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114778: KELLY M.J. - Functional Materials in New Millennium Systems the Cyril Hilsum Symposium
75293: CROOK M.J. - The Evolution of the Victoria Cross
115920: DAY ALAN J. - Border and Territorial Disputes
115767: GILL GRAEME J. - Peasants and Government in the Russian Revolution
44064: FORSTER W.J. - Crusoe the Second and Other Stories
103243: KORSHIN PAUL J., ALLEN ROBERT R. - Greene Centennial Studies Essays Presented to Donald Greene in the Centennial Year of the University of Southern California
103245: LASKI HAROLD J. - Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time
34050: GASSMANN G.J. - The Effect of Disturbances of Solar Origin on Communications
104196: DOUGHERTY KEVIN J. - The Campaigns for Vicksburg 1862 - 1863
63662: GALLIGAN D.J. - A Reader on Administrative Law Oxford Readings in Socio-Legal Studies
110769: MATSON WALTER J. - Salmon & Trout Fishing in Ireland the Angler's Pocket-Book and Guide
75959: O'DONNELL JAMES J. - Avatars of the Word from Papyrus to Cyberspace
116201: MACGOWAN J. - Sidelights on Chinese Life
108874: AYER A. J. - Language Truth and Logic
107725: FEUCHTWANGER E.J. - Prussia Myth and Reality
110750: MASSINGHAM H.J. - English Downland
34125: CASEY TIMOTHY J. - Rainer Maria Rilke a Centenary Essay
95667: SHIRLEY F.J. - Elizabeth's First Archbishop a Reply to J.C. Whitebrook's Consecration of the Most Reverend Matthew Parker
115784: IVANHOE PHILIP J. - Ethics in the Confucian Tradition the Thoughts of Mencius and Wang Yangming
104216: ROBINSON JOHN J. - Dungeon Fire and Sword the Knights Templar in the Crusades
106408: TAYLOR D. J. - After the War the Novel and English Society Since 1945
80204: WEAVER H.J. - Nightmare at Scapa Flow the Truth About the Sinking of Hms Royal Oak
101273: BELL-SCOTT J. - Uvedale and Mel a Memoir
115290: STEUART R.H.J. - The Mythical Doctrine of St John of the Cross
82136: WHITAKER J. - Scribblings of Hedgerow Naturalist
39721: CHAPMAN SYDNEY J. - Work and Wages Part I Foreign Competition [&] Part II Wages and Employment [&] Part III Social Betterment
70300: SPRY W.J.J. - The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship Challenger Voyages over Many Seas Scenes in Many Lands
84344: KING EDWARD J. - Years Beyond Memory the Story of a South Somerset Village in Its Wider Setting
114117: FALLON W.J. - Practical Wildfowling a Complete Guide to the Art of the Fowler
70283: SWANTON M.J. - Archaeological Journal Volume 130 1973
45952: HAYTHORNTHWAITE PHILIP J. - The Armies of Wellington
77755: POLLARD A.J. - The Worlds of Richard III
116205: JACKSON A.J. - Avro Aircraft Since 1908
109574: ABELSON J. - Jewish Mysticism
111547: HOBSBAWM E.J., RUDE GEORGE - Captain Swing
102198: TAYLOR PETER J. - Political Geography World Economy Nation-State and Locality
103215: CARLEY MICHAEL J. - 1939 the Alliance That Never Was
87403: ZALOGA STEVEN J. - German V-Weapon Sites 943 - 45
110845: HINTON DAVID J. - An Illustrated Social History of Bishops Lydeard and Cothelstone
76102: CRAWFORD RALPH J., CRAWFORD BRUCE J. - Charles Dickens & Show Biz an Exhibition at the Stanford University Libraries
53818: TAYLOR D.J. - Thackeray
81327: GORDON W.J., STANSELL F. - Bands of the British Army
115619: WREN WILFRID J. - Voices by the Sea the Story of the Aldeburgh Festival Choir
116746: FOSTER J.J. - British Miniature Painters and Their Works
114212: BAKER DAVID J. - The Heyday of the Shotgun the Art of the Gunmaker at the Turn of the Last Century
62604: WHYTE-MELVILLE G.J. - Riding Recollections
112675: MARSHALL H.J., EDWARDS LIONEL - Exmoor Sporting and Otherwise
104328: HOLMES M.R.J. - Augustus Hervey a Naval Casanova
79722: MACMANUS M.J., MACMANUS FRANCIS - Adventures of an Irish Bookman a Selection from the Writings of M.J. Macmanus
55441: MANGAN J.J. - The King's Favour Three Eighteenth Century Monarchs and the Favourites Who Ruled Them
43401: BROWN A.J. - Broad Acres a Yorkshire Miscellany
103856: COURTHOPE W.J. - Addison English Men of Letters
48454: THOMPSON P.K.J. - The CIVIL Court Practice 2004 Volume 1 October Reissue
53441: PITCHFORD R.J., SCHUTTE C.H.J. - Publications on Bilharziasis by Dr R.J. Pitchford
40968: NEWMAN KARL J. - European Democracy between the Wars
110352: MARDER ARTHUR J. - From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow the Royal Navy in the Fisher Era Volume I the Road to War 1904-1914 Volume II the War Years to the Eve of Jutland Volume III Jutland and After May - December 1916 Volume IV 1917 Year of Crisis Volume V Victory and A.
