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4803: "COOPER H" - "Soul Searching:" "studies in Judaism and Psychotherapy"
27479: "UDEN G & COOPER R" - "Dictionary of British ships and seamen"
54146: COOPER P - Healing power of light: a comprehensive guide to healing and transformational powers of light
40863: "COOPER N" - "How to change the course of industrial relations"
56004: COOPER D - Darling monster: the letters of Lady Diana Cooper to her son John Julius Norwich 1939 - 1952
29165: "PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS" - "Tolley's taxation of foreign exchange gains and losses"
14740: ORD R & COOTE R B - Is the Bible true? understanding the Bible today
62611: COPE G ET AL - EXPERIMENTAL LITURGY (Ecumenical studies in worship no.3)
4811: "COPE G" - "Christian ministry in new towns"
32072: "COPE G" - "Dying death and disposal" "by J Hick, G Rowell, W J Grisbrooke et al"
55704: COPELAND G - Call to prayer: intercession in action
31698: "COPENHAVER M B ET AL" - "Good news in exile:" "three pastors offer a hopeful vision for the church [articles also by A B Robinson & W H Willimon]"
44501: "COPLESTON F C" - "Russian religious philosophy:" "selected aspects"
52399: COPLEY T ET AL - Splashes of God-light: Bible stories retold by Jews and Christians
24518: "COPLEY T" - "Doves in the rat race:" "Christian life-style today"
22000: "COPLEY T" - "Onward, Christian parents!"
55746: COPPING H - Life of Jesus in pictures
29394: "COPTIC" - "Coptic morning service for the Lord's Day" "trans into English by John, Marquis of Bute in original decorated blue cloth, ex clerical library - marks are number on spine, label inside front board and computer label on back endpaper"
4825: "CORBET R W" - "Letters from a mystic of the present day"
34359: CORBETT P - Ideologies (Philosophy at work)
51856: CORBIC A - Incroyance: une chance pour la foi?
54020: CORBISHLEY T - Mary Ward in the 20th century: the life of Reverend Mother M Cecilia Marshall
9872: IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA [CORBISHLEY - Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: translation by T Corbishley
62646: "CORCORAN C" - "TAKE CARE!:" "preventing child abuse: a handbook for parents"
50092: CORCORAN R - Bishop or the king: how the Anglican Church of Canada has failed to defend its king
53473: CORCORAN G - Guide to the confessions of St Augustine (Living Flame Series Volume 17)
44296: "CORDEIRO W" - "Leading on empty:" "refilling your tank and renewing your passion"
4830: "CORDWELL C S" - "Praising Heart: in love and gratitude to Broughton Park," "Heaton Mersey and Marple Bridge Congregational and United Reformed Churches 1911-1985"
26167: "CORICELLI F, MATTEO M D & HAHN" - "New theories in growth and development"
62648: "CORLESS R" - "I AM FOOD:" "the Mass in planetary perspective"
40479: "CORNILL C E" - "I profeti d'Israele" "(Biblioteca di cultura moderna)"
4842: "CORNILL C" - "Introduction to the canonical" "books of the Old Testament"
37739: CORNISH G J - Selection from the sermons and poetical remains of the Revd George James Cornish, late vicar of Kenwyn and Kea
51702: CORNISH C J - Wild England of today: and the wild life in it
62654: "CORNWALL I" - "ICE AGES:" "their nature and effects"
37460: "ROYAL CORNWALL" - "Hundredth Annual Report of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic" "Society, new series, volume VII, Centenary number, Part III - 1933 [Presentation copy - Sir John Cadman]"
4847: CORNWELL P - Human arch
27989: "CORNWELL P" - "Southern cross"
51746: CORNWELL M - Parying the Passion living the Gospel: scriptural reflections for adult believers
49842: CORNY K ET AL - Meet the neighbours
22386: "BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP" - "English-Welsh vocabulary together with examples" "of conjugation, greetings, phrases, and sentences, mutations, numbers"
4989: "BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP" - "Learning Welsh" "[English-Welsh vocabulary available separately]"
4850: CORRIGAN F - Benedictine tapestry
36902: "CORSTANJE A VAN" - "Third Order for our times" "[Secular orders of Saint Francis]"
47351: COSGRAVE P - Strange death of socialist Britain: post war British politics
62660: "COSGROVE F M" - "ESSENTIALS OF DISCIPLESHIP:" "practical help on how to live as Christ's disciple"
62661: "COSGROVE F M" - "ESSENTIALS OF NEW LIFE:" "Biblical truths a new Christian needs to know"
