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14552: CHAPMAN RICHARD A - Decision Making : A Case Study to Raise the Bank Rate in September 1957
2113: KENIN RICHARD - Return to Albion (Americans in England 1760-1940)
17115: COE RICHARD N - Beckett
42046: JEBB SIR RICHARD C - Primer of Greek Literature
14696: CROSSMAN RICHARD - Inside View Three Lectures on Prime Ministerial Government
14502: HARWELL RICHARD - Union Reader
26791: VERDI RICHARD - Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665 Essay by Pierre Rosenberg
10073: STEELE RICHARD - The Tender Husband
23332: DEUTSCH RICHARD - Mairead Corrigan, Betty Williams
14094: FAY JUDITH AND MARTIN RICHARD (EDITORS) - The Jubilee Boy (Large Print) George Swinford of Filkins
7328: REGOSIN RICHARD L - Montaigne's Unruly Brood
25797: MARKS RICHARD - Burrell: Portrait of a Collector
14956: PERRY RICHARD - Shetland Sanctury : Birds on the Isle of Noss
46925: KUGELMAN RICHARD - New Testament Message 19 James and Jude
16099: MANGAN RICHARD (EDITED BY) - John Gielgud's Notes from the Gods (Playgoing in the Twenties)
22378: OLLARD RICHARD - The Escape of Charles II After the Battle of Worcester
20937: KEVERNE RICHARD - Tales of Old Inns
25405: MATZIG RICHARD B - Traume Vom Magnolienbaum: Ein Tessiner Skizzenbuch
24338: MABEY RICHARD - The Frampton Flora
2001: VAN ALSTYNE RICHARD W - The American Empire (Its Historical Pattern and Evolution. )
1661: FORD RICHARD - Women with Men
17934: HYMAN RICHARD - Strikes
25355: HAMANN RICHARD - Olympische Kunst
13400: GILLAN PATRICIA AND RICHARD - Sex Therapy Today
18294: MARKS RICHARD (FOREWORD BY) - Shadowland Gordon Anthony Photographs 1926-52
323: ELLMANN RICHARD - Oscar Wilde
9511: OLLARD RICHARD - Clarendon and His Friends
19001: DE'ATH RICHARD - French Letters and English Overcoats Sexual Fallacies and Fads from Ancient Greece to the Millennium
26537: ROGERS RICHARD - Architecture a Modern View
36387: MAERTZ RICHARD C - Wrestling Teaching Guide
18363: IRVINE LOUISE AND DENNIS RICHARD - Royal Doulton Figures. Supplement No I: 1979-1982
22103: DEACON RICHARD - The Private Life of Mr Gladstone
44062: COLLIER RICHARD - The Sound of Fury an Account of the Indian Mutiny
22923: DAVIS RICHARD - Arthur Griffith
258: INGRAMS RICHARD - John Stewart Collis (a Memoir. )
25719: HOUGH RICHARD - Victoria and Albert : Their Love and Their Tragedies
1084: FINNERAN RICHARD J (EDITOR) - W B Yeats John Sherman and Dhoya
10732: BOURNE RICHARD - Londoners Photographs by John Minihan
10489: CHURCH RICHARD - Over the Bridge
41649: BURTON SIR RICHARD (TRANSLATOR) - The Ananga Ranga of Kalyana Mall and the Symposium of Plato
40570: HOWARD ANTHONY AND WEST RICHARD - The Making of the Prime Minister Harold Wilson
40181: CAMMELL CHARLES RICHARD - Memoirs of Annigoni
15796: KING-HALL STEPHEN AND ULLMAN RICHARD K - German Parliaments (a Study of the Development of Representative Institutions in Germany)
15665: BIRD RICHARD - Border Pinks
26707: KENNEDY RICHARD - The International Dictionary of Religion
15510: MUIR RICHARD - The Lost Villages of Britain
14421: GOUGH RICHARD - The History of Myddle
12485: MONACO RICHARD - The Final Quest
12483: TODD RICHARD - Iris Murdoch
12941: GRAY RICHARD (EDITOR) - American Verse of the Nineteenth Century
12090: BARTLETT RICHARD A - Nature's Yellowstone
11654: HALL RICHARD - Stanley : An Adventurer Explored
11601: HOGGART RICHARD - Auden: An Introductory Essay
43670: CAMERON CHARLES RICHARD - The Beginning of the End. The Present Struggle the Final Struggle in the Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty with Special Reference to England
32268: ELMHIRST RICHARD - The Naturalist at the Sea Shore
26235: HUGGETT RICHARD - The Truth About Pygmalion
48080: O'SULLIVAN RICHARD - The King's Good Servant Papers Read to the Thomas More Society of London
24646: LOVETT RICHARD - Ireland 100 Years Ago: The Charm of Old Ireland
7764: BOSTON RICHARD - Osbert : A Portrait of Osbert Lancaster
36393: MAERTZ RICHARD C - Wrestling Techniques: Takedowns
18876: BARKER RICHARD H - Marcel Proust
18684: SEROTA NICHOLAS & FRANCIS RICHARD (PREFACE BY) - Expression & Engagement German Painting from the Collection
5656: KEVERNE RICHARD - Tales of Old Inns
5504: WALKER RICHARD (ASSESSMENT BY) - Van Der Walt Sculptures
38418: GREEN JOHN RICHARD - The Making of England
6149: CAVE RICHARD - A Study of the Novels of George Moore
10188: SMITH RICHARD - Unemployment and Health
41689: BOWIE RICHARD W - "Light for the Nations" a Biblical Theology of Evangelization
20032: BERNSTEIN RICHARD - Fragile Glory: A Portrait of France and the French
40593: ACLAND RICHARD - What It Will Be Like in the New Britain
39370: CAULFIELD RICHARD - Journal of the Very Rev Rowland Davies (Dean of Ross and Afterwards Dean of Cork) from March 8,1688/9 to September 29th 1690
19664: PEYTON RICHARD (SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Deadly Odds: Crime and Mystery Stories of the Turf
14700: BUCKLE RICHARD - In the Wake of Diaghilev Autobiography 2
