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13390: BURCHILL JULIE - Girls on Film
37061: JULIER, GUY - New Spanish Design
20660: HIME JULIET (EDITED BY) - Debrett's People of Surrey
23547: GARDINER JULIET - Oscar Wilde: A Life in Letters, Writings and Wit
27688: HAARHAUS JULIUS R - Rom Wanderungen Durch Die Ewige Stadt Und Ihre Umgebung
26845: ALLGEYER JULIUS - Anselm Feuerbach (2 Volumes)
52713: JULIUS, ANTHONY - T.S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form New Edition with Preface and a Responce to the Critics
53831: JULIUS, ANTHONY - Idolizing Pictures Idolatry, Iconoclasm and Jewish Art
26382: MEIER GRAEFE JULIUS - Vincent Van Gogh (Mit Vierzig Abbildungen Und Dem Faksimile Eines Briefes)
26988: BRYANT JULIUS - London's Country House Collections Kenwood, Chiswick, Marble Hill and Ranger's House
32106: TOULMIN STEPHEN AND GOODFIELD JUMNE - The Fabric of the Heavens
32780: STATHAM JUNE - Daughters and Sons Experiences of Non-Sexist Childraising
14641: LEWIS JUNE R - The Village School
17034: TOULMIN STEPHEN AND GOODFIELD JUNE - The Fabric of the Heavens
14944: GOODFIELD JUNE - The Planned Miracle
31976: TOULMIN STEPHEN AND GOODFIELD JUNE - The Fabric of the Heavens
15936: TOULMIN STEPHEN AND GOODFIELD JUNE - The Fabric of the Heavens
12629: THOMSON JUNE - Alibi in Time
11494: ELLIS JUNE (EDITOR) - West African Families in Britain: A Meeting of Two Cultures
33040: GOODFIELD JUNE - Playing God Genetic Engineering and Manipulation of Life
34496: LINDNER EILEEN W MATTIS MARY C AND ROGERS JUNE R - When Churches Mind the Children a Study of Day Care in Local Parishes
34609: DERRICK JUNE (COMPILED BY) - English for Immigrant Children an Annotated List
53473: JUNG, C. G. & ANTHONY STORR - Jung Selected Writings
54309: JUNGER, ERNST & MICHAEL HOFMANN - Storm of Steel
53916: JUNGK, PETER STEPHAN - Franz Werfel a Life in Prague, Vienna, and Hollywood
48888: JUNGMANN, J.A. - Early Liturgy to Time of Gregory the Great
33988: TANIZAKI JUNICHIRO - Some Prefer Nettles
25294: BIRD JUNIUS B (INTRODUCED BY) - Museums of the Andes: Great Museums of the World Series
54195: KOLBE JURGEN - Wagners Welten
53043: MULLER KLAUS-JURGEN - Military in Politics and Society in France and Germany in the 20th Century
19155: JUSSERAND J J - English Essays from a French Pen
20999: JUSSERAND J J - English Essays from a French Pen
36317: JUSTAMOND J (TRANSLATOR) - A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies (Volume 5)
36318: JUSTAMOND J (TRANSLATOR) - A Philosphical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in Theeast and West Indies (Vol 4) Settlements of the Spaniards , the Dutch, and the Danes in the American Islands
26241: O'HAGAN MR JUSTICE - The Poetry of Sir Samuel Ferguson
31636: LEIBER JUSTIN - Paradoxes Interpretations
18745: KAPLAN JUSTIN - Lincoln Steffens (the Father of Modern Muckraking)
22551: MCCARTHY JUSTIN - Modern England from the Reform Bill to the Present Time
10347: WINTLE JUSTIN - Romancing Vietnam Inside the Boat Country
39998: FERNANDEZ JUSTINO - A Guide to Mexican Art from Its Beginnings to the Present
52317: KADISH, SHARMAN - Building Jerusalem Jewish Architecture in Britain
55561: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Diaries of Franz Kafka 1910-1923
52783: KAFKA, FRANZ & RITCHIE ROBERTSON & JOYCE CRICK - The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
53779: KAFKA, FRANZ & HANNAH TURNER STOKES & RICHARD STOKES - Dearest Father (Oneworld Classics)
46772: KAFKA, FRANZ & EDWIN MUIR - Metamorphosis and Others Stories
54522: KAHANE, RABBI MEIR - Why Be Jewish? Intermarriage, Assimilation and Alienation
50616: KAHN-HARRIS, KEITH - Uncivil War the Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community
50197: KAHN, CHARLOTTE - Resurgence of Jewish Life in Germany
38102: KAHN, ALFRED J. AND KAMERMAN SHELIA B - Helping America's Families
3349: SMITH S C KAINES - Greek Art and National Life
48882: KALABAKA, GEORG. TZIQRAS - Meteora the Sacred Rocks and Their History
41032: KALAMOS - Prophetical Suggestions : Being Expository of the Books of Revelation & Daniel
38072: KALDOR, MARY - The Disintegrating West
40701: KALDOR, MARY & PAUL ANDERSON - Mad Dogs United States Raids on Libya
33721: KALMUS H. - Genetics
54377: WEND VON KALNEIN - Arnold Bocklin 1827-1901
32766: MOSER C A KALTON G - Survey Methods in Social Investigation
32815: KAMENKA E - Marxism and Ethics
18047: SHAMISE KAMILA - Kartography
54115: HALPERINE -KAMINSKY E - Tourgueneff and His French Circle
675: JEFFARIES A N AND KAMM A (EDITORS) - An Irish Childhood an Anthology
49410: KAMPF, AVRAM - Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century
54483: KAMUSELLA, DR TOMASZ & PETER BURKE - The Politics of Language and Nationalism in Modern Central Europe
26542: KANDINSKY - Kandinsky Aquarelle Und Zeichnungen
52070: KANE, THOMAS - Gentleness in John of the Cross
46255: KANE, JOHN A. - Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist
53280: KANIUK, YORAM - Confessions of Good Arab
50645: KANN, ROBERT A. - The Habsburg Empire; a Study in Integration and Disintegration,
49584: KANN, R - Dynasty Politics and Culture Selected Essays
53277: KAPLAN, MARION A. - The Jewish Feminist Movement in Germany the Campaigns of the Judischer Frauenbund, 1904-1938
55106: KAPLAN, MARION A. - Between Dignity and Despair Jewish Life in Nazi Germany
54889: KAPLAN, MORDECAI M. & MEL SCULT - Comminings of the Spirit the Journals of Mordecai M. Kaplan: 1913 -1934
53175: KAPLAN, THOMAS PEGELOW - The Language of Nazi Genocide Linguistic Violence and the Struggle of Germans of Jewish Ancestry
52494: KAPLAN, STEVEN LAURENCE - Farewell, Revolution Historians' Feud, France 1789-1989
53575: KAPLAN, ALICE - French Lessons a Memoir
41317: KAPLAN-WILLIAMS, STREPHON - The Elements of Dreamwork
37332: KAPLAN, FRED - Dickens a Biography
53244: KAPLOW, JEFFRY - New Perspectives on the French Revolution Readings in Historical Sociology
45989: KARABELL, ZACHARY - People of the Book the Forgotten History of Islam and the West
39902: KARDELJ, EDVARD - Reminiscences of Edvard Kardelj Struggle for Recognition and Independence - New Yugoslavia, 1944-57
29849: WILKIN KAREN (INTRODUCTION) - Interior, Exterior and Scenic the Paintings of Cynthia Polsky 1962-1974
21037: BASSIE-SWEET KAREN - From the Mouth of the Dark Cave: Commemorative Sculpture of the Late Classic Maya
30051: LYSTRA KAREN - Dangerous Intimacy the Untold Story of Mark Twain's Final Years
53900: KARK, RUTH - The Land That Became Israel Studies in Historical Geography
1834: LAGO MARY M AND BECKSON KARL (EDITORS) - Max and Will Max Beerbohm and William Rothenstein Their Friendship & Letters 1893-1945
54049: BAEDEKER KARL - Southern Germany, Including Wurtemberg and Bavaria Handbook for Travellers
40367: SCHMID HERMAN AND STIELER KARL - The Bavarian Highlands and the Salzkammergut
52926: KARL, FREDERICK R. - Joseph Conrad the Three Lives
51805: RAHNER KARL - Grace in Freedom
16373: POPPER KARL - Unended Quest : An Intellectual Autobiography
31923: MARX KARL - Critique of the Gotha Programme a Revised Translation
31387: MARX KARL - The CIVIL War in France
31386: MARX KARL - The Class Struggle in France 1848 to 1850
27971: VOLL KARL - Die Altniederlandische Malerei Von Jan Van Eyck Bis Memling
19628: KROLOW KARL - Deutsche Gedichte Erster Band
27153: BRANDI KARL - Die Renaissance in Florenz Und Rom
25375: BAEDEKER KARL - Le Sud-Ouest la France de la Loire a la Frontiere D'Espange
48764: KAHNER S J KARL - Bishops : Their Status and Function
23595: SCHUMACHER KARL VON - The Du Barry
13458: MILLER KARL (EDITOR) - Writing in England Today : The Last Fifteen Years
13749: BRITTON KARL - John Stuart MILL
52787: DEMENTER KARL - The German Officer-Corps in Society and State 1650-1945
46862: RAHNER KARL - Nature and Grace
46863: RAHNER KARL - Grace in Freedom
51806: RAHNER KARL - The Eternal Year
48147: RAHNER KARL - Studies in Modern Theology
