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18295: MOHOLY-NAGY LASZLO - Fruhe Photographien
17082: LUCRETIUS/LATHAM R E (TRANSLATED BY) - Lucretius the Nature of the Universe
48399: THE REV. LATTEY C. - Six Sacrements Being Papers on the Sacrements in General, Baptismn, Confirmation, Penance, Holy Orders, Matrimony and Extreme Unction
51242: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND - The Four Gospels and the Revelation Newly Translated from the Greek
53255: LAU-LAVIE, NAPHTALI - Moshe Dayan
38197: LAUDER, PHYLLIS - The Siamese Cat
38370: LAUNERT, EDMUND - Scent and Scent Bottles
14411: TROUBRIDGE LAURA - Life Amongst the Troubridges: Journals of a Young Victorian 1873-1884
31842: CRAM LAURA ET AL - Developments in the European Union
31007: HILLENBRAND LAURA - Seabiscuit the True Story of Three Men and a Racehorse
36089: LOVAT LAURA - Maurice Baring a Postscript with Some Letters and Verse
46625: GOULDER LAURANCE - Church Life in Medieval England
5628: HOLLIDAY LAUREL - Heart Songs
47286: GOMME GEORGE LAURENCE - Ecclesiology a Classified Collection of the Chief Contents of "the Gentleman's Magazine" from 1731-1868
41838: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - The Lepers Little Plays of St. Francis
14294: MEYNELL LAURENCE - Virgin Luck
49102: GOULDER LAURENCE - Church Life in Medieval England the Parishes
20109: IRVING LAURENCE - Henry Irving: The Actor and His World
11080: KITCHIN LAURENCE - Mid-Century Drama
23892: STERNE LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy: Gentleman / the Works of Lawrence Sterne (Four Volumes)
33369: STERNE LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
21639: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Palace Plays
31861: LEWIS LAURENCE - Echoes of Resistance British Involvement with the Italian Partisans
20154: BRANDER LAURENCE - Thomas Hood
23736: BINYON LAURENCE (SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY) - The Golden Treasury of Modern Lyrics
16001: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Bethlehem (a Nativity Play the Pageant of Our Lady and Other Poems)
43017: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Brother Juniper
22113: CARR JOHN LAURENCE - Robespierre: The Force of Circumstance
40591: KITCHIN LAURENCE - Drama in the Sixties Form and Interpretation
11276: MEYNELL LAURENCE - Great Men of Staffordshire
27337: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Bethlehem a Nativity Play
29855: LERNER LAURENCE - The Frontiers of Literature
26089: STERNE LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman
40967: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Pains and Penalties : The Defence of Queen Caroline a Play in 4 Acts
28062: STERNE LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey
21823: URDANG LAURENCE - Dictionary of Differences
29875: LERNER LAURENCE - The Frontiers of Literature
27949: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Angels and Ministers and Other Victorian Plays
33156: ROSS H LAURENCE - Confronting Drunk Driving Social Policy for Saving Lives
34787: BISSON LAURENCE - A Short History of French Literature
40863: VAN DER POST LAURENS - The Lost World of the Kalahari
1598: VAN DER POST LAURENS - Venture to the Interior
21228: VAN DER POST LAURENS - A Walk with a White Bushman
11682: NGCOBO LAURETTA (EDITOR) - Let It Be Told: Black Women Writers in Britain
21745: NGCOBO LAURETTA (EDITED) - Let It Be Told: Black Essays by Black Women Writers in Britain
47548: OSMOND LAURIE - Thames Flows Down
10755: TAYLOR LAURIE - In the Underworld
35726: LEE LAURIE - I Can't Stay Long
35799: DENNETT LAURIE - Slaughter and May a Short History
14392: PAINE LAURIN - America and the Americans
25402: LAVALLEE VON D UND LUMBRERAS L G, BECK C H - Die Andenvolker Von Den Fruhen Kulturen Bis Zu Den Inka
49143: LAVEILLE MGR - St Therese de L'Enfant Jesus 1873-1879 the Definitive Biography
16146: ROWNTREE B SEEBOHM AND LAVERS G R - English Life and Leisure: A Social Study
6759: SEEBOHM ROWNTREE B. AND LAVERS G. R. - English Life and Leisure. (a Social Study) .
48996: LAVERY, HUGH - Reflections on the Creed
43745: LAVIN, DAVID E - Changing the Odds Open Admissions and the Life Chances of the Disadvantaged
53084: LAVIN, MARY - Mary o'Grady
54900: LAVRIN, JANKO - Russia, Slavdom and the Western World
54185: LAVSKY, HAGIT - Before Catastrophe Distinctive Path of German Zionism
38909: LAW, HENRY - Rudiments of the Art of Construction and Repairing Common Roads Circa 1850
50503: LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE - Popes and Politics Reform, Resentment and the Holocaust
28713: LAWRENCE W J - The Life of Gustavus Vaughan Brooke -Tragedian
16814: LAWRENCE D H - Aaron's Rod
13698: LAWRENCE D H - Lady Chatterley's Lover
16275: LAWRENCE D H - Sons and Lovers
54156: LAWRENCE, BRUCE - The Qur'an a Biography
35301: JAMES LAWRENCE - Poems of Lawrence James
19129: ABBOTT LAWRENCE (EDITED BY) - I Stand in the Center of the Good Interviews with Contemporary Native American Artists
29322: LAWRENCE D H - Lady Chatterley's Lover
4009: GARNER LAWRENCE - Shropshire (Shire County Guide 7)
25849: LAWRENCE T E - Revolt in the Desert
16106: STONE LAWRENCE - The Past and the Present
28795: LAWRENCE D H - Women in Love
14380: JAROS DEAN AND GRANT LAWRENCE - Political Behavior: Choices and Perspectives
12359: LANGNER LAWRENCE - The Magic Curtain
47450: TANNER LAWRENCE E. - Recollections of a Westminster Antiquary
44954: FERLINGHETTI LAWRENCE - Starting from San Francisco
14519: OSBORNE LAWRENCE - The Poisoned Embrace : A Brief History of Sexual Pessimism
40177: LAWRENCE, DENNIS - The Third Way Promise of Industrial Democracy
29297: LAWRENCE D H - The Lost Girl
21930: LAWRENCE D H - Three Novellas: The Ladybird, the Fox, the Captains Doll
21929: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
34003: LAWRENCE D H - Sons and Lovers
34004: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
34306: LAWRENCE D H - Woman in Love
34866: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
34979: GARNER LAWRENCE - Dry Stone Walls
