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53814: BIRMINGHAM STEPHEN - "Our Crowd" the Great Jewish Families of New York
24459: RYNNE STEPHEN - All Ireland
28036: BIRMINGHAM STEPHEN - Real Lace: America's Irish Rich
26337: RYNNE STEPHEN - Green Fields: A Journal of Irish Country Life
25125: WINSTEN STEPHEN - Days with Bernard Shaw
30113: SPENDER STEPHEN - Spender Stephen Collected Poems 1928-1953
9761: SPENDER STEPHEN - World Within World
30678: HILL STEPHEN - Competition and Control at Work the New Industrial Sociology the New Industrial Sociology
30984: LEE STEPHEN J - Aspects of European History 1494-1789
31453: SMELSER NEIL J AND WARNER R STEPHEN - Sociological Theory : Historical and Formal
33176: BERTHOUD RICHARD BROWN JOAN C WITH COOPER STEPHEN - Poverty and the Development of Anti-Poverty Policy in the Uk
35755: BAYLEY STEPHEN - Labour Camp
35975: BROWN STEPHEN (EDITOR) - A Guide to Books on Ireland Part 1 Prose Literature Poetry Music and Plays
23684: RYNNE STEPHEN - All Ireland
37048: SPENDER STEPHEN - World Within World the Autobiography of Stephen Spender
37070: GWYNN STEPHEN - Essays of to-Day and Yesterday
3728: WINSTEN STEPHEN - Days with Bernard Shaw
4732: SPENDER STEPHEN - Journals 1939 to 1983 Edited by John Goldsmith
5438: HASELER STEPHEN - The Tragedy of Labour
5714: POTTER STEPHEN - The Magic Number the Story of "57"
5728: BIRMINGHAM STEPHEN - Real Lace America's Irish Rich
7065: JAY GOULD STEPHEN - Questioning the Millennium
7405: HAGGARD STEPHEN - I'LL Go to Bed at Noon a Soldier's Letter to His Sons
9604: COTGROVE STEPHEN - The Science of Society an Introduction to Sociology
51234: GRAHAM STEPHEN - Russia in Division
47997: POTTER STEPHEN - Some Notes on Lifemanship
42821: GRAHAM STEPHEN - Ivan the Terrible Ivan IV of Russia
45212: ST.STEPHEN'S REVIEW - The Rake's Progress (After Hogarth) and Other Political Cartoons Reprinted from St. Stephen's Review for the Year of 1884 from January 19th 1884 to December 27th 1884
54880: STEPHENS, MEIC - The New Companion to the Literature of Wales
52994: STEPHENS, MEIC - Artists in Wales No. 2
56252: STEPHENS, MEIC - Artists in Wales
54723: STEPHENS, ALAN & RAPHAEL WALDEN - For the Sake of Humanity Essays in Honour of Clemens N. Nathan
37692: STEPHENSON, HUGH - Mrs. Thatcher's First Year
56982: STERK, ANDREA & NINA CAPUTO - Faithful Narratives Historians, Religion, and the Challenge of Objectivity
31674: LAMPRECHT STERLING P (EDITOR) - Locke Selections
56408: STERN, FRITZ R. - The Politics of Cultural Despair a Study in the Rise of the Germanic Ideology
51619: STERN, FRITZ - Einstein's German World
52773: STERN, CHAIM (EDITOR) - The New Union Prayer Book: Gates of Prayer Weekdays, Sabbaths and Fesitvals
53844: STERN, FRITZ - Gold and Iron Bismarck, Bleichroder and the Building of the German Empire
50663: STERN, J. P. & FRANK KERMODE - Nietzsche
56200: STERN, FRITZ - Dreams and Delusions the Drama of German History
29292: STERNE J B (EDITOR) - The Complete Plays of Christopher Marlowe
55639: STERNHELL, ZEEV & DAVID MAISEL - The Founding Myths of Israel Nationalism, Socialism and the Making of the Jewish State
56946: STERNHELL, ZEEV & DAVID MAISEL - The Founding Myths of Israel Nationalism, Socialism, and the Making of the Jewish State
54883: STESSEL, ZAHAVA SZASZ - Wine and Thorns in Tokay Valley Jewish Life in Hungary - History of Abaujszanto
46409: STEUART, R.H. J. & E. ALLISON PEERS - Ascent of Mount Carmel
14606: JONES STEVE - The Language of Genes: Biology, History and the Evolutionary Future
26275: TURNER STEVE - Van Morrison Too Late to Stop Now
10067: HAMPTON HENRY AND FAYER STEVE (WITH SARAH FLYNN) - Voices of Freedom an Oral History of the CIVIL Rights Movement from the 1950's Through the 1980's
30267: O'GRADY TIMOTHY AND PYKE STEVE - I Could Read the Sky Preface by John Berger
35484: HARDY MALCOLM AND HEYES STEVE - Beginning Psychology
35691: RACE STEVE - The Two Worlds of Joseph Race
47921: COSTIN W C & WATSON J STEVEN - The Law and Working of the Constitution : Documents 1660-1914 Volume 2 Only (1784-1914)
32567: COTGROVE STEPHEN AND BOX STEVEN - Science Industry and Society Studies in the Sociology of Science
25683: COHEN DAVID STEVEN - America the Dream of My Life : Selections from the Federal Writers Project's Ethnic Survey
2584: OZMENT STEVEN (EDITOR) - Three Behaim Boys a Chronicle of Their Lives Growing Up in Early Modern Germany
33519: WARSHAW STEVEN - Cal a Guide to the World's Largest University and the Bay Area
53396: BELLER STEVEN - Theodor Herzl and Austria: A Century Later
43509: STEVENS, GORDON - The Originals the Secret History of the Birth of the Sas - in Their Own Words
21442: STEVENS T H G - Manchester of Yesterday
47305: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS & JOHN HOUSE & MARY ANNE STEVENS - Post-Impressionism Cross-Currents in European Painting
54263: STEVENS, LEWIS & JULIA NEUBERGER - Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent
39321: STEVENS, SIR ROGER - Land of the Great Sophy Iran
7805: TUCKER P H WITH SHACKELFORD G T AND STEVENS M A - Monet in the 20th Century
46124: STEVENSON, JOHN & CHRIS COOK - The Slump Society and Politics During the Depression
45561: STEVENSON, ROSEMARY J. - Language, Thought and Representation
13863: STEVENSON R L - New Arabian Nights
48821: STEVENSON, J. - The Catacombs Rediscovered Monuments of Early Christianity
39361: STEVENSON, HELEN - Instructions for Visitors Life and Love in a French Town
47476: STEVENSON, LESLIE & DAVID L. HABERMAN - Ten Theories of Human Nature
10553: SMITH STEVIE (EDITOR) - Favourite Verse
53195: STEWARD, JAMES CHRISTEN - When Time Began to Rant and Rage
47837: STEWART, DR GRAHAM - Friendship and Betrayal Ambition and the Limits of Loyalty
