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107907: TINKLER BASIL ASHTON - A Somerset Hero Who Beat the Aussies the Life and Times of J.C. Farmer White
38065: ASPRIN, ROBERT - Myth Conceptions Another Fine Myth Myth Directions
91716: RAZIN ASSAF, SADKA EFRAIM - The Economy of Modern Israel Malaise and Promise
77387: PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION - A Guide to Royalty Agreements Prepared by the Agreements Committee of the Publishers Association
50259: EMPIRE FORESTRY ASSOCIATION - The Commonwealth Forestry Handbook 1962
56955: THOMAS KIRBY [&] AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION - Catalogue of Master Works by Distinguished Painters of the French English Dutch and Flemish Schools and Other Artistic Property Belonging to Mr David H. King Jr of New York at Chickering Hall and at the American Art Galleries
68644: DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY AIR CREW ASSOCIATION - Valiant Endeavours Personal Experiences Recalled by Members of the Dumfries & Galloway Branch of the Air Crew Association
70175: DEVON COUNTY LADIES GOLF ASSOCIATION - Devonshire and the First Hundred Years of County Ladies Golf
62555: NATIONAL AIREDALE TERRIER ASSOCIATION - The Airedale Terrier Year Book 2005
62557: NATIONAL AIREDALE TERRIER ASSOCIATION - The Airedale Terrier Year Book 2007
76879: KENNETT ASTIN - Bedouin Justice Laws & Customs Among the Egyptian Bedouin
76856: TILEV ATANAS - Fighting It out
40034: PALIOURAS ATHANASIOS - The Byzantine Monuments and the Oecumenical Patriarchate
101984: HOBSON JOHN ATKINSON - The Crisis 0f Liberalism New Issues of Democracy
106555: WAUGH AUBERON - Closing the Circle the Best of Way of the World
94308: WAUGH AUBERON - The Way of the World
73383: AUBERT R., ET AL. - De Universiteit Te Leuven 1425 - 1975
106693: BEARDSLEY AUBREY, MAAS HENRY, DUNCAN J.L., GOOD W.G. - The Letters of Aubrey Beardsley
94087: BURL AUBREY - The Great Pyrate Bartholomew Roberts and His Crew 1718 - 1723
104176: WADE AUBREY - Gunner on the Western Front
91813: BEARDSLEY AUBREY - Zeichnungen Drawings
104784: NOAKES AUBREY - William Frith Extraordinary Victorian Painter
91536: BEARDSLEY AUBREY - The Later Work of Aubrey Beardsley
108187: LEWIS AUBREY - Inquiries in Psychiatry Clinical and Social Investigations
91517: DADDS AUDREY - The Shih Tzu
93573: CUNNINGHAM AUDREY - The Loyal Clans
46963: STRINDBERG AUGUST - Miss Julia the Stronger
50208: NOEL AUGUSTA - The Story of Wandering Willie
99873: JAMES AUGUSTINE - The Story of Downside Abbey Church
85264: BIRRELL AUGUSTINE - Obiter Dicta [&] Obiter Dicta Second Series
103814: BIRRELL AUGUSTINE - Andrew Marvel English Men of Letters
87299: AUGUSTINE, PUSEY EDWARD BOUVERIE - The Confessions of St Augustine
103830: BIRRELL AUGUSTINE - William Hazlitt English Men of Letters
109511: ST AUGUSTINE, PILKINGTON J.G. - St Augustine Bishop of Hippo Confessions
75627: GRIMBLE AUGUSTUS - More Leaves from My Game Book
92534: JOHN AUGUSTUS, GEORGE DANIEL - Finishing Touches
45295: HARE AUGUSTUS - Days Near Rome Volume I [&] II
63625: HENDERSON WILLIAM AUGUSTUS - The Housekeeper's Instructor or Universal Family Cook Being an Ample and Clear Display of the Art of Cookery in All Its Various Branches Containing . . Proper Rules for Brewing Malt Liquor . . to Which Is Added the Complete Art of Carving .
