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74340: CRAGO G & GRAHAM J - Safe and sound?: a guide to church security
61040: "BIRD GRAHAM" - "PHILOSOPHICAL TASKS:" "an introduction to some aims and methods in recent philosophy"
33699: "GRAHAM M F ET AL" - "Blue and Gray:" "the conflict betyween North and South"
64672: GRAHAM E C - Nothing is here for tears: a memoir of S H Hooke
7901: GRAHAM J - He came unto His own
53926: GRAHAM J - He came unto His own
58200: GRAHAM M P - Utilization of 1 and 2 Chronicles in the reconstruction of Israelite history in the Nineteenth Century (SBLDissertation series 116)
45438: GRAHAM J W - Faith of a Quaker
64676: GRAHAM S - Way of Martha and the way of Mary
58199: GRAHAM M P ET AL - Chronicler as historian (JSOT SS 238)
56138: GRAIL - Grail liturgy: celebrating communion in Christ
7910: GRAINGER R - Place like this: a guide to life in a psychiatric hospital
24215: GRAINGER R - Presenting drama in church
45436: GRAINGER R - Any ward, any hospital: practical and personal reflections
64679: "GRAINGER R" - "Family forest:" "healing across time"
24217: "GRAINGER R" - "Watching for wings:" "theology & mental illness in a pastoral setting"
64680: "GRAINGER R" - "Unburied"
56780: GRAINGER R - Educating Anglicans: investigating groupwork in the Church of England
30244: "GRAMENZ S" - "How you can heal the sick:" "the believers do it yourself guide to divine healing"
52010: GRANE L - Peter Abelard: philosophy and Christianity in the Middle Ages
50955: GWINNER P & GRANT M - What's your poison: how to enjoy drinking
43570: GRANT P - Poor no more: be part of a miracle
64687: GRANT F C - Nelson's bible commentary based on the RSV Volume 7 - Romans-Revelation
7920: "GRANT F C" - "Introduction to New Testament thought"
7917: "GRANT C D" - "God the centre of value:" "value theory in the theology of HR Niebuhr"
39248: "GRANT F C" - "Ancient Judaism and the New Testament"
7921: "GRANT F C" - "Roman Hellenism and the New Testament"
64684: "GRANT F C" - "TRANSLATING THE BIBLE" "[published to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the King James Version of the Holy Bible]"
7926: "GRANT N" - "Benjamin Disraeli:" "Prime Minister Extraordinary"
24308: "GRANT P" - "Reading the New Testament"
28602: "THOMAS G & GRANT J" - "New mind for the new Millennium:" "understanding the concept of change leading to financial independence and freedom"
64697: GRANT R M - Bible in the Church: a short history of interpretation
64686: GRANT F C - Nelson's Bible commentary based on the revised standard version: Volume 6: New Testament, Matthew - Acts
45435: GRANT F C - New horizons of the Christian faith
52645: GRANT R M - Eusebius as Church Historian
50033: GRANT R M - Gnosticism and early Christianity
44837: "GRANT M A ET AL" - "Geothermal reservoir engineering"
56779: GRANT L - Abbot Suger of St-Denis: church and state in early twelfth-century France
7930: GRANT R M - Early Christianity and society: seven studies
7931: GRANT R M - Formation of the New Testament
7941: GRANT W H ET AL - From image to likeness: a Jungian path in the gospel journey
7933: GRANT R M - Gods and the one God: Christian theology in the Graeco-Roman world
57001: GRASCOEUR D - Eveques de Versailles: bicentenaire du Diocese 1802 - 2002
7942: "GRASSI J" - "Healing the heart:" "the power of biblical heart imagery"
7943: "GRATRY A" - "Henri Perreyve" "(Christian Biographies - Series ed H.L.Sidney Lear)"
45434: GRATSCH E J ET AL - Principles of Catholic theology: synthesis of dogma and morals
45768: GRATZER W - Undergrowth of science: delusion, self-deception and human frailty
51620: GRAVES C L - Mr Punch's history of modern England (Volume I & volume II only)
7944: "GRAVES C L" - "Life and Letters of Alexander Macmillan"
7946: "GRAVES R" - "Greek myths: 1"
53830: GRAVES R L G - Sketches from the diaries of Rose Lady Graves Sawle 1833 - 1896
45466: GRAY T - Poems of Thomas Gray
64711: GRAY J R - Something to say to the children
36588: "BLACK M & GRAY P" - "Coping successfully with RSI:" "an essential guide for computer users (Overcoming common problems)"
73437: "GRAY D" - "Ronald Jasper:" "his life, his work, and the ASB"
36519: "GRAY J" - "British in Mombasa 1824-1826:" "being the history of Captain Owen's Protectorate (Vol 1 of the Transactions of The Kenya History Society)"
29075: "GRAY J" - "Moral foundations of market institutions"
26129: "GRAY J ET AL" - "Merging traditions:" "the future of research on school effectiveness and school improvement"
64712: "GRAY J R" - "Something to say to the congregation"
37709: GRAY D - Memorial services (Alcuin Liturgy Guide 1)
7959: GRAY J - Archaeology and the Old Testament world
46971: GRAY T - Letters of Thomas Gray: selected with an introduction by John Beresford
57184: GRAY M - Alton College: the first twenty-five years
7962: GRAY J - Joshua, Judges and Ruth (New Century Bible Commentary based on the RSV)
64703: GRAY C - Epistles of St Paul to the Colossians and Philemon: a Lutterworth commentary
57485: GRAY R - Cardinal Manning: a biography
48625: GRAY D - 1927 - 28 prayer book crisis: 2 the cul-de-sac of the 'Deposited Book...until further order be taken (Joint Liturgical Studies 61)
55962: GRAY D - 1927 - 28 prayer book crisis: 1. Ritual, Royal Commissions and reply to the royal letters of business (Joint Liturgical Studies 60)
55446: GRAY G B - Critical introduction to the Old Testament
60095: GRAY D - EARTH & ALTAR: the evolution of the Parish Communion in the Church of England to 1945 (Alcuin Club Collections No 68)
7970: GRAYSTON K - Dying, we live: a new enquiry into the death of Christ in the New Testament
7972: "GRAYSTON K" - "Letters of Paul to the Philippians" "& to the Thessalonians (CBCNEB)"
29501: GRAYSTON K - Gospel of John
64724: "GRAZULIS N B" - "Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania:" "underground journal of human rights violations"
56137: GREACEN R - Collected poems 1944 - 1994
56136: GREACEN R - Even without Irene: an autobiography
61947: "CANON LAW SOCIETY OF GREAT" - "BRITAIN AND IRELAND Preparing for marriage...a report"
60639: "CANON LAW SOCIETY OF GREAT" - "BRITIAN AND IRELAND Newsletter - Silver Jubilee Conference" "September 1982"
11643: "LEO THE GREAT" - "Eighteen Sermons on the Incarnation:" "translated with notes and with the 'Tome' of S.Leo in the Original by W Bright"
11644: "LEO THE GREAT" - "Select sermons of S.Leo the Great on the Incarnation:" "with his twenty-eighth epistle called the 'Tome' translated with notes by W. Bright"
38105: "DIONYSIUS THE GREAT [FELTOE]" - "St Dionysius of Alexandria:" "letters and treatises (Translations of Christian literature)"
