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23095: DE SERVIEZ JACQUES ROERGAS - The Roman Empresses: Or the History of the Lives and Secret Intrigues of the Wives of the Twelve Caesars with Historical and Critical Notes in Two Volumes
54250: ROGACHEVSKY, V.L'VOV- & A. LEVIN - History of Russian Jewish Literature
28906: MORSE ROGER A - The Complete Guide to Beekeeping
41743: PILKINGTON ROGER - World without End
41496: ROGER OF TAIZE, BROTHER - Festival Translated from the French
46929: BOWEN ROGER - A Guide to Romans
11011: WILLIAMS ROGER - European Technology (the Politics of Collaboration)
27064: BRIELLE ROGER - Othon Friesz: Illustre de 32 Reproductions en Heliogravure
46806: HASSEVELDT ROGER - The Church a Divine Mystery
39045: FAULKNER ROGER - The Heart of the Riddle Poems and a One -Act Play
41295: LLOYD ROGER - The Inspiration of God
43423: FRITH FRANCIS & HUDSON ROGER - Travels of a Victorian Photographer
13344: DE V RENWICK ROGER - English Folk Poetry: Structure and Meaning
32752: FULFORD ROGER - Votes for Women
32785: SJOBERG GIDEON AND NETT ROGER - A Methodology for Social Research
14666: MILLINGTON ROGER - The Strange World of Crosswords
31206: HOLMES ROGER - Legitimacy and the Politics of the Knowable
30702: SCRUTON ROGER - Kant
14731: RATCLIFFE ROGER - The Wolds Way: Long-Distant Footpath Guide No 12
11626: WATKINS ROGER (EDITOR) - In-Service Training: Structure and Content
21083: VAUGHAN ROGER - Herbert Von Karajan a Biographical Portrait
21686: FULFORD ROGER - Hanover to Windsor
17344: COVENEY PETER AND HIGHFIELD ROGER - Frontiers of Complexity: The Search for Order in a Chaotic World
18800: EBBATSON ROGER - Hardy the Margin of the Unexpressed
7862: LLOYD ROGER - The Church of England in the Twentieth Century (Vol. 1)
10628: BROMLEY ROGER - Lost Narratives
10572: SAWYER ROGER - Children Enslaved
47979: BERAUDY ROGER ET AL - Celebrer le Mariage
15421: VAILLAND ROGER - The Law
12788: SHARROCK ROGER (EDITOR) - Selected Poems of John Dryden
11828: SALE ROGER - On Not Being Good Enough: Writings of a Working Critic
32436: SCRUTON ROGER - Spinoza
39664: FULFORD ROGER - The Trial of Queen Caroline
10922: BENNETT ROGER - Managing Activities and Resources
22137: LLOYD ROGER - Letters from the Early Church
43623: HUDSON ROGER (EDITOR) - Coleridge Among the Lakes & Mountains from His Notebooks, Letters and Poems 1784-1804
21227: GEARY ROGER - Policing Industrial Disputes 1893-1985
49696: WILLIAMS ROGER L - The World of Napleon III (1851-1870)
40845: LLOYD ROGER - The Glorious Liberty
39046: FAULKNER ROGER - Missions and Masquerades
30112: FOWLER ROGER - Old English Prose and Verse an Annotated Selection
31497: TRIGG ROGER - Reason and Commitment
32934: TRIGG ROGER - Reason and Commitment
33007: TANGRI ROGER - Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
33567: PENROSE ROGER - Shadows of the Mind a Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness
34303: FLAVELL H ROGER - Teaching Techniques for Communicative English
34509: ENGLAND ROGER - How to Make Basic Hospital Equipment
35475: EAST ROGER - Revolutions in Eastern Europe
35505: WHITLOCK BLUNDELL JOE AND HUDSON ROGER - The Immortals London's Finest Statues
6820: RIOU ROGER - Turtle Island- Goodbye Translated from the French by Martin Sokolinsky
9640: LANE ROGER - William Dorsey's Philadelphia and Ours on the Past and Future of the Black City in America
9660: PROTZ ROGER - The Great British Beer Book
9934: ALLEN H C AND THOMPSON ROGER (EDITORS) - Contrast and Connection
50236: MCHUGH ROGER - Dublin 1916
11049: ABBOTT PAMELA AND SAPSFORD ROGER - Women and Social Class
37714: ROGERS, RICK & ADVISORY CENTRE FOR EDUCATION - Schools Under Threat a Handbook on Closures
47015: ROGERS, PATRICK V. - Colossians New Testament Message 15
41932: ROGERS, HOMER - Uncommon Sense Introduction to Christian Belief
43883: ROGERS, J. M. & R.M. WARD - Suleyman the Magnificent an Exhibition
52955: ROGGER, H. - Russia in the Age of Modernisation and Revolution 1881-1917
38010: ROHMER, RICHARD - Patton's Gap an Account of the Battle of Normandy 1944
45355: ROITH, ESTELLE - The Riddle of Freud Jewish Influences on His Theory of Female Sexuality
49835: ROKACH, LIVIA - The Catholic Church and the Question of Palestine
53629: PENROSE ROLAND - In the Service of the People
43416: ROLAND, PAUL - The Nazis and the Occult the Dark Forces Unleasked by the Third Reich
38631: ROLAND, TOM - "Billboard" Number One Country Hits
32074: ROBERTSON ROLAND (EDITOR) - Sociology of Religion
14450: HUNTFORD ROLAND - The Last Place on Earth (the South Pole)
53959: BARTHES ROLAND - Michelet
17262: YOUNG ROLAND - The British Parliament
55456: ROLAND, JOAN G - Jewish Communities of India Identity in a Colonial Era
27455: PENROSE ROLAND - Portrait of Picasso Preface by Alfred H Barr
30700: STROMBERG ROLAND N (EDITOR) - Realism, Naturalism, and Symbolism Modes of Thought and Expression in Europe 1848-1914
26403: FISCHER ANNEMARIE AND LAUTER ROLF (RED) - Kunstreport Katalog 2'76
15807: ROLFE R T - A Dictionary of Metallography
51818: ROLHEISER, KEN - Where Heaven Meets Earth Seeing God in Your Life
55346: ROLHEISER, RONALD - Forgotten Among the Lilies Learning to Love Beyond Our Obsessions
51038: ROLHEISER, RONALD - Forgotten Among the Lilies Learning to Love Beyond Our Fears
55579: ROLLESTON T W - Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race
2: ROLLESTON T W - Celtic Myths and Legends
2891: HADLEY ROLLIN VAN N (EDITOR) - Drawings-Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
37218: ROLLIN M - The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians Babylonians Etc Volume 2 Only
7621: APPLEYARD ROLLO - History of the Institute of Electrical Engineers 1871-1931
45998: ROLO, P J - Entente Cordiale the Origins and Negotiation of the Anglo-French Agreements of April 8 1904
11383: ROLPH C H - Further Particulars: Consequences of an Edwardian Boyhood
22256: ROLPH C H - The Life, Letters & Diaries of Kingsley Martin
40803: ROLPH, C.H. - Further Particulars
20045: ROLPH C H - Further Particulars: Consequences of an Edwardian Boyhood
1419: ROLPH C H - Books in the Docks
35159: ROLPH C H - Kingsley the Life, Letters and Diaries of Kingsley Martin
38884: ROLPH, C.H. - Kingsley Life, Letters and Diaries of Kingsley Martin
32349: ROLT L T C - Navigable Waterways
50929: ROMAIN, JONATHAN A. - Your God Shall Be My God Religious Conversion in Britain Today
53587: ROMAIN, JONATHAN A. - Jews of England
55129: ROMAIN, JONATHAN A. - Your God Shall Be My God Religious Conversion in Britain Today
51617: ROMAIN, RABBI JONATHAN - Till Faith Us Do Part Couples Who Fall in Love Across the Religious Divide
54894: ROMAIN, JONATHAN A. - Scm Reader Reform Judaism and Modernity a Reader
51685: ROMAIN, JONATHAN - Renewing the Vision Rabbis Speak out on Modern Jewish Issues: Essays Marking the Fortieth Anniversary of the Leo Baeck College
49734: DYBOSKI ROMAN - Periods of Polish Literary History Being the Ilchester Lectures for the Year 1923
27391: ROLLAND ROMAN - The Life of Michael Angelo Translated from the French by Frederic Lees
14341: BACZYNSKI ROMAN (SELECTOR) - Discontent and Liberal Opinion
51036: ROMAN, SANAYA - Living with Joy Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation
52602: ROMBER, OTTO R - Jews in Germany After 1945 Citizens or "Fellow" Citizens
26825: BRITISH SCHOOL AT ROME - Papers of the British School at Rome Volume XIV (New Series Vol. 1) and Volume XV (New Series Vol. 2)
26849: BRITISH SCHOOL AT ROME - Papers of the British School at Rome Volume XIV (New Series Vol. 1)
41556: ROMER, ALFRED SHERWOOD - Man and the Vertebrates V. 1
55311: ALLEN J ROMILLY - A Momumental History of the Early British Church
36487: ALLEN J ROMILLY - The Monumental History of the Early British Church
17830: CHERNOW RON - The Warburgs a Family Saga
14473: EDWARDS RON - The Australian Yarn
35644: FREETHY RON - Owls a Guide for Ornithologists
41943: FRASER RONALD - Marriage in Heaven
54040: ZWEIG RONALD - The Journal of Israeli History (Spring 1995) Studies in Zionism and Statehood Volume 16 No 1
3059: POPPERWELL RONALD G (EDITED) - Expression, Communication and Experience in Language and Literature.
