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21769: "INGLE H L" - "First among friends:" "George Fox and the creation of Quakerism"
9940: INGLE G - Lord's Creed
22874: INGLESON R - Chicken Island
9942: "INGLIS B" - "Paranormal:" "an encyclopedia of psychic phenomena"
9943: "INGLIS K S" - "Churches and the Working Classes in Victorian England"
56652: INGLIS J - Bible text cyclopedia: a complete classification of scripture texts in the form of an alphabetical list of subjects
9944: "INGRAHAM J H" - "Throne of David:" "from the consecration of the Shepherd of Bethlehem to the Rebellion of Prince Absalom"
56413: INGRAHAM J H - Prince of the house of David: or three years in the Holy City relating the scenes in the life of Jesus of Nazareth
52994: INGRAM R G - Religion reform and modernity in the eighteenth century : Thomas Secker and the Church of England (Studies in Modern British Religious History)
39121: "WINNINGTON-INGRAM A F" - "Love of the trinity"
21182: "WINNINGTON-INGRAM A F" - "Messengers, watchmen, and stewards:" "being three addresses delivered delivered to clergy at Loughton, in September 1895"
35286: "WINNINGTON-INGRAM A J" - "Hereford and the English bible:" "local contributions to its translation, 1384-1611 (reprinted from the Woolthope Club Trandsactions Vol XXXVI)"
53220: INGRAM P O - Passing over and returning: a pluralist theology of religions
49109: INGRAM K - John Keble
33461: MITCHELL-INNES J - God's special people: ministry with the 'handicapped' (GP62)
9951: "INNES K E" - "Bible as literature"
9953: "INSIGHT J" - "Country Parson"
26522: "INTERNATIONAL MEDIEVAL INST" - "International medieval bibliography Volume 32 Part 2" "July - December 1998"
48557: JAPANESE BIBLICAL INSTITUTE - Annual of the Japanese Biblical Institute Volume VI 1980 (in German)
47118: ROYAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE - Archaeological Journal (Vols CXV -CXIX, CXXII - CXXIV, CXXVI - CXXVII covering 1958 - 1970)
32182: "BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION" - "Quality management handbook part 2:" "Volume I - reliability (formerly Handbook 22)"
25215: "ROYAL INSTITUTION OF" - "CHARTERED SURVEYORS" "Regional Directory 1999: West"
25254: "ROYAL INSTITUTION OF" - "CHARTERED SURVEYORS" "Regional Directory 1999: Nothern Ireland"
25679: "ROYAL INSTITUTION OF" - "CHARTERED SURVEYORS" "Regional Directory 1999: London"
306: "AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL" - "Prisoners of conscience in the USSR:" "their treatment & conditions"
9998: "INTERPRETATION" - "Interpretation:" "a journal of bible & theology 1990 Vol XLIV No 4 1993 Vol XLVII No 1"
49568: NEW INTERPRETER'S BIBLE - New Interpreter's Bible Volume 9: Gospel of Luke introduction commentary and reflections by R A Culpepper/The Gospel of John introduction commentary and reflections by Gail R O'Day
42280: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 7:
10000: INTERPRETERS - Interpreters Bible Volume 1: General and Old Testament articles, Genesis & Exodus
10001: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible: complete 12 volume set
51698: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible: complete 12 volume set
51726: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible: Volumes 1-6 Old Testament
56995: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 7: Books of Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
56994: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 6: Books of Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
56993: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 8: Gospel according to St Luke, Gospel according to St John
56992: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 1: General articles on the Bible, general articles on the Old Testament, Bookf of Genesis, Books of Exodus
56990: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 5: Book of Ecclesiastes, The Song of Songs, Book of Isaiah, Book of Jeremiah
56991: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 2: Book of Leviticus, Book of Numbers, Book of Deuteronomy, Book of Joshua, Book of Judges, Book of Ruth, First and Second Books of Samuel
56989: INTERPRETERS - Interpreter's Bible Volume 3: First and Second Book of Kings, First and Second Book of Chronicles, Book of Exra, Book of Nehemiah, Book of Esther, Book of Job
40399: "ATTI DEL SEMINARIO INVERNALE" - "In Principio:" "Prato, Villa san Leonardo al Palco 23-26 gennaio 1986"
28621: "NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATIONS" - "GROUP Process servers guide 2000:" "includes Woolf Reforms"
33380: INWOOD R - Biblical perspectives on counselling (GP1)
10003: "IONA" - "Book of photographs"
37706: IPGRAVE M - Christ in ten thousand places: a Catholic perspective on Christian encounter with other faiths (Affirming Catholicism)
52102: BISE G & IRBICH E - Illuminated Naples Bible (Old Testament) 14th Century Manuscript [Austrian National Library, Ms.1191]
10013: "IRESON G W" - "How shall they hear?:" "principles and practice of present day preaching"
10018: "IRVINE G ET AL" - "Christianity in its Social Context" "(TC 8)"
10016: "IRVINE C" - "Celebrating the Easter Mystery:" "worship resources for Easter to Pentecost"
39205: IRVINE C - Making present: the practice of Catholic life and liturgy (Affirming Catholicism)
38871: IRVINE C - Anglican liturgical identity: papers from the Prague meeting of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (Joint Liturgical Studies 65)
10017: IRVINE C - Worship church and society: an exposition of the work of Arthur Gabriel Hebert
38800: IRVING L - Henry Irving: the actor and his world by his grandson Laurence Irving
23015: "IRVING R" - "Law is an ass"
48531: IRVING H - Drama addresses
10020: "IRWIN A C" - "Eros toward the world:" "Paul Tillich and the theology of the erotic"
51863: ISAACS M E - Concept of spirit (Heythrop Monographs 1): a study of pneuma in Hellenistic Judaism and its bearing on the New Testament
