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39064: PUDENZ, PHILIP & KARL MESSMER - Windsurfing Racing Technique
43668: ANTI-PUFF - The Modern Puff
52171: PUGH, ANTHONY ROY - Balzac's Recurring Characters
38037: PUGH D S ET AL - Writers on Organizations an Introduction
36953: PUGH-COOK, PETER; ALEX, & HEATH - The City Slicker's Handbook
41852: PULKINGHAM, W.GRAHAM - Gathered for Power
50683: PULLAN, BRIAN - The Jews of Europe and the Inquisition of Venice, 1550-1670
42057: PULLEN A M - The Invisible Sword and Other Stories
28821: PULLIN V E - Sir Isaac Newton a Biographical Sketch
48898: PURCELL, MARY - The World of Monsieur Vincent Life of St. Vincent de Paul
42747: PURCELL, SALLY & PRISCILLA ECKHARD & C V WEDGWOOD - Monarchs and the Muse Poems by Twenty Kings, Queens and Princes of England, Scotland and Wales
16970: PURDOM C B - Producing Plays (a Handbook for Producers and Players)
48995: PURNELL, A. PATRICK - Our Faith Story; It's Telling and It's Sharing
49160: PURNELL, A. PATRICK - Our Faith Story; It's Telling and It's Sharing an Education in Faith
28071: BOUVERIE-PUSEY S E B - The Past History of Ireland
53298: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER & ROSEMARY EDMONDS - The Queen of Spades and Other Stories
53184: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - Eugene Onegin a Novel in Verse
50853: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER & ROBERT CHANDLER - The Captain's Daughter
55707: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER & STANLEY MITCHELL - Eugene Onegin a Novel in Verse
55609: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER & ANDREW KAHN & ALAN MYERS - The Queen of Spades and Other Stories
8445: PUSHKIN A S - Dubrovsky
39973: PYE, MICHAEL - The King over the Water the Windsors in the Bahamas 1940-45
37821: PYKETT, LYN - Engendering Fictions the English Novel in the Early Twentieth Century
39172: PYKETT, LYN (EDITOR) - Reading Fin de Siecle Fictions
55222: PYLE, HILARY - Jack B. Yeats a Biography
24233: CLARKE OLGA PYNE - She Came of Decent People: An Autobiography
52997: PYNSENT, ROBERT B. - Decadence and Innovation Austria-Hungary in the Fin-de-Siecle
47183: PYTCHES, MARY & CAROL WIMBER - Set My People Free
45659: PYTCHES, MARY & CAROL WIMBER - Set My People Free
39944: QUELCH, EILEEN - Perfect Darling Life and Times of George Cornwallis-West
54761: QUENNELL, PETER - Vladimir Nabokov a Tribute
7779: BELL QUENTINN - Virginia Woolf (2 Vols) a Biography
52464: QUINE, MARIA-SOPHIA - Population Politics in Twentieth Century Europe Fascist Dictatorships and Liberal Democracies
53795: QUINION, MICHAEL - Ologies and Isms a Dictionary of Word Beginnings and Endings
54349: QUINLEY, HAROLD AND GLOCK CHARLES - Anti-Semitism in America
53063: QUINLIVAN, PATRICK & PAUL ROSE - Fenians in England, 1865-72
51437: QUINN, JUSTIN - Fuselage
54887: QUINN, MALCOLM - The Swastika Constructing the Symbol
55093: QUINN, JOHN - Portrait of Artist As Young Girl
11944: CREWE QUINTIN - A Curse of Blossom: A Year in Japan
35723: TARANTINO QUINTIN - Pulp Fiction
52850: QUOIST, MICHEL & N.D. SMITH - Breath of Love
41313: QUOIST, MICHEL & D. GRAY - Christian Response
41584: RABAN, JONATHAN - Coasting
36767: RABAN, JONATHAN - Foreign Land
36789: RABAN, JONATHAN - For Love and Money Writing Reading Travelling 1968-1987
9076: RABELAIS - The Works of Mr Francis Rabelais (2 Vols)
50999: RABINOWICZ, TZVI & JONATHAN SACKS - A World Apart History of the Chasidim in Britain
54161: RABINOWICZ, HARRY M. - World of Hasidism
55658: RABINOWICZ, HARRY M. - Hasidism and the State of Israel
22038: LLOYD RACHEL - Elizabethan Adventurer: A Life of Captain Christopher Carleill
15751: POLLACK RACHEL - Temporary Agency
31551: HEATLEY RACHEL - Poverty and Power
53746: RACHELS, JAMES - Created from Animals Moral Implications of Darwinism
31862: RACHMAN S - The Effects of Psychotherapy
31884: EYSENCK H J AND RACHMAN S - The Causes and Cures of Neurosis
29371: RACINE - Britannicus Tragedie
18916: RACINET A - The Encyclopedia of Ornament
55448: RADCLIFF-UMSTEAD, DOUGLAS - The Exile Into Eternity. A Study of the Narrative Writings of Giorgio Bassani
52845: RADCLIFFE, TIMOTHY - What Is the Point of Being a Christian?