22205: BONACCORSO RICHARD - Sean o'Faolain's Irish Vision
2668: OLLARD RICHARD - Pepys: A Biography
30099: GRENFELL REGGIE AND GARNETT RICHARD (EDITORS) - Joyce by Herself and Her Friends
7937: KAIN RICHARD M - Susan L Mitchell
43809: STORRY RICHARD - A History of Modern Japan
30838: SAKWA RICHARD - Soviet Politics an Introduction
30889: BRONK RICHARD - Progress and the Invisible Hand the Philosophy and Economics of Human Advance
30895: ARMSTRONG RICHARD - Powered Ships the Beginnings
31038: RADFORD AND KIRBY RICHARD - The Person in Psychology
31064: CARNEY JAMES D AND SCHEER RICHARD K - Fundamentals of Logic
31136: SCHMIDT RICHARD A - Motor Learning and Performance from Principles to Practice
31195: MASSEY DOREEN AND MEEGAN RICHARD - The Anatomy of Job Loss the How , Why and Where of Employment Decline
31541: DEMERATH AND PETERSON RICHARD A N J - System Change and Conflict a Reader on Contemporary Sociological Theory and Debate over Functionalisn
31937: COATES KEN AND SILBURN RICHARD - Poverty the Forgotten Englishmen
33025: DE GEORGE RICHARD T - Business Ethics
33062: RUDNER RICHARD S - Philosophy of Social Science
34119: WAGNER RICHARD - The Man, His Mind and Music
34183: STRAUSS RICHARD - Arabella (Opera Guide No 30)
34304: HOUGH RICHARD - Winston and Clementine
34474: WAGNER RICHARD - Der Fliegende Hollander (Opera in Three Acts)
34599: BACH RICHARD - Jonathan Livingston Seagull a Story
43230: BARBER RICHARD (EDITOR) - British Myths and Legends 3 Volumes in Slip Case
34712: CAVENDISH RICHARD - King Arthur & the Grail the Arthurian Legends and Their Meaning
34794: GARNETT DR RICHARD (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Diary of Samuel Pepys (2 Volumes)
34985: INWARDS RICHARD - Weather Lore a Collection of Proverbs, Sayings & Rules Concerning the Weather
34992: HOUGH RICHARD - Captain Bligh & Mr Christain the Men and the Mutiny
35320: ELLMANN RICHARD - Yeats the Man and the Masks with New Preface
35534: CRITCHFIELD RICHARD - Among the British an Outsiders View
35547: FINDLATER RICHARD - The Player Queens
35574: MANGAN RICHARD (EDITOR) - John Gielgud's Notes from the Gods
35601: GREGORY RICHARD L (EDITOR) - The Oxford Companion to the Mind
35614: NORTH RICHARD A E - The Death of British Agriculture
35641: CHURCH RICHARD - 20th Century Psalter
35672: KAY RICHARD - Desert Warrior Reporting from the Gulf
35678: CHURCH RICHARD - The Lamp
35703: MARKS RICHARD ET AL - The Burrell Collection
35739: PERRY RICHARD - The World of the Jaguar
36137: PRING RICHARD - Knowledge and Schooling
36690: FORD RICHARD - The Sportswriter
36760: CHASE RICHARD (EDITOR) - Merville a Collection of Critical Essays
3699: DOUGHERTY RICHARD - A Summer World
37337: BRAYBROOKE LORD RICHARD - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys in Four Volumes
4020: GOOD RICHARD - Watches in Colour
4026: WINSTON RICHARD - Thomas Mann the Making of the Artist 1875-1911
4290: ALDINGTON RICHARD (EDITOR) - Oscar Wilde: Selected Works
5020: KEVERNE RICHARD - Tales of Old Inns
5342: LOVETT RICHARD - Ireland 100 Years Ago
5715: SOULE RICHARD - A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous or Parallel Expressions
7869: GLAZIER RICHARD - A Manual of Historical Ornament
5895: OWEN RICHARD - Letters from Moscow 1982-5
9411: BERLETH RICHARD - The Twilight Lords the Doomed Struggle of the Last Great Feudal Lords of Ireland
6277: STRACHEY RICHARD - A Strachey Child
6297: FINNERAN RICHARD J (EDITOR) - Yeats -an Annual of Critical and Textual Studies (Vol 1 1983)
6337: CHURCH RICHARD - The Golden Sovereign
6350: BARTLETT RICHARD A - The New Country a Social History of the American Frontier 1776-1890
6705: WEATHERFORD RICHARD M (EDITOR) - Stephen Crane - the Critical Heritage
49263: OLLARD RICHARD - The Escape of Charles II After the Battle of Worcester
7024: KETCHUM RICHARD - The Winter Soldiers
7411: ALDINGTON RICHARD (EDITOR) - Fifty Romance Lyric Poems
7448: LE GALLIENNE RICHARD - The Romantic '90s
7459: KELL RICHARD - The Broken Circle
7587: HOLMES RICHARD - Dr Johnson and Mr Savage
7613: MUIR RICHARD - The English Village
8176: DEACON RICHARD - Escape
8215: HALL RICHARD - The Viking Dig the Excavations at York
8408: FINDLATER RICHARD - Michael Redgrave - Actor
8740: FRIEDENTHAL RICHARD - Goethe His Life and Times
8814: EBERHART RICHARD - Song and Idea
9024: INGRAMS RICHARD (EDITOR) - Cobbett's Country Book
9453: ELWES RICHARD - First Poems
9595: TERRELL RICHARD - West African Interlude
9914: MUIR RICHARD - The Dales of Yorkshire: A Portrait
39413: ALDINGTON RICHARD - D H Lawrence
39205: GREGG RICHARD B - The Power of Non-Violence
47498: BARBER RICHARD C - The Life and Campaigns of the Black Prince
21277: ROHMER RICHARD - Pattons Gap: An Account of the Battle of Normandy 1944
31843: BROWN PHILLIP AND SPARKS RICHARDS (EDITORS) - Beyond Thatcherism Social Policy, Politics and Society
49162: RICHARDS, MICHAEL - The Church of Christ
15427: RICHARDS I A - Principles of Literary Criticism
41502: RICHARDS, HUBERT J. - The First Christmas What Really Happened?
