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112488: MILLAIS JOHN GUILLE - The Wildfowler in Scotland
79559: GUILLERAGUES - Lettres Portugaises Valentins Et Autres Oeuvres
112733: BOFFA GUISEPPE - Inside the Khrushchev Era
15090: GUISSO, R.W.L. - The First Emperor of China
76582: KULLDORFF GUNNAR - Contributions to the Theory of Estimation from Grouped and Partially Grouped Samples
42161: GRANBERG GUNNAR - Vildfagelliv
84971: KUNERT GÜNTER - Abtôtungsverfahren
115651: BINDING GUNTHER - High Gothic the Age of the Great Cathedrals
102665: A CHILD AT SCHOOL [SAMUEL GUPPY] - Mary Jane or Spiritualism Chemically Explained with Spirit Drawings and Essays and Ideas Perhaps Erroneous
50469: LINDSTROM GUSTAV - Enter the Eu Battlegroups
85159: SCHWAB GUSTAV - Sagen Des Klassischen Altertums
46959: FLAUBERT GUSTAVE - Bouvard and Pecuchet
88874: GLOTZ GUSTAVE - The Aegean Civilization
106227: MESSENGER GUY - Flora of Rutland
94689: BOOTHBY GUY - The League of Twelve
94701: BOOTHBY GUY - Farwell Nikola
94708: BOOTHBY GUY - My Strangest Case
112692: PARSLOE GUY - The Wardens' Accounts of the Founders' Company of Founders of the City of London 1497 - 1681
104936: CAMPBELL GUY - The Charging Buffalo
115595: SALISBURY-JONES GUY - So Full a Glory a Biography of Marshal de Lattre de Tassigny
116206: RAVERAT GWEN - Period Piece a Cambridge Childhood
102498: EVANS J. GWENOGVRYN - Poems from the Book of Taliesin
98238: MACFARLANE GWYN - Howard Florey the Making of a Great Scientist
40636: JONES GWYN - The Nine Days' Wonder
75885: BRIWNANT-JONES GWYN - Railway Through Talerddig the Story of the Newtown and Machynlleth and Associated Railways in the Dyfi Valley
105127: RAE GWYNEDD - Mary Plain's Big Adventure
116166: RAE GWYNEDD - Mary Plain Goes Bob-a-Jobbing
116167: RAE GWYNEDD - Mary Plain in Town
111476: KEPES GYORGY - The Man-Made Object
115385: ARCHIBALD E.H.H. - Dictionary of Sea Painters
64623: LEOPOLD IRVING H., BURNS ROBERT P. - Symposium on Ocular Therapy Volume Eleven
115274: SAWYER P.H. - Anglo-Saxon Charters an Annotated List and Bibliography
107282: GOMBRICH E.H. - Art and Illusion a Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation
103798: AUDEN W.H., ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - The Dog Beneath the Skin or Where Is Francis? a Play in Three Acts
109307: CLARKE R. H. - Mathematics for the General Course Volume One
98664: MCALEXANDER HUBERT H. - Critical Essays on Peter Taylor
98665: MCALEXANDER HUBERT H. - Peter Taylor a Writer's Life
115012: BLAKENEY E.H. - Musaeus Hero and Leander the Greek Text with Introductiory Note Annotations Translation and Index
112199: CASH ARTHUR H. - John Wilkes the Scandalous Father of CIVIL Liberty
107418: LAND D.H. - Geology of the Tynemouth District
90890: LAWRENCE D.H., PHILIP NEIL - The Heart of Man an Illustrated Selection
91125: LAWRENCE-ARCHER J.H. - Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies from the Earliest Date with Genealogical and Historical Annotations from Original Local and Other Sources Illustrative of the Histories and Genealogies of the Seventeenth Century
91202: ALKEN H. - The Beauties & Defects in the Figure of the Horse Delineated in a Series of Coloured Plates
92290: HUNT GREGORY H. - Expressions of Excellence Daly the Global Practice of Leo A. Daly Selected Projects 1997 - 2009
93283: AUDEN W.H., ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - The Ascent of F6 a Tragedy in Two Acts
94115: WALTON PAUL H. - The Drawings of John Ruskin
95547: FITCHETT W. H. - Ithuriel's Spear
96261: JACKSON W.T.H. - The Interpretation of Medieval Lyric Poetry
96299: JONES NIGEL H. - The War Walk a Journey Along the Western Front
96705: BLACK M. H. - Cambridge University Press 1584 - 1984
96880: MACLEHOSE SOPHIA H. - The Last Days of the French Monarchy