44776: "GREAVES H R G" - "Foundations of political theory"
55024: GREBE M - Election, Atonement and the Holy Spirit: through and beyond Barth's theological interpretation of scripture
45747: DE GREEF W - Writings of John Calvin: an introductory guide
57887: GUEST J E & GREELEY R - Geology on the moon
64733: "GREELEY A M" - "Catholic experience:" "an interpretation of the history"
34926: GREELEY A - Family in crisis or in transition: a sociological and theological perspective (Concilium 121:1 1979)
55881: GREEN R J - Life and ministry of William Booth founder of the Salvation Army
64736: GREEN A - Retreat for religious
64743: GREEN J - Christ in glory: as seen by St. John the Divine, and by him shown to the church
58342: MATHEWES-GREEN F - First fruits of prayer: a forty-day journey through the Canon of St Andrew
64777: GREEN V H H - Luther and the reformation
44622: "GREEN V H H" - "Bishop Reginald Pecock;" "Study in ecclesiatical history and thought"
34930: "GREEN L" - "Urban ministry and the kingdom of God"
64738: "GREEN C" - "Human evasion:"
7992: "GREEN C A H" - "Setting of the constitution of the Church in Wales"
28491: "GREEN D" - "Q & A series: Torts law"
37035: "GREEN E T" - "Eucharist:" "devotional addresses on its chief aspects"
26349: "GREEN J" - "Listening 2" "(Foundation Skills)"
29201: "GREEN J A" - "Cry from the street"
73104: "GREEN M" - "Asian tigers for Christ:" "the dynamic growth of the church in south east Asia"
8037: "GREEN P" - "Town parson: his life & work" "being the substance of the Pastoral Theology Lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge, and at King's College London, 1914"
8039: "GREEN R" - "God's catalyst"
8041: "GREEN R" - "Step too far:" "explorations into reconciliation"
8043: "GREEN R H" - "Journeying home"
39769: "GREEN S V" - "With Peter to Calvary:" "Good Friday talks"
35163: "GREEN T H" - "Prayer and common sense"
8049: "GREEN V H H" - "John Wesley"
8053: "GREEN W" - "Christian and unemployment:" "parish study guide...questions for group discussion"
29539: "GREEN W" - "Greens conveyancing statutes 1998/99" "reprinted from Division J (Conveyancing, land tenure, and registration) of the Parliament House Book"
25365: "GREEN W" - "Greens Conveyancing Statutes 1999/2000" "(Reprinted from Division J of the Parliament House Book)"
27701: "GREEN W" - "Greens Family Law Statutes 1998/1999" "with Succession, Trusts, Liferents and Judicial Factors (Reprinted from Division K (Family Law) and M (Succession, Trusts, Liferents & Judicial Factors) of the Parliament House Book"
36635: "GREEN W" - "Greens Mercantile Statutes 1998/99" "Reprinted from Division H (Bankruptcy & Mercantile) and I (Companies) of the Parliament House Book"
27700: "GREEN W" - "Greens Mercantile Statutes 1999/2000" "Reprinted from Division H (Bankruptcy & Mercantile) and I (Companies) of the Parliament House Book"
32181: "GREEN W" - "Greens Scottish Licensing Handbook 1999/2000" "reprinted from Division E (Licensing) of the Parliament House Book"
30893: "GREEN W" - "Greens solicitors professional handbook 1998/99" "reprinted from Division F (Solicitors) of the Parliament House Book"
8005: "GREEN L" - "Power to the powerless:" "theology brought to life"
49792: GREEN G B - Notes on Greek and Latin syntax
8003: GREEN J R - Short History of English People in 2 volumes (Everyman library) nos 727 and 728
52167: GREEN P - Profession of a Christian: a booklet for those who have been confirmed
42274: GREEN T S - Treatise on the Grammar of the New Testament Dialect: embracing observations on the literal interpretation of numerous passages
7988: "GREEN A" - "Jewish spirituality:" "from the Bible through the Middle Ages (World Spirituality 13)"
8046: GREEN S G - Handbook of Church history: from the Apostolic Age to the dawn of the Reformation
45632: GREEN V H H - From St Augustine to William Temple: eight studies in Christian leadership
39743: GREEN H B - Lay presidency at the Eucharist? (Affirming catholicism)
29025: GREEN S G - Handbook to the grammar of the Greek Testament together with complete vocabulary and an examination of the chief New Testament synonyms
47400: GREEN W M - One mystery - four clues
7994: GREEN E M B - Meaning of salvation
56513: MATHEWES-GREEN F - Jesus prayer: the ancient desert prayer that tunes the heart of god
49697: GREEN M - Second Epistle General of Peter and the General Epistle of Jude: an introduction and commentary
57974: GREEN T H - When the well runs dry: prayer beyond the beginnings
35506: GREEN V H H - Religion at Oxford and Cambridge
41788: GREEN A - Jewish spirituality: from the sixteenth-century revival to the present (World Spirituality)
41114: GREEN L - Impact of the global: an urban theology
41787: GREEN A - Jewish spirituality: from the Bible through the Middle Ages (World spirituality)
8012: GREEN M - Evangelism through the local church
53238: GREEN B G - Colin Gunton and the failure of Augustine: the theology of Colin Gunton in light of Augustine (Distinguished Dissertations in Christian theology)
58360: GREEN B - Jonah's journeys
11477: GREENACRE R [PODMORE C] - Maiden Mother and Queen: Mary in the Anglican tradition
36733: "GREENAWAY D" - "Guide to effective evangelism through the local church"
64781: "GREENBANK A J" - "THIS IS THE LORD'S DOING!:" "an account of 150 years of open-air evangelism through the work of The Open Air Mission 1853-2003"
35995: "GREENBERG M" - "Introduction to Hebrew"
8055: GREENBERG M - Ezekiel 1-20: a new translation with introduction and commentary (Anchor Bible 22)
26614: GREENE B - God of a hundred names: prayers of many peoples and creeds
48217: GREENE J C - Debating Darwin: adventures of a scholar
41703: GREENER J H - Organ music for all occasions: 76 selections associated with holidays and events including easter, christmas, lent, nuptuals and solemn occations [World's favorite 18]
60394: "RUSSELL E & GREENHALGH J" - "IF CHRIST BE NOT RISEN:" "essays in resurrection and survival. St Mary's Annual for 1986 edited by Elizabeth Russell II & John Greenhalgh (Tracts for our times Vol 3)"
33680: "GREENHOWE G" - "Making costume dolls"
35429: "GREENLAW B A" - "New England furniture at Williamsburg"
35852: GREENLEE D - Global passion: marking George Verwer's contribution to world missions
29554: "GREENS" - "Greens Sheriff Court rules 1999/2000:" "reprinted from Division D (Courts, Lower) of the Parliament House Book"
57541: HARGREAVES C & GREENSHIELDS M - Catalogue of The Bunyan Meeting Library and Museum, Bedford
