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63763: "FANSTONE M & D" - "How to pray for your unbelieving husband:" "120 readings, reflections, prayers and ideas"
52185: GORDON B & FARDOULY D - Master builders: developing life and leadership in the body of Christ today
6640: "FARGES A" - "Ordinary Ways of the Spiritual Life" "a treatise on ascetic theology...for the use of seminaries, the clergy & lay folk, trans from Les Voies ordinares de la vie spirituelle"
63766: "FARGUES M" - "God of Christians"
63773: "FARICY E" - "Lord's dealing:" "the primacy of the feminine in Christian spirituality"
63769: "FARICY R" - "Christian faith and my everyday life:" "the spiritual doctrine of Teilhard de Chardin"
38910: FARINDON A - LXXX Sermons preached at the Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene Milk Street, London whereof nine of them not till now published in two continuously paginated volumes with a large table to both, second ed, revised and corrected...[includes re-issue of XXXII Sermons-Wing F437]
43620: "FARLEY J R" - "Tsedeqh:" "and other sermons"
74509: "FARLEY D" - "Seasons of grace:" "reflections on the Orthodox church year"
6646: "FARLEY F A" - "Faith"
47197: FARLEY J - London art of cookery and Housekeeper's complete assistant on a new plan made plain and easy...appendix Considerations of culinary poisons, broths for the sick...bill of fare for every month of the year...
66912: KING-FARLOW J - Reason and religion: philosophy and religion in a scientific age
6650: "FARMER H H" - "Healing cross:" "further studies in the Christian interpretation of life"
35819: "FARMER D H" - "Benedict's disciples"
6651: FARMER H H - Revelation and religion: studies in the theological interpretation of religious types
6658: "FARMER L" - "We saw the Holy City"
36298: "FARMER P" - "Two, or" "The book of twins and doubles: an autobiographical anthology"
6659: "FARMER W R" - "Christian history & interpretation:" "studies presented to John Knox"
57258: FARMER J - In the fields with their flocks abiding
6657: "FARMER K A" - "Who Knows What is Good?:" "commentary on the book of Proverbs & Ecclesiastes (International theological commentary)"
24260: FARMER D - Oxford dictionary of saints
53445: FARMER D H - Benedict's disciples
6652: FARMER H H - Servant of the Word
36746: "FARNCOMBE B" - "Words for contemplation" "compiled 1978-1982"
47240: FARNOL J - Beltane the smith
6664: "FARQUHAR J N N" - "Primer of Hinduism"
25906: "FARR A" - "Sartre's radicalism and Oakeshott's conservatism:" "the duplicity of freedom"
51092: FARRAR F W - Bible: its meaning and supremacy
63794: "FARRAR F W" - "Gathering clouds:" "a tale of the days of St. Chrysostom"
6672: FARRAR F W - Our English Minsters
29294: "FARRAR F W" - "Life of Christ" "with original illustrations"
34222: "FARRAR F W" - "Silence and the voices of God, with other sermons"
6671: FARRAR F W - Life of Christ with original illustrations
52162: FARRAR F W - Life and teaching of Jesus Christ by the four evangelists: being the text of the gospels rearranged in chronological order
6675: "FARRELL C" - "Sacraments today:" "their meaning & celebration"
6676: "FARRELL W" - "Companion to the Summa Vol II" "Pursuit of happiness (Corresponding to the ""Summa Theologica"" IA IIAE)"
63797: FARRELL E - Prayer is a hunger (Prayer and practice)
52419: FARRELL E - Free to be nothing
52420: FARRER A - Saving belief: a discussion of essentials (Library of Anglican Spirituality)
6696: FARRER A - Science of God?
6708: "FARRER A" - "Words for life"
21915: FARRER A - Lord I Believe: suggestions for turning the creed into prayer
6695: "FARRER A" - "Saving belief"
6677: FARRER A - Brink of mystery
55428: FARRINGTON B - Science in antiquity (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge 179)
33335: "O'COLLINS G & FARRUGIA E G" - "Concise dictionary of theology"
56689: FARTHING S - 1001 paintings you must see before you die
6712: "FASCICULE H" - "Bibliotheque de l'ecole Des Hautes Études" "publiée sous les auspices du ministere de l'instruction publique sciences philologiques et histoiriques"
6713: "FAST H" - "Jews:" "story of a people"
27655: "FASTNEDGE R" - "Sheraton furniture"
63808: ANDREW FATHER - GOD'S TRYST: a devotional following of the prayers of the Divine Liturgy
370: ANDREW FATHER - In the silence: four retreats
63820: "ANDREW FATHER" - "LIGHT OF THE WORLD:" "meditations"
6714: "FATHER, FR" - "God's adventure"
28185: ANDREW FATHER - God's adventure
37976: "VERNON FATHER" - "Confession and absolution" "(Congress Books: 31)"
390: ANDREW FATHER - Way of Victory: meditations
365: ANDREW FATHER [BURNE] - Life and Letters of Father Andrew
383: ANDREW FATHER - Seven Words from the Cross: devotions for the three hours
381: ANDREW FATHER - Selections from the Psalms: a devotional commentary
41590: "VINCENTIAN FATHER" - "Book of the miraculous medal"
64824: "ANDREW FATHER [GRIFFITH]" - "GIFT OF LIGHT:" "collection of thoughts from Father Andrew selected & edited by Harry C Griffith"
391: ANDREW FATHER - Ways of God
63832: JAMES FATHER - Challenge of Christ
63833: JAMES FATHER - Mother of Jesus
67391: LEHEN FATHER DE - Way on interior peace: dedicated to Our Lady of Peace
51976: APOSTOLIC FATHERS [BURTON E] - Apostolic fathers: the epistles of SS Clement of Rome and Barnabas and the shepherd of Hermas with a History of the Christian church in the first century
47835: DESERT FATHERS - Wisdom of the Desert Fathers: systematic sayings from the anonymous series of the Apophthegmata Patrum tr with intro by Benedicta Ward foreword by Anthony Bloom
35941: "NICENE FATHERS" - "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church:" "edited by P Schaff Volume III St Augustin: On the Holy Trinity, Doctrinal Treatises, Moral Treatises"
26808: DESERT FATHERS [WADDELL, H] - Desert Fathers: translations from the Latin by Helen Waddell with an introduction