86873: GRIMBLE AUGUSTUS - The Salmon Rivers of Scotland
60715: JOHN AUGUSTUS - Works by Augustus John
47608: GRIVOLIN JEANNE AURELIE - Breviary of Love Being the Private Journal Written at Lyon and Cherbourg During the Years 1802 - 3
79791: GOTTI AURELIO - Vita Di Michelangelo Buonarroti Narrata Con L'Aiuto Di Nuovi Documenti Volume I & Volume II
73426: PECCEI AURELIO - The Chasm Ahead
109993: MARCUS AURELIUS, FORSTATER MARK - The Spiritual Teachings of Marcus Aurelius
98566: HUNT AURORA - The Army of the Pacific Its Operations in California Texas Arizona New Mexico Utah Nevada Oregon Washington, Plains Region, Mexico, Ect. 1860-1866
50457: WANLIN AURORE - The Lisbon Scorecard VI Will Europe's Economy Rise Again
104588: CHAMBERLAIN AUSTEN - Politics from the Inside an Epistolary Chronicle 1906-1914
107657: ATKINSON AUSTEN - Lost Civilizations Rediscovering Ancient Sites Through New Technology
109331: KARK AUSTEN - Attic in Greece
109011: KARK AUSTEN - The Forwarding Agent
60042: CLARKE AUSTIN - The Horse-Eaters Poems and Satires Third Series
107604: COATES AUSTIN - Western Pacific Islands
72136: BAKER JOHN AUSTIN - The Faith of a Christian
103828: DOBSON AUSTIN - Fielding English Men of Letters
103811: DOBSON AUSTIN - Samuel Richardson English Men of Letters
103812: DOBSON AUSTIN - Fanny Burney Madame D'Arblay English Men of Letters
68185: DOBSON AUSTIN, THOMSON HUGH - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
99022: CORPS OF COMPETENT AUTHORS AND ARTISTS - Wild Life on the Plains and Horrors of Indian Warfare
102525: VARIOUS AUTHORS - A Book of Masques in Honour of Allardyce Nicoll
71181: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byron Shelley Keats in Memoriam Endowed Yearly Prizes Prize Essays by Competitors 4th Set
51486: MACKENZIE-GRIEVE AVERIL - The Great Accomplishment
79748: YARMOLINSKY AVRAHM - An Anthology of Russian Verse 1812 - 1960
79566: YARMOLINSKY AVRAHM - The Russian Literary Imagination
106567: TIPPING H. AVRAY, HUSSEY CHRISTOPHER - English Homes English Homes Period IV Vol I Late Stuart 1649-1714
106563: TIPPING H. AVRAY - English Homes Periods I and II Vol II Medieval and Early Tudor 1066-1558
106566: TIPPING H. AVRAY, HUSSEY CHRISTOPHER - English Homes English Homes Period IV Vol II the Work of Sir John Vanbrugh and His School 1699-1736
106565: TIPPING H. AVRAY - English Homes Period III Vol I Late Tudor & Early Stuart 1558-1649
106564: TIPPING H. AVRAY - English Homes Period II Vol I Early Tudor 1485-1558
78040: BOETHIUS AXEL, WARD-PERKLINS J.B. - Etruscan and Roman Architecture
103661: TRYON AYLMER - The Quiet Waters by
105489: VALLANCE AYMER - The Life and Work of William Morris His Art His Writing and His Public Life
85886: DODGE THERODORE AYRAULT, SEARS STEPHEN W. - On Campaign with the Army of the Potomac the CIVIL War Journal of Theodore Ayrault Dodge
86626: DODGE THEODORE AYRAULT - The Campaign of Chancellorsville
18511: AYSCOUGH, REV. SAMUEL - An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakespeare
77376: RASHID SA'AD BIN 'ABD AL-'AZIZ - Al-Rabadhah a Portrait of Early Islamic Civilization in Saudi Arabia
65345: SYNGE M.B. - A Book of Discovery the History of the World's Exploration from the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole
100091: AUSTIN A.B. - Fighter Command
