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53359: MARMUR, DOW (EDITOR) - A Genuine Search (Essays in Memory of Ignar Maybaum God, Torah, Israel -a Reform Perspective
36941: MARNHAM, PATRICK - "Private Eye" Story the First Twenty-One Years
51877: MARONEY, ERIC - Religious Syncretism
48685: MAROSI, DERCSENYI AND MAROSI ERNO - Churches in Hungary
16632: MARQUAND H A (AND OTHERS) - Organised Labour in Four Continents
41236: CUNLIFFE-OWEN MARQUERITE - A Keystone of Empire Francis Joseph of Austria
7824: MARR J E - The Principles of Stratigraphical Geology
46365: MARREVEE, WILLIAM - The Popular Guide to the Mass
14899: MARRIOTT J W - The Theatre
25769: MARRIOTT J W - The Theatre
46041: MARRIOTT J A R - The Eastern Question an Historical Study in European Diplomacy
39985: MARRIOTT J A R - The Life and Times of Lucius Cary Viscount Falkland
55023: MARRIOTT J. A. R. - The French Revolution of 1848 ( Volumes 1 & 2 in Its Economic Aspect
53256: MARRUS, MICHAEL R. - The Unwanted European Refugees in the Twentieth Century
53973: MARRUS, MICHAEL R. - The Unwanted European Refugees in the Twentieth Century
52949: MARRUS, MICHAEL R. - The Holocaust in History
54270: MARRUS, MICHAEL R. - Politics of Assimilation a Study of the French Jewish Community at the Time of the Dreyfus Affair
39462: MARSDEN, PETER - Roman London
40817: MARSDEN, GRAHAM & BRIAN FURZER & JOHN DARLING - The Complete Fisherman
48804: MARSDEN, JOHN - The Fury of the Northmen Saints, Shrines and Sea-Raiders in the Viking Age Ad 793-878
47867: MARSH, PETER - The Conscience of the Victorian State
46927: MARSH, JOHN - Amos and Micah
42343: MARSH, DAVE/SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE - Glory Days Bruce Springsteen in the 1980's
46568: MARSH, WILLIAM PARKER & CHRISTOPHER BAMFORD - Celtic Christianity Ecology and Holiness
33404: BENNETT D C T AIR VICE-MARSHAL - Pathfinder a War Autobiography
35491: DUDGEON TONY AIR VICE-MARSHAL - Wings over North Africa a Wartime Odyssey , 1940 to 1943
48931: MARSHALL, H. E. - Our Island Story a History of England for Boys and Girls
40269: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Elizabeth I
4057: THOMAS ELIZABETH MARSHALL - The Tribe of the Tiger Cats and Their Culture
49912: MARSHALL J. T. - Manual of the Aramaic Language of the Palestinian Talmud Grammar, Vocalised Text, Translation and Vocabulary
40725: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K - Henrietta Maria the Intrepid Queen
5148: MONTGOMERY MARSHALL - Studies in the Age of Goethe
42872: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Bonnie Prince Charlie
21977: MONTGOMERY FIELD MARSHALL - Three Continents: An Account of Travels in Asia, America and Africa
33472: MARINKER MARSHALL (EDITOR) - Controversies in Health Care Policies Challange to Practice
36666: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Virgins and Viragos a History of Women in Scotland from 1080-1980
9905: OLDFIELD R AND MARSHALL J C (EDITORS) - Language Selected Readings
55005: MARSTON F. S. - The Peace Conference of 1919 Organization and Procedure
41559: MARTEAU, LOUIS - Words of Counsel and the Paradox of Life
47784: MARTEL, GORDON - "Origins of the Second World War" Reconsidered A.J. P. Taylor Debate After Twenty Five Years
46033: MARTEL, GORDON - Imperial Diplomacy Rosebery and the Failure of Foreign Policy
11088: JULIAN MARTEN - Dark Horses Annual 1985
13365: ALBRAND MARTHA - The Mask of Alexander
46287: MARTHALER, BERARD L. - Introducing the Catechism of the Catholic Church
28841: WALLACE MARTIN - A Short History of Ireland
51853: RAY MARTIN - Joseph Conrad Interviews and Reccollections
1160: SOMERVILLE E AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R M
38170: MARTIN, DIANA & LYNN HALLER - Street Smart Design
54816: BUBER MARTIN - Die Chassidischen Bucher
38685: PEDERSEN B MARTIN - Graphis Typography 1
38167: MARTIN, DIANE - Graphic Design Inspirations and Innovations
42221: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Experiences of an Irish R M
24911: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Further Experiences of an Irish R.M.
38837: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Outlines of an Attempt to Establish a Knowledge of Extraneous Fossils on Scientific Principles
38089: MARTIN, DAVID (EDITOR) - Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain
28406: MOODY T W AND MARTIN F X - The Course of Irish History
51390: BUBER MARTIN - Der Grosse Maggid Und Seine Nachfolge
53741: MARTIN, ANDY - Napoleon the Novelist
30545: SHAW MARTIN - Marxism and Social Science the Roots of Social Knowledge
17637: CORNER MARTIN (INTRODUCED BY) - The Works of Matthew Arnold
47456: HAILE MARTIN - Life of Reginald Pole
49310: BUBER MARTIN - A Believing Humanism My Testament 1902-1965
42540: MARTIN, AUGUSTINE & ANTHONY ROCHE - Bearing Witness Essays on Anglo-Irish Literature
37648: SLAVIN MARTIN (EDITOR) - Ten 8 Photographic Magazine No 19 Famine and Photojournalism
44922: BAX MARTIN - Ambit135
32905: COHEN MARTIN - 101 Philosophy Problems
10860: WILLIAMS MARTIN - Hidden in Plain Sight an Examination of the American Arts
32606: GARDNER MARTIN - The Ambidextrous Universe
23141: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Dan Russel the Fox : An Episode in the Life of Miss Rowan
32011: FAGIN LEONARD AND LITTLE MARTIN - The Forsaken Families
31725: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITED) - The Light of Reason Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
31905: BULMER MARTIN (EDITOR) - Working-Class Images of Society
31591: JOHNSON MARTIN - Science and the Meaning of Truth
13325: TROPP MARTIN - Mary Shelley's Monster: The Story of Frankestein
31673: GOLDING MARTIN P - Philosophy of Law