580: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Apostolic Fathers: Part 1 The epistles of SS Clement of Rome" "and Barnabas, and the Shepherd of Hermas with an intro comprising a history of the Christian Church in the 1st Century by the late Dr Burton (A&ML)"
38034: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Epistles of SS. Clement of Rome and Barnabas, and the" "Shepherd of Hermas, with an intro comprising a history of the Christian church in the first century by the Late Dr Burton, in two volumes"
582: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Part I, S. Clement of Rome:" "a revised text with intro, notes, dissertations, and trans by the late JB Lightfoot Vol 1"
584: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Part II, S. Ignatius. S. Polycarp:" "revised texts with intro, notes, dissertations, and trans by J B Lightfoot Vol 1"
585: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Part II, S. Ignatius. S. Polycarp:" "revised texts with intro, notes, dissertations, and trans by J B Lightfoot Vol 2"
32334: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Part II, S. Ignatius. S. Polycarp:" "revised texts with intro, notes, dissertations, and trans by J B Lightfoot in 3 volume set"
587: "APOSTOLIC FATHERS" - "Promise of Good Things:" "edited by Oliver Davies, trans by AI Jones & O Davies"
6715: "FATHERS" - "Fathers of the Church: Tertullian, Cyprian, Arnobius," "Lactantius, Ambrose, Jerome,, Augustine: selection from writings of Latin Fathers tr with intro FA Wright"
32014: DESERT FATHERS [WADDELL H] - Desert Fathers: trans from the Latin with an intro by Helen Waddell
37603: APOSTOLIC FATHERS [KLEIST] - Didache; The Epistles of Barnabas; The Epistles and the martyrdom of St. Polycarp; The fragments of Papias; The Epistle to Diognetus (Ancient Christain Writers Vol 6)
52193: APOSTOLIC FATHERS - Fathers not papists: or, six discourses by the most eloquent Fathers of the Church with numerous extracts from their writings
44688: DESERT FATHERS - Lives of the Desert Fathers: the historia monachorum in aegypto translated by N Russell Intro by Benedicta Ward
5629: DESERT FATHERS - Lives of the Desert Fathers, the ""Historia monachorum in Aegypto"" translated by N Russell, introduction by Benedicta Ward
5628: DESERT FATHERS - Desert of the Heart: introduced and edited by Benedicta Ward
578: APOSTOLIC FATHERS - Apostolic Fathers with an English trans by Kirsopp Lake volume I and volume II (Loeb Classical Library)
45660: FATTORUSSO J & M-L - Rome: monuments of antiquity, the churches, the palaces, the treasures of art. A handbook for students and travellers with 1045 illustrations
25187: "MUNRO-FAURE L ET AL" - "Quality improvement:" "teamwork solutions from the UK and North America"
25275: "FAWCETT P" - "Managing information:" "understanding the impact of IT on the financial services"
6725: FAWCETT T - Symbolic language of religion: introductory study
6727: "FAWCETT T J" - "Liturgy of Comprehension 1689:" "an abortive attempt to revise The BCP (Alcuin Club Collections 54)"
44281: "FAWCETT N" - "Resourcing the Christian Seasons Book 1"
44603: "FAWCETT N" - "Resourcing the Christian Seasons Book 2"
30647: FAWCETT T - Hebrew myth and Christian gospel
56904: BECKWITH R & DAUNTON-FEAR A - Water and the wine: a contribution to the debate on children and the Holy Communion (Latimer Studies 61)
48561: FEARNLEY K ET AL - Bisexual lives
6733: "FEARON M" - "No place like home:" "Christians and the scandal of homelessness"
6735: "FEASEY J E" - "Religion, morals and manners:" "course of Bible teaching for the school and home"
44036: FEBRUAR M D VON ET AL - Globalisation and human dignity: sources and challenges in Catholic social thought
63844: "FEDER D" - "Jewish conservative looks at Pagan America"
45519: EUROPEAN BAPTIST FEDERATION - EBF anti-trafficking resource book 2: what can churches do
50639: FEDERICI R S - Hope for the hopeless child: a guide for families with special discussion for assessing and treating the post-institutionalized child
6738: "FEDOROVA N" - "Children"
36018: "FEDOTOV G" - "Treasury of Russian spirituality"
6743: FEE G D - Paul, the spirit and the people of God
44358: "FEEHAN J A" - "Preaching in stories"
41223: FEEHAN J A - Stories for preachers
56147: FEHRENBACH P K - Soul and self: parallels between spiritual and psychological growth
63849: FEIDER P A - Arise and walk: the Christian search for meaning in suffering
32416: "BURG D & FEIFER G" - "Solzhenitsyn:" "a biography"
60523: "FEILD R" - "Collector's guide to buying antique silver"
31790: "FEILER B" - "Walking the bible:" "a journey by land through the five books of Moses"
6748: "FEILING K" - "History of England:" "from the coming of the English to 1918"
26664: "GARDEN F L & FEIN K J" - "Apple Pie" "Teacher's Book"
6751: "FELDERHOF M C" - "Religious education in a pluralistic society:" "papers from a consultation on theology and education at Westhill College, Selly Oak"
6752: FELICITY MARY, SISTER - Mother Millicent of the Will of God: Mother Foundress of the Society of the Precious Blood 1869-1956
55715: FELLOWES W D - Visit to the monastery of La Trappe in 1817: with notes taken on a tour through Le Perche, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois and environs of Paris
56807: FELLOWS C - Travels and researches in Asia Minor: more particularly in the Province of Lycia
25549: "BUCHAN I E & FELLOWS S" - "Arcus quickstat biomedical:" "statistical software for Microsoft Windows: user guide"
43585: "FELLOWS S" - "God's great mystery trip:" "from atheist to Chaplain in fourteen days"
22035: "EVANGELICAL FELLOWSHIP" - "Evangelical and congregational:" "'The Principles of Congregational independents' prepared by the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches from a draft by G T Booth"
24034: "DOHNAVUR FELLOWSHIP" - "His thoughts said... His Father said..."