115579: LEATHERBARROW W. J. - Dostoevsky's the Devils a Critical Companion
106598: WEST W.J. - The Quest for Graham Greene
104629: WEINER MARTIN J. - English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit 1850-1980
115380: VILLIERS ALAN J. - The Last of the Wind Ships
115813: MARSHALL S.J. - The Mandate of Heaven Hidden History in the Book of Changes
115814: MARSHALL S.J. - The Mandate of Heaven Hidden History in the Book of Changes
88621: POLLARD A.J. - The Wars of the Roses
110296: BARKER A.J. - The Vainglorious War 1854-56
99882: JOHNSON J, GREUTZNER A. - A Dictionary of British Artists 1880 - 1940
85809: COLLYER DAVID J. - Fly-Dressing
47826: HENDRICK BURTON J. - The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page Volume I [&] II
40805: CHARLESTON R.J. - The Glass Circle 2
44668: BLACKIE W.J. - Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association 1951 - 1971
104792: BOBROW J. - The World's Most Extraordinary Yachts
105983: SHARKEY W.J. - Scenes in Somerset and Other Poems
83647: LONG WILLIAM J., LIVINGSTON BULL CHARLES - Mother Nature a Study of Animal Life and Death
116628: GARDNER W. J. - Cleaner to Controller Volume 2 Further Reminiscences of the Gwr at Taunton
112993: MASSINGHAM H.J. - The English Countryside
115868: SMITH RICHARD J. - Fathoming the Cosmos and Ordering the World the Yijing I-Ching or Classic of Changes and Its Evolution in China
101013: DAWSON A.J., BAIRNSFATHER BRUCE - Somme Battle Stories
62217: STOKOE W.J. - The Observer's Book of British Wild Animals
62210: HAVRAN MARTIN J. - Caroline Courtier the Life of Lord Cottington
115659: BRITTON J., BRAYLEY E.W., ALLOM THOMAS, BARTLETT W.H. - Devonshire Illustrated in a Series of Views & Cornwall Illustrated in a Series of Views
73273: DAWSON A.J. - A Temporary Gentleman in France Home Letters from an Officer in the New Army
102357: CLARK T. J. - The Absolute Bourgeois Artists and Politics in France 1848-51
102738: TROUT ROBERT J. - They Followed the Plume the Story of J.E. B. Stuart and His Staff
102739: TROUT ROBERT J. - With Pen and Saber the Letters and Diaries of J.E. B. Stuart's Staff Officers
82693: HIGGINSON REAR ADMIRAL FRANCIS J. - Naval Battles in the Century
49802: TAYLOR S. J. - The Reluctant Press Lord Esmond Rothermere and the Daily Mail
103156: DE BLIJ HARM J. - Systematic Political Geography
104770: ERKELENS J. - Living Still Life Levend Stilleven Cornelis Kuipers Dordrecht 1739-1802
65108: PETTIJOHN E.J. - Sedimentary Rocks
115411: CLAXTON WILLIAM J. - The Mastery of the Air
111043: SANSOM C.J. - Lamentation
108694: BIGGINS DAVID J. - Kimberley Siege Account and Medal Roll for the Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902
69051: ADAM J. - Texts to Illustrate a Course of Elementary Lectures on Greek Philosophy After Aristotle
104876: HUNT T.J. - The Medieval Customs of the Manors of Taunton and Bradford on Tone
98182: BINYON T J. - Pushkin a Biography
101631: WEST W. J. - Truth Betrayed
60481: KAVANAGH P.J. - Presences New and Selected Poems
72985: SCARLETT R.J. - Under Hazardous Circumstances a Register of Awards of Lloyd's War Medal for Bravery at Sea 1939 - 1945
105279: STEIN STEPHEN J. - Jonathan Edwards's Writings Text Context Interpretation
56499: ROUSSEAU J.J. - Julie Ou la Nouvelle Heloise Ou Lettres de Deux Amants Habitans D'Une Petite Ville Au Pieds Des Alpes Volume I - VII [Complete]
86843: EICHER DAVID J. - Dixie Betrayed How the South Really Lost the CIVIL War
90353: OXENHAM ELSIE J. - The Abbey Girls Go Back to School
62216: STOKOE W.J., BURTON MAURICE - The Observer's Book of Wild Animals of the British Isles
77377: PEEL KENDAL J. - The Twelfth Night of Ramadan
60482: KAVANAGH P.J. - An Enchantment
60489: KAVANAGH P.J. - Finding Connections
104886: SCRASE ANTHONY J., HASLER JOAN - Wells Corporation Properties
80695: AUSTIN MICHAEL J. - Toro Bravo
55082: CASEY ROBERT J. - The Texas Border and Some Borderliners a Chronicle and a Guide
104582: MACMICHAEL WILLIAM J. - The Gold-Headed Cane
106758: HONIGMANN E. A. J. - Shakespeare the Lost Years
108521: ROPER TIMOTHY J. - Badger
115569: TITCHENER C.J. - History of the 62 A.A. Brigade in Support of U.S. IV Corps from South of the Arno to the Gothic Line and the Final Breakthrough to the Po Valley 25th July 1944 Until the German Surrender in Italy 2nd May 1945
109694: FOX W. J. - Marine Auxiliary Machinery
75227: TINBERGEN J. - International Economic Co-Operation
102674: BERANGER P.J. - Oeuvres Completes de P.J. Beranger édition Unique Revue Par L'Auteur Ornee de 104 Vignettes En Taille-Douce Dessinees Par Les Peintres Les Plus Celebres Tomes I-IV
57273: KEEFE H.J. - A Century in Print the Story of Hazell's 1839 - 1939
61050: MONSON W.J. - You Takes Your Choice
104474: STOPP FREDERICK J. - Evelyn Waugh Portrait of an Artist
97962: GOODSPEED D. J. - Bayonets at St Cloud the Story of the 18th Brumaire
57898: BLASI ANTHONY J. - Organized Religion and Seniors' Mental Health
103453: COHEN BRUCE J. - Theory and Practice of Psychiatry
85243: EDRICH W.J. - Cricket Heritage
111004: KRAILSHEIMER A.J. - Studies in Self-Interest from Descartes to la Bruyere
71688: CASCARDI ANTHONY J. - The Limits of Illusion a Critical Study of Calderon
72165: DURRANT C.J. - The Atmosphere of the Sun
72225: AYER A.J. - Thomas Paine
111860: BENKOVITZ MIRIAM J. - Ronald Firbank a Biography
115545: BRONOWSKI J. - William Blake and the Age of Revolution
114518: DE GROOT GERARD J. - Douglas Haig 1861-1928
62136: MARSHALL P.J. - Thomas Hyde Stupor Mundi [&] Hakluyt Society Annual Report 1982
116700: JACKSON A.J. - British CIVIL Aircraft 1919-59 Volume One
75450: STEAD C.J. - Talking About O'Dwyer
106811: ARGYRIS J., FAUST G., HAASSE M. - An Exploration of Chaos Texts on Computational Mechanics
114793: LUMSDEN CHARLES J., WILSON EDWARD O. - Genes Mind and Culture the Coevolutionary Process
73094: MERTENS M.J. - Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Interactions between Intravenous Hypnotics and Opioids in Man
113680: GRAINGER HILARY J. - The Architecture of Sir Ernest George
96606: WHITE R. J. - Dr Bentley a Study in Academic Scarlet
82040: RAGGETT R.J. - Jane's Military Communications 1986
114955: TOYNBEE ARNOLD J. - Between Oxus and Jumma
89411: SHEPPARD BRYAN J. - Aston Villa Friendlies Tours and Testimonials
113870: JUSSERAND J.J. - English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages
66695: MOO DOUGLAS J., DERRETT J. DUNCAN - Journal for the Study of the New Testament Issue 20 1984
54427: SMITH MYRON J. - World War I in the Air a Bibliography and Chronology
75186: MITCHELL R.J. - The Spring Voyage the Jerusalem Pilgrimage in 1458
116371: ALDRICH RICHARD J. - The Hidden Hand Britain America and Cold War Secret Intelligence
107874: O'REILLY W.J. - Cricket Conquest the Story of the 1948 Test Tour
107881: PRICHARD M.J., SKEMP J.B. - Biographical History of Gonville and Caius College Volume VII
101233: JALAS JAAKKO, SUOMINEN JUHA - Atlas Florae Europaeae Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe 4 Polygonaceae