52848: RADCLIFFE, TIMOTHY - Sing a New Song the Christian Vocation
11775: RADCLIFFE C W - Middlesex : The Jubilee of the County Council 1889-1939
52866: RADCLIFFE, TIMOTHY - Take the Plunge Living Baptism and Confirmation
25262: BOGDAN RADU - Andreescu: Summary Presentation of Volume One "the Artist and His Epoch"
40125: RADZINSKII, EDVARD - The Last Tsar Life and Death of Nicholas II
48692: RADZINSKY, EDVARD - The Last Tsar Life and Death of Nicholas II
48720: RAE, JOHN - The Old Boys' Network John Rae's Diaries 1970-1986
40534: RAE, SIMON & WILLIAM RUSHTON - Soft Targets Poems from the Weekend "Guardian"
46526: TIXERONT REV J/RAEMERS S A - A Handbook of Patrology Authorizes Translation Based on 4th French Edition
4526: SABATINI RAFAEL - The Strolling Saint
45822: SABATINI RAFAEL - The Life of Cesare Borgia a History and Some Criticisms
49056: GONZALEZ RAFAEL - Vocation Challenges
52536: RAFFERTY, OLIVER P. - Catholicism in Ulster, 1603-1983 an Interpretative History
51699: RAHDEN, TILL VAN & MARCUS BRAINARD - Jews and Other Germans CIVIL Society, Religious Diversity, and Urban Politics in Breslau, 1860-1925
43882: RAHET, GUY & JEAN C. SIMOEN & GUY RACHET - David Roberts Voyage en Egypte
51803: RAHNER, KARL - Watch and Pray with Me
51812: RAHNER, KARL & V. GREEN - Meditations on Hope and Love
51811: RAHNER, KARL & V. GREEN - The Religious Life Today
48910: RAHNER, KARL & C. HASTINGS - Mission and Grace Essays in Pastoral Theology: Christian in the Market Place V. 3
47245: RAHNER, KARL & HERBERT VORGRIMLER - Concise Theological Dictionary
51810: RAHNER, KARL & KARL-HEINZ WEGER & V. GREEN - Christian at the Crossroads
48780: RAHNER, KARL & W.V. DYCH - Watch and Pray with Me
48787: RAHNER, KARL & D. WHARTON - Nature and Grace
51808: RAHNER, KARL - Happiness Through Prayer
48785: RAHNER, KARL & ALBERT RAFFELT & KARL LEHMANN - Prayers for a Lifetime
53490: RAHNER, KARL & ALBERT RAFFELT & KARL LEHMANN - Prayers for a Lifetime
36999: RAINE, CRAIG - Rich
45919: RAIT R S - English Episcopal Palaces Province of Canterbury
53676: RAJAK, TESSA - Josephus the Historian and His Society
23881: RAJAN B - W B Yeats a Critical Introduction
8469: RAJAN B (EDITOR) - The Novelist As Thinker
35683: RAJAN B (EDITOR) - T S Eliot a Study of His Writings by Several Hands
31088: CHANDRA RAJESH - Industrialization and Development in the Third World
5546: PURI RAKSHAT - Blossoms of the Apricot an Indian English Poet's Experience with Words Meaning and Rhythm
14756: DAHRENDORF RALF (EDITOR) - Europe's Economy in Crisis
55735: DAHRENDORF RALF - Society and Democracy in Germany
31103: DAHRENDORF RALF - Reflections on the Revolution in Europe in a Letter Intended to Have Been Sent to a Gentleman in Warsaw 1990
29894: RIEGEL RALPH - Afraid of the Dark the Tragic Story of Robert Holohan
42355: CONNOR RALPH - The Prospector a Tale of the Crow's Nest Pass
51892: SARKONAK RALPH - The Language of Difference Writing in Quebec (Yale French Studies) No 65
39504: MERRIFIELD RALPH - A Handbook to Roman London
32232: BARKER RALPH - Against the Sea
32383: WIGHTMAN RALPH - Wallace's Ground
16795: FASTNEDGE RALPH - English Furniture Styles from 1500-1830
19296: DUTTON RALPH - Normandy and Brittany
48226: ARNOLD RALPH - The Whiston Matter the Reverend Robert Whiston Versus the Dean and Chapter of Rochester
34365: BUCHSBAUM RALPH - Animals without Backbones (2 Vols )
15059: GLASSER RALPH - Gorbals Voices, Siren Songs
13773: GUSTAFSON RALPH (COMPILER) - An Anthology of Canadian Poetry (English)
11862: RUDDOCK RALPH - Roles and Relationships
11379: INGE WILLIAM RALPH - Outspoken Essays (2nd Series)
11709: HODGSON RALPH - The Skylark and Other Poems
13707: FASTNEDGE RALPH - English Furniture Styles 1500-1830
36234: INGE WILLIAM RALPH - Outspoken Essays
21263: INGERSOLL RALPH - Covering All Fronts: A Personal Account of the War on a 30, 000 Mile Front
42682: CHURTON WILLIAM RALPH - Remains of William Ralph Churton
30394: MARTIN RALPH P - The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians an Introduction and Commentary
33203: CLARK RALPH W - Introduction to Philosophical Thinking Readings and Commentary
34748: HILL RALPH (EDITOR) - The Symphony
35573: WHITLOCK RALPH - Farming from the Road an Illustrated Guide
35578: DUTTON RALPH - The Victorian Home
35594: HODGSON RALPH - The Skylark and Other Stories
36229: INGE WILLIAM RALPH - More Lay Thoughts of a Dean
36312: STRANGER RALPH - Dictionary of Radio and Television Terms
9288: DISRAELI RALPH - Lord Beaconsfield's Correspondence with His Sister 1832 -1852
9567: LEE SPIKE WITH WILET RALPH - By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Malcolm X
9802: BARKER RALPH - Purple Patches Foreward Bu Sir Leonard Hutton
42154: RAMAN, BANGALORE VENKATA - Raman's Hundred and Ten Years Ephemeris of Planetary Positions (Astrology)
11978: ROY RAMASHRAY - The Uncertain Verdict : A Study of the 1969 Elections in Four Indian States
50667: RAMET, SABRINA PETRA - Eastern Europe Politics, Culture and Society Since 1939
52078: RAMON, BROTHER - Deeper Into God a Handbook on Spiritual Retreats
51649: RAMRAS-RAUCH, GILA - The Arab in Israeli Literature
43844: RAMSAY W M - The Church in the Roman Empire Before A.D. 170 Mansfield College Lectures 1892
43478: RAMSAY, JACK - Sas the Soldiers' Story
45614: B A (ED) RAMSBOTTOM - A Cloud of Witnesses
38860: RAMSDEN, CHARLES - Bookbinders of the United Kingdom 1770-1840
53475: RAMSEY, BONIFACE - Beginning to Read the Fathers
27427: EDWARDS RALPH AND RAMSEY L G G (EDITORS) - The Tudor Period 1500-1603
45592: RAMSEY, ARTHUR MICHAEL & MARGARET DUGGAN - Through the Year with Michael Ramsey
47317: RAMSEY, ARTHUR MICHAEL - Canterbury Pilgrim
12286: PETERSON ROGER TONY AND DERRY RAMSEY - The Art of Robert Bateman
42345: RAMSEY, DOUGLAS K. - The Corporate Warriors the Battle of the Boardrooms
27415: RAMSEY G G (FOREWORD BY) - The Regency Period 1810 -1830
40753: RANDALL, DALE B.J. - Gentle Flame the Life and Verse of Dudley, Fourth Lord North (1602-1677)
39012: DAVIES RANDALL - English Society of the Eighteenth Century in Contemporary Art
51219: RANDELL, KEITH - The Catholic and Counter Reformations
40498: RANDLE, MICHAEL & PAT POTTLE - The Blake Escape How We Freed George Blake - and Why
