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97677: CUMMING PRIMROSE, SEABY ALLEN W. - Doney a Borderland Tale of Ponies and Young People
108912: CHULA OF SIAM PRINCE - Road Racing 1936 Being an Account of One Season of B. Bira the Racing Motorist
108914: CHULA CHAKRABONGSE PRINCE - Blue and Yellow Being an Account of Two Seasons of B. Bira the Racing Motorist 1939 and 1946
108915: CHULA CHAKRABONGSE OF THAILAND PRINCE - Dick Seaman Racing Motorist
90683: LAMBALLE PRINCESS - Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France During the Revolution Volume II
103827: SHAIRP PRINCIPAL - Burns English Men of Letters
117277: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS. METCALF PRISCILLA - The Cathedrals of England the North and East Anglia
94551: NAPIER PRISCILLA - The Sword Dance Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers
114116: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS. METCALF PRISCILLA - The Cathedrals of England the North and East Anglia
90215: NAPIER PRISCILLA - Coming Home from Sea Selected Poems
116457: PROCOPIUS, DEWING H.B. - Procopius Volume VII Buildings General Index to Procopius
31257: PROCTER, H.R. - The Principles of Leather Manufacture
59753: JACOBI PROFESSOR, PRINGLE J.J. - Portfolio of Dermochromes Volume I [&] Volume II
103840: HUXLEY PROFESSOR - Hume English Men of Letters
77589: PROPP WILLIAM H., WRIGHT DAVID P., ET AL. - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 49 No 3 July 1987
110682: WATERHOUSE PRUDENCE - A Victorian Monument the Buildings of Girton College
31586: CRONER PUBLICATIONS - Croner's Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide
111183: CARRATELLI GIOVANNI PUGLIESE - The Western Greeks Classical Civilization in the Western Mediterranean
115503: SINGH PUSHPINDAR - Aircraft of the Indian Air Force 1933 - 73
118737: CAI ZONG-QI - How to Read Chinese Poetry a Guided Anthology
17062: QUANDT, WILLIAM B. - Peace Process American Diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1967
60780: AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY - Automobile Quarterly Volume XX 20 Number 3 Third Quarter 1983
60777: AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY - Automobile Quarterly Volume XIX 19 Number 2 Second Quarter 1981
112197: BELL QUENTIN - Elders and Betters
76858: CREWE QUENTIN - Crewe House the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a Short History
117768: BELL QUENTIN - Virginia Woolf a Biography
115508: SPURRING QUENTIN - Williams Autosport File
115036: QUINTILIANUS, SPALDING GEORGE LUDOVIC - M Fabii Quintiliani de Institutione Oratoria Libri Duodecim Ad Codicum Veterum Fidem Volumen I Continens Libros I-III
115037: QUINTILIANUS, SPALDING GEORGE LUDOVIC - M Fabii Quintiliani de Institutione Oratoria Libri Duodecim Ad Codicum Veterum Fidem Volumen IV Continens Libros X-XII
115725: BRADSHAW R., MANNING N., THOMPSTONE S. - After the Fall Central and Eastern Europe Since the Collapse of Communism
53681: CONRAD MARGARET R., HILLER JAMES K. - Atlantic Canada a Concise History
116060: URBAN G. R. - Stalinism Its Impact on Russia and the World
113075: LEAVIS F.R. - The Common Pursuit
117351: JENSEN ARTHUR R. - Educability and Group Differences
111276: CHAMBERLIN E.R. - The Count of Virtue Giangaleazzo Visconti Duke of Milan
110505: LUCE HENRY R., WRIGHT HENRY - Architectural Forum Magazine of Building Volume 90 January - June 1949
110506: LUCE HENRY R., PRENTICE P.I. - Architectural Forum Magazine of Building Volume 91 July - December 1949
110503: LUCE HENRY R., WRIGHT HENRY - Architectural Forum Magazine of Building Volume 88 January - June 1948
110502: LUCE HENRY R., WRIGHT HENRY - Architectural Forum Magazine of Building Volume 87 July - December 1947
86486: TAYLOR HUMPHREY R., HARPER H.G. - The Old Surrey Fox Hounds a History of the Hunt from Its Earliest Days to the Present Time
113591: GARDINER S.R. - History of the Great CIVIL War in Four Volumes
101755: MARRIOTT SIR J.A.R. - The Evolution of Prussia the Making of an Empire
116241: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - The Silmarillion
115193: HALL H.R. - Aegean Archaeology an Introduction to the Archaeology of Prehistoric Greece
51261: MACKLEY FRANK R. - J.T. Mackley & Co Ltd CIVIL Engineers and Contractors 1927 - 2007 the First Eighty Years
69800: HARTSTON WILLIAM R. - The Grunfeld Defence
108116: LATTIMORE COLIN R. - English 19th Century Press-Moulded Glass
108118: TOLKIEN J.R.R. - The Hobbit or There and Back Again
95982: BROOKES R. - The Art of Angling Now Improved with Additions and Formed Into a Dictionary in Two Parts I Containing an Account of Fish and Fish-Ponds a New Art of Fly-Making... [&] II of the Great Whale and Whale Fishery. .
