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31956: SEABROOK JEREMY - Unemployment
18513: DOWNES JEREMY M - Recursive Desire: Rereading Epic Tradition
11471: ROBSON JEREMY (EDITOR) - Modern Poets in Focus (2)
11363: ROBSON JEREMY - Jeremy Robson in Focus
27755: WOOD JEREMY - The Nativity Themes in Art
19774: ROBSON JEREMY (EDITED BY) - Poetry Dimension 1: A Living Record of the Poetry Year
30641: BLACKWELL TREVOR AND SEABROOK JEREMY - A World Still to Win the Reconstruction of the Post War Working Class
33199: BERNSTEIN JEREMY - Einstein
33566: WALKER JEREMY D B - A Study of Frege
7313: ISAACS JEREMY - Never Mind the Moon My Time at the Royal Opera House
54171: JEROLIMOV DINKA MARINOVIC, ZRINSCAK SINISA AND BOROWIK IRENA (EDITORS) - Religion and Patterns of Social Transformation
33382: JEROME K JEROME - Three Men in a Boat
26336: TONER JEROME (REV) - Rural Ireland Some of Its Problems Comments from Sir Shane Leslie and Tj Kiernan
32423: RAVETZ JEROME R - Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems
45667: JEROME, JEROME - Three Men on the Bummel
43617: COIGNARD JEROME ET AL - Decorative Arts 1848-1889
36247: CARCOPINO JEROME - Daily Life in Ancient Rome
45869: JERRAM, MICHAEL F. - Incredible Flying Machines an Anthology of Eccentric Aircraft
31071: KATZ JERROLD J - The Philosophy of Language
33021: KATZ JERROLD J (EDITOR) - The Philosophy of Linguistics
20782: NEWMAN JERRY (EDITED BY) - The Faber Book of Seductions
20046: ALLEN JERRY - The Thunder and the Sunshine: A Biography of Joseph Conrad
30751: GILL JERRY H (EDITOR) - Philosophy Today No 2
34521: SOHL JERRY - The Lemon Eaters
38707: JERVIS F R J - The Evolution of Modern Industry
54557: JESPERSEN, KNUD J.V. - A History of Denmark
40580: MYERS JESSE - Baron Ward and the Dukes of Palma
33018: KUPER JESSICA (EDITOR) - Methods Ethics and Models
53943: COULSON JESSIE - Dostoevsky a Self-Portrait
9790: BERNARD JESSIE - The Future of Marriage
41525: JESSOP T E - Effective Religion
5731: JESSOP T E (EDITOR) - Berkeley -Philosophical Writings
30537: JEWELL L N - Contemporary Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
18001: MATHER FRANK JEWETT - Western European Painting of the Renaissance
41028: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - The Country of the Pointed Firs Preface by Willa Cather
29482: MATHER FRANK JEWETT - Ulysses in Ithaca a Drama in Four Acts
15039: ZHANG JIE - As Long As Nothing Happens, Nothing Will
14086: RUBERY JILL (EDITOR) - Women and Recession
10091: HADFIELD CHARLES AND JILL - Watching the Dragon Letters from China 1983-85
11455: TWEEDIE JILL (EDITOR) - Letters from a Fainthearted Feminist
14149: MASON JILL - Way of the Gamekeeper
3773: DALY MARGO AND DAWSON JILL (EDITORS) - Wild Ways New Stories About Women on the Road
35476: COLLINGS JILLIE - Around the Next Corner a Guide to Mapping Your Future
35425: HUNTER JIM - Gerard Manley Hopkins
15013: BOULTON JIM - The Black Country Road Transport
10530: ANDREWS JIM - Twelve Ships a Sailing
11877: SCHNABEL JIM - Dark White: Aliens, Abductions, and Ufo Obsession
12952: FOBEL JIM - Jim Fobel's Big Flavors
35661: KEMP JIM - Victorian Revival in Interior Design
45808: JIMENEZ, RAMON L. - Caesar Against the Celts
7327: BURNS JIMMY - The Land That Lost Its Heroes the Falklands the Post War and Alfonsin
33607: CIHAR JIRI DR - A Colour Guide to Familiar Freshwater Fishes
20899: CHRISTOFORAKIS JM - Crete : A Complete Traveller's Guide
7287: FRUCHTMAN JACK JNR - Thomas Paine Apostle of Freedom
38103: BANE MARY JO - Here to Stay American Families in the Twentieth Century
36146: GERARD JO - De Mode 1830-1920
5929: DURDEN-SMITH JO - Russia a Long Shot Romance
9459: GRIMOND JO - Jo Grimond Memoirs
42742: VON KURENBERG JOACHIM - The Kaiser the Life of Wilhelm II Last Emperor of Germany
51430: PRINZ JOACHIM - Popes from the Ghetto a View of Medieval Christendom
54912: SCHOEPS HANS JOACHIM - The Jewish-Christian Argument a History of Theologies in Conflict
11402: BRAUN JOACHIM - Gustav Heinemann -the Committed President
2833: JOAD C E M - God and Evil
28819: JOAD C E M - The Mind and Its Workings
8380: JOAD C E M - The Bookmark
3304: BECK JOAN - How to Raise a Brighter Child a Case for Early Learning
39777: HASLIP JOAN - The Sultan the Life of Abdul Hamid
20101: KENDALL JOHN AND JOAN (COMPILED BY) - Man Alive: An Anthology
17543: HASLIP JOAN - Marie Antoinette
14855: MIRO JOAN - Joan Miro le Metamorfosi Della Forma
21056: REES JOAN - Profligate Son: Branwell Bronte and His Sisters
29584: CHISSELL JOAN - Schumann Piano Music
10045: PEYSER JOAN - Boulez
20741: HASLIP JOAN - Madame Du Barry: The Wages of Beauty
10807: HAY DAVID AND JOAN - The Downs from the Sea: Langstone Harbour to the Pool of London
13774: STEELE ALAN AND HANCOCK JOAN (SELECTED) - Modern American Short Stories
11166: HINDE STEWART JOAN - Gynographs French Novels by Women of the Eighteenth Century
9907: THIRSK JOAN - Tudor Enclosures
8212: EVANS JOAN - The Endless Web John Dickinson & Co Ltd 1804-1954
47530: LEE JOAN D - A Fifteenth Century Pilgrimage in Honour of King Henry the Sixth
12507: O'HAGAN JOAN - Death and the Madonna
46726: KENNEDY JOAN - Our Lady of Ransom in Gratitude and Hope
48528: WALNE DAMIEN & FLORY JOAN - Oh, What a Beautiful Lady! the Message of Fatima