16339: HARWOOD RONALD - The Guilt Merchants
32122: FLETCHER RONALD (EDITOR) - John Stuart MILL a Logical Critique of Sociology
13343: HURST RONALD - The Golden Rock : An Episode of the American War of Independence 1775-83
14623: DUNCAN RONALD - Jan at the Blue Fox
18530: TOBIN RONALD W - Tarte a la Creme-Comedy and Gastronomy in Moliere's Theatre
20659: FLETCHER RONALD - In a Country Churchyard
27869: DIXON RONALD (EDITED AND NARRATED BY) - Echoes in the Sky: An Anthology of Aviation Verse from Two World Wars
38068: RUBINSTEIN RONALD - John Citizen and the Law
21587: PETRIE RONALD (COMPILED BY) - The Stratford Anthology of Favourite Quotations of Eminent Men and Women
21008: HINGLEY RONALD - Pasternak a Biography
15249: FRAME RONALD - Walking My Mistress in Deauville
38087: FLETCHER RONALD - Britain in the Sixties the Family and Marriage
10683: HALL RONALD - A Hume Bibliography from 1930
2880: SETH RONALD - For My Name's Sake Catholic Resistance in Europe 1939-1958
54513: HINGLEY RONALD - Chekhov a Biographical and Critical Study
15044: SEARLE RONALD - The Female Approach
12341: BENGE RONALD - Communication and Identity
14233: FLETCHER RONALD - The Family and Marriage in Britain an Analysis and Moral Assessment
14175: KING RONALD - Tresco England's Island of Flowers
32455: DORE RONALD - British Factory Japanese Factory the Origins of National Diversity in Industrial Relations
46820: WITHERUP RONALD D. - The Bible Campanion, a Handbook for Beginners
44992: ALLEY RONALD - William Scott
42386: HAINES RONALD - Africa Land of Contrasts
30707: ATKINSON RONALD - Sexual Morality
32998: OLIVER RONALD - The Dawn of African History
35135: HAYMAN RONALD - A Biography of Kafka
47420: JASPER RONALD C. D. (EDITED BY) - Walter Howard Frere His Correspondence on Liturgical Revision and Construction
49817: SETH RONALD - For My Name's Sake Catholic Resistance in Europe 1939-1958
4560: HINGLEY RONALD - Dostoyevsky His Life and Work
7302: DOBSON CHRISTOPHER AND PAYNE RONALD - War without End. The Terrorists: An Intellegence Dossier
7414: YATES RONALD E - The Kikkoman Chronicles a Global Company with a Japanese Soul
8828: BOTTRALL RONALD - Farewell and Welcome
9156: KIRKBRIDE RONALD - The King of the Via Veneto
9251: MILLAR RONALD - The Piltdown Men: A Case of Archaeological Fraud
9302: BOTTRALL RONALD - The Loosening and Other Poems
9619: BLYTHE RONALD - The View in Winter Reflections on Old Age
9944: FARQUHARSON RONALD - Confessions of a China-Hand
26931: PARKINSON RONALD - Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogue of British Oil Paintings 1820-1860 Preface by John Murdoch
24100: SHEEHAN RONAN - Boy with an Injured Eye
24334: KELLY BILL & VONNIE WITH FOSTER RONAN - The Book of Kelly's
43996: ROOK, TONY - A History of Hertfordshire
38830: ROOKE, MARGARET ANNE - Anarchy and Apathy Student Unrest 1968-1970
53660: ROOM, ADRIAN - Dictionary of Confusibles
45628: ROOYEN, PIETER VAN - Business Unusual
46548: DANIEL-ROPS H - The Church in the Seventeenth Century Translated by J J Buckingham
32659: MICHIE DONALD AND JOHNSTON RORY - The Creative Computer Machine Intelligence and Human Knowledge
15098: AINLEY ROSA - Dyke London : A Guide
16538: MILES ROSALIND - The Rites of Man (Love Sex Death in the Making of the Male)
14248: ROSENBERG ROSALIND - Divided Lives: American Women in the Twentieth Century
12942: MILES ROSALIND - Danger ! Men at Work
31020: MILES ROSALIND - The Women's History of the World
35744: MILES ROSALIND - The Rites of Man
13708: MASSON ROSALINE - Robert Louis Stevenson
11110: LEHMANN ROSAMOND ET AL - Orion (Volume 2)
17366: FERRE ROSARIO - Eccentric Neighborhoods
51145: ROSE, EMILY C - Portraits of Our Past Jews of the German Countryside
17746: SHAPIRO ROSE - Contraception (a Practical and Political Guide)
12977: ELLIOT ROSE - Life Cycles : The Influence of Planetary Cycles on Our Lives
17574: WEBB W L AND BELL ROSE (EDITED BY) - Index 1972-1997: An Embarrassment of Tyrannies (25 Years of Index on Censorship)
21547: MACAULAY ROSE - Life Among the English: Britain in Pictures Series
14264: COLLIS ROSE - Portraits to the Wall: Historic Lesbian Lifes Unveiled
53263: ROSE, WILLIAM JOHN - The Rise of Polish Democracy
55529: ROSE, GILLIAN - Judaism and Modernity Philosophical Essays
53560: ROSE, KIERAN - Diverse Communities Evolution of Gay and Lesbian Politics in Ireland
51486: ROSE, PAUL LAWRENCE - Wagner Race and Revolution
18392: GOLLEK ROSEL (BEIRBEITET VON) - Der Blaue Rieter in Lenbachhaus Munchen
17339: JARSKI ROSEMARIE - Hollywood Wit: Classic Off Screen Quips and Quotes
11291: MANNING ROSEMARY - A Corridor of Mirrors
40752: SIMMONS ROSEMARY - Collecting Original Prints
11139: MILLINGTON ROSEMARY - A Nation of Trees: Australian Rites
1876: MAHONEY ROSEMARY - Whoredom in Kimmage Irish Women Coming of Age
14339: LEWIS ROY AND STEWART ROSEMARY - The Boss: The Life and Times of the British Business Man
12014: PEEL ROSEMARY J - Astrology and Heredity : The Thread of Life
9480: MANNING ROSEMARY - A Corridor of Mirrors
17440: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - The Lantern Bearers the Third Book of the Eagle of the Ninth Sequence
42689: TOLSTOY L. N/EDMONDS ROSEMARY - Resurrection
29405: O'DAY ROSEMARY - Economy and Community Economic and Social History of Pre-Industrial England 1500-1700
30228: EVANS ROSEMARY - Off the Beaten Track Ireland
34195: SCOTT ROSEMARY - Reading Elementary
35219: HAWTHORNE ROSEMARY - Oh... Knickers a Brief History of "Unmentionables"
35568: THOMSON ROSEMARY - Managing People
53316: ROSENBAUM, ALAN S. & ISRAEL W. CHARNY - Is the Holocaust Unique? Perspectives on Comparative Genocide
40186: ROSENBERG, JOHN D. - Dorothy Richardson the Genius They Forgot
37824: ROSENBERG, MAX J. FRIEDLANDER & JAKOB - The Paintings of Lucas Cranach
26544: FRIEDLANDER MAX J AND JAKOB ROSENBERG - The Paintings of Lucas Cranach
50873: ROSENBERG, GORAN - A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz
50956: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT & B. ASVARISHCH & SABINE REWALD - The Romantic Vision of Casper David Friedrich Paintings and Drawings from the Ussr
53978: ROSENFELD, HARVEY - Raoul Wallenberg
55001: ROSENFELD, AH - Thinking About the Holocaust After Half a Century
54152: ROSENZWEIG, ALEXANDER - Jewish Memorial Council a History 1919-1999
39166: ROSEVEARE, HENRY G. - Treasury, 1660-1870 the Foundations of Control
53902: ROSKIES, DAVID G. - The Jewish Search for a Usable Past
55594: ROSKIES, DG - Against the Apocalypse Responses to Catastrophe in Modern Jewish Culture
25444: POIGNANT ROSLYN - Ozeanische Mythologie: Polyniesien, Mikronsien, Melanesien, Australien
46727: ROSMINI, ANTONIO & TERENCE WATSON & DENIS CLEARY - Origin of Thought a New Essay on the Origin of Ideas
48156: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Walled Garden an Autobiography
39733: ROSS, BESS - Those Other Times
48555: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Challenge of Bernadette
47343: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - His Eminence of England a Play in Two Acts-the Canterbury Festival Play 1953
28311: SOMERVILLE AND ROSS - Experiences of an Irish R. M
41111: MACKINTOSH HUGH ROSS - Types of Modern Theology Schleiermacher to Barth
48186: SOMERVILLE & MARTIN ROSS - Experiences of an Irish R.M.
