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105444: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XIII from the Position at Sea the Fall of Erzerum and First Battle of Verdun
105446: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XV Brussilov's Offensive and the Intervention of Rumania
105226: BUCHAN JOHN ( LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Men and Deeds
105452: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XXII the Darkest Hour
105453: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XXIII the Dawn
105429: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Clearing House a Survey of One Man's Mind a Selection from the Writings of John Buchan
105245: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Massacre at Glencoe
105241: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The King's Grace 1910 - 1935
105211: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - A Five Fold Salute to Adventure
105240: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Gap in the Curtain
105435: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume VI the Campaign on the Nieman and the Narev the Struggle in the Carpathians Neuve Chapelle and Beginning of the Dardanelles Campaign
105441: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume X the Russian Stand and the Allied Offensive in the West
105442: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XI the Struggle for the Dvina and the Great Invasion of Serbia
105430: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Long Traverse
105439: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume VII from the Second Battle of Ypres to the Beginning of the Italian Campaign
105217: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Essays and Apothegms of Francis Lord Bacon
105449: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XVIII from the German Overtures to the American Declaration of War
105450: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XX the Summer Campaigns of 1917
105424: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR), NEWBOLT HENRY - Days to Remember the British Empire in the Great War
105440: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume VIII the Midsummer Campaigns and the Battles on the Warsaw Salient
105220: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Greenmantle
105238: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Courts of the Morning
105227: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Midwinter Certain Travellers in Old England
105443: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XII the Retreat from Baghdad the Evacuation of Gallipoli and the Derby Report
105448: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XVII from the Opening of the Rumanian Campaign to the Change of Government in Britain
105221: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Huntingtower
105421: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Prester John
105436: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume IX the Italian War the Campaign at Gallipoli and the Russian Retreat from the Warsaw Salient
105445: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume XIV from the Fall of Kut to the Second Battle of Verdun
105438: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume IV the Great Struggle in West Flanders the Two Attacks on Warsaw and the Fighting at Sea to the Battle of the Falkland Islands
105237: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Battle of the Somme First Phase
105246: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - The Moon Endureth Tales and Fancies
105232: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Poems Scots and English
105233: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Sick Heart River
105235: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Sir Walter Raleigh