30209: BENNETT JOAN - Virginia Woolf Her Art As a Novelist
3310: GIVNER JOAN - The Life of Katherine Anne Porter
33139: SOLOMON JOAN - The Struggle of Space
35882: MCBREEN JOAN (EDITOR) - The White Page: Twentieth-Century Irish Women Poets
36380: SOLOMON JOAN - The Structure of Matter
8014: GOULIANOS JOAN (EDITOR) - By a Woman Writt Literature from Six Centuries by and About Women
13050: HASLIP JOAN - Lady Hester Stanhope
45447: RAPHAEL-LEFF JOAN - Ethics of Psychoanalysis
21013: RICHARDSON JOANNA - Portrait of a Bonaparte: The Life and Times of Joseph-Napoleon Primoli 1851-1927
12018: RICHARDSON JOANNA (EDITOR) - Letters from Lambeth
14750: COLENBRANDER JOANNA - A Portrait of Fryn: A Biography of F Tennyson Jesse
36110: RICHARDSON JOANNA (TRANSLATED BY) - Baudelaire Selected Poems
46482: PERKINS JOCELYN - Westminister Abbey Its Worship and Ornaments Volume 3
48519: PERKINS JOCELYN - Westminster Abbey the Empire's Crown
11562: ANTROBUS JOCELYN J - Hatfield: Some Memories of Bishop Hatfield and Its Past
47694: PERKINS JOCELYN - The Cathedrals of Normandy
51139: JOCHMANN, WERNER - Gesellschaftskrise Und Judenfeindschaft in Deutschland 1870-1945
3634: JOCHUM K P S - W.B. Yeats a Classified Bibliography of Criticism
39613: HASWELL JOCK - James 11
25307: MURRAY JOCLYN - Weltatlas Der Alten Kulturen Africa: Geschichte, Kunst, Lebensformen
53786: JODOCK, DARRELL - Covenantal Conversations Christians in Dialogue with Jews and Judaism
25234: JOYCE JOE - Off the Record
32764: BAILEY JOE (EDITOR) - Social Europe
32771: BAILEY JOE (EDITOR) - Social Europe
11023: ROBERTS JOE - The House of Blue Lights a Summer on the Gulf of Mexico
30198: FRIEDMAN JOE - Paris Imprevu
24304: MCGINNISS JOE - The Last Brother: The Rise and Fall of Teddy Kennedy
14169: BAILEY JOE - Ideas and Intervention : Social Theory and Practice
11500: BAILEY JOE - Ideas and Intervention: Social Theory for Practice
22283: GOULD TONY AND KENYON JOE - Stories from the Dole Queue
35066: MULHOLLAND JOE (EDITOR) - The Challenge for Government Priorities for the Next Five Years (Essays from the 2007macgill Summer School )
33437: BAILEY JOE - Social Theory for Planning
31878: GOLD JOEL J - The Wayward Professor
31341: KOVEL JOEL - Against the State of Nuclear Terror
2061: HURSTFIELD JOEL - The Elizabethan Nation
27890: PALMER JOEL - Journal of Travels on the Oregon Trail in 1845
30710: FEINBERG JOEL (EDITOR) - Moral Concepts
10933: PROUST JOELLE - Questions of Form
53145: HERTZ CHIEF RABBI JOESPH H. - Affirmations of Judaism Selected Works
35671: FABRICUS JOHAN - Setuwo the Tiger
21270: DIETZ JOHANN - Memoirs of a Mercenary
47711: HARTING JOHANNA H - Catholic London Missions from the Reformation to the Year 1850
46449: HARTING JOHANNA H - Catholic London Missions from the Reformation to the Year 1850
44444: CLOSE-BROOKS JOHANNA - Milford-on-Sea a Walk Round the Old Buildings of Milford and Keyhaven . .
27421: STOCHHOLM JOHANNE M - Garrick's Folly the Shakespeare Jubilee of 1769 at Stratford and Drury Lane
28893: HALL JOHN - Staffordshire Portrait Figures
28870: VINCE JOHN - Discovering Watermills
29256: CLARKE JOHN - The Price of Progress Cobbett's England 1780-1835
29117: GIELGUD JOHN - Early Stages
29112: LOCKE JOHN - Of CIVIL Government
47568: HARVEY JOHN H - Henry Yevele C1320 To1400 the Life of an English Architect
28629: WATERS JOHN (WITH DAVID BYRNE) - Long Black Coat
95: MCGAHERN JOHN - Amongst Women
41414: OMAN JOHN - Honest Religion
39464: WACHER JOHN - Roman Britain
41137: WILLIAMS JOHN R - God and Ourselves the Old Covenant
4008: ANTHONY JOHN - Derbyshire and the Peak District (Shire County Guide 6)
4260: SELBY JOHN - The Road to Yorktown
42006: HUTTON JOHN A - Guidance from Robert Browning in Matters of Faith
43181: STRAWSON JOHN - A History of the S.A. S. Regiment
51632: MCMANNERS JOHN - French Ecclesiastical Society Under the Ancien Regime a Study of Angers in the Eighteenth Century
47455: BUCHAN JOHN - Augustus
48245: WILLIAMS JOHN - Suddenly at the Priory
17210: MANDER JOHN - Great Britain or Little England
41229: GASSNER JOHN (EDITOR) - Medieval & Tudor Drama
43657: CUMMINGS REV JOHN D D - The Death of the Duke of Wellington a Funeral Discourse, Delivered on Sunday Morning at the Scotch Church , Crown Court, Drury Lane
44039: SWETTENHAM JOHN - Canada in the First World War Printed Both in English and French
4210: WOODWARD JOHN (EDITOR) - Paintings and Drawings by David Wilkie R a 1785-1841
15926: PREBBLE JOHN - The Highland Clearances
22007: OXENHAM JOHN - All's Well: Some Helpful Verse for These Dark Days of War
39583: HOLDEN JOHN A - The Bookman's Glossary
47126: FARROW JOHN - Pageant of the Popes
48889: GAYNOR JOHN S. - The Life of Saint Vincent Pallotti Founder of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate
45673: MASEFIELD JOHN - Grace Before Ploughing Fragments of an Autobiography
45674: MASEFIELD JOHN - The Widow in the Bye Street
44968: CLARKE JOHN (EDITOR) - Records of Buckinghamshire Vol 50 2010
37715: VAIZEY JOHN - The Control of Education
54686: GEYER MICHAEL AND BOYER JOHN W - Resistance Against the Third Reich 1933-90
11416: SHAW EVELYN AND DARLING JOHN - Strategies of Being Female
45238: HUDDY JOHN - The Illustration Cupboard Catalogue 2008 Classic Contemporary Book Illustration
