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116298: CERVANTES DE SAAVEDRA MIGUEL, JARVIS CHARLES - The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha [Volumes 1 and 2]
92910: FRANCIS MIKE - Suggestions from Suburbia Painting Mike Francis 1980 - 81
115464: LITHGOW MIKE - Mach One
75429: FILEY MIKE - Like No Other in the World the Story of Toronto's Skydome
100501: CRITCHLEY MIKE - The Royal Navy in Focus 1940 - 49
101339: CONROY MIKE - 500 Comicbook Action Heroes
90253: RICHARDS MIKE - Workhorses in Australian Waters a History of Marine Engineering in Australia
115438: HALBERSTADT HANS & MIKE - Bone Domes and Speed Jeans Us Aircrew Flight and Survival Gear
55006: WREFORD MIKE, WREFORD HILARY - Okehampton of Yesteryear
108068: LAWRENCE MIKE - The Story of March
65029: REILLY MIKE - Alone in the Sky
115977: HELLER MIKHAIL - Cogs in the Soviet Wheel the Formstion of Soviet Man
99212: GORBACHEV MIKHAIL - Perestroika New Thinking for Our Country and the World
115976: HAUNER MILAN - What Is Asia to Us? Russia's Asian Heartland Yesterday and Today
114679: ARCHER MILDRED - British Drawings in the India Office Library Volume 1 Amateur Artists
90754: HORDERN MILES - Voyaging the Pacific in Search of the South
116258: RUSSELL MILES, LAYCOCK STUART - Unroman Britain Exposing the Great Myth of Britannia
95141: STEPHENSON MILL - A List of Monumental Brasses in Surrey
72700: MEISS MILLARD - Grandes Epoques de la Fresque
90707: BURD CLARA MILLER - Mother Goose Rhymes
30941: MILLER, FRED - The Training of a Craftsman
114716: DAREWSKI MME MAX (RUBY MILLER) - Believe Me or Not
56424: SLOANE WILLIAM MILLIGAN - Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Volume I.
56425: SLOANE WILLIAM MILLIGAN - Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Volume II
105852: SLOANE WILLIAM MILLIGAN - Life of Napoleon Bonaparte
106816: MLADJENOVIC MILORAD - The Defining Years of Nuclear Physics 1932-1960s
106084: MLADJENOVIC MILORAD - The History of Early Nuclear Physics 1896-1931
60113: WALTERS MINETTE - The Shape of Snakes
87059: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes Spitfire Iia and Iib Aeroplanes Merlin XII Engine
66621: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes for Wellington III X XI XII XIII & XIV Two Hercules XI VI XVI or XVII Engines
98663: WELD STEPHEN MINOT - War Diaries and Letters of Stephen Minot Weld 1861-1865
113455: ALBERTI MIQUEL - Creative Mathematics the Amazing Workings of the Mind
105610: CARTER MIRANDA - Anthony Blunt His Lives
112051: CARTER MIRANDA - The Three Emperors Three Cousins Three Empires and the Road to World War One
110405: SEYMOUR MIRANDA - Mary Shelley
102743: GALINOU MIREILLE, HAYES JOHN - London in Paint Oil Paintings in the Collection at the Museum of London
108952: RICCIARDI MIRELLA - African Saga
115684: RICCIARDI MIRELLA - Vanishing Africa
94310: ROTHSCHILD MIRIAM - Butterfly Cooing Like a Dove
79168: GRINDEA MIRON - Adam 300 a Special Edition of the 300th Issue of Adam Published in Memory of Jean Cocteau
76999: ANDRLIK MISCHA, BAYER ISABELL, LUEGER KARL - Sinai Reflexionen Aus Der Stille Reflections of Silence
115330: VASSILTCHIKOV MARIE MISSIE - The Berlin Diaries of Marie Missie Vassiltchikov 1940 - 1945
109454: ALBERT MITCH - Triangle Variety of Experience Around Artists' Workshops and Residencies
23204: MITCHELL, PAIGE - The Covenant
93078: YOSHIDA MITSUKUNI - Japan Style
105867: BELL E. MOBERLY - Josephine Butler Flame of Fire
109294: MERCHANT MOELWYN - Fragments of a Life
35503: MOGGACH, DEBORAH - Final Demand
76763: AL-DAMKHI ALI MOHAMED - Invasion Saddam Hussain's Reign of Terror in Kuwait
