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43043: KELLY, RICHARD - The Blickling Concordance a Linguistic Concordance to the Blickling Homilies
46571: KELLY, KEVIN T. - New Directions in Moral Theology the Challenge of Being Human
51533: KELLY , JAMES & MAC GEARAILT UAITEAR - Dublin and Dubliners Essays in the History and Literature of Dublin City
51035: KELLY, ROBERT - Give God a Chance How to Let God Take Charge of Your Life
50342: KELLY, ADRIAN & JOE O'TOOLE - Compulsory Irish - Language and Education in Ireland 1870s -1970s
11840: KELSALL R K - Population
45929: KELVIN, P. - Bases of Social Behaviour
40412: KEMF, ELIZABETH - Month of Pure Light Regreening of Vietnam
38203: KEMP, PETER & RICHARD ORMOND - Great Age of Sail Maritime Art and Photography
49390: KEMP, ANTHONY - Maginot Line Myth and Reality
46290: KEMPE, MARGERY & TONY D. TRIGGS - The Book of Margery Kempe the Autobiography of the Wild Woman of God
15536: MENZIES KEN - Talcott Parsons and the Social Image of Man
32025: COATES KEN (EDITOR) - Can the Workers Run Industry ?
9042: HEALEY KEN - Looking Back at Buses, Trams and Trolley Buses Around Manchester
30785: SMITH KEN R - The Survival of the Weakest Love , Science and Social Change
50450: KENAZ, YEHOSHUA - Infiltration - a Novel
52025: KENDLE, JOHN - Ireland and the Federal Solution the Debate over the United Kingdom Constitution, 1870-1920
46719: VAUGHAN REV KENELM - The Divine Armory of Holy Scripture
39369: DIGBY SIR KENELM - Journal of a Voyage Into the Mediterranean 1628
24591: FOSS KENELM - Here Lies Richard Brinsley Sheridan
46151: KENNAN, GEORGE F - Around the Cragged Hill a Personal and Political Philosophy
11513: KENNEDY X J (COLLECTOR AND EDITOR) - Tygers of Wrath
51915: KENNEDY, EMMET - A Cultural History of the French Revolution
45365: KENNEDY, ROGER - Freedom to Relate Psychoanalytic Explorations
51569: KENNELLY, BRENDAN - The Boats Are Home
42728: KENNER, HUGH - A Colder Eye Modern Irish Writers
48485: MUNDY JOHN HINE AND WOODY KENNERLY M. (EDITORS) - The Council of Constance the Unification of the Church
12375: ALDOUS TONY/MELLANBY KENNETH - Battle for the Environment
2800: LANGMAID CAPT KENNETH - Clear for Action the Royal Navy in Defence and in Attack
20535: HUDSON KENNETH - Handbook for Industrial Archaeologists: A Guide to Fieldwork and Research
38070: KNAPP DANIEL AND POLK KENNETH - Scouting the War on Poverty Social Reform Politics in the Kennedy Administration
16984: ALLOTT KENNETH (SELECTOR) - The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse
16592: VICKERS KENNETH H - England in the Later Middle Ages
41372: MOODY-STUART KENNETH - Light from the Holy Hills Lessons from Old Testament Mountains
49215: KIRK KENNETH E - Some Principles of Moral Theology and Their Application
47277: MUIR KENNETH - Collected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt
18103: HUDSON KENNETH - The Dictionary of Diseased English
10646: BOYD KENNETH M - Scottish Church Attitudes to Sex, Marriage and the Family 1850-1914
24754: ALLOTT KENNETH - The Ventriloquist's Doll
15060: CRAGG KENNETH - Poetry of the World at Christmas
32534: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The World Economy Since the Wars a Personal View
14147: PONTING KENNETH G - Wiltshire Portraits (12 Famous People of Wiltshire)
31958: ROBERTS KENNETH - The Working Class the Social Structure of Modern Britain
30992: HUDSON KENNETH - The Dictionary of Diseased English
14442: HOPKINS KENNETH - The Bent Pin : An Anthology of Poems About Fishing
10558: SISAM KENNETH (EDITOR) - Fourteenth Century Verse and Prose
21553: POOLMAN KENNETH - The Kelly
22572: ALLOTT KENNETH - Matthew Arnold
2416: LYNN KENNETH S (EDITOR) - The Comic Tradition in America an Anthology
45605: KENNETH, BROTHER - More Saints of the 20th Century
20549: YOUNG KENNETH - Harry, Lord Rosebery
10552: DYSON KENNETH (EDITOR) - Combating Long-Term Unemployment Local /E. C Relations
13461: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The Galbraith Reader: Selected and Arranged by the Editors of Gambit
13789: RICHMOND W KENNETH - Education in England
13795: WALKER KENNETH - The Physiology of Sex and Its Social Implications
13928: CLARK KENNETH - Leonardo Da Vinci; an Account of His Development As an Artist
33249: MANSFIELD KENNETH - Coarse Fishing As a Pastime
11903: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The Age of Uncertainty
10288: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - Economics and the Public Purpose
2014: ROSE KENNETH - William Harvey 1578 -1657
37838: MACMORRAN KENNETH M - A Handbook for Churchwardens and Church Councillors
10050: BOLTON KENNETH - Harambee Country: A Guide to Keyna
26755: CLARK KENNETH - The Romantic Rebellion: Romantic Versus Classic Art
26746: CLARK KENNETH - The Romantic Rebellion: Romantic Versus Classic Art
33060: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The New Industrial State
33184: THOMPSON KENNETH (EDITOR) - Work, Employment and Unemployment Perspectives on Work and Society
33477: HUTTON KENNETH - Chemistry the Conquest of Materials
33699: SMITH KENNETH M. - Beyond the Microscope
34817: RICHMOND W KENNETH - Education in England
34862: PICKTHORN KENNETH - Early Tudor Government Henry V111
34863: PICKTHORN KENNETH - Early Tudor Government Henry V11
35526: SPARROW KENNETH - Nature Rambles in Spring
35572: BRANAGH KENNETH - Beginning
36019: FAWDRY KENNETH - Television for Schools Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures
6224: HARE-SCOTT KENNETH - For Valour
41799: INGRAM KENNETH - The Christian Challange to Christians
40639: RICHMOND KENNETH - Culture and General Education a Survey
48518: FENWICK KENNETH - The Third Crusade an Eye Witness Account of the Campaigns of Richard Coeur-de-Lion in Cyprus and the Holy Land
41257: KENNY, J. B. - Complete Book of Pottery Making
22789: KENSIT J A - Our Protestant Throne and Constitution
37783: KENT, ALAN M. & DEREK R. WILLIAMS - The Francis Boutle Book of Cornish Short Stories
37570: KENT, ALAN M. - The Ordinalia the Cornish Mystery Play Cycle
37573: KENT, ALAN - Nativitas Christi / the Nativity a New Cornish Mystery Play
37574: KENT, ALAN M. - Voices from West Barbary an Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry, 1549-1928
37784: KENT, ALAN M. (EDITOR) - The Dreamt Sea an Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry 1928-2004
43498: KENT, JOHN A. - One of the Few
49929: KENT, NEIL - The Soul of the North a Social, Architectural and Cultural History of the Nordic Countries, 1700 1940: A Social, Architectural and Cultural History... 1770-1940
47645: KENYON, J. P. - The Stuarts
39730: KENYON J P - The Stuarts a Study of English Kingship
15701: KENYON J P - The Wordsworth Dictionary of British History
30868: HAVEMAN ROBERT H AND KNOPF KENYON A - The Market System an Introduction to Microeconomics
40390: HALIFAX LORD/KENYON J P - Halifax Complete Works
49564: KEOGH, DERMOT - The Vatican, the Bishops and Irish Politics 1919-39
49404: KEOGH, DERMOT - Jews in Twentieth-Century Ireland
51104: KEOGH, DERMOT - Ireland in World War Two Neutrality and the Art of Survival
50803: KEOWN, DAMIEN - Buddhism a Very Short Introduction
45799: KEPPIE, L.J.F. - Making of the Roman Army from Republic to Empire
48651: KER, I. T. - Newman on Being a Christian
48679: KER, FR IAN - Newman His Life and Legacy
26580: DOWNES KERRY - Vanbrugh
43714: KERRY, TOM - Mao Myth and the Legacy of Stalinism in China
30635: KELSALL R K AND KERSALL H M - Stratification
50535: KERSHAW, IAN - Death in the Bunker
43232: KERSHAW, IAN - Fateful Choices Ten Decisions That Changed the World, 1940-1941
51243: KERSHEN, ANNE J. - Trade Unionism Amongst the Jewish Tailoring Workers of London, 1872-1915
50908: KERSHEN, ANNE J. - 150 Years of Progressive Judaism in Britain, 1840-1990
49598: KERTZER, DAVID I. - The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara
36917: KESEY, KEN - One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
51176: KESSLER, HARRY - The Diaries of a Cosmopolitan 1918-1937
51858: KESSLER, DAVID F. - The Falashas a Short History of the Ethiopian Jews
27774: GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Georges Rouault 1871-1958 Grapik
27767: GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Lagerkatalog 12
27652: GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Fritz Genkinger: Gemalde - Graphik
27636: GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Lagerkatalog 25
27633: GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Lager Katalog 22
27762: GALERIE WOLFGANG KETTERER - Lagerkatalog 31
17129: KELLEY KEVIN - The Longest War : Northern Ireland and the Ira
23222: BROPHY KEVIN T - Walking the Line: Scenes from an Army Childhood
14320: MARJORIBANKS KEVIN - Families and Their Learning Environments : An Empirical Analysis
10892: MARJORIBANKS KEVIN - Families and Their Learning Environments: An Empirical Analysis
31959: HAWKINS KEVIN - Unemployment
13255: DUFFY KEVIN - Children of the Forest Life with the Mbuti Pygmies
7731: FALLER KEVIN - Lyric and Script
33958: WHELDALL KEVIN - Social Behaviour
5213: FITZGERALD KEVIN - With o'Leary in the Grave
5521: FITZGERALD KEVIN - The Chilterns
6929: KELLY KEVIN - New Rules for the New Economy
6554: O'CONNOR KEVIN - The Irish in Britain
50017: KHALIDI, RASHID - Palestinian Identity the Construction of Modern National Consciousness
50577: KHILNANI, SUNIL - Arguing Revolution the Intellectual Left in Post-War France
47469: KIDD B J - The Counter-Reformation 1550-1600
48162: KIDD B. J. - The Roman Primacy to A. D 461
46836: D. D. KIDD B. J. - Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church Vol 2 (313-461 A. D)
38139: KIELY, BENEDICT - Yeats' Ireland an Illustrated Anthology
50398: KIENIEWICZ, S. - Emancipation of the Polish Peasantry
26167: WOODMAN KIERAN - Media Control in Ireland 1923-1983
622: TUNNEY KIERAN - Interrupted Autobiography and Aurora
38489: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN - The Fear and Trembling and the Book on Adler
50948: KIERNAN, V.G. - European Empires from Conquest to Collapse, 1815-1960
38034: KIERNAN, CHRIS & ETC. & ET AL - Starting Off Establishing Play and Communication in the Handicapped Child
50391: KIERNAN, V.G. - European Empires from Conquest to Collapse, 1815-1960
6042: ROOT ROBERT KILBURN - The Poetical Career of Alexander Pope
9556: KILBURN J M - In Search of Cricket
49001: MCDONNELL KILIAN - Open the Windows the Popes and Charismatic Renewal
49110: KILLGALLON, JAMES & GERARD WEBER & LEONARD ZIEGMANN - Life in Christ the Revised Edition of Christ in Us
51326: KILROY, THOMAS - Tea and Sex and Shakespeare
51756: KILROY, PHIL - Madeleine Sophie Barat a Life
36901: KILVERT, FRANCIS; PLOMER, WILLIAM & WILLIAM PLOMER - Kilvert's Diary, 1870-79 a Selection Edited
45791: POLYBIUS & F.W. WALBANK & IAN SCOTT-KILVERT - The Rise of the Roman Empire
35134: TAPLIN KIM - Tongues in Trees Studies in Literature and Ecology