42071: WARSON JOHN - An Outline of Philosophy with Notes Historical and Critical
49181: GAYNOR JOHN S. - The Life of St. Vincent Pallotti Founder of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate
51724: SOUTHALL JOHN E. - Wales and Her Language
42692: CADET JOHN - Occidental Adam, Oriental Eve and Other Stories of Thailand
23744: MONTAGUE JOHN - A Fair House: Versions of Irish Poetry
40918: DORSETT S BRAYBROOK AND SCOTT JOHN B - Gleanings from the Apocrypha
16396: CLELAND JOHN - Memoirs of a Coxcomb
16812: LAHR JOHN - The Autograph Hound
17277: MORRIS JOHN - Londinium (London in the Roman Empire) Revised by Sarah Macready
22845: ERVINE ST JOHN - Oscar Wilde a Present Time Appraisal
47710: LINDSAY JOHN - The Shining Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald
29882: CRUICKSHANK JOHN (EDITOR) - French Literature and Its Background the Seventeenth Century
29793: WILSON JOHN - Love, Sex and Feminism a Philosophical Essay
24091: BOLAND JOHN - Irishman's Day: A Day in the Life of an Irish M.P.
24108: BROPHY JOHN (EDITED BY) - Hotch-Potch
25019: SYNGE JOHN M - Two Plays: Playboy of the Western World, Deirdre of the Sorrows
25020: WAKEMAN JOHN (EDITED BY) - The Shop a Magazine of Poetry
25043: STEVENSON SIR JOHN - Moore's Irish Melodies with Symphonies and Accompaniments
40110: HARDY THOMAS/WAIN JOHN - Selected Stories of Thomas Hardy
40231: BUCHAN JOHN - The Island of Sheep
3907: MASEFIELD JOHN - Eggs and Baker or the Days of Trial
43826: HARRIS JOHN - The Indian Mutiny
47127: CLANCY JOHN G. - Pope Paul VI Dialogues Reflections on God and Man
45207: HICKLIN JOHN - The Hand-Book of Llandudno and Its Vicinity Including Conway and Penmaenmawr Limited Edition of 200 Copies
48523: BOWLE JOHN - Western Political Thought an Historical Introduction from the Origins to Rousseau
47550: O'CONNELL SIR JOHN (REV) - Saint Thomas More
49063: COULSON JOHN - The Saints a Concise Biographical Dictionary
4175: UNTERECKER JOHN (EDITOR) - Yeats a Collection of Critical Essays
47282: GERARD JOHN - The Gunpowder Plot and the Gunpowder Plotters in Reply to Professor Gardiner
41821: GODWIN JOHN H - Christian Baptism an Inquiry Into the Scripture Evidence of Its Nature
14353: KOBLER JOHN - Ardent Spirits : The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
29644: HAINING JOHN - The "Countryman's Steam" Manual
19668: LEWIS DR DAVID AND STOREN DR JOHN - Heart Attack: How to Return to a Full Healthy and Active Lifestyle
41250: BUCHAN JOHN - Huntingtower
25675: WARDROPER JOHN - The World of William Hone: A New Look at the Romantic Age in Words and Pictures of the Day
25156: SYNGE JOHN M - Plays of J M Synge
25559: SOMER JOHN AND DALY JOHN J (EDITED BY) - The Anchor Book of New Irish Writing
2545: MASEFIELD JOHN - A Play of St. George
29581: HORTON JOHN - Brahms Orchestral Music
43904: PEAKE HAROLD AND FLEURE HERBERT JOHN - The Law and the Prophets
35413: O'BRIEN JOHN (EDITOR) - The Road to Damascus a Series of Essays
48165: FARLEIGH JOHN - Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings by Bernard Shaw with Wood Engravings
2004: LAW JOHN E - The Lords of Renaissance Italy. (the Signori 1250-1500. )
25111: PERCIVAL JOHN - The Great Famine: Ireland's Potato Famine 1845-1851
20040: BAILEY JOHN - Milton
27726: GAGLIARDO JOHN G - Enlightened Despotism Europe Since 1500
2385: MILTON JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton
10747: WOOD JOHN - Quietest Under the Sun Footways on Severnside Hills
10754: VINCENT JOHN J - Into the City
3889: MASEFIELD JOHN - The Trial of Jesus
2448: DOLLINGER JOHN I VON - Addresses (Essays) on Historical and Literary Subjects
37953: FORSYTHE JOHN (EDITOR) - Mourne Rock Climbs
36579: RUSSELL BETH/GREENWOOD JOHN - Victorian Needlepoint
10608: FRICKE JOHN - Judy Garland: World's Greatest Entertainer
26430: AYERS JOHN - Chinese Ceramics the Koger Collection
16315: BUCHAN JOHN - Greenmantle
21188: GLOAG JOHN - Industrial Art Explained
218: ERVINE ST. JOHN G. - The Ship a Play in Three Acts
20192: LE CARRE JOHN - The Russia House
45606: ARNDT JOHN - True Christianity Book 1
53062: FLEMING JOHN - St John's Cathedral, Limerick
45003: KIRKBY JOHN - Nevertheless
43671: YOLLAND JOHN (QUEEN'S COLLEGE , OXFORD) - Language : A Lecture Delivered at Tealby on Thursday January 26th 1854
1390: LA FARGE JOHN - An Artist's Letters from Japan
45578: IZZARD JOHN C - Pen of Flame the Life and Poetry of Catherine Baird
40759: DURAND JOHN D - The Labor Force in the United States 1890-1960
19272: OXENHAM JOHN - Queen of the Guarded Mounts
4622: POPE-HENNESSY JOHN (FOREWORD BY) - Hungarian Art Treasures Ninth to Seventeenth Centuries
11515: CONNELL JOHN - The End of Tradition: Country Life in Central Surrey
34417: WYNYARD JOHN - Roads and Pipe-Lines
38663: ROBY JOHN - Traditions of Lancashire (Vol1 Only)
35110: LUCAS ST JOHN (CHOSEN BY) - The Oxford Book of French Verse 13th to 20th Century
3901: MASEFIELD JOHN - A King's Daughter a Tragedy in Verse
34667: BLACKIE JOHN - Inside the Primary School
14293: DRINKWATER JOHN - Preludes 1921-1922
54321: WHEELER-BENNETT JOHN W. - Hindenburg the Wooden Titan
12193: CHANDLER JOHN - Wessex Images
33709: TAYLOR JOHN - Black Holes: The End of the Universe ?
