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9032: HENGEL M - Earliest Christianity: containing ""Acts & the history of earliest christianity'. & ""Property & riches in the early church""
32310: HENGEL M - Atonement: a study of the origins of the doctrine in the New Testament
57491: HENGSTENBERG E W - Christology of the Old Testament [complete in 2 volumes]
26177: "HENN M" - "Opinion polls and volatile electorates:" "problems and issues in polling European societies"
42268: HENNECKE E - New Testament Apocrypha in 2 vols: VOLUME 2 ONLY writings relating to the Apostles, apocalypses and related subjects edited by W Schneemelcher, English translation edited by R McL Wilson
53415: HENNECKE E - New Testament Apocrypha Volume 1 only Gospels and related writings; Vol 2 writings relating to the Apostles, apocalypses and related subjects) ed by Wilhelm Schneemelcher, English tr ed by R McL Wilson
9044: HENNECKE E - New Testament Apocrypha in two volumes (Vol 1 Gospels and related writings; Vol 2 writings relating to the Apostles, apocalypses and related subjects) ed by Wilhelm Schneemelcher, English tr ed by R McL Wilson
9045: HENNELL M - Sons of the prophets: evangelical leaders of the Victorian Church [Buxton, Bickersteth, Shaftesbury, Venn, Stephen & Close]
54013: HENNESSY J P - Anthony Trollope
58262: HENNESSY P - Whitehall
9048: "HENNIG F" - "Cheerio Frank Cheerio Everybody:" "the gardening world of Fred Streeter"
61326: "BOURGEOIS HENRI" - "ON BECOMING CHRISTIAN:" "Christian initiation and its sacraments"
32973: "REGNIER HENRI DE" - "Divertissement provincial" "(Roman litteraire) [Issued as 317 of 330 copies]"
57948: HENRY A - Mirour of Mans Saluacioun: a middle English translation of Speculum Humanae Salvationis (A critical edition of the fifteenth-century manuscript illustrated from Der Spiegel der menschen Behaltnis Speyer: Drach c1475
61847: "CADBURY HENRY J" - "JESUS: what manner of man"
69266: "HENRY M" - "MATTHEW HENRY'S COMMENTARY FOR THE NIV" "GENESIS TO REVELATION based on Broad Oak ed ed by L F Church, revising editor Gerald Peterman:"
57545: HENRY C F H - Christian personal ethics
40407: "HENRY M-L" - "Tier im religiosen bewusstsein des Alttestamentlichen" "menschen (Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher vortrage und schriften aus dem gebiet der theologie und religionsgeschichte 220/221)"
57949: HENRY A - Biblia pauperum: a facsimile and edition
48907: HENRY C F H - Jesus of Nazareth, Saviour and Lord (Contemporary evangelical thought)
48219: HENRY J - Scientific revolution and the origins of modern science
9050: HENRY M [CHURCH] - Matthew Henry's Commentary (Broad Oak edition) on the whole Bible in one volume: Genesis to Revelation (Broadoak ed)
9054: "HENSHAW T" - "Latter prophets"
41929: HENSHAW T - Writings: the third division of Old Testament canon
9055: "HENSLOWE D I" - "Papuan Post"
45805: HENSON H H - Coming of age: letter to a young man on his 21st birthday
37909: "HENSON H H" - "War-time sermons"
9062: HENSON H H - Christian morality: natural, developing, final; being the Gifford Lectures 1935-1936
53907: HENSON H H - More letters of Herbert Hensley Henson: a second volume
9060: HENSON H H - Bishoprick papers
65575: HENSON H H - National church: essays on history and constitution and criticisms of its present administration
9067: HENSON H H - Letters of Herbert Hensley Henson: chosen and edited with an introduction by EF Braley
47823: HENSON H H - Oxford groups; the charge delivered at the third quadrennial visitation of his diocese
9058: HENSON H H - Anglicanism: lectures on the Olaus Petri foundation in Upsala Sept 1920
9063: HENSON H H - Church of England (English Institutes series)
41930: HENSON H H - Unitarianism or historic Christianity?: the substance of a speech in the convocation of York
49753: HENWOOD N & R - Changed agents: nine years in Nepal
65580: HEPNER H W - Retirement - a time to live anew: a practical guide to managing your retirement
71047: "ROBLETO A & HEPP J" - "Roman Catholic doctrine in the light of Vatican II"
36690: "HEPPER F N" - "Planting a bible garden:" "a practical reference guide for the home gardenen, schools, colleges and churches in all climates of the world"