15336: STEWART R F - And Always a Detective Chapters on the History of Detective Fiction
11495: STEWART W F R - Sexual Aspects of Social Work
48062: H. C. STEWART - Roman Palaces
23981: COLLIS JOHN STEWART - Living with a Stranger: A Discourse on the Human Body
41597: STEWART, CHRIS - A Parrot in the Pepper Tree a Sort of Sequel to Driving over Lemons
48949: FOSTER STEWART - The Catholic Church in Ingatestone from the Reformation to the Present Day
53521: STEWART, A.T.Q. - A Deeper Silence Hidden Origins of the United Irishmen
2279: STEWART J I M - James Joyce
29367: EDWARDS STEWART - The Paris Commune 1871
50135: EDWARDS STEWART - The Paris Commune 1871
45396: MCDOWALL STEWART A - Beauty and the Beast an Essay in Evolutionary Aesthetic
9719: FRASER AMY STEWART - The Hills of Home
44138: STEWART, CHRIS - Three Ways to Capsize a Boat an Optimist Afloat
53368: STEWART, GEORGE R. - Names on the Globe
43277: STEWART, LT. COL. BOB - Broken Lives Personal View of the Bosnian Conflict
55280: STEYN, JULIET - The Jew Assumptions of Identity
53370: STICHTING, ONS ERFDEEL - The Low Countries 1997-98 Arts and Society in Flanders and Netherlands. A Year Book
53806: STIER, OREN & J. SHAWN LANDRES - Religion, Violence, Memory, and Place
51422: STILLE, ALEXANDER - Benevolence and Betrayal Five Italian Jewish Families Under Fascism
37696: STILLMAN, ANDY & KAREN MAYCHELL - Choosing Schools Parents, Local Education Authorities and the 1980 Education Act
50038: STIRK S. D. - The Prussian Spirit a Survey of German Literature and Politics 1914-1940
51909: STOAKES & GEOFFREY STOAKES - Hitler and the Quest for World Domination Nazi Ideology and Foreign Policy in the 1920's
24714: STOCK A G - W B Yeats: His Poetry & Thought
37173: STOCK A G - W B Yeats His Poetry & Thought
43010: STOCK A G - W B Yeats His Poetry & Thought
36506: STOCK A G - W B Yeats His Poetry and Thought
45002: STOCKMAN, ROCKY - History of Royal Air Force Manston
41475: STOCKS J L - An Introduction to Philosophy
40391: STOKER, BRAM & A. N. WILSON - Dracula
39581: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula
36790: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula
7394: STOKER H, TAYLOR F AND NEVILLE J - Fishing with the Experts a Daily Mirror Crabtree Book
22520: STOKES J & A E - Just Rutland
5587: STOKES H G - English Place-Names
54429: STONE, MARTIN - The Agony of Algeria
51972: STONE, HOWARD W. - Brief Pastoral Counseling Short Term Approaches and Strategies
51680: MICHAEL GLENNY & NORMAN STONE - The Other Russia the Experience of Exile
22413: DE LACLOS/STONE P W K - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
54593: STONE, ROBERT - Damascus Gate
4727: STONEHOUSE N B - Origins of the Syniotic Gospels Some Basic Questions
45733: STONOR SAUNDERS, FRANCES - Hawkwood Diabolical Englishman
48621: DE STOOP, MICHAEL - The Gift of Confession a Positive Approach to the Sacrement of Reconciliation
16119: BROOKE STOPFORD A - The Poetry of Robert Browning: A Criticism
21796: BROOKE STOPFORD A - Studies in Poetry
55201: GREEN ALICE STOPFORD - The Making of Ireland and This Undoing 1200-1600
49045: STOREY, WILLIAM G. - Week with Christ
35022: JAMESON STORM - Speaking of Stendhal
39363: STORR, ANTHONY - Jung Modern Masters
9926: STORRICK W C - Gettysburg
47008: STOTT, JOHN R. W. - Guard the Gospel Message of 2 Timothy
38964: STOTT, BILL - The Crazy World of Photography
46920: STOTT, JOHN R. W. - Only One Way Message of Galatians
50312: STOW, KENNETH R - Alienated Minority Jews of Medieval Latin Europe
40544: STOWE, REBECCA - Not the End of the World
46391: STRAATEN, WERENFRIED VAN - They Call Me the Bacon Priest
50365: STRACHAN, HEW - The First World War
44019: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Eminent Victorians Foreword by Frances Partridge
45483: STRACHEY, JAMES & ALIX STRACHEY & PERRY MEISEL & WALTER KENDRICK - Bloomsbury/Freud the Letters of James and Alix Strachey, 1924-25
51864: STRANG, BARBARA M.H. - History of English
54471: STRANGE, RODERICK - The Catholic Faith
47248: STRANGE, RODERICK - The Catholic Faith
46051: DE REDCLIFFE VISCOUNT STRATFORD - The Eastern Question a Selection of His Writings During the Last Five Years of His Life
49474: STRAUSS E - Irish Nationaliam and British Democracy
55953: STRAUSS E - Irish Nationalism and British Democracy
45898: STRAWSON, JOHN MAJOR GENERAL - If by Chance Military Turning Points That Changed History
42331: STREET, PAMELA - Arthur Bryant Portrait of a Historian
54943: STREIDT, G. & I. FEIERABEND - Prussia Art and Architecture
52709: STRENSKI, IVAN - Durkheim and the Jews of France
51077: STRICKLAND - Stendhal Education of a Novelist
50410: STRIZOWER, SCHIFRA - Children of Israel the Bene Israel of Bombay
51664: STROM, YALE - The Hasidim of Brooklyn a Photo Essay
361: STRONG L A G. - The Director
55097: STRONG, EITHNE - Flesh the Greatest sin
28193: STRONG L A G - The Open Sky
4188: STRONG L A G - The Sacred River an Approach to James Joyce
55567: STRONG L. A. - The English Captain and Other Stories
355: STRONG L A G - The Garden
6625: STRONG L A G - The Open Sky
1233: STRONG L A G - Selected Poems
52698: STRONG, GEORGE V. - Seedtime for Fascism Disintegration of Austrian Political Culture, 1867-1918
24538: STRONG L A G - Personal Remarks: Essays on W B Yeats, J M Synge, Elizabeth Bowen, Padriac Colum, Henry James & James Joyce, Cardinal Newman, Charles Garvice, Hugh Walpole, George Darley, Seamas o'Sullivan
51800: STRONG L A G - Travellers Thirty -One Selected Short Stories
23568: STRONG L A G - John Millington Synge
3730: STRONG L. A. G. - The Bay
36065: STRONG L A C - The Unpractised Heart
362: STRONG L A G - Travellers (Thirty -One Short Stories) Preface by Frank Swinnerton
606: STRONG L A G - Flying Angel
356: STRONG L A G - The Bay
47201: STROUD, MARION - What, Me, Lord?