19161: PIZER JOHN - Toward a Theory of Radical Origin Essays on Modern German Thought
19142: MERRIMAN JOHN M (EDITED BY) - Consciousness and Class Experience in Nineteenth-Century Europe
19128: COLVIN JOHN - Volcano Under Snow Vo Nguyen Giap
33582: SHIMOMURA TSUTOMU WITH MARKOFF JOHN - Take-Down the Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick Cyber Criminal
10195: CAMPBELL-KEASE JOHN - On the Third Day : Poems and Translations
33434: ELDRIDGE JOHN - Recent British Sociology
32758: BENSON JOHN - The Working Class in Britain 1850-1939
21626: DRINKWATER JOHN - Abraham Lincoln: A Play
32865: DENVIR JOHN - Democracy's Constitution Claiming the Privileges of American Citzenship
32868: WILSON JOHN - Equality
32892: LOOSE JOHN - A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
32602: LEWIS JOHN - Bertrand Russell Philosopher and Humanist
15695: HEATH-STUBBS JOHN - The Swarming of the Bees
15720: WEBSTER JOHN - Three Plays: The White Devil, Duchess of Malfi, the Devil's Law Case
32900: COHEN JOHN - Psychological Probability or the Art of Doubt
32339: WOODFORDE JOHN - The Strange Story of False Hair
32355: HABBERTON JOHN - Helen's Babies
32363: MERRY ROSS JOHN (EDITOR) - Poems by John Milton with Life and Notes Critical and Philological
32364: SOUTH JOHN F - Household Surgery or Hints of Emergencies
32372: JAMES JOHN ET AL - The Treasury of Medicine or Every One's Medical Guide
32046: PLAMENATZ JOHN - Ideology
32154: NAYLOR JOHN - Waterloo
32189: LAFFIN JOHN (EDITER) - Letters from the Front 1914-1818
31517: PHILLIPS MELANIE AND DAWSON JOHN - Doctors' Dilemmas Medical Ethics and Contemporary Science
31587: HALSTEAD JOHN B (EDITOR) - Romanticism Definition Explanation and Evaluation
31813: NICHOLSON JOHN - Men and Women How Different Are They?
27926: TRAIN JOHN - Oriental Rug Symbols Their Origins and Meanings from the Middle East to China
31577: SUMNER L W AND WOODS JOHN (EDITORS) - Necessary Truth a Book of Readings
13326: PREBBLE JOHN - Glencoe: The Story of the Massacre
31635: ACKERMANN ROBERT JOHN - Modern Deductive Logic an Introduction to Its Techniques and to Its Significance
4046: MOLE JOHN - Homing
14633: HALL JOHN R - The Ways out : Utopian Communal Groups in an Age of Babylon
14153: ROWAN JOHN - The Structured Crowd (Psychological Aspects of Society Book 4)
31534: LOSEE JOHN - A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
31276: GRAY JOHN - Limited Government a Positive Agenda
20675: HARVEY JOHN - Gothic England: A Survey of National Culture 1300-1550
17937: LAYLARD RICHARD AND PHILPOTT JOHN - Stopping Unemployment
3345: MILTON JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton
31113: WITTE JOHN F - Democracy Authority and Alienation in Work Workers Participation in an American Corporation
17229: MCCRONE JOHN - Going Inside: A Tour of a Single Moment of Consciousness
16866: HAY JOHN - John Hay Poems
16926: HARDMAN JOHN (TRANSLATOR AND INTRODUCTION) - Louis-Philippe Memoirs 1773-1793 Foreword by Henri,Comte de Paris
30796: BARNSLEY JOHN H - The Social Reality of Ethics the Comparative Analysis of Moral Codes
16631: LINCOLN JOHN A - The Restrictive Society: A Report on Restrictive Practices Fordword by Lord Shawcross
16634: MURRAY JOHN - The General Strike of 1926 a History,with Foreword by William Gallacher
39671: STRACHEY JOHN - On the Prevention of War
14775: BUXTON HILTON JOHN - Corridors of Guilt : A Superintendent Kenworthy Novel
12580: OSBORNE JOHN - Almost a Gentleman (Vol 2-1955-1966)
32153: STRAWSOM JOHN - Hitler As Military Commander
26631: RUSSELL JOHN (INTRODUCED BY) - Tobey a Singualr Vibration : The Art of Mark Tobey
30380: CALVIN JOHN - The Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews and the Epistles of Peter First and Second
9880: FEKETE JOHN - The Critical Twilight
14599: JONES JOHN L - Crafts from the Countryside
27857: PREBBLE JOHN - The Highland Clearances
15094: PUDNEY JOHN - The Smallest Room : A Discreet Survey Through the Ages
16046: PAXTON JOHN - Dictionary of Abbreviations (Second Edition)
24624: PERCIVAL JOHN - The Great Famine: Ireland's Potato Famine 1845-1851
28779: STEPHEN DOM JOHN - Buckfast Abbey a Short History
16241: PUDNEY JOHN - The Book of Leisure
48097: DONNE JOHN - Poems of Love Introduction by Kingsly Hart
19075: TIMMERMAN JOHN H - The Dramatic Landscape of Steinbeck's Short Stories
20799: BARROW SIR JOHN - The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Siezure of Hms Bounty: Its Causes and Consequences
13254: BLASHFORD-SNELL JOHN - A Taste for Adventure
38550: POPE-HENNESSY JOHN - A Lecture on Nicholas Hilliard
29236: IRWIN JOHN L - Modern Britain an Introduction
