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42194: VARIA - The Art Quarterly of the National Art Collections Fund Summer 2001
50912: VARIA - Essays Presented to Leo Baeck on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday
43067: VARIA - Nordic Journal of Linguistics Volume 18 No's 1 & 2
42215: VARIA - British Museum Magazine No 28 Summer 1997
42172: VARIA - National Art Collections Fund Review 1998
42173: VARIA - National Art Collections Fund Review 1999
48760: VARIA - Euthanasia and Clinical Practice Trends, Principles and Alternatives - Working Party Report
45101: VARIA - The Old Testament According to the Authorised Version with a Brief Commentary Prophetical Books Isaiah to Malachi with Maps
41234: VARIA - The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol 57 No 1
48712: VARIA - The Oscotian 2016 St. Marys College Oscott
42168: VARIA - The National Art Collections Fund Review 1997
43438: VARIA - British Defence Equipment Number 1 April 1969
8624: VARIES - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
10249: VARIOUS - Percy Hammond 1873-1936 a Symposium in Tribute
8752: VARIOUS - Guilford and District Co-Operator
11512: VARIOUS - Words International the Book 1987-1988
4644: VARIOUS - Theatrical Digs Tales from the Green Room
10533: VARIOUS - 1776: The British Story of the American Revolution
13968: VARIOUS - Cities a Scientific American Book
11195: VARIOUS - The Popular Educator (Volume 3)
10355: VARIOUS - Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures (Volume 2 1967/68) Talk of God.
9239: VARIOUS - Irish Proverbs
49764: VARIOUS - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series, Volume 36
13994: VARIOUS - Picasso
13996: VARIOUS - The National Gallery : January 1969-December 1970
8269: VARIOUS - 55 Short Stories from the New Yorker
50779: VARIOUS - East European Jewish Affairs Vol 19 Numbers 1-2 Summer-Winter 1999
48561: VARIOUS - Soldier Poets Songs of the Fighting Men (Trench Edition)
13998: VARIOUS - The National Gallery : January 1973-June 1975
13997: VARIOUS - The National Gallery : January 1971-December 1972
4357: VARIOUS - 100 Jahre 100 Bilder (Eine Geschichte Der Fotografie)
4689: VARIOUS - G.B. S. 90
5935: VARIOUS - Architects of the United States of America 1989-1990
7770: VARIOUS - Catalogue of the Parish Registers in the Possession of the Society of Genealogists
7834: VARIOUS - Schools 1954 a Complete Directory
8009: VARIOUS - No Comment Censorship, Secrecy and the Irish Troubles
8104: VARIOUS - Science and Freedom November 1954 to August 1956
8308: VARIOUS - My Best Thriller
8623: VARIOUS - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
9026: VARIOUS - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society (Volume 14)
9083: VARIOUS - An Illustrated Souvenir of the Exhibition of Persian Art
9149: VARIOUS - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society Volume 6
9155: VARIOUS - The Spectator a New Edition with Biographical Notices of the Contributors
9188: VARIOUS - Mr Punch in Bohemia
9200: VARIOUS - Who's Who 1973
9349: VARIOUS - Barbados 1960 and 1961
9601: VARIOUS - Eastern European Economies: Slow Growth in the 1980's Selected Papers Submitted to the Joint Economic Committwee Congress of the United States (28th Oct. 1985)
9730: VARIOUS - Scotland Today
38645: VARIOUS, - A Little Book of Irish Verse
48340: VASARI, GIORGIO & G. BULL - Lives of the Artists
50573: VASQUEZ, JUAN GABRIEL & ANNE MCLEAN - The Informers Translated from the Spanish by Anne Mclean
50129: VASQUEZ, JUAN GABRIEL & ANNE MCLEAN - The Secret History of Costaguana
48647: THE VATICAN - Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary (2 Volumes) Volume I Propers Volume 2 Lectionary
48825: VATICAN - The Neocatechumenal Way Statute
43025: VATSYAYANA, MALLANAGA & ALAIN DANIELOU - The Complete Kama Sutra the First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text
49671: VAUGHAN, WILLIAM - Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-1840 Romantic Landscape Painting in Dresden: [Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Tate Gallery, London, 6 September-16 October, 1972]
38257: VAUGHAN H S - The Voyages and Cruises of Commodore Walker with 8 Half-Tone Plates and 2 Maps
50161: CORNISH VAUGHAN - Borderlands of Language in Europe and Their Relation to the Historic Frontier of Christendom
14004: WILKINS VAUGHAN - Being Met Together
37267: VAUGHAN, MARY & JOHN KING - Great Horses and Gallant Horsemen
46976: VAUX, ROLAND DE - Ancient Israel Its Life and Institutions
49170: VAWTER, BRUCE - This Man Jesus an Essay Toward a New Testament Christology
46710: VAWTER, BRUCE - The Path of Wisdom Biblical Investigations
32403: DE CAMOENS LUIS VAZ - The Lusiads
48130: THE REV. HENRY VEALE - The Devotions of Bishop Andrewes Graece Et Latine
12500: MEHTA VED - Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles
17238: DAS VEENA - Structure and Cognition (Aspects of Hindu Caste and Ritual)
42108: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL - Earth in Upheaval
42091: WOOD ELEANOR VELLACOTT - Many Sons Unto Glory a Book for the Broken-Hearthed
40783: AESCHYLUS & PHILIP VELLACOTT - The Oresteian Trilogy Agamemnon, the Choephori, the Eumenides : 0
4128: VENEDIKOV I (TEXT BY) - Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria a Special Exhibition Held at the British Museum January to March 1976
34446: BEDE THE VENERABLE - History of the English Church and People Translated by Leo Sherley-Price
21739: POTTS VENESSA - Essential Monet
40099: PANOVA VERA - Looking Ahead Translated from the Russian by David Skvirsky
7078: DREISER VERA (WITH BRETT HOWARD) - My Uncle Theodore an Intimate Family Portrait of Theodore Dreiser
41206: MAUROIS ANDRE/FRASER VERA - Chateaubriand
43947: VERBEECK, GEORGI & BEATE KOSMALA - Facing the Catastrophe Jews and Non-Jews in Europe During World War II
