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94326: MACLEAN FITZROY - Holy Russia an Historical Companion to European Russia
113900: MACLEAN FITZROY - Take Nine Spies
116216: O'BRIEN FLANN - The Third Policeman
109961: JOSEPHUS FLAVIUS - The Destruction of the Jews
54835: MOSS FLETCHER - The Fourth Book of Pilgrimages to Old Homes
72532: ADCOCK FLEUR - Time Zones
72533: ADCOCK FLEUR - Looking Back
72555: ADCOCK FLEUR - Selected Poems
111587: KLICKMANN FLORA, BROCK H.M. - The Lady with the Crumbs
116524: THOMPSON FLORA - Lark Rise
77040: WREY FLORENCE - Tawstock Church
103496: COLOMBANI FLORENCE - Proust-Visconti Histoire D'Une Affinité élective
42810: ELON FLORENCE - Self-Made Poems
115059: HIGHTOWER FLORENCE - Dark Horses of Woodfield [Signed by Noel Streatfeild]
114558: FLORUS, HALM KARL [&] AMPELIUS, WOELFFLIN EDWARD - Iuli Flori Epitomae de Tito Livio Bellorum Omnium Annorum Dcc Libri Duo [&] Lucii Ampelii Liber Memorialis
38682: FLOUD, RODERICK - Essays in Quantitative Economic History
89636: GIBBONS FLOYD - The Red Knight of Germany Baron Von Richthofen Germany's Great War Airman
39264: FOOTITT, HILARY - France 1943 - 1945
87771: WALLACE FORBES - War-Time Interlude of a Temporary Soldier 1941 - 1945
104600: HAYWARD JOHN FORREST - The Courtauld Silver
112219: BRICKDALE ELEANOR FORTESCUE - The Book of Old English Songs and Ballads
82288: HAY MARLEY FOTHERINGHAM - The Secrets of the Submarine
111143: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the City of Westminster III the Palace of Westminster
111144: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Edinburgh I.
111145: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Dundee
111146: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Devon
111098: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Cheshire
111141: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Derbyshire
111134: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Hampshire Southampton and the Isle of Wight
111159: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties IV East
111160: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties III North
111162: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties II Midlands
111163: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties I West
111164: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Edinburgh II
111165: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Northen Ireland
111166: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Cambridgeshire the Fitzwilliam Museum
111167: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the City of Westminster Including the Fleming Collection
111168: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the City of London
111169: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London West
111170: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in West Yorkshire Leeds
111171: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London South West
60902: COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FOUNDATION - Williamsburg Reproductions the Finest Reproductions of Eighteenth-Century Furnishings
111147: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Greater Manchester II
111148: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Southern Scotland
111136: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Perth Kinross and Angus
111137: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the Channel Islands
111138: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in South Yorkshire
111139: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Cumbria
111140: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Surrey
111112: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Warwickshire
111113: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in West Wales
111114: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Somerset
111115: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the Victoria and Albert Museum
111116: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London the Slade School of Fine Art and University College London Ucl
111117: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Hertfordshire
111118: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in West Yorkshire Leeds
111119: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in South Yorkshire Sheffield
111121: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Kent
111122: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the National Museums Liverpool
111123: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in East Sussex
111124: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in North and Mid-Wales
111125: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Staffordshire
111126: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Glasgow
111127: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the National Library of Wales
111128: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Plymouth and Torbay
111131: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in National Museums Northern Ireland
111132: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Central Scotland Fife
111133: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in North and West Scotland
111104: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London North & East
111106: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London West
111107: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Merseyside
111108: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Northumberland Tees Valley & Tyne and Wear
111109: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in South Wales
111110: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the Imperial War Museum
111099: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Dorset
111102: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Hampshire
111103: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Hertfordshire Shropshire & Worcestershire
77789: A.G. LEVENTIS FOUNDATION - A Tribute to the A.G. Leventis Foundation on the Occasion of Its 20th Anniversary
77328: KING FAISAL FOUNDATION - Winners of the King Faisal International Prize 1413 H 1993
111095: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum Wales
111096: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire
111097: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Bristol
111158: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Norfolk
111135: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties V South
111111: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties in the National Trust for Scotland
111100: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in East Riding of Yorkshire
111094: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties VI Wales & Northern Ireland
111154: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Glasgow Museums
111155: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Camden I.