43754: "HERBERT C" - "Pocket prayers for children"
55351: HERBERT G [WILLMOTT] - Works of George Herbert in prose and verse
9081: HERBERT A S - Worship in Ancient Israel (Ecumenical Studies in Worship 5)
32317: HENCHER J & HERBERT C - Place to dream: a new way of looking at churches and cathedrals, photographs by A Talbot-Ponsonby
64965: HERBERT C - Ways into prayer
52280: HERBERT M - Social and antisocial development (Parent Adolescent and Child Training Skills 2)
9086: HERBERT G - Masters of prayer
39576: "HERBERT A P" - "Secret battle:" "with an introduction by the Right Hon. Winston S Churchill"
31150: HERBERT C - Pocket prayers
9088: "HERBERT G" - "Poems of George Herbert:" "to which are added selections from his prose and Walton's 'Life'"
9089: "HERBERT G" - "Poetical works" "with life, critical dissertation & explanatory notes by G Gilfillan"
39404: "HERBERT G" - "Temple:" "sacred poems and private ejaculations"
9094: "HERBERT G" - "Works of George Herbert:" "in prose and verse Bell & Daldy 1859 438pp/384pp epp disc otherwise vg set £45"
52442: HERBERT G - Works of George Herbert in prose and verse
40484: "HERBERT G" - "English poems of George Herbert:" "together with his collection of proverbs entitled Jacula Prudentum"
56954: HERBERT G [GILFILLAN] - Poetical works of George Herbert with life, critical dissertation and explanatory notes by G Gilfillan
55734: HERBERT G ET AL - Clergyman's instructor: or a collection of tracts on the ministerial duties
21657: HERBERT G - Works of George Herbert: in prose and verse with a memoir by Izaak Walton
42455: HERBERT G [BEECHING] - Country Parson edited with introduction by H C Beeching
47587: HERBERT G - Works of George Herbert in prose and verse
26026: "HERD D" - "John Ashbery and American poetry"
46837: MALLARME & HEREDIA J-M DE - Poesies (Mallarme) : trophees (J-M de Heredia) (Editions Barnard Volume 5)
24822: "HERFORD C H" - "Robert Browning" "(Modern English writers)"
9099: "HERFORD R T" - "Pharisaism:" "its aim and its method"
9101: HERING J - First Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians
9108: "HERKLOTS H G G" - "Church of England and the American Episcopal Church:" "from the first voyages of discovery to the first Lambeth Conference"
9109: HERKLOTS H G G - For such a time as this
24307: "HERKLOTS H G G" - "How our bible came to us:" "a literary pilgrimage"
65596: HERKLOTS H G G - An Old Testament dozen: Esther, Judith, Tobit, Daniel, The book of twelve, Joel, Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi [Mowbrays Mini-commentaries 10]
9110: HERKLOTS H G G - Fresh approach to the New Testament
27994: "HERLING D" - "Briefcase on constitutional and administrative law"
9117: "HERMAN S" - "Rebirth of the German church" "with intro by Martin Niemoller"
9118: "HERMANN E" - "Eucken and Bergson:" "their significance for Christian thought"
30101: "HERMANS L" - "Bible on the chuildhood of Jesus"
40607: "HERMAS [GARCET]" - "Similtudes"
63159: "DIEMER HERMINE [MANNING]" - "OBERAMMERGAU and its Passion Play (1922):" "a survey of the history of Oberammergau & its Passion Plays, from their origin to the present day...(includes 8 loose b&w photographs from the 1920 production) English edition by Walter S Manning"
9119: "HERNANDEZ J M M" - "Advances in acoustics technology" "(European commission aeronautics research series)"
41079: "HERNIMAN R G" - "Syllabus for study in the parish:" "report on conversations between the Church of England and the Methodist Church"
45804: HERODOTUS - Stories of the east from Herodotus
9124: "HEROES" - "Of the Faith:" "a series of addresses on the movement of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church"
26067: "HEROLD A F" - "Life of Buddha according to the legends" "of Ancient India"
47462: HEROLD A B - Mysterious Passover visitors
40310: "HEROLT J" - "Miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary:" "translated from the Latin, with a preface and notes by CC Swinton Bland and an introduction by Eileen Power"
56126: HERRAD I R - Woman who loved an octopus and other saints' tales
65779: HOFFMANN-HERREROS J - Your hand God: Praying with Children
52998: HERRICK J A - Radical rhetoric of the English deists: the discourse of skepticism 1680 - 1750
