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38033: LEVITAN, PROFESSOR SAR A. - Work and Welfare Go Together
38101: LEVITAN, PROFESSOR SAR A. - What's Happening to the American Family? Tensions, Hopes, Realities: What's Happening to American Families
39106: LEVITAS, MAURICE - Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Education
44123: LEVY, REV ERNEST - Just One More Dance a Story of Degradation and Fear, Faith of Compassion from a Survivor of the Nazi Death Camps
40594: LEVY H - A Philosophy for a Modern Man
39750: LEVY, M.J. - The Mistresses of King George IV
41501: LEWERY, A.J. - Popular Art Past and Present
44979: LEWIN, RONALD - The Life and Death of the Afrika Korps
28886: LEWIS C S - A Grief Observed
41828: LEWIS C S - Reflections on the Psalms
42975: YABLONSKY LEWIS - George Raft
41645: LEWIS C S - The Problem of Pain
39888: LEWIS, PHILIPPA - Irish Country Life a Photographic Record
38921: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - The Race to Fashoda European Colonialism and African Resistance in Scramble for Africa
16780: CARROLL LEWIS - Alices Adventures in Wonderland (and Through the Lookig-Glass)
40575: LEWIS, PETER M. & CORINNE PEARLMAN - Media and Power a Graphic Guide
3361: GIBBS LEWIS - Sheridan
45106: LEWIS, PETER - God's Honours List Winning Through Life's Challenges
48520: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
39971: HIND C LEWIS - The Consolations of a Critic
46077: LEWIS, BERNARD - From Babel to Dragomans Interpreting the Middle East
19195: LEWIS C S - The Problem of Pain
37766: DAY LEWIS C - Collected Poems 1929-1933 Transitional Poem, from Feathers to Iron, the Magnetic Mountain
3317: WYNDHAM LEWIS D B - The Hooded Hawk or the Case of Mr Boswell
20144: MENPES MORTIMER / HIND C LEWIS - Rembrandt: With an Essay on the Life and Work of Rembrandt
18891: MAY J LEWIS (TRANSLATED BY) - The Unpublished Correspondence of Honore de Balzac and Madame Zulma Carraud 1829-1850 Translated Into English by J Lewis May
4007: MORRIS LEWIS - The Works of Lewis Morris
19748: MELVILLE HELEN AND LEWIS - An Anthology of Humorous Verse from Robert Herrick to Owen Seaman
26314: DAY LEWIS C - Word over All
37579: DAY LEWIS C - Selected Poems
41673: LEWIS, C. S. - The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader"
14278: DAY LEWIS C - Poetry for You
29800: GIBBS LEWIS - Sheridan
8580: DAY LEWIS C (TRANSLATOR) - The Georgics of Virgil a New Translation
49129: MAY LEWIS - Cardinal Newman a Study
25389: DAY LEWIS C - The Whispering Roots
47992: LEWIS C S - Beyond Personality the Christian Idea of God
6783: DAY LEWIS C - The Poetic Image
48694: LEWIS-STEMPEL, JOHN - The Autobiography of the British Soldier from Agincourt to Basra, in His Own Words
12900: LEWIS C S - Perelandra (Voyage to Venus)
35918: LEWIS C S - The Screwtape Letters
43492: LEWIS, NATHAN & ADDISON WIGGIN - Gold the Once and Future Money
10142: DAY LEWIS C - Poetry for You a Book for Boys & Girls on the Enjoyment of Poetry
30146: DAY LEWIS C (EDITOR) - The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen
46903: LEWIS, C. S. - The Screwtape Letters
27033: JOHN PYE /ROGET JOHN LEWIS - Notes and Memoranda Respecting the Liber Studiorum of J M W Turner Written and Collected by John Pye
49259: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
33717: C. S LEWIS - Surprised by Joy
33802: LEWIS C S - Broadcast Talks (Given in 1941 and 1942)
34529: LEWIS M M - Language and the Child
46146: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - The Race to Fashoda
35003: LEWIS C S - Mere Christianity
35395: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
36831: LEWIS, C. S. - Voyage to Venus
37492: DAY LEWIS C - Selected Poems
37510: CAMPBELL LEWIS - Sophocles the Seven Plays in English Verse
3760: LEWIS C S - That Hideous Strength
4123: LEWIS C S - The Horse and His Boy
46907: LEWIS, C. S. - The Pilgrim's Regress
46908: LEWIS C S - Miracles a Preliminary Study
38397: LEWIS, PETER - Motor Racing Through the Fifties
42921: LEWIS, COLIN/SUTHERLAND NEIL - The Bonsai Handbook
46905: LEWIS, C. S. - The Four Loves
46911: LEWIS C S - The Screwtape Letters
48353: MRS LEYEL C. F. (ARRANGED BY) - Culpeper's Enlgish Physician and Complete Herbal
29346: MITCHELL R J AND LEYS M D R - A History of London Life
10623: COHEN WARREN I AND ZHAO LI (EDITORS) - Hong Kong Under Chinese Rule
5672: WESTRUP SIR JACK AND HARRISON F LI - Collins Encyclopedia of Music
28313: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
28222: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
23386: LYNCH LIAM - Shell, Sea Shell
14220: HUDSON LIAM (EDITOR) - The Ecology of Human Intelligence
733: NOLAN LIAM - In and out of the Shadow
26266: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Puritan
261: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
28744: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - Spring Sowing
24907: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - Land
34615: HUDSON LIAM - Frames of Mind
34711: HUDSON LIAM - Contrary Imaginations a Psychological Study of the English Schoolboy
5367: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Pedlar's Revenge and Other Stories.