97004: BURTON DAVID H. - Theodore Roosevelt and His English Correspondents a Special Relationship of Friends
106413: WALTON PAUL H. - The Drawings of John Ruskin
73516: EDELMAN C.H. - Soils of the Netherlands
115941: CARR E. H. - The Russian Revolution from Lenin to Stalin 1917 - 1929
74345: MORGAN GLYN H. - The Romance of Thames-Side Taverns
116170: RISLEY H. H. - The Tribes and Castes of Bengal Ethnographic Glossary in Two Volumes
115047: MONTGOMERY HYDE H. - British Air Policy between the Wars 1918-1939
81259: DAVIES W.H. - The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp
108728: GANS M.H., WIT-KLINKHAMER TH. M. DE - Dutch Silver
110775: CROSLAND T.W.H. - The Collected Poems of T.W. H. Crosland
80839: SALTER C.H. - Good Little Thomas Hardy
80842: ALEXANDER J.H. - Reading Wordsworth
100827: HEWISON C. H. - Locomotive Boiler Explosions
60592: WORTH R.H. - Some Devonian Items Offprint from Transactions of the Devonshire Association 1896
64638: LUNTZ MAURICE H., HARRISON RAYMOND - Glaucoma Surgery
113243: LAWRENCE D.H. - The Trespasser
112950: LAWRENCE D.H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
106663: MCINTOSH D.H. - Meteorological Glossary
86673: PARKS JOSEPH H. - General Edmund Kirby Smith C.S. A.
42457: HEADLAM SIR JOHN ROWAN ROBINSON H. ET AL. - The Journal of the Royal Artillery Volume LXVI No. 4 January 1940
114443: AUDEN W.H. - Thank You Fog Last Poems
114452: NALDER R.F.H. - The History of the Royal Corps of Signals in the Second World War General Survey
112958: LAWRENCE D.H. - The Lost Girl
112957: LAWRENCE D.H. - The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories
112955: LAWRENCE D.H. - The Plumed Serpent Quetzalcoatl
112956: LAWRENCE D.H. - The Virgin and the Gipsy
112954: LAWRENCE D.H. - England My England
113247: LAWRENCE D.H. - Fantasia of the Unconscious
116363: SCULLARD H.H. - From the Gracchi to Nero a History of Rome from 133 Bc to Ad 68
68975: MORRIS RUPERT H. - Chester in the Plantagenet and Tudor Reigns
106815: PRESS W.H., FLANNERY B.P. - Numerical Recipes in C the Art of Scientific Computing
104893: WOODWARD GEOFFREY H. - Calendar of Somerset Chantry Grants 1548 - 1603
73815: CLARK T.J.H., MYGIND N., SELROOS O. - Corticosteroid Treatment in Allergic Airway Diseases Proceedings of a Symposium in Copenhagen Oct 1 - 2 1981
107965: LIGHTFOOT R.H., EVANS C.F. - St John's Gospel a Commentary with the Text of the Revised Version
108449: HUDSON W.H., DAGLISH ERIC FITCH - Far Away and Long Ago a History of My Early Life
110070: CHAJES Z. H., SHACHTER JACOB - The Student's Guide Through the Talmud
40500: M.L.H. - Sister Xavier Berkeley 1861 - 1944 Sister of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul Fifty Four Years a Missionary in China
113678: GODFREY WALTER H. - The English Almshouse with Some Account of Its Predecessor the Medieval Hospital
58095: LANSDALE M.H., GUERIN JULES - The Chateaux of Touraine
106514: WHITE T.H. - Farewell Victoria
99262: MAURY DABNEY H. - Recollections of a Virginian
87586: PARRY R.H. - The English CIVIL War and After 1642 - 1658
104929: SIEGMUND O.H., MCLEAN J.W. - The Merck Veterinary Manual a Handbook of Diagnosis and Therapy for the Veterinarian
112079: HARDY G.H., WRIGHT E.M. - An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
18972: KEMPSON E.G.H., MURRAY G.W., KENNED RICHARD [ILLUSTRATOR] - Marlborough Town & Countryside an Anthology from 1436 to the Present Day
99197: HORWITZ H., SPECK W.A., GRAY W.A. - London Politics 1713 - 1717 Minutes of a Whig Club 1714 - 1717 [&] London Pollbooks 1713
113614: SAKI MUNRO H.H. - The Best of Saki
103021: BOND W.H. - Eighteenth Century Studies Studies in Honor of Donald F. Hyde
111643: WHITE T.H. - The Age of Scandal an Excursion Through a Minor Period