105101: MCBRIDE I.R. - The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology
113493: ELVEY G.R. - The Courts of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham 1483-1523
102531: ARMOUR R. - Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt
86814: BULWER J.R., STONE A.P., POLLOCK SIR FREDERICK - The Law Reports of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting 1886 - 1936 (304 Volumes)
115973: GREGORY PAUL R., NAIMARK NORMAN - The Lost Politburo Transcripts from Collective Rule to Stalin's Dictatorship
118110: EVANS G. R. - Anselm and a New Generation
118481: TOLKIEN J.R.R. - The Hobbit or There and Back Again
118830: WATERS GEOFFREY R. - Three Elegies of Ch'u
117112: PENNELL E.R., PENNELL J. - The Life of James Mcneill Whistler in Two Volumes
113515: PASSONS WILLIAM R. - Gestalt Approaches in Counseling
97135: DE WET C.R. - Three Years War
109265: GLEIG G.R. - The Life of Arthur Duke of Wellington
97533: STONE DOMINIC R. - The Art of Biedermeier Viennese Art and Design 1815 to 1845
100775: BENNION F.A.R. - The Blight of Blairism
101695: KITSON CLARK G.S.R. - An Expanding Society Britain 1830 - 1900
113478: ELVEY G.R. - Luffield Priory Charters Part II
116039: REESE ROGER R. - The Soviet Military Experience a History of the Soviet Army, 1917-91
107844: JAMES C.L.R. - Cricket
113947: CHENEY C.R. - English Synodalia of the Thirteenth Century
106246: ELTON G.R. - The Tudor Constitution Documents and Commentary
84688: POPPER KARL R. - Ausgangspunkte Meine Intellektuelle Entwicklung
95334: MITCHELL W.R. - Bowland and Pendle Hill
115792: KLEIN LAWRENCE R., POMER MARSHALL - The New Russia Transition Gone Awry
113369: HALE J. R. - Artists and Warfare in the Renaissance
113425: SEDDON P.R. - The Letter Book of Sir Anthony Oldfield 1662-1667 Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
114539: BURKHARDT V.R. - Chinese Creeds and Customs
93808: BROCK WILLIAM R. - The United States 1789 - 1890
107908: TOWNSEND CHARLES R. - San Antonio Rose Life and Music of Bob Wills
114584: BURN A.R. - Minoans Philistines and Greeks B.C. 1400-900
118485: TOLKIEN J.R.R., ANDERSON DOUGLAS A. - The Annotated Hobbit
118487: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun
118488: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-Earth
118495: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - The Children of Hurin
118496: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - Beren and Luthien
115187: GAWTHROP W.R. - The Story of the Assam Railways and Trading Company Limited 1881-1951
97612: HARTREE D.R. - Numerical Analysis
113365: DODWELL C.R. - The Great Lambeth Bible
110500: LUCE HENRY R., WRIGHT HENRY - Architectural Forum Magazine of Building Volume 84 May - December 1946
68595: MILLS DENNIS R. - Rural Community History from Trade Directories
115268: RIVERS W.H.R. - Essays on the Depopulation of Melanesia
