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103890: FITZGERALD ROGER - Buildings of Britain
102414: LONGRIGG ROGER - The Paper Boats
101502: HUDSON ROGER - Coleridge Among the Lakes and Mountains from His Notebooks Letters and Poems 1794 - 1804
114800: MANVELL ROGER - Experiment in the Film
110190: HUDSON ROGER - The Jubilee Years
72193: PERKINS ROGER - The Punjab Mail Murder the Story of an Indian Army Officer
104934: BOOTLE ROGER - Money for Nothing Real Wealth Financial Fantasies and the Economy of the Future
81974: DAY ROGER - Larkin
100713: J. K. R. [J.K. ROGERS] - Wild Sport in the Near West or the Adventures by Field and Flood of Mr Thomas Grabbum Late of the Firm of Messrs Brown Grabbum and Holdit Ludgate Hill
39842: ROGERS, DANIEL E. - Politics After Hitler Western Allies and the German Party System
114224: GOLDING ROISIN - The Complete Stems and Branches Time and Space in Traditional Acupuncture
94800: HUNTFORD ROLAND - Nansen the Explorer As Hero
100743: WILLIAMS ROLAND - Where the World Is Quiet
114696: BRADDELL ROLAND - The Lights of Singapore
81979: BAINTON ROLAND - The Penguin History of Christianity Volume 1 [&] Volume 2
82680: BARTHES ROLAND - Criticism and Truth
109590: MOUSNIER ROLAND, SPENCER J. - The Assassination of Henry IV the Tyrannicide Problem and the Consolidation of the French Absolute Monarchy in the Early Seventeenth Century
108051: MATHIAS ROLAND - Whitsun Riot an Account of a Commotion Amongst Catholics in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire in 1605
113804: MARCHAND C. ROLAND - The American Peace Movement and Social Reform 1898 - 1918
95359: LOEBER ROLF - A Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Ireland 1600 - 1720
72283: BOLDREWOOD ROLF - Robbery Under Arms a Story of Life and Adventure in the Bush and in the Goldfields of Australia
104178: TOMAN ROLF - Baroque Architecture Sculpture Painting
101562: MCKENNA ROLLIE - Portrait of Dylan a Photographer's Memoir
115637: BENY ROLOFF - Persia Bridge of Turquoise
91247: LANDAU ROM - Paderewski
104262: LANDAU ROM - Paderewski
115934: BRACKMAN ROMAN - The Secret File of Joseph Stalin a Hidden Life
114137: DUTT ROMESH - The Economic History of India Volume One Under Early British Rule 1757-1837 [&] Volume Two in the Victorian Age 1837-1900
114588: DUTT ROMESH - Maha Bharata the Epic of Ancient India Condensed Into English Verse
116419: GUNESEKERA ROMESH - The Match
114749: GUNESEKERA ROMESH - Heaven's Edge
116580: THAPAR ROMILA - The Penguin History of Early India from the Origins to Ad 1300
102831: TYLER RON - Visions of America Pioneer Artists in a New Land
76798: NORMAN SIR RON - Odd Man out in the Alps
66750: EWART RON - Fuschia Lexicon
102195: ROSENBAUM RON - Explaining Hitler the Search for the Origins of His Evil
49297: BROWN RON - Georgia on My Mind the Nat Gonella Story
85998: FIELD RON, HOOK RICHARD - American CIVIL War Confederate Army
106231: RANSON RON - Pastels
113061: HINGLEY RONALD - Dostoyevsky His Life and Work
63631: FLETCHER RONALD - John Stuart MILL a Logical Critique of Sociology
91386: HARWOOD RONALD - Reflected Glory
97224: MCKIE RONALD - The Crushing
93196: BROUGHTON RONALD - Grayling the Fourth Game Fish
103759: DUNCAN RONALD - Our Lady's Tumbler
110005: DWORKIN RONALD - Life's Dominion an Argument About Abortion and Euthanasia
101034: DUNCAN RONALD - Journal of a Husbandman
111820: BLYTHE RONALD - Out of the Valley Another Year at Wormingford
48691: FLETCHER RONALD - The Shaking of the Foundations
53762: MATTHEWS RONALD - The Death of the Fourth Republic
