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100454: CADDICK-ADAMS PETER - Monty and Rommel Parallel Lives
79384: SOMERVILLE-LARGE PETER - Cappaghglass
97666: BROWN PETER - The Chathamites a Study in the Relationship between Personalities and Ideas in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
79972: PORTER PETER - Afterburner
100979: JUNG PETER - The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I 1 1914-16 Men-at-Arms
87164: LEWIS PETER - The British Fighter Since 1912 Sixty-Seven Years of Design and Development
72472: THOMAS PETER - Discovering Lost Devon Victorian and Edwardian Magic Lantern Slides
2698: MORRIS PETER - First Aid to the Battleffront Life and Letters of Sir Vincent Kennett-Barrington (1844-1903).
62886: VANSITTART PETER - In Memory of England a Novelist's View of History
102557: GOLDEN PETER B. - Central Asia in World History
81691: PORTER PETER - A Porter Selected Poems 1959 - 1989.
85253: WEST PETER - Jack Robertson's Benefit Book
83109: LOCK PETER - An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of the Exmoor Dialect between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman and Thomasia Moreman As They Were Spinning Also an Exmoor Courtship
102121: ACKROYD PETER - Albion the Origins of the English Imagination
80844: DAVISON PETER - Contemporary Drama and the Popular Dramatic Tradition in England
48928: JUPP PETER - The Letter-Journal of George Canning 1793 - 1795
101614: FLINT PETER - Dowding and Headquarters of Fighter Command.
66578: ADAMSON PETER - The Tuscan Master
50367: JOHNSON PETER B. - Reuter Reporter in Divided Germany 1955 -58 [&] Reuter Reporter Among the Communists 1958 - 59
100739: TATE PETER - East Anglia and Its Birds
100738: TATE PETER - Birds Men and Books a Literary History of Ornithology
98448: CLEMOES PETER - Anglo-Saxon England 5
102384: WEGMANN PETER - Caspar David Friedrich to Ferdinand Hodler a Romantic Tradition
91485: NICHOLS PETER - A Piece of My Mind
100767: QUENNELL PETER - A Letter to Mrs Virginia Woolf
92609: ESTERHAZY PETER - Celestial Harmonies
100756: PADFIELD PETER - Battleship.
99018: COZZENS PETER - Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars 1865-1890 the Struggle for Apacheria
82071: MAAS PETER - The Rescuer
85942: TSOURAS PETER G. - Dixie Victorious an Alternate History of the CIVIL War
98455: CLEMOES PETER - Anglo-Saxon England 12
77227: MULLEN PETER - A Grain of Mustard Seed a Novel
94748: CHEYNEY PETER - Dark Hero
97439: MATTHIESSEN PETER - On the River Styx and Other Stories
95946: SELZ PETER - Max Beckmann
99978: ACKROYD PETER - The Clerkenwell Tales
92317: HALL PETER - By Day and By Night the Men and Machines of West Malling Airfield 1940 - 1960.
94391: URE PETER - Yeats the Playwright a Commentary on Character and Design in the Major Plays.
51583: BUNYARD PETER - Nuclear Britain
94936: HOEG PETER - Tales of the Night
90828: QUENNELL PETER - Byron the Years of Fame
99587: FERNS PETER - Bird Life of Coasts and Estuaries
91899: MAYLE PETER - Toujours Provence
48089: CARTER-RUCK PETER F. - Libel & Slander
88057: LEWIS PETER - Eric Ambler
77293: LAWSON-CLARKE PETER - The Blakes of South Petherton Through Six Generations.
40289: LOVESEY PETER - Abracadaver
93751: GURNEY PETER - Braver Men Walk Away
93674: BUCK PETER - American Science and Modern China 1876-1936
99349: HANAK PETER - The Corvina History of Hungary from Earliest Times Until the Present Day
79970: PORTER PETER - The Last of England
47220: VAUX PETER - Bengal Engineer
80066: JUPP PETER - British and Irish Elections 1784 - 1831
76759: NASMYTH PETER - Who Am I Today?
