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70435: MUSTERS MRS CHAWORTH - Book of Hunting Songs and Sport
72916: BOWYER CHAZ - For Valour the Air Vcs
83453: CHEESEMAN CLIVE, WLLIAMS JONATHAN - Rebels Pretenders and Imposters
89574: CHEKHOV ANTON, ASHMORE BRIAN - Don Juan in the Russian Manner
82666: CHEKHOV ANTON, PITCHER HARVEY - The Comic Stories.
66058: TRENCH RICHARD CHENEVIX - Synonyms of the New Testament Part the Second
101030: CHESSHYRE HUBERT, WOODCOCK THOMAS - Dictionary of British Arms Medieval Ordinary Volume One
103100: JORDAN WILLIAM CHESTER - A Tale of Two Monasteries Westminster and Saint-Denis in the Thirteenth Century
86262: HEARN CHESTER G. - The Capture of New Orleans 1862
103994: CHESTERTON G.K. - Charles Dickens
105611: CHESTERTON G.K - The Secret of Father Brown
103991: CHESTERTON G.K. - The Resurrection of Rome
103849: CHESTERTON G.K. - Robert Browning English Men of Letters
9795: CHICHESTER, MICHAEL & WILKINSON, JOHN - Uncertain Ally: British Defence Policy, 1960-90.
13461: CHILDS, DAVID [EDITOR] - The Changing Face of Western Communism.
36672: TCHEN YU-CHIOU - Portraying Taiwan the Beautiful
104093: KIDD CHIP - Bat-Manga the Secret History of Batman in Japan
91041: CHISHOLM KITTY, FERGUSON JOHN - Rome the Augustan Age a Source Book
94962: CHISHOLM ANNE, DAVIE MICHAEL - Beaverbrook a Life
94455: HOOPER CHLOE - A Child's Book of True Crime
64589: KOHN SHERAB CHODZIN - The Awakened One a Life of the Buddha
104152: CHOPIN FREDERYK, SYDOW BRONSILAW, HEDLEY ARTHUR - Selected Correspondence of Frederyk Chopin
102545: CHRIMES S.B. - Henry VII
44040: MERIAM CHRIS - Emphatic I Empathy in Pyschosynthesis Therapy
105059: MULLIN CHRIS - A Walk-on Part Diaries 1994-1999
94302: ASHTON CHRIS - Geebung the Story of Australian Polo
70586: SMITH CHRIS - Sport in Focus
105092: GIVEN-WILSON CHRIS - Chronicles of the Revolution 1397-1400 the Reign of Richard II
81639: CRADOCK CHRIS - Cradock on Shotguns
105060: MULLIN CHRIS - Decline & Fall Diaries 2005-2010
95354: BROOKS CHRIS - Mortal Remains the History and Present State of the Victorian and Edwardian Cemetery.
77650: BROWN CHRIS - The Second Scottish Wars of Independence 1332 - 1363
100490: BELLAMY CHRIS - Absolute War Soviet Russia in the Second World War
94931: BIRD CHRIS - To Catch a Tartar Notes from the Caucasus
101756: GAUSS CHRISTIAN - The German Emperor As Shown in His Public Utterances
94497: BRANDSTÄTTER CHRISTIAN - Design Der Wiener Werkstätte 1903 - 1932
77384: GERONDEAU CHRISTIAN - Transport in Europe
98976: WOLMAR CHRISTIAN - Fire & Steam a New History of the Railways in Britain.
78608: ZIEGLER CHRISTIANE - The Louvre Egyptian Antiquities
86037: BRUNINGS CHRISTIANUS - Compendium Antiquitatum Graecarum E Profanis Sacrarum Editio Altera Auctior Et Emendatior
61553: CHRISTIE'S - Orders Decorations and Campaign Medals 19 July 1988
84541: CHRISTIE'S - The First Sale Catalogue Friday December 5 1766
90774: CHRISTIE'S - Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale Tuesday 11 May 2010
99003: CHRISTIE'S - 20th Century British Art 6 December 2007
84419: CHRISTIE'S - Important American Furniture Silver Prints Folk Art and Decorative Arts January 1995
84412: CHRISTIE'S - The Collection of Mr and Mrs Eddy Nicholson January 1995
84413: CHRISTIE'S - The Collection of Mr and Mrs George W. Scott Jr Lancaster Pennsylvania June 1994
99005: CHRISTIE'S - 20th Century British Art 24 October 2007
99006: CHRISTIE'S - English and Continental Furniture Including the Collection of Countess Moira Rossi de Montelera and the London Stock of H.C. Baxter & Sons 21 April 2005
98988: CHRISTIE'S - 20th Century British Art 27 February 2008
101244: CHRISTIE'S - The John and Frances L. Loeb Collection
84416: CHRISTIE'S - Important American Indian Art December 1996.