99131: HICKLING RONALD - Enjoying Ornithology a Celebration of Fifty Years of the British Trust for Ornithology 1933 - 1983
112983: BLYTHE RONALD - First Friends
105694: BLYTHE RONALD - Talking About John Clare
82348: SETH RONALD - The Russian Terrorists the Story of the Narodniki
60597: DUNCAN RONALD - Home-Made Home
108924: ROSS SIR RONALD - Studies on Malaria
51595: LEWIN RONALD - Freedom's Battle an Anthology of Personal Experience the War on Land 1939 - 1945
112086: HINGLEY RONALD - A New Life of Anton Chekhov
112182: BLYTHE RONALD - Time by the Sea Aldeburgh 1955-1958
116081: WILLIAMS RONALD - Montrose Cavalier in Mourning
75751: WALLS RONALD - The One True Kirk
116594: LEWIN RONALD - The Chief Field Marshal Lord Wavell Commander-in-Chief and Viceroy 1939-1947
111826: BLYTHE RONALD - River Diary
105097: LEWIN RONALD - Hitler's Mistakes
109931: WOOD RONNIE - Ronnie the Autobiography
80125: JOHNSTON RORY - Orders and Desecrations the Life of the Playwright Denis Johnston
116479: STEWART RORY - Occupational Hazards My Time Governing in Iraq
78447: MCCOOLA ROS - Theatre in the Hills Two Centuries of Theatre in Buxton
63283: AINLEY ROSA - New Frontiers of Space Bodies and Gender
74584: DAVID ROSALIE, DAVID ANTONY E. - A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
97191: PACKARD ROSALIE - Love in the Mist
64826: BARKER ROSALIN - The Book of Whitby
116536: VALLANCE ROSALIND - Dickens in Europe
111430: VALLANCE ROSALIND - Dickens' London
113431: HILL ROSALIND - The Rolls and Register of Bishop Oliver Sutton 1280-1299 Volume VIII Institutions Collations and Sequestrations All Archdeaconries Except Lincoln and Northampton Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
112796: LOWE ROSALIND - Sir Samuel Meyrick and Goodrich Court
76500: MITCHISON ROSALIND - Essays in Eighteenth Century History Arranged from the English Historical Review
106496: LEHMANN ROSAMOND - A Sea -Grape Tree
113469: MCKITTERICK ROSAMOND - The New Cambridge Medieval History Volume 2 C. 700-C. 900
112460: LEHMANN ROSAMUND, WHITE ANTONIA, MANNING OLIVIA - Virago Omnibus I the Weather in the Streets Frost in May the Doves of Venus
106444: POUND ROSCOE - The Spirit of Common Law
68943: DRUMMOND ROSCOE, COBLENTZ GASTON - Duel at the Brink John Foster Dulles' Command of American Power
63962: LUDLAM ROSE - Under-the-Moon
66870: HENNIKER HEATON ROSE - Dinner with James
91626: MACAULAY ROSE, BABINGTON SMITH CONSTANCE - Letters to a Friend 1950 - 1952
111543: RAPAPORT ROSEMARY - Thomas Armstrong a Celebration by His Friends
115513: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - Sword at Sunset
111061: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - Sword at Sunset
109026: O'DAY ROSEMARY - The Routledge Companion to the Tudor Age
110147: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - Brother Dusty Feet
100273: LAUDER ROSEMARY - Vanished Houses of South Devon
110406: SMITH ROSEMARY, WALSHAW HARLAND - The Houses of Lympstone a History of the Village Through Its Houses
116681: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - The Queen Elizabeth Story
99140: NEERING ROSEMARY - Continental Dash the Russian-American Telegraph
113547: GORDON ROSEMARY - Dying and Creating a Search for Meaning
76825: MESSORI ROSETTA, DI MARIA ANGELA - Sana Voci Dalla Capitale Dello Yemen
38751: ROSEVARE, HENRY - The Treasury 1660 - 1870 the Foundations of Control
111221: JOHNSTON ROSIE - Orion a Poem Sequence
108650: LLEWELLYN-JONES ROSIE - Engaging Scoundrels True Tales of Old Lucknow
114150: SMITH ROSIE, SMITH HOWARD - Somerset Hills in Watercolours on Higher Ground