4851: COSIN J, BP OF DURHAM - Works of the Rt Revd Father in God John Cosin in 5 vols: 1.Sermons 2.Miscellaneous Works 3.Scholastical History of the Canon of the holy Scripture 4.Miscellaneous Works 5.Notes & collections on the Book of Common Prayer (LACT) (Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology)
25038: "COSMI E V" - "Labor and delivery:" "Proceedings of the 2nd World Congress May 1997, Rome"
40659: "COSQUIN E" - "Prologue-cadre des mille et une nuits:" "les legendes perses et le livre d'esther"
35484: "COSSLETT MRS" - "Father of Methodism:" "a sketch of the life and labours of the Rev John Wesley"
40372: "COSTACURTA B" - "Vita minacciata:" "il tema della puara nella Bibbia Ebraica (Analecta Biblica 119)"
4853: "COSTAIN T B" - "Silver Chalice:" "a story for the Cup of the Last Supper"
55335: COSTANZO E - Harbor for the poor: a missiological analysis of almsgiving in the view and practice of John Chrysostom
62663: "COSTANZO J F" - "PAPAL MAGISERIUM and ""Humanae Vitae""" "pages 377 - 421 of 'THOUGHT' (Fordham University Press) volume XLIV, No 174, Autumn 1969"
55425: COSTLER A ET AL - Encyclopaedia of sexual knowledge
4857: "COTGROVE S" - "Science of society:" "intro to sociology"
38769: "COTSONIS J" - "Validity of the Anglican Orders" "(reprinted from the Greek Orthodox Theological Review, Spring 1958-Summer 1958)"
40887: COTTAM T - Fourth gospel rearranged
46025: COTTER J - By stony paths
4863: COTTER J - Prayer in the Day: a book of mysteries
4864: COTTER J - Prayer in the Morning: a book for Day's beginning
45619: COTTER J - Towards the city: a version of psalms 101 - 150
40888: COTTER J - Love re-membered: resources for a house eucharist
54944: COTTER J - Giving voice to the voiceless: encouraging one another in the shaping of prayer (Occasional Paper No 12)
54780: COTTER W - Miracles in Greco-Roman antiquity: a sourcebook for the study of New Testament miracle stories
33516: COTTERELL P - Mission and meaninglessness: the good news in a world of suffering and disorder
21712: "COTTERILL J H" - "Let's talk it through:" "a book of discussion material"
55216: COTTRELL S - Things he carried: a journey to the cross: meditations fro Lent and Holy Week
43748: "COTTRELL S" - "Do nothing to change your life:" "discovering what happens when you stop"
23331: "COTTRELL J" - "Law of defamation in Commonwealth Africa"
4871: "COTTRELL L" - "Lost Cities"
21992: "COTTRELL L" - "Mountains of Pharaoh:" "2,000 years of pyramid exploration"
15967: "QUILLER-COUCH" - "Shakespeare`s workmanship"
31897: "QUILLER-COUCH A" - "On the art of reading"
4880: "COULSON C A" - "Some problems of the Atomic Age"
50936: COULSON J - Newman and the common tradition: a study in the language of church and society
54882: COULSON J - Theology and the university: an ecumenical investigation
53006: COULSON C A - Science and Christian belief
48439: COULTER C R - Portraits of homoeopathic medecines: psychophysical analyses of selected constitutional types (Vols 1 & 2)
4885: "COULTON G G" - "Christ, St Francis and To-day"
24835: "COULTON G G" - "Social life in Britain" "from the Conquest to the Reformation"
52808: COULTON N - Bible the church and homosexuality
60072: ADVISORY COUNCIL - Full-time service as a priest in the Church of England: comprehensive guide to the selection, training and vocational scope open to candidates for the ordained ministry in the Church of England
60245: "ANGLICAN CONSULTATIVE COUNCIL" - "TRANSFORMING VISION:" "suffering and glory in God's world, Cape Town 1993"
478: ANGLICAN CONSULTATIVE COUNCIL - Transforming families and communities: Christian hope in a World of Change
50816: ADVISORY COUNCIL [ACCM] - Ordained ministry in the Church of England
125: "ADVISORY COUNCIL" - "Call to order:" "vocation and ministry in the C of E, report of a working party"
40081: "NATIONAL COUNCIL" - "How the Courts work: by the National Council of Social" "Service"
35525: "VATICAN COUNCIL" - "Decree on the Church's missionary activity" "(EN16)"
20651: "WEST RIDING COUNTY COUNCIL" - "Suggestions for religious education:" "West Riding agreed syllabus"
32996: ADVISORY COUNCIL - Strategy for the church's ministry: a study guide [to the Tiller Report] for the Advisory Council for the Church's Ministry
48468: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Communication systems and resources in the behavioral sciences
