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63899: "FIELD B" - "Students handbook of christian theology"
44295: "FIELD M" - "John Nelson Darby:" "prophetic pioneer"
6818: FIELD J E - English liturgies of 1549 and 1661 compared with each other and with the ancient liturgies
47736: FIELD J - Rondo in E flat (Polka Rondo) piano solo
55702: FIELD P - Breaking bread
56801: FIELDING H - History of the adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his friend Mr Abraham Adams (Volume I only): written in imitation of the manner of Cervantes, author of Don Quixote
51242: FIELDING H - Tom Jones (Oxford World's Classics)
32785: "FIELDS D" - "Purpose driven youth ministry:" "9 essential foundations for healthy growth"
44244: "FIELDS L M" - "Hebrew for the rest of us:" "using Hebrew tools without mastering Biblical Hebrew"
57568: FIELDS W W - Sodom and Gomorrah: history and motif in biblical narrative (JSOT Supplement series 231)
52788: FIERRO A - Militant gospel: an analysis of contemporary political theologies
6825: FIGGIS J N - From Gerson to Grotius 1414-1625: studies of political thought (Birkbeck lectures 1900)
6835: FILSON F V - Yesterday: a study of Hebrews in the light of chapter 13 (SBT2/4)
6831: "FILSON F V" - "Commentary on the Gospel According to St Matthew" "(BNTC)"
6834: "FILSON F V" - "Three crucial decades:" "studies in the Book of Acts"
6836: "FILTHAUT T" - "Learning to worship"
6839: "FINCH A" - "Journey to the light:" "spirituality as we mature"
18127: "SPENCER H & FINCH E" - "Constitutional practice and discipline of the Methodist" "Church: prepared by author the Methodist Conference"
21829: FINCH R G - Synagogue lectionary and the New Testament: a study of the three-year cycle of readings from the law and the prophets as a contribution to New Testament chronology
6840: FINCHAM K - Visitation articles and injunctions of the early Stuart Church 1603-1642 Vol I & Vol II (Church of England Record Society)
54654: FINCHER J - Great parable
22025: "FINDLAY J A" - "Trustworthiness of the Gospels" "(Christian beliefs)"
25437: "FINE A" - "Granny project" "(Plays Plus)"
29134: "FINE M J" - "Parents vs. children:" "making the relationship work"
6844: "FINE R" - "Freud:" "a critical re-evaluation of his theories"
6848: FINEGAN J - Light from the Ancient Past: archaeological background to the Hebrew-Christian religion
39191: "FINEGAN J" - "Archaeology of the New Testament:" "the life of Jesus and the beginning of the early church"
53439: FINK P E - New dictionary of sacramental worship
23664: "FINLAY A" - "Without day:" "proposals for a new Scottish Parliament together compact disc"
44363: "FINLAYSON R A" - "Reformed theological writings"
6855: "FINLEY M I" - "World of Odysseus"
24450: "FINN D" - "Just trading:" "on the ethics and economics of international trade"
29884: FINNEY J - Groups: asking the right questions (GP23)
63928: "FINNEY C G" - "Love is not a special way of feeling:" "extracts from lectures on systematic theology"
39497: FINNEY C G - Revivals of religion
6867: "FIORENZA E S" - "Sharing her words:" "feminist biblical interpretation in context"
74357: FIORENZA E S - Power of naming: a concilium reader in feminist liberation theology
40539: "PUI-LAN K & FIORENZA E S" - "Woman's sacred scriptures" "(Concilium 1998/3)"
6861: FIORENZA E S - Discipleship of equals: critical feminist ekklesia-logy of liberation
6865: FIORENZA E S - Searching the scriptures Vol 1 a feminist introduction
6874: "FIRTH P" - "Love that moves the sun:" "searching for God"
6878: "FISCHER E" - "Necessity of art:" "a Marxist approach"
6879: FISCHER K - Women at the well: feminist perspectives on spiritual direction
58089: BRETTLER M & FISHBANE M - Minhah le-Nahum: biblical and other studies presented to Nahum M Sarna in honour of his 70th birthday (JSOT Supplement Series 154)
43732: "FISHER L" - "Widening Road from Bethlehem to Emmaus:" "exploring the gospel of Luke"
41201: "FISHER R" - "Assembly year"
63937: "FISHER G P" - "Reformation"
38801: "AYERST D & FISHER A S T" - "Records of Christianity:" "Volume I: In the Roman Empire"
26625: "BARRETT R & FISHER J S" - "Journeymen:" "essays on male spirituality"
37389: "FISHER G" - "Feeling our way:" "three sermons preached in Jerusalem, Instanbul and Rome"
