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68082: OLIPHANT LAURENCE - Elgin's Mission to China and Japan in Two Volumes
70927: KELLY LAURENCE - Moscow a Travellers' Companion
85933: BRUNHOFF LAURENT DE - Picnic at Babar's
102002: SCHNEIDER ADAMS LAURIE - Art and Psychoanalysis
56962: SALITAN LAURIE P. - Politics and Nationality in Contemporary Soviet-Jewish Emigration 1968 - 89
80352: MARTINES LAURO - Society and History in English Renaissance Verse
36367: LAVER, JAMES - Nostradamus Or the Future Foretold
85558: LAVERACK M.S., BLACKER M. - Fauna and Flora of St Andrews Bay
94275: SMILEY LAVINIA - A Nice Clean Plate Recollections 1919-1931
64079: JAMES LAWRENCE - Warrior Race a History of the British at War
74990: EARL LAWRENCE - Yangtse Incident the Story of Hms Amethyst
101780: STONE LAWRENCE - The Past and the Present Revisited
64604: HANSON LAWRENCE - Mountain of Victory a Biography of Paul Cezanne
91998: JAMES LAWRENCE - Aristocrats Power Grace and Decadence Britain's Great Ruling Classes from 1066 to the Present
64109: JAMES LAWRENCE - Aristocrats Power Grace and Decadence Britain's Great Ruling Classes from 1066 to the Present
89550: JAMES LAWRENCE - Crimea 1854 -56 the War with Russia from Contemporary Photographs
91226: LAWRENCE ANN, FELTS SHIRLEY - There and Back Again
93646: LAWRENCE T.E. - Crusader Castles Volume II the Letters
67762: LAWRENCE D.H., HUXLEY ALDOUS - The Letters of D.H. Lawrence
92746: DURRELL LAWRENCE - Livia Or Buried Alive.
85996: CONNELLY THOMAS LAWRENCE - CIVIL War Tennessee Battles and Leaders
99734: SONDHAUS LAWRENCE - Navies in the Modern World
90890: LAWRENCE D.H., PHILIP NEIL - The Heart of Man an Illustrated Selection
98641: CLOPPER LAWRENCE M. - Chester Records of Early English Drama
85501: LAWRENCE A.W. - Letters to T.E. Lawrence
77831: JONES LAWRENCE E. - The Observer's Book of Churches
77806: STONE LAWRENCE - Broken Lives Separation and Divorce in England 1660 - 1857
97128: BINYON LAWRENCE - Dante's Paradiso the Italian Text with a Translation Into English Triple Rhyme
83411: BOOTH LAWRENCE - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2013
99572: CONNELLY THOMAS LAWRENCE - Autumn of Glory the Army of Tennessee 1862 - 1865
96201: LAWRENCE A.H. - Duke Ellington and His World
90169: LAWSON GEORGE, BONHAM-CARTER VICTOR - Surgeon in the Crimea the Experience of George Lawson Recorded in Letters to His Family 1854 -1855
70029: LAWSON P.H., SMITH J.T. - The Rows of Chester Two Interpretations
64660: LAFAYETTE JUNIOR LEAGUE - Talk About Good II a Toast to Cajun Food
80471: MARCUS LEAH S. - Puzzling Shakespeare Local Reading and Its Discontents
100981: LEAR EDWARD, JACKSON HOLBROOK - The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
40008: O'LEARY, CON - Passage West
64478: O'LEARY MICHAEL K., COPLIN WILLIAM D. - Quantitative Techniques in Foreign Policy Analysis and Forecasting
98016: LEAVIS F. R., TASKER JOHN - Letters in Criticism
73311: MITCHELL LEBBEUS - The Circus Comes to Town
99249: DE MILFORD LOUIS LECLERC - Memoir Or a Cursory Glance at My Different Travels & My Sojourn in the Creek Nation
84506: LECOTTE ROGER, DUBOIS JACQUES - Temoins de la Vie Quotidienne Dans Les Musees de Province
85971: LEE J. EDWARD, CHEPESIUK RON - South Carolina in the CIVIL War the Confederate Experience in Letters and Diaries
100962: LEE R.E., DOWDEY CLIFFORD - The Wartime Papers of R.E. Lee
85753: ROSE WILLIE LEE - Rehearsal for Reconstruction the Port Royal Experiment
68213: EDWARDS LEE M. - Sir Hubert Von Herkomer Zum Hundertjährigen Jubiläum Seines Landsberger Mutterturms Centenary of His Mutterturm in Landsberg