14112: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Ancient Capital : An Historian in Search of Winchester
16939: ROSS J F S - Parliamentary Represantation (a Survey of Our Methods of Obtaining Members for Parliament and and Analysis of Their Results)
7811: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Ancient Capital an Historian in Search of Winchester
26506: LE CRAS ROSS - Die Lehrenden Steine Des Verschwundenen Stammes
21603: HALFIN ROSS - Fragile Human Organs
11941: TERRILL ROSS - The Future of China After Mao
11458: SPECK ROSS V - The New Families: Youth, Communes and the Politics of Drugs
55837: ROSS, M & E SOMERVILLE - Some Experiences and Further Experiences of an Irish R M
40518: ROSTEN, LEO - Hooray for Yiddish! a Book About English
39295: ROSTENBERG, LEONA & MADELEINE B. STERN - Between Boards New Thoughts on Old Books
18158: ROSTOW W. W. - British Economy of the Nineteenth Century
47845: ROSTOW, NICHOLAS - Anglo-French Relations, 1934-36
19108: ROSTOW W W - The Great Population Spike and After Reflections on the 21st Century
43694: ROSTOW, W. W. - Politics and the Stages of Growth
32561: ROTBLAT PROF J (EDITOR) - Nuclear Reactors to Breed or Not to Breed
50453: ROTENSTREICH, NATHAN (1914-1993) - Tradition and Reality; the Impact of History on Modern Jewish Thought
49727: ROTH, PHILIP - Patrimony a True Story
50561: ROTH, JOSEPH & J. HOARE - The Emperor's Tomb
49702: ROTH, PHILIP - Professor of Desire
50784: ROTH, PHILIP - Reading Myself and Others
50950: ROTH, IRENE - Cecil Roth Historian without Tears
52242: ROTH, MICHAEL S. - Rediscovering History Culture, Politics and the Psyche
50204: ROTH, PHILIP - Facts a Novelist's Autobiography
51346: ROTH, JOSEPH & TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY RICHARD PANCHYK - Perlefter the Story of a Bourgeois
52103: ROTH, JOHN K. & CAROL RITTNER - Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust
36838: ROTH, PHILIP - The Ghost Writer
53825: ROTH, PHILIP - The Counterlife
49674: ROTHEL H K (FOREWORD BY) - The Blue Rider Geoup
50849: ROTHENBERG, GUNTHER E - Napoleonic Wars
53289: ROTHFELS, HANS - Bismarck Der Osten Und Das Reich
50636: ROTHSCHILD, SYLVIA & SYBIL SHERIDAN - Taking Up the Timbrel the Challenge of Creating Ritual for Jewish Women Today
25998: ERASMUS OF ROTTERDAM - Praise of Folly and Letter to Martin Dorp
53451: ROUDINESCO, ELISABETH - Revisiting the Jewish Question
46527: DE JOURNEL MJ ROUET - Echiridion Patristicum
16445: TUNLEY ROUL - Kids Crime and Chaos (a World Report on Juvenile Delinquency)
47881: PRINCE PAUL OF HOHENZOLLERN-ROUMANIA - King Carol II - a Life of My Grandfather
29976: O'ROURKE P J - Age and Guile Beat Youth Innocence and a Bad Haircut 1970-1995
22936: O'ROURKE P J - Age and Guile: Beat Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut 1970-1995
36796: O'ROURKE, P.J. - Parliament of Whores a Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire Us Government
36797: O'ROURKE, P.J. - Give War a Chance Eyewitness Accounts of Mankind's Struggle Against Tyranny, Injustice and Alcohol-Free Beer
38496: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - The Social Contract
32661: ROUSSEAU - The Social Contract
38501: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - Confessions
41715: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES & J. H. BRUMFITT & JOHN C. HALL & G. D. H. COLE - Social Contract
29389: ROUSSEAU - Rousseau Lettre a D'Alembert
48264: ROUTH C R N - They Saw It Happen: An Anthology of Eye-Witnesses' Accounts of Events in British History 1485-1688
48260: ROUTH, C.R.N. - Who's Who in History 1485-1603 V. 2
49551: CHARLES-ROUX F - Bonaparte : Governor of Egypt
7665: BENTALL ROWAN - My Store Memories
21770: TOWNSEND JOHN ROWE - Written for Children: An Outline of English Language Children's Literature
17025: ROWE W H - Trees and Shrubs
41540: ROWE, DOROTHY - Breaking the Bonds Understanding Depression, Finding Freedom
41082: ROWE, DOROTHY - The Real Meaning of Money
41995: HOGBEN ROWLAND - In Training a Guide to the Preparation of the Missionary
21031: PARKER ROWLAND - Men of Dulwich the Story of a Vanished Town
47740: PROTHERO ROWLAND E - Life and Letters of Dean Stanley
45843: PROTHERO ROWLAND E - The Letters of Richard Ford 1797-1858
53484: ROWLANDS, MARIE B. - English Catholics of Parish and Town 1558-1778 a Joint Research Project of the Catholic Record Society and Wolverhampton University
45121: ROWLEY, H.H. - Growth of the Old Testament
49743: ROWLEY H H - Worship in Ancient Israel: Its Forms and Meaning Edward Cadbury Lectures Delivered in the University of Birmingham
43003: ROWLINSON, DEREK & GRAHAM KENNEDY - What's the Best You Can Do? First-Hand Recollections of a Second-Hand Bookseller
4066: ROWSE A L - A Man of the Thirties
32387: ROWSE A L - The England of Elizabeth
15930: ROWSE A L - The England of Elizabeth
6004: ROWSE A L - The Spirit of English History
5692: ROWSE A L - The English Spirit Essays in History and Literature
21043: ROWSE A L - Froude the Historian: Victorian Man of Letters
33256: ROWSE A L - The Byrons and Trevanions
22126: ROWSE A L - An Elizabethan Garland
21308: ROWSE A L (EDITOR) - Froude's Spanish Story of the Armada and Other Essays
35662: ROWSE A L - Poems of Deliverance
36730: ROWSE, A.L. - Prompting the Age Poems Early and Late
4672: ROWSE A L - Jonathan Swift: Major Prophet
589: ROWSE A L - Jonathan Swift
15957: LADURIE EMMANUEL LE ROY - Montaillou Cathars and Catholics in a French Village 1294-1324
35466: FORBES DUNCAN AND WRIGHT ROY - Weeds and Flowers
43538: BLOUNT ROY JR - A Treasury of Mark Twain
22974: KERRIDGE ROY - Jaunting Through Ireland
24562: GASSON ROY (EDITED BY) - The Illustrated Oscar Wilde
13038: HEATH ROY - Shadows Round the Moon : Caribbean Memoirs
32548: BOYLE G ELLIOTT D AND ROY R - The Politics of Technology
31846: MACRIDIS ROY C (EDITOR) - Foreign Policy in World Politics
25287: STRONG SIR ROY (FOREWORD BY) - The Indian Heritage: Court Life and Arts Under Mughal Rule
18692: STRONG ROY (FOREWORD BY) - Fans from the East
18700: STRONG ROY (PREFACE BY) - The Doulton Story
9967: CORMACK PATRICK/STRONG ROY - Heritage in Danger
12038: JENKINS ROY - What Matters Now
11659: MACGREGOR-HASTIE ROY - Never to Be Taken Alive : A Biography of General Gordon
50484: ROY, JAMES CHARLES - The Vanished Kingdom Travels Through the History of Prussia
21850: MARQUEY ROY - A Journeymans Poems
31189: MEDVEDEV ROY - On Stalin and Stalinism
31496: EDGLEY ROY - Reason in Theory and Practice
33137: EDGLEY ROY - Reason in Theory and Practice
5863: PASCAL ROY - The Growth of Modern Germany
6869: MCMULLEN ROY - Art, Affluence and Alienation the Fine Arts Today
7988: OLIVER ROY - The Wanderer and the Way the Hebrew Tradition in the Writings of Martin Buber
50638: PASCAL ROY - The Nazi Dictatorship
51644: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL - Paris-Montpellier P.C. -P.S. U. 1945-1963