24328: STACPOOLE H DE VERE - Pacific Gold
23147: WHITE TERENCE DE VERE - Leinster
23414: WHITE TERENCE DE VERE - Tom Moore: The Irish Poet
1941: STACPOOLE H DE VERE - The Children of the Sea
368: STACKPOOLE H DE VERE - The Drums of War
42667: ADALBERT STIFTER VEREINS - Barockmaler in Bohmen: Ausstellung Des Adalbert Stifter Vereins a Catalogue from May -November 1961
50840: VERMES, GEZA - The Passion the True Story of an Event That Changed History
49594: VERMES, GEZA - The Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran in Perspective
50368: VERMES, PAMELA - Buber
50363: VERMES, GEZA - Christian Beginnings from Nazareth to Nicaea, Ad 30-325
32160: REED JOSEPH VERNER - Fun with Codes
46990: VERNEY, STEPHEN - Water Into Wine Introduction to John's Gospel
40810: JONES E VERNON - The Carmarthenshire Historian (Vol XVI)
41762: BARTLET J VERNON (EDITOR) - The Century Bible the Acts
16551: VERNON M D - The Psychology of Perception
27690: BESTE R VERNON - Repeat the Instructions
41952: BARTLET JAMES VERNON - The Apostolic Age Its Life, Doctrine, Worship and Polity
11875: VERNON M D (EDITOR) - Experiments in Visual Perception: Selected Readings
49138: JOHNSON VERNON - One Lord One Faith an Explanation
48479: EDITED BY STALEY VERNON - The Library of Liturgiology & Ecclesiology for English Readers-the Ceremonial of the Anglican Church After the Reformation Hierurgia Anglicana (Vol 3 Part I)
47674: STALEY VERNON (EDITOR) - Hierurgia Anglicana: Documents and Extracts Illustrative of the Ceremonial of the Anglican Church After the Reformation Part 3-Discipline , Ritual Etc
32930: PRATT VERNON - The Philosophy of Social Sciences
6951: SCANNELL VERNON - Argument of Kings
21219: HANNON VERONICA (EDITOR) - Women in Poetry
25356: IONS VERONICA - Mythologie Indienne Translated by L Jospin
8144: PALMER ALAN AND VERONICA - Royal England a Historical Gazetteer
49177: VERTEUIL, MICHEL DE - Lectio Divina with the Sunday Gospels Year C the Year of Luke -Year C
9486: SMITH VIAN - Point-to-Point
46284: VIANNEY, JEAN-MARIE BAPTISTE - Little Catechism of the Cure of Ars
48588: VIANNEY, JEAN-MARIE BAPTISTE - Little Catechism of the Cure of Ars
48142: VICAIRE, M. -H - Saint Dominic and His Times
41127: VICKERS, HUGO - Royal Orders Honours and the Honoured
36578: VICKERS, LOIS; ZANDT, ELEANOR VAN - The Embroidered Garden
48482: POSPISHIL VICTOR J. - Divorce and Remarriage Towards a New Catholic Teaching
46119: WELLESLEY SIR VICTOR (EDITOR) - Recollections of a Soldier-Diplomat Col. The Hon Frederick Wellesley Military Attache at St Petersburg 1871-1878
14315: GEORGE VICTOR - Social Security and Society
15724: CANNING VICTOR - The Chasm
42283: MAURER DAVID W AND VOGEL VICTOR H - Narcotics and Narcotic Addiction
21059: HEAD VICTOR - Two's Company : A History of Leslie and Godwin 1885-1985
37874: MEALLY VICTOR (EDITOR) - Encyclopaedia of Ireland
19640: HUGO VICTOR - The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
26494: SMITH LAWRENCE AND HARRIS VICTOR - Japanese Decorative Arts from the 17th to the 19th Centuries
26353: GRIFFIN VICTOR - Mark of Protest: An Autobiography
15137: SILVESTER VICTOR - Modern Ballroom Dancing
11995: BOROVSKY VICTOR - Chaliapin: A Critical Biography
11266: DE TOLEDANO RALPH AND LASKY VICTOR - Seeds of Treason the Strange Case of Alger Hiss
10365: WARNER AARON W AND FUCHS VICTOR R - Concepts and Cases in Economic Analysis
21990: GOLLANCZ VICTOR - Reminiscences of Affection
45038: DAVIDSON VICTOR S - The Science of Iridiagnosis Diagnosis from the Eyes
33593: SEREBRIAKOFF VICTOR - Educating the Intelligent Child
34444: SCHEFFER B VICTOR - The Year of the Whale
40886: GOLLANCZ VICTOR - From Darkness to Light a Confession of Faith in the Form of an Anthology
40616: VICTORIA, QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN & GEORGE ROWELL - Queen Victoria Goes to the Theatre
2336: GLENDINNING VICTORIA - Rebecca West (a Life)
17819: SCHOFIELD VICTORIA (EDITED BY) - Old Roads New Highways Fifty Years of Pakistan
24515: GLENDINNING VICTORIA - Jonathan Swift
35147: GLENDINNING VICTORIA - Edith Sitwell a Unicorn Among Lions
35616: LINCOLN VICTORIA - A Private Disgrace Lizzie Borden by Daylight
19018: CARVER VIDA (EDITED BY) - C.A. Mace a Symposium Edited by Vida Carver
34790: SCUDDER VIDA D (INTRODUCED BY) - The Journal and Other Writings of John Woolman
5078: VIDLER A R (EDITOR) - Soundings Essays Concerning Christian Understanding
47118: VIERGE, VICTOR DE LA - Spiritual Realism of Saint Theresa of Lisieux
15306: SETH VIKRAM - Arion and the Dolphin : A Libretto
7096: VILE M J C - Politics in the Usa
25455: FEBVRE AND VELLARD AND VILFROY - Mondes Et Visages: Presente Photographies de Jean-Louis Febvre, Jehan Vellard, Daniel Vilfroy "Crepuscule Inka"
38726: VINCE, JOHN - Fire-Marks
19794: HULL-WILLIAMS VINCE - How to Keep Scorpions
35517: PARRADO NANDO WITH RAUSE VINCE - Miracle in the Andes
48365: TAYLOR VINCENT - The Gospels a Short Introduction
46758: MCCORRY VINCENT P - Most Worthy of All Praise
45091: STUART VINCENT (EDIROR) - Harvest (Vol2) the Household
38653: CRONIN VINCENT - The Flowering of the Renaissance
19183: CRONIN VINCENT - Louis and Antoinette
32848: PEALE NORMAN VINCENT - Courage and Confidence an Anthology
13535: JONES VINCENT - East Anglian Pubs
10199: BURANELLI VINCENT - Edgar Allan Poe
38590: CHENG VINCENT - James Joyce Race and Colonialism No 08
28105: BROME VINCENT - Frank Harris
6444: BROME VINCENT - J B Priestley
45107: VINS, GEORGI - Three Generations of Suffering
11617: MEYNALL VIOLA - Lovers
45610: VIOLA, FRANK - The Day I Met Jesus the Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels
41136: WELTON VIOLET - Burning Coals of Fire
41489: LANCASTER VIOLET B - "the Holy Catholic Church" the Very Early Days Rom the Day of Pentacost Until the Last Imprisonment of St Paul.