5746: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Assassin
46729: LIAM, KELLY - Sacraments Revisited What Do They Mean Today?: 14
26391: LIBRARIAN THE - The John Rylands Library Manchester : A Brief Descriptive Account
27067: THE BRITISH LIBRARY - Petrarch: Poet and Humanist 1304-74
42234: THE NAMESAKE LIBRARY - Charles and Anne 2 Volumes in 1
42263: LICHFIELD, PATRICK - Queen Mother the Lichfield Selection
10981: LICHINE'S ALEXIS (IN COLLABORATION WITH WILLIAM FIFIELD) - New Encyclopedia of Wines and Spirits
17689: KELLY LIDA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan: A Life
45053: LIDDY, CHRISTIAN D. - War, Politics and Finance in Late Medieval English Towns Bristol, York and the Crown, 1350-1400
43241: LIEBOWITZ, DANIEL - The Last Expedition Stanley's Fatal Journey Through the Congo
43371: LIEBOWITZ, DANIEL - The Last Expedition Stanley's Fatal Journey Through the Congo
36331: WILSON A W LIEUT - The Story of the Gun
42869: LIEVEN, DOMINIC - Russia's Rulers Under the Old Regime
39871: LIEVEN, D - Russia's Rulers Under the Old Regime
4435: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - The Enchanted World Giants and Ogres
4438: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - The Enchanted World Magical Beasts
4439: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - The Enchanted World Legends of Valour
21551: MOWRER LILIAN T - Journalist's Wife
33614: HOLLAMBY LILIAN - Young Children Living and Learning
30238: FURST LILIAN R - Romanticism the Critical Idiom
47914: GOOCH G P & TEMPERLEY HAROLD& PENSON LILLIAN M - British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914 (Vol VI) the Anglo-German Tension Armaments & Negotiation 1907-12
19184: DAY LILLIAN - Ninon : A Courtesan of Quality
47912: GOOCH G P & TEMPERLEY HAROLD & PENSON LILLIAN M - British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914 (Volume 3) the Testing of the Entente 1904-6
21535: CANDLIN LILLIAN - Tales of Old Sussex
21530: UNIVERSAL LIMITED - 25 Jahre Art Editions: Zeitgenossiche, Amerikanische, Druckgraphik Graphik
28764: YUTANG LIN - With Love and Irony
43699: LIN, YI-MIN - Between Politics and Markets Firms, Competition, and Institutional Change in Post-Mao China
48299: E. F. LINCOLN - The Medieval Legacy
14812: ALLISON LINCOLN - Condition of England : Essays and Impressions
33110: BARNETT LINCOLN - The Universe and Dr Einstein
2243: KELLY LINDA - The Young Romantics Paris 1827-1837
14200: CHRISTMAS LINDA - Chopping Down the Cherry Trees: A Portrait of Britain in the Eighties
22506: GRANT LINDA - When I Lived in Modern Times
11893: CHALLIS LINDA - Organising Public Social Services
29295: MURRAY PETER AND LINDA - A Dictionary of Art and Artists
477: KELLY LINDA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan (a Life) .
21221: ROSENZWEIG LINDA W - The Anchor of My Life: Middle-Class American Mothers and Daughters 1880-1920
33520: BART PAULINE AND FRANKEL LINDA - The Sociologist's Handbook
35424: KELLY LINDA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan a Life
35543: WILLIAMSON LINDA - Contacting the Spirit World
9909: WAGNER-MARTIN LINDA W - Sylvia Plath
28786: LINDSAY A D - The Philosophy of Kant
16005: KIER SIR DAVID LINDSAY - The Constitutional History of Modern Britain Since 1485
12878: GUTTERIDGE LINDSEY - Killer Pine
46110: LINEHAN, PETER - The Ladies of Zamora
46421: LINGARD, JOHN/TRAPPES-LOMAX JOHN - The Letters of Dr John Lingard to Mrs Thomas Lomax (Catholic Record Society Publications)
48658: LINK, MARK - In the Stillness Is the Dancing
27624: LINKS J G - Canaletto Etchings
45193: LINKS, J. G. - The Ruskins in Normandy a Tour in 1848 with Murray's Handbook
30334: LINKS J G - Travellers in Europe Private Records of Journeys by the Great and the Forgotten
47192: LINN, DENNIS - Healing of Memories Prayer and Confession Steps to Inner Healing
17555: LINN DENISE&LINNMEADOW - Quest (Journey to the Centre of Your Soul)
40912: FLETCHER LIONAL B - Life and Conquest
36507: KELLY LIONAL (EDITOR) - Tobias Smollett the Critical Heritage
40600: CUST SIR LIONAL - King Edward VII and His Court Some Reminiscences
13460: TRILLING LIONAL - The Middle of the Journey
41887: FLETCHER LIONAL B - The Pathway to the Stars
24836: YEATS W B AND JOHNSON LIONEL - Poetry and Ireland: Essays
41503: FLETCHER LIONEL B - After Conversation -What?
41094: EDMUNDS LIONEL - Sunday by Sunday a Year's Sermons Preached in a Northern Church
14304: LEWIS LIONEL S - Scaling the Ivory Tower: Merits and Its Limits in Academic Careers
21326: CUST SIR LIONEL - The Cenci: A Study in Murder the Story of Beatrice Cenci
37184: PAGET MAJOR GUY & IRVINE LIONEL (WRITTEN AND EDITED BY) - The Flying Parson and Dick Christian
7897: MADDEN LIONEL (EDITOR) - Robert Southey: The Critical Heritage
31888: LIPSON E - The Growth of English Society a Short Economic History
15908: LIPSON E - The Economic History of England (Vol 1 the Middle Ages) Vol 1 Only
35172: WHITELAW LIS - The Life & Rebellious of Cicely Hamilton Actress, Writer, Suffragist
16205: TUTTLE LISA - A Spaceship Built of Stone
21589: SERGIO LISA - I Am My Beloved the Life of Anita Garbaldi
30929: APPINGNANESI LISA (EDITOR) - Ideas from France the Legacy of French Theory Ica Documents
39642: SHERIDAN LISA - From Cabbages to Kings the Autobiography of Lisa Sheridan
48920: ST.THERESE OF LISIEUX, - Thoughtsof Saint Therese
48467: LISTENERS, TWO - God at Eventide
39416: LITTLE, ROGER - The Shaping of Modern French Poetry Reflections on Unrhymed Poetic Form, 1840-1990
10116: LITTLEJOHNS J - British Water-Colour Painting and Painters of to-Day
15435: LITTLEWOOD S R - Dramatic Criticism Foreword by Sir Barry Jackson
48478: LITURGY - Kyriale Seu Ordinarium Missae Juxta Editionem Vaticanam
48941: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ENGLISH IN THE LITURGY - A Tradition of Prayer an Icel Collection
46802: COMMISSION FOR THE IMPLEMENATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY - Lectionary for Weekdays Using the Standred Version of Scripture
40353: LITVINOFF, BARNET - Weizmann Last of the Patriarchs
47263: LIVINGSTON K. T. - The Emergence of an Australian Catholic Priesthood 1835-1915
48688: LIVINGSTONE, TESS - George Pell
2479: LIVINGSTONE R W (EDITOR) - The Pageant of Greece
31327: LIVINGSTONE I (EDITOR) - Economic Policy for Development
18527: LIVINGSTONE E A (EDITED BY) - Studia Biblica (III Papers on Paul and Other New Testament Authors) Sixth International Congress on Biblical Studies Oxford 3-7 April 1978.
