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37918: PARKER, FREDA - Victorian Embroidery Photography by Di Lewis
32033: PARKER S R ET AL - The Sociology of Industry
15851: PARKER S, BROWN R, CHILD J, SMITH M - The Sociology of Industry
14047: PARKER K T - Canaletto Drawings at Windsor Castle
43325: PARKER, DEREK - Trampled Wife the Scandalous Life of Mary Eleanor Bowes
44997: PARKER, JOHN - Sbs the Inside Story of the Special Boat Service
40750: PARKER, HERMIONE - Instead of the Dole Enquiry Into the Integration of the Tax and Benefit System
42312: PARKER, JONATHAN - Debrett's People of Today 1996
37104: PARKER, ROWLAND - Town and Gown Seven Hundred Years' War in Cambridge
43462: PARKER, JOHN - Black Watch the Inside Story of the Oldest Highland Regiment in the British Army
47632: PARKER, DEREK - Familiar to All William Lilly and Astrology in the Seventeenth Century
55546: PARKES, JAMES - Prelude to a Dialogue Jewish-Christian Relationships
53753: PARKES, JAMES - Prelude to a Dialogue Jewish-Christian Relationships
36794: PARKIN, MOLLY - Breast Stroke
38049: PARKINSON, NORMAN - Sisters Under the Skin
39101: PARKINSON, JAMES - Outlines of Oryctology Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic Remains
31481: PARKINSON G H R (EDITOR) - The Theory of Meaning
29447: NORTHCOTE PARKINSON C - Gunpowder Treason and Plot
6698: NORTHCOTE PARKINSON C - The Law of Delay Interviews Annd Outerviews
45234: PARLOPHONE - Alphabetical Catalogue of Parlophone Records 1954-55 Catalogue
47983: PARMITER, GEOFFREY DE C - Edmund Plowden an Elizabethan Recusant Lawyer
51623: PARNELL, MICHAEL - Laughter from the Dark Life of Gwyn Thomas
43901: PARRIS, LESLIE - The Pre-Raphaelites
50978: PARRISH, TIMOTHY - The Cambridge Companion to Philip Roth
40520: PARROTT, E.O. - How to Become Ridiculously Well-Read in One Evening a Collection of Literary Encapsulations
47426: PARROTT, E.O. - The Dogsbody Papers or 1066 and All This
14494: PARROTT E O - Imations of Immortality
40911: PARRY, LINDA - William Morris for Morris Exhibition Held at the V& a Museum 9 May-1 September 1996
51962: PARRY, RICHARD - Basic Psychotherapy
37528: PARRY-WILLIAMS, JEAN & KNOWELDEN MARTIN - Animals and Wildlife
8697: PARS H H - Pictures in Peril Translated from the German by Katherine Talbot
19560: LILLICH MEREDITH PARSONS - Rainbow Like an Emerald: Stained Glass in Lorraine in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries
54754: PARSONS, JAMES - The Cambridge Companion to the Lied
40477: PARSONS, ELSIE CLEWS & MARGARET JONES - Journal of a Feminist
49691: PARSONS, GERALD - Religion in Victorian Britain Interpretations V. 4
42919: PARSONS, GEORGE SAMUEL - Nelsonian Reminiscences
52396: PARTNER, PETER - God of Battles Holy Wars of Christianity and Islam: Holy Wars of East and West
54026: BARRINGTON PARTRIDGE R C - The History of the Legal Deposit of Books Throughout the British Empire
54712: PARTRIDGE, ASTLEY COOPER - English Biblical Translation
48655: PASCAL, BLAISE & JAMES HOUSTON & OS GUINNESS - The Mind on Fire Blaise Pascal
50608: PASCAL R. - The Social Basis of the German Reformation Martin Luther and His Times
48673: PASCO, ROWANNE & JOHN REDFORD & ROWANNE PASCOE - Faith Alive New Catechism Edition
48991: PASCO, ROWANNE & JOHN REDFORD & ROWANNE PASCOE - Faith Alive New Catechism Edition
41112: GOARD WM PASCOE - The Empire in Solution and Anglo-Saxon Civilisation
54890: PASKIN, SYLVIA - When Joseph Met Molly a Reader on Yiddish Film
39219: PASLEY, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - Germany a Companion to German Studies
48636: PASOTTI, EZEKIEL - The Neocatechumenal Way According to Paul VI and John Paul II
50542: PASSELECQ, GEORGES - The Hidden Encyclical of Pius XI the Vatican's Lost Opportunity to Oppose Nazi Racial Policies That Led to the Holocaust
53749: PASSMORE, KEVIN - Women, Gender and Fascism in Europe, 1919-45
17149: COOGAN TIM PAT - The I.R. A.
49008: GALLAGHER PAT - The Marist Brothers in New Zealand Fiji & Samoa 1876 - 1976
15504: GILMOUR PAT (EDITOR) - Lasting Impressions: Lithography As Art
31864: COOGAN TIM PAT - The H-Block Story
4958: COOGAN TIM PAT - Wherever Green Is Worn
29655: WATSON HOWARD AND PAT - Collecting Art Deco Ceramics Shapes and Patterns from the 1920's and 1930's
9856: ROGERS PAT - Hacks and Dunces: Pope, Swift and Grub Street.