38420: ROYDS T F (TRANSLATED BY) - The Eclogues & Georgics of Virgil
44988: ROYLE, TREVOR - Patton Old Blood and Guts
39887: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Mainstream Companion to Scottish Literature
53374: ROYLE, EDWARD - Issues of Regional Identity in Honour of John Marshall
15398: PIKE E ROYSTON - Human Documents and the Age of the Forsytes
50917: ROZEWICZ, TADEUSZ & ADAM CZERNIAWSKI - They Came to See a Poet Selected Poems
21837: BRYZEK DR ANNA ROZYCKA (EDITED BY) - The Royal Academy of Arts 1970: 1000 Years of Art in Poland
41866: RTE - I Have a Dream... Irish Children Write for Rte's "Millennium Eve"
42771: ERSKINE OF MARR THE HON RUARAIDH - The Stout Adventure of Mary Stewart
6892: CHISHOLM RUARI - Ladysmith
32447: RUBCIMAN W G - Social Science and Political Theory
43052: RUBDY, RANI & PETER K. W. TAN - Language As Commodity Global Structures, Local Marketplaces
35769: BELLAN RUBEN - Winnipeg First Century an Economichistory
40241: RUBENS, BERNICE - Ponsonby Post, the
27606: RUBENS P P - Museum Boijmans Rotterdam
50350: RUBENSTEIN, JOSHUA - Stalin's Secret Pogrom the Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee
51075: RUBENSTEIN, JOSHUA - Leon Trotsky a Revolutionary's Life
48715: RUBIN, SERGIO & FRANCESCA AMBROGETTI - Pope Francis Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio
40680: RUBIN, MARTIN - Sarah Gertrude Millin a South African Life
39429: RUBIN, MARTIN - Sarah Gertrude Millin a South African Life
55082: RUBIN, MIRI - Mother of God a History of the Virgin Mary
55551: RUBIN, ALEXIS P - Scattered Among the Nations Documents Affecting Jewish History, 1949 to 1975
39948: RUBINI, D. - Court and Country, 1688-1702
49741: RUBINSTEIN, WILLIAM D. - Israel, the Jews, and the West the Fall and Rise of Antisemitism
54841: RUBINSTEIN, WILLIAM D. - Genocide
14344: RUBINSTEIN W D - Wealth and Inequality in Britain
54621: RUBLACK, ULINKA - A Concise Companion to History
39816: RUCK, BERTA - Ancestral Voices
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31412: RUNCIMAN W G - Social Science and Political Theory
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51979: RUPP, JOYCE - Dear Heart, Come Home Path of Mid-Life Spirituality
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48977: OBBARD ELIZABETH RUTH - Fire and Flame
3241: BONDY RUTH - The Emissary a Life of Enzo Sereni
34663: PAZ RUTH - Paths to Empowerment Ten Years of Early Childhood Work in Israel
35656: PITTER RUTH - The Bridge Poems 1939-1944
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51464: RUTHVEN, MALISE - Fundamentalism a Very Short Introduction
38581: RUTHVEN, A.J.OTWAY- - History of Mediaeval Ireland
50394: RUTKOFF, PETER M. - Revanche and Revision Ligue Des Patriotes and the Origins of the Radical Right in France, 1882-1900
46636: RYAN, CSP, THOMAS - Four Steps to Spiritual Freedom
45537: RYCROFT, CHARLES - A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
42064: SMITH C RYDER - What Is the Old Testament ? an Introductory Study
55636: RYDER, A. J. - The German Revolution of 1918 a Study of German Socialism in War and Revolt
34637: RYLAND F - Johnson's Life of Pope with Introduction and Notes
27018: DWYER T RYLE - Haughey's Thirty Years of Controversy
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22915: DWYER T RYLE - De Valera the Man & the Myths
54530: RZHEVSKY, NICHOLAS - The Cambridge Companion to Modern Russian Culture
55473: SABATO, HAIM - Aleppo Tales a Tapastry of Tradition and Faith
19451: SABINE B E V - British Budgets in Peace and War 1932-1945
40996: SABRETACHE - Monarchy and the Chase
53022: SACHAR, HOWARD MORLEY - Diaspora an Inquiry Into the Contemporary Jewish World
54992: SACHAR, HOWARD MORLEY - Dreamland Europeans and Jews in the Aftermath of the Great War
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12338: SITWELL SACHEVERELL - For Want of the Golden City
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45017: SACKS, OLIVER - An Anthropologist on Mars
53113: SACKS, JONATHAN - The Chief Rabbi's Haggadah Hebrew and English Text with New Essays and Commentary
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54311: SAFRAN, WILLIAM - The Secular and the Sacred Nation, Religion and Politics
55250: SAGARRA, EDA AND SKRINE PETER - A Companion to German Literature from 1500 to the Present
36857: SAGE, LORNA - Doris Lessing
49970: SAGER, PETER - Wales
20725: SAGGS H W F - Civilisation Before Greece and Rome
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44962: SALE, RICHARD - Guide to the Cotswold Way
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9461: CLINE SALLY - Lifting the Taboo Women, Death and Dying
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51945: LEVIN SALMOND S (EDITOR) - A Century of Anglo-Jewish Life 1870-1970 Lectures to Commrmorate the Centenary of the United Synagogue
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53102: SAND, SHLOMO - How I Stopped Being a Jew
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52014: SANDERS F D - British Book Trade Organisation : A Report on the Work of the Joint Committee
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52931: SANDERS, E. P. - The Historical Figure of Jesus
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32301: CROMPTON ROSEMARY AND SANDERSON - Gendered Jobs and Social Change
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41462: SANDS P C - Literary Genius of the Old Testament
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55273: SANSOM, IAN - Paper an Elegy
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18634: CALATRAVA SANTIAGO - Dynamic Equilibrium Recent Projects
13648: GENOVES SANTIAGO - Is Peace Inevitable? : Aggression, Evolution and Human Destiny
8074: SAPPER (CHOSEN BY) - The Best of o Henry
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36263: BAKEWELL SARAH - The Smart the True Story of Margaret Caroline Rudd and the Unfortunate Perreau Brothers
8766: MUSSEN SARAH - Beating About the Bush
52793: SARDAR, ZIAUDDIN - Reading the Qur'an
15787: FLORENCE P SARGANT - Labour
42750: EDITED BY DAVE ARTHUR/SARGENT G - A Sussex Life the Memories of Gilbert Sargent, Countryman
55783: SARNA, JONATHAN D - American Judaism a History
37205: COWASJEE SAROS - Sean o'Casey the Man Behind the Plays
9418: COWASJEE SAROS - Sean o'Casey: The Man Behind the Plays
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43454: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The War Poems
33016: KUMAR SATISH (EDITOR) - The Schumacker Lectures
54181: SATLOFF, ROBERT - Among the Righteous Lost Stories from the Holocaust's Long Reach Into Arab Lands
51726: SATLOW, MICHAEL L. - How the Bible Became Holy
47211: DE LA SAUDEE, JACQUES DE BIVORT - God, Man and the Universe a Christian Answer to Modern Materialism
47385: SAUL, NIGEL - The Batsford Companion to Mediaeval England