115430: GIBBS-SMITH CHARLES H. - The Rebirth of European Aviation a Study of the Wright Brothers' Influence 1902-1908
109077: OGILVIE WILL H., EDWARDS LIONEL - Over the Grass
113916: WESTING ARTHUR H. - Warfare in a Fragile World Military Impact on the Human Environment
115803: LIDDELL HART B.H. - Sherman the Genius of the CIVIL War
64624: LEOPOLD IRVING H., BURNS ROBERT P. - Symposium on Ocular Therapy Volume Nine
70751: CHADWYCK HEALEY CHARLES E.H. - The History of the Part of West Somerset Comprising the Parishes of Luccombe Selworthy Stoke Pero Porlock Culbone and Oare
70029: LAWSON P.H., SMITH J.T. - The Rows of Chester Two Interpretations
114269: AUDEN W. H., ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER, MENDELSON EDWARD - The Complete Works of W.H. Auden Plays and Other Dramatic Writings 1928-1938
115064: BARNES C.H. - Shorts Aircraft Since 1900
114840: SIU R.G.H. - The Man of Many Qualities a Legacy of the I Ching
85952: RAGAN MARK H. - Submarine Warfare in the CIVIL War
110975: ELLETSON D.H. - The Chamberlains
109597: SCHIFFMAN LAWRENCE H., VANDERKAM JAMES C. - Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls
55915: ADAMS C.H. - Close Range Photography with Standard or Home-Made Equipment
109186: MOORMAN JOHN R.H. - Church Life in England in the Thirteenth Century
70279: HAMEROW H. - Archaeological Journal Volume 157 2000
26229: PRESCOTT W.H. - History of the Reign of Philip the Second Volume I - III
110621: NOWELL-SMITH P. H. - Ethics
114553: EBELING H. - Lexicon Homericum
30987: MITCHELL F.H. - Fundamentals of Electronics
113419: RIGBY S.H. - The Overseas Trade of Boston in the Reign of Richard II Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
112576: JAMES T. G. H. - Egypt Revealed Artist-Travellers in an Antique Land
105461: SPURGEON CHARLES H. - The Treasury of David a Commentary on the Psalms Volume One Psalm I to LVII Volume Two Psalm LVIII to CX Volume Three Psalm CXI to CL
45755: BURGOYNE ALAN H. - The Navy League Annual Corrected to October 10th 1910
41201: PERKINS LEIGH H. - Rising Fish and Pointing Dogs Perkinsiana III a Memoir
109727: CUNDY MARTYN H., EVANS E. - The School Mathematics Project Advanced Mathematics Book 3
116315: HUMBLE B. H. - The Cuillin of Skye
98229: BELL P. M. H. - France and Britain 1940 - 1994 the Long Separation
34531: LLOYD PARRY H. - The Exeter Swords and Hat of Maintenance
109173: HARDY G.H., WRIGHT E.M. - An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
110372: ROBINSON RICHARD A.H. - The Origins of Franco's Spain the Right the Republic and the Revolution 1931-36
108526: LYNN-ALLEN E.H, ELPHINSTONE MASTER OF - Rough Shoot Some Thoughts for the Owner-Keeper
96925: DAVIES WILLIAM H. - Farewell to Poesy and Other Pieces
99268: STEINBACH ROBERT H. - A Long March the Lives of Frank and Alice Baldwin
114889: SOLKIN DAVID H. - Painting for Money the Visual Arts and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century England
114507: HINSLEY F.H. - British Intelligence in the Second World War Volume 1 Its Influence on Strategy and Operations
107529: LUKINS A. H., MAYS RAYMOND - British Motor Cars 1950/51
102493: THORNTON W.H. - Reminiscences and Reflections of an Old West-Country Clergyman First [&] Second Series
112951: LAWRENCE D.H. - Aaron's Rod
116397: COASE R.H. - Essays on Economics and Economists
106885: LAWRIE WILLIAM H. - English and Welsh Trout Flies Essays and Analyses
84225: SUPER R.H. - Walter Savage Landor
115454: JAMES F.H. - History of the 1st Battalion 6th Rajputana Rifles (Wellesley's)
60829: MULLER HORST H. - Gedenk Und Erinnerungsstatten Der Arbeiterbewegung IM Bezirk Efrurt
45848: WATSON HELEN H. - Peggy D.O. The Story of the Seven O'Rourkes
105926: WILLIAMS C.H. - English Historical Documents Volume 5 1485-1558
