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112703: SEWARD DESMOND - Eleanor of Aquitaine the Mother Queen
78163: MORSE-BOYCOTT DESMOND - A Tapestry of Toil
113887: SEWARD DESMOND - The First Bourbon Henri IV King of France and Navarre
104789: SHAWE-TAYLOR DESMOND - The Conversation Piece
112035: ALEXANDER T. DESMOND, KIRKPATRICK LAURENCE S. - John Calvin Reflections on a Reformer
57844: KELLY DESMOND, FRANCE RICHARD - A Practical Handbook for the Treatment of Depression
95763: STEWART DESMOND - Theodor Herzl Artist and Politician
116277: SEWARD DESMOND - The Demon's Brood
45124: DEUTSCHMANN CHRISTOPH, WIEVIORKA MICHEL, ET AL. - Thesis Eleven Money and Society Culture and Democracy
69590: KALEKIN-FISHMAN DEVORAH, LOW KELVIN - Everyday Life in Asia Social Perspectives on the Senses
26998: MATHEWS JOHN DEWE - John Dewe Mathews Images on Film
39870: DEXTER, BYRON - The Years of Opportunity the League of Nations 1920 - 1926
97415: BASSI PIETRO ANDREA DI - The Labors of Hercules Illustrated with Facsimiles from the 15th Century Manuscript
13597: DIACONESCU, GHEORGHE - Democratic Control over the Army in Romania
115917: HANSON DIAN - The Big Butt Book
99854: KRIZ KAY DIAN - The Idea of the English Landscape Painter Genius As Alibi in the Early Nineteenth Century
73360: ANTONAKATOY DIANA - Nafplion
112283: MCVEAGH DIANA - Gerald Finzi His Life and Music
91727: RAMSAY DIANA - Four Steps to Death
43886: ROSS DIANA, WOOD LESLIE - I Love My Love with an a Where Is He
112653: HOLMAN-HUNT DIANA - Latin Among the Lions Alvaro Guevara
103971: NORMAN DIANA - Siena Florence and Padua Art Society and Religion 1280 - 1400 Volume II Case Studies
114767: HONEYBONE DIANA, HONEYBONE MICHAEL - The Correspondence of the Spalding Gentlmen's Society 1710-1761 Lincoln Record Society
115412: COOPER LADY DIANA, NORWICH JOHN JULIUS - Darling Monster the Letters of Lady Diana Cooper to Her Son John Julius Norwich 1939-1952
95366: WINSOR DIANA - The Dream of Bath
114051: MACCULLOCH DIARMAID - Reformation Europe's House Divided 1490 - 1700
106111: MACCULLOCH DIARMAID - The Boy King Edward VI and the Protestant Reformation
115352: FRANCIS DICK - The Sport of Queens
48530: LEONARD DICK - Crosland and New Labour
104739: VERNON DICK - Strafer Gott 1897-1942 a Tribute to Lt General William Henry Ewart Stafer Gott
77381: WHITFIELD DICK - The Magic Bracelet Technology and Offender Supervision
79094: HUNT DICK - Bygones Sussex Coaching Reminiscences
104726: PATTERSON DICKSON - West African Interlude
36427: DIDEROT - Recits
37759: DIDEROT AND D'ALEMBERT - Art Heraldique Recueil de Planches Sur Les Sciences Les Arts Libéraux Et Les Arts Méchaniques
84645: MEHL DIETER - Die Tragôdien Shakespeares Eine Einführung
41447: MEICHSNER DIETER - Vain Glory
104341: ANDERSON DIGBY - Gentility Recalled Mere Manners and the Making of Social Order
105672: BALTZELL E. DIGBY - Sporting Gentlemen History of Men's Amateur Lawn Tennis
105010: HIRO DILIP - Desert Shield Desert Storm the Second Gulf War