66262: ISAACSON B - Dictionary of the Jewish religion: a unique illustrated compendium of Jewish life, history and tradition
74653: ZACHERT CHRISTEL & ISABELL - WE WILL MEET AGAIN IN PARADISE: one family's remarkable struggle with death and life
44068: "ISARD W" - "Commonalities in Art Science and Religion:" "an evolutionary perspective"
47348: ISAU R - Traume des Jonathan Jabbok ein phantastischer roman
47344: ISAU R - Lied der befreiung neschans: ein phantastischer roman
47346: ISAU R - Geheimnis des siebten Richters ein phantastischer roman
23521: "ISHERWOOD L" - "Good news of the body:" "sexual theology and feminism"
37522: "ISHERWOOD L" - "Good news of the body:" "sexual theology and feminism"
56116: ISHPRIYAJI S - In a flash of vision
56115: ISHPRIYAJI S - Kalkalnadini: the singing of the stream
66265: ISICHEI E - Victorian Quakers [Oxford Historical Monographs]
66142: HUSEYN HILMI ISIK - Religion reformers in Islam
51015: ISLAM - Why Islam
35859: "ISLAM S" - "Exploring the other half:" "field research with rural women in Bangladesh"
66266: ISLER B - I'm still here, Lord!: [Poems]
55099: ISON D - Vicar's guide: life and ministry in the parish
27153: "ISON D" - "Exeter" "(pilgrim guide)"
10045: ISRAEL M - Precarious living: the path to life
21954: ISRAEL M - Living alone: the inward journey to fellowship (NLPC)
55098: ISRAEL M - Doubt: the way of growth
10035: ISRAEL M - Gethsemane: the transfiguring love
66279: ISRAEL M - SPIRIT OF COUNSEL: spiritual perspectivies in the counselling process
10039: ISRAEL M - Light on the path: an exploration of integrity through the Psalms
10042: ISRAEL M - Pain that heals: the place of suffering in the growth of the person
31189: ISRAEL M - Smouldering fire: the work of the Holy Spirit
25084: "HODKINSON P & ISSITT M" - "Challenge of competence:" "professionalism through vocational education and training"
43561: "MORELAND J P & ISSLER K" - "In search of a confident faith:" "overcoming barriers to trusting in God"
24934: "BURNING ISSUES" - "Burning issues (first series) Nos 1-4" "1. Prolongation of life 2. Violence 3. Divorce 4. Television standards"
55285: IVERSON K R - From text to performance: narrative and performance criticisms in dialogue and debate (Biblical performance criticism volume 10)
52992: IVES E W - Anne Boleyn
35551: "IVES M" - "Women of the Passion:" "the women of the New Testament tell their stories"
48120: IVES C - Eleven songs and two harmonisation [ed John Kirkpatrick]
48119: IVES C - Seven songs for voice and piano
48118: IVES C - Thirty-four songs (New music edition)
28570: "IVIMY J" - "Psycho-electrics:" "a theory offering rational explanations for paranormal phenomena"
67419: LESBAUPIN IVO - BLESSED ARE THE PERSECUTED: the Early Church under siege
43701: "IVORY L D" - "Rhythm of Discipleship"
25421: "IWOBI A" - "Essential trusts"
29547: "SMALLWOOD JA ET AL" - "European surgical research:" "clinical and experimental surgery 31st Congress of ESSR 1-3 April 1996 Southampton England"
35042: "JACK J W" - "Samaria in Ahab's time:" "Harvard excavations and their results, with chapters on the political and religious situation"
54304: JACK B - Woman reader
10055: "JACKMAN D" - "Humanity" "discard"
47273: JACKS L P - Hibbert Journal Vol II No 3 April 1904
10058: "JACKS L P" - "Constructive Citizenship"
33387: JACKSON B - Government economic policy and concern for my neighbour (GP12)
10059: JACKSON B - Working-class community
6975: "FOAKES-JACKSON F J" - "Acts of the Apostles" "(Moffat NT Commentary)"
37349: "FOAKES-JACKSON F J" - "Introduction to the history of Christianity AD 590-1314"
6973: "FOAKES-JACKSON F J" - "Josephus and the Jews:" "the religion and history of the Jews as explained by Flavius Josephus"
37652: "FOAKES-JACKSON F J" - "St Luke and a modern writer: a study in criticism." "A praelection delivered before the Council of the Senate"
33064: "HUMBLE-JACKSON S" - "Testament: the animated bible:" "stories from the Old Testament [companion to the BBC and S4C TV series]"
37882: "JACKSON A" - "Catching both sides of the wind:" "conversations with five black pastors"
10061: "JACKSON E N" - "Understanding grief" "its roots, dynamics & treatment"
10063: "JACKSON E N" - "Understanding loneliness"
24009: JACKSON H L - Problem of the fourth gospel
10069: "JACKSON L E B" - "Elli:" "coming of age in the Holocaust"
31182: "JACKSON L R" - "Telling"
23277: "ROBARDS K HADDAD P R & JACKSON" - "Principles and practice of modern chromatographic methods"
44937: "JACKSON T" - "Stories about animals"
66297: JACKSON G - Promised end: a century of observation on the philosophy and pattern of story, and the parables of Jesus
52991: JACOB E F - Italian renaissance studies
37002: "JACOB E F" - "Holy roman Empire" "(Benn's sixpenny library)"
66304: "JACOB J T" - "Christ the Indweller:" "an attempt to trace the practical bearing of the doctrine of the inward Christ on common life"
897: BAELZ P & JACOB W - Ministers of the Kingdom: exploration in non-stipendiary ministry
44621: "JACOB E F" - "Reynold Pecock, Bishop of Chichester" "(Raleigh lecture on history)"
40441: "JACOB E" - "Tradition historique en Israel:" "revue publiee par la Faculte libre de Theologie Protestante de Montpellier (Etudes Theologiques et Religieuses)"
10072: JACOB E - Theology of the Old Testament
52355: JACOB G A - Ecclesiastical polity of the new testament: a study for the present crisis of the Church of England
10076: JACOBI J - Psychology of C G Jung: an introduction with illustrations
10084: "JACOBS M" - "Towards the fulness of Christ:" "pastoral care and Christian maturity"
10077: "JACOBS B" - "Winning with the benko" "(chess)"
50087: JACOBS L - Jewish law (Chain of tradition series volume 1)
10082: JACOBS M - Still small voice: an introduction to pastoral counselling for pastors and other helpers (NLPC)
10083: JACOBS M - Swift to hear: facilitating skills in listening and responding (NLPC)
50731: JACOBSON A D - The First Gospel: an introduction to Q (Foundations and facets reference series)