67756: LUTHERAN COUNCIL - Lutheran council of Great Britain
45356: COUNTRYMAN L W - Dirt, greed and sex: sexual ethics in the New Testament and their implications for today
22242: COUNTRYMAN L W - Poetic imagination: an Anglican spiritual tradition (Traditions of Christian Spirituality)
5471: "DE CANDOLE H & COURATIN A" - "Re-Shaping the Liturgy:" "invitation to a Parish Enquiry"
30895: "COUNTY COURT" - "County Court Practice 1998:" "supplement"
48960: COURT J M - Reading the New Testament
62690: "COURTOIS G" - "HOUR WITH JESUS:" "meditations for Religious: second series"
35754: COUSAR C B - Letters of Paul (Interpreting biblical texts)
42376: COUSINS N - Dr Schweitzer of Lambarene with 45 photographs
62692: "COUSINS F W" - "FOSSIL MAN:" "a reappraisal of the evidence with a note on Tertiary man (book number 391 of 1000 numbered copies)"
40878: "COUSINS E H" - "Hope and the future of man:" "Contributors: Carl Braaten, John B Cobb, Lewis S Ford, Donald P Gray, Philip Hefner, Johannes B Metz, Jurgen Moltmann, Christopher F Mooney, Schubert M Ogden, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Joeseph Sittler and Daniel Day Williams"
53051: COUTH B - Grantham during the interregnum: the hallbook of Grantham 1641 - 1649(Lincoln Record Society 83)
31026: "COUTTS G F" - "Armoury commentary: the Four Gospels" "A devotional chapter by chapter comment based on The Soldier's Armoury"
48232: COUVALIS G - Philosophy of science: science and objectivity
50091: COVENTRY F - In defence of St Paul
4902: "COVENTRY" - "Communion in Coventry Cathedral"
36425: "COVENTRY J" - "Our God reigns"
21987: "COVENTRY S" - "Images of a Nightingale"
26409: "COVILL C ET AL" - "Apple pie:" "teacher's book C"
4904: "COWAN A A" - "Primacy of preaching to-day" "(Warrack lectures 1954)"
24068: "COWARD H" - "Pluralism in the world religions:" "a short introduction"
40882: "COWARD T" - "Analysis of Paley's Evidences of Christianity:" "with examination questions to each chapter, and a collection of Senate-House papers"
55620: COWARD C - Other way: Anglican gay and lesbian journeys
44903: COWDELL S - God for this world
38215: COWIE I - Prayers and ideas for healing services
22346: COWLEY P - Advent: its liturgical significance (Alcuin Club Tract XXXL)
62711: "COWLEY P" - "PAX DEI:" "an approach to Mystical Theology"
40883: "COWLEY P" - "Doing the Eucharist:" "a practical contribution towards the liturgical movement"
40884: "COWLEY P" - "St John Basil Wynne Willson"
41959: "COWNIE E" - "Religious patronage in Anglo-Norman England:" "1066-1135: Studies in History (Royal Historical Society Studies in History, new series)"
4923: COX H G - On not leaving it to the snake
53471: COX N - Bridging the gap: a history of the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy over three hundred years 1655 - 1978
4922: "COX H G" - "Church amid revolution:" "selection of the essays prepared for the WCC Conference on Church & Society"
4926: "COX J C" - "English Parish Church:" "an account of the chief building types and of their materials during nine centuries"
62712: "COX, ALLAN" - "INASMUCH..:" "the story of tools with a mission"
40898: "COX G W" - "Athenian empire: with five maps" "(Epochs of Ancient History)"
40893: "COX J C" - "Churchwardens' accounts:" "from the fourteenth century to the close of the seventeenth century (Antiquary's Books)"
40894: "COX J C" - "Sanctuaries and sanctuary seekers of mediaeval England:" "with coloured frontispiece, 20 full-page plates and 12 line drawings"
44801: "COX S" - "Book of Ruth;" "A devotional commentary"
40896: COX M - Mysticism: the direct experience of God
4918: COX H - Feast of fools: a theological essay on festivity and fantasy
46567: COX D - History and myth: world around us and the world within
45574: COX D - How the mind works: a simple account of analytical psychology
4932: "COXE A C" - "Cristian Ballards and Poems"
4933: "COXE A D H" - "Haunted Britain:" "a guide to the supernatural in England, Scotland and Wales"
4937: "COYLE T" - "This is our mass"
52065: COYNE J J - Cardinal Newman
37290: "CRABB L" - "IBC approach to understanding who we are and how we relate" "(Institute of Biblical Counseling series)"
46984: CRABBE G [CARLYLE] - Poetical works of George Crabbe
29329: "CRACKNELL K" - "We talking about us:" "the implications of the ending of religious isolationism (Essex Hall lecture 1986)"