77354: IQBAL MOHAMMAD - The History of Islam and Muslims Volume II the Right-Guided Caliphs Part Two Caliph Umar Faruq
112970: BUSSEY G. MOIR, GRANDVILLE J.J. - Fables Original and Selected by the Most Esteemed European and Oriental Authors with an Introductory Dissertation on the History of Fable Comprising Biographical Notices of the Most Eminent Fabulists
106703: DEARNLEY MOIRA - The Poetry of Christopher Smart
107594: SYKES PERCY MOLESWORTH - Ten Thousand Miles in Persia
98015: KEANE MOLLY - Time After Time
92482: TATCHELL MOLLY - Leigh Hunt and His Family in Hammersmith
98349: KEANE MOLLY - Loving and Giving
25723: MOLTKE, FIELD MARSHAL COUNT HELMUTH VON - Moltke's Projects for the Campaign of 1866 Against Austria
70792: MOME - The Off-Wheeler Ballads and Other Verses
80576: MOMTAZI - Nine Ways to Touch the Soul
113117: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET MONACO - Magnifique Ensemble de Meubles Et Objets D'Art Francais Collection Monsieur Akram Ojjeh
80029: BLACKETT MONICA - The Mark of the Maker a Portrait of Helen Waddell
53268: LANGE MONIQUE - The Bathing Huts
96541: GIBGON MONK - The Velvet Bow & Other Poems
90045: MONTESQUIEU - Oeuvres Completes de Montesquieu Tome I - III Espirit Des Lois Tome IV Grandeur Et Decadence Des Romains Lettres Persanes Tome V Oeuvres Diverses
34837: MONTET, PIERRE - Egypte En de Bijbel Bijbel En Archaeologie
94374: MARTIN R. MONTGOMERY - The Indian Empire with a Full Account of the Mutiny of the Native Troops
69310: CARMICHAEL MONTGOMERY - The Life of John William Walshe
75172: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Monuments Threatened or Destroyed a Select List 1956 - 1962
116079: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Wilton House and English Palladianism Some Wiltshire Houses
95056: WILSON JEAN MOORCROFT - Siegfried Sassoon the Making of a War Poet a Biography 1886 - 1918
107004: CREAGH O'MOORE, HUMPHRIS E.M. - The V.C. And D.S. O. In Three Volumes a Complete Record of All Those Officers Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of His Majesty's Naval Military and Air Forces Who Have Been Awarded These Decorations from the Time of Their Institution with Descriptions
113655: CROOK J. MORDAUNT - The Architect's Secret Victorian Critics and the Image of Gravity
113656: CROOK J. MORDAUNT - The Greek Revival Neo-Classical Attitudes in British Architecture 1760-1870
114855: TAMARKIN MORDECHAI - Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners the Imperial Colossus and the Colonial Parish Pump
43874: BARKAY MORDECHAY - Zahal Israel Defence Forces
77539: LLYWELYN MORGAN - 1921
103909: YUZO MORI - Umezaki Unrei
39144: MORISON, JOHN - Eastern Europe and the West
105576: BUSCH MORITZ - Bismarck Some Secret Pages of His History in Three Volumes
85638: PARKER PHILIP A. MORLEY - The Control of Water As Applied to Irrigation Power and Town Water Supply Purposes
46906: ROBERTS MORLEY - W.H. Hudson a Portrait
66159: HART WALTER MORRIS - Kipling the Story-Writer
104311: SCHAFF MORRIS - The Sunset of the Confederacy
61870: MORRIS, GOSCINNY R. - Lucky Luke le Pied-Tendre
61869: MORRIS, GOSCINNY R. - Calamity Jane Lucky Luke 30
97521: NACHTSTERN MORTIZ, ARNTZEN RAGNAR - Counterfeiter How a Norwegian Jew Survived the Holocaust
87633: J.B. MORTON - The Gascon a Story of the French Revolution
104939: COHEN MORTON - Rider Haggard His Life and Works
37292: MORWOOD, PETER - The Horse Lord the Demon Lord the Dragon Lord
110991: HADAS MOSES - Hellenistic Culture Fusion and Diffusion
115997: LEWIN MOSHE - The Soviet Century
113353: BARASCH MOSHE - Crusader Figural Sculpture in the Holy Land Twelfth Century Examples from Acre Nazareth and Belvoir Castle