27334: WOERMANN KARL - Geschichte Der Kunst (Volumes 1-5)
51336: LOEWENSTEIN KARL - Hitler's Germany the Nazi Background to War
47225: RAHNER KARL - Studies in Modern Theology
47205: RAHNER KARL - Mission and Grace Essays in Pastoral Theology ( Vol II)
49206: RAHNER KARL - Bishops: Their Status and Function
51018: KARLSSON, KLAS-GORAN & ULF ZANDER - Echoes of the Holocaust Historical Cultures in Contemporary Europe
50481: KARMONA, ELIA & MICHAEL ALPERT - The Chaste Wife
55791: KARP, ABRAHAM J. - Jewish Continuity in America Creative Survival in a Free Society
47010: KARRIS, ROBERT J. - The Pastoral Epistles
46001: KARSH, EFRAIM - Islamic Imperialism a History
49577: KARSKI, JAN - Story of a Secret State My Report to the World
48618: KASPER, WALTER & R. NOWELL - Faith and the Future
46834: KASSER, RODOLPHE ET AL - The Gospel of Judas from Codex Tchacos
53762: KASSIMERIS, GEORGE - The Barbarisation of Warfare
55137: KASTER, KARL GEORGE (ED) - Felix Nussbaum Art Defamed, Art in Exile, Art in Resistance: A Biography
41846: KASTER, JOSEPH - The Concise Mythological Dictionary
10802: KASTNER L E (EDITOR) - The French Poets of the Twentieth Century an Anthology
55016: KATAEV, VLADIMIR & HARVEY PITCHER - If Only We Could Know! an Interpretation of Chekhov
43434: KATCHER, PHILIP - American CIVIL War Source Book
53760: KATCHER, LEO - Postmortem Jews in Germany Now
43448: KATCHER, PHILIP - Great Gambles of the CIVIL War
193: MIDDLETON KATE - Into the Wind
28254: O'BRIEN KATE - Without My Cloak
28251: O'BRIEN KATE - The Last of Summer
25181: O'BRIEN KATE - English Diaries and Journals
22931: O'BRIEN KATE - English Diaries and Journals
24998: O'BRIEN KATE - English Diaries and Journals
169: O'BRIEN KATE - The Land of Spices
23970: O'BRIEN KATE - The Flower of May
31175: BERRIDGE KATE - Vigor Mortis the End of the Death Taboo
53136: KATER, MICHAEL H. - Weimar from Enlightenment to the Present
51673: KATER, MICHAEL - The Nazi Party. A Social Profile of Members & Leaders, 1919 - 1945
11097: POLLITT KATHA - Reasonable Creatures Essays on Women and Feminism
3417: O'SHEA KATHARINE (MRS CHARLES STEWART PARNELL) - Charles Stewart Parnell (2 Volumes) His Love Story and Political Life
5385: WORTH KATHARINE - The Irish Drama of Europe from Yeats to Beckett
21155: ESDAILE KATHARINE A - English Church Monuments 1510-1840 Introduction by Sacheverell Sitwell
24080: TYNAN KATHARINE - Peggy the Daughter Frontis by Warwick Goble
24183: O'SHEA KATHARINE - Charles Stewart Parnell: His Love Story and Political Life ( One Volume Edition)
42805: VILLIERS THE HON KATHARINE - Memoirs of a Maid of Honour
48815: SCHERMAN KATHARINE - The Flowering of Ireland Saints, Scholars and Kings
15652: WHITEHORN KATHARINE - View from a Column
24033: SCHERMAN KATHARINE - The Flowering of Ireland: Saints, Scholars & Kings
4362: HARPER MEAD KATHERINE (EDITOR) - The Preston Morton Collection of American Art
40259: MANSFIELD KATHERINE - The Garden Party
18575: KEARNS KATHERINE - Psychoanalysis, Historiography, and Feminist Theory (the Search for Critical Method)
29277: MANSFIELD KATHERINE - Katherine Mansfield Selected Stories Edited with Introduction by D M Davin
8112: DALSIMER KATHERINE - Female Adolescence Psychoanalytic Reflections on Works of Literature
40205: MAYO KATHERINE - Slaves of the Gods
17750: TYNAN KATHLEEN - The Life of Kenneth Tynan
14546: STAHL KATHLEEN M - British and Soviet Colonial Systems
14150: BENET MARY KATHLEEN - Secretary: An Enquiry Into the Female Ghetto
11695: DAYUS KATHLEEN - Where There's Life
21067: TYNAN KATHLEEN (EDITED BY) - Kenneth Tynan: Letters
21006: JONES KATHLEEN - A Glorious Fame the Life of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, 1623-1673
14208: BELL KATHLEEN - Tribunals in the Social Services
27092: RAINE KATHLEEN - William Blake
21330: FERGUSON KATHLEEN - The Maids Tale
4723: OLLERENSHAW KATHLEEN - First Citizen
6758: DENBIGH KATHLEEN - Preserving London
11612: PERUTZ KATHRIN - The Marriage Fallacy
18352: MCCAULEY DANIEL AND KATHRYN - Decorative Arts of the Amish of Lancaster County the Amish and Their Decorative Culture
1469: BUHLER KATHRYN C - English Porcelain Figures 1750-1775
35536: SPINK KATHRYN - A Universal Heart the Life and Vision of Brother Roger of Taize
14626: PAGE KATHY - The Unborn Dreams of Clara Riley
30441: GHOSE KATHY - A Rich Pattern of Mind
19246: HICKMAN KATIE - Daughters of Britannia: The Lives and Times of Diplomatic Wives
15600: SAKS KATIE - La Rifa (a Peruvian Dolce Vita)
54559: KATKOV, GEORGE & ETC. - Russia Enters the 20th Century
49769: KATZ, ELENA - Neither with Them Nor without Them the Russian Writer and the Jew in the Age of Realism
55480: KATZ, STEVEN T. - Historicism, the Holocaust, and Zionism Critical Studies in Modern Jewish History and Thought: Critical Studies in Contemporary Jewish History and Thought
49489: KATZ, ELIHU & MICHAEL GUREVITCH - Secularization of Leisure Culture and Communication in Israel
49547: KATZ, STEVEN T. - The Holocaust in Historical Context Holocaust and Mass Death Before the Modern Age Vol 1
55263: KATZ, JACOB - Tradition and Crisis Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages
51782: KATZ, JACOB - Jewish Emancipation and Self-Emancipation
54092: KATZ, STEVEN T. - The Shtetl New Evaluations
52813: KATZ, JACOB - With My Own Eyes the Autobiography of an Historian
50510: KATZ, J. - Exclusiveness and Tolerance Studies in Jewish-Gentile Jewish-Gentile Relations in Medieval and Modern Times
55758: KAUFMAN, JONATHAN - A Hole in the Heart of the World the Jewish Experience in Eastern Europe After World War II
28836: KAVANAGH P J - An Enchantment
23340: KAVANAGH P J - Finding Connections
28753: KAVANAGH P J - Only by Mistake
55581: KAVANAGH, PATRICK - Selected Poems Edited by Antoinette Quinn
24132: KAVANAGH P J - Voices in Ireland: A Traveller's Literary Companion
23637: KAVANAGH P J - Edward Thomas in Heaven
55224: KAVANAGH, PJ - Ireland a Literary Companion: A Traveller's Literary Companion
51899: KAY, BILLY - Scots the Mither Tongue
40093: AMBROSE KAY - The Ballet-Lover's Pocket-Book Technique without Tears for a Ballet-Lover
19096: JEWELL KEALA - The Poiesis of History Experimenting with Genre in Postwar Italy
37191: KEANE, JOHN B. - The Field
54399: KEARNS, KEVIN CORRIGAN - Georgian Dublin Ireland's Imperilled Architectural Heritage
45047: KEARNS, JAMES - Theophile Gautier, Orator to the Artists Art Journalism of the Second Republic
38086: KEATING, P. J. (EDITOR) - Into Unknown England, 1866-1913 Selections from the Social Explorers
41792: KEATING, P.J. - The Victorian Prophets a Reader from Carlyle to Wells
47351: KEATING, M. E. - A First Course in Module Theory
13678: KEATING H R F - Inspector Ghote's Good Crusade
41823: KEATING MAURICE & H R F KEATING - Understanding Pierre Teilhard de Chardin a Guide to the Phenomenon of Man
48419: KEATS, JOHN & ROBERT GITTINGS - Selected Poems and Letters of Keats
10781: SMOOT GEORGE AND DAVIDSON KEAY - Wrinkles in Time: The Imprint of Time
14368: MARTIN W KEBLE - Over the Hills
38292: CHATTERTON E KEBLE - Old Sea Paintings the Story of Maritime Art As Depicted by the Great Masters with 15 Illustrations in Colour and 95 in Black and White Mainly from the Macpherson Collection
10293: CHATTERTON E KEBLE - Windjammers and Shellbacks
38262: CHATTERTON E KEBLE - Ventures and Voyages
38263: CHATTERTON E KEBLE - Sailing Ships the Story of Their Development from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
51151: KEDOURIE, ELIE - Spain and the Jews Sephardi Experience, 1492 and After
53944: KEDWARD, H. R. - Anarchists the Men Who Shocked the Era
43458: KEEGAN, JOHN - Who Was Who in World War II
43198: KEEGAN, JOHN & RICHARD HOLMES - Soldiers a History of Men in Battle
43997: KEEGAN, JOHN - The First World War
30567: KEELING S V - Descartes
53459: KEEN, MAURICE - English Society in the Later Middle Ages, 1348-1500
52028: KEENAN, DESMOND - The Catholic Church in Nineteenth-Century Ireland a Sociological Study