28348: "LYONS T P & JACQUES K A" - "Biotechnology in the feed industry:" "proceedings of Alltech's Thirteenth Annual Symposium"
68067: "MARITAIN JACQUES" - "THEONAS:" "conversations of a Sage"
45563: JAEGER O [JAGER O] - Otto Jaeger Bildnisse: sonderausstellung Februar bis Marz 1948 Stadt und Bergbaumuseum
66323: JAEGER L - Stand on Ecumenism: the council's decree
55570: JAEGER M - Before Victoria: changing standards and behaviour 1787 - 1837
5479: "DE JAEGHER P" - "Anthology of mysticism" "ed with intro & biographical notes"
46156: JAFFE B, COOK W R & JAFFE H - Piezoelectric ceramics: Non-metallic solids: a series of monographs No 3
10091: JAGERSMA H - History of Israel to Bar Kochba
48903: JAGERSMA H - History of Israel in the Old Testament period
10092: JAGGER P J - Christian Initiation 1552-1969: rites of Baptism and Confirmation since the reformation period
10093: "JAGGER P J" - "Clouded witness:" "initiation in the C of E in the Mid-Victorian Period 1850-1875"
15031: "JALABERT D" - "L'art Normand au moyen age" "(a travers l'art francais)"
34105: JAMES P - Liturgical presidency (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 24)
61483: "BRODRICK JAMES" - "PROCESSION OF SAINTS" "[Aelred, Colman, Cuthbert,Anselm, Godric, Boniface, John fisher, Aidan, Ralph Corby, Thomas of Hereford, Hugh of Evalon, Thomas of Canterbury]"
47631: JAMES P D - Proie pour l'ombre
10108: "JAMES E" - "Spirituality for today:" "papers from the 1967 Parish and People Conference held at Bede College Durham, 28 August-1 September 1967"
10115: "JAMES E O" - "Christian myth and ritual:" "a historical study"
10116: "JAMES E O" - "Christianity and other religions" "(Knowing Christianity)"
47145: JAMES M - Society politics and culture: studies in early modern England
11592: JAMES H - Portrait of a lady with intro & notes by Nicola Bradbury (Oxford World's Classics)
60945: "BENTLEY JAMES" - "CRY GOD FOR ENGLAND:" "the survival and mission of the British Churches"
61062: "BLACK JAMES" - "NEW FORMS OF THE OLD FAITH" "being the Baird Lecture delivered in 1946-47 under the title 'Extra-church systems'"
61064: "BLACK JAMES A" - "OLD TESTAMENT:" "God's word to His people"
65303: "HARPUR JAMES" - "JOURNEYS OF ST. PAUL:" "(Bible wisdom for today)"
65396: "HASTINGS JAMES" - "SPEAKER'S BIBLE:" "The Acts of the Apostles, Volume 2"
65397: "HASTINGS JAMES" - "SPEAKER'S BIBLE:" "The Acts of the Apostles, Volume 1"
65398: "HASTINGS JAMES" - "SPEAKER'S BIBLE:" "the First and Second Epistles of St Peter, the Epistle of St Jude"
25213: "JAMES D" - "Managing people in organizations:" "applying modern management theory to the financial services"
28059: "JAMES D" - "Medicine (teacher's book)" "English for academic purposes series"
28097: "JAMES D" - "Medicine: teacher's book" "(English for academic purposes series)"
24559: "JAMES E" - "Collected thoughts:" "fifty scripts for BBC's 'Thought for the day' between March 1988 and September 1990 and one script that was censored and not delivered"
10107: "JAMES E" - "Odd man out?" "the shape of the ministry today"
21957: "JAMES E O" - "Beginnings of religion:" "introductory & scientific study"
10114: "JAMES E O" - "Christian faith in the modern world" "study in scientific theology"
10117: JAMES E O - Comparative religion: introductory & historical study
37981: "JAMES E O" - "Evolution and the fall" "(congress Books: 37)"
10121: "JAMES E O" - "Jerusalem:" "a history"
10122: "JAMES E O" - "Marriage and society"
10124: "JAMES E O" - "Nature & function of priesthood:" "comparative & anthropological study"
10126: "JAMES E O" - "Origins of religion"
10128: "JAMES E O" - "Social function of religion:" "a comparative study"
36590: "JAMES G" - "At the centre yet on the margins:" "a paper delivered by The Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich at the Bishop's Day for the Clergy and Licensed Lay Workers on Wednesday March 7th 2001, with three responses"
10131: "JAMES H" - "Lord Beaupre, The visits," "The Wheel of time & other tales"
24182: "JAMES J" - "Company law" "(Q & A series)"
25521: JAMES M A - Michael: the story of a young Christian musician
31055: "JAMES P D" - "Death in Holy Orders"
10145: "JAMES W" - "Temples and faiths"
69578: ORR JAMES - CHRISTIAN VIEW OF GOD AND THE WORLD as centring in the Incarnation being the Kerr Lectures for 1890-91
32754: "SCOTT-JAMES R A" - "Lytton Strachey" "(Writers and their work: No 65)"
72057: "SMITH JAMES" - "HANDFULS ON PURPOSE:" "series I-XII in four volumes"
10103: "JAMES E" - "God's truth:" "essays to commemorate the 25th anniversary of ""Honest to God"""
10106: JAMES E - Life of Bishop John A T Robinson: scholar, pastor, prophet
48853: JAMES S - Worship Book (The Mothers' Union)
10130: JAMES F - Personalities of the Old Testament
51111: JAMES P - Population Malthus: his life and times
45590: JAMES H - Little tour in France
43629: JAMES S - Pawn: a bowers files
49241: JAMES H - Tragic Muse
29215: JAMES M R - Apocryphal New Testament: being the apocryphal gospels acts epistles & apocalypses
66338: JAMES J C - Hebrew and English: some likenesses, psychic and linguistic
10133: JAMES L - Songs of Zion: a new approach to the psalms in the prayer book wording arranged in groups with other lyrics of the Old Testament
54347: JAMESON MRS (ANNA) - Sacred and legendary art; Volume II only containing the patron saints, the martyrs, the early bishops, the hermits and the warrior saints of christendom as represented in the fine arts
10149: "JAMESON R" - "Managing metals price risk"
10147: JAMESON MRS (ANNA) - Legends of the Madonna: as represented in the fine arts illustrated by eychings and woodcuts
55207: JAMIESON R, FAUSSET A R & BROWN D - Commentary critical and explanatory on the Old and New Testaments volumes I & II bound as one volume
38563: "JAMIESON G" - "Zambia contrasts:" "a page in the story of Christian education in Zambia"
30186: "JAMIESON I" - "German wines"
39107: "JAMIESON J" - "Dictionary of the Scottish language in which the words are" "explained in their different senses... abridged from the dictionary & supplement..."
