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70890: WYNMALEN HENRY - Horse Breeding and Stud Management
89580: WOOD MRS HENRY - Court Netherleigh
66182: GOW HENRY - The Unitarians
88259: SHARP HENRY - Practical Wildfowling
95973: BROWNING HENRY B. - An Algebra of Ratios Founded on Simple and General Definitions with a Theory of Exponents Extended to Incommensurable Ratios and the Propositions of the Fifth Book of Euclid
57701: FIELDING HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding Esq with the Life of the Author in Eight Volumes
101254: OGLE SIR HENRY A. - Ogle and Bothal Or a History of the Baronies of Ogle Bothal and Hepple and of the Families of Ogle and Bertram
99771: FIELDING HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding 12 Volumes
100324: TEGNER HENRY - Game for the Sporting Rifle
66076: LIGHTFOOT ROBERT HENRY - History and Interpretation in the Gospels
75698: WOODHEAD HENRY - The CIVIL War 1861 - 1865 a Collection of U.S. Commemorative Stamps
73924: NEWBOLT SIR HENRY - The Story of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry the Old 43rd and 52nd Regiments
102378: MILLON HENRY A. - The Triumph of the Baroque Architecture in Europe 1600-1750
86550: ALPERN HENRY - The March of Philosophy
83301: MONTHERLANT HENRY DE - Carnets 1930 - 1944
69834: KINGSLEY HENRY - Ravenshoe in Three Volumes
58299: RITCHIE HENRY R. - The Fusing of the Ploughshare from East Anglia to Alamein the Story of a Yeoman at War.
46093: EVERETT MAJOR-GENERAL SIR HENRY - The History of the Somerset Light Infantry Prince Albert's 1685 - 1914
95481: FREEMAN HENRY W. - The Thermal Baths of Bath with the Aix Massage and Natural Vapour Treatment
85901: SHERIDAN GENERAL PHILIP HENRY - The Memoirs of General P.H. Sheridan
100146: FIELDING HENRY - The Life of Mr Jonathan Wild
90262: WILLIAMSON HENRY - As the Sun Shines
67108: SNAITH NORMAN HENRY - Hebrew Latter Prophets Prophetae Posteriores
73390: FIELDING HENRY - The History of Tom Jones in Two Volumes
73377: HUTTON HENRY T. - The True Story of Greyfriars' Bobby
82138: SETON-KARR SIR HENRY - My Sporting Holidays
46329: GRAHAM HENRY - The Annals of the Yeomanry Cavalry of Wiltshire Being a Complete History of the Prince of Wales' Own Regiment from the Time of Its Formation in 1794 to October 1884
87294: JAMES HENRY - The Ambassadors
84203: LYTTON HENRY A. - The Secrets of a Savoyard
45757: LACHOUQUE HENRY - The Anatomy of Glory Napoleon and His Guard a Study in Leadership
92372: NEWBOLT HENRY - The Book of the Blue Sea
88171: TREECE HENRY - The Bombard
72156: JAMES HENRY - Works 10 Volumes Portrait of a Lady American Europeans Ambassadors Aspern Papers and Other Stories Princess Casamassima Washington Square Bostonians Roderick Hudson Wings of the Dove
100845: FORD HENRY - My Life and Work
58344: FIELDING HENRY - The History of Tom Jones a Foundling in Two Volumes
61977: FIELDING HENRY - Joseph Andrews and Shamela
80822: CECIL HENRY - On the Level
99393: THOMPSON HENRY L. - Christ Church University of Oxford College Histories
95887: CHAMBERLIN WILLIAM HENRY - Japan over Asia
100704: POWELL WILLIAM HENRY - Records of the Living Officers of the United States Army
57407: JOHNSTON HENRY P. - The Yorktown Campaign and the Surrender of Cornwallis 1781
96897: LAMOND HENRY - Days and Ways of a Scottish Angler.