47773: CHURCHILL RANDOLPH S - The Rise and Fall of Sir Anthony Eden
39734: CHURCHILL RANDOLPH S - The Fight for the Tory Leadership a Contemporary Chronicle
4219: CHURCHILL RANDOLPH S - Winston S Churchill (Vol 1) Youth 1874-1900
15531: ANDREWS BART WITH TARABORRELLI J RANDY - Out of the Madness the Strictly Auauthorised Biography of Janet Jackson
8646: RANJAN B (EDITOR) - T S Eliot a Study of His Writings by Several Hands
39319: KOTHARI SUNIL & KARLEKAR RANJITA (EDITORS) - Damaru Festival of Traditional Theatre & Theatre Crafts of Eastern India a Series of Essays
53378: RANKI, VERA - The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion Jews and Nationalism in Hungary
52023: RANSOM, BERNARD - Connolly's Marxism
43700: RANSOME, PAUL - Job Security and Social Stability the Impact of Mass Unemployment on Expectations of Work
29379: GRAUMONT RAOUL - Handbook of Knots
17567: SIMONS T RAPHAEL - Feng Shui (Strategies for Business Success)
39338: RAPHAEL, CHAIM - The Road from Babylon the Story of the Sephardi and Oriental Jews
46513: RAPHAEL, D. D. - Problems of Political Philosophy
21818: RAPHAEL D D - Moral Philosophy
32453: RAPHAEL D D - Problems of Political Philosophy (Revised Edition)
53251: RAPHAEL, CHAIM - Jewish Book of Common Prayer
3865: REYES RAPHAEL - The Two Americas
39907: RAPOPORT, ALBERT & STEVEN ZIPPERSTEIN - Jewish History Essays in Honour of Chimen Abramsky
51731: RAPPAPORT, SOLOMON - Jew and Gentile the Philo-Semitic Aspect
50806: RAPPORT, MIKE - The Napoleonic Wars a Very Short Introduction
52689: RAPPORT, MIKE - 1848 Year of Revolution
36389: MOREHOUSE L E AND RASCH P J - Sports Medicine for Trainers
13610: RASHLEIGH R - The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh: A Penal Exile in Australia 1825-1844
36132: RATCLIFFE T A - The Child and Reality
7036: BARNETT RATCLIFFE - Autumns in Skye Ross & Sutherland
35566: TAYLOR GORDON RATTRAY - The Great Evolution Mystery
9080: TAYLOR G RATTRAY - The Biological Time Bomb
47144: RATZINGER, JOSEPH - Christian Brotherhood
53476: RATZINGER, JOSEPH & R. NOWELL - Church, Ecumenism and Politics
18329: TRIPP KIN E AND RAULSTON J. C. - The Year in Trees. Superb Woody Plants for Four-Season Gardens
48855: RAVENSDALE, JACK - In the Steps of Chaucer's Pilgrims from Southwark to Canterbury from the Air and on Foot
30988: VARMA RAVINDRA - Gandhi in Anecdotes
53832: RAVITCH, NORMAN - Catholic Church & French Nation 1589-1989
40721: RAWLENCE, CHRISTOPHER - The Missing Reel - the Untold Story of the Lost Inventor of Moving Pictures Biography of Augustin le Prince
13306: RAWLINSON A E J - The Gospel According to St Mark with Introduction,Commentary and Additional Notes
38922: RAY, CYRIL - Ruffino Story of a Chianti
31916: PONS VALDO AND FRANCIS RAY (EDITORS) - Urban Social Research : Problems and Prospects
21973: MOORE RAY - Tomorrow Is Too Late: An Autobiography
51861: RAY, MARTIN - Joseph Conrad Memories and Impressions - an Annotated Bibliography.
31162: VICKER RAY - The Kingdom of Oil the Middle East: Its People and Its Power
33079: WYLIE RAY (EDITOR) - China the Peasant Revolution
33146: WALMSLEY JAN. REYNOLDS JILL SHAKESPEARE PAM AND WOOLFE RAY (EDITORS) - Health, Welfare and Practice Reflecting on Roles and Relationships
8249: BRADBURY RAY - A Graveyard for Lunatics
9513: RINGHOLZ RAYE C - Uranium Frenzy Boom and Bust on the Colorado Plateau
51902: RAYFIELD, DONALD - Anton Chekhov a Life
54762: MATTON RAYMOND - La Pologne Ses Aspects Son Histoire Sa Via D'Aujourd'Hui
22642: GOLDSMITH RAYMOND W - The National Wealth of the United States in the Postwar Period
49500: MURPHY RAYMOND E ET AL - National Socialism Basic Principles, Their Application by the Nazi Party's Foreign Organization, and the Use of Germans Abroad for Nazi Aims
26036: OVER RAYMOND VAN (EDITED BY) - Smearing the Ghost's Face with Ink : A Chinese Anthology
31203: COCHRANE RAYMOND (EDITOR) - Advances in Social Research
26634: KEAVENEY RAYMOND (EDITOR) - Views of Rome from the Thomas Ashby Collection in the Vatican Library
17905: ARON RAYMOND - France- the New Republic
28636: SMITH RAYMOND - Urbi Et Orbi and All That
26613: SHADY RAYMOND C (EDITED BY) - Salzburg Studies in English Literature Under the Direction of Professor Erwin a Sturlzjacobean Drama Studies 65: Love's Mistress, or the Queen's Masquerade
31408: WILLIAMS RAYMOND - Communications
16401: FIRTH RAYMOND - Human Types (an Introducation to Social Anthropology)
47310: BIRT RAYMOND - The Glories of Winchester Cathedral
48776: NOGAR RAYMOND J - The Lord of the Absurd
38134: QUENEAU RAYMOND - Loin de Rueil
49007: RAYMOND M. - Burnt out Incense the Saga of Citeaux American Epoch
10872: MORRELL JAMES AND ASHTON RAYMOND - Inflation and Business Management
53448: HOLT RAYMOND V. - The Unitarian Contribution to Social Progress in England
52996: APPLE RAYMOND - The Hampstead Synagogue 1892-1967
18844: FURON RAYMOND - The Problem of Water: A World Study
52490: RAYMOND, GINO G - Structures of Power in Modern France
40666: POSTGATE RAYMOND - Karl Marx
21895: LAMONT-BROWN RAYMOND - Kempeitai Japan's Dreaded Military Police
30655: ARON RAYMOND - Main Currents in Sociological Thought 1
31510: ARON RAYMOND - Main Currents in Sociological Thought (Vol 2) Durkheim, Pareto, Weber
34904: CATTEL RAYMOND B - A Guide to Mental Testing for Psychologists Clinics, Schools, and Industrial Psycologist
35659: POSTGATE RAYMOND - Every Man Is God
6886: SEITZ RAYMOND - Over Here
7007: ARON RAYMOND - 18 Lectures on Industrial Society
8080: CHAPMAN RAYMOND - Linguistics and Literature : An Introduction to Literary Stylistics
34827: RAYMONT T - The Principles of Education
54259: RAYNER, JOHN D. - Jewish Religious Law a Progressive Perspective
50718: RAYNER, JOHN D. - Signposts to the Messianic Age Sermons and Lectures
52358: RAYNER, ERIC - Human Development Introduction to the Psychodynamics of Growth, Maturity and Ageing
55541: RAYNER, JOHN D. - Jewish Religious Law a Progressive Perspective
8868: UNWIN RAYNER - The Defeat of John Hawkins a Biography of His Third Slaving Voyage
39703: IVANOV-RAZUMNIL R V - The Memoirs of Ivanov-Razumnik
11743: PAHL JM AND RE - Managers and Their Wives
47800: READ, CRAIG - Challenge the Tribe Sir Winston S. Churchill, World Government and World Leadership