111156: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Greater Manchester III
111150: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership the Arts Council Collection
111151: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Suffolk
111152: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in the City of Westminster Including the Royal Academy of Arts
111153: PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire
105681: HAZLITT GOODEN & FOX - Eighteenth Century Venetian Drawings November 1993 -January 1994
70423: RUSSELL FOX - Colonel Botcherby M.S. H.
88274: YOI-OVER (CHARLES JOHN FREDERICK FOX) - Bells of the Chase
42375: SMITH C. FOX - Tales of the Clipper Ships
103408: KLAEBER FR - Beowulf and the Fight at Finsburg
80805: BUTLER FRANCELIA - Masterworks of Children's Literature Volume 2 the Early Years 1550 - 1739
80845: BORZELLO FRANCES - Civilising Caliban the Misuse of Art 1875 - 1980
113807: PARTRIDGE FRANCES - Other People Diaries September 1963 - December 1966
100576: LEGGETT FRANCES - Late and Soon the Transatlantic Story of a Marriage
107011: MARSHALL FRANCES, MARSHALL HUGH - Old English Embroidery Its Technique and Symbolism
89571: MOUNT ADELA FRANCES - Robin Dear a Story of Canal Life
73502: ITANI FRANCES - Requiem
106252: WILSON FRANCES - The Courtesan's Revenge the Life of Harriette Wilson the Woman Who Blackmailed the King
112693: PARTRIDGE FRANCES - Memories
112318: COLLARD FRANCES - Regency Furniture
65047: LE SUEUR FRANCES - The Natural History of Jersey
102804: MAKOWER FRANCES - Elizabeth Longford the Authorised Biography
69853: BURNEY FRANCES, JOHNSON R. BRIMLEY - Evelina or the History of a Young Lady's Entrance Into the World in Two Volumes
80262: BALDASSARI FRANCESCA - Cristoforo Munari
88225: GABRIELI FRANCESCO - Arab Histories of the Crusades Selected and Translated from the Arabic Sources
60875: ROSSI FRANCESCO, PACCANELLI ROSANNA - Accademia Carrara Bergamo
115437: GREENACRE FRANCIS - Francis Danby
111573: EDWARDS FRANCIS - The Elizabethan Jesuits Historia Missionis Anglicanae Societatis Jesu 1660 of Henry More
89814: BENNION FRANCIS - Moral Sex the Secular Guide
53129: WARNER FRANCIS - Agora an Epic Volume I [&] Volume II
91713: THOMPSON FRANCIS - The Works of Francis Thompson Volume I & II Poems [&] Volume III Prose
94896: BERRY FRANCIS - I Tell of Greenland an Edited Translation of the Saudarkrokur Manuscripts
96135: KILVERT FRANCIS, WAIT PETER - Journal of a Country Curate Selections from the Diary of Francis Kilvert 1870 - 79
96301: KING FRANCIS - The One and Only
60244: PARKMAN FRANCIS - The Works of Francis Parkman Pioneers of France in New World Jesuits in North America la Salle and Discovery of Great West Old Regime in Canada Count Frontenac and France Half-Century of Conflict Montcalm and Wolfe Conspiracy of Pontiac Oregon Trail
100442: THOMPSON FRANCIS, POLLEN JOHN H., KELLY HUGH - Saint Ignatius Loyola
108700: PARKMAN FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life
84692: BEAUMONT FRANCIS, HATTAWAY MICHAEL - The Knight of the Burning Pestle
112713: THOMPSON FRANCIS - St Kilda and Other Hebridean Outliers
114185: MORANT GEORGE FRANCIS - Game Preservers and Bird Preservers
113783: GALTON FRANCIS - Hereditary Genius an Inquiry Into Its Laws and Consequences
39267: FRANCIS, MICHAEL J. - The Limits of Hegemony United States Relations with Argentina and Chile During World War II
75794: PLACE FRANCIS, HIMES NORMAN E. - Illustrations and Proofs of the Principle of Population
72409: BENNION FRANCIS - Executive Estoppel Pepper V Hart Revisited Reprinted from Public Law Issue 1 2007
43743: THOMPSON FRANCIS AND HUTTON JOHN A. - A Golden Book of Francis Thompson
116294: BACON FRANCIS - The Essays the Colours of Good and Evil & the Advancement of Learning