105981: PRIESTLEY J.B. - Bright Day
68384: NEAL J.B. - A History of the Royal Army Medical College
65956: WORKMAN HERBERT B. - Christian Thought to the Reformation
91055: HAINSWORTH J.B. - Homer Greece & Rome New Surveys in the Classics No 3
51360: SHEARN W.B., JEFFS WILFRED A. - The Practical Fruiterer & Florist Volume I - III Complete
47747: PATTERSON SARAH ELIZABETH B. - Dunellan Manse or Times and Trials of the Disruption
86840: MCCASH WILLIAM B. - Thomas R.R. Cobb 1823 - 1862 the Making of a Southern Nationalist
71753: GILES W.B., MILEHAM PATRICK - Yeoman Service Contemporary Cartoons of the Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry 1870 - 1910
110030: MOSS H ST. L.B., BARRACLOUGH GEOFFREY, SOUTHERN R.W., MUNDY JOHN H., HUIZINGA J. - The Story of the Middle Ages the Birth of the Middle Ages the Crucible of the Middle Ages the Making of the Middle Ages the High Middle Ages the Waning of the Middle Ages
98244: PINION F. B., PINION M. - The Collected Sonnets of Charles Tennyson Turner
94986: BULLEN J.B. - Post-Impressionists in England
102866: MEIGS ELIZABETH B. - The Silver Quest
104741: WHITEHEAD STANLEY B. - Observer's Book of Flowering Trees & Shrubs
69502: HARDEN D.B. - Dark-Age Britain Studies Presented to E.T. Leeds with a Bibliography of His Work
70228: MOWAT R.B. - Gibbon
101179: BURY J.B., COOK S.A., ADCOCK F.E., CHARLESWORTH M.P., BAYNES N.H. - Cambridge Ancient History 17 Volumes [Complete]
104142: REICH NANCY B. - Clara Schumann the Artist and the Woman
105287: WARFIELD BENJAMIN B., CRAIG SAMUEL G. - Biblical and Theological Studies
108929: SAKELLARIOU M.B. - Macedonia 4000 Years of Greek History and Civilization
109898: SYNGE M.B. - A Book of Discovery the History of the World's Exploration from the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole
107365: PRIESTLEY J.B. - Angel Pavement
101895: SELIGMAN ADAM B. - The Idea of a CIVIL Society
110374: SANSOM G.B., SELIGMAN C.G. - Japan a Short Cultural History
95742: LEWIS R.W.B. - Edith Wharton
104231: WILDMAN W.B. - A Short History of Sherborne from 705 A.D.
103242: KERNAN ALVIN B. - Printing Technology Letters & Samuel Johnson
85717: OATES STEPHEN B. - Abraham Lincoln the Man Behind the Myths
108224: MORTON J.B. - Hilaire Belloc a Memoir
108720: PRIESTLEY J.B. - The Bodley Head Leacock
93817: MARCHAND JOHN B., SYMONDS CRAIG L. - Charleston Blockade the Journals of John B. Marchand U.S. Navy 1861 - 1862
103931: PRIESTLEY J.B. - English Journey
110714: CAPES DAVID B., REEVES RODNEY, RICHARDS E. RANDOLPH - Rediscovering Paul an Introduction to His World, Letters and Theology
40191: KARK B., WERNER H. - Krebs IM Alter Onkologie Und Immunologie IM Hoheren Lebensalter
86395: PRIESTLEY J.B. - Wonder Hero
71288: WHALL W.B., MCMURTRIE FRANCIS E. - The Romance of Navigation
86686: FERRIS NORMAN B. - Desperate Diplomacy William H. Seward's Foreign Policy 1861
101112: STUTLER BOYD B. - West Virginia in the CIVIL War
43742: FORSTER E.L.B. - Vegetarian Cookery
99209: VIVEKANANDAN B. - The Shrinking Circle the Commonwealth in British Foreign Policy 1945 - 1974
86316: GORDON GENERAL JOHN B. - Reminiscences of the CIVIL War
97462: WARREN DAVID B., BROWN MICHAEL K., COLEMAN ELIZABETH ANN, NEFF EMILY BALLEW - American Decorative Arts and Paintings in the Bayou Bend Collection
