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62114: CAVANAGH J R - Fundamental pastoral counseling: technic and psychology [dustwrapper - counselling]
22162: "CAVE C J P" - "Clouds and weather phenomena"
3634: "CAVE S" - "Christian way:" "a study of N T ethics in relation to present problems"
3635: "CAVE S" - "Christianity and some living religions of the East" "(ST)"
3637: "CAVE S" - "Doctrines of the Christian faith"
24521: "CAVE S" - "Introduction to study of some living religions of the East"
41883: "CAVENDISH G" - "Life of Cardinal Wolsey" "and metrical visions from the original autograph manuscript with notes and other illustrations by Samuel Weller Singer in two volumes"
53586: CAVINESS M H - Windows of Christ Church Cathedral Canterbury: corpus vitrearum medii aevi (Great Britain Volume II) No additional charge for UK postage
24513: CAWLEY F - Transcendence of Jesus Christ: a study of the unique features of his person...ref fourth gospel
74245: "CAWTHORNE N" - "Victory in World War II:" "the allies defeat of the axis forces"
62121: "CAYCE C T & L" - "LOVE RELATIONSHIPS:" "a moving sea"
41261: CAYRE F - Manual of Patrology and history of theology, in two volumes translated by H Howitt
42053: "CAZELLES H" - "Bible et son Dieu:"
43750: "COCHRANE CC" - "Gospel according to Genesis"
45150: CECIL D - Max: a biography
3646: "CECIL R" - "Remains of Richard Cecil arr & rev...J Pratt" "prefixed by author's letters, & a memoir of his life by Mrs Cecil"
35364: "CECIL R" - "Textbook of medicine" "edited by Paul B Beeson, Walsh McDermott & James Wyngaarden"
56549: CELEBRATION - Celebration Hymnal Vol 2 Hymns 376-722 (2 volumes spiral bound)
56397: CELL E - Language existence and God: interpretations of Moore, Russell, Ayer, Wittgenstein, Wisdom, Oxford philosophy and Tillich
23107: "EUROPEAN PROCESS SAFETY CENTRE" - "Atmospheric dispersion"
47119: CERAM C W - World of archaeology: pioneers tell their own story
3652: "CERAM C W" - "Picture history of archaeology"
58074: CERESKO A R - Introduction to the Old Testament: a liberation perspective
62129: "CERFAUX L" - "APOSTLE AND APOSTOLATE" "according to the Gospel of St Matthew"
3656: "CERFAUX L" - "Four Gospels:" "an historical intro, the oral tradition; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the apocryphal gospels"
40179: "CERFAUX L ET AL" - "L'Attente du Messie" "(Recherches Bibliques)"
25732: "CERNY P G" - "Changing architecture of politics:" "structure, agency, and the future of the state"
3658: "CERULLO M" - "From Judaism to Christianity"
62136: "CERULLO M" - "WHY DO THE RIGHTEOUS SUFFER?:" "when the real will of God is known, it becomes our reasoning power. This book is complete with a special anointed prayer cloth for personal ministry"
38900: RUANE J M & CERULO K A - Second thoughts: seeing conventional wisdom through the sociological eye
38286: "CESSARIO R" - "Virtues, or the examined life" "(Handbooksof Catholic theology)"
53310: CHACOUR E - Faith beyond despair: building hope in the Holy Land
3677: CHADWICK O - Michael Ramsey: a life
52948: CHADWICK P - Schools of reconciliation: issues in joint Roman Catholic-Anglical education
40270: CHADWICK O - The Victorian Church [Part I only]
3661: CHADWICK H - Atlas of the Christian Church [Weighs 1.6kg so will incur additional shipping costs]
3669: "CHADWICK J" - "Decipherment of Linear B"
41263: "CHADWICK S" - "Gospel of the cross"
3676: CHADWICK O - History of the Church: A Select Bibliography
21497: "YARNOLD E J & CHADWICK H" - "Truth and authority:" "a commentary on the agreed statement of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission Venice 1976"
29690: YARNOLD E J & CHADWICK H - Truth and authority: a commentary on the agreed statement of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission Venice 1976
3680: CHADWICK O - Newman (Past Masters)
3684: CHADWICK O - Reformation
3675: CHADWICK O - Hensley Henson: a study in the friction between church and state
3679: CHADWICK O - Mind of the Oxford Movement
44676: "CHADWICK O" - "Christian unity;" "Peter Ainslie memorial lecture"
31833: CHADWICK O - Founding of Cuddesdon
22171: CHADWICK O - Hensley Henson: a study in the friction between church and state