30823: JAMIESON P - Living at the edge: sacrament and solidarity in leadership
54467: JAMISON - Finding sanctuary: monastic steps for everyday life
22929: "JANDAMIT H" - "Path to peace within:" "a guide to insight meditation"
57260: JANES O - Lord's my shepherd: hymn anthem based on Crimond arranged for SATB by Oliver janes
57016: JANICIJEVIC J - Serbia: between the east and west
33691: "JANITCH V" - "Storybook dolls [with diagrams for pattern making]" "with photographs by Rob Matheson"
10155: JANSEN J F - Calvin's doctrine of the work of Christ
42007: JANSSEN E - Juda in der Exilsziet: ein beitrag zur frage der Entstehung des Judentums
29073: LUDEMANN G & JANSSEN M - Suppressed prayers: Gnostic spirituality in early Christianity
43471: "JANZ P D" - "Command of grace:" "a new theological apologetics"
44475: "JAPHET S" - "I & II Chronicles:" "A commentary (Old Testament Library"
57116: JARDINE L - On a grander scale: the outstanding career of Sir Christopher Wren
56752: JARDINE D - Long memories of Smannell and Enham Alamein
66348: "JARMAK C M" - "If you seek miracles:" "reflection of St. Antony of Padua"
10160: JARRETT B - Meditations for layfolk
10162: "JARRETT B" - "Religious Life"
27434: "GIBSON-JARVIE R" - "City of London:" "a financial and commercial history"
27168: "JARVIE G" - "Scottish short stories"
66360: "JARVIS P G" - "Come to terms"
37137: JARVIS H W - Let the great story be told: the truth about British expansion
41796: "JARVIS J" - "Place: setting the scene for worship" "(God's people at worship)"
66359: "JARVIS K" - "Impressions of a Parson's wife"
51364: JARVIS K E - Memoirs of a celibate priest: recollections of an Anglican ministry
55344: JASPER R C D - Eucharist today: studies on Series 3
10172: JASPER R C D - George Bell: Bishop of Chichester
22394: JASPER R C D - Position of the celebrant at the eucharist (ACP XVI)
10182: "JASPERS T" - "Thank God:" "prayers for teenagers"
29595: "JASPERT B" - "Rudolf Bultmanns werk und wirkung"
49775: JAUNCEY J H - Science returns to God
60046: "ADAMS JAY E" - "FOUR WEEKS WITH GOD & YOUR NEIGHBOR: a devotional workbook"
10185: "JAY E G" - "Christ died for us" "(Little books on religion 220)"
56751: JAY W - Domestic minister's assistant or prayers for the use of families
27207: "PRIESTLEY JB" - "Victoria's heyday"
55092: JEACOCK R - Christmas legends
38013: "JEAFFRESON J C" - "Annals of Oxford, in two volumes"
56750: JEAFFRESON J C - Book about the clergy (Volume II only)
10190: "JEAL T" - "Livingstone"
51862: JEAN SR - God thorn
34118: JEANES G P - Origins of the Roman Rite: Volume 2 (Joint Liturgical Studies 42)
34103: JEANES G P - Origins of the Roman Rite (Alcuin Grow Liturgical Study 20/Grove Liturgical Study 67)
10193: "JEANS J" - "New Background of Science"
10194: "JEANS J" - "Stars in their courses"
10195: "JEANS J" - "Universe around us"
10196: "JEBB H M G, (LORD GLADWYN)" - "Four freedoms:" "an historical essay"
37439: "JEBB J" - "Thirty years' correspondence between John Jebb and" "Alexander Knox, in two volumes"
49267: JEDLICKA G - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
29133: "JEFFERS I R" - "I'd like to tell you:" "more friendly talks"
10200: JEFFERSON H A L - Hymns in Christian worship
30987: "JEFFERY G" - "From Barnabas with love"
66377: "JEFFERY A" - "Five gold rings:" "powerful influences on prominent people (S Barrington-Ward, M Braybrooke, N Broadbent, D Clark, J Dennis, D Duncan, L Freeman, J Huggett, R Llewelyn, M Marshall, A Mischlewski, M Perry, J Polkinghorne, E Robertson, Mother Rosemary, M S
56411: JEFFERY P - City churches of Sir Christopher Wren
61780: "BURNS JEFFREY M" - "DISTURBING THE PEACE:" "a history of the Christian Family Movement, 1949-1974"
55453: JEKYLL W - Jamaican song and story: annancy stories, digging sings, dancing tunes and ring tunes
28091: "JELASSI T" - "Competing through information technology:" "strategy and implementation (European Casebook )"
10224: JENKINS D E - God Jesus and life in the spirit
52990: JENKINS P - Making of a ruling class: the Glamorgan gentry 1640-1790
10240: JENKINS D T - Tradition and the spirit
39817: "FLOOD R G & JENKINS J B" - "Teaching the word, reaching the world"
10215: JENKINS C - Episcopacy ancient & modern
10217: "JENKINS D" - "Gift of Ministry"
10220: "JENKINS D" - "Parson at work:" "practical points of Pastoralia"
10236: "JENKINS D T" - "Educated society"
10239: JENKINS D T - Protestant ministry
30657: "JENKINS G" - "Byzantine mass"
33799: "JENKINS R" - "What matters now"
10242: "JENKINS S" - "Bible Mapbook"
52048: JENKINS R - Baldwin
44632: "JENKINS C" - "Bishop Barlow's consecration and Archbishop Parker's Register" "with some new documents, reprinted from Journal of Theological Studies Oct 1922"
46320: JENKINS E - Elizabeth the Great
66414: JENKINS G - Last Judge: the story of Samuel
23257: "HELM D & JENKINSON T" - "Competiton in regulated industries"
10243: "JENKINSON E J" - "Unwritten sayings of Jesus"
60650: "JENKS D" - "Six great missionaries:" "of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries"
34898: JENNINGS A C - Mediaeval church and the Papacy (Handbooks of English Church History)
47255: JENNINGS E - Picture talk: spirit, symbols and science
38974: JENNINGS A C - Ecclesia Anglicana: a history of the Church of Christ in England from the earliest to the present times
10249: "JENNINGS G E" - "Allotments" "(French's acting edition No 2542)"
10250: "JENNINGS P" - "Living village:" "a report on rural life in England and Wales based on actual village scrapbooks"