70657: HOUGHTON PETER - On Death Dying and Not Dying
100078: SMITH PETER C. - Massacre at Tobruk the Story of Operation Agreement
85125: DINZELBACHER PETER - Himmel H˘lle Heilige Visionen Und Kunst IM Mittelalter
44771: BOWLES PETER - Pages from Cold Point and Other Stories
79963: PORTER PETER - Max Is Missing
91248: KURTH PETER - Isadora a Sensational Life
98449: CLEMOES PETER - Anglo-Saxon England 6
79046: SOMERVILLE-LARGE PETER - An Irish Childhood
65145: ODELL PETER R. - Why Carbon Fuels Will Dominate the 21st Century's Global Economy
94908: MATTHIESSEN PETER - Sand Rivers
69270: GOODALL PETER - High Culture Popular Culture the Long Debate
95479: ELLIS PETER - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History Volume 150
49754: TRUSCOTT PETER - European Defence Meeting the Strategic Challenge
94356: FLEMING PETER - The Siege at Peking
92017: REDGROVE PETER - A Speaker for the Silver Goddess
100809: SEMMENS PETER W. B. - Great Western Steam in Close-Up
64678: HAMILTON PETER - Espionage Terrorism and Subversion an Examination and a Philosophy of Defence for Management
73890: LEVI PETER - Boris Pasternak a Biography
94749: CHEYNEY PETER - One of Those Things
50092: CLIFFE PETER - Fascinating Rhythm
86714: COZZENS PETER - General John Pope a Life for the Nation
91650: LEWIS PETER - A Fox-Hunter's Anthology
84745: STANFORD PETER - Bronwen Astor Her Life and Times
96702: GLAZEBROOK PETER - Jesus the Life of a Cambridge College.
58151: SUMMER PETER - Hatchments in Britain 1 Northamptonshire Warwickshire and Worcestershire
99670: DRIVER PETER M. - In Search of the Eider
94631: HENNESSY PETER - Never Again Britain 1945 - 51
98699: CHEYNEY PETER - I'LL Say She Does
88559: DE POLNAY PETER - The Shriek of the Gull
93096: ARNOTT PETER - Greek Scenic Conventions in the Fifth Century B. C
55087: COLLISTER PETER - The Sulivans and the Slave Trade
101397: POLLACK PETER - The Picture History of Photography from the Earliest Beginnings to the Present Day
99855: RAY PETER - Designers in Britian 1947
87058: HART PETER - The Somme
98141: DAVIES PETER - Art in Poole and Dorset
92594: HARRIS PETER - What Became of Alex Bretherton
102636: EVERETT PETER - The Voyages of Alfred Wallis
98457: CLEMOES PETER - Anglo-Saxon England 14
99596: MARREN PETER - England's National Nature Reserves.
101625: RIETBERGEN PETER - Europe a Cultural History
90521: CROUCH PETER - Walking Tall
82689: SMITH PETER C. - Pedestal the Convoy That Saved Malta
59017: FEIBLEMAN PETER S. - The Columbus Tree
102192: PULZER PETER - Germany 1870-1945 Politics State Formation and War
60633: DAVIS PETER - A List of the Birds of Lundy
98600: MARTIN PETER - Selected Writings Samuel Johnson a Tricentenary Celebration
84982: FUNNELL PETER - Millais Portraits
58808: GIBBS PETER - Crimean Blunder the Story of War with Russia a Hundred Years Ago
72091: THOMPSON PETER - Global Warming the Debate
60129: ROBINSON PETER - Entertaining Fates
100978: JUNG PETER - The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I 2 1916-18
94916: QUENNELL PETER - Vladimir Nabokov a Tribute
79675: JONES PETER - Imagist Poetry
94444: KING PETER - Traditional Cattle Breeds and How to Keep Them
83309: LOCK PETER - An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of the Exmoor Dialect between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman and Thomasia Moreman As They Were Spinning Also an Exmoor Courtship
89100: WENHAM PETER - Watermills
94747: CHEYNEY PETER - The Stars Are Dark
102620: GALLOWAY PETER - The Order of the British Empire.