31676: GARDNER MARTIN (EDITOR) - Great Essays in Science
31255: MARTIN R M - Belief Existence and Meaning
31392: DAVIES MARTIN - The Essential Social Worker a Guide to Positive Practice
20320: WALLACE MARTIN - British Government in Northern Ireland: From Devolution to Direct Rule
15257: RYLE MARTIN - By Bicycle in Ireland : A Personal Guide to the Landscapes of the Irish Republic
28445: SOMERVILLE OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R M
17846: MIDDLEBROOK MARTIN - The Kaiser's Battle
18929: EIDELBERG MARTIN (EDITED BY) - From Our Native Clay: Art Pottery from the Collections of the American Ceramic Arts Society
26780: ROBINSON JOHN MARTIN - Spencer House
21241: DILLON MARTIN - God and the Gun the Church and Irish Terrorism
19439: GARDNER MARTIN - More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions
23609: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Notions in Garrison
43513: MARTIN, DAVID G. - Gettysburg July 1
52474: MARTIN, HENRI-JEAN - The History and Power of Writing
52402: BUBER MARTIN - Israel and Palestine the History of an Idea
15612: LEIGHTON MARTIN - Men at Work
32470: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Light of Reason Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
5115: HARDIE MARTIN - Prehellenic Architecture in the Aegean
14469: MARTIN E W - The Secret People : Village Life After 1750
50164: MARTIN HUGH, NEWTON DOUGLAS, WADDAMS H. R. - Christian Counter-Attack Europe's Churches Against Nazism
11468: DAVIES MARTIN - Prisoners of Society: Attitudes and After-Care
11692: LIPSET SEYMOUR MARTIN - Rebellion in the University
26209: DILLON MARTIN - Killer in Clowntown : Joe Doherty, the Ira and the Special Relationship
47413: MARTIN, SEAN - The Cathars the Most Successful Heresy of the Middle Ages
52033: MARTIN, JOHN - The "Irish Times" Past and Present
54660: MALIA MARTIN - Alexander Herzen and the Birth of Russian Socialism 1812-1855
49915: BUBER MARTIN - Between Man and Man
39672: HARDIE MARTIN - Charles Meryon and His Eaux-Fortes Sur Paris Being a Lecture Delivered to the Print Collectors Club Thursday 11/3/1931
51006: GILBERT MARTIN - First World War Atlas
23536: FIDO MARTIN - Oscar Wilde: The Dramatic Life and Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde
24018: FLETCHER MARTIN - Silver Linings: Travels Around Northern Ireland
24185: WALLACE MARTIN - Drums and Guns Revolution in Ulster
28068: WALLACE MARTIN - The Irish: How They Live and Work
24899: FIDO MARTIN - Oscar Wilde: The Dramatic Life and Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde
24912: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.
24914: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.
55654: MARTIN, MICHELE - Images at War Illustrated Periodicals and Constructed Nations
12302: HANSEN MARTIN A - The Liar
43302: MIDDLEBROOK MARTIN - The Kaiser's Battle
30164: SCOTT MARTIN - Time Management
27589: BRIGGS MARTIN S - Building to-Day
21300: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITED BY) - The Light of Reason: Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
31048: BRIGGS MARTIN S - Everyman's Concise Encyclopaedia of Architecture
3211: GILBERT MARTIN - Shcharansky Hero of Our Time
32960: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Light of Reason Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
33610: SEYMOUR-SMITH MARTIN - Fallen Women
34023: SHORT MARTIN - Crime Inc the Story of Organised Crime
35964: WATTS MARTIN - Corn Milling
36029: PULLING MARTIN - International Television Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures-3
36425: WILLIAMS MARTIN - The Jazz Tradition
23242: FIDO MARTIN - Oscar Wilde
4572: DILLON MARTIN - The Serpent's Tail
517: MOODY T W AND MARTIN F X (EDITORS) - The Course of Irish History
6206: GILBERT MARTIN - The Day the War Ended
7806: MONNINGTON W T &REID MARTIN (FOREWORD BY) - Turner 1775-1851
837: MOODY T W AND MARTIN F X - The Course of Irish History
9338: MARTIN E W (EDITED) - The New Spirit
53171: MARTIN, DENISAND HUIN, BERNARD - Images Dépinal
46168: MARTIN, GED - The Durham Report and British Policy a Critical Essay
38895: MARTIN, KINGSLEY - Harold Laski a Biographical Memoir
40568: MARTIN, JUDY - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy Techniques and Materials
40642: MARTINEAU, HARRIET - History of the Thirty Years' Peace 1816-1846 (3 Volumes Only) Vols 1,2 & 3
45736: MARTINES, LAURO - April Blood Florence and the Plot Against the Medici
48791: MARTLAND, PETER - The Future of the Past Big Questions in History
46363: MARTOS, JOSEPH - Doors to the Sacred a Historical Introduction to the Sacraments in the Christian Church
55680: MARTY, ME - Modern American Religion the Irony of It All, 1893-1919 V. 1
53366: MARTY, MARTIN E. & R. SCOTT APPLEBY & MICAH MARTY - The Glory and the Power the Fundamentalist Challenge to the Modern World: Rapid Rise of Fundamentalism in the 1990's
18097: GREGORY MARTYN - Dirty Tricks (British Airways Secret War Against Virgin Atlantic)
48873: MARTZ, LOUIS L. - Thomas More the Search for the Inner Man
3552: SADIK MARVIN (FOREWORD) - In the Minds and Hearts of the People
53377: MUDRIK MARVIN - Conrad a Collection of Critical Essays
54028: MUDRICK MARVIN - Conrad a Collection of Critical Essays
50011: BROWN MARVIN L - The Comte de Chambord the Third Republic's Uncompromising King
43094: MARWICK, ARTHUR - The Nature of History
50214: MARX, KARL & FRIEDRICH ENGELS - The Communist Manifesto
43687: MARX, KARL & FRIEDRICH ENGELS & E. J. HOBSBAWM - The Communist Manifesto a Modern Edition
31400: MARX K - Marx Wages Price and Profit
53042: MARX - The Eighteenth Brumair of Louis Bonaparte
52418: MARX, KARL - The CIVIL War in France
50549: ENGELS MARX - Marx Engels on Religion