81848: LEE LAURIE, DARKE NICK, BEZANT TIM - The Play of Cider with Rosie
90291: HOPE LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge
101090: HUMFREVILLE J. LEE - Twenty Years Among Our Hostile Indians
86065: TATUM GEORGIA LEE - Disloyalty in the Confederacy
92595: HILL LEE - A Grand Guy the Art and Life of Terry Southern
94610: LEES-MILNE ALVILDE, MOORE DERRY - The Englishwoman's House
95027: LEES-MILNE JAMES, FORD DAVID - Images of Bath
76019: D'ARGENCE RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE - Chinese Jades in the Avery Brundage Collection
95269: LEGGETT B.J. - Housman's Land of Lost Content a Critical Study of a Shropshire Lad
76271: OSTBY LEIF - Norwegian Drawings in Nasjonalgalleriet
97620: LEIGH FERMOR PATRICK: COSTA, A. [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Traveller's Tree a Journey Through the Caribbean Islands
62766: HUNT LEIGH - Men Women and Books a Selection of Sketches Essays and Critical Memoirs from His Uncollected Prose Writings in Two Volumes
41201: PERKINS LEIGH H. - Rising Fish and Pointing Dogs Perkinsiana III a Memoir
83186: JAMIESON LELAND - Attack!
77591: DI LELLA ALEXANDER A., BLENKINSOPP JOSEPH, ET AL - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 52 No 1 January 1990
80119: LELLENBERG JON, STASHOWER DANIEL, FOLEY CHARLES - Arthur Conan Doyle a Life in Letters.
98189: DEIGHTON LEN - The Billion Dollar Brain
99644: DEIGHTON LEN - Blood Tears & Folly in the Darkest Hour of the Second World War
97723: ORTZEN LEN - The Gallic Land Country Life in France
86443: DEIGHTON LEN - An Expensive Place to Die
77436: POLE LEN - Iwa L'ewa Yoruba & Benin Collections in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter
101829: LENIN V.I. - V.I. Lenin Selected Works Volume XI the Theoretical Principles of Marxism
101828: LENIN V. I. - V.I. Lenin Selected Works Volume V Imperialism and Imperialist War (1914 - 1917)
72279: LENZER CHRISTIAN, PHIPPS COLIN, VALLEIX JEAN, SURREY JOHN - Energy and the Environment Democratic Decision Making Highlights of the Parliamentary Colloquy on Energy and the Environment Strasbourg 1977
80560: HOLLIS LEO - The Phoenix St Paul's Cathedral and the Men Who Made Modern London
54863: PUYVELDE LEO VAN - Hubert and Jan Van Eyck
69471: COOPER LEO - All My Friends Will Buy It a Bottlefield Tour
87565: LIONNI LEO - Frederick's Tales a Leo Lionni Treasury of Favourite Stories
102496: WEINTHAL LEO - The Story of the Cape to Cairo Railway and River Route 1887 - 1922 in Four Volumes
92722: EDEL LEON - Henry James the Master 1901 - 1916
88873: HOMO LEON - Primitive Italy and the Beginnings of Roman Imperialism
96751: WOLFF LEON - In Flanders Fields the 1917 Campaign
96533: EDEL LEON - Henry James the Untried Years 1843 - 1870
99250: EDEL LEON - Henry James the Master 1901 - 1916
99227: WOOLF LEONARD - Beginning Again an Autobiography of the Years 1911 - 1918
100122: CHESHIRE LEONARD - Bomber Pilot
72714: HAL LEONARD - Love Songs Complete Lyrics for 200 Songs
49469: COOPER LEONARD - Havelock
101407: JENYNS LEONARD - Observations in Natural History with an Introduction on Habits of Observing As Connected with the Study of That Science Also a Calendar of Periodic Phenomena in Natural History with Remarks on the Importance of Such Registers
65754: MERRICK LEONARD - Cynthia the Daughter of the Philistines
83015: HARROW LEONARD - The Fabric of Paradise
90579: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Tiger of Ch'in How China Became a Nation
82257: SELLERS LEONARD - For God's Sake Shoot Straight Story of the Court Martial and Execution of Sub Lt Edwin Dyett.