101234: JALAS JAAKKO, SUOMINEN JUHA - Atlas Florae Europaeae Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe 5 Chenopodiaceae to Basellaceae
101230: JALAS JAAKKO, SUOMINEN JUHA - Atlas Florae Europaeae Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe I Pteridophyta Psilotaceae to Azollaceae
101231: JALAS JAAKKO, SUOMINEN JUHA - Atlas Florae Europaeae Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe 2 Gymnospermae Pinaceae to Ephedraceae
101232: JALAS JAAKKO, SUOMINEN JUHA - Atlas Florae Europaeae Distribution of Vascular Plants in Europe 3 Salicaceae to Balanophoraceae
114334: WELLER JAC - Wellington at Waterloo
110390: WELLER JAC - Wellington in the Peninsula 1808-1814
112784: HUGO-BADER JACEK - White Fever a Journey to the Frozen Heart of Siberia
75043: WILLIAMS JACK - One Man's War at Sea 1939 - 1945
93852: LINDSAY JACK - Byzantium Into Europe the Story of Byzantium As the First Europe 326 - 1204 Ad and Its Further Contribution Till 1453 Ad
94955: LINDSAY JACK - Betrayed Spring
115548: CHANCE JACK, PAGET JULIAN - The Flyfishers' an Anthology to Mark the Centenary of the Flyfishers' Club 1884 - 1984
105016: LYNCH JACK - Samuel Johnson's Dictionary Selections from the 1755 Work That Defined the English Language
110045: LINDSAY JACK - Cleopatra
50794: MCBRIDE JACK - Traveller in the Glens
108931: STEWART JACKIE, DYMOCK ERIC - World Champion
104491: COLE JACKIE - Osborne & Little
107383: GRIMM JACOB AND WILHELM, WEHNERT E.H. - Grimm's Household Stories
34842: JACOB, EDMOND - Ras Sjamra En Het Oude Testament Bijbel En Archaeologie
110619: NEUSNER JACOB - Introduction to Rabbinic Literature
68766: ATKINSON JACQUELINE - Schizophrenia in at Home a Guide to Helping the Family
92244: DELARUE JACQUES - The Gestapo a History of Horror
111654: COMBE JACQUES - Hieronymus Jerome Bosch
116590: BARZUN JACQUES - From Dawn to Decadence 500 Years of Western Cultural Life 1500 to the Present
82556: BONNET JACQUES - Phantoms on the Bookshelves
116718: MORTANE JACQUES - Special Missions of the Air an Exposition of Some of the Mysteries of Aerial Warfare
105047: HEERS JACQUES - The Barbary Corsairs Warfare in the Mediterranean 1480-1580
84362: ROUSSEAU JEAN-JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau Translated from the French
114131: ROUSSEAU JEAN JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau Now for the First Time Completely Translated Into English without Expurgation Volume I [&] II
112614: CASANOVA DE DE SEINGALT JACQUES, GAYMARD ANTOINE - The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova Prince of Adventurers and the Most Indomitable of Lovers in Two Volumes
95027: LEES-MILNE JAMES, FORD DAVID - Images of Bath
113928: WALTHAM JAMES - The Sea Trout and the Fly
50388: LUNT JAMES - John Burgoyne of Satatoga
103023: BOSWELL JAMES, INGPEN ROGER - The Life of Samuel Johnson Newly Edited with Notes Volume I [&] Volume II
94352: TEMPLE JAMES - Leopard of the Hills
96227: TUCKER JAMES - The Novels of Anthony Powell
96308: SCUDAMORE JAMES - Wreaking
97144: NEWMAN JAMES - Video Games
114700: BURGE JAMES - Heloise & Abelard a Twelfth-Century Love Story
116132: HENRY JAMES - Aeneidea or Critical Exegetical and Aesthetical Remarks on the Aeneis with a Personal Collation of All the First Class Mss Upwards of One Hundred Second Class Mss and All the Principal Editions
116157: MOIR JAMES, LETTS JOHN - Thatch Thatching in England 1790-1940 Pt. 1
111740: GOODWIN PETER JAMES - The River and the Road Journal of a Fresh Water Pearl-Fisher
74043: PILDITCH JAMES - Travels with a Pencil
105537: MACAULAY JAMES - True Tales of Travel and Adventure Valour and Virtue
75706: LEASOR JAMES - The Unknown Warrior
109239: WILSON R.T. [&] POOLE JAMES - An Enquiry Into the Present State of the Military Force of British Empire with a View to Its Re-Organization Addressed to William Pitt [&] a Narrativr Exposing a Variety of Irregular Transactions in One of the Departments of Foreign Corps Late War
116227: LEES-MILNE JAMES - The Age of Adam
115094: RAVILIOUS JAMES, RAVILIOUS ROBIN - The Heart of the Country
106782: MORRIS JAMES - Pax Britannica Vol I Heaven's Command Vol II Pax Britannica Vol III Farewell the Trumpets
89062: COOK JAMES, GRENFELL PRICE ARTHUR - The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific As Told by Selections of His Own Journals 1768 - 1779
112435: PURDY JAMES - The Nephew
111757: KIRKUP JAMES - The Prodigal Son Poems 1956 - 1959
77748: TRAVERS JAMES - James I the Masque of Monarchy
105908: SNYDER JAMES - The Renaissance in the North Metropolitan Museum of Art
72082: CORBETT JAMES - Death Comes to Fanshawe a Secret Service Thriller
109949: FRAZER SIR JAMES - The Golden Bough
104228: LONGSTREET JAMES - From Manassas to Appomattox Memoirs of the CIVIL War in America
63318: HARRISON JAMES - Catchment Area Poems
104038: LUNT JAMES - Charge to Glory! a Garland of Cavalry Exploits
89982: MEEK JAMES - The People's Act of Love
28693: SHAW JAMES - The Parochial Lawyer or Churchwarden and Overseer's Guide and Assistant
58391: LAVER JAMES - Stampe Popolari Inglesi
110696: RUNCIE JAMES - Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death the Grantchester Mysteries
109147: BUTTERWICK JAMES - Alexander Bogomazov 1880-1930
103249: MUNSON JAMES - Maria Fitzherbert the Secret Wife of George IV
34800: BOYD JAMES - Notes to Goethe's Poems Volume I 1749 - 1786
110765: REEVES JAMES, ARDIZZONE EDWARD - Prefabulous Animiles
79716: STEPHENS JAMES, FRANKENBERG LLOYD - James Seumas and Jacques Unpublished Writings of James Stephens
109148: BUTTERWICK JAMES - Time Forward! Russian & Ukrainian Art 1890-1930
115404: CAMERON GARTH JAMES - From Pole to Pole Roald Amundsen's Journey in Flight
116528: JOYCE JAMES - Dubliners
113699: LONG JAMES, LONG BEN - The Plot Against Pepys
106871: STEPHENS JAMES - The Crock of Gold
108928: RUSH JAMES - A Beilby Odyssey
103034: FAIRGRIEVE JAMES - Geography and World Power
81960: MCCLOY JAMES - The Science of Man Books 1 - 5
84924: WOODFORDE JAMES, BERESFORD JOHN - The Diary of a Country Parson the Reverend James Woodforde Volume I 1758 - 1781 Volume II 1782 - 1787 Volume III 1788 - 1792
107981: JOYCE JAMES, ATHERTON J.S. - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
80115: BUCHAN JAMES - A Good Place to Die
107670: LOVELOCK JAMES - Homage to Gaia the Life of an Independent Scientist
77998: PETERS JAMES - Very Simple Arabic Incorporating Simple Etiquette in Arabia
78102: REYNOLDS JAMES - Pageant of Italy
103906: MARSHALL-CORNWALL JAMES - Napoleon As Military Commander
113761: LEGGE JAMES - The Chinese Classics in Five Volumes I Confucian Analects the Great Learning the Doctrine of the Mean [&] Volume II the Works of Mencius Volume III the Shoo King Volume IV the She King Volume V the Ch'Un Ts'Ew with the Tso Chuen
116362: LEES-MILNE JAMES - Diaries 1942-1954
110303: CAMERON JAMES - 1916 Year of Decision
112258: LEES-MILNE JAMES - Baroque in Italy
116406: DREAPER JAMES - Pitt's Gallant Conqueror the Turbulent Life of Lieutenant General Sir William Draper K.B.