113123: CROSSLEY FRED H. - Timber Building in England from Early Times to the End of the Seventeenth Century
92478: SIMPSON D. H. - Twickenham Past
114267: AUDEN W. H. - City without Walls and Other Poems
78532: DEE C.H. - Just Being Happy
103207: ALDCROFT DEREK H. - From Versailles to Wall Street 1919 - 1929 the International Economy in the 1920's
106841: CLIFFORD SMITH H., HUSSEY CHRISTOPHER - The Complete History of Buckingham Palace
113201: YATES LUCY H. - The Country Housewife's Book
110097: HAYES JOHN H., HOLLADAY CARL R. - Biblical Exegesis a Beginner's Handbook Second Edition
104966: MCGUFFIE T.H. - Rank and File the Common Soldier at Peace and War 1642 - 1914
115628: PEARSALL W.H., PENNINGTON WINIFRED - The Lake District
104000: MCCURDY FAITH H., WATSON ELIZABETH L. - A Limner's View an Architectural Odyssey
104016: CLUTTON-BROCK T.H. - Rhum the Natural History of an Island
100388: CARTER W.H. - From Yorktown to Santiago with the Sixth U.S. Cavalry
89103: SANDERS MAURICE H. - Stories of Round Timber Haulage
106272: ACKERKNECHT ERWIN H. - A Short History of Medicine
103852: HUTTON RICHARD H. - Sir Walter Scott English Men of Letters
103844: MYERS F.W.H. - Wordsworth English Men of Letters
68848: WOOD S.H. - Russia in the Early Twentieth Century 1904 - 1924
64645: THEODORE FREDERICK H., BLOOMFIELD STEPHEN E., MONDINO BARTLEY J. - Clinical Allergy and Immunology of the Eye
108138: ARGYRIS J.H., MLEJNEK H.-P - Dynamics of Structures
82357: MACLAINE ALLAN H. - The Beginnings to 1558
112952: LAWRENCE D.H. - Kangaroo
108536: LAWRENCE D.H., SERRAILLIER IAN - Selected Tales
108048: GODFREY W.H. - The English Almshouse with Some Account of Its Predecessor the Medieval Hospital
110610: MCPHERSON THOMAS H. - The Argument from Design
110358: MAYER GEORGE H. - The Republican Party 1854-1964
115815: MATHEWS R.H. - Mathews' Chinese English Dictionary
113579: HEYWOOD V.H., BRUMMITT R.K., CULHAM A., SEBERG O. - Flowering Plant Families of the World
116598: THOUMINE R. H. - Scientific Soldier a Life of General le Marchant 1766 - 1812
113835: CARR E. H. - 1917 Before & After
115134: BAGLEY TENNENT H. - Spy Wars Moles Mysteries and Deadly Games
99714: POWELL WILLIAM H., SHIPPEN EDWARD - Officers of the Army and Navy Regular Who Served in the CIVIL War
79511: MIKHAIL E.H. - A Bibliography of Modern Irish Drama 1899 - 1970
40253: PEETERS H. - Protides of the Biological Fluids Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth Colloquium
82718: HAYNES J.H., CHALMERS-HUNT B.L., MACLAY J.L.S. - Triumph Tr2 3 3a 4 & 4a Owners Workshop Manual
47439: ROBINSON THEODORE H., OESTERLEY W.O.E. - A History of Israel Volume I from the Exodus to the Fall of Jerusalem 586 B.C. [&] Volume II from the Fall of Jerusalem 586 B.C. To the Bar-Kokhba Revolt A.D. 135
49707: DONALD HENDERSON H. - The Negro Freedman Life Conditions of the American Negro in the Early Years After Emancipation
114270: AUDEN W. H., MENDELSON EDWARD - The Complete Works of W.H. Auden Prose Volume 2 1939 - 1948
114271: AUDEN W. H., MENDELSON EDWARD - The Complete Works of W.H. Auden Prose Volume 3 1949 - 1955
114272: AUDEN W.H. - Epistle to a Godson and Other Poems
95225: OGILVIE WILL H., EDWARDS LIONEL - Over the Grass
60670: TRAPMANN A.H. - The Greeks Triumphant
111769: MCKERLIE P. H. - Galloway in Ancient and Modern Times
105180: HILL BOYD H. - Medieval Monarchy in Action
114838: SCULLARD H.H. - The Elephant in the Greek and Roman World Aspects of Greek and Roman Life
110371: PLUMB J.H. - The Growth of Political Stability in England 1675 - 1725
109363: SHACKLETON BAILEY J.H. - Elementary Analytical Conics
113877: MAPLESON J. H., ROSENTHAL HAROLD [EDITOR] - The Mapleson Memoirs the Career of an Operatic Impressario 1858 - 1888
113795: JEFFERY L. H. - Archaic Greece the City States C. 700-500 B.C.