76823: MOUHLI MOUHLI, MCGUINNESS JUSTIN - Medinances Huit Visages de la Medina de Tunis Eight Faces of Old Tunis
111818: HALL MR AND MRS S.C. - The Book of the Thames from Its Rise to Its Fall
100611: ADDISON MR - Interesting Anecdotes Memoirs Allegories Essays and Poetical Fragments Tending to Amuse the Fancy and Inculcate Morality
55420: NIGHTINGALE REV MR - Somersetshire or Original Delineations Topographical Historical and Descriptive Beauties of England and Wales
76704: STRANG MRS - Little Folk's Play Book Mrs Stang's Play Books
76705: STRANG MRS - Dear Dolly's Picture Book Mrs Stang's Play Books
18882: BURY PALLISER MRS - A History of Lace
92802: WALLACE MRS - Some Oxford Pets by Their Friends
44957: RICHMOND MRS - In My Lady's Garden
116313: GUISE FRANCIS MRS - The Cravens of Beech Hall in Two Volumes
103855: OLIPHANT MRS - Sheridan English Men of Letters
98208: MOLESWORTH MRS - The Story of a Spring Morning and Other Tales
91265: KESAVAN MUKUL - Looking Through Glass
51783: CHEONG YONG MUN - Trends in Indonesia Proceedings and Background Paper
76945: PARK MUNGO - The Life and Travels of Mungo Park with the Account of His Death from the Journal of Isaaco the Substance of Later Discoveries Relative to His Lamented Fate and the Termination of the Niger
108704: PARK MUNGO - Travels in the Interior of Africa
114428: SAKI H.H. MUNRO - Short Stories
116547: SAKI H.H. MUNRO - The Unbearable Bassington
94459: MASEFIELD MURIEL - Peacocks and Primroses a Survey of Disraeli's Novels
40474: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SHERWOOD-SMITH CAROLINE - The Wisdom of the East Marsh's Library
40468: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SHERWOOD-SMITH CAROLINE - The Fountain of Genius Poems Plays and Prose in Marsh's Library
40471: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SHERWOOD-SMITH CAROLINE - Leaves from the Past Marsh's Botanical Books
40466: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SHERWOOD-SMITH CAROLINE - From Major to Minor an Exhibition of the Largest and Smallest Books in Marsh's Library
40472: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SHERWOOD-SMITH CAROLINE - Echoes of Splendour an Exhibition of Music Manuscripts and Early Printed Music Books in Marsh's Library
104067: SPARK MURIEL - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
40465: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SIMMONS ANN - The New World Books of Exploration and Discovery in Marsh's Library
40473: MCCARTHY MURIEL AND SIMMONS ANN - Land of Silk and Sages Books on in Marsh's Library
113767: JOHN MURRAY - Murray's Handbook for Devon and Cornwall (1859)
89051: HUNTERIAN MUSEUM - Descriptive Catalogue of the Physiological Series in the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Part I Surviving Hunterian Specimens Demonstrating Those Organs in Plants and Animals for the Special Purposes of the Individual
98403: JEWISH MUSEUM - Danzig 1939 Treasures of a Destroyed Community
85256: HASAN MUSHIRUL - India Partitioned the Other Face of Freedom Volume I & Volume II
38679: MUSSON, A.E. - The Congress of 1868
62409: ABU-HAKIMA AHMAD MUSTAFA - The Modern History of Kuwait 1750 - 1965
76049: MAGNET MYRON - Dickens and the Social Order
107516: HARGREAVES-MAWDSLEY W. N. - Spain Under the Bourbons 1700 - 1833 a Collection of Documents
115932: BISSON THOMAS N. - The Crisis of the Twelfth Century Power Lordship and the Origins of European Government
72586: JORDAN KENNETH N. - Heroes of Our Time 239 Men of the Vietnam War Awarded the Medal of Honor 1964 - 1972
70926: VORONIN N.N. - The Palaces and Churches of the Kremlin
84683: WILSON A.N. - Gentlemen in England
113111: VENABLES W.N., RIPLEY B.D. - Modern Applied Statistics with S.