101876: KRIEGER LEONARD - Kings and Philosophers 1689-1789
65755: MERRICK LEONARD - To Tell You the Truth
89935: COOPER LEONARD - Havelock 1795 - 1857
84272: WOOLF LEONARD - Autobiography of Years Sowing 1880 - 1904 Beginning Again 1911 - 1918 Downhill All the Way 1919 - 1939 the Journey Not the Arrival Matters1939 - 1969
65756: MERRICK LEONARD - While Paris Laughed Being Pranks and Passions of the Poet Tricotrin
65757: MERRICK LEONARD - One Man's View
71839: COTTRELL LEONARD - The Mountains of Pharaoh 2,000 Years of Pyramid Exploration
72715: HAL LEONARD - Broadway Volume I Complete Lyrics for 200 Songs
71362: BOURLIAGUET LEONCE - The Guns of Valmy
84228: ORMOND LEONEE - George Du Maurier
98226: FRIEDA LEONIE - The Deadly Sisterhood a Story of Women Power and Intrigue in the Italian Renaissance
97691: FRIEDA LEONIE - Catherine de Medici a Biography.
64624: LEOPOLD IRVING H., BURNS ROBERT P. - Symposium on Ocular Therapy Volume Nine
64623: LEOPOLD IRVING H., BURNS ROBERT P. - Symposium on Ocular Therapy Volume Eleven
65214: RANKE LEOPOLD - The Popes of Rome Their Ecclesiastical and Political History During the Sixteenth and Seventh Centuries in Two Volumes
98009: DURAN LEOPOLDO - Graham Greene Friend and Brother
99767: TAPLEY JAMES LEROY - Mississippi Memoir Book One [&] Book Two
95389: CHAMBERLAIN LESLEY - Lenin's Private War the Voyage of the Philosophy Steamer and the Exile of the Intelligentsia
76157: STAPLES LESLIE - The Dickensian a Quarterly Magazine for Dickens Lovers Vol XLII Part 2 No 278 Spring 1946
87632: KARK LESLIE - Red Rain
67664: HARRIS LESLIE - From Railway to Runway
100834: OPPITZ LESLIE - Tramways Remembered West & South West England
42664: STEPHEN LESLIE - Dictionary of National Biography Volume XX Forrest - Garner
42650: STEPHEN LESLIE - Dictionary of National Biography Volume XIX Finch - Forman
71187: PICKERING LESLIE - Byron Leigh Hunt and the Liberal
96193: HOWSAM LESLIE - Past Into Print the Publishing of History in Britain 1850 - 1950
100175: HOTSON LESLIE - Shakespeare Versus Shallow
40657: STEPHEN LESLIE - Letters of John Richard Green
82624: STEPHEN LESLIE - Hours in the Library.