28974: VAN HOEK KEES - People and Places
223: VAN HOEK KEES - An Irish Panorama
28430: VAN HOEK KEES - An Irish Panorama
23587: HOEK KEES VAN - An Irish Panama
49792: RHYS KEIDRYCH - Modern Welsh Poetry
46328: KEIFER, RALPH A. - To Give Thanks and Praise General Instruction of the Roman Missal with Commentary for Musicians and Priests
28723: ROBBINS KEITH - History, Religion and Identity in Modern Britain
31735: BROWN KEITH - Linguistics Today
49178: KEITH CLARK, CAPUCHIN - Make Space Make Symbols
38423: BRIANT KEITH - A Kitten for Christmas
31764: DIXON KEITH - Sociological Theory Pretence and Possibility
31853: PITTS MARIAN AND PHILLIPS KEITH (EDITORS) - The Psychology of Health an Introduction
31285: GRAHAM KEITH (EDITOR) - Contemporary Political Philosophy Radical Studies
20290: WILLEY KEITH - When the Sky Fell Down: The Destruction of the Tribes of the Sydney Region 1788-1850's
37708: BALDWIN ROBERT AND HAWKINS KEITH - Discretionary Justice : Davis Reconsidered Reprinted from Public Law Winter 1984
12173: DIXON KEITH - Sociological Theory : Pretence and Possibility
40555: GORDON KEITH V - The King in Peace and War
27918: SINCLAIR KEITH (EDITED BY) - A Soldier's View of Empire: The Reminiscences of James Bodell 1831-92
31159: GRINT KEITH - The Sociology of Work an Introduction
14298: SPALDING KEITH (EDITOR) - Sappo Trauerspiel Franz Grillparzer
30277: RIDGWAY KEITH - The Long Falling
31106: JAMES KEITH (EDITOR) - Science and Native American Communities Legacies of Pain, Visions of Promise
33019: DIXON KEITH - Sociological Theory Pretence and Possibility
33126: GUNDERSON KEITH - Mentality and Machines
33140: LEHRER ADRIENNE AND KEITH (EDITORS) - Theory and Meaning
50642: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE - Speeches and Documents on International Affairs 1918-1937 2 Volumes
36235: LIGHTFOOT KEITH - The Philippines
9754: NICHOLLS KEITH - Volleyball: The Skills of the Game
51574: KELL, RICHARD - Rock and Water
51400: KELL, RICHARD - In Praise of Warmth New and Selected Poems
46982: KELLEHER, SEAN B. - Praying with St John
24960: KELLEHER D L - Great Days with o'Connell
22396: SOWARDS J KELLEY (EDITED BY) - Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits from History Volume 1 and 2
38990: CHESNEY KELLOW - Crimean War Reader
42797: KELLY, BERNARD W. - Life of Henry Benedict Stuart, Cardinal Duke of York with a Notice of Rome in His Time
46214: KELLY'S - Kelly's Handbook to the Titled , Landed and Official Classes 1943
43043: KELLY, RICHARD - The Blickling Concordance a Linguistic Concordance to the Blickling Homilies
46571: KELLY, KEVIN T. - New Directions in Moral Theology the Challenge of Being Human
51533: KELLY , JAMES & MAC GEARAILT UAITEAR - Dublin and Dubliners Essays in the History and Literature of Dublin City
51035: KELLY, ROBERT - Give God a Chance How to Let God Take Charge of Your Life
50342: KELLY, ADRIAN & JOE O'TOOLE - Compulsory Irish - Language and Education in Ireland 1870s -1970s
53617: KELLY, J.N.D. - Early Christian Doctrines
11840: KELSALL R K - Population
45929: KELVIN, P. - Bases of Social Behaviour
40412: KEMF, ELIZABETH - Month of Pure Light Regreening of Vietnam
38203: KEMP, PETER & RICHARD ORMOND - Great Age of Sail Maritime Art and Photography
49390: KEMP, ANTHONY - Maginot Line Myth and Reality
46290: KEMPE, MARGERY & TONY D. TRIGGS - The Book of Margery Kempe the Autobiography of the Wild Woman of God
15536: MENZIES KEN - Talcott Parsons and the Social Image of Man
32025: COATES KEN (EDITOR) - Can the Workers Run Industry ?
9042: HEALEY KEN - Looking Back at Buses, Trams and Trolley Buses Around Manchester
55026: MONAGHAN KEN - Joyce's Dublin Family
30785: SMITH KEN R - The Survival of the Weakest Love , Science and Social Change
39369: DIGBY SIR KENELM - Journal of a Voyage Into the Mediterranean 1628
24591: FOSS KENELM - Here Lies Richard Brinsley Sheridan
52272: KENEZ, PETER - A History of the Soviet Union from the Beginning to the End
46151: KENNAN, GEORGE F - Around the Cragged Hill a Personal and Political Philosophy
55347: KENNEDY, TERESA - Women Religious in the Church a Directory of Individual Orders/Institutes
11513: KENNEDY X J (COLLECTOR AND EDITOR) - Tygers of Wrath
54212: KENNEDY, BRIAN P - Dreams and Responsibilities the State and the Arts in Independent Ireland
51915: KENNEDY, EMMET - A Cultural History of the French Revolution
45365: KENNEDY, ROGER - Freedom to Relate Psychoanalytic Explorations
42728: KENNER, HUGH - A Colder Eye Modern Irish Writers
48485: MUNDY JOHN HINE AND WOODY KENNERLY M. (EDITORS) - The Council of Constance the Unification of the Church
12375: ALDOUS TONY/MELLANBY KENNETH - Battle for the Environment
20535: HUDSON KENNETH - Handbook for Industrial Archaeologists: A Guide to Fieldwork and Research
38070: KNAPP DANIEL AND POLK KENNETH - Scouting the War on Poverty Social Reform Politics in the Kennedy Administration
16984: ALLOTT KENNETH (SELECTOR) - The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse
16592: VICKERS KENNETH H - England in the Later Middle Ages
47277: MUIR KENNETH - Collected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt
18103: HUDSON KENNETH - The Dictionary of Diseased English
10646: BOYD KENNETH M - Scottish Church Attitudes to Sex, Marriage and the Family 1850-1914
24754: ALLOTT KENNETH - The Ventriloquist's Doll
15060: CRAGG KENNETH - Poetry of the World at Christmas
32534: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The World Economy Since the Wars a Personal View
14147: PONTING KENNETH G - Wiltshire Portraits (12 Famous People of Wiltshire)
31958: ROBERTS KENNETH - The Working Class the Social Structure of Modern Britain
30992: HUDSON KENNETH - The Dictionary of Diseased English
14442: HOPKINS KENNETH - The Bent Pin : An Anthology of Poems About Fishing
10558: SISAM KENNETH (EDITOR) - Fourteenth Century Verse and Prose
21553: POOLMAN KENNETH - The Kelly
22572: ALLOTT KENNETH - Matthew Arnold
45605: KENNETH, BROTHER - More Saints of the 20th Century
20549: YOUNG KENNETH - Harry, Lord Rosebery
10552: DYSON KENNETH (EDITOR) - Combating Long-Term Unemployment Local /E. C Relations
13461: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The Galbraith Reader: Selected and Arranged by the Editors of Gambit
13789: RICHMOND W KENNETH - Education in England
13795: WALKER KENNETH - The Physiology of Sex and Its Social Implications
13928: CLARK KENNETH - Leonardo Da Vinci; an Account of His Development As an Artist
33249: MANSFIELD KENNETH - Coarse Fishing As a Pastime
11903: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The Age of Uncertainty
10288: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - Economics and the Public Purpose
2014: ROSE KENNETH - William Harvey 1578 -1657
37838: MACMORRAN KENNETH M - A Handbook for Churchwardens and Church Councillors
10050: BOLTON KENNETH - Harambee Country: A Guide to Keyna
26755: CLARK KENNETH - The Romantic Rebellion: Romantic Versus Classic Art
26746: CLARK KENNETH - The Romantic Rebellion: Romantic Versus Classic Art
33060: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The New Industrial State
33184: THOMPSON KENNETH (EDITOR) - Work, Employment and Unemployment Perspectives on Work and Society
33477: HUTTON KENNETH - Chemistry the Conquest of Materials
33699: SMITH KENNETH M. - Beyond the Microscope
34817: RICHMOND W KENNETH - Education in England
34862: PICKTHORN KENNETH - Early Tudor Government Henry V111
34863: PICKTHORN KENNETH - Early Tudor Government Henry V11
35526: SPARROW KENNETH - Nature Rambles in Spring
35572: BRANAGH KENNETH - Beginning
36019: FAWDRY KENNETH - Television for Schools Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures
6224: HARE-SCOTT KENNETH - For Valour
41799: INGRAM KENNETH - The Christian Challange to Christians
40639: RICHMOND KENNETH - Culture and General Education a Survey
48518: FENWICK KENNETH - The Third Crusade an Eye Witness Account of the Campaigns of Richard Coeur-de-Lion in Cyprus and the Holy Land