113115: WILSON A.N. - The Faber Book of Church and Clergy
114846: SRINIVAS M.N. - Religion and Society Among the Coorgs of South India
99609: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume III
99610: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume IV
99611: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume VI
40196: EXTON-SMITH A.N. AND CAIRD F.I. - Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders in the Elderly
109496: BARCLAY C.N. - On Their Shoulders British Generalship in the Lean Years 1939 - 1942
112159: WESTWOOD J.N. - A History of Russian Railways
73818: MYGIND N., CLARK T.J.H. - Topical Steroid Treatment for Asthma and Rhinitis
75149: JORDAN KENNETH N. - Forgotten Heroes 131 Men of the Korean War Awarded the Medal of Honor 1950 - 1953
98772: BISCHOFF W. N. - We Were Not Summer Soldiers Indian War Diary of Plympton J. Kelly 1855-1856
111962: WILSON A.N. - The Life of John Milton
112278: PUGIN A.W.N. - The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in Engand and Some Remarks Relative to Ecclesiastical Architecture and Decoration
104304: GAMBRILL RICHARD V.N., MACKENZIE JAMES C. - Sporting Stables and Kennels
116640: KNEALE E.N. - North Wales Steam Volume Two
51648: ZADOKS A.N., JITTA JOSEPHUS - Antieke Cultuur in Beeld
105646: WILSON A.N. - Iris Murdoch
104601: HENDERSON G.N., STRATTON J. - Bailliere's Veterinary Handbook
107328: HUMPHREYS H.N. - Illuminated Illustrations of Froissart Selected from the Ms in the Bibliotheque Royale Paris and from Other Sources
40192: YU PAUL N., GOODWIN JOHN F. - Progress in Cardiology Volume 14
109210: WADIA D.N. - Geology of India
99626: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXVII Part III Correspondence
115203: HILLGARTH J.N. - Ramon Lull and Lullism in Fourteenth Century France
69668: MALIK K.N. - India and the United Kingdom Change and Continuity in the 1980s
99627: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXXIV Part I Reports
99628: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXXIV Part II Correspondence
116588: FURBANK P.N. - E.M. Forster a Life Volume One the Growth of the Novelist 1879-1914 [&] Volume Two Polycrates' Ring 1914-1970
109515: WILSON A.N. - The Book of the People How to Read the Bible
85744: WILSON CLYDE N. - The Most Promising Young Man of the South James Johnston Pettigrew and His Men at Gettysburg
83535: FORSYTHE ROBERT N. - From Tilbury to Tyneside Eastern Region Railway Shipping Publicised
69269: MADAN T.N. - Modern Myths Locked Minds Secularism and Fundamentalism in India
99577: BRANGHAM A.N. - The Naturalist's Riviera
99607: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume I.