37713: MACLURE J STUART - Educational Documents England and Wales 1816-1963
20784: SCHRAM STUART R (EDITED BY) - Authority Participation and Cultural Change in China Essays by a European Study Group
19859: MILL JOHN STUART - Three Essays on Religion Nature, the Utility of Religion and Theism
29300: MILL JOHN STUART - Autobiography
39440: STUART, R B AND JACOBSON BARBARA - Weight, Sex and Marriage a Delicate Balance
14799: MILL JOHN STUART - A Selection of His Works
18525: ATKINS STUART - Essays on Goethe with a Bibliography of the Publications of Stuart Atkins
30911: NAGEL STUART S (EDITOR) - Environmental Policy and Developing Nations
12032: SPENCER STUART - The Art of Marbling : Techniques for Creating Painted Marble Effects on Interiors, Furniture and Objects
47487: REID STUART J - The Life and Times of Sydney Smith Based on Family Documents and the Recollections of Personal Friends
32454: MILL JOHN STUART - Theism
14720: HOLLAND STUART - Uncommon Market: Capital, Class Power in the European Community
33069: MILL JOHN STUART - Utilitarianism on Liberty Essay on Bentham
33217: MILL JOHN STUART - MILL Autobiography
55824: MILLS STUART - Professor Thomas Bodkin and Cezanne
20717: LEE N AND STUBBS P C - The History of Dorman Smith 1878-1972
47964: STUERMER, MICHAEL - The German Century
49073: STUHLMUELLER, CP, CARROLL - Biblical Meditations for Ordinary Time Part II, Weeks 10 to 22: Weeks 10-22
24791: STUKELEYS THE - Old Memories of the Stukeleys
4382: MOORE STURGE T - Correggio
29987: MOORE STURGE - Aphrodite Against Artemis a Tragedy
27467: MOORE T STURGE - Modern Woodcutters (3) T. Sturge Moore Contains 14 Woodcuts
52345: STURGIS, ALEXANDER - Telling Time
52235: STURROCK, JOHN & JUSTIN WINTLE - Structuralism
41891: STUTMAN, FRED A. - Walk Don't Die
19499: JHA SUBHANDRA - The Formation of the Maithili Language
54655: SUCHODOLSKI, BOGDAN - A History of Polish Culture
15570: SCHOFIELD SUE - Development and the Problems of Village Nutrition
32776: LEES SUE - Sugar and Spice Sexuality and Adolescent Girls
17744: ROFF RABBITT SUE - Hotspots: The Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
11807: WARD SUE (EDITOR) - Dhss in Crisis No 66/March 85
30440: TOMKINS SUE - A Kind of Madness
46830: SUENENS, LEON JOSEPH - Coresponsibility in the Church
41839: SUENENS, LEON JOSEPH & F. MARTIN - New Pentecost?
56637: SULEIMAN, SUSAN RUBIN - Crises of Memory and the Second World War
45217: SULLAM, JOANNA & CHARLIE WAITE - Villages of France
29135: SULLIVAN C W (EDITOR) - Fenian Diary Denis B Cashman on Board the Hougoumont 1867-1868
51092: SULLIVAN, EILEEN - Thomas Davis
38687: GILBERT & SULLIVAN - Songs of Two Savoyards
45125: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - Arts of China a Short History
53337: SULLIVAN W K ET AL - Two Centuries of Irish History 1691-1870 Introduction by Hon. James Bryce
54496: SULLIVAN E. D. - Maupassant: The Short Stories
43698: O'SULLIVAN, P.J. - Economic Methodology and the Freedom to Choose
40895: SUMMERS, DOROTHY - Great Ouse the History of a River Navigation
55522: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Georgian London
56975: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Georgian London
53044: SUMMIT, JEFFREY A. - The Lord's Song in a Strange Land (with Cd) Music and Identity in Contemporary Jewish Worship
52951: SUMNER B. H. - Survey of Russian History
21651: SEN SUNDEEP - The Lunar Visitations: A Cycle of Poems
37145: SUNDERLAND, JOHN - Constable
21432: MANN SUNNIE - Holding on: A Husband's Kidnap a Wife's Courage
41186: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Field Archaeology Some Notes for Beginners
42603: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ireland-Southwest-Sheet 5 Quarter Inch for One Mile
37464: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Road Map of Dublin Sheet 16 (Hills) Scale Half an Inch to One Mile
11333: YEANDLE SUSAN - Women's Working Lives Patterns and Strategies
16572: GRIFFIN SUSAN - The Book of the Courtesans (a Catalogue of Their Virtues)
11151: SHERMAN SUSAN (EDITED) - May Sarton: Selected Letters 1916-1954
32517: GEORGE SUSAN - A Fate Worse Than Deby
32251: RICHMOND SUSAN (ADAPTED BY) - Treasure Island a Play Adapted in Six Scenes
31588: BENNETT JON AND GEORGE SUSAN - The Hunger Machine
17852: READ SUSAN (EDITED BY) - The Thames of Henry Taunt
22517: JONES SUSAN - The Life and Times of Liberty Falls
18948: MAYOR SUSAN - Collecting Fans
40538: TURNER SUSAN J - A History of the Freeman Literary Landmarks of the Early Twenties
13955: TWEEDSMURE SUSAN - Cousin Harriet
14076: COMPTON SUSAN - Chagall
13595: SELLERS SUSAN - Delighting the Heart : A Notebook by Women Writers
36078: PACITTI SUSAN ET AL (EDITORS) - Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
19584: SPILLMAN JANE SHADEL AND HERMANOS SUSAN S - The Elegant Epergne: From the Bunny and Charles Koppelman Collection
33153: SIGELMAN LEE AND WELCH SUSAN - Black Americans' Views of Racial Inequality the Dream Deferred
35747: JEFFERS SUSAN - Dare to Connect
35954: WITTIG SUSAN (EDITOR) - Structuralism an Interdisciplinary Study
9920: DOWELL SUSAN - They Two Shall Be One Monogamy in History and Religion
29412: MITCHELL SUSAN L - The Living Chalice and Other Poems (New Edition with Poems Added)
49121: DR SUSAN O'BRIAN - Religious Life for Women Extracted from : "from without the Flamian Gate"
11077: MOODIE SUSANNA - Roughing It in the Bush or Life in Canada
29907: PHILLIPPO SUSANNA - Silent Witness Racine's Non-Verbal Annotations of Euripides
21030: CLAPP SUSANNAH - With Chatwin: Portrait of a Writer
9839: OSTRIKER ALICA SUSKIN - Stealing the Language