31168: GREENSLADE S L - Early Latin theology: selections from Tertullian, Cyprian, Ambrose and Jerome translated and edited by S L Greenslade (Library of Christian Classics Vol V)
8065: "GREENSLADE S L" - "Church and State from Constantine" "to Theodosius"
8066: GREENSLADE S L - Schism in the Early Church (being the Edward Cadbury Lectures 1949-50)
58023: GREENWAY R S - Calling our cities to Christ
56134: GREENWAY D - Saint Osmund Bishop of Salisbury 1078 to 1099 and founder of the cathedral at Old Sarum
37067: "GREENWELL D" - "Colloquia crucis:" "a sequel to 'Two friends'"
37068: "GREENWELL D" - "Covenant of life and peace or a present heaven:" "addressed to a friend"
37065: "GREENWELL D" - "Liber humanitatis:" "a series of essays on various aspects of spiritual and social life"
37066: "GREENWELL D" - "Patience of hope"
34952: "GREENWELL D" - "Present heaven:" "letters to a friend"
37062: "GREENWELL D" - "Selections from the prose of Dora Greenwell" "compiled, with a biographical introduction by W G Hanson"
37064: "GREENWELL D" - "Two friends"
30855: GREENWOOD R - Ministry team handbook
8071: "GREENWOOD R" - "Reclaiming the church"
45636: GREENWOOD W O - Christianity and the mechanists
45631: GREENWOOD A D - History of the people of England: Vol I 55 B.C. to A.D. 1485
58298: GREENWOOD R - Being church: the formation of Christian Community
52527: LUTYENS R & GREENWOOD H - Understanding of architecture
32071: GREENWOOD R - Transforming church: liberating structures for ministry
55243: GREER G - Female eunuch
27304: "GREER A" - "First course in statistics"
8075: "GREER J E" - "Evolution and God:" "guide to the debate"
8076: GREET K G - Art of moral judgement
23973: "GREET K G" - "Lion from a thicket"
8079: "GREET K G" - "Under the rainbow arch:" "six studies on World peace"
56775: GREGERSON J - Transfigured cosmos: four essays in Eastern Orthodox Christianity
26249: GREGG D - Ministry to the sick: an introduction (GMW58)
8085: GREGORIOS P M - Meaning and nature of diakonia (Risk book 38)
45226: GREGORIOS [OAKES M R] - Gregorios, Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain (Volume 2) twenty years as Archbishop: 1988 - 2008 speeches encyclicals and articles: volume 2
8093: "GREGORY R" - "Robert Gregory 1819-1911:" "autobiography of Robert Gregory, D.D. Dean of St Paul's with portraits and illus edited with notes by WH Hutton"
54501: GREGORY I (GREGORY THE GREAT) - Morals on the Book of Job in three volumes (bound as four)
57658: ELIZONDO V & GREINACHER N - Church and peace (Concilium: Religion in the Eighties)
58081: ELIZONDO V & GREINACHER N - Women in a men's church (Concilium 134)
8752: ELIZONDO V & GREINACHER N - Tensions between the churches of the first world and the third world (Concilium 144)
57670: MULLER A & GREINACHER N - The Church and the rights of man (Concilium 124)
8103: "GRENSTED L W" - "Person of Christ"
8107: "GRENSTED L W" - "Psychology and God:" "a study of the implications of recent psychology for religious belief and practice (Bampton lectures 1930)"
8101: GRENSTED L W - Atonement in history and in life: essays
24873: "GREVILLE C C F" - "Greville diary including passages hitherto witheld" "from publication edited by P W Wilson in 2 volumes"
25271: GREY M - Prophecy and mysticism: the heart of the postmodern church
35759: GREY M ET AL - Scope of salvation: theatres of God's drama (Lincoln lectures in theology 1998)
30653: GREY M - Wisdom of fools: seeking revelation for today
52304: GREY M C - Beyond the dark night: a way forward for the church?
41785: "GREY H G" - "St Paul's Epistle to the Romans" "(Reader's Commentary)"
468: "GREY D" - "Internet in school"
35758: GREY M C - Outrageous pursuit of hope: prophetic dreams for the twenty-first century
54514: GREY M C - Resurrection of peace: a Gospel journey to Easter and beyond
46409: COHN-SHERBOK D & GREY M - Pursuing the dream: Jewish-Christian conversion
53237: GREY J - Three's a crowd: Pentecostalism hermeneutics and the Old Testament
56135: GREZARD M ET AL - Vignerons des portes d'or
45713: GRIBBLE L R - Jesus of the poets: an anthology
47025: GRIEG - Peer Gynt Suite I Opus 46 (for piano)
47060: GRIEG E - Peer Gynt Suite (piano) Trolddans, Ases Dod, Morgenstemning, Anitra's Dans & Solveig's Sant (Guildhall edition No 13)
22947: GRIEVE J - Fundraising for churches
47892: GRIFFIN E - Doors into prayer; an invitation
33498: "GRIFFIN G" - "Praying with seniors" "written and compiled by Gilbert Griffin"
8120: "GRIFFIN W" - "Fleetwood Correspondence:" " a devilish tale of temptation"
35605: FOSTER R & GRIFFIN E - Spiritual classics: reading with the heart
43580: GRIFFIN P & L - Hope and healing for the abused: (Truth and freedom series)
21847: "GRIFFISS J E" - "Church, ministry and unity:" "a divine commission"
32076: "GRIFFISS J E" - "Church, ministry and unity:" "a divine commission"
47513: GRIFFITH A - We give you thanks and praise: the Ambrosian eucharistic prefaces translated by Alan Griffiths
64823: GRIFFITH G O - Makers of modern thought
8128: "GRIFFITH G O" - "St Pauls Gospel to the Romans"
8130: "GRIFFITH L" - "Crucial encounter:" "the personal ministry of Jesus"
8131: "GRIFFITH L" - "Eternal legacy from an upper room"
64828: GRIFFITH L - Need to preach
64829: "GRIFFITH L" - "Reactions to God:" "mans response to God's activity in the Psalms"
36498: "HUME-GRIFFITH M E" - "Behind the veil in Persia and Turkish Arabia:" "an account of an Englishwoman's eight years residence amongst the women of the East, with narratives of experience in both countries by A Hume-Griffith (37 illustrations & a map)"
40453: "HARTLEY T C & GRIFFITH J A G" - "Government and law:" "an introduction to the working of the constitution in Britain (Law in context)"
8127: GRIFFITH G O - Racialism & world faith: a study of the Epistle to the Galatians
55607: GRIFFITH W - British Civil Service 1854 - 1954
36046: GRIFFITHS R - Censorship and the arts (GE11)
44591: GRIFFITHS R - Poetry and prayer; (Mowbray Lent book)
47622: GRIFFITHS B - Saunders Lewis [Writers of Wales series]
43589: "GRIFFITHS M" - "Ripped apart"
45720: GRIFFITHS D R - New Testament and the Roman State (Pantyfedwen Trust Lectures)
24281: GRIFFITHS R - Hard choices: an approach to the problem of conflict of duties (GE37)
33499: GRIGOR J C - Grow to love: developing caring relationships (A resource book for groups)
41042: "GRIGSON G" - "Herbal of all sorts" "with 4 pages of plates and 19 illustrations"
8146: GRILLMEIER A - Christ in Christian tradition: Vol 2 Part One from the Council of Chalcedon (451) to Gregory the Great (590-604)
8145: GRILLMEIER A - Christ in Christian tradition, Volume 1: from the Apostolic Age to Chalcedon (451) [Second revised edition]