38432: CHADWICK O - Freedom and the historian: an inaugural lecture
55441: CHADWICK W E - Pastoral teaching of St Paul: his ministerial ideals
3685: CHADWICK O - Secularization of the European mind in the 19th Century (Gifford lectures in University of Edinburgh for 1973/4)
56859: CHAGALL M - Bilder zur bibel
3694: "CHALMERS M J" - "Bible stories for children:" "a second book"
24525: CHALMERS J - James Chalmers: his autobiography & letters by Richard Lovett
44950: CHAMBERLAIN M E - Pax britannica? British foreign policy 1789 - 1914 (Studies in modern history)
57635: CHAMBERLAIN G A - Greek of the Septuagint: a supplemental lexicon
51259: CHAMBERLIN E H - The theory of monopolistic competition: a re-orientation of the theory of value
62158: "CHAMBERS A" - "Thoughts of the spiritual:" "or Echoes from a New Forest pulpit"
3699: "CHAMBERS H A" - "Descant Carol Book 3:" "a collection of well-known carols with descants"
3700: CHAMBERS O - My utmost for His Highest: the classic best loved treasury of daily devotional readings
29015: "CHAMBERS O" - "My utmost for His Highest:" "selections for every day"
3704: "CHAMBERS P" - "Made in heaven?:" "ministry with those intending marriage (NLPC)"
41265: "CHAMBERS J D" - "Divine worship in England in the thirteenth and fourteenth" "centuries contrasted with and adapted to that in the nineteenth"
3705: CHAMBERS P - Made in heaven?: ministry with those intending marriage (NLPC)
62157: CHAMBERS A - Our self after death
62173: CHAMBERS O - Highest good
62174: CHAMBERS P F - Anthology for Lent: devotional readings for each day
62159: CHAMBERS A - Man and the spiritual world: as disclosed by the Bible
3706: "CHAMPION L G" - "Baptists and Unity" "(Star books)"
3707: "CHAMPION S G" - "Eleven Religions and their proverbial lore:" "a comparative study"
62178: "CHAMPLIN J M" - "Proper balance:" "a practical look at liturgical renewal"
38288: "CHAMPLIN J M" - "Christ present and yet to come:" "the priest and god's people at prayer"
38408: "CHAMPLIN J M" - "Living parish:" "a believing, caring, praying people"
38436: "CHAMPLIN J" - "Lord is present" "[America's leading liturgist explains how a Catholic parish comes alive though love and mutual service]"
3712: "CHANDLER A" - "Ara Cceli:" "an essay in mystical theology"
3713: "CHANDLER A" - "Cult of the Passing Moment:" "some suggestions towards a theory of the spiritual life"
36917: "CHANDLER M" - "Life and work of Henry Parry Liddon (1829-1890)"
51258: CHANDLER G - Four centuries of banking: as illustrated by the bankers, customers and staff associated with the constituent banks of Martins Bank Ltd: Volume 1 The Grasshopper and the Liver Bird, Liverpool and London
3715: CHANDOS J - In God's Name: examples of Preaching in England from the Act of Supremacy to the Act of Uniformity 1534-1662
61046: "SEMENOFF-TIAN-CHANSKY" - "FATHER JOHN OF KRONSTADT: a life" "A translation from the Russian text, published in New York 1955"
53991: CHANTAL F DE - Julie Billiart and her institute
38506: "CHAPELL B" - "Each for the other:" "marriage as it's meant to be"
46482: CHAPMAN M D - By what authority: authority, ministry and the Catholic Church
44351: "OATES W E & CHAPMAN T W" - "Practical handbook for ministry:" "from the writings of Wayne E Oates edited by Thomas W Chapman"
22181: "CHAPMAN C" - "Case for Christianity"
36169: "CHAPMAN C ET AL" - "Noah and the tubes:" "15 short plays for churches"
24515: "CHAPMAN C T" - "Conflict of the kingdoms:" "the Christian message of salvation, its history & significance"
36426: "CHAPMAN D W" - "Orphan gospel:" "Mark's perspective on Jesus (Biblical seminar 16)"
28561: "CHAPMAN J ET AL" - "Changing face of Dalmatia:" "archeological and ecological studies in a Mediterranean landscape"
3731: "CHAPMAN R" - "Loneliness of Man"
31052: CHAPMAN R - Stations of the nativity: meditations on the incarnation of Christ
31668: CHAPMAN R - Leading intercessions Common Worship edition: prayers for Sundays, Holy Days and festivals - Years A, B and C
57940: CHAPMAN R - Father Faber
56662: CHAPMAN F B - Flute technique
50627: CHAPMAN D M - Born in song: Methodist worship in Britain
55625: CHAPMAN S - 116 not out: being a survey of the development of the Secondary Heads Association from its origins...