34940: CARTER BONHAM VIOLET - Winston Churchill As I Knew Him
7511: BROAD C LEWIS AND BROAD VIOLET M - Dictionary to the Plays and Novels of Bernard Shaw
39351: THURSTAN VIOLETTA - A Short History of Ancient Decorative Textiles
32731: VIRGIL - The Pastoral Poems a Translation of the Eclogues
49300: VATASIANU VIRGIL - Wall Painting in Northern Moldavia
40402: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Orlando
25697: HOLMGREN VIRGINIA - Hilton Head a Sea Island Chronicle
34077: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Night and Day
17110: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Orlando a Biography
12601: WOOLF VIRGINIA - A Haunted House
20993: SURTEES VIRGINIA - Charlotte Canning Lady -in -Waiting to Queen Victoria and Wife of the First Viceroy of India 1817-1861
11650: HANSCOMBE GILLIAN AND SMYERS VIRGINIA - Writing for Their Lives: The Modernist Women 1910-1940
4818: TUFTE VIRGINIA (EDITOR) - High Wedlock Then Be Honoured Wedding Poems
29499: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Flush
39048: COWLES VIRGINIA - The Great Swindle the Story of the Dsouth Sea Bubble
33734: COWLES VIRGINIA - 1913 the Defiant Swan Song
33907: WOOLF VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
33925: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room
36876: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Mrs Dalloway
42895: COWES VIRGINIA - The Russian Dagger Cold War in the Days of the Czars
48958: SERVORUM B. MARIAE VIRGINIS - Acta Ordinis Annus LXVIII (1983) Vol 46 ,Fasc188
9487: WADE VIRINIA (AND MARY LOU MELLACE) - Courting Triumph
47231: VIRTUE PHD, DOREEN - Angel Visions True Stories of People Who Have Seen Angels and How You Can See Angels, Too!
47907: TEMPLEWOOD VISCOUNT - Nine Troubled Years
14126: GWYNEDD VISCOUNT - Dame Margaret : The Life of His Mother
17214: MONTGOMERY FIELD MARSHAL THE VISCOUNT - An Approach to Sanity (a Study of East-West Relations)
22255: MERSEY VISCOUNT - Journal and Memories
28067: CRAIGAVON THE VISCOUNT (FOREWORD BY) - Ulster for a Better Holiday
7788: KEMSLEY VISCOUNT - The Kemsley Manual of Journalism
47903: TEMPLEWOOD VISCOUNT - The Unbroken Thread
9869: TAVIANI PAOLO AND VITTORIO - Good Morning Babylon
49307: LIPMAN VIVIAN - A Century of Social Service 1859-1959 the History of the Jewish Board of Gardians
40113: ROWE VIVIAN - Royal Chateaux of Paris
3378: MERCIER VIVIAN - Beckett/Beckett (the Classic Study of a Modern Genius)
6214: MERCIER VIVIAN - Beckett/Beckett (the Classic Study of a Modern Genius)
16735: MERCIER VIVIAN - Beckett/Beckett (the Classic Study of a Modern Genius)
30312: RUSSELL VIVIAN - Monet's Water Lilies
19297: ROWE VIVIAN - Chateaux of the Loire
34851: SEALEY LG W AND GIBBON VIVIAN - Communication and Learning in the Primary School
8780: MERCIER VIVIAN (EDITOR) - Great Irish Short Stories
3207: DE SOLA PINTO VIVIAN - Restoration Carnival Five Courtier Poets Rochester, Dorset, Sedley, Etherege. & Sheffield
34550: EDWARDS R P A AND GIBBON VIVIAN (COMPILED BY) - Words Your Children Use
6573: ELLIOT VIVIAN (EDITOR) - Dear Mr Shaw Selections from Bernard's Shaw's Postbag
9728: BIRD VIVIAN - The Sunset Coasts
31001: FORRESTER VIVIANE - The Economic Horror Translated from French
29458: NOAKES VIVIEN (EDITOR) - Edward Lear Selected Letters
28077: DRAPER VIVIENNE - The Straight Furrow
35848: COULDREY VIVIENNE - The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany
9657: DE DEWATTEVILLE VIVIENNE - Speak to the Earth Wanderings and Reflections Among Elephants and Mountains
36924: VIZ, - Top Tips
49895: NABOKOV VLADIMER - Speak Memory
21213: POZNER VLADIMIR - Parting with Illusions: The Extraordinary Life and Controversial Views of the Soviet Union's Leading Commentator Introduction by Brian Kahn
13700: NABOKOV VLADIMIR - Lolita
39192: VOGEL, WINFRIED - Entscheidung 1864 Das Gefecht Bei Duppel IM Deutsch-Danischen Krieg Und Seine Bedeutung Fur Die Losung Der Deutschen Frage
39177: VOIGT F A - The Greek Sedition
27298: PEKIC VOJISLAV - Bresil
21104: STREAMER VOLNEY (COMPILED BY) - What Makes a Friend
13664: VOLTAIRE - Candide
29527: VOLTAIRE - Candide or Optimism
48039: VOLTAIRE - Candide and Other Tales
15747: MCINTYRE VONDA - Star Trek (the Wrath of Khan)
36844: VONNEGUT, KURT - Slapstick, or Lonesome No More
36845: VONNEGUT, KURT - Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons
36856: VONNEGUT, KURT - Hocus Pocus or, What's the Hurry, Son?
36975: VONNEGUT, KURT - Palm Sunday
36976: VONNEGUT, KURT - God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
46608: VORGRIMMLER, HERBERT - Understanding Karl Rahner an Introduction to His Life and Thought
27068: VORONIKHINA L - Art Treasures of the Hermitage
50144: VOVELLE, MICHEL - Enlightenment Portraits
16947: VULLIAMY C E - Ursa Major : A Study of Dr Johnson and His Friends
20806: VULLIAMY C E - The Polderoy Papers 1868-1886
21283: LEIGH DAVID AND VULLIAMY ED - Sleaze : The Corruption of Parliament
8265: VULLIAMY C E (EDITOR) - The Anatomy of Satire an Exhibition of Satirical Writing Compiled and Edited
36634: AA. VV - Napoli'84 Fasti Barocchi Nella Fotografia Contemporanea
50155: MORGAN REV J. VYRNWY - Welsh Political and Educational Leaders in the Victorian Era. With Portraits
50166: MORGAN REV J VYRNWY - The Church in Wales in the Light of History a Historical and Philosophical Study
50191: MORGAN REV J. VYRNWY - The War and Wales
2278: HOLLAND VYVYAN - Oscar Wilde
35977: WAAGEN DR - Handbook of Painting the German, Flemish and Dutch Schools (Part 1 Only)
48671: WAAL, ESTHER DE - The Celtic Way of Prayer the Recovery of the Religious Imagination
40228: WACHER, JOHN - The Towns of Roman Britain
10909: POWERS G PAT AND BASKIN WADE (EDITORS) - New Outlooks in Psychology
46486: WADE, JOSEPH D - Chastity, Sexuality & Personal Hangups; a Guide to Celibacy for Religious and Laity
41488: WAGGETT P N - The Industry of Faith
41483: WAGGETT P N - The Holy Eucharist with Some Other Occasional Papers
45019: WAGNER, GLENN - The Awesome Power of Shared Beliefs
48074: WAGNER, SIR ANTHONY RICHARD - Heralds and Ancestors
14201: MURPHY CLIVE (EDITOR) & FALGE-WAHL - A Stranger in Gloucester: Recollections of an Austrian in England