46306: RICHARDS, MICHAEL - A People of Priests Ministry of the Catholic Church
41653: RICHARDS, LARRY - Freedom Road
1863: RICHARDSON L J D - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy July 1940 -Facilis Iactura Sepulcri Vol XLVI Section C No2
46969: RICHARDSON, ALAN - Saint John
39346: RICHARDSON L - A Handbook to the Geology of Cheltenham and Neighbourhood
46597: RICHARDSON, ALAN - Creeds in the Making a Short Introduction to the History of Christian Doctrine
34374: CHARLES-EDWARDS T & RICHARDSON B - They Saw It Happen (an Anthology of Eyewitness! S Accounts of Events in British History 1689-1897
35912: RICHARDSON T D - Your Book of Skating
43840: RICHARDSON, NICK - No Escape Zone One of the Most Gripping Escape Stories of the Modern Era: One Man's True Story of a Journey to Hell
39552: RICHARDSON (EDITOR) - A Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Britain Volume 1 Only
36253: RICHMOND I A - Roman Britain
39082: RICHTER, HEINZ & M. SARAFIS - British Intervention in Greece from Varkiza to the CIVIL War February 1945-August 1946
30064: GLANVILL RICK - Sir Matt Busby a Tribute Foreword by George Best
5990: ATKINSON RICK - The Long Gray Line West Point's Class of 1966
45461: RICKMAN, JOHN ET AL - Selected Contributions to Psycho-Analysis
7278: HAGGARD H. RIDER - Jess
44901: RIDGWAY, JUDY - The Cheese Companion the Connoisseur's Guide
47313: BRADBY C & RIDLER A - Best Stories of Church and Clergy
45815: RIDLEY, JASPER - Bloody Mary's Martyrs
42879: RIDLEY, JASPER - Napoleon III and Eugenie
45953: RIDLEY, JASPER - Lord Palmerston
17941: RIDLEY F F (EDITED BY) - Specialists and Generalists (a Comparitive Study of the Professional CIVIL Servant at Home and Abroad)
32607: RIDLEY B K - Time Space and Things
47299: RIDLEY, JASPER. - Statesman and Saint
39073: RIDLEY, JASPER - Elizabeth I
39921: RIDLEY, JASPER - Elizabeth I
33142: RIDLEY B K - Time, Space and Things
48795: RIEVAULX, AELRED OF & M. BASIL PENNINGTON - Aelred of Rievaulx the Way of Friendship
46868: RIGHT REV. ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD & REV. PLUMMER ALFRED - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the First Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians
27579: RIJKSMUSEUM - Drie Eeuwen Portret in Nederland 29 Juini - 5 October 1952
19223: RILEY W - The Garden of Delight a Novel of Upper Wharfedale
30105: RILEY W - Thro' a Yorkshire Window
47361: RING, JIM - Erskine Childers a Biography
41230: RIOPELLE, CHRIS - Harvard's Winthhrop Collection Nineteenth-Century Paintings and Drawings from the Grenville L. Winthrop Collection.
41399: SNOWDEN RITA F - Safety Last Stirring Tales of the Pacific
41444: SNOWDEN RITA F - When We Two Walked a Pilgrimage in Spring
14567: WOLFF RITA - Watercolours 1974-1985
45075: SNOWDEN RITA F - If I Open My Door
1207: KELLY RITA - Fare Well / Beir Beannacht
45073: SNOWDEN RITA F - The Winds Blow
22536: RITCHIE C A I - Soft Stone Carving
31980: CALDER RITCHIE - Man and the Cosmos the Nature of Science Today
49128: THE SACRED CONGREGATION OF RITES - Instruction on Sacred Music and Liturgy
35587: CASTLEMAN RIVA - Prints of the Twentieth Century : A History
42320: RIX, BRIAN - My Farce from My Elbow the Autobiography of Brian Rix
43773: RO'I, YAACOV - The Struggle for Soviet Jewish Emigration, 1948-1967
40946: THE ROADBUILDER - The Destiny of the British Empire and the U.S. A.
45348: ROAZEN, PAUL - Freud Political and Social Thought
10594: GRUNCELL ROB - Beyond Control Schools and Suspension
15540: KROES ROB - Soldiers and Students: A Study of Right and Left Wing Radicals
18628: WARD ROB - Rob Ward Drawings 1977-1987: Epiphany Drawings and Sculpture 1988-1989
45866: ROBB, GRAHAM - Strangers Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century: Homosexuality in the Nineteenth Century
22780: ROBB J D A - New Ireland: Sell-out or Opportunity ?
47765: ROBBINS, KEITH - The First World War
43921: ROBBINS, ANN/DUMAS ANN - Cezanne in Britain (National Gallery London) an Exhibition Catalogue Oct 2006-Jan 2007
28967: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales: A Record of Personal Experiences Below and Above Water
49047: HAMMA ROBERT M - In Times of Caregiving Prayers of Renewal and Restoration
22987: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales: A Record of Personal Experiences Below and Above Water
47342: BOLT ROBERT - A Man of All Seasons a Play of Sir Thomas More
13970: GRAVES ROBERT - I, Claudius (2 Volumes)
38300: BALL SIR ROBERT - The Story of the Heavens
30863: STOCKWELL ROBERT P - Foundations of Syntactic Theory
48985: KAISER ROBERT - Inside the Council the Story of Vatican II
16385: BELL ROBERT (EDITED) - Songs from the Dramatists
16549: THOMSON ROBERT - The Pelican History of Psychology
28235: JOHNSTONE ROBERT - Belfast: Portraits of a City
39279: HARDING ROBERT (EDITED) - Christmas Stories from Dickens
46235: AITKEN ROBERT - The Poems of Robert Fergusson and a Sketch of the Authors Life
46550: HAGMAIER GEORGE & GLEASON ROBERT W - Moral Problems Now Modern Techniques and Emotional Conflicts
9581: RODI ROBERT - What They Did to Princess Paragon
39532: BROWNING ROBERT - The Byzantine Empire
15650: THORP RODERICK AND BLAKE ROBERT - Wives a Frank Investigation
41499: HORTON ROBERT F - My Belief Answers to Certain Religious Difficulties
27705: BOWIE NORMAN E AND SIMON ROBERT L - The Individual and the Political Order: An Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
42363: DE LA SIZERANNE ROBERT - Le Vertueux Condottiere
47283: BALLARD DR. ROBERT D. - The Discovery of the Titanic Exploring the Greatest of All Lost Ships
24774: MCKAY ROBERT - Cereal Diseases in Ireland