65872: YOUNG JAMES - A Chronology of Medical History
74883: MACKAY JAMES, MUSSELL JOHN - Medal Yearbook 2003
114279: CHAMBERS JAMES - Palmerston the People's Darling
105006: GLASSE JAMES - Baghdad Operators Ex Special Forces in Iraq
49161: DRISCOLL JAMES - Hill Redman's Law of Landlord and Tenant Special Bulletin a Guide to the Housing Act 1996
99643: BURKE JAMES - A Forgotten Glory the Missions of Old Texas
106468: BENTLEY JAMES - Italy the Hilltowns
65183: MAXTON JAMES - Lenin Men of Destiny
80380: DAVIS JAMES, CRAWFORD ASHLEY - The Art of James Davis
67661: COTTLE JAMES - Some Account of the Church of St Mary Magdalene Taunton and the Restoration Thereof Together with Several Notices on Ecclesiastical Matters
79739: FENTON JAMES - Out of Danger
99828: LEES-MILNE JAMES - Another Self Ancestral Voices Prophesying Peace Midway on the Waves Caves of Ice
4106: STUART JAMES - Reminiscences
109088: CLEGG JAMES, KIRKE HENRY - Extracts from the Diary and Correspondence of the Rev James Clegg Nonconformist Minister and Doctor of Medicine A.D. 1679 to 1755
113227: RAVILIOUS JAMES - The Recent Past
110287: AUDUBON JOHN JAMES - The Birds of America
106061: GATLIFF JAMES, GATLIFF H.E. - Stations Gentlemen Memoirs of James Gatliff Epitome or Biographical Sketch of My Own Life
114717: DAVIS JAMES - Medieval Market Morality Life Law and Ethics in the English Marketplace 1200-1500
110466: MICHIE JAMES - The Folio Golden Treasury the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
85541: SIERS JAMES - New Zealand Dramatic Landscape
85579: FENIMORE COOPER JAMES, BEARD JAMES FRANKLIN - The Letters and Journals of James Fenimore Cooper Volumes I - IV
63041: MONTGOMERY JAMES - Poems to Which Is Added a Memoir of the Author
107825: GAIRDNER JAMES - The Paston Letters
79471: LASDUN JAMES - The Revenant
79472: LASDUN JAMES - Landscape with a Chainsaw
116310: DUNCAN JAMES - The Natural History of Butterflies Illustrated by Thirty-Six Plates with Memoir and Portrait of Werner
109347: MORGAN JAMES - The Last Generation
98647: AUDUBON JOHN JAMES, BLAUGRUND ANNETTE, STEBBINS THEODORE E. - John James Audubon the Watercolors for the Birds of America
111455: SAVAGE JAMES - History of the Hundred of Carhampton in the County of Somerset from the Best Authorities
113529: AUDUBON JOHN JAMES - The Birds of America
81808: JOYCE JAMES, LEVIN HARRY - A James Joyce Reader
78868: SAVAGE JAMES - History of the Hundred of Carhampton in the County of Somerset from the Best Authorities
111706: BOSWELL JAMES, POTTLE FREDERICK A., BENNETT CHARLES H. - Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson
89573: NUNN JAMES - Saved from the Wreck
78317: WATSON JAMES - The Bull Leapers
109192: PARK JAMES - The Geology of New Zealand an Introduction to the Historical Structural and Economic Geology
104738: HOGG JAMES, THOMSON THOMAS - The Works of the Ettrick Shepherd Tales and Sketches
115615: WILLCOCKS GENERAL SIR JAMES - The Romance of Soldiering and Sport
116361: LEES-MILNE JAMES - Diaries 1971-1983
83171: STEVENSON JAMES - The Dartmouth Conspiracy
102482: SAVAGE JAMES, TOULMIN JOSHUA - The History of Taunton in the County of Somerset a New Edition Greatly Enlarged and Brought Down to the Present Time
108646: TREADWELL JAMES - Advent Advent Trilogy 1
64821: NEIL JAMES - The Bridal Song
104891: WEBB ADRIAN JAMES - Two Tudor Subsidy Assessments for the County of Somerset 1558 and 1581 - 82
73942: GREGOR MRS JAMES - Whose Was the Blame? a Woman's Version of the Kreutzer Sonata
116557: TUCKER JAMES - Ralph Rashleigh
112686: MILLER JAMES - Scapa Britain's Famous Wartime Naval Base
107779: HILTON JAMES - To You Mr Chips
56320: TAYLOR JAMES - The Great Historic Families of Scotland in Two Volumes
100899: HERVEY JAMES - Theron and Aspasio or a Series of Dialogues and Letters Upon the Most Important and Interesting Subjects in Three Volumes
113226: GLEICK JAMES - Nature's Chaos
98782: CAMPBELL JAMES - Talking at the Gates a Life of James Baldwin
102696: HARDING JAMES - Folies de Paris the Rise and Fall of French Operetta
87526: JACKSON JAMES - Realm the Armada Is Coming
109054: FISHER JAMES, LOCKLEY R.M. - Sea-Birds an Introduction to the Natural History of the Sea-Birds of the North Atlantic
61798: POPE-HENNESSEY JAMES - Aspects of Provence
106893: HAMILTON JAMES - William Heath Robinson
70573: BARBER JAMES, SMITH MICHAEL - The Nature of Foreign Policy a Reader
56319: MACVEIGH JAMES - The Great Families of Scotland Historical and Genealogical in Two Volumes
105412: LEES-MILNE JAMES - Caves of Ice
81588: SAVAGE JAMES - History of the Hundred of Carhampton in the County of Somerset from the Best Authorities
87416: BEACH JAMES - The German Army Handbook of 1918
114752: HAMILTON JAMES - Faraday the Life
55842: COLQUHOUN JAMES - Action Front a History of C Battery Hac in War and Peace
82020: TEACHER JAMES - Reviews
82023: LAUGHLIN JAMES - Pound As Wuz Recollections and Interpretations
101536: MORRIS JAMES - Coast to Coast
70549: BOSWELL JAMES, MALONE EDWARD - The Life of Samuel Johnson with His Correspondence and Conversations
69938: NAPIER CHARLES JAMES - Colonization Particularly in Southern Australia
102850: FAIRGRIEVE JAMES - Geography and World Power a Text-Book of Matriculation Standard Illustrating the Geographic Control of History
112681: MACDONALD JAMES - Churchill's Prisoners the Italians in Orkney 1942 - 1944
66018: MARTINEAU JAMES - The Seat of Authority in Religion
96328: KUDLACEK JAN - Petrushka
116159: MORRIS JAN, FERMOR-HESKETH ROBERT - Architecture of the British Empire
114065: MORRIS JAN, WINCHESTER SIMON - Stones of Empire the Buildings of the Raj
112684: MARSH JAN - Christina Rosetti a Writer's Life
42910: JENSEN JAN - Homo Futurus 15 Flash-Kunstneres Bud Pa Fremtidens Menneske
114028: ABRAM JAN - Individual Psychotherapy Trainings a Guide
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113790: HARDING JOHN - Football Wizard the Billy Meredith Story
114670: ILIFFE JOHN, SIGISMONDI ROBERTO - Pictures from the 1986 Italian Telephone Directories
56945: RUSKIN JOHN - Letters to M.G. & H.G.
102891: FOWLES JOHN - Daniel Martin
115307: WALLING JOHN - The Mullard/Philips Research Laboratories Redhill a Short History 1946-2002
109250: FORTESCUE JOHN - Wellington
65182: BUCHAN JOHN - Julius Caesar Men of Destiny
102588: O'NEILL JOHN - The Market Economics As Social Theory
41777: SHIPP JOHN AND HUGHES B.V. - The Memoirs of John Shipp 1785-1834 Principally Concerning His Military Service in England South Africa and India
106748: FULLER JOHN - Collected Poems
98577: NIVEN JOHN - The Salmon P. Chase Papers Volume I Journals 1829-1872
98578: NIVEN JOHN - The Salmon P. Chase Papers Volume II Journals 1829-1872
98579: NIVEN JOHN - The Salmon P. Chase Papers Volume V Journals 1865-1873
116604: LEHMANN JOHN - A Nest of Tigers Edith Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell in Their Times
102286: GRIBBIN JOHN - Stardust
79238: COLES JOHN - Making Foreign Policy a Certain Idea of Britain
79256: BETJEMAN JOHN - Summoned by Bells
105271: CALVIN JOHN, BEVERIDGE HENRY - Institutes of the Chritian Religion Volume I.