52441: HERRICK R - Poetical works of Robert Herrick
26656: "HERRINGTON S" - "Simon's tax cases - cumulative tables and index 1973 -1998"
9128: "HERRIOT J" - "Vets Might Fly"
39397: "HERRMANN J" - "Festschrift:" "Friedrich Baumgartel zum 70 geburtstag 14 Januar 1958: gewidmet von den Mitarbeitern am Kommentar zum Alten Testament"
32161: "HERRMANN W" - "Communion of the Christian with God:" "described on the basis of Luther's statements"
40644: "HERRMANN S" - "Gechichte Israels in alttestamentlicher Zeit"
65612: HERRMANN W - Communion of the Christian with God: discussion in agreement with the view of Luther
65611: HERRMANN W - Communion of the Christian with God
9130: HERRMANN S - Israel in Egypt (SBT2/27)
41934: HERRMANN W - Faith and morals: I - Faith, II - The moral law
65613: HERRON A - Guide to congregational affairs
53219: HERRSTROM D S - Book of unknowing: a poet's response to the Gospel of John
53022: HERSHEY A H - 1258 - 9 special Eyre of Surrey and Kent (Surrey Record Society Volumes XXXVIII)
41935: HERSHON P I - Treasures of the Talmud: being a series of classified subjects in alphabetical order from A to L
26306: HERTZ J H - Book of Jewish thoughts selected and arranged by the Chief Rabbi [new and revised edition
9135: "HERTZBERG H W" - "I & II Samuel" "(OTL)"
45803: HERTZBERG H W - I & II Samuel (Old Testament Library)
9136: "HERVEY J" - "Meditations & Contemplations"
38784: "HERWEGEN I" - "Taufe und Firmung nach dem Romischen:" "Missale, Rituale und Pontificale (Liturgische Texte XI)"
45806: HERZOG J J - Real-encyclopadie (part set of 6 books containing volumes 1-2 A - Col, 3-4 Com-Gem, 5-6 Gim-Jon, 13-14 Rhe-Sta,19-20 Aat-Schup, 21 Schw-Zwi) fur protestantische theologie und kirche
65618: HESCHEL A - Prophets [Volume 1]: an introduction
65620: HESELTINE G C - English cardinals: with some account ofthose other English-speaking countries
30901: "HESEMANN M" - "Cosmic connection:" "worldwide crop formations and ET contacts"
22955: "HESKETH B" - "Taking off:" "story of the Mull Little Theatre"
39747: HESLAM P - Globalization and the good
50404: WILLS JUDITH & HESSAYON D G - Garden to kitchen expert [over 680 recipes]
58132: HESSELGRAVE D J - New horizons in world mission: evangelicals and the Christian mission in the 1980's Papers and responses prepared for the Consultation on Theology and Mission Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, School of World Mission and Evangelism March 19 - 22 1979
57880: HESSION R - Calvary road
9139: HESSION B - Alone To Pray
31576: "HESTENES R" - "Using the bible in groups" "(formerly published in the Using the bible series)"
9143: "HETHERINGTON H J W" - "Life and Letters of Sir Henry Jones:" "professor of moral philosophy in the U of Glasgow"
53413: HEUFELDER E - Way to God: according to the rule of St Benedict
57449: L'HEUREUX C E - In and out of paradise: the Bookf of Genesis from Adam and Eve to the Tower of Babel
9144: "HEURTLEY C A" - "De fide et symbolo:" "latin text with intro notes in English"
43761: "HEUSER A" - "Shaping vision of Gerard Manley Hopkins"
65629: HEUSS J - Have a lively faith
55467: HEWETT S J - Cave of living streams: sixteen songs based on the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius (Reprinted from The Way supplement 22 Summer 1974)
55468: HEWETT W - Where new winds blow: twelve songs based on the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius: introduction and text
45817: HEWITT G - Candle of hope: journey through Advent, Christmas and the New Year to Bethlehem
9149: "HEWITT G" - "Problems of success:" "a history of the Church Missionary Society 1910-1942 in two volumes"
74539: "HEWITT G" - "Towards the dawn:" "a journey through Easter to Pentecost"
50083: HEWITT H - Searching for God in America: the companion volume to the acclaimed public television series
53322: HEWITT G - Strategist for the spirit: Leslie Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield 1939-1962
53321: HEXTER J H - Reappraisals in history: new views on history and society in early modern Europe
22464: "HEY D" - "Oxford guide to family history"
24129: "HEYER G S" - "Signs of our times:" "theological essays on art in the twentieth century"