2203: LIVINGSTONE R W (EDITOR) - The Pageant of Greece
7486: LIVINGTON R W - The Greek Genius and Its Meaning to Us
10677: HODGKINSON LIZ - Psychic Counselling
38303: LLEWELLYN H M - Foxhunter in Pictures
49077: LLEWELYN, ROBERT - Love Bade Me Welcome
47875: LLOYD-JONES HUGH, PEARL VALERIE & WORDEN BLAIR (EDITORS) - History and Imagination Essays in Honour of H.R. Trevor-Roper
24278: PRAEGER ROBERT LLOYD - The Botanist in Ireland
15767: ST. ALCORN LLOYD - On the Shoulders of Giants
2715: MORRIS LLOYD - The Rebellious Puritan Portrait of Mr Hawthorne
9816: LLOYD COLIN, JOHNSON JEF, GRIMES KEITH - London Coach Handbook
45780: LLOYD, ALAN - Destroy Carthage the Death Throes of an Ancient Culture
46150: LLOYD, HUMPHREY - Quaker Lloyds in the Industrial Revolution
21792: BROWN LLOYD W - Duppies
6425: FRANKENBERG LLOYD - James Stephens : A Selection Preface by Padraic Colum
7709: LLOYD T O - Empire to Welfare State 1906-1976 English History 1906-1976
40719: LLOYD, TREVOR - Empire a History of the British Empire
42935: LOADES, D.M. - Essays in European History, 1453-1648
45823: LOADES, DAVID - Mary Rose Tudor Princess, Queen of France, the Life of Henry VIII' Sister
48718: LOARTE J A - Like Salt and Like Light an Anthology of Texts from the Pastoral Work of Alvaro Del Portillo
47558: LOCHHART J G - Cosmo Gordon Lang
48526: LOCHRAN, JOHN - The Miracle of Lourdes a Message of Healing and Hope
43278: LOCK, RON - Zulu Conquered the March of the Red Soldiers 1828-1884
42865: LOCK, IMOGEN - Travels with the Prince Paintings and Drawings Selected by H.R. H. The Prince of Wales
43200: LOCK, RON & PETER QUANTRILL - Zulu Victory the Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-Up
43743: LOCKE, DON C. - Fantasy of Reason Life and Thought of William Godwin
43524: R. H. BRUCE LOCKHART - Memoirs of a British Agent
35635: LOCKHART G W - The Scots and Their Oats
6525: LOCKINGTON W. J. (S. J. ) - The Soul of Ireland
40529: HUNTLEY LOCKWOOD - The Yorkshire Percies
45544: LODGE, DAVID - Language of Fiction, the Essays in Criticism and Verbal Analysis of the English Novel
6178: STRACHEY J ST. LOE - The Madonna of the Barricades
9378: STRACHEY J ST LOE (EDITOR) - Beaumont and Fletcher (2 Vols)
1320: LOEWENSTEIN F E - The Rehearsal Copies of Bernard Shaws Plays
21556: ROBERTSON J LOGIE (EDITED BY) - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
42058: LONEGREN, SIG - Spiritual Dowsing
14896: LONG J. C. - George 111
46436: LONGENECKER, DWIGHT & CYPRIAN BLAMIRES - The Path to Rome Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church
49108: LONGENECKER, DWIGHT - Listen My Son St. Benedict for Fathers
21722: LONGFELLOW H W - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
21267: LONGFELLOW H W - The Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
14025: LONGFELLOW - The Poetical Works of Longfellow
33940: LONGFELLOW W. H. - Poetical Works
23411: THE EARL OF LONGFORD - More Poems from the Irish
25002: THE EARL OF LONGFORD - More Poems from the Irish
36944: LONGFORD, FRANK PAKENHAM,EARL OF - Avowed Intent Autobiography of Lord Longford
40501: ARISTOTLE HORACE LONGINUS - Classical Literary Criticism
48846: LONGLEY, KATHARINE - Saint Margaret Clitherow
48227: LONGLEY, CLIFFORD - The Worlock Archive Including His Secret Diaries If Vatican II
39744: LOOMIS, STANLEY - Fatal Friendship Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen and the Flight to Varennes
40189: LOPEZ, ENRIQUE HANK - Conversations with Katherine Anne Porter
34563: LORCA F G - Three Tragedies : Blood Wedding, Yerma , the House of Bernarda Alba
29120: GOODMAN LORD - Not for the Record Selected Speeches and Writings
10941: ZUCKERMAN LORD - Six Men out of the Ordinary
46232: STRANG LORD - Home and Abroad
47788: VANSITTART LORD - Lessons of My Life
38452: LYTTON LORD - The Last Days of Pompeii
46212: CHANDOS LORD - The Memoirs of Lord Chandos Oliver Lyttelton Viscount Chandos
46130: NEWTON LORD - Lord Lyons (2 Volumes) a Record in British Diplomacy
19197: MACAULAY LORD - Warren Hastings
14560: LIVERPOOL LORD - A Collection of Treaties (3 Volumes)
1792: MACLEAN LORD (FOREWARD) - Tales from Scottish Lairds
29303: BRYRON LORD - The Consair a Tale
21427: LYTTON LORD - The Last of the Barons
21183: FRANCIS BACON: VERULAM LORD - The Essayes or Counsels CIVILL & Morall of Francis Bacon
22932: ROSEBERY LORD - Chatham His Early Life and Connections
2497: TENNYSON ALFRED LORD - The Death of Oenone, Akbar's Dream and Other Poems
46156: HARDINGE OF PENSHURST LORD - Old Diplomacy the Reminiscences of Lord Hardinge
24150: DUNSANY LORD - The Donnellan Lectures 1943 Delivered at Trinity College Dublin
25869: BIRKENHEAD LORD (COMPILED AND INTRODUCED BY) - John Betjeman's Collected Poems
28797: BRAYBROOKE LORD (EDITOR) - The Diary of Samuel Pepys Esq from 1659-1669 with Memoir
14979: TWEEDSMUIR LORD - Hudsons Bay Trader
14083: WINDLESHAM LORD - Broadcasting in a Free Society
3146: LYTTON LORD - Walpole or Every Man Has His Price a Comedy in Rhyme
30087: SNOWDON LORD - Stills 1984-1987
12203: CARVER LORD - The Boer War (the National Army Museum Book)
11642: MOUNTEVANS ADMIRAL LORD - South with Scott
11031: ELTON LORD - General Gordon
23453: DUNSANY LORD - Alexander and Three Small Plays
23468: DUNSANY LORD - Guerrilla
48408: TENNYSON ALFRED LORD - Idylls of the King in Twelve Books
17349: LONGFORD LORD - Avowed Intent : An Autobiography
13972: LYTTON LORD - Rienzi : The Last of the Tribunes
20036: ROSEBERY LORD - Pitt