75786: MITTON JEFFRY B. - Selection in Natural Populations
42392: WHEATLEY HENRY B. - Pottery and the Precious Metals
99629: DAVIS GEORGE B., PERRY LESLIE J., KIRKLEY JOSEPH W. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XLI Part I Reports
89285: MCDERMOTT M.B. - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History Volume 121
105928: HORN D.B., RANSOME MARY - English Historical Documents Volume 7 1714-1783
85958: OATES STEPHEN B. - The Whirlwind of War
100809: SEMMENS PETER W. B. - Great Western Steam in Close-Up
86291: KELLY D.B. - Excavations at Watergate House Chester 1959
99652: HAZEN WILLIAM B. - A Narrative of Military Service
92064: MAIS S.P.B. - This Unknown Land
22453: ATLAY J.B. - The Trial of Lord Cochrane Before Lord Ellenborough
95973: BROWNING HENRY B. - An Algebra of Ratios Founded on Simple and General Definitions with a Theory of Exponents Extended to Incommensurable Ratios and the Propositions of the Fifth Book of Euclid
86853: MCCASLIN RICHARD B. - The Last Stronghold the Campaign for Fort Fisher CIVIL War Campaigns and Commanders
41508: RUNDALL L.B. - The Ibex of Sha-Ping and Other Himalayan Stories
88790: PEACOCK THOMAS B. - Great Western Suburban Services
99635: DAVIS GEORGE B., PERRY LESLIE J., KIRKLEY JOSEPH W. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XLVIII Part II Correspondence
55487: BAKER F.B. - The Performance of CIVIL Aircraft
105289: WARFIELD BENJAMIN B. - Perfectionism
105288: WARFIELD BENJAMIN B. - Calvin and Augustine
93816: PACHAI B. - The Early History of Malawi
83123: JENKINS J.B. - The Removal of Blundell's 1846 - 1882 Town and Gown in Tiverton
50367: JOHNSON PETER B. - Reuter Reporter in Divided Germany 1955 -58 [&] Reuter Reporter Among the Communists 1958 - 59
61661: QUINN D.B. - The Hakluyt Handbook Volume I [&] Volume II
89071: LOVE B. - The Hand-Book of Manchester Containing Statistical and General Information on the Trade Social Condition and Institutions of the Metropolis of Manufacturers
100507: OSTRANDER ALSON B. - An Army Boy in the Sixties a Story of the Plains
88666: BARRETT C.R.B. - Somersetshire Highways Byways and Waterways
104820: SOMERSET H.E.B. - Meta the First Comprehensive Survey of the District of Metaponto in Basilicata South Italy Carried out in August 1964 by H.E. B. Somerset Who Designed Wrote and Produced This Report
91581: WOLLOCOMBE JOHN B. - The Tetcott Hunt Week Antecedants and Consequences
92792: POULTNEY C.B., FARROW WILL - The Adventures of Peter Puppy
79391: YEATS W.B. - Plays in Prose and Verse Written for an Irish Theatre and Generally with the Help of a Friend
42138: WORTHINGTON E.B. - Rainbow Trout in Britain a Survey Prepared at the Request of the National Association of Fishery Boards
86919: COTTERILL H.B. - A History of Art Volume I Down to the Age of Raphael [&] Volume II Later European Art with Chapters on Oriental Sculpture and Painting
102658: MAJENDIE V.H.B. - A History of the 1st Battalion the Somerset Light Infantry Prince Albert's July 1st 1916 to the End of the War
14105: OATTS LT.-COLONEL L.B. - Emperor's Chambermaids the Story of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
105290: WARFIELD BENJAMIN B. - The Person and Work of Christ
105291: WARFIELD BENJAMIN B., MEETER JOHN - Selected Shorter Writings of Benjamin B. Warfield I.