24776: MARSHALL ROBERT - Fifty Years on the Grosvenor Road: An Account of the Rise and Progress of the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast During the Years 1903-1953
10072: LAXALT ROBERT - Dominique
40050: DICKINSON ROBERT E - The City Region in Western Europe
1818: KEE ROBERT - 1945 the World We Fought for
10405: CRAFT ROBERT - Small Craft Advisories: Critical Articles 1984-1988
42240: WATTS ROBERT - The Newer Criticism and the Analogy of Faith a Reply to Two Lectures by W. Robertson Smith on the Old Testament in the Jewish Faith
10217: OBERFIRST ROBERT - Al Jolson: You Ain't Heard Nothin Yet
21768: SHAFER ROBERT - The Conquered Place
2857: THIN ROBERT - College Portraits : Being Biographical Sketches on Portraits in the Hall of the Royal Colege of Physicians of Edinburgh
11093: ROSENSTONE ROBERT A - Romantic Revolutionary : A Biography of John Reed
11112: TROW-SMITH ROBERT - Life from the Land: The Growth of Farming in Western Europe
11122: EURIPIDES/POTTER ROBERT - Alcestis and Other Plays
21462: HUME ROBERT DR - Christopher Columbus and the European Discovery of America
1899: BAVIER ROBERT N - Sailing to Win
8111: ARDREY ROBERT - The Social Contract a Personal Inquiry Into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder
32730: TUCKER ROBERT - Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx
32720: MANDROU ROBERT - From Humanism to Science 1480-1700 (Vol 3)
32716: HINDE ROBERT A - Ethology Its Nature and Relations with Other Sciences
19106: MALLET ROBERT (EDITED BY) - Self-Portraits the Gide/Valery Letters1890-1942
19105: COLES ROBERT (INTRODUCER) - William James: Selected Writings
32869: NYE ROBERT D - Three Views of Man Perspectives from Sigmund Freud, Bf Skinner, and Carl Rogers
32894: KORFHAGE ROBERT R - Logic and Algorithms with Application to Computer and Information Sciences
32070: NISBET ROBERT - Emile Durkheim with Selected Essays
32253: GARTHORNE-HARDY ROBERT - Wild Flowers in Britain
31516: MARTIN ROBERT M - The Philosopher's Dictionary
31565: NORTH ROBERT C - Chinese Communism
31714: DORFMANN ROBERT - The Price System
31892: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict a Study of Sparkbrook
31899: BEE ROBERT L - Patterns and Processes
31906: ROBERTS ROBERT - A Ragged Schooling Growing Up in a Classic Slum
31442: GOODMAN ROBERT - After the Planners
31234: HOFFMAN ROBERT - Language, Minds and Knowledge
474: KEE ROBERT - Ireland: A History
39941: DUNNING ROBERT - Local History for Beginners
18024: GLUCK ROBERT - Jack the Modernist
17089: PAYNE ROBERT - The Gold of Troy the Story of Heinrich Schliemann
15644: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict (a Study of Sparkbrook) Survey of Race Relations in Britain
14501: CARTER ROBERT A - Buffalo Bill Cody : The Man Behind the Legend
9973: SELLERS ROBERT - The Films of Sean Connery
15756: REED ROBERT - Black Milk
29286: TRESSELL ROBERT - The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
19062: FROST ROBERT - A Descriptive Catalogue of Books in the Clifton Waller Barrett Library University of Virginia
16107: TAYLOR ROBERT - Workers and the New Depression
16053: SCHWARTZ ROBERT J - The Complete Dictionary of Abbreviations
35627: KEE ROBERT - Broadstrop in Season
35628: PAYNE ROBERT - General Marshall a Study in Loyalties
15846: JAMES GLENN AND ROBERT C - Mathematics Dictionary
22384: NICHOLS ROBERT - Such Was My Singing: Being a Selection from Poems Written between the Years 1915 and 1940
25246: EKVALL ROBERT B - Fields on the Hoof : Nexus of Tibetan Nomadic Pastoralism
15843: HILL ROBERT B - Economic Policies and Black Progress: Myths and Realities
35462: ORNSTEIN ROBERT E - The Psychology of Consciousness
15844: HILL ROBERT B - The Illusion of Black Progress
15436: GITTINGS ROBERT - Young Thomas Hardy
15578: REX JOHN AND MOORE ROBERT - Race Community and Conflict (a Study of Sparkbrook) Survey of Race Relations in Britain
22015: ENSOR SIR ROBERT - England 1870 - 1914
22318: HARRIS ROBERT - Archangel
20015: CHAMBERS WILLIAM AND ROBERT (CONDUCTED BY) - Chambers' Edinburgh Journal Volume IX, Numbers CCCCXVII to CCCCLXVIII
23584: VENABLES COLONEL ROBERT - The Experienced Angler: Or Angling Improved
19040: LAWRENCE JOHN AND ROBERT - When the Fighting Is over: A Personal Story of the Battle for Tumbledown Mountain and It's Aftermath
41749: TUCK REV ROBERT - A Handbook of Biblical Difficulties
15541: COX SARAH AND GOLDEN ROBERT - Down the Road Unemployment and the Fight for the Right to Work
19513: ARDREY ROBERT - The Social Contact: A Personal Inquiry Into the Evolutionary Sources of Order and Disorder
21415: BRIDGES ROBERT - New Verse Written in 1921
19778: FURTAK ROBERT - Die Politischen Systeme Der Sozialistischen Staaten
15666: FROST ROBERT - Christmas Trees
21237: CREELEY ROBERT - Memory Gardens -Poems by Robert Creely
21507: HENDERSON ROBERT M - D W Griffith: The Years at Biograph
21393: HENREY ROBERT - London
20988: KEY ROBERT E - Collected Poems by Robert E Key
21527: SHORT ROBERT - Dada and Surrealism
30693: KUTTER ROBERT - The Economic Illusion False Choices between Prosperity and Social Justice
17875: GRAY ROBERT - The Aristocracy of Labour in Nineteenth-Century Britain C. 1850-1914
24958: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Trumpets from Montparnasse
24941: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Sweet Cork of Thee
24943: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales
24944: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Coming Down the Seine
24945: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Coming Down the Wye
24951: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Lovely Is the Lee
22500: GRAVES ROBERT - Antigua, Penny, Puce