46741: JENNINGS E - Anthology of modern verse 1940 - 1960
66417: JENNINGS F - Devil's playground
55613: FIELDHOUSE R & JENNINGS B - History of Richmond and Swaledale
10252: "JENNISON G" - "Noah's Cargo:" "some curious chapters of natural history"
66425: JENSEN I L - Isaiah Jeremiah: a self-study guide
31827: JENSON R W - Systematic theology (2 volumes): Volume 1 The triune God, Volume 2 The works of God
32352: "BRAATEN C E & JENSON R W" - "Marks of the body of Christ"
53214: JEON Y H - Impeccable Solomon?: a study of Solomon's faults in Chronicles
40639: "JEPSEN A" - "Wissenschaft vom Alten Testament"
45454: JEREMIAS J - Parables of Jesus
57373: JEREMIAS J - Sermon on the Mount (Facet books)
50717: JEREMIAS A - Babylonisches im Neuen Testament
50718: JEREMIAS J - Sprache des Lukasevangeliums (Meyers Kritisch-Exegetischer Kommentar)
10267: JEREMIAS J - Prayers of Jesus (Studies in Biblical Theology Second Series 6)
10262: JEREMIAS J - Jesus' promise to the nations: the Franz Delitzsch lectures for 1953 (SBT 24)
10268: JEREMIAS J - Problem of the historical Jesus (Facet book)
18885: TAYLOR JEREMY - Rule and exercises of Holy Living - abridged with a preface by Anne Lamb
38537: TAYLOR JEREMY - Rule and exercises of holy living
30504: "TAYLOR JEREMY" - "Rule and exercises of holy living"
38989: "TAYLOR JEREMY" - "Whole works of the Right Rev Jeremy Taylor Volume 5 of 10" "Episcopacy: Apology for set forms: Reverence due to the altar: Liberty of Prophesying, Confirmation"
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18891: TAYLOR JEREMY - Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying
54612: TAYLOR JEREMY - Holy living and dying with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian: and the parts of devotion fitted to all occasions and furnished for all necessities
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10302: "JEVONS F B" - "Idea of God in early religions:" "(Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature)"
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66453: "JEWELL H M" - "English local administration in the Middle Ages"
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65503: JEWS - Forms of prayer for Jewish worship: Volume 1: Daily, Sabbath and occasional prayers
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51451: GERHARDI B JOANNIS - Commentarius Super Priorem D. Petri Epistolam : In Quo Textus Declaratur, Quaestiones dubiae solvuntur, observationes eruuntur & loca in speciem pugnantia conciliantur
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50756: GUYSE JOHN - Practical Expositor; or an exposition of the New Testament in the form of a paraphrase with occasional notes...and serious recollections...: complete in 3 volumes. Volume one, Four Evangelists volume 2: Acts of the Apostles, Epistle to the Romans and First and Second Epistles fo the Corinthians Volume 3: Epistle to the end of Revelation
56982: JOHN J - What is affirming Catholicism? [Affirming Catholicism]
56981: JOHN J - Permanent, faithful, stable: Christian same-sex partnerships [Affirming Catholicism]
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18012: SOCIETY OF ST JOHN - Cowley Sermons: the jubilee volume of the conventual church of S. John the Evangelist
44797: ST JOHN'S ABBEY - Novena to St. Benedict
55373: BURRELL D B & JOHNS A H - Dexonstructing theodicy: why Job has nothing to say to the puzzled suffering
36958: "JOHNS C H W" - "Ancient Babylonia"
38127: JOHNSON S - Christian parent's toolkit
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48549: JOHNSON A - Playground bell
46553: JOHNSON P - Intellectuals
51153: JOHNSON M D - Apostles' creed: a user's guide
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39246: "GUNDRY S N & JOHNSON A F" - "Tensions in contemporary theology"
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27704: "JOHNSON H" - "Determining cost of capital:" "the key to firm value (Corporate Finance Manual) includes decision-support software"
66427: "JOHNSON M D" - "New Proclamation: Year C 2000-2001:" "the essential lectionary preaching aid in a reader-friendly format"
10384: "JOHNSON P" - "Wake Up Britain!:" "a latter-day pamphlet"
10393: JOHNSON S - Theology of the Gospels (ST 56)
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60166: "JOHNSON M D" - "New proclamation: Year A 2002:" "the essential lectionary preaching aid in a reader-friendly format"
17978: "SNOW M & JOHNSON M" - "Conversation on a Friday evening:" "poems"
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786: JOHNSON M D - Evolution of Christianity: twelve crises that shaped the church
10379: JOHNSON M - Thomas Cranmer: a living influence for 500 years: a collection of essays by writers associated with Durham (in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of his birth)
50012: JOHNSON D - Contending for the faith: a history of the evangelical movement in the universities and colleges
43311: "JOHNSON L T" - "The real Jesus:" "the misguided quest for the historical Jesus and the truth of the traditional gospels"
10380: JOHNSON P - History of Christianity
48916: JOHNSON M D - Making sense of the Bible: literary type as an approach to understanding
53212: JOHNSON D - Biblical knowing: a scriptural epistemology of error
42362: JOHNSON H - Soviet strength: its source and challenge
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10391: JOHNSON S - Doctor Johnson's prayers edited by Elton Trueblood
47617: JOHNSTON M - Gays under grace: a gay christian's response to homosexuality