3980: COOGAN TIM PAT - On the Blanket the H-Block Story
6319: BORAN PAT (EDITOR) - Poetry Ireland Review Number 40 -Politics Winter1993/94
9205: COOGAN TIM PAT (EDITOR) - Ireland and the Arts
51651: PATAI, RAPHAEL - The Seed of Abraham Jews and Arabs in Contact and Conflict
51261: PATAI, RAPHAEL - Apprentice in Budapest Memories of a World That Is No More
51008: PATAI, JOSZEF & RAPHAEL PATAI - Middle Gate a Hungarian Jewish Boyhood
43445: PATCH, HARRY & RICHARD VAN EMDEN - The Last Fighting Tommy the Life of Harry Patch, the Only Surviving Veteran of the Trenches
21912: PATEL B B - Workers of Closed Textile Mills: Patterns and Problems of Their Absorption in a Metropolitan Labour Market
25088: FORBES PATER (EDITED BY) - Poetry Review Winter 1989-90 Volume 79 No 4
41279: SMYTH ARCHDEACON PATERSON - God, Conscience and the Bible
40851: SMYTH PATERSON - How We Got Our Bible
42392: WRIGHT PATRICA - The Strange History of Buckingham Palace Patterns of People
11408: MURPHY CLIVE (EDITOR) /DOUBELL PATRICA - At the Dog in Dulwich Recollections of a Poet Patrica Doubell
11491: MORGAN PATRICA - Delinquent Fantasies
25175: LYNCH PATRICIA - Knights of God: Stories of the Irish Saints
24219: CRAIG PATRICIA (EDITED BY) - The Oxford Book of Ireland
22428: BEER PATRICIA - Friend of Heraclitus
18358: CORBETT PATRICIA - Roman Art
18902: MONTGOMERY CHARLES F AND KANE PATRICIA E (EDITED BY) - American Art 1750-1800 Towards Independence
15196: MACDONALD ANGUS AND PATRICIA - The Highlands and Islands of Scotland Foreword by George Mackay Brown
28939: MCGINLEY PATRICK - The Lost Soldiers Song
3612: MCCABE PATRICK - The Dead School
1887: LYONS PATRICK (EDITOR) - Congreve Comedies a Selection of Critical Essays
53213: HELENE BERR & MODIANNO PATRICK - Helene Berr Journal
20376: MCCABE PATRICK - The Dead School
23845: MCGINLEY PATRICK - Fox Prints
25611: RIDDELL PATRICK - Fire over Ulster
25545: CAMPBELL PATRICK - My Life and Easy Times
20178: PIETRONI PATRICK - The Greening of Medicine
41633: COWLEY PATRICK - Living the Creed
20096: MURPHY PATRICK - Tiger Smith of Warwickshire and England
32204: ABBOTT JOHN PATRICK - Family Patterns a Personal Experience of Genealogy
31293: GARDINER PATRICK - The Nature of Historical Explanation
18334: BADE PATRICK - Renoir : The Masterworks Series
20316: MCCABE PATRICK - Emerald Germs of Ireland
18280: MACCARTHY FIONA AND NUTTGENS PATRICK - Eye for Industry: Royal Designers for Industry 1936-1986
12320: MARNHAM PATRICK - The Man Who Wasn't Maigret : A Portrait of Georges Simenon
29462: O'SULLIVAN PATRICK (EDITOR) - The Irish World Wide Series, History Heritage Identity: The Irish in New Communities (Vol 2)
26119: O BRIAN PATRICK - The Yellow Admiral
18693: ZDANOWICZ IRENA AND MCCAUGHEY PATRICK - Colour and Transparency (the Watercolours of Lesley Dumbrell, Robert Jacks, Victor Majzner)
17829: CAMPBELL PATRICK - My Life and Easy Times
18904: MCCAUGHEY PATRICK (FOREWORD BY) - The Great Decades of Australian Art: Selected Masterpieces Form the J.G. L. Collection
52356: LAVELLE FR PATRICK J - And Then It Happened (of Co. Wicklow Interest)
14336: NUTTGENS PATRICK - The Home Front : Housing the People 1840-1990
12545: WHITE PATRICK - The Twyborn Affair
11517: MCGRATH PATRICK - Dr Haggard's Disease
11690: PARRINDER PATRICK - Authors and Authority
38106: CORBETT PATRICK - Ideologies Philosophy at Work
23555: O'BRIAN PATRICK - The Yellow Admiral
13464: RIVERS PATRICK - Politics by Pressure
24986: GREGORY PATRICK - Modern Anglo-Irish Verse: An Anthology Selected from the Work of Living Irish Poets
250: WILSON PATRICK - Staying at Ballisodare
26111: O'BRIAN PATRICK - Blue at the Mizzen
49050: VERBRAKEN PATRICK - The Beginnings of the Church the First Christian Centuries
1721: KEANE PATRICK J - Yeats's Interactions with Tradition
26109: O'BRIAN PATRICK - The Hundred Days
17791: BELSHAW PATRICK - A Kind of Private Magic
36200: FORBES PATRICK - The Story of the Maison Moet & Chandon
22965: MCGINLEY PATRICK - The Lost Soldier's Song
24765: O'DONOVAN PATRICK - A Journalist's Odyssey
28047: FITZ-PATRICK W J - The Sham Squire and the Informers of 1798; with Jottings About Ireland a Century Ago
23259: MCCABE PATRICK - The Butcher Boy
38928: MEDD PATRICK - Romilly a Life of Sir Samuel Romilly Lawyer and Reformer
14713: MAITLAND PATRICK - Task for Giants : An Expanding Commonwealth
29464: O'SULLIVAN PATRICK (EDITOR) - The Irish World Wide Series History, Heritage and Identity: Religion and Identity (Vol 5)
29463: O'SULLIVAN PATRICK (EDITOR) - The Irish World Wide Series, History Heritage Identity: The Creative Migrant (Vol 3)
29461: O'SULLIVAN PATRICK (EDITOR) - The Irish World Wide Series History Heritage Identity: Patterns of Migration Vol 1
55113: MARRINAN PATRICK - Paisley Man of Wrath
30333: CURRY PATRICK - A Confusion of Prophets Victorian and Edwardian Astrology
32340: HOWARTH PATRICK - The Year Is 1851
33860: WHITE PATRICK - The Living and the Dead
34142: MARNHAM PATRICK - Trail of Havoc in the Steps of Lord Lucan
34505: THORNHILL PATRICK - The Parish Church
36190: BEAVER PATRICK - The Alsford Tradition a Century of Quality Timber 1882-1982
36569: BUCKLAND PATRICK (EDITOR) - Irish Unionism 1885-1923 a Documentary History
4676: LOUGHREY PATRICK (EDITED) - The People of Ireland
5739: MCCARTHY PATRICK A - Ulysses - Portals of Discovery
6914: BELSHAW PATRICK - A Kind of Magic
7169: MCGRORY PATRICK J - Law and the Constitution : Present Discontents (No 12) Emergency Legisation
7532: FAGAN PATRICK - An Irish Bishop in Penal Times the Chequered Career of Sylvester Lloyd Ofm 1680-1747
8229: WALDBERG PATRICK - Surrealism
8376: HASTINGS PATRICK - Famous and Infamous Cases
9898: COSGRAVE PATRICK - Carrington: A Life and a Policy
38438: PATTEN, MARGUERITE - We'LL Eat Again
43799: PATTERSON, HENRY - Ireland Since 1939
41565: DU BOIS PATTERSON - The Point of Contact in Teaching
51386: J. G. PATTERSON - A Zola Dictionary the Characters of the Rougon-Macquart Novels of Emile Zola
46490: PATTON, H.J. - The Moral Law Kant"S Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
54904: PAUCKER, ARNOLD - Deutsche Juden in Kampf Um Recht Und Freiheit