70880: PARRIS LESLIE - The Tate Gallery Constable Collection a Catalogue
73002: BUELL RAYMOND LESLIE - The Native Problem in Africa Volume I [&] Volume II
99136: ARNOLD EDWIN LESTER - Bird Life in England
95496: LETHABY W. R. - Philip Webb and His Work
99845: CURTIS LETTICE - The Forgotten Pilots a Story of the Air Transport Auxiliary 1939 - 45
90357: LETTS W.M. - The Story Spinner
46125: LEVER J.C.G. - The Sowar and the Jawan the Soldiers of the Former Indian Army and Their Homelands
38572: LEVY, HERMANN - Drink an Economic and Social Study
96398: LEVY ADRIAN, SCOTT-CLARK CATHY - The Stone of Heaven the Secret History of the Imperial Jade Green
82214: LIND LEW - Battle of the Wine Dark Sea the Aegean Campaign 1940 - 1945
91609: MARSHALL LEWIS - Louisette
87379: BERENS LEWIS H. - The Digger Movement in the Days of the Commonwealth As Revealed in the Writings of Gerrard Winstanley the Digger Mystic and Rationalist Communist and Social Reformer
52370: CARROLL LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark
70641: WILSHIRE LEWIS - Berkeley Vale and Severn Shore
95742: LEWIS R.W.B. - Edith Wharton
94881: F. LEWIS - A Book of Designs
102584: MUMFORD LEWIS - The Condition of Man
89661: LEARY LEWIS - Motive and Method in the Cantos of Ezra Pound
94469: DAY-LEWIS C. - The Lyric Impulse
96322: CARROLL LEWIS - The Wasp in a Wig a Suppressed Episode of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
100258: THORPE LEWIS - The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion
61349: PAGE LEWIS - Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs Waste and Blundering in the Armed Forces
97278: MELVILLE LEWIS - Bath Under Beau Nash
95395: BUZBEE LEWIS - The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop
100542: LEWIS RALPH, GARDNER KEITH S. - Sir William Russell Flint.
84314: COZENS LEWIS - The Tal-Y-Llyn Railway
63372: WILSHIRE LEWIS - Summer of Enchantment
57655: HUDSON LIAM - Night Life the Interpretation of Dreams
101495: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - The Informer
78584: LIANQING CHEN, YAN FONG YUK - Flooding the Forbidden City Paintings By Chen Lianqing
97206: SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY - Catalogue of the Walter Rank Perkins Agricultural Library
83864: BODLEIAN LIBRARY - The Bodleian Library in the Seventeenth Century Guide to an Exhibition Held During the Festival of Britain
95398: THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The Pleasures of Bibliophily Fifty Years of the Book Collector an Anthology
87929: LIBSON LOWELL, BELSEY HUGH, ET AL - Beauty & the Beast a Loan Exhibition of Rowlandson's Works from British Private Collections
98402: PALMER R. LIDDESDALE - English Monasteries in the Middle Ages an Outline of Monastic Architecture and Custom from the Conquest to the Suppression
76712: FLIGHT-LIEUTENANT - Air Stories
100488: VOSSLER LIEUTENANT H.A - With Napoleon in Russia 1812 the Diary of Lt H.A. Vossler a Soldier of the Grand Army 1812 - 13
68548: COUNTRY LIFE - York & Its Buildings the Capital of the North
98599: LIJSEN H J, COXE ANTONY HIPPISLEY - Classic and Circus High School Riding Training Horses at Liberty Trick Riding and Voltige Mounted Quadrilles and Other Equestrian Manoeuvres
102514: GIDE ANDRE ROTHERMERE LILIAN - Prometheus Illbound
97696: HADDAKIN LILIAN - The Poetry of Crabbe
42599: SMYTHE LILLIAN C. - The Guardian of Marie Antoinette Letters from the Comte de Mercy-Argenteau Austrian Ambassador to the Court of Versailles to Marie Therese Empress of Austria 1770 - 1780 Volume II
80070: ROSS LILLIAN - Here But Not Here a Love Story
84621: LILLO GEORGE, MCBURNEY WILLIAM H. - The London Merchant Regents Restoration Drama Series
91241: MCCORMACK LILY - I Hear You Calling Me.