47924: READ, PIERS PAUL - The Templars
55084: READE, BRIAN - Louis Wain
38471: READE, JULIAN - Assyrian Sculpture
53133: READER, KEITH A. - Intellectuals and the Left in France Since 1968
43839: REANNEY, DARRYL - The Death of Forever a New Future for Human Consciousness
14009: TANNAHILL REAY - The Fine Art of Food
21349: TANNAHILL REAY - Sex in History
45089: TANNAHILL REAY - Paris in the Revolution
20930: WEST REBECCA - The Court and the Castle a Study of the Interactions of Political and Religious Ideas in Imaginative Literature
28169: WEST REBECCA - The Fountain Overflows
22305: WEST REBECCA - The Court and the Castle: The Interaction of Political and Religious Ideas in Imaginative Literature
33885: VALETTE REBECCA M - Modern Language Testing (2nd Edition)
51440: REBERIOUX, MADELEINE - Nouvelle Histoire France Contemporaine 11/Republique Radicale 1899-191
41330: CANDLISH PROF J S /DODS PROF M/ WHITE REC A - The Biblical Doctrine of sin
46238: RECKFORD, KENNETH J. - Recognizing Persius
45230: COLUMBIA RECORDS - Alphabetical Catalogue of Columbia Records June 1954/1955
45235: COLUMBIA RECORDS - Alphabetical Catalogue of Columbia Records Encluding All Records Issued Up to 30th June 1946 & 31st Jan 1947
42783: REDDAN, MINNIE - The Parish of St. Helen, Bishopsgate Part 1 Survey of London Vol IX
55046: REDDAWAY W. F. , PENSON J. H. ET AL - The Cambridge History of Poland from Augustus II to Pilsudski
54043: W. F. REDDAWAY - Problems in the Baltic Current Problems
42156: REDFORD R A - Vox Dei the Doctrine of the Spirit
45619: REDMAN, MATT - Mirror Ball Living Boldly and Shining Brightly for the Glory of God
10484: DUGGAN WILLIAM REDMAN - A Socioeconomic Profile of South Africa
37006: REDPATH, ROBERT THEODORE HOLMES - The Songs and Sonets of John Donne
51566: REDSHAW, THOMAS DILLON (EDITOR) - Hill Field Poems and Memoirs for John Montague on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday
33602: ANDERSON JOHN REDWOOD - Paris Symphony
54672: REECE, JACK E. - The Bretons Against France Ethnic Minority Nationalism in Twentieth-Century Brittany
54726: REED, SUE WELSH AND SHAPIRO BARBARA STERN - Edgar Degas the Painter As Printmaker
36197: REED M C - A History of James Capel and Co
50259: REES, D.BEN - Wales the Cultural Heritage
38917: REES, JOAN - Shelley's Jane Williams
53454: REES, DAVID - Sir Rhys Ap Thomas
42223: REES, NIGEL - Chambers Dictionary of Modern Quotations
37105: REES, JOAN - Jane Austen Woman and Writer
47646: REESE M M - Tudors and Stuarts
47011: REESE, JAMES M. - 1 and 2 Thessalonians
19596: PALLEY REESE - The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm
50751: REESE, THOMAS - Inside the Vatican Politics and Organization of the Catholic Church
11108: SMITH W J AND REEVE F D (EDITORS) - Andrei Voznesensky an Arrow in the Wall: Selected Poetry and Prose
41867: REEVES, MR JAMES (EDITOR) - Selected Poems of G M Hopkins
52327: REFF, THEODORE - Degas the Artist's Mind
24126: SKENE REG - The Cuchulain Plays of W B Yeats: A Study
19946: BARON STANLEY R & GAMMON REG - Westward Ho! from Cambria to Cormwall
30306: GADNEY REG - Constable and His World
34948: GADNEY REG - Cry Hungary ! Uprising 1956
42525: REGAN, NELL - Preparing for Spring
40264: REGAN, CIARAN - Intoxicating Minds
45777: REGAN, GEOFFREY - First Crusader Byzantium's Holy Wars
46320: REGAN, JANE & ETC. & ET AL - Exploring the Catechism
43339: REGAN, GEOFFREY - Geoffrey Regan's Book of Military Blunders
37691: REGAN, DONALD T. - For the Record from Wall Street to Washington
37701: REGAN, DAVID EDWARD - Local Government and Education
42822: REGAN, GEOFFREY - The Guinness Book of Royal Blunders
29034: HAMMOND REGINALD J W (EDITED BY) - Northern Ireland
50208: COUPLAND REGINALD - Welsh and Scottish Nationalism a Study
4332: BRILL REGINALD - Modern Painting and Its Roots in European Tradition
22620: GRUNDY C REGINALD (EDITED BY) - The Connoisseur: A Magazine for Collectors
41486: MORRISH REGINALD - Where Going Teenager?
37817: TURNOR REGINALD - The Spotted Dog a Book of English Pub Signs
22937: HAMMOND REGINALD J W (EDITED BY) - Complete Ireland (Aer Lingus)
41695: GLANVILLE REGINALD - God and the Jews a Study in the Problem of Human Relationships
17475: SANDERSON REGINALD - From Land to Sea
53998: BRIDGES REGINALD - Never More Than 100 Years (Searle & Co 1893-1993) the History of a City Jewellers
33728: MITCHELL REGINALD - Amusing Tales from Hampshire and Dorset
48145: HINE REGINALD L. - Confessions of an Un-Common Attorney
46855: JOLIVET REGIS - The God of Reason
5550: REGNARD J -F - Satire Against Husbands
55630: REID, R. & ROBERT REID - Lermontov's Hero of Our Time
43594: REID J M - Traveller Extraordinary the Life of James Bruce of Kinnaird
10961: REID R W - Tongues of Conscience : War and the Scientists' Dilemma
45630: REID, GAVIN - To Reach a Nation the Challenge of Evangelism in a Mass-Media Age
40723: REID, MICHAELA - Ask Sir James Life of Sir James Reid, for 20 Years Personal Physician to Queen Victoria
47022: REILLY JOHN, SJ - Praying Mark
47004: REILLY, JOHN - Praying John
53449: REILLY, DIANA HOWANSKY - Scattered the Forced Relocation of Poland's Ukrainians After World War II
46935: REILLY JOHN, SJ - Praying Matthew
39794: REILLY, ROBIN - The British at the Gates the New Orleans Campaign in the War of 1812
52937: VON REINHARD RÜRUP, HERAUSGEGEBEN - Jüdische Geschichte in Berlin Essays Und Studien
50406: REINHARZ, JEHUDA - Chaim Weizmann the Making of a Zionist Leader V. 1: The Making of a Zionist Leader Vol 1
55629: REINHARZ, JEHUDA & ANITA SHAPIRA - Essential Papers on Zionism
54597: REINHARZ, JEHUDA - The Jewish Response to German Culture from the Enlightenment to the Second World War
54690: REINHARZ, JEHUDA AND SCHATZBERG WALTER - The Jewish Response to German Culture from the Enlightenment to the Second World War
26925: HOHL REINHOLD (INTRODUCTION BY) - Le Corbusier Peintre
53901: HOLBLING WALTER & WAGNLEITNER REINHOLD - The European Emigrant Experience in the U.S. A
49442: REISSNER, ALEXANDER - Berlin, 1675-1945 Rise and Fall of a Metropolis
51043: REIZBAUM, MARILYN - James Joyce's Judaic Other
50677: REMOND, RENE - Religion and Society in Modern Europe
48081: COLLIN REMY - Evolution Hypothesis and Problems
53360: METZ RENE - What Is Canon Law?