6883: "FISHER G" - "Standards of morality:" "Christian and Humanist"
6886: "FISHER G F" - "Anglican-Methodist conversations & problems of church" "unity : some personal reflections"
6889: "FISHER G F" - "Covenant and reconciliation:" "critical examination of ""Covenanting for Union"" & ""Towards reconciliation"""
6895: "FISHER H A L" - "Our new religion:" "an examination of Christian science"
39530: FISHER M - For the time being: a memoir
38802: "FISHER N" - "Harold Macmillan:" "a biography"
6900: "FISHER P J" - "Universe, life & man"
11036: "KNAPP-FISHER E" - "Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue:" "and three Archiepiscopal visits to Rome"
564: "KNAPP-FISHER E G" - "Catholic and reformed:" "an essay in the understanding of Anglicanism"
42395: "KNAPP-FISHER E G" - "To be or not to be?" "(Archbishop of Cape Town's Lent Book 1968)"
54468: FISHER P - Outside Eden: finding hope in an imperfect world
40361: "FISHER G F" - "Redeeming the situation:" "occasional sermons, 1947"
11037: KNAPP-FISHER E G - Belief and prayer
41080: "FISHER G F" - "Convocation of Canterbury: text of the Presidential Address" "to the Canterbury Convocation delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury in church House, Westminster, on 11 October, 1955"
51573: FISHER G F - Archbishop speaks: addresses and speeches by the Archbishop of Canterbury
53438: FISHER P - Unpacking the gift: Anglican resources for theological reflecti0on on the gift of authority
49974: FISK G - Paley's view of the evidences of Christianity: comprising the text of Paley verbatim with examination questions
6906: "FISON J E" - "Fire Upon the Earth"
6907: "FISON J E" - "On the move to unity: Cambridge sermons on the" "Anglican approach by CFD Moule, RN Whybray, GWH Lampe et al"
54528: FISON J E - Understanding the Old Testament: the way of holiness
6904: FISON J E - Blessing of the Holy Spirit
44015: "FITCHETT W H" - "Wesley and his century;" "a study in spiritual forces with a portrait and facsimiles"
54653: FITZGERALD J T - Greco-Roman perspectives on friendship (Resources for Biblical Study 25)
47667: FITZGERALD K - With O'Leary in the grave
38868: "FITZJAMES R" - "Famous missal of Richard Fitzjames, vicar of the parish" "church of Saint Michael, Minehead, AD 1485-1497 compiled by Cecil D Bullivant (Minehead's Great Treasure)"
12999: FITZMYER J A - Letter to Philemon: a new translation with introduction and commentary (Anchor Bible 34C)
45518: FITZPATRICK P - Fullness of life: seven studies in evangelism
23820: FITZPATRICK P J - In breaking of bread: the eucharist and ritual
23616: "FITZSIMONS D ET AL" - "Economic & social impact of AIDS in Europe"
63948: "FLAMAN P" - "Genetic engineering:" "Christian values and Catholic teaching"
63950: "FLANAGAN D ET AL" - "Truth and life:" "an outline of modern theology"
6914: "FLANAGAN N M" - "Salvation history:" "an introduction to biblical theology"
6916: "FLANDERS H J ET AL" - "People of the Covenant:" "introduction to the OT"
6919: "FLATH D" - "Japanese economy"
26258: "FLEAR G" - "New ideas in the Queen's Gambit Accepted" "(Batsford Chess Library)"
6921: FLECKER W H - British Church History to AD 1000
47164: FLECKER J E - Hassan: the story of Hassan of Bagdad and how he came to make the golden journey to Samarkand
55241: FLECKER J E - James Elroy Flecker
54651: FLEDDERMANN H T - Mark and Q: a study of the overlap texts (Bibiotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium CXXII)
63958: "FLEETWOOD J" - "LIFE OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST: containing an" "accurate & universal history... from His birth to ascension into which is added, The evidences of Christianity briefly stated, and the New Testament proved to be genuine; in three jud
56145: FLEGG C G - Introduction to the reading of the Apocalypse
6924: "FLEMING A" - "Science & C of E doctrine:" "discussion on report of Commission on Xn Doctrine apptd 1922"
6926: "FLEMING C M" - "Adolescence: its social psychology" "with an introduction to recent findings from the fields of anthropology, physiology, medicine, psychometrics and sociometry (ILS&SR)"
6928: "FLEMING D J" - "Christian Symbols in a World Community"