34987: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
35965: ALDERSON LAWRENCE - Rare Breeds
43565: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Rainbow
37036: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Rainbow
7041: LAWRENCE D H - Assorted Articles
13699: LAWRENCE D H - Women in Love
49242: LAWRENCE & C. H. LAWRENCE - The English Church and the Papacy in the Middle Ages
20858: LADY LAWSON - The Life of Gnat and Other Stories
12461: STONELEY JACK AND LAWTON A T - Ceti: Communication with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
47709: THE UNKNOWN LAYMAN (ANON) - The Looking-Glass of Lambeth
56540: LAYTNER, ANSON H. - Arguing with God a Jewish Tradition
50607: LAZARE, BERNARD & ROBERT S. WISTRICH - Antisemitism Its History and Causes
40191: LAZARRE, JANE - On Loving Men
56763: LEACH, DANIEL - Fugitive Ireland European Minority Nationalists and Irish Political Asylum, 1937-2008
31468: LEACH LEACH - Levi-Strauss
40004: NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE - Children's Books of Yesterday Foreward by John Masefield
46923: LEANEY, A. R. C. - Gospel According to St. Luke
20396: LEAPER R A B - The Determinants of Social Policy
12280: LEAPER R A B - Health, Wealth and Housing
36825: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Barefaced Cheek Apotheosis of Rupert Murdoch
37029: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Kinnock
40804: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - The Ingenious Mr Fairchild the Forgotten Father of the Flower Garden
39089: LEAR, LINDA J. - Rachel Carson Witness for Nature
55360: O'LEARY, D.J. - Travelling Light Your Journey to Wholeness - a Book of Breathers to Inspire You Along the Way
35931: LEAVES F R - New Bearings on English Poetry a Study of the Contemporary Situation
21246: LEAVES F R - Revaluation : Tradition and Development in English Poetry
42690: LEAVIS F R - New Bearings in English Poerty a Study of the Contemporary Situation
45540: LEAVIS, F. R. & Q. D. LEAVIS - Lectures in America
40107: LEAVIS F R - The Common Pursuit (Critical Essays )
8676: LEAVIS F R - Revaluation Tradition & Development in English Poetry
37795: LEAVIS F R ET AL - Scrutiny a Quarterly Review Vol XIV No 1 Summer 1946
15918: LEAVIS F R - Revaluation (Tradition and Development in English Poetry)
36727: LEAVIS F R - D.H. Lawrence/Novelist Novelist
57136: LEBECK, ROBERT & BODO VON DEWITZ - Kiosk a History of Photojournalism 1839-1973
46246: LEBON, JEAN - How to Understand the Liturgy
37875: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - The Companion to Twentieth-Century Music
51633: LEBZELTER, G. - Political Antisemitism in England, 1918-39
55199: LECKY MRS (WIFE) - A Memoir of the Right Hon William Edward Hartpole Lecky Also a Pamphlet Lecky (1939) by Walter Alison Phillips (27 Pages) -Signed
46414: LECLERCQ, JEAN - Monks on Marriage a Twelfth-Century View
41305: SCHMELIG RANDOLPH AND LEDDY - Patterns for Self-Unfoldment
49371: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - The Road to Modern Jewish Politics Political Tradition and Political Reconstruction in the Jewish Community of Tsarist Russia
53177: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - Jews, Catholics, and the Burden of History V. 21
52662: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - Jewish Responses to Modernity New Voices in America and Eastern Europe
53846: LEDNICKI,WACLAW (EDITOR) - Adam Mickiewicz in World Literature
43523: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle Empire
10074: SCUDAMORE PETER WITH ALAN LEE - Scudamore on Steeplechasing
18562: MILLER DAVID LEE - The Poem's Two Bodies: The Poetics of the 1590 Faerie Queen
39627: LEE OF FAREHAM,VISCOUNT & ALAN CLARK - A Good Innings the Private Papers of Viscount Lee of Fareham
39737: LEE-WARNER, SIR WILLIAM - Life of the Marquis of Dalhousie 2 Volumes
15808: SIMONSON LEE - The Stage Is Set
11068: MILLER LEE - Roanoke Solving the Mystery of England's Lost Colony
55880: LEE, STEPHEN J. - Peter the Great
18885: RUBIN DAVID LEE - A Pact with Silence: Art and Thought in the Fables of Jean de la Fontaine
44908: HAMES H L "LEE" - The Mules' Last Bray World War II and the U.S. Forest Service -Reminiscences
48861: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle 55bc-1901
23617: DUNNE LEE - Ringleader
48577: LEE, LAURIE - A Moment of War
17653: MILLER LEE - Roanoke (Solving the Mystery of Englands Lost Colony)
36948: LEE, LAURIE - A Rose for Winter
50103: LEE, JOSEPH - Modernisation of Irish Society, 1848-1918
44047: LEECH, JOHN - Asymmetries of Conflict War without Death
45381: LEECH, CLIFFORD - Tragedy
12632: DHINGRA LEENA - Amritvela
56489: LEERSSEN, JOEP - Rememberance and Imagination Patterns in the Historical and Literary Representation of Ireland in the 19th Century
52887: LEERSSEN, JOEP & ADRIAAN VAN DER WEEL & BART WESTERWEEL - Forging in the Smithy Proceedings of the 1991 Leiden Iasail Conference: Forging in the Smithy - National Identity and Representation in Anglo-Irish Literary History
38141: LEES, JOHN D. - The Political System of the United States
45861: LEESON, W.E. - Field Exercise for Gentlemen and Yeoman Cavalry
48922: LEFEBVRE, PHILIPPE - A Therese of Lisieux Prayer Book
52877: LEFEVRE, PIERRE & M. GROVES - One Hundred Stories to Change Your Life
54921: LEFKOWITZ, DANIEL - Words and Stones the Politics of Language and Identity in Israel
45621: LEGG, STEVE - The a-Z of Evangelism
2574: WICKHAM LEGG L (EDITOR) - British Diplomatic Instructions 1689-1789 Volume V1-France 1727-1744
1428: LEHMANN W L - Albert Welti
56776: LEHMANN, RUTH P. GOLDSCHMIDT-ET AL - Anglo-Jewish Bibliography, 1971-90
40061: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - A Sea-Grape Tree
40437: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Ballad and the Source
53333: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND & ROSA LEHMANN - Symbiosis and Ambivalence Poles and Jews in a Small Galician Town
40331: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Swan in the Evening Fragments of an Inner Life