26409: ROTHENSTEIN JOHN (FOREWORD BY) - The John Hay Whitney Collection
16047: PAXTON JOHN (EDITED BY) - Everyman's Dictionary of Abbreviations
11270: CHEEVER JOHN - The Journals of John Cheever the Late Forties and Fifties
18511: CLARK JOHN W - The Language and Style of Anthony Trollope the Language Library
11837: SWEETMAN JOHN - War and Administration: The Significance of the Crimean War for the British Army
27319: BAUR JOHN I H (INTRODUCED BY) - Maestri Americani: Dell Collezione Thyssen-Bornemisza
27306: BAUR JOHN I H (INTRODUCED BY) - American Masters: The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
31399: MILIBAND RALPH AND SAVILLE JOHN - The Socialist Register 1968
25771: DRINKWATER JOHN - Preludes 1921 - 1922
14049: SUMMERSON JOHN - Architecture in Britain 1530-1830
32287: EARLE JOHN - Anglo-Saxon Literature
31403: DOWSE ROBERT E AND HUGHES JOHN A - Political Sociology
26389: POPE-HENNESSY JOHN (FOREWORD BY) - The American Museum of Decorative Art and Design: Designs from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection Ny 1973
26817: MILLS JOHN - The Practice and History of Painting
30088: SPENCER RAINE AND JOHN - The Spencers on Spas
26881: FARR DENNIS AND NEWMAN JOHN - Guide to the Courtauld Institute Galleries at Somerset House
112: BANVILLE JOHN - Ghosts
30993: LOSEE JOHN - A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
25635: MONTGOMERY JOHN - Abodes of Love
38022: WARDROPER JOHN (EDITOR) - Love and Drollery a Selection of Amatory, Merry and Satirical Verse of the 17th Century
25728: BARROW JOHN D - Impossibility : The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits
22042: KOBLER JOHN - Ardent Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
15445: HOWE G MELVYN AND LORAINE JOHN A (EDITED BY) - Environmental Medicine
22599: BEAUMONT FRANCIS AND FLETCHER JOHN - The Knight of the Burning Pestle
22628: MASEFIELD JOHN - Multitude and Solitude
20745: YOUNG PETER AND ADAIR JOHN - Hastings to Culloden: Battles of Britain
22956: RUSKIN JOHN - On the Old Road (3 Volumes)
22569: LEHMANN JOHN (EDITOR) - The London Magazine Volume 1 No 8
3301: HARTLAND-SWANN JOHN - An Analysis of Morals
18100: HARKNESS JOHN - The Academy Awards Handbook: Who Won What When (the Only Guide to the Movies You Will Ever Need)
32488: PLAMENATZ JOHN - Ideology
19054: KEYNER JOHN - Original Papers Regarding Trade in England and Abroad
17579: MCGAHERN JOHN - The Barracks
28798: RUSSELL LORD JOHN (EDITOR) - Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Thomas Moore (8 Volumes)
20633: RAYMOND JOHN - The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow: Being Anecdotes of the Camp Court, Clubs and Society 1810-1860
20605: DAWSON JOHN A AND DOORNKAMP JOHN C (EDITORS) - Evaluating the Human Environment : Essays in Applied Geography
20619: NOBLE JOHN - Dolls
20678: BROWN JOHN - John Leech and Other Papers
21741: BIRTWHISTLE JOHN - Tidal Models
9465: HAYLOCK JOHN - A Touch of the Orient
6059: ARLOTT JOHN - Arlott on Wine
16169: CREASEY JOHN - The Flood
20540: WILSON HAROLD JOHN - Mr Goodman the Player
19769: CASTLE JOHN - Royal Occasions Watercolours and Drawings
18540: CAREY JOHN (PREFACE BY) - English Renaissance Studies : Presented to Helen Gardner in Honour of Her Seventieth Birthday
18583: MCCARTHY JOHN A - Crossing Boundaries (a Theory and History of Essay Writing in German 1680-1815)
36674: BELL SAM HANNA ROBB NESCA & HEWITT JOHN (EDITORS) - The Arts in Ulster a Symposium
18761: BRUSHWOOD JOHN S - Genteel Barbarism (New Readings of Nineteenth-Century Spanish-American Novels)
19641: DONNE JOHN - The Works of John Donne
3898: MASEFIELD JOHN - King Cole and Other Poems
3899: MASEFIELD JOHN - Ester a Tragedy
3893: MASEFIELD JOHN - The Square Peg or the Gun Fella
47134: POPE JOHN - Pope John XXIII Journal of a Soul
16382: UPDIKE JOHN - Rabbit Redux
25152: RUSSELL LORD JOHN (EDITOR) - Memoirs, Journal and Correspondence of Thomas Moore (Vol 2 Only)
25155: SYNGE JOHN M - Plays of J M Synge
45028: PATERSON JOHN - The Wisdom of Israel Job and Proverbs
47637: HEENAN JOHN C - Cardinal Hinsley
24083: BAYLEY JOHN - Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch
24154: ERVINE ST JOHN - Robert's Wife a Comedy in Three Acts
22928: WOOLMAN JOHN - A Journal of the Life, the Gospel Labours, and Christian Experiences of That Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ John Woolman, to Which Are Added His Last Epistle and Other Writings
25046: ERVINE ST JOHN - Oscar Wilde: A Present Time Appraisal
25066: MACKAY JOHN - Trodden Gold: Merchandise of Silk, Paper and Wood and the Glory of the Arar-Tree
22226: CURTIS JOHN (EDITED BY) - Weidenfeld and Nicholson Fifty Years of Publishing