50620: PETROVA DIMITRINA, CLIFFORD JARLATH - Religion and Healthcare in the European Union
39685: DIMMOCK, F, HAYDN - The Scout Annual Volume XLVII for 1952
39686: DIMMOCK, F, HAYDN - The Scout Annual Volume XLVIII for 1953
98912: HALL DINAH - Country and Modern Contemporary Interiors for Rural Settings
79915: LIVINGSTONE DINAH - Time on Earth Selected and New Poems 1967 - 1999
98044: DINDORF WILHELM GUIL. DINDORFIUS - Poetae Scenici Graeci Accedunt Perditarum Fabularum Fragmenta
108237: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Kelly's Directory of the City of Gloucester and District 1967
108234: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Kelly's Directory of Oxford Abingdon Woodstock and Neighbourhood 1967
69406: ADMIRALTY WAR STAFF INTELLIGENCE DIVISION - The Last Voyage of Lieutenant-Commander Von Moller
66289: A.B. BOFORS ORDNANCE DIVISION - An Introduction to the an Introduction to the Bofors Rbs 70 Surface to Air Missile System
99748: HUNT JOHN DIXON, HOLLAND FAITH M. - The Ruskin Polygon Essays on the Imagination of John Ruskin
116049: SHEPILOV DMITRII - The Kremlin's Scholar a Memoir of Soviet Politics Under Stalin and Khrushchev Annals of Communism
112099: LIKHACHOV DMITRY, PETROVA IRINA - The Lay of the Warfare Waged by Igor Son of Svyatoslav Grandson of Oleg
93815: ANON A POLISH DOCTOR - I Saw Poland Suffer
108725: MORAES DOM - A Beginning
105319: DA SILVA DOMINGOS - Quadros de Vida Living Paintings
96309: SHELLARD DOMINIC - The Golden Generation New Light on Post-War British Theatre
116579: SANDBROOK DOMINIC - Never Had It So Good a History of Britain from Suez to the Beatles
109531: HIBBERD DOMINIC - Wilfred Owen a New Biography
110799: REEVE DOMINIC, BESHLIE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Whichever Way We Turn
85077: PATERSON DON - Nil Nil God's Gift to Women the Eyes
64840: MCVICAR DON - Ferry Command
95259: HAWORTH DON - Bright Morning Images of a Lancashire Boyhood
95260: HAWORTH DON - Figures in a Bygone Landscape a Lancashire Childhood
105746: YOUNG PATRICIA DON - Dramatic School
110861: MARQUIS DON - Archy and Mehitabel
110364: BRADMAN DON - Don Bradman's Book the Story of My Cricketing Life with Hints on Batting Bowling and Fielding
98779: BRECKON DON - The Railway Paintings of Don Breckon
111771: MCNAIR DONALD - A Pacifist at War Military Memoirs of a Conscientious Objector in Palestine 1917-1918
116426: JACKSON DONALD - A Year at Monticello 1795
81475: ATKINSON DONALD - Graffiti for Hard Hearts
89487: LINDSAY DONALD - Friends for Life a Portrait of Launcelot Fleming
92741: COWIE DONALD - The Collected Poetical Works of Donald Cowie Volume One
97149: THOMAS DONALD - Red Flowers for Lady Blue a Sonny Tarrant Novel
116037: RAYFIELD DONALD - Stalin and His Hangmen an Authoritative Portrait of a Tyrant and Those Who Served Him
102181: LOGAN F. DONALD - The Vikings in History
81858: WALSCH NEALE DONALD - Conversations with God an Uncommon Dialogue Book 2