80321: QUARLES FRANCIS, FREEMAN DAVID - Argalus and Parthenia
109171: HACKETT FRANCIS - Henry the Eighth
99809: PARKMAN FRANCIS, WADE MASON - The Journals of Francis Parkman Volume I [&] Volume II
85455: FRANCIS FRANCIS - Fish-Culture a Practical Guide to the Modern System of Breeding and Rearing Fish
116538: PARKMAN FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail Sketches of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life
105207: BENNION FRANCIS - Professional Ethics Consultant Professions and Their Code
101836: PARKMAN FRANCIS - The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century
99783: LAKING GUY FRANCIS - The Armoury of Windsor Castle European Section
113725: PRYOR FRANCIS - Britain in the Middle Ages an Archaelogical History
113935: GREENACRE FRANCIS, STODDARD SHEENA - W.J. Muller 1812-1845
77022: KILVERT FRANCIS, PROSSER C.T.O. - Collected Verse
112712: THOMPSON FRANCIS - Harris and Lewis Outer Hebrides
111328: WATSON FRANCIS - Wallenstein Soldier Under Saturn
108308: BACON FRANCIS - Three Triptychs
96079: KING FRANCIS - The Brighton Belle and Other Stories
24800: STEEGMULLER FRANCIS - A Man a Woman and Two Kingdoms the Story of Madame D'Epinay and the Abbe Galiani
112615: RABELAIS FRANCIS, HEATH ROBINSON W. - The Works of Mr Francis Rabelais Doctor in Physick Containing Five Books of the Lives Heroick Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and His Sonne Pantagruell in Two Volumes
112515: MACKAY FRANCIS - Pebble Island
112507: FRANCIS FRANCIS - Angling Reminiscences
70610: ASIAN ART MUSEUM OF SAN FRANCISCO - Gems of Chinese Art from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco the Avery Brundage Collection
41899: LEROUX-DHUYS JEAN-FRANCOIS - Cistercian Abbeys History and Architecture
50928: BONAL FRANCOIS - Mumm the Story of a Champagne House
102677: RABELAIS FRANÇOIS - Oeuvres de Maitre Francois Rabelais Avec Remarques Historiques Et Critiques de Mr. Le Duchat
112396: COUPERIN FRANCOIS - L'Art de Toucher le Clavecin
109122: DORENLOT FRANCOISE, TISON-BRAUN MICHELINE - Andre Malraux Metamorphosis and Imagination
110816: CACHIN FRANCOISE - Cezanne
111284: DUNAND FRANCOISE - Mummies and Death in Egypt
115948: COSTIGLIOLA FRANK - Roosevelt's Lost Alliances How Personal Politics Helped Start the Cold War
102582: MCLYNN FRANK - Napoleon a Biography
94291: MCLYNN FRANK - Burton Snow Upon the Desert
95158: SMYTHE FRANK - Climbs and Ski Runs Mountaineering and Ski-Ing in the Alps Great Britain and Corsica
95290: PROCHASKA FRANK - The Memoirs of Walter Bagehot
95922: MARKHAM FRANK - A History of Milton Keynes and District Volume I - to 1830
116245: BARLOW FRANK - Edward the Confessor
116175: SALMON FRANK - The Persistence of the Classical Essays on Architecture Presented to David Watkin
108599: KERMODE FRANK - History and Value
44358: YERBY FRANK - Griffin's Way
105095: LEEMING FRANK - Street Studies in Hong Kong Localities in a Chinese City East Asian Social Science Monographs
102612: DORN FRANK - The Forbidden City the Biography of a Palace
100583: RUTTER FRANK - The Path to Paris
113907: SAWYER FRANK, STEPHENS WILSON - Nymphs and the Trout New Applications of a Technique for Fly Fishermen
116196: BRANGWYN FRANK - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
71728: DEBENHAM FRANK - Exercises in Cartography
111533: MCLYNN FRANK - Genghis Khan the Man Who Conquered the World
114783: KITSON FRANK - Old Ironsides the Military Biography of Oliver Cromwell
81723: GRAHAM FRANK - The Bolster Book a Book for the Bedside Complied from the Occasional Writings of Reginald Drake Biffin
77522: O'CONNOR FRANK - The Big Fellow
103774: JENNINGS FRANK - From Here to the Bugle
86271: O'CONNOR FRANK - Irish Miles