62415: HURDON LILY - My Love the Irish Setter
91929: LIMON - Theologica Historica Et Geographica Miscellanea in Usum Scholae Hergensis
36671: LIMONTA, GIANNI AND CERUTI, MAURO - Ma Che Libro D'egitto
86715: LINCOLN ABRAHAM, GRAFTON JOHN - Abraham Lincoln Great Speeches
62505: KELLY LINDA - The Young Romantics Paris 1827 - 37
102026: COLLEY LINDA - Captives Britain Empire and the World 1600-1850
38015: LINDLEY, JOHN - An Introduction to the Natural System of Botany Or a Systematic View of the Organisation Natural Affinities and Geographical Distribution of the Whole Vegetable Kingdom
58075: GORDON ADAM LINDSAY - Poems Sea Spray and Smoke Drift Rush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes Miscellaneous Poems Ashtaroth a Dramatic Lyric the Roll of the Kettledrum Illustrated
81843: LINDSAY ALEXIA, ET AL - William Fettes 1750 - 1836
83688: LINDSAY E.V. - Some Poems
99930: BOYNTON LINDSAY - An Ince and Mayhew Correspondence
51996: LINDSAY G.M. - The War on the CIVIL & Military Fronts the Lees Knowles Lectures on Military History for 1942
56252: GORDON ADAM LINDSAY - Poems Sea Spray and Smoke Drift Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes Miscellaneous Poems Ashtaroth a Dramatic Lyric the Roll of the Kettledrum Illustrated
69712: DEWAR LINDSAY - The Holy Spirit in Modern Thought
50959: LINK ARTHUR S., CATTON WILLIAM B. - American Epoch a History of the United States Since the 1890's
76379: LINTON R.G., WILLIAMSON GRAHAME - Animal Nutrition and Veterinary Dietetics
76411: LINTON R.G. - Veterinary Hygiene
97102: BIRCHLER LINUS - Einsiedeln Und Sein Architekt Bruder Caspar Mosbrugger Eine Kunstgeschichtliche Monographie.
95226: EDWARDS LIONEL - Huntsmen Past and Present
99023: DAKERS LIONEL - The New Church Anthem Book One Hundred Anthems.
70626: EDWARDS LIONEL - Seen from the Saddle
67832: AGGETT LIONEL - The Heart of Devon
100691: LAMBOURNE LIONEL - Victorian Painting
97109: EDWARDS LIONEL - Sportsman's Sketchbook
48938: JACKSON LIONEL - Fit for Heroes a Scrapbook of Britain between the Wars
73683: EDWARDS LIONEL - Reminiscences of a Sporting Artist
82925: EDWARDS LIONEL - The Lighter Side of Sport
95224: EDWARDS LIONEL - Sketches in Stable and Kennel.
86971: EDWARDS LIONEL - My Irish Sketchbook.
89408: BIRNIE LIONEL - Enjoy the Game Watford Football Club the Story of the Eighties
86239: EDWARDS LIONEL - Reminiscences of a Sporting Artist
95823: EDWARDS LIONEL - A Leicestershire Sketchbook.
97047: EDWARDS LIONEL - The Wiles of the Fox Some Notes and Sketches
21101: LIPPE, ANGELA VON DER - The Truth About Lou a Necessary Fiction.
84490: LIPPMANN WALTER, BLUM JOHN MORTON - Public Philosopher Selected Letters of Walter Lippmann
102124: JARDINE LISA - Worldly Goods a New History of the Renaissance
101694: JARDINE LISA - Worldly Goods a New History of the Renaissance
16595: RANDALL LISA - Warped Passages Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions.
99202: RUTLEDGE JOSEPH LISTER - Century of Conflict the Struggle between the French and British in Colonial America
62506: LISTER MICHAEL, MCSWEENEY DEAN, ET AL - Government and Opposition a Journal of Comparative Politics Volume 40 Number 4 Autumn 2005
66398: LISTER ROBERT H., LISTER FLORENCE - Chaco Canyon Archaeology and Archaeologists
38638: LITTLE, ANTHONY J. - Deceleration in the Eighteenth Century British Economy
96423: LITTLEMORE F. - A Garden of Peace a Medley in Quietude
54811: LIVINGSTONE M. - A Guide to the Public Records of Scotland Deposited in H.M. General Register House Edinburgh
33782: LIVY AND DRAKENBORCHII, ARN - T. LIVII Patavini Historiarum Ab Urbe Condita Libri Qui Supersunt Omnes Volume I - III
62862: LIVY, ALLCROFT A.H., HAYES B.J. - Livy Book XXI
99130: LLOYD CLARE, TASKER MARK, PARTRIDGE KEN: BROCKIE KEITH - The Status of Seabirds in Britain and Ireland.