8649: "HARDY M AND HEYES S" - "Beginning psychology"
55047: HEYWARD C - Priest forever
50827: HEYWOOD C - Bluecoat Boy: the hero who did not need to win
9159: "HEYWOOD B" - "Church marriage and divorce:" "a charge addressed to members of his diocesan synod on Tuesday October 26th 1937"
9160: HEYWOOD B - Harry Woollcombe Bishop, a memoir by his friends
27852: "HIBBERT C" - "Making of Charles Dickens"
9163: "HIBBERT G" - "Man, culture, and Christianity"
46824: HIBBERT C - English: a social history 1066 - 1945
56636: HIBBERT G ET AL - John: John (Hibbert); 1 John (Robinson), James (Bright) (Scripture Discussion Commentary 9)
57106: HICK J - Evil and the God of love
50920: HICK J - Truth and dialogue: the relationship between world religions
28013: HICK J - Evil and the God of love
9176: "HICK J" - "Faith and knowledge"
39643: "HICK J" - "John Hick reader:"
9183: "HICK J" - "Rainbow of faiths:" "critical dialogues on religious pluralism"
36849: HICK J - Faith and knowledge
34925: HICK J - Evil and the God of love
9172: HICK J - Evil and the God of love
57965: HICK J - Evil and the God of love
26889: HICK J - God has many names: Britain's new religious pluralism
9182: HICK J - Philosophy of religion
51009: HICKEY J - Religion and the Northern Ireland problem
32563: "HICKFORD A" - "Essential youth:" "why your church needs young people"
53045: HICKMAN D - Lincoln Wills 1532 - 1534 (Lincoln Record Society 89)
37738: "HICKS E L [FOWLER]" - "Life and letters of Edward Lee Hicks" "(Bishop of Lincoln 1910-1919)"
9191: "HICKS K N" - "From Rock to Tower:" "Memories with Reflections"
51116: HICKS J - Critical essays in monetary theory
65655: HICKSON J M - Behold the bridegroom cometh: addresses given at the services of healing in Christ Church Westminster
56357: HIEKE T - Q6:20-21: Beatitudes for the poor, hungry and mourning (Documenta Q)
58230: VLACHOS HIEROTHEOS - Entering the Orthodox Church: a contribution to the pastoral ministry for the catechism and baptism of adults
52664: HIERS R H - Jesus and the future: unresolved questions
37796: "HIGDON L G" - "Simply preaching:" "a programme for clergy and readers"
30141: HIGGINS A J B - Lord's Supper in the New Testament (SBT6)
51045: O'HIGGINS P & N - Fresh bread: manna for kingdom living today
24366: "HIGGINS A J B" - "Tradition about Jesus:" "three studies (SJT OP 15)"
28569: "ODAMS A M & HIGGINS J" - "Commercial dispute resolution"
9193: HIGGINS A J B - Historicity of the fourth gospel
43594: "HIGGINS B & D" - "I would die for you:" "one student's story of passion, service and faith"
52665: HIGGINS A J B - Son of Man in the teaching of Jesus (SNTS MS 39)
56516: LETSON D & HIGGINS M - Jesuit mystique
65658: HIGGINS T J - Perfection is for you: reflections on how to live in union
65659: "HIGGINSON R" - "CALLED TO ACCOUNT" "[adding value in God's world: integrating Christianity and business effectively]"
9198: "HIGGINSON R" - "Dilemmas:" "a Christian approach to moral decision-making"
8287: HIGGINSON R - Reply to Warnock (GE 63)
9201: "HIGH S" - "Billy Graham:" "the personal story of the man his message and his mission"
9203: HIGHAM F - Frederick Denison Maurice
65664: HIGHET J - Churches in Scotland today: a survey of their principles, strength, work and statements
54058: FORD D F & HIGTON M - Jesus
44578: "BARTHELEMY-SAINT HILAIRE J" - "La philosophie dans ses rapports avec les sciences et la religion"
51739: HILARY P - Precious lives
35968: "HILDEGARD, OF BINGEN" - "Meditations" "introduction and versions by Gabriele Uhlein"
41133: "APOCRYPHAL GOSPELS [HILGENFELD" - "Evangeliorum Secundum Hebraeos, Secundum Petrum, Secundum" "Aegyptios, Matthiae Traditionum, Petri et Pauli Praedicationis et Actuum, Petri Apocalypseos, Didascaliae Apostolorum Antiquioris Quae Supersunt, Addita Doctrina XII Apostolorum et Libello Qui A
57912: HILL M - Ecclesiastical Law
45815: HILL G F - St Michael Archangel XII: representations from the fourth to the fifteenth century
9230: HILL D - Gospel of Matthew (NCB)
46330: HILL C - Society and puritanism in pre-revolutionary England
52679: HILL C - Change and continuity in 17th century England