23959: DUNSANY LORD - The Year: A Meditative-Descriptive Poem of the Irish Countryside and of Irish "Neutrality" During the War
21968: BEAVERBROOK LORD - Don't Trust to Luck
30086: SNOWDON LORD - Snowdon on Stage a Personal View of the British Theatre Introduction by Simon Callow
2699: CHANDOS LORD - From Peace to War a Study in Conflict 1857-1918
21588: ROSEBERRY LORD - Chatham: His Early Life and Connections
34631: ROSEBERY LORD - Napoleon the Last Phase
35591: HILL-NORTON LORD - Sea Power
36009: NORMANBROOK RT HON LORD - The Functions of the Bbc's Governors Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures
37073: DOWNSHIRE LORD - A Proposal for a Union of Ireland and Britain (1751) with Extracts from J a Froude's the English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century
4504: HOUGHTON LORD - Monographs
4642: ELTON LORD - Imperial Commonwealth
5528: HOLDEN LORD - Purgatory Revisited a Victorian Parady
5578: HARTWELL LORD - William Camrose: Giant of Fleet Street
5862: MONTAGU LORD (OF BEAULIEU) - More Equal Than Others the Changing Fortunes of the British and European Aristocracies
7018: HOME LORD - The Way the Wind Blows an Autobiography
9170: BOOTHBY LORD - My Yesterday, Your Tomorrow
9489: KINROSS LORD - The Innocents at Home
47828: BEAVERBROOK LORD - Men and Power 1917-1918
40626: HAILSHAM LORD - Door Wherein I Went
39896: ECCLES LORD - Life and Politics a Moral Diagnosis
42643: MOZART WOLFGANG AMADEUS/DA PONTE LORENZO - Le Nozze Di Figaro (the Marriage of Figaro) Italian-English
46345: LORET, PIERRE - Story of the Mass M. Zimmerman: From the Last Supper to the Present Day
15043: HOLZ LORETTA - Teach Yourself Embriodery
42136: BATTEN LORING W - The Hebrew Prophet
2247: SIGGINS LORNA - The Woman Who Took Power in the Park Mary Robinson , President of Ireland 1990-1997
22969: O'DRISCOLL ROBERT AND REYNOLDS LORNA (EDITORS) - The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada (2 Volumes)
27509: BRIEGER-WASSERVOGEL LOTHAR - Francisco de Goya
20229: MOTLEY JOHN LOTHROP - The Rise of the Dutch Republic a History in 3 Volumes
25420: LOTHROP S K - Treasures of Ancient America: The Arts of the Pre-Columbian Civilizations from Mexico to Peru
35814: MOTLEY JOHN LOTHROP - The Rise of the Dutch Republic
24905: KOHFELDT MARY LOU - Lady Gregory: The Woman Behind the Irish Renaissance
39184: JACKSON MAJOR-GENERAL SIR LOUIS C - History of the United Service Club
13859: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Virginibus Puerisque and Other Papers
42281: LEVY LOUIS - France Is a Democracy
166: MARLOW LOUIS - Sackville of Drayton
16964: SWIFT JONATHAN/ LANDA LOUIS A (EDITED BY) - Gulliver's Travels
10414: FISCHER LOUIS - The Life and Death of Stalin
15483: HORROWITZ IRVING LOUIS - War and Peace in Contemporary Social and Philosophical Theory
33282: ALLEN LOUIS - Japan: The Years of Triumph from Feudal Isolation to Pacific Empire
32673: HOROWITZ LOUIS (EDITOR) - The New Sociology Essays in Social Science and Theory on Honour of C Wright Mills
31788: HOROWITZ IRVING LOUIS - War and Peace in Contemporary Social and Philosophical Theory
26581: FERRIER JEAN-LOUIS (SOUS LA DIRECTION DE) - L'Aventure de L'Art Au Xxe Siecle
14532: SIMPSON LOUIS - A Revolution in Taste
46552: MONDEN LOUIS - Sin, Liberty and Law
23271: MACNIECE LOUIS - Astrology
40217: SEGAL LOUIS - The Conquest of the Artic
2578: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Memories and Portraits
49165: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Essays in the Art of Writing
14916: PARRISH LOUIS - No Pause at All : Living Through the Middle Years- a Guide to the Male and Female Climacteric)
14393: KRONENBERGER LOUIS - The Extraordinary Mr Wilkes : His Life and Times
13848: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables
13850: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Memories and Portraits
13860: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Familiar Studies of Men and Books
13856: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson
5925: LEGOUIS EMILE AND CAZAMIAN LOUIS - A History of English Literature the Middle Ages (650-1660) and Modern Times (1660-1947)
38069: SNYDER LOUIS L - The World in the Twentieth Century
24019: GOLDING LOUIS - James Joyce
2414: WRIGHT LOUIS B - Culture on the Moving Frontier
23133: MACNEICE LOUIS - Springboard Poems 1941-1944
33838: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - An Island Voyage
34734: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Memories and Portraits
34744: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - Essays on Travel
36648: BARNIER LOUIS (TEXT BY) - Chaval Graveur Phantasmes
36649: BARNIER LOUIS (TEXT BY) - Du Bon Usage Du Depot de Marque 1890-1903
8821: MACNEICE LOUIS - Out of the Picture a Play in Two Acts
9009: UNTERMEYER LOUIS - Heinrich Heine Paradox and Poet the Life
9561: BROMFIELD LOUIS - Pleasant Valley
18: BARNETT LOUISE K - Swift's Poetic Worlds
32261: DICKINSON RICH LOUISE - We Took to the Woods
31063: HAMMER LOUISE Z - Value and Man Readings in Philosophy
21041: BRUCE MARIE LOUISE - The Making of Henry VIII
21746: ERDRICH LOUISE - Jacklight Poems
30152: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall Edited by Richard Garnett
39022: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey
39023: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - The Misfortunes of Elphin and Crotchet Castle
35532: LOVELL K - Educational Psychology and Children
42377: LOVELL, JAMES BLAIR - Anastasia the Lost Princess