39192: CHRISTIE, I.R. - Crisis of Empire Great Britain and the American Colonies 1754 - 1783
94577: CHRISTIE'S - Innovators of Twentieth Century Style Including Property from the Collection of Billy Wilder
53113: CHRISTIE'S - The Newall Collection 13 and 14 December 1979
84423: CHRISTIE'S - Oak Country Furniture Folk Art Works of Art and Sculpture Including the Fernyhough Collection July 2003
84420: CHRISTIE'S - Oak Country Furniture Folk Art and Works of Art Including the V. Myerson Collection of Cutlery November 1996
61550: CHRISTIE'S - Orders Decorations and Campaign Medals 22 November 1988
84425: CHRISTIE'S - An Important Collection of Early Oak Furniture and Metalware Removed from the Manor House Bramcote Nottinghamshire May 2001
99004: CHRISTIE'S - 20th Century British Art Dreaming Spires Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge 7 December 2006
100555: CHRISTIE'S - Playboy at 50 Selections from the Archives
104079: CHRISTIE'S - Drawings and Sculpture Prints and Posters from the Douglas Cooper Collection 30 November 1988
99002: CHRISTIE'S - 20th Century British Art Including the Peter Meyer Collection 6 June 2008
84418: CHRISTIE'S - Pennsylvanian German Folk Art and Decorative Arts from the Collection of Mr and Mrs Richard Flanders Smith June 1995
83973: SCHAEFFER CHRISTINA K. - The Great War a Guide to the Service Records of All the World's Fighting Men and Volunteers
103244: LAMB CHRISTINA - Farewell Kabul from Afghanistan to a More Dangerous World
68371: HARDYMENT CHRISTINA - Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint's Trunk
91874: DODWELL CHRISTINA - A Traveller in China
68699: HARDYMENT CHRISTINA - Ransome on Blue Water Sailing
78055: COURTNEY CHRISTINE - Island Inheritance
104013: CHAUNDLER CHRISTINE - A Fourth Form Rebel
88923: OLSCHAK BLANCHE CHRISTINE - Sikkim Himalajastaat Zwischen Gletschern Und Dschungeln.
23128: ARNOTHY CHRISTINE - The Charlatan.
50541: CHRISTOFF PETER, STRECK CHARLOTTE - International Affairs Volume 82 Number 5 September 2006
79351: SYKES CHRISTOPER - Character and Situation
84689: LICHTENBERG GEORG CHRISTOPH - Aphorismen Schriften Briefe
102624: TULL CHRISTOPHER - Challacombe the Story of an Exmoor Village
82441: MACLEHOSE CHRISTOPHER - Leopard II Turning the Page Essays Memoirs Fiction Poetry and One Sermon
105685: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - Prater Violet
91382: HAMPTON CHRISTOPHER - Tales from Hollywood a Play
101174: HUSSEY CHRISTOPHER - Eton College
52560: BLAKE CHRISTOPHER - Times and Seasons a Biography of Humphrey Blake 1888 - 1988
103579: RICHES CHRISTOPHER - The History of the Beano
51571: LLOYD CHRISTOPHER - The British Seaman
104446: COKER CHRISTOPHER - Twilight of the West
102566: HILL CHRISTOPHER - Change and Continuity in Seventeenth-Century England
93173: MOORE CHRISTOPHER - 1867 How the Fathers Made a Deal
101996: NORRIS CHRISTOPHER - The Truth About Postmodernism
61920: CHANTER CHRISTOPHER - A House for Hitler? the Story of Knowstone Manor Exmoor
102736: SOMERVILLE CHRISTOPHER - Our War How the British Commonwealth Fought the Second World War
103419: PLATT CHRISTOPHER - The Most Obliging Man in Europe the History of Oxford Scouts
68949: SYMONS CHRISTOPHER - Oswestry School a Commemorative History 1407 - 2007
77386: ONDAATJE CHRISTOPHER - Journey to the Source of the Nile
42981: GOSCHEN EDWARD AND HOWARD CHRISTOPHER H.D. - The Diary of Edward Goschen 1900 - 1914
95004: ANSTEY CHRISTOPHER - The New Bath Guide
39308: HARVIE CHRISTOPHER - Scotland and Nationalism Scottish Society and Politics 1707 - 1977