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17368: FRYER JONATHAN - Andre and Oscar (Gide, Wilde and the Gay Art of Living)
15089: RABAN JONATHAN - The Society of the Poem
28619: FRYER JONATHAN - Andre and Oscar (Gide, Wilde and the Gay Art of Living)
23869: CHAMPION BOB AND POWELL JONATHAN - Champion's Story: A Great Human Triumph
1772: ROSS JONATHAN - Death's Head
21136: URMSON J O AND REE JONATHAN (EDITED BY) - The Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers
15664: GATHORNE-HARDY JONATHAN - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
24680: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels
20665: GATHORNE-HARDY JONATHAN - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
15584: BRENNAN TOM AND BROWN JONATHAN E (EDITED BY) - Teaching Politics: Problems and Perspectives
12205: BENTHALL JONATHAN - The Body Electric: Patterns of Western Industrial Culture
11996: LEAR JONATHAN - Love and Its Place in Nature
49725: POWIS JONATHAN - Aristocracy
16287: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gullivers Travels
23885: SWIFT JONATHAN/D L P - The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's Dublin: Carefully Selected with a Life of the Author and Original and Authentic Notes
24536: HANAGHAN JONATHAN - By Mortal and Immortal Seas
28586: SWIFT JONATHAN - The Poetical Works of Jonathan Swift (3 Volumes)
51743: WILLIAMS JONATHAN - The Concise Dentdale Dictionary of English Place-Names
33182: BIRKE LYNDA AND SILVERTOWN JONATHAN (EDITORS) - More Than the Parts Biology and Politics
33387: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels
35660: RUTHERFORD JONATHAN - I Am No Longer Myself with out You
35986: RABAN JONATHAN - God Man and Mrs Thatcher
37491: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels
6896: DIMBLEBY JONATHAN - Richard Dimblebly
7903: BAKER JONATHAN - Thirty Years of the Poetry Book Society (1956-1986)
8195: GOODMAN JONATHAN (EDITOR) - The Lady Killers Famous Women Murderers
9435: SWIFT JONATHAN - Satires and Personal Writings
39892: ROOT JONATHAN - The Life and Bad Times of Charlie Becker the True Story of a Famous Trial
15839: GREEN JONATHON - The Slang Thesaurus
38795: JONES, LEONIDAS M. - Life of John Hamilton Reynolds
55593: JONES, COLIN - The Great Nation France from Louis XV to Napoleon: The New Penguin History of France
45660: JONES, PATRICK GEORGE - Sermons on the Healing Miracles of Jesus
51928: JONES, ALED - Press, Politics and Society History of Journalism in Wales
52270: JONES, GARETH ELWYN - Modern Wales a Concise History C. 1485-1979
52987: PRYS-JONES A. G. - The Story of Carmarthenshire (Vol 1)
38371: JONES, JULIA & BARBARA DEER - Royal Pleasures and Pastimes Crafts from the Royal Courts
55805: JONES, DAVID - Before Rebecca Popular Protests in Wales, 1793-1835
50537: JONES, PETER - The 1848 Revolutions
53264: JONES, HARRI PRITCHARD - Saunders Lewis - a Presentation of His Work
50945: JONES, COLIN - The Longman Companion to the French Revolution
52148: JONES A. H. M. - Constantine and the Conversion of Europe
55504: JONES, R. BRINLEY - Certain Scholars of Wales the Welsh Experience in Education
50994: JONES, MALCOLM V. & ROBIN FEUER MILLER - The Cambridge Companion to the Classic Russian Novel
38752: MONCKTON JONES M E - Life in Old Cambridge Introduction by G K Chesterton
49909: JONES, PETER - French Revolution in Social and Political Perspective
41830: JONES, EDMUND - Yes, Lord, I Believe
39173: JONES, EDGAR - Accountancy and the British Economy, 1840-1980 the Evolution of Ernst & Whinney
54969: JONES, R.MERFYN - The North Wales Quarrymen, 1874-1922
13784: JONES A E - Juvenile Delinquency and the Law
12125: HUGH-JONES E M (EDITOR) - Economics and Technical Change
11403: JONES E L - The Development of English Agriculture 1815-1873
52219: JEFFREYS JONES T I - Acts of Parliament Concerning Wales 1714-1901
53245: JONES, GYWN - The First Forty Years Some Notes on Anglo-Welsh Literature
55530: JONES, J. SYDNEY - Hitler in Vienna 1907-13 Clues to the Future
38509: JONES, GWYN & THOMAS - The Mabinogion
47098: JONES, JAMES - The Rainbow of Blessing from the Psalms - the Promise of God's Blessing
41841: JONES, MALDWYN A. - Destination America
52995: PRYS-JONES A. G. - The Story of Carmarthenshire (Vol 2) This Is Volume 2 Only
43541: JONES, GRIFF RHYS - The Nation's Favourite Poems
48790: JONES, STEVE - In the Blood God, Genes and Destiny
55294: JONES, DANIEL - My Friend Dylan Thomas
34814: JONES A E - Juvenile Delinquency and the Law
53125: JONES, ANTHONY - Welsh Chapels
51066: JONES, MARI C. & JOHN JONES - Dostoevsky
43821: JONES, W.E. & JOHN LAVER - Phonetics in Linguistics Book of Readings
46116: JONES, JR - Marlborough.