43764: SUTCLIFFE, PETER - The Oxford University Press an Informal History
54022: SUTCLIFFE, ADAM - Judaism and Enlightenment
53939: SUTHERLAND N. M. - Catherine de Medici and the Ancien Regime
38135: SUTHERLAND, J.A. - Is Heathcliff a Murderer? Great Puzzles in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
51423: SUTHERLAND, J. A. - Victorian Novelists and Publishers
45272: SUTHERLAND, J. A. - Is Heathcliff a Murderer? Great Puzzles in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
38148: SUTHERLAND, J.A. - Mrs. Humphry Ward Eminent Victorian, Pre-Eminent Edwardian
36815: SUTHERLAND, JAMES R. - Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes
45273: SUTHERLAND, J. A. - Can Jane Eyre Be Happy? More Puzzles in Classic Fiction
4070: LESSARD SUZANNAH - The Architect of Desire Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family
22469: MACKENZIE SUZANNE - Visible Histories: Women and Environments in a Post-War British City
38668: RAGO DAVID & PERRAULT SUZANNE - How to Compare and Value American Art Pottery
35549: GERLINGS CHARLOTTE AND IVES SUZY - Noah's Ark in Paper and Card
16071: ARMENS SVEN M - John Gay Social Critic
35892: NILSSON SVEN - Orchids of Northern Europe
28409: FICHTELIUS KARL-ERIK AND SJOLANDER SVERRE - Man's Place: Intelligence in Dolphins, Whales and Humans Translated from Swedish by Thomas Teal
56997: SVEVO, ITALO & WILLIAM WEAVER - Zeno's Conscience
55801: SVEVO, ITALO - Emilio's Carnival (Henry Mcbride Series in Modernism and Modernity)
47014: SWAIN , LIONEL - Ephesians New Testament Message 13
46963: SWAIN, LIONEL - Last Writings
15037: SWAIN A E H (EDITED BY) - Sir John Vanbrugh
38131: SWANN, WILL (EDITOR) - The Practice of Special Education
52992: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SWANSEA - Pioneers of Welsh Education Four Lectures
46696: SWANSTON, HAMISH - Celebrating Eternity Now a Study of the Theology of St Alphonsus de Liguori 1696-1787
18051: SWANTON E W - Arabs in Aspic 1935-1993 Introduction by Tony Lewis
36628: SWATRIDGE, COLIN - British Fiction a Student's a-Z
19438: SWAYER W W - Mathematician's Delight
49038: SWAYNE, SEAN - The Sacraments Pastoral Directory
42526: SWEENEY, MATTHEW - Horse Music
45859: SWEETMAN, JOHN - Raglan from the Peninsula to the Crimea
40865: SWEETMAN, DAVID - The Love of Many Things Life of Vincent Van Gogh
52454: SWEETS, JOHN F. - Choices in Vichy France French Under Nazi Occupation
55217: SWIFT, ROGER & SHERIDAN GILLEY - The Irish in Britain, 1815-1939,
28414: MACNEILL J G SWIFT - The Irish Parliament: What It Was and What It Did
48908: SWIFT, JONATHAN & LOUIS A. LANDA - Gulliver's Travels
37826: SWIFT, JONATHAN; DIXON, PETER & JOHN CHALKER - Gulliver's Travels
38611: SWIFT, JONATHAN/MAHON, DEREK - Jonathan Swift Poems Selected by Derek Mahon
52538: SWIFT, JONATHAN - The Drapier's Letters to the People of Ireland Against Receiving Wood's Halfpenny
49046: SWIFT, HELEN CECILIA - Living Room Retreat Meditations for Home Use
25527: MACNEILL J G SWIFT - The Irish Parliament: What It Was and What It Did
48832: SWIFT, JONATHAN & A NORMAN JEFFARES - Jonathan Swift the Selected Poems
37002: SWIFT, JONATHAN; DIXON, PETER & JOHN CHALKER - Gulliver's Travels
55512: SWIFT, ROGER & SHERIDAN GILLEY - The Irish in the Victorian City
43693: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - Faith and Reason
45656: SWINDOLL, CHARLES R. - Improving Your Serve
34389: SWINNERTON H H - The Earth Beneath Us the Origin, Age and the Formation of the Earth and the Start of Life Upon It.
34621: SWINNERTON H H - The Earth Beneath Us
54922: SWORD, KEITH & NORMAN DAVIES & JAN CIECHANOWSKI - The Formation of the Polish Community in Great Britain, 1939-1950 [the M.B. Grabowski Polish Migration Project Report]
57009: SWORD, KEITH - Identity in Flux the Polish Community in Britain
12236: ROSENFELD SYBIL (EDITOR) - Essays and Studies 1965
26621: ROTT-ILLFELD SYBILLE (EDITOR) - Das Tagebuch Der Julie Manet Eine Jugend IM Banne Der Impressionisten 1893-1899 (Extraits)
41453: MOORE SYDNEY H - Wherewithal Addresses in a School Chapel
42264: MOSELEY SYDNEY - God Help America
12350: TREMAYNE SYDNEY - Selected and New Poems by Sydney Tremayne
41960: CAVE SYDNEY - Christianity and Some Living Religions of the East
29650: HUMPHRIES SYDNEY (EDITOR) - Bacon's Essays
34625: BAILEY D SYDNEY - British Parlimentary Democracy (2nd Revised)
36375: EDEN F SYDNEY - Ancient Stained and Painted Glass
54364: VON SYDOW E - Karl Echmidt-Rottuff 1884-1976 Aquarelle Druckgraphik
56117: SYLVÈRE, ANTOINE - Toinou le Cri Dun Enfant Auvergnat, Pays Dambert
48206: SMITH WARREN SYLVESTER - The London Heretics 1870-1914
10167: DUNCAN SYLVIA - Questions Women Ask
36489: LYND SYLVIA - Collected Poems of Sylvia Lynd
36069: PLATH SYLVIA - Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams and Other Prose Writings
20713: HORWITZ SYLVIA L - The Find of a Lifetime Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Knossos
27167: SKLAR SYLVIA - The Plays of D H Lawrence: A Biographical and Critical Study
35856: PLATH SYLVIA - The Bell Jar
1141: LEGGE SYLVIA - Affectionate Cousins
50694: SYMON J. D. - The Press and Its Story an Account of the Birth and Development of Journalism Up to the Present Day, with the History of All the Leading Newspapers: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, Secular and Religious, Past and Present; Also the Story of Their Production
39712: SYMONDS W S - Malvern Chase: An Episode of the War of the Roses and the Battle of Tewkesbury
1960: SYNGE J M - Riders to the Sea and Playboy of the Western World
54397: SYNGE, JOHN M. & NICHOLAS GRENE - The Well of the Saints
51984: SYNGE, J. M. & GEORGE GMELCH & ANN SADDLEMYER - In Wicklow, West Kerry and Connemara