6929: "FLEMING J D" - "Redemption:" "Christian doctrine set in the light of history"
24609: FLEMING D A - Fire and the cloud: an anthology of Catholic spirituality
40499: "FLEMING M" - "Psalms for speakers:" "26 responsorial psalms for speaker and congregation"
29732: FLEMING D L - Christian ministry of spiritual direction (Best of the review 3)
53437: FLEMING D L - Contemporary reading of the spiritual exercises: a companion to St Ignatius' text
23934: FLENDER H - St Luke: theologian of redemptive history
44999: FLENLEY R - Modern German history
60259: "FLESSATI V" - "PRAYERS FOR PEACEMAKERS:" "a handbook of worship resources"
24292: FLETCHER C - Banning the bomb?: an argument from the 'Just War' position (GE49)
56427: FLETCHER C R L - Introductory history of England from the earliest times to the close of the Middle Ages
43764: "FLETCHER R" - "Conversion of Europe: from Paganism to Christianity 371-1386"
63963: FLETCHER J - Bearing witness to Christ: a handbook for catechists and other teachers of religion
35808: BELLENGER D A & FLETCHER S - Mitre and the crown: a history of the Archbishops of Canterbury
6934: "FLETCHER G" - "Christ's victory and triumph in heaven and earth, over" "and after death, and other poems of the seventeenth century"
32268: "FLETCHER G P" - "Loyalty:" "an essay on the morality of relationships"
30648: "FLETCHER J S" - "Reformation in Northern England:" "six lectures"
28086: "FLETCHER K" - "Marketing management and information technology"
24885: "FLETCHER R" - "John Stuart Mill:" "a logical critique of sociology"
8893: "HAYWARD M & FLETCHER W C" - "Religion & the Soviet State:" "dilemma of power Pall Mall Pr for"
41569: "BURGIN E L & FLETCHER E G M" - "Students' conflict of laws, being an introduction to the" "study of private international law, based on Dicey"
6939: FLETCHER J S - Cistercians in Yorkshire with illus by Warwick Goble
42334: FLETCHER J - Moral responsibility: situation ethics at work
40282: "FLETCHER M" - "John Primatt Maud:" "a memoir"
55940: FLETCHER N - Where to see wildlife in Sussex: a visitor's guide to our best nature sites
51361: FLETCHER J - William Temple: twentieth-century Christian
56794: FLETCHER J - Five checks to antinomianism (Two volumes in one)
6946: "FLEW A" - "Body mind and death"
32641: FLEW A - Introduction to Western philosphy: ideas and argument from Plato to Sartre
58185: FLEW R N - Forgiveness of sins (Manual of Fellowship no 20
6950: FLEW A N - God and philosophy
57176: FLEW A - Self-improvement and social action [Moral aspects of social problems]
6951: FLEW R N - Catholicity of protestantism being a report presented to the Achbishop of Canterbury by a group of Free Churchmen
55612: FLEW R N - Hymns of Charles Wesley: a study of their structure
6955: "FLICOTEAUX E" - "Our Lady in the liturgy"
6956: FLINDALL R P - Church of England 1815-1948: a documentary history
56793: FLINT R - Agnosticism (The Croall Lecture for 1887 - 88)
63976: FLOOD E - No small plan: God's friendship for man
63977: "FLOOD E" - "Jesus story"
29002: FLOOD E - Divorced Catholic
63982: FLORAND F - Stages of simplicity
30636: DUQUOC C & FLORISTAN C - Job and the silence of God (Concilium 169)
39373: "FLORISTAN C" - "Parish: eucharistic community"
57671: DUQUOC C & FLORISTAN C - Models of holiness (Concilium 129)
6964: "FLOWER N" - "George Frideric Handel:" "his personality and his times"
30182: "BUSH FLOWERS" - "Bush flowers of Australia"
6966: "FLUGEL J C" - "Hundred years of psychology:" "1833-1933: with additional part on developments 1933-1947"
39496: "FLYNN E P" - "Catholicism:" "Agenda for renewal"
6971: "FLYNN N" - "Miracle to meltdown in Asia:" "business, government and society"
63984: FLYNN R M - And holy is his name: meditative essays on the holiness of Christ
56960: FOERSTER H - Autoritat des kirchlichen amtes und der synodalen konsensusbildung im zeitalter der demokratie: veroffentlichungen der Luther-Akademie e. V. Ratzeburg Band 5
39760: "FOGARTY M" - "Motorways merge:" "the new challenge to Christian democracy"
53936: FOGELMAN E - Conscience and courage: rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust
40256: "FOGG N" - "We murder men everywhere:" "the dehumanisation of mankind"
