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25143: LOVER SAMUEL - Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life
30430: CARR SAMUEL (EDITOR) - Country Verse
35478: BOLTON SAMUEL - The True Bounds of Christian Freedom
8309: BECKFORD WILLIAM/JOHNSON SAMUEL - The History of the Caliph Vathek and Rasselas (Prince of Abyssinia)
8902: CHEW SAMUEL C - Swinburne
9443: SHARPE SAMUEL - The History of Egypt from the Earlist Times Till the Conquest by the Arabs Ad 640 (2 Volumes)
48666: SANDARS, N. - The Epic of Gilgamesh
16108: SANDBERG W J (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Art of Writing
45380: SANDERS, KENNETH - A Matter of Interest Clinical Notes of a Psychoanalyst in General Practice
45384: SANDERS, KENNETH - Post Kleinian Psychoanalysis the Biella Seminars
13307: SANDERS E K - S Francois de Sales 1567-1622
32301: CROMPTON ROSEMARY AND SANDERSON - Gendered Jobs and Social Change
46031: SANDERSON G N - England, Europe and the Upper Nile 1882-1899
45334: FERENCZI SANDOR - First Contributions to Psycho-Analysis
10859: DIJKSTRA SANDRA - Flora Triston: Feminism in the Age of George Sand
35511: STEINGRABER SANDRA - Living Downstream an Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Enviroment
9618: MCDERMOTT SANDRA - A British Survey of Studies in Female Sexuality
42056: SANDS P C - Literary Geniusof the New Testament
41462: SANDS P C - Literary Genius of the Old Testament
11969: GALL SANDY - Behind Russian Lines : An Afghan Journal
10328: RAMA RAU SANTHA - Gifts of Passage
18634: CALATRAVA SANTIAGO - Dynamic Equilibrium Recent Projects
13648: GENOVES SANTIAGO - Is Peace Inevitable? : Aggression, Evolution and Human Destiny
8074: SAPPER (CHOSEN BY) - The Best of o Henry
32315: MOORLAND SARA - The High Ridge Farm
26776: KENT SARAH - Shark Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s
32312: DOUDNEY SARAH - Wave Upon Wave
18117: SCHULMAN SARAH - My American History (Lesbian and Gay Life During the Reagan/Bush Years)
18465: O'BRIEN TWOHIG SARAH - Beckmann Carnival
14639: BROWN SARAH - Sarah Brown's Secret England
19583: SYMMONS SARAH - Goya in Persuit of Patronage
11321: FOUNTAIN SARAH M (EDITOR) - Authentic Voices: Arkansas Culture 1541-1860
15611: BROWN MURIEL AND PAYNE SARAH - Introduction to Social Administration in Britain
7261: FLANNERY SARAH (WITH DAVID FLANNERY) - In Code - a Mathematical Journey
5651: DISRAELI BENJAMIN AND SARAH - A Year at Hartlebury or the Election
30119: HERGOTT FABRICE AND WHITFIELD SARAH - Georges Rouault the Early Years 1903-1920
36263: BAKEWELL SARAH - The Smart the True Story of Margaret Caroline Rudd and the Unfortunate Perreau Brothers
5932: GAINHAM SARAH - The Habsburg Twilight Tales from Vienna
8766: MUSSEN SARAH - Beating About the Bush
15787: FLORENCE P SARGANT - Labour
42750: EDITED BY DAVE ARTHUR/SARGENT G - A Sussex Life the Memories of Gilbert Sargent, Countryman
37205: COWASJEE SAROS - Sean o'Casey the Man Behind the Plays
9418: COWASJEE SAROS - Sean o'Casey: The Man Behind the Plays
40462: SASSE, H.C. & J. HORNE - Cassell's Concise German-English, English-German Dictionary
40118: SASSON, JEAN - Daughters of Arabia Princess 2
49235: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man
43534: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon
43454: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The War Poems
33016: KUMAR SATISH (EDITOR) - The Schumacker Lectures
47211: DE LA SAUDEE, JACQUES DE BIVORT - God, Man and the Universe a Christian Answer to Modern Materialism
22072: SAUL S B - The Myth of the Great Depression 1873-1896
13585: BELLOW SAUL - Theft
34190: BELLOW SAUL - Mr Sammler's Planet
37126: SAUL, NIGEL - The Age of Chivalry Art and Society in Late Medieval England
4733: DAVID SAUL - Mutiny at Salerno an Injustice Exposed
37550: SAUNDERS, TIM - The High Tide Collected Poems in Cornish 1974-1999
37559: SAUNDERS,TIM - The Wheel an Anthology of Modern Poetry in Cornish 1850-1980
44090: SAUNDERS, DAVID - Britain's Maritime Memorials and Mementoes
36788: SAVAN, GLENN - White Palace
48736: SAWARD, JOHN & ROWAN WILLIAMS - The Mysteries of March Hans Urs Von Balthasar on the Incarnation and Easter
41740: SAWBRIDGE J E - The Art of Persons Living in Unity: In-Coporation of the in-Carnation a Year's Course of Weekly Studies of the Copec Reports
32901: SAWYER W W - Mathematician's Delight
41933: SAWYER W W - Mathematician's Delight
39359: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER - Continual Pilgrimage American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960
20796: SAYLES G O - The Medieval Foundations of England
40767: SAYLES G O - The Medieval Foundations of England
45921: SAYLOR, STEVEN - Raiders of the Nile
40650: SCAFE, SUZANNE - Teaching Black Literature
42942: SCALLY, JOHN - Marion Carroll a Modern-Day Miracle: I Was Cured at Knock
46346: SCANLON, MICHAEL & ANN THERESE SHIELDS - And Their Eyes Were Opened Encountering Jesus in the Sacraments
48029: SCARISBRICK J J - Reformation and the English People
36936: SCHAMA, SIMON; TREMBLAY, JEAN-PAUL - Citizens Chronicle of the French Revolution
30540: SCHAPERA I - Government and Politics in Tribal Societies Josiah Mason Lectures Delivered at Birmingham University
32741: HARVIE C MARTIN G AND SCHARF A (EDITORS) - Industrialisation and Culture 1830-1914
37825: SCHELE, LINDA & MARY ELLEN MILLER & JUSTIN KERR - The Blood of Kings Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art
40633: SCHELL, JONATHAN - The Fate of the Earth
47265: SCHENK W. - Reginald Pole Cardinal of England
43753: SCHIER, FLINT - Deeper Into Pictures an Essay on Pictorial Representation
48786: SCHILLEBEECKX, EDWARD & N.D. SMITH - The Eucharist
46944: SCHILLEBEECKX, E. O. P. - Christ the Sacrament
46325: SCHLAFER, DAVID J. - Surviving the Sermon Guide to Preaching for Those Who Have to Listen
31771: SCHLESINGER G - Confirmation and Confirmability
41614: SCHLINK, BASILEA - Pollution-But There Is an Answer
45604: SCHLINK, BASILEA - Patmos When the Heavens Opened
41377: SCHLINK, PROF BERNHARD - The Reader
49025: SCHMEMANN, ALEXANDER & A.E. MOORHOUSE - Introduction to Liturgical Theology
43049: SCHMID, SUSANNE & MICHAEL ROSSINGTON (EDITORS) - The Reception of P.B. Shelley in Europe (the Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe)
47095: SCHMIDT, JOSEPH F. - Praying with Therese of Lisieux
47750: SCHNEID, FREDERICK C. - European Politics 1815-1848
48950: THE MOST REV. ALDO DI CILLO PAGOTTO. THE MOST REV. ROBERT F. VASA. THE MOST REV. ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER - Preferential Option for the Family 100 Questions and Answeres Relating Tothe Synod
45427: SCHOEDINGER, ANDREW B. - Readings in Medieval Philosophy
11329: SCHOENBAUM S - Shakespeare and Others
49036: SCHOKEL, LUIS ALONSO & J. DEEHAN & P.F. LOMBARD - Celebrating the Eucharist Biblical Meditations
37527: SCHOLES, GRAHAM - Watercolour and How Getting Started in Watercolour
43979: SCHOM, ALAN - Trafalgar Countdown to Battle, 1803-1805
46314: SCHONFIELD, HUGH J - Those Incredible Christians a New Look at the Early Church
14703: PLONIES B AND SCHONWALDER O - Bonner Berichte Aus Mittel-Und Ostdeutschland