57111: LEHNING, JAMES R. - Peasant & French Rural France 19c: Cultural Contact in Rural France During the Nineteenth Century
53581: LEHRER, NATASHA - The Golden Chain Fifty Years of the Jewish Quarterly: Fifty Years of Modern Jewish Writing
52507: LEHRER, ERICA T. - Jewish Poland Revisited Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places
38801: ASHTON SIR LEIGH (FOREWORD BY) - Masterpieces in the Victoria and Albert Museum
55775: LEIGH, JEREMY - Jewish Journeys
41708: PULLAN REV LEIGHTON - The Books of the New Testament
56784: LEIGHTON, CADOC - Catholicism in a Protestant Kingdom a Study of the Irish Ancient Regime
52427: HARGEST LEIGHTON - The Welsh Education Alliance and the 1870 Elementary Education Act Reprinted from the Welsh History Review Vol 10 No 2 1980
34900: BERG LEILA ( COMPILED BY ) - Four Feet and Two and Some with None
55307: LEITH, DICK - Social History of English
56726: LEITH, JOHN H. - Creeds of the Churches; a Reader in Christian Doctrine, from the Bible to the Present
26924: LEITHE -JASPER MANFRED, DISTELBERGER R, AND PROHASKA W - The Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna la Galerie Des Peintures
51976: LEMEN, KEVIN - The New Birth Order Book Why You Are the Way You Are
54772: LEMKIN, RAPHAEL & DONNA-LEE FRIEZE - Totally Unofficial the Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin
17066: DEIGHTON LEN - Only When I Larf
25709: HUDSON LEN - Almost a Century : A History of London Town Magazine
16221: DEIGHTON LEN - Funeral in Berlin
41474: BARNETT LEN - Star Quality Talking to Youth
55285: LENBACH, FRANZ VON: - Franz Von Lenbach 1836-1904
37761: LENBACHHAUS, STÄDTISCHE GALERIE IM - Der Blaue Reiter IM Lenbachhaus München Katalog Der Sammlung in Der Städtischen Galerie
35645: LENEL R M - Games in the Primary School
56647: LENMAN, BRUCE & J.L. MACKIE - A History of Scotland
52889: LENNON, COLM - Sixteenth-Century Ireland the Incomplete Conquest
24558: DUNN JOSEPH AND LENNOX P J (EDITED BY) - The Glories of Ireland
47945: MACDONAGH AND ROBINSON LENNOX - The Oxford Book of Irish Verse Xviith Century-Xxth Century
22802: ROBINSON LENNOX - Pictures in a Theatre: A Conversation Piece
52506: LENTIN, RONIT - Co-Memory and Melancholia Israelis Memorialising the Palestinian Nakba
39135: LENTIN, A. - Enlightened Absolutism, 1760-90 a Documentary Sourcebook
55136: LENZ, CHRISTIAN - Neue Pinakothek Munich
42042: LENZ, DR RAMA DR FREDERICK - Surfing the Himalayas Conversations and Travels with Master Fwap
56461: LENZ, CHRISTIAN - The Neue Pinakothek Munich
56370: JUNG LEO - The Jewish Library Woman
10088: ORLEANS LEO A - Every Fifth Child: The Population of China
22397: SHERLEY-PRICE LEO (TRANSLATED BY) - Bede: A History of the English Church and People
49340: SCHWARZ LEO W - The Jewish Caravan Great Stories of Twenty -Five Centuries
12096: GURKO LEO - Crisis of the American Mind
13014: PERUTZ LEO - Little Apple
51517: WIENER LEO - The History of Yiddish Literature in the Nineteenth Century
50366: TOLSTOY LEO - Twenty-Three Tales
50373: TOLSTOY LEO - The Final Struggle Being Countless Tolstoys Diary for 1910
34248: TOLSTOY LEO - War and Peace
36609: BAGROW LEO (FOUNDER) - Imago Mundi (Vols 22-23) a Review of Early Cartography
36606: BAGROW LEO (EDITOR) - Imago Mundi (Vol 10-11) a Review of Early Cartography
36607: BAGROW LEO (EDITOR) - Imago Mundi (Vols 12-13) a Review of Early Cathography
36613: BAGROW LEO (FOUNDER) - Imago Mundi (Vols 14-15) a Review of Early Cathography
38973: ROSTEN LEO - The Return of Hyman Kaplan
45026: LONG LEON - The Spirit of Elijah Past, Present and Future
57094: GUERARD ALBERT LEON - French Prophets of Yesterday a Study of Religious Thought Under the Second Empire
55803: SIMON LEON - Essays, Letters, Memoirs, Ahad Ha-Am
56746: POLIAKOV LEON - Harvest of Hate Introduction by Lord Russell of Liverpool
48674: LEON-DUFOUR, XAVIER - Dictionary of Biblical Theology
20214: ROTH LEON - Judaism a Portrait
40709: BLUM LEON - For All Mankind
30384: CUNDALL A AND MORRIS LEON - Judges and Ruth
19755: WHITNEY LEON F - The Complete Book of Cat Care Foreword by Compton Mackenzie
43233: LEON, VICKI - Orgy Planner Wanted Odd Jobs and Curious Callings in the Ancient World
18677: AMIEL LEON (GENERAL EDITOR) - Homage to Chagall
5396: O'BROIN LEON - The Chief Secretary -Augustine Birrell in Ireland
30397: MORRIS REV LEON - The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians an Introduction and Commentary
35689: GARFIELD LEON - Moss and Blister
48456: GABEL LEONA C. - Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope the Commentaries of Pius II
39580: WOOLLEY SIR LEONARD - Digging Up the Past
46668: JOHNSTON LEONARD - Witnesses to God
32115: RICKS CHRISTOPHER AND MICHAELS LEONARD (EDITORS) - The State of the Language 1990 Edition
32182: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Great Invasion How the Romans Conquered Britain
14734: LEONARD R M (EDITOR) - The Pageant of English Prose
54983: LEONARD, JOHN - London's Parish Churches
41677: CLOUGH J LEONARD - Power to Live
15945: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Bull of Minos (the Story of the Great Archaeological Discoveries in Crete and Greece)
14391: LEONARD R M (EDITOR) - A Book of Light Verse
47692: JOHNSTON LEONARD - Witnesses to God
17446: ZETT LEONARD - Gay and Erotic Photography Volume 2 (Buttissimo)
53089: BOYLE LEONARD E - San Clemente Miscellany I the Community of Ss Sisto E Clemente in Rome 1677-1977 Irish Dominicans
56803: LEONARD, EILEEN B. & HERMAN STRASSER & KENNETH WESTHUES - In Search of Community Essays in Memory of Werner Stark 1910-1985
36226: BASTIN S LEONARD - How to Know the Ferns
16997: COWIE LEONARD W - The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century
38439: KOETSER LEONARD - Autumn Exhibition of Flemish, Dutch and Italian Old Masters from Oct 12th to November 30th 1970
39487: COTTRELL LEONARD - Enemy of Rome
30672: BEEGHLEY LEONARD - What Does Your Wife Do ? Gender and the Family Transformation of Family Life
33330: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Bull of Minos