39711: WAIN, JOHN - Professing Poetry
8042: WAIN G - How to Film As an Amateur
43995: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED & ED GELDARD - Wainwright in the Limestone Dales
45586: WAITE, JOHN C. - White Gujerati (A. Bramwell Cook)
33174: WAITES BERNARD , BENNETT TONY AND MARTIN GRAHAM (EDITORS) - Popular Culture : Past and Present
41159: WAKEFIELD, GORDON S. - On the Edge of the Mystery
46541: WAKEFIELD, DAVID - The French Romantics Literature and the Visual Arts, 1800-1840
40193: WAKEFIELD, TOM - Forties' Child an Early Autobiography
8741: WAKEFIELD A M - Cartmel Priory and Sketches of North Lonsdale
27017: GUNSAULUS FRANK WAKELEY - Josef Israels: An Address Delivered at the Opening of the Exhibition of Josef Israels' Paintings
43208: WALDMAN, CARL & MOLLY BRAUN - Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes
2374: EMERSON RALPH WALDO - Essays, 1st and 2nd Series
45267: WALDOCK A J A - Sophocles the Dramatist
47046: CATHOLIC BISHOPS' CONFERENCE OF ENGLAND AND WALES - General Instruction of the Roman Missal
15530: VARIA FOR THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF NEW SOUTH WALES - The Annual Report of the Posmaster General for the Year 1897on the Post Office, Money Order Office, Government Saving Bank, and the Electric Telegraph Department in New South Wales
48938: CATHOLIC BISHOPS' CONFERENCE OF ENGLAND AND WALES - General Instruction of the Roman Missal
47490: WALGRAVE J H - Newman the Theologian
42886: WALISZEWSKI K - Pierre le Grand
17290: WALISZEWSKI K - Marysienka (Marie de la Grange D'Arquien Queen of Poland and Wife of Sobieski 1641-1716)
38387: WALKER, ALEXANDRA - Scent Bottles
19397: WALKER B M - Ulster Politics the Formative Years 1868-86
37572: WALKER, JOHN A. - Firefighters in Art and Media a Pictorial History
3938: MCSPADDEN J WALKER - Stories from Wagner
38667: WALKER R A (EDITOR) - The Best of Beardsley
49003: WALKER, JOHN BAPTIST - For All Men Catholic Teaching for Today Based on Vatican II
44964: WALKER, KEVIN - Mountain Hazards
50125: WALKER, MACK - German Home Towns Community, State, and General Estate, 1648-1871
44963: WALKER, KEVIN - Wild Country Camping
49537: HOMAN HELEN WALKER - Star of Jacob the Story of Venerable Francis Libermann
36874: WALKER, ALICE - The Color Purple
37154: WALKER, STELLA A.; MELLON, PAUL - British Sporting Art in the Twentieth Century
44949: WALKER, KEVIN - Mountain Navigation Techniques
39751: WALKER, KATHRINE SORLEY & DAME NINETTE DE VALOIS - Ninette de Valois an Idealist without Illusions
2729: WELLDON J AND WALL J - The Story of Durham Cathedral
47369: WALL W - The History of Infant Baptism (Vol 1only)
28240: NUTTING WALLACE - Ireland Beautiful
39761: WALLACE, PHYL AND NOEL (FOREWORD BY C. P. MOUNTFORD) - Children of the Desert
24332: NUTTING WALLACE - Ireland Beautiful
32584: ARTHUR WALLACE - Theories of Life , Darwin, Mendel and Beyond
21975: BOSANQUET REGINALD/REYBURN WALLACE - Let's Get Through Wednesday: My 25 Years with Itn
50432: WALLENBERG, RAOUL & KJERSTI BOARD - Letters and Dispatches 1924-1944
48411: CRASHAW RICHARD/WALLER A R - Poems by Richard Crashaw Steps to the Temple, Delights of the Muses and Other Poems
40194: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES - The Bridges of Madison County
3106: FIELD G WALLIS - A Literary History of Germany the Nineteenth Century 1830-1890
45651: WALLIS, ARTHUR - Going on God's Way
45114: WALLIS, JIM - Call to Conversion
37356: BUDGE SIR WALLIS - Egyptian Religion Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life
40610: MYERS A WALLIS - Memory's Parade
33466: WALMSLEY D J - Urban Living the Individual in the City
46989: WALSH, MICHAEL - The Conclave a Secret and Sometimes Occasionally Bloody History of Papal Elections
48880: WALSH, MICHAEL - The Devil's Pleasure Palace the Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West
50511: WALSH, MICHAEL J. - "the Tablet", 1840-1900 a Commemorative History
31307: WALSH W H - An Introduction to Philosophy of History
48919: WALSH, MICHAEL J. - The Popes an Illustrated History from Peter to John Paul II
45102: HOW REV W WALSHAM - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ According to the Authorised Version with a Brief Commentary the Four Gospels with Maps & Plans
41764: ADENEY WALTER F (EDITOR) - Thessalonians and Galatians I & II
17222: SALOMON SIR WALTER - Fair Warning (High Inflation, High Unemployment, Threats to Freedom and an International Banking Crisis
34437: RHOADES WALTER - In Stirring Times
16534: LAQUEUR WALTER - Europe Since Hitler
43060: LANGLAND WILLIAM AND SKEAT REV WALTER - Piers the Ploughman According to the Version Revised and Enlarged by the Author About 1377
47485: DE LA MARE WALTER - Listeners and Other Poems
15338: DE LA MARE WALTER - Collected Rhymes & Verses Decorations by Berthold Wolpe
20251: LEONHARDT RUDOLF WALTER - This Germany: The Story Since the Third Reich
20280: EDMONDS WALTER D - Chad Hanna
40924: MURTON SIR WALTER - Reminiscences
10615: SCOTT SIR WALTER - Kenilworth Introductory Essay and Notes by Andrew Lang
10246: KENDALL WALTER - The Labour Movement in Europe
10205: DE LA MARE WALTER - Collected Poems
35355: DEXTER WALTER (EDITOR) - The Dickensian (Volume 29 -No 228)
14120: JOHNSON WALTER - Gilbert White
34451: GIBSON B WALTER - Houdini's Magic
15302: LORD WALTER - A Night to Remember
47053: WALTER J SCHMITZ, TERENCE E. TIERNEY - Liturgikon Pastoral Ministrations
19259: PREUSS DR WALTER - Co-Operation in Israel and the World
14629: LAQUEUR WALTER - A Continent Astray : Europe 1970-1978
3341: LIBBY WALTER - The History of Medicine in Its Salient Features
17834: DRUETT WALTER W - Harrow Through the Ages
16103: RALEIGH WALTER (INTRODUCED BY) - Howell's Devises 1581
24373: SCOTT WALTER - Chronicles of Canongate: Second Series (3 Volumes)
21720: SCOTT SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott: Complete in 1 Volume with All His Introductions, Notes, Various Readings. And Notes by J. Lockhart
39213: CHRISTMAS CAPTAIN WALTER - King George of Greece
19645: SCOTT SIR WALTER - The Antiquary
11422: SORELL WALTER - The Swiss: A Cultural Panorama of Switzerland
32466: JONES ALUN AND BODMER WALTER F - Our Future Inheritance Choice or Chance ?