39792: SCHONZELER, HANS-HUBERT (EDITOR) - Of German Music a Synposium
33590: INSPECTORS OF SCHOOLS - Primary Education in England a Survey
45500: SCHOPENHAUER - Essays of Schopenhauer
39796: SCHREINER, OLIVE & RICHARD RIVE - Letters 1871-99 V. 1
48289: SCHRIBER, C P - The Dilemma of Arnulf of Lisieux New Ideas Versus Old Ideals
45819: SCHUMAN, WENDY - The Big Book of Angels
22810: GRAND COMMITTEE OF ANTIENT FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS IN SCOTLAND - Special Bye Laws of Lodge Houston St. Johnstone No 242: Holding of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons in Scotland
27456: NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND - National Gallery of Scotland Illustrations (Plate Vol Only)
42515: SCOTT, TOM (EDITOR) - Penguin Book of Scottish Verse
48403: THE REV. HERBERT SCOTT. S. - The Eastern Churches and the Papacy
48338: CAROLYN SCOTT - Westminster Abbey Its Links with the Famous
43720: SCOTT, MAURICE FITZGERALD - A New View of Economic Growth
48058: SCOTT, A. F. - Every One a Witness the Tudor Age- Commentaries of an Era
39640: SCOTT J M - Gino Watkins
43115: SCOTT, GEORGE RYLEY - The History of Corporal Punishment (Flagellation)
30670: RATZAN SCOTT C (EDITOR) - The Mad Cow Crisis Health and the Public Good
19067: NOEGEL SCOTT B - Janus Parallelism in the Book of Job
45727: SCOTT, M. C. - Rome the Art of War
19653: FITZGERALD F SCOTT - The Diamond As Big As the Ritz and Other Stories
13450: SCOTT A F - The Early Hanoverian Age 1714-1760 (Commenteries of an Era)
27351: MONCRIEFF C K SCOTT (TRANSLATED BY) - Stendhal: Scarlet and Black (2 Volumes)
2842: DIXON-SCOTT J - Scottish Counties a Book of Photographs
45728: SCOTT, M C - Rome the Eagle of the Twelfth: Rome 3
47340: SCOTT, ARTHUR FINLEY - Stuart Age
21857: SCOTT W S - The Georgian Theatre
3214: ROGERS JEAN SCOTT - Cobden and His Kate the Story of a Marriage
33836: FITZGERALD F SCOTT - The Last Tycoon
45072: SCOTT E F - The Book of Revelation
36966: SCOTT P G - Tennyson's Enoch Arden a Victorian Best -Seller
48381: SCOTT-GILES, C. W. - Heraldry in Westminster Abbey
5082: FOX DAVID SCOTT - Mediterranean Heritage
5629: SCOTT A F - The Saxon Age Commentaries of an Era
6823: SCOTT J M - Extel 100 the Centenary History of the Exchange Telegraph Company
39263: SCOTT, SIR WALTER & A. N. WILSON - Ivanhoe
9954: HASELTON SCOTT E - Cacti for the Amateur
45729: SCOTT, M C - Rome the Coming of the King
38878: SCOTT, WALTER - Thoughts on the Proposed Change of Currency; [and 'a Second Letter... On the Proposed Change of Currency'; and 'a Third Letter... On the Proposed... [by] John Wilson Croker
45863: SCOTTI, R. A. - Basilica the Splendor and the Scandal: Building St. Peter's
35657: SCOVELL E J - Midsummer Meadow and Other Poems
37139: SCRIMGEOUR, JAMES R - Sean o'Casey Twayne's English Authors Series
33255: SEABROOK W P - Modern Fruit Growing
38876: SEAGER, H.W. - Natural History in Shakespeare's Time Being Extracts Illustrative of the Subject As He Knew It
9831: SEAMAN L C B - Post-Victorian Britain 1902-1951
6078: HEANEY SEAMUS - The Haw Lantern
25603: HEANEY SEAMUS - Place and Displacement: Recent Poetry of Northern Ireland the Peter Laver Memorial Lecture at Grasmere August 1984
25092: HEANEY SEAMUS - The Spirit Level
15683: FILOR SEAMUS W - The Process of Landscape Design
17879: HOLLAND AILSA AND HELFERTY SEAMUS (COMPILED BY) - Guide to the Archives Department University College Dublin
25091: HEANEY SEAMUS - Electric Light
2101: DEANE SEAMUS - Reading in the Dark
25384: MCRORY SEAMUS - The Voice from the Sideline Famous Gaa Managers
28747: QUINN BRIDIE AND CASHMAN SEAMUS - The Wolfhound Book of Irish Poems for Young People
24140: QUINN BRIDIE AND CASHMAN SEAMUS - The Wolfhound Book of Irish Poems for Young People
46588: O'KELLY SEAMUS - The Glorious Seven 1916-1966
31537: HOLLAND SEAMUS - Rutland Street the Story of an Educational Experiment for Disadvantaged Children in Dublin
4229: CASHMAN SEAMUS - Clowns and Acrobats
5515: HEANEY SEAMUS - York Notes on Selected Poems
7242: O RIORDAIN SEAN P. O. - Tara the Monuments on the Hill
29016: O'CASEY SEAN - I Knock at the Door
28947: O'CASEY SEAN - Sunset and the Evening Star
28946: O'CASEY SEAN - Oak Leaves and Lavender
28944: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock and the Plough and the Stars
28941: O'CASEY SEAN - Five Irish Plays
47491: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock a Tragedy in Three Acts
1910: O'FAOLAIN SEAN - The Irish
1099: O'CASEY SEAN - Two Plays (Juno and the Paycock. And the Shadow of a Gunman. )
3691: O'CASEY SEAN - Three Plays
1069: JENNETT SEAN - Always Adam
17850: O'CALLAGHAN SEAN - The Informer (the Real Life Story of One Man's War Against Terrorism)
23713: O'FAOLAIN SEAN - The Story of Ireland
1211: MCCANN SEAN (EDITOR) - The World of Brendan Behan
24520: O'CASEY SEAN - The Plough and the Stars: A Tragedy in Four Acts
16015: MONK SEAN C - The Road Past Wicklow : Stories of the Irish People
28243: O RIORDAIN SEAN P - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
543: O'CASEY SEAN - Red Roses for Me
24926: O'RIORDAIN SEAN P - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
16574: HARDIE SEAN - Right Connections
24162: MCCANN SEAN (COMPILED BY) - The Wit of Oscar Wilde
40179: JENNETT SEAN - The Sun and Old Stones a Tour Through the Midi
546: O'CASEY SEAN - Oak Leaves and Lavender (or a World on Wallpaper. )
28940: O'CASEY SEAN - Collected Plays Volume III
466: JENNETT SEAN - Connacht a View of the Five Counties of Connacht.
25012: O'CASEY SEAN - Two Plays: Juno and the Paycock and the Shadow of a Gunman (Note-Silver Tassie Not Present) Two Plays Only
26200: HUGHES SEAN - The Detainees
22316: O'CASEY SEAN - Autobiographies 2
2237: JENNETT SEAN - Connacht
4663: O'CASEY SEAN - Red Roses for Me a Play in Four Acts
25011: O'CASEY SEAN - The Plough and Stars
25013: O'CASEY SEAN - Under a Colored Cap
24616: MAGEE SEAN - Racing and the Irish
26107: TREACY SEAN - Shay Scally and Manny Wagstaff
28672: O'CASEY SEAN - Red Roses for Me: A Play in Four Acts
28653: O'HANLON SEAN - Gather No Moss: An Apocryphal Autobiography
1511: O'RIORDAIN SEAN P - Tara the Monuments on the Hill
28095: O RIORDAIN SEAN P - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
5199: JENNETT SEAN - The Cloth of Flesh
25147: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock
24883: O'CASEY SEAN - Inishfallen Fare Thee Well
28523: O'CASEY SEAN - The Harvest Festival
28521: O'CASEY SEAN - Rose and Crown
317: JENNETT SEAN - The Loire
35357: O'CALLAGHAN SEAN - The Informer
35790: JENNETT SEAN - The Sun and Old Stones a Tour Through the Midi
4380: JENNETT SEAN - Deserts of England
4613: O'RIORDAIN SEAN - Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
4662: O'CASEY SEAN - The Bishops Bonfire
4843: O'CASEY SEAN - Blasts and Benedictions
4845: MCCANN SEAN (EDITOR) - The World of Sean o'Casey.
549: O'CASEY SEAN - Drums Under the Windows
553: O'CASEY SEAN - The Green Crow Selected Writings of Sean o' Casey.
649: JENNETT SEAN - The West of Ireland, a Descriptive Look at the Counties and Towns of the West of Ireland.