97837: WILLIAMSON HENRY - Salar the Salmon
100062: WILLIAMSON HENRY - The Sun in the Sands
82658: WILLIAMSON HENRY - Donkey Boy a Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight
74350: NEWBOLT SIR HENRY - The Book of the Thin Red Line
84140: ENGLEFIELD SIR HENRY C. - A Walk Through Southampton
66118: SANDON HENRY - The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751 - 1793
69898: FRITH HENRY - Willis the Pilot
79048: MURPHY HENRY - An Eye on the Whiplash and Other Stories
51733: WALLIS ISAAC HENRY - Frederick Andrews of Ackworth
66388: SIENKIEWICZ HENRYK - In Desert and Wilderness
98199: HENRYSON ROBERT, DICKINS BRUCE [EDITOR] - The Testament of Cresseid
81532: HENRYSON ROBERT, MURISON DAVID - Selections from the Poems of Robert Henryson
84972: HENSCHEID ECKHARD, BERNSTEIN F.W. - Unser Goethe Ein Lesebuch
78084: HENTOFF NAT, MCCARTHY ALBERT J. - Jazz New Perspectives on the History of Jazz By Twelve of the World's Foremost Jazz Critics and Scholars
99399: HENTY G.A. - Condemned As a Nihilist a Story of Escape from Siberia
99400: HENTY G.A. - St George for England a Tale of Cressy and Poiters
62297: HENTY G.A. - With Moore at Corunna
99401: HENTY G.A. - Maori and Settler a Story of the New Zealand War
62266: HENTY G.A. - Young Buglers a Tale of the Peninsular War
69604: HERATH GAMINI, SHARMA KISHOR - Child Labour in South Asia
93507: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT - The Lowland Scots Regiments Their Origin Character and Services Previous to the Great War of 1914
65956: WORKMAN HERBERT B. - Christian Thought to the Reformation
66331: HENKELS HERBERT - Mondrian from Figuration to Abstraction
58081: MAXWELL HERBERT - Sixty Years a Queen the Story of Her Majesty's Reign
48787: NAYLOR HERBERT E. - Marching Terms and Evolutions
97626: MAXWELL HERBERT - Flowers a Garden Notebook
42979: BAILY J.T HERBERT - The Connoisseur an Illustrated Magzine for Collectors 18 Volumes I - XIX (Lacks Vol VII) 1901 - 1907
72928: HOFFMANN HERBERT - Modern Lettering Design and Application
89317: MACKLIN HERBERT W. - The Brasses of England the Antiquary's Books
94995: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT - The Life of Wellington the Restoration of Martial Power of Great Britain Volume I [&] Volume II.
97635: PEE HERBERT - Johann Heinrich Sconfeld Die Gemalde
26406: FISHER HERBERT - The Medieval Empire Volume I [&] II.
41493: COMPTON HERBERT - A Particular Account of the European Military Adventures of Hindustan 1784 to 1803
94884: PECK HERBERT - The Second Book of Rookwood Pottery
71475: GRUEBER HERBERT A. - Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland in the British Museum
85598: HEATON HERBERT - Economic History of Europe
95765: SULZBACH HERBERT - With the German Guns Four Years on the Western Front 1914 - 1918
102486: POWELL ARTHUR HERBERT - Bridgwater in the Later Days Being a Suceeding Volume to the Ancient Borough of Bridgwater
68106: CROFT HERBERT - The Abbey of Kilkhampton Or Monumental Records for the Year 1780
80586: READ HERBERT - A Concise History of Modern Painting
102659: POWELL ARTHUR HERBERT - The Ancient Borough of Bridgwater in the County of Somerset.