29082: SPENCER-LONGHURST PAUL - Moonrise over Europe: J C Dahl and Romantic Landscape
28: GALLICO PAUL - The Steadfast Man: A Life of St Patrick
46194: CAMBON PAUL - Correspondance 1870-1924 (2 Volumes)
10907: ROCK PAUL - Making People Pay
191: MULDOON PAUL - Bandanna
15876: BAHN PAUL (EDITED BY) - The Penguin Archaeology Guide
31855: KURTZ PAUL - In Defence of Secular Humanism
55580: BEW, PAUL - John Redmond
10702: MCNAUGHT -DAVIS PAUL - Flexibility How to Understand It How to Achieve It
48701: SEITZ PAUL L - Men of Dignity the Montagnards of South Vietnam
21469: ROUTLEDGE PAUL - Gordon Brown: The Biography
10977: CONOVER PAUL H (EDITOR) - Asia and Africa: Introductory Studies of Non -Western Societies
32751: HALMOS PAUL (EDITOR) - The Sociological Review Monograph No 8 (Oct 1964) the Development of Industrial Societies
32834: ROUBICZEK PAUL - Existentialism for and Against
32022: GEORGE VIC AND WILDING PAUL - Ideology and Social Welfare
31802: DAVIES PAUL - Superforce the Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature
31914: CARSON W G AND WILES PAUL (EDITORS) - Crime and Delinquency in Britain Sociological Readings
14559: JOHNSON PAUL - Gold Fields : A Centenary Portrait
31262: DAVIES PAUL - God and the New Physics
31269: FOOT PAUL - The Case for Socialism What the Socialist Workers Party Stands for
6550: FOOT PAUL - Ireland : Why Britain Must Get out
20117: ROUTLEDGE PAUL - Madam Speaker: The Life of Betty Boothroyd
19515: GRIFFIN WILLIAM PAUL - The God of the Prophets: An Analysis of Divine Action
14160: JENNINGS PAUL - The Living Village: A Picture of Rural Life Drawn from Village Scrapbooks
18743: HAMILTON PAUL (EDITED BY) - Dorothy Wordsworth Selections from the Journals
18305: CRESPELLE JEAN-PAUL - Monet the Masterworks
17095: SCOTT PAUL - The Jewel in the Crown
15784: DUKES PAUL (EDITED BY) - Russia and Europe
14188: HALMOS PAUL - The Personal Services Society
15074: SAYER PAUL - The Absolution Game
27372: SPRAGUE PAUL E - Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright and Prairie School Architecture in Oak Park
29080: COLDWELL PAUL - Morandi's Legacy: Influences on British Art
25458: DE KOCK PAUL - La Femme: Le Mari Et L'Amant
21426: JOHNSON PAUL (EDITED BY) - The Oxford Book of Political Anecdotes
11153: WOOD GLORIA AND THOMPSON PAUL - The Nineties: Personal Recollections of the 20th Century
38133: VERLAINE PAUL - Fetes Galantes Sixieme Edition
21616: BURA PAUL - The Space between the Syllables
19817: FEVAL PAUL - Le Bossu: Classiques Populaires
19776: WOOD GLORIA AND THOMPSON PAUL - The Nineties: Personal Reflections of the 20th Century
17864: ADELMAN PAUL - The Rise of the Labour Party 1880-1945
22567: ENGLE PAUL - American Song: A Book of Poems
25973: SCHULLERY PAUL (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - Echoes from the Summit Writings and Photographs
17631: BOWLES PAUL - Midnight Mass (and Other Stories)
15577: HALMOS PAUL - The Personal and the Political (Social Work and Political Action)
15708: MICOU PAUL - The Last Word
14319: HALMOS PAUL - The Personal and the Political : Social Work and Political Action
13430: TABOLI PAUL - Hazard Island
13443: BOWLES PAUL - Call at Corazon
13888: FERRIS PAUL - The Church of England
12150: FOURNEL PAUL - Little Girls Breathe the Same Air As We Do
12089: WELLMAN PAUL I - Glory, God and Gold a Narrative History
11876: EINZIG PAUL - Decline and Fall? : Britain's Crisis in the Sixties
11499: ROCK PAUL - Deviant Behaviour
11234: CASDORPH PAUL D - Let the Good Times Roll : Life at Home in America During Ww11
17253: MICOU PAUL - Adam's Wish
45901: MINET PAUL - Late Booking My First Twenty-Five Years in the Secondhand Book Trade
22284: ROUTLEDGE PAUL - Mandy an Unauthorised Biography of Peter Mandelson
51703: GEE A. JOHN & STURM PAUL J. - Letters of Joseph Conrad to Marguertie Poradowska 1890-1920
31434: FILMER PAUL ET AL - New Directions in Sociological Theory
18851: KISSLING PAUL J - Reliable Characters in the Primary History: Profiles of Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and Elisha
55284: PAUL SCHAM,WALID SALEM,BENJAMIN POGRUND - Shared Histories a Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue
50127: GOODMAN PAUL - Moses Montefiore
23886: ROWAN PAUL - The Team That Jack Built
41779: ILTON PAUL - Digging in the Holy Land
52380: BEW, PAUL - C.S. Parnell Gill'e Irish Lives
9466: BUHLE PAUL (EDITOR) - C L R James: His Life and Work
10120: DAVIES PAUL - The Last Three Minutes
29616: GRIFFITHS PAUL - Encyclopaedia of 20th-Century Music
45115: PAUL, GEOFFREY - Pattern of Faith Exposition of Christian Doctrine
27469: GSELL PAUL - Auguste Rodin Die Kunst
30494: ORMEROD PAUL - The Death of Economics
30023: VAN BUREN PAUL - The Secular Meaning of the Gospel Based on an Analysis of Its Language
23048: BLANSHARD PAUL - The Irish and Catholic Power: An American Interpretation
41672: GEDGE PAUL - A New Three Hours Devotion the Seven Words and the Seven Sacraments
54687: DALMAN GUSTAF AND LEVERTOFF PAUL P. - Jesus- Jeshua Studies in the Gospels
41321: BULL PAUL B - Instructions on the Atonement
41322: BULL PAUL B - The Way of Conversion
51820: BEW, PAUL - Ireland the Politics of Enmity 1789-2006
47090: HARVEY SIR PAUL (COMPILED BY) - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Literature
30730: DAVIES PAUL - Other Worlds Space, Superspace and the Quantum Universe
30918: ROUBICZEK PAUL - Ethical Values in the Age of Science
7521: JOHNSON PAUL - Ireland Land of Troubles: A History from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day
31032: BOHANNAN PAUL - Social Anthropology
31077: ZIFF PAUL - Philosophic Turnings Essays in Conceptual Apprication
3258: ANDREWS RICHARD AND SCHELLENBERGER PAUL - The Tomb of God the Body of Jesus and the Solution of a 2000 Year Old Mystery
32935: SARTRE JEAN-PAUL - Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions
32991: BOHANNAN PAUL - Love Sex and Being Human
33213: KATZ JERROLD J AND POSTAL PAUL M - An Integrated Theory of Linguistic Descriptions
34032: SARTRE JEAN-PAUL - Iron in the Soul
34323: BRICKWELL PAUL - The Dam Busters