27484: "GRIMBLE I" - "Clans and chiefs"
8147: GRIMER M - Making families work: a new search for Christian family values
33214: "HOLLINS S & GRIMER M" - "Going somewhere:" "people with mental handicaps and their pastoral care (NLPC)"
40532: "GRIMM H J" - "Reformation Era:" "1500-1650"
38885: "GRINDE O" - "Cruising Norwegian waters" "photography by Per Eide"
64849: "GRINSELL L ET AL" - "Preparation of archaeological reports"
55970: GRISBROOKE W J - Liturgical portions of the apostolic constitutions: a text for students (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 13 - 14/ Grove Liturgical Study 61)
38192: "BAINTON R H & GRITSCH E W" - "Bibliography of the Continental Reformation." "Materials available in English"
39106: GROBEL K - Gospel of truth: a Valentinian meditation on the Gospel
48981: GROESCHEL B J - Heaven in our hands: receiving the blessings we long for
64860: GROLLENBERG L ET AL - Minister? Pastor? Prophet?: grass roots leadership in the churches
54881: GROLLENBERG L H - Shorter atlas of the bible
8159: "GROOME T" - "Christian religious education:" "sharing our story and vision"
64865: "GROOT A T DE" - "Nature of the church:" "and other studies in Christian unity"
39198: GROSHEIDE F W - Commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians (New London Commentary on the New Testament)
60447: "GROSS D C" - "1001 questions and answers about Judaism"
64868: "GROSS H" - "Biblical introduction to the Old Testament" "contemporary Catechetics series"
57308: GROSS J - Oxford book of essays chosen & edited by John Gross
8161: "GROSSET P" - "Things that matter"
45718: GROSSETESTE R - Dicta Lincolniensis: a selection of the dicta theologica of Robert Grosseteste (ed G Jackson)
64869: "GROSSMANN S" - "Stewards of God's grace"
8163: GROTE G - History of Greece from the earliest period to the close of the generation contemporary with Alexander the Great in 8 vols lacks vol 1
27215: "GROUNDS R" - "Ferns"
56133: GROUNDSELL M - Drinking the cup: a journey through cancer
31149: JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP - Holy week services: revised and expanded edition (full edition) edited by Donald Gray
27455: "JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP" - "Order of marriage:" "for Christians from different churches"
8310: WALKINGTON GROUP - Who am I? (GS33)
28469: "EUROMEDIA RESEARCH GROUP" - "Media in Western Europe:" "the Euromedia handbook"
10425: "JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP" - "Worship & the child:" "essays edited by R C D Jasper"
35942: "JUBILEE POLICY GROUP" - "Political Christians in a plural society:" "a new strategy for a biblical contribution"
40220: "PHOENIX GROUP" - "Planning the development of the Wealth of Three Nations:" "an examination of economic possibilities in the Rhodesias and Nyasaland after the Monckton report"
19402: "TOMORROW'S CHURCH GROUP" - "Kingdom and Ministry:" "a work book on lay ministry"
20703: "WESTMINSTER GROUP" - "Statement of the Aims and Constitution" "together with a list of members and associates (7th edition)"
10421: JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP[JASPER] - Daily office revised with other prayers and services
58377: COLESHILL HERITAGE GROUP - Georgian Coleshill
66525: JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP - Confirmation and re-affirmation of Baptismal faith
26376: MINORITY RIGHTS GROUP - INTERNATIONAL War: the impact on minority and indigenous children (Report)
54435: WOMEN IN THEOLOGY GROUP - Who are you looking for? Easter liturgies for the WCC ecumenical debate (Chruches in solidarity with women 1988 - 1998
73521: WADDERTON GROUP - WE ARE HIS PEOPLE: a years programme of learning & worship
51001: GROVE G - Beethoven and his nine symphonies
9188: GRUBB N - Successor to C T Studd: the story of Jack Harrison
8317: "GRUBB E" - "True way of life:" "reply to Mr J St. Loe Strachey"
8318: "GRUBB E" - "What is Quakerism?" "exposition of the leading principles & practices of Society of Friends, based on... ""Inward Light"""
8319: "GRUBB H C" - "Land between the rivers"
60643: "GRUBB N P" - "Leap of faith"
64976: "GRUBB N" - "TOUCHING THE INVISIBLE:" "an exposition of the worldwide Evangelization Crusade's faith and practice, its work and method"
64974: GRUBB E - Bible: its nature and inspiration
57252: GRUBER M [MAWBY] - Silent night (SATB) arranged by Colin Mawby
2197: "DE GRUCHY J" - "Dietrich Bonhoeffer: witness to Jesus Christ" "(Making of modern theology)"
8320: "DE GRUCHY J" - "Dietrich Bonhoeffer:" "witness to Jesus Christ (Making of modern theology 4)"
53246: GRUCHY J W DE - John Calvin: Christian humanist and evangelical reformer
49365: BUTLER C & GRUCHY I DE - On the road to the cross: walking with Jesus in daily meditations
56524: DE GRUCHY J W - Daring trusting spirit: Bonhoeffer's friend Eberhard Bethge
58112: GRUENLER R G - New approaches to Jesus and the gospels: a phenomenological and exegetical study of synoptic christology
8321: "GRUETZNER H" - "Alzheimers:" "a caregivers guide and sourcebook"
58076: GRUN A - Seven sacraments
8322: "GRUNDTVIG N F S" - "What constitutes authentic Christianity?"
39535: "GRUNDY M" - "What they don't teach you at theological college:" "a practical guide to life in the ministry"
45715: GRUNDY M - Woodbine Willie: fiery glow in the darkness
29928: GRUNDY M - Evangelization through the adult catechumenate (GEv15)
8323: GRUNDY M - Light in the city: stories of the Church Urban Fund
8324: "GRUNEBAUM G E VON" - "Muhammadan festivals"
52438: GRZIMEK B - Such agreeable friends
45726: GUARDINI R - Herr: betrachtungen uber die person und das leben jesu christi
26848: GUARDINI R - Sacred signs
58104: GUELICH R A - Unity and diversity in New Testament theology: essays in honor of George E Ladd
21760: "GUELZO A C" - "Ambitious to be well-pleasing:" "festschrift for Centennial of the Theological Seminary of Reformed Episcopal Church 1886/87-1986/87"
8327: "GUENEE B" - "Between church and state:" "the lives of 4 French prelates in the Late Middle Ages"
8330: GUENVREDE - Gleanings: being extracts from the writings of Mother Guenvrede Society of the Sacred Cross Foundress of Tymawr Convent
45727: GUERANGER - Sainte Cecile et la societe romaine aux deux premiers siecles: ouvrage contenant deux xhromolithographies, six planches en taille-douce et deux cent cinquante gravures sur bois
45729: GUERANGER [TR L SHEPHERD] - Litrugical Year: Paschal time (3 Volume Set)
45730: GUERANGER [TR L SHEPHERD] - Liturgical year: Time after Pentecost (6 volume set) No additional UK postage. For overseas please ask for a quotation.