101807: FINCH CHRISTOPHER - American Watercolors
102691: BOUCHER CHRISTOPHER - How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive
103546: BREWARD CHRISTOPHER - British Design from 1948
101794: COUCH N.C. CHRISTOPHER - Jerry Robinson Ambassador of Comics
92511: ONDAATJE CHRISTOPHER - Journey to the Source of the Nile
103464: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - Edward VIII the Last Victorian King
103166: HAIGH CHRISTOPHER - Elizabeth I
104112: BELL CHRISTOPHER M. - Churchill and Sea Power
19823: SCOBLE CHRISTOPHER - Fishermans Friend: A Life of Stephen Reynolds 1881-1919
105167: DUFFY CHRISTOPHER - Frederick the Great a Military Life
104078: SYKES CHRISTOPHER - Troubled Loyalty a Biography of Adam Von Trot Zu Solz
82290: NASSAAR CHRISTOPHER S. - The Victorians a Major Authors Anthology
103714: LLOYD CHRISTOPHER - In Search of a Masterpiece an Art Lover's Guide to Great Britain and Ireland
105035: ANDREW CHRISTOPHER - The Defence of the Realm the Authorized History of Mi5
54059: HUSSEY CHRISTOPHER - Eton College with an Account of Oppidan Eton
50227: MORGAN CHRISTOPHER - Don Carlos and Company
105062: OGDEN CHRISTOPHER - Legacy
95869: ANSTEY CHRISTOPHER - An Election Ball
91680: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - Nelson a Personal History
93378: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - Lost Years 1945 - 1951
83977: ARMSTRONG CHRISTOPHER - Backalong the Story of Lee Bay and Chapel Cottage
100144: FALKUS CHRISTOPHER - The Private Lives of the Tudor Monarchs
94938: HOPE CHRISTOPHER - Me the Moon and Elvis Presley
102435: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - Queen Victoria a Personal History
102783: WOOD CHRISTOPHER - Tissot
104867: DUFFY CHRISTOPHER - Red Storm on the Reich the Soviet March on Germany 1945.
87780: WOOD CHRISTOPHER - Victorian Painters Dictionary of British Art Volume IV 2 Historical Survey and Plates
43542: ARMSTEAD CHRISTOPHER - Princely Pageant
105684: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER - Lions and Shadows an Education
103272: WHATLEY CHRISTOPHER A. - Bought and Sold for English Gold? the Union of 1707
94522: LOGUE CHRISTOPHER - Mixed Rushes
105354: HARTOP CHRISTOPHER - The Huguenot Legacy English Silver 1680 - 1760 from the Alan and Simone Hartman Collection
73245: MIDDLETON CHRISTOPHER - The Word Pavilion and Selected Poems
102687: SYKES CHRISTOPHER - Orde Wingate
94523: LOGUE CHRISTOPHER - Singles
86419: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - King Arthur
92035: WOODFORDE CHRISTOPHER - English Stained and Painted Glass
94521: LOGUE CHRISTOPHER - Urbanal
102682: SYKES CHRISTOPHER - Evelyn Waugh
85685: HOLLIS CHRISTOPHER - Lenin Portrait of a Professional Revolutionary
104511: BREWARD CHRISTOPHER - British Design from 1948
91443: PLUMMER CHRISTOPHER - In Spite of Myself
98173: DUGGAN CHRISTOPHER - The Force of Destiny a History of Italy Since 1796
95147: HOPE CHRISTOPHER - Kruger's Alp
75445: WOOD CHRISTOPHER - The Dictionary of Victorian Painters with Guide to Auction Prices and Index to Artists' Monograms
102236: JOACHIMIDES CHRISTOS - German Art in the 20th Century Painting and Sculpture 1905-85
102113: CAMPBELL CHRISTY - The Maharajah's Box an Imperial Intrigue
62874: CHU ARTHUR, CHU GRACE - Oriental Antiques and Collectibles a Guide
103858: CHURCH R.W. - Spenser English Men of Letters
103842: CHURCH R.W. - Bacon English Men of Letters
96268: CHURCH C.M. - Chapters in the Early History of the Church in Wells A.D. 1136 - 1333
100778: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Second World War.