105272: CALVIN JOHN, BEVERIDGE HENRY - Institutes of the Chritian Religion Volume II
116220: STEINBECK JOHN - Travels with Charley in Search of America
81908: MIDDLETON JOHN - Peoples of Africa the Tribes and Cultures of an Intriguing Continent from Afrikaner to Zulu
107065: MASEFIELD JOHN, ARMOUR G.D. - Reynard the Fox or the Ghost Heath Run
79581: SAUMAREZ SMITH JOHN, HILL HEYWOOD - A Spy in the Bookshop Letters between Heywood Hill and John Saumarez Smith 1966 - 74
114601: BLANDY JOHN - The Baker's Guide and Practical Assistant to the Art of Bread-Making in All Its Branches
18869: AWDLAY JOHN - Alia Cantalena de Sancta Maria
114169: MINFORD JOHN - I Ching the Book of Change
116356: SURTEES JOHN - Speed John Surtees' Own Story
85296: SUTHERLAND JOHN - Mrs Humphry Ward Eminent Victorian Pre-Eminent Edwardian
79935: UPDIKE JOHN - Midpoint and Other Poems
70724: TILLOTSON JOHN - Lancashire's Old Halls Being a Random Dissertation on Some Half-Timbered Halls in South Lancashire
111976: BETJEMAN JOHN, LYCETT GREEN CANDIDA - Coming Home an Anthology of Prose
97569: HILLABY JOHN - A Journey Through Europe
97570: HILLABY JOHN - Journey Through Love
90804: JAMES JOHN - The Paladins a Social History of the Raf Up to the Outbreak of World War II
104100: RUSSELL JOHN, GABLIK SUZI - Pop Art Redefined
111379: VENIARD JOHN - Reservoir and Lake Flies: Fly Dressings and Fishing Techniques
80278: HEATH-STUBBS JOHN - The Ode
113632: GRIBBIN JOHN - History of Western Science 1543 - 2001
89242: BETJEMAN JOHN - First and Last Loves
105559: BATLEY JOHN - The Pigeon Shooter
113477: WILSON JOHN - Buckinghamshire Contributions for Ireland 1642 and Richard Grenville's Military Accounts 1642-1645
77637: BARRATT JOHN - The Battle for York Marston Moor 1644
105270: CALVIN JOHN, PARKER T. H. L., TORRANCE DAVID W. & THOMAS F. - Calvin's Commentaries Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians Ephesians Philippians and Colossians
100569: GODDARD JOHN - Stillwater Flies How and When to Fish Them
100560: LYTLE JOHN, LYTLE CHRISTINE - Royal Cruising Club Millennium Record
75455: LYONS JOHN - Chomksky
103786: RAYBOULD JOHN - Hayek a Commemorative Album
112025: BUXTON HILTON JOHN - Hangman's Tide
115256: OGLANDER JOHN, LONG W.H. - The Oglander Memoirs Extracts from the Mss of Sir J. Oglander Kt. Of Nunwell Isle of Wight Deputy-Governor of Portsmouth and Deputy-Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight 1595-1648
111780: PHYSICK JOHN - Designs for English Sculpture 1680-1860
87622: GALSWORTHY JOHN - Swan Song
104674: HODGKISS JOHN - A Fancier's Guide to the Rex Rabbit
105375: MASEFIELD JOHN, SEAGO EDWARD - A Generation Risen
114748: GRIBBIN JOHN - Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality the Quantum Mysteries Solved
102429: CANNON JOHN - Samuel Johnson and the Politics of Hanoverian England
83714: RUSKIN JOHN - Aratra Pentelici Six Lectures on the Elements of Sculpture the Works of John Ruskin Volume III
83715: RUSKIN JOHN - The Seven Lamps of Architecture
112122: NORDEN JOHN - Orford Ness a Selection of Maps Mainly by John Norden Presented to James Alfred Steers
114165: MINFORD JOHN - I Ching
115729: CALLAGHAN JOHN - Rajani Palme Dutt a Study in British Stalinism
111924: MILTON JOHN, BRYDGES SIR EGERTON - The Poetical Works of John Milton
115831: PERKINS JOHN - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
114913: SUTHERLAND JOHN - The Literary Detective 100 Puzzles in Classic Fiction
100300: GOOCH JOHN - Mussolini and His Generals the Armed Forces and Fascist Foreign Policy 1922 - 1940
101381: DEE JOHN - The Private Diary of John Dee
101385: HANNAVY JOHN - Victorian Photographers at Work
106847: DONNE JOHN, HAYWARD JOHN - John Donne Complete Poetry and Selected Prose
101176: EVELYN JOHN - The Life of Mrs Godolphin
52326: MORRIS JOHN, SMITH EIRWEN - Diary of a Soldier 1918 - 1919
96525: CONROY JOHN - War Is a Way of Life a Belfast Diary
67313: LEECH JOHN - John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character Volume III
67348: BARTHOLOMEW JOHN - The Times Atlas of the World Volume I World Australia & East Asia Volume II South-West Asia & Russia Volume III Northern Europe Volume IV Southern Europe & Africa Volume V the Americas
68695: COWEN JOHN - A Ransome Book-Case
71312: SMITH JOHN - Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of Dutch and Flemish Painters Part the Fifth Containing the Lives and Works of Nicholas Bergham Paul Potter Adrian Vander Veilde Karel Du Jardin Albert Cuyp John Vander Heyden
94549: SHARPE JOHN - Sharpe's Present Peerage of the British Empire 1834 with a New and Comprehensive List of the Daughters of the Nobility Who Have Been Married to Commoners
116146: KEMPLAY JOHN - In the Wake of the Flower of Gloster a Reconstruction of Temple Thurston's Historic Canal Journey of 1911
106047: SHIPP JOHN, CHICHESTER H. MANNERS - Memoirs of the Extraordinary Military Career of John Shipp Late a Lieut in His Majesty's 87th Regiment
115349: ASHDOWN-HILL JOHN - The Wars of the Roses
115261: PEARMAN JOHN, ANGLESEY MARQUESS OF - Sergeant Pearman's Memoirs Being Chiefly His Account of Service with the Third (King's Own) Light Dragoons in India from 1845 to 1853 Including the First and Second Sikh Wars
84697: WEBSTER JOHN, BRENNAN ELIZABETH M. - The Duchess of Malfi
79863: LEHMANN JOHN - Christopher Isherwood a Personal Memoir
79832: DARNTON JOHN - Writers on Writing Collected Essaysfrom the New York Times
100581: PREBBLE JOHN - The Darien Disaster
99103: MASTERS JOHN - Fandango Rock
112729: BATCHELOR JOHN, BATCHELOR JULIE - In Stanley's Footsteps Across Africa from West to East
102733: PEMBLE JOHN - Miss Fane in India
113918: SMYTH BRIGADIER SIR JOHN - Bolo Whistler the Life of General Sir Lashmer Whistler
103064: SWEETMAN JOHN - Raglan from the Peninsula to the Crimea
44664: BOXALL JOHN - Polmet 91 Pollution in the Metropolitan and Urban Environment
46582: DIGBY JOHN - Sailing Away from Night Poems and Collages
46583: DIGBY JOHN - The Structure of Bifocal Distance
115200: HERIVEL JOHN - Herivelismus and the German Military Enigma
109450: BROOKE JOHN - The Chatham Administration 1766 - 1768
113279: MASEFIELD JOHN, ARMOUR G.D. - Reynard the Fox or the Ghost Heath Run
33163: JOHN, W.D. - Old English Lustre Pottery
112192: DANCY JOHN - Walter Oakeshott a Diversity of Gifts
111321: STOYE JOHN - The Siege of Vienna
108823: CONSTABLE JOHN, LESLIE PETER - The Letters of John Constable to C.R. Leslie 1826 - 1837
63295: BRUCE COLIN JOHN - Invaders British and American Experience of Seaborne Landings 1939 - 1945
59624: BARTHOLOMEW JOHN - The Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles Including Summary of the 1931 Census
112704: SKEAPING JOHN - Drawn from Life an Autobiography
83687: DONNE JOHN - The Love Poems of John Donne
87070: O'CONNOR JOHN - Shakespearean Afterlives Ten Characters with a Life of Their Own
105638: SANDFORD JOHN - The New German Cinema
108315: STEEGMAN JOHN - Cambridge As It Was and As It Is to-Day
114358: LEHMANN JOHN - The Whispering Gallery Autobiography I.