50564: CHURCHES FELLOWSHIP (CFPSS) - Parapsychology in education: a short introduction to psychical and spiritual studies for all who work in the educational field
51173: FENDER J - Understanding Keynes: an analysis of 'The General Theory'
52580: FENELON F DE [FRANCOIS DE SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE] - Adventures de Telemaque nouvelle edition avec figures; l'eloge de l'auteur par la harpe; table des matieres; et notes illustratives in 2 volumes
56978: FENELON F DE - Spiritual letters of Francois de Salignac de la mothe Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambrai: letters to ecclesiastics and religious, to Madame de Maintenon and to the Countess de Montbreron
6756: FENELON F DE [FRANCOIS DE SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE] - Letters to men and women selected with an introduction by Derek Stanford [from English text of H L Sidney Lear]
30318: "FENHAGEN J C" - "Invitation to holiness"
32279: "FENN R" - "Dream of the perfect act:" "an inquiry into the fate of religion in a secular world"
32043: "FENN R K" - "End of time:" "religion, ritual, and the forging of the soul"
56430: FENN R K - Liturgies and trials: the secularization of religious language
33178: FENTON J - Matthew passion: a Lenten journey to the cross and resurrection
54045: FENTON J - Galatians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians: the people's Bible commentary
33179: "FENTON J" - "Affirmations based on the Sunday and principal Holy Day" "readings: ASB year one and two"
28320: "FENTON J" - "Handbook of automotive body & systems design"
1834: FENTON J C - Gospel according to John in the Revised Standard Version with introduction and commentary
6763: "FENTON J C" - "Passion according to John:" "with intro, notes & meditations"
28218: "FENTON N ET AL" - "Mediating social science"
52790: FENTON J - More about Mark
6766: "FENWICK H" - "Civil Liberties (Lecture notes)"
24277: FENWICK J R K - Eucharistic concelebration (GW82)
8266: FENWICK J R K - Missing obligation: the contents of the early antiochene anaphora (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 11) (Grove Liturgical Study 59)
22937: FENWICK J - Eastern Orthodox liturgy (GMW56)
63864: "FERDER F" - "WORDS MADE FLESH:" "scripture, psychology and human communication"
6775: FERGUSON R - Chasing the wild goose: the story of the Iona Community
63866: "FERGUSON T" - "Love of the divine healer:" "an approach to the Ministry of Healing"
56799: FERGUSON T - Collection of Russian metal icons
44326: FERGUSON R - George MacLeod: founder of the Iona Community
6771: "FERGUSON J" - "Give peace a chance"
30319: FERGUSON J - Jesus in the tide of time: an historical study
6776: "FERGUSON R" - "George MacLeod:" "Founder of the Iona Community"
25119: "NICHOLLS D G & FERGUSON S J" - "Bioenergetics 2"
53034: FERGUSON D S - Lovescapes - mapping the geography of love: an invitation to the love-centered life
53035: FERGUSON E - Early Church at work and worship: Volume one - Ministry, ordination, covenant, and canon
52594: FERGUSON J - Place of suffering
63870: "FERGUSON J" - "Gods many and Lords many:" "a study in primal religions"
6770: FERGUSON E - Encyclopedia of Early Christianity
6774: FERGUSON J - War and peace in the world's religions
47864: FERGUSON H - Partita for orchestra miniature score [Hawkes Pocket Scores No 14]
43734: "FERGUSSON R" - "Chambers Book of Days:" "miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the calendar"
32280: "FERGUSSON D" - "Community, liberalism and Christian ethics" "(New studies in Christian ethics)"
46168: FERGUSSON J E - Inorganic chemistry and the earth [Pergamon series on environmental science volume 6]: chemical resources, their extraction, use and environmental impact
6780: "FERM V" - "Encyclopedia of religion"
44237: "FERM D W" - "Third world liberation theologies:" "a reader"
6779: "FERM D W" - "Third world theologies;" "an introductory survey"
6783: FERMOR P L - Time to keep silence
57003: FERNANDES C V ET AL - Sea: artistic works of King D Carlos
6784: "FERNANDO A" - "Buddhism made plain:" "intro for Christians, rev ed of Buddhism & Xianity"
43553: "FERNANDO A" - "Call to joy and pain:" "embracing suffering in your ministry"
28360: "FERNYHOUGH M ET AL" - "Biddulph Players 1950-2000:"
54853: O'FERRALL S L - Holy Rood: a dream - the earliest story of the Cross...