37749: KIMBER, RICHARD & J.J. RICHARDSON - Pressure Groups in Britain
10373: KINCAID J C - Poverty and Equality in Britain
50463: KINEALY, CHRISTINE - A Death-Dealing Famine
45161: KING, GREG & SUE WOOLMANS - The Assassination of the Archduke Sarajevo 1914 and the Murder That Changed the World
11662: KING J R - Stabilization Policy in an African Setting: Kenya 1963-1973
29600: HYATT KING A - Mozart Wind and String Concertos
47862: KING, PETER - The Viceroy's Fall How Kitchener Destroyed Curzon
44146: KING, NORAH - The Grimstons of Gorhambury
42849: KING, GREG - The Murder of Rasputin the Truth About Prince Felix Youssoupov and the Mad Monk Who Helped Bring Down the Romanovs
50599: KINGSFORD, R. J. L. - The Publishers Association 1896-1946
8175: AMIS KINGSLEY (CHOSEN AND EDITED) - The New Oxford Book of Light Verse
10668: AMIS KINGSLEY - Kingsley Amis Collected Poems 1944-1979
45798: KINGSLEY, SEAN - God's Gold the Quest for the Lost Temple Treasure of Jerusalem
34562: AMIS KINGSLEY - My Enemy's Enemy
46038: MARTIN KINGSLEY - The Triumph of Lord Palmerston a Study of Public Opinion in England Before the Crimean War
51856: KINGSTON, PAUL K. - Anti-Semitism in France During the 1930's Organizations, Personalities and Propaganda
15883: FRIEDMAN KINKY - Armadillos and Old Lace
23862: ROBY KINLEY (EDITED BY) - Sean o'Casey
51330: KINSELLA, THOMAS - Littlebody Peppercanister 23
51561: KINSELLA, THOMAS - Open Court
51562: KINSELLA, THOMAS - "Madonna" and Other Poems
51571: KINSELLA, THOMAS - One Fond Embrace
37040: KIPLING, RUDYARD; KEMP, SANDRA - Debits and Credits
43144: KIPLING, RUDYARD & M.M. KAYE - Rudyard Kipling. The Complete Verse
42940: KIRKER, HAROLD - The Architecture of Charles Bulfinch
38354: KIRKLAND, K.D. - America's Premier Gunmakers
39221: KIRKUP, JAMES - I, of All People
41069: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN - Childhood at Court, 1819-1914
39185: JOHN VAN DER KISTE - Sons, Servants and Statesmen the Men in Queen Victoria's Life
39343: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN - The Romanovs 1818-1959
40014: JOHN VAN DER KISTE - Crowns in a Changing World the British and European Monarchies, 1901-36
7846: WILSON KIT - Cat Encyclopedia
50488: KITCHEN, MARTIN - Military History of Germany from the 18th Century to the Present Day
50486: KITCHEN, MARTIN - Fascism
51784: KITCHEN, MARTIN - Political Economy of Germany, 1815-1914
52146: CLARK KITSON - The Making of Victorian England
41990: CLARK G KITSON - The English Inheritance an Historical Essay
45523: KITTO H D F - Form and Meaning in Drama a Study of Six Greek Plays and Hamlet
18786: KLANICZAY T, SZAUDER J, SZABOLCSI M - History of Hungarian Literature
21511: HONNEF KLAUS - Andy Warhol 1928-1987 Commerce Into Art
27940: TENFELDE KLAUS (EDITED BY) - Pictures of Krupp: Photography and History in the Industrial Age
49633: KLEIN, EMMA - Emma Lazarus Poet of the Jewish People
52197: KLEIN, MENACHEM - Lives in Common Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron
45460: KLEIN, JOSEPHINE & BERNARDINE BISHOP & ANGELA FOSTER & VICTORIA O'CONNELL - Challenges to Practice Practice of Psychotherapy Series-Book 1
42787: KLIER, JOHN DOYLE & HELEN MINGAY - The Quest for Anastasia Solving the Mystery of the Lost Romanovs
51174: KLIMA, IVAN & PAUL R. WILSON - The Spirit of Prague
50889: KLIMA, IVAN - Love and Garbage
50552: KLIMA, IVAN & PAUL R. WILSON - The Spirit of Prague
50434: KLIMASZEWSKI, BOLESLAW - An Outline History of Polish Culture
37135: KLINGENDER F D (EDITOR) - Hogarth and English Caricature
47172: KLUG, LYN - The Way of Healing a Collection of Prayers and Meditations from Around the World for All Who Seek Healing and Wholeness: A Collection of Prayers and... For All Those Who Seek Healing and Wholeness
50755: KLUG, BRIAN - Words of Fire: Ahad Ha'Am Selected Essays
41291: KNAACK, TWILA - Ethel Waters I Touched a Sparrow
19850: KNACKFUSS H - Durer -Monographs on Artists Series
27071: KNADIFUB H - Rembrandt
39399: KNEF, HILDEGARD - So Nicht
39097: KNIGHT, CHARLES, - Passages of a Working Life During Half a Century Volume 3
43212: KNIGHT, IAN - Voices from the Zulu War Campaigning Through the Eyes of the British Soldier
44916: KNIGHT, JEREMY - The End of Antiquity Archaeology, Society and Religion Ad 235-700
40643: KNIGHT, CHARLES, - Passages of a Working Life During Half a Century Vol 2
17881: KNIGHTS L C - Further Explorations
8630: KNIGHTS L C - Explorations
8675: KNIGHTS L C - Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson
37924: KNOBIL, MARCEL - Cool Brandleaders 2003 an Insight Into Britain's Coolest Brands
48284: KNOWLES, ANN & JOHN FURNIVAL - Archbishop Derek Worlock His Personal Journey
46413: KNOWLES, ANN & JOHN FURNIVAL - Archbishop Derek Worlock His Personal Journey
37457: KNOWLES C H - Simon de Montfort 1265-1965
42904: ST THERESE OF LISIEUX & R. KNOX - Autobiography of a Saint Therese of Lisieux
48035: KNOX R A - St Paul's Gospel
16874: KNOX E V - Humorous Verse (an Anthology Chosen )
47931: KNOX R A - Off the Record
2966: BOESER KNUT (EDITED) - The Elixirs of Nostradamus
43763: KOCH, ADRIENNE & WILLIAM PEDEN - The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson
41620: KOCH, KLAUS & M. KOHL - Book of Books Growth of the Bible
39997: KOCH A - Prince Alexander of Battenberg Reminiscences of His Reign in Bulgaria
51777: KOCHAN, LIONEL - Jews in Soviet Russia Since 1917
46288: KOENIG, FRANZ & GIANNI LICHERI & T. KALA - Where Is the Church Heading?