650: JENNETT SEAN - Munster
750: MCMAHON SEAN - Sam Hanna Bell
7540: DESMOND SEAN - A Touch of the Irish Wit and Wisdom
7725: O'CASEY SEAN - Juno and the Paycock and the Plough and the Stars Introduction and Notes by Guy Boas
39486: SEAR, FRANK - Roman Architecture
38127: SEARCH, GAY - The Last Taboo Sexual Abuse of Children
49023: SEARLE, MARK - Liturgy Made Simple
47113: SEASOLTZ, R. KEVIN - New Liturgy, New Laws
49094: SEASOLTZ, R. KEVIN - New Liturgy, New Laws
43236: SEBAG-MONTEFIORE, HUGH - Dunkirk Fight to the Last Man
45884: SEBAG MONTEFIORE, SIMON - Prince of Princes the Life of Potemkin
45825: SEBAG MONTEFIORE, SIMON - Catherine the Great and Potemkin the Imperial Love Affair
48746: SEBALD, W G & MICHAEL HULSE - The Emigrants
29131: BARRY SEBASTIAN - A Long Long Way
48004: BOWDEN HENRY SEBASTIAN - Mementoes of the English Martyrs and Confessors for Every Day of the Year
46551: CAMM DOM BEDE/VON OER DOM SEBASTIAN - A Day in the Cloister
45680: SECUNDA, NICK - The Republican Roman Army 200-104bc
40539: SEDGWICK, ADAM - Discourse on the Studies of the University Introduction by Eric Ashby & Mary Anderson
3319: DRUMMOND SEDGWICK - The Salmon Handbook the Life and Cultivation of Fishes of the Salmon Family
44044: SEERS, DUDLEY - The Levelling of Incomes Since 1938
45688: SEKUNDA, NICK & RICHARD HOOK - Early Roman Armies
45247: SELBY C W - The Hailstone Papers 1695-1871
39373: SELBY, JOHN MILLIN - Eagle and the Serpent the Spanish and American Invasions of Mexico 1519 and 1846
43782: SELDEN, RAMAN - English Verse Satire, 1590-1765
36919: SELDON, ARTHUR - "New Right" Enlightenment Young Authors on the Spectre That Haunts the Left
36811: SELF, WILL - Cock and Bull
22390: SMITH J C AND SELINCOURT E DE (EDITED BY) - Spenser Poetical Works
45792: LIVY & A. DE SELINCOURT - History of Rome from Its Foundation Early History of Rome Bks. 1-5
42629: SELLAR W - The Elements of Perspective Drawing
5873: LYTTON SELLS A (TRANSLATED BY) - The Memoirs of James I I His Campaigns As Duke of York 1652-1660
23943: SELLWOOD A V - The Red-Gold Flame a Look at the Easter-Rising
46874: SELWYN, EDWARD GORDON - The First Epistle of St. Peter the Greek Text with Notes & Essays
47823: LLOYD SELWYN - Suez 1956 a Personal Account
42916: LLOYD SELWYN - Suez 1956 a Personal Account
22231: LLOYD SELWYN - Suez 1956 a Personal Account
20984: SEN K M - Hinduism
46795: SENAN FR - Angelic Shepherd
46926: SENIOR, DONALD - First and Second Peter
42390: SENNETT, TED - Warner Brothers Presents
48933: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer His Battle with Truth
48630: SERGEANT, JOHN - Give Me Ten Seconds
26804: BETTINI SERGIO - Pittura Delle Origini Cristiana
26058: LERMAN SERGIO - Tel Aviv
26057: LERMAN SERGIO - Jerusalem
26010: LERMAN SERGIO - Jaffa: Enchanted City
25841: LERMAN SERGIO - Safed
45549: BALDI SERGIO - Sir Thomas Wyatt Translated by F T Prince
41054: SETH-SMITH, MICHAEL - Bred for the Purple a History of the Monarchy and the Turf
41011: SETH, VIKRAM - From Heaven Lake Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
10101: SETHI S PRAKASH, NAMIKI N AND SWANSON CARL L - The False Promise of the Japanese Miracle Illusions and Realities of the Japanese Management System
32256: GORDON SETON - Wild Birds in Britain
36304: MERRIMAN HENRY SETON - From One Generation to Another
24545: O'SULLIVAN SEUMAS - Essays and Recollections
28124: MACMANUS SEUMAS - Hibernian Nights: Twenty-Two Tales of Irish Mystery and Magic
42802: SEWARD, DESMOND - Prince of the Renaissance Life of Francois I
40499: SEWARD, DESMOND - Henry V As Warlord
48744: SEWARD, DESMOND - The Monks of War the Military Religious Orders
26315: STOKES LESLIE AND SEWELL - Oscar Wilde a Play
12009: SEWELL J L - Marketing and Market Assessment
46261: SEWELL, BROCARD - Vatican Oracle
39060: SEYMOUR, JOHN & PETER MORTER - Gardener's Delight
35774: PITCHER SEYMOUR M - The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of " the Famous Victories"with the Complete Text of the Anonymous Play
39264: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN - Robert Graves His Life and Work
33388: FISHER SEYMOUR - Understanding the Female Organism
43987: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles in Britain (Vol 2) V. 2
42649: BETSKY SEYMOUR - Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter an Exercise in Evaluation
37973: SLIVE SEYMOUR - How to Appriciate Art Form and Design
21889: REIT SEYMOUR - Masquerade: The Amazing Camoflage Deceptions of World War II
21666: MAIN SH M - Towards the Close of the Century of Counterrevolutions
14708: MAIN SH M - Towards the Close of the Century of Counterrevolutions
19623: SHAKER F - L'Agent Du Caire
39257: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Othello (York Notes Advanced)
47130: HATCH AILDEN AND WALSHE SHAMUS - Crown of Glory the Life of Pope Pius XII
24118: CONNAUGHTON SHANE - The Run of the Country
47590: LESLIE SHANE - The End of a Chapter
47270: LESLIE SHANE - The Anglo-Catholic a Sequel to 'the Cantab'
47985: LESLIE SHANE - Henry Edward Manning His Life and Labours
5344: CONNAUGHTON SHANE - A Border Station
28044: CONNAUGHTON SHANE - A Border Diary
48209: LESLIE SHANE - Mrs Fitzherbert a Life Chiefly from Unpublished Sources
49085: SHANNON, WILLIAM H. - Silence on Fire the Prayer of Awareness
11417: HART VIVIEN STIMSON SHANNON C (EDITORS) - Writing a National Identity
39127: SHAPIRO, JUDITH & LIANG HENG - Return to China a Survivor of the Cultural Revolution Reports on China Today
46097: SHARAFUDDIN, MOHAMMED - Islam and Romantic Orientalism Literary Encounters with the Orient
26502: BAILLY CHRISTIAN AND BAILLY SHARON - L'Age D'or Des Automates 1848-1914
47803: SHARP, ALAN - The Versailles Settlement Peacemaking in Paris, 1919
46123: SHARP, ALAN - 28 June Sarajevo 1914 - Versailles 1919
10555: BLACKBURN P AND SHARPE R (EDITORS) - Britain's Industrial Renaissance
31275: ANDERSON R J AND SHARROCK W W (EDITORS) - Applied Sociological Perspectives
247: HERRON SHAUN - The Mac Donnell
38222: SHAVELSON, MELVILLE - Great Houdinis a Vaudeville
42143: SHAW, D.W.D. - Who Is God?
1688: SHAW A G L - The Story of Australia
38126: SHAW, PHYLLIS - Overcoming Shyness and Anxiety
4217: SHAW G B - Back to Methuselah (Standard Edition)
36775: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Major Barbara
37190: SPARROW WALTER SHAW - A Book of Sporting Painters
39141: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Crime and Compromise Janos Kadar and the Politics of Hungary Since Revolution
37704: O'SHEA, TIM & JOHN SELF - Learning and Teaching with Computers Artificial Intelligence in Education
6424: KRANS HORATIO SHEAFE - Irish Life in Irish Fiction
40687: SHEARS W S - This England a Book of the Shires and Counties
40648: SHEARS, RICHARD & ISOBELLE GIDLEY - The Rainbow Warrior Affair
48553: SHEED F. J. - The Mary Book
49179: SHEED F. J. - To Know Christ Jesus
46953: SHEED, F. J. - To Know Christ Jesus
20215: SHEED F J (TRANSLATOR) - The Confessions of St. Augustine
46861: SHEED F J (TRANSLATOR) - God and the Human Condition (1) God and the Human Mind
47210: SHEED F J - Theology for Beginners
46904: SHEED F J - Theology for Beginners
46273: SHEEN, FULTON J. - God Love You Bishop Sheen's Own Selection of the Most Helpful, Inspiring Passages from His Many Books
33445: SULLIVAN SHEILA - Falling in Love a History of Torment and Enchantment
22153: HALE SHEILA - The Man Who Lost His Language
48144: EDITED BY: KATHLEEN ASHLEY AND PAMELA SHEINGORN - Interpreting Cultural Symbols Saint Anne in Late Medieval Society
45838: SHELAH, HEZI & FRED SKOLNIK - Napoleon, 1813
10989: CHENEY SHELDON - The Theatre : Three Thousand Years of Drama, Acting and Stagecraft
12101: INDERWICK SHELIA - Lungeing: The Horse and Rider
14642: KAYE-SMITH SHELIA - Three Against the World
31467: LEWENHAK SHELIA - Women and Work
12271: HANMER JALNA AND SAUNDERS SHELIA - Well-Founded Fear: A Community Study of Violence Towards Women
34681: RUSSELL SHELIA - Collaborative School Self -Review
48416: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE & TIMOTHY WEBB - Shelley Selected Poems
10980: MYDANS SHELLEY - Thomas a Novel of the Life, Passion, and Miracles of Becket
15828: SHELLEY P B - The Works of P B Shelley
38464: SHELLEY, MARY - "Frankenstein"
15799: MACKAY SHENA - A Bowl of Cherries
13449: MACKAY SHENA - The Laughing Academy
45096: SHEPPARD H R L - The Impatience of a Parson a Plea for the Recovery of Vital Christianity
40868: SHEPPARD H R L - Some of My Religion
28307: SHERIDAN - The Rivals and the School for Scandal
25036: MORLEY SHERIDAN - Oscar Wilde
16276: LE FANU SHERIDAN - In a Glass Darkly
9431: SHERIDAN - The Rivals
13645: MORLEY SHERIDAN (EDITOR) - Theatre 72
25381: SHERIDAN R B - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
28444: SHERIDAN R B - The Rivals and the School for Scandal Edited by Howe David
28165: SHERIDAN MRS F - The History of Nourjahad
29974: SHERIDAN R B - Dramatic Works
35454: SHERIDAN R B - Dramatic Works
35880: SHERIDAN R B - The School for Scandal