33349: COTTRELL LEONARD - Enemy of Rome
33513: FREEDMAN LEONARD (EDITOR) - Issues of the Seventies
33807: GRIFFITH LEONARD - The Eternal Legacy from an Upper Room the Farewell Discourses in John's Gospel
35741: THOMPSON LEONARD P - Smugglers of the Suffolk Coast
42061: WILKERSON DAVID & RAVENHILL LEONARD - Twelve Angels from Hell
54162: STEIN LEONARD - Weizmann and England Presidental Address to the Jewish Historical Society London 11/11/64
53480: LEAR EDWARD & RUSSELL LEONARD - The Collected Nonsense Songs of Edward Lear
42391: LEVI LEONE - Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes
48119: WAGNER LEOPOLD - Manners, Customs, and Observances Their Origin and Signification
4133: HESS LEOPOLD - Gastronomy and Old Tableware in Switzerland
50352: LEPENIES, WOLF - The Seduction of Culture in German History
49810: LEPSCHY, ANNA-LAURA & GIULIO C. LEPSCHY - The Italian Language Today
49857: LERMAN, ANTONY - The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist a Personal and Political Journey
56298: LERMAN, ANTHONY ET AL - The Jewish Communities of the World a Contemporary Guide
54703: LERMONTOV, MIKHAIL - A Hero of Our Time
54268: LERMONTOV, MIKHAIL & PAUL FOOTE - A Hero of Our Time
51636: LERNER, MICHAEL G. - Maupassant
55601: LERNER, MICHAEL - Jewish Renewal a Path to Healing and Transformation
35597: THOMPSON LEROY - Ragged War
56031: LESCH, ANN MOSLEY & IAN S. LUSTICK - Exile and Return Predicaments of Palestinians and Jews
55496: LESLAU, WOLF - Falasha Anthology Translated from Ethiopic Sources
17460: HOWARTH LESLEY - Maphead 2
20638: GORDON LESLEY - A Pageant of Dolls: An Illustrated History of Dolls Showing National Costumes of Many Lands Forward by James Laver
22499: BLANCH LESLEY - The Wilder Shores of Love
12292: SAUNDERS LESLEY (EDITOR) - Glancing Fires
34838: WEBB LESLEY - Modern Practice in the Infant School
16566: CHARTERIS LESLIE - The Brighter Buccaneer
16567: CHARTERIS LESLIE - The Saint Overboard
28334: FREWIN LESLIE - The Importance of Being Oscar: The Life and Wit of Oscar Wilde
41789: NEWMAN LESLIE A - The Master Enters
32883: STEVENSON LESLIE (EDITOR) - The Study of Human Nature
16115: BEECHING CYRIL LESLIE - A Dictionary of Eponyms
17965: GARDINER LESLIE E - Faces, Figures and Feelings (a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Speaks)
15111: RODGER LESLIE W (EDITOR) - Marketing Concepts and Strategies in the Next Decade
38403: LESLIE C R - Hand Book for Young Painters
20022: HUNTER LESLIE - The Road to Brighton Pier
55990: LESLIE, R. F. ET AL - The History of Poland Since 1863
26945: READ HERBERT AND MARTIN LESLIE (INTRODUCED BY) - Naum Gabo: Constructions, Sculptures, Peinure, Dessins, Gravure
40009: PAUL LESLIE - Heron Lake a Norfolk Year
20035: STEPHEN SIR LESLIE - Hobbes
2850: FREWIN LESLIE (EDITOR) - The Boundary Book a Lord's Taverners' Miscellany of Cricket
45066: CHURCH LESLIE F - Welcome Home a Little Book of Greeting and Thanksgiving
50418: LESLIE R. F. - The Polish Question Poland's Place in Modern History
45271: STEPHEN LESLIE - English Literature and Society in the 18th Century
41766: WEATHERHEAD LESLIE D - The Will of God
39287: LESLIE, CHARLES ROBERT - Memoirs of the Life of John Constable, Esq. , R. A Composed Chiefly of His Letters
56330: LESLIE S C - Religion and Secularism in Israel
33460: MCCLEMENTS LESLIE - The Economics of Social Security
35793: WOODHEAD LESLIE - A Box Full of Spirits Adventures of a Film Maker in Africa
35806: FREWIN LESLIE - The Importance of Being Oscar the Life and Wit of Oscar Wilde
36091: HEPPLE LESLIE W - A History of Northumberland and Newcastle Upon Tyne
31806: STEVENSON LESLIE - Seven Theories of Human Nature
8384: STEPHEN LESLIE - Samuel Johnson
52730: LESLIE R. F. - The Polish Question Poland's Place in Modern History
56077: BUELL RAYMOND LESLIE - Poland: Key to Europe
51695: LESSER, WENDY - The Genius of Language Fifteen Writers Reflect on Their Mother Tongues
32469: THUROW LESTER C - The Zero-Sum Society Distribution and Possibilities for Economic Change
41117: LESTER, C.EDWARDS - Glory and Shame of England (2 Volumes)
32588: KOLAKOWSKI LESZEK - Markism and Beyond
17623: VALVERDES LETICIA - Brazilian Street Girls
51250: LETSON, DOUGLAS & MICHAEL HIGGINS - The Jesuit Mystique Society of Jesus
55627: LEUNER, H.D. - When Compassion Was a Crime Germany's Silent Heroes, 1933-45
56548: LEVACK, BRIAN P. - The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe
56524: LEVENBERG S. - The Jews and Palestine a Study in Labour Zionism
56950: LEVENE, MARK - The Massacre in History
54410: LEVENSON, SAMUEL - Maud Gonne a Biography of Yeats' Beloved
54602: LEVENSON, ALAN T. - Between Philosemitism and Antisemitism Defenses of Jews and Judaism in Germany, 1871-1932
54724: LEVI, NEIL & MICHAEL ROTHBERG - The Holocaust Theoretical Readings
54914: LEVIN, NORA - Jewish Socialist Movements, 1871-1917 While Messiah Tarried
52276: LEVIN, EDMUND - A Child of Christian Blood Murder and Conspiracy in Tsarist Russia: The Beilis Blood Libel
53699: LEVINAS, EMMANUEL - In the Time of the Nations
54891: LEVINAS, EMMANUEL - Beyond the Verse Talmudic Readings and Lectures
56569: LEVINE, ALLAN - Scattered Among the Peoples
54661: LEVINE, HILLEL - Economic Origins of Antisemitism Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period
43403: LEVINE, JOSHUA - On a Wing and a Prayer the Untold Story of the Pioneering Aviation Heroes of Ww1, in Their Own Words
38033: LEVITAN, PROFESSOR SAR A. - Work and Welfare Go Together
38101: LEVITAN, PROFESSOR SAR A. - What's Happening to the American Family? Tensions, Hopes, Realities: What's Happening to American Families
39106: LEVITAS, MAURICE - Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Education
56983: LEVY, JACK S. - The Outbreak of the First World War Structure, Politics, and Decision-Making
54608: LEVY, DANIEL & YFAAT WEISS - Challenging Ethnic Citizenship German and Israeli Perspectives on Immigration
44123: LEVY, REV ERNEST - Just One More Dance a Story of Degradation and Fear, Faith of Compassion from a Survivor of the Nazi Death Camps