34327: BRICKHILL PAUL - Escape -or Die
34460: STRATHERN PAUL - One Man's War
35054: BURA PAUL - The Coming of the Giants
35146: FERRIS PAUL - Dylan Thomas
35267: GALLICO PAUL - Matilda
35737: GOLDMAN PAUL - Sporting Life an Anthology of British Sporting Prints
46478: HALE PAUL - The Organs of Rochester Cathedral
46809: CHAUCHARD PAUL - Science and Religion
4036: KEMP PAUL - Convoy ! Drama in Artic Waters
4667: BRUCE PAUL - The Nemesis File
5964: DURCAN PAUL - The Berlin Wall Cafe
6045: BINDING PAUL - Robert Louis Stevenson
6074: DURCAN PAUL - Christmas Day with a Goose in the Frost
6308: BINDING PAUL - The Still Moment Eudora Welty -Portrait of a Writer
8011: BEW PAUL, HAZELKORN, AND PATTERSON HENRY - The Dynamics of Irish Politics
9371: MCPHARLIN PAUL (EDITOR) - Voltaire's Alphabet of Wit
992: DURCAN PAUL - Greetings to Our Friends in Brazil 100 Poems
9629: DEARDEN PAUL - Classic Rock Climbs
49894: SATRE JEAN-PAUL - Les Mots
45936: GUINNESS PAUL - The Christ of All Nations
32772: VANNOY DANA AND DUBECK PAULA J (EDITORS) - Challenges for Work and Family in the Twenty - First Century
46765: HOESL PAULA - In the Service of Youth St. Jeanne de Lestonnac
11388: YATES PAULA - Village People
34991: BYRNE PAULA - Perdita the Life of Mary Robinson
21247: ROESKE PAULETTE - Breathing Under Water
50118: PAULEY, B. - Habsburg Legacy 1867-1939
55062: PAULEY, BRUCE F. - Hitler and the Forgotten Nazis History of Austrian National Socialism
43785: PAULIN, TOM - Walking a Line
38576: PAULIN, TOM - The Day-Star of Liberty William Hazlitt's Radical Style
48699: BARRETT PAULINE - The Addergoole Titanic Story Addergoole, Co. Mayo
20270: GREGG PAULINE - A Social and Economic History of Britain 1760-1955
27873: COCKRILL PAULINE - The Ultimate Teddy Bear Book
39033: JOHNSON E PAULINE - Legends of Vancouver
39120: METTERNICH PRINCESS PAULINE - The Days That Are No More Some Reminiscences
52008: PAULSON, GUNNAR - Secret City the Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940-1945
54010: PAWEL KOWAL, PAWEL UKIELSKI - The Days of Freedom on the 60th Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising
52462: PAWEL, ERNST - Life in Dark Ages a Memoir
50153: PAWLEY, BERNARD C. & MARGARET PAWLEY - Rome and Canterbury Through Four Centuries
46364: PAWLEY, MARGARET - Donald Coggan, Servant of Christ
42841: PAWLY, RONALD - The Red Lancers Anatomy of a Napeonic Regiment
45453: SUTHERLAND & J.D. SUTHERLAND & SYLVIA PAYNE - Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought
54137: PAYNE, RONALD - Mossad Israel's Most Secret Service
55677: PAYNE, STANLEY G. & DAVID J. SORKIN & JOHN S. TORTORICE & WALTER LAQUEUR - What History Tells George L. Mosse and the Culture of Modern Europe
45881: PAYNE, ROBERT & NIKITA ROMANOFF - Ivan the Terrible
55301: PAZ, D. G - Popular Anti-Catholicism in Mid-Victorian England
14419: PAZ D G - The Politics of Working-Class Education in Britain 1830-50
54435: LEICHMAN DAVID & IDIT PAZ (EDITORS) - Kibbutz an Alternative Lifestyle
10611: DAGTOGLOU PD (EDITOR) - Basic Problems of the European Community
53691: PEACH, LINDA - Ancestral Lines Culture and Identity in the Work of Six Contemporary Poets
41115: PEACOCK, RONALD - Goethe's Major Plays
21181: PEACOCK W (ARRANGED BY) - English Prose: Volume 1-Wycliffe to Clarendon and Volume 5-Mrs Gaskell to Henry James (2 Volumes Only)
52553: KEARNEY PEADAR - My Dear Eva Letters from Ballykinlar Internment Camp 1921
39877: PEARCE, ROBERT D - Mary Kingsley Light at the Heart of Darkness
43756: PEARCE, EDWARD - The Diaries of Charles Greville the Greatest English Diarist After Pepys
34026: BACHARACH A L AND PEARCE J R (EDITORS) - The Musical Companion
53129: PEARL, CHAIM - Rashi
53730: PEARL, CYRIL - Dublin in Bloomtime the City James Joyce Knew
54323: PEARL, CHAIM - Rashi, 1040-1105
53491: SMITH LOGAN PEARSALL - Donne's Sermons Selected Passages with an Essay
54680: PEARSON, PETER - Dun Laoghaire the Premier Township
53893: PEARSON, PETER - Dun Laoghaire the Premier Township
52711: PEARSON, RAYMOND - The Longman Companion to European Nationalism 1789-1920
46393: PEART-BINNS, JOHN S. - Wand of London Bishop of London 1945-55
50775: PEATE, IORWERTH CYFEILIOG - Tradition and Folk Life a Welsh View
55322: PECK, M. SCOTT - The Road Less Travelled a New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth: The New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth
45820: PECK, M. SCOTT - In Search of Stones a Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery
52567: PECK, JEFFREY M. - Being Jewish in the New Germany
40649: PECK, JOHN & MARTIN COYLE - Literary Terms and Criticism
52503: PEDAHZUR, AMI - The Triumph of Israel's Radical Right
45890: PEDDIE, JOHN & RICHARD HOLMES - Hannibal's War
22535: CUSCOY LUIS DIEGO AND LARSEN PEDER C - The Book of Tenerife
28734: PEDLOW J C - Ballycarnamaghery
44002: PEDRICK, MARTYN - Moor Park the Grosvenor Legacy
16593: PEEL J H B - An Englishman's Home
7584: PEEL J H - All over Britain
49142: SAINT TERESA OF AVILA & E. ALLISON PEERS - The Letters of Saint Teresa of Jesus (Vol1)
49064: SAINT TERESA OF AVILA & E. ALLISON PEERS - The Letters of Saint Teresa of Jesus (Volume 2 Only)
12092: PASCOE PEGGY - Relations of Rescue
9811: PASCOE PEGGY - Relations of Rescue
14805: LEE PEGGY - Miss Peggy Lee
6239: RYLE PEGGY - Missing in Action May-September 1944
31078: PEIERLS R E - The Laws of Nature
28620: SAYERS PEIG - Peig Sayers: An Old Woman's Reflections
50619: PELÁEZ DEL ROSAL, JESÚS - The Jews in Córdoba
51587: PELED, YOAV - Class and Ethnicity in the Pale the Political Economy of Jewish Workers' Nationalism in Late Imperial Russia
54579: PELEG, YARON - Israeli Culture between the Two Intifadas a Brief Romance
54924: PELEG, YARON - Orientalism and the Hebrew Imagination
1467: WARNER SIR PELHAM - Lord's 1787-1945
6040: WRIGHT NORMAN PELHAM - Mexican Kaleidoscope
52214: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - Whose Bible Is It? a History of the Scriptures Through the Ages
53894: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - Jesus Through the Centuries His Place in the History of Culture