22072: SAUL S B - The Myth of the Great Depression 1873-1896
13585: BELLOW SAUL - Theft
54320: FRIEDLANDER SAUL - Histoire Et Psychanalyse
53580: FRIEDLANDER SAUL - Pius XII and the Third Reich a Documentation
34190: BELLOW SAUL - Mr Sammler's Planet
37126: SAUL, NIGEL - The Age of Chivalry Art and Society in Late Medieval England
4733: DAVID SAUL - Mutiny at Salerno an Injustice Exposed
51187: LEWIS SAUNDERS - A School of Welsh Augustans
37550: SAUNDERS, TIM - The High Tide Collected Poems in Cornish 1974-1999
37559: SAUNDERS,TIM - The Wheel an Anthology of Modern Poetry in Cornish 1850-1980
44090: SAUNDERS, DAVID - Britain's Maritime Memorials and Mementoes
36788: SAVAN, GLENN - White Palace
41740: SAWBRIDGE J E - The Art of Persons Living in Unity: In-Coporation of the in-Carnation a Year's Course of Weekly Studies of the Copec Reports
32901: SAWYER W W - Mathematician's Delight
41933: SAWYER W W - Mathematician's Delight
39359: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER - Continual Pilgrimage American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960
53156: SAYER, DEREK - The Coasts of Bohemia a Czech History
54876: SAYERS, WILLIAM - The House of Jacob
20796: SAYLES G O - The Medieval Foundations of England
40767: SAYLES G O - The Medieval Foundations of England
45921: SAYLOR, STEVEN - Raiders of the Nile
40650: SCAFE, SUZANNE - Teaching Black Literature
42942: SCALLY, JOHN - Marion Carroll a Modern-Day Miracle: I Was Cured at Knock
53549: SCALLY, ROBERT JAMES - The End of Hidden Ireland Rebellion, Famine, and Emigration
55032: SCHAD, MARTHA - Frauen Gegen Hitler Schicksale IM Nationalsozialismus
49306: SCHAEDER, GRETE - The Hebrew Humanism of Martin Buber
54571: SCHAFFT, GRETCHEN E. - From Racism to Genocide Anthropology in the Third Reich
36936: SCHAMA, SIMON; TREMBLAY, JEAN-PAUL - Citizens Chronicle of the French Revolution
30540: SCHAPERA I - Government and Politics in Tribal Societies Josiah Mason Lectures Delivered at Birmingham University
49567: SCHAPIRO, LEONARD - Turgenev His Life and Times
51882: SCHAPIRO, LEONARD - The Communist Party of the Soviet Union
32741: HARVIE C MARTIN G AND SCHARF A (EDITORS) - Industrialisation and Culture 1830-1914
49436: SCHARF, RAPHAEL F. - Poland, What Have I to Do with Thee... Essays without Prejudice
37825: SCHELE, LINDA & MARY ELLEN MILLER & JUSTIN KERR - The Blood of Kings Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art
40633: SCHELL, JONATHAN - The Fate of the Earth
49799: SCHENK, HANS GEORG - Mind of the European Romantics an Essay in Cultural History
51362: SCHEUNENVIERTEL, VEREIN STIFTUNG (ED.) - Das Scheunenviertel Spuren Eines Verlorenen Berlins
54795: SCHIEDER, THEODOR & H.R. SCOTT & SABINA KRAUSE - Frederick the Great
50521: SCHIFF, ZEEV - A History of the Israeli Army 1874 to the Present
49816: SCHIFFRIN, ANDRE - The Business of Books How the International Conglomerates Took over Publishing and Changed the Way We Read
53450: SCHIFFRIN, ANDRE - A Political Education Coming of Age in Paris and New York
54592: STRIZOWER SCHIFRA - Exotic Jewish Communities
54253: STRIZOWER SCHIFRA - Exotic Jewish Communities
48786: SCHILLEBEECKX, EDWARD & N.D. SMITH - The Eucharist
46325: SCHLAFER, DAVID J. - Surviving the Sermon Guide to Preaching for Those Who Have to Listen
55749: SCHLEIFER, RONALD - Genres of the Irish Literary Revival
31771: SCHLESINGER G - Confirmation and Confirmability
41614: SCHLINK, BASILEA - Pollution-But There Is an Answer
55443: SCHLINK, BERNHARD - Guilt About the Past
41377: SCHLINK, PROF BERNHARD - The Reader
43049: SCHMID, SUSANNE & MICHAEL ROSSINGTON (EDITORS) - The Reception of P.B. Shelley in Europe (the Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe)
54368: ROTTLUF KARL SCHMIDT - Holzschnitte Lithographien Radierungen Auction 7. Juni 1969
52667: SCHMIDT, GILYA GERDE - Martin Buber's Formative Years from German Culture to Jewish Renewal, 1897-1909
51634: SCHMOLDERS, CLAUDIA & ADRIAN DAUB - Hitler's Face the Biography of an Image
54046: SCHNEEDE, UWE M - George Grosz, Leben Und Werk
47750: SCHNEID, FREDERICK C. - European Politics 1815-1848
55085: SCHNEIDER, LOUIS - Sociological Approach to Religion
52530: SCHNEIDERS , SANDRA - Prophets in Their Own Country
52854: SCHNEIDERS, SANDRA, IHM - New Wineskins Re-Imagining Religious Life Today
52853: SCHNEIDERS, SANDRA MARIE - Finding the Treasure Locating Catholic Religious Life in a New Ecclesial and Cultural Context
51273: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR & J.M.Q. DAVIES - Selected Short Fiction
45427: SCHOEDINGER, ANDREW B. - Readings in Medieval Philosophy
11329: SCHOENBAUM S - Shakespeare and Others
49752: SCHOENBERNER, GERHARD - House of Wannsee Conference Permanent Exhibit, Guide and Reader
54793: SCHOLEM, GERSHOM - On Jews and Judaism in Crisis
37527: SCHOLES, GRAHAM - Watercolour and How Getting Started in Watercolour
46314: SCHONFIELD, HUGH J - Those Incredible Christians a New Look at the Early Church
14703: PLONIES B AND SCHONWALDER O - Bonner Berichte Aus Mittel-Und Ostdeutschland
50658: SCHÖNWÄLDER, KAREN & ROGER BARTLETT - The German Lands and Eastern Europe Essays on the History of Their Social, Cultural and Political Relations: Essays in the History of Their Social,... Relations
39792: SCHONZELER, HANS-HUBERT (EDITOR) - Of German Music a Synposium
33590: INSPECTORS OF SCHOOLS - Primary Education in England a Survey
49561: SCHOR, ESTHER - Emma Lazarus
53758: SCHORSCH, ISMAR - From Text to Context the Turn to History in Modern Judaism
49763: SCHORSKE, CARL E. - Thinking with History Explorations in the Passage to Modernism
49749: SCHREIBER, GERHARD - Hitler, Interpretationen 1923-1983 Ergebnisse, Methoden Und Probleme Der Forschung
39796: SCHREINER, OLIVE & RICHARD RIVE - Letters 1871-99 V. 1
48289: SCHRIBER, C P - The Dilemma of Arnulf of Lisieux New Ideas Versus Old Ideals
51166: SCHRODER, KLAUS ALBRECHT & HARALD SZEEMANN - Egon Schiele and His Contemporaries Austrian Painting and Drawing from 1900 to 1930 from the Leopold Collection, Vienna
49913: SCHULZ, BRUNO - The Street of Crocodiles
45819: SCHUMAN, WENDY - The Big Book of Angels
53170: SCHWAB, W.M. & BEN URI ART SOCIETY - Jewish Artists the Ben Uri Collection
49406: SCHWARTZ, ODED - In Search of Plenty History of Jewish Cooking
55670: SCHWARTZ, JOAN & JAMES RYAN - Picturing Place Photography and the Geographical Imagination
53132: SCHWARZER, ALICE & M. HOWARTH - Simone de Beauvoir Today
51581: SCHWEIKER, WILLIAM & KEVIN JUNG & MICHAEL A. JOHNSON - Humanity Before God Contemporary Faces of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Ethics
53008: 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF HISTORICAL SCIENCES - 1945: Consequences and Sequels of the Second World War Montreal-September 2, 1995
50900: SCLIAR, MOACYR & ELOAH F GIACOMELLI & ILAN STAVANS - The Collected Stories of Moacyr Scliar