29076: BROOKE JOHN AND SORENSEN MARY (EDITORS) - Prime Ministers' Papers : W E Gladstone II: Autobiographical Memoranda 1832-1845 Volume 2 Only
38704: ATKINSON MARY - Junior School Community
29727: MORSE MARY - The Unattached
39756: CRAWFORD MARY - No Bedtime Story
39533: BYRNE MARY - Eureka! a Dictionary of Latin and Greek Elements in English Words
25178: MCGARRY MARY (COMPILED BY) - Great Folk Tales and Fairy Tales of Ireland
40042: HASS MARY R - Thai Vocabulary
34424: BORER CATHCART MARY - Britain - Twentieth Century the Story of Social Conditions
19256: CLIVE MARY - Jack and the Doctor John Donne 1572-1631
33428: VETTERLING -BRAGGIN MARY ET AL (EDITORS) - Feminism and Philosophy
4965: CAMPBELL MARY - Lady Morgan
31952: SASO MARY - Women in the Japanese Workplace
31270: WARNOCK MARY (EDITOR) - John Stuart MILL Utilitarianism on Liberty, Essay on Bentham
31279: EVANS MARY (EDITOR) - The Woman Question Readings on the Subordination of Women
40588: MAXWELL MOFFAT MARY - Queen Louisa of Prussia
16633: MCCARTHY MARY - Birds of America
29707: MCCARTHY MARY - The Company She Keeps
32397: HAMPDEN MARY - Neice Catherine
16836: SHELLEY MARY - Frankenstein
47086: A RELIGIOUS OF JESUS AND MARY - Life and Work of Mother Mary St. Ignatius Claudine Thevenet (1774-1836)
9848: BLANDY MARY - Harvest from Rotten Apples
14680: MITCHELL MARY - A Warning to Wantons
18767: HOCKADAY MARY - Kafka, Love and Courage the Life of Milena Jesenska
36180: LUTYENS MARY - Edwin Lutyens
24182: MANNING MARY - The Last Chronicles of Ballyfungus
13626: STENTON DORIS MARY - English Society in the Early Middle Ages (1066-1307)
13714: WEBB MARY - Precious Bane
11780: CHAMBERLAIN MARY (EDITOR) - Writing Lives: Conversations between Women Writers
11730: THOMAS MARY - Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book
3210: STURGEON MARY C - Studies of Contemporary Poets
48732: FRIAR SERVANTS OF MARY - Origins and Early Saints of the Order of Servants of Mary Writings of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
6015: STENTON DORIS MARY - English Society in the Early Middle Ages (1066 - 1307) the Pelican History of England Series 3
10015: EVANS MARY - Mary Evans Reflecting on Anna Karenina
29535: JOSEPH MARY - My Memories and Dreams
719: O'HARA MARY - Celebration of Love
23906: BECKETT MARY - A Belfast Woman Short Stories
28490: LELAND MARY - The Little Galloway Girls
1246: HYDE MARY (EDITOR) - Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas (a Correspondence)
33767: HARTMAN S MARY - Victorian Murderesses
34080: LAMB CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
34229: MCMARTHY MARY - The Group
34515: WRIGHT J MARY - Compensatory Education in the Preschool a Canadian Approach
3624: COSTELLO MARY - Titanic Town: Memories of a Belfast Girlhood
4566: LELAND MARY - Approaching Priests
4586: RYAN MARY - Introduction to Paul Claudel
4986: BROMAGE MARY C - De Valera and the March of the Nation
6844: HILL MARY - Hamstead in Light and Shade
7001: CATHCART BORER MARY - Background to Archaeology
7075: WARNOCK MARY - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Ethics
7700: NASH MARY - The Provoked Wife the Life and Times of Susannah Cibber
9369: PRIESTLEY MARY (EDITOR) - The Female Spectator Being Selections from Mrs Eliza Heywood's Periodical (1744-1746)
9587: NORWAK MARY - The Lark Rise Receipe Book and Cook's Note Book
33989: TOGAWA MASAKO - The Master Key
47717: MASCALL E L - The Secularisation of Christianity an Analysis and a Critique
17211: MASEFIELD G B - A Short History of Agriculture in the British Colonies
36895: MASLEN, ELIZABETH - Doris Lessing
11799: BROWN JOHN MASON - Dramatis Personae
39182: MASON, FRANCES NORTON (EDITOR) - John Norton and Sons, Merchants of London and Virginia from the Counting Houses for the Year 1750-1795
4731: MASON A E W - The Life of Francis Drake
6646: MASON A E W - The Life of Francis Drake
8875: MASON A E W - The Life of Francis Drake
52334: MASPERO, FRANCOIS & ANAIK FRANTZ & PAUL M. JONES & DAVID BELLOS - Roissy Express Journey Through the Paris Suburbs
55145: MASSAQUOI , HANS J. - Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger!
54246: MASSIE, ALLAN - The Thistle and the Rose Six Centuries of Love and Hate between the Scots and the English
40837: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Nicholas and Alexandra
43518: MASSIE, ALLAN - Charlemagne and Roland a Novel
34596: CARRA MASSIMO - Ivories of the West
39743: MASSON, JEFFREY - Lost Prince Unsolved Mystery of Kaspar Hauser
45353: MASSON, J. MOUSSAIEFF - Assault on Truth Freud's Suppression of the Seduction Theory
52925: MASTERMAN, NEVILLE - The Forerunner Dilemmas of Tom Ellis, 1859-99
36810: MASTERS, BRIAN - Killing for Company Case of Dennis Nilsen
39267: MASTERS R & L MASTERS - The Curtain Rises Plays to Produce
54462: MASTNY, VOJTECH - Czechs Under Nazi Rule the Failure of the National Resistance, 1939-42
34134: IBUSE MASUJI - Black Rain
27348: MATARASSO H - Bibliographie Des Livres Illustres par Pablo Picasso Oeuvres Graphiques 1905-1956
19148: DARLINGTON C D AND MATHER K - The Elements of Genetics
80: MATHER F C - Chartism
9450: MARDRUS AND MATHERS - The Book of Thousand Nights and One Night (3 Vols Only)
52249: MATHESON, PETER - The Third Reich and the Christian Churches
14608: ARNOLD MATHEW - Poems: Early Poems, Narrative Poems and Sonnets
701: SWEENEY MATHEW - The Bridal Suite
7591: MCDIARMID MATHEW (EDITOR) - The Kings Quair of James Stewart
11486: JUDGE KEN AND MATHEWS - Charging for Social Care
23446: SOMERVILLE E E AND ROSS MATIN - Happy Days: Essays of Sorts
28900: RIDLEY MATT - The Origins of Virtue
17753: WRIGHT TONY AND CARTER MATT - The People's Party the History of the Labour Party Introduction by Tony Blair