82224: OWEN FRANK - The Fall of Singapore
115116: OATES FRANK, OATES C.G. - Matabele Land and the Victoria Falls from the Letters and Journals of Frank Oates
84465: CRISP SIR FRANK, PATERSON CATHERINE CHILDS - Mediaeval Gardens Flowery Medes and Other Arrangements of Herbs Flowers and Shrubs Grown in the Middle Ages with Some Account of Tudor Elizabethan and Stuar Gardens Volume One
115304: VINCENT FRANK - The Land of the White Elephant Sights and Scenes in South-East Asia 1871-72
72926: SHAY FRANK, WILSON EDWARD A. - Iron Men and Wooden Ships Deep Sea Chanties
104332: KITSON FRANK - Bunch of Five
50624: GILES FRANK - Sundry Times
70779: KEMPE FRANK - The Play's the Thing a Critic's History of the Theatre in North Devon
61398: FOX FRANK - England
101974: FUREDI FRANK - Mythical Past Elusive Future History and Society in an Anxious Age
115491: ROSS FRANK - Flying Windmills the Story of the Helicopter
71483: WALLACE H. FRANK, EDWARDS LIONEL - A Stuart Sketch Book 1542 - 1746
116365: MCLYNN FRANK - Genghis Khan the Man Who Conquered the World
100846: GRAHAM FRANK - Tynedale from Blanchland to Carter Bar
109753: BARLOW FRANK - Thomas Becket
89520: MASON FRANK - Luftwaffe Aircraft Paintings by Michael Turner
103452: CLOSE FRANK - Anti Matter
72316: WEYERS FRANK - Salvador Dali Life and Work
61369: FOX FRANK - The British Empire
61982: JOSSERAND FRANK, ROSSI JANE NIERMANN - Creative Critics Romantic Composers As Friends and Rivals
70756: GRAHAM FRANK - The Roman Wall Comprehensive History and Guide
75664: KNIGHT FRANK - Russia Fights Japan
105492: LEWIS FRANK - Myles Birket Foster R.W. S. 1825-99
69835: HARRIS FRANK - Montes the Matador and Other Stories
109220: BARLOW FRANK - Thomas Becket
116434: LINDSAY FRANKLIN - Beacons in the Night with the Oss and Tito's Partisans in Wartime Yugoslavia
99527: COOLING BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Symbol Sword and Shield Defending Washington During the CIVIL War
115006: BAUDOUIN FRANS - Pietro Pauolo Rubens
50974: GRILLPARZER FRANZ - Kloster Bei Sendomir Der Arme Spielmann Parnass Bücherei Nr. 57
110961: KAFKA FRANZ - Selected Works the Trial America in the Penal Settlement Metamorphosis the Castle the Great Wall of China Investigations of a Dog Letter to His Father the Diaries 1910-23
105284: KAFKA FRANZ - In the Penal Settlement Tales and Short Prose Works
72768: HUBMANN FRANZ, KOCHAN LIONEL, KOCHAN MIRIAM - The Jewish Family Album Yesterday's World in Old Photographs
116565: KAFKA FRANZ - The Trial
83872: STREET FRASER - Moorcroft the Phoenix Years
73077: TURNER JOHN FRAYN - V.C. 's of the Army 1939 - 1951
96599: SINGLETON FRED - Twentieth-Century Yugoslavia
94451: HOYLE FRED, HOYLE GEOFFREY - Seven Steps to the Sun
116424: HOYLE FRED, WICKRAMASINGHE CHANDRA - Evolution from Space
96959: RICKABY FRED - Are Your Horses Trying
78889: RAPHAEL FREDERIC - Fame and Fortune
114890: LULLIN DE CHATEAUVIEUX FREDERIC - Manuscript Transmitted from St Helena
103854: HARRISON FREDERIC - John Ruskin English Men of Letters
82312: GIBSON JOHN FREDERIC - Dark Seas Above
115331: MORTON FREDERIC - A Nervous Splendour Vienna 1888 - 1889
40369: MULLALLY FREDERIC - The Malta Conspiracy
72663: BENHAM FREDERIC - Economics a General Textbook for Students
97904: MYATT FREDERICK - Peninsular General Sir Thomas Picton 1758-1815
102253: HAMILTON LORD FREDERICK - The Vanished Pomps of Yesterday Being Some Random Reminiscences of a British Diplomat
106263: CALVERT FREDERICK, WEST WILLIAM - Picturesque Views and Description of Cities Towns Castles Mansions in Shropshire
111748: HILL FREDERICK - Salmon Fishing the Greased Line on Dee, Don and Earn
115264: PONSONBY FREDERICK, LAMBTON ANTONY - Recollections of Three Reigns