4942: CRACKNELL K - Towards a new relationship: Christians and people of other faith
42373: CRAEMER W DE - Jamaa and the Church: a Bantu Catholic movement in Zaire (Oxford studies in African Affairs)
22117: CRAFER T W - Epistle of Barnabas (Texts for Students No 14)
22115: CRAFER T W - Teaching of the twelve apostles (Texts for Students No 13)
21887: CRAFER T W - Priest's Vade Mecum: a manual for the visiting of the sick
52801: CRAGG K - Iron in the soul: Joseph and the undoing of violence
52798: CRAGG K - Qur'an and the west: some minding between
52800: CRAGG K - Lowly lintel: poetry of the word at Christmas
4948: CRAGG G R - Church and the Age of Reason 1648-1789 (PHC 4)
4955: CRAGG K - Lively credentials of God
52806: CRAGG K - Dome and the rock: Jerusalem studies in Islam
32074: "CRAGG K" - "Am I not your Lord?" "human meaning in divine question"
74235: CRAGG K - Faith and life negotiate: a Christian story-study
4957: "CRAGG K" - "Peter and Paul:" "meeting in Jerusalem"
27801: "CRAGG K" - "What decided Christianity:" "event and experience in the New Testament"
4951: CRAGG K - Christ and the faiths: theology in cross-reference
52805: CRAGG K - Event of the Qur'an: Islam in its scripture
49388: CRAGG K - Islam and the Muslim [A228 Units 12-13]
42368: CRAIG A C - Preaching in a scientific age (Warrack lectures)
61272: "BORLASE CRAIG" - "SITE: daily hits on God's word"
4961: "CRAIG K M" - "Poetics of Jonah:" "art in the service of ideology"
23245: "CRAIG K M" - "Reading Esther:" "case for the literary carnivalesque (Literary currents in Biblical interpretaion)"
39976: "CRAIG M" - "For God's sake... Unity"
38705: "CRAIG S G" - "Jesus of yesterday and today"
30039: CRAIGIE P C - Book of Deuteronomy (NICOT)
4971: "CRAIK L" - "Spenser and his poetry:" "in 2 vols"
38717: "CRAKANTHORP R" - "Defensio Ecclesiae Anglicanae" "(LACT)"
52797: CRAMPTON E P T - Christianity in Northern Nigeria
62747: "CRANE E" - "I CAN DO NO OTHER:" "a biography of Ormond Burton"
36785: CRANFIELD C E B - Bible and Christian life: a collection of essays
56236: CRANFIELD C E B - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistle to the Romans in two volumes (International Critical Commentary)
10005: CRANFIELD C E B - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistle to the Romans in two volumes (International Critical Commentary)
4978: "CRANMER" - "Selected writings:" "with intro and bibliography by Carl S Meyer"
56504: CRANMER T - Work of Thomas Cranmer (Courtenay Library of Reformation Classics)
4981: CRANNY T - Father Paul, Apostle of unity: brief study of Paul James Francis,SA. Founder of Society of the Atonement, originator of the Unity Octave
46609: CRANSTON M - Noble savage: Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1754 - 1762
52396: CRASKE J - Being human: in conversation with Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials
38064: "CRASTON C" - "Debtor to grace:" "a journey in faith and ministry"
33314: CRASTON C - Biblical headship and the ordination of women (GP27)
44553: "CRAWFORD R" - "God man world triangle:" "a dialogue between science and religion"
23387: "CRAWFORD A" - "Local governance of crime:" "appeals to community and partnerships"
27158: "CRAWFORD J" - "Street names of Haworth"
49836: CRAWLEY S - Though it tarry: song of a hedge priest
48975: CRAY G - Postmodern culture and youth discipleship: commitment or looking cool? (GP76)
52253: CRAY D - Disciples and citizens: a vision for distinctive living
46136: CREASEY J - Dr Williams's library London. Catalogue of accessions Volume 3: being a catalogue of books published in the twentieth century and added to the library 1961 - 1970
51026: CREASY S - Notes on the nosodes I tuberculinum and bacillinum (The Practice of Homoeopathy)
54703: CREAVEN F - Winter and warm
23911: CREED J M - Gospel according to St Luke: Greek text with intro, notes & indices
36366: "APOSTLES' AND NICENE CREEDS" - "Apostles' and Nicene Creeds harmonized" "together with a fac-simile of a Creed in the Codex Laudianus & a fac-simile of a Greek Creed in Anglo-Saxon letters"
37904: CREIGHTON M - Lessons from the cross: addresses delivered in St. Paul's Cathedral during Holy Week, 1898
40707: "CREIGHTON M" - "History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the" "Sack of Rome, in six volumes, Volumes 1 to 4 ONLY Unmatched bindings"