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55090: JOHNSTON W - Arise my love: mysticism for a new era
10417: JOHNSTON W - Wounded Stag
48576: JOHNSTON D - Brief history of theology: from the New Testament to feminist theology
66511: JOHNSTON J - God's secret armies
66513: JOHNSTON O R - Who needs the family: a survey and a Christian assessment
10406: JOHNSTON J O - Life and Letters of Henry Parry Liddon: Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, and sometime Ireland professor of Exegesis in the University of Oxford
10418: JOHNSTONE W - Exodus (OTG)
55692: JOHNSTONE P - Operation World: pray for the world
23425: "JOHNSTONE N" - "Abel Ferrara:" "the king of New York"
66523: "JOHNSTONE R" - "James" "[Geneva series of commentaries]"
41854: JOHNSTONE V - Learning to pray with the church
66524: JOHNSTONE V - Anglican way: plain guide for the intelligent layman
56016: JOINES S ET AL - Performance analysis for Java websites
35011: "JOLIVET R" - "Introduction to Kierkegaard"
45161: JOLLIFFE J E A - Constitutional history of medieval England: from the English settlement to 1485
52458: JONCAS J M - From sacred song to ritual music: twentieth-century understandings of Roman Catholic worship music
41952: "JONES A" - "Living the truth"
53402: JONES C P M - Manual for Holy Week: essays by J G Davies, J D Crichton, Basil Minchin, David M Paton et al
43476: GORDON-TAYLOR B & JONES S - Celebrating Christ's Appearing: Advent to Candlemas
56410: JONES E R - Selected English speeches from Burke to Gladstone
24653: JONES A - Passion for pilgrimage: notes for the journey home: meditations on the Easter mystery
42565: JONES E S - Conversion: what is conversion? how does it happen?
55343: JONES O W - Saint Michael's College Llandaff 1892 - 1992
38082: JONES G & R - Teamwork
52988: JONES W - Course of lectures on the figurative language of the Holy Scripture and the interpretation of it from the scripture itself delivered in the parish church of Nayland in Suffolk in the year 1786
10476: JONES J - Servant
54678: JONES C E - Way of the cross for children
48809: JONES E - Living Word: introduction to Old Testament theology
43522: JONES K - Adam's dream: human longings and the love of God
52040: BALLARD P H & JONES D H - This land and people: a symposium on Christian and Welsh National identity
10436: JONES C - Study of Spirituality
27785: "JONES F A" - "Emergence of gastroenterology:" "(The Harveian Oration of 1980)"
24524: CUNLIFFE-JONES H - Authority of the biblical revelation
3021: "BURTON-JONES J" - "Caring for carers"
32429: "JONES C" - "Study of Spirituality"
6052: "DUNCAN-JONES C M" - "Story of Christendom:" "in 3 parts bound as one"
29646: "HORROX R & JONES S R" - "Pragmatic utopias:" "ideals and communities, 1200-1630"
30659: "JONES A" - "Thousand years of the English parish:" "medieval patterns and modern interpretations"
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10453: "JONES E" - "Towns & cities"
10456: "JONES E J W" - "Marine Geophysics"
10461: JONES E S - Christian Maturity
10465: "JONES G A" - "Political structure"
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26159: "JONES N" - "Contemporary stories"
35907: "JONES N" - "Vestments" "(Church Needlework 4)"
10485: "JONES R" - "From Pharoah to Freedom: a drama" "(to accompany musical)"
29515: JONES R G - Groundwork of worship and preaching
35010: "JONES R T" - "Congregationalism in England 1662-1962"
10493: "JONES S" - "Catholic reunion"
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39843: "JONES T D" - "Images of Christ:" "religious iconography in twentieth century British art. An exhibition to mark the centenary of St Matthew's Church, Northampton..."
10496: "JONES W S H" - "Priest and the siren:" "and other literary studies"
11946: "LLEWELLYN-JONES D" - "People populating"
22714: "LLOYD-JONES D" - "Faith on trial"
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25290: "MERRICKS P & JONES P" - "Management of catering operations:" "an innovative approach to food and beverage management"
43285: "WATKIN-JONES H" - "Holy Spirit in the Mediaeval church:" "a study of Christian teaching concerning the Holy Spirit and his place in the trinity from the post-patristic age to counter-reformation"
43704: "JONES M" - "One God, one plan, one family...:" "Living the message"
21892: JONES H - Browning as a Philosophical and Religious Teacher
56747: JONES J H - Josiah Stamp public servant: the life of the first Baron Stamp of Shortlands
56748: JONES W - Diary of the Revd William Jones 1777-1821: curate and vicar of Broxbourne and the hamlet of Hoddesdon 1781-1821
40492: "JONES H S" - "Thucydidis:" "historiae: recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit in latin: tomus prior"
33428: GORDON-TAYLOR B & JONES S - Celebrating the Eucharist (Alcuin liturgy guides)
30461: JONES D R - Jeremiah based on the NRSV (New Century Bible Commentary)
10460: JONES E S - Christ of the Indian Road
22385: JONES C - Study of Liturgy
57250: JONES P - Glory to God Choir/Organ: for assembly, SATB choir, descant, cantor and organ [St Thomas More Choral Series]
29867: JONES A - Remembrance Sunday (GW99)
26508: JONES D ET AL - Guidelines on baptism
54303: JONES G - Blackwell companion to modern theology
24011: JONES D R - Isaiah 56-66 and Joel (TBC)
56113: JONES M D W - Counter reformation: religion and society in early modern Europe
48991: JONES K - Saints of the Anglican calendar
47704: JONES C - African tales for Canterbury
29065: JONES J L - But which bible?