28656: SYNGE J M - The Playboy of the Western World
615: SYNGE J M - Plays of J M Synge
5936: SYNGE J M - Plays Poems and Prose
56113: SZITA SZABOLCS - The Power of Humanity Raoul Wallenberg and His Aides in Budapest
56646: SZAJKOWSKI, BOGDAN - Next to God... Poland Politics and Religion in Contemporary Poland
41141: SZANTO, GREGORY - The Marriage of Heaven and Earth the Philosophy of Astrology
49907: SZCZYPIORSKI, ANDRZEJ & KLARA GLOWCZEWSKA - The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman
52965: SZEJNMANN,CLAUS-CHRISTIAN W (EDITOR) - Rethinking History, Dictatorship and War New Approaches and Interpretations
54606: SZEKACS-WEISZ, JUDIT & IVAN WARD - Lost Childhood and the Language of Exile
53325: SZERESZEWSKA, HELENA & ANNA MARIANSKA - Memoirs from Occupied Warsaw, 1940-45
52585: TABERNER, STUART - The Cambridge Companion to Günter Grass
14284: SHAFTO TAC - Guide to Modern Industry: Business and Economics Background
54344: TADIE, JEAN-YVES & PROFESSOR EUAN CAMERON - Marcel Proust - a Life
55675: TADIE, JEAN-YVES - Marcel Proust a Life
55610: TADIE J. C. - Introduction a la Vie Littteraire Du Xixe Siecle
48089: TAFFRAIL - Sea Venturers of Britain
37281: TAGGART, PAUL - Your Painting Companion
39913: STRAPHANGER AKA ROGER TAGHOLM, - Poems Not on the Underground a Parody
52799: TAGUIEFF, PIERRE-ANDRE & PATRICK CAMILLER - Rising from the Muck the New Anti-Semitism in Europe
45876: TAITHE, BERTRAND & TIM THORNTON - War Identities in Conflict, 1300-2000
56815: TAITHE, BERTRAND - Citizenship and Wars France in Turmoil, 1870-1871
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52624: TALLETT, FRANK & NICHOLAS ATKIN (EDITORS) - Religion, Society and Politics in France Since 1789
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51780: TALMON, J.L. - Israel Among the Nations
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27231: BORENIUS TANCRED - An English Early Gothic Head
27108: CAVE C J P AND BORENIUS PROF. TANCRED - The Painted Ceiling in the Nave of Peterborough Cathedral Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries
38427: TANGYE, DEREK - A Cat Affair
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30393: TASKER R V G - The Gospel According to St John an Introduction and Commentary
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37905: TAYLOR, PETER - Talking to Terrorists a Personal Journey from the Ira to Al Qaeda
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5980: COLEMAN TERRY - Passage to America
11448: COOTE ANNA AND GILL TESS - Womens Rights: A Practical Guide
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38936: ULLENS DE SCHOOTEN MARIE-THERESE - Lords of the Mountains Southern Persia and the Kashkai Tribe
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50963: THOMA, CLEMENS - Parable and Story in Judaism and Christianity
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17175: PAKENHAM THOMAS - The Year of Liberty (the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798)
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3816: KINSELLA THOMAS - From Centre City
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33343: HEYERDAHL THOR - Aku-Aku
40473: THORBURN, GRANT - Forty Years' Residence in America; or, the Doctrine of a Particular Providence Exemplified in the Life of Grant Thorburn
10350: JONES P THORESBY - Welsh Border Country
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39697: THORNTON, WILLIAM T. - Over-Population and Its Remedy an Inquiry Into the Distress Prevailing Among the Labouring Classes of the British Isles and the Means of Remedying It
17108: WILDER THORNTON - The Ides of March
48315: THORNTON R. - St. Ambrose: His Life, Times, and Teaching
3283: WILDER THORNTON - The Woman of Andros
46005: THORNTON A P - For the File on Empire Essays and Reviews
36313: THORPE W A - English and Irish Glass
57132: THORPE, ADAM - No Telling
29540: VOLTAIRE/THOUAILLE A E - Select Letters
47005: THRALL, MARGARET E. - Cambridge Bible Commentaries New Testament 17 Volume Paperback Set: Cbc: Letters of Paul to Corinthians
56515: THROWER, JAMES A. - Western Atheism a Short History
48703: THUBRON, COLIN - Jerusalem
48881: THUBRON, COLIN - Behind the Wall Journey Through China
51700: THUM, GREGOR - Uprooted How Breslau Became Wroclaw During the Century of Expulsions
54427: THURSFIELD J R - Peel
34707: SMITH THYRA - Number an Account of Work in Number with Children Throughout the Primary School Stage
41924: TIBBENHAM D C - Apart with Jesus Short Sermons for Lent and Easter
48358: TIBBS, RODNEY & W. E. DORAN - Fenland River Story of the Great Ouse and Its Tributaries
18261: RUDAS TIBOR - Carreras, Domingo, Pavaroti 3 Tenors with Metha. In Concert 1994
48586: TILLARD, J. M. R. & J. DE SATGE - Bishop of Rome
48643: TILLARD J. M. R. - The Eucharist Pasch of God's People
10536: TILLETT A, KEMPNER T, AND WILLS G (EDITOR) - Management Thinkers
32809: HICKS AND TILLIN - Developing Multi-Media Libraries
20554: TILLYARD E M W - The Elizabethan World Picture
17562: ROLAND TIM - The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits
10463: HEARLD TIM - The Rigby File
34106: JONES-WYNNE TIM - Thief in the House of Memory
29847: WILCOX TIM - The Triumph of Watercolour
10138: SEVERIN TIM - The China Voyage
11928: HOLLAND TIM - Beginning Backgammon
29750: COLLINS TIM - Rules of Engagement a Life in Conflict
43394: HEALD TIM (SELECTED BY) - The Best After-Dinner Stories
12499: HINDLE TIM - Asil Nadir: Fugitive from Injustice
3136: FENN TIM (EDITOR) - From Old Chapel Field Selected Letters of Robert Tanner 1920-1988