53346: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - Mary Through the Centuries Her Place in the History of Culture
53384: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - The Reformation of the Bible/the Bible of the Reformation Catalog of the Exhibition: Catalog of the Exhibition by Valerie R. Hotchkiss & David Price
48842: PELZER, DAVE - The Lost Boy a Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family
11452: PEN J - Harmony and Conflict in Modern Society
30726: PEN J - Modern Economics
23049: PENDENNIS A (EDITED BY) - The Newcomes: A History of a Most Respectable Family (2 Vols)
54454: PENDLEBURY, ALYSON - Portraying 'the Jew' in First World War Britain
18627: CURTIS PENELOPE - World War Two: A Display of Pictures from the Collection to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Outbreak of War in September 1939
20711: FITZGERALD PENELOPE - The Knox Brothers
27321: RENZUO SI & WENLAN PENG - China Reich Der Mitte -Wiege Der Weisheit
20620: KOHLER PHYLLIS PENN (EDITOR) - Journey for Our Time-Russia 1839 : The Journals of the Marquis de Custine
48182: M. BASIL PENNINGTON - The Eucharist Wine of Faith Bread of Life
52568: PENNINGTON, MICHAEL - Are You There, Crocodile? Inventing Anton Chekhov
49180: PENNINGTON, M. BASIL, OCSO - Lessons from the Monastery That Touch Your Life
41105: PENNY, NICHOLAS - Piranesi
47687: STANLEY ARTHUR PENRHYN - The Life of Thomas Arnold D D Abridged and Newly Edited with Notes Etc
54828: STANLEY ARTHUR PENRHYN - Historical Memorials of Westminister Abbey
30247: TREVELYAN JANET PENROSE (DAUGHTER) - The Life of Mrs Humphry Ward
47432: WILLIAMS PENRY - Life in Tudor England
45873: PEPITONE, ALBERT - Attraction and Hostility an Experimental Analysis of Inter-Personal and Self Evaluation
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40146: POOL PHOEBE - Impressionism
36573: HOLLAND JACK & SUSAN PHOENIX - Phoenix Policing the Shadows the Secret War Against Terrorism in Northern Ireland
10305: DEANE PHYLLIS - The First Industrial Revolution
36251: KELWAY PHYLLIS - The Squirrel Book
1756: BENARDETE JANE AND MOE PHYLLIS (EDITORS) - Companions of Our Youth: Stories by Women in Young Peoples Magazines 1865-1900
14985: HARTNOLL PHYLLIS - Who's Who in Shaw
3246: CROSSKURTH PHYLLIS - The Secret Ring Freud's Inner Circle and the Politecs of Psycho-Analysis
4421: HATTIS PHYLLIS - Four Centuries of French Drawings
6819: HARTNOLL PHYLLIS - Who's Who in George Eliot
7079: HARTNOLL PHYLLIS (EDITOR) - The Oxford Companion to the Theatre
8612: JONES PHYLLIS M (EDITED AND CHOSEN) - Modern Verse 1900 - 1940
48969: PHYTHIAN, B.A. - A Concise Dictionary of Confusables
43574: PICCIONE, PETER - What Life Was Like on the Banks of the Nile Egypt, 3050 30bc
54265: PICK, HELLA - Guilty Victim - Austria from the Holocaust to Haider
40923: PICK, JOHN - State and the Arts
39081: PICK, HELLA - Simon Wiesenthal a Life in Search of Justice
40192: PICKLES, DOROTHY - Fifth French Republic Institutions and Politics
38084: PICKLES, DOROTHY - Democracy
32093: PICKVANCE G C (EDITOR) - Urban Sociology Critical Essays
55114: PIENKOS, ANGELA - Imperfect Autocrat Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich and the Polish Congress Kingdom
50234: PIERCE, DAVID - James Joyce's Ireland
46323: BENOIT PIERRE - Inspiration and the Bible
54523: MIQUEL PIERRE - La Guerre D'Algerie
20009: VIANSSON-PONTE PIERRE - Apres de Gaulle Qui?
47722: CRABITES PIERRE - Clement VII and Henry VIII
54670: LENERT PIERRE - The Catholic Church in Poland
18338: CUZIN JEAN-PIERRE - Raphael His Life and Works
20158: BENOIT PIERRE - L'Oublie
27989: GUIFFREY JEAN ET MARCEL PIERRE - La Peinture Francaise Les Primitifs
26958: LACLOTTE MICHEL AND CURZIN JEAN-PIERRE - The Louvre European Paintings
20774: LECA ANGE-PIERRE - The Cult of the Immortal: Mummies and the Ancient Egyptian Way of Death
51320: GOUBERT PIERRE - Cent Mille Provinciaux Au XVII Siecle Beauvais Et le Beauvaisis de 1600 a 1730
13817: LAVEDAN PIERRE - French Architecture
11404: DOCKES PIERRE - Medieval Slavery and Liberation
16360: MARANDA PIERRE (EDITED BY) - Mythology
26842: CUZIN JEAN-PIERRE - Der Louvre Die Frazosische Malerei (Vol 1)
49080: CHARLES PIERRE - Prayer for All Times
43281: GALANTE PIERRE - Hitler Lives-and Generals Die
31178: GUIRAUD PIERRE - Semiology
33469: CLAVEL PIERRE ET AL (EDITORS) - Urban and Regional Planning in the Age of Austerity
4425: COURTHION PIERRE - Impressionism Translated by John Shepley
9323: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN PIERRE - The Future of Man Translated from the French by Norman Denny
9532: MOUSSA PIERRE - The Underprivileged Nations
51526: VIDAL-NAQUET PIERRE - La Torture Dans la Republique
10730: BROWNE PIERS - An Elegy in Arcady an Artist's View of Houseman's Poetry
41039: GORDON A J & PIERSON A T - How Christ Came to Church the Life Story and the Dream As Interpreting Man
31779: SEUREN PIETER A M - Operators and Nucleus a Contribution to the Theory of Grammar Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 2
32929: SEUREN PIETER A M (EDITOR) - Semantic Syntax
45516: GEYL PIETER PROF - The Revolt of the Netherlands 1555-1609
22546: ORSI PIETRO - Modern Italy 1784-1898
37321: PIKE, JOYCE - Oil Painting a Direct Approach
586: PILIBIN A N (JOHN H POLLOCK) - Tristram and Iseult
24196: AN PILIBIN (J H POLLOCK) - Mount Kestrel
39788: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Pastoral Symphony a Bumpkin's Tribute to Country Joys
49452: PINCHUK, BEN-CION - Shtetl Jews Under Soviet Rule Eastern Poland on the Eve of the Holocaust
55746: PINE, RICHARD - Brian Friel and Ireland's Drama
20677: PINE L G - They Came with the Conqueror: A Study of the Modern Descendants of the Normans
54175: PINE, LISA & L. PINE - Nazi Family Policy, 1933-1945
10247: PINION F B - A T S Eliot Companion
6441: PINION F B - A D H Lawrence Companion
37723: PINKER, ROBERT - Social Theory and Social Policy
54611: PINKSTERBOER, HUGO - Rough Guide to Reading Music and Basic Theory
52739: PINKUS, OSCAR - The House of Ashes
5113: PINSENT A - The Principles of Teaching -Method
36780: PINTER, HAROLD. - The Birthday Party.