49477: KOERNER, JOSEPH LEO - Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape
49972: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Scum of the Earth
36827: KOHL, HERBERT - 36 Children
49874: KOLATCH, ALFRED J. - Jewish Book of Why
49995: KOLB, EBERHARD & P. S. FALLA - The Weimar Republic
46453: KOLLAR, RENE - The Return of the Benedictines to London a History of Ealing Abbey from 1896 to Independence
51050: KOLMAR, GERTRUD & JOHANNA WOLTMAN & BRIGITTE GOLDSTEIN - My Gaze Is Turned Inward Letters 1934-1943
50728: KOLTUN, ELIZABETH - The Jewish Woman
47410: KOMEDERA M & J - Two Hells to Happiness the Stories of Mitch and Joana Komedera
45052: KONG, KATHERINE - Lettering the Self in Medieval and Early Modern France
49191: KONIG, FRANZ - Hour Is Now
50359: KONOVALOV S. - Russo-Polish Relations an Historical Survey
27097: ROTHEL HANS KONRAD - Welt Und Werk Edvard Munchs
33603: LORENZ KONRAD - On Aggression
33769: SPINDLER KONRAD - The Man in the Ice
36154: SPINDLER KONRAD - The Man in the Ice
43527: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Scourge of the Seas Buccaneers, Pirates and Privateers
47832: KONTOGIORGI, ELISABETH - Population Exchange in Greek Macedonia the Rural Settlement of Refugees 1922-1930
50562: KORCZAK, JANUSZ - Ghetto Diary
38916: KORDA, MICHAEL - Charmed Lives a Family Romance
50646: KORNBERG, JACQUES - Theodor Herzl from Assimilation to Zionism
43890: KORNER, STEPHAN - Kant
30706: KORNER S - Kant
30561: KORNER S - The Philosophy of Mathematics
52136: KOROPECKYJ, ROMAN - Adam Mickiewicz the Life of a Romantic
50415: KORSAK, MARY PHIL - At the Start Genesis Made New : A Translation of the Hebrew Text
50066: KOSHAR, RUDY - German Travel Cultures
50659: KOSHAR, RUDY - From Monuments to Traces Artifacts of German Memory, 1870-1990
13884: KOTELIANSKY S S (EDITOR) - Russian Short Stories
8365: KOTELIANSKY S S (TRANSLATED AND EDITED) - Anton Tchekhov - Literary and Theatrical Reminiscences
36828: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
37032: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Doctor Rat
14582: HEIDUK GUNTER AND YAMAMURA KOZO (EDITOR) - Technological Competition and Interdependence
51683: KOZUCHOWSKI, ADAM - The Afterlife of Austria-Hungary the Image of the Habsburg Monarchy in Interwar Europe
51840: FREIMANN A & KRACAUER F - Frankfort
50318: KRAEMER, DAVID - The Jewish Family Metaphor and Memory
49928: KRAMER, PROFESSOR ALAN - Dynamic of Destruction Culture and Mass Killing in the First World War
51241: KRAUS ,KARL - Karl Kraus Die Letzten Tage Der Menschheit
50202: KRELL, ALAN - Manet and the Painters of Contemporary Life
51388: KRIEGEL, MAURICE - Les Juifs ā la Fin Du Moyen âge Dans L'Europe Méditerranéenne
12574: KUMAR KRISHAN - Prophecy and Progress
31466: KUMAR KRISHAN - Prophecy and Progress the Sociology of Industrial and Post-Industrial Society
18571: CHAITANYA KRISHNA - A New History of Sanskrit Literature
51230: KRLEZA, MIROSLAV & Z. DEPOLO - The Return of Philip Latinowicz
48974: KROLL, PAUL - Who Was Jesus
50942: KROPOTKIN, PETR ALEKSEEVICH & JAMES ALLEN ROGERS - Memoirs of a Revolutionist
31880: TABIN JONANNA KROUT - On the Way to Self Ego and Early Oedipal Development
51333: KRUGER, CHUCK - Cape Clear Island Magic a Photographic, Historical and Dramatic Account of Cape Clear Island, Ireland
42917: KRUGMAN, PAUL R. - The Return of Depression Economics
50096: KSELMAN, THOMAS A. - Death and Afterlife in Modern France
45290: KUHNS - Tragedy Contradiction and Repression
39925: KUMAR, R. /PERKIN H - Western India in the Nineteenth Century
40329: KUNDERA, MILAN & M.H. HEIM - The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
47249: KUNG, HANS - The Church
45647: KUNG, HANS - Why Priests?
50686: KUNG, HANS - Judaism between Yesterday and Tomorrow
47223: KUNG, HANS & E. QUINN - On Being a Christian
50875: KUNTZ, JOELLE - Switzerland - How an Alpine Pass Became a Country a Historical Primer for English Speaking Visitors
46492: KUPPERMAN, JOEL J. - Classic Asian Philosophy a Guide to the Essential Texts
3226: KUPPERMAN J J - Ethical Knowledge
50819: KUPRIN, ALEKSANDR - Duel, the
41052: NARISHKIN-KURAKIN - Under Three Tsars the Memories of a Lady - in - Waiting
32259: GUNTHER KLAUS AND DECKERT KURT - Creatures of the Deep Sea
25399: HEUSER KURT - Elfenbein Fur Felicitas
20058: WALDHEIM KURT - The Challenge of Peace
9406: JACOBSEN JOHN KURT - Chasing Progress in the Irish Republic
14332: DANZIGER KURT - Socialization
25363: SCHLEUCHER KURT - Grusse Uber Grenzen: Schweizer Und Deutsche
33298: MENDELSSOHN KURT - Science and Western Domination
33723: PAHLEN KURT - The Magic World of Music Translated by Oliver Coburn
50816: KURZKE, HERMANN - Thomas Mann. Epoche, Werk, Wirkung. 3 . Auflage
51935: KURZMAN, DAN - The Bravest Battle the Twenty-Eight Days of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
51454: KUSHCHEVSKY, IVAN & D. P. COSTELLO & B. COSTELLO - Nikolai Negorev or the Successful Russian
51375: KUSHNER, TONY & VALMAN NADIA (EDITORS) - Jewish Culture and History Vol I No2 Winter 1998 Remembering Cable Street: Fascism and Anti-Fascism in British Society
51267: KUSHNER, TONY - Holocaust and the Liberal Imagination a Social and Cultural History
47567: KYNASTON, DAVID - The Secretary of State
47607: FLETCHER IFAN KYRLE - The British Court Its Traditions and Ceremonial
45360: LACAN, JACQUES & A. SHERIDAN - Ecrits a Selection
48314: MAY LACEY G - Poetry English Religious Verse
43529: LACEY, ROBERT - Great Tales from English History Cheddar Man to Dna: A Treasury of True Stories of the Extraordinary People Who Made Britain Great
31602: LACEY A R - A Dictionary of Philosophy
31621: LACEY A R - Modern Philosophy an Introduction
42113: LACEY T A - The Elements of Christian Doctrine
29525: LACEY A R - A Dictionary of Philosophy
45928: LACHMAN, SHELDON J. - Psychosomatic Disorders a Behavioristic Interpretation
45183: LACHOUQUE, HENRY & ETC. & J. CLEMENTS - Napoleon's War in Spain French Peninsular Campaigns, 1807-14
52188: LADD, BRIAN - The Ghosts of Berlin Confronting German History in the Urban Landscape
36157: LUCAS LADDIE - Wings of War Airmen of All Nations Tell Their Stories 1939-1945
47941: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY & B. BRAY - Montaillou Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294-1324
23501: GREGORY LADY (TRANSLATED BY) - The Kiltartan Moliere. The Doctor. In Spite of Himself. The Rogueries of Scapin.