37003: "HILL A" - "Notes to the pocket volume of selections from the poems" "of Robert Browning with essays on sevral aspects of Browning's genius by C E Vaughan, M R Pridham et al"
27986: "HILL B ET AL" - "Perspectives on childhood:" "a resource book for teachers"
9220: "HILL C" - "Century of Revolution 1603 - 1714"
9225: "HILL C" - "Reformation to Industrial Revolution"
9227: "HILL C" - "Tinker and a Poor Man:" "John Bunyan and his Church 1628-1688"
9228: "HILL C" - "Turbulent, seditious, and factious people:" "John Bunyan and his Church, 1628-1688"
23703: "HILL D A" - "Singing to seals"
9240: "HILL R" - "Pulpit and the children:" "addresses to the young"
67033: "HILL R C" - "Wisdom's many faces"
44799: "HILL J M" - "Walk with God"
12743: MARTIN D & HILL M - Sociological yearbook of religion in Britain No 3
45816: HILL E F F - Apocalypse and other essays: crisis of spirit in a demonic age
43388: HILL C - English Bible: and the seventeenth-century revolution
65667: HILL B V - Greening of Christian education
53411: HILL D - Gospel of Matthew (New Century Bible Commentary)
56764: HILL M - Religious liberty and human rights
56036: HILL C - Century of Revolution 1603 - 1714
56035: HILL F - Short history of Lincoln
55397: HILL J P - Metrical proper: being the introits graduals offertories and communions for Sundays and festivals turned into rhymed verse and adapted to popular hymn tunes
52480: HILL D F - Essential words: a basic vocabulary of New testament Greek with notes
47668: HILL S [ED] - Books and company the quarterly journal [Issue Fourteen]: about books for those who delight in them
56765: HILL M - Faithful discipleship: clergy discipline in Anglican and Roman Catholic canon law: the acts of the Second Colloquium of Anglican and Roan Catholic lawyers held at St George's House, Windsor Castle 31 may to 3 June 2001
65680: HILL D M O - Saints in secret: short stories and poems
65682: HILL E - Prayer, praise and politics: reflections on 32 psalms
65687: HILL R M T - Scale of perfection: Maynard-Chapman Divinity Lecture delivered on 3rd November 1982
56456: NORTH M A & HILLARD A E - Latin prose composition for the middle forms of schools
9242: HILLER F - Song of victory for soprano solo, chorus and orchestra: the English adaptation by Rev J Troutbeck
65688: HILLER G I - Essays of a poor parson
23865: HILLERS D R - Micah (Hermeneia)
9251: "HILLIARD F H" - "Teacher and religion"
50025: HILLMAN R J ET AL - Healing and wholeness
65690: HILLMAN E - Wider Ecumenism: anonymous christianity and the church
65691: HILLYARD E A - Lent and a retreat: being notes of twelve lent lectures and eleven parochial retreat meditations
36698: "HILLYER N" - "1 and 2 Peter, Jude (inscribed by author)" "(NIBC)"
53343: MATT L VON & HILPISCH S - Saint Benedict
9254: HILTNER S - Pastoral Counseling
9256: "HILTON A C" - "Works of Arthur Clement Hilton:" "together with his life and letters"
9264: "HILTON W" - "Scale of Perfection:" "with an essay on the Spiritual Life of Mediaeval England by the Rev J B Dalgairns"
32185: "HILTON W" - "Scale of perfection:" "abridged and presented by Illtyd Trethowan"
23987: "HILTON W" - "Scale of perfection:" "translated into modern English with intro & notes by Gerard Sitwell (Orchard Books)"
3733: CHAPMAN R & HILTON D - Prayers for the Church Community
24022: HILTON W - 8 chapters on perfection & Angels' song trans... Rosemary Dorward
44660: "HINCHLIFF P B" - "Ecclesiatical history its nature and purpose" "Inaugural lecture delivered at Rhodes University"
58323: HINCHLIFF P - One-sided reciprocity: a study in the modification of the establishment
9271: "HINCHLIFF P" - "South African Rite and the 1928 Prayer Book" "(Alcuin Club Pamphlet XVII)"
9267: HINCHLIFF P - Holiness and politics
9266: HINCHLIFF P - History, tradition and change: Church History and the development of doctrine (Affirming Catholicism)
25643: HINCHLIFF P - Frederick Temple Archbishop of Canterbury: a life
9272: "HINCHLIFFE A" - "Chemical modeling from atoms to liquids"
49192: HIND C L - Watteau: illustrated with 8 reproductions in colour (Masterpieces in Colour)
30811: "HINDLEY B" - "Transatlantic free trade and multilateralism:" "Issue Paper No 5"
9277: "HINDRY L F-J" - "Is demon possession a reality?" "...its bearing upon the divinity of...Jesus..."