63939: BROOKES R., FINDLAY A.G. - A General Gazetteer or Compendious Geographical Dictionary the Population and Area of All Nations in an Appendix Including the Census of Great Britain in 1861
118497: TOLKIEN J.R.R. - The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring the Two Towers the Return of the King
42637: KEMP D.A.R. - From Pathway to Flyover
96529: DODWELL C.R. - Essays on Durer
107733: CRONE G.R. - An Encyclopaedia of North and South America 1786
86653: LUNDBERG JOHN R. - The Finishing Stroke Texans in the 1864 Tennessee Campaign
102597: SMITH ALAN G.R. - The Emergence of a Nation State the Commonwealth of England 1529-1660
89910: SWAIN ERIC R. - O Famous Kent
114694: BOXER C.R. - Fidalgos in the Far East 1550-1770
102363: FAZAKERLEY G. R. - Kongoni
85426: ELLIS DAVIDSON H.R. - Katharine Briggs
102444: REILLY PHILIP R. - Abraham Lincoln's Dna and Other Adventures in Genetics
46554: VELAYUDHAN R. - Kerala the Red Rain Land
114052: POTTER G.R., ELTON G.R., WERNHAM R.B., COOPER J.P., CARSTEN F.L., BROMLEY J.S., LINDSAY J.O., GOODWIN A., CRAWLEY C.W., BURY J.P.T., HINSLEY F.H., MOWAT C.L., DARBY H.C. & FULLARD HAROLD - The New Cambridge Modern History 13 Vols Renaissance 1493-1520 Reformation 1520-59 Counter-Reformation and Price Revolution 1559-1610 Decline of Spain and the Thirty Years War 1609-48/59 Ascendancy of France 1648-88 Rise of Great Britain and Russia 1
104974: SARGENT WILLIAM R. - The Copeland Collection Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Figures
106131: ELTON G.R. - Reform and Reformation England 1509-58 New History of England
97192: PARKINSON G. H. R. - An Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
114369: CHENEY C.R. - Episcopal Visitation of Monasteries in the Thirteenth Century
117907: MORRIS DONALD R. - The Washing of the Spears a History of the Rise of the Zulu Nation Under Shaka and Its Fall in the Zulu War of 1879
111548: STEWART-BROWN R. - Birkenhead Priory and the Mersey Ferry
112969: MEAD W.R. - Aylesbury a Personal Memoir from the 1920s
112439: ROSSITER FRANK R. - Charles Ives and His America
115406: CAMP RAYMOND R. - All Seasons Afield with Rod and Gun
115581: LOWE PERCY R. - Factors Affecting the General Status of Wild Geese and Wild Duck International Wildfowl Inquiry Volume I.
100730: KEARTON R. - Wild Nature's Ways
114673: ACKERLEY J.R. - Hindoo Holiday an Indian Journal
114316: POWELL J.R. - Robert Blake General at Sea
115643: LAXTON R.R., LITTON C.D., HOWARD R.E. - Timber Dendrochronology of Roof Timbers at Lincoln Cathedral
104584: BURNET JOHN R. - Tales of the Deaf and Dumb with Miscellaneous Poems
98139: BRIMLEY JOHNSON R. - Mrs. Delany at Court and Among the Wits
69197: BOOTH ALAN R. - Not Only Peace Christian Realism and the Conflicts of the Twentieth Century
104927: TOLKIEN J.R.R. - The Hobbit or There and Back Again
63854: HALL H.R. - Murray's Handbook for Egypt and the Sudan
100683: PEARCE CUNLIFFE R. - The Confident Fly Fisher
110090: FORBES-WATSON R. - Shifta!