40657: "FOHRER G" - "Elia" "(Abhandlungen zur Theologie des Alten and Neuen Testaments 31)"
6988: FOHRER G - History of Israelite Religion
6987: FOHRER G - Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary of the Old Testament
6990: FOHRER G - Introduction to the Old Testament
48899: FOKKELMAN J P - Narrative art in Genesis: specimens of stylictic and structural analysis
63990: "FOLEY R" - "God 2000"
63987: "FOLEY G" - "Empowering the Laity"
36986: "FOLEY B" - "Notes on some Catholic confessors in the county of Essex:" "a short account of some families which remained faithful to the Church in Reformation and Penal times (notes prepared in 1950)"
27082: "PIGDEN J & FOLEY J" - "Marketing:" "the foundation of successful business"
45402: FOLEY H - Letters to her mother: war-time in the Sudan 1938-1945
63991: "FONCK L" - "PARABLES OF THE GOSPELS:" "an exegetical and practical explanation... translated from the third German edition by E Leahy"
46789: LA FONTAINE J - Fables (2 volume set): nouvelle edition revue avec soin at accompagnee d'une vie de La Fontaine s'un avant propos et de notes explicatives par Pilon et Dauphin
40594: "RAUZIER-FONTAYNE L" - "Monsieur Paul [Rabuau]"
55991: FOOT M - Pen and the sword
6995: "FOR" - "For all God's People:" "Ecumenical prayer cycle"
63992: "FORAN D J" - "Living with ambiguity:" "discerning God in a complex society"
53001: FORBES A P - Short explanation of the Nicene Creed for the use of persons beginning the study of theology
53002: FORBES A P - Theological defence for the Right Rev A P Forbes Bishop of Brechin on a presentment by Rev W Henderson and others on certain points concerning the doctrine of the Holy Eucharist
33106: "BAIN R & FORBES P" - "Clowning glory"
7000: "FORBES P" - "Gospel of folly"
63996: "FORBES J T" - "GOD'S MEASURE and other sermons"
57716: FORBES G W - God of old: the role of Lukan parables in the purpose of Luke's Gospel (JSOT Supplement Series 198)
54837: FORBES M - Great British lorry: the history of road transport in Britain
50532: FORBES C - Notes of a reluctant pilgrim: the idea of pilgrimage in everyday life
16873: "ROYAL AIR FORCE" - "Chaplains Conference:" "Amport House 1965"
16874: "ROYAL AIR FORCE" - "Chaplains Conference:" "Oxford 1963"
16875: "ROYAL AIR FORCE" - "Chaplains Conference:" "Amport House 1964"
16876: "ROYAL AIR FORCE" - "Chaplains Conference:" "Amport House 1960"
58473: ROYAL AIR FORCE - Our Air Force (with 16 plates in colour and over 100 photographs of activities and life in The Royal Air Force)
55679: FORD D W C - Preaching through the psalms
44694: FORD D W C - Preaching on the sayings of Jesus
50812: FORD C M - Rosary of thoughts
7003: "FORD D" - "Children, courts & caring:" "a study of Children & Young Persons Act 1969"
21841: "FORD D W C" - "Christian faith explained"
7005: "FORD D W C" - "Expository Preacher's Notebook"
7022: "FORD D W C" - "Preaching what we believe"
25298: "HENDY J & FORD M" - "Redgrave's health and safety:" "1999 supplement"
41853: "HARDY D W & FORD D F" - "Praising and knowing God"
55014: FORD J M - Redeemer friend and mother: salvation in antiquity and in the Gospel of John
44210: FORD M - Wounded Prophet: a portrait of Henri J M Nouwen
54144: FORD R Q - Parables of Jesus: recovering the art of listening
50086: FORDE G O - Justification by faith: a matter of death and life
7027: "FORDER C R" - "Churchwardens in Church and in Parish"
7028: FORDER C R - Parish priest at work: an introduction to systematic pastoralia
54413: FORELL G W - History of Christian ethics: Volume I From the New Testament to Augustine
64024: "FOREST J" - "CONFESSION:" "doorway to foregiveness"
21826: "FOREST J H" - "Thomas Merton:" "a pictorial biography"
54660: FORESTELL J T - Targumic traditions and the New Testament: an annotated bibliography with a New Testament index (Aramaic studies 4)
47620: HILAIRE C & FORGET C - Cuisine des vins de Bergerac
39031: "FORMAN K L" - "Discovering the New Century Hymnal:" "a discussion guide for church musicians, pastors, and congregations"
35078: "FORMAN M" - "Praying with the Desert Mothers"
56144: FORNBERG T - Jewish-Christian dialogue and biblical exegesis (Studia Missionalia Upsaliensia 47)
7038: "FORREST E W" - "What's the use?"