90840: WILLIAMSON HUGH ROSS - Historical Whodunnits
116173: RUSSELL ROSS - Bird Lives! the High Life and Hard Times of Charlie 'Yardbird' Parker
108606: KING ROSS - Mad Enchantment Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies
79615: VODRET ROSSELLA, LEONE GIORGIO - Gregorio Preti Calabrese 1603 1672 Un Problema Aperto
78703: HAM ROSWELL - Account Overdue
93084: CLARKE ROSY - Japanese Antique Furniture
33269: ROUAUD, JEAN - Fields of Glory
97973: ROBINSON MAJOR GENERAL H. ROWAN - Wavell in the Middle East
99724: FARRE ROWENA - Seal Morning
62402: JOHNS ROWLAND - All Sorts of Dogs
46161: JONES EVAN ROWLAND - Lincoln Stanton and Grant Historical Sketches
116627: FEILDING ROWLAND - War Letters to a Wife France and Flanders 1915 - 1919
99223: FOTHERGILL ROWLAND - The Monuments of Southern Rhodesia
83855: ARNOLD KEN ROWLAND - Cabinets for the Curious Practising Science in Early Modern English Museums
41215: EDWARDS ROWLAND - Doing or Done and Other Addresses
114155: PARKER ROWLAND - On the Road the Papworth Story
77613: ROWOLD HENRY, MOSCA PAUL G., ET AL. - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 47 No 2 April 1985
113330: JENKINS ROY - Mr Balfour's Poodle an Account of the Struggle between the House of Lords and the Government of Mr Asquith
104721: MACGREGOR-HASTIE ROY - Never to Be Taken Alive a Biography of General Gordon
115511: STRONG ROY - The Laskett the Story of a Garden
96924: DANIELS ROY - The Chequered Shade Poems by Roy Daniels
92351: HARROD ROY - Policy Against Inflation
92801: MELDRUM ROY - Juno
93421: CAMPBELL ROY - Taurine Provence
95862: WORSKETT ROY, REDSTON RONALD V., GUNTON HUGH - Saving Bath a Programme for Conservation Conservation Study Stage 2 Final Report
97107: CHAMBERS ROY - Some Early Motoring Advertisements
97944: STRONG ROY - Country Life 1897 - 1997 the English Arcadia
116015: MEDVEDEV ROY - Post-Soviet Russia a Journey Through the Yeltsin Era
115398: BOOT ROY - From Spitfire to Eurofighter Forty Five Years of Combat Aircraft Design
110146: STRONG ROY, BINNEY MARCUS, HARRIS, JOHN - The Destruction of the Country House 1875 - 1975
109033: PORTER ROY - Bodies Politic Disease Death and Doctors in Britain 1650-1900
73527: LADURIE EMMANUEL LE ROY - The Beggar and the Professor a Sixteenth-Century Family Saga
100771: JOHNSTON ROY - Roderic O'Connor 1860 - 1940
107478: HATTERSLEY ROY - The Devonshires the Story of a Family and a Nation
95121: FULLER ROY - Professors and Gods
112709: STRONG ROY - Visions of England
98850: PORTER ROY - London a Social History
98956: HARLEY LEWIS ROY - Antiquarian Books an Insiders Account
54280: ROY KAUSHIK, DEAN ERIC T., ET AL. - War in History Volume 8 Number 2 2001
115069: MOXHAM ROY - The Great Hedge of India
112588: JENKINS ROY - Gladstone
53155: HUDLESTON C. ROY - Our Native City the Story of Bristol and Her Suburbs
113820: STRONG ROY - Garden Party
48110: JENKINS ROY - European Diary 1977 - 1981
82100: SLOAN ROY - Aircraft Crashes Flying Accidents in Gwynedd 1910 - 1990
108282: REDGRAVE ROY - Balkan Blue Family and Military Memories
87179: STRONG ROY - Britannia Triumphans Inigo Jones Rubens and Whitehall Palace Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture
104852: PALMER ROY - The Rambling Soldier Life in the Lower Ranks 1750-1900 Through Soldiers' Songs and Writings
79679: BLACKMAN ROY, LASKEY MICHAEL - Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Anthology 1989
55120: MORRIS ROY - The Long Pursuit
111790: STRONG ROY - Splendour at Court Renaissance Spectacle and Illusion
114177: JENKINS ROY - The Chancellors
113878: MEDVEDEV ROY - Let History Judge Origins and Consequences of Stalinism