53690: JONES, DEDWYDD - Bard a Play on the Life & Times of Twn o'r Nant
53768: JONES, MARI C. - Language Obsolescence and Revitalization Linguistic Change in Two Sociolinguistically Contrasting Welsh Communities
55606: DE JONG, L - The Netherlands and Nazi Germany Foreword by Simon Scharma
41244: JONGE, ALEX DE - Life and Times of Grigorii Rasputin, the
19008: KIRK JONH M - Politics and the Catholic Church in Nicaragua
37889: JONZEN, KARIN - Karin Jonzen Sculptor
51753: JORDAN, JOHN - Blood and Stations
14538: MATAS JORDI (EDITOR) - El Control Politico de la Administracion
41418: HOLDSWORTH L V AND ROWNTREE JOS S (ARRANGED BY) - In Quietness Thoughts on Silent Worship
17436: SARAMAGO JOSE - All the Names
15682: FARMER PHILIP JOSE - The Stone God Awakens
8220: PIERRE JOSE - A Dictionary of Surrealism
16903: SKVORECKY JOSEF - Headed for the Blues: A Memoir
49042: JUNGMANN JOSEF - The Eucharistic Prayer a Study of the Canon of the Mass
55793: FRAENKEL JOSEF - Theodor Herzl a Biography
49066: MENENDEZ SR JOSEFA - The Way of Divine Love
4422: BERNHART JOSEPH - Holbein Der Jungere Text in German
10958: FLYNN JOHNSON ROBERT AND GOLDYNE JOSEPH R - Master Drawings from the Achenback Foundation for Graphic Arts
54491: CLANCY JOSEPH P. - The Earliest Welsh Poetry
43647: HATTON JOSEPH - Reminiscences of J L Toole (Volume 1) Illustrated by Alfred Bryan & W H Margetson
54097: MACKIEWICZ JOSEPH - The Katyn Wood Murders
55309: CALMETTE JOSEPH - The Golden Age of Burgundy the Magnificent Dukes and Their Courts
14286: KESTNER JOSEPH - Protest and Reform : The British Social Narrative by Women 1827-1867
16573: HANSEN JOSEPH - Nightwork a Dave Brandstetter Mystery
39701: KAY JOSEPH - The Social Condition and Education of the People in England and Europe Volume 2
16786: CONRAD JOSEPH - The Nigger of the Narcissus / Typhoon and Other Stories
50479: SCHECHTMAN JOSEPH - Fighter and Prophet the Vladimir Jabotinsky Story-the Last Years
9818: VINING JOSEPH - The Authoritative and the Authoritarian
29934: DAWSON REV JOSEPH - Peter Mackenzie His Life and Labours
10404: JEFFERSON JOSEPH - The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson
21765: MAYLOR JOSEPH B - A Handbook of Modern English Metre
24124: DUNLAP JOSEPH R - William Caxton and William Morris: Comparisons and Contrasts
31833: FRANKEL JOSEPH - International Relations in a Changing World (New Edition)
43356: CHRISTIE JOSEPH S. J. - Anglicans Anonymous a Comment on Infallible Fallacies
9377: WHITAKER JOSEPH - An Almanack for 1964
23596: CONRAD JOSEPH - The Rover
10453: MCCRINDLE JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Behind the Scenes
46419: BEZZINA JOSEPH - Religion and Politics in a Crown Colony the Gozo-Malta Story 1798-1864
53553: RONSLEY JOSEPH - Yeats's Autobiography Life As a Symbolic Pattern
27924: DYE JOSEPH M - The Arts of India Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
12065: TIGER LIONEL AND SHEPHER JOSEPH - Women in the Kibbutz
11429: FOSTER JOSEPH - Feudal Coats of Arms
30168: O'CONNOR JOSEPH - Desperadoes
54138: TENENBAUM JOSEPH - Race and the Reich
49049: HOGAN JOSEPH - A Do-It-Yourself Retreat How to Bring out the Real Good in You
48109: DUHR JOSEPH - The Glorious Assumption of the Mother of God
38265: SPIES JOSEPH R - Cats and How I Photograph Them
18720: HUDAK JOSEPH - Design for Gardens
24618: O'CONNOR JOSEPH - The Irish Male at Home and Abroad
49876: BADI JOSEPH - Religion in Israeli Today the Relationship between State and Religion
22882: O'CONNOR JOSEPH - Sweet Liberty: Travels in Irish America
53975: LEFTWICH JOSEPH - Israel Zangwill
17050: FRANKEL JOSEPH - International Politics: Conflict and Harmony
52299: PERL JOSEPH - Revealer of Secrets the First Hebrew Novel
35019: FRANKEL JOSEPH - Contemporary International Theory and the Behaviour of States
29453: WOOD KRUTCH JOSEPH (EDITED BY) - Eighteenth-Century English Drama
54059: JOSEPH, ANNE - From the Edge of the World the Jewish Refugee Experience Through Letters and Stories )
40890: ADAMS JOSEPH - Ten Thousand Miles Through Canada
50386: JOSEPH, ANNE - From the Edge of the World the Jewish Refugee Experience Through Letters and Stories )
30284: O'CONNOR JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Yeats Is Dead
38110: ROUCEK JOSEPH S (EDITOR) - Contemporary Political Ideologies New Students Outline Series
21542: JACOBS JOSEPH (COLLECTED BY) - Celtic Fairy Tales
39968: ALSOP JOSEPH - From the Silent Earth a Report on the Greek Bronze Age
3294: LA LUMIA JOSEPH - The Ways of Reason a Critical Study of the Ideas Ofemile Meyerson
33115: MARGOLIS JOSEPH - Contemporary Ethical Theory a Book of Readings
33981: HELLER JOSEPH - Catch-22
33987: CONRAD JOSEPH - Victory
34818: MACKAY DAVID & SIMO JOSEPH - Help Your Child to Read and Write, and More
3537: JOHNSON JOSEPH - CIVIL War in Ulster: Its Objects and Probable Results.