36033: "FORRESTER D" - "Listening with the heart"
29725: "FORRESTER D B" - "Theology and practice"
42327: FORRESTER D - Young Doctor Pusey: a study in development
24979: FORRESTER D B - Christian justice and public policy
50531: FORRESTER D ET AL - Encounter with God: an introduction to Christian worship and practice (2nd edition)
41208: "FORSTER M" - "Good night, God bless:" "a family bedtime book"
7044: "FORSTER C" - "Life of John Jebb, Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe" " with a selection from his letters"
7045: "FORSTER E M" - "Aspects of the novel"
7047: MAWBY C & FORSTER M - Communion Songs
36848: "MARSTON P & FORSTER R" - "Reason and faith"
24287: FORSTER G - To live good - the police and community (GE47)
24291: FORSTER G - Cultural patterns and moral laws (GE17)
29724: FORSTER R - Ten new churches
8232: FORSTER G - Hope in the city (GE 61)
24286: FORSTER G - Sin, structure and responsibility (GE24)
11217: "KUHN H & FORSTERLING H-D" - "Principles of Physical Chemistry" "understanding molecules, molecular assemblies, supramolecular machines"
31858: FORSYTH P T - Principle of authority in relation to certainty, sanctity and society: an essay in the philosophy of experimental religion
55009: FORSYTH P T [GORONCY J A] - Descending on humanity and intervening in history: notes from the pulpit ministry of P T Forsyth edited and introduced by Jason A Goroncy
51574: FORSYTH P T - This life and the next
51575: FORSYTH P T - Religion in recent art: being expository lectures on Rosetti, Burne Jones, Watts, Holman Hunt and Wagner
51859: FORSYTH P T - Positive preaching and modern mind
45620: FORSYTH P T - Sense of the holy: an introduction to the thought of P T Forsyth through his writings
7055: FORSYTH P T - Positive preaching and modern mind
55695: FORTIS U - Jews and synagogues: Venice Florence Rome Leghorn: a practical guide
7065: FORTNA R T - Fourth Gospel and its predecessor: from narrative source to present gospel
45765: FORWARD M - Bag of needments: Geoffrey Parrinder and the study of religion
28693: "FORWARD" - "Forward book of poetry 2001"
7075: FOSDICK H E - Meaning of prayer
64057: "FOSDICK H E" - "Great voices of the reformation:" "an anthology"
7071: "FOSDICK H E" - "Living of these days:" "an autobiography"
7072: "FOSDICK H E" - "Living of these days:" "an autobiography"
7068: "FOSDICK H E" - "Greatness of God"
64069: "FOSTER R J" - "Christ, priesthood and liturgy"
7081: "FOSTER B" - "Blackleg range" "(large print)"
23713: "FOSTER B" - "Bullets for a badman:" "a large print western"
22856: "FOSTER J" - "Autobiography"
23186: "FOSTER J" - "Hot heads, warm hearts, cold streets:" "poetry for teenagers"
25383: "FOSTER J" - "Lifelines:" "book 5"
25750: "FOSTER J" - "Lifelines:" "book 3"
22017: "FOSTER J" - "Silence of God"
7100: FOSTER R S - Restoration of Israel: study in exile and return
27278: "FOSTER T" - "Pictorial history of sea battles"
56792: FOSTER P - Chichester Misericords (Otter Memorial paper No 9)
41881: "FOSTER P" - "Bell of Chichester:" "(1883 - 1958): a prophetic bishop [Otter Memorial Paper 17]"
57610: FOSTER P - Early Christian thinkers: the lives and legacies of twelve key figures
49829: FOSTER C - Jesus inquest
41891: FOSTER P - Chichester Cathedral Spire: the collapse (1861) [Otter Memorial Paper 13]
53973: FOTHERGILL B - Nicholas Wiseman
38903: "FOULKES F" - "Acts of God:" "a study of the basis of typology in the Old Testament (Tyndale Old Testament lecture for 1955)"
22592: "FOULKES F" - "Guide to St Matthew's gospel" "(ISG37)"
51099: FOUND J - Basic Greek in 30 minutes a day: New Testament Greek workbook for laymen
44178: "CONCILIUM FOUNDATION" - "Rights of women" "(Concilium 2002/5)"
57585: HOUGHTON S M & FOUNTAIN D G - Word for all time being articles on The inspiration and authority of scripture
54434: FOUNTAIN D - Isaac Watts remembered 1674 - 1748
56841: FOUQUET J - Les heures d'Etienne Chevalier: les quarante eluminures du Musee Conde
64086: "FOUREZ G" - "Sacraments and passages:" "celebrating tensions of modern life"
55675: FOUT J A - Fully alive: the glory of God and the human creature in Karl Barth, Hans Urs von Balthazar and theological exegesis of scripture
24267: FOWKE R - Beginning pastoral counselling (GP24)
64090: "FOWLER S" - "That nothing be lost"
57423: FOWLER D C - The Bible in early English literature
64100: "FOX M" - "Candle and the candlestick:" "the life and ministry of George Fox parish priest"
32232: "CURNOW B & FOX J M" - "Chance to live more than once:" "developing future lives and careers"
7123: "FOX A" - "Sacred and secular: a companion" "[over 440 readings grouped under weekly themes of Church's year]"
7124: FOX A - Thomas More: History and Providence
7126: "FOX E" - "Now these are the names"
7127: "FOX E" - "Ten commandments:" "master key to life"
40211: "FOX F" - "14 Africans vs one American:" "a thin, white American discovers what the new Africans think of themselves-- and of us"
7134: "FOX P" - "Daughters of Jairus"
32046: FOX R W - Reinhold Niebuhr: a biography