54334: FERRAR N - Story books of Little Gidding: the religious dialogues recited in the great room 1631 - 2
41435: "SMITH A E & FERRAR W J" - "Sundays of man's life:" "an anthology for the Sundays and Holy Days of the Christian year"
56166: FERRAR W J - Ladder of the Cross: meditations for Holy Week, including addresses on the seven last words
33532: FERRAR M L [SIMMS] - Addresses and papers of Michael Lloyd Ferrar 1909-1960: Warden of the Divinity Hostel, Dublin, 1939-1960 edited with a memoir by G O Simms, Archbishop of Dublin
28183: FERRE F - Language, logic and God
6787: FERRE F - Basic modern philosophy of religion
24439: FERRE F - Hellfire and lightning rods: liberating science, technology, and religion
6790: "FERRE N" - "Know your faith"
6791: "FERRE N F S" - "Christ & the Christian"
6793: "FERRE N F S" - "Know your faith"
24317: "FERRE N F S" - "Living God of nowhere and nothing"
24272: "FERRE N F S" - "Making religion real"
6795: "FERRE N F S" - "Strengthening the spiritual life"
24316: "FERRE N F S" - "Universal word:" "a theology for a universal faith"
25080: "FERREIRA A M" - "GMAT CAT practice tests, quantitative:" "[Graduate Management Admission Test, Computer Adaptive Tests]"
63885: "FERRIER F" - "What is incarnation?:" "[Faith and Fact book 24]"
6807: "FFORDE A" - "Christmas poems 1932-1971"
63898: "FICHTER J H" - "Dynamics of a city church:" "[Southern Parish: Volume 1]"
40661: "FICHTNER J" - "Weisheit Salomos" "(Handbuch zum Alten Testament 6)"
56803: FICINO M - Letters of Marsilio Ficino (Volumes 1 - 3 only)
35830: "FIDDES V H" - "Science and the Gospel" "(Theology and science at the frontiers of knowledge)"
63904: "FIELD M J" - "Angels and ministers of grace:" "an ethno-psychiatrist's contribution to biblical criticism"
6816: FIELD G C - Philosophy of Plato (Home University Library)
8231: FIELD D - Homosexual Way: a Christian Option? (GE 9)
6817: "FIELD J E" - "Apostolic Liturgy and the Epistle to the Hebrews:" "being a commentary on the Epistle in its relation to the Holy Eucharist, with appendices on the Liturgy of the primitive church"
37039: "FIELD R" - "Of the church" "(Five books in four volumes) (Ecclesiastical History Society)"
63899: "FIELD B" - "Students handbook of christian theology"
44295: "FIELD M" - "John Nelson Darby:" "prophetic pioneer"
57245: FIELD R - Parish choirbook: music for the Church's year
6818: FIELD J E - English liturgies of 1549 and 1661 compared with each other and with the ancient liturgies
47736: FIELD J - Rondo in E flat (Polka Rondo) piano solo
55702: FIELD P - Breaking bread
56801: FIELDING H - History of the adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his friend Mr Abraham Adams (Volume I only): written in imitation of the manner of Cervantes, author of Don Quixote
51242: FIELDING H - Tom Jones (Oxford World's Classics)
32785: "FIELDS D" - "Purpose driven youth ministry:" "9 essential foundations for healthy growth"
44244: "FIELDS L M" - "Hebrew for the rest of us:" "using Hebrew tools without mastering Biblical Hebrew"
52788: FIERRO A - Militant gospel: an analysis of contemporary political theologies
6820: "FIGGIS J N" - "Churches in the modern state" "(Key texts: Classic studies in the history of ideas)"
6831: "FILSON F V" - "Commentary on the Gospel According to St Matthew" "(BNTC)"
6834: "FILSON F V" - "Three crucial decades:" "studies in the Book of Acts"
6835: FILSON F V - Yesterday: a study of Hebrews in the light of chapter 13 (SBT2/4)
45400: FILSON F V - Gospel according to St Matthew [Black's New Testament Commentaries]
6836: "FILTHAUT T" - "Learning to worship"
6839: "FINCH A" - "Journey to the light:" "spirituality as we mature"
18127: "SPENCER H & FINCH E" - "Constitutional practice and discipline of the Methodist" "Church: prepared by author the Methodist Conference"
21829: FINCH R G - Synagogue lectionary and the New Testament: a study of the three-year cycle of readings from the law and the prophets as a contribution to New Testament chronology
6840: FINCHAM K - Visitation articles and injunctions of the early Stuart Church 1603-1642 Vol I & Vol II (Church of England Record Society)
54654: FINCHER J - Great parable
22025: "FINDLAY J A" - "Trustworthiness of the Gospels" "(Christian beliefs)"
36683: "FINDLEY T" - "Famous last words:" "a novel"
25437: "FINE A" - "Granny project" "(Plays Plus)"
29134: "FINE M J" - "Parents vs. children:" "making the relationship work"
6844: "FINE R" - "Freud:" "a critical re-evaluation of his theories"
6848: FINEGAN J - Light from the Ancient Past: archaeological background to the Hebrew-Christian religion
39191: "FINEGAN J" - "Archaeology of the New Testament:" "the life of Jesus and the beginning of the early church"
53439: FINK P E - New dictionary of sacramental worship
53033: FINLAN S - Family metaphor in Jesus' teaching: gospel imagery and application
23664: "FINLAY A" - "Without day:" "proposals for a new Scottish Parliament together compact disc"
37645: FINLAY G - Greece under the Romans
44363: "FINLAYSON R A" - "Reformed theological writings"
6855: "FINLEY M I" - "World of Odysseus"