63963: CIBBER COLLEY, BICKERSTAFF ISAAC, SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM, GAY JOHN - Love Makes a Man Or the Fop's Fortune a Comedy [&] the Maid of the MILL a Comic Opea [&] the Taming of the Shrew [&] the Beggar's Opera
43877: BARKER CICELY M. - The Flower Fairies of the Autumn with the Nuts and Berries They Bring
90276: BARKER CICELY M. - Flower Fairies of the Autumn with the Nuts and Berries They Bring
98824: CICERO MARCUS TULLIUS, MUELLER C.F.W. - M Tulli Ciceronis Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia Partis II Volume I - III
100172: CICERO, HOLDEN HUBERT ASHTON - M. Tulli Ciceronis de Officiis Libri Tres
75494: CICERO, FREESE J.H. - M. Tulli Ciceronis Pro L. Murena Oratio Ad Iudices
75489: CICERO, MAYOR JOHN E.B,, HALM KARL - Cicero's Second Philippic with an Introduction and Notes
105316: CICERO, MILLER WALTER - Cicero de Officiis
85783: CIMBALA PAUL A., MILLER RANDALL M. - An Uncommon Time the CIVIL War and the Northern Home Front
101798: DE LA HOZ CINDY - Marilyn Monroe Platinum Fox
102065: TOMALIN CLAIRE - Samuel Pepys the Unequalled Self
101024: TOMALIN CLAIRE - Samuel Pepys the Unequalled Self
105701: TOMALIN CLAIRE - Charles Dickens a Life
104384: BREAY CLAIRE - Magna Carta Law Liberty Legacy
99834: CLAPHAM A.R., TUTIN T.G., WARBURG E.F., ROLES SYBIL J. - Flora of the British Isles Illustrations Part I Pteridophyta - Papilionaceae Part II Rosaceae - Polemoniaceae Part III Boraginaceae - Compositae Part IV Monocotyledons.
94100: CLAPHAM A.W. - Romanesque Architecture in Western Europe
98428: CALDWELL CLARE - Oxfordshire Domesday Book
83461: CLARE JOHN, ROBINSON ERIC - John Clare's Autobiographical Writings
51248: CRICK CLARE - Victorian Buildings in Bristol
13767: GEORGE CLARE - The Evangelist.
102776: PHILLIPS CLARE - Bejewelled By Tiffany 1837-1987
71754: WINCHESTER CLARENCE - Shipping Wonders of the World Vol I Part 1 -26 [&] Vol II Part 27 - 35
98655: CLARK THOMAS D., GUICE JOHN D. W. - The Old Southwest 1795-1830 Frontiers in Conflict
73815: CLARK T.J.H., MYGIND N., SELROOS O. - Corticosteroid Treatment in Allergic Airway Diseases Proceedings of a Symposium in Copenhagen Oct 1 - 2 1981
97326: CLARK K.C. - Positioning in Radiography
101695: KITSON CLARK G.S.R. - An Expanding Society Britain 1830 - 1900
97157: CLARK, VICTORIA - Why Angels Fall a Journey Through Orthodox Europe
103216: CLARK J.C.D., ERSKINE-HILL HOWARD - The Interpretation of Samuel Johnson
102024: CLARK J.C.D. - Revolution and Rebellion State and Society in England in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
86669: CLARK JAMES LEMUEL, CLARK L.D. - CIVIL War Recollections of James Lemuel Clark Including Previously Unpublished Material on the Great Hanging at Gainsville Texas in October 1862
93843: CLARK J.D. - Kalambo Falls Prehistoric Site Volume I the Geology Palaeo-Ecology and Detailed Stratigraphy of the Excavations.
102357: CLARK T. J. - The Absolute Bourgeois Artists and Politics in France 1848-51
89927: BOWMAN JOHN CLARKE - Pocahontas
79310: CLARKE MRS HENRY, STACEY W.S. - The Bushranger's Secret
102458: CLARKE HELEN, AMBROSIANI BJORN - Towns in the Viking Age
31216: CLARKE, MRS C.M. - Con's Acre a Tale of Gillcourt Farm.