105437: BUCHAN JOHN (LORD TWEEDSMUIR) - Nelson's History of the War Volume V the War of Attrition in the West the Campaign in the Near East and the Fighting at Sea Down to the Blockade of Britain
108157: CONDON E.U., SHORTLEY G.H. - The Theory of Atomic Spectra
108488: ROBINS GEORGE U. - Lays of the Hertfordshire Hunt and Other Sporting Verses
98043: BURGER UDO - The Way to Perfect Horsemanship
77609: ULRICH EUGENE, LABARBERA ROBERT, ET AL. - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 46 No 4 October 1984
110008: NISSEN ULRIK - The Sources of Public Morality on the Ethics and Religion Debate Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Societas Ethica in Berlin August 2001
110572: ECO UMBERTO - Numero Zero
84817: ECO UMBERTO - Nachschrift Zum Namen Der Rose
84797: ECO UMBERTO - The Prague Cemetery
68189: RATCLIFFE DOROTHY UNA - Lillilows Character Sketches
99578: SNOW D.W. [&] BRITISH ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION - The Status of Birds in Britain Prepared by the Records Committee of the British Ornithologits' Union
31442: UPTON, SYDNEY - English Domestic Architecture
95130: SINCLAIR UPTON - A World to Win
71810: BLOOM URSULA - Harvest-Home Come Sunday
50507: BLOOM URSULA - The Caravan of Chance
43883: BLOOM URSULA - No Lady Meets No Gentleman
90290: HOURIHANE URSULA, HUMMERSTONE RENE - Highdays and Holidays
107141: FLECKNER UWE - Ingres
87175: WEDGWOOD C.V. - The Political Career of Peter Paul Rubens Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture
85316: THOMPSON E.V. - The Vagrant King
100975: HINE ROBERT V., LOTTINVILLE SAVOIE - Soldier in the West Letters During His Services in California Mexico and Oregon 1845 - 53
110021: WEDGWOOD C.V. - The Thirty Years War
85302: THOMPSON E.V. - Paths of Destiny
71408: BABINGTON SMITH V. - Dictionary of Contemporary Artists
85769: BRUCE ROBERT V. - Lincoln and the Tools of War
62134: SCAMMELL G.V. - The Great Age of Discovery 1400 - 1640 [&] Hakluyt Society Annual Report 1981
91638: WATSON E.V. - The Structure and Life of Bryophytes
55922: GLASS D.V., EVERSLEY D.E.C. - Population in History Essays in Historical Demography
59287: RIGHYNI R.V. - Advanced Salmon Fishing
82807: GRINSELL L.V. - Early Man Archeological Sites on Exmoor to 1066
52830: HAMMOND C.V. - Pack Up Your Medicines an Account of the Work of Pharmacists in the Services During the Second World War
81071: VILANILAM J.V. - Mass Communication in India a Sociological Perspective
110373: ROLO P.J.V. - George Canning Three Biographical Studies
83688: LINDSAY E.V. - Some Poems
85317: THOMPSON E.V. - Beyond the Storm
85318: THOMPSON E.V. - The Tolpuddle Woman
63067: NARBOROUGH F.D.V. - The Epistle to the Hebrews in the Revised Version the Clarendon Bible
85301: THOMPSON E.V. - Cassie
100735: PRENDERGAST E.D.V., BOYS J.V. - The Birds of Dorset
63533: PHILLIPS A.V. - War Sonnets and Others
100890: VERMONT E. DE V. - America Heraldica a Compilation of Coats of Arms Crests and Mottoes of Prominent American Families Settled in This Country Before 1800
85304: THOMPSON E.V. - No Less Than the Journey
85306: THOMPSON E.V. - Cast No Shadows
85307: THOMPSON E.V. - Seek a New Dawn
103139: BAZELIVICH K.V., PANKRATOVA A.M. - A History of the U.S. S.R. Part One [&] Part Two
63889: LUCAS E.V., SHEPARD ERNEST H. - Mr Punch's County Songs
85312: THOMPSON E.V. - The Lost Years
85313: THOMPSON E.V. - Somewhere a Bird Is Singing
85310: THOMPSON E.V. - Brothers in War
107147: BRADSHAW PERCY V. - Art in Advertising
85309: THOMPSON E.V. - Winds of Fortune
95543: CUNNINGHAM E. V. - Alice
55089: CONNOR SEYMOUR V., FAULK ODIE B. - North America Divided Mexican War 1846 - 1848
99307: GLOB P.V., BRUCE-MITFORD RUPERT - The Bog People Iron-Age Man Preserved
85300: THOMPSON E.V. - Ruddlemoor
69189: FILSON FLOYD V. - The Gospel According to St Matthew