53159: LEVY, A. B. & WILLIAM FRANKEL - Friday Nights a "Jewish Chronicle" Anthology, 1841-1971
40594: LEVY H - A Philosophy for a Modern Man
39750: LEVY, M.J. - The Mistresses of King George IV
54629: LEWALD, FANNY & HANNA BALLIN LEWIS - A Year of Revolutions Fanny Lewald's Recollections of 1848
41501: LEWERY, A.J. - Popular Art Past and Present
44979: LEWIN, RONALD - The Life and Death of the Afrika Korps
50261: LEWIN, ISAAC - Jewish Community in Poland Historical Essays
28886: LEWIS C S - A Grief Observed
42975: YABLONSKY LEWIS - George Raft
41645: LEWIS C S - The Problem of Pain
52041: LEWIS, C. S. - Mere Christianity [Fontana Religious]
52042: LEWIS C S - Reflections on the Psalms
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21267: LONGFELLOW H W - The Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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46345: LORET, PIERRE - Story of the Mass M. Zimmerman: From the Last Supper to the Present Day
15043: HOLZ LORETTA - Teach Yourself Embriodery
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8821: MACNEICE LOUIS - Out of the Picture a Play in Two Acts
9009: UNTERMEYER LOUIS - Heinrich Heine Paradox and Poet the Life
9561: BROMFIELD LOUIS - Pleasant Valley
50769: JACOBS LOUIS - God Torah Israel Traditionalism without Fundamentalism
18: BARNETT LOUISE K - Swift's Poetic Worlds
31063: HAMMER LOUISE Z - Value and Man Readings in Philosophy
21041: BRUCE MARIE LOUISE - The Making of Henry VIII
21746: ERDRICH LOUISE - Jacklight Poems
30152: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall Edited by Richard Garnett
39022: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey
39023: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - The Misfortunes of Elphin and Crotchet Castle
55453: LOVE, JEFF - Tolstoy a Guide for the Perplexed
35532: LOVELL K - Educational Psychology and Children
42377: LOVELL, JAMES BLAIR - Anastasia the Lost Princess
32225: LOW W H - The English Language Its History and Structure
31885: BRYAN WILLIAM LOWE - Wars of Families of Minds
46018: LOWE, C.J. - Salisbury and the Mediterranean, 1886-96
39624: LOWE, ALFONSO - Barrier and the Bridge Historic Sicily
45181: LOWE, JACQUES - Incredible Music Machine
50916: LOWENTHAL, MARVIN - A World Passed by Great Cities in Jewish Diaspora History
53318: LOWERSON, JOHN - Victorian Sussex
5297: DICKINSON G LOWES - Justice and Liberty a Political Dialogue
33715: DICKINSON G. LOWES - Plato and His Dialogues
55590: LOY, ROSETTA - First Words a Childhood in Fascist Italy
53153: LOYN, H. R. - The Middle Ages a Concise Encyclopaedia
55006: LOZOWICK, YAACOV - Hitler's Bureaucrats the Nazi Security Police and the Banality of Evil
42842: MERLIN SCOTT ASSOCIATES LTD - Industry Report -Bookshops (Report 00-552) October 2000 Edition
46139: LUBENOW, W.C. - Politics of Government Growth Early Victorian Attitudes Towards State Intervention
46375: LUBICH, CHIARA/POCHET MICHEL - Stars and Tears a Conversation with Chiara Lubich
27600: BENOIST LUC ET AL (TEXT BY) - Les Peintres de Fetes Galantes le Portrait Et le Paysage XVIII Siecle
47502: GROLLENBERG LUC H - Shorter Atlas of the Bible
36537: BARONI JEAN-LUC - Colnaghi Master Drawings
36538: BARONI JEAN-LUC - Colnaghi Old Master Drawings
46965: DE LUCA, GIUSEPPE - Altar, Gift and Gospel
49257: LUCAS, J. R. - Freedom and Grace Essays
22533: LUCAS E V - A Wanderer in London
38942: LUCAS E V - Over Bemerton's an Easy-Going Chronicle
45266: LUCAS C B - Letters of Horace Walpole
20224: LUCAS E V (EDITED BY) - William Cowper's Letters a Selection
11652: LUCAS F L - Literature and Psychology
52988: LUCAS, ROWLAND - Voice of a Nation? History of the B.B. C. In Wales
6327: LUCAS F L - The Decline and Fall of the Romantic Ideal
25446: SALMORAL MANUEL LUCENA - Amerika 1492 Portrat Eines Kontinents Vor 500 Jahren
27311: BERTI LUCIANO (DIRECTOR) - The Uffizi
27310: BERTI LUCIANO (DIRECTOR) - The Uffizi
27309: BERTI LUCIANO (DIRECTOR) - Les Offices: Le Couloir de Vasari
27313: BERTI LUCIANO (DIRECTOR) - Les Offices
41061: CORPECHOT LUCIEN - Memories of Queen Amelie of Portugal
56405: WOLF LUCIEN - Essays in Jewish History with Memoir
43602: BODARD LUCIEN - Massacre on the Amazon Translated from the French by Jennifer Monaghan
46619: CERFAUX LUCIEN - Christian in the Theology of St Paul
49939: WOLF LUCIEN - Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question with Texts of Treaty Stipulations and Other Official Dcuments
39607: IREMONGER LUCILLE - Love and the Princess
17658: PEABODY RICHARD AND EBERSOLE LUCINDA (EDITED BY) - Mondo Elvis a Collection of Stories and Poems About Elvis
36211: LAMBTON LUCINDA - An Album of Curious Houses
39764: LUCIO-MEYER, J.J.DE - Visual Aesthetics
16388: APULEIUS LUCIUS - The Transformations of Lucious (Otherwise Known As the Golden Ass)
52350: LUCKHARDT, ULRICH - Lyonel Feininger Karikaturen
42774: SEALY LUCY - The Champions of the Crown
4256: NORTON LUCY - Saint -Simon at Versailles Slected and Translateed from the Memoirs of M. Le Duc de Saint-Simon by Lucy Norton
30328: MOORE LUCY - Amphibious Thing the Life of Lord Hervey
13524: KAVALER LUCY - Mushrooms Moulds and Miracles the Strange Realm of Fungi
13628: HUTCHINSON LUCY MRS - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson Edited by Harold Child
52893: LUCY, HENRY W - A Diary of the Home Rule Parliament 1892-1895
49182: MENZIES LUCY - The Saints in Italy a Book of Reference to the Saints in Italian Art and Dedication
22114: NORTON LUCY - First Lady of Versailles: Marie Adelaide of Savoy Dauphine of France
8288: MAIR LUCY - An Introduction to Social Anthropology
51339: LUCZYNSKA, ZOFIA - Jewish Kazimierz Short Guide
32961: KENNEDY LUDOVIC - Euthanasia: The Good Death
39110: LUDOVICI, L. J. - The Three of Us
56554: LÜDTKE, ALF & BERND WEISBROD - The No Man's Land of Violence. Extreme Wars in the 20th Century
27975: LINDROTH LUDVIG - Gammalt Och Nytt Fran Roms Kristna Katakomber
20010: BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN - Ludwig Van Beethoven's Werke: Neue Kritisch Durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe Fur Unterricht Und Praktischen Gebrauch (Orchester Fur Klavier Ubertragen) Band 14 Quartet Fur Streichinstrumente: Violine II and Violine I