36843: "FOX S" - "Project Thessalonians:" "eight studies in 1 & 2 Thessalonians: For small group study: Leader's guidance & background notes: Suggestions for prayer & worship: Linked Sunday service ideas"
42396: "FOX R J" - "Ten sermons on the Mother of God:" "in light of Vatican II and our Lady of Fatima: with addendum: four articles on 'Communism and the church'"
55610: FOX I - Hampshire privies: a nostalgic trip down the garden path
64103: "FOX R J" - "Immaculate heart of Mary:" "true devotion"
7125: "FOX A H P" - "Church's ministry of healing"
46617: FOX E - Obscure kingdoms: journeys to distant royal courts
35675: FOX C E - Lord of the Southern Isles: being the story of the Anglican Mission of Melanesia 1849-1949
58358: FOX M V - Character and ideology in the Book of Esther
41540: "FOXE J" - "Annals of Christian martyrdom:" "ancient martyrs"
10928: "FOXE [KING]" - "Foxe's Book of Martyrs:" "edited by Marie Gentert King"
56626: FOXE J - Foxe's annals of martyrs
72840: "FOXE [TAYLOR]" - "FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS:" "an abridged edition with certain changes, chiefly in the tense, to ensure conformity of the text, edited by W St Clair Taylor"
43606: FOYLE M - Can it be me?: an inspiring insight into an extraordinary life
64110: "FRAGOMENI R N" - "Come to the light:" "an invitation to baptism and confirmation"
29369: "FRAIN J" - "Starting business studies"
64111: "FRAINE J DE" - "Praying with the Bible:" "the Biblical bases of great Christian prayers"
40180: "FRAINE J DE" - "Bible et l'origine de l'homme" "(Museum Lessianum section biblique no. 3)"
34579: FRAME J E - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistles of St Paul to the Thessalonians (International Critical Commentary)
57801: FRANCE P - Diderot (Past Masters)
7144: FRANCE R T - Gospel Perspectives: Volume III: studies in Midrash & Historiography
46853: FRANCE R T - Translating the Bible: choosing and using an English version (GB3)
39286: FRANCE R T - Divine government: God's kingship in the Gospel of Mark
29942: FRANCE R T - Gospel according to Matthew: an introduction and commentary (Tyndale New testament Commentary)
35473: "PINXTEREN A VAN & FRANCESCO Z" - "Al gaande zal je kracht vermeerderen"
45469: SALES ST FRANCIS DE - Introduction to the devout life
7169: "FRANCIS, ST OF ASSISI" - "Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi"
64115: "FRANCIS D" - "Treasures of darkness:" "a Gospel for the day of trouble"
50617: SOCIETY OF ST FRANCIS - Celebrating Common Prayer: the pocket version
61202: "BOND FRANCIS" - "CATHEDRALS OF ENGLAND AND WALES:" "being a fourth edition of English Cathedrals illustrated"
38511: "FRANCIS A" - "Out of the dust" "[Published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of St George's Crypt, Leeds]"
7153: "FRANCIS L J" - "Making contact:" "Christian nurture, family worship and church growth"
7155: "FRANCIS L J" - "Religion in the primary school:" "partnership between church and state?"
33155: "FRANCIS L J ET AL" - "Fast-moving currents in youth culture"
22506: "FRANCIS L R" - "Christ incognito and the church myth:" "the way towards Christian unity in the UK"
7165: "FRANCIS, ST OF ASSISI [KARRER]" - "Legends and Lauds:" "edited selected and annotated by Otto Karrer trans by N Wydenbruck"
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56961: GARDINER S R - History of England from the Accession of James I to the outbreak of the civil war (Volumes I to VI only) UK shipping £7.50. Overseas shipping please ask for a quote.
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49263: GIRAUDOUX J - Bella
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64553: GOLDBRUNNER J - Cure of mind and cure of soul: depth psychology and pastoral care
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57528: GOLDINGAY J - Key questions about biblical interpretation: Old Testament answers
40593: "GOLDONI C" - "Il ventaglio" "(Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli 110)"
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58354: GOLDSWORTHY G - Gospel in Revelation: Gospel and Apocalypse
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55406: GOLEMAN D - Emotional intelligence: why it can matter more than IQ
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7728: "GOLLWITZER H" - "Europe in the Age of Imperialism 1880-1914"
7730: GOLLWITZER H - Unwilling journey: a diary from Russia
7727: GOLLWITZER H - Dying we live: final messages & records of some Germans who defied Hitler
36401: GOMES P J - Growing up and other sermons preached at Harvard 2001-2002
50038: GOMEZ D W - True union in the body: a contribution to the discussion within the Anglican Communion concerning the public blessing of same-sex unions
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7731: "GONDI J F P DE" - "Memoirs of Jean Francois Paul de Gondi: Cardinal de Retz" "in 2 vols (EL)"
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26034: "BHATTA G & GONZALEZ J L" - "Governance innovations in the Asia-Pacific region:" "trends, cases and issues"