32225: LOW W H - The English Language Its History and Structure
31885: BRYAN WILLIAM LOWE - Wars of Families of Minds
46018: LOWE, C.J. - Salisbury and the Mediterranean, 1886-96
39624: LOWE, ALFONSO - Barrier and the Bridge Historic Sicily
45181: LOWE, JACQUES - Incredible Music Machine
5297: DICKINSON G LOWES - Justice and Liberty a Political Dialogue
33715: DICKINSON G. LOWES - Plato and His Dialogues
42842: MERLIN SCOTT ASSOCIATES LTD - Industry Report -Bookshops (Report 00-552) October 2000 Edition
46139: LUBENOW, W.C. - Politics of Government Growth Early Victorian Attitudes Towards State Intervention
46375: LUBICH, CHIARA/POCHET MICHEL - Stars and Tears a Conversation with Chiara Lubich
27600: BENOIST LUC ET AL (TEXT BY) - Les Peintres de Fetes Galantes le Portrait Et le Paysage XVIII Siecle
47502: GROLLENBERG LUC H - Shorter Atlas of the Bible
36537: BARONI JEAN-LUC - Colnaghi Master Drawings
36538: BARONI JEAN-LUC - Colnaghi Old Master Drawings
46965: DE LUCA, GIUSEPPE - Altar, Gift and Gospel
49257: LUCAS, J. R. - Freedom and Grace Essays
22533: LUCAS E V - A Wanderer in London
38942: LUCAS E V - Over Bemerton's an Easy-Going Chronicle
45266: LUCAS C B - Letters of Horace Walpole
20224: LUCAS E V (EDITED BY) - William Cowper's Letters a Selection
14033: LUCAS E V (EDITOR) - William Cowpers Letters: A Selection
25864: LUCAS E V - Highways and Byways in Sussex
11652: LUCAS F L - Literature and Psychology
41725: COLLINS REV W LUCAS - Butler
6327: LUCAS F L - The Decline and Fall of the Romantic Ideal
25446: SALMORAL MANUEL LUCENA - Amerika 1492 Portrat Eines Kontinents Vor 500 Jahren
27311: BERTI LUCIANO (DIRECTOR) - The Uffizi
27310: BERTI LUCIANO (DIRECTOR) - The Uffizi
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46616: MALONEY, GEORGE A. - First Day of Eternity Resurrection Now
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21084: CROSLAND MARGARET - Women of Iron and Velvet: And the Books They Wrote in France
20927: PAULIN DOROTHY MARGARET - Country Gold and Other Poems
16479: MCCAFFREY ANNE AND BALL MARGARET - Partnership (the Ship Who Sang Is Not Alone)
22253: LEECH MARGARET - Reveille in Washington 1860-1865
10821: MEAD MARGARET - New Lives for Old
15925: POWELL MARGARET - Margaret Powell's London Season
15706: LANE MARGARET - A Smell of Burning
15592: WEBSTER MARGARET - The Same Only Different Five Generations of a Theatre Family
13786: MEAD MARGARET - Growing Up in New Guinea
12064: COLE MARGARET - Beatrice Webb
11671: WATT MARGARET H - The History of the Parson's Wife
11353: WYNN MARGARET - Family Policy
9442: MURRAY MARGARET A - The Splendour That Was Egypt a General Survey of Egyptian Culture and Civilisation
48064: TROUNCER MARGARET - The Gentleman Saint St Francois de Sales and His Times 1567-1622
2540: ASTON MARGARET - The Fifteenth Century (the Prospect of Europe)
38905: BAINBRIDGE MARGARET - Turkic Peoples of the World
35906: BAKER MARGARET - Discovering the Folklore and Customs of Love and Marriage
5266: DRABBLE MARGARET - The Radiant Way
39187: CROSLAND MARGARET - Louis of Stolberg Countess of Albany
42926: THURMOND MARGARET E - Neurotic Trends of Sir Willoughby an Analysis of George Meredith's Characterization in the Egoist
40592: CROSLAND MARGARET - Louise of Stolberg Countess of Albany
15400: FORSTER MARGARET - Hidden Lives (a Family Memoir)
17065: CROSLAND MARGARET - Colette the Difficulty of Loving a Biography by Margaret Crosland
146: MULVIHILL MARGARET - Low Overheads
21900: SCHLAUCH MARGARET - Modern English and American Poetry: Techniques and Ideologies Techniques and Ideologies
34498: COX MARGARET (COMPILED BY) - The Challenge of Reading Failure
34811: CLARK MARGARET M - Reading Difficulties in Schools
34815: KNIGHT MARGARET (EDITED) - William James a Selection from His Writings on Psychology
34846: CLARK MARGARET M - Reading Difficulties in School
35248: LEECH MARGARET - Reveille in Washington 1860-1865
4709: LESSER MARGARET - Clarkey a Portrait of Mary Clarke Mohl 1793-1883
7084: THATCHER MARGARET - The Downing Street Years 1979 -1990
7829: BABINGTON MARGARET - The Romance of Canterbury Cathedral
8040: FARRAND THORP MARGARET - America at the Movies
48306: TABOR MARGARET E. - The City Churches a Short Guide with Illustrations & Maps
28632: MORGAN MARGERY (COMPLIER) - File on Wilde
37530: ALLINGHAM MARGERY - Coroner's Pidgin
6386: FISHER MARGERY - Intent Upon Reading a Critical Appraisal of Modern Fiction for Children
48146: WEINER MARGERY - Matters of Felony a Reconstruction
47634: PURVER MARGERY - The Royal Society : Concept and Creation
15026: LASKI MARGHANITA - From Palm to Pine : Rudyard Kipling Abroad and at Home
48187: GUARDUCCI MARGHERITA - The Tomb of St. Peter the New Discoveries in the Sacred Grottoes of the Vatican
40670: HEINEMANN MARGOT - Wages Front
6972: FONTEYN MARGOT - Autobiography of Margot Fonteyn
21606: FONTEYN MARGOT - The Magic of Dance
22275: ASQUITH MARGOT - The Autobiography of Margot Asquith
584: PETERS MARGOT - Bernard Shaw and the Actresses
38597: STEEN MARGUERITE - The Swan
14061: KAY MARGUERITE - Bruegel
46789: VALTORTA MARIA - Autobiography Translated from the Italian by David G Murray
43468: LEACH MARIA - Cutting Remarks a Miscellany of Quotations from Life and Literature
25215: EDGEWORTH MARIA - Rosamond & Godfrey to-Morrow and out of Debt out of Danger
35339: HAMILTON MALCOLM AND HIRSZOWICZ MARIA - Class and Inequality Comparative Perspectives
34700: PETRI MARIA - Art and Regeneration
4091: FRANZERO CARLO MARIA - A Life in Exile Ugo Foscolo in London 1816-1827