20011: BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN - Ludwig Van Beethoven's Werke: Neue Kritisch Durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe Fur Unterricht Und Praktischen Gebrauch (Orchester Fur Klavier Ubertragen) Band 14 Quartet Fur Streichinstrumente: Bratsche
20012: BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN - Ludwig Van Beethoven's Werke: Neue Kritisch Durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe Fur Unterricht Und Praktischen Gebrauch (Orchester Fur Klavier Ubertragen) Band 14 Quartet Fur Streichinstrumente: Bratsche (No 6 Violine II)
20013: BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN - Ludwig Van Beethoven's Werke: Neue Kritisch Durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe Fur Unterricht Und Praktischen Gebrauch (Orchester Fur Klavier Ubertragen) Band 19 Fur Klavier Und Violincell: Klavier
46656: EHRLICH ERNST LUDWIG - A Concise History of Israel from the Earliest Times to the Destruction of the Temple in Ad 70
50585: RENN LUDWIG - War
40768: BEMELMANS LUDWIG - On Board Noah's Ark
34153: BEETHOVEN VAN LUDWIG - Fidelio (Opera Guide 4)
37521: JUSTI LUDWIG - Liebermann
8340: LEWISOHN LUDWIG - The Story of American Literature
9010: VON EMBDEN BARON LUDWIG (EDITED) - The Family Life of Heinrich Heine Translated by Charles Godfrey Leland
9058: BEMELMANS LUDWIG - Father, Dear Father
47066: LUFF S G A - Silent Bedes Practical Mediations for the Mysteries of the Rosary
29185: LANZI ABATE LUIGI - The History of Painting in Italy (Vol 6)
29184: LANZI ABATE LUIGI - The History of Painting in Italy (Vol 3)
12291: BARZINI LUIGI - O America: A Memoir of the 1920's
26384: ALVAREZ ALVAREZ JOSE LUIS - La Transmision de Obras de Arte
51349: WALLACH LUITPOLD - Liberty and Letters the Thoughts of Leopold Zunz
50320: LUKACS, JOHN - The Future of History
54086: LUKACS, GEORG - Studies in European Realism
55177: LUKACS, GEORG & H. MITCHELL & S. MITCHELL - The Historical Novel
49988: LUKAS, RICHARD C. - Forgotten Holocaust the Poles Under German Occupation, 1939-1944
29401: LUKE D (EDITED) - Goethe Selected Verse
10341: WONG SIU-LUN - Sociology and Socialism in Contemporary China
53888: LUNDY, DEREK - Men That God Made Mad a Journey Through Truth, Myth and Terror in Northern Ireland
57128: LUNN, K. - Hosts, Immigrants and Minorities Historical Responses to Newcomers in British Society, 1870-1914
38971: LUNN, SIR ARNOLD - Unkilled for So Long the Memoirs of Sir Arnold Lunn
42837: LUNT, JAMES - Hussein of Jordan a Political Biography
52481: LUPOVITCH, HOWARD N. - Jews and Judaism in World History
36887: LURIE, ALISON - War between the Tates, the
52168: LUSTICK, IAN S. - For the Land and the Lord Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
54801: LUSTIG, SANDRA & IAN LEVENSON - Turning the Kaleidoscope Perspectives on European Jewry
41345: LUTYENS W E - The Divine Guest
41803: LUTYENS W E - God's Way with a Soul a Lent Pilgrimage
56239: LUXEMBURG, ROSA & DICK HOWARD - Selected Political Writings of Rosa Luxemburg
52796: LUXMOORE, JONATHAN & JOLANTA BABIUCH - Rethinking Christendom Europe's Struggle for Christianity
51395: LUXMOORE, JONATHAN & JOLANTA BABIUCH & JOLANTE BABOIUCH - The Vatican and the Red Flag the Struggle for the Soul of Eastern Europe
53907: LYBARGER, LOREN D. - Identity and Religion in Palestine the Struggle between Islamism and Secularism in the Occupied Territories
32877: SAW RUTH LYDIA - Leibniz
30585: SAW RUTH LYDIA - Leibniz
51307: AVILOV LYDIA - Chekhov in My Life a Love Story
33628: NIMNICHT GLEN MARTA ARANGO M WITH HEARN LYDIA - Meetings the Needs of Young Children : Policy Alternatives (Occasional Paper No 2)
56103: LYDON, JAMES - Ireland in the Later Middle Ages
55100: LYDON, JAMES - The Making of Ireland from Ancient Times to the Present
35669: DORSETT LYLE W (EDITOR) - The Essential C S Lewis
41610: RODGER J LYLE - Good Measure Addresses to the Young
3315: POWELL LYMAN P - Mary Baker Eddy a Life Size Portrait
42327: IRVINE LYN - Alison Cairns and Her Family
45570: LYNCH, DONALD - Chariots of the Gospel. The Centenary History of the Church Army
46971: LYNCH, FR. - The Sermon on the Mount the Eight Beatitudes
49169: LYNCH, PAT - Awakening the Giant Evangelism and the Catholic Church
55218: LYNCH, JOSEPH - The Medieval Church a Brief History
52360: LYNCH, GORDON & JOHN (SERIES ED.) LEES - Clinical Counselling in Pastoral Settings
55119: LYND, ROBERT AND MCMAHON SEAN - Galway of the Races Selected Essays
14285: HAMBLIN LYNETTE - Pollution: The World Crisis
2299: DOYLE LYNN - The Spirit of Ireland
10762: PAN LYNN - China's Sorrow: Journeys Across the Yellow River
55192: DOYLE LYNN - An Ulster Childhood
25163: DOYLE LYNN - The Spirit of Ireland
55091: DOYLE LYNN - The Ballygullion Bus
13114: SPENDER LYNNE - Intruders on the Rights of Men (Women's Unpublished Heritage)
32628: SEGAL LYNNE - Is the Future Female ? Trouble Thoughts on Contemporary Feminism
5279: PHELPS WILLIAM LYON - The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century
43290: LYON, HUGH - An Illustrated Guide to Modern Warships
50466: LYONS, J.B. - Thrust Syphilis Down to Hell and Other Rejoyceana Studies in the Border-Lands of Literature and Medicine
38569: LYONS F S L - The Fall of Parnell 1890-91
51679: LYONS, MARTYN - A History of Reading and Writing in the Western World
56670: LYONS, PROFESSOR MARTYN - Post-Revolutionary Europe 1815-1856
50627: LYONS, F.S.L. - Charles Stewart Parnell
23895: DOOLIN WILLIAM AND LYONS J B (EDITOR) - Dublin's Surgeon-Anatomists and Other Essays a Centenary Tribute Edited by J B Lyons
55572: LYONS, F.S.L. - Charles Stewart Parnell
36920: LYONS, JOHN - Chomsky
25100: LYSAGHT S R - A Reading of Life
51565: LYSAGHT, SEAN - Erris
49270: LYTTELTON, GEORGE & RUPERT HART-DAVIS - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters Volumes One and Two 1955-1957. : Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis: Vol 1-2 in 1v.