5308: SHERIDAN - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
32289: SHERLOCK R L - London and the Thames Valley and a Guide to the Geological Column
39636: SHERLOCK, DAVID & H. WOODS - St. Augustine's Abbey Report on Excavations, 1960-78
36051: LEE SHERMAN E - The Genius of Japanese Design
44947: SHERPA, TENZING NORGAY & MALCOLM BARNES - After Everest an Autobiography
32334: SHERWOOD MRS M - The History of Susan Gray As Related to a Clergyman
45829: SHIELDS, GRAHAM J. - Spain Bibliography: 060
35356: SHILLINGFORD A E P - England's Vanishing Windmills
41552: SHINE, BETTY - Mind Magic
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2117: MAYES D HART P MATTHEWS D AND SHIPMAN A. - The Single Market Programme As a Stimulas to Change Comparisons between Britain and Germany
22377: TOULSON SHIRLEY - Celtic Journeys in Scotland and the North of England
35907: TOULSON SHIRLEY - Discovering Farm Museums and Farm Parks
27452: TOULSON SHIRLEY - Shadows in an Orchard
47948: SHIRLEY T F - Thomas Thirley Tudor Bishop
42485: SHIVERS JR., FRANK R. - Walking in Baltimore an Intimate Guide to the Old City
14587: DAYAN SHMUEL - Man and the Soil
8307: ALEICHEM SHOLOM - Inside Kasrilevke
39459: SHORE, ARTHUR FRANK - Portrait Painting from Roman Egypt the Contradictions of Progress
41563: SHORT, ROBERT L. - The Gospel from Outer Space
42980: SHOWERS, BRIAN J. & DUANE SPURLOCK - Literary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin Literary Walking Tours
43748: SHTEIR, RACHEL - Gypsy the Art of the Tease
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11377: RAMON SHULAMIT (WITH MARIA GRAZIA GIANNICHEDDA) - Psychiatry in Transition: The British and Italian Experiences
14717: RAMON SHULAMIT (EDITOR) - Beyond Community Care: Normalisation and Integration Work
41072: SHULGIN, V - The Years Memoirs of a Member of the Russian Duma, 1906-1917
1413: SHURLY E - Cacti
16175: ENDO SHUSAKU - Volcano
9610: ENDO SHUSAKU - The Golden Country a Play Translated from the Japanese with Introduction by Francis Mathy
35514: BUSBY SIAN - A Wonderful Little Girl the True Story of Sarak Jacob the Welsh Fasting Girl
43907: WILBUR SIBYL - The Life of Mary Baker Eddy
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45162: SCOTT SIDNEY (EDITED BY) - A Journal of the Terror: Being an Account of the Occurencies in the Temple During the Confinement of Louis XVI, by M. Clery the King's Valet-de-Chambre, Together with a Description of the Last Hours of the King by the Abbe de Firmont
13991: -COLVIN SIDNEY (EDITOR) - The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson (4 Volumes)
34410: HARRISON SIDNEY - Music for the Multitude
33037: POLLARD SIDNEY - The Idea of Progress History and Society
41909: DARK SIDNEY - The Passing of the Puritan
33808: DARK SIDNEY - Wilson Carlile the Laughing Cavalier of Christ
34742: HEATH SIDNEY - The Cornish Riviera
34743: HEATH SIDNEY - Winchester
35794: BIDWELL SIDNEY - Red White and Black Race Relations in Britain
7819: HEATH SIDNEY - Our Homeland Churches and How to Study Them
41047: SIEGEL, BERNIE S. - Peace, Love and Healing
49283: SASOON SIEGFRIED - Sherston's Progress
8015: GOHR SIEGFRIED - Museum Ludwig Cologne (2 Volumes) (1) Plate Volume with Commentary (2) Catalogue Raisonne) -Bestandskatalog
40572: SIGMUND, ELIZABETH - Rage Against the Dying Campaign Against Chemical and Biological Warfare
29698: FREUD SIGMUND - Two Short Accounts of Psycho-Analysis Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis the Question of Lay Analysis
14779: FREUD SIGMUND - Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious
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39388: SILLIMAN, AUGUSTUS ELY - A Gallop Among American Scenery; or Sketches of American Scenes and Military Adventure
32761: SCHNEIDER LINDA AND SILVERMAN - Global Sociology Introducing Five Contemporary Societies
42003: HORNE C SILVESTER - A Popular History of the Free Churches
39755: SILVESTER, HANS & JACQUES SOUSTELLE - The Land of the Incas
10734: POTTER SIMEON - Language in the Modern World
45686: SIMKINS, MICHAEL - Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine
45687: SIMKINS, MICHAEL & RON EMBLETON - The Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan
33449: SIMMIE J M - Citizens in Conflict the Sociology of Town Planning
31908: SIMMIE J M - Citizens in Conflict the Sociology of Town Planning
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38978: SIMMS G O - The Book of Kells
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40925: BLUMENFELD SIMON - Doctor of the Lost
20172: BRETT SIMON - Murder in the Title
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18383: WILSON SIMON - Picasso Sculptor / Painter a Brief Guide
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30323: GRAY SIMON - The Smoking Diaries
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11605: JENNINGS SIMON (CONSULTANT EDITOR) - The New Guide to Illustration and Design
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17640: GARFIELD SIMON - The End of Innocence (Britain in the Time of Aids)
2808: WILSON SIMON - British Art from Holbein to the Present Day
31025: LEE SIMON - The Cost of Free Speech
35237: SCHAMA SIMON - A History of Britain at the Edge of the World ? 3000bc-Ad 1603
35244: WILSON SIMON - Beardsley
43503: HEFFER SIMON - Great British Speeches a Stirring Anthology of Speeches from Every Period of British History
13321: DE BEAUVOIR SIMONE - Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter
10132: DE BOAUVOIR SIMONE (EDITOR) - Quite Moments in a War the Letters of Jean-Paul Sartre to Simonee de Beauvoir 1940-1963
34079: DE BEAUVOIR SIMONE - Force of Circumstance
40840: SIMONS, JUDY - Fanny Burney
48350: SIMPSON, KEITH - Forty Years of Murder an Autobiography
44961: SIMPSON, JOE - This Game of Ghosts
41847: SIMSIC, WAYNE - Natural Prayer Encountering God in Nature
38085: SIMSON M R F (SECRETARY) - Old Age a Register of Social Research
45902: SINCLAIR, JOSEPH & STUART REID - A Soldier of the Seventy-First from de la Plata to Waterloo 1806-1815
40597: SINCLAIR, DAVID - Two Georges Making of the Modern Monarchy
43691: SINGER, H. W. & SUMIT ROY - Economic Progress and Prospects in the Third World Lessons of Development Experience Since 1945
36791: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Crown of Feathers and Other Stories
46584: SINGH, KHUSHWANT & RAGHU RAI - Sikhs, the
38886: SINGH, G. - F.R. Leavis a Literary Biography
44049: SION, EDWARD - Through Blue Skies to Hell the Bloody Hundredth's War on Germany
40532: NAPIER LIEUT-GEN SIR W - The Life and Opinions of General Sir Charles James Napier (Vol 1 Only)
20050: PETRIE CHARLES SIR - The Chamberlain Tradition
48625: SIR MORE, THOMAS - The Supplication of Souls His Reply to the Supplication of Beggars by Simon Fish
20378: CHAMBERLAIN AUSTEN SIR - Down the Years
47843: PETRIE CHARLES SIR - The Chamberlain Tradition
19836: HOWARD THE HON SIR R - The Committee Adapted for Theatrical Representation As Performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Covent Garden a Comedy
27098: CAMERON SIR D Y - The Beauty of Scotland Exhibition of Scotland and Important Original Sepia Drawings
33664: MITCHELL CHALMERS PETER SIR - The Childhood of Animals
33705: JEANS JAMES SIR - The Stars in Their Courses
33716: GREGORY RICHARD SIR - Discovery
33810: RUSSEL E JOHN SIR - Science and Modern Life the Beckly Lecture for 1955
34465: ROSE ALEC SIR - My Lively Lady
34938: ANSELL MIKE SIR - Soldier on
36309: QUILLER-COUCH SIR A T - The Astonishing History of Troy Town
36371: BENTHAM GEORGE AND HOOKER SIR J D - Handbook of the British Flora
8016: GARTH SIR S - The Poetical Works of Sir Sam Garth Md with a Life of the Author
29279: SISSON C H (EDITOR) - Christina Rossetti Selected Poems
46757: ANON-A LORETO SISTER - Joyful Mother of Children
45935: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - British Architects and Craftsmen
38335: SIVITER, ROGER - The Settle to Carlisle - a Tribute
47024: O'MAHONY SJ - Praying St. Mark's Gospel
48788: SJOGREN, PER-OLOF & S. LINTON - Jesus Prayer
47817: SKED, ALAN - Radetzky Imperial Victor and Military Genius
4623: SKELTON R A (FOREWORD BY) - The Growth of London from 43 Ad to 1964 Ad
48417: SKELTON, ROBIN - Selected Poems of Byron
15461: CATLING PATRICK SKENE - The Experiment
17059: CATLING PATRICK SKENE - The Orphan and the Billionaire
39111: SKINNER, CORNELIA OTIS - Life with Lindsay and Crouse
33417: SKINNER B F - Beyond Freedom and Dignity
33554: SKINNER F B - Beyond Freedom and Dignity
48452: SKINNER, GERARD & NICHOLAS SCHOFIELD - The English Cardinals
41122: SKROBUCHA, HEINZ - Icons of Czechoslovakia
8247: AN SKY - The Dybbuk
40574: SKYNNER, ROBIN & JOHN CLEESE - Families and How to Survive Them
41067: SLADE, HARRY GORDON - Glamis Castle
39047: SLATER J H - The Romance of Book-Collecting
41739: SLATER, VICTOR WALLACE - Raja Yoga, a Simplified and Practical Course
37732: SLEEMAN, JOHN F. - Resources for the Welfare State an Economic Introduction
37722: SLEEMAN, JOHN F. - The Welfare State Its Aims, Benefits and Costs