76736: COOK HERBERT - Reviews and Appreciations of Some Old Italian Masters
101851: WHONE HERBERT - Church Monastery Cathedral a Guide to the Symbolism of the Christian Tradition
90746: DONALD DAVID HERBERT - Look Homeward a Life of Thomas Wolfe
79052: LOTTMAN HERBERT - Colette a Life
85179: ACHTERNBUSCH HERBERT - Land in Sicht Roman
46645: HERBERT JANE, GARROD ROS - Monkton's Favourite Recipes
85431: HERBERT EDWARD LORD, SHUTTLEWORTH J.M. - The Life of Lord Herbert of Cherbury Written By Himself
97120: ATKINSON HERBERT - Old English Game Fowl
85990: DONALD DAVID HERBERT - Lincoln Reconsidered
98256: POOLE HERBERT - Gould's History of Freemasonry Embracing an Investigation of the Records of the Organizations of the Fraternity in England Scotland Ireland British Colonies and Dominions and the United States of America
65941: DANBY HERBERT - The Code of Maimonides Book Ten the Book of Cleanness
101329: MACE HERBERT - A Book About the Bee
82541: HERBERT A.P. - The Water Gipsies
64693: WEINSTOCK HERBERT - Tchaikovsky
85989: DONALD DAVID HERBERT - We Are Lincoln Men Abraham Lincoln and His Friends
94822: ENGLISH HERITAGE - The English Heritage Directory of Building Limes
99537: HATTAWAY HERMAN - Shades of Blue and Gray an Introductory Military History of the CIVIL War
100696: IJSSELING HERMAN - Gale Warning Aerial Photographs of Ships in Rough Seas
100066: MELVILLE HERMAN - Three Stories Bartleby Benito Cereno and Billy Budd
90129: MELVILLE HERMAN - Typee Four Months' Residence in the Marquesas
102177: KULKE HERMANN - History of India
98822: HERODOTUS, GODLEY A.D. - Herodotus III Books V - VII
102522: ALLAN HERON G. - Gaffer Scott with His Vagabonds
98479: SNEATH E. HERSHEY - The Mind of Tennyson His Thoughts on God Freedom and Immortality
76297: HERVEY G.F., HEMS J. - The Goldfish
102494: HERVEY JOHN LORD, CROKER JOHN WILSON - Memoirs of the Reign of George the Second from His Accession to the Death of Queen Caroline in Two Volumes
31285: HERVEY, REV JAMES - Meditations and Contemplations
60944: HERVEY ALBERT, ALLEN CHARLES - A Soldier of the Company Life of an Indian Ensign 1833 - 43.
100036: HERZOG MAURICE, MORIN NEA, ADAMS SMITH JANET - Annapurna Conquest of the First 8000 Metre Peak 26,493 Feet
69059: HESIOD, FLACH IOANNES - Hesiodi Quae Feruntur Carmina Ad Optimorum Codicum Fidem
98666: PEARSON HESKETH - The Smith of Smiths Being the Life Wit and Humour of Sydney Smith
81785: PEARSON HESKETH - Walter Scott His Life and Personality
69672: PEARSON HESKETH - Hesketh Pearson By Himself
99988: HESLOP T.A., SEKOLES V.A. - Medieval Art and Architecture at Lincoln Cathedral
34697: HESS, H. - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Alpenvereins Jahrgang 1900 Band XXXI
101089: HESSELTINE WILLIAM B., WOLF HAZEL C. - The Blue and the Gray on the Nile
97131: CHAPMAN HESTER W. - Caroline Matilda Queen of Denmark 1751-1775
94650: STRACHAN HEW - The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War
100827: HEWISON C. H. - Locomotive Boiler Explosions
50806: HEWITT T. - From Dark to Dawn in the King's Navy the Nelson Influence a Study of Life between Decks Throughout Naval History
96874: HEXTER J.H. - On Historians Reappraisals of Some of the Makers of Modern History
98272: HICKEY WILLIAM, HUDSON ROGER - Memoirs of a Georgian Rake
39871: HIDEN, JOHN - Republican and Fascist Germany Themes and Variations in the History of Weimar and the Third Reich 1918 - 1945
9574: CLARK MARY HIGGINS - While My Pretty One Sleeps.
89703: HIGGS MIKE, HAMPSON FRANK - Dan Dare Pilot of the Future
97088: HIGHAM N.J. - The Death of Anglo-Saxon England
81825: BELLOC HILAIRE - More Beasts for Worst Children
73656: BELLOC HILAIRE - The Cruise of the Nona
43211: BELLOC HILAIRE - General Sketch of the European War the First Phase
101029: BELLOC HILAIRE - Sonnets and Verse
51819: BELLOC HILAIRE - General Sketch of the European War the Second Phase
102502: BELLOC HILAIRE - In Praise of Wine
102501: BELLOC HILAIRE - Belinda
79677: LAURIE HILARY - Verses of the Poets Laureate from John Dryden to Andrew Motion
101274: BINDING HILARY - Exmoor Century
89392: BINDING HILARY - The Book of Carhampton and Blue Anchor a Working Community
70403: HARMAR HILARY - Showing and Judging Dogs
100652: SPURLING HILARY - Handbook to Anthony Powell's Music of Time.
50135: HILEY W.E. - The Economics of Forestry
87280: HILL LORNA, GUTHRIE EVE - Veronica at the Wells.