104753: BRADSHAW PERCY V. - I Wish I Could Draw
108788: BULPIN T.V. - Discovering South Africa
98876: KEIGER J.F.V. - France and the World Since 1870
106259: MARCHANT J.R.V., CHARLES JOSEPH F. - Cassell's Latin Dictionary Latin-English and English-Latin
110778: SMITH GARY V. - Interpreting the Prophetic Books
97069: YOUNG VAL - The Equality Complex a Guide to Anti-Oppressive Practice for Lesbians in Therapy
99315: HORSLER VAL - The Order of Malta a Portrait
82449: SHEPPARD VAL - My Head Against the Wall Decade in the Fight Against Blood Sports
75239: CHU VALENTIN - Thailand Today a Visit to Modern Siam
101751: THOMSON VALENTINE - Briand Man of Peace
110691: CHERRY VALERIE - Between Breaths
101809: FRASER VALERIE - The Architecture of Conquest Building in the Viceroyalty of Peru 1535 - 1635
54863: PUYVELDE LEO VAN - Hubert and Jan Van Eyck
62336: GELDERMALSEN MARGUERITE VAN - Married to a Bedouin
96451: KEMENADE WILLEM VAN, WEBB DIANE - China Hong Kong Taiwan Inc
97103: ORLEY BERNARD VAN - Apocalypse
97361: GELDEREN I VAN - Duits Woordenboek Veertiende Druk Bewerkt Door W.H. Wallis II Nederlands-Duits
99055: ROSSEM RU VAN - The Song of Songs
106571: CREVELD MARTIN VAN - The Art of War War and Military Thought
69198: DAALEN D.H. VAN - The Real Resurrection
78843: BOURJAILY VANCE - Brill Among the Ruins
50288: OVERHAUS MARCO, NORMAN PETER, KNOWLES VANDA ET AL. - German Politics Journal of the Association for the Study of German Politics Vol 13 No 4 December 2004
87591: HARDING VANESSA, WRIGHT LAURA - London Bridge Selected Accounts and Rentals 1381 - 1538
85171: VANN PETER, ET AL. - Mercedes
98204: LLOSA MARIO VARGAS - The Discreet Hero
43510: VARIOUS - Victoria and Albert Colour Books Japanese Stencils Persian Printed Cottons Decorative Endpapers
98739: VARIOUS - Reader's Digest Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants and Flowers
106036: VARIOUS - Motor Sport Incorporating Speed and the Brooklands Gazette Volume XXX No 1 -12
111261: VARIOUS - Fire River II a Second Anthology by the Fire River Poets
60366: VARIOUS - Scottish Tales from Blackwood
108938: VON ENSE VARNHAGEN, GORDON SIR ALEXANDER DUFF - Sketches of German Life and Scenes from the War of Liberation in Germany
59952: DRAGUT VASILE, LUPAN PETRE - Moldavian Murals from the 15th to the 16th Centuries
101485: VOICULESCU VASILE - Tales of Fantasy and Magic
44460: DRAGUT VASILE - Die Wandmalerei in Der Moldau IM 15 Und 16 Jahrhundert
35847: VAUCHER, CHARLES - Sea Birds
107322: WILLIAMS URSULA VAUGHAN - Metamorphoses
103152: CORNISH VAUGHAN - The Great Capitals an Historical Geography
61476: LAJOS VAYER - Masolino Es Roma
95746: MEHTA VED - Daddyji
64417: PATERCULUS VELLEIUS, VOSSIUS GERARDUS JOANNES, THYSIUS ANTONIUS - C Velleii Paterculi Historiae Romanae Ad M Vinicium Cos Liber I [&] Liber II
39769: BARCLAY VERA AND HOFFET A. - They Met a Wizard
84223: BRITTAIN VERA, BISHOP ALAN - Chronicle of Friendship Vera Brittain's Diary of the Thirties 1932 - 1939
91011: VERGIL, GOULD H.E., WHITELEY J.L. - Aeneid IV
47066: SCANNELL VERNON - Drums of Morning
107423: WILSON VERNON, WELCH F.B.A., GREEN G.W. - The Geology of the Country Around Bridport and Yeovil
108845: JARRATT VERNON - The Italian Cinema
107101: STOKES VERNON, HARNETT CYNTHIA - David's New World the Making of a Sportsman
104931: BAMFIELD VERONICA - On the Strength the Story of the British Army Wife
42263: HAMILTON ADMIRAL SIR RICHARD VESEY - Letters and Papers of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Thos Byam Martin Volume I - III
107855: LEWIS VIC - Cricket Ties an International Guide for Cricket Lovers
109068: MITCHELL VIC, SMITH KEITH - Exeter to Barnstaple Southern Main Line
60469: HEARNE VICKI - In the Absence of Horses
101402: SCHERLE VICTOR, LEVY WILLIAM TURNER - The Films of Frank Capra