38212: LYTTON-COBBOLD, CHRYSSIE - Board Meetings in the Bath How We Opened Knebworth House to the Public
33405: STRACHEY LYTTON - Elizabeth and Essex
34319: STRACHEY LYTTON - Eminent Victorians
40982: STRACHEY LYTTON - Elizabeth and Essex a Tragic History
31982: MABBOTT J D - An Introduction to Ethics
31625: MABBOTT J D - An Introduction to Ethics
39014: MABEY, RICHARD (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Flowers of May Selected from the Unpublished Flora of Caroline May
27248: CARTER HOWARD & MAC - Tut-Ench-Amun: Ein Agyptissches Konigsgrab
28172: ANNA FERIDA MAC (SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY) - An Anthology of Irish Comic Writing
23781: LIAMMOIR MICHEAL MAC - Theatre in Ireland
53531: MAC ANNA, FERDIA - An Anthology of Irish Comic Writing
31167: CURRIE H MAC L - The Individual and the State
51740: MACANNA, FERDIA - Bald Head a Cancer Story
45598: MACARTHUR, JOHN F. - Heaven
49916: MACARTNEY C. A. - Hungary with a Foreword by H.A. L. Fisher
22959: TREVELYAN GEORGE MACAULAY - British History in the Nineteenth Century and After (1782-1919)
40481: MACAULAY, NEILL - Dom Pedro the Struggle for Liberty in Brazil and Portugal, 1798-1834
29095: TREVELYAN GEORGE MACAULAY - England in the Age of Wycliffe
27944: TREVELYAN GEORGE MACAULAY - British History in the Nineteenth Century (1782 - 1901)
54947: MACBRIDE, MAUD GONNE & W. B. YEATS & ANNA MACBRIDE WHITE & A. NORMAN JEFFARES - Gonne-Yeats Letters, 1893-1938 Always Your Friend
53661: MACCOBY, HYAM - Judas Iscariot & the Myth of Jewish Evil
54916: MACCULLOCH, DIARMAID - A History of Christianity the First Three Thousand Years
28182: MACCULLOCH J A - Celtic Mythology
56104: MACCURTAIN, MARGARET - Tudor and Stuart Ireland
334: WOODS MACDARA - The Hanged Man Was Not Surrending
53547: MACDONAGH, THOMAS - Literature in Ireland Studies Irish and Anglo-Irish
15735: FRASER GEORGE MACDONALD - Flashman at the Charge
20789: MACDONALD D F - The State and the Trade Unions
45025: MACDONALD, GORDON & GAIL MACDONALD - A Heart for the Master 120 Devotional Readings
10379: MACLEAN CATHERINE MACDONALD - Born Under Saturn a Biography of William Hazlitt
41601: MACDONALD, GEORGE/HOLBROOK DAVID - Phantastes a Faerie Romance
45543: MACDONALD, LYN - The Somme
56052: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - Brahms
43477: MACDONALD, PETER - Sas in Action
54746: MACDONALD, SHARON & TAMARA DRAGADZE & SHIRLEY ARDENER - Inside European Identities Ethnography in Western Europe
36886: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Drowning Pool
7334: HASTINGS MACDONALD - Diane: A Victorian
42836: MACDONOGH, GILES - Frederick the Great a Life in Deed and Letters
38391: MACDOUGALL, PHILIP - Royal Dockyards
32148: BURNET MACFARLANE - Genes Dreams and Realities
43667: MACFARREN G A - The Sleeper Awakened a Serenata . Words by J Oxenford First Represented at the Grand National Concerts on Friday November 15th 1850 (Vocal Only)
39724: MACGREGOR, IAN & RODNEY TYLER - Enemies Within Story of the Miners' Strike
33322: HASTIE ROY MACGREGOR - The Life and Times of Nikita Kruschev
46508: MACHIAVELLI - The Discourses
55244: MACHIN, G. I. T. - The Catholic Question in English Politics 1820-1830
36888: MACINNES, COLIN - City of Spades
34710: FRITH D S AND MACINTOSH H G - A Teacher's Guide to Assessment
38254: MACINTYRE, DONALD - Adventure of Sail, 1520-1914 Introduction by Uffa Fax
54991: MACK SMITH, DENIS - Italy and Its Monarchy
2145: MACKAIL J W (COLLECTED BY) - Poems by Bowyer Nichols
47422: MACKAY H. F. B. - Saints and Leaders
38284: MACKAY, JAMES A. - Glass Paperweights
45097: MACKAY H F B - The Message of Francis of Assisi
8910: MACKENZIE W MACKAY (EDITOR) - The Poems of William Dunbar
42721: MACKEN, WALTER - The Coll Doll and Other Stories
32117: MACKENZIE W J M - Biological Ideas in Politics
51317: MACKENZIE K. R. - The English Parliament
51130: WALLACE DONALD MACKENZIE - Russia (2 Volumes)
34902: MACKENZIE F R - State School
9972: MACKENZIE W J M - Explorations in Government Collected Papers 1951-1968
45251: MACKEY, J. P. - Jesus the Man & the Myth a Contemporary Christology
29624: MACKIE J. D. - A History of Scotland
22017: MACKIE J D - The Earlier Tudors 1485-1558
4639: MACKIE J D - Cavalier and Puritan
19984: COWIE A P AND MACKIN R - Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English: (Vol 1) Verbs with Prepositions & Particles
46788: MACKINNON, D.M. - Making Moral Decisions Open Lectures Cambridge During Lent Term 1969
43910: MACKINNON, CHARLES - Scottish Highlanders a Personal View
47207: MACKINNON D. M. - Objections to Christian Belief
42060: MACKINTOSH H R - The Christian Apprehension of God the James Sprunt Lectures for 1928
35716: MACKINTOSH J P - The Devolution of Power
43972: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Military Errors of World War Two
41438: WATT LAUCHLAN MACLEAN - The Preacher's Life and Work the Warrack Lectures
39146: MACLEAN, FITZROY - Bonnie Prince Charlie
55842: MACLOUGHLIN, ADRIAN - Guide to Historic Dublin
56337: MACMAHON, BRYAN - The Honey Spike
52682: MACMANUS, FRANCIS - Years of the Great Test, 1926-39 the Thomas Davis Lectures: The Thomas Davies Lectures
19341: MACMANUS M J (EDITED BY) - Thomas Davis and Young Ireland 1845-1945