22810: GRAND COMMITTEE OF ANTIENT FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS IN SCOTLAND - Special Bye Laws of Lodge Houston St. Johnstone No 242: Holding of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons in Scotland
27456: NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND - National Gallery of Scotland Illustrations (Plate Vol Only)
42515: SCOTT, TOM (EDITOR) - Penguin Book of Scottish Verse
48338: CAROLYN SCOTT - Westminster Abbey Its Links with the Famous
43720: SCOTT, MAURICE FITZGERALD - A New View of Economic Growth
48058: SCOTT, A. F. - Every One a Witness the Tudor Age- Commentaries of an Era
39640: SCOTT J M - Gino Watkins
43115: SCOTT, GEORGE RYLEY - The History of Corporal Punishment (Flagellation)
30670: RATZAN SCOTT C (EDITOR) - The Mad Cow Crisis Health and the Public Good
45727: SCOTT, M. C. - Rome the Art of War
19653: FITZGERALD F SCOTT - The Diamond As Big As the Ritz and Other Stories
13450: SCOTT A F - The Early Hanoverian Age 1714-1760 (Commenteries of an Era)
54254: SCOTT, WALTER & CLAIRE LAMONT - Chronicles of the Canongate "the Highland Widow", "the Two Drovers", "the Surgeon's Daughter"
49346: SCOTT, PAUL - Scotland a Concise Cultural History
27351: MONCRIEFF C K SCOTT (TRANSLATED BY) - Stendhal: Scarlet and Black (2 Volumes)
2842: DIXON-SCOTT J - Scottish Counties a Book of Photographs
45728: SCOTT, M C - Rome the Eagle of the Twelfth: Rome 3
49711: LATOURETTE KENNETH SCOTT - Christianity in a Revolutionary Age (Vol I) Background and the Roman Catholic Phase
47340: SCOTT, ARTHUR FINLEY - Stuart Age
21857: SCOTT W S - The Georgian Theatre
3214: ROGERS JEAN SCOTT - Cobden and His Kate the Story of a Marriage
33836: FITZGERALD F SCOTT - The Last Tycoon
45072: SCOTT E F - The Book of Revelation
36966: SCOTT P G - Tennyson's Enoch Arden a Victorian Best -Seller
5082: FOX DAVID SCOTT - Mediterranean Heritage
5629: SCOTT A F - The Saxon Age Commentaries of an Era
6823: SCOTT J M - Extel 100 the Centenary History of the Exchange Telegraph Company
39263: SCOTT, SIR WALTER & A. N. WILSON - Ivanhoe
9954: HASELTON SCOTT E - Cacti for the Amateur
48381: SCOTT-GILES, C. W. - Heraldry in Westminster Abbey
45729: SCOTT, M C - Rome the Coming of the King
38878: SCOTT, WALTER - Thoughts on the Proposed Change of Currency; [and 'a Second Letter... On the Proposed Change of Currency'; and 'a Third Letter... On the Proposed... [by] John Wilson Croker
35657: SCOVELL E J - Midsummer Meadow and Other Poems
37139: SCRIMGEOUR, JAMES R - Sean o'Casey Twayne's English Authors Series
54176: SEABROOK, JEREMY & JON SNOW - The Refuge and the Fortress Britain and the Flight from Tyranny
38876: SEAGER, H.W. - Natural History in Shakespeare's Time Being Extracts Illustrative of the Subject As He Knew It
9831: SEAMAN L C B - Post-Victorian Britain 1902-1951
6078: HEANEY SEAMUS - The Haw Lantern
25603: HEANEY SEAMUS - Place and Displacement: Recent Poetry of Northern Ireland the Peter Laver Memorial Lecture at Grasmere August 1984
25092: HEANEY SEAMUS - The Spirit Level
15683: FILOR SEAMUS W - The Process of Landscape Design
17879: HOLLAND AILSA AND HELFERTY SEAMUS (COMPILED BY) - Guide to the Archives Department University College Dublin
25091: HEANEY SEAMUS - Electric Light
2101: DEANE SEAMUS - Reading in the Dark
25384: MCRORY SEAMUS - The Voice from the Sideline Famous Gaa Managers
28747: QUINN BRIDIE AND CASHMAN SEAMUS - The Wolfhound Book of Irish Poems for Young People
24140: QUINN BRIDIE AND CASHMAN SEAMUS - The Wolfhound Book of Irish Poems for Young People
46588: O'KELLY SEAMUS - The Glorious Seven 1916-1966
31537: HOLLAND SEAMUS - Rutland Street the Story of an Educational Experiment for Disadvantaged Children in Dublin
4229: CASHMAN SEAMUS - Clowns and Acrobats
5515: HEANEY SEAMUS - York Notes on Selected Poems
7242: O RIORDAIN SEAN P. O. - Tara the Monuments on the Hill
29016: O'CASEY SEAN - I Knock at the Door
28947: O'CASEY SEAN - Sunset and the Evening Star
28946: O'CASEY SEAN - Oak Leaves and Lavender
28944: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock and the Plough and the Stars
28941: O'CASEY SEAN - Five Irish Plays
47491: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock a Tragedy in Three Acts
53650: O'FAOLAIN SEAN - Constance Markievicz
53551: O'FAOLAIN SEAN - De Valera
1910: O'FAOLAIN SEAN - The Irish
55169: MCMAHON SEAN (EDITOR) - The Best from the Bell Great Irish Writing
1099: O'CASEY SEAN - Two Plays (Juno and the Paycock. And the Shadow of a Gunman. )
3691: O'CASEY SEAN - Three Plays
1069: JENNETT SEAN - Always Adam
23713: O'FAOLAIN SEAN - The Story of Ireland
1211: MCCANN SEAN (EDITOR) - The World of Brendan Behan
16015: MONK SEAN C - The Road Past Wicklow : Stories of the Irish People
28243: O RIORDAIN SEAN P - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
543: O'CASEY SEAN - Red Roses for Me
24926: O'RIORDAIN SEAN P - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
16574: HARDIE SEAN - Right Connections
24162: MCCANN SEAN (COMPILED BY) - The Wit of Oscar Wilde
40179: JENNETT SEAN - The Sun and Old Stones a Tour Through the Midi
546: O'CASEY SEAN - Oak Leaves and Lavender (or a World on Wallpaper. )
28940: O'CASEY SEAN - Collected Plays Volume III
466: JENNETT SEAN - Connacht a View of the Five Counties of Connacht.
25012: O'CASEY SEAN - Two Plays: Juno and the Paycock and the Shadow of a Gunman (Note-Silver Tassie Not Present) Two Plays Only
26200: HUGHES SEAN - The Detainees
22316: O'CASEY SEAN - Autobiographies 2
2237: JENNETT SEAN - Connacht
55149: O'SULLIVAN SEAN (EDITOR) - Folktales of Ireland
4663: O'CASEY SEAN - Red Roses for Me a Play in Four Acts
25011: O'CASEY SEAN - The Plough and Stars
25013: O'CASEY SEAN - Under a Colored Cap
24616: MAGEE SEAN - Racing and the Irish
26107: TREACY SEAN - Shay Scally and Manny Wagstaff
28672: O'CASEY SEAN - Red Roses for Me: A Play in Four Acts
28653: O'HANLON SEAN - Gather No Moss: An Apocryphal Autobiography
28095: O RIORDAIN SEAN P - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
5199: JENNETT SEAN - The Cloth of Flesh
25147: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock
24883: O'CASEY SEAN - Inishfallen Fare Thee Well
28523: O'CASEY SEAN - The Harvest Festival
28521: O'CASEY SEAN - Rose and Crown
317: JENNETT SEAN - The Loire
54118: DE FREINE SEAN - The Great Silence
35790: JENNETT SEAN - The Sun and Old Stones a Tour Through the Midi
4380: JENNETT SEAN - Deserts of England
4613: O'RIORDAIN SEAN - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
4662: O'CASEY SEAN - The Bishops Bonfire
4843: O'CASEY SEAN - Blasts and Benedictions
4845: MCCANN SEAN (EDITOR) - The World of Sean o'Casey.
549: O'CASEY SEAN - Drums Under the Windows
553: O'CASEY SEAN - The Green Crow Selected Writings of Sean o' Casey.
649: JENNETT SEAN - The West of Ireland, a Descriptive Look at the Counties and Towns of the West of Ireland.