116202: NUTT FREDERICK - The Complete Confectioner or the Whole Art of Confectionary Made Easy Also Receipts for Home-Made Wines Cordials French and Italian Liqueurs &C
43450: CARROLL FREDERICK - The Register of the George Cross
78499: GRICE FREDERICK - The Oswin Prosser Memorial Booklet
99638: PHISTERER FREDERICK - Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States
114370: MAYERS WILLIAM FREDERICK - The Chinese Reader's Manual a Handbook of Biographical Historical Mythological and General Literary Reference
80381: MOULTON IAN FREDERICK - Before Pornography Erotic Writing in Early Modern England
99810: MAURICE MAJOR-GENERAL SIR FREDERICK - Robert E. Lee the Soldier
105995: HARRISON FREDERICK - Life in a Medieval College the Story of the Vicars-Choral of York Minster
102519: HANCOCK FREDERICK - The Parish of Selworthy in the County of Somerset Some Notes on Its History
109678: BRADNUM FREDERICK - The Long Walks
83047: CHANTER JOHN FREDERICK - The Life and Times of Martin Blake 1593 - 1673 Vicar of Barnstaple and Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral with Some Account of His Conflicts with the Puritan Lecturers and Persecutions
104732: SMITH SIR FREDERICK - A History of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps 1796-1919
98891: COPLESTON FREDERICK - Contemporary Philosophy
80294: MOULTON IAN FREDERICK - Reading and Literacy in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
96080: PAGE FREDERICK - Patmore a Study in Poetry
104716: HOBDAY SIR FREDERICK - Fifty Years a Veterinary Surgeon
109231: TAYLOR FREDERICK - Dresden Tuesday 13 February 1945
45264: POHL FREDERIK - Drunkards's Walk
104152: CHOPIN FREDERYK, SYDOW BRONSILAW, HEDLEY ARTHUR - Selected Correspondence of Frederyk Chopin
108031: PETERSENS FREDRIK - The Viking Drivers Gunnar Nilsson and Ronnie Peterson
116435: LOGEVALL FREDRIK - The Origins of the Vietnam War
39034: FREEMAN, JOHN - Security and the Csce Process the Stockholm Conference and Beyond
77610: FRETHEIM TERENCE E., COHN ROBERT L., ET AL. - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 47 No 4 October 1985
114188: STARK FREYA - Traveller's Prelude an Autobiography
116243: STARK FREYA - The Coast of Incense
116180: STARK FREYA - Alexander's Path from Caira to Cilicia
13211: FRIDLANDER, ERNEST D. - Matthew Maris
74305: JOHNSON FRIDOLF - A Treasury of Bookplates from the Renaissance to the Present
110731: NANSEN FRIDTJOF - Farthest North Being the Record of a Voyage of the Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Month's Sleigh Journey by Dr Nansen and Lieut Johansen with an Appendix by Otto Sverdrup Captain of the the Fram Volume I [&] Volume II
114560: NANSEN FRIDTJOF - Farthest North Being the Record of a Voyage of the Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Month's Sleigh Journey by Dr Nansen and Lieut Johansen with an Appendix by Otto Sverdrup Captain of the Fram the Norwegian Polar Expedition 1893
99475: STERN FRIED - Der Robinson in Reim Und Bild
116026: OSTERMANN CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH - Cold War International History Project Bulletin Issue 10 March 1998 Leadership Transition in a Fractured Bloc
116027: OSTERMANN CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH - Cold War International History Project Bulletin Issue 14/15 Winter 2003 - Spring 2004 New Evidence on North Korea
116028: OSTERMANN CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH - Cold War International History Project Bulletin Issues 12/13 Fall/Winter 2001 the End of the Cold War
116029: OSTERMANN CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH - Cold War International History Project Bulletin Issues 8/9 Winter 1996/1997 the Cold War in the Third World and the Collapse of Detente in the 1970s
113954: NIETZSCHE FRIEDRICH - My Sister and I.