38536: SLIDE, ANTHONY - Films on Film History
33842: SLOANE B - Afterplay How to Get Rid of Your Partner After Sex
46885: SLOYAN, VIRGINIA - Source Book About Christian Death
42096: SMART, NINIAN - Religious Experience of Mankind a Practical Spiritual Guide to Copi: A Practical Spiritual Guide to Coping with Bereavement
43297: SMEJKAL, FRANTISEK - Surrealist Drawings
40076: GRIERSON HERBERT AND SMITH J C - A Critical History of English Poetry
44099: SMITH, PETER C. & DEREK OAKLEY - The Royal Marines a Pictorial History 1664-1987
48421: SMITH, J. A. - The Faber Book of Children's Verse
47801: SMITH, D.A.E. - Left and Right in Twentieth Century Europe
40751: SMITH, GEORGE H. - Atheism, Ayn Rand and Other Heresies
48667: SMITH, JANET E. - Humanae Vitae a Generation Later
43380: SMITH, E.D. - Valour History of the Gurkhas
46282: SMITH, KAREN SUE - Priesthood in the Modern World a Reader
39292: SMITH, ARTHUR HENDERSON - China in Convulsions (2 Volumes)
41113: SMITH E C - An Introduction to Pathology and Bacteriology for Medical Students in the Tropics
43722: SMITH, PETER M. & DAVID BERRIDGE & NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BUREAU - Ethnicity and Childcare Placements
31637: NEWTON-SMITH W H - Logic an Introductory Course
31678: NOWELL-SMITH P H - Ethics
19522: BELL SYDNEY SMITH - Colonial Administration of Great Britain
41845: SMITH A C - The Singing of Birds and Other Sermons of Archibald William Smith
39055: SMITH, CATH - Signs Make Sense a Guide to British Sign Language
45906: SMITH, STAN - Edward Thomas
46553: ABBOTT-SMITH G - A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
39632: SMITH, E.D. - Victory of a Sort the British in Greece, 1941-46
16495: SMITH D W - Fathers Law
47811: SMITH, E.A. - The House of Lords in British Politics and Society, 1815-1911
11587: GRIERSON HERBERT J C AND SMITH J C - A Critical History of English Poetry
38612: SMITH, NICOLA JO-ANNE - Showcasing Globalisation? the Political Economy of the Irish Republic
46208: MALCOLM-SMITH E F - The Life of Stratford Canning Lord Stratford de Redcliffe
40439: SMITH, LEONARD - Chaos a Very Short Introduction
37045: SMITH, ED. E.P. THOMPSON AND DAN; THOMPSON, E.P. & DAN SMITH - Protest and Survive a Special
41176: CARRICK SMITH K L - The Church and the Churches a Book on Christian Unity
47542: SMITH, JOHN HOLLAND - The Great Schism 1378 the Disintegration of the Papacy
39145: SMITH, E.A. - A Queen on Trial Affair of Queen Caroline
48006: BLOMFIELD KATHLEEN AND PERCY-SMITH H K (COMPILERS) - National Index of Parish Register Copies
37695: SMITH, B.C. & JEFFREY STANYER - Administering Britain
31506: KUPER LEO AND SMITH M G (EDITORS) - Pluralism in Africa
33044: NOWELL-SMITH P H - Ethics
34895: LYONS P ROBBINS A SMITH A - Involving Parents a Hand Book for Participation in Schools
35756: SEBASTIAN SMITH - Channel Crossing
36803: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Gorky Park
39919: SMITH, E.A - George IV
37023: SMITH, SAMUEL - Ideas of the Great Educators
37302: SMITH, RAY CAMPBELL - Fresh Watercolour Bring Light and Life to Your Painting
37313: SMITH, RAY CAMPBELL - Watercolour for All a Practical Guide for Beginners and Improvers
5825: BRETT-SMITH H F B (EDITOR) - The Four Ages of Poetry Etc.
43347: SMITH, MICHAEL - Killer Elite the Inside Story of America's Most Secret Special Operations Team
40325: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, Volume II 2
40237: SMYTH, GARETH (EDITOR) - Refreshing the Parts Electoral Reform and British Politics
44081: SMYTH, JOHN - The Valiant
21559: SMYTH J G (EDITED BY) - The Western Defences
43020: PATERSON SMYTH J - The Gospel of the Hereafter
46705: SMYTHE, K. - New Catechism Catholic Faith for Adults with Supplement
42380: SNELL, KATE - Diana Her Last Love
37910: SNELLING, JOAN MARY - A Land Girl's War
38250: SNELLING, STEPHEN - Gallipoli
37588: SNODDY, RAYMOND - Good, the Bad and the Unacceptable Hard News About the British Press
39189: SNODGRASS J - Wit, Wisdom, and Pathos from the Prose of Heinrich Heine
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32621: SNOW C P - Science and Government the Godkin Lectures at Harvard University 1960
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29709: SNOW C P - Death Under Sail
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34292: SNOW P C - Corridors of Power
45082: SNOWDEN, RITA F. - A Woman's Book of Prayers
13290: SNOWDEN P L - The Atonement and Ourselves
11619: SNYDER S, LADER M. - Alcohol-Teenage Drinking
48810: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter a Drama of Science, Faith and Love
1515: THE BOOKPLATE SOCIETY - A Brief History of Bookplates in Britain
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27123: COUNCIL OF THE BRONTE SOCIETY - The Bronte Parsonage Museum
27335: FINE ART SOCIETY - Bakst
45562: BIBLE SOCIETY - New Testament Contemporary English Version - Into the Light
39555: THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY - Treasury of Garden Verse
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46914: BIBLE SOCIETY - Greatest Is Love 1 Corinthians 13
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19877: SODERBERG P M - Foreign Birds for Cage and Aviary: Buntings, Cardinals, Lovebirds and Mannikins
26368: LALLY SOINBHE - Favourite Irish Tales
48362: PINTO V. DE SOLA - The English Renaissance 1510-1688(Volume 2)
33651: BY SOLICITOR - English Justice
40052: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR - 'One Word of Truth... ' the Nobel Speech on Literature, 1970
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36980: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR; PARKER, R. - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
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13079: SOMTOW S P - Riverrun
15764: SOMTOW S P - Valentine
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32407: SOPHOCLES - Electra and Other Plays
36818: SOPHOCLES - Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus a New Translation by Charles R Walker
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37499: SOUHAMI, DIANA - The Trials of Radclyffe Hall
41310: BROTHER SOUL (ERNEST WHITE) - Why We March an Angry Protest from Black America
47621: SOUTHAM, B. C. - Student's Guide to the Selected Poems of T.S. Eliot
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48034: SOUTHERN A C - An Elizabethan Recusant House the Life of the Lady Magdalen Vicountess Montague (1538-1608)
49298: SOUTHERN, RICHARD W. - St. Anselm a Portrait in a Landscape
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39882: SOUTHWELL-SANDER, PETER - Verdi His Life and Times
22524: SPAIGHT J M - The Sky's the Limit: A Study of British Air Power
40406: INFANTA EULALIA OF SPAIN - Court Life from Within
30157: GRAY SPALDING - Swimming to Cambodia the Collected Works of Spalding Gray
34626: SPALDING H E (EDITED BY ) - England: A Social and Economic History (1760-1830)
40877: SPARK, MURIEL - Curriculum Vitae Autobiography
36849: SPARK, MURIEL - The Go-Away Bird and Other Stories
20989: SPARROW W J - Knight of the White Eagle: A Biography of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford (1753-1814)
39194: SPEARS, EDWARD LOUIS - Fulfilment of a Mission the Spears Mission to Syria and Lebanon, 1941-1944
40997: SPECK, W. A. - Stability and Strife England, 1714-60
43567: SPENCER, CHARLES - Blenheim Battle for Europe
44084: SPENCER, WILLIAM - Medals the Researcher's Guide
46170: SPENCER, EARL & PETER GORDON - The Red Earl V. 2, 1885-1910: Papers of the Fifth Earl Spencer: 1885-1910 Part 2
21377: BASSETT JOHN SPENCER - The Middle Group of American Historians
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22260: SPENDER J A - The Public Life: Volume One and Two
39216: SPENDER, STEPHEN & JOHN GOLDSMITH - Journals, 1939-83
7651: SPENSER L J - A Key to Precious Stones
48079: VON SPEYR, ADRIENNE - Confession the Encounter with Christ in Penance
47353: SPIEGEL, MURRAY R. - Theory and Problems of Complex Variables
39103: SPIELMAN, J.P. - Leopold I of Austria
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6026: KETTERERIDGE CHRISTOPHER AND MAYS SPIKE - Five Miles from Bunkum a Village and Its Crafts
13780: SPILLER G - The Training of the Child : A Parents Manual
43382: SPILSBURY, JULIAN - The Thin Red Line an Eyewitness History of the Crimean War
40408: SPINLEY B M - The Deprived and the Privileged Personality Development in English Society
45806: SPINNEY, DAVID - Rodney
40747: SPOCK, BENJAMIN - Decent and Indecent Our Personal and Political Behaviour
38908: SPOURDALAKIS, MICHALIS - The Rise of the Greek Socialist Party
12922: SPROTT W J H - Human Groups
29676: SPROTT W J H - Human Groups
30374: SPURGEON C H - An All-Round Ministry Addresses to Ministers and Students
20242: SQUIRE J C - Poems: Second Series
16011: SQUIRE J C (COMPILED BY) - The Cambridge Book of Lesser Poets
39025: SQUIRE J C - A Face in Candlelight and Other Poems
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8483: SQUIRE J C (COMPILER) - The Comic Muse an Anthology of Humorous Verse