54567: HOWSARE R A & CHAPP L S - How Balthasar changed my mind: 15 scholars reflect on the meaning of Balthasar for their own work
3752: CHARDIN P T DE - Science and Christ
3744: CHARDIN P T DE - Le Milieu Divin: an essay on the Interior Life
3737: "CHARDIN P T DE" - "Activitation of Energy"
3747: "CHARDIN P T DE" - "Letters to two friends 1926-1952"
3753: "CHARDIN P T DE" - "Vision of the Past"
3755: "CHARDIN P T DE" - "Writings in Time of War"
51839: CHARDIN P T DE - Teilhard de Chardin centenary exhibition (1983)
3736: CHARDIN P T DE - Appearance of man
51841: CHARDIN P T DE - Teilhard de Chardin: Homme planetaire (French text)
53106: CHARLES R - Christian ethics and the problems of society
48804: CHARLES - Charles: present prince, future king (Royal engagement souvenir. Collector's issue)
61567: BROWN CHARLES - ST PAUL'S EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS: a devotional commentary
60786: "BATEMAN CHARLES T" - "JOHN CLIFFORD:" "Free Church Leader and Preacher"
73023: "CHARLES P" - "Prayer for all men"
35844: "CHARLES R" - "Three martyrs of the nineteenth century:" "studies from the lives of Livingstone, Gordon, and Patteson"
37698: "CHARLES R H" - "Critical and exegetical commentary on the Book of Daniel" "with intro, indexes and a new English translation"
62216: "CHARLES T" - "CHRISTIAN INSTRUCTOR: or catechism, bound with" "History, constitution, rules of discipline and confession of faith of the...Calvinistic ...Methodists or the Presbyterians of Wales"
7489: "GEO-CHARLES" - "Art baroque en Amerique Latine"
74613: "YEATS CHARLES" - "VERITATIS SPLENDOUR - A RESPONSE:" "a series of addresses given to members of Durham University by distinguished contributors (Peter Baelz, Stephen Barton, Ann Loades, Walter Moberly, Alan Suggate et al)"
46500: CHARLESWORTH M P - Roman empire
3783: "CHARLESWORTH M J" - "Philosophy of religion:" "the historic approaches"
3784: CHARLESWORTH J H - Pseudepigrapha and modern research (Septuagint and Cognate Studies 7)
54263: CHARLESWORTH J H - Pseudepigrapha and modern research with a supplement (Septuagint and Cognate Studies 7)
33390: CHARLEY J - Pastoral support for the unemployed (GP19)
31283: CHARLEY J W - Agreement on authority: the Anglican-Roman Catholic Statement with commentary (GM&W48)
45329: CHARLTON W - Being reasonable about religion
56547: CHARNOCK S - Christ crucified: a puritan's view of atonement
3787: CHARPENTIER E - How to read the New Testament
41562: "CHARTRES R" - "Principles of the First Prayer Book of King Edward VI" "by the Bishop of London [Cover title: The lecture by the Bishop of London on the 1959 Prayer Book at the British Library, 11 May 1999]"
27093: "CHARYN J" - "Sizzling chops and devilish spins"
3792: "CHASE F H" - "Confirmation in the Apostolic age"
37449: "CHASE F H" - "Gospels in the light of historical criticism" "(reprinted from 'Cambridge theological essays') with a preface on (10 The obligations of the clergy (20 The resurrection of Our Lord"
3795: "CHASE M E" - "Life and language in the Old Testament"
49700: CHATFIELD H W - Scientist in search of God
29169: "CHATRIK B ET AL" - "Unemployment and training rights handbook:" "the independent unemployment unit & youthaid's guide to rights when you are claiming jobseeker's allowance or are on a government scheeme"
3797: "CHATTERJEE M" - "Concept of spirituality"
22966: "CHATTERTON D" - "Wills"
45152: CHAUCER [SKEAT] - Tale of the man of lawe, The Pardoneres tale, The second Nonnes tale, the Chanouns Yemannes tale: from the Canterbury Tales
45073: CHAUCER [WYATT] - Prologue to the Canterbury tales edited by A J Wyatt with a glossary by J Malins
46735: CHAUCER [MORRIS & SKEAT] - Prologue, the knightes tale, the nonne preestes tale from the Canterbury Tales
36950: CHAUDHURI N C - Hinduism: a religion to live by
21766: "CHAUNU P" - "Reformation"
3801: "CHAVASSE C M" - "Meaning of the lessons:" "short introductions to the lessons of Sundays, Holy days, and special occasions according to the Revised Lectionary (1955)"
3802: "CHAVASSE C M" - "Two dreams:" "1. Good Friday 2. Easter Day"
35279: "CHAVCHAVADZE M" - "Dorothy Kerin as I knew her"
3805: CHAVCHAVADZE M - Man's concern with holiness: (within the Anglican, Catholic, Reformed, Lutheran, Orthodox traditions)