40471: "GUERDAN R" - "Sérénissime:" "histoire de la République de Venise"
64998: "GUERIN P" - "I believe:" "our faith for today"
57522: GUERRIERI M - First four notes: Beethoven's fifth and the human imagination
54426: GUEST G - Please leave quietly: people power and purpose at work
51613: GUGGISBERG F G - Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to the Gold Coast Colony 1925
38631: "GUIBERT" - "Autobiography of Guibert, Abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy" "(Broadway Translations)"
56117: INSIGHT GUIDE [BROOK M] - Boston (Insight Guides)
29562: "COMPLETE GUIDE" - "Complete guide to personal success, wealth, health and" "happiness, volume 1"
52483: INSIGHT GUIDE [EAMES A] - Istanbul (Insight guides)
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26990: WARHAM GUILD - Warham Guild handbook historical and descriptive notes on 'Ornaments of the church and of the ministers thereof'
45736: GUILLAUME A - Prophecy and divination among the Hebrews and other Semites (Bampton lectures 1938)
45735: GUILLEBAUD H E - Some moral difficulties of the Bible
44796: "GUILLEMINAULT G" - "De Charlot a Hitler"
45731: GUILLORE - Self renunciation: from the French
56417: GUINEY L I - Hurrell Froude: memoranda and comments
45777: GUINNESS J & GUINNESS C - House of Mitford
47267: GUISLAIN C [ED] - Expo Sevilla Belgique 1492 - 1992
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8346: GUIVER G - Pursuing the mystery: worship and daily life as presences of God
8348: "GUIZOT M" - "Histoire de la Révolution D'Angleterre:" "depuis l'avénement de Charles Ier jusqu'a sa mort"
8350: GULLIVER T - Way of friendship: a Toc H anthology
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38416: "GUMMEY H R" - "Consecration of the eucharist:" "a study of the prayer of consecration in the communion office from the point of view of the alterations and amentments established therein by the revisers of 1789"
35817: GUNDRY D W - Religions: a preliminary historical and theological study
47297: GUNDULF M - Pestle and mortar: approach to feminine spirituality
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52767: GUNN G - Interpretation of otherness: literature religion and the American imagination
45775: GUNN G S - God in the Psalms
53081: GUNN N M - Morning tide
8355: GUNN G B - Literature & religion
40284: "GUNNING P" - "Paschal or Lent fast apostolical and perpetual, at first" "delivered in a sermon Lent, and since enlarged, wherein the judgment of antiquity is laid down with an appendix containing an answer to... the Presbyterians against the fast of Lent
27232: "GUNSTON B" - "Jane's aerospace dictionary"
35531: GUNSTONE J - Liturgy of penance (Studies in Christian Worship 7)
35855: GUNSTONE J - Lord heal me: a personal prayer companion
38213: "GUNSTONE J" - "Take heart:" " healing prayer for the whole of life"
57292: GUNSTONE J - Advent and Christmas
8363: GUNSTONE J - Greater things than these: personal account of the charismatic movement
8369: "GUNTER B" - "Media research methods:" "measuring audiences, reactions and impact"
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8371: GUNTON C E - Yesterday and today: a study of continuities in Christianity
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30326: GUNTON C E - Enlightenment and alienation: an essay towards a trinitarian theology (Contemporary Christian Studies)
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8375: GUNTRIP H - Psychology for ministers and social workers
54170: GUPPY H - Brief sketch of the history of the transmission of the Bible down to the Revised English Version of 1881 - 1895
29908: GUPTARA P - Indian spirituality (GS10)
65049: GURNEY F G (ED) - Brought forth as gold: some autobiographical notes and letters from the pen of the late author
45783: GURNEY A - Our Catholic inheritance in the larger hope
49474: GURTNER D M ET AL - Jesus, Matthew's gospel and early Christianity: studies in memory of Graham N Stanton edited by Daniel M Gurtner, Joel Willitts, Richard A Burridge
45782: GURY J P - Compendium theologiae morales (2 vol set)
55025: GUSHEE D P - Evangelical peacemakers: gospel engagement in a war-torn world
55026: GUSHEE D P - In the fray: contesting Christian public ethics 1994-2013
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24219: GUSMER C W - Ministry of healing in the Church of England an ecumenical-liturgical study (ACC 56)
32253: "GUSTAFSON J M" - "Can ethics be Christian?"
57551: GUSTAFSON J M - Theology and ethics
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37398: GUTHRIE D ET AL - New Bible commentary revised
52598: GUTHRIE D - Galatians (New Century Bible Commentary based on the RSV)
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44090: GUTIERREZ G - Essential writings: edited with an introduction by James Nickoloff
22166: "GUTMANN D" - "Psychoanalysis and management:" "the transformation"
26311: "GUTMANN J" - "Hebrew manuscript painting"
38045: GUY H A - Origin of the Gospel of Mark
65075: "GUY H A" - "OUR RELIGIONS" "Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, Shintoists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs"
65069: "GUY, DS" - "PERSONALITY AND HOLY COMMUNION:" "fresh approach to the Eucharist"
45778: GUY H A - Earliest Christmas story: how it came to be told
51511: GUYON J M B - Short method of prayer and other writings
56132: GUZIE T & GUZIE N M - About men and women: how your masculine and feminine archetypes shape your destiny
35503: "GUZIE T W" - "Jesus and the eucharist"
24746: "GWATKIN H M" - "Arian Controversy"
65078: "GWATKIN H M" - "Church:" "past and present: a review of its history"
65080: "GWATKIN H M" - "Eye of spiritual things:" "and other sermons"
49009: GWATKIN H M - Knowledge of God and its historical development [Two volumes in one]
8417: "GWATKIN H M" - "Selections from early Christian writers:" "illustrative of Church History to the time of Constantine (Greek & English on facing pages)"
8414: GWATKIN H M - Early Church history to AD 313 - 2 volume set
51371: GWYNNE W - Five hundred stories and illustrations: adapted to the Christian year for the use of catechists teachers and preachers
29476: "GYATSO G K" - "Introduction to Buddhism:" "an explanation of the Buddhist way of life"
49861: HAAFTEN E VAN - Refuge for my heart: trusting God even when things go wrong
40428: "HAAG E ET AL" - "Gewalt und Gewaltlosigkeit im Alten Testament" "(Quaestiones disputatae 96)"
48503: HOGEWEG-DE HAART H P - Characteristics of social science information: a selected review of the literature (FID studies in social science information and documentation)
55056: HAASE A - Swimming in the sun: discovering the Lord's Prayer with Francis of Assisi and Thomas Merton
8423: HABEL N - Literary criticism of the Old Testament (OTS)
65084: "HABERMANN M D" - "PERSISTENT WHISPER:" "the story of the establishing of Romsey House Theological Training College Cambridge"
65090: "HABERMAS J" - "NEW CONSERVATISIM:" "cultural criticism and the historians' debate"
65088: "HABERMAS J" - "PAST AS FUTURE:" "interviewed by Michael Haller"
30070: "HABERSHON A R" - "Study of the types [bound with]" "Priests and Levites: a type of the church"
8431: HABGOOD J - Working faith: essays and addresses on science, medicine and ethics
32307: "HABGOOD J" - "Concept of nature"
32308: "HABGOOD J" - "Faith and uncertainty"
42003: HABIB R - Coptic manuscripts
48511: HABSBURG O VON - Social order of tomorrow: state and society in the atomic age
33198: HACKER G - Healing stream: Catholic insights into the ministry of healing
44206: "HADDAL I" - "John Wesley:" "a biography"
30161: "HADDON C" - "Lovely is the rose:" "an anthology"
71743: "HADDON J" - "Four nativity plays"
65350: HADEWIJCH - Complete works: translation and introduction by Mother Columba Hart. Preface by Paul Mommaers (Classics of Western Spirituality)
8442: "HADFIELD J A" - "Psychology and mental health:" "a contribution to developmental psychology"
21952: "HADFIELD J A" - "Psychology and mental health:" "a contribution to developmental psychology"
42275: HADIDIAN D Y - Intergerini parietis septum: (Eph. 2:14) essays presented to Markus Barth on his sixty-fifth birthday
33083: "HADJIPHOTI L" - "In the footsteps of Paul the Apostle in Greece" "[colour illustrations throughout]"
27469: "GORDON P & HADLEY J" - "Extending primary care:" "polyclinics resource centres hospitals-at-home"
29224: "HADLEY Y" - "Realising your full potential"
28897: "WHITE A & HADLEY E" - "Germany 1918-1949" "(Twentieth Century World History)"
8445: HADLEY J - Bread of the world: Christ and the eucharist today
8447: "HAECKEL E" - "Riddle of the universe at the close of the nineteenth" "century tr J McCabe, issued for the Rationalist Press Assn Ltd."