99680: MACINTYRE DONALD - U-Boat Killer
80729: MCQUARIE DONALD - Marx Sociology Social Change Capitalism
71322: FEATHERSTONE DONALD - Poitiers 1356 Knight's Battles for Wargamers
112136: READ DONALD, GLASGOW ERIC - Feargus O'Connor Irishman and Chartist
66188: COGGAN DONALD - Stewards of Grace
45282: ZEC DONALD - The Deal
100772: READ DONALD - The Power of News the History of Reuters
79717: WILLIS DONALD - Storm Clouds over Ireland
87878: THOMAS DONALD - The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes
115958: FILTZER DONALD - Soviet Workers and the Collapse of Perestroika the Soviet Labour Process and Gorbachev's Reforms 1985-1991 Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies
108105: WATSON DONALD - A Bird Artist in Scotland
111560: MCCORMICK DONALD - The Mask of Merlin a Critical Study of David Lloyd George
112345: MITCHELL DONALD - The Mahler Companion
93030: DAVIE DONALD - Trying to Explain
65880: HILL DONALD - A History of Engineering in Classical and Medieval Times
52437: GREGORY DONALD - Yesterday in Village Church and Churchyard
47799: KIRK DONALD - Wider War Struggle for Cambodia Thailand and Laos
114071: BENNETT DONALD, JOHNSTONE SCOTT, BROWN HAMISH - The Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalkers' Guide Volume One the Munros [&] Volume Two the Corbetts
82637: FRASER DONALD - Scottish Disasters
112532: DALLAS DONALD - Holland and Holland the Royal Gunmaker the Complete History
55080: BRAIDER DONALD - Solitary Star a Biography of Sam Houston
82074: MACINTYRE DONALD - Fighting Ships and Seamen
90439: MAITLAND DONALD - The Running Tide a View of International and Other Public Affairs over Four Decades
113404: BURROWS DONALD - Handel Master Musicians
112360: MITCHELL DONALD - Discovering Mahler Writings on Mahler 1955-2005
94636: DAVIE DONALD - A Gathered Church the Literature of the English Dissenting Interest 1700 - 1930
69713: GUTHRIE DONALD - Hebrews to Revelation New Testament Introduction
69579: GUTHRIE DONALD - Galatians Century Bible
69714: GUTHRIE DONALD - The Pauline Epistles New Testament Introduction
39172: DORFMAN, GERALD A. - Government Versus Trade Unionism in British Politics Since 1968
101999: OUTRAM DORINDA - The Enlightenment New Approaches to European History
115580: LESSING DORIS - Love Again
67335: SLOLEY DORIS - Bluebells Rainbows and Sheep a Collection of Poems
108214: LESSING DORIS - Under My Skin Volume One of My Autobiography to 1949
68571: LESSING DORIS - The Good Terrorist
106585: KRYSTOF DORIS - Joseph Carrucci Known As Pontormo 1494-1557
116735: YATES DORNFORD - Storm Music
116734: YATES DORNFORD - Perishable Goods
87017: YATES DORNFORD - Adele and Co
116732: YATES DORNFORD - Adele & Co
78136: ALASTOS DOROS - Cyprus in History a Survey of 5000 Years
107036: CONYERS DOROTHEA - Sporting Reminiscences
115743: FAIRBRIDGE DOROTHEA - Lady Anne Barnard at the Cape of Good Hope 1797-1802
91466: HEWLETT DOROTHY - The Keats-Shelley Memorial Bulletin No XI
95884: BROWN DOROTHY - Bristol and How It Grew with 180 Photographs