111857: LADURIE EMMANUEL LE ROY - Montaillou Cathars and Catholics in a French Village 1294 - 1324
107245: JENKINS ROY - Truman
104947: GODSON ROY - The Kremlin and Labor a Study in National Security Policy
88556: FULLER ROY - The Carnal Island
108160: SKYRME TONY HILTON ROYLE, BROWN GERALD E. - Selected Papers with Commentary of Tony Hilton Royle Skyrme World Scientific Series in 20th Century Physics Vol 3
100319: EL-EINI ROZA - Mandated Landscape British Imperial Rule in Palestine 1929-1948
110083: EKKART RUDI, BUVELOT QUENTIN - Dutch Portriats the Age of Rembrandt and Frans Hals
84593: AHRENS RÜDIGER - William Shakespeare Didaktisches Handbuch 1 2 & 3
113882: POERTNER RUDOLF - The Vikings Rise and Fall of the Norse Sea Kings
107382: PEIERLS RUDOLF - Niels Bohr Collected Works Volume 9 Nuclear Physics 1929-1952
75819: ANDORKA RUDOLF - Determinants of Fertility in Advanced Societies
112407: ELVERS RUDOLF, TROMLINSON CRAIG - Felix Mendelssohn a Life in Letters
116490: WEINBERG JULIUS RUDOLPH - An Examination of Logical Positivism
72454: KIPLING RUDYARD - Stalky & Co
101177: KIPLING RUDYARD - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
116636: KIPLING RUDYARD - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
111956: KIPLING RUDYARD - Just So Stories for Little Children
116210: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Complete Stalky & Co
116211: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
116637: KIPLING RUDYARD - Songs from Books
116541: KIPLING RUDYARD - Twenty-One Tales
62811: KIPLING RUDYARD, TOWNSEND F.H. - The Brushwood Boy
116638: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Five Nations
93875: KIPLING RUDYARD - They and the Brushwood Boy
83782: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Second Jungle Book
116639: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
111902: KIPLING RUDYARD, LYCETT ANDREW - Rudyard Kipling Selected Poems
116635: KIPLING RUDYARD - Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verses
115334: KIPLING RUDYARD, EDWARDS LIONEL - The Maltese Cat a Polo Game of the 'Nineties
114247: GODDEN RUMER - The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
38690: RUNDALL, F.A. - The Dog Breeders Who's Who for 1949
72701: CHARLES ELIZABETH RUNDLE - An Old Story of Bethlehem One Link in the Great Pedigree
106535: HALL A. RUPERT - Science for Industry a Short History of the Imperial College of Science and Technology and Its Antecedents
90821: ISAACSON RUPERT - The Wild Host the History and Meaning of the Hunt
95906: GUNNIS RUPERT - Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660 - 1851
72866: STEWART RUPERT - The Victoria Cross the Empire's Roll of Valour
102289: HART-DAVIS RUPERT - Halfway to Heaven Concluding Memoirs of a Literary Life
112779: HILL RUPERT - Winchester an Illustrated Stroll Through City and College
43436: BROOKE RUPERT - 1914 & Other Poems
60844: CHRISTIANSEN RUPERT - The Victorian Visitors Culture Shock in Nineteenth-Century Britain
115705: PRIOR RUPERT - Honouring the Few a Tribute to Raf Fighter Command on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
105466: FURNEAUX RUPERT - Massacre at Amritsar
109853: LOEWENSTEIN RUPERT - A Prince Among Stones That Business with the Rolling Stones and Other Adventures
62890: DRYSDALE RUSSELL, BURKE JOSEPH - The Paintings of Russell Drysdale
66514: HITCHCOCK HENRY-RUSSELL - Rococo Architecture in Southern Germany
94491: MARSHALL RUSSELL - John Kent 1937 - 2003
114966: ASH RUSSELL - Sir Edward Burne-Jones
116083: BRADDON RUSSELL - Cheshire V.C.