110680: HOOLE JOHN - Nihonga Contemporary Jjapanese Paintings in the Traditional Style
86493: SYKES JOHN - A Summer in Turkey
35962: FORTESCUE SIR JOHN - Records of Stag-Hunting on Exmoor
109167: GEIPEL JOHN - The Europeans an Ethnohistorical Survey
13284: CONSTABLE JOHN, PARRIS LESLIE, SHIELDS CONAL, FLEMING-WILLIAMS IAN - John Constable Further Documents and Correspondence Part 1 Documents Part 2 Correspondence
70122: STOREY JOHN - Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture Theories and Methods
70191: RUSKIN JOHN - The Eagle's Nest Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural Science to Art
70200: WRAIGHT JOHN - A Pattern of Timeless Moments Autobiography
75363: BLUNSDEN JOHN - Motor Racing Year 1978
107201: WOODCOCK JOHN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1982
103142: BOWLE JOHN - Minos or Minotaur? the Dilemma of Political Power
100769: LEHMANN JOHN - New Writing and Daylight Autumn 1944
54967: HODGSON JOHN - History of Northumberland Volume 4
79652: EVELYN JOHN - Fortuna and New Lyrics
107326: POYER JOHN - The History of Barbados from the First Discovery of the Island in the Year 1605 Till the Accession of Lord Seaforth 1801
116581: EHRMAN JOHN - The Younger Pitt the Years of Acclaim
109491: PRESTON JOHN - Integrated Transport Policy Implications for Regulation and Competition
98855: SLADER JOHN - The Fourth Service Merchantmen at War 1939-45
115483: PUDNEY JOHN - The Camel Fighter
116618: BAYLEY JOHN - The Queer Captain
101379: COWPER POWYS JOHN - The Brazen Head
101392: MANDEVILLE SIR JOHN - Travels of Sir John Mandeville the Fantastic 14th-Century Account of a Journey to the East
77153: WAGNER JOHN, GRANT ALAN - Anderson Psi Division Book 2
76788: BETHELSEN JOHN, TAYLOR RHONDA, ALLUM JO - Reign of the Lion Showcasing the Spirit of Africa
107653: LAWRENCE JOHN - Window on Oman
108584: MATTHEWS JOHN - The Roman Empire of Ammianus
111942: STANFORD JOHN - The Sports Car Development and Design
111946: HUMPHREYS JOHN, BARNARD E.A.B. - Studies in Worcestershire History Being a Selection of Papers of Historical and Antiquarian Interest
104359: HEMSLEY JOHN - The Lost Empire Perceptions of Likely Policy Shifts in the 1990's
116484: UPDIKE JOHN - The Witches of Eastwick
113756: WILLIAMSON JOHN - The Music of Hans Pfitzner
111708: BREWER JOHN - The Pleasures of the Imagination English Culture in the Eighteenth Century
100089: AUBREY JOHN - Brief Lives
103851: NICHOL JOHN - Byron English Men of Letters
109177: IRVINE JOHN, MARTIN BEN R. - Foresight in Science Picking the Winners
108391: RODGERS JOHN - English Woodland
106864: OSBORNE JOHN - Almost a Gentleman an Autobiography 1955-66
112698: PEYTON JOHN - Solly Zuckerman a Scientist out of the Ordinary
80197: BOWLE JOHN - Henry VIII
95112: KING RICHARD JOHN - Handbook to the Cathedrals of England Southern Division Part I Winchester Salisbury Exeter Wells [&] Part II Canterbury Rochester Chichester St Albans
107774: GIELGUD JOHN, MANGAN RICHARD - Gielgud's Letters John Gielgud in His Own Words
113677: GIFFORD JOHN, MCWILLIAM COLIN, WALKER DAVID - Edinburgh the Buildings of Scotland
73608: DONNE JOHN, PORTER PETER - John Donne the Illustrated Poets
115951: DICKIE JOHN - The British Consul Heir to a Great Tradition
108702: BARROW JOHN - Captain Cook's Voyages of Discovery
111302: LARNER JOHN - The Lords of Romagna Romagnol Society and the Origins of the Signorie
48942: DORAN JOHN - The Book of the Princes of Wales Heirs to the Crown of England
112853: BUXTON HILTON JOHN - The Quiet Stranger
112854: BUXTON HILTON JOHN - Moondrop to Murder
112855: BUXTON HILTON JOHN - Surrender Value
104500: LOFTIS JOHN - Steele at Drury Lane
113109: URE JOHN - The Cossacks
78181: VINICOMBE JOHN - The History of West Hove Golf Club 1910 - 2010
114821: PAINTER JOHN - Just James the Brother of Jesus in History and Tradition Personalities of the New Testament
116582: EHRMAN JOHN - The Younger Pitt the Reluctant Transition
106431: AUSTIN JOHN - The Province of Jurisprudence Determined
50270: GURNEY JOSEPH JOHN - Sabbatical Verses
84345: GOODCHILD JOHN, HAYWARD L.C., BATTY E.A. - The Borough of Yeovil Its History and Government Through the Ages
84485: EVELYN JOHN, BRAY WILLIAM - The Diary of John Evelyn in Two Volumes with a Biographical Introduction
89517: ERICKSON JOHN - The Road to Berlin Stalin's War with Germany
89518: ERICKSON JOHN - The Road to Stalingrad
114524: TRYTHALL ANTHONY JOHN - Boney Fuller the Intellectual General
83182: MASEFIELD JOHN - Right Royal
83204: CANADAY JOHN - Metropolitan Seminars in Art Portfolio 10 Techniques Water Color Pastel and Prints
83205: CANADAY JOHN - Metropolitan Seminars in Art Portfolio 9 Techniques Tempera and Oil
83207: CANADAY JOHN - Metropolitan Seminars in Art Portfolio 7 Composition As Expression
86258: DIMITRY JOHN - Confederate Military History of Louisiana
86304: BALDWIN JOHN, POWERS RON - Last Flag Down the Epic Journey of the Last Confederate Warship
115723: LYNN RICHARD JOHN - The Classic of Changes a New Translation of the I Ching As Interpreted by Wang Bi
114674: ADAIR JOHN - A Life of John Hampden the Patriot (1594-1643)
115433: GOLDING JOHN, BOWNESS SOPHIE - Braque the Late Works
114965: WILMERDING JOHN - Tom Wesselmann His Voice and Vision
114377: DEFRANCIS JOHN - Beginning Chinese Reader Part I [&] Part II
116605: MARGETSON JOHN - Gorty Neville Gorton's Years at Blundells 1934 - 1942
91481: VANBURGH JOHN, HARRIS BERNARD - The Relapse or Virtue in Danger
116519: FELTHAM JOHN - The Picture of London for 1802 Being a Corrected Guide to All the Curiosities Amusements Exhibitions Public Establishments and Remarkable Objects in and Near London
85697: OSBORNE JOHN - Plays for England the Blood of the Bambergs Under Plain Cover
115753: FENNELL JOHN - The Crisis of Medieval Russia 1200-1304
111367: VENIARD JOHN, DOWNS DONALD - Fly-Tying Development and Progress
54606: ENGLAND JOHN - Black Gnat