37993: PIPER, DAVID - A. To Z. Of Art and Artists an Illustrated Biographical Dictionary from the Mitchell Beazley Library of Art
36783: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Six Characters in Search of an Author
54379: PIRIE, DONALD & JEKATERINA YOUNG & CHRISTOPHER CARRELL - Polish Realities the Arts in Poland, 1980-1989
42903: SAIVO PIRKKA - Suomi Finland-Finlande-Finnland
54192: PISSARRO, CAMILLE - Pissaro Camille Pissarro, 1830-1903
53874: PITCHER, HARVEY - Responding to Chekhov the Journey of a Lifetime
43966: PITT, BARRIE - The Crucible of War Western Desert, 1941 Bk. 1
41919: PITT F W - Wonder- Working Prayer
48583: PITTSBURGH, DIOCESE OF - Opening the Scriptures a Guide to the Catechism for Use with the Sunday Readings
5606: TRAVERS PL - Friend Monkey
54699: PLACH, EVA - The Clash of Moral Nations Cultural Politics in Pilsudski's Poland, 1926-1935 (Polish and Polish-American Studies Series)
14436: DOMINGO PLACIDO - My First Forty Years
47712: CLARK HUGH/PLANCHE J R - An Introduction to Heraldry
55624: PLASKOW, JUDITH - Standing Again at Sinai Judaism from a Feminist Perspective
29274: PLATO - Republic a New Translation by Robin Waterfield
31257: PLATO - Protagoras and Meno
29430: PLATO - The Symposium
31706: PLATO - Gorgias
42410: PLATO - The Last Days of Socrates the Apology, Crito, Phaedo
21733: PLATON N - A Guide to the Archaeological Museum of Heraclion
47326: PLATT, COLIN - The Parish Churches of Medieval England
37136: PLATT, COLIN - The English Medieval Town
47944: PLATT, COLIN - Medieval England a Social History and Archaeology from the Conquest to A.D. 1600
10976: PLEDGE H T - Science Since 1500
32617: PLEDGE H T - Science Since 1500 a Short History of Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry, Biology
35944: PLENDERLEITH H J - The Preservation of Leather Bookbindings
46593: PLOEG J VAN DER - The Excavations at Qumran
39310: PLOWDEN, ALISON - Lords of the Land
5243: KERNAN PLOWDEN - Treasure Hunt: A Collection of Poems
32130: PLUMB J H - England in the Eighteenth Century
33038: PLUMB J H (EDITOR) - Crisis in the Humanities
34215: PLUMB J H - England in the Eighteenth Century (1714-1815 )
36244: PLUMB J H - England in the Eighteenth Century (1714-1815)
36930: PLUMB, JOHN HAROLD - England in the Eighteenth Century
39872: PLUMB, ED. J.H. & JOHN HAROLD PLUMB - The Pelican Book of the Renaissance
53992: PLUMPTRE, GEORGE - The Country House Guide
8985: PLUMPTRE E H (EDITOR) - The Tragedies of Sophocles with Biographical Essay
33246: WOODGATE PLUNKET H - The Birth of a Dynasty
40798: PLYUSHCH, LEONID & M. MESSEGUE - History's Carnival a Dissident's Autobiography
55774: POBEDONESTSEV, KONSTANTIN P. - Reflections of a Russian Statesman
36824: POHL, FREDERIK - Plague of Pythons
55025: POIRTEIR, CATHAL - The Great Irish Famine
54528: GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND - Polish-Soviet Relations 1918-1943 Officla Documents
48471: POLE, FELIX J. C. - Cathedrals with Seventy-Four Illustrations by Photographic Reproduction and Seventy-Four Drawings
52725: POLIAKOV, LEON & M. KOCHAN - History of Anti-Semitism from Voltaire to Wagner V. 3
52678: HUGH B. C. POLLARD - The Secret Societies of Ireland Their Rise and Progress
40848: CHAUCER GEOFFREY/POLLARD A W - The Nun's Priest's Tale
29020: POLLOCK J H (AN PILIBIN) - Peter and Paul
46822: POLLOCK, JOHN - The Apostle, a Life of Saint Paul
54835: POLONSKY, ANTONY - Polin (Vol 14) Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 14: Jews in the Polish Borderlands: Focusing on Jews in the Borderlands of Former Poland-Lithuania Vol 14
52513: POLONSKY, ANTONY - Polin, Volume 13 Studies in Polish Jewry: Focusing on the Holocaust and Its Aftermath V. 13
53918: POLONSKY, ANTONY - From Shtetl to Socialism Studies from Polin
52929: POLONSKY, ANTONY & MONIKA ADAMCZYK-GARBOWSKA - Contemporary Jewish Writing in Poland an Anthology
54934: POLONSKY, ANTONY - My Brother's Keeper Recent Polish Debates on the Holocaust
54694: POLONSKY, ANTONY & WLADYSLAW T. BARTOSZEWSKI - Polin Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 4: Poles and Jews: Perceptions and Misperceptions: V. 4
54630: POLVINEN, TUOMO - Imperial Borderland Bobrikov and the Attempted Russification of Finland, 1898-1904