107688: BROWN JOHN RUSSELL, HARRIS BERNARD - Elizabethan Poetry Stratford -Upon-Avon Studies 2
114847: STANNARD RUSSELL - Uncle Albert and the Quantum of Solace
116215: MITFORD MARY RUSSELL - Our Village
46678: SPURR RUSSELL - Let the Tiger Turn Tail
107749: FLINT SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL - A Jubilee Exhibition the Golden Years Outstanding Paintings by Sir William Russell Flint
114453: BRADDON RUSSELL - The Siege
86480: THATCHER RUSSELL - The Captain
114962: ASH RUSSELL - Lord Leighton
114963: ASH RUSSELL - Sir John Everett Millais
57810: ALDWINCKLE RUSSELL - Death in the Secular City a Study of the Notion of Life After Death in Contemporary Theology and Philosophy
97420: WESIERSKA RUTH - They Built a Jolly Good Mess Europe 1939 to 1955
45056: HUBBARD RUTH, WALD ELIJAH - Exploding the Gene Myth How Genetic Information Is Produced and Manipulated by Scientists Physicians Employers Insurance Companies Educators and Law Enforcers
85855: RENDELL RUTH - The Reason Why an Anthology of the Murderous Mind
112826: SMITH RUTH - Handel's Oratorios and Eighteenth-Century Thought
101368: BALDWIN PROFESSOR RUTH - One Hundred Nineteenth Century Rhyming Alphabets in English
42508: ALCOCK SIR RUTHERFORD - The Journey of Augustus Raymond Margary from Shanghae to Bhamo and Back to Manwyne from His Journals and Letters with a Brief Biographical Preface
111557: WALLACE RYLAND - Organise Organise Organise a Study of Reform Agitations in Wales1840-1886
112663: KAPUSCINSKI RYSZARD - The Shadow of the Sun My African Life
112661: KAPUSCINSKI RYSZARD - I Wrote Stone the Selected Poetry of Ryszard Kapuscinski
112788: KAPUSCINSKI RYSZARD - Imperium
61553: CHRISTIE'S - Orders Decorations and Campaign Medals 19 July 1988
116747: DAVIES GERALD S. - Hans Holbein the Younger
65932: ZUCKERMANDEL M.S. - Tosephta Based on the Erfurt and Vienna Codices with Parallels and Variants
116089: CHRISTIE'S - A Collection of Watercolours by Albert Goodwin R.W. S. 5th November 1993
104603: HINCHY F.S. - North East Dorset Towns and Downs
53288: WARREN KENNETH S. - Schistosomiasis the Evolution of a Medical Literature Selected Abstracts and Citations 1852 - 1972
110733: ROBINSON M.S. - Van de Velde Drawings a Catalogue of Drawings in the National Maritime Museum Made by the Elder and the Younger Willem de Velde
90652: SAYERS R.S. - Modern Banking
90688: FERGUSON JOAN P.S. - Scottish Family Histories Held in Scottish Libraries
90774: CHRISTIE'S - Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale Tuesday 11 May 2010
108998: HALL A.C.S. - Guide to the Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts 1911 - 1957 Part II Index of Persons Volume III Ormesby - Z.
91161: GILLER PAUL S. - Community Structure and the Niche
91221: SURTEES R.S. - An Analysis of the Hunting Field Being a Series of Sketches of the Principal Characters That Compose One. The Whole Forming a Slight Souvenir of the Season 1845-6
91378: SERVICE JOHN S. - Lost Chance in China the World War II Despatches of John S. Service
91673: BAILY'S - Baily's Hunting Directory 1906 - 1907
93821: LARGE STEPHEN S. - Organized Workers and Socialist Politics in Interwar Japan
94528: THOMAS R.S. - Selected Poems 1946 - 1968
94577: CHRISTIE'S - Innovators of Twentieth Century Style Including Property from the Collection of Billy Wilder
94933: BYATT A.S., SODRE IGNES - Imagining Characters Six Conversations About Women Writers
94937: HOLMES CHARLES S. - The Clocks of Columbus the Literary Career of James Thurber
96619: SURTEES R.S. - Hillingdon Hall or the Cockney Squire
96623: ELIOT T.S. - The Confidential Clerk a Play
97034: SOTHEBY'S - Sakamoto Goro Porcelain 8 October 2014
97155: BUCK PEARL S. - The Kennedy Women
97686: FERNS C. S. - Aldous Huxley Novelist