51796: HOLDERLIN FRIEDRICH - Gedichte Hyperion Empedokles Aufsatze
105977: NIETZSCHE FRIEDRICH, KENNEDY J.M. - On the Future of Our Educational Institutions Homer and Classical Philology
102055: NIETZSCHE FRIEDRICH - On the Genealogy of Morals a Polemic
50972: HOLDERLIN FRIEDRICH - Gedichte Parnass Bücherei Nr. 21
103463: HEER FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World 1100-1350
114784: HEGEL GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH, KNOX T.M. - Hegel's Philosophy of Right
73576: HEER FRIEDRICJ - The Medieval World Europe from 1100 to 1350
20494: FRIEND, DONALD - Save Me from the Shark
111762: LOFFLER FRITZ - Josef Hegenbarth
114557: FRONTINUS, GUNDERMANN GOTTHOLD - Iuli Frontini Strategematon Libri Quattor
90641: FROST AND REED - Play the Game an Exhbition of Modern Sporting Paintings
116279: FROST AND REED - Sir Alfred Munnings Kcvo Pra 1878 - 1959
36129: FRUM, DAVID - An End to Evil How to Win the War on Terror
113905: CHEN LI FU - The Confucian Way a New and Systematic Study of the Four Books
11516: FULLERTON, JOHN - Give Me Death
112643: FULLEYLOVE, JOHN, POYSER ARTHUR - The Tower of London
115902: YU-LAN FUNG, BOODE DERK - A History of Chinese Philosophy Vol 1 the Period of the Philosophers from the Beginnings to Circa 100 B.C.
115901: YU-LAN FUNG, BODDE DERK - A History of Chinese Philosophy Volume 2 the Period of Classical Learning from the Second Century B.C. To the Twentieth Century A.D.
107633: KEMP JAMES FURMAN, GROUT FRANK F. - A Handbook of Rocks for Use without the Microscope
115605: ROYAL REGIMENT OF FUSILIERS - The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers V, VI, VII, XX Presentation of Colours 1993
113034: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR, WASIOLEK EDWARD - The Notebooks for the Idiot
113035: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR, WASIOLEK EDWARD - The Notebooks for a Raw Youth
113030: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR, MAGARSHACK DAVID - The Best Short Stories of Dostoevsky
113031: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR, PATTERSON DAVID - Winter Notes on Summer Impressions
113032: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR, WASIOLEK EDWARD - The Notebooks for Crime and Punishment
112059: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR, MAGARSHACK DAVID - Dostoevsky's Occasional Writings
112058: DOSTOEVSKY FYODOR - Notes from Underground
112060: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - My Uncle's Dream Stepanchikovo and Its Inhabitants
112061: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - Poor People a Novel and Stories of the 1840s
115557: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - The Gambler Stories of the '60s
116697: DOSTOYEVSKY FYODOR - The Idiot Book One [&] Book Two
85893: LONGACRE EDWARD G. - Grant's Cavalryman the Life and Wars of General James H. Wilson
76670: LAYLEY CHARLES G. - Lords of Barnstaple
113559: STRONG L.A.G. - The Hansom Cab and the Pigeons Being Random Reflections Upon the Silver Jubilee of King George V.