650: JENNETT SEAN - Munster
750: MCMAHON SEAN - Sam Hanna Bell
7540: DESMOND SEAN - A Touch of the Irish Wit and Wisdom
7725: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock and the Plough and the Stars Introduction and Notes by Guy Boas
54387: FINNEGAN FR SEAN - In Hope of Harvest the Story of St John's Seminary Wonersh
38127: SEARCH, GAY - The Last Taboo Sexual Abuse of Children
49023: SEARLE, MARK - Liturgy Made Simple
47113: SEASOLTZ, R. KEVIN - New Liturgy, New Laws
45884: SEBAG MONTEFIORE, SIMON - Prince of Princes the Life of Potemkin
45825: SEBAG MONTEFIORE, SIMON - Catherine the Great and Potemkin the Imperial Love Affair
54642: SEBALD, W. G. & ANTHEA BELL - Austerlitz
48746: SEBALD, W G & MICHAEL HULSE - The Emigrants
54090: SEBALD, W. G. & ANTHEA BELL - Campo Santo
51352: SEBBAR, LEILA - Une Enfance Algerienne
54383: WIENER SECESSION - A.P. Gutersloh Zum 100. Geburtstag
45680: SECUNDA, NICK - The Republican Roman Army 200-104bc
40539: SEDGWICK, ADAM - Discourse on the Studies of the University Introduction by Eric Ashby & Mary Anderson
3319: DRUMMOND SEDGWICK - The Salmon Handbook the Life and Cultivation of Fishes of the Salmon Family
44044: SEERS, DUDLEY - The Levelling of Incomes Since 1938
54089: SEGEL, BINJAMIN W. & RICHARD S. LEVY - A Lie and a Libel the History of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
54532: SEGEL, BINJAMIN W. & RICHARD S. LEVY - A Lie and a Libel the History of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
53621: SEGEL, HAROLD B. - Stranger in Our Midst Images of the Jew in Polish Literature
54981: SEGEV, TOM - Seventh Million
51706: SEIDMAN, NAOMI - Faithful Renderings Jewish-Christian Difference and the Politics of Translation
45688: SEKUNDA, NICK & RICHARD HOOK - Early Roman Armies
45247: SELBY C W - The Hailstone Papers 1695-1871
43782: SELDEN, RAMAN - English Verse Satire, 1590-1765
36919: SELDON, ARTHUR - "New Right" Enlightenment Young Authors on the Spectre That Haunts the Left
36811: SELF, WILL - Cock and Bull
51963: SELIGMAN, LINDA - Selecting Effective Treatments a Comprehensive Systematic Guide to Treating Mental Disorders
22390: SMITH J C AND SELINCOURT E DE (EDITED BY) - Spenser Poetical Works
45792: LIVY & A. DE SELINCOURT - History of Rome from Its Foundation Early History of Rome Bks. 1-5
42629: SELLAR W - The Elements of Perspective Drawing
49728: SELLERS, IAN - Nineteenth Century Nonconformity
5873: LYTTON SELLS A (TRANSLATED BY) - The Memoirs of James I I His Campaigns As Duke of York 1652-1660
23943: SELLWOOD A V - The Red-Gold Flame a Look at the Easter-Rising
55773: GOLDBERG RABBI SELVIN - The Manchester Congregation of British Jews 1857-1957
47823: LLOYD SELWYN - Suez 1956 a Personal Account
42916: LLOYD SELWYN - Suez 1956 a Personal Account
22231: LLOYD SELWYN - Suez 1956 a Personal Account
51046: SEMELIN, JACQUES - Unarmed Against Hitler Civilian Resistance in Europe, 1939-1943
54494: SEMENOFF E - The Russian Government and the Massacres a Page of the Russian Counter-Revolution
20984: SEN K M - Hinduism
46795: SENAN FR - Angelic Shepherd
46926: SENIOR, DONALD - First and Second Peter
50465: SENN, FRITZ - New Light on Joyce from the Dublin Symposium
42390: SENNETT, TED - Warner Brothers Presents
55693: SENNOTT, CHARLES M. - The Body and the Blood the Middle East's Vanishing Christians and the Possibility for Peace: The Holy Land's Christians at the Turn of a New Millennium
54421: SERED, SUSAN STARR - Women As Ritual Experts the Religious Lives of Elderly Jewish Women in Jerusalem (Publications of the American Folklore Society)
48933: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer His Battle with Truth
54047: SABARSKY SERGE - Oskar Kokoschka Zeichnungen Und Aquarelle
48630: SERGEANT, JOHN - Give Me Ten Seconds
50253: TOLSTOY SERGEI - Tolstoy Remembered by His Son
26804: BETTINI SERGIO - Pittura Delle Origini Cristiana
26058: LERMAN SERGIO - Tel Aviv
26057: LERMAN SERGIO - Jerusalem
26010: LERMAN SERGIO - Jaffa: Enchanted City
25841: LERMAN SERGIO - Safed
45549: BALDI SERGIO - Sir Thomas Wyatt Translated by F T Prince
51994: SERMAN, WILLIAM & JEAN-PAUL BERTAUD - Nouvelle Histoire Militaire de la France. Tome 1, 1789-1919
53962: SERVICE, ROBERT - The Russian Revolution, 1900-27
41054: SETH-SMITH, MICHAEL - Bred for the Purple a History of the Monarchy and the Turf
41011: SETH, VIKRAM - From Heaven Lake Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
10101: SETHI S PRAKASH, NAMIKI N AND SWANSON CARL L - The False Promise of the Japanese Miracle Illusions and Realities of the Japanese Management System
32256: GORDON SETON - Wild Birds in Britain
51235: WATSON-SETON R. W. - From Munich to Danzig Being the Third Edition, Revised and Much Enlarged
36304: MERRIMAN HENRY SETON - From One Generation to Another
24545: O'SULLIVAN SEUMAS - Essays and Recollections
28124: MACMANUS SEUMAS - Hibernian Nights: Twenty-Two Tales of Irish Mystery and Magic
42802: SEWARD, DESMOND - Prince of the Renaissance Life of Francois I
40499: SEWARD, DESMOND - Henry V As Warlord
48744: SEWARD, DESMOND - The Monks of War the Military Religious Orders
52714: SEWARD, DESMOND - The Monks of War the Military Religious Orders
26315: STOKES LESLIE AND SEWELL - Oscar Wilde a Play
12009: SEWELL J L - Marketing and Market Assessment
46261: SEWELL, BROCARD - Vatican Oracle
39060: SEYMOUR, JOHN & PETER MORTER - Gardener's Delight
35774: PITCHER SEYMOUR M - The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of " the Famous Victories"with the Complete Text of the Anonymous Play
50055: SEYMOUR, JOHN - Changing Lifestyles Living As Though the World Mattered
39264: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN - Robert Graves His Life and Work
33388: FISHER SEYMOUR - Understanding the Female Organism
43987: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles in Britain (Vol 2) V. 2
42649: BETSKY SEYMOUR - Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter an Exercise in Evaluation
37973: SLIVE SEYMOUR - How to Appriciate Art Form and Design
21889: REIT SEYMOUR - Masquerade: The Amazing Camoflage Deceptions of World War II
21666: MAIN SH M - Towards the Close of the Century of Counterrevolutions
14708: MAIN SH M - Towards the Close of the Century of Counterrevolutions
54896: SHAFFER, JOHN W. - Family and Farm Agrarian Change and Household Organization in the Loire Valley, 1500-1900
49771: SHAFIR, SHLOMO - Ambiguous Relations American Jewish Community and Germany Since 1945
52821: SHAHAR, SHULAMITH - The Fourth Estate a History of Women in the Middle Ages
51252: SHAKED, GERSHON - (Re) Writing Love in Post Modern Times No2-Autumn/Winter 2005/2006
50075: SHAKED, GERSHON & EMILY MILLER BUDICK - Modern Hebrew Fiction
19623: SHAKER F - L'Agent Du Caire
39257: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Othello (York Notes Advanced)
54858: SHALIT, EREL - The Hero and His Shadow Psychopolitical Aspects of Myth and Reality in Israel
49977: SHAMASH, VIOLETTE & TONY ROCCA & MIRA ROCCA - Memories of Eden a Journey Through Jewish Baghdad
55457: SHAMMAS, ANTON - Arabesques
47130: HATCH AILDEN AND WALSHE SHAMUS - Crown of Glory the Life of Pope Pius XII
24118: CONNAUGHTON SHANE - The Run of the Country
47590: LESLIE SHANE - The End of a Chapter
47985: LESLIE SHANE - Henry Edward Manning His Life and Labours
28044: CONNAUGHTON SHANE - A Border Diary
53077: SHANNON, CATHERINE B. - Arthur J. Balfour and Ireland, 1874-1922
11417: HART VIVIEN STIMSON SHANNON C (EDITORS) - Writing a National Identity
54728: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL & AUMIE SHAPIRO - Jewish Londoners
39127: SHAPIRO, JUDITH & LIANG HENG - Return to China a Survivor of the Cultural Revolution Reports on China Today
52770: SHAPIRO, DAVID - The Right in France 1890-1919 Three Studies
46097: SHARAFUDDIN, MOHAMMED - Islam and Romantic Orientalism Literary Encounters with the Orient
54403: SHARE, BERNARD - Naming Names Who, What, Where in Irish Nomenclature: Who, What, Where in Ireland
26502: BAILLY CHRISTIAN AND BAILLY SHARON - L'Age D'or Des Automates 1848-1914
53391: SHAROT, STEPHEN - Judaism a Sociology
51674: SHAROT, STEPHEN - Messianism, Mysticism, and Magic a Sociological Analysis of Jewish and Religious Movements
47803: SHARP, ALAN - The Versailles Settlement Peacemaking in Paris, 1919
55176: SHARP, ALAN - 28 June Sarajevo 1914 - Versailles 1919
10555: BLACKBURN P AND SHARPE R (EDITORS) - Britain's Industrial Renaissance
31275: ANDERSON R J AND SHARROCK W W (EDITORS) - Applied Sociological Perspectives
52315: SHATTUCK, ROGER & ETC. - Henri Rousseau a Catalogue
50421: SHATZ, ADAM - Prophets Outcast a Century of Dissident Jewish Writing About Zionism and Israel
49597: GOULD JULIUS AND ESH SHAUL (EDITORS) - Jewish Life in Modern Britain
247: HERRON SHAUN - The Mac Donnell
38222: SHAVELSON, MELVILLE - Great Houdinis a Vaudeville
42143: SHAW, D.W.D. - Who Is God?