86101: WATKINS SAM R. - Co. Aytch a Confederate Memoir of the CIVIL War
110630: POPPER KARL R. - Conjectures and Refutations the Growth of Scientific Knowledge
90306: ACTON C.R. - Saddle and Shoeleather
110425: BRETTELL RICHARD R. - The Impressionist and the City Pissarro's Series Paintings
95350: GRUNDY HEAPE R. - The Soul of Bath an Architectural Study
115971: GREGORY PAUL R. - Behind the Facade of Stalin's Command Economy Evidence from the Soviet State and Party Archives
101579: DAVIES R., GRANT M. D. - Forgotten Railways Chiltern and Cotswold
107705: GRAVES MICHAEL A.R. - Early Tudor Parliaments 1485-1558
110077: DAVIES PHILIP R., BROOKE GEORGE J., CALLOWAY PHILLIP R. - The Complete World of the Dead Sea Scrolls
98016: LEAVIS F. R., TASKER JOHN - Letters in Criticism
102622: ORY NORMA R. - Art and the Alphabet
114819: OWEN D.D.R. - Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen and Legend
40255: HAZZARD WILLIAM R. - Principles of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
66552: COOKE MARTYN R. - Worldwide Aeronautical Hf Radio Handbook
73765: FUNDERBURK THOMAS R. - The Fighters
114915: HOBBS T.R. - 2 Kings Vol 13 Word Biblical Commentary
109705: LORD J.R. - Contributions to Psychiatry Neurology and Sociology Dedicated to the Late Sir Frederick Mott, K.B. E by His Friends, Colleagues and Former Pupils
87465: POWELL W.R. - A History of the County of Essex Volume V Victoria County History
116461: REES COLIN R. - Our Family of Cape Horners Volume 1 the Nineteenth Century Seafarers and Their Relations
65145: ODELL PETER R. - Why Carbon Fuels Will Dominate the 21st Century's Global Economy
116138: HOPE ASCOTT R. - The Wigwam and the War-Path
118499: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - The History of Middle-Earth Part 2
118500: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - The History of Middle-Earth Pt. 3
106826: FRISCH O.R. - Progress in Nuclear Physics 2
99517: BAKER VAN R. - The Websters Letters of an American Army Family in Peace and War 1836 - 1853
108447: WALLACE ALFRED R. - Tropical Nature and Other Essays
51895: WARD B.R. - The Pictures and Plate of the R.E. Headquarter Mess Chatham
115409: CHAMBERLIN E.R. - Charlemagne Emperor of the Western World
97848: DENMAN D. R. - A Half and Half Affair Chronicles of a Hybrid Son
115394: BARNARD WAY R., GREEN NOEL D. - The Book of Aeroplanes the Modern How-It-Works Series
118498: TOLKIEN J.R.R., TOLKIEN CHRISTOPHER - The History of Middle-Earth Part 1
104182: ASHBEE C.R., ASHBEE JANET E. - The Essex House Song Book Being the Collection of Songs Formed for the Singers of the Guild of Handicraft
81463: AMMON A.R. - The Selected Poems Expanded Edition
110507: LUCE HENRY R., WRIGHT HENRY - Architectural Forum Magazine of Building Volume 92 January - April 1950
87463: POWELL W.R., BOARD BERYL A., KNIGHT NORMA - A History of the County of Essex Volume VIII Victoria County History
112781: HOFSTADTER DOUGLAS R. - Metamagical Themas Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern
112780: HOFSTADTER DOUGLAS R. - Godel Escher Bach an Eternal Golden Braid
110013: PARKINSON G.H.R. - Routledge History of Philosophy Volume IV the Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Rationalism
115747: DRIVER G.R. - Gaisford Greek Prose 1913 [&] Gaisford Greek Verse 1919 from A.H. Clough's Amours de Voyage
115194: HALL KENNETH R., WHITMORE JOHN K. - Explorations in Early Southeast Asian History the Origins of Southeast Asian Statecraft
103660: TOLKIEN J.R.R. - The Two Towers
113906: BALFOUR-KINNEAR G.P.R. - Catching Salmon and Sea-Trout
108336: FITTER R.S.R. - London's Birds
116863: THORPE D.R. - Supermac the Life of Harold Macmillan
118882: PROFFER CARL R. - Letters of Nikolai Gogol
55401: ORCHARD D.R. - Sealed by the Bishop the Story of the Early Mediaeval Seals of Dignity of the Bishops of Bath and Wells