27137: KAUFMANN CARLO MARIA - Manuale Di Archaeologia Cristina
7167: EDGEWORTH MARIA - Patronage Concluded,Comic Dramas , Leonora with Letters
22860: WEBB MARIA - The Penns and Peningtons of Seventeenth Century Also Notices of Their Friend Thomas Ellwood
28142: EDGEWORTH MARIA - The Birth-Day Present and Other Tales Contains the Birth-Day Present, the Little Merchants, and the Orange Man or the Honest Boy and the Thief
39505: HADJISAVVA MARIA - The Tombs of the Kings a Colour Guide with an Introduction to Ancient Paphos
34018: HUBERT MARIA (COMPILED BY) - The Great British Christmas
4621: EDGEWORTH MARIA - Ormond
9859: AITKEN MARIA - "a Girdle Round the Earth" Women Travellers and Adventurers
20645: KLAMKIN MARIAN - The Collector's Book of Boxes
12447: BABSON MARIAN - Bejewelled Death
10896: KLAMKIN MARIAN - The Return of Lafayette 1824-1825
10591: YOUNG MICHAEL AND RIGG MARIANNE - Revolution from Within Co-Operatives and Co-Operation in British Industry
16028: GRAY MARIANNE - Depardieu
33496: VAN DEN WIJNGAARD MARIANNE - Reinventing the Sexes
37903: PETERSEN MARIE - Irrlichter
12190: SCHEIKEVITCH MARIE - Time Past: Memories of Proust and Others
47553: PERRIN JOSEPH-MARIE - Secular Institutes Consecration to God and Life in the World
5293: SCHEIKEVITCH MARIE - Time Past Memories of Proust and Others
42282: SYRKIN MARIE - Golda Meir Woman with a Cause
31998: BOAS MARIE - The Scientific Renaissance 1450-1630 the Rise of Modern Science
33333: VILLEFRANCHE ANN-MARIE - Folies D'Amour an Erotic Memoir of Paris in the 1920s
34524: PEEL MARIE - Seeing to the Heart English and Imagination in Junior School
35751: CLAYTON MARIE - Marilyn Monroe Unseen Archives
6376: LEACH MARIE (EDITOR) - The Importance of Being a Wit the Insults of Oscar Wilde
48535: DE MONTFORD ST LOUIS-MARIE - Treatise on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
45285: HUGO VICTOR-MARIE - "Chopin's Piano"and Other European Romantic Poems Reprinted from Comparative Criticism
14271: FRENCH MARILYN - A Season in Hell: A Memoir
11227: CONOVER BARKER MARILYN - The Legacy of Mormon Furniture
21341: PETERSON JOYCE AND MERCER MARILYN - Adultery for Adults: An Unique Guide to Self-Development
33499: THOMAS-HOUSTON MARILYN M - "Stony the Road" to Change Black Mississippians and Culture of Social Relations
36139: ANDERSON JAMES AND RICCI MARILYN (EDITORS) - Society Social Science a Reader (2nd)
18275: BOWATER MARINA (INTRODUCED BY) - Decorative Art of Russia
42885: WARNER MARINA - The Dragon Empress Life and Times of Tz'u-Hsi 1835-1908 Empress Dowager of China
27929: GERE CHARLOTTE AND VAIZEY MARINA - Great Women Collectors
27805: AMAYA MARIO (CURATOR) - Drawings in the Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario
36543: BUSSAGLI MARIO - Indian Miniatures
26997: FERRIGNI MARIO - Madonne Fiorentine
10914: BERGHAHN MARION - Continental Britons Germam-Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany
38298: CRAN MRS MARION - The Garden of Experience
23854: CRAWFORD F MARION - Ave. Roma. Immortals Studies from the Chronicles of Rome
1705: GIBBS MARION - Feudal Order
21471: STARKEY MARION L - The Cherokee Nation
2588: CLAWSON MARION - Man and Land in the United States
39458: BLEGEN CARL W AND RAWSON MARION - A Guide to the Palace of Nestor
38296: CRAN MARION - Wind-Harps
38940: CRAWFORD FRANCIS MARION - Ave Roma Immortalis (2 Volumes) Tudies from the Chronicles of Rome
38297: CRAN MRS MARION - The Garden of Ignorance the Experiences of a Woman in a Garden
36143: CAMPBELL MARION - Argyll the Enduring Heartland
7543: LOCHHEAD MARION - The Battle of the Birds and Other Celtic Tales
9070: NIXON MARION (SELECTOR) - The G B S Calendar
9901: REID MARION - A Plea for Woman
33319: QUERLIN MARISE - Women without Men
47978: MARIVOET, CAMILO - Liturgy Alive Models of Celebration for Sundays
16563: BOWEN MARJORIE - Mary Queen of Scots
36189: SCALES MARJORIE - An Alchemist's Dream the Story of A.M. Bickford and Sons
11839: WARD MARJORIE - The Blessed Trade
5121: BOWEN MARJORIE - Patriotic Lady a Study of Emma, Lady Hamilton and the Neapolitan Revolution of 1799
15928: QUENNELL MARJORIE AND C H B - Everyday Things in Ancient Greece Revised by Kathleen Freeman
34692: BLOUGH GLENN O AND CAMPBELL MARJORIE H - Making and Using Classroom Science Materials in the Elementary School
30261: REEVES MARJORIE - Sheep Bell and Ploughshare the Story of Two Village Families
34768: WILLE MARJORIE - Patterns in the Garden
5525: BROUGHALL MARJORIE S - Pastel for Eliza
8688: HONEYBOURNE MARJORIE B - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
9025: HONEYBOURNE MARJORIE B (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
41864: WRIGHT MARJORY B - The Hands of Jesus and Other Lessons a Lent Course for Children
37552: HERBER MARK D - Clandestine Marriages in the Chapel and Rules of the Fleet Prison 1680-1754 Vol. 2: Transcripts of Registers at the Public Record Office : Piece... 1728 and 1730
16596: REYNOLDS MARK - Earth Unaware (Original Title: Of Godlike Power)
29967: NICHOLLS MARK - The Importance of Being Oscar
39815: KERR ADMIRAL MARK (PREFACE BY) - A King's Private Letters Being Letters Written by King Constantine of Greece to Paola Princess of Saxe-Weimar During the Years 1912 to 1923
10891: MCCORMACK MARK H - The Terrible Truth About Lawyers
1301: STOREY MARK (EDITOR) - Poetry and Ireland Since 1800 (a Source Book)
33392: ARNOLD-FOSTER MARK - The World at War
17511: MCCORMACK MARK H - Hit the Ground Running : The Insider's Guide to Executive Travel