12948: WARD BARBARA AND DUBOS RENE - Only One Earth the Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet
33347: NORTH RENE - Military Uniforms 1686-1918
29294: DESCARTES RENE - A Discourse of Method Meditations and Principles
19642: BAZIN RENE - Champdolent
17106: WARD BARBARA AND DUBOS RENE - Only One Earth (the Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet)
42357: LE SAGE ALAIN RENE - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane 1 & 2
55334: VOILLAUME RENE - The Truth Will Make You Free Letters to the Little Brothers
33049: WARD BARBARA DUBOS RENE - Only One Earth the Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet
7323: DESCARTES RENE - Discourse on Method and the Meditations
8285: LE SAGE ALAIN RENE - The Devil on Two Sticks
54391: BAZIN RENE - Charles de Foucauld Explorateur Du Maroc Ermite Au Sahara
34727: ERDOS F RENEE - Teaching by Correspondance
39485: RENFREW, JANE M. - Food and Cooking in Roman Britain History and Recipes
41621: RENOIR, JEAN - Renoir, My Father
31896: CHRISTENSON REO M ET AL - Ideologies and Modern Politics
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46306: RICHARDS, MICHAEL - A People of Priests Ministry of the Catholic Church
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36253: RICHMOND I A - Roman Britain
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42879: RIDLEY, JASPER - Napoleon III and Eugenie
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32607: RIDLEY B K - Time Space and Things
47299: RIDLEY, JASPER. - Statesman and Saint
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39921: RIDLEY, JASPER - Elizabeth I
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55505: RIEBER, ALFRED J. - Forced Migration in Central and Eastern Europe, 1939-1950
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52842: RIGBY, CORMAC - The Lord Be with You a Parish Priest Speaks with His People
53443: RIGG, BRYAN MARK - Rescued from the Reich How One of Hitler's Soldiers Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe
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30105: RILEY W - Thro' a Yorkshire Window
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54352: RILKE, RAINER MARIA & M. D. HERTER NORTON - Letters to a Young Poet
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41399: SNOWDEN RITA F - Safety Last Stirring Tales of the Pacific
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1207: KELLY RITA - Fare Well / Beir Beannacht
45073: SNOWDEN RITA F - The Winds Blow
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31980: CALDER RITCHIE - Man and the Cosmos the Nature of Science Today
49128: THE SACRED CONGREGATION OF RITES - Instruction on Sacred Music and Liturgy
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42320: RIX, BRIAN - My Farce from My Elbow the Autobiography of Brian Rix
43773: RO'I, YAACOV - The Struggle for Soviet Jewish Emigration, 1948-1967
40946: THE ROADBUILDER - The Destiny of the British Empire and the U.S. A.
45348: ROAZEN, PAUL - Freud Political and Social Thought
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18628: WARD ROB - Rob Ward Drawings 1977-1987: Epiphany Drawings and Sculpture 1988-1989
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22987: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales: A Record of Personal Experiences Below and Above Water
47342: BOLT ROBERT - A Man of All Seasons a Play of Sir Thomas More
38300: BALL SIR ROBERT - The Story of the Heavens
30863: STOCKWELL ROBERT P - Foundations of Syntactic Theory
48985: KAISER ROBERT - Inside the Council the Story of Vatican II
16385: BELL ROBERT (EDITED) - Songs from the Dramatists
16549: THOMSON ROBERT - The Pelican History of Psychology
28235: JOHNSTONE ROBERT - Belfast: Portraits of a City
39279: HARDING ROBERT (EDITED) - Christmas Stories from Dickens
46235: AITKEN ROBERT - The Poems of Robert Fergusson and a Sketch of the Authors Life
46550: HAGMAIER GEORGE & GLEASON ROBERT W - Moral Problems Now Modern Techniques and Emotional Conflicts
9581: RODI ROBERT - What They Did to Princess Paragon
39532: BROWNING ROBERT - The Byzantine Empire
15650: THORP RODERICK AND BLAKE ROBERT - Wives a Frank Investigation
41499: HORTON ROBERT F - My Belief Answers to Certain Religious Difficulties
27705: BOWIE NORMAN E AND SIMON ROBERT L - The Individual and the Political Order: An Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
42363: DE LA SIZERANNE ROBERT - Le Vertueux Condottiere
47283: BALLARD DR. ROBERT D. - The Discovery of the Titanic Exploring the Greatest of All Lost Ships
24774: MCKAY ROBERT - Cereal Diseases in Ireland
24776: MARSHALL ROBERT - Fifty Years on the Grosvenor Road: An Account of the Rise and Progress of the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast During the Years 1903-1953
51085: CONQUEST ROBERT - Courage of Genius the Pasternak Affair
10072: LAXALT ROBERT - Dominique
40050: DICKINSON ROBERT E - The City Region in Western Europe
1818: KEE ROBERT - 1945 the World We Fought for
10405: CRAFT ROBERT - Small Craft Advisories: Critical Articles 1984-1988
42240: WATTS ROBERT - The Newer Criticism and the Analogy of Faith a Reply to Two Lectures by W. Robertson Smith on the Old Testament in the Jewish Faith
10217: OBERFIRST ROBERT - Al Jolson: You Ain't Heard Nothin Yet
54125: GREEN ROBERT W (EDITOR) - Protestanism and Capitalism the Weber Thesis and Its Critics
21768: SHAFER ROBERT - The Conquered Place
2857: THIN ROBERT - College Portraits : Being Biographical Sketches on Portraits in the Hall of the Royal Colege of Physicians of Edinburgh
11093: ROSENSTONE ROBERT A - Romantic Revolutionary : A Biography of John Reed
11112: TROW-SMITH ROBERT - Life from the Land: The Growth of Farming in Western Europe
11122: EURIPIDES/POTTER ROBERT - Alcestis and Other Plays
21462: HUME ROBERT DR - Christopher Columbus and the European Discovery of America
1899: BAVIER ROBERT N - Sailing to Win
8111: ARDREY ROBERT - The Social Contract a Personal Inquiry Into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder
32720: MANDROU ROBERT - From Humanism to Science 1480-1700 (Vol 3)
32716: HINDE ROBERT A - Ethology Its Nature and Relations with Other Sciences
19106: MALLET ROBERT (EDITED BY) - Self-Portraits the Gide/Valery Letters1890-1942
19105: COLES ROBERT (INTRODUCER) - William James: Selected Writings
32894: KORFHAGE ROBERT R - Logic and Algorithms with Application to Computer and Information Sciences
32070: NISBET ROBERT - Emile Durkheim with Selected Essays
32253: GARTHORNE-HARDY ROBERT - Wild Flowers in Britain
31516: MARTIN ROBERT M - The Philosopher's Dictionary
31565: NORTH ROBERT C - Chinese Communism
31714: DORFMANN ROBERT - The Price System
31892: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict a Study of Sparkbrook