44900: JONES G - Critical theology
42563: JONES M - Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians: four lectures
56072: DICKENS A G & JONES W R D - Erasmus the Reformer
66545: JONES E - God, man and community: more Old Testament words
55062: GORDON-TAYLOR B & JONES S - Celebrating Christ's victory: Ash Wednesday to Trinity (Alcuin Liturgy Guides)
51382: JONES R M - Spiritual reformers in the 16th and 17th centuries
51384: JONES R M - Church the gospel and war
10483: JONES O W - Glyn Simon: his life and opinions
48193: JONES E W - Jones L J his life and times: autobiography of the Right Honourable Sir Edward Jones with a foreword by the Right Honourable, the Lord Lowry
50499: JONES C A - Saints of the Prayer Book: outlines of the lives of the saints in the calendar
10429: JONES A - Soul making: the desert way of spirituality
55601: JONES D V - Walmley and its surroundings
47474: VAN GOGH V & JONG C DE - Vincent van Gogh paintings and drawing: a selection from the collection of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation
44531: "JONGE M DE" - "God's final envoy:" "early Christology and Jesus' own view of his mission"
46732: JONSON B [ED COOK] - Volpone: or the fox
48569: JOPLIN B - Next train's gone: comic icons in British cinema 1930 to 1953
10499: JORDAN E K H - Free Church Unity: history of the Free Church Council Movement 1896-1941
25619: "JORDAN T" - "Cyberpower:" "the culture and politics of cyberspace and the internet"
42567: JORDAN C - Cotton patch version of Paul's epistles
41321: "JORDAN F" - "In den Tagen des Tammuz:" "Altbabylonische Mythen: Mit 18 Abbildungen"
49751: JORDAN H - Born under a lucky star: the memoirs of Hugh Jordan
10502: JORGENSEN J - St. Francis of Assisi: a biography
61560: "BROUCKER JOSE DE" - "SUENENS DOSSIER:" "the case for collegiality"
48795: JOSEPH J - Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: the case of the Jacobites in an age of transition
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52287: JOSEPH A - Through the devil's gateway: women religion and taboo
60815: "BAX JOSEPHINE" - "TIME TO REBUILD:" "a study in the Book of Nehemiah for today's church"
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44477: "JOSEPHUS" - "Life of Herod" "translated from the Greek by John Gregory, introduction by Martin Goodman"
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10513: "JOSSUA J P" - "Condition of the Witness"
56409: JOULIN M - Petite vie de Jean-Marie Vianney, Cure d'Ars
41134: "JOURJON M" - "Ambroise de Milan" "(Eglise d'hier et d'aujourd'hui)"
54491: JOURNAL - Feminist Theology: set of 56 issues (Volume 1 September 1992 - Volume 19 (2) January 2011) No additional postage will be charged
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10521: "JOURNAL" - "Journal of Development Studies Vol 33 No.6 August 1997"
10523: "JOURNAL" - "Legal Studies Volume 17 No.3 November 1997" "(Journal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law)"
10524: "JOURNAL" - "Linguistic Abstracts Volume 13 No.4 1997"
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69402: JOURNAL [NORTH G] - Journal of Christian reconstruction: Vol 2, Winter 1975, No. 2: Symposium: Biblical law
52120: LONDON JOURNALIST - Fascism in the English Church
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37721: "JOWETT B" - "Select passages from the theological writings of Benjamin" "Jowett edited by Lewis Campbell"
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10535: JOWITT R L P - Salisbury (British Cities)
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24131: "JOYCE P" - "Law, order & the judiciary" "(Access to politics)"
54818: JUDD A - Ford Madox Ford
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47745: JUDE W H - Christian World. Album of sacred songs
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10592: "KB" - "Benendon Angel and other fables:" "illus by Penelope Cox"
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26093: "KECK L E" - "Church confident"
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10691: KECK L E - Future for the historical Jesus: the place of Jesus in preaching & theology
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66698: KECK L E - Taking the bible seriously
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66796: KENDRICK R - In the steps of Jesus: insights into the life and world of Christ
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41909: KENNEDY H A A - St Paul's conceptions of the last things
10821: "KENNETT J" - "Rise of Communist China:" "with a brief history of Japan"
10822: "KENNETT R H" - "Ancient Hebrew social life and custom as indicated in law" "narrative and metaphor (Schweich lectures 1931)"
10823: "KENNETT R H" - "Composition of the book of Isaiah:" "in the light of history and archaeology (The Schweich Lectures 1909)"
10824: "KENNETT R H" - "Old Testament Essays"
41908: KENNETT R H - Servant of the Lord
57155: KENNING M - Closer walk with God: Christian insights from the novels of Jane Austen; a series of sermons given at St Nicholas Steventon 1994 - 1998
34295: "KENNY A" - "Wittgenstein"
34719: "KENNY J P" - "Principles of medical ethics"
26681: "KENNY N" - "Proficiency passkey" "Workbook"
20169: KENNY A - Thomas More (Past masters)
56738: KENNY A - Unknown God: agnostic essays
66810: KENNY J & M - Happy parenting!: from infancy to young adulthood: practical answers to questions about kids
66809: KENNY J P - Roman Catholicism, Christianity and anonymous Christianity: [Theology Today Series No 44] the role of the Christian today
54728: STACPOOLE KENNY L M - Francis de Sales: a study of the gentle saint
66815: KENSIT J A - Our protestant throne: Britain's fight for her civil and religious liberties
39702: "KENT C F" - "Sermons, epistles and apocalypses of Israel's prophets:" "from the beginning of the Assyrian period to the end of the Maccabean struggle"
52704: KENT C F - History of the Hebrew people from the division of the kingdom to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC
28937: "KENT A M" - "Voices from West Barbary:" "an anthology of Anglo-Cornish poetry 1549-1928"
26554: "KENT C F" - "History of the Hebrew people" "from the division of the kingdom to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC"
10830: "KENT H H" - "Architect Preaches"