74679: REINGANUM VICTOR - A Book of British Crowns
86931: COVERLEY-PRICE VICTOR - An Artist Among Mountains
41336: REYNOLDS VICTOR - Stories of the Flemish & Dutch Artists
90801: SPINETTI VICTOR - Up Front His Strictly Confidential Autobiography
76024: LUCAS VICTOR - Tolstoy in London
104644: CROWE VICTORIA - A Shepherd's Life Paintings of Jenny Armstrong by Victoria Crowe
109647: OLSEN VICTORIA - From Life the Story of Julia Margaret Cameron and Victorian Photography
97967: HOLT VICTORIA - Mistress of Mellyn
97998: GLENDINNING VICTORIA - Leonard Woolf a Life
101300: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - The Raphael Cartoons
89936: COWLES VIGINIA - The Great Swindle the Story of the South Sea Bubble
97715: MOBERG VILHELM, AUSTIN PAUL BRITTEN - A History of the Swedish People Volume One from Odin to Engelbrekt [&] Volume Two from Engelbrekt to Dacke
73871: VILLARI G., MOTTA GIOVANNI., D'ANGELO L., ET AL. - IL Laser a Co2 Nella Microchirurgia Laringea
83466: CRONIN VINCENT, ELTON G.R., HALE J.R., PENROSE BOIES - The Story of the Renaissance the Renaissance in Europe the Flowering of the Renaissance the Florentine Renaissance Travel and Discovery in the Renaissance Europe from Renaissance to Reformation
89886: TAYLOR VINCENT - The Person of Jesus Christ in New Testament Teaching
40407: CRONIN VINCENT - Essays by Divers Hands Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature New Series Volume XL
65476: EYRE VINCENT - Journal of an Afghanistan Prisoner
76799: CRONIN VINCENT - Nero Historisk Roman
46464: BROME VINCENT - Havelock Ellis Philosopher of Sex a Biography
69654: CRONIN VINCENT - The Letter After Z.
110892: VAN GOGH VINCENT, DUMAS ANNE - The Real Van Gogh the Artist and His Letters
35712: ESPINEL VINCENTE - Vida de Marcos de Obregon Volume I [&] II
97525: NEEDHAM VIOLET - The House of the Paladin
97523: NEEDHAM VIOLET - The Bell of the Four Evangelists
102322: POWELL VIOLET - The Departure Platform an Autobiography
93516: JAIN VIPIN - Indian Mutiny 1857 an Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography
91068: VIRGIL, PAGE T.E. - Aeneid II Aeneidos Lib II
99687: VIRGIL, PAPILLON T. L., HAIGH A. E. - P. Vergili Maronis Opera with Introduction and Notes Vol I Introduction and Text
47557: VIRGIL, ROYDS T.F. - The Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil
99688: VIRGIL, PAPILLON T. L., HAIGH A. E. - P. Vergili Maronis Opera with Introduction and Notes Vol II Notes
106517: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Collected Essays Volume Two
98121: HOLTON VIRGINIA - The Beeps the Flights and Cruises of Three Missouri Tree Sparrows
87010: WOOLF VIRGINIA - The London Scene
103775: KECKLER VIRGINIA - The Great Dane a Complete Discussion of the History Breeding Care Training and Exhibiting of This Breed of Dog
105824: WOOLF VIRGINIA, MCNICHOL STELLA - Mrs Dalloway's Party a Short Story Sequence
105707: WOOLF VIRGINIA - The Years
83107: BRISCO VIRGINIA - Dartmouth Pottery a Collectors Guide
73457: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room the Waves Mrs Dalloway
104069: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Street Haunting
111240: NICHOLSON VIRGINIA - Millions Like Us
106518: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Collected Essays Volume Three
106519: WOOLF VIRGINIA - Collected Essays Volume Four
110250: WOOLF VIRGINIA, TRAUTMANN BANKS JOANNE - Congenial Spirits the Selected Letters Virginia Woolf
108911: NICHOLSON VIRGINIA - Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes the Story of Women in the 1950s
92551: HYTHE VISCOUNT - The Naval Annual 1913
45697: MORLEY JOHN VISCOUNT - Recollections Volume I [&] II
100474: MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN FIELD MARSHAL VISCOUNT - Normandy to the Baltic 21 Army Group
90712: VAUGHAN VISCOUNT - Selected Verses