23270: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Blue Angels and Whales
24159: BROWNING ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning (Six Volumes)
10569: HOLMAN ROBERT - Trading in Children: A Study of Private Fostering
10541: BELL ROBERT (EDITOR) - Songs from the Dramatists with Memoirs
43257: GRAVES ROBERT - Goodbye to All That Introduced by Raleigh Trevelyan
21052: BINKLEY ROBERT C - Realism and Nationalism 1852-1871
48328: GOODSALL ROBERT H. - The Widening Thames
15917: LACEY ROBERT - Sir Walter Ralegh
15872: BROWNING ROBERT - The Works of Robert Browning
26954: WARK ROBERT R - Early British Drawings in the Huntington Collection 1600-1750
15810: SPEAIGHT ROBERT - Georges Bernanos (a Study of the Man and the Writer)
15134: CONQUEST ROBERT - Tyrants and Typewriters (Communiques in the Struggle for Truth)
48254: STEELE ROBERT (EDITOR) - From the Early Tudors with Letters from Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn the Kings'Letters (Vol 2)
14445: FERRELL ROBERT H - Truman: A Centenary Remembrance
32681: COLODNY ROBERT (EDITOR) - Frontiers of Science and Philosophy (Vol 1)
13941: FURNEAUX JORDAN ROBERT - Victorian Architecture
12826: MAWSON ROBERT - The Lazarus Child
12094: CLEAVER ELDRIDGE/SCHEER ROBERT - Eldridge Cleaver Post-Prison Writings and Speeches
11745: CHARTHAM ROBERT - You Your Children and Sex: What to Tell Them, How and When
11085: FLEMING ROBERT - The Wisdom of the Elders
39674: RAINES ROBERT - Marcellus Laroon
11454: DICKINSON ROBERT E - City and Region : A Geographical Interpretation
11310: TYRE ROBERT - Douglas in Saskatchewan: The Story of a Socialist Experiment
10596: MOORE ROBERT - The Social Impact of Oil: The Case of Peterhead
13340: PULLAN ROBERT - Guilty Secrets : Free Speech in Australia
16314: BROWNING ROBERT - Seleted Poems of Robert Browning
16542: PAYE ROBERT - The Crusades
43663: PEEL SIR ROBERT - Tamworth Election Speech of Sir Robert Peel June 28th 1841
14908: ANASHI ROBERT - The Gloves : A Boxing Chronicle
23434: DUNLOP ROBERT - Ireland: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
5321: KEE ROBERT - Ireland a History
5526: STANDISH ROBERT - The Three Bamboos
17355: BLACK ROBERT - Doctor Reynard's Experiment
14794: GITTINGS ROBERT - The Older Hardy
10184: FERBER ROBERT - Market Research
45927: BURTON ARTHUR & HARRIS ROBERT E - Clinical Studies of Personality Volumes One and Two
24613: JOHNSTONE ROBERT - Belfast: Portraits of a City
30504: PINKNEY ROBERT - Democracy in the Third World
31929: FREEDMAN ROBERT (EDITOR) - Marxist Social Thought
24409: KEE ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy: The Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
28677: MERLE ROBERT - Oscar Wilde: Ou la "Destinee" de L'Homosexuel
23993: REILLY ROBERT - Irish Saints
4259: SENCOURT ROBERT - The Consecration of Genius an Essay to Elucidate the Distinctive Significance and Quality of Christian Art and Literature by Analyais and Comparison of Certain Masterpieces
37971: GOLDWATER ROBERT - How to Appriciate Art Abstraction in Art
43892: FARQUHARSON RT HON ROBERT - In and out of Parliament Reminiscences of a Varied Life
24530: HOPKINS ROBERT H - The True Genius of Oliver Goldsmith
23540: NYE ROBERT - The Bird of the Golden Land
22207: BATAILLE ROBERT R - The Writing Life of Hugh Kelly: Politics, Journalism and Theater in Late-Eighteenth-Century London
28181: KEE ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy the Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
41660: THOMSON ROBERT - The Psychology of Thinking
22897: MCKAY ROBERT - Sugar Beet Diseases in Ireland
24638: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Sweet Cork of Thee
24645: KEE ROBERT - Ireland: A History
473: KEE ROBERT - The Laurel and the Ivy the Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism
28083: GREACEN ROBERT (EDITED BY) - Irish Harvest: A Collection of Stories, Essays and Poems
45563: THOULESS ROBERT H - An Introduction to the Psychology of Religion
23254: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Over the Reefs
46699: SPEAIGHT ROBERT - Teilhard de Chardin a Biography
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47343: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - His Eminence of England a Play in Two Acts-the Canterbury Festival Play 1953
28311: SOMERVILLE AND ROSS - Experiences of an Irish R. M
41111: MACKINTOSH HUGH ROSS - Types of Modern Theology Schleiermacher to Barth
48186: SOMERVILLE & MARTIN ROSS - Experiences of an Irish R.M.
14112: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Ancient Capital : An Historian in Search of Winchester
16939: ROSS J F S - Parliamentary Represantation (a Survey of Our Methods of Obtaining Members for Parliament and and Analysis of Their Results)
7811: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Ancient Capital an Historian in Search of Winchester
26506: LE CRAS ROSS - Die Lehrenden Steine Des Verschwundenen Stammes
21603: HALFIN ROSS - Fragile Human Organs
47661: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Great Prayer Concerning the Canon of the Mass
11941: TERRILL ROSS - The Future of China After Mao
11458: SPECK ROSS V - The New Families: Youth, Communes and the Politics of Drugs
48093: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - Jeremy Taylor
47929: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - The Arrow and the Sword an Essay in Detection
40518: ROSTEN, LEO - Hooray for Yiddish! a Book About English
39295: ROSTENBERG, LEONA & MADELEINE B. STERN - Between Boards New Thoughts on Old Books
18158: ROSTOW W. W. - British Economy of the Nineteenth Century
47845: ROSTOW, NICHOLAS - Anglo-French Relations, 1934-36