80248: TUCK DOROTHY - A Handbook of Faulkner
116182: STROUD DOROTHY - Sir John Soane Architect
86565: REYNALDS DOROTHY - The Divine Musician
110651: STIMSON DOROTHY - Scientists and Amateurs a History of the Royal Society
112776: HARTLEY DOROTHY - Lost World England 1933-1936
111431: PARKER DOROTHY - The Best of Dorothy Parker
109010: JOHNSON DOROTHY - Jacques-Louis David Art in Metamorphosis
116556: WORDWORTH DOROTHY - Dove Cottage the Wordsworths at Grasmere 1799 - 1803
71182: HEWLETT DOROTHY - Adonais a Life of John Keats
69553: ANDERSON DOROTHY - Baker Pasha Misconduct and Mischance
103742: BREWSTER DOROTHY - Virginia Woolf
81442: HAYES DORSHA - The Bell-Branch Rings Selected Poems
64092: BAGOT DOSIA - Shadows of the War
104993: BEATTIE DOUG - Task Force Helmand a Soldier's Story of Life Death and Combat on the Afghan Front Line
73302: HICKMAN DOUGLAS - Warwickshire a Shell Guide
101228: APPLETON DOUGLAS, APPLETON CAROL - Beagles and Beagling
91329: HYDE DOUGLAS - Confrontation in the East a Background Book
91330: HYDE DOUGLAS - The Peaceful Assault the Pattern of Subversion a Background Book
91331: HYDE DOUGLAS - The Roots of Guerrilla Warfare a Background Book
94770: HAIG SIR DOUGLAS, SHEFFIELD GARY, BOURNE JOHN - War Diaries and Letters the Diaries of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig War Diaries and Letters 1914 - 1918
79435: DUNN DOUGLAS - The Faber Book of Twentieth-Century Scottish Poetry
114053: BENNETT J.A.W. & GRAY DOUGLAS, BENNETT H.S., CHAMBERS E.K., LEWIS C.S., WILSON F.P. & HUNTER G.K., BUSH DOUGLAS, SUTHERLAND JAMES, DOBREE BONAMY, BUTT JOHN & CARNALL GEOFFREY, RENWICK W.L., JACK IAN - The Oxford History of English Literature 14 Vols Middle English Literature 1100-1400 Chaucer and Fifteenth Century Verse and Prose Malory and Fifteenth Century Drama Lyrics and Ballads Poetry and Prose in the Sixteenth Century English Drama 1485-1585
105161: BADER DOUGLAS - Fight for the Sky the Story of the Spitfire and Hurricane
111733: FRASER DOUGLAS - Essays in the History of Architecture Presented to Rudolf Whittaker
72754: DUNN DOUGLAS - Dante's Drum-Kit
73204: DUNN DOUGLAS - Northlight
111645: CRAGGS DOUGLAS - A.B. C. Of Ventriloquism a Complete Guide to the Art of Voice-Throwing Lip Control Doll Manipulation and Ventriloquial Presentation
81464: DUNN DOUGLAS - Love or Nothing
115293: SUTHERLAND DOUGLAS - The Yellow Earl the Life of Hugh Lowther 5th Earl of Lonsdale 1857-1944
11217: CORRANCE, DOUGLAS AND SMITH, W. GORDON - Edinburgh [Illustrated]
116488: WALLER DOUGLAS - Disciples the World War II Missions of the Cia Directors Who Fought for Wild Bill Donovan
69656: BROWN DOUGLAS - Against the World Attitudes of White South Africa
116694: DUNN DOUGLAS - The Year's Afternoon
105155: AINSLIE DOUGLAS - John of Damascus
104790: SKEGGS DOUGLAS - Rivers of Light Monet's Impressions of the Seine
101723: GROOTHUIS DOUGLAS - Truth Decay Defending Christianity Against the Challenges of Postmodernism