15543: LAYTON WALTER T - An Introduction to the Study of Prices (with Special Reference to the History of the Ninteenth Century)
13312: KELLY WALTER B - Proverbs of All Nations (Compared and Illustrated)
12849: SCOTT SIR WALTER - Anne of Geierstein
11504: STERN WALTER M - Britain Yesterday and Today
26178: DE LA MARE WALTER - Inward Companion and Other Poems
48464: HUTCHINSON WALTER - Belgium the Glorious (Volumes I & 2) Her Country and Her People
17248: LEONHARDT RUDOLF WALTER - This Germany (the Story Since the Third Reich)
46538: ZANDER WALTER - Israel and the Holy Places
26869: WINKLER WALTER - Psychologie Der Modernen Kunst
42512: SCOTT SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe a Romance
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41135: THE WAYFARER - You and Your Church a Course of 53 Bible Lessons
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10706: ROBINSON WAYNE - Printing Effects
40350: PARSONS WAYNE - Power of the Financial Press
11155: ROBINSON WAYNE - Printing Effects
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47020: WAZNAK, ROBERT P. & LAWRENCE BANDT - Like Fresh Bread Sunday Homilies in the Parish
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17754: ARNOLD WENDY - The Historic Hotels of Scotland: A Select Guide
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34800: WEST R H - Organization Outside the Classroom
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41319: VAN DE WEYER, ROBERT - The Call to Heresy
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39945: WHITMORE, RICHARD - Of Uncommon Interest
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45697: WILCOX, P. & ANGUS MCBRIDE - Rome's Enemies Parthians and Sassanians No. 3
46938: WILCOX, ROBERT K. - Shroud the Search for the Truth About the Shroud of Turin
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38500: WILDE, OSCAR - Plays, Prose Writings and Poems
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3072: WILENSKI R H - French Paintings
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49289: KNOX WILFRED L. - Penitence and Forgiveness
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5577: BECKERMAN WILFRED (EDITOR) - The Labour Government's Economic Record 1964 to 1970
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31999: HODGES WILFRID - Logic
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41527: CHANNON WILHELMINA F - Let Me Introduce... Some Women of the New Testament
41987: WILKE, LORI - The Costly Anointing
48836: WILKERSON, DAVID - The Cross and the Switchblade
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40456: COLLINS WILKIE - The Moonstone
29311: COLLINS WILKIE - The Moonstone
29288: COLLINS WILKIE - No Name
33743: WILKIINSON L. P. - Classical Attitudes to Modern Issues
21370: WILKINS DR E G - By Hands Bullocks and Prayers: The Building of the Morrshead Memorial Hospital Kond Hills India
29532: WILKINSON L P - The Roman Experience
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43437: WILKINSON, TOBY - The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
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39148: CONNELY WILLARD - Sir Richard Steele
43832: WILLCOCKS, DENNIS FRANK - History of Christ Church Society of Bell Ringers 1874 to 1994
3183: VAN LOON HENDRIK WILLEM - The Arts of Mankind
34822: EYKEN DER VAN WILLEM - The Pre-School Years
30183: CUNNINGTON C WILLETT - The Art of English Costume
37829: CONGREVE WILLIAM - Love for Love
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49560: RICHARDS REV WILLIAM - Gambo-British Biography : Containing Sketches of the Founders of the Protestant Dissenting Interest in Wales
44993: FREAVER WILLIAM (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Ashington Group 1932-1972 an Exhibition 25th Jan-17th Febuary 1972
42103: LILLIE WILLIAM - An Introduction to Ethics
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29753: CLARKE WILLIAM - Three Courses and a Dessert
19866: BRAGG SIR WILLIAM - Old Trades and New Knowledge: Six Lectures Delivered Before a 'Juvenile Auditory at the Royal Institution Christmas 1925
25595: CLYDE WILLIAM M - A E Foreward by Seumas o'Sullivan
41998: RICHARD JAMES WILLIAM - Philip Melanchthon the Protestant Preceptor of Germany 1497-1560
47150: BARRETT WILLIAM E. - The Red Lacquered Gate the Story Galvin, Co-Founder of the Columban Fathers
18122: HOGG JAMES /WALLACE WILLIAM (EDITED BY) - The Poems of James Hogg (the Ettrick Shepherd) Introduction by William Wallace
25206: TREVOR WILLIAM - Nights at the Alexandra
7021: STEVENSON WILLIAM - Intrepid's Last Case the Post War Activities of Sir William Stephenson
10753: CLOUGH H AND GOODWIN WILLIAM W (EDITORS) - Plutarch's Lives and Writings (10 Volumes)
46768: BUTTERFIELD WILLIAM - Be Ye Perfect
21477: WATSON SIR WILLIAM - The Poems of Sir William Watson 1878-1935
1337: JOY WILLIAM - The Exiles
34361: THACKERAY MAKEPEACE WILLIAM - The Memoirs of Mr Charles J Yellowplush and Catherine
20828: OXLEY WILLIAM - No Accounting for Paradise: An Autobiography
28026: CLAYTON SIR WILLIAM - Extracts from Sir William Clayton's Journals 1861-1914
19204: PRESCOTT WILLIAM H - History of the Reign of Ferdinard and Isabella the Catholic (2 Volumes Only)
21649: OXLEY WILLIAM - Reclaiming the Lyre: New and Selected Poems 1967-2000
21632: GOLDING WILLIAM - Rites of Passage
32678: LILLIE WILLIAM - An Introduction to Ethics
32067: SKIDMORE WILLIAM - Theoretical Thinking in Sociology
32126: ASHWORTH WILLIAM - An Economic History of England 1870-1939
32222: FREEMAN WILLIAM - The Incredible Defoe
12662: BOYD WILLIAM - The Blue Afternoon
31477: GOODE WILLIAM J - The Family
40492: ATTHILL REV WILLIAM - Documents Relating to the Foundation and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham Series 1 No 38
20336: FEAVER WILLIAM (INTRODUCED BY) - George Cruikshank
19610: THACKERAY WILLIAM - Vanity Fair
19511: SPENGEMANN WILLIAM C - A New World of Words: Redefining Early American Literature
18027: JAMES WILLIAM - William James Selected Writings
30665: PICKENS WILLIAM - Bursting Bonds
16087: GIFFORD WILLIAM - The Baviad and Maeviad
30527: FAGG WILLIAM - Africal Tribal Sculptures the Niger Basin Tribes
29778: OUTHWAITE WILLIAM - Habermas a Critical Introduction
28513: THACKERAY WILLIAM M - Complete Works (20 Volumes Incomplete Set)
698: TREVOR WILLIAM - Felicia's Journey
27934: JOHNSTON WILLIAM R - The Faberge Menagerie