19108: ROSTOW W W - The Great Population Spike and After Reflections on the 21st Century
43694: ROSTOW, W. W. - Politics and the Stages of Growth
32561: ROTBLAT PROF J (EDITOR) - Nuclear Reactors to Breed or Not to Breed
36838: ROTH, PHILIP - The Ghost Writer
40164: ROTHSCHILD, MRS J.DE - Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor
25998: ERASMUS OF ROTTERDAM - Praise of Folly and Letter to Martin Dorp
46527: DE JOURNEL MJ ROUET - Echiridion Patristicum
16445: TUNLEY ROUL - Kids Crime and Chaos (a World Report on Juvenile Delinquency)
47881: PRINCE PAUL OF HOHENZOLLERN-ROUMANIA - King Carol II - a Life of My Grandfather
29976: O'ROURKE P J - Age and Guile Beat Youth Innocence and a Bad Haircut 1970-1995
22936: O'ROURKE P J - Age and Guile: Beat Youth, Innocence and a Bad Haircut 1970-1995
36795: O'ROURKE, P.J. - Holidays in Hell
36796: O'ROURKE, P.J. - Parliament of Whores a Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire Us Government
36797: O'ROURKE, P.J. - Give War a Chance Eyewitness Accounts of Mankind's Struggle Against Tyranny, Injustice and Alcohol-Free Beer
38496: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - The Social Contract
32661: ROUSSEAU - The Social Contract
38501: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - Confessions
41715: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES & J. H. BRUMFITT & JOHN C. HALL & G. D. H. COLE - Social Contract
29389: ROUSSEAU - Rousseau Lettre a D'Alembert
48264: ROUTH C R N - They Saw It Happen: An Anthology of Eye-Witnesses' Accounts of Events in British History 1485-1688
48260: ROUTH, C.R.N. - Who's Who in History 1485-1603 V. 2
7665: BENTALL ROWAN - My Store Memories
21770: TOWNSEND JOHN ROWE - Written for Children: An Outline of English Language Children's Literature
17025: ROWE W H - Trees and Shrubs
41540: ROWE, DOROTHY - Breaking the Bonds Understanding Depression, Finding Freedom
41082: ROWE, DOROTHY - The Real Meaning of Money
41995: HOGBEN ROWLAND - In Training a Guide to the Preparation of the Missionary
21031: PARKER ROWLAND - Men of Dulwich the Story of a Vanished Town
47740: PROTHERO ROWLAND E - Life and Letters of Dean Stanley
45843: PROTHERO ROWLAND E - The Letters of Richard Ford 1797-1858
45121: ROWLEY, H.H. - Growth of the Old Testament
43003: ROWLINSON, DEREK & GRAHAM KENNEDY - What's the Best You Can Do? First-Hand Recollections of a Second-Hand Bookseller
4066: ROWSE A L - A Man of the Thirties
32387: ROWSE A L - The England of Elizabeth
15930: ROWSE A L - The England of Elizabeth
6004: ROWSE A L - The Spirit of English History
5692: ROWSE A L - The English Spirit Essays in History and Literature
21043: ROWSE A L - Froude the Historian: Victorian Man of Letters
33256: ROWSE A L - The Byrons and Trevanions
22126: ROWSE A L - An Elizabethan Garland
21308: ROWSE A L (EDITOR) - Froude's Spanish Story of the Armada and Other Essays
35662: ROWSE A L - Poems of Deliverance
36730: ROWSE, A.L. - Prompting the Age Poems Early and Late
4672: ROWSE A L - Jonathan Swift: Major Prophet
589: ROWSE A L - Jonathan Swift
36192: MCDONALD ROXANA - The Fireplace Book
15957: LADURIE EMMANUEL LE ROY - Montaillou Cathars and Catholics in a French Village 1294-1324
35466: FORBES DUNCAN AND WRIGHT ROY - Weeds and Flowers
43538: BLOUNT ROY JR - A Treasury of Mark Twain
22974: KERRIDGE ROY - Jaunting Through Ireland
24562: GASSON ROY (EDITED BY) - The Illustrated Oscar Wilde
13038: HEATH ROY - Shadows Round the Moon : Caribbean Memoirs
32548: BOYLE G ELLIOTT D AND ROY R - The Politics of Technology
31846: MACRIDIS ROY C (EDITOR) - Foreign Policy in World Politics
25287: STRONG SIR ROY (FOREWORD BY) - The Indian Heritage: Court Life and Arts Under Mughal Rule
18692: STRONG ROY (FOREWORD BY) - Fans from the East
18700: STRONG ROY (PREFACE BY) - The Doulton Story
9967: CORMACK PATRICK/STRONG ROY - Heritage in Danger
12038: JENKINS ROY - What Matters Now
11659: MACGREGOR-HASTIE ROY - Never to Be Taken Alive : A Biography of General Gordon
21850: MARQUEY ROY - A Journeymans Poems
31189: MEDVEDEV ROY - On Stalin and Stalinism
31496: EDGLEY ROY - Reason in Theory and Practice
33137: EDGLEY ROY - Reason in Theory and Practice
5863: PASCAL ROY - The Growth of Modern Germany
6869: MCMULLEN ROY - Art, Affluence and Alienation the Fine Arts Today
7988: OLIVER ROY - The Wanderer and the Way the Hebrew Tradition in the Writings of Martin Buber
8268: CAMPBELL ROY - Sons of the Mistral
8820: CAMPBELL ROY - Talking Bronco
9837: LANCASTER ROY - In Search of the Wild Asparagus
38420: ROYDS T F (TRANSLATED BY) - The Eclogues & Georgics of Virgil
44988: ROYLE, TREVOR - Patton Old Blood and Guts
45940: ROYLE, TREVOR - Crimea the Great Crimean War 1854-1856
39887: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Mainstream Companion to Scottish Literature
15398: PIKE E ROYSTON - Human Documents and the Age of the Forsytes
21837: BRYZEK DR ANNA ROZYCKA (EDITED BY) - The Royal Academy of Arts 1970: 1000 Years of Art in Poland
41866: RTE - I Have a Dream... Irish Children Write for Rte's "Millennium Eve"
42771: ERSKINE OF MARR THE HON RUARAIDH - The Stout Adventure of Mary Stewart
6892: CHISHOLM RUARI - Ladysmith
32447: RUBCIMAN W G - Social Science and Political Theory
43052: RUBDY, RANI & PETER K. W. TAN - Language As Commodity Global Structures, Local Marketplaces
35769: BELLAN RUBEN - Winnipeg First Century an Economichistory
37862: RUBENHOLD, HALLIE - Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies Sex in the City in Georgian Britain
40241: RUBENS, BERNICE - Ponsonby Post, the
27606: RUBENS P P - Museum Boijmans Rotterdam