111000: JACKSON DOUGLAS - Caligula
112526: TATE DOUGLAS - Birmingham Gunmakers
67630: KNIGHT WILLIAMS DOUGLAS, HILL MARY M. - The Making of a Pathfinder World War II Letters from a Navigator Douglas Knight Williams
114483: ADAMS EPHRAIM DOUGLASS - Great Britain and the American CIVIL War in Two Volumes
100844: DOWN, C.G., WARRINGTON, A.J. - The History of the Somerset Coalfield
113787: GREENWOOD ALICE DRAYTON - Lives of the Hanoveral Queens of England Vol. I Sophia Dorothea of Celle Wife of George I, Caroline of Ansbach Queen of George II
99496: PEARSON DREW, ABELL TYLER - Drew Pearson Diaries 1949 - 1959
23878: DREWRY, HENRY N. - Stand and Prosper: Private Black Colleges and Their Students
96039: MODJESKA DRUSILLA - Stravinsky's Lunch
116760: MAURIER DAPHNE DU - Rule Britannia
116759: MAURIER DAPHNE DU - The House on the Strand
102509: CANE FLORENCE DU, CANE ELLA DU - The Canary Islands
86663: SCHULTZ DUANE - Quantrill's War the Life and Times of William Clarke Quantrill 1837 - 1865
76027: DEVRIES DUANE - General Studies of Charles Dickens and His Writings and Collected Editions of His Works an Annotated Bibliography Volume One Bibliographies Catalogues Collections and Bibliographical and Textual Studies of Dickens's Works
85979: SCHULTZ DUANE - The Dahlgren Affair Terror and Conspiracy in the CIVIL War
74804: GEORGE MARIE GRAND DUCHESS, WYNKOOP NANCY LEEDS, CHAVCHAVADZE DAVID - A Romanov Diary the Autobiography of H.I. & R.H. Grand Duchess George
113344: ROBINSON AGNES MARY FRANCES [DUCLAUX] - In an Italian Garden a Book of Songs
51141: JOHNSTON A.J. DUDLEY, ANKERSMIT K.S. - The Photographic Journal Volume 89 Section a January - December 1949 Section B January 1949 - December 1949
91206: STAMP L. DUDLEY - Britain's Structure and Scenery
110973: DUDLEY-SMITH DUDLEY - John Stott the Making of a Leader
51140: JOHNSTON A.J. DUDLEY, ANKERSMIT K.S. - The Photographic Journal Volume 87 Section a January - December 1947 Section B January 1947 - April 1948
51142: JOHNSTON A.J. DUDLEY, ANKERSMIT K.S. - The Photographic Journal Volume 90 Section a January - December 1950 Section B January 1949 - December 1950
97644: STAMP L. DUDLEY - Britain's Structure and Scenery
115079: HART-DAVIS DUFF - Man of War the Secret Life of Captain Alan Hillgarth Officer Adventurer Agent
96072: HART-DAVIS DUFF - The House the Berrys Built
74832: DUJARDIN-BEAUMETZ, CHAPIN H.D., ET AL. - The Medical Annual and Practitioner's Index
116572: MALONE DUMAS - Jefferson and His Time 6 Volumes the Virginian the Rights of Man the Ordeal of Liberty the President First Term the President Second Term the Sage of Monticello
39221: DUMBRELL, JOHN - American Foreign Policy Carter to Clinton
43555: HISLOP DUNCAN - Art Sales Index 2000 2001 Season Volume I a - K.
43556: HISLOP DUNCAN - Art Sales Index 2000 2001 Season Volume II L - Z.
43557: HISLOP DUNCAN - Art Sales Index 1997 - 1998 Season Volume I a - K.
43558: HISLOP DUNCAN - Art Sales Index 1997 - 1998 Season Volume II L - Z.