98456: CLEMOES PETER - Anglo-Saxon England 13
100081: PETERS H. - The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle
35932: PETHERBRIDGE, ROBIN - Turkey and Dodecanese Cruising Pilot
101610: COOK PETRONELLE - Queen Consorts of England the Power Behind the Throne
98827: PETRONIUS, HESELTINE MICHAEL, SENECA, ROUSE W.H.D. - Petronius [&] Seneca Apocolocyntosis
50620: PETROVA DIMITRINA, CLIFFORD JARLATH - Religion and Healthcare in the European Union
65108: PETTIJOHN E.J. - Sedimentary Rocks
99818: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS, CHERRY BRIDGET - Devon the Buildings of England
99822: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS, WILSON BILL - Norfolk 2 North-West and South the Buildings of England
96845: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS, RICHMOND IAN A. - Northumberland the Buildings of England
97742: SKIPWITH PEYTON - Britain between the Wars 1918 - 1939 Microcosm of an Age
93486: PFRUNDER PETER, STUTZER BEAT - Albert Steiner the Photographic Work
72883: MCDERMOTT PHIL - For Conspicuous Gallantry the Register of the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal 1855 - 1992.
90501: NEAL PHIL - Life at the Kop
75428: MAY PHIL - A Phil May Medley
76419: DRACKETT PHIL - Benetton Ford a Racing Partnership
41853: AUBREY PHILIP - The Defeat of James Stuart's Armada 1692
101651: KITCHER PHILIP - Science Truth and Democracy
96293: GLAZEBROOK PHILIP - Try Pleasure
51353: OAKES PHILIP - Selected Poems
49140: BROWN PHILIP - Old Beverley
92498: GLAZEBROOK PHILIP - The Eye of the Beholder
99435: GOSSE PHILIP - An Apple a Day
102045: JENKINS PHILIP - God's Continent Christianity Islam and Europe's Religious Crisis
64034: ZIEGLER PHILIP - The Black Death
89974: HENSHER PHILIP - King of the Badgers
102443: PINKUS PHILIP - Grub Street Stripped Bare
98384: MORGAN PHILIP - Kent Domesday Book
85758: KATCHER PHILIP - Lincoln's Unsung Heroes
98417: MORGAN PHILIP - Cheshire Including Lancashire Cumbria and North Wales Domesday Book
100520: JOWETT PHILIP S. - Armies of the Balkan Wars 1912-13 the Priming Charge for the Great War Men-at-Arms
78488: SNOW PHILIP - The Fall of Hong Kong Britain China and the Japanese Occupation.
100365: ZIEGLER PHILIP - Omdurman
101377: COLLINS PHILIP - Radios Redux Listening in Style
85386: MASON PHILIP - A Matter of Honour an Account of the Indian Army Its Officers and Men
96425: LORAINE PHILIP - Sea-Change
79551: GOUREVITCH PHILIP - The Paris Review 179 Winter 2006
88507: EVERED PHILIP - Staghunting with the Devon and Somerset 1887-1901 an Account of the Chase of the Wild Red Deer on Exmoor.
82262: WARNER PHILIP - The Secret Forces of World War II
100588: ZIEGLER PHILIP - Diana Cooper
100003: ZIEGLER PHILIP - The Sixth Great Power Barings 1762 - 1929
84543: ROTH PHILIP - Sabbath's Theater
73520: CARAMAN PHILIP - The Western Rising 1549 Prayer Book Rebellion
92235: KEAREY PHILIP - The Encyclopedia of the Solid Earth Sciences
45952: HAYTHORNTHWAITE PHILIP J. - The Armies of Wellington
98413: MORGAN PHILIP - Derbyshire Domesday Book
88198: MAYER PHILIP - Black Villagers in an Industrial Society Anthropological Perspectives on Labour Migration in South Africa
97907: WARNER PHILIP - The Battle of Loos.