105084: CLARKE I.F. - The Great War with Germany 1890-1940 Fictions and Fantasies of the War-to-Come
105085: CLARKE I.F. - The Tale of the Next Great War 1871-1914 Fictions of Future Warfare and of Battles-Still-to-Come
94319: CHRISTO AND JEANNE-CLAUDE - Christo and Jeanne-Claude Three Works in Progress
97543: WALLACE CLAUDE - From Jungle to Jutland
77788: DOUMET-SERHAL CLAUDE - Michel Chiha 1891 - 1954
36673: PRETRE JEAN-CLAUDE - Ariane le Labyrinthe
89020: FARRERE CLAUDE - Histoire de la Marine Francaise
75407: LEETHAM CLAUDE - Rosmini Priest and Philosopher
71921: JARMAK CLAUDE M. - If You Seek Miracles Reflections of Saint Anthony of Padua
103518: PALISCA CLAUDE - Baroque Music
47226: MARTIN CLAUDE - The Rainforests of West Africa Ecology Threats Conservation
45406: DEWHURST CLAUDE - Limelight for Suez
71718: MANCERON CLAUDE - Which Way to Turn Napoleon's Last Choice
94120: SWAN CLAUDIA - The Clutius Botanical Watercolors Plants and Flowers of the Renaissance
102980: GOLD CLAUDIA - The King's Mistress Scandal Intrigue and the True Story of the Woman Who Stole George I's Heart
84637: CLAUDIUS MATTHIAS, PERFAHL JOST, PFEIFFER-BELLI WOLFGANG, PLATSCHEK HANSJORG - Matthias Claudius Werke in Einem Band Jubiläumsbibliothek Der Deutschen Literatur
39376: CLAYDEN, P.W. - England Under Lord Beaconsfield the Political History of Six Years from the End of 1873 to the Beginning of 1880
61407: CALTHROP DION CLAYTON - English Costume
60191: STAFFORD CLAYTON - The Swan and the Eagle and Other Poems
61395: CALTHROP DION CLAYTON - The Charm of Gardens
103028: CLAYTON P.B. - Tales of Talbot House in Poperinghe & Ypres
77501: GEORGIADES CLEANTHIS P. - History of Cyprus
26236: CLEATHER ALICE, CRUMP BASIL - Tannhauser and the Mastersingers of Nuremberg Described and Interpreted.
92382: CLEGG H.A., CHESTER T.E. - The Future of Nationalization
72667: CLEGG H.A. - General Union a Study of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers
89094: CLELAND JIM, RUSHTON TINA - Portrait of a Windmill a Guide to Windmills in Kent and Sussex
26655: CLEMENT, FELIX - Histoire de la Musique Depuis Les Temps Anciens Jusqu'a Nos Jours.
67149: BOASE GEORGE CLEMENT - Collectanea Cornubiensia a Collection of Biographical and Topographical Notes Relating to the County of Cornwall
97249: BLACK CLEMENTINA - The Linleys of Bath
73062: CLEMENTS REG, FOLLOWS JACK - Meanwhile at Ground Level
65188: WILKINSON CLENNELL - Richard Coeur de Lion Men of Destiny
70266: LE CLERC JULIE, WILLIAMS VIC - Vineyards of New Zealand Cookbook
83501: WEBB CLIFF - A Guide to Middlesex Parish Documents Now Including Poor Law Records
60139: ASHBY CLIFF - The Dogs of Dewsbury
102407: TRAFZER CLIFFORD E. - The Kit Carson Campaign the Last Great Navajo War
73814: HAWKINS CLIFFORD - Mishap Or Malpractice?
86806: DOWDEY CLIFFORD - Lee's Last Campaign the Story of Lee and His Men Against Grant 1864
65187: BAX CLIFFORD - Leonardo Da Vinci Men of Destiny
74016: CLIFFORD MRS W.K. - Sir George's Objection
44563: VINEY CLIVE - Hong Kong's Own Big Bird Race 1991
101972: EMSLEY CLIVE - Crime and Society in England 1750-1900
103965: JAMES CLIVE - Latest Readings
99984: BERRIDGE CLIVE - The Almshouses of London
97604: EMSLEY CLIVE - Crime and Society in England 1750 - 1900
105087: DEWEY CLIVE - Anglo-Indian Attitudes the Mind of the Indian CIVIL Service
78531: MUMFORD CLIVE - Portrait of the Isles of Scilly
69607: WILLIAMS CLIVE - Terrorism Explained
99852: JAMES CLIVE - Poetry Notebook 2006 - 2014
102965: BARTLETT CLIVE - English Longbowman 1330-1515
60259: WILMER CLIVE - The Mystery of Things
60260: WILMER CLIVE - Selected Poems 1965 - 1993
84491: EDWARDS CLIVE - The Intelligent Layman's Book of British Furniture 1600 - 2000
57237: BIRCH CLIVE - The Book of Aylesbury an Historical Anthology in Pictures
103486: ASLET CLIVE - Villages of Britain the 500 Villages That Made the Countryside
48686: CLOSE PAUL, COLLINS ROSEMARY - Family and Economy in Modern Society
44116: CLOUGH S.D.P. - A Second Personal Anthology
99836: CLOUGH ARTHUR HUGH, MULHAUSER FREDERICK L. - The Correspondence of Arthur Hugh Clough Volume I [&] Volume II
44207: CLOUGH S.D.P. - Two Pushkin Tales a New Completed Version of Dubrovsky Together with the Incomplete History of the Village of Goryukhino
44206: CLOUGH S.D.P. - The Wandering Jew an Account of His Last Adventures Together with a Selection of His Memoirs
44208: CLOUGH S.D.P. - A Personal Anthology
88164: BRITISH BOXER CLUB - The British Boxer Club Record Book 1939 to 1975