102106: HAWS DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets in Profile 1 Ships of P&O Orient and Blue Anchor Lines, 2 Ships of Cunard American Red Star Inman Leyland Dominion Atlantic Transport and White Star Lines, 3 Ships of Union Castle & Union-Castle Allan and Canadian Pacific Lines
42874: FORBES DUNCAN - A Grammar of the Hindustani Language
102610: WU DUNCAN - Romanticism an Anthology
114884: FIFE DUNCAN, ALDIN CECIL - Scarlet Blue and Green a Book of Sporting Verse
115312: WHITAKER THOMAS DUNHAM - The Life and Original Correspondence of Sir George Radcliffe Knight LL. D the Friend of the Earl of Stafford
105094: HADLEY DUNSTAN - Only Seconds to Live Pilots' Tales of the Stall and the Spin
33955: DUPRAZ, JACQUES - Probability, Signals, Noise
98231: CULLER A. DWIGHT - The Poetry of Tennyson
90860: THOMAS DYLAN - Miscellany One Poems Stories Broadcasts Two Including a Visit to Grandpa's Three Poems Stories
114457: THOMAS DYLAN - Under Milk Wood a Play for Voices
110702: THOMAS DYLAN - A Prospect of the Sea Stories and Essays
110703: THOMAS DYLAN - Adventures in the Skin Trade
110904: THOMAS DYLAN - Under Milk Wood
76831: ARMSTRONG ANNIE E. - Marian and Dorothy or the Abbey Grange
114685: BEGLEY W.E., DESAI Z.A. - The Shah Jahan Nama of 'Inayat Khan an Abridged History of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan Compiled by His Royal Librarian
17115: KANET ROGER E. - The Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
106265: BURTON IVOR E. - The Royal Forest of the Peak
70432: EARDLEY-WILMOT SIR JOHN E., MAXWELL SIR HERBERT - Reminscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith Esq or the Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman
116092: CLEMENTS E. - Introduction to the Study of Indian Music
114564: BARTON WILLIAM E. - The Life of Abraham Lincoln in Two Volumes
109039: SAMUELS E. - Bernard Berenson the Making of a Connoisseur
99516: ALBERTS DON E. - Rebels on the Rio Grande the CIVIL War Journals of A.B. Peticolas
104226: STEPHENS GEORGE E., YACOVONE DONALD - A Voice of Thunder the CIVIL War Letters of George E. Stephens
108732: CHIPPERFIELD JOSEPH E., AMBLER G. GIFFORD - Greatheart the Salvation Hunter the Epic of a Shepherd Dog
72252: NIKITIN E.E. - Theory of Thermally Induced Gas Phase Reactions
91225: SPRING A.E. - Characters
93160: BLAND A.E., BROWN P.A., TAWNEY R.H. - English Economic History Select Documents
93822: FIELDS KAREN E. - Revival and Rebellion in Colonial Central Africa
94255: NESBIT E. - The Phoenix and the Carpet
94258: NESBIT E. - The New Treasure Seekers
94259: NESBIT E. - The Story of the Treasure Seekers
94393: PALGRAVE MARY E. - How Dick Found His Sea-Legs a Story of a Seaside Holiday
94776: REED-DANAHAY DEBORAH E. - Auto/Ethnography Rewriting the Self and the Social
94907: HOTCHNER A.E. - Papa Hemingway a Personal Memoir
95051: LOCKINGTON VIAL A.E. - Alpine Glaciers
95484: GETHYN-JONES J. E. - St. Mary's Church Kempley and Its Paintings Vol 1
96829: COPLESTON W.E. - The Bombay Forests
97295: SOWERBY JOHN E., JOHNSON C. PIERPOINT - British Wild Flowers Re-Issue to Which Is Added a Supplement Containing 180 Figures of Lately Discovered Flowering Plants by John W. Salter and the Ferns Horsetails and Club-Mosses by John E. Sowerby