31899: BEE ROBERT L - Patterns and Processes
31906: ROBERTS ROBERT - A Ragged Schooling Growing Up in a Classic Slum
31442: GOODMAN ROBERT - After the Planners
31234: HOFFMAN ROBERT - Language, Minds and Knowledge
474: KEE ROBERT - Ireland: A History
39941: DUNNING ROBERT - Local History for Beginners
17089: PAYNE ROBERT - The Gold of Troy the Story of Heinrich Schliemann
15644: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict (a Study of Sparkbrook) Survey of Race Relations in Britain
9973: SELLERS ROBERT - The Films of Sean Connery
15756: REED ROBERT - Black Milk
29286: TRESSELL ROBERT - The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
19062: FROST ROBERT - A Descriptive Catalogue of Books in the Clifton Waller Barrett Library University of Virginia
16107: TAYLOR ROBERT - Workers and the New Depression
16053: SCHWARTZ ROBERT J - The Complete Dictionary of Abbreviations
35627: KEE ROBERT - Broadstrop in Season
35628: PAYNE ROBERT - General Marshall a Study in Loyalties
15846: JAMES GLENN AND ROBERT C - Mathematics Dictionary
22384: NICHOLS ROBERT - Such Was My Singing: Being a Selection from Poems Written between the Years 1915 and 1940
25246: EKVALL ROBERT B - Fields on the Hoof : Nexus of Tibetan Nomadic Pastoralism
15843: HILL ROBERT B - Economic Policies and Black Progress: Myths and Realities
35462: ORNSTEIN ROBERT E - The Psychology of Consciousness
15844: HILL ROBERT B - The Illusion of Black Progress
15436: GITTINGS ROBERT - Young Thomas Hardy
15578: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict (a Study of Sparkbrook) Survey of Race Relations in Britain
22015: ENSOR SIR ROBERT - England 1870 - 1914
20015: CHAMBERS WILLIAM AND ROBERT (CONDUCTED BY) - Chambers' Edinburgh Journal Volume IX, Numbers CCCCXVII to CCCCLXVIII
23584: VENABLES COLONEL ROBERT - The Experienced Angler: Or Angling Improved
19040: LAWRENCE JOHN AND ROBERT - When the Fighting Is over: A Personal Story of the Battle for Tumbledown Mountain and It's Aftermath
41749: TUCK REV ROBERT - A Handbook of Biblical Difficulties
15541: COX SARAH AND GOLDEN ROBERT - Down the Road Unemployment and the Fight for the Right to Work
54822: BRIDGES ROBERT (EDITOR) - Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
19513: ARDREY ROBERT - The Social Contact: A Personal Inquiry Into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder
21415: BRIDGES ROBERT - New Verse Written in 1921
19778: FURTAK ROBERT - Die Politischen Systeme Der Sozialistischen Staaten
15666: FROST ROBERT - Christmas Trees
21237: CREELEY ROBERT - Memory Gardens -Poems by Robert Creely
21507: HENDERSON ROBERT M - D W Griffith: The Years at Biograph
20988: KEY ROBERT E - Collected Poems by Robert E Key
21527: SHORT ROBERT - Dada and Surrealism
30693: KUTTER ROBERT - The Economic Illusion False Choices between Prosperity and Social Justice
17875: GRAY ROBERT - The Aristocracy of Labour in Nineteenth-Century Britain C. 1850-1914
24958: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Trumpets from Montparnasse
24941: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Sweet Cork of Thee
24943: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales
24944: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Coming Down the Seine
24945: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Coming Down the Wye
24951: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Lovely Is the Lee
22500: GRAVES ROBERT - Antigua, Penny, Puce
23270: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales
24159: BROWNING ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning (Six Volumes)
10569: HOLMAN ROBERT - Trading in Children: A Study of Private Fostering
10541: BELL ROBERT (EDITOR) - Songs from the Dramatists with Memoirs
43257: GRAVES ROBERT - Goodbye to All That Introduced by Raleigh Trevelyan
21052: BINKLEY ROBERT C - Realism and Nationalism 1852-1871
15917: LACEY ROBERT - Sir Walter Ralegh
15872: BROWNING ROBERT - The Works of Robert Browning
26954: WARK ROBERT R - Early British Drawings in the Huntington Collection 1600-1750
15810: SPEAIGHT ROBERT - Georges Bernanos (a Study of the Man and the Writer)
15134: CONQUEST ROBERT - Tyrants and Typewriters (Communiques in the Struggle for Truth)
48254: STEELE ROBERT (EDITOR) - From the Early Tudors with Letters from Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn the Kings'Letters (Vol 2)
14445: FERRELL ROBERT H - Truman: A Centenary Remembrance
32681: COLODNY ROBERT (EDITOR) - Frontiers of Science and Philosophy (Vol 1)
13941: FURNEAUX JORDAN ROBERT - Victorian Architecture
12826: MAWSON ROBERT - The Lazarus Child
11745: CHARTHAM ROBERT - You Your Children and Sex: What to Tell Them, How and When
11085: FLEMING ROBERT - The Wisdom of the Elders
39674: RAINES ROBERT - Marcellus Laroon
11454: DICKINSON ROBERT E - City and Region : A Geographical Interpretation
11310: TYRE ROBERT - Douglas in Saskatchewan: The Story of a Socialist Experiment
10596: MOORE ROBERT - The Social Impact of Oil: The Case of Peterhead
13340: PULLAN ROBERT - Guilty Secrets : Free Speech in Australia
16314: BROWNING ROBERT - Seleted Poems of Robert Browning
16542: PAYE ROBERT - The Crusades
43663: PEEL SIR ROBERT - Tamworth Election Speech of Sir Robert Peel June 28th 1841
14908: ANASHI ROBERT - The Gloves : A Boxing Chronicle
23434: DUNLOP ROBERT - Ireland: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
5321: KEE ROBERT - Ireland a History
5526: STANDISH ROBERT - The Three Bamboos
17355: BLACK ROBERT - Doctor Reynard's Experiment
14794: GITTINGS ROBERT - The Older Hardy
10184: FERBER ROBERT - Market Research
45927: BURTON ARTHUR & HARRIS ROBERT E - Clinical Studies of Personality Volumes One and Two
24613: JOHNSTONE ROBERT - Belfast: Portraits of a City
55576: ELLIOTT ROBERT - Art in Ireland Preface by Edward Martyn
30504: PINKNEY ROBERT - Democracy in the Third World
31929: FREEDMAN ROBERT (EDITOR) - Marxist Social Thought
24409: KEE ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy: The Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
28677: MERLE ROBERT - Oscar Wilde: Ou la "Destinee" de L'Homosexuel
4259: SENCOURT ROBERT - The Consecration of Genius an Essay to Elucidate the Distinctive Significance and Quality of Christian Art and Literature by Analyais and Comparison of Certain Masterpieces
37971: GOLDWATER ROBERT - How to Appriciate Art Abstraction in Art
43892: FARQUHARSON RT HON ROBERT - In and out of Parliament Reminiscences of a Varied Life
24530: HOPKINS ROBERT H - The True Genius of Oliver Goldsmith
50211: GIESBERG ROBERT J. - The Treaty of Frankfort a Study in Diplomatic History September 1870-September 1873
28181: KEE ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy the Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