113633: WODEHOUSE P.G. - Short Stories
113927: HARRISON JEFFREY G. - Pastures New a Wildfowler Naturalist Explorers North-West Germany
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116527: GREENE GRAHAM - Brighton Rock
90506: LLOYD GRAHAME - C'Mon City a Hundred Years of the Bluebirds
109465: FEILING KEITH GRAHAME - The Second Tory Party 1714-1832
108404: CLARK GRAHAME - Prehistoric England
97465: FLASH GRANDMASTER, RITZ DAVID - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash My Life My Beats a Memoir
86659: FOREMAN GRANT - The Five Civilized Tribes Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
35308: GRANT, MICHAEL - World of Rome
96918: BROWNE EDWARD GRANVILLE, DENISON ROSS E. - A Year Amongst the Persians Impressions As to the Life Character and Thought of the People of Persia
33916: GRAY, W. FORBES - Memorials of His Time by Lord Cockburn
52895: SEVERNE F. GRAY - Our Children's Pets
116169: RICHARD GREEN - Edward Seago 1910 - 1974
115644: RICHARD GREEN - Edward Seago 1910 - 1974
57229: LAMBORN E.A. GREENING - The Rudiments of Criticism
114309: KING GREG - Twilight of Splendor the Court of Queen Victoria During Her Diamond Jubilee Year
57597: WILKINSON GREG - Treating People with Depression a Practical Guide for Primary Care
113026: DALLAS GREGOR - Metrostop Paris History from the City's Heart
114459: DALLAS GREGOR - At the Heart of a Tiger Clemenceau and His World 1841 - 1929
106311: DALLAS GREGOR - 1918 War and Peace
13598: GREGORY, FRANK - Law and Order: A Select Guide to the Official Publications (Southampton Series on Policy-Making in Britain)
98764: NORMINTON GREGORY - The Ship of Fools
103818: SMITH G. GREGORY - Ben Jonson English Men of Letters
114531: MARTYN GREGORY - In the Western Manner Chinese Export Artists Also Works by George Chinnery and Other Western Artists in the Far East
100200: MARTIN GREGORY - Canaletto
113554: MURRAY DOM GREGORY - Gregorian Chant According to the Manuscripts
116489: WEDDERBURN GREN - No Lotus Garden
87557: COOKE GREVILLE - Poems
62150: FREEMAN-GRENVILLE GREVILLE - Travellers to Christ's Tomb [&] Hakluyt Society Annual Report 1990
81703: GOWRIE GREY - Third Day New and Selected Poems
116053: SUNY RONALD GRIGOR - The Soviet Experiment Russia the Ussr and the Successor States
115984: IOFFE GRIGORY, NEFEDOVA TATYANA - Continuity and Change in Rural Russia a Geographical Perspective
15448: INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP - After Milosevic a Practical Agenda for Lasting Balkans Peace
105843: STITHIANS PARISH HISTORY GROUP - The Book of Stithians the Changing Face of a Cornish Parish
107366: ROBINS ANNA GRUETZNER - Degas Sickert and Toulouse Lautrec London and Paris 1870 - 1910
106271: HEAPE R. GRUNDY - Buxton Under the Dukes of Devonshire
33526: GUAITA, OVIDIO - IL Giardino Nel Mondo
115230: LEWY GUENTER - America in Vietnam
46319: MINISTERE DE LA GUERRE - Reglement Provisoire de Manoeuvre D'Infanterie Du 1er Fevrier 1920 Deuxieme Partie
34365: GUFELD, E. - Inside Chess Openings
103657: THOROUGHBRED STALLION GUIDE - Thoroughbred Stallion Guide 2014
92293: BIZZI GUIDO, GIRODO LORENZO, TINTORI GIAMPIERO - La Collezione Di Strumenti Musicali Del Museo Teatrale Alla Scala Studio Restauro E Restituzione

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