6854: FINLEY J - Merton's palace of nowhere: a search for God through awareness of the true self
24450: "FINN D" - "Just trading:" "on the ethics and economics of international trade"
56146: FINNEGAN S - Book of hours and other Catholic devotions
29884: FINNEY J - Groups: asking the right questions (GP23)
63928: "FINNEY C G" - "Love is not a special way of feeling:" "extracts from lectures on systematic theology"
39497: FINNEY C G - Revivals of religion
50533: FINUCANE R C - Miracles and pilgrims: popular beliefs in medieval England
6867: "FIORENZA E S" - "Sharing her words:" "feminist biblical interpretation in context"
74357: FIORENZA E S - Power of naming: a concilium reader in feminist liberation theology
40539: "PUI-LAN K & FIORENZA E S" - "Woman's sacred scriptures" "(Concilium 1998/3)"
6861: FIORENZA E S - Discipleship of equals: critical feminist ekklesia-logy of liberation
6865: FIORENZA E S - Searching the scriptures Vol 1 a feminist introduction
6866: FIORENZA E S - Searching the scriptures: Vol 2 a feminist commentary
6874: "FIRTH P" - "Love that moves the sun:" "searching for God"
6878: "FISCHER E" - "Necessity of art:" "a Marxist approach"
6879: FISCHER K - Women at the well: feminist perspectives on spiritual direction
56482: FISCHER K - Women at the well: feminist perspectives on spiritual direction
41075: FISCHER L - Essential Gandhi, his life, work, and ideas: an anthology edited by Louis Fischer
43732: "FISHER L" - "Widening Road from Bethlehem to Emmaus:" "exploring the gospel of Luke"
63936: "FISHER D" - "Church in transition"
41201: "FISHER R" - "Assembly year"
63937: "FISHER G P" - "Reformation"
38801: "AYERST D & FISHER A S T" - "Records of Christianity:" "Volume I: In the Roman Empire"
26625: "BARRETT R & FISHER J S" - "Journeymen:" "essays on male spirituality"
31007: "FISHER C" - "Walsingham:" "a place for pilgrimage for all people"
37389: "FISHER G" - "Feeling our way:" "three sermons preached in Jerusalem, Instanbul and Rome"
6883: "FISHER G" - "Standards of morality:" "Christian and Humanist"
6886: "FISHER G F" - "Anglican-Methodist conversations & problems of church" "unity : some personal reflections"
6889: "FISHER G F" - "Covenant and reconciliation:" "critical examination of ""Covenanting for Union"" & ""Towards reconciliation"""
6895: "FISHER H A L" - "Our new religion:" "an examination of Christian science"
38605: "FISHER J C" - "Liturgical purity our rightful inheritance"
39530: FISHER M - For the time being: a memoir
38802: "FISHER N" - "Harold Macmillan:" "a biography"
6900: "FISHER P J" - "Universe, life & man"
11036: "KNAPP-FISHER E" - "Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue:" "and three Archiepiscopal visits to Rome"
564: "KNAPP-FISHER E G" - "Catholic and reformed:" "an essay in the understanding of Anglicanism"
42395: "KNAPP-FISHER E G" - "To be or not to be?" "(Archbishop of Cape Town's Lent Book 1968)"
54468: FISHER P - Outside Eden: finding hope in an imperfect world
40361: "FISHER G F" - "Redeeming the situation:" "occasional sermons, 1947"
11037: KNAPP-FISHER E G - Belief and prayer
41080: "FISHER G F" - "Convocation of Canterbury: text of the Presidential Address" "to the Canterbury Convocation delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury in church House, Westminster, on 11 October, 1955"
51573: FISHER G F - Archbishop speaks: addresses and speeches by the Archbishop of Canterbury
53438: FISHER P - Unpacking the gift: Anglican resources for theological reflecti0on on the gift of authority
49974: FISK G - Paley's view of the evidences of Christianity: comprising the text of Paley verbatim with examination questions
6906: "FISON J E" - "Fire Upon the Earth"
6907: "FISON J E" - "On the move to unity: Cambridge sermons on the" "Anglican approach by CFD Moule, RN Whybray, GWH Lampe et al"
54528: FISON J E - Understanding the Old Testament: the way of holiness
6904: FISON J E - Blessing of the Holy Spirit
56428: FISSEL M C - Bishops' wars: Charles I's campaigns against Scotland 1638 - 1640 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History)
44015: "FITCHETT W H" - "Wesley and his century;" "a study in spiritual forces with a portrait and facsimiles"
54653: FITZGERALD J T - Greco-Roman perspectives on friendship (Resources for Biblical Study 25)
47667: FITZGERALD K - With O'Leary in the grave
38868: "FITZJAMES R" - "Famous missal of Richard Fitzjames, vicar of the parish" "church of Saint Michael, Minehead, AD 1485-1497 compiled by Cecil D Bullivant (Minehead's Great Treasure)"
54650: FITZMYER J A - Wandering Aramean: collected Aramaic essays (Society of Biblical Literature Monograph Series No 25)
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43606: FOYLE M - Can it be me?: an inspiring insight into an extraordinary life
29734: NEW GOSPEL FRAGMENTS - New Gospel fragments with one plate
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29942: FRANCE R T - Gospel according to Matthew: an introduction and commentary (Tyndale New testament Commentary)