22798: GREGORY LADY - Hanrahan's Oath
26340: GREGORY LADY - New Comedies
26217: GREGORY LADY - Three Wonder Plays
46680: LOVAT ALICE LADY - The Life of Mere Marie Eugenie Milleret de Brou Foundress of the Assumption Nuns
24664: GREGORY LADY - Seven Short Plays
42361: MAGNUS LADY - Outlines of Jewish History from Bc 586 to Ce 1885
51214: GREGORY LADY - Poets and Dreamers Studies and Translations from the Irish
5436: MORRISON LADY - Memories of a Marriage
7348: HOSIE LADY - The Pool of Ch'Ien Lung a Tale of Modern Peking
4694: GREGORY LADY - Seven Short Plays
36932: LAHR, JOHN - Prick Up Your Ears the Biography of Joe Orton
49887: LAINE, PASCAL & MICHAEL TILBY - Dentelliere, la
42992: LAING, LLOYD & JENNIFER LAING - Anglo-Saxon England
29715: LAING R D - The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise
15849: LAING D - The Soils of the Country Around Perth Arbroath and Dundee (Sheets 48 and 49)
38540: LAING, ALASTAIR - Clerics and Connoisseurs an Irish Art Collection Through Three Centuries
52024: LAING, LLOYD & JENNIFER LAING - Art of the Celts from 700 Bc to the Celtic Revival
31350: ADDIS LAIRD - The Logic of Society a Philosophical Study
8989: LAISTNER M L W - A History of the Greek World 479-323 B C
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40594: LEVY H - A Philosophy for a Modern Man
39750: LEVY, M.J. - The Mistresses of King George IV
41501: LEWERY, A.J. - Popular Art Past and Present
44979: LEWIN, RONALD - The Life and Death of the Afrika Korps
50261: LEWIN, ISAAC - Jewish Community in Poland Historical Essays
28886: LEWIS C S - A Grief Observed
41828: LEWIS C S - Reflections on the Psalms
42975: YABLONSKY LEWIS - George Raft
41645: LEWIS C S - The Problem of Pain
52041: LEWIS, C. S. - Mere Christianity [Fontana Religious]
52042: LEWIS C S - Reflections on the Psalms
51721: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Jews of Islam
39888: LEWIS, PHILIPPA - Irish Country Life a Photographic Record
38921: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - The Race to Fashoda European Colonialism and African Resistance in Scramble for Africa
16780: CARROLL LEWIS - Alices Adventures in Wonderland (and Through the Lookig-Glass)
40575: LEWIS, PETER M. & CORINNE PEARLMAN - Media and Power a Graphic Guide
3361: GIBBS LEWIS - Sheridan
48520: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
52040: LEWIS, C. S. - Miracles
39971: HIND C LEWIS - The Consolations of a Critic
46077: LEWIS, BERNARD - From Babel to Dragomans Interpreting the Middle East
37766: DAY LEWIS C - Collected Poems 1929-1933 Transitional Poem, from Feathers to Iron, the Magnetic Mountain
3317: WYNDHAM LEWIS D B - The Hooded Hawk or the Case of Mr Boswell
20144: MENPES MORTIMER / HIND C LEWIS - Rembrandt: With an Essay on the Life and Work of Rembrandt
18891: MAY J LEWIS (TRANSLATED BY) - The Unpublished Correspondence of Honore de Balzac and Madame Zulma Carraud 1829-1850 Translated Into English by J Lewis May
4007: MORRIS LEWIS - The Works of Lewis Morris
51369: LEWIS, GEOFFREY - Balfour and Weizmann the Zionist, the Zealot and the Emergence of Israel: The Zionist, the Zealot and the Declaration Which Changed the World
19748: MELVILLE HELEN AND LEWIS - An Anthology of Humorous Verse from Robert Herrick to Owen Seaman
26314: DAY LEWIS C - Word over All
37579: DAY LEWIS C - Selected Poems
41673: LEWIS, C. S. - The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader"
14278: DAY LEWIS C - Poetry for You
29800: GIBBS LEWIS - Sheridan
8580: DAY LEWIS C (TRANSLATOR) - The Georgics of Virgil a New Translation
49129: MAY LEWIS - Cardinal Newman a Study
25389: DAY LEWIS C - The Whispering Roots
6783: DAY LEWIS C - The Poetic Image
48694: LEWIS-STEMPEL, JOHN - The Autobiography of the British Soldier from Agincourt to Basra, in His Own Words
49965: NAMIER SIR LEWIS - Crossroads of Power Essays on Eighteenth-Century England
12900: LEWIS C S - Perelandra (Voyage to Venus)
35918: LEWIS C S - The Screwtape Letters
52043: LEWIS, C. S. - Prayer Letters to Malcolm
52044: LEWIS, C. S. & WALTER HOOPER - God in the Dock
52045: LEWIS, C. S. - The Four Loves
43492: LEWIS, NATHAN & ADDISON WIGGIN - Gold the Once and Future Money
10142: DAY LEWIS C - Poetry for You a Book for Boys & Girls on the Enjoyment of Poetry
51965: LEWIS, JACK - Sort Your Brain out Boost Your Performance, Manage Stress and Achieve More
30146: DAY LEWIS C (EDITOR) - The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen
46903: LEWIS, C. S. - The Screwtape Letters
27033: JOHN PYE /ROGET JOHN LEWIS - Notes and Memoranda Respecting the Liber Studiorum of J M W Turner Written and Collected by John Pye
49259: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
33717: C. S LEWIS - Surprised by Joy
34529: LEWIS M M - Language and the Child
46146: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - The Race to Fashoda
35003: LEWIS C S - Mere Christianity
35395: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
36831: LEWIS, C. S. - Voyage to Venus
37492: DAY LEWIS C - Selected Poems
37510: CAMPBELL LEWIS - Sophocles the Seven Plays in English Verse
3760: LEWIS C S - That Hideous Strength
4123: LEWIS C S - The Horse and His Boy
46907: LEWIS, C. S. - The Pilgrim's Regress
38397: LEWIS, PETER - Motor Racing Through the Fifties
50743: NAMIER SIR LEWIS - Vanished Supremacies Essays on European History 1812-1918
42921: LEWIS, COLIN/SUTHERLAND NEIL - The Bonsai Handbook
46905: LEWIS, C. S. - The Four Loves
46911: LEWIS C S - The Screwtape Letters
49794: LEWY, GUENTER - The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany
29346: MITCHELL R J AND LEYS M D R - A History of London Life
10623: COHEN WARREN I AND ZHAO LI (EDITORS) - Hong Kong Under Chinese Rule
5672: WESTRUP SIR JACK AND HARRISON F LI - Collins Encyclopedia of Music
28313: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
28222: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
49602: MAC COIL LIAM - The Book of Blackrock
23386: LYNCH LIAM - Shell, Sea Shell
14220: HUDSON LIAM (EDITOR) - The Ecology of Human Intelligence
733: NOLAN LIAM - In and out of the Shadow
26266: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Puritan
261: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
28744: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - Spring Sowing
24907: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - Land
34615: HUDSON LIAM - Frames of Mind
34711: HUDSON LIAM - Contrary Imaginations a Psychological Study of the English Schoolboy
5367: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Pedlar's Revenge and Other Stories.