34897: MATTERSON M E - Play with a Purpose for Under- Sevens
35412: ARNOLD MATTHEW - The Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold
31084: ALEXANDER MATTHEW - Guildford a Short History
22598: ARNOLD MATTHEW - Culture and Society
37026: ARNOLD MATTHEW - Culture and Anarchy : An Essay in Political and Social Criticism
51625: ARNOLD MATTHEW - On the Study of Celtic Literature and Other Essays
20925: ARNOLD MATTHEW (CHOSEN AND EDITED BY) - Poems of Wordsworth
55608: JOSEPHSON MATTHEW - Stendhal or the Pursuit of Happiness
31085: ALEXANDER MATTHEW - Tales of Old Surrey
35527: MANNING MATTHEW - Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
7367: ARNOLD MATTHEW - Poetical Works of Mathew Arnold
8619: ARNOLD MATTHEW - Selected Poems of Matthew Arnold
9285: ARNOLD MATTHEW - Essays in Criticism
54533: SPINKA MATTHEW - Christianity Confronts Communism
41455: MATTHEWS W R - Seven Words
41615: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN - The Elements of the Celtic Tradition
23324: MATTHEWS DR W R - The Adventures of Gabriel in His Search for Mr Shaw
46744: MATTHEWS A L J - I Can't Say Vinegar or the Top of the Tree
17084: MATTINGLEY H (TRANSLATED BY) - Tacitis on Britain and Germany
34754: MATTINGLY H (TRANSLATED BY) - Tacitus on Britain and Germany ( Newtranslation )
45758: MATYSZAK, PHILIP - The Enemies of Rome from Hannibal to Attila the Hun
55051: MATZA, DIANE - Sephardic American Voices Two Hundred Years of a Literary Legacy
42907: HIGHAM MAUD M - Torches for Teachers Stories, Anecdotes and Facts Illustrating the Church's Teaching
41435: JOSCELYNE MAUDE - Such As I Have Talks for Women's Meetings
36882: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Cakes and Ale
36884: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Of Human Bondage
22037: DUFFY MAUREEN - Inherit the Earth: A Social History
18718: GILMER MAUREEN - Gaining Ground (Dramatic Landscaping Solutions to Maximise Garden Spaces)
13604: JOLLIFFE MAUREEN (EDITOR) - The Third Book of Irish Ballads
28058: POTTER MAUREEN - The Theatre Cat
35182: FREELY MAUREEN - What About Us? an Open Letter to the Mothers Feminism Forgot
5803: DUFFY MAUREEN - Illuminations a Fable
28973: O'SULLIVAN MAURICE - Twenty Years a-Growing
17127: HOLMES MAURICE - Some Bibliographical Notes on the Novels of George Bernard Shaw
39889: BURTON MAURICE - Systematic Dictionary of Mammals of the World
52211: HARMON MAURICE (EDITOR) - Fenians and Fenianism Centenary Essays
50074: FREEDMAN MAURICE - A Minority in Britain Social Studies of the Anglo-Jewish Community
840: BOURGEOIS MAURICE - John Millington Synge and the Irish Theatre
55484: PALEOLOGUE MAURICE - My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case 1894-1899
55464: HINDUS MAURICE - We Shall Live Again
1276: O'SULLIVAN MAURICE - Twenty Years a Growing
38014: BARING MAURICE - French Literature
11124: HERZOG MAURICE - Annapurna
32552: ZEITLIN MAURICE - The Large Corporation and Contemporary Classes
14598: VAN ABBE DEREK MAURICE - Image of a People : The Germans and Their Creative Writing Under and Since Bismarck
19413: SHEEHY MAURICE (EDITOR) - Michael/Frank Studies on Frank o'Conner: With a Bibliography of His Writing
27041: KONODY PAUL G AND BROCKWELL MAURICE W - The Louvre: Fifty Plates in Colour
22014: POWICKE SIR MAURICE - The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307
22381: LINDSAY MAURICE - Count All Men Mortal: A History of Scottish Provident 1837-1987
19442: KEEN MAURICE - The Pelican History of Medieval Europe
1404: LINDSEY MAURICE (EDITOR) - As I Remember
50416: GAUDEFROY-DEMOMBYNES MAURICE - Muslim Institutions
22804: DALTON MAURICE - Sable and Gold: A Play in Three Acts
39418: HEWLETT MAURICE - Artemision Idylls and Songs
10370: ASHLEY MAURICE - The Stuarts in Love with Some Reflections on Love and Marriage in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
41541: PRICE IRA MAURICE - The Ancestry of Our English Bible an Account of Manuscripts , Texts and Versions of the Bible
4284: ASHBY MAURICE - James II
14164: HEWLETT MAURICE - Wiltshire Essays
14163: COLBECK MAURICE - Queer Folk : A Comicality of Yorkshire Characters
11631: BURTON MAURICE - Deserts
12287: ASHLEY MAURICE - Mr President : An Introduction to American History
11073: BARING MAURICE - Sarah Bernhardt
31928: STEIN MAURICE R - The Eclipse of Community an Interpretation of American Studies
40302: EVANS MAURICE - English Poetry in the Sixteenth Century
41640: RELTON REV H MAURICE - The Catholic Conception of the Incarnation and Other Sermons
37716: CRAFT MAURICE ET AL (EDITORS) - Linking Home and School
54895: EDELMAN MAURICE - Ben Gurion a Political Biography
47733: ASHLEY MAURICE - Life in Stuart England
28056: O'SULLIVAN MAURICE - Twenty Years a-Growing
50568: POWICKE MAURICE - The Reformation in England
49314: WOHLGELERNTER MAURICE - Israel Zangwill a Study
28554: O'SULLIVAN MAURICE - Twenty Years a-Growing
39600: LOIR MAURICE - La Marine Francaise
34986: POWICKE SIR MAURICE - The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307
35183: ASHLEY MAURICE - The Golden Century Europe 1598-1715
35391: ASHLEY MAURICE - James 11
36243: ASHLEY MAURICE - England in the Seventeenth Century (1603-1714)
5499: BRUCE MAURICE - The Shaping of the Modern World (1870 to 1939) Ends and Beginnings the World to 1914
5861: WIGGIN MAURICE - The Memoirs of a Maverick
6894: CHEVALIER MAURICE - I Remember It Well
9740: LINDSEY MAURICE - Glasgow
22198: CROZIER MAURNA (EDITED BY) - Cultural Traditions in Northern Ireland: Varieties of Britishness
47047: MAUSOLFE A J M & MAUSOLFE J K - Saint Companions for Each Day
19263: NICHOLSON MAVIS - Martha Jane and Me a Childhood in Wales
17697: NICHOLSON MAVIS - What Did You Do in the War, Mummy?