98415: MORGAN PHILIP - Leicestershire Domesday Book
77348: HITTI PHILIP K. - Capital Cities of Arab Islam
100031: ZIEGLER PHILIP - The Black Death
98431: MORGAN PHILIP - Berkshire Domesday Book
46843: HENDERSON PHILIP - Swinburne the Portrait of a Poet
81821: MATYSZAK PHILIP - Philip Matyszak's Classical Compendium
92499: GLAZEBROOK PHILIP - The Burr Wood
79746: GOUREVITCH PHILIP - The Paris Review 177 Summer 2006
71411: SABIN V. PHILIP - A Catalogue of Naval Prints English Colonial and Foreign Views
78838: MASON PHILIP - A Shaft of Sunlight Memories of a Varied Life
58514: ALLOTT PHILIP - Invisible Power a Philosophical Adventure Story
50816: WARNER PHILIP - British Battlefields 2 the North
80632: GOUREVITCH PHILIP - The Paris Review Interviews II
95061: MASON PHILIP - Kipling the Glass the Shadow and the Fire
100522: KATCHER PHILIP - The U.S. Army 1890-1920 Men-at-Arms
82230: SEYMOUR PHILIP - Where the Hell Is Africa? the Memoirs of a Junior Naval Officer in the Mid-Twentieth Century
90981: LARKIN PHILIP - The North Ship
69227: HYATT J. PHILIP - Commentary on Exodus New Century Bible
98601: MASON PHILIP - A Matter of Honour an Account of the Indian Army Tts Officers and Men
60856: HENDERSON PHILIP - Samuel Butler the Incarnate Bachelor
86703: WARNER PHILIP - Dervish the Rise and Fall of an African Empire
101213: SEGUR PHILIP DE - History of the Expedition to Russia Undertaken By the Emperor Napoleon in the Year 1812 in Two Volumes
100296: BOWN PHILIP - A Farm Boy
100751: HOARE PHILIP - Noel Coward a Biography
97690: FREEMAN PHILIP - Julius Casear
79553: GOUREVITCH PHILIP - The Paris Review 181 Summer 2007
102444: REILLY PHILIP R. - Abraham Lincoln's Dna and Other Adventures in Genetics
73067: WARNER PHILIP - The Zeebrugge Raid
87452: HAYTHORNTHWAITE PHILIP J. - Wellington's Military Machine
102454: ALLEN PHILIP - Atlas of Atlases
66453: MARTINEAU MRS PHILIP - Reminiscences of Hunting and Horses
101522: GLANVILLE PHILIPA - London in Maps
100329: BLOM PHILIPP - The Vertigo Years Change and Culture in the West 1900 - 1914.
99233: PULLAR PHILIPPA - Frank Harris
93736: SOLLERS PHILIPPE - Venice an Illustrated Miscellany
38005: DESPLACES PHILIPPE - C'etait Hier le Viieme Arrondissement Saint-Thomas-D'aquin Invalides Úcole Militaire Gros-Caillou
100884: PHILLIMORE W.P.W., BLAGG THOS M. - Devonshire Parish Registers Marriages Volume I [&] Volume II
15528: BERRYMAN PHILLIP - Stubborn Hope Religion Politics and Revolution in Central America.