76316: BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB - Exhibition of Early English Earthenware
88167: BRITISH BOXER CLUB - The British Boxer Club Year Book 1973 - 1974
65112: CLUFF ROBERT M., BARROWS MARY H. - Hydrocarbon Generation and Source Rock Evaluation
53285: CLUNIES-ROSS IAN, ET AL - Journal of Helminthology Supplement in Honour of R.T. Lieper on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday 1961
85744: WILSON CLYDE N. - The Most Promising Young Man of the South James Johnston Pettigrew and His Men at Gettysburg
71666: JONES CLYVE - Party Management in Parliament 1660 - 1784
94882: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO. - Catalogue of the Krug Collection of Glass Part I
95972: HARVEY AND CO - Short Account of Sir Astley Cooper's Vital Restorative the Only Acknowledged Successful Remedy for the Removal of General Local and Nervous Debility
69487: MAPLE & CO. - A Few Examples of Dining Room Library & Hall Furniture
65918: J. WEINFELD & CO. - Mikraoth Gedoloth in Two Volumes
75164: SOTHEBY & CO. - Catalogue of the Mr and Mrs Jack R. Dick Collection of English Sporting and Conversation Paintings in Four Parts
18895: JONES & CO - Jones' Views of the Seats Mansions Castles &C of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England.
92103: COBHAM LORD, HINTZ O.S. - Lord Cobham's Speeches a Selection from the Speeches of Viscount Cobham During His Term of Office As Governor-General of New Zealand 1957 - 1962
87460: COCKBURN J.S., KING H.P.F., MCDONNELL K.G.T. - A History of the County of Middlesex Volume I Victoria County History
87747: COCKETT F.B. - Early Sea Painters 1660 - 1730
72277: COCKS A.T. - The Chemistry and Deposition of Nitrogen Species in the Troposphere
104017: COCTEAU JEAN, DUNCAN RONALD, WILDMAN CARL - The Eagle Has Two Heads [&] the Human Voice
81039: COCTEAU JEAN, CHANEL PIERRE, HOWARD RICHARD - Tense and Text Volume II Diaries
63770: ROPES JOHN CODMAN - The Story of the CIVIL War a Concise Account of the War in the United States of America between 1861 and 1865 Part 1 to the Opening of the Campaigns of 1862
91928: CODRINGTON SIR HENRY, BOURCHIER LADY - Selections from the Letters Private and Professional of Sir Henry Codrington Admiral of the Fleet.
89993: COETZEE J.M. - Summertime Scenes from Provincial Life
104445: COFFEY J.I. - Arms Control and European Security a Guide Guide to East-West Negotiations
79127: FOLKARD HENRY COLEMAN - The Wild-Fowler a Treatise on Ancient and Modern Wild-Fowling Historical and Practical
96049: COLERIDGE SAMUEL TAYLOR, GRIGGS EARL LESLIE - The Unpublished Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Including Certain Letters Republished from Original Sources Volume I [&] Volume II
105260: COLERIDGE SAMUEL TAYLOR, HOLMES RICHARD - Samuel Taylor Coleridge Selected Poems
104690: COLERIDGE SAMUEL TAYLOR, PEAKE MERVYN - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
88288: COLERIDGE-TAYLOR S., LONGFELLOW H.W., - Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha Set to Music for Soprano Tenor and Baritone Soli Chorus and Orchestra
89113: FINCH WILLIAM COLES - Watermills and Windmills a Historical Survey of Their Rise Decline and Fall As Portrayed By Those of Kent
103220: CROSS COLIN - The Fascists in Britain
105482: SMITH COLIN - England's Last War Against France Fighting Vichy 1040 - 1942
104860: BRETT COLIN J. - Crown Revenues from Somerset and Dorset 1605
83158: MAGGS COLIN G. - Somerset Railways
89750: SHINDLER COLIN - The Worst of Friends Malcolm Allison Joe Mercer and Manchester City
77252: TUDGE COLIN - In Mendel's Footnotes an Introduction to the Science and Technologies of Genes and Genetics from the Nineteenth Century to the Twenty-Second
99195: LEYS COLIN - European Politics in Southern Rhodesia
103516: MATTHEW COLIN - The Nineteenth Century 1815-1901 Short Oxford History of the British Isles
102604: WELLS COLIN - Sailing from Byzantium How a Lost Empire Shaped the World
81020: THUBRON COLIN - The Lost Heart of Asia
105497: AMERY COLIN - Period Houses and Their Details
85597: HARBURY COLIN - Descriptive Economics
91851: FORD COLIN - Julia Margaret Cameron 19th Century Photographer of Genius
88361: WAKEFIELD COLIN - Doctrina Arabum Science and Philosophy in Mediaeval Islam and Their Transmission to Europe an Exhibition at the Bodleian Library
100814: WILLIAMS COLIN L. - Great Western Steam on Shed
73512: MANDEVILLE COLIN - The Last Days of New York?