97762: BENNETT H.S. - Chaucer and the Fifteenth Century Oxford History of English Literature
69057: OWEN A.S., WEBSTER T.B.L. - Excerpta Ex Antiquis Scriptoribus Quae Ad Forum Romanum Spectant
81309: BIRCH REYNARDSON C.T.S. - Down the Road or Reminiscences of a Gentleman Coachman
73099: SWAMINATHAN M.S. - Malthus and Mendel Silver Jubilee Commemoration Lecture 1973
111314: RUSSELL F. S., YONGE C. M. - The Seas Our Knowledge of Life in the Sea and How It Is Gained
113011: BENNETT H.S. - Chaucer and the Fifteenth Century
64643: ROSEN EMANUEL S, ASHWORTH BRYAN, JARPE SVEN - Fluorescence Photography of the Eye a Manual of Dynamic Clinical Ocular Fundus Pathology
82252: COSFORD J.S. - Line of Lost Lives
98551: SOTHEBY'S - The Thomas F. Flannery Collection Medieval and Later Works of Art Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December 1983 Sotheby's
112457: WESLEY S. S. - A Few Words on Cathedral Music Reprint of the Originaledition of 24th May 1849 with an Introduction by the Rev. W. Francis Westbrook and Historical Notes by Gerald W. Spink
110988: GRENVILLE J.A.S. - Lord Salisbury and Foreign Policy the Close of the Nineteenth Century
115869: SMITH STEVEN S., REMINGTON THOMAS F. - The Politics of Institutional Choice the Formation of the Russian State Duma
115880: VOSLENSKY MICHAEL S. - Nomenklatura Die Herrschende Klasse Der Sowjetunion
92668: WINGATE A.W.S. - A Cavalier in China
58193: SURTEES R.S., LEECH JOHN - Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour
89611: TURBERVILLE A.S. - Johnson's England an Account of the Life & Manners of His Age Volume II
106501: LEWIS C.S., HOOPER WALTER - Narrative Poems
97561: BUCK PEARL S. - God's Men
113806: NAIPAUL V. S. - The Loss of El Dorado a History
60704: RAPPOPORT A.S. - Russian History
61556: SOTHEBY'S - Orders Medals and Decorations 27 June 1985
111809: WILLAN T.S. - The Muscovy Merchants of 1555
87652: CLARKE SARAH M.S. - The Doctor's Daughter or the Story of Franziska Feldheim a Book for Girls
101244: CHRISTIE'S - The John and Frances L. Loeb Collection
109846: LEWIS C.S. - Prince Caspian the Return to Narnia
96466: ELIOT T.S., HAUGHTON HUGH, ELIOT VALERIE - The Letters of T.S. Eliot Volume 1 1898 - 1922 [&] Volume 2 1923 - 1925
116405: DENT HARRY S. - The Demographic Cliff How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation of 2014-2019
114566: SETON-KARR W.S., HUNTER WILLIAM WILSON, MALLESON COLONEL, TUDOR BURNE SIR OWEN, KEENE H.G., BOULGER DEMETRIUS, COTTON J.S., STEPHENS H. MORSE, HARDINGE CHARLES, ROSS OF BLADENSBURG - The Rulers of India 11 Volumes Cornwallis Dalhousie Akbar Dupleix Clyde and Strathnairn Madhava Rao Sindhia Otherwise Called Madhoji William Bentinck Mountstuart Elphinstone Albuquerque Hardinge Hastings
68873: WORRALL E.S. - London Recusant Volume 8 Number 1 1978
50959: LINK ARTHUR S., CATTON WILLIAM B. - American Epoch a History of the United States Since the 1890's
108996: HALL A.C.S. - Guide to the Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts 1911 - 1957 Part II Index of Persons Volume I a - Fouillon
108997: HALL A.C.S. - Guide to the Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts 1911 - 1957 Part II Index of Persons Volume II Foulwyll - Orme
114573: FURNIVALL J.S. - Netherlands India a Study of Plural Economy
64614: WILSON MICHAEL S., MILLIS ELISABETH A.W. - Contact Lenses in Ophthalmology
85935: MCFEELY WILLIAM S. - Ulysses S. Grant an Album
112417: HART S. - Weapons and Fighting Tactics in the Waffen Ss
106002: ROSKELL J.S. - The History of Parliament the House of Commons 1386 - 1421 I Introductory Survey Appendices Constituencies
38619: HOPWOOD FRANCIS J.S., LLEWELLYN SMITH H. - Second Series of Memoranda Statistical Tables and Charts Prepared in the Board of Trade with Reference to Various Matters Bearing on British and Foreign Trade and Industrial Conditions