3304: GONZALEZ J L - History of Christian thought (3 volume set): Vol 1 From the beginnings to the Council of Chalcedon, Vol 2 From Augustine to the eve of the Reformation, Vol 3 From the Protestant Reformation to the Twentieth Century
46390: GOOCH G P - Frederick the Great: the ruler, the writer, the man
53812: GOOD D ET AL - Let the reader understand: a statement of interpretative principles by which we understand the Holy Scriptures (Developed at the request of the Bishop Of New York in response to actions at the Lambeth Conference 1998
64581: GOOD J - Church of England and the ecumenical movement
64582: GOODACRE N W - Abba imma: a miscellany of pieces for the Parish Magazine
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7744: "GOODE W J" - "Family"
33618: "GOODENOUGH S" - "Citizens of Rome" "[a fascinating insight into everyday life 2,000 years ago]"
51027: GOODER P - Meaning is in the waiting
52473: GOODER P - Heaven
46930: GOODMAN G - Seventy lessons in teaching and preaching Christ
29705: GOODMAN G - Seventy lessons in teaching and preaching Christ
7757: "GOODMAN P" - "History of the Jews"
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57181: GOODMAN J - Winter-evening conference between neighbours in three parts
48295: GOODMAN F D - Speaking in tongues: a cross-cultural study of glossolalia
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55436: GOODRICH P - Bishop's papers: Philip Goodrich Bishop of Worcester 1982 - 1996
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41842: GOODSPEED E J - Matthew: apostle and evangelist
40026: "GOODSPEED E J" - "Apocrypha:" "an American translation: with introduction by Moses Hadas"
64595: GOODWIN G (ED) - Ethics and nuclear deterrence
7763: "GOODWIN H" - "Plain sermons on Ordination and the Ministry of the Church:" "preached on divers occasions"
54140: GOODWIN H - Foundations of the Creed
58424: CARMICHAEL J D & GOODWIN H S - William Temple's political legacy: a critical assessment
55663: GOODWIN E C - Baptists in the balance: the tension between freedom and resposibility
55988: GOODWORTH W G W - Musicians of all times
67075: KREIDER R S & GOOSSEN R W - When good people quarrel: studies of conflict resolution
37345: "GOPPELT L" - "Apostolic and Post-Apostolic times"
46477: GORAINOV I - Message of Saint Seraphim:
41771: "GORDON A R" - "Poets of the Old Testament"
48598: GORDON R - Doctor in the house and at sea
7770: "GORDON A" - "Norman Vincent Peale:" "minister to millions a biography"
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7964: "GRAY M HODSON N & GORDON G" - "Teleworking explained"
64605: "GORDON S D" - "Trysting time"
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49289: GORE C - Church and the ministry: new edition revised by C H Turner, with Appendix [Dr Lightfoot 'Christian Ministry']
7774: "GORE C" - "Anglo-Catholic Movement to-day"
7777: GORE C - Body of Christ: an enquiry into the institution and doctrine of Holy Communion
7782: "GORE C" - "Creed of the Christian"
32086: "GORE C" - "Essays in aid of the reform of the Church"
33953: "GORE C" - "Holy communion: the gift: the offering: the fellowship" "Lectures delivered in Westminster Abbey, together with a sermon on 'The church in the world'"
7797: GORE C - Mission of the church: four lectures St Asaph Cathedral June 1892
7803: "GORE C" - "Question of divorce"
7809: "GORE C" - "Reservation:" "addresses to the Clergy of the Diocese of Chelmsford together with a series of questions and answers"
25316: "GORE C ET AL" - "Strategic decision-making"
7815: GORE C - St Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: a practical exposition
45423: GORE C - Permanent creed and the Christian idea of sin: being two sermons preached before the University of Oxford on November 13, 1904 and December 13, 1903
7788: GORE C - Dominant ideas and corrective principles (addresses)
41773: GORE C - Basis of Anglican fellowship in faith and organization: an open letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Oxford
7796: GORE C - Lux Mundi: a series studies in the religion of the incarnation
7799: GORE C - New theology and the old religion being eight lectures, together with five sermons
7802: GORE C - The question of divorce
7792: GORE C - The incarnation of the Son of God (Bampton lectures 1891)
46669: GORE C - Lux Mundi: a series studies in the religion of the incarnation
45425: GORE C - Lux mundi: series of studies in the religion of the incarnation
32286: GORE C - The Epistles of St John
57410: GORE C - The creed of the Christian
45422: GORELL - He walked in light: the story of our Lord
54080: GORING R - Chambers dictionary of beliefs and religions
53426: GORODETZKY N - Saint Tikhon Zadonsky: inspirer of Dostoevsky
49408: GORSKY J - Shabbat: the Jewish Sabbath
27851: "DUNKLING L & GOSLING W" - "Everyman's dictionary of first names"
58466: GOSLING T - Colyton and Seaton in old photographs
54849: GOSPEL - Gospel picture book: Teaching No 3
54894: GOSPEL - Gospel picture book: Parables (ii) No 8
54892: GOSPEL - Gospel picture book: Passion No 5
54893: GOSPEL - Gospel picture book: Parables (i) No 7