38833: POLYVIOU, POLYVIOS G. - Cyprus Conflict and Negotiation, 1960-80
44985: POOLE, OLIVER - Black Knights on the Bloody Road to Baghdad
10035: POOLE E G , WILLIAMS B J, HAINS B A - Geology of the Country Around Market Harborough
14972: POOLE K P - The Local Government Service in England and Wales
7962: POOLE A L - From Domesday Book to Magna Carta 1087-1216
45100: POOLEY, ROGER & PHILIP J. SEDDON - The Lord of the Journey Reader in Christian Spirituality
54668: POPE, STEPHEN & ELIZABETH-ANNE WHEAL & KEITH ROBBINS - The Macmillan Dictionary of World War I
42243: MACQUEEN-POPE W - Back Numbers
38186: POPE, DUDLEY - Guns
20254: MACQUEEN-POPE W - Ghosts and Greasepaint: A Story of the Days That Were
27324: HENNESSY SIR JOHN POPE - Masterpieces from the Robert Von Hirsch Sale at Sotheby's
26614: HENNESSY SIR JOHN POPE (INTRODUCTION) - Masterpieces from the Robert Von Hirsch Sale at Sotheby's
27964: HENNESSY SIR JOHN POPE (ESSAY BY) - Masterpieces from the Robert Von Hirsch Sale at Sotheby's
51364: POPKIN, RUTH SHAMIR - Jewish Identity the Challenge of Peoplehood Today
52941: POPPEL, STEPHEN M. - Zionism in Germany, 1897-1933 the Shaping of a Jewish Identity
30909: POPPER K R - The Poverty of Historicism
54431: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The Conquest of the Sahara
55559: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The French Secret Services from the Dreyfus Affair to the Gulf War
53945: PORTER, STANLEY E. - Christian-Jewish Relations Through the Centuries
49926: PORTER RUTH, HAREL-HOSHEN SARAH - Odyssey of the Exiles the Sephardi Jews 1492-1992
40355: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE - The Never-Ending Wrong
54449: PORTER, ROY & ANDREW PORTER - European Imperialism, 1860-1914
55643: PORTER, ROY - Revolution in History
54293: PORTER, ROY & TRICH MILULAS - Romanticism in National Context
37018: PORTER, HENRY - Lies, Damned Lies and Some Exclusives
50865: PORTERFIELD, AMANDA - The Transformation of American Religion the Story of a Late-Twentieth-Century Awakening
47177: PORTSMOUTH, WILLIAM - Healing Prayer with Daily Prapers for a Month
50411: POSNER, CHARLES - Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1968
49893: POSNER, CHARLES - Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1968
40674: POST, KEN & PHIL WRIGHT - Socialism and Underdevelopment
47849: POST, GAINES - Dilemmas of Appeasement British Deterrence and Defence, 1934-1937
49905: POSTAN, M. M. - Fact and Relevance Essays on Historical Method
21914: HABAKKUK H J AND POSTAN M (EDITORS) - The Industrial Revolutions and After: Incomes, Population and Technological Change (Part I)
43767: POSTER, CYRIL & JURGEN ZIMMER & PAULO FREIRE - Community Education in the Third World
51295: POTEL, JEAN-YVES - The Summer Before the Frost Solidarity in Poland
22055: POTTER T W - A Faliscan Town in South Etruria: Excavations at Narce 1966-71
39161: POTTINGER, GEORGE - Mayo: Richard Southwell Bourke Disraeli's Viceroy
42861: POTTS, D. M. & W.T.W. POTTS - Queen Victoria's Gene Haemophilia and the Royal Family
36100: POTTS L J - Comedy
23940: POUCHER W A - Ireland
35758: POUCHER W A - The Welsh Peaks
41609: POUNCY A G - Adding to the Church Daily
41678: POVAH J W - A Study of the Old Testament
40455: POWELL, ANTHONY - O How the Wheel Becomes
43055: POWELL, KERSTI TARIEN - Irish Fiction
51596: POWELL, MARK ALLAN - The Jesus Debate Modern Historians Investigate the Life of Christ
40381: POWELL, ANTHONY - Casanova's Chinese Restaurant
51112: POWELL T. G. E. - The Celts Ancient People and Places
40339: POWELL, ANTHONY - Valley of Bones
53458: POWELL, DAVID - The Power Game the Struggle for Coal
53585: POWELL,WALTER W - Getting Into Print Decision-Making Process in Scholarly Publishing
11254: POWELL J W - The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons
51801: POWELL, JOHN - The Christian Vision
40386: POWELL, ANTHONY - Military Philosophers
52550: POWELL W M - My Life Halted
40385: POWELL, ANTHONY - The Soldier's Art
40384: POWELL, ANTHONY - Temporary Kings
40383: POWELL, ANTHONY - The Acceptance World
44906: POWELL, ANTHONY - Books Do Furnish a Room
42388: POWELL, DILYS - Affair of the Heart
24473: POWELL T G E - The Celts
55331: POWELL, JOHN & LORETTA BRADY - Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?