105292: WARFIELD BENJAMIN B., MEETER JOHN - Selected Shorter Writings of Benjamin B. Warfield II
92069: TURRILL W.B. - British Plant Life
104289: WRIXON FRED B. - Codes Ciphers and Other Cryptic and Clandestine Communication
110392: WOLF JOHN B. - Louis XIV
99097: LODGE R.B. - Pictures of Bird Life on Woodland Meadow Mountain and Marsh
85902: OATES STEPHEN B. - The Fires of Jubilee Nat Turner S Fierce Rebellion
101108: SIMPSON HAROLD B. - Cry Comanche the 2nd U.S. Cavalry in Texas 1855 - 1861
50595: MILLER J.D.B. - The World of States Connected Essays
109183: MCFARLANE K.B. - The Nobility of Later Medieval England
98642: PUGH R.B., CRITALL ELIZABETH - A History of Wiltshire Volume III Victoria County History
66506: QUENNELL C.H.B., QUENNELL PETER - Somerset Shell Guide
96915: BOOTH J. B. - Sporting Times the "Pink Un" World
93086: FELTHAM H. B. - In the Eastern Manner an Exhibition on the Effects of Direct Western Trade with China and Japan
76201: MAUND B. - The Fruitist a Treatise on Orchard and Garden Fruits
86674: OATES STEPHEN B. - Confederate Cavalry West of the River
103074: MCCULLY C.B. - The Language of Fly-Fishing
104493: DUANE O. B. - Discovering Art Picasso
99462: LANGLEY B, LANGLEY T. - The Builder's Jewel or the Youth's Instructor and Workman's Remembrancer Short and Easy Rules... For Drawing & Working
47532: MACALPINE JAS B. - Cystoscopy and Urography
53544: YEATS W.B., CRAIG GORDON - Plays for an Irish Theatre
95136: SOKOLOFF NAOMI B. - Imagining the Child in Modern Jewish Fiction
94392: BUSHRUI S.B. - Yeats Verse Plays the Revisions 1900 - 1910
82150: HALDANE A.R.B. - The Drove Roads of Scotland
107784: WOODWARD HORACE B. - The Geology of Water-Supply
99633: DAVIS GEORGE B., PERRY LESLIE J., KIRKLEY JOSEPH W. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XLVIII Part I Reports Correspondence
110879: SHILLIBEER H. B. - The Ancient Customs of the Manor of Taunton Deane Collected from the Records of the Manor
90235: GRASSBY RICHARD B. - Ship Sea and Sky the Marine Art of James Edward Butterworth
95172: HONEY W.B. - Corean Pottery
86075: JONES J.B. - A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital Volume 1 [&] Volume 2
103028: CLAYTON P.B. - Tales of Talbot House in Poperinghe & Ypres
85612: TIPTON FRANK B., ALDRICH ROBERT - An Economic and Social History of Europe 1890 - 1939
98156: CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM R. B., TSCHIFFELY A. F. - Rodeo a Collection of the Tales and Sketches of R.B. Cunninghame Graham
106709: GOVER J. E. B., MAWER A., STENTON F. M. HOUGHTON F. T. S. - The Place Names of Warwickshire English Place-Name Society Volume XIII
99634: DAVIS GEORGE B., PERRY LESLIE J., KIRKLEY JOSEPH W. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume L Part I Reports Correspondence
105373: MARCY RANDOLPH B., WALLACE EDWARD S. - Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border
60725: MARSON T.B. - Soil and Security
83876: SCHAAP ELLA B. - Bloemen Op Tegels in de Gouden Eeuw Van Prent Tot Tegel Dutch Floral Tiles in the Golden Age and Their Botanical Prints
89001: BADDELEY M.J.B., MORRIS J.E. - Black's Shilling Guide to the English Lakes
87747: COCKETT F.B. - Early Sea Painters 1660 - 1730
102545: CHRIMES S.B. - Henry VII
103036: FAWCETT C.B. - Frontiers a Study in Political Geography
91271: WOODGATE W.B. - Boating Badminton Library
69753: PILKINGTON IAIN D.B. - Queen of the Trianon the Story of Marie Antoinette
100375: OATES STEPHEN B. - Confederate Cavalry West of the River
100249: STEVENSON DAVID B., STEVENSON WENDY - Scottish Texts and Calendars an Analytic Guide to Serial Publications
110801: HALDANE A.R.B., MUNRO HELEN - The Path by the Water