65281: RAVEN-HILL L. - Our Battalion Being Some Slight Impressions of His Majesty's Auxiliary Forces in Camp and Elsewhere
77369: HILL CAROLINE, MORPHET RICHARD, PACKER WILLIAM - Caroline Hill 1935 - 83 a Complete Catalogueof Paintings Watercolours Drawings Etchings and Fabric Designs
50172: HILL CHRISTOPHER, BESHOFF PAMELA - Two Worlds of International Relations
87281: HILL LORNA, GUTHRIE EVE - Masquerade at the Wells.
75229: HILL DAVID, MORRIS SUSAN - Tom Wood Yorkshire Artists III
101959: ZMORA HILLAY - Monarchy Aristocracy and the State in Europe 1300 - 1800
101039: HILLEARY WILLIAM M., NELSON HERBERT B., ONSTAD PRESTON E. - A Webfoot Volunteer the Diary of William M. Hilleary 1864 - 1866
91667: HILLERMAN TONY, HERBERT ROSEMARY - A New Omnibus of Crime
72017: HILTON MICHAEL, MARSHALL GORDIAN - The Gospels and Rabbinic Judaism a Study Guide
100975: HINE ROBERT V., LOTTINVILLE SAVOIE - Soldier in the West Letters During His Services in California Mexico and Oregon 1845 - 53
88743: HINGSTON R.W.G. - A Naturalist in the Himalayas
56553: KARLEKAR HIRANMAY - Independent India the First Fifty Years
101983: HIRSCHKOP KEN, SHEPHERD DAVID - Bakhtin and Cultural Theory
96551: HIRST DAMIEN, BURN GORDON - On the Way to Work
39835: HISCOCKS, RICHARD - Poland Bridge for the Abyss an Interpretation of Developments in Post-War Poland
55498: SHERRILL CHARLES HITCHCOCK - A Stained Glass Tour in Italy
92319: SODERBERG HJALMAR - Short Stories
41265: HOBBS G.B. - Fisherman's Country Days in New Zeland
65124: HOBSON G.D. - Developments in Petroleum Geology 2
65123: HOBSON G.D. - Developments in Petroleum Geology 1
43946: HODGES G.M. - Those Twenty Years
39996: HODGETTS, COLIN - Thoughts for Forty Days
98135: HODGKIN R.H. - A History of the Anglo-Saxons Volume I [&] Volume II
40256: HODKINSON H.M. - The Fortification of Yellow Fats with Vitamins a and D Report of the Working Group on the Fortification of Yellow Fats
100404: HOEHLING A.A. - After the Guns Fell Silent a Post-Appomatox Narrative April 1865-March 1866
39769: BARCLAY VERA AND HOFFET A. - They Met a Wizard
42324: HOFFMAN W. - British Industry 1700 - 1950
24488: HOLBORN, LOUISE W. - German Constitutional Documents Since 1871: Selected Texts and Commentary.
91237: HOLDSWORTH WILLIAM S., GOODHART A.L., HANBURY H.G. - Essays in Law and History
101726: HOOCK HOLGER - Empires of the Imagination Politics War and the Arts in the British World 1750 - 1850
87837: HOOCK HOLGER - The King's Artists the Royal Academy of Arts and the Politics of British Culture 1760 - 1840
47399: HOLIDAY GILBERT, JELF WILFRID - Sport in Silhouette
88366: SMITH JOHN HOLLAND - The Great Schism 1378 the Distintegration of the Papacy
66211: GEORGE MARY CAROLYN HOLLERS - O'neil Ford Architect
93749: HOLME CHARLES, THOMSON D. CROAL - The Brothers Maris
75880: HOLMES A.T., THOMAS R. - Quarry Tracks Village Ways History of Bryn Eglwys Slate Quarry and Abergynolwyn Village
30385: HOLOMAN, D. KERN - Berlioz.
22502: HOLST ELLING, STORMER CARL, SYLOW L. [EDITORS] - Niels Henrik Abel Memorial Publie a L'occasion Du Centenaire de Sa Naissance.