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57197: SALES ST FRANCIS DE - Sermons of St Francis de Sales on Our Lady
57198: SALES ST FRANCIS DE - Sermons of St Francis de Sales for Lent
47521: FRANCIS P - Rebuilding communion: who pays the price? from the Lambeth Conference 1998 to the Lambeth Conference 2008 and beyond
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7166: FRANCIS, ST OF ASSISI - Little Flowers of the glorious Messer St Francis & of his friars: done into English with notes by W Heywood
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64131: "FRANCISCO C T" - "Introducing the Old Testament"
49340: FRANCK C [ARR GEEHL] - Tantum ergo: Holy Spirit (Enoch two-part songs No 247)
49316: FRANCK C [HICKS M] - Five transcriptions of sacred songs: for small organ with Hammond registration
47765: FRANCK C - Pastorale Opus 19 (Organ music)
46279: FRANCO J - Spanish short stories 1: Cuentos Hispanicos 1
64134: "FRANK A G" - "On capitalist underdevelopment"
73103: TOPPING FRANK - GRAPPLING WITH GOD ON THE M25: a theology for everyday life
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7195: FRANK H T - Archaeological companion to the Bible
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27705: "HOBART C & FRANKEL J" - "Practical guide to child-care employment"
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56425: FRANKENA W K - Ethics (Foundations of Philosophy Series)
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37792: "FRANKLIN M J" - "Cartulary of Daventry Priory" "(NRS Vol XXXV)"
46170: FIELD F H & FRANKLIN J L - Electron impact phenomena and the properties of gaseous ions
7203: "FRANKS R S" - "Doctrine of the trinity" "(ST 51)"
41188: "FRANZERO C M" - "Memoirs of Pontius Pilate"
51251: ROEHRS W R & FRANZMANN M H - Concordia self-study commentary: an authoritative in-home resource for students of the Bible
52315: FRARY R - Really vicar
64154: FRASER J W - Jesus and Paul: Paul as interpreter of Jesus from Harnack to Kummel
7208: "FRASER A J A" - "I Remember I Remember:" "An autobiography of a nonagenerian"
27534: "FRASER F" - "Beloved Emma:" "the life of Emma Lady Hamilton"
7210: "FRASER G S" - "Modern writer & his world"
23102: "FRASER I M" - "Salted with fire:" "life-stories, meditations, prayers"
7214: "FRASER J M" - "Psychology:" "general - industrial - social"
53913: FRASER M - Companion into Somerset
55073: FRASER I M - Bible congregation and community
41189: "FRASER A C" - "Selections from Berkeley annotated:" "an introduction to the problems of modern philosophy for the use of students in colleges and universities"
7212: FRASER I M - Reinventing theology: as the people's work
56701: FRASER J - Private view: inside Baryshnikov's American Ballet Theatre
33177: "FRAYLING N" - "Pardon and peace:" "a reflection on the making of peace in Ireland"
7216: FRAZER J G - Golden bough: a study in magic & religion abridged in 2 volumes
22580: "FRAZER H" - "Memorials by artists"
64156: FRAZER J G - GOLDEN BOUGH: study in magic and religion abridged edition in one volume
66986: "KNOOP BARONESS FREDA DE" - "ALL HAIL: simple teachings on the Bible" "with illustrations from Old Masters by Annie Thynne [biblical quotations printed in red]"
29719: "FREDERICK J B M" - "Future of liturgical reform"
50768: FREDRIKSEN P - Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews: a Jewish life and the emergence of Christianity
50799: FREDRIKSEN P - Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews: a Jewish life and the emergence of Christianity
45407: FREDRIKSEN P - From Jesus to Christ: the origins of the New Testament images of Jesus
40156: "FREDRIKSSON H" - "Jahwe als Krieger:" "Studien zum Alttestamentlichen Gottesbild"
7222: "FREED E D" - "New Testament:" "a critical introduction"
36775: FREED E D - Stories of Jesus
26128: "FREEDMAN C" - "Japanese economic policy reconsidered" "published in assn with Centre for Japanese Economic Studies, Macquarie University Australia"
7224: "FREEDMAN R" - "Marx on economics"
55920: FREEDMAN H S - How to get a headhunter to call
318: FREEDMAN D N - Anchor Bible Dictionary: complete set of 6 volumes no additional UK postal cost, please ask for overseas quotation weight c14 kg
25063: "FREEMAN C" - "Offshore secrets: how to legally avoid excessive taxes," "protect your assets and privacy adn live free from 'Big Brother' government"
30061: "FREEMAN F" - "Readiness for ministry through spiritual direction"
7232: "FREEMAN L" - "Light within:" "the inner path of meditation"
37651: FREEMAN P - Principles of divine service: an enquiry concerning the true manner of understanding & using the order for morning/evening prayer, & for the administration o the Holy Communion in the English Church, in two volumes
45657: FREEMAN E A - Studies of travel Italy
46692: FREEMAN E A - Sketches of travel in Normandy and Maine
46722: FREEMAN E A - Studies of travel: Greece
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56961: GARDINER S R - History of England from the Accession of James I to the outbreak of the civil war (Volumes I to VI only) UK shipping £7.50. Overseas shipping please ask for a quote.