108813: REED TALBOT BAINES, JOHNSON A.F. - A History of the Old English Letter Foundries with Notes Historical and Bibliographical on the Rise and Progress of English Typography
82631: WHITE JOHN BAKER - Sabotage Is Suspected
107596: BROWN G. BALDWIN - The Arts in Early England Volume II Ecclesiastical Architecture in England from the Conversion of the Saxons to the Norman Conquest
77593: BALENTINE SAMUEL E., O'CONNOR KATHLEEN M., ET AL. - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 51 No 4 October 1989
106282: LONG ROBERT BALLARD, MCGUFFIE T.H. - Peninsular Cavalry General 1811-13 the Correspondence of Lieutenant-General Robert Ballard Long
83348: BALZAC, CASTEX PIERRE-GEORGES, ET AL. - La Comedie Humaine Tome I Etudes de Moeurs Scenes de la Vie Privee
110510: SMITH CLIVE BAMFORD - Builders in the Sun Five Mexican Architects
109452: BANCROFT AND CO - Here Comes Santa Claus
106080: FLETCHER SIR BANISTER, MUSGROVE JOHN - A History of Architecture
111228: LOPEZ JEAN-BAPTISTE, TUSTIN REBECCA - Yemen Beyond the News
97215: WHITTOME BARBARA - Russian Ride the Account of a 2,500 Mile Trek with Three Cossack Horses
97445: TRAPIDO BARBARA - The Travelling Hornplayer
100617: SLEIGH BARBARA - Broomsticks and Beasticles
76012: HARDY BARBARA - Charles Dickens the Writer and His Work
89897: MORRIS BARBARA - Liberty Design 1874 - 1914
109610: BRYANT BARBARA - G.F. Watts Portraits Fame and Beauty in Victorian Society
100480: GALLATI BARBARA - Great Expectations John Singer Sargent Painting Children
42813: WRISTON BARBARA - Rare Doings at Bath
99375: EUPHAN TODD BARBARA - Gertrude the Greedy Goose
50611: GOODWIN BARBARA - The K/V Papers Arms Scandal to End It All
95461: BELFORD BARBARA - Bram Stoker a Biography of the Author of Dracula
110283: REYNOLDS BARBARA - Dante the Poet the Political Thinker the Man
109439: PYM BARBARA - Excellent Women
110886: STRACHEY BARBARA - Remarkable Relations the Story of the Pearsall Smith Family
110240: SKELTON BARBARA - Tears Before Bedtime and Weep No More
110275: PYM BARBARA, HOLT HAZEL, PYM HILARY - A Very Private Eye the Diaries Letters and Notebooks of Barbara Pym
96926: DE SOUZA BARETTO - Advanced Equitation
108659: LINDARS BARNABAS - New Testament Apologetic the Doctrinal Significance of the Old Testament Quotations
102788: CONRAD BARNABY - Gates of Fear Great Exploits of the World's Bullrings
98108: WHITE-SPUNNER BARNEY - Baily's Hunting Directory 1998 - 1999
81175: ROZEN BARON - Russian Conspirators in Siberia a Personal Narrative
108194: WALDSTEIN BARON, GROOS G.W. - The Diary of Baron Waldstein a Traveller in Elizabethan England
107740: MENTASTI ROSA BAROVIER - Glass in Murano
109568: MARTYN BARRIE - Nicolas Medtner His Life and Music
75525: PITT BARRIE - Zeebrugge Eleven Vcs Before Breakfast
95825: SABRETACHE A.S. BARROW, EDWARDS LIONEL - More Shires and Provinces
110719: TOOK BARRY, FAWKES WALLY - Flook and the Peasants' Revolt
64039: UNSWORTH BARRY - After Hannibal
110448: SOWDEN BARRY - Oh No! Its Local Rock and Roll Taunton and South Somerset 1959-1979
84525: UNSWORTH BARRY - Losing Nelson
111197: BUZAN BARRY, HERRING ERIC - The Arms Dynamic in World Politics
76039: WESTBURG BARRY - The Confessional Fictions of Charles Dickens
110449: SOWDEN BARRY - Oh No! Its Local Rock and Roll Mid Devon 1954-1979
107271: MILES BARRY - Jack Kerouac King of the Beats a Portrait
110187: CUNLIFFE BARRY - Iron Age Communities in Britain an Account of England Scotland and Wales from the Seventh Century Bc Until the Roman Conquest
107473: WILLIAMSON BARRY - The Arundells of Wardour
75530: BINGHAM BARRY - Falklands Jutland and the Bight
64999: UNSWORTH BARRY - Land of Marvels
109876: PHILLIPS BARRY - Arthur Wellard No Mere Slogger
95753: PEROWNE BARRY - Raffles Revisited New Adventures of a Famous Gentleman Crook