38146: MAWDSLEY, W.N.HARGREAVES- - Eighteenth-Century Spain, 1700-88 a Political, Diplomatic & Institutional History
39933: MAWDSLEY, W.N.HARGREAVES- - Spain Under the Bourbons, 1700-1833 a Collection of Documents
53920: EICHHORN DAVID MAX - Musings of the Old Professor the Meaning of Koheles
53151: BELOFF MAX - On the Track of Tyranny Essays Presented by the Winter Library to Leonard G. Montefiore Obe
26802: BRUHN WOLFGANG AND TILKE MAX - A Pictorial History of Costume
45639: WARREN MAX - Strange Victory a Study of the Holy Comminion Service
50936: WEBER MAX - Ancient Judaism
40883: BEERBOHM MAX - A Christmas Garland
20820: O'RELL MAX - John Bull Et Son Ile
28025: GOERING MAX - Italian Paintings of the Sixteenth Century
27239: BOEHN MAX VON - Spanien: Geschitchte / Kultur Kunst
26674: GOERING MAX - Italienische Malerei: Des Siebzehnten Und Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts
14845: MULLER F MAX - Duetsche Liebe (German Love)
11963: JAFFA MAX - A Life on the Fiddle
11389: BEERBOHM MAX - Mainly on the Air
43255: COLWELL MAX - The Journey of Burke and Wills
27387: WINGENROTH DR MAX - Die Jugendwerke Des Benozzo Gozzoli Eine Kunstgeschichtliche Studie
51363: BROD MAX - The Biography of Franz Kafka
50081: BROD MAX - Franz Kafka Eine Biographie
55271: WEBER MAX - The Sociology of Religion
14711: COHEN MAX - It Was Not in the News
1382: SEILING GUMBEL MAX - Theophilus Des Faust Des Mittelalters
1330: FRIEDLANDER MAX J - Von Eyck Bis Bruegel Studien Zur Geschichte Der Niederlandischen Malerei
33642: KOZOFF MAX - Rendering Critical Essays on a Century of Modern Art
9005: BROD MAX - Heine the Artist in Revolt
25377: VON BOEHN MAX - Modes and Manners (4 Volumes)
54080: BELOFF MAX - On the Track of Tyranny Essays Presented by the Winter Library to Leonard G. Montefiore Obe
40232: BEERBOHM MAX - Seven Men and Two Others
49548: DU CAMP MAXIME - Les Convulsions de Paris (4 Volumes)
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53527: MCGAHERN, JOHN - Amongst Women
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52125: MCKENNA, BRIEGE & HENRY LIBERSAT - Miracles Do Happen
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47186: MCMANUS, JIM - Healing in the Spirit Inner Healing and Deliverance in Today's Church
47240: MCMANUS, JIM - All Generations Will Call Me Blessed
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30530: MELDEN A I - Rights and Right Conduct
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48506: BEDOYERE MICHAEL DE LA - Living Christianity
40999: ROSSETTI WILLIAM MICHAEL (SELECTED AND EDITED) - The Poetical Works of James Thomson with Critical Memoir
12456: MOORCOCK MICHAEL - The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
51518: HOWARD MICHAEL - Soldiers and Governments
4201: BARDSLEY MICHAEL - Caught in Terror
50890: GOUGH MICHAEL - The Early Christians
9664: LUMSDEN MICHAEL - Existential Sentences Their Structure and Meaning
54381: HASENCLEVER MICHAEL - Karl Hubbuch Auction Catalogue & 7th April & 16th May 1987
54382: HASENCLEVER MICHAEL - Rudolf Schlichter Auction Catalogue 23rd January & 2nd March 1990
28577: MANHEIM MICHAEL - Eugene o'Neill's New Language of Kinship
29596: TALBOT MICHAEL - Vivaldi
22914: JENNER MICHAEL - Ireland Through the Ages
50609: MICHAEL, ROBERT - A Concise History of American Antisemitism
10426: HURST MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Key Treaties for the Great Powers (Vol 1 1814-1870)
10428: COREN MICHAEL - Conan Doyle
53036: MICHAEL, RAEBURN - Twilight of the Tsars Russian Art at the Turn of the Century
48717: SHAUGHNESSY MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Concise Catholic Catechism
41843: FURSE MICHAEL - God's Plan
54363: HASENCLEVER MICHAEL - Karl Hubbuch Zeichnungen Und Skizzen
51606: JOSEPH MICHAEL - The Commercial Side of Literature
53506: MAHON DEREK & KANE MICHAEL - Resistance Days Limited 155/275
11979: BROADBENT MICHAEL - The Great Vintage Wine Book
17566: SEGELL MICHAEL (EDITED BY) - A Man's Journey to Simple Abundance
134: BRAWNE MICHAEL (DESIGNER) - Picasso Sculpture Ceramics and Graphic Work
22435: MEYER MICHAEL (EDITED BY) - The Collected Poems of Sidney Keyes with Memoir
3052: FAIRLESS MICHAEL - The Roadmender Illustrated by Helen Monro
6990: JOYCE MICHAEL - My Friend H
23015: DOWNEY MICHAEL - In Praise of the Irish
46535: MACDONAGH MICHAEL - Daniel o'Connell and the Story of Catholic Emancipation
38063: HERMAN MELVIN AND MUNK MICHAEL - Decision Making in Poverty Programs Case Studies from Youth -Work Agencies
30472: BALFOUR MICHAEL - The Kaiser and His Times
30411: COLLINS MICHAEL - Banks and Industrial Finance in Britain 1800-1939
21646: MEYER MICHAEL (EDITED BY) - The Collected Poems of Sidney Keyes with Memoir and Notes
30689: POOLE MICHAEL - Workers Participation in Industry
30985: BRECHER MICHAEL - Nehru a Political Biography (Abridged Edition)
31005: DONNELLY MICHAEL - Managing the Mind a Study of Medical Psychology in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
31034: DE LA BEDOYERE MICHAEL (EDITOR) - The Future Catholic Christianity
26944: HOYLE MICHAEL (TRANSLATED BY) - The Early Venetian Paintings in Holland 1300-1500
31533: LEVEY MICHAEL - Early Renaissance Style and Civilization
33240: APTER MICHAEL J - The Computer Simulation of Behaviour
33244: FOX DR MICHAEL - Between Animal and Man
33274: TWEEDIE MICHAEL - Insect Life
33471: MANN MICHAEL - Workers on the Move
33474: BROWN DAVID AND HARRISON MICHAEL J - A Sociology of Industrialisation an Introduction
33650: BALFOUR MICHAEL - The Kaiser and His Times
33815: MOORCOCK MICHAEL - The Weird of the White Wolf
33816: MOORCOCK MICHAEL - The Bane of the Black Sword
33817: MOORCOCK MICHAEL - The Vanishing Tower
34264: ARGYLE MICHAEL - The Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour
349: ECHERUO MICHAEL J - Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order
35503: ANTONICK MICHAEL - The Genuine Corvette Book 1953-1990
35510: ROSE GENERAL SIR MICHAEL - Fighting for Peace Bosnia 1994
35595: BENTINCK MICHAEL - War Time Women
35619: LEVEY MICHAEL (FOREWORD BY) - Late Gothic Art from Cologne
35734: RAEBURN MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Sacheverell Sitwell's England
35873: HOLROYD MICHAEL - Bernard Shaw the One -Volume Definitive Edition
36254: ROBBINS MICHAEL - The Railway Age
36440: SPROULE ANNA AND POLLARD MICHAEL - The Country House Guide Family Homes in the Historic Houses Association
36482: RUTTER MICHAEL - Helping Troubled Children
36900: MICHAEL, JAMES - The Politics of Secrecy