65703: "HINDSLEY L P" - "Mystics of Engelthal:" "writings from a medieval monastery"
27157: "HINE L" - "Court of protection practice"
56124: HINE A - Soul speak
32578: HINES D - Dressing for worship: a fresh look at what Christians wear in church (GW138)
49337: COOTE C & HINGSTON E M - Tonight (vesper hymn)
35156: "HINNEBUSCH P" - "Religious life:" "a living liturgy"
65705: HINNEBUSCH P - Like the word: to the Trinity through Christ
51311: HINNEBUSCH P - Friendship in the Lord
9284: HINNELLS J R - Penguin Dictionary of Religions
52440: HINRICHER G - God and darkness: a Carmelite perspective
23481: "HINSON D F" - "Books of the Old Testament" "(TEF Study Guide 10 - OT Introduction 2)"
9289: "HINTON M" - "Comprehensive schools:" "a Christian's view"
49764: HINTON K - Growing churches Singapore style: ministry in an urban context
50021: HIRD E - Battle for the soul of Canada: raising up the emerging generation of leaders
9296: "HIRST R J" - "Problems of perception" "(Muirhead library of Philosophy)"
9297: HISCOX R - Eager to learn: a review of Christian adult learning materials
65732: "HISLOP D H" - "OUR HERITAGE IN PUBLIC WORSHIP" "(The Kerr lectures delivered in Trinity College, Glasgow in 1933)"
30489: HISLOP A - Two Babylons or Papal worship: proved to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife
9300: HISTORICITY - Historicity & Chronology in the N T (SPCK Theological Collection )
22915: "ENVIRONMENT & HISTORY" - "Volume 4 Number 3 October 1998"
47393: HITCHCOCK A - Drei ??? und der Tanzende Teufel
47394: HITCHCOCK A - Drei ??? und der Zauberspiegel
53215: HITCHCOCK N - Karl Barth and the resurrection of the flesh: the loss of the body in participatory eschatology
24693: HITCHCOCK F R M - Atonement and modern thought: being the Donnellan lectures preached before the University of Dublin
23999: "HOADE E" - "Guide to the Holy Land"
48139: HOAK D E - King's Council in the reign of Edward VI
9305: "HOARE R" - "Final witness:" "evidence of Nicodemus"
9306: "HOARE R" - "Piece of Cloth:" "Turin Shroud investigated"
55701: HOATSON F - Little white gate
56034: HOBBES T [WOODBRIDGE] - Hobbes selections (Modern Student's Library)
29901: HOBBS M - Better will come: a pastoral response to institutional racism in British churches (GPS48)
9311: "HOBDEN S M" - "Further explorations in worship:" "suggestions and services for the senior school assembly"
57012: HOBEL T - Laity and participation: a theology of being the Church [submitted for the degree of Doctor of theology, University of Durham 2002]
9312: "HOBHOUSE W" - "Church and the World:" "in Idea and in History (Bampton Lectures 1909)"
65736: HOBLING M B - Concrete and the universal: Swarthmore lecture 1958
31734: "HOBSBAWM E" - "New century:" "in conversation with Antonio Polito"
32662: "HOBSBAWM E" - "New century:" "in conversation with Antonio Polito"
8713: "HOBSON E W" - "Domain of natural science" "(Gifford lectures 1921 and 1922)"
9314: "HOBSON N" - "Unity, peace and concord:" "an appeal to the Christian churches on behalf of youth"
57569: HALPERN B & HOBSON D W - Law, politics and society in the Ancient Mediterranean World
57570: HALPERN B & HOBSON D W - Law and ideology in Monarchic Israel (JSOT Supplement series 124)
49909: HOBSON R - What hath God wrought: an autobiography
65738: HOBSON P - Christian deliverance in 2 vols: Book 1: Make yourselves ready, Book 2: Engaging the enemy
65739: HOCH D - Healing and salvation: an investigation of healing miracles in the present day [studies in Ministry & Worship]
9317: "HODDER E" - "Life and Work of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, K.G." "with portraits (in 3 vols)"
9319: "HODGE J Z" - "Salute to India"
65750: HODGE C - Exposition of the second Epistle to the Corinthians
65751: HODGE C - CORINTHIANS 1 and 2: (Geneva commantary)
9327: HODGES H A - Pattern of atonement
2811: "BRYANT M D & HODGES S" - "Exploring unification theology"
36699: "HODGES D M" - "Story of hymns"
9324: "HODGES G F" - "Roman Catholic doctrine of intention" "& Anglican Orders"
33215: "HODGES H A" - "God beyond knowledge" "(Library of philosophy and religion)"
9322: HODGES D - Simple guide to the history and meaning of the psalms
65757: HODGETTS C - Othona psalms: 50 Psalms with 15 Canticles from Christian and other sources
45808: HODGKIN L V - Happy world: notes on the mystic imagery of the ""Paradiso"" of Dante
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29234: HOLLINGS M - Hey, you!