64802: HALPENNY BRUCE BARRYMORE - Action Stations 2 Military Airfields of Linclonshire and the East Midlands
103418: PHILLIPS BARTY - Tapestry
18865: WINSTON BASIL - Amor Immortalis
92598: LIDDELL HART BASIL - The War in Outline 1914 - 1918
105370: LUBBOCK BASIL - The Romance of the Clipper Ships
104819: LUBBOCK BASIL, SPURLING J. - The Romance of the Clipper Ships
75701: COTTLE BASIL, SHERBORNE J.W. - The Life of a University University of Bristol
107957: LIDDELL HART BASIL - The Defence of Britain
89106: COLLIER BASIL - The Airship
109078: COLLIER BASIL - Catalan France a Study of the Roussillon and the French Cerdagne with an Excursion to the Co-Principality of the Valleys of Andorra
90245: PETERSON BASIL - The Turn of the Tide an Outline of Irish Maritime History
109921: WILLIAMS BASIL, STUART C.H. - The Whig Supremacy 1714-1760 Oxford History of England
107942: LIDDELL HART BASIL - The Memoirs of Captain Liddell Hart Volume I [&] Volume II
109053: YE'OR BAT - The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam from Jihad to Dhimmitude
36171: BATE, ROGER - Global Warming the Continuing Debate
98558: VAUGHAN HENRY BATHURST - St George and the Chinese Dragon
100988: O'CONNOR BATT - With Michael Collins in the Fight for Irish Independence
104578: MORGAGNI GIOVANNI BATTISTA - Adversaria Anatomica Omnia Novis Pluribus Aeris Tabulis
77588: BATTO BERNARD, MULLEN E. THEODORE, ET AL. - Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 49 No 2 April 1987
105598: WATKINS-PITCHFORD DENYS BB, ARMOUR G.D. - The Sportsman's Bedside Book
54481: BBC - Looking at Things Wood and Clay Autumn Term 1955
109093: DISRAELI BENJAMIN EARL OF BEACONSFIELD - Works Vivian Grey, the Young Duke [&] Count Alarcos, Contarini Fleming [&] the Rise of Iskander, Alroy [&] Ixion in Heaven [&]the Infernal Marriage [&] Popanilla, Henrietta Temple, Venetia Coningsby or the New Generation, Sybil or the Two Nations
51538: CHASE BEATRICE - Lady Avis Trewithen a Romance of Dartmoor
38202: WEBB BEATRICE AND COLE MARGARET [EDITOR] - Diaries 1912 - 1924 [&] 1924 - 1932
107388: POTTER BEATRIX, MORSE JANE CROWELL - Beatrix Potter's Americans Selected Letters
101042: POTTER BEATRIX - The Pie and the Patty-Pan
80956: NIZZA DA SILVA MARIA BEATRIZ - Families in the Expansion of Europe 1500 - 1800 an Expanding World the European Impact on World History 1450 - 1800 Volume 29
33183: BEATTIE, ALAN - English Party Politics Volume I 1660 - 1906
31018: BECK, CLIFFORD K. - Nuclear Reactors for Research
32990: BECKERMAN, WILFRED - The Labour Government's Economic Record 1964 - 1970
38658: BECKETT, GRACE - The Reciprocal Trade Agreements Program
37916: BEDDOES, THOMAS LOVELL - Resurrection Songs
110693: QUINN DAVID BEERS - Set Fair for Roanoke Voyages and Colonies 1584 - 1606
104127: JACK BELINDA - George Sand a Woman's Life Writ Large
92034: HUMFREY BELINDA - Essays on John Cowper Powys
106190: JACK BELINDA - George Sand a Woman's Life Writ Large
16825: BELL, LEN [EDITOR] - Horses in Training 1991
86280: HOOD JOHN BELL, DINGES BRUCE J. - Advance and Retreat Personal Experiences in the United States and Confederate States Armies
77231: MILLETT BELLA - Hali Meidhad
107072: BATHURST BELLA - The Wreckers a Story of Killing Seas False Lights and Plundered Ships
38428: BELOFF, MAX - The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia Volume I 1929 - 1936 [&] Volume II 1936 - 1941
39168: BELOFF, MAX - Britain's Liberal Empire 1897 - 1921 Volume I of Imperial Sunset
102890: ROGERS BEN - Beef and Liberty Roast Beef John Bull and the English Nation
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110321: FIRTH CHARLES, DAVIES GODFREY - The Regimental History of Cromwell's Army Volume I [&] Volume II
94615: ST JOHN CHARLES - Natural History and Sport in Moray Collected from the Journals and Letters of the Late Charles St. John