5319: MACMANUS M J - Eamon de Valera
39344: MACMILLAN, HAROLD - At the End of the Day 1961-63
54637: MACMULLEN, RAMSEY - Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries
52176: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Constantine
26297: SWIFT MACNEILL J G - What I Have Seen and Heard
56098: MACNIOCAILL, GEAROID - Ireland Before the Vikings
47171: MACNUTT, FRANCIS - Healing
55358: MACNUTT, FRANCIS - Healing
55357: MACNUTT, FRANCIS - The Power to Heal
47179: MACNUTT, FRANCIS - The Prayer That Heals Praying for Healing in the Family
46992: MACPHERSON, ANN ET AL - Prophets 1 Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah V. 1
27716: MACPHERSON C B (EDITED BY) - Hobbes: Leviathan
33075: MACPHERSON C B - The Real World of Democracy the Massey Lectures
51029: MACQUARRIE, JOHN - Theology, Church and Ministry
53471: MACQUARRIE, JOHN - Christian Unity and Christian Diversity
54625: MACRAE, DONALD GUNN - Weber
52897: MACREAMOINN, SEAN - The Pleasures of Gaelic Poetry
8843: MACSELF A J - Chrysanthemums for Amateurs
53496: MACTHOMAIS, EAMONN - Me Jewel and Darlin' Dublin
17885: CHRISTOPHER MACY (EDITOR) - The Arts in a Permissive Society
36381: JARINTZOV MADAME N - The Russians and Their Language Preface by Nevill Forbes
25470: SINGH MADANJEET - L'Art de L'Himalaya
30428: EVANS R J W AND MADDICOTT J R (EDITORS) - The English Historical Review (October) 1993 Vol CVIII No429
41931: MADDOCKS, MORRIS - Journey to Wholeness - a Biblical Pilgrimage to Health and Healing
45367: MADDOX, BRENDA - Freud's Wizard the Enigma of Ernest Jones
56435: MADDOX, BRENDA - Nora the Real Life of Molly Bloom
11578: DUKE MADELAINE - Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: A Spanish Journey
6037: DUKE MADELAINE - Top Secret Mission
18341: GINSBURG MADELEINE (EDITED BY) - The Illustrated History of Textiles
12269: RILEY MADELEINE - Brought to Bed
4550: BINGHAM MADELEINE - The Great Lover the Life & Art of Herbert Beerbohm Tree
20008: LULOFS MADELON - Troisieme Acte
39938: HUEFFER OLIVER MADOX - French France
14296: BINCHY MAEVE - The Copper Beech
40: BINCHY MAEVE - The Glass Lake
34: BINCHY MAEVE - Silver Wedding
32230: KING-HALL MAGDALEN - The Story of the Nursery
47930: TAYLOR MOTHER MARY MAGDALEN - Tyborne and Who Went Thither
53509: MAGEE, WES - No Man's Land
50251: MAGNO, ALESSANDRO MARZO - Bound in Venice the Serene Republic and the Dawn of the Book
4288: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS - Landlord or Tenant?
51711: MAGONET,JONATHAN (EDITOR) - Jewish Explorations of Sexuality 001
52756: MAGRAW, ROGER - France, 1815-1914 the Bourgeois Century
16359: MACMAHON A F MAGRI - Fishlore
33669: MACMAHON MAGRI A. F. - Fishlore
53519: MAGUIRE, GABRIELLE - Our Own Language an Irish Initiative
38152: MAHAFFY J P - Social Life in Greece from Homer to Menander
38095: HAROONUR RASHID DR MAHAMMAD ET AL - Country Paper Bangladesh
31115: MAHARAJAN M - Gandhian Thought a Study of Tradition and Modernity
48887: MAHER, MICHAEL - Lord, Open My Lips the Psalms of Morning and Evening Prayer
46252: MAHER, MICHAEL - Lord, Open My Lips the Psalms of Morning and Evening Prayer
52009: MAHLER, RAPHAEL - Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment Their Confrontation in Galicia and Poland in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
53515: MAHON, DEREK - The School for Wives a Play in 2 Acts After Moliere
52551: MAHON, DEREK - The Yellow Book
51529: MAHON, DEREK - Racine's "Phaedra"
37685: MAHONEY, TERRY - Governing Schools Powers, Issues and Practice
56402: O'MAHONY, ANTHONY & GORAN GUNNER & KEVORK HINTLIAN - Christian Heritage of the Holy Land
53591: O'MAHONY, ANTHONY - Palestinian Christians Religion, Politics and Society in the Holy Land
48997: O'MAHONY, GERALD - Abba, Father! a Personal Catechism of the Catholic Faith
50131: O'MAHONY, ANTHONY - Palestinian Christians Religion, Politics and Society in the Holy Land
56557: MAIDENBAUM, A. - Jung and the Shadow of Anti-Semitism Collected Essays
56804: MAIER, CHARLES S. - The Unmasterable Past History, Holocaust, and German National Identity
47973: MAIER, PAUL L. - First Easter True and Unfamiliar Story in Words and Pictures
47522: MAIER, PAUL L. - First Christians Pentecost and the Spread of Christianity
56070: MAIER, JOSEPH B. ET AL - German Jewry Selected Essays of Werner J Cahnman Its History and Sociology
52124: MAIN, JOHN O. S. B. - Word Into Silence
3243: MAINE G E - World Famous Mistresses
27390: GALLERIA MAINIERI - Collezione Gilberto Zabert
13907: MAIR G H - English Literature : Modern
27718: MACSWINEY BRUGHA MAIRE (FOREWORD BY) - Terence Macswiney Memorial Lectures 1986
6494: CRUISE O'BRIEN CONOR AND MAIRE - A Concise History of Ireland
28581: JOHNSTON MAIRIN - Dublin Belles: Conversations with Dublin Women
40474: DE MAIROBERT PIDANSAT, /FLINT SIR RUSSELL - Memoirs of Madame Du Barry Edited by Eveline Cruickshanks
40178: MAIS S P B - Norwegian Odyssey
28227: MAIS S P B - I Return to Ireland
20170: MAIS S P B - I Return to Ireland
13299: WARD MAISIE - France Pagan? the Mission of Abbe Godin
13943: WARD MAISIE - Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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