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9423: HOLLOWAY D - Where did Jesus go? meaning & truth of the Resurrection
56957: HOLLOWAY R - Gresham College annual lectures 1997, 1998 and 1999: Negotiating the ethical minefield, religion on the level, living theology (further details on request)
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72210: "SPENCE HORACE" - "DECENTLY AND IN ORDER:" "practical hints for readers"
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65887: HORDERN W - Christianity, communism and history
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65912: HOUGHTON F - Fire burns on...: 1865 - 1965 C.I.M. anthology
65910: HOUGHTON A - Power of agreement
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28612: "RICKETS S & HOWARD J" - "Accurate English:" "lower intermediate level, practice book 1"
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65941: HOWARD D M - Costly harvest
53225: HOWARD J K - Healing myth: a critique of the modern healing movement
48641: HOWATT J R - Agnostic fallacies
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53574: HOWE B - Arbiter of elegance
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48133: HOWELLS H - Songs [with piano accompaniment]
53223: HOWISON J - God's mind in that music: theological explorations through the music of John Coltrane
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65967: "HOWLEY G C D" - "NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARY" "based on the RSV"
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65969: HOWSE E M - Lively oracles
56635: HOWSE C - Best spiritual reading ever
9632: HOWSE E M - Saints in Politics: the 'Clapham Sect' and the growth of freedom
9635: "HOYLAND G" - "Sermons in short"
33208: HOYLES J A - Punishment in the bible
37908: "HOYT A S" - "Preacher:" "his person, message, and method. A book for the class-room and study"
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51267: ASCHHEIM J & HSIEH C-Y - Macroeconomics: income and monetary theory
56608: HUBBARD N - Left of Matthew: exploring the great ideas of the Old Testament
45651: HUBENSTEINER B - Bayern
68724: "MILLER S M & HUBER R" - "BIBLE: A HISTORY:" "the making and impact of the Bible"
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39205: IRVINE C - Making present: the practice of Catholic life and liturgy (Affirming Catholicism)
38871: IRVINE C - Anglican liturgical identity: papers from the Prague meeting of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (Joint Liturgical Studies 65)
38800: IRVING L - Henry Irving: the actor and his world by his grandson Laurence Irving
23015: "IRVING R" - "Law is an ass"
48531: IRVING H - Drama addresses
10020: "IRWIN A C" - "Eros toward the world:" "Paul Tillich and the theology of the erotic"
51863: ISAACS M E - Concept of spirit (Heythrop Monographs 1): a study of pneuma in Hellenistic Judaism and its bearing on the New Testament
66262: ISAACSON B - Dictionary of the Jewish religion: a unique illustrated compendium of Jewish life, history and tradition
74653: ZACHERT CHRISTEL & ISABELL - WE WILL MEET AGAIN IN PARADISE: one family's remarkable struggle with death and life
44068: "ISARD W" - "Commonalities in Art Science and Religion:" "an evolutionary perspective"
47348: ISAU R - Traume des Jonathan Jabbok ein phantastischer roman
47344: ISAU R - Lied der befreiung neschans: ein phantastischer roman
47346: ISAU R - Geheimnis des siebten Richters ein phantastischer roman
23521: "ISHERWOOD L" - "Good news of the body:" "sexual theology and feminism"
37522: "ISHERWOOD L" - "Good news of the body:" "sexual theology and feminism"
56116: ISHPRIYAJI S - In a flash of vision
56115: ISHPRIYAJI S - Kalkalnadini: the singing of the stream
66265: ISICHEI E - Victorian Quakers [Oxford Historical Monographs]
66142: HUSEYN HILMI ISIK - Religion reformers in Islam
51015: ISLAM - Why Islam
35859: "ISLAM S" - "Exploring the other half:" "field research with rural women in Bangladesh"
66266: ISLER B - I'm still here, Lord!: [Poems]
27153: "ISON D" - "Exeter" "(pilgrim guide)"
31189: ISRAEL M - Smouldering fire: the work of the Holy Spirit
10045: ISRAEL M - Precarious living: the path to life
21954: ISRAEL M - Living alone: the inward journey to fellowship (NLPC)
55098: ISRAEL M - Doubt: the way of growth
10035: ISRAEL M - Gethsemane: the transfiguring love
66279: ISRAEL M - SPIRIT OF COUNSEL: spiritual perspectivies in the counselling process
10039: ISRAEL M - Light on the path: an exploration of integrity through the Psalms
10042: ISRAEL M - Pain that heals: the place of suffering in the growth of the person
25084: "HODKINSON P & ISSITT M" - "Challenge of competence:" "professionalism through vocational education and training"