39175: SRIVASTAVA, C.P. - Lal Bahadur Shastri Prime Minister of India, 9 June 1964-11 January 1966 - a Life of Truth in Politics
38815: BARBE BAKER SUZANNE ST. - A Wayfarer in Bavaria
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4414: GOGARTY OLIVER ST - Mr Petunia
42259: ST.AUBYN, GILES - Queen Victoria a Portrait
40271: INTENDANZ DER DEUTSCHEN STAATSOPER - Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin
43676: GEORGES STACEY - Incompatibilite de la Guerre Et de Toute Espece de Combat Avec la Dispensation Evangelique
40026: STADIEM, WILLIAM - Too Rich the High Life and Tragic Death of King Farouk
14583: STADLER K R - Adult Education and European Co-Operation
41616: STAFFORD, JULIE - Taste of Life
33722: HATFIELD STAFFORD H. - Inventions and Their Uses in Science Today
17334: STAGG C R - Confessio Fidei
7917: JOHNSON LYNN STALEY - The Shepheardes Calender: An Introduction
41698: BORCHERT OTTO/STALKER L M - The Original Jesus
45828: STAMM, JAMES R - Short History of Spanish Literature
38385: STAMMERS, M.K. - Ships' Figureheads
38390: STAMMERS, M.K. - Historic Ships
20791: STAMP A H - A Social and Economic History 1066-1760
11868: SMITH STAN - Drawing and Sketching
17212: MEACHAM STANDISH - A Life Apart the English Working Class 1890-1914
31887: MEACHAM STANDISH - A Life Apart the English Working Class 1890-1914
26468: STANIC STANE - Slovenija
43646: STANFORD, PETER - Cardinal Hume and the Changing Face of English Catholicism
32811: BAGGINI JULIAN AND STANGROOM (EDITORS) - What Philosophers Think
7264: WORSLEY PHILIP STANHOPE - Poems and Translations
48614: STANIFORTH, MAXWELL - Early Christian Writings Apostolic Fathers
47731: WOYWOD REV STANISLAUS - The New Canon Law a Commentary and Summary of the New Code of Canon Law
48752: WOYWOOD REV STANISLAUS - The New Canon Law a Commentary and Summary of the New Code of Canon Law
30727: KAC MARC AND ULAM STANISLAW - Mathematics and Logic Retrospect and Prospects
43695: STANLEY, OLIVER - Creation and Protection of Capital
18065: ELLIN STANLEY - The Dark Fantastic
40150: LOOMIS STANLEY - Paris in the Terror June 1793-July 1794
14517: MATTEWS STANLEY - The Way It Was : My Autobiography
46422: STEWART STANLEY - The Expanded Voice the Art of Thomas Traherne
45041: UNWIN SIR STANLEY - The Truth About Publishing
6325: LANE -POOLE STANLEY - Selections from the Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift
13245: GARDNER ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Lame Canary
13193: GARDNER EARL STANLEY - The Case of the Postponed Murder
11728: JOHNSON STANLEY - Life without Birth
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8120: LANE-POOLE STANLEY (SELECTED) - Selections from the Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift
26151: AYLING STANLEY - A Portrait of Sheridan
30044: COOKE STANLEY G (ANDY) - It Wasn't All Work the John Myers Mail Order Story 1817-1971
41114: PINEY A & WYARD STANLEY - Clinical Atlas of Blood Diseases
21869: HUMPHREY STANLEY C - Press on, Regardless
21285: WEINTRAUB STANLEY - The Last Great Victory: The End of World War II, July / August 1945
3238: CLARK STANLEY (BRIGADIER) - The Man Who Was France the Story of Charles de Gaulle
33653: COOK STANLEY - The Rebirth of Christanity
34746: OLSON STANLEY (EDITED AND CONDENSED BY) - Harold Nicolson Diaries and Letters 1930-1964
4650: KING STANLEY - The Consecrated Eminence the Story of the Campus and Buildings of Amherst College
5988: OLSON STANLEY (EDITED AND CONDENSED BY) - Harold Nicolson Diaries and Letters 1930 -1964
41207: RIGGS ARTHUR STANLEY - Spain a Pageant
45332: STANTON, MARTIN - Sandor Ferenczi Reconsidering Active Intervention
45347: STANTON, MARTIN - Outside the Dream Lacan and French Styles of Psychoanalysis
40100: STAPLEDON, SIR GEORGE & ROBERT WALLER - Human Ecology Vol 1
48334: BARNES ARTHUR STAPYLTON - St. Peter in Rome and His Tomb on the Vatican Hill
40431: STARK, FREYA - Perseus in the Wind
40313: STARK, FREYA - The Coast of Incense Autobiography, 1933-39
13392: LOVERIDGE RAY AND KEN STARKEY (EDITORS) - Continuity and Crisis in the Nhs
44976: STARKEY, DR DAVID - Six Wives " the Queens of Henry VIII " :
46649: STAUDINGER, HUGO & R.T. HAMMOND - Trustworthiness of the Gospels
43780: STAVELY, KEITH W.F. - Puritan Legacies Paradise Lost and the New England Tradition, 1630-1890
23528: THE COUNTESS OF ILCHESTER AND LORD STAVORDALE (EDITED BY) - The Life and Letters of Lady Sarah Lennox 1745-1826 (Two Volumes)
46752: BALL SIR ROBERT STAWELL - The Story of the Heavens
15146: STEAD C K - The Death of a Body
30032: STEAD C K - The New Poetic Yeats to Eliot
49109: STEAD, JULIAN - Saint Benedict a Rule for Beginners
42125: STEEL, D.I.A. - A Lincolnshire Village Parish of Corby Glen in Its Historical Context
43703: STEELE, G R - Keynes and Hayek the Money Economy
42371: ELLIOT EMILY STEELE - Copsley Annals Preserved in Proverbs
45983: STEELE, E.D. - Palmerston and Liberalism, 1855-1865
3347: NEVINS ALLAN AND COMMAGER HENRY STEELE - America the Story of a Free People
22892: NICHOLSON R STEELE - St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland in the Third Century
22514: MILHOFER STEFAN A - The Colour Treasury of Oriental Rugs
19824: ZWEIG STEFAN - Joseph Fouche: Bildnis Eines Politischen Menschen
45146: LORANT STEFAN (EDITOR) - The New World the First Pictures of America
48743: STEICHEN, DONNA - Ungodly Rage Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism
39673: STEIN, SUSAN - Worlds of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
41636: STEIN, ROBIN - Your Child's Numerology
44041: STEINBACH, PROFESSOR SUSIE - Women in England 1760-1914 a Social History
13952: STEINBERG S H - Five Hundred Years of Printing
42272: STEINBERG S H - Historical Tables 58bc-Ad 1945
21970: RICE HELEN STEINER - Heart Gifts from Helen Steiner Rice
33263: RICE HELEN STEINER - Thankfully Including the Christmas Guest and Other Poems
11679: TILLYARD STELLA - Aristocrats : Caroline, Emily , Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1940-1832
23327: SHEPHERD STELLA - Like a Mantle, the Sea
45194: MARGETSON STELLA - Journey by Stages
619: TILLYARD STELLA - Citizen Lord (Edward Fitzgerald 1763 -1798)
38490: STENDHAL, HENRI & ANN JEFFERSON & C. K. SCOTT MONCRIEFF - The Charterhouse of Parma
44036: STENGELHOFEN, JOHN - Journal of the Trevithick Society 1977,No. 5
48998: HILPISCH STEPHANUS - History of Benedictine Nuns
1819: BORSODY STEPHEN - The Triumph of Tyranny the Nazi and Soviet Conquest of Central Europe
10911: HOWARTH STEPHEN - A Century in Oil: The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997
39491: JOHNSON STEPHEN - Later Roman Britain Britain Before the Conquest
42780: GRAHAM STEPHEN - Peter the Great a Life of Peter the First of Russia
4206: GRAY STEPHEN - Apollo Cafe and Other Poems 1982-89
40284: SPENDER STEPHEN - Selected Poems
19494: WADE STEPHEN - Christopher Isherwood
41686: BROWN STEPHEN - Towards the Realization of God
28299: GWYNN STEPHEN - The Charm of Ireland: Her Places of Beauty Entertainment, Sport and Historic Association
43926: GWYNN STEPHEN - The History of Ireland
47742: GWYNN STEPHEN (EDITOR) - The Letters and Friendships of Sir Cecil Spring Rice (Volume 2 Only) a Record
8213: HOWARTH DAVID AND STEPHEN - The Story of P&o
40892: LEACOCK STEPHEN - Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy
39438: LEACOCK STEPHEN - Montreal Seaport and City
24771: GWYNN STEPHEN - Irish Literature and Drama in the English Language : A Short History
42808: GRAHAM STEPHEN - Boris Godunof
19059: SAGAR KEITH AND TABOR STEPHEN - Ted Hughes Bibliography 1946-1980
38028: SPENDER STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY) - Botticelli (1444-1510)
11118: SPENDER STEPHEN - World Within World
11121: SPENDER STEPHEN - The Creative Element
32563: TOULMIN STEPHEN - The Philosophy of Science
32577: KORNER STEPHEN - Fundamental Questions in Philosopohy
45061: ROBINSON GODFREY & WINWARD STEPHEN - In the Holy Land a Journey Along the King's Highways
31821: ROSE STEPHEN - The Chemestry of Life
31835: TANSEY STEPHEN D - Politics the Basics
13327: NEILL STEPHEN - The Interpretation of the New Testament 1861-1961
15247: HARDING STEPHEN - U.S. Army Aircraft Since 1947
16025: GLWNN STEPHEN - Essays of to-Day and Yesterday
15072: TAYLOR JAMES STEPHEN - Jonas Hanway Founder of the Marine Society : Charity and Policy in Eighteenth-Century Britain)
28668: GWYNN STEPHEN - The History of Ireland
40354: MCKENNA STEPHEN - To-Morrow and to-Morrow
10385: GARDINER STEPHEN - Epstein Artist Against the Establishment
24988: GWYNN STEPHEN - The Charm of Ireland: Her Places of Beauty Entertainment Sport and Historic Association
21098: FOSTER STEPHEN C - Library of Congress Catalogue of First Editions of Stephen C Foster 1826-1864
22420: SPENDER STEPHEN - Dolphins
20626: WINKWORTH STEPHEN - Room Two More Guns: The Intriguing History of the Personal Column of the Times
20611: SHADEGG STEPHEN - Clare Boothe Luce
1107: GWYNN STEPHEN - Ireland in Ten Days.