48715: RUBIN, SERGIO & FRANCESCA AMBROGETTI - Pope Francis Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio
40680: RUBIN, MARTIN - Sarah Gertrude Millin a South African Life
39429: RUBIN, MARTIN - Sarah Gertrude Millin a South African Life
39948: RUBINI, D. - Court and Country, 1688-1702
14344: RUBINSTEIN W D - Wealth and Inequality in Britain
39816: RUCK, BERTA - Ancestral Voices
45192: MACKAY RUDDOCK F - Admiral Hawke
27967: LEITHE-JASPER MANFRED UND DISTLEBERGER RUDOLF - Kunsthistorisches Museum Wein: Scatzkammer Und Sammlung Fur Plastik Und Kunstgewerbe
12232: KLEIN RUDOLF (EDITOR) - Inflation and Priorities
40952: SOHM RUDOLF - Outlines of Church History
48150: PEIL RUDOLF - A Handbook of the Liturgy
27048: LEPKE RUDOLPE - Sammlung Des Konig Ungar Hofrats Gustav Von Gerhardt Budapest
8689: FELLNER RUDOLPH - Opera Themes and Plots
39584: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Mattese Cat
48455: KIPLING RUDYARD - Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses
1374: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
1906: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
24365: KIPLING RUDYARD - Many Inventions
14848: KIPLING RUDYARD - Sea Warfare
43507: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Irish Guards in the Great War (1) the First Battalion (2) the Second Battalion Two Volumes
14040: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Light That Failed
47922: RUIZ, JUAN DE DIOS AGUDO - Playing Cards in Spain
36805: RULE, JANE - Desert of the Heart
45875: RUMFORD, COUNT/BROWN SANBORN - Collected Works (Vol 4 Only) Light and Armament V. 4
30617: LASLETT PETER AND RUNCIMAN W G (EDITORS) - Philosophy Politics and Society
31778: LASLETT PETER AND RUNCIMAN W G (EDITED) - Philosophy Politics and Society
33055: RUNCIMAN W G - Social Science and Political Theory
31412: RUNCIMAN W G - Social Science and Political Theory
30619: LASLETT PETER AND RUNCIMANN W G (EDITORS) - Philosophy Politics and Society (Third Series)
39778: RUNDELL, MICHAEL - The Dictionary of Cricket
23652: CHARLES ELIZABETH RUNDLE - Winifred Bertram and the World She Lived in
23371: STRONG RUPERT - Jonathan of Birkenhead and Other Poems
28755: MEAD G C F AND CLIFT RUPERT - English Verse Old and New
26191: BROOKE RUPERT - 1914 & Other Poems
27932: HUDSON RUPERT - Michelangelo Sculptor Introduction by Antonio Paolucci
24021: HART-DAVIS RUPERT (EDITED BY) - George Moore Letters to Lady Cunard 1895-1933
2747: BROOKE RUPERT - Selected Poems
3212: FURNEAUX RUPERT - The Last Days of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI
34740: BROOKE RUPERT - The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke
92: STRONG RUPERT - From Inner Fires
48298: JOHN RUSH (EDITOR) - The Parish Hymn Book (Words & Music) Compiled by a Committee of Priests and Laymen
39606: RUSKIN, JOHN/SRUSKIN JOHN/SURTEES VIRGINIA - Sublime and Instructive Letters, 1855-64 to Louisa Marchioness of Waterford Anna Blunden and Heaton Ellen
47514: RUSKIN, JOHN & JOAN EVANS - Lamp of Beauty Writings on Art by John Ruskin
46337: RUSS, BRIAN - No Mercy? the True Story of One Man's Thirst for Revenge
8829: LINDSAY HOWARD AND CROUSE RUSSEL - The Great Sebastians a Melodramatic Comedy
46503: RUSSELL, BERTRAND & JOHN SKORUPSKI - Problems of Philosophy
10952: CHAMBERLIN RUSSELL - The English Parish Church
29721: TAYLOR JOHN RUSSELL - Anger and After a Guide to New British Drama
40842: BOWIE WALTER RUSSELL - On Being Alive
32827: LANGLEY RUSSELL - Practical Statistics
32035: BAMBER GREG J AND LANSBURY RUSSELL D - International and Comparative Industrial Relations
31881: HENDRICK CLYDE AND JONES RUSSELL A - The Nature of Theory and Research in Social Psychology
15371: BRADDON RUSSELL - Joan Sutherland
37894: RUSSELL, BETH - Victorian Needlepoint
21534: BRADDON RUSSELL - Cheshire V C: A Story of War and Peace
25345: HITCHCOCK HENRY -RUSSELL - The Pelican History of Art: Architecture Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
13976: LOWELL JAMES RUSSELL - Among My Books
21268: LOWELL JAMES RUSSELL - The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell Including the Biglow Papers
24028: MUIRHEAD RUSSELL L (EDITED BY) - Ireland with a Complete Atlas of Ireland and 15 Other Maps and Plans
14665: CHAMBERLIN RUSSELL - The English Cathedral
29419: LOWELL JAMES RUSSELL - The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell Including the Biglow Papers
42716: BURLINGHAM RUSSELL - Forrest Reid a Portrait and Study
34993: ASH RUSSELL - The Pig Book
9940: REISING RUSSELL - Loose Ends
41275: RUSSELL E F - Father Stanton's Last Sermons in S. Albans Holborn
45456: RUSTIN, MARGARET & MICHAEL RUSTIN - Mirror to Nature Drama, Psychoanalysis and Society
19986: SHATTUCK RUTH R - Creative Cooking without Wheat, Milk and Eggs: Special Recipies for Special Diets
10774: HALL RUTH - Ask Any Woman a London Inquiry Into Rape and Sexual Assault
9775: PRAWER JHABVALA RUTH - Poet and Dancer
12256: MUGGERIDGE KITTY AND ADAM RUTH - Beatrice Webb : A Life 1858-1943
48977: OBBARD ELIZABETH RUTH - Fire and Flame
26763: BROMBERG RUTH - Canaletto's Etchings
3241: BONDY RUTH - The Emissary a Life of Enzo Sereni
34663: PAZ RUTH - Paths to Empowerment Ten Years of Early Childhood Work in Israel
35656: PITTER RUTH - The Bridge Poems 1939-1944
4867: AP ROBERTS RUTH - Trollope Artist and Moralist
6730: CURTIS RUTH (EDITOR) - When Hope and History Rhyme the Nui, Galway Millennium Lecture Series
38581: RUTHVEN, A.J.OTWAY- - History of Mediaeval Ireland
39501: RUTTER N K - Greek Coinage
46636: RYAN, CSP, THOMAS - Four Steps to Spiritual Freedom
23994: RYAN W P - The Irish Labour Movement: From the Twenties to Our Own Day
45537: RYCROFT, CHARLES - A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