55332: POWELL, JOHN - Fully Human, Fully Alive a New Life Through a New Vision
40131: POWER, BRIAN - The Puppet Emperor Life of Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China
42939: POWERS, ALAN - Shop Fronts
3939: POWICKE F W - The Reformation in England
47264: POWICKE F. M. - The Christian Life in the Middle Ages and Other Essays
41256: POWNALL - A Letter from Govenor Pownall to Adam Smith
54034: POWRIE, PHIL & MICHEL MARIE - The Cinema of France
43054: PRAHMS, WENDY - Newcastle Ragged and Industrial School
46612: PONS I RAMON PRAT - Compartir la Alegria de la Fe Sugerencias Para Una Teologia Pastoral
38984: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Small Gods a Discworld Novel (Discworld Novels)
14709: PRATTEN C F - A Comparison of the Performance of Swedish and Uk Companies
54620: PRAWER, S. S. - Karl Marx and World Literature
49690: PRAWER, S.S. - The Blue Angel
9783: JHABVALA RUTH PRAWER - Shades of Memory
52457: PRAZMOWSKA, PROFESSOR ANITA J. - Eastern Europe and the Origins of the Second World War
44143: PREBBLE, JOHN - Scotland
40728: PREBBLE, JOHN - The King's Jaunt
47534: DOUGLAS FLINT (CHAIRMAN) PREFACE BY - Hsbc at 150: Written in Chinese and English 150th Anniversary
55142: PRELINGER, ELIZABETH - Kathe Kollwitz
50958: PRELINGER, ELIZABETH& PARKE-TAYLOR MICHAEL - The Symbolist Prints of Edvard Munch the Vivian and David Campbell Collection
55619: PRENDEVILLE, BRENDAN - Realism in 20th Century Painting
52302: DES PRES, TERRENCE - The Survivor an Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps
21010: PRESCOTT H F M - Mary Tudor
45934: PRESCOTT, H.F.M. - Mary Tudor the Spanish Tudor
46459: PRESS, OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Bible New International Version Scofield Concordance Bible
49948: PRESS, GRAND ST - Grand Street (Summer 1999) 69 Berlin
52749: PRESSBURGER, GIORGIO & NICOLA PRESSBURGER & G. MOORE - Homage to the Eighth District Tales from Budapest
49240: PRESTIGE G. L. - Fathers and Heretics Six Studies in Dogmatic Faith with Prologue and Epilogue
20084: ODELL P R AND PRESTON D A - Economies and Societies in Latin America: A Geographical Interpretation
38334: PRESTON, RICHARD NATKIEL AND ANTHONY - Atlas of Maritime History
50490: PRESTON, PROFESSOR PAUL - Revolution and War in Spain, 1931-1939
37541: PRESTON, RUPERT - The Seventeenth Century Marine Painters of the Netherlands
53019: PRETTY, DAVID - The Rural Revolt That Failed Farm Workers' Trade Unions in Wales 1889-1950
32817: PRIBRAM K H (EDITOR) - Adaptation Brain and Behaviour 4
45649: PRICE, CLIVE & DUNCAN DYASON - Miracle Children the Toybox Story
54662: PRICE, GLANVILLE - The Languages of Britain
52247: PRICE, SIMON & EMILY KEARNS - The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion
43721: PRICE, H. H. - Essays in the Philosophy of Religion Based on the Sarum Lectures 1971
15855: PRICE L L - Money and Its Relations to Prices
54741: PRICE, ROGER - The French Second Empire an Anatomy of Political Power
35148: WHIGHAM PRICE A - The Ladies of Castlebrae
36768: PRICE, RICHARD - Clockers
38912: PRICE H H - Thinking and Representation Lecture Read 6th Febuary 1946 Annual Philosophical Lecture Henriette Hertz Trust
42513: PRIDE, NIGEL - Butterfly Sings to Pacaya Travels in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize
48879: PRIDMORE, JOHN & NIALL SLATTERY - Consecration to Jesus Through Mary
44955: PRIEST, ROBERT - Man Who Broke out of the Letter X
41529: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - Yours Faithfully Collected Radio Talks
17322: PRIESTLEY J B - Midnight on the Desert (Chapters of an Autobiography )
14589: PRIESTLEY J B - Theatre Outlook
21233: PRIESTLEY J B (EDITOR) - Our Nation's Heritage
28818: PRIESTLEY J B - The English Novel
15927: PRIESTLEY J B - Literature and Western Man
34370: PRIESTLEY H E DR - Book of the Year 1874
11781: PRIESTLEY J B - The Edwardians
17327: PRIESTLEY J B - Three Men in New Suits
17324: PRIESTLEY J B - Rain Upon Godshill (More Chapters of Autobiography )
17323: PRIESTLEY J B - Out of the People
36667: PRIESTLEY, PHILIP - Victorian Prison Lives English Prison Biography 1830-1914
5249: PRIESTLEY J B - Literature and Western Man
5632: PRIESTLEY J B - Let the People Sing
13679: TROLLOPE ANTHONY/PRIESTLY J B - Anthony Throllope an Autobiography
48547: WRITTEN BY EIGHTY FOUR PRIESTS - In Testimony Priestly Reflections on Medjugorje
33273: PRIME C T - Plant Life
45618: PRIMICERIO, SHANNON KUBIAK - Being a Girl Who Serves How to Find Your Life by Giving It Away
7736: LEVI PRIMO - Other People's Trades Translated by Raymond Roselthal
41900: PRIMROSE, WINIFRED MORRISON - From the Scottish Manse to the Wide World
41423: DICKIE EDGER PRIMROSE - The Father Everlasting Studies in Christian Doctrine
13266: MODUPE PRINCE - I Was a Savage
12239: PRINCE F T - The Doors of Stone: Poems 1938-1962
37994: PRINCE, P; DONNA, CHRISTINA - Sweet Dreams the Art of Bessie Pease Gutmann
39350: GALITZIN PRINCE - Catalogue of the Secret Cabinet of Prince G*** (Galitzin)
6743: CHICHIBU PRINCESS - The Silver Drum: A Japanese Imperial Memoir. Translated by Dorothy Britton
51155: ROBERTSON PRISCILLA - Revolutions of 1848 a Social History
15057: NAPIER PRISCILLA - A Difficult Country : The Napiers in Scotland
37333: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS AND METCALF PRISCILLA - The Cathedrals of England the North and East Anglia
37334: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS & METCALF PRISCILLA - The Cathedrals of England the West and Midlands
37335: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS AND METCALF PRISCILLA - The Cathedrals of England the South East
43328: PRITCHARD, ROBERT E. - Captain John Smith
10474: PRITCHETT V S - A Careless Widow and Other Stories
54648: PRITCHETT, V. S. - Chekhov a Spirit Set Free
5064: PRITCHETT V S - Balzac
5817: PRITCHETT V S - A Cab at the Door an Autobiography : The Early Years
40655: PRITT D N - Choose Your Future
54757: PROBST, CHRISTOPHER J. - Demonizing the Jews Luther and the Protestant Church in Nazi Germany
51672: PROCHNIK, GEORGE - The Impossible Exile Stefan Zweig at the End of the World
36033: WILSON W PROCTOR - The Challenge of Circumstances Bbc-Lunch-Time Lectures Second Series-5
17919: DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT AND PRODUCTIVITY - A National Minimum Wage (Report on an Inter-Departmental Working Party)
25961: PAPERCHASE PRODUCTS - Paper Chase Paper Catalogue
20723: GREEN PROFESSOR F C - A Comparative View of French & British Civilisation 1850-1870
28030: MASSON PROFESSOR - The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith
35108: PREVOST ABBE AND MERIMEE PROSPER - Manon Lescaut and Carmen
34898: PROTHERO G W ( EDITED ) - Select Statutes and Other Constitutional Documents Illustrative of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James 1
20936: PROTHERO G W (EDITOR) - Select Statutes and Other Constitutional Documents Illustrative of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I
52755: PROUST, MARCEL & PHILIP KOLB & RALPH MANHEIM & J.M. COCKING & R. MANHEIM - Selected Letters 1880-1903 V. 1
14245: PADEL UNA AND STEVENSON PRUE - Insiders : Women's Experience of Prison
55648: PRUS, BOLESLAW - The Doll, the (Ceu Press Classics)
54903: PRUSIN, ALEXANDER V - Lands between Conflict in the East European Borderlands, 1870-1992
46190: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID - Paris in the Third Reich
49533: [ED], BALAGUIER PUBLICATIONS - Images of the First World War
54005: PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL, LTD - Holocaust Chronicle a History in Words and Pictures

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