43561: "MORELAND J P & ISSLER K" - "In search of a confident faith:" "overcoming barriers to trusting in God"
24934: "BURNING ISSUES" - "Burning issues (first series) Nos 1-4" "1. Prolongation of life 2. Violence 3. Divorce 4. Television standards"
57665: BATEMAN H W IV - Interpreting the General Letters: an exegetical handbook
55285: IVERSON K R - From text to performance: narrative and performance criticisms in dialogue and debate (Biblical performance criticism volume 10)
52992: IVES E W - Anne Boleyn
35551: "IVES M" - "Women of the Passion:" "the women of the New Testament tell their stories"
48120: IVES C - Eleven songs and two harmonisation [ed John Kirkpatrick]
48119: IVES C - Seven songs for voice and piano
48118: IVES C - Thirty-four songs (New music edition)
28570: "IVIMY J" - "Psycho-electrics:" "a theory offering rational explanations for paranormal phenomena"
67419: LESBAUPIN IVO - BLESSED ARE THE PERSECUTED: the Early Church under siege
43701: "IVORY L D" - "Rhythm of Discipleship"
25421: "IWOBI A" - "Essential trusts"
29547: "SMALLWOOD JA ET AL" - "European surgical research:" "clinical and experimental surgery 31st Congress of ESSR 1-3 April 1996 Southampton England"
35042: "JACK J W" - "Samaria in Ahab's time:" "Harvard excavations and their results, with chapters on the political and religious situation"
54304: JACK B - Woman reader
10055: "JACKMAN D" - "Humanity" "discard"
47273: JACKS L P - Hibbert Journal Vol II No 3 April 1904
10058: "JACKS L P" - "Constructive Citizenship"
56444: JACKSON B S - Studies in the semiotics of Biblical law (JSOT Supplement Series 314)
33387: JACKSON B - Government economic policy and concern for my neighbour (GP12)
6975: FOAKES-JACKSON F J - Acts of the Apostles (Moffat New Testament Commentary)
10059: JACKSON B - Working-class community
6973: "FOAKES-JACKSON F J" - "Josephus and the Jews:" "the religion and history of the Jews as explained by Flavius Josephus"
37652: "FOAKES-JACKSON F J" - "St Luke and a modern writer: a study in criticism." "A praelection delivered before the Council of the Senate"
33064: "HUMBLE-JACKSON S" - "Testament: the animated bible:" "stories from the Old Testament [companion to the BBC and S4C TV series]"
37882: "JACKSON A" - "Catching both sides of the wind:" "conversations with five black pastors"
10061: "JACKSON E N" - "Understanding grief" "its roots, dynamics & treatment"
10063: "JACKSON E N" - "Understanding loneliness"
24009: JACKSON H L - Problem of the fourth gospel
10069: "JACKSON L E B" - "Elli:" "coming of age in the Holocaust"
23277: "ROBARDS K HADDAD P R & JACKSON" - "Principles and practice of modern chromatographic methods"
44937: "JACKSON T" - "Stories about animals"
66297: JACKSON G - Promised end: a century of observation on the philosophy and pattern of story, and the parables of Jesus
52991: JACOB E F - Italian renaissance studies
37002: "JACOB E F" - "Holy roman Empire" "(Benn's sixpenny library)"
897: BAELZ P & JACOB W - Ministers of the Kingdom: exploration in non-stipendiary ministry
44621: "JACOB E F" - "Reynold Pecock, Bishop of Chichester" "(Raleigh lecture on history)"
40441: "JACOB E" - "Tradition historique en Israel:" "revue publiee par la Faculte libre de Theologie Protestante de Montpellier (Etudes Theologiques et Religieuses)"
58330: JACOB W M - Lay people and religion in the early 18th century
10072: JACOB E - Theology of the Old Testament
52355: JACOB G A - Ecclesiastical polity of the new testament: a study for the present crisis of the Church of England
10076: JACOBI J - Psychology of C G Jung: an introduction with illustrations
10084: "JACOBS M" - "Towards the fulness of Christ:" "pastoral care and Christian maturity"
10077: "JACOBS B" - "Winning with the benko" "(chess)"
50087: JACOBS L - Jewish law (Chain of tradition series volume 1)
10082: JACOBS M - Still small voice: an introduction to pastoral counselling for pastors and other helpers (NLPC)
10083: JACOBS M - Swift to hear: facilitating skills in listening and responding (NLPC)
50731: JACOBSON A D - The First Gospel: an introduction to Q (Foundations and facets reference series)
28348: "LYONS T P & JACQUES K A" - "Biotechnology in the feed industry:" "proceedings of Alltech's Thirteenth Annual Symposium"
68067: "MARITAIN JACQUES" - "THEONAS:" "conversations of a Sage"
45563: JAEGER O [JAGER O] - Otto Jaeger Bildnisse: sonderausstellung Februar bis Marz 1948 Stadt und Bergbaumuseum
66323: JAEGER L - Stand on Ecumenism: the council's decree
55570: JAEGER M - Before Victoria: changing standards and behaviour 1787 - 1837
5479: "DE JAEGHER P" - "Anthology of mysticism" "ed with intro & biographical notes"
46156: JAFFE B, COOK W R & JAFFE H - Piezoelectric ceramics: Non-metallic solids: a series of monographs No 3

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