88360: LLOYD G.E.R. - Early Greek Science Thales to Aristotle [&] Greek Science After Aristotle
102300: LLOYD JOHN, MITCHINSON JOHN - The Book of the Dead Lives of the Justly Famous and the Undeservedly Obscure
47815: LLOYD R.J. - Paintings Drawings and Monotypes in Private Collections
73700: LOCKE A., HOWE D.H. - The Tigers of Trengganu Adapted for Schools in Malaya
100386: AVARY MYRTA LOCKETT - Dixie After the War
99417: LOCKHART J.G., WOODHOUSE C.M. - Rhodes
96424: LOCKLEY R. M. - The Naturalist in Wales
101531: LOCKLEY R.M. - Inland Farm
101320: LOCKLEY R.M. - The Island
99678: LOCKWOOD W. B. - The Oxford Book of British Bird Names
99097: LODGE R.B. - Pictures of Bird Life on Woodland Meadow Mountain and Marsh.
63064: LOFTHOUSE W.F. - Old Testament Vol IV Israel After the Exile Sixth and Fifth Centuries B.C. The Clarendon Bible
50596: LOFTIE W.J., DADD STEPHEN T. - Landseer and Animal Painting in England Vere Foster's Water-Colour Series
80249: LOIRE STEPHANE, MALACHOWICZ HANNA, ROTTERMUND ANDRZEJ - Bernardo Bellotto Un Pittore Veneziano a Varsavia
83122: LAMPLUGH LOIS - Two Rivers Meeting Appledore Northam Westward Ho! Instow and Tapeley Park
83105: LAMPLUGH LOIS - Exmoor Courtship and an Exmoor Scolding Two 18th Century Dialogues in the Devon Dialect
97572: LAMPLUGH LOIS - Picture Politics Francis Carruthers Gould 1844 - 1925
101657: MCNAY LOIS - Foucault a Critical Introduction
68553: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - The Antiquaries Journal 2008 Volume 88
83647: LONG WILLIAM J., LIVINGSTON BULL CHARLES - Mother Nature a Study of Animal Life and Death
47171: LONGFIELD A.K. - Fitzwilliam Accounts 1560 - 65 Annesley Collection
47789: LONGINUS, WEISKE BENJAMIN - Dionysii Longini Quae Supersunt Graece Et Latine
68474: LONGNON HENRI, HUARD FRANCES WILSON - French Provincial Furniture
41027: CONGREVE FATHER AND LONGRIDGE W.H. - Spiritual Letters of Father Congreve
56492: LOO G. HULIN DE, MICHEL EDOUARD - Early Flemish Paintings in the Renders Collection
97490: LOOKER SAMUEL J., FRASER CLAUDE LOVAT - Float & Fly a Little Book for Anglers
75632: PETRE F. LORAINE - The History of the Norfolk Regiment 1685 - 1918 Volume I 20th June 1685 to 3rd August 1914 [&] Volume II 4th August 1914 to 31st December 1918
1444: MACLEAN LORAINE - Indomitable Colonel.
51812: HAILSHAM LORD - Halsbury's Laws of England Volume 53 1995 Consolidated Tables of Statutes Statutory Instruments and Tables of European Communities Materials
51815: HAILSHAM LORD - Halsbury's Laws of England Volume 54 1995 Consolidated Table of Cases
63043: TENNYSON ALFRED LORD - Enoch Arden Etc the Holy Grail Maud and Other Poems in Memoriam the Princess a Medley Gareth and Lynette Etc Idylls of the King
102145: LOVAT LORD - March Past a Memoir.