5858: CONEFREY MICK AND JORDAN TIM - Icemen a History of the Arctic and Its Explorers
5995: PRENTKI TIM (EDITOR) - Francis Warner Poet and Dramatist
54480: N. S. TIMASHEFF - Religion in Soviet Russia 1917-1942
56543: TIMBERG, THOMAS A. - Jews in India
22319: THE TIMES - The Best of the Times: Words and Images from the Year 2000
51433: THE TIMES - Europes Under the Nazi Scourge a Picture & an Indictment
2208: RAMSDEN TIMOTHY - A Handbook of Dickens Characters
18886: COLLINGS TIMOTHY - Schumacher: The Life of the New Formula 1 Champion
28383: O'KEEFFE TIMOTHY (EDITED BY) - Alienation
26490: CLIFFORD TIMOTHY (INTRODUCTION BY) - A Century of Collecting 1882-1982 Manchester Art Galleries
21412: ARLOTT TIMOTHY - John Arlott: A Memoir
18559: CORRIGAN TIMOTHY - Coleridge, Language and Criticism
11726: WEBB TIMOTHY - Percy Bysshe Shelly : Selected Poems
26639: SHAW TIMOTHY - The World of Escoffier
22289: WEST TIMOTHY - A Moment Towards the End of Play
55556: O'HERLIHY TIMOTHY - Catholic Emancipation Reviewed a Century After
49076: BUCKLEY TIMOTHY ET AL - The Living Word (2 Vols) the Saints and Feasts V I Jan-June V2 July -December
34785: SHY TIMOTHY - Beyond the Headlines
35590: HILTON TIMOTHY - Picasso
28959: WILCOX TIMOTHY - A Day in the Sun : Outdoor Pursuits in the Art in the 1930's
14397: TIMUR M - The Theory of Morals
48404: TINDAL HART, REV A. - The Life and Times of John Sharp Archibishop of York
20749: HART THE REVD. A TINDAL - The Country Priest in English History
55519: TIPPETT-SPIRTOU, SANDY - French Catholicism Church, State, and Society in a Changing Era
51087: TISSIER, LIEUTENANT -COLONEL PIERRE - The Government of Vichy
56795: TITLEY, E. BRIAN - Church, State, and the Control of Schooling in Ireland, 1900-1944
27793: SMOLLETT TOBIAS - Roderick Random
29181: SMOLLETT TOBIAS - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle (2) the Prairie (3) the Pirate (4) Rob of the Bowl Volume 3
52411: TOBIN, GARY A. - Opening the Gates How Proactive Conversion Can Revitalize the Jewish Community
33639: TALBOT TOBY (EDITOR) - The World of the Child Essays on Childhood
35757: SHELLEY TOBY - Nanotechnology New Promises, New Dangers
45476: TODD, RICHARD - Iris Murdoch, the Shakespearian Interest
56684: TODD, R. LARRY - Mendelssohn a Life in Music
41180: TODD J M - The Ancient World
55130: TODOROV, TZVETAN - The Fragility of Goodness Why Bulgaria's Jews Survived the Holocaust
56856: TODOROV, TZVETAN & MARY BYRD KELLY - A French Tragedy Scenes of CIVIL War, Summer 1944
46329: TOLHURST, JAMES - A Concise Companion and Commentary for the Catechism of the Catholic Church
43422: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. & CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN & ALAN LEE - The Children of Húrin
53852: TOLSTOY, LEO & ROSEMARY EDMONDS - The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories
50973: TOLSTOY, LEO - The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories
50975: TOLSTOY, LEO & L. N. TOLSTO I & R. EDMONDS - The Cossacks/Happy Everafter/the Death of Ivan Iiyich
54135: TOLSTOY, LEO & ANTHONY BRIGGS & DAVID MCDUFF & RONALD WILKS - The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories "the Raid", "Woodfelling", "Three Deaths", "Polikushka", "the Death of Ivan Ilyich", "After the Ball", "the Forged Coupon"
53638: TOLSTOY, LEO & PAUL FOOTE & DAVID MCDUFF - The Cossacks and Other Stories Stories of Sevastopol, the Cossacks, Hadji Murat
49539: TOLSTOY, LEO & A. WILSON & RONALD WILKS - How Much Land Does a Man Need? & Other Stories
51764: TOLSTOY, LEO & CONSTANCE GARNETT - The Kingdom of God Is Within You
55790: TOLSTOY, SOFIA - The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy
51356: TOLSTOY, LEO - The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories
53121: TOLSTOY, L AND KATZ MICHAEL R - Tolstoy's Short Fiction Revised Translations, Background and Sources Criticism
50551: TOLSTOY, LEO - Childhood, Boyhood, Youth
53233: TOLSTOY, LEO & PAUL FOOTE & DAVID MCDUFF - The Cossacks and Other Stories Stories of Sevastopol, the Cossacks, Hadji Murat
36979: TOLSTOY, L.N. & L. N. TOLSTO I; EDMONDS, R. - The Cossacks
37003: TOLSTOY, L.N.; EDMONDS, R. - Anna Karenin
54148: TOLSTOY, LEO - Hadji Murat
38375: STEIN RALPH/BURNSIDE TOM - The Great Cars
29751: HAYDEN TOM - Irish on the Inside in Search of the Soul of Irish America
1253: BRENNAND TOM - Eamonn Andrews
31682: SORELL TOM - Descartes
16186: HOLT TOM - Grailblazers
20366: MURPHY TOM - The Seduction of Morality
21168: BROWN TOM - The British General Strike
32020: BURNS TOM (EDITOR) - Industrial Man
30694: WHITESIDE TOM - The Sociology of Educational Innovation Contemporary Sociology of the School
15547: BURNS TOM (EDITED BY) - Industrial Man
22502: LEA TOM - The Brave Bulls
12128: HOUSTON TOM - The Five Pound Look
11765: SUTCLIFFE TOM (EDITOR) - The Faber Book of Opera
11357: WAKEFIELD TOM - Some Mothers I Know: Living with Handicapped Children
26165: MURPHY TOM - The Seduction of Morality
28100: PAULIN TOM - The Hillsborough Script: A Dramatic Satire
26973: STEVENSON TOM - Champagner
33288: POCOCK TOM - Remember Nelson the Life of Captain Sir William Hoste
34595: BROKAW TOM - The Greatest Generation Speaks Letters and Reflection
35559: HOLLAND TOM - Persian Fire the First World Empire and the Battle for the West
36031: SLOAN TOM - Television Light Entertainment Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures Eight Series -2
5569: BOWER TOM - Maxwell the Outsider
6639: SUMMERS ANTHONY & MANGOLD TOM - The File on the Tsar the Fate of the Romanovs Dramatic New Evidence
8805: BROWN TOM - Amusements Serious and Comical and Other Works
90: MCCAUGHREN TOM - The Legend of the Golden Key.