37275: DRAYTON MICHAEL - The Qvest of Cynthia
23664: CLOWER MICHAEL - Mick Kinane Big Race King the Authorised Biography
4143: STEPHENS MICHAEL - Green Dreams
725: O'MARA MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Tales of Old Ireland
37514: FAIRLESS MICHAEL - The Roadmender & the Gathering of Brother Hilarius
3930: FOSS MICHAEL - Undreamed Shores England's Wasted Empire in America
4589: MACLIAMMOIR MICHAEL - Enter a Goldfish
4590: GORMAN MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Ireland by the Irish
4628: ASHER MICHAEL - Shoot to Kill
4989: GALLAGHER MICHAEL - The Irish Labour Party in Transition 1957-82
5913: DAVIE MICHAEL - In the Future Now a Report from California
6205: FOSS MICHAEL - Beyond the Black Stump Tales of Travellers to Australia 1787-1850
6254: GRANT MICHAEL - The Ancient Mediterranean
6314: HOLROYD MICHAEL - Basil Street Blues
6506: LLYWELYN MORGAN AND SCOTT MICHAEL - Ireland - a Graphic History
656: HOLROYD MICHAEL - Bernard Shaw Search for Love
6653: ARLEN MICHAEL J - Exiles
6833: LAMBERT J W AND RATCLIFFE MICHAEL - The Bodley Head 1887-1987
6884: CLARKE MICHAEL - The Tempting Prospect a Social History of English Watercolours
6967: PRESTWICH MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Documents Illustrating the Crisis of 1297-1298 in England
46544: BARRETT MICHAEL - Footprints of the Ancient Scottish Church
7442: GILLARD MICHAEL - A Little Pot of Money the Story of Regiland Maudling and the Real Estate Fund of America
7510: SHEEHY MICHAEL - Is Ireland Dying? Culture and the Church in Modern Ireland
7625: BARCROFT MICHAEL - Luckiest of All an Insight Into a Crucial Period of Peterborough History
41862: COLEMAN MICHAEL - The Eucharist and You
8514: ESTORICK MICHAEL - What Are Friends for
8882: BENTLEY MICHAEL - Politics without Democracy Great Britain 1815-1914
16581: LEWIS MICHAEL - The Spanish Armada
151: SADLEIR MICHAEL - Blessington D'Orsay (a Masquerade)
9456: BROWN MICHAEL - South to Gascony
9603: EDWARDES MICHAEL - Clive: The Heaven-Born General
9819: MICHAEL, GAGNON, LAUMANN, KOLATA - Sex in America a Definitive Survey
5712: IGNATIEFF MICHAEL - The Russian Album
52561: MAHON DEREK/KANE MICHAEL - Resistance Days
38515: ROSSETTI WILLIAM MICHAEL (SELECTED AND EDITED) - The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
27965: LACOTTE MICHAEL - European Paintings in the Louvre Artists Outside France
48184: RAMSEY MICHAEL - The Resurrection of Christ an Essay in Biblical Theology
49953: MURRAY MICHAEL - Poland's Progress 1919-1939
39199: HITTLE MICHAEL J - The Service City State and Townsmen in Russia, 1600-1800
49074: DERRICK MICHAEL - Tito and the Catholic Church
53478: FARRER MICHAEL - One Part of London: Aspects of Anglo-Catholicism in Camden
13267: DENIS MICHAELA - Ride a Rhino
11032: DENIS MICHAELA - Leopard in My Lap
50338: MICHAELIS, MEIR - Mussolini and the Jews German-Italian Relations and the Jewish Question, 1922-45
50545: MICHALSKI, SERGIUSZ - Reformation and the Visual Arts the Protestant Image Question in Western and Eastern Europe
15256: O'GUIHEEN MICHEAL - A Pity Youth Does Not Last: Reminiscences of the Last Blasket Island Poet
51534: ADAMS MICHEAL - Censorship : The Irish Experience
3870: RIDPATH MICHEAL - Free to Trade
53885: O HAODHA MICHEAL - The Abbey- Then and Now
55179: WINOCK MICHEL - Histoire de L'Extreme Droite
14695: DEBRE MICHEL - Ces Princes Qui Nous Gouvernent...
15051: TOURNIER MICHEL - Gilles Jeanne
45662: QUOIST MICHEL - The Christian Response
25875: DROIT MICHEL - Camargue
26841: LACLOTTE MICHEL - Der Louvre Europainsche Malerei Ausserhalb Frankreichs (Vol 2)
35925: ZERAFFA MICHEL - Fictions the Novel and Social Reality
49801: MICHNIK - Letters from Prison and Other Essays
12594: SPILLANE MICKEY - The Twisted Thing
51065: MICKIEWICZ, ADAM - Adam Mickiewicz 1798-1855 in Commemoration of the Centenary of His Death
48511: MURRY J. MIDDLESTON - The Betrayal of Christ by the Churches
47723: MIDDLETON R D - Newman & Bloxam an Oxford Friendship
21586: MURRY JOHN MIDDLETON (EDITED BY) - Katherine Mansfield's Letters to John Middleton Murry 1913-1922
28692: MURRY JOHN MIDDLETON - Jonathan Swift a Critical Biography
52386: MIDWINTER E C - Victorian Social Reform
49750: MIGDAL, JOEL S. - Palestinian Society and Politics
8890: MIGNET F A - The History of Mary, Queen of Scots (2 Vols)
16614: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA MIGUEL DE - The Adventures of Quixote Don
22470: DASH MIKE - Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutinty
15757: RESNICK MIKE - Santiago (a Myth of the Far Future)
32596: HALES MIKE - Science or Society
20331: DASH MIKE - Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny
21567: ANSELL COLONEL SIR MIKE - Soldier on
18076: JEFFERIES MIKE - The Shadows in the Watchgate
31463: FREEMAN MIKE - A Handbook for Trade Unionists Taking Control
43315: COBUR MIKE - Soldier Five the Real Truth About the Bravo Two Zero Mission
21918: ANSELL COLONEL SIR MIKE - Soldier on
7431: DUNN MIKE - Local Brew Traditional Breweries and Their Ales
9472: GATTING MIKE (WITH ALAN LEE) - Limited Overs
36914: MIKES, GEORGE - How to Be a Brit a George Mikes Minibus
21458: GORBACHEV MIKHAIL - Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World
32138: GORBACHEV MIKHAIL - Perestroika New Thinking for Our Country and the World
551: MIKHAIL E H - Sean o'Casey, a Bibliography of Criticism Introduction by Ronald Ayling
52734: BATORI MIKLOS - Calvary Street
47629: SMREK JAN/RICHTER MILAN - Ardent Words for the Days of Cold Poems in English French German Italian Hungarian Czech & Slovak
14318: BLAXTER MILDRED - The Meaning of Disability : A Sociological Study of Impairment
11488: BLAXTER MILDRED - The Meaning of Disability : Sociology of Social and Medical Care Services
54864: MILES, JACK - God a Biography
45252: MILES, JACK - Christ a Crisis in the Life of God
14682: GIBSON MILES - Vinegar Soup
15689: GIBSON MILES - Dancing with Mermaids
55300: MILES, DILLWYN - Portrait of Pembrokeshire
8664: TRIPP MILES - Kilo Forty
48372: MILFORD H. S. - The Oxford Book of English Verse of the Romantic Period 1798-1837
9817: MILFORD D S - Hockey
33574: MILL J S - Utilitarianism. Liberty , Representative Government
16938: MILLAR J H - The Mid-Eighteenth Century
45249: BURROWS MILLAR - The Dead Sea Scrolls
55459: MILLER, BETTY & JANE MILLER - Farewell Leicester Square
52912: MILLER, RORY - Divided Against Zion Anti-Zionist Opposition to the Creation of a Jewish State in Palestine, 1945-1948: Anti-Zionist Opposition in Britain to a...