598: SKELLY JOSEPH M - Irish Diplomacy at the United Nations (1945-1965) National Interests and the International Order
36297: KOVAGO JOSEPH ( PUBLISHED BY) - Budapest on the Road of Revival Report on General Conditions in the Year 1946
4209: CONRAD JOSEPH - Typhoon and Other Stories
46946: POHLE JOSEPH - Christology a Dogmatic Treatise on the Incarnation
8299: TRENAMAN JOSEPH - Out of Step
8524: MACLEOD JOSEPH - The New Soviet Theatre
8527: KAUFMAN BEATRICE AND HENNESSEY JOSEPH (EDITORS) - The Letters of Alexander Woollcott
9943: LASH JOSEPH P - Eleanor: The Years Alone
32356: JOHNSON JOSEPH - Clever Boys
47344: COLLERAN JOSEPH M. - Ancient Christian Writers St. Augustine, the Greatness of the Soul, the Teacher (Vol IX)
54442: CONRAD JOSEPH - Almayer's Folly and Talrs of Unrest
16612: BELL JOSEPHINE - The House Above the River
35461: ROSS JOSEPHINE - The Men Who Would Be King Suitors to Queen Elizabeth 1
7864: KLEIN JOSEPHINE - Samples from English Cultures (2 Vols)
53954: JOSEPHS, ZOE - Survivors Jewish Refugees in Birmingham, 1933-45
16051: JOSEPHUS - The Jewish War
47300: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - Complete Works
50482: JOSHUA BLOCK, SCHAPPES MORRIS U. - A Documentary History of the Jews in the United States 1654-1875
13912: WEDGWOOD JOSIAH - The Economics of Inheritance
35038: AMBRIOSE-THOMAS JOSY - Pigritia (3 Vols- No1 No 2 No 3) . Text in French
48379: JOWITT, R. L. P - Salisbury British Cities
32114: GRANT JOY - Stella Benson a Biography
26063: MONTAGUE JOY - The Cook's Lifeline
33297: PACKER JOY - Deep As the Sea
52616: JOYCE, JAMES & SEAMUS DEANE - Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
53085: JOYCE, JAMES & JERI JOHNSON - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
55577: JOYCE, JAMES & JERI JOHNSON - Ulysses
53075: JOYCE, JAMES & SEAMUS DEANE - Finnegans Wake
49829: WESTON ST JOHN JOYCE - The Neighbourhood of Dublin Its Topography, Antiquities and Historical Associations
35089: COOPER JOYCE - The Primary Extension Programme : A Strategy for School Focused in Service Training Programmes
34894: MORRIS JOYCE M - Standards and Progress in Reading
51213: JOYCE, JAMES - Poems and Exiles
13529: CARY JOYCE - The African Witch
11829: WARHAM JOYCE - An Introduction to Administration for Social Workers
40724: JOYCE, JAMES AVERY - War Machine Case Against the Arms Race
52517: JOYCE, RUPP - Praying Our Goodbyes Pb the Spirituality of Change
27858: MARLOW JOYCE - The Tolpuddle Martyrs
28183: MARLOW JOYCE - Captain Boycott & the Irish
17058: CARY JOYCE - Charley Is My Darling
24446: MARLOW JOYCE - Captain Boycott & the Irish
40953: REASON JOYCE - Our Fathers in the Faith the Story of the Church for Young People
52539: JOYCE, P.W. - Irish Local Names Explained
23258: CARY JOYCE - Memoir of the Bobotes
52516: RUPP JOYCE - The Star in My Heart Experiencing Sophia, Inner Wisdom
33629: WATT JOYCE - Evaluation in Action: A Study Case of Under -Fives Centre in Scotland (Occasional Paper No 3)
34723: MORRIS M JOYCE - Reading in the Primary School
35200: GRENFELL JOYCE - Darling Ma Letters to Her Mother 1932-1944
3722: CARY JOYCE - Prisoner of Grace
5458: GRENFELL JOYCE - Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure
813: MARLOW JOYCE - Captain Boycott and the Irish
52371: JOYCE, P. W. & TERENCE DOLAN - English As We Speak It in Ireland
53191: JOYCE, JAMES & DANIS ROSE - Ulysses a Reader's Edition
45594: JOYNER, RICK - The Final Quest
53367: JOZEF DELEU, ET AL - The Low Countries 1996-97 Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands. A Year Book
35037: WILLETTE JSM (INTRODUCTION BY) - John Kennedy Bronzes
55587: SLOTKI JUDAH J. - Menasseh Ben Israel His Life and Times
54158: JUDD, ROBIN - Contested Rituals Circumcision, Kosher Butchering, and Jewish Political Life in Germany, 1843-1933
53332: JUDD, DENIS - Victorian Empire a Pictorial History 1837-1901
47526: PARRY JUDGE - Vagabonds All
51791: JUDGE, HARRY - Faith-Based Schools and the State Catholics in America, France and England
27721: WARD JUDITH - Ambushed: My Story
10607: WILT JUDITH - Secret Leaves : The Novels of Walter Scott
15759: ROSSNER JUDITH - Looking for Mr Goodbar
14556: MERRIL JUDITH - The Space-Time Journal
18888: BRUCCOLI MATTHEW J AND BAUGHMAN JUDITH S (EDITORS) - Modern African American Writers Essential Biography of Americal Fiction
54190: BELINFANTE JUDITH C E - Joods Historisch Museum Jewish Historical Museum
18903: O'CALLAGHAN JUDITH - Helge Larsen and Darani Lewers: A Retrospective Jewellery, Holloware and Sculpture
12249: BARDWICK JUDITH M - Women in Transition
11213: STEINER JUDITH M - How to Survive As a Working Mother: A Practical Guide
32438: GREENE JUDITH - Psycho Linguistics Chomsky and Psychology
17291: WRIGHT JUDITH (SELECTED BY) - A Book of Australian Verse
51580: SHUVEL JUDITH T. - Immigrants
21642: KAZANTZIS JUDITH - Flame Tree
31089: MARTIN RODERICK AND WALLICE JUDITH - Working Women in Recession
33123: GREENE JUDITH - Thinking and Language
34698: GROSS RONALD AND MURPHY JUDITH - The Revolution in the Schools
50707: JUDT, TONY - Marxism and the French Left Studies in Labour and Politics in France, 1830-1981
54286: JUDT, TONY - When the Facts Change Essays 1995 - 2010
18317: GLATTSTEIN JUDY - Consider the Leaf : Foliage in Garden Design
18641: EGERTON JUDY - British Watercolours
33241: CHARD JUDY - About Widecombe
27116: MARLE JUDY - Michael Moon
8610: WENTWORTH JUDY - Quilts
9246: SPROXTON JUDY - The Idiom of Love Love Poetry from the Early Sonnets to the Seventeenth Century
50080: DUHEM JULES - Alsace-Lorraine
20811: VERNE JULES - Adventures in South Africa
21506: GRANT JULES - Wood Pulp and Allied Products
19666: VERNE JULES - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
20810: VERNE JULES - The Field of Ice
34167: MASSANET JULES - Manon (Opera Guide 25)
1973: O'FAOLAIN JULIA - The Judas Cloth
17525: WILKINSON PETE WITH SCHOFIELD JULIA - Warrior : One Mans Environmental Crusade
14926: BLACKBURN JULIA - Charles Waterton (Traveller and Conservationist)
21536: CARTER STEVEN AND SOKOL JULIA - What Really Happens in Bed: A Demystificationof Sex

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