443: GWYNN STEPHEN - Ulster (Pictures by Alexander Williams)
19650: CRANE STEPHEN - Maggie: The Girl of the Streets and Other Stories
18355: ASTLEY STEPHEN - Border Designs (a Treasury of Hundreds of Decorative Designs in Colour and Black and White)
46720: HARTDEGEN STEPHEN J - A Chronological Harmony of the Gospels Using the Revised Text of the Challoner -Rheims Version of the New Testament
22410: TAPSCOTT STEPHEN - From the Book of Changes
15333: GRAHAM STEPHEN - Everybody Pays
15752: PRASHER STEPHEN - The Cellar at the Top of the Stairs
15602: FINEMAN STEPHEN - Supporting the Jobless (Doctors Clergy Police Probation Officers)
11961: BROOK STEPHEN - Claws of the Crab: Georgia and Armenia in Crisis
11641: POTTER STEPHEN - Potter on America
41492: POTTER STEPHEN - Supermanship
42153: NEILL STEPHEN - The Christian's God
42418: RATTIGAN TERENCE/MITCHELL STEPHEN - Stephen Mitchell Presents Separate Tables Two Plays by Terence Rattigan at the St James's Theatre King Street (Weds 22nd Sept 1954) a Theatre Programme
29408: NEILL STEPHEN - A History of Christian Missions (Vol 6)
18734: SPENDER STEPHEN - World Within World: The Autobiography of Stephen Spender
5659: KNIGHT STEPHEN - The Killing of Justice Godfrey
24459: RYNNE STEPHEN - All Ireland
28036: BIRMINGHAM STEPHEN - Real Lace: America's Irish Rich
26337: RYNNE STEPHEN - Green Fields: A Journal of Irish Country Life
25125: WINSTEN STEPHEN - Days with Bernard Shaw
30113: SPENDER STEPHEN - Spender Stephen Collected Poems 1928-1953
9761: SPENDER STEPHEN - World Within World
30678: HILL STEPHEN - Competition and Control at Work the New Industrial Sociology the New Industrial Sociology
30984: LEE STEPHEN J - Aspects of European History 1494-1789
31453: SMELSER NEIL J AND WARNER R STEPHEN - Sociological Theory : Historical and Formal
33176: BERTHOUD RICHARD BROWN JOAN C WITH COOPER STEPHEN - Poverty and the Development of Anti-Poverty Policy in the Uk
46161: GWYNN STEPHEN (EDITOR) - The Life and Letters of Sir Cecil Spring Rice (2 Volumes) a Record
35155: SPENDER STEPHEN - The Temple
35755: BAYLEY STEPHEN - Labour Camp
35975: BROWN STEPHEN (EDITOR) - A Guide to Books on Ireland Part 1 Prose Literature Poetry Music and Plays
23684: RYNNE STEPHEN - All Ireland
37048: SPENDER STEPHEN - World Within World the Autobiography of Stephen Spender
37070: GWYNN STEPHEN - Essays of to-Day and Yesterday
3728: WINSTEN STEPHEN - Days with Bernard Shaw
4732: SPENDER STEPHEN - Journals 1939 to 1983 Edited by John Goldsmith
5438: HASELER STEPHEN - The Tragedy of Labour
5714: POTTER STEPHEN - The Magic Number the Story of "57"
5728: BIRMINGHAM STEPHEN - Real Lace America's Irish Rich
7065: JAY GOULD STEPHEN - Questioning the Millennium
7405: HAGGARD STEPHEN - I'LL Go to Bed at Noon a Soldier's Letter to His Sons
9328: SPENDER STEPHEN - Selected Poems
33550: PAGET STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget
9604: COTGROVE STEPHEN - The Science of Society an Introduction to Sociology
47997: POTTER STEPHEN - Some Notes on Lifemanship
42821: GRAHAM STEPHEN - Ivan the Terrible Ivan IV of Russia
45212: ST.STEPHEN'S REVIEW - The Rake's Progress (After Hogarth) and Other Political Cartoons Reprinted from St. Stephen's Review for the Year of 1884 from January 19th 1884 to December 27th 1884
37692: STEPHENSON, HUGH - Mrs. Thatcher's First Year
31674: LAMPRECHT STERLING P (EDITOR) - Locke Selections
29292: STERNE J B (EDITOR) - The Complete Plays of Christopher Marlowe
46409: STEUART, R.H. J. & E. ALLISON PEERS - Ascent of Mount Carmel
14606: JONES STEVE - The Language of Genes: Biology, History and the Evolutionary Future
26275: TURNER STEVE - Van Morrison Too Late to Stop Now
10067: HAMPTON HENRY AND FAYER STEVE (WITH SARAH FLYNN) - Voices of Freedom an Oral History of the CIVIL Rights Movement from the 1950's Through the 1980's
30267: O'GRADY TIMOTHY AND PYKE STEVE - I Could Read the Sky Preface by John Berger
35484: HARDY MALCOLM AND HEYES STEVE - Beginning Psychology
35691: RACE STEVE - The Two Worlds of Joseph Race
47921: COSTIN W C & WATSON J STEVEN - The Law and Working of the Constitution : Documents 1660-1914 Volume 2 Only (1784-1914)
32567: COTGROVE STEPHEN AND BOX STEVEN - Science Industry and Society Studies in the Sociology of Science
25683: COHEN DAVID STEVEN - America the Dream of My Life : Selections from the Federal Writers Project's Ethnic Survey
2584: OZMENT STEVEN (EDITOR) - Three Behaim Boys a Chronicle of Their Lives Growing Up in Early Modern Germany
33519: WARSHAW STEVEN - Cal a Guide to the World's Largest University and the Bay Area
43509: STEVENS, GORDON - The Originals the Secret History of the Birth of the Sas - in Their Own Words
21442: STEVENS T H G - Manchester of Yesterday
47305: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS & JOHN HOUSE & MARY ANNE STEVENS - Post-Impressionism Cross-Currents in European Painting
39321: STEVENS, SIR ROGER - Land of the Great Sophy Iran
7805: TUCKER P H WITH SHACKELFORD G T AND STEVENS M A - Monet in the 20th Century
46124: STEVENSON, JOHN & CHRIS COOK - The Slump Society and Politics During the Depression
45561: STEVENSON, ROSEMARY J. - Language, Thought and Representation
13863: STEVENSON R L - New Arabian Nights
49119: STEVENSON, JAMES - A New Eusebius Documents Illustrating the History of the Church to A.D. 337 , Second Edition
48821: STEVENSON, J. - The Catacombs Rediscovered Monuments of Early Christianity
39361: STEVENSON, HELEN - Instructions for Visitors Life and Love in a French Town
47476: STEVENSON, LESLIE & DAVID L. HABERMAN - Ten Theories of Human Nature
47071: STEVENSON, KENNETH W. - The First Rites Worship in the Eaely Churcg
10553: SMITH STEVIE (EDITOR) - Favourite Verse
48657: FOSTER STEWART - A Bishop for Essex: Bernard Ward and the Diocese of Brentwood Reprinted from Recusant History
48841: FOSTER FATHER STEWART - The Parish of Our Lady Immaculate (Chelmsford) 1845-1995
47837: STEWART, DR GRAHAM - Friendship and Betrayal Ambition and the Limits of Loyalty
43164: STEWART, JULES - Khyber Rifles from the British Raj to Al Qaeda
19892: STEWART H F (EDITED BY) - Les Provinciales de Blaise Pascal Text in French
15336: STEWART R F - And Always a Detective Chapters on the History of Detective Fiction
11495: STEWART W F R - Sexual Aspects of Social Work
48062: H. C. STEWART - Roman Palaces
39088: PEROWNE STEWART - The Life and Times of Herod the Great
2648: STEWART H F - The Secret of Pascal
23981: COLLIS JOHN STEWART - Living with a Stranger: A Discourse on the Human Body
41597: STEWART, CHRIS - A Parrot in the Pepper Tree a Sort of Sequel to Driving over Lemons
40442: STEWART, IAN - How to Cut a Cake and Other Mathematical Conundrums
48608: STEWART, RORY - Occupational Hazards My Time Governing in Iraq
48949: FOSTER STEWART - The Catholic Church in Ingatestone from the Reformation to the Present Day
2279: STEWART J I M - James Joyce
29367: EDWARDS STEWART - The Paris Commune 1871
45396: MCDOWALL STEWART A - Beauty and the Beast an Essay in Evolutionary Aesthetic