23866: "HAENCHEN E" - "John 1" "(Hermeneia)"
8450: "HAENCHEN E" - "Weg Jesu: eine erklarung des Markus-Evangeliums und" "der kanonischen Parallelen (Sammlung Topelmann 2:6)"
23867: HAENCHEN E - John 2 (Hermeneia)
8449: HAENCHEN E - Acts of the Apostles: a commentary
36446: "VON HAERING T" - "Ethics of the Christian life"
65102: "HAEZRAHI P" - "Price of morality"
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8453: "HAFNER C" - "Post-modern electromagnetics" "using intelligent maXwell solvers"
8455: "HAGEMAN H G" - "Pulpit and table:" "some chapters in the history of worship in the Reformed churches"
45789: HAGER W - Bauten des deutschen barocks 1690 - 1770
42863: CHAMPLIN J M & HAGGERTY B A - Together in peace for children
54136: HAGGLUND B - History of theology
28261: "HAGMAN A" - "Aesthetics for the therapist"
65124: "HAGSPIEL B" - "Convent readings and reflections"
65125: HAGSPIEL B - With the silent Christ: reflections for Religious
26505: "HAGUE D" - "Through the prayer book:" "an exposition"
65126: "HAGUE E" - "Close encounters in the Nine Dragons Country"
8458: "HAHN C A" - "Sexual paradox:" "creative tensions in our lives and in our congregations"
65128: HAHN H F - Old Testament in modern research
49597: NUECHTERLEIN A M & HAHN C A - Male-female church staff: celebrating the gifts, confronting the challenges
8466: HAHN W - Worship and congregation: translated by Geoffrey Buswell (ESW 12)
50518: HAHN F ET AL - Beginnings of the Church in the New Testament
48383: HAHNEMANN S - Materia medica pura (2 vol set)
33500: "HAIGH A" - "Rap, rhyme and reason:" "pieces to perform based on the gospels for schools and youth groups"
49175: HAIGH G - All year round: assemblies for special days and celebrations
53775: HAILEY H - Commentary on Daniel: a prophetic message
26004: "HAIN P" - "Peking connection"
53018: HAINES R M - Register of John de Stratford Bishop of Winchester 1323 - 1333 (Surrey Record Society Volumes XLII & XLIII 2 volume set)
23239: "HAJDUCKI A M" - "Civil jury trials"
56131: HAKOWSKI M - Vine and branches Volume 2 (Resources for youth retreats)
29167: "SINGLETON S HALBERSTAM S" - "Business, the internet and the law"
37490: "HALDANE J B" - "Social Workers' guide:" "a handbook of information and counsel for all who are interested in public welfare"
8471: "HALE J A G" - "From concepts to capabilities:" "understanding and exploiting change as a competitive advantage"
48154: HALE W H - World of Rodin 1840 - 1917 (Time Life Library of Art)
65133: HALECKI O - Pius XII
65135: HALES E E Y - Pope John and his revolution
8477: HALES E E Y - Pio Nono: A Study in European Politics and Religion in the Nineteenth Century
56776: HALIBURTON G M - Prophet Harris: a study of an African prophet and his mass movement in the Ivory Coast and the Gold Coast 1913 - 1915
65137: HALID-E B - Belief and Islam: Iman Islam
52999: HALL D J - Imaging God: dominion as stewardship
57476: HALL B - John a Lasco 1499 - 1560: a Pole in Reformation England (Friends of Dr Williams's Library twenty-fifth lecture 1971)
57163: HALL F J - Dogmatic Theology (Volumes I - IV): Vol I Introduction to dogmatic theology, Vol II Authority ecclesiastical and biblical, Vol III The being and attributes of God, Vol IV The Trinity
57164: HALL F J - Dogmatic Theology (Volumes VI - X): Vol VI The incarnation, Vol VII The passion and exaltation of Christ, Vol VIII The Church and the sacramental system, Vol IX The sacraments, Vol X Eschatology
50705: MCENHILL P & HALL G B - Presumption of presence: Christ, Church and culture in the academy: essays in honour of D W D Shaw
45065: HALL N J - Max Beerbohm: a kind of a life
64033: "FORREST-HALL G M" - "Needles in haystacks"
8489: "HALL C W" - "Adventurers for God" "(Van Stone, Henry Holland, Emory Alvord, T Kagawa et al)"
65140: "HALL D W" - "Welfare reformed:" "a compassionate approach"
28699: "HALL H" - "Corporate video directing"
8498: HALL J - Epistles on subjects fit for consideration at all times but especially adapted for the time of trouble selected & edited by WH Hale
25033: "HALL J" - "Escalier:" "livre de l'etudiant 5"
28159: "HALL R ET AL" - "Love off the shelf" "(a musical)"
65142: "HALL R L" - "Word and Spirit:" "a Kierkegaardian critique of modern age"
27858: "HALL S C & HALL A M" - "Book of the Thames, from its rise to its fall" "[facsimile of 1859 edition] preface R A Harris (signed)"
29896: HALL J - Riot (GPS40)
8501: HALL S G - Doctrine and practice in the early church
41016: "HALL A R" - "Stock Exchange of Melbourne and the Victorian economy" "1852-1900"
54046: HALL M - Offerings: prayers and meditations
46733: HALL E - Practical Spanish book list (Hispanic Council booklets No 3)
8490: HALL D B - Using the Bible with Children
56056: HALL D D - Faithful shepherd: a history of the New England ministry in the seventeenth century
53231: HALL D J - What Christianity is not: an exercise in negative theology
65141: HALL H E - Catholic and Roman: a reply to Anglican criticisms
54274: ST EDMUND HALL - St Edmund Hall Oxford: Who's who 1995
52697: HALLAM H - View of the state of Europe during the Middle Ages
42321: HALLAM H - Introduction to the literature of Europe in three volumes (Volumes I & II only): in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
8505: "HALLENCREUTZ C F" - "New approaches to men of other faiths:" "1938-1968 - a theological discussion (Research pamphlet 18)"
38019: "HALLER D M" - "Judentum: Geschichtsschreibung, Prophetie und Gesetzgebung" " nach dem Exil (Schriften des Alten Testaments 2/3)"
25322: "HALLIDAY J" - "Back to good teaching:" "diversity within tradition"
56964: HALMAN T S - Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and the whirling dervishes: Sufi philosophy, whirling rituals, poems of ecstasy, miniature paintings
56130: HALPIN M - Puddles of knowing: engaging children in our prayer heritage
49545: HALPIN M - Imagine that: using phantasy in spiritual direction
54828: HALSALL J C - Sermons for children
54829: HALSALL J C - More sermons for children
8519: HALSBURY - Ecclesiastical law being a reprint of the title from Halsbury's ""Laws of England"" 3rd edition
51022: HALSEY A H - Idea of a university (Charles Carter Lecture 1984)
65148: "HALVERSON M" - "Religious drama 1:" "five plays"
36515: "HAMELINK C J" - "Cultural autonomy in global communications:" "planning national information policy (Communication & human values)"
65152: HAMER J - Karl Barth
28770: HAMILTON B - Albigensian Crusade (Historical Association G85)
48526: HAMILTON K - God is dead: the anatomy of a slogan
65160: HAMILTON E - Priest of the moors: reflections on Nicholas Postgate
65163: HAMILTON J - Stranger came
65167: HAMILTON K - Revolt against heaven: an enquiry into anti-supernaturalism
8526: "HAMILTON E" - "Great Teresa (of Avila)"
8527: "HAMILTON E" - "I stay in the church"
8531: "HAMILTON H F" - "Discovery and revelation:" "study in comparative religion"
35022: "HAMILTON M" - "This little planet"
27258: "HAMILTON N" - "Monty:" "the making of a general 1887 -1942"
8538: HAMILTON W - Quest for the post-historical Jesus
8534: HAMILTON P - Living God and the modern world: [Christian theology based on the thought of A N Whitehead]
65174: HAMILTON W - Christian man: [laymans theological commentary]
8525: HAMILTON E - Cardinal Suenens: a portrait
65178: "HAMLIN J" - "Guide to Deuteronomy" "(SPCK international study guide 31)"
8541: HAMLIN E J - Surely there is a future: commentary on the book of Ruth (International theological commentary)
44854: "HAMLIN E J" - "Inheriting the land:" "commentary on the book of Joshua (International theological commentary)"
31538: "HAMLYN D W" - "Metaphysics"
8542: HAMMAN A - How to read the Church Fathers
42378: HAMMER R - Japan's religious ferment: Christian presence amid faiths old and new
29968: HAMMER R - Book of Daniel (CBCNEB)
8545: HAMMERSLEY J - Tap handbook for teams and groups
8547: "HAMMERTON J A" - "Outline of English Literature:" "being a chronicle of our great writers from the time of Chaucer to the Present Day with a casual Commentary"
65182: HAMMERTON H J - Pastoral medley: essays on the life and work of a Parson
45794: HAMMERTON J - Second Great War Vols 2 - 9 only (lacks Vol 1): standard history
53083: HAMMERTON J A - Modern encyclopedia: a new dictionary of universal knowledge
30023: HAMMOND H - Thirty-one sermons preached on several occasions Part I Sermons 1-16 (Volume 3 Part I of Miscellaneous works - LACT)
8552: "HAMMOND J L & HAMMOND B" - "Bleak age" "based on ""The age of the Chartists"""
35825: HAMMOND P - Dean Stanley of Westminster: a life
44732: "HAMMOND N G L" - "History of Greece to 322 B.C."