112528: CANAWAY W.H., BB D. WATKINS-PITCHFORD - A Snowdon Stream the Gwyrfai and How to Fish It
109699: HEATHCOTE STATHAM H., AYLWIN G. MAXWELL - A Short Critical History of Architecture
116134: HINSLEY F.H., STRIPP ALAN - Code Breakers the Inside Story of Bletchley Park
115518: SHEPARD ERNEST H. - Drawn from Life
111078: WILKINSON RICHARD H. - Reading Egyptian Art a Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
73817: RHYS EVANS P.H., ROBIN P.E., FIELDING J.W.L. - Head and Neck Cancer
114332: ULLMAN RICHARD H. - Britain and the Russian CIVIL War November 1918 - February 1920 [Anglo-Soviet Relation, 1917 - 1921 Volume II
50822: GRONOW R.H., RAYMOND JOHN - Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow Being Anecdotes of the Camp Court
65458: POWELL G.H. - Memoirs of Robert Cary Earl of Monmouth
109037: ROWBOTHAM ARNOLD. H. - Missionary and Mandarin Jesuits at the Court of China
80465: MASON H,A - Humanism and Poetry in the Early Tudor Period
115501: SHERRIN C. H., BONEHILL R. C. - The Law and Practice of Intestate Succession Property and Conveyancing Library
50045: MOTT E.H., OPPER F. [ILLUSTRATOR] - Pike County Folks
115639: ROGERS W.H. - Records of the Cheriton Otter Hounds
98180: BELL P. M. H. - France and Britain 1900-1940 Entente and Estrangement
78709: SOUFAN ALI H. - Black Banners Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda
115429: GIBBS-SMITH CHARLES H. - A Directory and Nomenclature of the First Aeroplanes 1809 to 1909 Science Museum
108666: MAXWELL W.H. - Wild Sports of the West of Ireland Also Legendary Tales Folk-Lore Local Customs and Natural History
51429: RIDEING WILLIAM H. - In the Land of Lorna Doone and Other Pleasureable Excusions in England
112959: LAWRENCE D.H., SKINNER M.L. - The Boy in the Bush
112960: LAWRENCE D.H. - Assorted Articles
112961: LAWRENCE D.H. - Women in Love
112962: LAWRENCE D.H., GARNETT DAVID - Love Among the Haystacks and Other Pieces
112953: LAWRENCE D.H. - St Mawr Together with the Princess
101420: BREMMER R.H. - The Five Wyttes
101291: RIDER HAGGARD H. - Marie
75124: HANNAH W.H. - Bobs Kipling's General the Life of Field-Marshal Earl Roberts of Kandaha VC
107425: WHITEHEAD T.H., POCOCK R.W. - Dudley and Bridgnorth Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain
114436: NALDER R.F.H. - The Royal Corps of Signals a History of Its Antecedents and Development Circa 1800-1955
90259: MILLER WILLIAM H. - Famous Ocean Liners Photo Postcards Card Books
90458: CLARKE RICHARD H. - Old and New Lights on Columbus with Observations on Controverted Points and Criticisms
90422: COLLINS D.H. - Batteries 2 Research and Development in Non-Mechanical Electrical Power Sources
99348: KNIGHT-BRUCE G.W.H. - Memories of Mashonaland
106355: COOMBS JAMES H., SCOTT ANNE M., LANDOW GEORGE P., SANDERS ARNOLD A [EDS] - A Pre-Raphaelite Friendship the Correspondence of William Hilman Hunt and John Lucas Tupper
106287: BROWN G.H. - Munk's Roll the Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of London Volume IV 1826-1925
63586: THOMAS J.F.H. - The Grazing Animal
77000: JAMES T.G.H. - A Short History of Ancient Egypt from Predynastic to Roman Times
116559: LAWRENCE D.H. - Etruscan Places
88578: PRODGERS C.H. - Adventures in Bolivia
115788: KEEP JOHN L.H. - Last of the Empires a History of the Soviet Union 1945-1991
115512: SUMNER P.H. - Aeroplanes Seaplanes and Aero Engines the Science of Flight
62148: HAIR P.E.H. - Presidential Address on the Occasion of a Day Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the Hakluyt Society
107134: RUBIN JAMES H. - Courbet Art & Ideas
109144: BURBIDGE T.H. - Durham School Register Third Edition to December 1939
109132: ALFVEN H. - Cosmical Electrodynamics
106412: WALTON PAUL H. - The Drawings of John Ruskin