1688: SHAW A G L - The Story of Australia
38126: SHAW, PHYLLIS - Overcoming Shyness and Anxiety
4217: SHAW G B - Back to Methuselah (Standard Edition)
36775: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Major Barbara
37190: SPARROW WALTER SHAW - A Book of Sporting Painters
39141: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Crime and Compromise Janos Kadar and the Politics of Hungary Since Revolution
49369: O'SHEA, JAMES - Priest, Politics and Society in Post-Famine Ireland a Study of County Tipperary, 1850-91
53097: O'SHEA, SEAN & DONLON, SEAN - The Paris of Joyce and Beckett a Tourist Guide
50531: O'SHEA, MICHAEL - The Brain a Very Short Introduction
37704: O'SHEA, TIM & JOHN SELF - Learning and Teaching with Computers Artificial Intelligence in Education
6424: KRANS HORATIO SHEAFE - Irish Life in Irish Fiction
40687: SHEARS W S - This England a Book of the Shires and Counties
40648: SHEARS, RICHARD & ISOBELLE GIDLEY - The Rainbow Warrior Affair
48553: SHEED F. J. - The Mary Book
46953: SHEED, F. J. - To Know Christ Jesus
46861: SHEED F J (TRANSLATOR) - God and the Human Condition (1) God and the Human Mind
51802: SHEED F J - To Know Christ Jesus
47210: SHEED F J - Theology for Beginners
50474: SHEEHY, JEANNE & GEORGE MOTT - The Rediscovery of Ireland's Past Celtic Revival, 1830-1930
33445: SULLIVAN SHEILA - Falling in Love a History of Torment and Enchantment
54543: SHEILS, W.J. & DIANA WOOD - The Churches, Ireland and the Irish
45838: SHELAH, HEZI & FRED SKOLNIK - Napoleon, 1813
10989: CHENEY SHELDON - The Theatre : Three Thousand Years of Drama, Acting and Stagecraft
12101: INDERWICK SHELIA - Lungeing: The Horse and Rider
14642: KAYE-SMITH SHELIA - Three Against the World
31467: LEWENHAK SHELIA - Women and Work
12271: HANMER JALNA AND SAUNDERS SHELIA - Well-Founded Fear: A Community Study of Violence Towards Women
34681: RUSSELL SHELIA - Collaborative School Self -Review
48416: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE & TIMOTHY WEBB - Shelley Selected Poems
10980: MYDANS SHELLEY - Thomas a Novel of the Life, Passion, and Miracles of Becket
15828: SHELLEY P B - The Works of P B Shelley
38464: SHELLEY, MARY - "Frankenstein"
15799: MACKAY SHENA - A Bowl of Cherries
13449: MACKAY SHENA - The Laughing Academy
52596: SHENNAN, ANDREW - The Fall of France 1940
54223: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - A Price Below Rubies Jewish Women As Rebels and Radicals
49407: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - A Price Below Rubies - Jewish Women As Rebels & Radicals (Cobee)
53596: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - The Russians in Israel the Ordeal of Freedom
40868: SHEPPARD H R L - Some of My Religion
28307: SHERIDAN - The Rivals and the School for Scandal
25036: MORLEY SHERIDAN - Oscar Wilde
16276: LE FANU SHERIDAN - In a Glass Darkly
9431: SHERIDAN - The Rivals
13645: MORLEY SHERIDAN (EDITOR) - Theatre 72
25381: SHERIDAN R B - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
52605: SHERIDAN, SYBIL - Hear Our Voice Women Rabbis Tell Their Stories
28444: SHERIDAN R B - The Rivals and the School for Scandal Edited by Howe David
28165: SHERIDAN MRS F - The History of Nourjahad
29974: SHERIDAN R B - Dramatic Works
35454: SHERIDAN R B - Dramatic Works
35880: SHERIDAN R B - The School for Scandal
5308: SHERIDAN - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
52998: SHERIDON R. K. - Kurt Von Schuschniigg a Tribute
32289: SHERLOCK R L - London and the Thames Valley and a Guide to the Geological Column
39636: SHERLOCK, DAVID & H. WOODS - St. Augustine's Abbey Report on Excavations, 1960-78
55535: SHERMAN, JOSEPH & MARC CHAGALL - From Revolution to Repression Soviet Yiddish Writing 1917-1952
55452: SHERMAN, JOSEPH - The Jewish Pope Myth, Diaspora and Yiddish Literature
55638: SHERMAN, DANIEL J. - The Construction of Memory in Interwar France
36051: LEE SHERMAN E - The Genius of Japanese Design
44947: SHERPA, TENZING NORGAY & MALCOLM BARNES - After Everest an Autobiography
51366: SHERRY, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Joseph Conrad a Commemoration
32334: SHERWOOD MRS M - The History of Susan Gray As Related to a Clergyman
53572: SHIBLAK, ABBAS - Iraqi Jews a History of Mass Exodus
45829: SHIELDS, GRAHAM J. - Spain Bibliography: 060
35356: SHILLINGFORD A E P - England's Vanishing Windmills
50612: SHILO, MARGALIT - Princess or Prisoner? Jewish Women in Jerusalem, 1840-1914
51586: REDLICH SHIMON - Propganda and Nationalism in Wartime Russia the Jewish Antifascist Cimmitee in the Ussr, 1941-148
55659: SHIMSHONI, DANIEL - Israeli Democracy the Middle of the Journey
51010: SHINDLER, COLIN - The Land Beyond Promise Israel, Likud and the Zionist Dream
50951: SHINDLER, COLIN - The Triumph of Military Zionism Nationalism and the Origins of the Israeli Right
51910: SHINDLER, COLIN - Ploughshares Into Swords? Israelis and Jews in the Shadow of the Intifada
53615: SHINDLER, COLIN - Exit Visa Detente, Human Rights and the Jewish Emigration Movement in the U.S. S.R.
41552: SHINE, BETTY - Mind Magic
52303: SHINER, L.E. - Secret Mirror Literary Form and History in Tocqueville's "Recollections"
46622: DUCKETT ELEANOR SHIPLEY - Gateway to the Middle Ages Monastism
2117: MAYES D HART P MATTHEWS D AND SHIPMAN A. - The Single Market Programme As a Stimulas to Change Comparisons between Britain and Germany
22377: TOULSON SHIRLEY - Celtic Journeys in Scotland and the North of England
35907: TOULSON SHIRLEY - Discovering Farm Museums and Farm Parks
47948: SHIRLEY T F - Thomas Thirley Tudor Bishop
42485: SHIVERS JR., FRANK R. - Walking in Baltimore an Intimate Guide to the Old City
49450: KATZ SHLOMO (EDITOR) - The Midstream Reader
50839: BARER SHLOMO - The Magic Carpet
14587: DAYAN SHMUEL - Man and the Soil
51719: ASH SHOLOM - Kiddush Ha-Shem an Epic of 1648
8307: ALEICHEM SHOLOM - Inside Kasrilevke
39459: SHORE, ARTHUR FRANK - Portrait Painting from Roman Egypt
41563: SHORT, ROBERT L. - The Gospel from Outer Space
53015: SHORTO, RUSSELL - Gospel Truth the New Image of Jesus Emerging from Science and History and Why It Matters
42980: SHOWERS, BRIAN J. & DUANE SPURLOCK - Literary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin Literary Walking Tours

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