3804: CHAVCHAVADZE M - Man's concern with holiness: within the Anglican, Catholic, Reformed, Lutheran, Orthodox traditions
37733: CHAVE P - Holocaust: its relevance to every Christian
3806: "CHAVEZ F A" - "Song of St. Francis:" "illustrations by Judy Graese"
15947: "QUENNELL M & CHB" - "Everyday Life in the New Stone, Bronze and Early Iron Ages"
50742: GUNDRY R H CHECK DESCR - Matthew: a commentary on his literary and theological art
17939: "SMITH W & CHEETHAM S" - "Dictionary of Christian Antiquities being a continuation of" "'The Dictionary of the Bible' in 2 vols"
62239: "CHEETHAM S" - "History of the Christian church during the first six" "centuries"
26148: "CHEN S" - "Social policy of the economic state and community care" "in Chinese culture: aging, family, urban change, and the socialist welfare pluralism"
23682: "CHEN T-J" - "Taiwanese firms in Southeast Asia:" "networking across borders"
57837: CHENEY M - Dust wind and agony: character, speech and genre in Job (Coniectanea Biblica Old Testament series 36)
47696: CHENG J Y S - Hong Kong in transition
51256: CHENG L - Banking in Modern China: Entrepreneurs, Professional managers, and the development of Chinese banks, 1897-1937
53105: CHENU B ET AL - Book of Christian martyrs
13263: "MENAHEM HANUM OF CHERNOBYL" - "Upright practices/Light of the eyes" "(CWS)"
46950: LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the year 1970 volume 122
36739: "CHESHIRE L" - "Nuclear dilemma: a moral study" "The third of a series of studies on peace, defence and disarmament by various authors"
62241: "CHESNUT G F" - "IMAGES OF CHRIST:" "an introduction to Christology"
3813: "CHESSER E" - "Woman and love"
40367: "CHESSER E S" - "Five phases of love"
35311: "CHESTER M A" - "Divine pathos and human being:" "theology of Abraham Joshua Heschel"
43550: CHESTER T - Ordinary hero: living the cross and resurrection
56069: CHESTER T - Mission and the Coming of God: eschatology, the Trinity and mission in the theology of Jurgen Moltmann and contemporary evangelicalism
48696: CHESTERFIELD - Lord Chesterfield's letters to his son and others
16158: "CHESTERTON C" - "77 talks for cyberspace kids:" "messages from the truth zone for 8-12s"
32936: "KNOX G & CHESTERTON C" - "Really great assembly:" "resource material for secondary assemblies"
46729: CHESTERTON G K - Short history of England
49898: CHESTERTON G K - Orthodoxy
5634: "DESIDERI J & CHETVERUSHKIN B" - "Experimentation Modelling and Computation in Flow Turbulence" "and Combustion Volume 1"
54251: CHEUNG L L - Genre composition and hermeneutics of James
31951: "CHEVALIER J" - "Pascal"
41993: CHEYNE T K - Notes and criticisms on the Hebrew text of Isaiah
23908: "CHEYNE T K" - "Decline and fall of the kingdom of Judah"
38894: "CHEYNE T K" - "Introduction to the Book of Isaiah with an appendix" "containing the undoubted portions of the two chief prophetic writers in a translation"
3828: "CHEYNE T K" - "Jewish religious life after the exile"
23836: "CHEYNE T K" - "Jewish religious life after the exile"
3830: "CHEYNE T K" - "Origin and religious contents of the Psalter:" "in the light of O T criticism and the History of Religions, Eight lectures (Bampton Lectures 1889)"
61745: "CHEYNE T K" - "Prophecies of Isaiah:" "new translation with commentary and appendices in 2 volumes"
31952: "CHIARI J" - "Religion and modern society"
41563: "CHIERA E" - "They wrote on clay:" "the Babylonian Tablets speak today"
62254: "CHIFFLOT T G" - "WATER IN THE WILDERNESS:" "understanding the Bible"
56170: CHIFFOLO A F - Saints prayer book
62257: "CHILCOTE P W" - "SHE OFFERED THEM CHRIST:" "the legacy of women preachers in Early Methodism"
3836: "CHILD K" - "In his own parish:" "pastoral care through parochial visiting (LPC)"
2754: "CHILD M" - "Ceremonial" "(Abbey series No 4)"
31560: MACQUARRIE J & CHILDRESS J - New dictionary of Christian ethics
3842: CHILDS B S - Exodus: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
52229: STORRY M & CHILDS P - British cultural identities
3847: CHILDS B S - New Testament as Canon: an introduction
39074: "CHILLINGWORTH W" - "Religion of Protestants:" "a way to salvation"