56664: HAMMOND H - Practicall catechisme to which is added Of the reasonablemess of Christian religion [all English text]
8557: "HAMON A" - "Vie de la bienheureuse Marguerite-Marie" "d'apres les manuscrits et les documents originaux"
35051: HAMOND E W - Eighth century prophets (The development of religious thought from Moses to Christ)
52054: HAMPSHIRE S - Spinoza
21768: "HAMPSON D" - "After Christianity"
39267: "HANAGHAN J" - "Poems to Mary" "[dedication by author on front flyleaf]"
39617: "HANAHGAN J" - "Society, evolution and revelation:" "an original insight into man's place in creation"
34178: "HANCOCK H N" - "Red letter days:" "a series of meditations on the Holy Days of the Christian year"
55012: HANCOCK B - Scandal of sacramentality: the eucharist in literary and theological perspectives
25250: "HANCOX M" - "Barge moving" "(Oilfield Seamanship Vol 5)"
29522: "HAND V" - "Zanzotto" "(Writers of Italy)"
41706: HAND C - Enchanting melodies for organ: thirty-five beautiful pieces arranged by Colin Hand
36306: "BIBLE HANDBOOK" - "Bible handbook and A-Z bible encyclopedia"
25095: "TAVISTOCK HANDBOOK" - "Tavistock handbook and directory of business centres" "and managed workspace 1999 ed Jan Radovic"
22116: "HANDCOCK P" - "Babylonian penitential psalms" "(Texts for Students No 25)"
47712: HANDEL G F - Ten organ arrangements
47184: HANDEL [ARR BEST W T] - Handel Album Book XIV: containing extracts from instrumental music by Handel now rarely performed: arranged from the scores for the organ: Book 4 by W T Best
47029: HANDEL G F [ARR DUNHILL] - 3 lessons
41714: HANDEL [ARR WALKER F G] - Air with variations (The harmonious blacksmith): Cramer's library of organ music by British and foreign composers arranged by Francis G Walker
49339: HANDEL G F - Where e'er you walk: (Cramer's descant series No 25: descant and accompaniment by Evelyn Sharpe)
42765: "HANDEL G F" - "Messiah: Oratorio [SATB]"
37030: "HANDEL G F" - "Solomon: an oratorio," "abridgesd & revised version edited by J Michael Diack"
57233: HANDEL G F - Water Music [Modern Transcriptions 17] for organ
41743: HANDEL [ARR BEST W T] - Handel Album Book IV: containing extracts from instrumental music by Handel now rarely performed: arranged from the scores for the organ: Book 4 by W T Best
45787: HANDEL G F - Twelve songs for a soprano voice from the oratorios
57241: HANDEL G F - Ten Handel arias: transcribed for organ by Vincent Knight
47058: HANDEL G F [ED DUNSTAN] - Great Masters Series No 9 Handel (piano)
41705: HANDEL G F [WILLNER A] - Concerto No. 1: arranged for oboe and piano
8573: HANDY C - Future of work: a guide to a changing society
35878: "HANES H" - "People and the churches:" "statistics of population and Baptish Church membership"
8574: "HANFLING O" - "Fundamental problems in philosophy"
44883: HANFLING O - Wittgenstein's later philosophy
44380: "HANFLING O" - "Life and meaning:" "a reader"
55604: HANHAM H J - Nineteenth century constitution: documents and commentary
51031: HANKEY D - Offensive; cross driven mission
8575: "HANKEY D" - "Beloved captain based on selected essays" "ed with notes RS Wright"
40570: "HANKEY W B" - "Instructions on the Holy Communion"
55710: HANKEY P - Sign-posts on the Christian way: a guide to the devotional life
53230: HANKORE D - Abduction of Dinah: reading Genesis 28:10 - 35:15 as a votive narrative
44510: "HANKS T" - "Subversive gospel:" "a New Testament commentary of liberation"
46483: HANNA T - With respect: authority in the Catholic Church
56129: HANNAB P - Nine portraits
28935: HANNAFORD R - Church for the twenty-first century: agenda for the Church of England
8579: "HANNAH I C" - "Christian Monasticism:" "a great force in history"
46910: HANNAM W L - Peril of the preoccupied: and other New Testament studies
8585: HANNAM C - Parents & mentally handicapped children
47018: HANNAY R K - Rentale Sancti Andree:being the Chamberlain and Granitar accounts of the Archbidhopric in the time of Cardinal Betoun 1538-1546 trans and edited by Robert Kerr Hannay [introduction and notes in English, Latin text followed by abbreviated English text (Second series Vol IV)
55930: HANNING H - Five wars one cause: why we need peace crimes tribunals
26655: "HANNON D" - "Success in your pocket"
65211: HANNON V E - Question of women and the priesthood: can women be admitted to Holy orders?