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40429: "GENNARO G DE" - "Lavoro e riposo nella bibbia" "(Studio biblico teologico aquilano)"
57191: CATHERINE OF GENOA - Spiritual doctrine of St Catherine of Genoa: consisting of the life and doctrine of St Catherine of Genoa and spiritual dialogue and treatise on purgatory
40101: "GENOUDE M DE" - "Nouvelle exposition du Dogme Catholique:" "la doctrine de l'église catholique par Bossuet: de la Regle Générale de la Foi Catholique par véro et des maximes de l'église sur le salut des hommes par M L'Eveque D'Hermopolis"
7513: "GEOGHEGAN W D" - "Platonism in recent religious thought"
56422: GEORGE D L - War Memoirs of David Lloyd George (Volumes I & II)
44626: "TOWNSEND GEORGE" - "Life and defence of the conduct and principles of the Venerable and Caluminiated" "Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London in the reins of Henry VIII Edward VI Mary and Elizabeth"
28121: "GEORGE B" - "Main bitch" "(crime novel)"
7516: "GEORGE M D" - "England in Johnson's day"
7519: "GEORGE R T DE" - "Ethics and society:" "original essays on contemporary moral problems"
34091: "MORTON-GEORGE P" - "With one accord:" "responsive prayers for use by ministers, lay preachers, teachers and other leaders of worship"
26346: TYRRELL GEORGE - Oil and wine
74607: "YATES GEORGE A" - "IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH:" "aspects of Judaism and Christianity"
56785: GEORGE C V R - Segregated sabbaths: Richard Allen and the rise on independent black churches 1760 - 1840
7521: GEORGE T - Theology of the Reformers
46587: GEORGE H B - Relations of geography and history
13860: MORTON-GEORGE P - All that makes a man: discussion topics for young people with appendices on Drama, Audio Visual Aids, Projects
21471: WYKEHAM-GEORGE K - Bede Jarrett of the Order of Preachers
60959: "BERGUER GEORGES" - "SOME ASPECT OF THE LIFE OF JESUS" "from the psychological and psycho-analytic point of view"
61398: "BRAY GERALD" - "STEPS OF UNDERSTANDING:" "key events in Jesus' life"
56933: ABDY J & GERE C - Souls
36926: GERHARDSSON B - Mighty acts of Jesus according to Matthew (Scripta Minora 1978-1979: 5)
32295: GERHARDSSON B - Ethos of the bible
48556: GERLEMAN G - Synoptic studies in the Old Testament
7528: GERRISH B A - Prince of the Church: Schleiermacher and the beginnings of Modern Theology
48862: GERSHOM L B [GERSONIDES] - Commentary on Song of Songs: Levi ben Gershom (Gersonides) translated from the Hebrew with an introduction and annotations by Menachem Kellner
64414: GERSTNER J H - Teachings of seventh-day adventism: a comparison of the tenets of seventh-day adventism with tradistional christian doctrines
11261: "KYLE R A & GERTZ M A" - "Amyloid and Amyloidosis 1998" "proceedings of the VIIIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis August 7-11 Rochester Minnesota USA"
25649: GESENIUS - Hebrew grammar as edited and enlarged by E Kautzsch, second English edition A E Cowley facsimile of the Siloam inscription and a table of alphabets
64416: GETZ G A - Measures of a christian: Studies in Titus
23993: GEYER J - Wisdom of Solomon (Torch Bible Commentaries)
40057: "GEYER J" - "Oracles against the nations:" "in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel in relation to the Ancient Hebrew Cult"
36149: "WALPOLE GH S" - "Mission of the Holy Ghost"
57306: GHEON H - Secret of the Cure D'Ars with a note on the Saint by G K Chesterton (Ark library)
7550: "GHEZZI B" - "Build with the Lord:" "pastoral advice for prayer groups in the charismatic renewal"
55068: GHEZZI B - Times book of saints
40517: "GIACHETTI C" - "Goldoni" "(Novissima Enciclopedia Monografica Illustrata 15)"
7555: "GIBBARD M" - "Tomorrow's church:" "survey of the church's work among children with special reference to evangelism"
7559: "GIBBENS T C N" - "Psychiatric studies of borstal lads" "(Institute of Psychiatry Maudsley Monograph 11)"
7560: "GIBBERD K" - "Teaching religion in schools"
7563: "GIBBON E" - "Memoirs & a selection from his letters" "ed by H Morley"
45506: GIBBON E - Life and letters of Edward Gibbon: with his history of the crusades with copious index by W J Day
60863: "GIBBONS S" - "Stamps of the world 1978:" "an illustrated and priced guide to the postage stamps of the whole world, excluding changes of paper, perforation, shade and watermark: lists of 192,500 stamps & over 40,500 illustrations"
45412: GIBBONS S - Standard catalogue of postage stamps of the world: part 1: the British empire, part 2: foreign countries
64442: GIBBS W - Shadow of his wings: a message of hope to all suffering women
36040: GIBBS E - Grow through groups (GM&W64)
47027: GIBBS J [ARR SALTER] - Sonatas for violin and harpsichord [No 1 in D minor]
7568: GIBBS E - I believe in church growth
7569: "GIBBS M" - "Christians with secular power"