8748: PEROWNE STEWART - The Life and Times of Herod the Great
9719: FRASER AMY STEWART - The Hills of Home
44138: STEWART, CHRIS - Three Ways to Capsize a Boat an Optimist Afloat
43277: STEWART, LT. COL. BOB - Broken Lives Personal View of the Bosnian Conflict
37696: STILLMAN, ANDY & KAREN MAYCHELL - Choosing Schools Parents, Local Education Authorities and the 1980 Education Act
3248: STOBART J C - The Glory That Was Greece a Survey of Hellenic Culture and Civilisation
2097: STOCK A G - W.B. Yeats: His Poetry and Thought
24714: STOCK A G - W B Yeats: His Poetry & Thought
37173: STOCK A G - W B Yeats His Poetry & Thought
43010: STOCK A G - W B Yeats His Poetry & Thought
36506: STOCK A G - W B Yeats His Poetry and Thought
45002: STOCKMAN, ROCKY - History of Royal Air Force Manston
41475: STOCKS J L - An Introduction to Philosophy
45963: STOJANOVIC, MIHAILO D. - The Great Powers and the Balkans 1875-1878
40391: STOKER, BRAM & A. N. WILSON - Dracula
39581: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula
36790: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula
7394: STOKER H, TAYLOR F AND NEVILLE J - Fishing with the Experts a Daily Mirror Crabtree Book
22520: STOKES J & A E - Just Rutland
5587: STOKES H G - English Place-Names
22413: DE LACLOS/STONE P W K - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
4727: STONEHOUSE N B - Origins of the Syniotic Gospels Some Basic Questions
45733: STONOR SAUNDERS, FRANCES - Hawkwood Diabolical Englishman
48621: DE STOOP, MICHAEL - The Gift of Confession a Positive Approach to the Sacrement of Reconciliation
16119: BROOKE STOPFORD A - The Poetry of Robert Browning: A Criticism
21796: BROOKE STOPFORD A - Studies in Poetry
37887: STOREY, MARY ROSE - Mona Lisas
49045: STOREY, WILLIAM G. - Week with Christ
47486: STOREY R L - Thomas Langley and the Bishopric of Durham 1406-1437
35022: JAMESON STORM - Speaking of Stendhal
39363: STORR, ANTHONY - Jung Modern Masters
9926: STORRICK W C - Gettysburg
47008: STOTT, JOHN R. W. - Guard the Gospel Message of 2 Timothy
38964: STOTT, BILL - The Crazy World of Photography
46920: STOTT, JOHN R. W. - Only One Way Message of Galatians
40544: STOWE, REBECCA - Not the End of the World
46391: STRAATEN, WERENFRIED VAN - They Call Me the Bacon Priest
44019: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Eminent Victorians Foreword by Frances Partridge
45483: STRACHEY, JAMES & ALIX STRACHEY & PERRY MEISEL & WALTER KENDRICK - Bloomsbury/Freud the Letters of James and Alix Strachey, 1924-25
43945: STRANG, VERONICA & MARK BUSSE - Ownership and Appropriation
47248: STRANGE, RODERICK - The Catholic Faith
46051: DE REDCLIFFE VISCOUNT STRATFORD - The Eastern Question a Selection of His Writings During the Last Five Years of His Life
45898: STRAWSON, JOHN MAJOR GENERAL - If by Chance Military Turning Points That Changed History
42331: STREET, PAMELA - Arthur Bryant Portrait of a Historian
361: STRONG L A G. - The Director
28193: STRONG L A G - The Open Sky
355: STRONG L A G - The Garden
6625: STRONG L A G - The Open Sky
1233: STRONG L A G - Selected Poems
24538: STRONG L A G - Personal Remarks: Essays on W B Yeats, J M Synge, Elizabeth Bowen, Padriac Colum, Henry James & James Joyce, Cardinal Newman, Charles Garvice, Hugh Walpole, George Darley, Seamas o'Sullivan
23568: STRONG L A G - John Millington Synge
3730: STRONG L. A. G. - The Bay
36065: STRONG L A C - The Unpractised Heart
362: STRONG L A G - Travellers (Thirty -One Short Stories) Preface by Frank Swinnerton
606: STRONG L A G - Flying Angel
356: STRONG L A G - The Bay
47201: STROUD, MARION - What, Me, Lord?
37713: MACLURE J STUART - Educational Documents England and Wales 1816-1963
20784: SCHRAM STUART R (EDITED BY) - Authority Participation and Cultural Change in China Essays by a European Study Group
19859: MILL JOHN STUART - Three Essays on Religion Nature, the Utility of Religion and Theism
29300: MILL JOHN STUART - Autobiography
39440: STUART, R B AND JACOBSON BARBARA - Weight, Sex and Marriage a Delicate Balance
14799: MILL JOHN STUART - A Selection of His Works
18525: ATKINS STUART - Essays on Goethe with a Bibliography of the Publications of Stuart Atkins
30911: NAGEL STUART S (EDITOR) - Environmental Policy and Developing Nations
12032: SPENCER STUART - The Art of Marbling : Techniques for Creating Painted Marble Effects on Interiors, Furniture and Objects
47487: REID STUART J - The Life and Times of Sydney Smith Based on Family Documents and the Recollections of Personal Friends
21163: THEOHARIS ATHAN G AND COX JOHN STUART - The Boss: J Edgar Hoover and the Great American Inquisition
32454: MILL JOHN STUART - Theism
14720: HOLLAND STUART - Uncommon Market: Capital, Class Power in the European Community
33069: MILL JOHN STUART - Utilitarianism on Liberty Essay on Bentham
33217: MILL JOHN STUART - MILL Autobiography
7374: MILL JOHN STUART - Considerations on Representative Government
20717: LEE N AND STUBBS P C - The History of Dorman Smith 1878-1972
43146: STUBBS, JOHN - John Donne the Reformed Soul
47964: STUERMER, MICHAEL - The German Century
49073: STUHLMUELLER, CP, CARROLL - Biblical Meditations for Ordinary Time Part II, Weeks 10 to 22: Weeks 10-22
24791: STUKELEYS THE - Old Memories of the Stukeleys
4382: MOORE STURGE T - Correggio
29987: MOORE STURGE - Aphrodite Against Artemis a Tragedy
27467: MOORE T STURGE - Modern Woodcutters (3) T. Sturge Moore Contains 14 Woodcuts
24671: MOORE T STURGE - Absalom: A Chronicle Play in Three Acts
38637: MOORE T STURGE - Some Soldier Poets
43880: STURGIS, MATTHEW - Hampton Court Palace
48460: STURTIVANT, RAY & MIKE KEEP - The Swordfish Story
41891: STUTMAN, FRED A. - Walk Don't Die
19499: JHA SUBHANDRA - The Formation of the Maithili Language
27708: SHARPE SUE - Just Like a Girl: How Girls Learn to Be Women
15570: SCHOFIELD SUE - Development and the Problems of Village Nutrition
32776: LEES SUE - Sugar and Spice Sexuality and Adolescent Girls
17744: ROFF RABBITT SUE - Hotspots: The Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
11807: WARD SUE (EDITOR) - Dhss in Crisis No 66/March 85
30440: TOMKINS SUE - A Kind of Madness
46830: SUENENS, LEON JOSEPH - Coresponsibility in the Church
41839: SUENENS, LEON JOSEPH & F. MARTIN - New Pentecost?
45217: SULLAM, JOANNA & CHARLIE WAITE - Villages of France
29135: SULLIVAN C W (EDITOR) - Fenian Diary Denis B Cashman on Board the Hougoumont 1867-1868
38687: GILBERT & SULLIVAN - Songs of Two Savoyards
45125: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - Arts of China a Short History
33700: SULLIVAN J. W. N. - The Bases of Modern Science
34777: SULLIVAN J W N - Beethoven
43698: O'SULLIVAN, P.J. - Economic Methodology and the Freedom to Choose
40895: SUMMERS, DOROTHY - Great Ouse the History of a River Navigation
43330: SUMNER, IAN & MALCOLM MCGREGOR - British Commanders of World War II
21651: SEN SUNDEEP - The Lunar Visitations: A Cycle of Poems
37145: SUNDERLAND, JOHN - Constable

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