43135: LOWENSTEIN TOM - The Vision of the Buddha
41042: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Katherine Mansfield a Secret Life
46465: TOMAN, ROLF/BEDNORZ ACHIM - Baroque Architecture, Sculpture Painting
52163: TOMBS, ROBERT - Nationhood and Nationalism in France from Boulangism to the Great War 1889-1918
41235: TOMKEIEFF O G - Life in Norman England
54857: TOMKINSON, JOHN L. - Between Heaven and Earth the Greek Church
35240: TOMLIN E W F ( EDITED BY ) - Charles Dickens 1812-1870 a Centenary Volume
40347: TOMLINSON H M - The Wind Is Rising
10297: TOMLINSON H M - Gifts of Fortune
50346: TONE, THEOBALD WOLFE & BRENDAN CLIFFORD - An Argument on Behalf of the Catholics of Ireland (United Irish Collection) 1791
11072: MORRISON TONI (EDITOR) - Birth of a Nation ' Hood
49141: TONNELIER, CONSTANT - 15 Days of Prayer with Saint Therese of Lisieux
33771: GOULD TONY - In Limbo the Story of Stanley's Rear Column
41473: BUZAN TONY - Speed Reading
24767: GRAY TONY - Ireland This Century
4371: EVANS TONY - Taking His Time
28082: GRAY TONY - Saint Patrick's People: A New Look at the Irish
14950: COATES KEN AND TOPHAM TONY - The New Unionism (the Case for Workers' Control)
15780: CRAWLEY TONY (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Film Quotations (the Essential Guide to the Wit Glamour and Wisdom of the Movies)
10696: PALMER TONY - Menuhin : A Family Portrait
11926: HARMAN TONY - Seventy Summers: The Story of a Farm
11497: BYRNE TONY - Local Government in Britain
11300: MORRISON TONY - Animal Migration
24501: GRAY TONY - A Peculiar Man: A Life of George Moore Bestselling Irish Author 1852-1933
17337: CLAYTON-LEA TONY - Elvis Costello: A Biography
26649: FALK TONY (EDITOR) - Treasures of Islam Text in Arabic
24470: GRAY TONY - Saint Patrick's People: A New Look at the Irish
28085: HAWKS TONY - Round Ireland with a Fridge
30687: COLE TONY - Whose Welfare
33543: HAWK TONY - Occupation : Skateboarder
34228: GRAY TONY - Ireland This Century
34600: GIBSON TONY - The Practice of Etv
5412: GRAY TONY - Psalms and Slaughter a Study in Bigotry
6626: GRAY TONY - St Patrick's People a New Look at the Irish
1114: GRAY TONY - A Peculiar Man
9666: LORD TONY - The New Wines of Spain
9765: PALMER TONY - Menuhin: A Family Portrait
37686: TONYPANDY, LORD - George Thomas, Mr. Speaker the Memoirs of Viscount Tonypandy
19079: TOOK J F - L'Etterno Piacer Aesthetic Ideas in Dante
48757: O'TOOLE, LAWRENCE - St. John Baptist de la Salle
56760: VAN DER TOORN, KAREL - Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible
56026: TOPEROFF, SHLOMO PESACH - The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought
49079: TORKINGTON, RAYNER - Peter Calvay, Prophet the Inner Meaning of Prayer
37427: TORNEY, HILARY - Justice for John
55786: TORRES, TERESKA - The Converts
41956: TORREY R A - What the Bible Teaches
55725: TOSH, JOHN - The Pursuit of History Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History
11722: TOSSWILL T D - Chapters from the Modern Novel
51550: TOUCHATOUT - Historaire Tintamarresque de Napoleon III Livre Premier de 1808 a 1848
40289: TOURNIER, M - Le Vent Paraclet
52847: TOURVILLE, HENRI DE - Letters of Direction Thoughts on the Spiritual Life from the Letters of the Abbe de Tourville
38343: TOWNSEND, CHRIS - High Summer Backpacking the Canadian Rockies
2057: WARNER GEORGE TOWNSEND - Landmarks in English Industrial History
7888: WARNER GEORGE TOWNSEND (EDITOR) - Harrow in Prose and Verse
35250: WARNER GEORGE TOWNSEND - A Brief Survey of British History
9745: DAVIS TOWNSEND - Weary Feet, Rested Souls a Guided History of the CIVIL Rights Movement
54406: TOWNSHEND, CHARLES - The Republic the Fight for Irish Independence, 1918-1923
55841: TOWNSHEND, CHARLES - British Campaign in Ireland, 1919-21 the Development of Political and Military Policies
50228: TOWNSHEND, CHARLES - Easter 1916 the Irish Rebellion
43309: TOYE, RICHARD - Lloyd George and Churchill Rivals for Greatness
55814: CARLYLE M AND TOYNBEE A AND V - Documents on International Affairs 1939-46 Hitler's Europe
36769: TRAPIDO, BARBARA - Brother of the More Famous Jack
49914: TRASK, R L - The Penguin Guide to Punctuation
47877: TRATT, JACQUELINE - The Macmillan Government and Europe a Study in the Process of Policy Development
50181: HERFORD TRAVERS - Judaism in the New Testament Period
54184: TRAVERSO, ENZO & DANIEL WEISSBORT - The Jews and Germany from the Judeo-German Symbosis to the Memory of Auschwitz: From the "Judeo-German Symbiosis" to the Memory of Auschwitz
56822: TREADGOLD, DONALD W. - Twentieth Century Russia Eighth Edition
45497: TREDGOLD, ROGER FRANCIS & HEINZ H. WOLFF - University College Hospital Notes on Psychiatry
41379: TREHERNE, JOHN - Dangerous Precincts Mystery of the Wakeford Case
55514: TREITSCHKE - Treitschke His Life and Works
45706: TRELFORD, DONALD - Len Hutton Remembered
38373: TREMAYNE, DAVID. - Formula One the Championship 1997 a Complete Race-by-Race Guide.
29262: TREVELYAN G M - Illustrated English Social History (Vol 3) the Eighteenth Century
2730: TREVELYAN. G M - Trinity College a Historical Sketch
52983: G. M. TREVELYAN - Trinity College an Historical Sketch
10002: TREVELYAN G M - History and the Reader
32112: TREVELYAN G M - History and the Reader
5107: TREVELYAN G M - Trinity College an Historical Sketch
54476: TREVELYAN G. M. - Trinity College an Historical Sketch
13611: TREVELYAN G M - Illustrated English Social History (Vol 3 ) the Eighteenth Century
29529: TREVELYAN G M - Garibaldi and the Thousand
29366: TREVELYAN G M - Illustrated English Social History 2 the Age of Shakespeare and the Stuart Period
37762: TREVELYAN G M - The Peace and the Protestant Succession
35959: TREVELYAN G M - Illustrated English Social History (Four Volumes)
4913: TREVELYAN G M - English Social History a Survey of Six Centuries Chaucer to Queen Victoria
46383: DEARING TREVOR - Wesleyan and Tractarian Worship an Ecumenical Study
10595: NOBLE TREVOR - Modern Britain: Structure and Change
14657: NOBLE TREVOR - Structure and Change in Modern Britain
31201: CARTER JOHN AND JONES TREVOR - Social Geography an Introduction to Contemporary Issues
19090: CROUCHER TREVOR - Boots and Books the Work and Writings of Arthur Raistrick Appreciation by Bernard Jennings
25714: MAY TREVOR - The Economy 1815-1914
47812: TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH - Religion, the Reformation and Social Change and Other Essays
20023: EVANS TREVOR - Bevin
36175: ROWLEY TREVOR - The High Middle Ages 1200-1550
22672: MAY TREVOR - The Victorian Schoolroom