18508: SPILKA MARK - Renewing the Normative D H Lawrence (a Personal Progress)
14185: GERZON MARK - The Whole World Is Watching: A Young Man Looks at Youth's Dissent
10869: BENCH-JONES MARK - Clive of India
21153: HENNIKER MARK - An Image of War
17295: BRYANT MARK (EDITED BY) - God's Little Acre (Clerical Tales of the Countryside)
23899: O'BYRNE REV MARK - Thundher an' Turf
21317: WILLIAMS MARK - Captain Gilbert Roberts R.N. And the Anti-U-Boat School
31003: STEFIK MARK - Internet Dreams Archetypes, Myths, and Metaphors Foreword by Vinton Cerf
33524: KANN MARK E (EDITOR) - The Future of American Democracy Views from the Left
3782: MCCORMACK MARK H - Mark H Mccormack on Managing
45269: SCHORER MARK (EDITOR) - Modern British Fiction
8428: TWAIN MARK - A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur
39571: MARKMAN, STEPHANIE - The Rime of the Ancient Feminist
12141: MARKOV P A - The Soviet Theatre
40571: MARKS, ALFRED - I'Ve Taken a Page in the Bible a Medley of Jewish Humour
39969: MARKS, RICHARD - Burrell Portrait of a Collector Sir William Burrell 1861-1958
43603: RENVALL MARKUS ET AL - Rohto Straight on Medicine Art Art for Young Men
37746: MARMOR, THEODORE R. (EDITOR) - Poverty Policy a Compendium of Cash Transfer Proposals
36941: MARNHAM, PATRICK - "Private Eye" Story the First Twenty-One Years
48685: MAROSI, DERCSENYI AND MAROSI ERNO - Churches in Hungary
16632: MARQUAND H A (AND OTHERS) - Organised Labour in Four Continents
41236: CUNLIFFE-OWEN MARQUERITE - A Keystone of Empire Francis Joseph of Austria
47902: ZETLAND THE MARQUESS OF - Lord Cromer
7824: MARR J E - The Principles of Stratigraphical Geology
46365: MARREVEE, WILLIAM - The Popular Guide to the Mass
14899: MARRIOTT J W - The Theatre
25769: MARRIOTT J W - The Theatre
46041: MARRIOTT J A R - The Eastern Question an Historical Study in European Diplomacy
39985: MARRIOTT J A R - The Life and Times of Lucius Cary Viscount Falkland
39462: MARSDEN, PETER - Roman London
40817: MARSDEN, GRAHAM & BRIAN FURZER & JOHN DARLING - The Complete Fisherman
46134: MARSDEN, ARTHUR - British Diplomacy and Tunis, 1875-1902 a Case Study in Mediterranean Policy
48804: MARSDEN, JOHN - The Fury of the Northmen Saints, Shrines and Sea-Raiders in the Viking Age Ad 793-878
47867: MARSH, PETER - The Conscience of the Victorian State
46927: MARSH, JOHN - Amos and Micah
42343: MARSH, DAVE/SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE - Glory Days Bruce Springsteen in the 1980's
46568: MARSH, WILLIAM PARKER & CHRISTOPHER BAMFORD - Celtic Christianity Ecology and Holiness
33404: BENNETT D C T AIR VICE-MARSHAL - Pathfinder a War Autobiography
35491: DUDGEON TONY AIR VICE-MARSHAL - Wings over North Africa a Wartime Odyssey , 1940 to 1943
48931: MARSHALL, H. E. - Our Island Story a History of England for Boys and Girls
40269: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Elizabeth I
48091: MARSHALL W. A. L. - A Century of London Weather
4057: THOMAS ELIZABETH MARSHALL - The Tribe of the Tiger Cats and Their Culture
40725: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K - Henrietta Maria the Intrepid Queen
5148: MONTGOMERY MARSHALL - Studies in the Age of Goethe
42872: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Bonnie Prince Charlie
21977: MONTGOMERY FIELD MARSHALL - Three Continents: An Account of Travels in Asia, America and Africa
33472: MARINKER MARSHALL (EDITOR) - Controversies in Health Care Policies Challange to Practice
36666: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Virgins and Viragos a History of Women in Scotland from 1080-1980
9905: OLDFIELD R AND MARSHALL J C (EDITORS) - Language Selected Readings
41559: MARTEAU, LOUIS - Words of Counsel and the Paradox of Life
47784: MARTEL, GORDON - "Origins of the Second World War" Reconsidered A.J. P. Taylor Debate After Twenty Five Years
46033: MARTEL, GORDON - Imperial Diplomacy Rosebery and the Failure of Foreign Policy
11088: JULIAN MARTEN - Dark Horses Annual 1985
13365: ALBRAND MARTHA - The Mask of Alexander
46287: MARTHALER, BERARD L. - Introducing the Catechism of the Catholic Church
28841: WALLACE MARTIN - A Short History of Ireland
47259: SHANNON MARTIN (COMPILER) - Ballads from the Jails and Streets of Ireland
1160: SOMERVILLE E AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R M
38170: MARTIN, DIANA & LYNN HALLER - Street Smart Design
43012: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Experiences of an Irish R M
38685: PEDERSEN B MARTIN - Graphis Typography 1
38167: MARTIN, DIANE - Graphic Design Inspirations and Innovations
42221: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Experiences of an Irish R M
38837: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Outlines of an Attempt to Establish a Knowledge of Extraneous Fossils on Scientific Principles
38089: MARTIN, DAVID (EDITOR) - Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain
28406: MOODY T W AND MARTIN F X - The Course of Irish History
30545: SHAW MARTIN - Marxism and Social Science the Roots of Social Knowledge
17637: CORNER MARTIN (INTRODUCED BY) - The Works of Matthew Arnold
10883: BOYD MARTIN - The Cardboard Crown
42540: MARTIN, AUGUSTINE & ANTHONY ROCHE - Bearing Witness Essays on Anglo-Irish Literature
37648: SLAVIN MARTIN (EDITOR) - Ten 8 Photographic Magazine No 19 Famine and Photojournalism
44922: BAX MARTIN - Ambit135
32905: COHEN MARTIN - 101 Philosophy Problems
10860: WILLIAMS MARTIN - Hidden in Plain Sight an Examination of the American Arts