44427: "NEUSNER J & CHILTON B D" - "God in the world"
3859: "CHING J" - "Perfomer and audience:" "an investigation into the psychological causes of anxiety and nervousness in playing ,singing or speaking before an audience"
24440: "CHINNICI J P" - "Living stones:" "history & structure of Catholic spiritual life in the United States"
56446: CHIRICHIGNO G C - Debt-slavery in Israel and the Ancient Near East (JSOT Supplement Series 141)
47830: CHIRICO P - Infallibility: the crossroads of doctrine
56546: CHISHOLM C - Sir John French: an authentic biography
3861: "CHISHOLM G G" - "Handbook of Commercial Geography:" "with new maps and diagrams"
47108: CHISHOLM A - Nancy Cunard
57664: CHISHOLM R B - Commentary on Judges and Ruth
49171: CHISHOLM R B - Handbook on the prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Minor prophets
3862: CHITTISTER J - Fire in these ashes: a spirituality of contempory religious life
42871: CHITTISTER J - Wisdom distilled from the daily: living the rule of St. Benedict today
56168: CHITTISTER J - Psalm journal Book II
33355: CHITTISTER J - Rule of Benedict: insights for the ages
50566: CHITTISTER J - Way we were: the story of conversion and renewal
50567: CHITTISTER J - Living well: scriptural reflections for every day
40394: "CHO P Y" - "Homecell Group Study Guide:" "volume I"
48307: CHODRON P - Wisdom of no escape: and the path of loving-kindness
41225: "GOSPEL CHOIR" - "Gospel choir:" "choral arrrangements by America's foremost arrangers of gospel music"
3868: "CHOLMELEY K" - "Margery Kempe:" "genius and mystic"
47037: CHOPIN F - Waltz in D flat Op 64 No 1 (Klindworth-Scharwenka edition)
47028: CHOPIN - Preludes
47065: CHOPIN F - Oeuvres pur le piano Vol I (Valses, mazurkas, polonaises, nocturnes)
41717: CHOPIN - Polonaise in A: Op. 40 [Klindworth-Scharwenka Edition]
47751: CHOPIN F - Polonaises
23584: "CHORAFAS D N" - "Network computers versus high performance computers"
23436: "STEINMANN H & CHORAFAS D N" - "New wave in information technology:" "what it means for business"
29541: "OVEREND R P & CHORNET E" - "Making a business from Biomass in energy, environment," "chemicals, fibers and materials, proceedings of the 3rd Biomass Conference of the Americas, Montreal, Quebec, Canada August 24-29 1997, two vol set"
30892: "CHOWN J" - "Tax efficient forex management:" "a strategy in international taxation: special report"
3869: "CHOWN M" - "Afterglow of Creation:" "from the fireball to the discovery of cosmic ripples"
53600: CHRIMES S B - Henry VII (English Monarchs)
50565: CHRISPIN G - Resurrection: the unopened gift
39395: "CATHERINE DE JESUS-CHRIST" - "At the bedside of the sick:" "precepts and counsels for hospital nurses"
3872: CHRIST - Christ our Passover: pastoral notes, practical suggestions and music for Holy Week
33164: "CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST" - "Our heritage:" "a brief history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"
34536: PLASKOW J & CHRIST C - Weaving the visions: new patterns in feminist spirituality
53637: CHRIST'S HOSPITAL - Brief history of Christ's Hospital with a list of the governors
62288: "CHRISTIAENS L" - "Quest for God, quest for self" "meditations on religion and self-awareness"
3884: "CHRISTIAN" - "Christian confidence essays on a declaration of faith of the" "Congregational Church in England and Wales (TC 14)"
3887: "CHRISTIAN" - "Christian mysteries" "with an introduction by A F Winnington-Ingram"
36476: "CHRISTIAN G" - "Edible France:" "a traveller's guide"
308: "ANALECTA CHRISTIANA" - "In Usum Tironum Edidit et Annotationibus Illustravit" "C Marriott, M.A. Pars Secunda"
22718: "CHRISTIANITY" - "Christianity and other faiths:" "evangelical contribution to our multi-faith society"
3902: "CHRISTIANITY" - "Christianity in Education:" "the Hibbert lectures 1965 delivered in Universities of London King's College and Nottingham"
54252: CHRISTIANSON E S ET AL - Cinema divinite: religion theology and the Bible in film
31914: CHRISTIE J - Gone to green: Green series
52802: CHRISTIE I R - Essays in modern history selected from the Transactions of the Royal Historical Society on the occasion of its centenary
49877: CHRISTIE J - How did life begin?