102170: HOLT P.M., DALY M.W. - A History of the Sudan from the Coming of Islam to the Present Day
65695: HOMER, EDGAR JOHN - The Homeric Hymns Translated Into English Prose
101078: DAVIDSON HOMER K. - Black Jack Davidson a Cavalry Commander on the Western Frontier the Life of General John W. Davidson
99540: HOMER, COWPER WILLIAM - The Iliad of Homer Translated Into English Blank Verse
84609: HOMER, HAMPE ROLAND - Odyssee
102137: HOMER, RIEU E.V., FRINK ELISABETH - The Odyssey
97934: HOMER, COTTERILL H.B. - Homer's Odyssey a Line-for-Line Translation in the Metre of the Original
101527: HOMER, HAMMOND MARTIN - The Odyssey
78863: HOMEWOOD SYDNEY, WHTE JACK - Fetes and Bazaars for Profit
79725: HONE JOSEPH, CRAIG MAURICE, FEWER MICHAEL - The New Neighbourhood of Dublin
95172: HONEY W.B. - Corean Pottery
102368: HONEYMAN T. J. - Three Scottish Colourists S.J. Peploe F.C. B. Cadell Leslie Hunter
95849: HONEYSETT DAWN, COX JO, ELLISON SANDI - Devon Buildings Group Research Papers Volume 2 2006
81851: BALZAC HONORE DE - Eugenie Grandet Une Tenebreuse Affaire le Lys Dans la Vallee la Femme de Trente Ans la Cousine Bette
86280: HOOD JOHN BELL, DINGES BRUCE J. - Advance and Retreat Personal Experiences in the United States and Confederate States Armies
78963: HOOD NEIL, YOUNG STEPHEN - The Globalization of Multinational Enterprise Activity and Economic Development
63066: HOOKE S.H. - Old Testament Vol VI in the Beginning the Clarendon Bible
67113: HOOKER MORNA, WITKAMP L. TH ET AL - Journal for the Study of the New Testament Issue 25 1985 Interchange in Christ and Ethics the Use of Traditions in John 5. 1-18 Etc
100343: HOOPER DAVID, BRANDRETH DALE - The Unknown Capablanca
85565: HOPE ADRIAN, TROUBRIDGE LAURA, LANCASTER MARIE-JAQUELINE - Letters of Engagement 1884 - 1888 the Love Letters of Adrian Hope and Laura Troubridge
73370: HOPE STANTON, ALDIN CECIL - Smuggler's Gallows
102656: BOURNE HOPE - A Little History of Exmoor
90845: DANBY HOPE - My Boy Chang
54287: HOPKIN DAVID M., FARR MARTIN, ET AL - War in History Volume 9 Number 3 2002
100533: HOPKINS HARRY L., SHERWOOD ROBERT E. - The White House Papers of Harry L. Hopkins an Intimate History Volume II January 1942 - July 1945
94979: HOPKINS GERALD MANLEY, PORTER DAVID, PORTER TRICIA - Over the Bent World Twenty-Four Poems By Gerald Manley Hopkins
77464: HOPKINSON CHARLES, SPEIGHT MARTIN - The Mortimers Lords of the March
38618: HOPWOOD FRANCIS J.S., BATEMAN A.E. - Memoranda Statistical Tables and Charts Prepared in the Board of Trade with Reference to Various Matters Bearing on British and Foreign Trade and Industrial Conditions
38619: HOPWOOD FRANCIS J.S., LLEWELLYN SMITH H. - Second Series of Memoranda Statistical Tables and Charts Prepared in the Board of Trade with Reference to Various Matters Bearing on British and Foreign Trade and Industrial Conditions
97557: WALPOLE HORACE - The Memoirs of King George II
99884: LAMB HORACE - Hydrodynamics
86693: PORTER HORACE - Campaigning with Grant
29089: WYNDHAM HORACE - Chorus to Coronet.
98046: HORACE, WICKHAM E.C. - Quinti Horati Flacci Opera Omnia
45529: WYNDHAM HORACE - Ginger Selected Passages in the Military Career of Pte Ginger Jordan B.E. F.