84158: SCHUSTER LORD - Postscript to Adventure
91568: BYRON LORD - The Works of Lord Byron in Five Volumes
98899: DUNBOYNE LORD - The Trial of John George Haigh the Acid Bath Murder
100347: GRAHAM OF EDMONTON LORD - From Tyne to Thames Via the Usual Channels
57447: ROSEBERY LORD - Chatham His Early Life and Connections
81153: NICKSON LORD - Two at a Time
75725: STRABOLGI LORD - The Campaign in the Low Countries the First Full-Length Account of the Epic Struggle in Holland and Belgium
62673: HOME LORD - Border Reflections Chiefly on the Arts of Shooting and Fishing.
51816: MACKAY OF CLASHFERN LORD - Halsbury's Laws of England Volume 54 1999 Consolidated Table of Cases
66234: HARRIS LORD - A Few Short Runs
98783: CROMER LORD - Lord Cromer's Commonplace Book Vol II
81716: BURNHAM LORD - Peterborough Court the Story of the Daily Telegraph.
18959: SOMERVILLE JAMES ELEVENTH LORD - Memorie of the Somervilles Being a History of the Baronial House of Somerville Volumes I & II [Complete].
39141: LORD, CHRISTOPHER - Absent at the Creation Britain and the Formation of the European Community 1950 - 2
42265: ROBERTS OF KANDAHAR FIELD MARSHAL LORD - Forty-One Years in India from Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief.
99035: COCHRANE ADMIRAL LORD - Memoirs of a Fighting Captain
101788: BUTLER LORD - The Art of the Possible Memoirs
51861: HAILSHAM LORD - Halsbury's Laws of England Volume 7 (2) Companies
51842: HAILSHAM LORD - Halsbury's Laws of England Volume 16 Electricity Atomic Energy and Radioactive Substances
58150: CURZON LORD - War Poems and Other Translations
78484: BUTLER LORD - The Art of Memory Friends in Perspective
95561: NORTHCLIFFE LORD - At the War
96949: COTTESLOE LORD - Verses 1950
88716: STRABOLGI LORD - Narvik and After a Study of the Scandinavian Campaign
70434: DORCHESTER LORD - Sport in My Time Foxhunting and Shooting
96021: SQUIRE LORENE - Wildfowling with a Camera
98980: DOLCINI LORETTA - Verrocchio's Christ and St Thomas a Masterpiece of Sculpture from Renaissance Florence
101449: LORIMER J. - English and Irish Settlement on the River Amazon 1550-1646
65566: BATTEN LORING W. - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
73085: MACINTYRE LORN - Cruel in the Shadow Chronicles of Invernevis
87275: HILL LORNA - No Castanets at the Wells
96096: PIANA LORO - Vicuna the Queen of the Andes
73699: TRAVIS LORRAINE - The Mule
97458: PATTERSON NANCY-LOU - Canadian Native Art
96280: AUCHINCLOSS LOUIS - Second Chance Tales of Two Generations
99085: HAGEN LOUIS - Arnhem Lift
101063: AUCHINCLOSS LOUIS - Life Law and Letters Essays and Sketches
100921: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - The Isle of Voices and Other Stories
63518: BAUMER LOUIS - Did You Ever
92331: MACNEICE LOUIS - Astrology
92320: PEARCE BRIAN LOUIS - Victoria Hammersmith
100563: ADAMIC LOUIS - My Native Land
74882: LE BAILLY VICE ADMIRAL SIR LOUIS - Old Loves Return an Anthology of Hopes Fun and Despair.