109630: SACKVILLE-WEST VITA - Saint Joan of Arc
108143: GOLDANSKII VITALII - Selected Abstracts
76556: RIBEIRO VITORINO - Coleccao Vitorino Ribeiro Gravuras
78988: ROMANI VITTORIA - Primaticcio Tibaldi E la Questione Della Cose Del Cielo
98990: GARIBALDI VITTORIA - Perugino
8322: CASTELNOVI GIAN VITTORIO - La Galleria Rizzi a Sestri Levante
75235: MARRAMA VITTORIO - Economia Politica Libro Primo Consumo Produzione Impresa E Mercato
104745: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA - The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Mayavati Memorial Edition Volume IV
104749: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA - The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Mayavati Memorial Edition Volume VIII
110415: STUART VIVIAN - The Beloved Little Admiral the Life and Times of Admiral of the Fleet the Hon Sir Henry Keppel 1809-1904
53545: ELLIS VIVIAN - The Moon and the Stars Musical Sketches
110870: NOAKES VIVIEN - Edward Lear 1812 - 1888 Catalogue of a Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition
108305: HAMILTON VIVIEN - Boudin at Trouville
109140: BLOK VLADIMIR - Sergei Prokofiev Materials Articles Interviews
110865: NABOKOV VLADIMIR - Collins Collector's Choice Five Novels
107781: NABOKOV VLADIMIR - Laughter in the Dark
82846: NABOKOV VLADIMIR - A Russian Beauty and Other Stories
110866: NABOKOV VLADIMIR - The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
99311: SULYAGIN VLADIMIR - Paper Spirits Collage Portraits
105902: KEMENOV VLADIMIR - Vasily Surikov 1848-1916 Great Painters
37835: VOEGELI, MAX - Prince of Hindustan
101870: GANTZHORN VOLKMAR - Oriental Carpets
109988: WRIGHT GEORG HENRIK VON - Explanation and Understanding
105144: KÖCHEL LUDWIG RITTER VON - Chronologisch-Thematisches Verzeichnis Sämtlicher Tonwerke Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts Sechste Auflage
84796: GOETHE JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Werke Gedichte Westöstlicher Divan Dramen Novellen Faust Die Wahlverwandtschaften Die Leiden Des Jungen Werthers Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre Dichtung Und Wahrheit Versepen Schriften Maximen Und Reflexionen
96337: REZZORI GREGOR VON - The Death of My Brother Abel
84636: GRIMMELSHAUSEN H.J. CHR. VON, KELLETAT ALFRED - Simplicianische Schriften Jubiläumsbibliothek Der Deutschen Literatur
109588: CLAUSEWITZ CARL VON, GRAHAM J.J., MAUDE F.N. - Clausewitz on War in Three Volumes
50975: DROSTE HULSHOFF ANNETTE FREIIN VON - Die Judenbuche Parnass Bücherei Nr. 2
61105: GOETHE JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - West-östlicher Divan
106294: PIVKA OTTO VON, ROFFE MICHAEL - The King's German Legion
105495: BOETTICHER FRIEDRICH VON - Malerwerke Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts Beitrag Zur Kunstgeschichte
78037: FREEDEN MAX H. VON - Balthasar Neumann Leben Und Werk
83534: WRIGHT COLONEL VON, HOZIER CAPTAIN HENRY M. - The Campaign of 1866 in Germany Compiled by the Department of Military History of the Prussian Staff Prepared at the Topographical and Statistical Department of the War Office
84793: WILPERT GERO VON - Dtv-Lexikon Der Weltliteratur Autoren 4 Bände Komplett
82819: REES VYVYAN - A Shell Guide to South-West Wales Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire
107818: DUNNING R.W. - A History of the County of Somerset Volume III Victoria County History
102643: BAMFORD PAUL W. - Fighting Ships and Prisons Mediterranean Galleys of France in the Age of Louis XIV
64415: HARTLEY GILFRID W. - Wild Sports and Some Stories
110191: CERAM C.W. - Gods Graves and Scholars the Story of Archaeology
104840: CHAPMAN HESTER W. - Four Fine Gentlemen
83129: OLIVER BRUCE W. - Fraternal Relations between the Provincial Lodges of Devon and Somerset in 1834 Brother Newbolt and a Masonic Anecdote
98769: TUCHMAN BARBARA W. - A Distant Mirror the Calamitous 14th Century