101493: CHETTLE GEORGE H. - The Queen's House Greenwich Being the Fourteenth Monograph of the London Survey Committee
112044: BICKERTON THOMAS H. - A Medical History of Liverpool from the Earliest Days to the Year 1920
115092: PEARSALL W.H., PENNINGTON WINIFRED - The Lake District a Landscape History
104984: VIGOR P.H. - The Soviet View of War Peace and Neutrality
87379: BERENS LEWIS H. - The Digger Movement in the Days of the Commonwealth As Revealed in the Writings of Gerrard Winstanley the Digger Mystic and Rationalist Communist and Social Reformer
105795: LAWRENCE D.H. - Pansies
72665: CALVIN WILLIAM H. - How Brains Think Evolving Intelligence Then and Now
60551: BATES G.H. - Weed Control
71901: RIDER HAGGARD H. - Jess
112630: CALDWELL DAVID H. - Scottish Weapons and Fortifications 1100-1800
113248: LAWRENCE D.H. - Pornography and Obscenity Criterion Miscellany No. 5
115146: BRUCE LOCKHART R.H. - Return to Malaya
106046: ANDERSON J.H. - The Spanish Campaign of Sir John Moore
109517: FREEDMAN H., SIMON MAURICE - The Midrash Rabbah Translated Into English with Notes Glossary and Indices 10 Volumes [Complete]
66398: LISTER ROBERT H., LISTER FLORENCE - Chaco Canyon Archaeology and Archaeologists
116043: RIGBY T. H. - Lenin's Government Sovnarkom 1917-1922
86063: WESLEY CHARLES H. - The Collapse of the Confederacy
71505: STENHOUSE T.B.H. - Tell It All the Tyranny of Mormonism or an Englishwoman in Utah
97602: DU BOULAY F. R. H. - An Age of Ambition English Society in the Late Middle Ages
115233: LOWIE ROBERT H. - Primitive Society
57683: SWINNERTON H.H. - A Scientific Survey of Nottingham and District
112966: LAWRENCE D.H. - The Ladybird the Fox the Captain's Doll
112065: ELLIOTT J.H., KOENIGSBERGER H.G. - The Diversity of History Essays in Honour of Sir Herbert Butterfield
115088: LEVY DAVID H. - The Sky a User's Guide
67612: NELSON WING COMMANDER H. - Aero Engineering a Comprehensive Work for Those Engaged in the Production Assembly Testing Maintenance and Overhaul of Aircraft Volume II Part 2 Production
67613: NELSON WING COMMANDER H. - Aero Engineering a Comprehensive Work for Those Engaged in the Production Assembly Testing Maintenance and Overhaul of Aircraft Volume III Part 1 Maintenance and Overhaul
69259: TURNER C.H. - The Gospel According to St Mark Introduction and Commentary
69979: WHITELEY D.E.H. - The Theology of St Paul
65919: BOX G.H., SLATER W.F. - St Matthew Introduction Revised Version with Notes Index and Map the Century Bible
50068: STODDART G.H. - The History of the Prayer Book the Derivation of Most of Its Formularies from Previous Liturgies
108621: ROBINSON DOUGLAS H. - Giants in the Sky a History of the Rigid Airship
109752: AUDEN W.H., TAYLOR PAUL B. - Norse Poems
108161: FOWLER R.H., GUGGENHEIM E.A. - Statistical Thermodynamics
115844: RIGBY T.H. - Authority Power and Policy in the Ussr Essays Dedicated to Leonard Schapiro
106295: JAMES HADDY, VANSITTART JANE - Surgeon James's Journal 1815
88104: HEYDARI AZAM HADJ - The Price of Being Human My Fight Against the Mullahs
92915: RICHARD HAGEN - Around the Coastlines of Britain and Ireland
92916: RICHARD HAGEN - Stephen John Darbishire
36897: HAGIHARA, NOBUTOSHI - Experiencing the Twentieth Century
76779: DERBISALI SHEIKH ABDSATTAR HAJI - Islam Religion of Peace and Creation
39551: HALEY, K.H.D. - Politics in the Reign of Charles II
114774: INALCIK HALIL, ITZKOWITZ NORMAN, IMBER COLIN - The Ottoman Empire the Classical Age 1300-1600
33737: HALL, ROBERT DE ZOUCHE - A Bibliography on Vernacular Architecture
64416: STANDISH FRANK HALL - The Life of Voltaire with Interesting Particulars Respecting His Death and Anecdotes and Characters of His Contemporaries
98606: TENNYSON HALLAM - Tennyson a Memoir
98607: TENNYSON HALLAM - Tennyson a Memoir a Memoir by His Son Volume I [&] II