18521: CONNELL WILLIAM J (EDITED BY) - Renaissance Essays 11 Library of the History of Ideas
13650: SILVERBERG IRA (EDITOR) -AND BURROUGHS WILLIAM - Everything Is Permitted the Making of Naked Lunch
26813: HENNESSEY WILLIAM J (CATALOGUE BY) - The American Portrait from the Death of Stuart to the Rise of Sargent
26583: LIEBERMAN WILLIAM S (INTRODUCED BY) - 20th Century Masters: The Thyssen Bornemisza Collection
15307: SAROYAN WILLIAM - Places Where I'Ve Done Time
25596: CLYDE WILLIAM M - A E: Poet, Essayist, Painter - a Study of George W Russell
15576: BRANCH WILLIAM - Living Together the Ultimate Guide (Explains Your Legal Rights and Obligations and Explodes the Myths and Misconceptions of Cohabitation)
21207: LYON PHELPS WILLIAM - The Advance of English Poetry in the Twenthieth Century
22076: COCHRAN THOMAS C AND MILLER WILLIAM (EDITED BY) - The Age of Enterprise: A Social History of Industrial America
14906: LUBENOW WILLIAM - The Politics of Government Growth : Early Victorian Attitudes Toward State Intervention 1833-1848
17926: HAMILTON WILLIAM B (EDITED BY) - The Transfer of Institutions
14989: CONGREVE WILLIAM - The Way of the World
40663: BEECHY HENRY WILLIAM - The Literary Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds 2 Volumes
18794: WHISTON WILLIAM (TRANSLATED BY) - The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus Comprising the History of the Jews & C. , and the Life of Josephus, Written by Himself
4243: FORTESCUE WILLIAM - Alphonse de Lamartine a Political Biography
13950: GAUNT WILLIAM - The Aesthetic Adventure
23263: WHITELAW WILLIAM - The Whitelaw Memoirs
23122: HAMILTON WILLIAM - The Exemplary Life and Character of James Bonnell Esq, Late Accomptant General of Ireland
17028: SANSOM WILLIAM - South
17032: STEVENSON WILLIAM - Israeli Victory : Six Day War
47968: COLE WILLIAM - Erotic Poetry
26303: GRIFFIN WILLIAM D - A Portrait of the Irish in America
15982: CONGREVE WILLIAM - The Way of the World and Love for Love Two Comedies by William Congreve
26161: MORRIS WILLIAM (PREFACE BY) - The Revival of Art in Craft
25773: ARCHER WILLIAM - Three Plays by William Archer with Personal Note by Bernard Shaw
14986: STYRON WILLIAM - A Tidewater Morning
14100: ADDISON WILLIAM - Essex Heyday
14352: BEACH THOMAS WILLIAM - The Way of a Countryman
14432: O'NEILL WILLIAM L - The Last Romantic : A Life of Max Eastman
41524: BOARDMAN JR WILLIAM A ET AL - Science and Creation
13367: KATZ WILLIAM - Copperhead
13459: COOPER WILLIAM - Memoirs of a New Man
12896: HJORTSBERG WILLIAM - Gray Maytters
38013: WATSON PROF WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Great Japanese Exhibition Art of the Edo Period 1600-1868
12055: MCIIHANY WILLIAM H - The Aclu on Trial
11846: LEACH WILLIAM - True Love and Perfect Union: The Feminist Reform of Sex and Society
11744: JORDAN WILLIAM - Client-Worker Transactions
11437: CHERNISH WILLIAM N - Coalition Bargaining a Study of Union Tactics and Public Policy
11241: BRADBURY WILLIAM C - Mass Behavior in Battle and Captivity
11202: WILLIAMSON WILLIAM B - Decisions in Philosophy of Religion
11052: LINTON WILLIAM J - James Watson (the English Book Trade) a Memoir
49227: PLOMER WILLIAM - Kilvert's Diary 1870-1879 Illustrated Selection
30793: MITCHELL WILLIAM C - Sociological Analysis and Politics the Theories of Talcott Parsons
26283: FLYNN WILLIAM - Gibgate the Untold Story
26198: TREVOR WILLIAM - After Rain
26192: LEFANU WILLIAM (EDITED BY) - Betsy Sheridan's Journal: Letters from Sheridan's Sister 1784-1786 & 1788-1790
17249: LOCKE WILLIAM J - At the Gate of Samaria
48442: CONWAY WILLIAM - Problems in Canon Law Classified Replies to Practical Questions
23462: MCGILL MICHAEL C & FLACKES WILLIAM D - Montgomery Field-Marshall: An Ulster Tribute
22307: MCELWEE WILLIAM - The Battle of D-Day
23152: HOGAN WILLIAM J - Out of Season
23159: HOGAN WILLIAM J - Autumn Sequence
23548: CRUIKSHANK GEORGE (ILLUSTRATED BY) CLARKE WILLIAM - Three Courses and a Dessert: Comprising Three Sets of Tales West Country, Irish and Legal and a Melange
47905: GASCOYNE CECIL REV LORD WILLIAM - Science and Religion
5095: HUMPHREY WILLIAM - The Collected Stories of William Humphrey
41079: SHIRER WILLIAM L - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany
39284: WALLACE WILLIAM (WORDS AND MUSIC BY) - Freebooter Songs : Words and Music for the Rebel, Son of Mine and Up in the Saddle
46638: LYNCH WILLIAM A - Catholic Marriage a Handbook
24608: CONGREVE WILLIAM - The Percy Reprints No. 5 Incognita
42247: PLOMER WILLIAM - Double Lives an Autobiography
43324: FOWLER WILLIAM - Operation Barras the Sas Rescue Mission Sierra Leone 2000
32920: LILLIE WILLIAM - An Introduction to Ethics
45214: MINET WILLIAM - The Huguenot Family of Minet Limited Edition of 250 Copies
31478: BECHTEL WILLIAM - Philosophy of Science an Overview for Cognitive Science
27079: FAGG WILLIAM - The Tribal Image Wooden Figure Sculpture of the World
42811: JOHNSON WILLIAM C - Milton Criticism a Subject Index
23081: TREVOR WILLIAM - Felicia's Journey
41568: PATON WILLIAM - A Faith for the World
20926: DAVIES WILLIAM H - Farewell to Poesy and Other Poems
49104: TEELING WILLIAM - Crisis for Christianity
23753: MURPHY WILLIAM M (INTRODUCTION & EDITED BY) - Letters from Bedford Park: A Selection from the Correspondence (1890-1901) of John Butler Yeats
47285: ATTHILL REV WILLIAM - Documents Relating to the Foundation and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham
49035: MCCONALOGUE WILLIAM - Study Book for Special Ministers of Holy Communion
47654: MCELWEE WILLIAM - The Murder of Sir Thomas Overbury
30063: ADDISON SIR WILLIAM - Understanding English Surnames
47274: ROUGHEAD WILLIAM - Tales of the Criminous a Selection from the Works of William Roughead
41429: HARDMAN WILLIAM - The Parson's Perplexity What to Preach About
30354: HENDRIKSEN WILLIAM - An Exposition of the Gospel of John Two Volumes Complete and Unabridged in One
30607: WARREN BARTLEY 111 WILLIAM - Wittgenstein
30879: DOWNES WILLIAM - Language and Society
30977: MCNEILL WILLIAM H - The Human Condition an Ecological and Historical View
31091: SINCLAIR WILLIAM - Selections from the Writings of John Ruskin with Biographical Introduction
31140: VINCENT WILLIAM J - Statistics in Kinesiology
31176: SHAW WILLIAM H - Marx's Theory of History
3171: WOODS WILLIAM - England in the Age of Chaucer
318: CONGREVE WILLIAM. - Comedies