41257: KENNY, J. B. - Complete Book of Pottery Making
22789: KENSIT J A - Our Protestant Throne and Constitution
37783: KENT, ALAN M. & DEREK R. WILLIAMS - The Francis Boutle Book of Cornish Short Stories
37570: KENT, ALAN M. - The Ordinalia the Cornish Mystery Play Cycle
37573: KENT, ALAN - Nativitas Christi / the Nativity a New Cornish Mystery Play
37574: KENT, ALAN M. - Voices from West Barbary an Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry, 1549-1928
37784: KENT, ALAN M. (EDITOR) - The Dreamt Sea an Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry 1928-2004
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43714: KERRY, TOM - Mao Myth and the Legacy of Stalinism in China
30635: KELSALL R K AND KERSALL H M - Stratification
53017: KERSHAW, IAN - Popular Opinion and Political Dissent in the Third Reich Bavaria 1933-1945
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23222: BROPHY KEVIN T - Walking the Line: Scenes from an Army Childhood
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10892: MARJORIBANKS KEVIN - Families and Their Learning Environments: An Empirical Analysis
31959: HAWKINS KEVIN - Unemployment
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7731: FALLER KEVIN - Lyric and Script
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6042: ROOT ROBERT KILBURN - The Poetical Career of Alexander Pope
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49001: MCDONNELL KILIAN - Open the Windows the Popes and Charismatic Renewal
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53533: KILROY, THOMAS - Sean o'Casey a Collection of Critical Essays
51756: KILROY, PHIL - Madeleine Sophie Barat a Life
52545: KILROY, THOMAS - The Death and Resurrection of Mr. Roche
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52809: KIM, H.C. - Jewish and Indian and Other Stories
35134: TAPLIN KIM - Tongues in Trees Studies in Literature and Ecology
37749: KIMBER, RICHARD & J.J. RICHARDSON - Pressure Groups in Britain
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10373: KINCAID J C - Poverty and Equality in Britain
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45161: KING, GREG & SUE WOOLMANS - The Assassination of the Archduke Sarajevo 1914 and the Murder That Changed the World
11662: KING J R - Stabilization Policy in an African Setting: Kenya 1963-1973
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42849: KING, GREG - The Murder of Rasputin the Truth About Prince Felix Youssoupov and the Mad Monk Who Helped Bring Down the Romanovs
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39343: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN - The Romanovs 1818-1959
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7846: WILSON KIT - Cat Encyclopedia
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51784: KITCHEN, MARTIN - Political Economy of Germany, 1815-1914
52146: CLARK KITSON - The Making of Victorian England
41990: CLARK G KITSON - The English Inheritance an Historical Essay
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27940: TENFELDE KLAUS (EDITED BY) - Pictures of Krupp: Photography and History in the Industrial Age
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53974: KLÍMA, IVAN - My Crazy Century a Memoir
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50755: KLUG, BRIAN - Words of Fire: Ahad Ha'Am Selected Essays
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52966: KOCHAN, LIONEL - Beyond the Graven Image a Jewish View
55247: KOCHAN, LIONEL - The Jewish Renaissance and Some of Its Discontents
51777: KOCHAN, LIONEL - Jews in Soviet Russia Since 1917
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53738: PROFESSOR JURGEN KOCKA - The Third Charlemagne Lecture a Common View of a Divided Past?
46288: KOENIG, FRANZ & GIANNI LICHERI & T. KALA - Where Is the Church Heading?
55482: KOHL, HORST AND BELL CLARA - Bismarks "Reflections and Reminiscences"
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54463: KOLATCH, ALFRED J. - The Jewish Book of Why--the Torah
49874: KOLATCH, ALFRED J. - Jewish Book of Why
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54312: KOLB, EBERHARD: - Die Weimarer Republik (German Edition)
46453: KOLLAR, RENE - The Return of the Benedictines to London a History of Ealing Abbey from 1896 to Independence
52977: KOLSKY, RACHEL & ROSLYN RAWSON - Jewish London a Comprehensive Guidebook for Visitors and Londoners
50728: KOLTUN, ELIZABETH - The Jewish Woman
53025: KOLTUN-FROMM, KEN - Moses Hess and Modern Jewish Identity
47410: KOMEDERA M & J - Two Hells to Happiness the Stories of Mitch and Joana Komedera
45052: KONG, KATHERINE - Lettering the Self in Medieval and Early Modern France
49191: KONIG, FRANZ - Hour Is Now
54577: KONNER, MELVIN - The Jewish Body
50359: KONOVALOV S. - Russo-Polish Relations an Historical Survey
52335: KONRAD, GEORGE - A Guest in My Own Country a Hungarian Life
53056: KONRAD, GEORGE - The Loser
27097: ROTHEL HANS KONRAD - Welt Und Werk Edvard Munchs
33603: LORENZ KONRAD - On Aggression
33769: SPINDLER KONRAD - The Man in the Ice
36154: SPINDLER KONRAD - The Man in the Ice
43527: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Scourge of the Seas Buccaneers, Pirates and Privateers
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38916: KORDA, MICHAEL - Charmed Lives a Family Romance
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43890: KORNER, STEPHAN - Kant
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30561: KORNER S - The Philosophy of Mathematics
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50659: KOSHAR, RUDY - From Monuments to Traces Artifacts of German Memory, 1870-1990
53180: KOSMIN, BARRY & ANDRAS KOVACS & ZVI GITELMAN - New Jewish Identities Contemporary Europe and Beyond
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13884: KOTELIANSKY S S (EDITOR) - Russian Short Stories
53904: TCHEKHOV ANTON & KOTELIANSKY S S - Literary and Theatrical Reminiscences
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51840: FREIMANN A & KRACAUER F - Frankfort
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54689: KRAEMER, DAVID - The Meanings of Death in Rabbinic Judaism
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54802: KRANZLER, DAVID - Artscroll Thy Brother's Blood by David Kranzler
53279: KRAUS, KARL & HARRY ZOHN - Half Truths and One-and-a-Half Truths
53344: KRAUSE, DAVID - Profane Book of Irish Comedy an Irreverent Look at Fourteen Irish Dramatists
55467: KRELL, MARC A. - Intersecting Pathways Modern Jewish Theologians in Conversation with Christianity
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50202: KRELL, ALAN - Manet and the Painters of Contemporary Life
54794: KRESH, PAUL - The 'American Judaism' Reader Essays, Fiction and Poetry from the Pages of 'American Judaism'
52665: KRIEG, ROBERT ANTHONY - Catholic Theologians in Nazi Germany
51388: KRIEGEL, MAURICE - Les Juifs à la Fin Du Moyen âge Dans L'Europe Méditerranéenne
12574: KUMAR KRISHAN - Prophecy and Progress
31466: KUMAR KRISHAN - Prophecy and Progress the Sociology of Industrial and Post-Industrial Society
18571: CHAITANYA KRISHNA - A New History of Sanskrit Literature
52938: KRLEZA, MIROSLAV & ZORA DEPOLO - On the Edge of Reason
48974: KROLL, PAUL - Who Was Jesus
53410: KROPOTKIN, PETER ALEKSEEVICH & GEORGE WOODCOCK - Russian Literature Ideals and Realities
51333: KRUGER, CHUCK - Cape Clear Island Magic a Photographic, Historical and Dramatic Account of Cape Clear Island, Ireland
42917: KRUGMAN, PAUL R. - The Return of Depression Economics
55024: KUGEL, JAMES L. - How to Read the Bible a Guide to Scripture Then and Now
39925: KUMAR, R. /PERKIN H - Western India in the Nineteenth Century
40329: KUNDERA, MILAN & M.H. HEIM - The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
47249: KUNG, HANS - The Church
55041: KUNG, HANS - My Struggle for Freedom Memoirs
45647: KUNG, HANS - Why Priests?