11276: HALLBERY, ANDY [EDITOR] - Autosport Grand Prix Review 1997
113016: CARR EDWARD HALLETT - Dostoevsky 1821-1881 a New Biography
104375: STEVENS HALSEY - The Life and Music of Bela Bartok
116466: SAFADI YASIN HAMID - Islamic Calligraphy
89651: EDWARDS JOHN HAMILTON, VASSE WILLIAM W. - Annotated Index to the Cantos of Ezra Pound Cantos I - LXXIV
64634: DOGGART JAMES HAMILTON - Ocular Signs in Slit-Lamp Microscopy
109206: THOMPSON A. HAMILTON - The English Clergy and Their Organization in the Later Middle Ages
54285: HAMILTON C.I., GREENHALGH ELIZABETH, ET AL. - War in History Volume 10 Number 2 2003
82175: ELLIS HAMILTON - The London South Western Railway Its Mechanical History and Background 1838 - 1922
114219: MACKIE HAMISH - Hamish Mackie Sculptor
109701: INNES DOROTHY HAMMOND - What Lands Are These
17817: HAMPSON, JUNE - Trust Nobody
38348: HANGGLI, URS - Romano Galizia
101760: BORDOWITZ HANK - Bad Moon Rising the Unofficial History of Creedence Clearwater Revival
115487: REITSCH HANNA - The Sky My Kingdom Memoirs of the Famous German World War II Test-Pilot
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58694: JENNINGS SIR IVOR - Party Politics Volume I Appeal to the People Volume II the Growth of the Parties Volume III the Stuff of Politics
108974: BLAZWICK IWONA - Century City Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis
41785: WALTON IZAAK AND RACKHAM ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation Being a Discourse of Rivers Fishponds Fish & Fishing Not Unworthy the Perusal of Most Anglers
101167: WALTON IZAAK - The Lives Mr John Donne Sir Henry Wotton Mr Richard Hooker Mr George Herbert. .
18914: WALTON IZAAK, RACKHAM ARTHUR - The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation Being a Discourse of Rivers Fishponds Fish & Fishing Not Unworthy the Perusal of Most Anglers
110745: WALTON IZAAK, COTTON CHARLES, HAWKINS SIR JOHN - The Complete Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation Being a Discourse of Rivers Fish-Ponds Fish and Fishing in Two Parts with the Lives of the Authors and Notes Historical Critical and Explanatory
111392: WALTON IZAAK, COTTON CHARLES - The Complete Angler New Edition Edited by Ephemera of Bell's Life in London
105494: WALTON IZAAK, COTTON CHARLES, MAJOR JOHN [&] JACKSON JOHN - The Complete Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation [&] the Practical Fly-Fisher More Particularly for Grayling or Umber (a Treatise on Flies and Fly-Hooks)
107591: SAUNDERS J.J. - Aspects of the Crusades
112221: MAY E.J. - Saxelford
97088: HIGHAM N.J. - The Death of Anglo-Saxon England
100719: BARNARD C.J., THOMPSON D.B.A. - Gulls and Plovers the Ecology and Behaviour of Mixed-Species Feeding Groups
57682: SPENCER A.J., PASSMORE J.B. - Handbook for the Collections Illustrating Agricultural Implements and Machinery a Brief Survey of the Machines and Implements Which Are Available to the Farmer with Notes on Their Development Science Museum
106448: MCKIMM K.J. - Criminal Procedure and Practice in New South Wales
99498: LANE WHEATON J. - Commodore Vanderbilt an Epic of the Steam Age
103377: OLIVER E.J. - The Idea of Coventry Patmore
65634: CATHCART KEVIN J., MAHER MICHAEL - Targumic and Cognate Studies Essays in Honour of Martin Mcnamara
51806: DAY C.J. - Modern Oxford a History of the City from 1771
111625: WILTSHER H.J. - Ever Faithful Being the History of the 1st Loyal City of Exeter Battalion Devon Home Guard 1940 - 1945
114917: DEVRIES SIMON J. - 1 Kings Vol 12 Word Biblical Commentary
91056: KENNEY E.J. - Lucretius Greece & Rome New Surveys in the Classics No 11
92683: KAVANAGH P.J. - Rebel for Good
92684: KAVANAGH P.J. - Scarf Jack