107939: CHURCHILL WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1915
116525: ELIOT T.S. - Four Quartets
80519: RUSSELL D.S. - The Jews from Alexander to Herod New Clarendon Bible
99016: RICHARDS D.S. - The Savage Frontier a History of the Anglo-Afghan Wars
112476: LEWIS C.S. - The Magician's Nephew
18870: M.S. - Letters from France Written by a Modern Tourist in That Country and Descriptive of Some of the Most Amusing Manners and Customs of the French with Characteristic Illustrations from Drawings Taken on the Spot
71077: BRIGGS MARTIN S. - Men of Taste from Pharaoh to Ruskin
82290: NASSAAR CHRISTOPHER S. - The Victorians a Major Authors Anthology
115970: GRACHEV ANDREI S. - Final Days the Inside Story of the Collapse of the Soviet Union
114891: EDEES E.S., NEWTON A. - Brambles of the British Isles
99848: HANCOCK RALPH F.R.H.S. - When I Make a Garden
78220: JASPER A.S. - A Hoxton Childhood
108065: CHRISTIE'S - Famous Ferraris Beautiful Bugattis Magnificent Marques to Be Sold at Monaco 22 May 1990 at the Loews Hotel
84541: CHRISTIE'S - The First Sale Catalogue Friday December 5 1766
104624: TOMPSON RICHARD S. - Classics or Charity? the Dilemma of the 18th Century Grammar School
75764: SADLEIR R.M.F.S. - The Ecology of Reproduction in Wild and Domestic Animals
61205: COSFORD J.S. - Line of Lost Lives
100555: CHRISTIE'S - Playboy at 50 Selections from the Archives
104736: SUMMERHAYS R.S. - Observer's Book of Horses and Ponies
103949: CHURCHILL WINSTON S. - A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume I - IV [Complete]
88288: COLERIDGE-TAYLOR S., LONGFELLOW H.W. - Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha Set to Music for Soprano Tenor and Baritone Soli Chorus and Orchestra
62039: BAYLDON J.S., DONALDSON JOHN - Bayldon's Art of Valuing Rents and Tillages and the Tenant's Right on Entering and Quitting Farms
48875: GRAYSON RICHARD S. - Liberals International Relations and Appeasement the Liberal Party 1919 - 1939
108219: MACBRIDE A.S. - Speculative Masonry Its Mission Its Evolution and Its Landmarks
109801: ELIOT T.S., ELIOT VALERIE - The Letters of T.S. Eliot Vol. 2 1923-1925
73508: SOTHEBY'S - Regards Sur L'Orient Tableaux Et Sculptures Orientalistes & Art Islamique 16 Novembre 2011 Paris
46893: CURTIS W.P.S. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1961
78408: CHURCHILL RANDOLPH S. - Winston S. Churchill Volume I Youth 1874 - 1900
84423: CHRISTIE'S - Oak Country Furniture Folk Art Works of Art and Sculpture Including the Fernyhough Collection July 2003
84425: CHRISTIE'S - An Important Collection of Early Oak Furniture and Metalware Removed from the Manor House Bramcote Nottinghamshire May 2001
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87192: PIGGOTT STUART - Antiquity Depicted Aspects of Archaeological Illustration Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture
116616: HARDY E. STUART - Picture Treasures for the Little Ones
89406: CLARKE STUART - England the Light My Book About My Nation a Game, One Glorious Summer... And Love
113160: GRAY A. STUART - Edwardian Architecture a Biographical Dictionary
105064: ROBERTS JOHN STUART - Siegfried Sassoon
110014: BROWN STUART - Routledge History of Philosophy Volume V British Philosophy and the Enlightenment
48550: MILL JOHN STUART - Dissertations and Discussions Political Philosophical and Historical Volumes I [&] II
99218: MILL JOHN STUART - On the Subjection of Women
40613: JACKMAN STUART - Guns Covered with Flowers
77313: MENZIES MRS STUART - Sportsmen Parsons in Peace and War
116708: BRUCE ERIC STUART - Aircraft in War
64027: PENNY THOMAS STUBBS - My Dear Son the Memoir of Thomas Penny of Taunton and Wellington 1827 - 1906