8304: GIBBS E - Urban church growth: clues from South America and Britain (GMW 55)
57268: GIBBS A - Gaudeamus igitur (Sing aloud): mediaeval student song arranged with optional English text for SATB and organ or piano
33316: GIBBS P - Child sexual abuse: a concern for the church? (GP49)
7573: "GIBELLINI R" - "Paths of African theology"
73345: "GIBLET J ET AL" - "Birth of the church:" "a biblical study, essays by K Cerfaux, WC van Unnik et al"
56784: GIBRALTAR - Gibraltar and its sieges: with a description of its natural features
64447: GIBRAN K - Thoughts and meditations
7576: "GIBRAN K" - "Self-portrait:" "translated from the Arabic and edited by A R Ferris"
7578: GIBSON E C S - Book of Job with introduction and notes (Westminster Commentary)
7583: GIBSON J C L - Genesis (Volume II) (DSB)
7582: GIBSON J C L - Genesis (Volume I) (DSB)
44245: "GIBSON J C L" - "Davidson's introductory Hebrew grammar - syntax"
33126: GIBSON A - Biblical semantic logic: a preliminary analysis
40104: "GIBSON E C S" - "Three creeds"
40164: "GIBSON P W" - "Sunday worship:" "a short answer to Seventh-Day Adventism"
37655: "GIBSON S" - "Some Oxford Libraries" "[Ancient Library of the University, Duke Humphrey's Lib, Bodley's Lib, Mediaeval College Libs, Eighteenth Century Libs]"
9760: GIBSON S - Final days of Jesus: the archaeological evidence
53323: NEGEV A & GIBSON S - Archaeological encyclopedia of the Holy Land [2nd ed]
50934: GIBSON A B - Religion of Dostoevsky
43577: GIBSON J - Seasons of Womanhood: stories of despair and hope
40103: GIBSON W R B - Rudolf Eucken's philosophy of life
53414: HERZOG C & GICHON M - Battles of the Bible
11926: LITTLE GIDDING - Little Gidding Prayer Book
27248: "BOLD A & GIDDINGS R" - "True characters:" "real people in fiction (Longman pocket companion)"
51032: GIDNEY S - Reaching for the stars: the entertainer's prayer book
32292: "GIFFORD D" - "Farther shore:" "a natural history of perception, 1798-1984"
30840: GIFFORD P - 2000 years and beyond: faith, identity and the 'Common Era': with essays by Moltmann, Gray, Ricoeur, Schacht, Girard, Comaroff & Thiselton
44125: "GILBERT M" - "Letters to Auntie Fori:" "the 5,000-Year history of the Jewish People and their faith"
44636: "BURNET GILBERT" - "Bishop Burnet's history of his own time with notes by the Earls of Dartmouth" "and Hardwicke, Speaker Onslow and Dean Swift to which are added other annotations complete in 6 volumes"
62612: "COPE GILBERT" - "CHRISTIANITY AND THE VISUAL ARTS:" "studies in the art and architecture of the church"
25766: "GILBERT D" - "Retail marketing management"
7590: "GILBERT W S" - "Fifty ""Bab"" ballads:" "much sound & little sense"
35650: "GILBERT C" - "Furniture at Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall:" "a catalogue of the Leeds collection in two volumes (few colour but mainly black/white plates throughout)"
45570: GILBERT M - In search of Churchill: a historian's journey
55996: GETZ K & GILBERT M - VBA developer's handbook (Second edition)
45415: GILBERT B G - Who ministers to ministers?: a study of support systems for clergy and spouses
57154: GILBERTSON G - Tales of the Ship Inn Bishops Sutton
30090: GILBERTSON M T - Uncovering bible times: a study in biblical archaeology
64476: GILBEY J - Milestones: and other poems
64477: GILBEY J - In all the signs...: and other poems
42051: "GILES B" - "Dead sparrow:" "poems"
73863: "GILES G" - "MUSIC OF PRAISE:" "through the church year with the great hymns"
55066: GILES R - Creating uncommon worship: transforming the liturgy of the Eucharist
7598: "GILFILLAN G" - "Bards of the Bible"
64480: GILKES A N - Impact of the Dead Sea scrolls
7599: "GILKEY L" - "Message and existence:" "an introduction to Christian theology"
37328: "GILL A" - "Bibliography of Baptist writings on baptism 1900-1968" "(Bibliographical Aids No 1)"
7604: GILL J C - Parson Bull of Byerley
7605: "GILL J C" - "Ten Hours Parson:" "Christian social action in the Eighteen-Thirties"
30841: GILL R - Changing worlds: can the church respond?
17880: "GILL S" - "Lesbian & gay Christian movement:" "campaigning for justice, truth and love"
64491: GILL R - Prophecy and praxis: the social function of the churches
54282: GILL D M - Illuminated manuscripts: the life times and work of the world's greatest artists
7611: GILL R - Social context of theology: a methodological enquiry
7614: GILL R - Theology and sociology: a reader
45414: GILL R - Reading in Modern Theology: Britain and America
50736: GILLESPIE T W - First theologians: study in early Christian prophecy
56421: GILLETT H M - Story of the relics of the Passion
36061: GILLETT D ET AL - Place in the family: the single person in the local church (GP6)
32315: "HARRE R & GILLETT G" - "Discursive mind"

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