5746: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Assassin
26391: LIBRARIAN THE - The John Rylands Library Manchester : A Brief Descriptive Account
27067: THE BRITISH LIBRARY - Petrarch: Poet and Humanist 1304-74
42234: THE NAMESAKE LIBRARY - Charles and Anne 2 Volumes in 1
42263: LICHFIELD, PATRICK - Queen Mother the Lichfield Selection
10981: LICHINE'S ALEXIS (IN COLLABORATION WITH WILLIAM FIFIELD) - New Encyclopedia of Wines and Spirits
17689: KELLY LIDA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan: A Life
45053: LIDDY, CHRISTIAN D. - War, Politics and Finance in Late Medieval English Towns Bristol, York and the Crown, 1350-1400
43241: LIEBOWITZ, DANIEL - The Last Expedition Stanley's Fatal Journey Through the Congo
43371: LIEBOWITZ, DANIEL - The Last Expedition Stanley's Fatal Journey Through the Congo
50247: LIEBRECHT, SAVYON - A Man and a Woman and a Man a Novel
50246: LIEBRECHT, SAVYON & GRACE PALEY & LILY RATTOK - Apples from the Desert Selected Short Stories
51772: LIEDTKE, RAINER - Jewish Welfare in Hamburg and Manchester, C. 1850-1914
36331: WILSON A W LIEUT - The Story of the Gun
50919: LIEVEN, D - Empire the Russian Empire and Its Rivals
42869: LIEVEN, DOMINIC - Russia's Rulers Under the Old Regime
4435: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - The Enchanted World Giants and Ogres
4439: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - The Enchanted World Legends of Valour
49550: LIFTON, BETTY JEAN - The King of Children Biography of Janusz Korczak
33614: HOLLAMBY LILIAN - Young Children Living and Learning
30238: FURST LILIAN R - Romanticism the Critical Idiom
19184: DAY LILLIAN - Ninon : A Courtesan of Quality
47912: GOOCH G P & TEMPERLEY HAROLD & PENSON LILLIAN M - British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914 (Volume 3) the Testing of the Entente 1904-6
21535: CANDLIN LILLIAN - Tales of Old Sussex
21530: UNIVERSAL LIMITED - 25 Jahre Art Editions: Zeitgenossiche, Amerikanische, Druckgraphik Graphik
50133: LIMM, P. - The Dutch Revolt 1559 - 1648
28764: YUTANG LIN - With Love and Irony
43699: LIN, YI-MIN - Between Politics and Markets Firms, Competition, and Institutional Change in Post-Mao China
48299: E. F. LINCOLN - The Medieval Legacy
14812: ALLISON LINCOLN - Condition of England : Essays and Impressions
33110: BARNETT LINCOLN - The Universe and Dr Einstein
2243: KELLY LINDA - The Young Romantics Paris 1827-1837
14200: CHRISTMAS LINDA - Chopping Down the Cherry Trees: A Portrait of Britain in the Eighties
22506: GRANT LINDA - When I Lived in Modern Times
11893: CHALLIS LINDA - Organising Public Social Services
29295: MURRAY PETER AND LINDA - A Dictionary of Art and Artists
477: KELLY LINDA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan (a Life) .
21221: ROSENZWEIG LINDA W - The Anchor of My Life: Middle-Class American Mothers and Daughters 1880-1920
33520: BART PAULINE AND FRANKEL LINDA - The Sociologist's Handbook
35424: KELLY LINDA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan a Life
35543: WILLIAMSON LINDA - Contacting the Spirit World
9909: WAGNER-MARTIN LINDA W - Sylvia Plath
51937: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S. - Esau's Tears Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews
28786: LINDSAY A D - The Philosophy of Kant
16005: KIER SIR DAVID LINDSAY - The Constitutional History of Modern Britain Since 1485
12878: GUTTERIDGE LINDSEY - Killer Pine
50375: LINE, MAURICE B. ; ETTLINGER, AMREI ; GLADSTONE, JOAN M. - Bibliography of Russian Literature in English Translation to 1945 Bringing Together a Bibliography of Russian Literature in English Translation to 1900 and Russian Literature, Theatre and Art; a Bibliography of Works in English, Published between 1900 - 1945
46110: LINEHAN, PETER - The Ladies of Zamora
46421: LINGARD, JOHN/TRAPPES-LOMAX JOHN - The Letters of Dr John Lingard to Mrs Thomas Lomax (Catholic Record Society Publications)
48658: LINK, MARK - In the Stillness Is the Dancing
27624: LINKS J G - Canaletto Etchings
45193: LINKS, J. G. - The Ruskins in Normandy a Tour in 1848 with Murray's Handbook
30334: LINKS J G - Travellers in Europe Private Records of Journeys by the Great and the Forgotten
47192: LINN, DENNIS - Healing of Memories Prayer and Confession Steps to Inner Healing
17555: LINN DENISE&LINNMEADOW - Quest (Journey to the Centre of Your Soul)
40912: FLETCHER LIONAL B - Life and Conquest
49590: KOCHAN LIONAL - Pogrom November 10 1938 Pogrom
36507: KELLY LIONAL (EDITOR) - Tobias Smollett the Critical Heritage
40600: CUST SIR LIONAL - King Edward VII and His Court Some Reminiscences
13460: TRILLING LIONAL - The Middle of the Journey
49991: KOCHAN LIONAL - Jews, Idols and Messiahs the Challenge from History
41887: FLETCHER LIONAL B - The Pathway to the Stars
24836: YEATS W B AND JOHNSON LIONEL - Poetry and Ireland: Essays
41503: FLETCHER LIONEL B - After Conversation -What?