114264: PALMER R. - A Little Tour in India
73816: BULL T.R., MYERS EUGENE - Plastic Reconstruction in the Head and Neck
48895: CROWE WALTER R. - Index Numbers Theory and Applications
117826: KIRCHNER L. R. - Robbing Banks an American History 181 - 1999
118146: MORRIS P. R. - A History of the World Semi-Conductor Industry [Iee History of Technology Series 12]
115472: MERRINGTON W.R. - University College Hospital and Its Medical School a History
115266: RAVETZ JEROME R. - Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems
98134: GREEN J.R., NORGATE KATE - A Short History of the English People Illustrated Edition 4 Volumes
57850: BEECH H.R., BURNS L.E., SHEFFIELD B.F. - A Behavioural Approach to the Management of Stress
97841: BARNES G.R., OWEN J.H. - The Private Papers of John Earl of Sandwich First Lord of the Admiralty 1771 -1782 Volume I - III
87783: NEUBERGER ROY R. - The Passionate Collector Eighty Years in the World of Art
114790: LOYN H.R. - The Governance of Anglo-Saxon England 500-1087
77274: GILLESPY F.R. - So Near and Yet So Far the Recollections of a Rolling Stone
95434: MOY J.R. - Cambridge (Non University) and District Rowing in the 19th Century Compiled from the Cambridge Chronicle and Cambridge Independent Press with a Synopsis for 1843 - 1868
117089: EVANS G.R. - John Wyclif a Biography
118328: CAMERON L.C.R. - Rod Pole & Perch Angling and Otter-Hunting Sketches
72540: PEACOCKE M.R. - Speaking of the Dead
118744: DAVILA JAMES R. - Liturgical Works Eerdmans Commentaries on the Dead Sea Scrolls
86408: TOLKIEN J.R.R. - Poems and Stories
73712: ORDE R. - The Sedgefield Country in the Seventies and Eighties with Reminiscences of a First Whipper-in
118599: KEARTON R. - Birds' Nests Eggs and Egg Collecting
101321: BRIGHTWELL L.R. - The Tiger in Town
103190: RAO S.R. - Lothal
109159: ELSMIE G.R. - Field-Marshal Sir Donald Stewart G.C. B. , G.C. S.I. , C.I. E. An Account of His Life Mainly in His Own Words
73750: PANJE WILLIAM R., SCHULLER DAVID E., SHAGETS FRANK W. - Musculocutaneous Flap Reconstruction of the Head and Neck
71251: MACGILLIVRAY J.R. - Keats a Bibliography and Reference Guide with an Essay on Keats' Reputation
115265: POPPER KARL R. - Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics from the Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery
114956: COUPLAND R. - Raffles 1781-1826
110646: SEARLE JOHN R. - Intentionality an Essay in the Philosophy of Mind
112092: JANZ DENIS R. - The Westminster Handbook to Martin Luther
109181: LOYN H.R. - Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest
79678: PAGE RA - Hyphen an Anthology of Short Stories by Poets
16826: RACEFORM - Horses in Training 1990
111231: MCCARTHY RACHEL - Element
94654: BALYEAT RACHEL - Karl's Story a Compilation of Letters and Memorabilia from a Young Life
53531: NICHOLSON RACHEL - Rachel Nicholson Recent Paintings
118223: JACOFF RACHEL - The Cambridge Companion to Dante
79763: ERLANGER RACHEL - Lucretia Borgia
114710: COOMARASWAMY RADHIKA - Sri Lanka the Crisis of the Anglo-American Constitutional Traditions in the Developing Society
109394: YANG RAE - Spider Eaters a Memoir
118676: KNIGHT RAE, ANDOW JOHN - The Book of Chittlehampton a North Devon Parish
69277: DOSSANI RAFIQ - India Arriving How This Economic Powerhouse Is Redefining Global Business
77156: AL-SUDAIRI ABD AL-RAHMAN - The Desert Frontier of Arabia Al-Jawf Through the Ages
77140: AZZAM ABD AL-RAHMAN - Ibn Battuta in the Valley of Doom
77395: AZZAM ABD AL-RAHMAN - Ibn Battuta and the Lost Shadow
77393: AZZAM ABD AL-RAHMAN - Ibn Battuta Son of the Mighty Eagle
100260: TREVELYAN RALEIGH - The Shadow of Vesuvius
107811: DAHRENDORF RALF - The New Liberty Survival and Justice in a Changing World
107848: JEDRASZCZYK RALF, CZEZOWSKI ANDREW, JONES BARRY - Punk Rock 100 Nights at the Roxy