49827: CHRISTIE J - Miracles of nature: creating new life
62233: CHAUNDLER CHRISTINE - THROUGH THE CHRISTIAN YEAR illustrated fron the Old Masters and other sources
3907: "CHRISTMAS" - "Carols New and Old:" "words edited by Rev Henry Ramsden Bramley music edited by John Stainer"
3908: "CHRISTMAS" - "Carols:" "new and old by HR Bramley and J Stainer"
3909: "CHRISTMAS" - "Christmas Story:" "in stained glass: colour photographs by S Halliday & L Lushington"
3910: "CHRISTMAS F E" - "Parson in English Literature:" "a galaxy of clerical figures gathered from the writers of six centuries"
4695: COME CHRISTMAS - Come, Christmas: an anthology of standard Christmas carols, new carols and favourite excerpts from major choral works. This anthology may be performed as a complete concert, or sight reading for choral groups & as a guide to concert planning
40684: CHRISTMAS F E - Heavenly child: a Christmas in art anthology
31719: "SMITH-CHRISTOPHER D L" - "Subverting hatred:" "challenge of nonviolence in religious traditions (Faith meets faith)"
52356: CHRISTOPHER A M W - Quousque? Whereunto are we drifting
62068: "CHRISTOPHERS S W" - "Hymn writers and their hymns"
56167: CHRISTOU S - Worship as you like it
56165: CHRISTOU S - Paul and the unsearchable riches of Christ
23256: "ZLOCH-CHRISTY I" - "Eastern Europe and the world economy:" "challenges of transition and globalization"
47388: CHRONIK - Chronik Lexicon: 20 Jahrhundert
26565: "CHANG D W-W & CHUANG R Y" - "Politics of Hong Kong's reversion to China"
50094: CHUNG S W - Alister E McGrath and evangelical theology: a dynamic engagement
35505: "CHUPUNGCO A J" - "Liturgies of the future:" "the process and methods of inculturation"
53313: ORTHODOX EASTERN CHURCH - Catechism of the Orthodox Church
50960: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Peace on earth: encyclical letter of Pope John XXIII Pacem in Terris 1963
14768: ORTHODOX EASTERN CHURCH - Orthodox Liturgy: being the divine liturgy of S.John Chrysostom and S.Basil The Great and the Divine Office of the Presanctified Gifts
55709: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Local churches in covenant: a paper approved by the Roman Catholic Bishops of England and Wales
49185: METHODIST CHURCH - Hymns and Psalms (full music edition)
45316: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Catechisme de l'eglise catholique
4365: CHURCH R W - Oxford Movement: Twelve Years l833-1845
54669: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Breaking bread 1999: an edition of today's missal
56545: CHURCH A J - Young Macedonian in the army of Alexander the Great
52393: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Roman Missal revised by decree of the Second Vatican Council and published by authority of Pope Paul VI
42144: CATHOLIC CHURCH - New Latin-English Sunday Missal
45314: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Women priests: obstacle to unity? Documents and correspondence Rome and Canterbury 1975 - 1986
37686: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Weekday missal: weekday masses for the proper of seasons, proper of saints, common masses, votive and occasional masses complete with readings in one volume (Illustrations by Mark and Anne Primavesi)
3549: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Funeral rite: the Roman ritual
53672: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Apostolic Letter (Spiritus et Sponsa) of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II on the 40th anniversary of the constitution on the sacred liturgy 'Sacrosanctum Concilium'
46127: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Weekday missal: weekday masses for the proper of seasons, ordinary time, the proper of saints, occasional masses and, masses for the dead complete with readings in one volume illustrations by Mark and Anne Primavesi
53668: CATHOLIC CHURCH - General instruction of the Roman Missal: Roman Missal as renewed by decree of the second Vatican Ecumenical Council
60553: UNITED REFORMED CHURCH - Order of worship for the Lord's Supper
52265: CATHOLIC CHURCH IN SCOTLAND & SCOTTISH EPISCOPAL CHURCH - Nature of baptism and its place in the life of the Church: a common statement by the Joint Study Group of representatives of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church
54218: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Dogmatic canons and decrees: authorized translations of the dogmatic decrees of the Council of Trent, the decree on the immaculate conception, the syllabus of Pope Pius IX and the decrees of the Vatican Council
3551: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Holy Eucharist: letter of the supreme pontiff Pope John Paul II to all the Bishops of the Church on the mystery and worship of the Holy Eucharist (Do519)
49366: APOSTOLIC CHURCH - Constitution of the apostolic church: third edition (revised)
480: "ANGLICAN CHURCH" - "Articles of the Anglican Church:" "paraphrastically considered and explained by Franciscus A Sancta Clara STP to which are prefixed...."