41094: EDMUNDS LIONEL - Sunday by Sunday a Year's Sermons Preached in a Northern Church
14304: LEWIS LIONEL S - Scaling the Ivory Tower: Merits and Its Limits in Academic Careers
21326: CUST SIR LIONEL - The Cenci: A Study in Murder the Story of Beatrice Cenci
37184: PAGET MAJOR GUY & IRVINE LIONEL (WRITTEN AND EDITED BY) - The Flying Parson and Dick Christian
7897: MADDEN LIONEL (EDITOR) - Robert Southey: The Critical Heritage
52113: LIPMAN, VIVIAN D. - Jews in Britain Since 1858
50891: LIPMAN V. D. - Sir Moses Montefiore a Symposium
31888: LIPSON E - The Growth of English Society a Short Economic History
15908: LIPSON E - The Economic History of England (Vol 1 the Middle Ages) Vol 1 Only
35172: WHITELAW LIS - The Life & Rebellious of Cicely Hamilton Actress, Writer, Suffragist
16205: TUTTLE LISA - A Spaceship Built of Stone
21589: SERGIO LISA - I Am My Beloved the Life of Anita Garbaldi
30929: APPINGNANESI LISA (EDITOR) - Ideas from France the Legacy of French Theory Ica Documents
39642: SHERIDAN LISA - From Cabbages to Kings the Autobiography of Lisa Sheridan
48920: ST.THERESE OF LISIEUX, - Thoughtsof Saint Therese
49606: LISSAGARAY, PROSPER OLIVIER & ELEANOR MARX - History of the Paris Commune of 1871
48467: LISTENERS, TWO - God at Eventide
39416: LITTLE, ROGER - The Shaping of Modern French Poetry Reflections on Unrhymed Poetic Form, 1840-1990
47409: LITTLE, J. P. BROOKE- - An Heraldic Alphabet
51255: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID - Patriotic Traitors History of Collaboration in German Occupied Europe, 1940-45
10116: LITTLEJOHNS J - British Water-Colour Painting and Painters of to-Day
15435: LITTLEWOOD S R - Dramatic Criticism Foreword by Sir Barry Jackson
48478: LITURGY - Kyriale Seu Ordinarium Missae Juxta Editionem Vaticanam
48941: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - A Tradition of Prayer an Icel Collection
46802: COMMISSION FOR THE IMPLEMENATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY - Lectionary for Weekdays Using the Standred Version of Scripture
40353: LITVINOFF, BARNET - Weizmann Last of the Patriarchs
50876: LORD RUSSEL OF LIVERPOOL - The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
47447: LORD RUSELL OF LIVERPOOL - Though the Heavens Fall
50980: LIVEZENU, IRINA - Cultural Politics in Greater Romania Regionalism, Nation Building, and Ethnic Struggle, 1918-1930
47263: LIVINGSTON K. T. - The Emergence of an Australian Catholic Priesthood 1835-1915
48688: LIVINGSTONE, TESS - George Pell
2479: LIVINGSTONE R W (EDITOR) - The Pageant of Greece
31327: LIVINGSTONE I (EDITOR) - Economic Policy for Development
18527: LIVINGSTONE E A (EDITED BY) - Studia Biblica (III Papers on Paul and Other New Testament Authors) Sixth International Congress on Biblical Studies Oxford 3-7 April 1978.
2203: LIVINGSTONE R W (EDITOR) - The Pageant of Greece
7486: LIVINGTON R W - The Greek Genius and Its Meaning to Us
49946: LIVNI, MICHAEL - Reform Zionism 20 Years, an Educator's Perspective
10677: HODGKINSON LIZ - Psychic Counselling
38303: LLEWELLYN H M - Foxhunter in Pictures
51027: LLEWELYN, ROBERT - Julian Woman of Our Day
49077: LLEWELYN, ROBERT - Love Bade Me Welcome
51031: JULIAN OF NORWICH & ROBERT LLEWELYN - Enfolded in Love Daily Readings with Julian of Norwich
51147: WILLIAMS JULIA LLOYD - Rembrandt's Women
15767: ST. ALCORN LLOYD - On the Shoulders of Giants
2715: MORRIS LLOYD - The Rebellious Puritan Portrait of Mr Hawthorne
51620: LLOYD, J. E. - Owen Glendower Owain Glyndwr
9816: LLOYD COLIN, JOHNSON JEF, GRIMES KEITH - London Coach Handbook
45780: LLOYD, ALAN - Destroy Carthage the Death Throes of an Ancient Culture
46150: LLOYD, HUMPHREY - Quaker Lloyds in the Industrial Revolution
21792: BROWN LLOYD W - Duppies
6425: FRANKENBERG LLOYD - James Stephens : A Selection Preface by Padraic Colum
7709: LLOYD T O - Empire to Welfare State 1906-1976 English History 1906-1976
40719: LLOYD, TREVOR - Empire a History of the British Empire
49356: LLWYD, ALAN - Flodeugerdd o Ddyfyniadau Cymraeg
50035: MORGAN DEREC LLWYD - Daniel Owen and Methodism
42935: LOADES, D.M. - Essays in European History, 1453-1648
45823: LOADES, DAVID - Mary Rose Tudor Princess, Queen of France, the Life of Henry VIII' Sister
47558: LOCHHART J G - Cosmo Gordon Lang
48526: LOCHRAN, JOHN - The Miracle of Lourdes a Message of Healing and Hope
43278: LOCK, RON - Zulu Conquered the March of the Red Soldiers 1828-1884
42865: LOCK, IMOGEN - Travels with the Prince Paintings and Drawings Selected by H.R. H. The Prince of Wales
43200: LOCK, RON & PETER QUANTRILL - Zulu Victory the Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-Up
43743: LOCKE, DON C. - Fantasy of Reason Life and Thought of William Godwin
43524: R. H. BRUCE LOCKHART - Memoirs of a British Agent
35635: LOCKHART G W - The Scots and Their Oats
6525: LOCKINGTON W. J. (S. J. ) - The Soul of Ireland
52011: LOCKMAN, ZACHARY - Contending Visions of the Middle East the History and Politics of Orientalism
40529: HUNTLEY LOCKWOOD - The Yorkshire Percies
50068: LODGE, R. ANTHONY - French from Dialect to Standard
45544: LODGE, DAVID - Language of Fiction, the Essays in Criticism and Verbal Analysis of the English Novel
6178: STRACHEY J ST. LOE - The Madonna of the Barricades
9378: STRACHEY J ST LOE (EDITOR) - Beaumont and Fletcher (2 Vols)