117653: WHITLOCK RALPH - Peasant's Heritage
95548: FREEDMAN RALPH - Hermann Hesse a Biography
118016: ANSTIS RALPH - Man of Iron Man of Steel the Lives of David and Robert Mushet
113665: DUTTON RALPH - Normandy and Brittany
80405: INGERSOL RALPH - Top Secret
116745: NEVILL RALPH - French Prints of the Eighteenth Century
73577: JACKSON RALPH - Camerton the Late Iron Age and Early Modern Metalwork
54851: BUCHSBAUM RALPH - Animals without Backbones Volume One [&] Volume Two
75528: MOLLETT RALPH - The German Occupation of Jersey 1940 - 1945 Notes on the General Conditions How the Population Fared
98710: STEPHENS C.RALPH, SALOMAN LYNDA B. - The Craft of Peter Taylor
112549: PAYNE-GALLWEY SIR RALPH - High Pheasants in Theory and Practice
112520: PAYNE-GALLWEY SIR RALPH - The Fowler in Ireland or Notes on the Haunts and Habits of Wildfowl and Seafowl Including Instructions in the Art of Shooting and Capturing Them
109189: NEVILL RALPH - Leaves from the Note-Books of Lady Dorothy Nevill
76777: BAKIG ARESLAN RAMADAN - Photographs from the Jordanian and Palestinian Heritage
85265: ROY RAMASHRAY - Gandhi Soundings in Political Philosophy
50997: MARTIN RAMON, MUNOZ JUAN CARLOS - Parque Natural Gorbeia Parke Naturala
31001: RAMSAY, SIR JAMES H. - Bamff Charters A.D. 1232 - 1703
77332: WOOD RAMSAY - Kalila and Dimna Fables of Conflict and Intrigue
118021: BALLANTYNE A. RANDAL - Robert Hancock and His Works Nat 1730 Ob 1817
96944: JARRELL RANDALL - The Lost World
52796: DAVIES RANDALL - The Old Water-Colour Society's Club 1927 - 1928 Fifth Annual Volume
67751: CAMPBELL LADY CHARLOTTE A LAND OF RANK - The Murdered Queen or Caroline of Brunswick a Diary of the Court of George IV
110291: FIENNES RANULPH - To the Ends of the Earth the Transglobe Expedition the First Pole-to-Pole Circumnavigation of the Globe
99847: FIENNES RANULPH - Agincourt My Family the Battle and the Fight for France
112641: FIENNES RANULPH - Captain Scott
117413: FIENNES RANULPH - Where Soldiers Fear to Tread
116283: BERGMAN RAY - Trout
92483: BILLINGTON RAY - Living Philosophy an Introduction to Moral Thought
100993: STEPHENS A. RAY, HOLMES WILLIAM M. - Historical Atlas of Texas
117819: HONEYFORD RAY - Race and Free Speech Violating the Taboo
117820: HONEYFORD RAY - The Commission for Racial Equality British Bureaucracy and the Multiethnic Society
116617: BATTERSBY RAY - Team Suzuki a Definitive Analysis of the Factory's Roadracing Motorcycles
107558: DAVIS S.C.H., AUMONIER PIERRE, POSTHUMUS CYRIL, HUTTON RAY ET AL. - Pole Position Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the British Racing Drivers' Club
107890: ROBINSON RAY - The Glad Season
117348: HONEYFORD RAY - Integration or Disintegration
108258: JONES RAY - The Lighthouse Encyclopedia the Definitive Reference
118541: HONEYFORD RAY - Starting Teaching
115688: MONK RAY, RAPHAEL FREDERIC - The Great Philosophers from Socrates to Turing
70149: BRULET RAYMOND - La Sarcophage Gallo Romain de Tournai
118826: WACKS RAYMOND - Understanding Jurisprudence an Introduction to Legal Theory
106362: DURGNAT RAYMOND - Sexual Alienation in the Cinema
103644: PAULICK RAYMOND - The Blood Horse Stallion Register for 2003
103642: PAULICK RAYMOND - The Blood Horse Stallion Register for 1999
110763: LISTER RAYMOND - Samuel Palmer a Biography
114359: FLOWER RAYMOND - Oundle and the English Public School
104413: COGNIAT RAYMOND - Sisley
75003: LISTER RAYMOND - Antique Maps and Their Cartographers
115153: CHANDLER RAYMOND, HINEY TOM, MACSHANE FRANK - The Raymond Chandler Papers Selected Letters and Non-Fiction 1909-1959
93721: CHANDLER RAYMOND, MACSHANE FRANK - The Notebooks of Raymond Chandler and English Summer a Gothic Romance
105754: BEAZLEY RAYMOND, FORBES NEVILL, BIRKETT G.A. - Russia from the Varangians to the Bolsheviks