104987: WILLIAMS CHARLES - The Last Great Frenchman a Life of General de Gaulle
103115: CHEVENIX TRENCH CHARLES - Men Who Ruled Kenya the Kenya Administration 1892 - 1963
110151: TRITTEN CHARLES, DOANE PELAGIE - Heidi's Children a Sequel to Heidi Grows Up
74067: DARWIN CHARLES, BURKHARDT FREDERICK, SMITH SYDNEY - The Correspondence of Charles Darwin Volume 1 1821 - 1836
107625: HADFIELD CHARLES - The Canals of the British Isles the Canals of the East Midlands Including Part of London
96066: WILLIAMS CHARLES - All Hallows' Eve
105005: GLASS CHARLES - Deserter the Last Untold Story of the Second World War
50838: LEVER CHARLES - Jack Hinton the Guardsman
50645: GRANT CHARLES - Europe's Blurred Boundaries Rethinking Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy
50649: GRANT CHARLES - Eu 2010 an Optimistic Vision of the Future
104586: BEATTY CHARLES - His Country Was the World a Study of Gordon of Khartoum
88911: PETRIE SIR CHARLES - Philip II of Spain
68685: DICKENS CHARLES, FORSTER JOHN - The Biographical Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens 21 Volumes
51488: MILLMAN CHARLES - Stand Easy or the Rear Rank Remembers
64857: DURNFORD CHARLES, EAST EDWARD HYDE - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench Vol VIII from Michaelmas Term 39 George III 1798 to Trinity Term 40 George III 1800
95702: CASTLE CHARLES - Noel
58201: GILSON CHARLES - The Scarlet Hand
93749: HOLME CHARLES, THOMSON D. CROAL - The Brothers Maris
102807: NEWTON-ROBINSON CHARLES - Moods and Metres New Lyric Poems
109145: BURNEY CHARLES - Music Men and Manners in France and Italy
95254: FORSYTE CHARLES - The Decoding of Edwin Drood
102336: WHITING CHARLES - Bloody Bremen Ike's Last Battle 1945
90552: CONNELL CHARLES - Catt Among the Pidgeons
60207: OLSON CHARLES, GLOVER ALBERT - Charles Olson Letters for Origin 1950 - 1956
103192: SAROLEA CHARLES - The Curse of the Hohenzollern
107622: HADFIELD CHARLES - The Canals of the British Isles the Canals of the West Midlands
57078: D'YDEWALLE CHARLES - A Belgian Manor in Two Wars
105689: KINGSLEY CHARLES, TARRANT MARGARET W. - The Water Babies a Fairy Tale for a Land Baby
99309: DICKENS CHARLES - American Notes for General Circulation
98525: IVES CHARLES, OWENS TOM C. - Selected Correspondence of Charles Ives
67219: KINGSLEY CHARLES - Charles Kingsley His Letters and Memories of His Life in Two Volumes
65436: GILSON CHARLES - The Silent Trail
107761: MCCORMAC CHARLES - You'LL Die in Singapore
91682: FRAZIER CHARLES - Thirteen Moons
76140: DICKENS CHARLES - On Theatre
64858: DURNFORD CHARLES, EAST EDWARD HYDE - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench Vol V from Michaelmas Term 33d George III to Trinity Term 34th George III
100672: DICKENS CHARLES - The Adventures of Oliver Twist
90827: GRANT ROBERTSON SIR CHARLES - A History of England Volume VI England Under the Hanoverians
86509: DICKENS CHARLES, BROCK CHARLES E. - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
103043: HARVEY CHARLES - The Changing Face of Minehead
79509: AVERY CHARLES - Finger Prints of the Artist European Terra-Cotta Sculpture from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections
100157: GRAVES CHARLES - The Avengers
70378: MORGAN CHARLES - The Empty Room
98230: CAUSLEY CHARLES - Collected Poems 1951- 1975
104701: DICKENS CHARLES - A Christmas Carol in Prose Being a Ghost Story of Christmas
96208: MAURRAS CHARLES - Tombeaux
108786: WILCOCKS CHARLES - Health and Disease in the Tropics
108710: WATERTON CHARLES - Wanderings in South America
75673: DICKENS CHARLES - The Personal History of David Copperfield in Two Volumes
108778: HORNSBY CHARLES - Kenya a History Since Independence

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