99608: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume II
115897: YAKOVLEV ALEXANDER N. - A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia
104887: SHORROCKS D.M.N. - Bishop Still's Visitation 1594 and the Smale Booke of the Clerk of the Peace for Somerset 1593-5
115791: KHRUSHCHEV SERGEI N. - Nikita Khrushchev and the Creation of a Superpower
99612: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume VII
99616: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XI Part III Correspondence
99617: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XV
99618: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XVI Part I Reports
99619: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XVI Part II Correspondence
99620: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXII Part I Reports
99621: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXII Part II Correspondence
99622: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXV Part I Reports
99623: SCOTT ROBERT N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXV Part II Correspondence
114860: TUBB JONATHAN N. - Canaanites Peoples of the Past
109810: FURBANK P.N. - E.M. Forster a Life Volume Two Polycrates' Ring 1914-70
114578: ELIAS N., ROSS E. DENISON - The Tarikh-I-Rashidi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat a History of the Moghuls of Central Asia
66836: BEHRMAN S.N. - The Suspended Drawing Room
73087: SMITH GUY N. - Sporting and Working Dogs
41220: DARBY J.N. - Notes and Jottings from Various Meetings with J.N. Darby Part One - Part Five
76840: SAFRAN NADAV - Saudi Arabia the Ceaseless Quest for Security
115010: RAO P. NAGARAJA - The Epistemology of Dvaita Vedanta
17342: NAHUM, PETER - Prices of Victorian Paintings Drawings and Watercolours
114379: YUAN NAIYING, TANG HAITAO, GEISS JAMES - Classical Chinese a Basic Reader Volume I Texts
114381: YUAN NAIYING, TANG HAITAO, GEISS JAMES - Classical Chinese a Basic Reader Volume III Analyses
114380: YUAN NAIYING, TANG HAITAO, GEISS JAMES - Classical Chinese a Basic Reader Volume II Glossaries
112003: LIVINGSTON NANCY - The Trouble at Aquitaine
111744: HATHAWAY NANCY - The Unicorn
113886: SCHOENBERGER NANCY - Dangerous Muse a Life of Caroline Blackwood
110067: CAFFREY NANCY - Pony Duet
51660: KOHNER NANCY, MCGING BRIDGET - My Father's Roses One Family Two Wars Three Generations Divided by Fate and Bound Through Love
111756: KEESING NANCY - History of the Australian Goldrushes by Those Who Were There
105693: MITFORD NANCY - Love in a Cold Climate
114132: KRISHNA NANDITHA - Arts and Crafts of Tamilnadu
75651: LOCH JOICE NANKIVELL - Collected Poems
102510: EDWARDS GWAITH THOMAS [TWM O'R NANT] - I. At Y Cyfaill Myfyr II. Trichryfion Bid [&] Y Pedair Colofn Cywydd Henaint
112425: JACOB NAOMI - Me and the Mediterranean
73495: JACOB NAOMI - Mary of Delight
90076: OZANIEC NAOMI - The Illustrated Guide to Tarot
54283: NAPHY W.G., BELTRAN CRISTINA BORREGUERO, ET AL. - War in History Volume 5 Number 4 1998
76733: SAROOP NARINDAR - The Last Indian or the Destruction of Two Cultures
85883: BRANDT NAT - In the Shadow of the CIVIL War Passmore Williamson and the Rescue of Jane Johnson
105839: ALLEN NATALIE - Full Circle Memories of Cotehele Valley Market Gardeners and the Diaries of Joseph Snell