35805: CREIGHTON L - Life and letters of Mandell Creighton by his wife, in two volumes [weight over 2 kg: overseas cost by mailbag 8.85]
37171: "CREIGHTON M" - "History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the" "Sack of Rome, new edition in six volumes"
56503: CREIGHTON M - History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome (Volume I only)
54618: CREIGHTON M - Queen Elizabeth
47469: DANDOIS T & CREISSON P - En territoire interdit
26246: CRENSHAW J L - Old Testament Wisdom: an introduction
5005: CRENSHAW J L - Theodicy in the Old Testament (IRT4)
48764: CRENSHAW J L - Psalms: an introduction
52078: CREPIN G [DICKSON R M M-P] - La vie de Saint Herluin: fondateur et premier abbe du Bec
21409: CRESSWELL R H - Liturgy of the eighth book of 'The Apostolic Constitutions' commonly called The Clementine Liturgy translated into English with introduction and notes by R H Cresswell
62765: "CREUSEN J" - "RELIGIOUS MEN AND WOMEN IN CHURCH LAW:" "the sixth English edition revised and edited to conform with the seventh French edition"
23749: "CRICHTON J D" - "Ministry of reconciliation;" "commentary of the Order of Penance 1974"
42398: "CRICHTON J D" - "Celebrating the word:" "homilies for the Sundays of the year, cycles A, B and C, with introductions on the nature of the liturgical homily, its preparation and its delivery"
5008: "CRICHTON J D" - "Christian Celebration:" "understanding the prayer of the church"
56502: CRICHTON J D - Christian celebration: the sacraments
38968: CRICHTON J D - Once and the future liturgy
23212: "CRICKARD F W ET AL" - "Multinational naval cooperation and foreign policy" "into the 21st century"
28642: "HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET" - "ASSOCIATION 1999 Hertfordshire cricket:" "the official handbook of the Hertfordshire County Cricket Association"
38732: "CRIPPS A S" - "Lyra evangelistica:" "missionary verses of Mashonaland"
62776: "CRISFORD J" - "DIVINE MAN:" "what did He say about deserving happiness?"
55030: STACKHOUSE I & CRISP O D - Text message: the centrality of scripture in preaching
62777: "CRISTIANI L" - "REVOLT AGAINST THE CHURCH" "(Faith & fact books 77)"
38061: CRITCHLOW J - Preaching on the Common Worship Lectionary: a resource book
5019: "CRITIQUE" - "Critique of Eucharistic agreement"
54621: CRIVELLI C [DAVIES] - Carlo Crivelli: The Annunciation: 25 plates with a note on the picture by Martin Davies
2491: CROCKETT W R - Eucharist: symbol of transformation
26298: CROCKFORD - Crockford's Clerical Directory 1987-88
5023: CROCKFORD - Crockford's Clerical Directory 1980-82
55457: CROCKFORD - Crockford's Clerical Directory 2010/2011
49887: CROFT S ET AL - Moving on in a mission shaped church
5027: "CROFT P" - "Collaborative Church" "(Teams conference 1979)"
5028: "CROFT P" - "Primer for Teams:" "a birdseye view of collaborative ministry"
41692: CROFT W - Croft: 1678-1721: six voluntaries: No. 1 Andante in C major [Hinrichsen No. 221]
52213: CROFT P - Rise of the Deanery
62673: COTTRELL S & CROFT S - TRAVELLING WELL: a companion guide to the Christian Faith
62783: "CROMARTY J" - "Book of family worship"
37276: "CROMPTON R H" - "New harmony of the Gospels:" "the re-arrangement of the Gospel of Luke according to Didatic considerations with parallels of Matthew and Mark, and portions of John"
53695: CROMWELL T [CARLYLE T] - Oliver Cromwells letters and speeches with elucidations by Thomas Carlyle in 3 volumes
53075: CROMWELL T [CARLYLE T] - Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches with elucidations by Thomas Carlyle (Volume II only)
24540: "COHEN M A & CRONER H" - "Christian mission - Jewish mission" "(Studies in Judaism and Christianity)"
44934: "CRONIN A J" - "Judas Tree"
33115: "CRONIN K M" - "Kenosis:" "emptying self and the path of Christian service"
45361: CRONIN D P - Through the year with words of encouragement
42036: "CRONIN D K" - "Holy ground:" "Celtic Christian spirituality"
46265: CRONIN D P - Priesthood: life open to Christ
56501: CRONIN V - Calendar of saints
53103: CRONK G - Message of the Bible: an Orthodox Christian perspective
62788: "CROOKS M" - "BEYOND THE BLACKBOARD:" "Issues for parents, teachers and governors concerning Black children with education"
37279: "CROOKS M" - "Pivot keyboard course"
37278: "CROOKS M" - "Standard typewriting course (Elementary)"