94874: POUNTNEY W.J. - Old Bristol Potteries Being an Account of the Old Potters and Potteries of Bristol and Brislington between 1650 and 1850 with Some Pages on the Old Chapel of St. Anne Brislington
97273: KING AUSTIN J., WATTS B. H. - The Municipal Records of Bath 1189 to 1604
97490: LOOKER SAMUEL J., FRASER CLAUDE LOVAT - Float & Fly a Little Book for Anglers
112110: MIDDLETON MURRY J. - Fyodor Dostoevsky a Critical Study
85880: BAILEY ANNE J. - Invisible Southerners Ethnicity in the CIVIL War
114705: CASEY P.J. - Carausius and Allectus the British Usurpers
116158: MORDAUNT CROOK J. - The Dilemma of Style Architectural Ideas from the Picturesque to the Post-Modern
115990: KAISER ROBERT J. - The Geography of Nationalism in Russia and the Ussr
78619: WILSON JOHN J. - The Annals of Penicuik Being a History of the Parish and of the Village
78660: GUY ALAN J., BOYDEN PETER B. - Soldiers of the Raj the Indian Army 1600 - 1947
115042: BEAMISH RICHARD J. - The Boy's Story of Lindbergh the Lone Eagle
113796: JEREMY DAVID J. - Capitalists and Christians Business Leaders and the Churches in Britain, 1900 - 1960
40993: ALDRICH RICHARD J. - The Key to the South Britain the United States and Thailand During the Approach of the Pacific War 1929 - 1942
108223: WELLS J. - Wadham College University of Oxford College Histories
82948: ALLEN CECIL J. - Trains Annual 1947
103155: DALLIN DAVID J. - The Big Three the United States Britain Russia
116444: MEARSHEIMER JOHN J. - Liddell Hart and the Weight of History
98599: LIJSEN H J, COXE ANTONY HIPPISLEY - Classic and Circus High School Riding Training Horses at Liberty Trick Riding and Voltige Mounted Quadrilles and Other Equestrian Manoeuvres
102292: JOYCE J. - Provincial Bus and Tram Album
113597: GREEN MIRANDA J. - The Celtic World
57151: ELIAS MEGAN J. - Stir It Up Home Economics in American Culture
86689: GOSS THOMAS J. - The War Within the Union High Command Politics and Generalship During the CIVIL War
114244: DUNBABIN T.J. - The Western Greeks the History of Sicily and South Italy from the Foundation of the Greek Colonies to 480 B.C.
116702: HUGHES ARTHUR J. - History of Air Navigation
104860: BRETT COLIN J. - Crown Revenues from Somerset and Dorset 1605
95959: WOOD J. - A Series of Plans for Cottages or Habitations of the Labourer Either in Husbandry, or the Mechanic Arts
40197: DENHAM M.J., CHANARIN I. - Blood Disorders in the Elderly
40232: PATHY M.S.J. - Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine
111030: O'NEILL ROBERT J. - The German Army and the Nazi Party 1933 - 1939
100734: O'CONNOR RAYMOND J., SHRUBB MICHAEL - Farming and Birds
113458: DURAN ANTONIO J. - Pushing the Limits Infinitesimal Calculus
66574: RANTZEN M.J. - Little Ship Meteorology
58162: LARSON EDWARD J. - A Magnificent Catastrophe the Tumultuous Election of 1800 America's First Presidential Campaign
111289: FRIEDLANDER MAX J. - Early Netherlandish Painting from Van Eyck to Bruegel
59969: WORTLEY AXE J. - The Horse Its Treatment in Health and Disease with a Complete Guide to Breeding Training and Management Complete in 3 Volumes
96534: ENRIGHT D. J. - The Alluring Problem an Essay on Irony
71499: BAKER WILLIAM J. - Beyond Port and Prejudice Charles Lloyd of Oxford 1784 - 1829
113424: DAVEY B.J., WHEELER R.C. - The Country Justice and the Case of the Blackamoor's Head the Practice of the Law in Lincolnshire, 1787-1838. Part I: The Justice Books of Thomas Dixon of Riby 1787-1798 Part II Papers in the Case of Thorold Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
69837: JUSSERAND J.J. - The Romance of a King's Life
65988: DEVRIES SIMON J. - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Time and History in the Old Testament
106935: CHAPLIN WILLIAM J. - Music of the Sun the Story of Helioseismology
110376: SMITHERS A.J. - Sir John Monash

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