32606: GARDNER MARTIN - The Ambidextrous Universe
23141: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Dan Russel the Fox : An Episode in the Life of Miss Rowan
32011: FAGIN LEONARD AND LITTLE MARTIN - The Forsaken Families
31725: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITED) - The Light of Reason Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
31905: BULMER MARTIN (EDITOR) - Working-Class Images of Society
31591: JOHNSON MARTIN - Science and the Meaning of Truth
13325: TROPP MARTIN - Mary Shelley's Monster: The Story of Frankestein
31673: GOLDING MARTIN P - Philosophy of Law
31676: GARDNER MARTIN (EDITOR) - Great Essays in Science
31255: MARTIN R M - Belief Existence and Meaning
18493: BUTLIN MARTIN - Turner Later Works
31392: DAVIES MARTIN - The Essential Social Worker a Guide to Positive Practice
20320: WALLACE MARTIN - British Government in Northern Ireland: From Devolution to Direct Rule
15257: RYLE MARTIN - By Bicycle in Ireland : A Personal Guide to the Landscapes of the Irish Republic
28445: SOMERVILLE OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R M
17846: MIDDLEBROOK MARTIN - The Kaiser's Battle
20744: BLUMESON MARTIN - Patton the Man Behind the Legend,1885-1945
18929: EIDELBERG MARTIN (EDITED BY) - From Our Native Clay: Art Pottery from the Collections of the American Ceramic Arts Society
26780: ROBINSON JOHN MARTIN - Spencer House
21241: DILLON MARTIN - God and the Gun the Church and Irish Terrorism
19439: GARDNER MARTIN - More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions
23609: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Notions in Garrison
43513: MARTIN, DAVID G. - Gettysburg July 1
15612: LEIGHTON MARTIN - Men at Work
32470: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Light of Reason Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
5115: HARDIE MARTIN - Prehellenic Architecture in the Aegean
14469: MARTIN E W - The Secret People : Village Life After 1750
11468: DAVIES MARTIN - Prisoners of Society: Attitudes and After-Care
11692: LIPSET SEYMOUR MARTIN - Rebellion in the University
26209: DILLON MARTIN - Killer in Clowntown : Joe Doherty, the Ira and the Special Relationship
39672: HARDIE MARTIN - Charles Meryon and His Eaux-Fortes Sur Paris Being a Lecture Delivered to the Print Collectors Club Thursday 11/3/1931
23536: FIDO MARTIN - Oscar Wilde: The Dramatic Life and Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde
24018: FLETCHER MARTIN - Silver Linings: Travels Around Northern Ireland
24185: WALLACE MARTIN - Drums and Guns Revolution in Ulster
42531: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - The Big House of Inver
28068: WALLACE MARTIN - The Irish: How They Live and Work
24899: FIDO MARTIN - Oscar Wilde: The Dramatic Life and Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde
24912: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.
24914: SOMERVILLE E OE AND ROSS MARTIN - Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.
12302: HANSEN MARTIN A - The Liar
43302: MIDDLEBROOK MARTIN - The Kaiser's Battle
30164: SCOTT MARTIN - Time Management
27589: BRIGGS MARTIN S - Building to-Day
30350: CREED JOHN MARTIN - The Gospel According to St Luke the Greek Text with Introduction, Notes and Indices
21300: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITED BY) - The Light of Reason: Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
31048: BRIGGS MARTIN S - Everyman's Concise Encyclopaedia of Architecture
3211: GILBERT MARTIN - Shcharansky Hero of Our Time
32960: HOLLIS MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Light of Reason Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
33610: SEYMOUR-SMITH MARTIN - Fallen Women
34023: SHORT MARTIN - Crime Inc the Story of Organised Crime
35964: WATTS MARTIN - Corn Milling
36029: PULLING MARTIN - International Television Bbc Lunch-Time Lectures-3
36425: WILLIAMS MARTIN - The Jazz Tradition
23242: FIDO MARTIN - Oscar Wilde
4572: DILLON MARTIN - The Serpent's Tail
517: MOODY T W AND MARTIN F X (EDITORS) - The Course of Irish History
6206: GILBERT MARTIN - The Day the War Ended
7806: MONNINGTON W T &REID MARTIN (FOREWORD BY) - Turner 1775-1851
837: MOODY T W AND MARTIN F X - The Course of Irish History
9338: MARTIN E W (EDITED) - The New Spirit
46168: MARTIN, GED - The Durham Report and British Policy a Critical Essay
38895: MARTIN, KINGSLEY - Harold Laski a Biographical Memoir
40568: MARTIN, JUDY - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy Techniques and Materials
48550: MARTINDALE - The Message of Fatima
46655: MARTINDALE C C - Sweet Singer of Israel
28820: MARTINDALE C C (REV) - The Religions of the World
40642: MARTINEAU, HARRIET - History of the Thirty Years' Peace 1816-1846 (3 Volumes Only) Vols 1,2 & 3
45736: MARTINES, LAURO - April Blood Florence and the Plot Against the Medici
45735: MARTINES, LAURO - Scourge and Fire Savonarola and Renaissance Italy
47129: MARTINI, CARLO & ANDREW TULLOCH - Saving Beauty Cardinal Martini's Vision for the New Millenium
45180: MARTLAND, PETER - Since Records Began Emi - the First 100 Years
48791: MARTLAND, PETER - The Future of the Past Big Questions in History
46363: MARTOS, JOSEPH - Doors to the Sacred a Historical Introduction to the Sacraments in the Christian Church
18097: GREGORY MARTYN - Dirty Tricks (British Airways Secret War Against Virgin Atlantic)
48873: MARTZ, LOUIS L. - Thomas More the Search for the Inner Man

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