115591: RECOULY RAYMOND, DAVIS JOYCE - Marshal Foch His Own Words on Many Subjects
118545: FOXALL RAYMOND - The Guinea-Pigs Britain's First Paratroop Raid
103643: PAULICK RAYMOND - The Blood Horse Stallion Register for 2002
107884: ALLEN DAVID RAYVERN - Jim the Life of E.W. Swanton
114854: TALLEMANT [GÉDÉON TALLEMANT DES RÉAUX] - Love-Tales from Tallemant
112585: TANNAHILL REAY - The Fine Art of Food
100253: TANNAHILL REAY - Paris in the Revolution
50350: ABRAMS REBECCA - Touching the Distance
118292: SCOTT REBECCA, SCOTT MARY - A Fine Kind of Madness Ronnie Scott Remembered
111484: JOHN REBECCA - Caspar John
76261: STEFOFF REBECCA - Extinction Earth at Risk
116105: DANIELS REBECCA, BRANDWOOD GEOFF - Ruskin and Architecture
105991: WEST REBECCA - The Fountain Overflows
118444: PINE RED - Poems of the Masters China's Classic Anthology of T'Ang and Sung Dynasty Verse
118804: PINE RED - The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain
118803: PINE RED, O'CONNOR MIKE - The Clouds Should Know Me by Now Buddhist Poet Monks of China
118100: CALLENDER RED, COHEN ELAINE - Unfinished Dream the Musical World of Red Callender
40574: MULLIN REDMOND - The Wealth of Christians
46168: HUGH REES - The Wilderness Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor from Battles and Leaders of the CIVIL War
44360: A LAW REFORMER - A Letter to the Lord High Chancellor Cranworth on the Bills Lately Introduced by Lord Brougham
118551: CURTIS REG - Churchill's Volunteer a Parachute Corporal's Story
107609: GAMMON REG, FAIRHEAD ENID - One Man's Furrow Ninety Years of Country Living
73062: CLEMENTS REG, FOLLOWS JACK - Meanwhile at Ground Level
116235: FARRER REGINALD - On the Eaves of the World in Two Volumes
112021: HILL REGINALD - Deadheads
112019: HILL REGINALD - Pascoe's Ghost and Other Brief Chronicles of Crime
112017: HILL REGINALD - Another Death in Venice
104355: HARGREAVES REGINALD - This Happy Breed Sidelights on Soldiers and Soldiering
113863: HILL REGINALD - Traitor's Blood
111781: POUND REGINALD - The Lost Generation
106710: GRUNDY C. REGINALD - James Ward R.A. His Life and Works with a Catalogue of His Engravings and Pictures
114297: HILL REGINALD - A Very Good Hater a Tale of Revenge
112852: HILL REGINALD - Under World
112856: HILL REGINALD - Ruling Passion
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112779: HILL RUPERT - Winchester an Illustrated Stroll Through City and College
95906: GUNNIS RUPERT - Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660 - 1851
109853: LOEWENSTEIN RUPERT - A Prince Among Stones That Business with the Rolling Stones and Other Adventures
118273: MATTHAEI RUPPRECHT - Goethe's Colour Theory
118168: SPARKES RUSELL - Sound of Heaven a Treasury of Catholic Verse
107688: BROWN JOHN RUSSELL, HARRIS BERNARD - Elizabethan Poetry Stratford -Upon-Avon Studies 2
57810: ALDWINCKLE RUSSELL - Death in the Secular City a Study of the Notion of Life After Death in Contemporary Theology and Philosophy
116083: BRADDON RUSSELL - Cheshire V.C.
116215: MITFORD MARY RUSSELL - Our Village
66514: HITCHCOCK HENRY-RUSSELL - Rococo Architecture in Southern Germany
94491: MARSHALL RUSSELL - John Kent 1937 - 2003
46678: SPURR RUSSELL - Let the Tiger Turn Tail
114966: ASH RUSSELL - Sir Edward Burne-Jones
114963: ASH RUSSELL - Sir John Everett Millais
86480: THATCHER RUSSELL - The Captain
85855: RENDELL RUTH - The Reason Why an Anthology of the Murderous Mind
45056: HUBBARD RUTH, WALD ELIJAH - Exploding the Gene Myth How Genetic Information Is Produced and Manipulated by Scientists Physicians Employers Insurance Companies Educators and Law Enforcers
101368: BALDWIN PROFESSOR RUTH - One Hundred Nineteenth Century Rhyming Alphabets in English
112826: SMITH RUTH - Handel's Oratorios and Eighteenth-Century Thought

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