99741: WILLOCK COLIN - The Farmer's Book of Field Sports
104321: DOBINSON COLIN - Fields of Deception Britain's Bombing Decoys of Wwii
96057: COLLECTIF - La Mode Cote D'azur Musée de la Mode de Marseille Exposition Du 19 Novembre 2004 Au 26 Septembre 2005
67945: COLLECTIF - Proust
74575: COLLECTIF - Les Grandes Enigmes de L'histoire de France
53056: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 16 No 7 -11
53057: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 17 No 1 - 12
53058: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 18 No 1 - 11
53046: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 11 No 1 - 12
53047: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 12 No 1 - 6
53048: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 12 No 7 - 12
53050: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 13 No 7 -11
53051: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 14 No 1 - 6
53052: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 14 No 7 - 12
53053: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 15 No 2 - 6
53054: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 15 No 7 - 11
53055: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 16 No 1 - 6
53060: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 19 No 7 - 11
53061: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 20 No 1 - 6
53062: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB - Antique Collecting the Journal of the Antique Collectors' Club Volume 20 No 7 - 11
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104108: WALTERS DEREK - Feng Shui the Chinese Art of Designing a Harmonious Environment
90381: WHALE DEREK M. - The Liners of Liverpool Part I [&] Part II
93726: BIRDSALL DEREK - Harry Peccinotti
77926: WILSON DEREK - Sweet Robin a Biography of Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester 1533 - 1588
51838: LOVEJOY DEREK - Land Use and Landscape Planning
90175: PARKER DEREK - Familiar to All William Lilly and Astrology in the Seventeenth Century
62342: MANN DEREK - Mann at Sea
91422: MALCOLM DEREK - Family Secrets
59144: MILLS DEREK - Strategies for the Rehabilitation of Salmon Rivers
77674: WILSON DEREK - All the King's Women Love Sex and Politics in the Life of Charles II
75241: WEST G. DEREK - The Elevens of England
99149: WILLIAMS DEREK - Romans and Barbarians Four Views from the Empire's Edge 1st Century Ad
103719: PELLY DERK - Upton Connections a Story of Families
100331: BOYLE DERMOT - My Life.
63379: QUINN DERMOT - Patronage and Piety the Politics of English Roman Catholicism 1850 - 1900
96513: BYATT DERRICK - Promises to Pay the First Three Hundred Years of Bank of England Notes
105107: MURPHY DERVLA - Where the Indus Is Young a Winter in Baltistan
103206: WHITTLESEY DERWENT - The Earth and the State a Study of Political Geography
84824: DESCHNER KARLHEINZ, HERRMANN HORST - Der Anti-Katechismus 200 Gründe Gegen Die Kirchen Und Für Die Welt
104789: SHAWE-TAYLOR DESMOND - The Conversation Piece
102877: SEWARD DESMOND - Jerusalem's Traitor Josephus Masada and the Fall of Judea
78163: MORSE-BOYCOTT DESMOND - A Tapestry of Toil
95351: GUINNESS DESMOND - Georgian Dublin
103431: SEWARD DESMOND - The Demon's Brood
104687: SEWARD DESMOND - Richard III England’S Black Legend
97741: SEWARD DESMOND - Napoleon's Family
95763: STEWART DESMOND - Theodor Herzl Artist and Politician
45124: DEUTSCHMANN CHRISTOPH, WIEVIORKA MICHEL, ET AL - Thesis Eleven Money and Society Culture and Democracy
43993: DEVEREUX E.J.P., MORGAN M.A. - Mapwork with Pictures Book One British Isles [&] Book Two Western Europe
39870: DEXTER, BYRON - The Years of Opportunity the League of Nations 1920 - 1926
96440: SANGHVI SIDDHARTH DHANVANT - The Last Song of Dusk
13597: DIACONESCU, GHEORGHE - Democratic Control over the Army in Romania.