41496: BECKE LOUIS - Wild Life in Southern Seas
94901: CORNELL LOUIS L. - Kipling in India
99139: REY LOUIS - The Arctic Ocean
90857: MACNEICE LOUIS - Poems
60283: PEARCE BRIAN LOUIS - The Vision of Piers Librarian
86461: CRESWICKE LOUIS - South Africa and the Transvaal War Volume I - VI
65979: JACOBS LOUIS - Studies in Talmudic Logic and Methodology
100385: AUCHINCLOSS LOUIS - The Rector of Justin
88588: GARAUD LOUIS - Trois Ans a la Martinique étude de Moeurs Paysages Et Croquis Profils Et Portraits
92316: PEARCE BRIAN LOUIS - The Art of Eric Ratcliffe an Appreciation
98765: PINAUD YVES-LOUIS - Sailing from Start to Finish
77388: PEARCE BRIAN LOUIS - The Tufnell Triptych
89579: SILKE LOUISA C. - Bravely Borne
98630: CONNOR LOUISA M. - William Evans of Eton 1798 - 1877 a Bicentenary Exhibition
77753: GILL LOUISE - Richard III and Buckingham's Rebellion
81707: GLUCK LOUISE - A Village Life
102186: NICHOLSON LOUISE - The Red Fort Delhi
51973: LOGAN EMILIE LOUISE - West Point the Gibraltar of the Hudson
101497: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - Crochet Castle
89071: LOVE B. - The Hand-Book of Manchester Containing Statistical and General Information on the Trade Social Condition and Institutions of the Metropolis of Manufacturers
101496: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE - Nightmare Abbey
93853: LOWE C.J. - The Reluctant Imperialists British Foreign Policy 1878 - 1902 Volume One [&] Volume Two the Documents
87930: LIBSON LOWELL - Thomas Rowlandson Watercolours and Prints from Stock
13525: LOWENHARDT, JOHN - Decision Making in Soviet Politics.
92045: LOWN SUE, PANIZZO PATRICIA - A Fair and High Locality the Chronicle of Coombe Ridge House and the Manor of Coombe
85724: LOWRY THOMAS P., WELSH JACK D. - Tarnished Scalpels the Court-Martials of Fifty Union Surgeons
100486: LOWRY L.S., LEVY MERVYN - The Drawings of L.S. Lowry Private and Public
54475: LOWSON G. - The Modern Farrier Containing the Causes Symptoms and Most Approved Methods of Preventing and Curing the Various Diseases of Horses Cows and Sheep
91875: HSUN LU - A Brief History of Chinese Fiction
91876: HSUN LU - Selected Works of Lu Hsun Volume Three
31817: LUBKE, ANTON - The World of Caves.
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75432: DONAGHY MICHAEL - Conjure
60268: SCHMIDT MICHAEL - Selected Poems 1972 - 1997
48739: JACKSON MICHAEL - A Scottish Life Sir John Martin Churchill and Empire
62346: FOOT MICHAEL - Loyalists and Loners
72801: CHATER MICHAEL - An Essay on Silence
100991: SHELDEN MICHAEL - Orwell the Authorised Biography.
45909: PITT MICHAEL - Mad Dogs and Englishmen a Bengal Adventure
98540: RAEBURN MICHAEL - The Twilight of the Tsars
93413: LEVEY MICHAEL - Painting in Eighteenth-Century Venice
88053: GILBERT MICHAEL - The Man Who Hated Banks and Other Mysteries
74916: CALVERT MICHAEL - Fighting Mad
42868: LEEK MICHAEL E. - The Art of Nautical Illustration a Visual Tribute to the Achievements of the Classic Marine Illustrators
84300: MOYNIHAN MICHAEL - A Place Called Armageddon Letters from the Great War.
59916: AYRTON MICHAEL - Golden Sections
96587: RAYMOND MICHAEL - States of Mind Poetic Reflections of a Psychiatrist
77171: JENNER MICHAEL - Le Yemen Retrouve
94363: HARRISON MICHAEL - London Beneath the Pavement
98155: BLACK MICHAEL - Learning to Be a Publisher
96439: PEREIRA MICHAEL - Mountains and a Shore a Journey Through Southern Turkey
94128: WILLIAMS MICHAEL - The Trains Now Departed Sixteen Excursions Into the Lost Delights of Britain's Railways

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