112625: BAYLEY JOHN - The History and Antiquities of the Tower of London with Memoirs of Royal and Distinguished Persons
112011: PENN JOHN - A Knife ILL-Used
112012: PENN JOHN - Accident Prone
92441: WOODCOCK JOHN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1983
92469: HEATH-STUBBS JOHN, GREEN MARTIN - Homage to George Barker on His Sixtieth Birthday
43138: HAYWOOD JOHN - Ancient Civilisations of the Near East and Mediterranean
113969: PALMER SIR JOHN - Luck on My Side the Diaries & Reflections of a Young Wartime Sailor 1939-1945
83740: BOURKE JOHN - Baroque Churches of Central Europe
113789: GUY JOHN - My Heart Is My Own the Life of Mary Queen of Scots
113774: BROOKE JOHN - King George III
92928: DURNIAK JOHN - Popular Photography's Woman 1968
65803: SWARBRICK JOHN - The Works in Architecture of Robert and James Adam
112246: POPE-HENNESSY JOHN - The Portrait in the Renaissance
108736: RUSKIN JOHN - The Seven Lamps of Architecture
114364: CLAPHAM SIR JOHN - The Bank of England a History Volume One 1694-1797 [&] Volume Two 1797-1914
77075: WAGNER JOHN, BOLLAND BRIAN, MCMAHON MIKE - Judge Caligula Book Two the Chronicles of Judge Dredd
77077: WAGNER JOHN, GRANT ALAN - Anderson Psi Division Book 1
77078: WAGNER JOHN, GRANT ALAN, SMITH RON - Judge Dredd 8 the Chronicles of Judge Dredd
84452: COOPER JOHN, PIKE B.A. - Detective Fiction the Collector's Guide
92321: ROTHENSTEIN JOHN - Modern English Painters Volume I Sickert to Smith
104692: UPDIKE JOHN - The Coup
105015: LEWIS-STEMPEL JOHN - The Autobiography of the British Soldier from Agincourt to Basra in His Own Words
111059: STRAWSON JOHN - Hitler As Military Commander
100865: THOMAS DAVID ST JOHN - The West Country a Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume I.
88069: ARNOLD JOHN - The Fanfrolico Press Satyrs Fauns & Fine Books
114372: DEFRANCIS JOHN - Character Text for Beginning Chinese
102032: FEKETE JOHN - Life After Postmodernism Essays on Value and Culture
107819: EMBUREY JOHN - Spinning in a Fast World
110282: KEEGAN JOHN - The Price of Admiralty
84328: DRINKWATER JOHN - The Pilgrim of Eternity Byron a Conflict
71194: CONNELL JOHN - The Most Important Country the True Story of the Suez Crisis and the Events Leading to It
85870: NIVEN JOHN - Gideon Welles Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy
102447: WILSON JOHN - Fairfax General of Parliament's Forces in the CIVIL War
60716: POPE-HENNESSEY JOHN - A Lecture on Nicholas Hilliard
105844: RENDELL JOHN - A Parish Album of Werrington
62532: FRANCIS JOHN - Seaman Miller
103360: LAFFIN JOHN - British Butchers and Bunglers of World War One
68489: CREEDY JOHN - Economics an Integrated Approach
79754: FULLER JOHN - The Mechanical Body and Other Poems
79755: FULLER JOHN - The Grey Among the Green
102946: HAMMERTON JOHN - The Great War I Was There Undying Memories of 1914-1918 Volume Two July 4 1916 to October 22 1917
111225: KILLICK JOHN - Inexplicable Occasions
47417: FORTESCUE JOHN - Souvenir of the Loan Collection of Regimental Plate Exhibited for the Benefit of the Funds of the British Red Cross and the Order of St John
116334: MILTON JOHN, JOHNSON SAMUEL, EVANS JOHN - Milton's Paradise Lost with the Life of the Author to Which Is Prefixed the Celebrated Critique by Sam Johnson Lld
104345: CLOAKE JOHN - Templer Tiger of Malaya the Life of Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer
96297: HUSSEY JOHN - Marlborough Hero of Blenheim
57043: WARD JOHN - The Roman Era in Britain
57087: VENIARD JOHN, DOWNS DONALD - Reservoir and Lake Flies Fly Dressings and Fishing Techniques
51873: WADSWORTH JOHN - Counter Defensive Being the Story of a Bank in Battle
53234: SINCLAIR SIR JOHN - The Code of Agriculture Including Observations on Gardens Orchards Woods and Plantations
112881: RUSSELL JOHN - Shakespeare's Country
112883: BRITTON JOHN, SHEPHERD THOMAS - Bath and Bristol with the Counties of Somerset and Gloucester Displayed in a Series of Views
75073: FRAYN TURNER JOHN - Awards of the George Cross 1940 - 2005
110323: FISHER JOHN - Eighteen Fifteen an End and a Beginning
110363: NAYLOR JOHN - Waterloo
105345: FENTON JOHN - Gas a Synopsis of Defence Against
105153: LE GRAND PIERRE JEAN-BAPTISTE D'AUSSY, WAY G.L., ELLIS G., BEWICK JOHN AND THOMAS - Fabliaux or Tales Abridged from French Manuscripts of the Xiith and Xiiith Centuries Selected and Translated Into English Verse with a Preface Notes and Appendix in Three Volumes
105156: SKELTON JOHN - Poems
104719: LAFFIN JOHN - The Israeli Mind
107317: LEWIS JOHN, BRINKLEY JOHN - Graphic Design with Special Reference to Lettering Typography and Illustration
74508: RICHARDSON JOHN - The Annals of London a Year by Year Record of a Thousand Years of History
105783: EVELYN JOHN - Walpurgis Night
85621: HOLLAND SMITH JOHN - Constantine the Great
116714: PUDNEY JOHN - The Seven Skies a Study of B.O. A.C. And Its Forerunners Since 1919
112988: BETJEMAN JOHN, LYCETT GREEN CANDIDA - John Betjeman Letters Volume One 1926 to 1951
83227: GILMOUR JOHN, WALTERS MAX - Wild Flowers Botanising in Britain
83263: HADFIELD JOHN - A Book of Britain an Anthology of Words and Pictures
77072: WAGNER JOHN, MCMAHON MIKE, SMITH RON - Judge Child Book Two the Chronicles of Judge Dredd
77073: WAGNER JOHN, MCMAHON MIKE, SMITH RON - Judge Child Book Three the Chronicles of Judge Dredd
104988: PRENDERGAST JOHN - Prender's Progress a Soldier in India 1931 - 47
116583: EHRMAN JOHN - The Younger Pitt the Consuming Struggle
67814: BARRS JOHN - The Game of Go an Introduction
106274: BROOKE JOHN, GANDY JULIA - The Prime Minister's Papers Wellington Political Correspondence I 1833 November 1834
50272: GIELGUD JOHN - Distinguished Company
114360: BRIGHT JOHN - A History of Israel
43592: WINTER JOHN - Six Paintings from the Blumenthal Collection
43612: MILLER JOHN - The Ralph Richardson Collection
105422: BUCHAN JOHN, OMOND G.W.T. - The Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg the Nations of to-Day a New History of the World