63412: FRANCKLYN PHILLIPPA - The Mystery of the Swamp
43752: PHILLIPS - Remaining Works from the Studio of Christopher Williams R.B. A. November 1985
61557: PHILLIPS - Lead Soldiers and Figures 8 July 1987
94421: LUCAS PHILLIPS C.E. - Cockleshell Heroes
55925: PHILLIPS - Lead Soldiers & Models Auction Catalogue 14 & 15 January 1987
63533: PHILLIPS A.V. - War Sonnets and Others
94418: FAUDEL-PHILLIPS H. - Breaking and Schooling and Other Horse Knowledge Practised and Proved
95041: PHILLIPS WALTER J., NIVEN FREDERICK - Colour in the Canadian Rockies
98679: KEET PHILOMENA - The Tokyo Look Book Stylish to Spectacular Goth to Gyaru Sidewalk to Catwalk
95834: PHILOSTRATUS, FAIRBANKS A. - Philostratus Imagines Callistratus Descriptions
92636: ROSE PHYLLIS - Woman of Letters
31045: INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS - Luminescence with Particular Reference to Inorganic Phosphors British Journal of Applied Physics Supplement No. 4.
87473: PICASSO PABLO, BOECK WILHELM - Picasso Linoleum Cuts Bacchanals Women Bulls & Bullfighters
72963: PICENI ENRICO, MONTEVERDI, MARIO - Pittura Lombarda Dell'ottocento
86661: PICKERING DAVID, FALLS JUDY - Brush Men and Vigilantes CIVIL War Dissent in Texas
62373: PICKRILL D. A. - Ministers of the Crown
97684: EGAN PIERCE - Boxiana Or Sketches of Ancient and Modern Pugilism from the Days of the Renowned Broughton and Slack to the Heroes of the Later Milling Aera
56997: COWLING TOM PIERCE - Little Songs a Book of Poems for the Nursery
101084: GARRISON GEORGE PIERCE - Westward Extension 1841 - 1850
92760: FRANEY PIERRE - A Chef's Tale a Memoir of Food France and America
77959: VERNAY PIERRE - Terres Arctiques Un Monde Immense Sauvage Et VulnÚrable
102029: DAIX PIERRE - Picasso Life and Art
101171: CORNEILLE PIERRE - Chefs D'oeuvre de P. Corneille Edition Stereotype
75966: LEGOUIS PIERRE - Andrew Marvell Poet Puritan Patriot
97323: BERGE PIERRE - Yves Saint Laurent
86173: SCHOENDOERFFER PIERRE - Farwell to the King
101342: DUCHARTRE PIERRE L. - The Italian Comedy
55079: BERTON PIERRE - Prisoners of the North
69893: MAILLAUD PIERRE - The English Way
40142: AMETTE JACQUES-PIERRE - Brecht's Lover
77936: GEYL PIETER - Orange Stuart 1641 - 1672
82934: PIGGOTT BILL, CORNISH IAN - The Tr Register History 1970 - 2010
81990: PILLEMENT GEORGES, WHELPTON BARBARA - Unknown Turkey Volume I Istanbul Dardanelles Troy Ephesus [&] Volume II Anatolia Cappadocia the Eastern Frontiers
98917: PILLEY PHIL, JACKLIN TONY - Golfing Art
72271: PILLING M.J., SMITH I.W.M. - Modern Gas Kinetics Theory Experiment and Applicatio
102248: PINE L.G. - The New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971 Extinct Abeyant Dormant and Suspended Peerages with Genealogies and Arms
98244: PINION F. B., PINION M. - The Collected Sonnets of Charles Tennyson Turner
82509: PINTER HAROLD, LOSEY JOSEPH, BRAY BARBARA - The Proust Screenplay a la Recherche Du Temps Perdu
101902: SZTOMPKA PIOTR - Trust a Sociological Theory
102228: PIPER JOHN, JENKINS DAVID FRASER, SPALDING FRANCES - John Piper in the 1930s Abstraction on the Beach
97080: DE PISAN CHRISTIAN, VARTY KENNETH - Christian de Pisan's Ballades Rondeaux and Virelais an Anthology
53441: PITCHFORD R.J., SCHUTTE C.H.J. - Publications on Bilharziasis By Dr R.J. Pitchford
100033: BB D.J. WATKINS-PITCHFORD - The Little Grey Men a Story for the Young at Heart
35601: PITMAN, RUTH - Edward Lear's Tennyson