24577: CROPPER M - Evelyn Underhill with a memoir of Lucy Menzies by Lumsden Barkway
38510: "CROPPER M" - "Draw near:" "a book of prayers (Manuals of the inner life)"
5036: "CROPPER M" - "Flame touches flame"
38733: "LEWIS-CROSBY E H" - "Ancient books of Christ Church Cathedral" "(Christ Church series No 4)"
5043: CROSS F L - Early Christian Fathers (Studies in theology)
47874: JOHN ST OF THE CROSS - ASCENT OF MOUNT CARMEL: translated, with a general introduction to the works of St John of the Cross and edited by E Allison Peers
5045: CROSS F L - Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
5048: CROSS F M - Ancient Library of Qumran and modern biblical studies Haskell Lectures 1956-1957
22684: "JOHN ST OF THE CROSS" - "Lover of God:" "selections arranged for daily devotional readings by RP Sidey"
39041: "JOHN ST OF THE CROSS" - "Song of love:" "Saint John of the Cross"
10357: "JOHN ST OF THE CROSS" - "Spiritual Canticle" "trans by E Allison Peers"
22122: "SOCIETY OF THE SACRED CROSS" - "Scapegoat and the countenance"
72915: "THEODOSSIOS-MARIE OF THE CROSS" - "DISCOVER THE OTHER UNIVERSE:" "the sacred way to redemption"
26877: CROSS C - Church and people 1450-1660: the triumph of the laity in the English church
10347: "JOHN ST OF THE CROSS" - "Complete Works of Saint John of the Cross:" "Volumes 1 and 2 ONLY of a 3 volume set: trans & ed by E. Allison Peers from the critical edition of P. Silverio de Santa Teresa"
72333: JOHN ST OF THE CROSS - Mystical doctrine of St John of the Cross (selected by R H J Steuart)
55215: HOLY CROSS - Holy Cross Liturgical Hymnal (Melody only)
5047: "CROSS F L" - "Studies in the Fourth Gospel" "(Contributors: C H Dodd, Barnabas Lindars, G D Kirlpatrick, C J Barker, T H L Parker, Ernest Evans, J N Sanders, G L Phillips, U E Simon)"
22698: JOHN ST OF THE CROSS - Dark night of the soul trans E Allison Peers
53550: CROSS C, LOADES D & SCARISBRICK J J - Law and government under the Tudors: essays presented to Sir Geoffrey Elton on his retirement
23831: CROSS F L - Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
43574: "CROSS D" - "God's covering:" "a place of healing (Truth and freedom series)"
5042: CROSS F L - Darwell Stone: Churchman and Counsellor
10349: JOHN ST OF THE CROSS - Counsels of Light & Love: intro by Thomas Merton
52461: JOHN ST OF THE CROSS - Dark night of the soul: new translation and introduction by Mirabai Starr
52459: JOHN ST OF THE CROSS - Spiritual canticle and poems
55654: CROSS A R ET AL - Pathways and patterns in history: essays on Baptists, Evangelicals and the modern world in honour of David Bebbington
5056: CROSSAN J D - Essential Jesus: original sayings and earliest images
33298: CROSSAN J D - Birth of Christianity: discovering what happened in the years immediately after the execution of Jesus
5054: CROSSAN D - Gospel of eternal life: reflections on the theology of St John
33299: CROSSAN J D - Excavating Jesus: Beneath the Stones, Behind the Texts
26590: CROSSAN J D - Historical Jesus: life of a mediterranean Jewish peasant
54785: CROSSAN J D - Birth of Christianity: discovering what happened in the years immediately after the execution of Jesus
54781: CROSSAN J D - Sayings parallels: a workbook for the Jesus tradition (Foundations and facets: New Testament)
5059: CROSSE G - Short History of the English Church
54934: CROWDER C - God and reality: essays on Christian non-realism
21983: "CROWE P" - "Strange design:" "exploring the ways of God in the world"
37032: "CROWHURST N H" - "ABC's of electronic organs" "with a specially written chapter for the guidance of the English reader by W Oliver (G3XT)"
46381: CROWHURST P O - Cassell's dictionary of French synonyms: arranged in groups for the convenience of English students
5066: "CROWLESMITH J" - "Religion and medicine:" "essays by members of the Methodist Society for Medical and Pastoral Psychology"
5067: "CROWLESMITH J" - "Religion and medicine:" "essays by members of the Methodist Society for Medical and Pastoral Psychology"
45258: CROWLEY D A - History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume XVII Calne Hundred (Victoria history of the counties of England Volume 17)
52794: CROXALL T H - Kierkegaard commentary
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5536: DEANESLY M - History of the Medieval Church 590-1500