66582: MACKENZIE K.W. - Hurricane Combat the Nine Lives of a Fighter Pilot
75752: NEILSON-JONES W. - The Growing Plant
107316: HERSCHEL SIR JOHN F.W. - Outlines of Astronomy
104879: MACDONALD WIGFIELD W. - The Monmouth Rebels 1685
92063: DALE RONALD W. - Windows on Mark an Anthology to Amplify the Gospel Readings for Year B of the Lectionary
105157: WALTON W. - The Revolutions of Spain from 1808 to the End of 1836 with Biographical Sketches of the Most Distinguished Personages and a Narrative of the War in the Peninsula in Two Volumes
104854: PREVITE-ORTON C. W. - The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History Volume I the Later Roman Empire to the Twelfth Century [+] Volume II the Twelfth Century to the Renaissance
90442: SMITH A.W. - A Gardener's Dictionary of Plant Names a Handbook on the Origin and Meaning of Some Plant Names
47096: THOMPSON R.W. - The Price of Victory
109286: BONSALL GEOFFREY W. - George Chinnery His Pupils and Influence
104868: DUNNING R. W., MCDERMOTT M. B. - Church Accounts 1457 - 1559
110746: DIMOCK A.W. - The Book of the Tarpon
104389: ROSKILL S.W. - Hankey Man of Secrets V. 2
83947: HUME ELIOT W. - The Country and Church of the Cheeryble Brothers
74327: ELIOT CHARLES W. - Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books
74316: ELIOT CHARLES W. - American Historical Documents 1000 - 1904
74320: ELIOT CHARLES W. - English Poetry Volume II from Collins to Fitzgerald
101463: PLASKITT F.J.W. - Microscopic Fresh Water Life
42458: CROWE W.H.C. NAYLOR J.W. ET AL. - The Journal of the Royal Artillery Volume LXXI No. 4 October 1944
103438: YOLTON JOHN W. - The Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment
80417: SAUNDERS J.W. - A Biographical Dictionary of Renaissance Poets and Dramatists 1520 - 1650
99521: BERGERON ARTHUR W. - Confederate Mobile
95031: MYLNE ROBERT W., SCHAYES A.G.B. - Primitive Churches of Norway [&] Brief Account of the Ancient Basilicae with a Description of the Church of San Clemente Rome [&] a Treatise on the Pointed Style of Architecture in Belgium
48832: HOWELLS W. - Cambrian Superstitions Ghosts Omens Witchcraft Traditions
76013: EGERER J.W. - Charles Dickens in the Fales Library
103446: BLANNING T.C.W. - The Eighteenth Century Europe 1688-1815 Short Oxford History of Europe
73271: SYMONS W. - Early Methodism in West Somerset and the Lorna Doone Country
72452: HORWILL H.W. - An Anglo-American Interpreter a Vocabulary and Phrase Book
85771: BLIGHT DAVID W. - Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln a Relationship in Language Politics and Memory Frank L. Klement Lectures No 10
79865: WALKER VIOLET W., HOWELL MARGARET J. - The House of Byron a History of the Family Since the Norman Conquest 1066 - 1988
108697: KINGLAKE ALEXANDER W. - Eothen
89317: MACKLIN HERBERT W. - The Brasses of England the Antiquary's Books
60353: CRUMP R.W. - Order in Variety Essays in Honor of Donald E. Stanford
106542: DULCKEN H.W. - Dalziels' Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments
94849: BRUNSKILL R.W. - Traditional Buildings of Britain Introduction to Vernacular Architecture
80730: LANCASTER F.W. - Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice
99560: VAUGHN J. W. - Indian Fights New Facts on Seven Encounters
103842: CHURCH R.W. - Bacon English Men of Letters
105950: HASLER P.W. - The History of Parliament the House of Commons 1558 - 1603 III Members M - Z.
54808: BILL E.G.W. - A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library Mss 1907 - 2340
31574: ASSINK, J.W. AND BRINK, W.J. VAN DEN - Contaminated Soil First International Tno Conference on Contaminated Soil 1985
99477: KITCHIN G.W. - The Story of the Deanery Durham 1070 - 1912
73801: CUMMINGS CHARLES W., HARKER LEE A. - Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Update I.