55679: CAPPER BENJAMIN PITTS - A Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom Compiled from Parliamentary and Other Authentic Documents and Authorities Containing Geographical Topographical & Statistical Accounts
75794: PLACE FRANCIS, HIMES NORMAN E. - Illustrations and Proofs of the Principle of Population
101463: PLASKITT F.J.W. - Microscopic Fresh Water Life
100092: PLATO, BAITER J. G., ORELLI J. C., WINCKELMANN A. G. - Platonis Opera Omnia Volume III Res Publica Leges Epinomis Timaeus Critias Editio Nova
97767: PLATO, HAMILTON EDITH, CAIRNS HUNTINGDON - The Collected Dialogues of Plato Including the Letters
52429: PLATO, RIDDELL JAMES - The Apology of Plato with a Revised Text and English Notes and a Digest of Platonic Idioms
100430: PLATT J.R.I. - Three Hundred Years of Foxhunting in South and West Wiltshire a History of the South and West Wilts and Wylye Valley Hunts.
71626: WOODHOUSE CHARLES PLATTEN - Ivories a History and Guide
63258: PLAUTUS, WATLING E.F. - The Rope and Other Plays
91039: PLAUTUS, BARSBY JOHN - Bacchides
31308: PLESSEN, LEOPOLD - The Lonesome Road and Other Stories.
81719: PLINY, RADICE BETTY - Pliny a Self Portrait in Letters
97984: PLINY, RACKHAM H. - Pliny Natural History Volume II Libri III - VII
38002: PLOMER, WILLIAM - Curlew River a Parable for Church Peformance.
43434: POCCI F. - Rhymes and Pictures for Children Translated from the German
54178: MOULD D.D.C. POCHIN - Ireland of the Saints
101730: POCOCK J. - The Varieties of British Political Thought 1500 - 1800
99772: POE EDGAR ALLAN, STODDARD RICHARD HENRY - The Works of Edgar Allan Poe with an Introduction and Memoir 6 Volumes
77755: POLLARD A.J. - The Worlds of Richard III
76402: POLLARD HUGH B.C., SOUTHGATE FRANK - Wildfowl & Waders Nature & Sport in the Coastlands
88621: POLLARD A.J. - The Wars of the Roses
24235: POLLOCK, ROBERT C. - The Mind of Pius XII.
99981: POLLOCK FREDERICK, HOLMES O.W., HOWE MARK DE WOLFE - The Pollock-Holmes Letters the Correspondence of Sir Frederick Pollock and Mr Justice Holmes 1874 - 1932 in Two Volumes.
99200: GREENBERG POLLY - The Devil Has Slippery Shoes a Biased Biography of the Child Development Group of Mississippi
50663: HILL POLLY - Studies in Rural Capitalism in West Africa
73129: CLARK POLLY - Take Me with You
45523: NEWMAN E.W. POLSON - The New Abyssinia
39471: POLVINEN, TUOMO - Between East and West Finland in International Politics 1944 - 1947
92562: MIDDLESEX POLYTECHNIC - A Popular Art British Wallpapers 1930 - 1960 an Exhibition from the Silver Studio Collection
101663: POMEROY SARAH B., BURSTEIN STANLEY M, DONLAN WALTER, TOLBERT ROBERTS JENNIFER - Ancient Greece a Political Social and Cultural History
88137: PONSONBY D.A. - The Lost Duchess the Story of the Prince Consort's Mother
102418: POOLE R.W.F. - A Backwoodsman's Year
91579: POOLE R.W.F. - The Hounds of Heaven
96754: SHENOUDA III POPE - The Coptic Liturgy St Basil
97390: POPHAM M.R., CALLIGAS P.G., SACKETT L.H., COULTON J., CATLING H.W. - Lefkandi II the Protogeometric Building at Toumba Part 2 the Excavation of the Building Its Architecture and Finds
97389: POPHAM M.R., SACKETT L.H. - Lefkandi I the Iron Age Settlement Volume Text Volume [&] Plates Volume
101731: POPPER K.R. - The Open Society and Its Enemies Volume 1 the Spell of Plato
101732: POPPER K.R. - The Open Society and Its Enemies Volume 2 the High Tide of Prophecy Hegel Marx and the Aftermath
32059: PORTEOUS, ANDREW - Hazardous Waste Management Handbook.