41660: THOMSON ROBERT - The Psychology of Thinking
22897: MCKAY ROBERT - Sugar Beet Diseases in Ireland
24638: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Sweet Cork of Thee
24645: KEE ROBERT - Ireland: A History
50383: WISTRICH ROBERT S. - Socialism and the Jews the Dilemmas of Assimilation in Germany and Austria-Hungary
473: KEE ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy the Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
28083: GREACEN ROBERT (EDITED BY) - Irish Harvest: A Collection of Stories, Essays and Poems
45563: THOULESS ROBERT H - An Introduction to the Psychology of Religion
23254: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Over the Reefs
55030: SPOO ROBERT - Three Myths for Aging Copyrights Tithonus, Dorian Gray, Ulysses
46699: SPEAIGHT ROBERT - Teilhard de Chardin a Biography
30143: SERVICE ROBERT - Songs of a Sourdough Containing the Famous Shooting of Dan Mcgrew
30061: BAIN ROBERT - The Clans and Tartans of Scotland
55152: REES ROBERT - Owen Tanat a Story of Welsh Life
30544: DAILEY ROBERT C - Understanding People in Organizations
2637: MAHONY ROBERT - Jonathan Swift (the Irish Identity)
2759: GRAVES ROBERT - No More Ghosts
28491: GREACEN ROBERT - The Sash My Father Wore: An Autobiography
29494: BROWNING ROBERT - Poems of Robert Browning
55200: BRAITHWAITE REV ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Life and Letters of Rev William Pennefather
38267: YOUNG JOHN ROBERT - The French Foreign Legion the Inside Story of the World Famous Fighting Force
30652: FREEDMAN ROBERT (EDITOR) - Marx on Economics
31074: BROWN ROBERT - Explanation in Social Science
31525: WEIR ROBERT F - Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
31805: HEILBRONER ROBERT L - An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect
33002: ARDREY ROBERT - The Social Contract
33416: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict a Study of Sparkbrook
33545: BARANY ZOLTON AND MOSER ROBERT G (EDITORS) - Russian Politics Challenges of Democratization
33584: PAEHLKE ROBERT C - Democracy's Dilemma Environment, Social Equality and Global Economy
34216: GITTINGS ROBERT - Young Thomas Hardy
34289: STONE ROBERT - A Hall of Mirrows
34942: EGBERT ROBERT L - Improving Life Chances for Young Children
35830: DE LA SIZERANNE ROBERT - Beatrice D'Este and Her Court
36008: SILVEY ROBERT - The Measurement of Audiences Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures -4
36030: SILVEY ROBERT - Reflections on the Impact of Broadcasting Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures -4
36097: SERVICE ROBERT - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
36185: BENINGFIELD GORDON AND GOODDEN ROBERT - Beningfield's Butterflies
36201: ARDREY ROBERT - The Social Contract a Personal Inquiry Into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder
36365: FORD ROBERT - Thistledown a Book of Scotch Humour, Character, Folk Lore Story and Anecdote
42325: CRUDEN ROBERT - James Ford Rhodes the Man the Historian and His Work
37367: KAIL ROBERT (EDITOR) - World's Favourite Early Violin Sonatas World's Favourite Series No 104
41478: ROBERT, LLEWELLYN - Our Duty and Our Joy the Sacrifice of Praise
5196: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Lovely Is the Lee
5336: KEE ROBERT - The Bold Fenian Men
5529: COUGHLAN ROBERT - Elizabeth and Catherine Empresses of All the Russias
5616: CHESSHYRE ROBERT - The Return of a Native Reporter
5686: HALSBAND ROBERT - Lord Hervey Eighteenth -Century Courtier
5851: COCHRANE ROBERT (COMPILED BY) - The English Essayists a Comprehensive Selection from the Works of the Great Essayists from Lord Bacon to John Ruskin
6333: LUCAS ROBERT - Frieda Lawrence Translated from the German by Geoffrey Skelton
53883: HOGAN ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Journal of Irish Literature Vol VII No 1 Jan 1978 an Eimar o'Duffy Number
6451: LUSTY ROBERT - Bound to Be Read
6745: ELEGANT ROBERT - Pacific Destiny: The Rise of the East Inside Asia Today
6794: LINDSEY ROBERT - Irresistible Impulse
6899: MARK SIR ROBERT - In the Office of Constable
7058: NISBET ROBERT - Twilight of Authority
7073: HARRIS ROBERT - Good and Faithful Servant the Unauthorized Biography of Bernard Ingham
7154: SHEPHERD ROBERT - Ireland's Fate -the Boyne and After
7600: BEDDARD ROBERT - A Kingdom without a King the Journal of the Provisional Covernment in the Revolution of 1688
8603: RAYNER ROBERT M - Nineteenth Century England
8642: FITZHUGH ROBERT T - Robert Burns: The Man and the Poet a Round, Unvarnished Account
8652: CHAMBERS WILLIAM AND ROBERT - Chambers's Miscellany of Useful and Enteraining Tracts Volume 7
8793: BOLT ROBERT - A Man for All Seasons
8817: LOWELL ROBERT - Robert Lowell Poems 1938-1949
8883: PAYNE ROBERT - The Isles of Greece
1071: ATKINSON BROOKS/LOWERY ROBERT - Sean o'Casey from Times Past
9611: CONQUEST ROBERT - Present Danger Towards a Foreign Policy
9890: HEWISON ROBERT - Under Siege Literary Life in London 1939-45
40023: MENZIES SIR ROBERT - Afternoon Light Some Memories of Men and Events
51299: D'HARCOURT ROBERT - The German Catholics
55319: SENCOURT ROBERT - Carmelite and Poet St John of the Cross and His Poems in Spanish
30001: CONTINI ROBERTO - Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Italian Paintings the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
35495: BOCCAFOGLI ROBERTO - Ferrari a Dream Born in the Snow
43755: ROBERTS, JOHN STUART - Siegfried Sassoon
49398: ROBERTS R. O. (EDITOR) - Farming in Caernavonshire Around 1800
51797: ROBERTS P R - The Union with England and Identity of "Anglican" Wales Reprinted from Rhs 5th Series Vol 22 1972
41461: ROBERTS R E - Christian Auto-Suggestion
11514: ROBERTS K, COOK F, CLARK S, SEMEONOFF ELIZABETH - The Fragmentary Class Structure
53976: ROBERTS, JAMES - The Counter-Revolution in France 1787-1830
18194: ROBERTS B C - Labour in the Tropical Territories of the Commonwealth
7120: ROBERTS J M - The Penguin History of the World
37681: ROBERTS, ROBERT - Ragged Schooling Growing Up in the Classic Slum
27081: BBC: CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE KEITH ROBERTS (ART CRITIC AND WRITER) - Dutch Painting: Twelve Studies in Dutch Painting from the Seventeenth Century, Related to the 1966 Bbc Radio Series Painting of the Month
40550: ROBERTS, MICHELE - A Piece of the Night
42782: ROBERTS, JANE - Views of Windsor, Watercolours by Thomas and Paul Sandby from the Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
52588: ROBERTS, HUGH - The Battlefield Algeria 1988 - 2002 Studies in a Broken Polity
14714: ROBERTS B C - Trade Union Government and Administration in Great Britain
33619: BRUMFIT C J AND ROBERTS J T - Introduction to Language and Language Teaching
34685: SOUTHGATE VERA AND ROBERTS G R - Reading-Which Approach?