33932: "CATHOLIC CHURCH" - "Documents on the liturgy 1963-1979" "Conciliar, papal, and curial texts [shipping cost is 7.50]"
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3531: "CATHOLIC CHURCH" - "Decree on training for the priesthood"
3532: "CATHOLIC CHURCH" - "Directory by the episcopal conference of England and Wales" "based upon the apostolic letter issued Motu Proprio on 31st March 1970 by his holiness Pope Paul VI determining norms for mixed marriages (Do 431)"
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46016: METHODIST CHURCH - Order for Morning Prayer: adapted for use in Methodist churches together with alternative services embodying respectively the litany, the collects and the communion
46015: METHODIST CHURCH - Minutes of the annual conference held in London June 1997: and annual directory
3602: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Shorter morning and evening prayer: the Psalter of 'The Divine Office' with selected texts for the Seasons, Feasts of the Lord and Solemnities
55206: ORTHODOX EASTERN CHURCH - Divine Liturgy according to St. John Chrysostom with appendices [translation prepared by a special Commission on the basis of the Greek original text. Practices of Russian Church taken into consideration]
56171: CATHOLIC CHURCH - This is ecumenism:: simplifications of the Decree on Ecumenism, Decree on the Eastern Catholic Churches and Declaration on the relation of the Church to non-Christian religions (Grail Simplified Council Document)
57089: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Ordinazione Episcopale conferita dal santo Padre Giovanni Paolo II
54204: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Compendium of the catechism of the Catholic Church
55986: CHURCH A J - Story of the Odyssey (Homer), Story of the Iliad (Homer), Last days of Jerusalem (Josephus), Story of the Aenieid (Virgil): 4 matching volumes
3543: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Encyclical letter (Pascendi Gregis) of our most Holy Lord Pius X: by divine providence Pope of the Doctrines of the Modernists
53108: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Church teaches: documents of the church in English translation
46068: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Ministries for the Lord: resource guide amd directory of Church vocations for men
29672: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Sunday Missal: Sunday Masses for the entire three-year cycle complete in one volume together with extracts from the Sacramental Rites and from 'The Divine Office' introductions by Harold Winstone, texts approved for use in England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland
37083: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Encyclical letter (Dominum et Vivificantem) of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II on the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and the world
47679: CHURCH E - Pakistan - a flying visit
47954: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Roman Missal for Sundays and Holy Days (Jerusalem Bible version); Sunday and Holy Day masses for the entire three year cyclecomplete in one volume
45737: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Guide pratique des Catholiques de France: Guide No 3 Province de Bordeaux, Bourges, Rennes, Tours
45405: FOUNDATION FOR CHURCH - Exploring team leadership: talks and reflections given at the conference of the Foundation for Church Leadership
52076: CIRENCESTER PARISH CHURCH - Flower Festival 2003 (Cirencester Parish Church)
52178: CHURCH R W - Saint Anselm
21508: MONK OF THE EASTERN CHURCH - Year of grace of the Lord: a scriptural and liturgical commentary on the calendar of the Orthodox Church by a Monk of the Eastern Church trans from the French by Deborah Cowen
3565: CATHOLIC CHURCH - Liverpool 1980: official report of the national pastoral congress
50557: CONFERENCE EUROPEAN CHURCHE - Reconciliation: gift of God and source of new life (Study Guide for the Second European Ecumenical Assembly 1997)
41767: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Essays on the covenant: by participants in the Churches' Council for Covenanting
61466: "BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "UNDERSTANDING INEQUALITY:" "a handbook for local churches"
53681: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Church and state: opening a new ecumenical discussion (Faith and Order Paper No 85)
1405: "BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Bible and children:" "guidelines"
61467: "BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "BRITISH AND IRISH CHURCHES RESPOND TO BEM" "[Analysis and implications of the British & Irish Churches' responses to the Lima report on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry]"
26640: "BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "One Lord, one faith, one baptism:" "guidelines and materials for Inter Church Worship"
1419: "BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Political change in South Africa:" "Britain' s responsibility"
26585: "BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Worship in education"
22050: "COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "FOR BRITAIN AND IRELAND" "Unemployment & the future of work: enquiry for the churches"
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20416: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Church and the International disorder: (Vol 4 of Mans disorder and Gods design series)
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35349: "WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Organized, racial violence:" "new trends (PCR Information No 15 1982)"
20436: "WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Salvation Today and contemporary experience:" "a collection of texts for critical study and reflection"
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20443: "WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Violence nonviolence and the struggle for social justice:" "a statement commended by the central committee of the WCC August 1973 for study, comment and action (Offprint from the Ecumenical Review XXV No.4)"