100953: PORTER CHARLES, BARR ALWYN - Charles Porter's Account of the Confederate Attempt to Seize Arizona
62161: PORTER H.C. - The Tudors and the North American Indian [&] Hakluyt Society Annual Report 1983
78393: SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - Great Mansions the Legend of Beas River
41353: PENNY POST - Penny Post for 1857 Volume 7 [&] Volume 8
73398: CANADA POST - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Gendarmerie Royale Du Canada 1873 - 1998
26693: POTOKAR, JOHN - Advances in the Management and Treatment of Depression.
98851: POTTS A - The Sculptural Imagination Figurative Modernist Minimalist
64134: POUCHER W.A. - The Scottish Peaks a Pictorial Guide to Walking in This Region and to the Safe Ascent of Its Most Spectacular Mountains.
92792: POULTNEY C.B., FARROW WILL - The Adventures of Peter Puppy
94874: POUNTNEY W.J. - Old Bristol Potteries Being an Account of the Old Potters and Potteries of Bristol and Brislington between 1650 and 1850 with Some Pages on the Old Chapel of St. Anne Brislington
87130: POWELL EDGAR, TREVELYAN G.M. - The Peasants' Rising and the Lollards a Collection of Unpublished Documents Forming an Appendix to England in the Age of Wycliffe
36823: POWELL, ANTHONY - Hearing Secret Harmonies a Novel
99714: POWELL WILLIAM H., SHIPPEN EDWARD - Officers of the Army and Navy Regular Who Served in the CIVIL War
87465: POWELL W.R. - A History of the County of Essex Volume V Victoria County History
65458: POWELL G.H. - Memoirs of Robert Cary Earl of Monmouth
87463: POWELL W.R., BOARD BERYL A., KNIGHT NORMA - A History of the County of Essex Volume VIII Victoria County History
87464: POWELL W.R. - A History of the County of Essex Volume VI Victoria County History
26017: POWER, E.C. - A Printer's Devil.
99129: PRATER A.J. - Estuary Birds of Britain and Ireland
60595: BISHOP PREBENDARY - Notes on Exeter Cathedral
53079: PREMINGER ALEX, GREENSTEIN EDWARD L. - The Hebrew Bible in Literary Criticism
100735: PRENDERGAST E.D.V., BOYS J.V. - The Birds of Dorset
26228: PRESCOTT, W.H. - History of the Reign of Charles the Fifth Volume I - II.
26229: PRESCOTT W.H. - History of the Reign of Philip the Second Volume I - III.
65570: SMITH HENRY PRESERVED - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Samuel
91580: PRESLAND JOHN, WIDGERY F.J. - Lynton and Lynmouth a Pageant of Cliff & Moorland
101195: PRESS J.R., SHORT M.J. - Flora of Madeira
88065: NONESUCH PRESS [&] DIAL PRESS - The Apocrypha [&] the Holy Bible Reprinted According to the Authorised Version 1611 in Five Volumes
91376: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS - The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
98603: ORTON C. W. PREVITE - The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History Volume 2
80500: PREVOST ABBE, SACKVILLE-WEST EDWARD - The History of the Chevalier Des Grieux and of Manon Lescaut.