42337: MILLER, JOHN & MICHAEL STONE - The Cell Inside the 9/11 Plot & Why the Fbi and Cia Failed to Stop It
40866: MILLER, KEITH - Taste of New Wine
39970: MILLER, ARTHUR - Plain Girl
45137: MILLER, HENRY & TONY FARNHAM & RICHARD WALSH - Dick, the Dagger the Life and Times of Centenarian Bargemaster
53220: MILLER, MARTIN - The Russian Revolution the Essential Readings
50389: MILLER, ROBIN FEUER - The Brothers Karamazov Worlds of the Novel
14578: ARTIS M J AND MILLER M H (EDITORS) - Essays in Fiscal and Monetary Policy
43046: MILLER, GREG - George Herbert's Holy Patterns Reforming Individuals in Community
52989: MILLER, MOLLY - The Saints of Gwynedd (Studies in Celtic History)
39577: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Bedside Milligan or Read Your Way to Insomnia
45385: MILLS, MAGGIE & INGE WISE - Psychoanalytic Ideas and Shakespeare
43410: MILLS, DAN - Sniper One the Blistering True Story of a British Battle Group Under Siege
42714: MILLS, STEPHEN & CHRIS JONES - Nature in Its Place Habitats of Ireland
33074: WRIGHT MILLS C - The Marxists
37346: MILLS, JOHN W. - The Technique of Sculpture
34347: MILNE A A - Four Plays
39275: MILNE A A - Three Plays
39262: MILNE A A - Four Plays
54474: MILNE, ANNA-LOUISE - The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Paris
51666: MILNER, JOHN - Art, War and Revolution in France, 1870-1871 Myth, Reportage and Reality
39158: MILNER, DAVID - Children and Race Ten Years on
54550: MILOSZ - Native Realm a Search for Self-Definition
54676: MILOSZ, CZESLAW & C. WIENIEWSKA - The Seizure of Power
53020: MILOSZ,CZESLAW - Emperor of the Earth Modes of Eccentric Vision
20042: DJILAS MILOVAN - Gesprache Mit Stalin
49683: MILTON, SHAIN - The Roots of Antisemitism in South Africa
50292: HINDUS MILTON - The Proustian Vision
42825: WALDMAN MILTON - Elizabeth and Leicester
15938: WALDMAN MILTON - The Lady Mary a Biography of Mary Tudor 1516-1558
51170: MILWARD, ALAN S. - New Order and the French Economy
50361: MINERBI, SERGIO I. - The Vatican and Zionism Conflict in the Holy Land, 1895-1925
43846: MINET, PAUL - Bookdealing for Profit
40153: MINET, PAUL - Bookdealing for Profit
22108: MINGAY G E - Rural Life in Victorian England
12070: BAGWELL PHILLIP S AND MINGAY G E - Britain and America: A Study of Economic Change 1850-1939
41679: A LONDON MINISTER (HARRIS W) - Outlines of Sermons on the Miracles and Parables of the Old Testament Original & Selected
43998: AIR MINISTRY - The Battle of Britain an Account of the Great Days from August -October 1940
42746: MINNEY R J - Fanny and the Regent of Siam
40694: MINNION, JOHN & PHILIP BOLSOVER - The Cnd Story the First 25 Years of Cnd in the Words of the People Involved
37165: MINOPRIO, JOHN - The Blue and Buff Portrait of an English Hunt
53313: RUTH FINER MINTZ - Modern Hebrew Poetry a Bilingual Anthology
46799: LACHAPELLE DAVID/DIMITROVA MIRA - Earth Laughs in Flowers
23600: GREEN MIRANDA - The Gods of the Celts
35018: WOOD MIRIAM - Living with a Hyperactive Child
20878: ALLOTT MIRIAM - Novelists on the Novel
33497: WOOD MIRIAM - Music for People with Learning Disabilities
51628: GRINDEA MIRON - Adam (Vol XXXI) No's 307-8-9 International Review-Nobel 1966
24693: GRINDEA MIRON (EDITED BY) - Adam International Review Number 206-7 (May-June) a Literary Monthly in English and French
24692: GRINDEA MIRON (EDITED BY) - Adam International Review Number 202-3 (Jan-Feb) a Literary Monthly in English and French
8454: GRINDEA MIRON (EDITOR) - The 200 Th. Issue of Adam Year Xv11 Number 200 November 1949
30525: GLENNY MISHA - The Rebirth of History Eastern Europe in the Age of Democracy
11699: MISHAM E J - Making the World Safe for Pornography and Other Intellectual Fashions
15472: MISHAN E J - Making the World Safe for Pornography (and Other Intellectual Fashions)
40681: MISHRA, RAMESH - The Welfare State in Crisis
53871: MISNER, PAUL - Social Catholicism in Europe from the Onset of Industrialization to the First World War
26083: STEWART MISS E - From a Ballycastle Garden
53558: MITCHEL, JOHN - Jail Journal with an Introductory Narrative of Transactions in Ireland
55582: HENRY ROBERT MITCHELL - The Evolution of Sinn Fein
45867: MITCHELL, DAVID - The Spanish CIVIL War
45950: MITCHELL, LESLIE - Bulwer Lytton the Rise and Fall of a Victorian Man of Letters
42983: MITCHELL, ANGUS - Casement
21086: MITCHELL R J - The Spring Voyage the Jerusalem Pilgrimage 1458
47519: MITCHELL R J - The Laurels and the Tiara Pope Pius II 1458-1464
43470: MITCHELL, JAQUELINE - Blitz Spirit
15131: MITCHELL W R - Highland Autumn
5665: MITCHELL D J - A History of Warwickshire County Council 1889 to 1989