32967: BECK WILLIAM - Modern Science and the Nature of Life
33136: DOWLING WILLIAM C - The Senses of the Text Intensional Semantics and Literary Theory
33183: WARDELL WILLIAM M (EDITOR) - Controlling the Use of Therapeutic Drugs an International Comparison
33204: SCHAAF WILLIAM L - Basic Concepts of Elementary Mathematics
33944: LOCKE J. WILLIAM - The Great Pandolfo (Autograph Edition Vol26 )
34789: BOYD WILLIAM (SELECTED BY) - Emile for Today the Emile of Jean Jacques Rousseau
34870: WILLETTS WILLIAM - Chinese Art (2 Vols)
34909: SMART WILLIAM A M - Furneaux's Human Physiology
35046: GAUNT WILLIAM - The Aesthetic Adventure
35144: TREVOR WILLIAM - The Story of Lucy Gault
35145: TREVOR WILLIAM - Felicia's Journey
35187: DOUGLAS HOME WILLIAM - Old Men Remember
39251: BARNES ERNEST WILLIAM - Should Such a Faith Offend? Sermons and Addresses
35709: BARTON WILLIAM E - The Moral Challenge of Communism Some Ethical Aspects of Marxist-Leninist Society
35832: BEACH THOMAS SIR WILLIAM - The Way of a Countryman
35838: HOLMES CAPT JAMES WILLIAM - Voyaging Fifty Years on the Seven Seas in Sail
35895: ADDISON WILLIAM - The English Country Parson
36076: BOYD WILLIAM - An Introduction to Medical Science
41968: PATON WILLIAM - Jesus Christ and the World's Religions
36347: HAZLITT WILLIAM - The Pleasure of Hating
36376: LEWER H WILLIAM - The China Collector a Guide to the Porcelain of English Factories
37273: WATSON WILLIAM (PROF) (EDITOR) - The Great Japan Exhibition Art of the Endo Period 1600-1868
37354: LAFFAN WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Art of a Nation Three Centuries of Irish Painting
37757: STEVENSON WILLIAM - Israeli Victory Extra Section by Leon Uris
37758: SANSON WILLIAM - South Aspects and Images from Corsica, Italy and Southern France
4698: WALSH WILLIAM - D J Enright Poet of Humanism
4857: BARBERA JACK AND MCBRIEN WILLIAM - Stevie a Biography of Stevie Smith
4924: CUMMINGS WILLIAM - Purcell
5161: STRAWSON WILLIAM - Jesus and the Future Life a Study in the Synoptic Gospels
5579: SHAWCROSS WILLIAM - Rupert Murdoch Ringmaster of the Information Circus
5603: MCELWEE WILLIAM - England's Precedence
5646: LOVELOCK WILLIAM - A Concise History of Music
6284: BARBERA JACK AND MCBRIEN WILLIAM - Stevie a Biography of Stevie Smith
6943: HYLAND WILLIAM G - Mortal Rivals Superpower Relations from Nixon to Regan
6959: ADDISON WILLIAM - Epping Forest
7038: MARCHANT WILLIAM - The Privilage of His Company Noel Coward Remembered
7592: WHITEMORE WILLIAM H - The Elements of Heraldry
7839: ADDISON SIR WILLIAM - Understanding English Place-Names
8093: COWPER WILLIAM - Poems by William Cowper of the Inner Temple with Introductory Essay by James Montgomery
8274: O'CONNOR WILLIAM VAN - Forms of Modern Fiction Essays Collected in Honor of Joseph Warren Beach
42242: LOCKE WILLIAM J - Jaffery
8449: MACCALL WILLIAM - A Nirvana Trilogy Three Essays on the Career and Literary Labours of James Thomson
8722: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The Lamentable Tradegy of Titus Andronicus
8730: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The Life and Death of King John
8732: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The Tragedy of King Richard II
8735: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The First Part of King Henry the Fourth
9014: GIBSON WILLIAM - Paris During the Commune 1871 the Second Siege
9075: BLAKE WILLIAM - Songs of Innocence Lyrics from the Works of William Blake
9295: ARCHER WILLIAM (EDITOR) - George Farquhar
9481: CODY WILLIAM F - The Life of Buffalo Bill
3397: CARSON WILLIAM A - Ulster and the Irish Republic
9798: KISMARIC CAROLE/SHAWCROSS WILLIAM - Forced out the Agony of the Refugeeee in Our Time
9805: STIDGER WILLIAM DR. - These Amazing Roosevelts
9835: GLOCK WILLIAM - Notes in Advance: An Autobiography in Music by William Clock
9918: GOLDING WILLIAM - An Egyptian Journal
45172: TINSLEY WILLIAM - Random Recollections of an Old Publisher (Vol 2 Only)
41946: LILLIE WILLIAM - The Law of Christ the Christian Ethic and Modern Problems
46797: LAWSON WILLIAM - Blessed Rafaela Maria Porras (1850-1925)
50399: ASKEMAZY SIMON/ROSE WILLIAM J - Dantzig & Poland
47346: ATTHILL REV WILLIAM - Documents Relating to the Foundation and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham
50045: JONES REV WILLIAM - A Prize Essay in English and Welsh on the Character of the Welsh As a Nation, in the Present
46941: WILLIAMS, H.A. - True Resurrection
40974: WILLIAMS, M - Researching Local History the Human Journey
48660: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - The Book of Christian Classics
37549: WILLIAMS, DEREK R. - Henry and Katharine Jenner a Celebration of Cornwall's Culture Language and Identity
37555: WILLIAMS, DEREK & PETER D. THOMAS - Setting Cornwall on It's Feet Robert Morton Nance, 1873-1959
37556: WILLIAMS, CHRIS A. - Giving the Past a Future Preserving the Heritage of the Uk's Criminal Justice System
50539: WILLIAMS, RICHARD - The Contentious Crown Public Discussion of the British Monarchy in the Reign of Queen Victoria
40841: WILLIAMS, DICK - God Thoughts
45475: WILLIAMS, MEG HARRIS & MARGOT WADDELL - The Chamber of Maiden Thought Literary Origins of the Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind
41164: WILLIAMS A T P - The Anglican Tradition in the Life of England
23856: WILLIAMS I A (COMPILED BY) - Bibliographies of Modern Authors No. 3 George Moore
48010: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE - Cardinal and the Secretary
49830: T. W. MOODY & T. D. WILLIAMS - Irish Historical Studies Vol XV No 59-March 1967
49354: PARRY-WILLIAMS T H - The English Element in Welsh a Study of English-Loan Words in Welsh
48060: RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - National Music a Series of Lectures at Bryn Mawr College Pennsylvania 1932
15590: CARTER C F AND WILLIAMS B R - Investment in Innovation
42251: WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE - I, James Mcneill Whistler
38035: WILLIAMS G (CHAIRMAN) - Caring for People Staffing Residential Homes
24229: WILLIAMS A E - Barnardo of Stepney the Father of Nobody's Child
32404: WILLIAMS W E (SELECTED BY) - A Book of English Essays
36592: WILLIAMS, DEREK R. - Cornubia's Son a Life of Mark Guy Pearse
45412: WILLIAMS, PAUL - Psychosis (the Psychoanalytic Ideas Series)
22493: WILLIAMS J H - The Spotted Deer
11645: BROOM L JONES F MCDOWELL P WILLIAMS T - The Inheritance of Inequality