83680: PUDNEY JOHN - Take This Orange Poems and Ballads
106626: HUNT SIR JOHN - The Ascent of Everest
102503: BILLINGSLEY JOHN - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Somerset with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement
113356: CHAMBERLAIN JOHN, THOMSON ELIZABETH MCCLURE - The Chamberlain Letters a Selection of the Letters of John Chamberlain Concerning Life in England from 1597 to 1626
115431: GILLINGHAM JOHN - Richard III a Medieval Kingship
18934: JONES JOHN - The History of Wales Descriptive of the Governement Wars Manners Religion Laws Druids Bards Pedigrees and Language of the Ancient Britons and Modern Welsh and of the Remaining Antiquities of the Principality
88414: HADFIELD JOHN - The Saturday Book 18
71609: EADIE JOHN - Early Oriental History the Histories of Egypt Assyria Persia Lydia Phrygia and Phoenicia
112418: HAWKES JOHN - Second Skin
111200: CLARKE JOHN - Ghost on the Road
114950: FORDE JOHN - Honour Triumphant and a Line of Life Two Tracts Unknown to the Editions of His Works and Now First Reprinted from the Original Copies Published in 1606 and 1620
115589: PHILLIPS JOHN - Red Deer in Woodland a Study of 8 Estates in Europe
116482: UPDIKE JOHN - Couples
116483: UPDIKE JOHN - Problems and Other Stories
103356: KEEGAN JOHN - The First World War
102131: NEWMAN JOHN - West Kent and the Weald the Buildings of England
50675: PIPER JOHN - Piper's Country an Exhibition of Prints and Watercolours
50683: BRADFORD JOHN - Man Is an Artist
51574: FODEN JOHN - Building in Exmoor National Park
60942: MACDONALD JOHN, MACKAY ANGUS - Autobiographical Journal of John Macdonald Schoolmaster and Soldier 1770 - 1830
113161: SUMMERSON JOHN - The Unromantic Castle
82097: WINTON JOHN - Below the Belt Subterfuge and Surprise in Naval Warfare
105148: REYNOLDS JOHN - The Triumphs of Gods Revenge Against the Crying and Execrable Sin of Murther... To Which Is Added God's Revenge Against the Abominable Sin of Adultery
83712: RUSKIN JOHN - The Two Paths Being Lectures on Art and Its Application to Decoration and Manufacture the Works of John Ruskin Volume X.
83713: RUSKIN JOHN - Ariadne Florentina Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving with Appendix the Works of John Ruskin Volume VII
107828: GILL JOHN - Queer Noises Male and Female Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Music
112878: COLVILLE JOHN - The Portrait of a General a Chronicle of the Napoleonic Wars
112112: MILTON JOHN, TOMALIN CLAIRE - Poems of John Milton
112111: MILNER JOHN - Rodchenko Design
81941: BEDDOE JOHN - The Races of Britain a Contribution to the Anthropology of Western Europe
98029: BYNG JOHN, ANDREWS CYRIL BRUYN - Clouds & Sunshine by an English Tourist of the Eighteenth Century Part I of the Tour of 1789 from the Torrington Diaries
103831: NICHOL JOHN - Thomas Carlyle English Men of Letters
103782: MOORE JOHN - Brensham Village
115160: COLVIN JOHN - Nomonhan
115558: DOUGILL JOHN - Oxford in English Literature the Making and Undoing of the English Athens
73521: YEATES JOHN - An Endless View the Artist and Exmoor
116600: COLLIS JOHN - Ike Turner King of Rhythm
104453: GRAY JOHN - Hayek on Liberty
108955: DONNE JOHN - Poems of Love
77371: CARTER JOHN - Fibs Facts and Farces Tales from the Arab World
111759: LAHR JOHN - Joy Ride Lives of the Theatricals
112568: HILLABY JOHN - Journey Through Britain
111252: ROTHENSTEIN JOHN - Augustus John
86803: NIVEN JOHN - John C. Calhoun and the Price of Union a Biography
86760: GUY JOHN, SWALLOW DEBORAH - Arts of India 1550 - 1900
87054: MOSIER JOHN - The Myth of the Great War a New Military History of World War One
90450: STRAWSON JOHN - On Drag-Hunting
112995: LATIMER JOHN - The History of the Society of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol with Some Account of the Anterior Merchants' Guilds
113697: LEONARD JOHN - London's Parish Churches
99353: DUNMORE JOHN - Pacific Explorer the Life of Jean-François de la Perouse 1741 - 1788
110012: MARENBON JOHN - Routledge History of Philosophy Volume III Medieval Philosophy
91621: WORSLEY JOHN, GIGGAL KENNETH - John Worsley's War
52817: FORBES JOHN - Memoranda Relating to the Family of Forbes of Waterton from a Ms of the Deceased John Forbes B. 1754 Who Was Served As Heir to the Last Thomas Forbes of Waterton in 1775 and Is Now Printed Solely for the Use of Members of the Family
113934: TOMAN JOHN - The Lost Photo Album a Kilvert Family Story
111934: BUXTON HILTON JOHN - Mr Fred
109655: STIRLING JOHN, HEATH ROBINSON T. - The Child's Bible Being a Consecutive Arrangement of the Narrative and Other Portions of Holy Scripture in the Words of the Authorised Version
111678: BUNYAN JOHN, BEAUMONT AGNES, FURLONG MONICA - The Trial of John Bunyan and the Persecution of the Puritans Selections from the Writings of John Bunyan and Agnes Beaumont
116396: CLELAND JOHN - Fanny Hill Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
97252: BRITTON JOHN, PEACH R. E. M. - The History and Antiquities of Bath Abbey Church
115210: HUNTLEY JOHN - Railways on the Screen
103197: WARNER JOHN - Fragrant Harbour Early Photographs of Hong Kong
68849: KENNETT JOHN - The Growth of Modern Russia
104609: PETERS JOHN - A Family from Flanders
109697: GOULD JOHN - Birds of Great Britain
106946: FOWLES JOHN, RELPH JAN - Wormholes Essays and Occasional Writings
101879: LUCAS JOHN - Modern English Poetry from Hardy to Hughes a Critical Survey
115722: BARBER JOHN - Soviet Historians in Crisis 1928-1932
101678: ARMSTRONG JOHN - The Secret Power of Beauty
115075: RUSKIN JOHN - The Stones of Venice Volume I.
104862: COLVIN JOHN - Nomonhan
104268: MAUNDEVILE SIR JOHN, HALLIWELL J.O. - The Voiage and Travaile of Sir John Maundevile Kt
76298: BICKERDYKE JOHN, WILLIAMS A COURTNEY A. - Angling for Game Fish
103400: GITTINGS JOHN - The Glorious Art of Peace from the Iliad to Iraq
107136: BUTT JOHN - Bach Mass in B Minor Cambridge Music Handbooks

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