30673: NOBLE TREVOR - Structure and Change in Modern Britain
7909: ROYLE TREVOR - Precipitous City the Story of Literary Edinburgh
9738: HALL TREVOR H - Sherlock Holmes and His Creator
42859: TREWIN, J.C. - Pocket Companion to Shakespeare's Plays
10206: TREWIN J C - We'LL Hear a Play Introduction by Sir Barry Jackson
5565: TREWIN J C (EDITOR) - The Journal of William Charles Macready 1832 to 1851
15654: TREWIN J C (EDITED BY) - Theatre Programme
11784: TREWIN J C - Dramatists of Today
38906: TREWIN, J. C. - Peter Brook a Biography
38937: TREWIN J C - The Journal of William Charles Macready 1832-1851
10875: TRICKER R I (EDITOR) - The Individual the Enterprise and the State
28024: TROCHE E G - Painting in the Netherlands Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
49393: TROEN, S ILAN - Imagining Zion Dreams, Designs and Realities in a Century of Jewish Settlement
51758: TROEN, SELWYN ILAN - Jewish Centers and Peripheries Europe between America and Israel Fifty Years After World War II
39708: TROLLOPE, THOMAS ADOLPHUS - What I Remember Herbert Van Thal
39690: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY/MULLEN RISHARD - Malachi's Cove and Other Stories and Essays
34088: TROLLOPE - Parsonage Framley
56522: IRVING M. ABELLA;HAROLD M. TROPER - None Is Too Many Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948
39955: TROYAT, HENRI & E. READ - Catherine the Great Translated by Emily Read
46236: TRUBOWITZ, RACHEL - Nation and Nurture in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
53433: TRUDGILL, PETER - The Dialects of England
39139: TRUEBLOOD, ALAN S - Experience and Artistic Expression in Lope de Vega the Making of "la Dorotea"
34372: TRUEMAN E A - Geology and Scenery in England and Wales
38988: TRUSS, LYNNE - Eats Shoots and Leaves the Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
26942: NATIONAL TRUST - National Trust Studies 1980
27317: NATIONAL TRUST - National Trust Studies 1981
27199: NATIONAL TRUST - National Trust Studies 1979
35901: THE TRUSTEES - The Waddesdon Bequest Bequeated by Baron Ferdinand Rothschild
49698: EDWARDS A TRYSTAN - Merthyr, Rhonda and "the Valleys"
54959: TRZECIAKOWSKI, LECH - The Kulturkampf in Prussian Poland
39862: TSUR, JACOB - Sunrise in Zion
38339: BARRON JAMES/TUBBS D B - Vintage Cars in Colour
51735: TUCKER, EVA - Becoming English
16136: TUCKER T G - The Foreign Debt of English Literature
44980: TUCKER, SHELBY - Among Insurgents Walking Through Burma
37155: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES - Monet in the 90s the Series Paintings
41341: TUCKER T G - Life in Ancient Athens
41119: TUCKETT, JOHN D. - History of the Past and Present State of the Labouring Population (2 Volume)
2657: EDWARDS TUDOR - The Ancient Stones of England
48633: TUGWELL, SIMON - Human Immortality and the Redemption of Death
41450: TUGWELL, SIMON - Did You Receive the Spirit?
56441: TULARD, JEAN - Napoléon, Ou le Mythe Du Sauveur
40956: TULLOCH, JOHN - Movements of Religious Thought in Britain During the Nineteenth Century
56351: TULLOCH, HUGH - Acton
39001: LAYARD AH /TULLOCH W W - Renaissance Cookery and Manners and Meals in Olden Times
48301: TUMIM, STEPHEN - Great Legal Disasters
50306: TURGENEV, IVAN - First Love Translated by Isaiah Berlin
54289: IVAN TURGENEV - Stories and Poems in Prose
40502: TURGENEV, IVAN & RICHARD FREEBORN - Home of the Gentry
54147: TURGENEV, IVAN & RICHARD FREEBORN - Fathers and Sons
54134: TURGENEV, IVAN SERGEEVICH & MATLAW RALPH E - Fathers and Sons a Norton Critical Edition
50961: TURGENEV, IVAN & NORA GOTTLIEB & RAYMOND CHAPMAN - Letters to an Actress Story of Ivan Turgenev and Marya Gavrilovna Savina
36854: TURGENEV, IVAN SERGEEVICH & ROSEMARY EDMONDS - Fathers and Sons Translated by Rosemary Edmonds
54815: TURGENEV, IVAN & A.V. KNOWLES - Turgenev's Letters
46098: TURHAN, FILIZ - The Other Empire British Romantic Writings About the Ottoman Empire
40500: TURNBULL, PATRICK - Eugenie of the French
46439: TURNBULL, MICHAEL - Saint Andrew Scotland's Myth and Identity
43754: TURNER, SANDRA - Social Class, Status and Teacher Trade Unionism the Case of Public Sector Further and Higher Education
35285: O'BRIEN KATE (INTRODUCED BY) & TURNER W J (EDITOR) - Impressions of English Literature
40187: TURNER, JAMES - The Politics of Landscape - Rural Scenery & Society in English Poetry 1630-1660
53926: TURNER, BARRY - ... And the Policeman Smiled 10,000 Children Escape from Nazi Europe
16183: HARRIS DEBORAH TURNER - The Gauntlet of Malice : Book 2 of Garillon
13480: TURNER W J - The English Ballet
11436: TURNER W J (EDITOR) - Impressions of Literature
32293: TURNER E S - Taking the Cure
39986: TURNER F C - James II
8594: TURNER E S - A History of Courting
39107: TURNER, DON - Kiriakos British Partisan in Wartime Greece
53925: TUSZYNSKA, AGATA - Lost Landscapes in Search of Isaac Bashevis Singer and the Jews of Poland
43968: TUTE, WARREN - Deadly Stroke
19851: TUTIN J R - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Persons and Places with the Familiar Quotations from His Works (Including a Full Index) and a Chronologically-Arranged List of His Best Poems
48541: TUTTO, GEORGE - Living the Gospel with Our Lady
48548: TUTTO, GEORGE - Living the Gospel with Our Lady
37979: TWEEDIE, JILL - Letters from a Fainthearted Feminist
46957: TWIGG, BLANCHE - God Speaks in Jesus a Journey Through the New Testament
40280: TWITCHIN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Black and White Media Book
48877: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER - How to Plan a Crusade Reason and Religious War in the High Middle Ages
50308: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER. - The Crusades a Very Short Introduction
45470: TYLER, ANDREW - Street Drugs
36408: BURNS TED AND MICOLEAU TYLER - Tumbling Techniques Illustrated
52422: TYLER, WILLIAM R. - Dijon and the Valois Dukes of Burgundy
55225: TYMOCZKO, MARIA - The Irish Ulysses
37897: TYRER, NICOLA - They Fought in the Fields Women's Land Army - the Story of a Forgotten Victory
19265: KLINE TZIPORA - Celebrating Life Rites of Passage for All Ages
37420: TZU, LAO - Tao Te Ching
15114: TODOROV TZVETAN - Literature and Its Theorists : A Personal View of Twentieth-Century Criticism
26808: D'UCKERMAN P - L'Art Dans la Vie Moderne
56549: UDELSON, JOSEPH H. - Dreamer of the Ghetto the Life and Works of Israel Zangwill
54605: UDELSON, JOSEPH H. - Dreamer of the Ghetto the Life and Works of Israel Zangwill
55618: UHDE-STAHL, BRIGITTE - Paul Modersohn-Becker

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