55613: MITCHELL, ALLAN - The Divided Path the German Influence on Social Reform in France After 1870
37792: MITCHISON, NAOMI ET AL - Royal Institution of Great Britain V. 47: Proceedings
55122: MITCHISON, ROSALIND - Roots of Nationalism: Studies in Northern Europe Papers of a Conference Held Sept 1979 at University of Wales Conference Centre
38955: MITFORD, NANCY - Pigeon Pie
54027: MITTLEMAN, ALAN L. - Human Nature & Jewish Thought Judaism's Case for Why Persons Matter
48734: MOCKLER, ANTHONY - Francis of Assisi the Wandering Years
52246: MODRZEJEWSKI, JOSEPH MELEZE & ROBERT CORNMAN - The Jews of Egypt from Rameses II to Emperor Hadrian
50435: MOELLER, ROBERT G - War Stories the Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany
46781: MOESSNER, JEANNE STEVENSON - Prelude to Practical Theology Variations on Theory and Practice
40637: EL-HADI AFIFI MOHAMED - The Arabs and the United Nations
48628: MOIR, ALFRED - Caravaggio
28358: O'NEILL MOIRA - More Songs of the Glens of Antrim
24092: VERSCHOYLE MOIRA - Children in Love
28344: O'NEILL MOIRA - Songs of the Glens of Antrim Collected Poems
24623: O'NEILL MOIRA - More Songs of the Glens of Antrim
23978: VERSCHOYLE MOIRA - So Long to Wait: An Irish Childhood
24999: O'NEILL MOIRA - Songs of the Glens of Antrim
55052: MOKOTOFF, GARY - How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust Documenting Victims, Locating Survivors
29833: MOLESWORTH H D - Sculpture in England Renaissance to Early X1x Century
37161: MOLESWORTH H D - Sculpture in England: Mediaeval
29681: MOLIERE - The Misanthrope and Other Plays
48546: MOLINARI, PAUL & ANNE HENNESSY - The Vocation and Mission of Joseph and Mary
35058: MOLLETT J W - An Illustrated Dictionary of Antique Art and Archaeology
39725: HARDWICK MOLLIE - Mrs Dizzy the Life of Mary Anne Disraeli Vicountess Beaconsfield
14662: HARRIS MOLLIE - A Kind of Magic : An Oxfordshire Childhood in the 1920's
20780: GILLEN MOLLIE - The Wheel of Things a Biography of L M Montgomery
10937: HARRIS MOLLIE - Village Christmases
39058: STANLEY-WRENCH MOLLIE - Hors D'Oeuvres How to Make Them
9134: HARDWICK MICHEAL AND MOLLIE (EDITOR) - The Charles Dickens Encyclopedia
4088: KEANE MOLLY - Good Behaviour
256: TOWNSEND MOLLY - Not by Bullets and Bayonets Cobbett's Writings on the Irish Question 1795-1835
32347: LEFEBURE MOLLY - Cumberland Heritage
16023: KEANE MOLLY - Time After Time
35629: BIHET MOLLY - Reflections of Guernsey
1988: KEANE MOLLY - Devoted Ladies
186: KEANE MOLLY - Loving and Giving
28426: KEANE MOLLY - Time After Time
1491: KEANE MOLLY - Loving and Giving
47036: MOLONEY, FRANCIS J. - Living Voice of the Gospel
52051: MOLONEY, FRANCIS J. - Disciples and Prophets a Biblical Model for the Religious Life
52052: MOLONEY, FRANCIS J. - Free to Love Poverty, Chastity, Obedience
46350: MOLONEY, FRANCIS J. - The People's Bible Commentary James - Jude
26205: CHARTRES MOLONY J - Ireland
55657: MOLTKE, HELMUTH VON - The Franco-German War of 1870-71
50402: MOMIGLIANO, ARNALDO - On Pagans, Jews, and Christians
54832: MOMMSEN, WOLFGANG J. - Imperial Germany 1867-1918 Politics, Culture and Society in an Authoritarian State
49955: MOMMSEN, HANS - From Weimar to Auschwitz Essays in German History
51240: MOMMSEN, WOLFGANG - Age of Bureaucracy Perspectives on the Political Sociology of Max Weber
54324: MOMMSEN, WOLFGANG J. - Imperial Germany 1867-1918 Politics, Culture and Society in an Authoritarian State
13476: WILSON MONA - Queen Elizabeth
6116: WILSON MONA (EDITOR) - Johnson: Prose and Poetry
37326: MONAHAN, PATRICIA - Watercolour
46791: FURLONG MONICA - Merton -a Biography
27754: BOHM-DUCHEN MONICA - The Nude
45124: BALDWIN MONICA - I Leap over the Wall a Return to the World After 28 Years in a Convent
51338: HERWEG RACHEL MONIKA - Die Judische Mutter Das Verborgene Matriarchat
37717: MONKS, T. G. (EDITOR) - Comprehensive Education in Action
40536: MONLUC, BLAISE DE - Habsburg-Valois Wars and the French Wars of Religion
40012: MONLUC, BLAISE DE/ROY IAN - The Habsburg-Valois Wars and the French Wars of Religion
46120: MONOD, PAUL KLÉBER - Imperial Island a History of Britain and Its Empire, 1660-1837
54056: MONRO, ALEXANDER - The Paper Trail an Unexpected History of a Revolutionary Invention
32374: FOX H MONRO - The Personality of Animals
35586: MONRO ANNE, MANTHEI BOB SMALL JOHN - Counselling: The Problems of Problem Solving
40090: MONT, JURGEN NEVEN-DU & R. MANNHEIM - After Hitler Report from a West German City
38504: MONTAGU, MARY WORTLEY - Letters
10894: MONTAGUE C E - The Right Place: A Book of Pleasures

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