52844: KUNG, HANS & E. QUINN - On Being a Christian
47223: KUNG, HANS & E. QUINN - On Being a Christian
50875: KUNTZ, JOELLE - Switzerland - How an Alpine Pass Became a Country a Historical Primer for English Speaking Visitors
54613: KUPER, LEO - Genocide Its Political Use in the Twentieth Century
46492: KUPPERMAN, JOEL J. - Classic Asian Philosophy a Guide to the Essential Texts
3226: KUPPERMAN J J - Ethical Knowledge
50819: KUPRIN, ALEKSANDR - Duel, the
41052: NARISHKIN-KURAKIN - Under Three Tsars the Memories of a Lady - in - Waiting
53867: KURLANSKY, MARK - A Chosen Few the Resurrection of European Jewry
54486: SAMUELSON KURT - Religion and Economic Action a Critique of Max Weber
32259: GUNTHER KLAUS AND DECKERT KURT - Creatures of the Deep Sea
25399: HEUSER KURT - Elfenbein Fur Felicitas
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9406: JACOBSEN JOHN KURT - Chasing Progress in the Irish Republic
14332: DANZIGER KURT - Socialization
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33298: MENDELSSOHN KURT - Science and Western Domination
33723: PAHLEN KURT - The Magic World of Music Translated by Oliver Coburn
50816: KURZKE, HERMANN - Thomas Mann. Epoche, Werk, Wirkung. 3 . Auflage
51454: KUSHCHEVSKY, IVAN & D. P. COSTELLO & B. COSTELLO - Nikolai Negorev or the Successful Russian
53830: KUSHNER, TONY - The Battle of Britishness Migrant Journeys, 1685 to the Present
54654: KUSHNER, TONY - The Battle of Britishness
55506: KUSHNER, TONY - The Jewish Heritage in British History Englishness and Jewishness
47567: KYNASTON, DAVID - The Secretary of State
47607: FLETCHER IFAN KYRLE - The British Court Its Traditions and Ceremonial
48314: MAY LACEY G - Poetry English Religious Verse
43529: LACEY, ROBERT - Great Tales from English History Cheddar Man to Dna: A Treasury of True Stories of the Extraordinary People Who Made Britain Great
31602: LACEY A R - A Dictionary of Philosophy
31621: LACEY A R - Modern Philosophy an Introduction
42113: LACEY T A - The Elements of Christian Doctrine
29525: LACEY A R - A Dictionary of Philosophy
45928: LACHMAN, SHELDON J. - Psychosomatic Disorders a Behavioristic Interpretation
45183: LACHOUQUE, HENRY & ETC. & J. CLEMENTS - Napoleon's War in Spain French Peninsular Campaigns, 1807-14
36157: LUCAS LADDIE - Wings of War Airmen of All Nations Tell Their Stories 1939-1945
54365: LADENGALERIE - Karl Hubbuch 1891-1979 Zeichnungen
47941: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY & B. BRAY - Montaillou Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294-1324
55167: GREGORY LADY - Lady Gregory's Journals 1916-1930
23501: GREGORY LADY (TRANSLATED BY) - The Kiltartan Moliere. The Doctor. In Spite of Himself. The Rogueries of Scapin.
22798: GREGORY LADY - Hanrahan's Oath
26340: GREGORY LADY - New Comedies
26217: GREGORY LADY - Three Wonder Plays
46680: LOVAT ALICE LADY - The Life of Mere Marie Eugenie Milleret de Brou Foundress of the Assumption Nuns
24664: GREGORY LADY - Seven Short Plays
42361: MAGNUS LADY - Outlines of Jewish History from Bc 586 to Ce 1885
51214: GREGORY LADY - Poets and Dreamers Studies and Translations from the Irish
5436: MORRISON LADY - Memories of a Marriage
7348: HOSIE LADY - The Pool of Ch'Ien Lung a Tale of Modern Peking
4694: GREGORY LADY - Seven Short Plays
52573: LAFFONT, ROBERT & VALENTINO BOMPIANI - Dictionnaire Des Personnages Littéraires Et Dramatiques de Tous Les Temps Et de Tous Les Pays Poésie, Théâtre, Roman, Musique
53697: LAFITTE, FRANCOIS - The Internment of Aliens
55004: LAGUERRE, MICHEL S. - Global Neighborhoods Jewish Quarters in Paris, London, and Berlin
53829: LAHARIE, CLAUDE - Le Camp de Gurs 1939-1945 Un Aspect Meconnu de L'Histoire de Vichy
36932: LAHR, JOHN - Prick Up Your Ears the Biography of Joe Orton
52361: LAIN-PRIESTLEY, ROSEMARY - The Courage to Connect Becoming All We Can Be
49887: LAINE, PASCAL & MICHAEL TILBY - Dentelliere, la
42992: LAING, LLOYD & JENNIFER LAING - Anglo-Saxon England
29715: LAING R D - The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise
15849: LAING D - The Soils of the Country Around Perth Arbroath and Dundee (Sheets 48 and 49)
38540: LAING, ALASTAIR - Clerics and Connoisseurs an Irish Art Collection Through Three Centuries
52024: LAING, LLOYD & JENNIFER LAING - Art of the Celts from 700 Bc to the Celtic Revival
31350: ADDIS LAIRD - The Logic of Society a Philosophical Study
18808: RICE ALLAN LAKE (TRANSLATOR) - Carl Larsson on the Sunny Side at Solsidan
54225: HORSTMANN LALI - Nothing for Tears
33796: THE DALAI LAMA - Opening the Eye of New Awareness
21414: BLANCHARD LAMAN - The Poetical Works of Laman Blanchard
45043: DE LAMARTER, RICHARD THOMAS - Big Blue Ibm's Use and Abuse of Power
47831: LAMB,LADY CAROLINE - Glenarvon Introduction by James L Ruff
45067: LAMBERT, TONY & ROSS PATERSON & DAVID PICKARD - China's Christian Millions the Costly Revival
53223: LAMBERT, RAYMOND-RAOUL & RICHARD COHEN & ISABEL BEST - Diary of a Witness, 1940-1943 the Ordeal of the Jews of France During the Holocaust
9830: LAMBERT J, PARIS C, BLACKABY B - Housing Policy and the State
27368: PARONETTO LAMBERTO - Chianti: The Story of Florence and Its Wines
39745: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - John Brown Queen Victoria's Highland Servant
50412: LAMONT, WILLIAM - Historical Controversies and Historians
42820: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Edward VII's Last Loves Alice Keppel and Agnes Keyser
54305: LAMPEDUSA, GIUSEPPE TOMASI - Letters from London and Europe
43702: LANCASTER, BILL - Radicalism, Cooperation and Socialism Leicester Working-Class Politics, 1860-1906
40981: SIEVEKING LANCE - The Eye of the Beholder
46871: REV. WOOD C. T. & REV. LANCHESTER H. C. O - A Hebrew Grammar with Appendix on the Hebrew Vowel System Taken from Lecture Notes
54514: LANDA M. J. - The Alien Problem and Its Remedy
8545: LANDA M J - The Jew in Drama
53936: DRUMMOND ANDREW LANDALE - German Protestantism Since Luther
54509: LANDAU, DAVID - Piety and Power World of Jewish Fundamentalism
20718: LANDER J R - The Wars of the Roses
53706: LANDES, DAVID S. - Wealth and Poverty of Nations
54908: LANDESMANN, PETER - Die Juden Und Ihr Glaube
53323: LANDIS, JOSEPH C. - Three Great Jewish Plays
54084: LANE, DAVID & KOLANKIEWICZ GEORGE - Social Groups in Polish Society
54088: LANE, MICHAEL & JEREMY BOOTH - Books and Publishers Commerce Against Culture in Postwar Britain
55259: LANE, BARBARA MILLER & LEILA J. RUPP - Nazi Ideology Before 1933 a Documentation
16142: POOLE AUSTIN LANE (EDITED BY) - Poems of Gray and Collins
45915: POOLE REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning
39785: LANE, MICHAEL R. - The Rendel Connection a Dynasty of Engineers
37152: LANE, CHARLES - Cooper Henderson and the Open Road the Life and Works of Charles Cooper Henderson 1803-1877
53632: LANG, BERNARD - The Hebrew God Portrait of an Ancient Deity