99854: KRIZ KAY DIAN - The Idea of the English Landscape Painter Genius As Alibi in the Early Nineteenth Century
103972: NORMAN DIANA - Siena Florence and Padua Art Society and Religion 1280 - 1400 Volume I Interpretive Essays.
73478: EVANS DIANA - The Wonder
91727: RAMSAY DIANA - Four Steps to Death
103971: NORMAN DIANA - Siena Florence and Padua Art Society and Religion 1280 - 1400 Volume II Case Studies.
54467: MORCOM DIANA - Mara
73360: ANTONAKATOY DIANA - Nafplion
95366: WINSOR DIANA - The Dream of Bath
104102: SAEKS DIANE D. - California Interiors
79094: HUNT DICK - Bygones Sussex Coaching Reminiscences.
48530: LEONARD DICK - Crosland and New Labour
77381: WHITFIELD DICK - The Magic Bracelet Technology and Offender Supervision
102402: LEONARD DICK - Eighteenth-Century British Premieres Walpole to the Younger Pitt
104739: VERNON DICK - Strafer Gott 1897-1942 a Tribute to Lt General William Henry Ewart Stafer Gott
82132: LAUDER SIR THOMAS DICK - The Wolfe of Badenoch
87336: DICKENS CHARLES,VAN NOORDEN C. - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club Two Volumes
62191: DICKENS CHARLES, BROCK C.E. - The Battle of Life
68685: DICKENS CHARLES, FORSTER JOHN - The Biographical Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens 21 Volumes
86509: DICKENS CHARLES, BROCK CHARLES E. - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
89734: DICKINSON H.W. - James Watt Craftsman & Engineer
91570: DICKINSON W., PREVOST E.W., DICKSON BROWN S. - A Glossary of the Words and Phrases Pertaining to the Dialect of Cumberland
57978: DICKINSON J. C. - Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
66338: DICKLE EDGAR, ADAMS FRANK - Psammyforshort Rex Imp
104726: PATTERSON DICKSON - West African Interlude
36427: DIDEROT - Recits
83351: DIDEROT, BILLY ANDRE - Ouevres
37759: DIDEROT AND D'ALEMBERT - Art Heraldique Recueil de Planches Sur Les Sciences Les Arts Libéraux Et Les Arts Méchaniques
30230: DIEMER, HERMINE & MANNING, WALTER S. - Oberammergau and Its Passion Play.
84645: MEHL DIETER - Die Tragôdien Shakespeares Eine Einführung
41447: MEICHSNER DIETER - Vain Glory
87691: FABIAN DIETRICH - Modern Swimming Pools of the World Directions for the Building of Modern Swimming Pools in Photos and Plans
103553: DIETRICH MARGOT, HOFFMANN DETLEF - Skatspiel Geschichte Bilder Regeln
104341: ANDERSON DIGBY - Gentility Recalled Mere Manners and the Making of Social Order
105672: BALTZELL E. DIGBY - Sporting Gentlemen History of Men's Amateur Lawn Tennis
83932: DIGGES LEONARD, DIGGES THOMAS - A Prognostication Everlasting Corrected and Augmented a Reproduction of the Copy in the British Library
105010: HIRO DILIP - Desert Shield Desert Storm the Second Gulf War
18963: THOMAS ROBERT DALZELL DILLON - The Note-Book of a Lieutenant in the Italian Campaign
39686: DIMMOCK, F, HAYDN - The Scout Annual Volume XLVIII for 1953
39685: DIMMOCK, F, HAYDN - The Scout Annual Volume XLVII for 1952
98912: HALL DINAH - Country and Modern Contemporary Interiors for Rural Settings
79915: LIVINGSTONE DINAH - Time on Earth Selected and New Poems 1967 - 1999
98044: DINDORF WILHELM GUIL. DINDORFIUS - Poetae Scenici Graeci Accedunt Perditarum Fabularum Fragmenta.
81067: GUPTA DIPANKAR - Social Stratification Oxford in India Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology
97563: DITCHFIELD P. H. - Old English Sports

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