74672: SHARLAND ROSE E. - Exmoor Lyrics and Other Verses
51534: HERTZLER ARTHUR E. - The Horse & Buggy Doctor
115251: MYLONAS GEORGE E. - Ancient Mycenae the Capital City of Agamemnon
113792: HUGHES T. E., EDWARDS DAVID, ROBERTS HUGH G., HUGHES THOMAS - History of the Welsh in Minnesota Foreston and Lime Springs Iowa
89851: GLADSTONE WILLIAM E., BASSETT A. TILNEY - Gladstone to His Wife
103861: RUSSELL GEORGE W.E. - Sydney Smith English Men of Letters
82933: MACDONNELL J.E. - Wings Off the Sea
82246: GARROD A.E. - Port After Stormy Seas a Sailor's Tale
115214: HYDE FRANCIS E. - Far Eastern Trade 1860-1914
98470: BAKER ARTHUR E. - A Tennyson Dictionary the Characters and Place-Names Contained in the Poetical Works of the Poet, Alphabetically Arranged and Described with Synopses of the Poems and Plays
86622: VANDIVER FRANK E. - Rebel Brass the Confederate Command System
86623: VANDIVER FRANK E. - Jubal's Raid General Early's Famous Attack on Washington in 1864
114475: TATE W.E. - The Parish Chest a Study of the Records of Parochial Administration in England
116223: NESBIT E. - The Railway Children
112705: SMEDLEY FRANK E. - Frank Fairleigh or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil
116377: NESBIT E. - Wet Magic
94379: PALGRAVE MARY E. - Driftwood
114447: DUNLOP E.E. - The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop Java and the Burma-Thailand Railway 1942 - 1945
89597: MORRIS E.E. - Cassell's Picturesque Australasia in Four Volumes
114245: MITTON G.E. - The Lost Cities of Ceylon
107159: AUSTEN-LEIGH J.E. - A Memoir of Jane Austen by Her Nephew
97566: FREEBOROUGH E. - Select Chess End Games
76052: MUSSELWHITE DAVID E. - Partings Welded Together Politics and Desire in the Nineteenth-Century English Novel
98378: PEARY ROBERT E. - The North Pole
100532: SEAVER JAMES E., NAMIAS JUNE - A Narrative of the Life of Mrs Mary Jemison Who Was Taken by the Indians in 1755
115232: LIPSON E. - The Economic History of England Volume I the Middle Ages
65185: TAYLOR A.E. - Socrates Men of Destiny
101249: FISK EARL E. - Lovely Laughter an Anthology of Seventeenth Century Love Lyrics
105200: VIOLLET-LE-DUC E.E. - Military Architecture
110825: FARLEY FRANK E., EKLESS DON F. - A History of Milverton
116578: LAWRENCE T.E. - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom a Triumph
98674: DALEY BRIAN E. - The Hope of the Early Church
88245: QUELLER DONALD E. - The Latin Conquest of Constantinople
113914: PRYCE-TANNATT T.E. - How to Dress Salmon Flies a Handbook for Amateurs
53286: GOULD SYLVESTER E. - Trichinosis
115080: EVANS-PRITCHARD E.E. - The Nuer a Description of the Modes of Livelihood and Political Institutions of a Nilotic People
109234: HOUSMAN A.E., PARKER AGNES MILLER - A Shropshire Lad
114460: OULTON WILFRED E. - Christmas Island Cracker an Account of the Planning and Execution of the British Thermonuclear Bomb Tests 1957
56086: PENNELL-ELMHIRST E. - The Best of the Fun
85937: NEELY MARK E., HOLZER HAROLD - The Union Image Popular Prints of the CIVIL War North
85905: VANDIVER FRANK E. - Their Tattered Flags the Epic of the Confederacy
100857: HOUSMAN A.E. - A Shropshire Lad
64688: BENEZIT E. - Dictionnaire Critique Et Documentaire Des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs Et Graveurs Tome Huitieme Soane - Z.