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50057: DEARTEAGA W - Quenching the spirit: examining centuries of opposition to the moving of the holy spirit
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61034: "BILLY DENNIS" - "UNDER THE STARRY NIGHT:" "a wayfarer's guide through an uncertain world"
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54830: DICTIONARY - Simple church dictionary
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14236: NEW DIMENSIONS - New dimensions: report of the Bishop of Willesden' s Commissionon the objects & policy of the Mother's Union
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49322: WINCHESTER DIOCESE - Festival service of nine lessons with appropriate music for varioues seasons of the Church's year (Winchester Diocesan Choral Association)
46970: DIRCKS W H - Cavalier and courtier lyrists: an anthology of 17th century minor verse with an introduction by W H Dircks and notes by E Sharwood Smith
67180: LAMBETH DIRECTORY - Lambeth directory: the worldwide Anglican communion 1998
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22340: DIX G - Shape of the liturgy
63175: "DIX B" - "Rastafarians:"
5760: "DIX G H" - "Illustrations for teaching the catechism..." "(for scholars of 9-11)"
54212: DIX G - Shape of the liturgy
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5748: DIX G - God's Way with Man: addresses for the three hours
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5755: DIX G - Shape of the liturgy
5750: DIX G - Jew and Greek: a study in the primitive church
41730: DIXON J H R - Berceuse for Organ: a charming restful piece, suitable either as a quiet voluntary or as a recital item [Hinrichsen No. 592b]
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63178: "DIXON M" - "Crucifixion and resurrection of the Jews"
25447: "DIXON M" - "Equity and trusts" "(Q & A)"
28664: "DIXON M" - "Land Law" "(Q & A)"
5764: "DIXON W M" - "Human situation" "(Gifford Lectures 1935-37)"
26268: "DJIDONU C" - "Beginner's and expert's guide to computer networks," "data communications and telecommunications jargon"
63189: "DOAN E" - "New speakers sourcebook"
37528: "DOBLE G H" - "Saint Teilo" "(Welsh Saints No 3)"
37527: "DOBLE G H" - "Saint Winwaloe:" "patron of Landewednack, Gunwalloe, Tremaine and Portlemouth (Cornish Saints No 4)"
40794: "DOBSCHUTZ E VON" - "Christian life in the primitive church"
40795: "DOBSCHUTZ E VON" - "Influence of the bible on civilisation"
61702: DOBSCHUTZ E VON - Eschatology of the gospels
23451: "DOBSON J H" - "Guide to Exodus" "(TEF 13)"
63196: "DOBSON J F" - "Greek Orators:" "beginnings of Oratory"
39131: "DOBSON W A C H" - "Civilizations of the Orient:" "prepared by the Association of British Orientalists"
5769: DOBSON J H - Guide to Exodus: (TEF Study Guide 13)
56441: DOBSON J H - Learn New testament Greek (with audio CD-ROM)
29717: DOBSON J H - Learn New Testament Greek (book and cassette)
25688: "DOCKRAY M" - "Cases and materials on the carriage of goods by sea"
43706: PANEL ON WORSHIP AND DOCTRINEINE - More than words: 400 pray now daily devotions
48507: JOURNAL OF DOCUMENTATION - Journal of documentation (in memory of Herbert Coblans) Vol 34 No 4 December 1978
5775: "DODD C" - "Called to mission:" "a workbook for the decade of evangelization"
48618: DODD C H - About the gospels
5787: DODD C H - Epistle of Paul to the Romans (MNTC)
5781: "DODD C H" - "Benefits of his passion:" "6 broadcast talks"
5785: "DODD C H" - "Christianity and the reconciliation of the nations" "(Burge memorial lecture 1951)"
5802: "DODD C H" - "Social & cultural factors in church divisions:" "with report of a conference held at Bossey Nov 1951 (authors CH Dodd, GR Cragg & J Ellul)"
63213: "DODD W M" - "Most valuable thing in the world" "printed scripture references in wide margins:"
52409: DODD C H - Historical tradition in the fourth gospel
5795: DODD C H - Johannine Epistles (Moffatt New Testament Commentary)
5780: "DODD C H" - "Authority of the Bible"
5793: DODD C H - Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel
29771: DODD C H - Authority of the Bible do not discard
5784: DODD C H - Christian Beginnings
5790: DODD C H - Gospel and Law: (Bampton lectures in America Number 3 delivered at Columbia University 1950)
5791: DODD C H - Historical tradition in the fourth gospel
28848: "DODDRIDGE P" - "Family expositor or, a paraphrase and version" "of the New Testament with critical notes..."