96963: SMITH HORACE - A Horseman Through Six Reigns the Reminiscences of a Royal Riding Master
18890: HUTCHINSON HORACE G. - The Book of Golf and Golfers
91007: HORACE, WILLIAMS GORDON - The Third Book of Horace's Odes
47835: GRIMLEY HORATIO - Saint Francis and His Friends Rendered Into English from Franciscan Chronicles
52028: MATTHEWS HORATIO - Who Was Pi a True Case
59367: HORE J.P. - The History of the Royal Buckhounds
66810: ROBINSON-HORLEY E.W. - Last Post an Indian Army Memoir
70481: SCRUTATOR K.W. HORLOCK - Letters on Hunting and the Management of Hounds
94493: HORNUNG DAVID, GLOVER MICHAEL - The Theatre of Manufactured Landscapes
102171: HORRABIN J.F., GREGORY JAMES S. - An Atlas of the Ussr
67116: HORSLEY RICHARD, GREEN JOEL ET AL - Journal for the Study of the New Testament Issue 26 1986 Popular Prophetic Movements at the Time of Jesus Jesus on the Monunt of Olives Luke 22. 39-46 Tradition and Theology Etc
60829: MULLER HORST H. - Gedenk Und Erinnerungsstatten Der Arbeiterbewegung IM Bezirk Efrurt
85144: FUHRMANN HORST - Einladung Ins Mittelalter
84782: PRIESSNITZ HORST - Anglo-Amerikanische Shakespeare-Bearbeitungen Des 20. Jahrhunderts
74596: HORTORS - Medals and Decorations of the British Commonwealth of Nations Medaljes En Dekorasies Van Die Britse Gemenebes Van Nasies
72452: HORWILL H.W. - An Anglo-American Interpreter a Vocabulary and Phrase Book
99197: HORWITZ H., SPECK W.A., GRAY W.A. - London Politics 1713 - 1717 Minutes of a Whig Club 1714 - 1717 [&] London Pollbooks 1713
82276: HOSKING G.L. - Salute to Service the Prudential in the Second World War
96882: HOSKING G.L. - The Life and Times of Edward Alleyn Actor Master of the King's Bears Founder of the College of God's Gift at Dulwich with a Brief Account of the Foundation Up to Its Remodelling in 1857 and a Note on the Picture Gallery
92925: HOSKINS W.G. - Two Thousand Years in Exeter
89282: HOSKINS W.G. - The Midland Peasant the Economic and Social History of a Leicestshire Village
97902: HOSKINS W.G. - The Making of the English Landscape
94907: HOTCHNER A.E. - Papa Hemingway a Personal Memoir
94746: HOUGHTON STANLEY, BRIGHOUSE HAROLD - The Works of Stanley Houghton in Three Volumes
95035: JACKSON-HOULSTON C.M. - Ballads Songs and Snatches the Appropriation of Folk Song and Popular Culture in British 19th-Century Realist Prose
90290: HOURIHANE URSULA, HUMMERSTONE RENE - Highdays and Holidays
69480: RAILWAY CLEARING HOUSE - Atlas of London 1935 Railway Clearing House
100901: HOUSMAN A.E. - A Shropshire Lad
99541: HOUSMAN A.E. - A Shropshire Lad
100857: HOUSMAN A.E. - A Shropshire Lad
101586: HOUSMAN A.E. - The Collected Poems
71240: PATTON CORNELIUS HOWARD - The Amherst Wordsworth Collection a Descriptive Bibliography
85757: NASH HOWARD P. - Stormy Petrel the Life and Times of General Benjamin F. Butler 1818 - 1893
94530: ROBERTSON ALASTAIR HOWARD - The Haunted House of Love
101589: MALLINSON HOWARD - Send It By Semaphore
71481: REID HOWARD - Dad's War
81404: HODGKIN HOWARD - Indian Drawing
100958: COLVIN HOWARD - Architecture and the After Life
43838: BROWN J. HOWARD - The Whitedown Chums a Tale of Boarding-School Life
49006: GREEN HOWARD - The Central Midlands Regional Military Histories
51518: COLLIER HOWARD E. - Outlines of Industrial Medical Practice
82523: MOSS HOWARD - The Magic Lantern of Marcel Proust
62326: LINECAR HOWARD - The Observer's Book of British Coins
55074: ABRAMSON HOWARD S. - Hero in Disgrace the True Discoverer of the North Pole Frederick A. Cook
55004: HOWARD ALF, BROWNE PETER - Alf the Tale of His Life
59112: BLACKMORE HOWARD L. - Guns and Rifles of the World
88587: MARSDEN JOHN HOWARD - Philomorus Notes on the Latin Poems of Sir Thomas More
90225: JACOBSON HOWARD - The Finkler Question
85919: JONES HOWARD - Union in Peril the Crisis over British Intervention in the CIVIL War
89331: WATKIN-JONES HOWARD - The Holy Spirit in the Mediaeval Church a Study of Christian Teaching Concerning the Holy Spirit and His Place in the Trinity from the Post-Patristic Age to the Counter-Reformation
79014: HOWARTH DAVID, HOWARTH STEPHEN - Nelson the Immortal Memory
96655: HOWARTH L. - Modern Developments in Fluid Dynamics High Speed Flow I [&] Volume II.
