASTRO, EMILIO - Passion for Unity Essays on Ecumenical Hopes and Challenges
35731: PARKER ARTHUR CASWELL - Red Jacket Seneca Chief
45113: CATCHPOLE, ROY - Key to Freedom
6647: HASTE CATE - Rules of Desire Sex in Britain World War 1 to the Present

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