54358: ROBERTS, J. M. - A History of Europe
41205: ROBERTS, JANE - Royal Artists from Mary Queen of Scots to the Present Day
51016: ROBERTS, ROBERT - A Wandering Scholar Life and Opinions of Robert Roberts
53934: ROBERTSON, RITCHIE - Heine Jewish Thinkers Series
53231: ROBERTSON, ALEC - Chamber Music
51041: ROBERTSON, E.H. - Makers of the English Bible
40835: ROBERTSON, GEOFFREY - People Against the Press Enquiry Into the Operations of the Press Council
11796: ROBERTSON E H - George a Biography of Vicount Tonypandy
51684: ROBERTSON, RITCHIE - The German-Jewish Dialogue an Anthology of Literary Texts, 1749-1993
52731: ROBERTSON, RITCHIE & EDWARD TIMMS - Theodor Herzl and the Origins of Zionism
48300: W. D. ROBIESON - The Growth of Parliament and the War with Scotland 1216-1307
2838: PAGE ROBIN - The Decline of an English Village
47459: ROBIN A. DE Q. - Charles Perry Bishop of Melbourne the Challenges of a Colonial Episcopate, 1847-76
29844: DUTT ROBIN - Gilbert & George Obsessions & Compulsions
14609: WIGHT ROBIN - The Day Pigs Refused to Be Driven to Market: Advertising and Consumer Revolution
31280: BARROW ROBIN - Injustice Inequality and Ethics a Philosophical Introduction to Moral Problems
27935: BANDSMA AREND AND BRANDT ROBIN - Flatweaves of Turkey
23586: ARCHER ROBIN - Orchard Bough: A Book of Poems
27212: REISENFELD ROBIN (ESSAYS BY) - The German Print Portfolio 1890-1930 Serials for a Private Sphere Introduction by Reinhold Heller
19648: SAWYERS ROBIN (EDITOR) - English-German -German-English Dictionary
31430: BLACKBURN ROBIN (EDITOR) - Ideology in Social Science Readings in the Critical Social Theory
17616: PAGE ROBIN - Animal Cures the Country Way
13792: PEDLEY ROBIN - The Comprehensive School
49947: GIBSON ROBIN - 20th Century Portraits Exhibition Catalogue
26531: REISENFELD ROBIN (ESSAYS BY) - The German Print Portfolio 1890-1930 Serials for a Private Sphere Introduction by Reinhold Heller
33061: BLACKBURN ROBIN (EDITOR) - Ideology in Social Science Readings in Critical Social Theory
33258: HANBURY-TENISON ROBIN - A Question of Survival for the Indians of Brazil
33744: FOX LANE ROBIN - The Unauthorized Version Truth and Fiction in the Bible
35488: BEST ROBIN H - Land Use and Living Space
35540: KNOX-JOHNSTON ROBIN - The Columbus Venture
35596: BERRY-DEE CHRISTOPHER AND ODELL ROBIN - Dad Please Help Me the Story of Derek Bentley
36021: SCOTT ROBIN - Radio 1 and Radio 2 Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures
36155: PAGE ROBIN - Weather Forecasting the Country Way
6087: SKELTON ROBIN - The Writings of J M Synge
52501: ROBINS, ANNA GRUETZNER - Modern Art in Britain, 1910-14
39176: ROBINSON, MARY & M.J. LEVY - Perdita Memoirs of Mary Robinson
40104: ROBINSON, RICHARD - Travellers in Time Seven Epic Stories of Early Exploration
49219: ROBINSON, IAN - The Survival of English Essays in Criticism of Language
27076: ROBINSON B W - Arms and Armour of Old Japan
10562: ROBINSON D, TETHER P. AND TELLER J (EDITORS) - Local Action on Alcohol Problems
53556: ROBINSON, TIM - Setting Foot on the Shores of Connemara
55153: ROBINSON, JOHN MARTIN - Cardinal Consalvi, 1757-1824
39006: ROBINSON W - Gardening Illustrated for Town & Country a Weelky Journal for Amateurs and Gardeners from March 5th 1887 to 25th Febuary 1888
43479: ROBINSON, MIKE - Fighting Skills of the S.A. S.
46506: ROBINSON, DAVE & JUDY GROVES - Introducing Philosophy
42227: ROBINSON, JOHN MARTIN - Royal Palaces Windsor Castle: A Short History
47458: ROBINSON, JOHN MARTIN - Cardinal Consalvi, 1757-1824
40852: ROBINSON, ARTHUR W. - The Personal Life of the Christian
42365: ROBINSON, JEFFREY - Rainier and Grace Inside Monaco and the House of Grimaldi
7859: ROBINSON J W (EDITOR) - Theatrical Street Ballads
9823: ONTIVEROS SUZANNE ROBITAILLE (EDITOR) - The Dynamic Constitution: A Historical Bibliography (1777-1985)
20868: ROBSON W W (COLLECTED BY) - Essays and Studies 1978
38398: ROBSON, GRAHAM - World's Most Powerful Cars
36046: BARNARD NICOLAS AND BEECHE ROBYN - Arts and Crafts of India
55303: LEWIS ROBYN - Second-Class Citizen a Selection of Highly Personal Opinions Mainly Concerning the Two Languages of Wales
30690: TAYLOR -GOOBY PETER AND LAWSON ROBYN - Markets and Managers New Issues in the Delivery of Welfare
42647: ROCHE, BILLY - The Cavalcaders
18056: ZULU ROCK - As Dark As Day
16138: MENGHAM ROD - Language
2060: MCKUEN ROD - Fields of Wonder
21645: MCKUEN ROD - The Sea Around Me... The Hills Above
33954: ELLIS ROD (EDITOR) - Second Language Acquistion in Context
75: DOYLE RODDY - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
30175: DOYLE RODDY - The Snapper
22916: DOYLE RODDY - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
22964: DOYLE RODDY - War
30275: DOYLE RODDY - A Star Called Henry Volume One of the Last Roundup
2302: DOYLE RODDY - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
34888: BENEDIX RODERICH - Doctor Wespe
32343: CAMERON RODERICK - The Golden Haze with Captain Cook in the South Pacific
38052: RODGERS, BARBARA NOEL & JUNE STEVENSON - New Portrait of Social Work
23188: RODGERS W R - Ireland in Colour
43776: RODMELL, GRAHAM E. - French Drama of the Revolutionary Years
11144: BENNETT RODNEY - "Let's Do a Play"
20912: HOARE RODNEY - A Piece of Cloth: The Turin Shroud Investigated
12140: HOARE RODNEY - The Testimony of the Shroud
35680: MACGREGOR IAN AND TYLER RODNEY - The Enemies Within the Story of the Miners' Strike 1984-5
20550: RODRIGO R - The Racing Game: A History of Flat Racing
46260: RODRIGUEZ, JANEL - Meet Fulton Sheen Beloved Preacher and Teacher of the Word
44024: RODWELL, JENNY - Painting with Acrylics

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