104622: SPENDER NATASHA - An English Garden in Provence
114221: SIVIN NATHAN - Granting the Seasons
87105: ZIMELMAN NATHAN, CARRICK DONALD - Walls Are to Be Walked
116644: LLOYD NATHANIEL - A History of the English House from Primitive Times to the Victorian Period
97796: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE - Edgar Chahine Peintre-Graveur
90612: RÉUNION DES MUSÉES NATIONAUX - Edouard Vuillard K. -X. Roussel
46555: BUREAU OF ORDNANCE UNITED STATES NAVY - Dimensions and Weights of Gun Implements 1874
115152: CHANDA NAYAN - Brother Enemy the War After the War History of Indo-China After the Fall of Saigon
114680: ASCHERSON NEAL - Black Sea
101088: HAMMON NEAL, TAYLOR RICHARD - Virginia's Western War 1775 - 1786
113102: SOLLY N. NEAL - Memoir of the Life of David Cox
112623: ASCHERSON NEAL - Black Sea the Birthplace of Civilisation and Barbarism
95470: BUNTLINE NED - The Hero of a Hundred Fights
110554: BLOCK NED - Readings in Philosophy of Psychology Volumes 1 and 2
106072: HARTE NEGLEY - The University of London 1836-1986 an Illustrated History
100870: FARSON NEGLEY - Transgressor in the Tropics
106073: HARTE NEGLEY - The University of London 1836-1986 an Illustrated History
105116: SHORT NEIL - Hitler's Siegfried Line
111217: HANSON NEIL - The Custom of the Sea a Shocking True Tale of Shipwreck Murder and the Last Taboo
94001: BELL NEIL - The Story of Leon Barentz
102221: COX NEIL, POVEY DEBORAH - A Picasso Bestiary
81149: MORRIS NEIL - The Face of People
78963: HOOD NEIL, YOUNG STEPHEN - The Globalization of Multinational Enterprise Activity and Economic Development
108085: GRAESSER NEIL - Fly Fishing for Salmon
109878: POWELL NEIL - Amis & Son Two Literary Generations
98215: SULLIVAN NEIL - The King of Hans Place the Story of a Remarkable Man and a Remarkable School
108273: YOUNG NEIL - Waging Heavy Peace
88652: WARNOCK NEIL - The Gaffer the Trials and Tribulations of a Football Manager
106838: BELL NEIL - Life and Andrew Otway
108084: GRAESSER NEIL - Advanced Salmon Fishing Lessons from Experience
60401: POWELL NEIL - Amis & Son Two Literary Generations
108978: BRENNAN NEIL - Anthony Powell Twaynes English Authors Series
64965: DOUGALL NEIL - Stallions Their Management and Handling
109946: CORCORAN NEIL - The Poetry of Seamus Heaney
91471: CAMERON KENNETH NEILL - Shelley and His Circle 1773 - 1822 the Carl H. Pforzheimer Library in 4 Volumes
92737: DUNN NELL - The Incurable
90578: BLESSING-EYSTER NELLIE - A Chinese Quaker an Unfictious Novel
86685: CURRENT RICHARD NELSON - What Is an American? Abraham Lincoln and Multiculturalsim Frank L. Klement Lectures No 2
36222: NEMIROVSKAIA, M.A. - Akvarel I Risunok Vtoroi Poloviny XIX-Nachala XX Veka V Sobranii Gosudarstvennoi Tretiakovskoi Galerei
102811: PALMER A. NEOBARD, OWEN EDWARD - A History of Ancient Tenures of Land in North Wales and the Marches
96270: TEDESCHI NEREO, CENNI NINO - Verona in Pictures
115914: SHUTE NEVIL - Slide Rule the Autobiography of an Engineer
112445: SHUTE NEVIL - Trustee from the Toolroom
86170: SHUTE NEVIL - Town Like Alice No Highway Round the Bend on the Beach Most Secret Rainbow and Rose Requiem for Wren What Happened to the Corbetts Pastoral Chequer Board Far Country in the Wet Pied Piper
96231: WALLIS NEVILE - A Victorian Canvas the Memoirs of W.P. Frith R.A.