86395: PRIESTLEY J.B. - Wonder Hero
96641: PRIESTLEY J.B. - English Journey
101186: PRIMAVESI A.L., EVANS P. A. - Flora of Leicestershire
74775: LEVI PRIMO - Other People's Trades
100382: WALES PRINCE OF - Travels with the Prince a Fiftieth Birthday Exhibition
90683: LAMBALLE PRINCESS - Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France During the Revolution Volume II
33516: PRINZ, WOLFRAM - Die Storia Oder Die Kunst Des Erzahlens in Der Italienischen Malerei Und Plastik Des Spńten Mittelalters Und Der FrŘhrenaissance 1260 - 1460 Textband
90550: NAPIER PRISCILLA - The Kingdom of Edmund Ad 841 - 870
94551: NAPIER PRISCILLA - The Sword Dance Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers.
98021: SCOTT-ELLIS PRISCILLA - Diario de la Guerra de Espana
71752: WAKEFIELD PRISCILLA - An Introduction to the Natural History and Classification of Insects in a Series of Familiar Letters with Illustrative Engravings
90215: NAPIER PRISCILLA - Coming Home from Sea Selected Poems
37781: PRITCHARD, CARL L. - Risk Management Concepts and Guidance
100701: PRITCHARD H. - The History of the Corps of Royal Engineers Volume V
82408: PRITCHETT V.S. - The Gentle Barbarian the Life and Work of Turgenev
100905: PRITCHETT V.S. - The Camberwell Beauty and Other Stories
84339: PROBERT HENRY, GILBERT MICHAEL - 128 the Story of the Royal Air Force Club
31257: PROCTER, H.R. - The Principles of Leather Manufacture.
31916: PROCTOR, JAMES D. - Science Religion and the Human Experience.
53627: PROCTOR MICHAEL, YEO PETER, LACK ANDREW - The Natural History of Pollination
88578: PRODGERS C.H. - Adventures in Bolivia
76585: SCHOOL MATHEMATICS PROJECT - Differential Equations and Circuits School Mathematics Project Further Mathematics Series III
77589: PROPP WILLIAM H., WRIGHT DAVID P., ET AL - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 49 No 3 July 1987
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102595: SCRUTON ROGER - The Aesthetic Understanding Essays in the Philosophy of Art and Culture
101502: HUDSON ROGER - Coleridge Among the Lakes and Mountains from His Notebooks Letters and Poems 1794 - 1804.
102332: HUDSON ROGER - The Raj an Eye-Witness History of the British India.
63039: GROOTE ROGER DE - Olympic Sports Official Album Montreal 1976
82001: ELKIN ROGER - Envoi 104
101669: SODER ROGER - The Language of Leadership
102199: THOMPSON ROGER C. - The Pacific Basin Since 1945 History of the Foreign Relations of the Asian Australasian and American Rim States and the Pacific Islands
100960: CUSTANCE ROGER - Winchester College Sixth Centenary Essays
78970: KING ROGER - Capital and Politics
95032: STALLEY ROGER - The Cistercian Monasteries of Ireland
79024: EVANS ROGER - Bridgwater with and without the E
39842: ROGERS, DANIEL E. - Politics After Hitler Western Allies and the German Party System
95903: FREART ROLAND - A Parallel of the Antient Architecture with the Modern
100743: WILLIAMS ROLAND - Where the World Is Quiet
101885: OLIVER ROLAND - The African Experience from Olduvai Gorge to the 21st Century
82680: BARTHES ROLAND - Criticism and Truth
81979: BAINTON ROLAND - The Penguin History of Christianity Volume 1 [&] Volume 2
94800: HUNTFORD ROLAND - Nansen the Explorer As Hero
95359: LOEBER ROLF - A Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Ireland 1600 - 1720
99390: BOLDREWOOD ROLF - A Colonial Reformer

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