85911: COBB HOWELL - A Scriptural Examination of the Institution of Slavery in the United States with Its Objects and Purposes
43441: HOWELL G.C.L, MOLESWORTH COLONEL, PRATER S.H., BELL T.R. - The Making of a Himalayan Trout Water [&] Trout Culture on the Nilgiris [&] the Whale Shark Rhineodon Typus Smith in Indian Coastal Waters [&] the Common Butterflies of the Plains of India
48832: HOWELLS W. - Cambrian Superstitions Ghosts Omens Witchcraft Traditions
102489: FOX JOSEPH HOYLAND - The Woollen Manufacture at Wellington Somerset Compiled from the Records of an Old Family Business.
94451: HOYLE FRED, HOYLE GEOFFREY - Seven Steps to the Sun
75237: HRDLICKA ALFRED, BUDERATH BERNHARD - Alfred Hrdlicka Anatomien Des Leids
97416: JUNWU HUA - Selections of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts
32072: HUBBACK, JUDITH - The Sea Has Many Voices.
45056: HUBBARD RUTH, WALD ELIJAH - Exploding the Gene Myth How Genetic Information Is Produced and Manipulated By Scientists Physicians Employers Insurance Companies Educators and Law Enforcers
100800: HUBBARD EDWARD, SHIPPOBOTTOM MICHAEL - A Guide to Port Sunlight Village in Two Tours of the Village
90026: HUBER BRUNO, HUBER LOUISE - The Astrological Houses a Psychological View of Man and His World
82245: FOX HUBERT - Letters from Sea
99597: ASTLEY HUBERT D. - My Birds in Freedom and Captivity
96001: PRESTON HUBERT - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1947
101199: GOUGH SIR HUBERT - The Fifth Army
98664: MCALEXANDER HUBERT H. - Critical Essays on Peter Taylor
92724: PRESTON HUBERT - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1954
90561: VAN ZELLER HUBERT - Willingly to School
71223: PRESTON HUBERT - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1945
98665: MCALEXANDER HUBERT H. - Peter Taylor a Writer's Life
96088: DUNN HUBERT - The Minstrel Boy Francis Ledwidge and the Literature of His Life
72768: HUBMANN FRANZ, KOCHAN LIONEL, KOCHAN MIRIAM. - The Jewish Family Album Yesterday's World in Old Photographs
58236: HUDSON W.H. - South American Sketches
64106: HUDSON W.H. - The Purple Land Being the Narrative of One Richard Lamb's Adventures in the Banda Oriental in South America As Told By Himself
40511: MOORE N. HUDSON - Old Glass European and American
39084: HUDSON, G.F. - Far Eastern Affairs Number Four
99782: HUDSON W.H. - The Collected Works of W.H. Hudson 23 Volumes
99392: HUDSON W.H. - Far Away and Long Ago a History of My Early Life
63086: WALPOLE HUGH - Cathedral Carol Service
92113: POTTER HUGH - The Cromford Canal
79701: BRETON H. HUGH - The Forest of Dartmoor Part 1 South-East [&] Part II South-West
79700: BRETON H. HUGH - Beautiful Dartmoor and Its Interesting Antiquities Part III Southern Quarter
95046: RUTTLEDGE HUGH - Everest 1933
98934: DAWNAY HUGH - Polo Vision Learn to Play with Hugh Dawnay.
95747: MERRICK HUGH - Die Entscheidung Ein Bergsteigerroman
102326: SEBAG MONTEFIORE HUGH - Dunkirk Fight to the Last Man
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101560: INNES JOCASTA - Country Kitchens
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74847: SMYTH SIR JOHN - Leadership in War 1939 - 1945 the Generals in Victory and Defeat
76347: NUNNELEY JOHN - Tales from the King's African Rifles a Last Flourish of Empire
53704: DUNMORE JOHN - Storms and Dreams Louis de Bouganville Soldier Explorer Statesman
71876: CONNELL JOHN - Wavell Scholar and Soldier to June 1941
46100: SWEETMAN JOHN - War and Administration the Significance of the Crimean War for the British Army
79256: BETJEMAN JOHN - Summoned By Bells

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