106409: TERKEL STUDS - Giants of Jazz
99512: NYE WILBUR STURTEVANT - Plains Indian Raider the Final Phases of Warfare from the Arkansas to the Red River
103541: ALBA ALBERTO SUAREZ - A Vitoria Barajas Así Ha Ido Reuniendo Sus Fondos Una Colección única Que Alcanza Sus Bodas de Diamante
111273: BRADLEY SUE - The British Book Trade an Oral History
92045: LOWN SUE, PANIZZO PATRICIA - A Fair and High Locality the Chronicle of Coombe Ridge House and the Manor of Coombe
113818: SHEPHARD SUE - Seeds of Fortune a Gardening Dynasty
85481: HART SUE, VOIGHT LEIGH - In the Wild
99532: FARRANT SUE - Georgian Brighton 1740 - 1820
99846: SUFFOLK AND BERKSHIRE EARL OF, COVENTRY ARTHUR - Racing and Steeplechasing Badminton Library
106423: MAINE HENRY SUMNER - Ancient Law Its Connection with the Early History of Society and Its Relation to Modern Ideas
113333: KHILNANI SUNIL - Incarnations India in 50 Lives
115121: DASGUPTA SURENDRANATH - A History of Indian Philosophy Volume V Southern Schools of Saivism
42621: VAIDYA SURESH - Kailas
116252: HOWARD HENRY EARL OF SURREY, YEOWELL J. - The Poems of Henry Howard Earl of Surrey Edited with a Memoir
55344: BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Moreton in Marsh Sheet 217 Drift Edition One Inch Series
50039: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Great Barford and District Bedfordshire Sheet 186 [&] 187
31996: BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Kilmarnock Scotland Sheet 22 Solid Edition One Inch Series
32000: BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Kingston Upon Hull England and Wales Sheet 80 Solid with Drift Edition 1: 50000 Series
31982: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Lancaster and Morecombe
31984: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Oldham
55347: BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Trevose Head & Camelford Sheet 335 336 Solid and Drift Edition 1: 50000 Series
49111: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Oxford with Layers Sheet 28
55342: BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Wincanton Sheet 297 Solid and Drift Edition 1: 50000 Series
88722: CROSLAND SUSAN - Tony Crosland
108088: HYMAN SUSAN - Edward Lear's Birds
112177: MACDONALD SUSAN - Preserving Post-War Heritage the Care and Conservation of Mid-Twentieth-Century Architecture
111803: WATKINS SUSAN - Jane Austen's Town and Country Style
97648: WILLIAMS A. SUSAN - Ladies of Influence Women of the Elite in Interwar Britain
116744: WHITFIELD SUSAN - Life Along the Silk Road
97568: HILL SUSAN - Gentleman and Ladies
110564: COMPTON SUSAN - Chagall
112387: CAMPBELL SUSAN, PALMER HUGH - Cottesbrooke an English Kitchen Garden
105459: TWEEDSMUIR SUSAN - A Winter Bouquet
82764: FRENCH SUSAN - Daily Mail Annual for Girls
111515: DORAN SUSAN - The Tudor Chronicles
101549: BERRY SUSAN - Decorating Entrances Stairways and Landings
113598: YOUNGS SUSAN - The Work of Angels Masterpieces of Celtic Metalwork, 6th to 9th Centuries A.D.
110887: STRONGE SUSAN - Painting for the Mughal Emperor the Art of the Book 1560-1660
108152: GREENFIELD SUSAN - Tomorrow's People How 21st Century Technology Is Changing the Way We Think and Feel
94905: HANDLEY SUSANNAH - Nylon the Manmade Fashion Revolution
114742: GOONATILAKE SUSANTHA - Anthropologizing Sri Lanka a Eurocentric Misadventure
113682: HARRIES SUSIE - Nikolaus Pevsner
110099: HODGE SUSIE - The Secret History of the Knights Templar
112646: GOWER LORD RONALD SUTHERLAND - The Tower of London in Two Volumes
41372: SUTTON AND SONS - Vegetables and Flowers from Seeds in Tropical Semi-Tropical and Temperate Climates
104767: DUKE SUZANNE - Debrett's Handbook 1984

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