20226: LANG A - Theocritus, Bion and Moschus: Rendered Into English Prose with an Introductory Essay
38910: LANG, JENNIFER - Pride without Prejudice the Story of London's Guilds and Livery Companies
45055: LANG, BERNHARD - Joseph in Egypt a Cultural Icon from Grotius to Goethe
8980: BUTCHER S H AND LANG A - The Odyssey of Homer Done Into English Prose
20196: FOOT M R D AND LANGLEY J M - Mi9: Escape and Evasion 1939-1945
42102: LANGSTON E L - How God Is Working to a Plan
50836: LANGTON, DANIEL R. - Claude Montefiore His Life and Thought
35443: LANKESTER MRS - British Ferns Their Classification Structure and Functions
54318: LANSKY, AARON - Outwitting History How a Young Man Rescued a Million Books and Saved a Vanishing Civilisation
40965: LANT, JEFFREY L. - Insubstantial Pageant Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria's Court
50448: LANZMANN, CLAUDE & FRANK WYNNE - The Patagonian Hare a Memoir
50911: LANZMANN, CLAUDE - Shoah
55600: LAPONCE, J.A. & A.M-. SPERRY - Languages and Their Territories
53664: LAPPIN, ELENA - What Language Do I Dream in? a Memoir
54868: LAQUER, WALTER - Generation Exodus the Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany
50043: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Russia and Germany Century of Conflict
51002: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Road to War, 1967 Origin of the Arab-Israel Conflict
53365: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Terrible Secret Suppression of the Truth About Hitler's 'Final Solution'
49772: LAQUEUR, WALTER - The Changing Face of Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present Day
28598: LARGE D M - Irish Airs
40008: LARKIN, DAVID - Innocent Art
51090: LARKIN, EMMET - Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and the Fall of Parnell, 1888-91
54409: LARKIN, EMMET - Roman Catholic Church and the Plan of Campaign in Ireland, 1886-88
52210: LARKIN, EMMET J - The Consolidation of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, 1860-1870
36739: LARKIN, PHILIP - Jill
36990: LARKIN, PHILIP - Required Writing Miscellaneous Pieces 1955-1982: Miscellaneous Pieces, 1955-82
53489: LAROCCA, JOHN JOSEPH - Jacobean Recusant Rolls for Middlesex an Abstract in English
21561: SWINDELL LARRY - Spencer Tracy
30406: TRACEY LARRY - Seagulls Dance
33465: TABB WILLIAM K AND SAWERS LARRY (EDITORS) - Marxism and the Metropolis New Perspectives in Urban Political Economy
45588: LARSSON, FLORA - My Best Men Are Women
45557: LARSSON, FLORA & DAVID DALZIEL - Just a Year, Lord Daily Readings from the Work of Flora Larsson
52642: LARY, N.M. - Dostoevsky and Dickens a Study of Literary Influence
53942: LAS, NELLY - Jewish Women in a Changing World a History of the International Council of Jewish Women , 1899-1995
39585: LASKI, MARGHANITA - Kipling's English History
44904: LASKI, MARGHANITA - Little Boy Lost
18295: MOHOLY-NAGY LASZLO - Fruhe Photographien
17082: LUCRETIUS/LATHAM R E (TRANSLATED BY) - Lucretius the Nature of the Universe
48399: THE REV. LATTEY C. - Six Sacrements Being Papers on the Sacrements in General, Baptismn, Confirmation, Penance, Holy Orders, Matrimony and Extreme Unction
51242: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND - The Four Gospels and the Revelation Newly Translated from the Greek
53255: LAU-LAVIE, NAPHTALI - Moshe Dayan
38197: LAUDER, PHYLLIS - The Siamese Cat
38370: LAUNERT, EDMUND - Scent and Scent Bottles
14411: TROUBRIDGE LAURA - Life Amongst the Troubridges: Journals of a Young Victorian 1873-1884
31842: CRAM LAURA ET AL - Developments in the European Union
31007: HILLENBRAND LAURA - Seabiscuit the True Story of Three Men and a Racehorse
36089: LOVAT LAURA - Maurice Baring a Postscript with Some Letters and Verse
46625: GOULDER LAURANCE - Church Life in Medieval England
5628: HOLLIDAY LAUREL - Heart Songs
47286: GOMME GEORGE LAURENCE - Ecclesiology a Classified Collection of the Chief Contents of "the Gentleman's Magazine" from 1731-1868
41838: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - The Lepers Little Plays of St. Francis
14294: MEYNELL LAURENCE - Virgin Luck
49102: GOULDER LAURENCE - Church Life in Medieval England the Parishes
20109: IRVING LAURENCE - Henry Irving: The Actor and His World
11080: KITCHIN LAURENCE - Mid-Century Drama
23892: STERNE LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy: Gentleman / the Works of Lawrence Sterne (Four Volumes)
33369: STERNE LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
21639: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Palace Plays
31861: LEWIS LAURENCE - Echoes of Resistance British Involvement with the Italian Partisans
20154: BRANDER LAURENCE - Thomas Hood
23736: BINYON LAURENCE (SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY) - The Golden Treasury of Modern Lyrics
16001: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Bethlehem (a Nativity Play the Pageant of Our Lady and Other Poems)
43017: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Brother Juniper
22113: CARR JOHN LAURENCE - Robespierre: The Force of Circumstance
23500: STERNE LAURENCE - Letters of Laurence Sterne
40591: KITCHIN LAURENCE - Drama in the Sixties Form and Interpretation
11276: MEYNELL LAURENCE - Great Men of Staffordshire
27337: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Bethlehem a Nativity Play
29855: LERNER LAURENCE - The Frontiers of Literature
26089: STERNE LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman
40967: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Pains and Penalties : The Defence of Queen Caroline a Play in 4 Acts
28062: STERNE LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey
21823: URDANG LAURENCE - Dictionary of Differences
29875: LERNER LAURENCE - The Frontiers of Literature
27949: HOUSMAN LAURENCE - Angels and Ministers and Other Victorian Plays
33156: ROSS H LAURENCE - Confronting Drunk Driving Social Policy for Saving Lives
34787: BISSON LAURENCE - A Short History of French Literature
40863: VAN DER POST LAURENS - The Lost World of the Kalahari
1598: VAN DER POST LAURENS - Venture to the Interior
21228: VAN DER POST LAURENS - A Walk with a White Bushman
11682: NGCOBO LAURETTA (EDITOR) - Let It Be Told: Black Women Writers in Britain
21745: NGCOBO LAURETTA (EDITED) - Let It Be Told: Black Essays by Black Women Writers in Britain
47548: OSMOND LAURIE - Thames Flows Down
10755: TAYLOR LAURIE - In the Underworld
35726: LEE LAURIE - I Can't Stay Long
35799: DENNETT LAURIE - Slaughter and May a Short History
14392: PAINE LAURIN - America and the Americans
25402: LAVALLEE VON D UND LUMBRERAS L G, BECK C H - Die Andenvolker Von Den Fruhen Kulturen Bis Zu Den Inka
49143: LAVEILLE MGR - St Therese de L'Enfant Jesus 1873-1879 the Definitive Biography
16146: ROWNTREE B SEEBOHM AND LAVERS G R - English Life and Leisure: A Social Study
6759: SEEBOHM ROWNTREE B. AND LAVERS G. R. - English Life and Leisure. (a Social Study) .