41562: WILLIAMS, ERIC - Great Escape Stories
42406: HUME-WILLIAMS W E - A Short History of the Irish Parliament from 1782 To1800
39909: WILLIAMS T G - The City Literary Institute
43806: WILLIAMS, HYWEL - Guilty Men Conservative Government, 1992-97
50425: WILLIAMS, GLYN - Crisis of Economy and Ideology Essays on Welsh Society, 1840-1980
37687: WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY - Politics Is for People
47508: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL E - The Venerable English College, Rome a History : 1579-1979
50188: WILLIAMS, ROGER LAWRENCE - The French Revolution, 1870-71
50347: WILLIAMS, GLANMOR & ROBERT OWEN JONES - The Celts and the Renaissance Tradition and Innovation - International Conference Proceedings
41833: WILLIAMS, ROWAN - Truce of God
33805: WILLIAMS E W - A Book of English Essays
33942: LOCKE J. WILLIAMS - The Rough Road
36766: WILLIAMS, NIGEL - Star Turn
6014: WILLIAMS E N - The Ancien Regime in Europe Government and Society in Majoe European States 1648-1789
9953: WILLIAMS J H - The Spotted Deer
47659: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - A Children's Book of Saints
47927: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - Historical Enigmas
48126: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - Cardinal in Exile
21981: HAMILTON WILLIE - My Queen and I
37296: WILLIS, LUCY - Light How to See It, How to Paint It
8847: WILLIS A J - Introduction to Plant Ecology a Completely Revised Edition of the Late Sir Arthur Tansley's Book
42001: WALKER WILLISTON - John Calvin the Organiser of Reformed Protestantism 1509-1564
50623: WILLMS, JOHANNES - Capital of Europe from the Revolution to the Belle Epoque
45059: WILLS, GARRY - Font of Life Ambrose, Augustine, and the Mystery of Baptism
46317: WILLS, GARRY - Lives Saint Augustine
10987: WILLSMORE A W - Accounting for Management Control
42352: CHESTER D N & WILLSON F M G - The Organization of British Central Government 1914-1956
20735: WILLSON F M G - Our Minerva: The Men and Politics of the University of London 1836-1858
6352: BRANDT WILLY - People and Politics -the Years 1960-1975 Translated from the German by J Maxwell Brownjohn
43984: WILMOT, CHESTER & MICHAEL HOWARD - The Struggle for Europe
49236: WILSON, A.N. - Betjeman
49423: WILSON, DEREK - Rothschild a Story of Wealth and Power
49164: WILSON, IAN GRAHAM - Jesus the Evidence
10005: KNIGHT G WILSON - Laureate of Peace on the Genius of Alexander Pope
45403: WILSON, A. N. - Iris Murdoch Biography As I Knew Her
31352: WILSON J R S - Emotion and Object
48015: WILSON, DEREK - England in the Age of Thomas More
38750: WILSON-BAREAU, JULIET - Goya Truth and Fantasy. The Small Paintings
40948: WILSON, GRADY - Count It All Joy
40425: MCNAIR WILSON R - The King of Rome
39068: WILSON, DUNCAN - Gilbert Murray, 1866-1957
15000: WILSON A N - A Bottle in the Smoke
38276: WILSON, MARY; SIMPSON, JENNIFER & ANNE WILSON - A European Journal Two Sisters Abroad in 1847
36203: ATKIN WILLIAM WILSON - Architectural Presentation Techniques
45824: WILSON, DEREK - A Brief History of Henry VIII King, Reformer and Tyrant
634: WILSON F A C - W B Yeats and Tradition
40945: WILSON H A - The Christian in the World of to-Morrow
45779: WILSON, DEREK - Peter the Great
39881: WILSON, MICHAEL I. - Victoria and Albert Cats
47827: WILSON, J. DOVER/ARNOLD MATTHEW - Culture and Anarchy Landmarks in the History of Education
49888: JUSSEM -WILSON N - Charles Peguy
47841: WILT, ALAN F. - War from the Top German and British Military Decision Making During World War II
50932: WIMMER, ANDREAS - Nationalist Exclusn Ethnic Conflict Shadows of Modernity
34946: WINBOLT E S - Britain B C
50704: WINDER, SIMON - Danubia a Personal History of Habsburg Europe
13717: CARR H WINDON - Henri Bergson: The Philosophy of Change
39929: WINDSOR, DUKE OF & DUCHESS OF WINDSOR & MICHAEL BLOCH - Wallis and Edward Letters 1931 - 1937 the Intimate Correspondence of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
39439: WINDSOR, DUKE OF & DUCHESS OF WINDSOR & MICHAEL BLOCH - Wallis and Edward Letters 1931 - 1937 the Intimate Correspondence of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
32489: HILL WINFRED F - Learning a Survey of Psychological Interpretations
31882: WING J K - Reasoning About Madness
47298: DIGBY GEORGE WINGFIELD - French Tapestries from the Fourteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries
23724: BROOKE WINIFRED M A - Sketches from Nature in the North of Ireland
14109: FOLEY WINIFRED - A Child in the Forest
19461: GERIN WINIFRED - Anne Thackeray Ritchie a Biography
43886: FERRIER WINIFRED - The Life of Kathleen Ferrier by Her Sister
48269: HAWARD WINIFRED I - Secret Rooms of North West England
4107: HOLMES WINIFRED - An Introduction to Indian Art
6285: SCOTT WINIFRED - Jefferson Hogg
45509: WINNICOTT, D. W. - The Piggle Account of the Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Little Girl
45508: WINNICOTT, D. W. - Child, the Family and the Outside World
13273: INGRAM ARTHUR WINNINGTON (REV) - The Men Who Crucify Christ
13272: INGRAM ARTHUR WINNINGTON (REV) - Banners of the Christian Faith
13302: INGRAM ARTHUR F WINNINGTON (REV) - Friends of the Master
350: WINSTEN S (EDITOR) - G B S 90 (Aspects of Bernard Shaw's Life and Work. )
31373: BARNES WINSTON H - The Philosophical Predicament
21999: CHURCHILL WINSTON S - Maxims and Reflections
49126: WINSTONE, HAROLD - Pastoral Liturgy
10498: WINTER J M (EDITOR) - R H Tawney: The American Labour Movement and Other Essays
11054: WINTER C W R - The Run of the Tide
49573: WINTER, JAY - The Legacy of the Great War Ninety Years on
44936: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
44905: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
36850: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
48777: WINZEN, DAMASUS - Pathways in Scripture a Book-by-Book Guide to the Spiritual Riches of the Bible
38693: KOREN LEONARD & MECKLERR WIPPO - Graphic Design Cookbook MIX and Match Recipes for Faster Better Layouts
45694: WISE, TERENCE & RICHARD HOOK - Armies of the Carthaginian Wars, 265-146 B.C.
49785: WISTRICH, ROBERT S. - Revolutionary Jews from Marx to Trotsky
49438: WISTRICH, ROBERT S. (EDITOR) - The Left Against Zion Communism, Israel and the Middle East
46892: ST.CYPRIAN & OLIVER DAVIES & T. WITHEROW - Born to New Life
26076: MITCHELL-WITHERS M - Enter Clowns

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