42064: SMITH C RYDER - What Is the Old Testament ? an Introductory Study
34637: RYLAND F - Johnson's Life of Pope with Introduction and Notes
46494: RYLE, GILBERT - The Concept of Mind
27018: DWYER T RYLE - Haughey's Thirty Years of Controversy
30387: RYLE J C - Five English Reformers
22915: DWYER T RYLE - De Valera the Man & the Myths
45938: SAAB, ANN POTTINGER - The Origins of the Crimean Alliance
39992: SABAHI, HOUSHANG - British Policy in Persia, 1918-1925
19451: SABINE B E V - British Budgets in Peace and War 1932-1945
40996: SABRETACHE - Monarchy and the Chase
36299: SITWELL SACHEVERELL - Primitive Scenes and Festivals
15454: SITWELL SACHEVERELL - Journey to the Ends of Time (Volume 1 Lost in the Dark Wood)
12338: SITWELL SACHEVERELL - For Want of the Golden City
46157: SACK, JAMES J. - From Jacobite to Conservative Reaction and Orthodoxy in Britain C1760-1832
45017: SACKS, OLIVER - An Anthropologist on Mars
48784: SACKS, JONATHAN - The Great Partnership God, Science and the Search for Meaning
34943: WEST -SACKVILLE V - Saint Joan of Arc
36857: SAGE, LORNA - Doris Lessing
20725: SAGGS H W F - Civilisation Before Greece and Rome
32288: SAGITTARIUS (OLGA KATZIN) - London Watches
45203: SAGRERA, ANA DE - Ena y Bee en Defensa de Una Amistad
45375: SAINSBURY, MJ - Sainsbury Key to Psychiatry - a Textbook for Students 3ed
39273: AUGUSTINE SAINT - The Golden Book of Saint Augustine
35957: AUGUSTINE SAINT - Confessions
6612: SAINTY J C - The Secretariat of the Chief Governors of Ireland 1690 - 1800 Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
13646: SAKI (H H MONRO) - The Unbearable Bassington
13674: SAKI (H H MONRO) - The Chronicles of Clovis
13940: SAKI (MONRO) - Beasts and Super Beasts
13984: SAKI (H H MUNRO) - The Unbeatable Bassington
33837: SAKI - The Best of Saki
47909: SAKLATVALA, BERAM - The Christian Island
38092: SALE, RICHARD - Guide to the Cotswold Way
44962: SALE, RICHARD - Guide to the Cotswold Way
44913: SALINGER, J. D. - Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters, Seymour an Introduction
22121: SALLUST - Catiline: A Translation
38994: DALBY ANDREW AND GRAINGER SALLY - The Classical Cookbook
14314: CARRIGHAR SALLY - Wild Heritage
10534: BURNINGHAM SALLY - Not on Your Own: The Mind Guide to Mental Health
31858: CLARE ANTHONY W AND THOMPSON SALLY - Let's Talk About Me a Critical Examination of the New Psychotherapies
12167: BURNINGTON SALLY - Not on Your Own: The Mind Guide to Mental Health
15001: CLINE SALLY - Lifting the Taboo (Women, Death and Dying)
24513: KEANE MOLLY AND PHIPPS SALLY (COMPILED BY) - Molly Keane's Ireland: An Anthology
17457: CLINE SALLY - Radclyffe Hall a Woman Called John
33962: KEVILL-DAVIES SALLY - Yesterday's Children the Antiques and History of Childcare
35792: HARRISON SHIRLEY WITH EVEMY SALLY - 'Cults' the Battle for God
9461: CLINE SALLY - Lifting the Taboo Women, Death and Dying
40509: SALMAGUNDI - Intellectuals Spring-Summer 1986
45836: SALMON, KEITH - The Modern Spanish Economy Structure and Restructuring on the Eve of 1992
46013: SALT, JEREMY - Imperialism, Evangelism and the Ottoman Armenians, 1878-1896
40472: SALZMAN, PAUL - An Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Fiction
18762: HENDERSON BRUCE AND SUMMERLIN SAM - The Super Sleuths (the Worlds Greatest Real-Life Detectives and Their Toughest Cases)
33173: BUDD LESLIE AND WHIMSTER SAM (EDITORS) - Global Finance Andurban Living a Study of Metropolitan Change
3567: NORTH SAM - The Gifting Programme
39256: SAMBROOK, HANA - York Notes on Tennessee Williams' "Streetcar Named Desire"
45739: SAMPSON, GARETH C. - The Collapse of Rome Marius, Sulla and the First CIVIL War
22617: ROBERTSON N AND SAMS K I - British Trade Unionism: (2 Volumes) Select Documents & Foreword by George Woodcock
42007: GREEN REV SAMUEL G - A Handbook of Church History from the Apostolic Era to the Dawn of the Reformation
39698: ROMILLY SIR SAMUEL - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Samuel Romilly (Volume 1) Edited by His Sons
16820: LUBELL SAMUEL - The Future of American Politics
41596: SHOEMAKER SAMUEL M DR - Revive Thy Church Beginning with Me
28223: LOVER SAMUEL - Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life
29986: LOVER SAMUEL - Rory o'More a National Romance
29930: GULLIVER SAMUEL - Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World in Four Parts
1961: LOVER SAMUEL - Handy Life (a Tale of Irish Life. )
28393: LOVER SAMUEL - Handy Andy
19327: BECKETT SAMUEL - Malone Dies
20975: SMILES SAMUEL - The Life of a Scotch Naturalist: Thomas Edward Associate of the Linen Society
19057: CHEON SAMUEL - The Exodus Story in the Wisdom of Solomon a Study in Biblical Interpretation
35409: MARX SAMUEL - Queen of the Ritz
13619: ELIOT MORISON SAMUEL - The Great Explorers: The European Discovery of America
11087: GRIFFITH SAMUEL B - In Defense of the Public Liberty
11577: BUTLER SAMUEL - Erewhon or over the Range
39814: BUTLER SAMUEL - The Way of All Flesh
26219: WRIGHT SAMUEL - A Bibliography of the Writings of Walter H Pater
29760: BECKETT SAMUEL - Endgame
15139: BUTLER SAMUEL - The Way of All Flesh
34995: MITCHAM SAMUEL W - Hitler's Field Marshals and Their Battles
46633: FOX SAMUEL - Monks and Monasteries: Being an Account of English Monachism
19835: FOOTE SAMUEL - The Minor
23011: BECKETT SAMUEL - All That Fall a Play for Radio
23012: BECKETT SAMUEL - Waiting for Godot
42928: MAUNDER SAMUEL - The Treasury of Knowledge Part II Comprising a New Universal Gazetteer
22979: LOVER SAMUEL - Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life
28431: LOVER SAMUEL - Handy Andy

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