48996: LAVERY, HUGH - Reflections on the Creed
43745: LAVIN, DAVID E - Changing the Odds Open Admissions and the Life Chances of the Disadvantaged
53084: LAVIN, MARY - Mary o'Grady
54900: LAVRIN, JANKO - Russia, Slavdom and the Western World
54185: LAVSKY, HAGIT - Before Catastrophe Distinctive Path of German Zionism
38909: LAW, HENRY - Rudiments of the Art of Construction and Repairing Common Roads Circa 1850
50503: LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE - Popes and Politics Reform, Resentment and the Holocaust
28713: LAWRENCE W J - The Life of Gustavus Vaughan Brooke -Tragedian
16814: LAWRENCE D H - Aaron's Rod
13698: LAWRENCE D H - Lady Chatterley's Lover
16275: LAWRENCE D H - Sons and Lovers
54156: LAWRENCE, BRUCE - The Qur'an a Biography
35301: JAMES LAWRENCE - Poems of Lawrence James
19129: ABBOTT LAWRENCE (EDITED BY) - I Stand in the Center of the Good Interviews with Contemporary Native American Artists
29322: LAWRENCE D H - Lady Chatterley's Lover
4009: GARNER LAWRENCE - Shropshire (Shire County Guide 7)
25849: LAWRENCE T E - Revolt in the Desert
16106: STONE LAWRENCE - The Past and the Present
28795: LAWRENCE D H - Women in Love
14380: JAROS DEAN AND GRANT LAWRENCE - Political Behavior: Choices and Perspectives
12359: LANGNER LAWRENCE - The Magic Curtain
47450: TANNER LAWRENCE E. - Recollections of a Westminster Antiquary
44954: FERLINGHETTI LAWRENCE - Starting from San Francisco
14519: OSBORNE LAWRENCE - The Poisoned Embrace : A Brief History of Sexual Pessimism
40177: LAWRENCE, DENNIS - The Third Way Promise of Industrial Democracy
29297: LAWRENCE D H - The Lost Girl
21930: LAWRENCE D H - Three Novellas: The Ladybird, the Fox, the Captains Doll
21929: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
34003: LAWRENCE D H - Sons and Lovers
34004: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
34306: LAWRENCE D H - Woman in Love
34866: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
34979: GARNER LAWRENCE - Dry Stone Walls
34987: LAWRENCE D H - The Rainbow
35965: ALDERSON LAWRENCE - Rare Breeds
43565: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Rainbow
37036: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Rainbow
7041: LAWRENCE D H - Assorted Articles
13699: LAWRENCE D H - Women in Love
49242: LAWRENCE & C. H. LAWRENCE - The English Church and the Papacy in the Middle Ages
20858: LADY LAWSON - The Life of Gnat and Other Stories
12461: STONELEY JACK AND LAWTON A T - Ceti: Communication with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
47709: THE UNKNOWN LAYMAN (ANON) - The Looking-Glass of Lambeth
50607: LAZARE, BERNARD & ROBERT S. WISTRICH - Antisemitism Its History and Causes
40191: LAZARRE, JANE - On Loving Men
31468: LEACH LEACH - Levi-Strauss
40004: NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE - Children's Books of Yesterday Foreward by John Masefield
46923: LEANEY, A. R. C. - Gospel According to St. Luke
20396: LEAPER R A B - The Determinants of Social Policy
12280: LEAPER R A B - Health, Wealth and Housing
36825: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Barefaced Cheek Apotheosis of Rupert Murdoch
37029: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Kinnock
40804: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - The Ingenious Mr Fairchild the Forgotten Father of the Flower Garden
39089: LEAR, LINDA J. - Rachel Carson Witness for Nature
55360: O'LEARY, D.J. - Travelling Light Your Journey to Wholeness - a Book of Breathers to Inspire You Along the Way
35931: LEAVES F R - New Bearings on English Poetry a Study of the Contemporary Situation
21246: LEAVES F R - Revaluation : Tradition and Development in English Poetry
42690: LEAVIS F R - New Bearings in English Poerty a Study of the Contemporary Situation
45540: LEAVIS, F. R. & Q. D. LEAVIS - Lectures in America
40107: LEAVIS F R - The Common Pursuit (Critical Essays )
8676: LEAVIS F R - Revaluation Tradition & Development in English Poetry
37795: LEAVIS F R ET AL - Scrutiny a Quarterly Review Vol XIV No 1 Summer 1946
15918: LEAVIS F R - Revaluation (Tradition and Development in English Poetry)
36727: LEAVIS F R - D.H. Lawrence/Novelist Novelist
46246: LEBON, JEAN - How to Understand the Liturgy
37875: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - The Companion to Twentieth-Century Music
51633: LEBZELTER, G. - Political Antisemitism in England, 1918-39
55199: LECKY MRS (WIFE) - A Memoir of the Right Hon William Edward Hartpole Lecky Also a Pamphlet Lecky (1939) by Walter Alison Phillips (27 Pages) -Signed
46414: LECLERCQ, JEAN - Monks on Marriage a Twelfth-Century View
41305: SCHMELIG RANDOLPH AND LEDDY - Patterns for Self-Unfoldment
49371: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - The Road to Modern Jewish Politics Political Tradition and Political Reconstruction in the Jewish Community of Tsarist Russia
53177: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - Jews, Catholics, and the Burden of History V. 21
52662: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - Jewish Responses to Modernity New Voices in America and Eastern Europe
53846: LEDNICKI,WACLAW (EDITOR) - Adam Mickiewicz in World Literature
43523: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle Empire
10074: SCUDAMORE PETER WITH ALAN LEE - Scudamore on Steeplechasing
18562: MILLER DAVID LEE - The Poem's Two Bodies: The Poetics of the 1590 Faerie Queen
39627: LEE OF FAREHAM,VISCOUNT & ALAN CLARK - A Good Innings the Private Papers of Viscount Lee of Fareham
39737: LEE-WARNER, SIR WILLIAM - Life of the Marquis of Dalhousie 2 Volumes
15808: SIMONSON LEE - The Stage Is Set
11068: MILLER LEE - Roanoke Solving the Mystery of England's Lost Colony
18885: RUBIN DAVID LEE - A Pact with Silence: Art and Thought in the Fables of Jean de la Fontaine
44908: HAMES H L "LEE" - The Mules' Last Bray World War II and the U.S. Forest Service -Reminiscences
48861: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle 55bc-1901
23617: DUNNE LEE - Ringleader
48577: LEE, LAURIE - A Moment of War
17653: MILLER LEE - Roanoke (Solving the Mystery of Englands Lost Colony)
36948: LEE, LAURIE - A Rose for Winter
50103: LEE, JOSEPH - Modernisation of Irish Society, 1848-1918
44047: LEECH, JOHN - Asymmetries of Conflict War without Death
45381: LEECH, CLIFFORD - Tragedy
12632: DHINGRA LEENA - Amritvela
52887: LEERSSEN, JOEP & ADRIAAN VAN DER WEEL & BART WESTERWEEL - Forging in the Smithy Proceedings of the 1991 Leiden Iasail Conference: Forging in the Smithy - National Identity and Representation in Anglo-Irish Literary History
38141: LEES, JOHN D. - The Political System of the United States
45861: LEESON, W.E. - Field Exercise for Gentlemen and Yeoman Cavalry
48922: LEFEBVRE, PHILIPPE - A Therese of Lisieux Prayer Book
52877: LEFEVRE, PIERRE & M. GROVES - One Hundred Stories to Change Your Life
54921: LEFKOWITZ, DANIEL - Words and Stones the Politics of Language and Identity in Israel
45621: LEGG, STEVE - The a-Z of Evangelism
2574: WICKHAM LEGG L (EDITOR) - British Diplomatic Instructions 1689-1789 Volume V1-France 1727-1744
1428: LEHMANN W L - Albert Welti
40061: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - A Sea-Grape Tree
40437: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Ballad and the Source
53333: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND & ROSA LEHMANN - Symbiosis and Ambivalence Poles and Jews in a Small Galician Town
40331: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Swan in the Evening Fragments of an Inner Life
53581: LEHRER, NATASHA - The Golden Chain Fifty Years of the Jewish Quarterly: Fifty Years of Modern Jewish Writing
52507: LEHRER, ERICA T. - Jewish Poland Revisited Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places
37304: LEHRMAN, LEW - Energize Your Paintings with Color
55048: LEIBHOLZ-BONHOEFFER, SABINE - The Bonhoeffers Portrait of a Family
38801: ASHTON SIR LEIGH (FOREWORD BY) - Masterpieces in the Victoria and Albert Museum
55775: LEIGH, JEREMY - Jewish Journeys
41708: PULLAN REV LEIGHTON - The Books of the New Testament
52427: HARGEST LEIGHTON - The Welsh Education Alliance and the 1870 Elementary Education Act Reprinted from the Welsh History Review Vol 10 No 2 1980
34900: BERG LEILA ( COMPILED BY ) - Four Feet and Two and Some with None
55307: LEITH, DICK - Social History of English
26924: LEITHE -JASPER MANFRED, DISTELBERGER R, AND PROHASKA W - The Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna la Galerie Des Peintures
51021: LEMAGNY, JEAN-CLAUDE & ANDRE ROUILLE (TRANS JANET LLOYD). - A History of Photography Social and Cultural Perspectives.