105356: HENDERSON NEVILE - Failure of a Mission Berlin 1937 - 1939
92243: PRICE NEVILLE - Streets of Heaven 125 Years in the Parish of St. Mary's Bourne Street
116709: DUKE NEVILLE, LANCHBERY EDWARD - Sound Barrier the Story of High-Speed Flight
16369: NEVIN, JACK [ BRIAN MORRIS ] - Past Recall
38596: NEWMAN, BERTRAM - English Historians Selected Passages
77749: BARR NIALL - Flodden 1513 the Scottish Invasion of Henry VIII's England
115355: FERGUSON NIALL - Kissinger 1923-1968 the Idealist
115492: ROTHNIE NIALL - The Baedecker Blitz Hitler's Attack on Britain's Historic Cities
104370: NICHEVO - Burned Bridges
102316: WHITTAKER NICHOLAS - Platform Souls the Trainspotter As 20th-Century Hero
114761: HIGHAM NICHOLAS, JONES BARRI - The Carvetii Peoples of Roman Britain
92687: MURRAY NICHOLAS - A Life of Matthew Arnold
92905: TREADWELL NICHOLAS - Women 1980
95707: CULPEPER NICHOLAS, THOMAS IAN - Culeper's Book of Birth Aseventeenth Century Guide to Having Lusty Children
95913: KINGSLEY NICHOLAS - The Country Houses of Gloucestershire Volume One 1500 - 1660
112765: GAGE NICHOLAS - Eleni
114687: BENNETT NICHOLAS - The Registers of Henry Burghersh 1320-1342 II Institutions to Benefices in the Archdeaconries of Northampton Oxford, Bedford Buckingham
64510: FALLON NICHOLAS - Middle East Oil Money and Its Future Expenditure
103421: PURDON NICHOLAS - Carpet and Textile Patterns
112151: TAYLOR NICHOLAS - Cambridge New Architecture
113422: BENNETT NICHOLAS - The Registers of Henry Burghersh 1320-1342 III Memoranda Register Dispensations for Study Cum Ex Eo Licences for Non-Residence Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
113414: BENNETT NICHOLAS - The Registers of Henry Burghersh 1320-1342 I Institutions to Benefices in the Archdeaconries of Lincoln Stow and Leicester Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
97166: FOULKES NICHOLAS - Gentlemen and Blackguards or Gambling Mania and the Plot to Steal the Derby of 1844
106476: BETHELL NICHOLAS - The Palestine Triangle the Struggle between the British the Jews and the Arabs 1935-1948
52190: MOSLEY NICHOLAS - Corruption
113407: GOODISON NICHOLAS - Matthew Boulton Ormolu
113438: BENNETT NICHOLAS, HOLLES GERVASE, COLE R.E.G. - Wonderful to Behold a Centenary History of the Lincoln Record Society 1910-2010 [&] Lincolnshire Church Notes Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
113837: COURTNEY NICHOLAS - Gale Force 10 the Life and Legacy of Admiral Beaufort
113652: COOK NICHOLAS - Beethoven Symphony No. 9
113413: BENNETT NICHOLAS - Lincolnshire Parish Clergy 1214-1968 a Biographical Register: Part I the Deaneries of Aslacoe and Aveland Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
104452: FRASER NICHOLAS - The Voice of Modern Hatred Encounters with Europe's New Right
111800: USHERWOOD NICHOLAS - The Brotherhood of Ruralists
110298: BETHELL NICHOLAS - The War Hitler Won September 1939
96099: HENDERSON NICHOLAS - Old Friends and Mordern Instances
100427: BAGNALL NICHOLAS - A Little Overmatter
114990: WATKINS NICHOLAS - Bonnard
94314: PETO NICK - Peto's Progress
32362: MCCANN NICK - Heaven and Earth Visions of Byron
101566: RONALD NICK, ROBERTS DAVID - Grand Illusions Paint Effects and Instant Decoration for Furniture Fabric Walls and Floors
88650: HARRIS NICK - England Their England the Definitive Story of Foreign Footballers in the English Game Since 1888
111203: DRAKE NICK - The Farewell Glacier
89431: DAVIDSON NICK - Team Shirts to Ticket Stubs
111566: LEWER NICK - Physicians and the Peace Movement Prescriptions for Hope
89414: CORBLE NICK - Golden Daze