50578: LOEWENSTEIN, ANDREA FREUD - Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Women Metaphors of Projection in the Works of Wyndham Lewis, Charles Williams, and Graham Greene: Metaphors of... Graham Greene
1320: LOEWENSTEIN F E - The Rehearsal Copies of Bernard Shaws Plays
21556: ROBERTSON J LOGIE (EDITED BY) - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
14896: LONG J. C. - George 111
46436: LONGENECKER, DWIGHT & CYPRIAN BLAMIRES - The Path to Rome Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church
49108: LONGENECKER, DWIGHT - Listen My Son St. Benedict for Fathers
21722: LONGFELLOW H W - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
21267: LONGFELLOW H W - The Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
14025: LONGFELLOW - The Poetical Works of Longfellow
33940: LONGFELLOW W. H. - Poetical Works
23411: THE EARL OF LONGFORD - More Poems from the Irish
25002: THE EARL OF LONGFORD - More Poems from the Irish
40501: ARISTOTLE HORACE LONGINUS - Classical Literary Criticism
48846: LONGLEY, KATHARINE - Saint Margaret Clitherow
48227: LONGLEY, CLIFFORD - The Worlock Archive Including His Secret Diaries If Vatican II
52072: LONSDALE, DAVID - Listening to the Music of the Spirit the Art of Discernment
39744: LOOMIS, STANLEY - Fatal Friendship Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen and the Flight to Varennes
40189: LOPEZ, ENRIQUE HANK - Conversations with Katherine Anne Porter
34563: LORCA F G - Three Tragedies : Blood Wedding, Yerma , the House of Bernarda Alba
51919: LORCIN, PATRICIA M. E. - Imperial Identities Stereotyping, Prejudice and Race in Colonial Algeria
29120: GOODMAN LORD - Not for the Record Selected Speeches and Writings
10941: ZUCKERMAN LORD - Six Men out of the Ordinary
38452: LYTTON LORD - The Last Days of Pompeii
50602: LORD, PETER - Artists and Painters
46212: CHANDOS LORD - The Memoirs of Lord Chandos Oliver Lyttelton Viscount Chandos
46130: NEWTON LORD - Lord Lyons (2 Volumes) a Record in British Diplomacy
49676: LORD, PETER - Imaging the Nation
14560: LIVERPOOL LORD - A Collection of Treaties (3 Volumes)
1792: MACLEAN LORD (FOREWARD) - Tales from Scottish Lairds
29303: BRYRON LORD - The Consair a Tale
21427: LYTTON LORD - The Last of the Barons
21183: FRANCIS BACON: VERULAM LORD - The Essayes or Counsels CIVILL & Morall of Francis Bacon
22932: ROSEBERY LORD - Chatham His Early Life and Connections
24150: DUNSANY LORD - The Donnellan Lectures 1943 Delivered at Trinity College Dublin
25869: BIRKENHEAD LORD (COMPILED AND INTRODUCED BY) - John Betjeman's Collected Poems
28797: BRAYBROOKE LORD (EDITOR) - The Diary of Samuel Pepys Esq from 1659-1669 with Memoir
14979: TWEEDSMUIR LORD - Hudsons Bay Trader
14083: WINDLESHAM LORD - Broadcasting in a Free Society
3146: LYTTON LORD - Walpole or Every Man Has His Price a Comedy in Rhyme
30087: SNOWDON LORD - Stills 1984-1987
12203: CARVER LORD - The Boer War (the National Army Museum Book)
11642: MOUNTEVANS ADMIRAL LORD - South with Scott
11031: ELTON LORD - General Gordon
23453: DUNSANY LORD - Alexander and Three Small Plays
23468: DUNSANY LORD - Guerrilla
48408: TENNYSON ALFRED LORD - Idylls of the King in Twelve Books
17349: LONGFORD LORD - Avowed Intent : An Autobiography
13972: LYTTON LORD - Rienzi : The Last of the Tribunes
20036: ROSEBERY LORD - Pitt
23959: DUNSANY LORD - The Year: A Meditative-Descriptive Poem of the Irish Countryside and of Irish "Neutrality" During the War
52092: MELCHETT LORD - They Neighbour
21968: BEAVERBROOK LORD - Don't Trust to Luck
2699: CHANDOS LORD - From Peace to War a Study in Conflict 1857-1918
21588: ROSEBERRY LORD - Chatham: His Early Life and Connections
34631: ROSEBERY LORD - Napoleon the Last Phase
35591: HILL-NORTON LORD - Sea Power
36009: NORMANBROOK RT HON LORD - The Functions of the Bbc's Governors Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures
37073: DOWNSHIRE LORD - A Proposal for a Union of Ireland and Britain (1751) with Extracts from J a Froude's the English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century
4504: HOUGHTON LORD - Monographs
4642: ELTON LORD - Imperial Commonwealth
5528: HOLDEN LORD - Purgatory Revisited a Victorian Parady
5578: HARTWELL LORD - William Camrose: Giant of Fleet Street
5862: MONTAGU LORD (OF BEAULIEU) - More Equal Than Others the Changing Fortunes of the British and European Aristocracies
7018: HOME LORD - The Way the Wind Blows an Autobiography
9170: BOOTHBY LORD - My Yesterday, Your Tomorrow
9489: KINROSS LORD - The Innocents at Home
47828: BEAVERBROOK LORD - Men and Power 1917-1918
40626: HAILSHAM LORD - Door Wherein I Went
39896: ECCLES LORD - Life and Politics a Moral Diagnosis
42643: MOZART WOLFGANG AMADEUS/DA PONTE LORENZO - Le Nozze Di Figaro (the Marriage of Figaro) Italian-English
46345: LORET, PIERRE - Story of the Mass M. Zimmerman: From the Last Supper to the Present Day
15043: HOLZ LORETTA - Teach Yourself Embriodery
42136: BATTEN LORING W - The Hebrew Prophet
2247: SIGGINS LORNA - The Woman Who Took Power in the Park Mary Robinson , President of Ireland 1990-1997
27509: BRIEGER-WASSERVOGEL LOTHAR - Francisco de Goya
20229: MOTLEY JOHN LOTHROP - The Rise of the Dutch Republic a History in 3 Volumes

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