51976: LEMEN, KEVIN - The New Birth Order Book Why You Are the Way You Are
54772: LEMKIN, RAPHAEL & DONNA-LEE FRIEZE - Totally Unofficial the Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin
17066: DEIGHTON LEN - Only When I Larf
25709: HUDSON LEN - Almost a Century : A History of London Town Magazine
16221: DEIGHTON LEN - Funeral in Berlin
41474: BARNETT LEN - Star Quality Talking to Youth
55285: LENBACH, FRANZ VON: - Franz Von Lenbach 1836-1904
37761: LENBACHHAUS, STÄDTISCHE GALERIE IM - Der Blaue Reiter IM Lenbachhaus München Katalog Der Sammlung in Der Städtischen Galerie
35645: LENEL R M - Games in the Primary School
52889: LENNON, COLM - Sixteenth-Century Ireland the Incomplete Conquest
24558: DUNN JOSEPH AND LENNOX P J (EDITED BY) - The Glories of Ireland
47945: MACDONAGH AND ROBINSON LENNOX - The Oxford Book of Irish Verse Xviith Century-Xxth Century
22802: ROBINSON LENNOX - Pictures in a Theatre: A Conversation Piece
52506: LENTIN, RONIT - Co-Memory and Melancholia Israelis Memorialising the Palestinian Nakba
39135: LENTIN, A. - Enlightened Absolutism, 1760-90 a Documentary Sourcebook
55136: LENZ, CHRISTIAN - Neue Pinakothek Munich
42042: LENZ, DR RAMA DR FREDERICK - Surfing the Himalayas Conversations and Travels with Master Fwap
10088: ORLEANS LEO A - Every Fifth Child: The Population of China
22397: SHERLEY-PRICE LEO (TRANSLATED BY) - Bede: A History of the English Church and People
49340: SCHWARZ LEO W - The Jewish Caravan Great Stories of Twenty -Five Centuries
12096: GURKO LEO - Crisis of the American Mind
13014: PERUTZ LEO - Little Apple
51517: WIENER LEO - The History of Yiddish Literature in the Nineteenth Century
50366: TOLSTOY LEO - Twenty-Three Tales
50373: TOLSTOY LEO - The Final Struggle Being Countless Tolstoys Diary for 1910
34248: TOLSTOY LEO - War and Peace
36609: BAGROW LEO (FOUNDER) - Imago Mundi (Vols 22-23) a Review of Early Cartography
36606: BAGROW LEO (EDITOR) - Imago Mundi (Vol 10-11) a Review of Early Cartography
36607: BAGROW LEO (EDITOR) - Imago Mundi (Vols 12-13) a Review of Early Cathography
36613: BAGROW LEO (FOUNDER) - Imago Mundi (Vols 14-15) a Review of Early Cathography
38973: ROSTEN LEO - The Return of Hyman Kaplan
45026: LONG LEON - The Spirit of Elijah Past, Present and Future
55803: SIMON LEON - Essays, Letters, Memoirs, Ahad Ha-Am
48674: LEON-DUFOUR, XAVIER - Dictionary of Biblical Theology
20214: ROTH LEON - Judaism a Portrait
40709: BLUM LEON - For All Mankind
30384: CUNDALL A AND MORRIS LEON - Judges and Ruth
19755: WHITNEY LEON F - The Complete Book of Cat Care Foreword by Compton Mackenzie
43233: LEON, VICKI - Orgy Planner Wanted Odd Jobs and Curious Callings in the Ancient World
18677: AMIEL LEON (GENERAL EDITOR) - Homage to Chagall
5396: O'BROIN LEON - The Chief Secretary -Augustine Birrell in Ireland
30397: MORRIS REV LEON - The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians an Introduction and Commentary
35689: GARFIELD LEON - Moss and Blister
48456: GABEL LEONA C. - Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope the Commentaries of Pius II
39580: WOOLLEY SIR LEONARD - Digging Up the Past
46668: JOHNSTON LEONARD - Witnesses to God
32115: RICKS CHRISTOPHER AND MICHAELS LEONARD (EDITORS) - The State of the Language 1990 Edition
32182: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Great Invasion How the Romans Conquered Britain
14734: LEONARD R M (EDITOR) - The Pageant of English Prose
54983: LEONARD, JOHN - London's Parish Churches
41677: CLOUGH J LEONARD - Power to Live
15945: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Bull of Minos (the Story of the Great Archaeological Discoveries in Crete and Greece)
14391: LEONARD R M (EDITOR) - A Book of Light Verse
47692: JOHNSTON LEONARD - Witnesses to God
17446: ZETT LEONARD - Gay and Erotic Photography Volume 2 (Buttissimo)
53089: BOYLE LEONARD E - San Clemente Miscellany I the Community of Ss Sisto E Clemente in Rome 1677-1977 Irish Dominicans
36226: BASTIN S LEONARD - How to Know the Ferns
16997: COWIE LEONARD W - The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century
38439: KOETSER LEONARD - Autumn Exhibition of Flemish, Dutch and Italian Old Masters from Oct 12th to November 30th 1970
39487: COTTRELL LEONARD - Enemy of Rome
30672: BEEGHLEY LEONARD - What Does Your Wife Do ? Gender and the Family Transformation of Family Life
33330: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Bull of Minos
33349: COTTRELL LEONARD - Enemy of Rome
33513: FREEDMAN LEONARD (EDITOR) - Issues of the Seventies
33807: GRIFFITH LEONARD - The Eternal Legacy from an Upper Room the Farewell Discourses in John's Gospel
35741: THOMPSON LEONARD P - Smugglers of the Suffolk Coast
42061: WILKERSON DAVID & RAVENHILL LEONARD - Twelve Angels from Hell
54162: STEIN LEONARD - Weizmann and England Presidental Address to the Jewish Historical Society London 11/11/64
53480: LEAR EDWARD & RUSSELL LEONARD - The Collected Nonsense Songs of Edward Lear
42391: LEVI LEONE - Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes
48119: WAGNER LEOPOLD - Manners, Customs, and Observances Their Origin and Signification
4133: HESS LEOPOLD - Gastronomy and Old Tableware in Switzerland
50352: LEPENIES, WOLF - The Seduction of Culture in German History
49810: LEPSCHY, ANNA-LAURA & GIULIO C. LEPSCHY - The Italian Language Today
49857: LERMAN, ANTONY - The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist a Personal and Political Journey
54703: LERMONTOV, MIKHAIL - A Hero of Our Time
54268: LERMONTOV, MIKHAIL & PAUL FOOTE - A Hero of Our Time
51636: LERNER, MICHAEL G. - Maupassant
55601: LERNER, MICHAEL - Jewish Renewal a Path to Healing and Transformation
35597: THOMPSON LEROY - Ragged War
55496: LESLAU, WOLF - Falasha Anthology Translated from Ethiopic Sources
17460: HOWARTH LESLEY - Maphead 2
20638: GORDON LESLEY - A Pageant of Dolls: An Illustrated History of Dolls Showing National Costumes of Many Lands Forward by James Laver
22499: BLANCH LESLEY - The Wilder Shores of Love
12292: SAUNDERS LESLEY (EDITOR) - Glancing Fires
34838: WEBB LESLEY - Modern Practice in the Infant School
16566: CHARTERIS LESLIE - The Brighter Buccaneer
16567: CHARTERIS LESLIE - The Saint Overboard
28334: FREWIN LESLIE - The Importance of Being Oscar: The Life and Wit of Oscar Wilde
41789: NEWMAN LESLIE A - The Master Enters
32883: STEVENSON LESLIE (EDITOR) - The Study of Human Nature
16115: BEECHING CYRIL LESLIE - A Dictionary of Eponyms
17965: GARDINER LESLIE E - Faces, Figures and Feelings (a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Speaks)
15111: RODGER LESLIE W (EDITOR) - Marketing Concepts and Strategies in the Next Decade
38403: LESLIE C R - Hand Book for Young Painters
20022: HUNTER LESLIE - The Road to Brighton Pier
26945: READ HERBERT AND MARTIN LESLIE (INTRODUCED BY) - Naum Gabo: Constructions, Sculptures, Peinure, Dessins, Gravure
40009: PAUL LESLIE - Heron Lake a Norfolk Year
20035: STEPHEN SIR LESLIE - Hobbes
2850: FREWIN LESLIE (EDITOR) - The Boundary Book a Lord's Taverners' Miscellany of Cricket
45066: CHURCH LESLIE F - Welcome Home a Little Book of Greeting and Thanksgiving
50418: LESLIE R. F. - The Polish Question Poland's Place in Modern History
45271: STEPHEN LESLIE - English Literature and Society in the 18th Century
41766: WEATHERHEAD LESLIE D - The Will of God

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