66816: KENT J - From Darwin to Blatchford: the role of Darwinism in Christian apologetic 1875 - 1910 [Friends of Dr. Williams's Library 20th lecture]
41939: KENT C F - Narratives of the beginnings of Hebrew history: from the creation to the establishment of the Hebrew kingdom
41940: KENT C F - History of the Jewish people: during the Babylonian, Persian and Greek periods
41941: KENT C F - Historical Bible in 6 vols: Heroes and crises of early Hebrew history; Founders and rulers of United Israel; Kings and Prophets of Israel and Jusah; Makers and Teachers of Judaism; Life and teachings of Jesus; Work and Techniques of the Apostles
41942: KENT C F - Growth and contents of the Old Testament
41943: KENT C F - Israel's historical and biographical narratives
41944: KENT C J - Israel's laws and legal precedents
41945: KENT C F - Songs, hymns, and prayers of the Old Testament
55599: KENT J - Wesley and the Wesleyans: religion in eighteenth century Britain
66820: KENWRICK J - Religious quest: a study in the development of the religious sentiment
36513: "KENYA" - "Origins and growth of Mau Mau: an historical survey" "by the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya (Sessional Paper No 5 of 1959/60) with map"
34243: KENYON F G - Recent developments in the textual criticism of the Greek bible (Schweich lectures of the British Academy 1932)
48913: KENYON K M - Bible and recent archaeology
24804: "KENYON F G" - "Bible and modern scholarship"
38070: "KENYON E C" - "Centenary life of Wesley"
10837: KENYON F G - Handbook to the textual criticism of the New Testament
25755: "KENYON M" - "Whole hog" "(Black Dagger Crime)"
47307: KENYON K M - Jerusalem: excavating 3000 years of history
66821: KENYON E W - Wonderful name of Jesus
38194: KENYON J P - Stuart Constitution 1603-1688: documents and commentary
10843: KENYON K M - Archaeology in the Holy Land
53361: KER J - Psalms in history and biography
46753: KER W P - English Literature Medieval
24596: KER I - Achievement of John Henry Newman
66826: KER I - Newman and the fullness of Christianity
10846: KERIN D - Fulfilling: a sequel to 'The living touch'
66832: KERKHOFS J - Horizon of kindly light: a spirituality for those with questions
24641: ALTER R & KERMODE F - Literary guide to the Bible
66835: KERNS V (ED) - St Margaret Mary: her autobiography
50984: KERR J - Shakespeare's flowers (illustrated by Anne Ophelia Dowden)
10163: "JARRETT-KERR M" - "African pulse:" "scenes from an African hospital window"
39257: "KERR H T" - "Calvin's Institutes:" "a new compend"
34718: "KERR H T" - "Positive Protestantism:" "an interpretation of the gospel"
33447: "KERR J S" - "Mystery and magic of the occult"
23680: "KERR S" - "Global emissions trading:" "key issues for industrialized countries"
24944: "KERR W S" - "Handbook on the papacy"
29713: KERR W F - Student pocket guide to the bible: the basic reference book for students (originally published in 1982 as Kerr's handbook to the bible)
22907: "KERRY T" - "Mastering deputy headship:" "acquiring the skills for future leadership"
54855: AMBROSE G & KERSHAW S - Come to the feast: a companion to Common Worship Holy Communion
66843: KERSTEN L L - Lutheran ethic: the impact of religion on laymen and clergy
24687: "KESICH V" - "First day of the new creation:" "the resurrection and the Christian faith"
66844: KESICH V & L W - Treasures of the Holy Land: a visit to places of Christian origins
66846: KESSLER D (ED) - Together on the way: official report of the eigth assembly of the World Council of Churches
41749: KETELBEY A W - In a monastery garden: characteristic intermezzo for the piano arranged for the organ
53203: KETTLE D J - Western culture in Gospel context: towards the conversion of the West: theological bearings for mission and spirituality
35686: "KETTLE E" - "That they might live"
29888: KETTLE P - Staying sane under stress (GPS31)
10860: "KEW C W" - "Salvation Army" "(Christian denominations)"
49837: KEW R - Brave new church: what the future holds
45873: KEY - Key to Part II and Part IV of advanced Greek unseens
47237: KEYES F P - I the king
10861: KEYES F P - St Teresa of Lisieux
47011: KEYNES M - Essays on John Maynard Keynes
66861: KHAN H I - Mysticism of sound and music: Vol 2: a Sufi message of spiritual liberty
23330: "KHATIB H" - "Financial and economic evaluation of projects" "in the electricity supply industry"
49206: KHAYYAM O [FITZGERALD] - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: translated into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald
22536: "KHAYYAM O" - "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" "rendered into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald and Persian Miniatures (ISBN 0 517 282844)"
53201: KHOBNYA S - Father who redeems and the Son who obeys: consideration of Paul's teaching in Romans
24285: KIBBLE D G - Moral education in a secular school (GE22)
27275: "KIBBY G" - "Mushrooms and Toadstools:" "illus by S Milne a field guide"
10865: KIDD B J - Documents illustrative of the Continental Reformation
10868: "KIDD B J" - "Later Mediaeval doctrine of the eucharistic sacrifice" "(Church Historical Society XLVI)"
10869: "KIDD B J" - "Roman Primacy to AD 461"
57148: KIDD B J - History of the Church to AD 461 in 3 volumes: Volume I to A.D. 313 ONLY
42590: KIDD B J - History of the Church to AD 461 in 3 volumes: Volume III A.D. 408-461 ONLY
42587: KIDD B J - Documents illustrative of the history of the church: Vol 1: to A.D.313 (Translations of Christian literature series VI)
52984: KIECKHEFER R - Repression of heresy in medieval Germany
30710: KIELING J T - Gift of prayer: a treasury of personal prayer from the world's spiritual traditions
24183: "ARMISTEAD C & KIELY J" - "Effective organizations:" "looking to the future"
66866: KIELY J - Instructions on Christian morality: for preachers and teachers
56212: KIERKEGAARD S - Concept of irony with constant reference to Socrates
10878: KIERKEGAARD S - Concept of dread: translated with introduction & notes by W Lowrie
753: "KIERKEGAARD" - "[Selections] intro by W H Auden"
10890: "KIERKEGAARD S [CLIMACUS]" - "Philosophical fragments or a fragment of philosophy:" "by Johannes Climacus, translated by David F Swenson"
10882: KIERKEGAARD S - Either/or: volume 1 and volume 2 [vol 1 trans by DF & LM Swenson vol 2 trans by W Lowrie with revisions and foreword by HA Johnson]

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