29297: "DODDRIDGE P" - "Family expositor or, a paraphrase and version" "of the New Testament with critical notes...[2.25kg]"
44104: "DODGEN E C" - "Glimpses of God through the ages:" "a collectiong of personal expressions of faith from the Bible to the present complete with CD rom"
8198: DODHIA H K - Crossing the cultures: living, sharing and communicating the gospel (GEv9)
5811: "DODS M" - "Prayer that teaches us to Pray"
41624: "DODS M" - "Bible:" "its origin and nature"
5810: "DODS M" - "Introduction to the New Testament" "(Theological educator)"
40790: "DODS M" - "Parables of our Lord" "(the parables record by Saint Matthew)"
40789: "DODS M" - "Post-exilian prophets:" "Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi with introduction and notes (Handbooks for Bible classes)"
55697: DODSON G - Consider your verdict: the memoirs of Sir Gerald Dodson Recorder of London 1937 - 1959
63218: "DODSON G R" - "Bergson and the modern spirit:" "essay in constructive thought"
52371: DOE N - Anglican covenant: theological and legal considerations for a global debate
5814: "DOERNBERG E" - "Henry VIII and Luther:" "an account of their personal relations"
63227: DOHERTY C DE H - Sobornost: Eastern unity of mind and heart for Western man
63219: DOHERTY C DE H - Gospel without compromise
63223: DOHERTY C DE H - Fragments of my life
63220: "DOHERTY C DE H" - "Gospel of a poor woman"
63221: "DOHERTY C DE H" - "I live on an island"
63222: "DOHERTY C DE H" - "Strannik:" "the call to pilgrimage for Western man"
63229: "DOHERTY E" - "Desert windows"
36406: "DOLAMORE A" - "Essential olive oil companion"
26375: "GRIFFIN J & DOLDEN B" - "Information technology in context"
34114: DOLL P - After the primitive Christians: the eighteenth-century Anglican eucharist in its architectural setting (JLS37)
63234: "DOLLEN C" - "Prayer book of the Saints"
53571: DOLLIMORE J - Sexual dissidence: Augustine to Wilde Freud to Foucault
5822: DOLLING R R - Ten years in a Portsmouth slum
34396: "DOLLINGER J J I" - "First age of Christianity and the church"
40906: "DOLLINGER J J I VON" - "Prophecies and the Prophetic spirit in the Christian era:" "an historical essay trans with intro, notes and appendices by Alfred Plummer"
40787: "DOLLINGER J I VON" - "Studies in European history:" "being academical addresses"
53903: DOLPHIN F J - Indian bishop of the west: Vital Justin Grandin 1829 - 1902
45717: DOMBES - Marie: dans le dessein de dieu et la communion des saints. I une lecture oecumenique de l'histoire et de l'ecriture
27629: "DOMEIJ P, NYSTROM, J-P & M" - "Kyrkstaden Lulea Gammelstad"
26381: "DOMINGUEZ P C ET AL" - "Vision:" "teacher's book 1"
33522: "DOMINIAN J" - "Growth of love and sex" "(National Children's Home Convocation Lecture)"
36457: "DOMINIAN J" - "Living love:" "restoring hope in the church"
63241: "DOMINIAN J" - "CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE:" "the challenge of change"
40785: "DOMINICAN" - "Dominican Holy Week book:" "including the office of Palm Sunday morning, the whole office of the last three days of Holy Week, and matins and lauds of Easter"
53852: LACORDAIRE HENRI-DOMINIQUE - Conferences de Notre-Dame de Paris 5 volumes
61622: "BRUCE DONALD & HORROCKS DON" - "MODIFYING CREATION?:" "an Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission Report"
70691: REEVES DONALD - CHURCH AND THE STATE (Contributors include Tony Benn, Shirley Williams, Owen Chadwick, David Steel)
63687: EVANS DONALD - STRUGGLE AND FULFILLMENT: inner dynamics of religion and morality
61815: "BUTLER DONALD G" - "MANY LIGHTS:" "world religions, an anthology for young people"
49722: ROBERTS A & DONALDSON J - Ante-Nicene Fathers: translations of the writings of the Fathers down to A D 325 - 10 volume set revised and chronologically arranged, with brief prefaces and occasional notes by A Cleveland Coxe
63248: "DONALDSON B" - "Does life make sense?:" "a flight of discovery [poems]"
40803: "DONALDSON S A" - "Church life and thought in North Africa A.D. 200"
54964: DONALDSON T L - Paul and the gentiles: remapping the apostle's convictional world
54272: DONALDSON C - Martin of Tours: the shaping of Celtic Christianity
63252: "DONDERS J D" - "Jesus community:" "reflections on the Gospel for the B-cycle"

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