60310: GRAUTOFF B.M.W. - Playing with Fire
97911: HAMMOND P.W. - The Battle of Tewkesbury
63081: MOORE R.W. - The Roman Commonwealth
65566: BATTEN LORING W. - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
31398: WARD, A.W. ET AL. - Cambridge Modern History Volume X the Restoration
107262: COYSH A.W., HENRYWOOD R.K. - The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780 - 1880
110378: TARN W.W. - Alexander the Great I Narrative
89350: OWEN W. - Owen's New Book of Fairs Being a Complete and Authentic Account of All the Fairs in England and Wales
103858: CHURCH R.W. - Spenser English Men of Letters
57994: BATESON F.W. - The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature in Four Volumes
103837: PAUL HERBERT W. - Matthew Arnold English Men of Letters
107660: CLARK RONALD W. - The Man Who Broke Purple the Life of the World's Greatest Cryptologist William F. Friedman
107666: TUER ANDREW W. - Stories from Forgotten Children's Books
86706: PALFREY GENERAL FRANCIS W. - The Antietam and Fredericksburg
86850: SEARS STEPHEN W. - Landscape Turned Red Battle of Antietam
106349: CARR DAWSON W. - Velazquez
97351: ANDERSON W. - The Sport of Pigeon Racing
107564: ROE F.W. - British Terrirories in Borneo Annual Report of the Geological Survey Department for 1955
103633: MALLALIEU J.P.W. - On Larkhill
75542: THOMPSON JAMES W. - Masterpieces of Italian Painting
102117: HEADLEY JOHN W. - Confederate Operations in Canada and New York
74741: ROSKILL CAPTAIN S.W. - The Navy at War 1939 - 1945
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69688: BETTS P.Y. - People Who Say Goodbye Memories of Childhood
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109213: ZAHRAN YASMINE - Lament for Jerusalem
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106178: WOOLF ROSE YEATMAN, THEAKER HARRY G. - Children's Stories from the Arabian Nights
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14180: YELLIN, TAMAR - The Genizah at the House of Sheper
102375: PETROVA YEVGENIA - Kazimir Malevich in the State Russian Museum
57880: YEVTUSHENKO YEVGENY - A Precocious Autobiography
39447: YODER, AMOS - The Conduct of American Foreign Policy Since World War II
33232: YOUNG, MICHAEL B. - Servility and Service the Life and Work of Sir John Coke
100650: BONDARENKO YOURY - The Inner Essence Portraits and Landscapes by Youry Bondarenko
65412: HUCHER YVES - Baudelaire Petits Poemes En Prose Oeuvres Critiques
97639: RENOUARD YVES, BETHELL DENIS - The Avignon Papacy 1305 - 1403
98938: BENOIST-GIRONIERE YVES - The Conquest of the Horse
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88875: GARLAN YVON - War in the Ancient World a Social History
90426: MITCHELL YVONNE - Colette a Taste for Life
95783: CLOETTA YVONNE - In Search of a Beginning My Life with Graham Greene
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68527: YOUNG J.Z. - The Life of Vertebrates
57833: YETIV JACK Z., BIANCHINE JOSEPH R. - Recent Advances in Clinical Therapeutics Psychopharmacology Neuropharmacology and Gastrointestinal Therapeutics
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76339: COPE SIR ZACHARY - The History of St Mary's Hospital Medical School a Century of Medical Education
97063: TABUTEAU EMILY ZACK - Transfers of Property in Eleventh-Century Norman Law
110732: GREY ZANE - Tales of Swordfish and Tuna
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103458: DOVEY ZILLAH - An Elizabethan Progress the Queen's Journey Into East Anglia 1578
110878: SCHAKOVSKOY ZINAIDA - Precursors of Peter the Great
68667: RINPOCHE LAMA ZOPA - Transforming Problems Into Happiness
83963: GASPAR ZSUZSA - The Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy 1867 - 1919
16008: ZURAVLEFF, MARY KAY - The Bowl Is Already Broken

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