64687: BENEZIT E. - Dictionnaire Critique Et Documentaire Des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs Et Graveurs Tome Septieme Poute - Sny
49008: HABIBULLAH E. - The Sinews of Indian Defence
107482: USSHER W.A.E. - Geology of the Country Around Exeter
115131: ASHMEAD-BARTLETT E. - The Riddle of Russia
62122: WILLIAMS A.E. - West Anglican Way the Growth of the Anglican Church in Western Australia the First 100 Years 1829 - 1929
112553: LAWRENCE T.E. - The Mint a Day-Book of the R.A. F. Depot between August and December 1922 with Later Notes by 352087 a/C Ross
116286: PRYCE-TANNATT T.E. - How to Dress Salmon Flies a Handbook for Amateurs
65116: KENT P.E., SATTERTHWAITE G.E., SPENCER A.M. - Time and Place in Orogeny
107445: JOHNS W.E. - Biggles in Australia
110864: MORPURGO J.E. - Barnes Wallis a Biography
94380: PALGRAVE MARY E. - Deb Clavel
86285: SUTHERLAND DANIEL E. - Guerrillas Unionists and Violence on the Confederate Home Front
42868: LEEK MICHAEL E. - The Art of Nautical Illustration a Visual Tribute to the Achievements of the Classic Marine Illustrators
103125: MORRITT H.E. - The Constant Fisherman
77831: JONES LAWRENCE E. - The Observer's Book of Churches
106987: SHERWOOD VICKI E., PLAUT LUKAS - Variable Stars and Stellar Evolution
108135: PEIERLS R. E. - Atomic Histories
64684: BENEZIT E. - Dictionnaire Critique Et Documentaire Des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs Et Graveurs Tome Quatrieme Forand - Houdon
109858: MARSHALL H.E. - Our Empire Story Told to Boys and Girls
64682: BENEZIT E. - Dictionnaire Critique Et Documentaire Des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs Et Graveurs Tome Premier Aa - Bonnard
72624: MEADE JAMES E. - Wage Fixing Stagflation Vol 1
105654: NEALE J.E. - Elizabeth I.
85494: BROOME J.E. - Services Wrendered by Sonia Snodgrass
47227: PEERS CHARLES E. - Our Land Ons Land a Series of One Hundred Drawings in Colour
105875: LAWRENCE T.E., GARNETT DAVID - The Letters of T.E. Lawrence
80170: FUSSELL G.E. - James Ward Animal Painter 1769 - 1859 and His England
115395: BARRINGER E.E. - Alone on a Wide Wide Sea the Story of 835 Nval Air Squadron in the Second World War
51518: COLLIER HOWARD E. - Outlines of Industrial Medical Practice
116276: ROSE RONALD E. - English Dial Clocks
83000: EARDLEY-WILMOT SIR JOHN E., ASSHETON SMITH THOMAS - A Famous Foxhunter Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith Esq or the Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman
57846: MULLER WALTER E. - The Benzodiazepine Receptor Drug Acceptor Only or a Physiologically Relevant Part of Our Central Nervous System
116641: LEE CHARLES E. - The First Passenger Railway the Oystermouth or Swansea and Mumbles Line
71918: BROWN RAYMOND E. - Christ in the Gospels of the Ordinary Sundays Essays on the Gospel Readings of the Ordinary Sundays in the 3 Year Liturgical Cycl
94377: PALGRAVE MARY E. - Between Two Opinions
99581: RAVEN CHARLES E. - Ramblings of a Bird Lover
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91617: DUNNE PETER FINLAY - Song of the Outer Banks a Celebration in Thirteen Cantos
108248: HOOPER FINLEY, SCHWARTZ MATTHEW - Roman Letters History from a Personal Point of View
112261: BENESTAD FINN, SCHJELDERUP-EBBE DAG - Edvard Grieg Chamber Music Nationalism Universality Individuality
106863: O'TOOLE FINTAN - A Traitor's Kiss Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
115979: HILL FIONA, GADDY CLIFFORD - The Siberian Curse How Communist Planners Left Russia out in the Cold
78538: HACKNEY FIONA, HACKNEY ISLA - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
106971: PEARCE FIONA - Cecil Arthur Hunt 1873 - 1965
113994: MACCARTHY FIONA - Stanley Spencer an English Vision
63391: BARHAM FISHER - Torbay Transport an Illustrated Study of Road Passenger Vehicles in Torquay and Paignton During the Early Years of the 20th Century
66279: KIMBALL FISKE - Domestic Architecture of the American Colonies and of the Early Republic
101309: PERKINS LUCY FITCH - The Cave Twins
101317: PERKINS LUCY FITCH - The Irish Twins
101319: PERKINS LUCY FITCH - The French Twins
86619: LEE GENERAL FITZHUGH - General Lee a Biography of Robert E. Lee
115289: STEPHEN JAMES FITZJAMES - The Story of Nuncomar and the Impeachment of Sir Elijah Impey in Two Volumes

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