50724: KLEIN HANS - Leben neu endecken: Entwurf einer Biblischen Theologie (CTB 23)
65974: "HUBNER HANS" - "LAW IN PAUL'S THOUGHT:" "a contribution to the development of Pauline theology (Studies of the NT and its world)"
41848: HANSON A T - Beyond Anglicanism
45786: HANSON R P C - God creator saviour spirit
65215: HANSON A & M - Job: introduction and commentary
8616: HANSON R P C - Groundwork for unity: plain facts about Christian ministry
8589: "HANSON" - "Construction of personality"
39659: HANSON A T - New Testament interpretation of scripture
32980: HANSON A T - Pastoral Letters: commentary on the First and Second Letters to Timothy and the Letter to Titus
8599: "HANSON A T" - "Pioneer ministry"
8617: "HANSON A T & R P C" - "Identity of the Church:" "a guide to recognising the contemporary church"
8608: HANSON R P C - Acts: in the Revised Standard Version with intro and commentary (NCB)
8609: HANSON R P C - Attractiveness of God: essays in Christian doctrine
33073: "HANSON R P C" - "Summons to unity"
22607: HANSON R P C - Acts: in the RSV with intro and commentary (NCB)
8607: HANSON P D - Visionaries and their apocalypses (Issues in Religion and Theology 2)
33368: HANSON J - Rape as bereavement (GP50)
29758: HANSON A T - Studies in the Pastoral Epistles
8598: HANSON A T - Pastoral Letters: commentary on the First and Second Letters to Timothy and the Letter to Titus
24351: HANSON A T - Image of the invisible God
53101: HANSON B - Grace that frees: the Lutheran tradition
65213: HANSON A - Meaning of Unity: study of a Biblical Theme
8623: HANSON R P C - Tradition in the early church
8622: HANSON R P C - Studies in Christian Antiquity
8619: HANSON R P C - Origen's doctrine of tradition
55647: HANSON P D - People called: the growth of community in the Bible
8595: HANSON A T - Grace and truth: study in the doctrine of the incarnation
8624: "HANSSON C" - "Moscow women:" "thirteen interviews"
56064: O'HARA T - At home with the spirit: on retreat in daily life
54231: HARAKAS S S - Melody of prayer: how to personally experience the divine liturgy
54232: HARAKAS S S - Toward a transfigured life: the theoria of Eastern Orthodox ethics
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65463: HEANEY J J (ED) - Faith, reason, and the gospels: a magnificent summary of modern thought on a vital question
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55532: SOCIETY OF SACRED HEART - Spiritual journey: religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 20 October 1999 - 21 November 2000
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25955: "HEATHER K" - "Modern applied economics:" "a problem-oriented approach to economic theory"
46461: HEATHFIELD S - DIY Worship: will help energise your youth group with 100 themed Bible outlines, 200 worship ideas, 11 quality music tracks on CD, worship visuals to photocopy, complete text and graphics on CD
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8929: HEATON E W - Book of Daniel (Torch Bible Commentary)
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8964: HEBERT A G - Christ of faith and the Jesus of history
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65491: HEBERT A G [THOMAS AQUINAS] - God and his works being selections from Part I of the Summa Theologica and Studies in St. Thomas, notes on the Doctrine of God...Part 1 of Summa Theologica in 'God and his works'
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53954: HEENAN J C - Our faith
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50336: HEIDEMAN E P - Our song of hope: provisional confession of faith of the reformed church in America
47661: HEIJN A V [TR HAUGHAN] - Rembrandt (with 60 colour illustrations from the works of the master, his teachers, pupils, firends and contemporaries
56364: HOFFMAN P & HEIL C - Rekonstruktion der Logienquelle: griechisch-deutsch nach der 'Critical Edition of Q'
58202: HEIL J P - Meal scenes in Luke-Acts: an audience-oriented approach (SBL Mono series 52)
53221: HEIL J P - 1 Peter 2 Peter and Jude: worship matters
56361: GARSKY A HEIL C ET AL - Q 12:49-59 Children against parents; Judging the time; Settling out of court
65513: HEIM K - World: Its creation and consummation: the end of the present age and the future of the world in the light of the ressurection
65514: HEIM K - Power of God
8704: "HEIM K" - "New divine order"
48245: HEIM K - Christian faith and natural science
65515: HEIM K - Transformation of the scientific world view
41928: HEIM K - Weltanichauung der Bibel
40052: "HEIMSATH C H" - "Genius of public worship"
56767: HEIN D - Geoffrey Fisher: Archbishop of Canterbury 1945 - 1961 (Princeton Theological Monograph Series 77)
65517: HEINE S - Women and early Christianity: are the feminist scholars right?
16139: RANKE-HEINEMANN U - Eunuchs for Heaven: the Catholic Church and sexuality
8998: "HEINISCH P" - "Das Buch Leviticus: Ubersetzt und Erklart" "(Die Heilige Schrift des Alten Testamentes 1.Band 3.Abteilung)"
60187: "ARNOLD J HEINRICH" - "DISCIPLESHIP:" "living for Christ in the daily grind compiled and edited by the Bruderhof communities"
61176: "BOEHMER HEINRICH" - "LUTHER AND THE REFORMATION in the light of modern research"
57049: HEINZE R W - Reform and conflict: from the medieval world to the Wars of Religion AD 1350-1648 [Baker History of Church Volume 4]
9001: "HELD G" - "Token-ring networks:" "characteristics, operation, construction and management"
9002: "HELD G" - "Understanding data communications" "from fundamentals to networking"
61393: "BRATTGARD HELGE" - "GOD'S STEWARDS:" "a theological study of principles and practices of stewardship"
26714: "HELLARD R B" - "Project partnering:" "principle and practice"
51201: FRIEDMAN M & HELLER W - Monetary vs fiscal policy
47059: HELLER S - Arte di fraseggiare (piano) Ventisei studi melodici per pianoforte Op. 16
42058: "HELLING F" - "Fruhgeschichte des Judischen volkes"
55258: HELLMAN L - Pentimento: a book of portraits
47590: HELLMAN J - Simone Weil; an introduction to her thought
27229: "HELLYER A" - "The Shell guide to gardens:" "the finest British and Irish gardens open to the public"
27553: "HELM P" - "Providence of God" "(Contours of Christian theology)"
37939: HELM P - Divine revelation: the basic issues
55685: HELM P J - Alfred the Great
45749: HELM P - Faith and understanding (Reason and religion)
55113: HELM P - Faith form and fashion: classical reformed theology and its postmodern critics
28957: "HELMAN C G" - "Culture, health and illness:" " an introduction for health professionals"
9010: HELPS - to the study of the Bible: including introductions to the several books the history and antiquities of the Jews the results.....
55738: HEMANS [R A S RANKIN] - Selections from Mrs Hemans
39472: "HEMINGWAY E" - "Selected stories"
58075: HEMMING L P - Postmodernity's transcending: devaluing God
9012: "HEMMING J" - "Instead of God:" "pragmatic reconsideration of beliefs & values"
45442: HEMMINGS F W J - Age of realism
9013: "HEMMINGS S" - "Wealth of experience:" "the lives of older women"
65528: HEMPEL C - Damascus texts: companion to the Qumran scrolls
40404: "HEMPEL J" - "Glaube, Mythos und Geschichte im Alten Testament"
9014: "HEMPHILL B" - "Early Vicars Apostolic of England 1685-1750"
58374: HEMPTON D - Church in the long eighteenth century
9017: "HENDERSON G D" - "Church & ministry;" "a study in Scottish experience (Baird lecture 1950)"
33323: "HENDERSON I" - "Man of Christian action:" "Canon John Collins - the man and his work"
46761: HENDERSON P - Shorter novels of the eighteenth century
9020: HENDERSON I - Power without glory: study in ecumenical politics
50027: HENDERSON D W - Culture shift: communicating God's truth to our changing world
65535: HENDERSON I - Myth in the New Testament: [studies in Biblical Theology No. 7]
65531: HENDERSON A - Stone Phoenix: Stonyhurst College 1794-1894
52661: HENDERSON I H - Jesus rhetoric and law (Biblical Interpretation Series 20)
55262: HENDRICK B J - Life and letters of Walter H Page
33388: HENDRICKSE C - One inner urban church and lay ministry (GP13)
22694: HENDRICKX H - Infancy narratives (Studies in Synoptic Gospels)
37873: "HENDRY K" - "Who would be a minister?"
9029: HENDRY G S - Holy spirit in Christian theology
65554: HENDRY G S - Westminster confession for today: [Library of History and Doctrine]
23983: HENERY C R - Speaking life: John Keble & the Anglican tradition of ministry & art
23985: HENGEL M - Property and riches in the early church: aspects of a social history of early Christianity
9037: HENGEL M - Nachfolge und Charisma: eine exegetisch-religionsgeschichtlich Studie su Mt 8.21f. und Jesu Ruf in die Nachfolge (BZ NW 34)
9039: HENGEL M - Studies in the Gospel of Mark
52657: HENGEL M - Paulus und Jakobus: Kleine Schriften III (WUNT 141)
48908: HENGEL M - Judaism and Hellenism (Volume 1 Text and Volume 2 Notes and Bibliography): studies in their encounter in Palestine during the early Hellenistic period)
24391: HENGEL M - Son of God: the origin of Christology & the history of Jewish-Hellenistic religion
28852: HENGEL M - Victory over violence
45801: HENGEL M - Christ and power
9030: HENGEL M - Acts and the history of earliest christianity

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