54895: GOSPEL - Gospel picture book: Resurrection and Pentecost No 6
57263: GOSS J [WILLCOCKS] - See amid the winter's snow SATB with organ accompaniment
51126: GOSS B - Futures markets: their establishment and performance
45421: GOSSE E - Jeremy Taylor (English men of letters)
7831: GOSSE E - Father & son: a study of two temperaments
45420: GOSSIP A J - In the secret place of the most high: being studies in prayer
60958: "BERGSTEN GOTE" - "PASTORAL PSYCHOLOGY:" "a study in the cure of souls"
26049: "LUNDFREN-GOTHLIN E" - "Sex and existence:" "Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex"
7833: "GOTOFF H C" - "Transmission of the text of Lucan in the ninth century"
64637: "GOTT K" - "Anointed or annoying?:" "searching for the fruit of revival"
7834: GOTT J - Parish priest of the town: lectures delivered in the Divinity School, Cambridge
40195: "GOTTGEWEIHTEN" - "Gottgeweihten in der Ulttestamentlichen religion" "Bortrag von B Duhm"
7838: "GOTTWALD N K" - "Light to the Nations:" "intro to the O T"
7837: GOTTWALD N K - Hebrew Bible: a socio-literary introduction
7839: GOTTWALD N K - Tribes of Yahweh: sociology of the religion of Liberated Israel 1250-1050 B.C.E. (Biblical Seminar 66)
45428: GOUDGE H L - Church and the Bible
7848: "GOUDGE H L" - "Admission of nonconformists to communion:" "paper read to Oxford Branch of English Church Union 27/4/32"
7849: "GOUDGE H L" - "Apocalypse and the present age"
7852: "GOUDGE H L" - "C of E & reunion"
38116: GOUDGE H L - Glorying in the cross: a memorial volume with a biography by Elizabeth Goudge
37453: "GOUDGE H L" - "Sin and redemption:" "thirty sermons including many for the principal church seasons"
45429: GOUDGE H L - Christian teaching and the Christian year: subjects for sermons for two years
7854: GOUDGE H L - Church of England and reunion
7855: GOUDGE H L - Conflicting tendencies in the Church of England reprinted with additions from the ""Contemporary Review""
7862: GOUDGE H L - Second Epistle to the Corinthians (WC)
43112: GOUDGE H L - Mind of St. Paul: as illustrated by his second Epistle to the Corinthians
43814: "GOUDZWAARD B" - "Beyond poverty and affluence:" "toward an economy of care with a twelve-step program for economic recovery"
27063: "GOUGH L" - "How the stock market really works:" "The guerrilla investor's secret handbook"
45430: GOUGH A W - Service and sacrament: manual for communicants in two parts
37417: GOULBURN E M - Commentary expository and devotional on the order of the Administration of the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion according to the use of the Church of England
61703: "GOULBURN E M" - "Farewell counsels of a pastor to his flock:" "nine sermons, preached at St. John's"
37416: "GOULBURN E M" - "Thoughts on personal religion, being a treatise on the" "Christian life in its two chief elements, devotion and practice"
40892: "GOULD A E" - "For the facing of this hour:" "an address from the chair of the congregational union of England and Wales"
7873: GOULDER M D - Midrash and lection in Matthew (Speaker's lectures in biblical studies 1969-71)
7875: GOULDER M D - Type and history in Acts
53932: GOULDER L - Church life in medieval England and Wales: Part 1 The Parishes (Pilgrimage Pamphlets No 8)
7872: GOULDER M D - Incarnation and myth: the debate continued
7878: "GOULDNER A W" - "Coming crisis of western sociology"
45222: GOUZES A - Sainte nuit de paques: Vigile Pascale
45214: GOUZES A - Mass of the samaritan woman: a mass for the lent season: music for 4 mixed voices a capella
45217: GOUZES A - Evening prayer for Lent: a fully-sung setting: music for 4 mixed voices: a capella
45216: GOUZES A - Celebration Pascale de Dimanches: office des vigiles
45215: GOUZES A - Chants de meditation et acclamations de l'evangile
47676: GOUZES A - Eglise condamnee a renaitre: entretiens avec Philippe Baud
53279: GOVAERTS R - Cosmic prayer and guided transformation: key elements of the emergent Christian cosmology
57496: GOWAN D E - Theology in Exodus: biblical theology in the form of a commentary
48769: GOWAN D E - Reclaiming the Old Testament for the Christian pulpit
7880: "GOWEN H H" - "History of religion"
26637: "GOWER R" - "Frontiers"
49176: GOWER C - Over the top: 20 descants to well known hymn tunes
7883: "GOWERS E" - "ABC of plain words"
2683: "GOYDER G" - "Just enterprise"
56646: GOZIER A - 15 days of prayer with Meister Eckhart
58339: GRABBE L L - Wisdom of Solomon (T & T Clark Study Guides)
58203: GRABBE L L - Can a 'History of Israel' be written? (JSOT SS 245/European Seminar in Historical methodology 1)
58205: GRABBE L L - Did Moses speak Attic? Jewish historiography and scripture in the Hellenistc period (JSOT SS 317/ European Seminar in historical methodology 3)
11616: "GRACE H" - "Organ works of Bach" "with intro by Ernest Newman (Handbooks for musicians)"
22520: "GRACE H" - "Organ works of Bach" "with intro by Ernest Newman (Handbooks for musicians)"
56139: GRACE M M - Adoration and reparation

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