106419: LLEWELLYN KARL NICKERSON - Karl Nickerson Llewellyn on Legal Realism the Bramble Bush Legal Tradition and Social Science Method a Realist's Critique Some Realism About Realism Responding to Dean Pound on Reading and Using the Newer Jurisprudence
97824: TOLSTOY NICKILAI - Patrick O'Brian the Making of the Novelist
109994: PAPPAS NICKOLAS - Plato and the Republic
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100979: JUNG PETER - The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I 1 1914-16 Men-at-Arms
112428: LEMESURIER PETER - The Nostradamus Encyclopedia the Definitive Guide to the Work and World of Nostradamus
109179: LEVI PETER - Edward Lear a Biography
50291: SPERLING JAMES, MATHIAS JORG, LOSCHE PETER ET AL. - German Politics Journal of the Association for the Study of German Politics Vol 12 No 3 December 2003
110805: ACKROYD PETER - The Collection
112404: EDBURY PETER, PHILLIPS JONATHAN - The Experience of Crusading Volume Two Defining the Crusader Kingdom
112412: EVANS PETER - The Music of Benjamin Britten
114736: GARNSEY PETER, SALLER RICHARD - The Roman Empire Economy Society and Culture
2698: MORRIS PETER - First Aid to the Battleffront Life and Letters of Sir Vincent Kennett-Barrington (1844-1903)
102384: WEGMANN PETER - Caspar David Friedrich to Ferdinand Hodler a Romantic Tradition
91485: NICHOLS PETER - A Piece of My Mind
89100: WENHAM PETER - Watermills
106578: HOHENSTATT PETER - Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519
115751: ECKMAN PETER - In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperortracing the History of Traditional Acupuncture
98627: POYNTZ WRIGHT PETER - The Parish Church Towers of Somerset Their Construction Craftsmanship and Chronology 1350 - 1550
77227: MULLEN PETER - A Grain of Mustard Seed a Novel
112144: SPAFFORD PETER - Interference the Story of Czechoslovakia in the Words of Its Writers
86963: BURKE PETER - Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe
114969: GALASSI PETER, SANTE LUC - American Photography 1890-1965
112726: ATKINS PETER - Four Laws That Drive the Universe
110485: CLEMOES PETER - Anglo-Saxon England 3
50289: CAMPBELL WILLIAM ROSS, LUZIO GAIA DI, DOERSCHLER PETER ET AL. - German Politics Journal of the Association for the Study of German Politics Vol 13 No 3 September 2004
104340: ALLEN PETER - One More River the Rhine Crossings of 1945
105293: YOUNG PETER, ADAIR JOHN - Hastings to Culloden
114003: THOROLD PETER - The London Rich the Creation of a Great City from 1666 to the Present
116568: KROPOTKIN PETER, WARD COLIN - Memoirs of a Revolutionist
104597: DENNIS PETER, PRESTON ADRIAN - Soldiers and Statesmen
104628: VERNEY PETER - The Standard Bearer
111291: HATLIE PETER - The Monks and Monasteries of Constantinople Ca 350 - 850
60633: DAVIS PETER - A List of the Birds of Lundy
113358: CLAYTON PETER, PRICE MARTIN - The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
80547: REID PETER - By Fire and Sword the Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms 1314 - 1485
48928: JUPP PETER - The Letter-Journal of George Canning 1793 - 1795
83109: LOCK PETER - An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of the Exmoor Dialect between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman and Thomasia Moreman As They Were Spinning Also an Exmoor Courtship
96105: EICHSTAEDT PETER - First Kill Your Family Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army
75343: PUGH PETER, NICKALLS GUY - Great Enterprise a History of Harrisons and Crosfield
80066: JUPP PETER - British and Irish Elections 1784 - 1831
115522: TWISS PETER - Faster Than the Sun

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