20444: "WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "World Conference for the consideration of Questions" "touching faith and order: report of the deputation to Europe and the East"
20446: "WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "World Conference on Faith and Order:" "a compilation of proposals for Christian Unity"
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40569: "WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES" - "Turn to God:" "rejoice in hope (Bible Studies-Meditations-Liturgical Aids)"
20435: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Report of the Second World Conference on Faith and Order (Edinburgh August 3-18 1937) submitted for the consideration of the participating churches
47303: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Orthodoxy [Faith and Order Paper No 30]: a faith and order dialogue
57382: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - New Valamo consultation: the ecumenical nature of the Orthodox witness: New Valamo Finland September 24 - 30, 1977
48635: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Celebration and challenge (URM 87 Manila April 1-6 1987) (Urban Rural Mission)
12746: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Message and reports of the first assembly of the World Council of Churches with aids to study and discussion [Amsterdam 1948]
44775: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Changing the agenda; Christian reflections on mission and community work
55415: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - Local church unity: guidelines for local ecumenical projects and sponsoring bodies
24381: "CHURCHILL J H" - "Finding communion" "by JH Churchill (formerly Dean of Carlisle)"
62339: "CHURCHILL J H" - "PUTTING LIFE TOGETHER:" "a spirituality of integration"
38803: "CHURCHILL W [CANNADINE]" - "Blood, toil, tears and sweat:" "Winston Churchill's famous speeches, edited, with an introduction, by David Cannadine"
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47192: CHURCHILL W S - Second World War Volume IV The hinge of fate
48566: CHURCHILL W - Homosexual behavior among males: a cross-cultural and cross-species investigation
50562: CHURCHILL L - Blood of the martyrs: the history of the Christian Church
13556: "MODERN CHURCHMAN" - "Thirteenth Conference of Modern Churchmen:" "Sacraments: their psychology and history (October 1926 Vol XVI Nos. 6,7 & 8)"
51021: CHURCHMAN'S CLOCK [CARTER T T] - Churchman's clock: meditations etc suggested by each hour of the day and night (with a preface by T T Carter)
56854: CHURCHMAN'S MONTHLY - Churchman's monthly penny magazine and guide to Christian truth: Vol I June 1846 - May 1847
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53652: CHURTON W R - Uncanonical and Apocryphal scriptures...[plus pamphlet taped in] Christian use of the Apocrypha by W H Daubney (SPCK 1888)
62342: "CHURTON E T" - "Blessed Mother"
49796: CICERO ET AL - Eighteen Roman letters (Brodie's classical translations)
49790: CICERO [WOODHOUSE] - Cicero de officiis Book III
67943: CICERO - Cicero pro Archia: literally translated by F M Mahony [Kelly's keys to the classics]
37254: "BIRDSALL D & CIPOLLA C M" - "Technology of man:" "a virtual history"
4381: "CIPOLLA C" - "Economic history of world population"
56853: CITRON B - New birth: a study of the doctrine of conversion in the Protestant Fathers
62345: "CIVIT I G" - "SONG OF SALVATION:" "the Magnificat"
55390: FILLION L-CL - Psaumes: commentes d'apres la vulgate et l'hebreu
56538: CLACK T - 150th anniversary of Holy Trinity Church Watermoor
21845: BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX - Letters of ...
1704: BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX - On the Christian Year: selections from his sermons
37612: BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX - On the love of God: De Diligendo Deo newly translated by a religious of CSMV
40111: BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX - Select treatises of S. Bernard of Clairvaux: De diligendo deo [Greek texts] edited [in English] by W W Williams/De gradibus humilitatis et superbiae edited [in English] by B R V Mills (Cambridge Patristic Texts)
56164: CLANCY P - Celtic threads: exploring the wisdom of our heritage
40382: "CLANTON J A" - "In whose image?:" "God and gender"
45007: CLAPHAM J H - Economic development of France and Germany 1815 - 1914
27163: "CLARASO M" - "Wandering Angus:" "a Kintalloch novel"
21980: "CLARE A" - "Tavern in the morning" "(A Hawkenlye Mystery)"
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70216: "POOR CLARE" - "Simple way of love"
52640: CLARE J - Poems selected by Paul Farley
44447: "CLARK K J" - "When faith is not enough"
43554: "CLARK D" - "I'm a Christian, aren't I?"
56448: CLARK G R - Word 'Hesed' in the Hebrew Bible (JSOT Supplement Series 159)
4404: "CLARK H" - "Church under Thatcher"
40861: "CLARK N, WARREN M ET AL" - "Conversation about the Holy Communion" "between Neville Clark, Hubert Cunliffe-Jones, Marcus Ward, Eric Fenn, Max Warren and David L Edwards"
4395: CLARK D - Liberation of the church
14903: "BOASE C W & CLARK A" - "Register of the University of Oxford Vol. I" "(1449-63; 1505-71), Volume II in 4 vols (Parts I-IV) (1571-1622)"
4390: "CLARK A" - "Heaven:" "the home in the future"
4400: "CLARK G K" - "English Inheritance"
21979: "CLARK G K" - "Kingdom of free men"
4405: "CLARK H W" - "Christian Method of Ethics"
4406: "CLARK H W" - "Cross and the Eternal Order:" "a study of atonement in its cosmic significance"
4407: "CLARK H W" - "Cross and the Eternal Order:" "a study of atonement in its cosmic significance"
40231: "CLARK J D" - "Victoria Falls:" "a handbook to the Victoria Falls, the Batoka Gorge and part of the upper Zambesi river: with four colour plates by Barbara Tymell, thirty-two black and white plates, four line drawings and two maps"
37451: "CLARK J W" - "Cambridge:" "brief historical and descriptive notes, with illustrations"
4413: "CLARK N" - "Call to worship" "(SMW)"
4415: "CLARK N" - "Pastoral care in context:" "vision of God and service of God"
26667: "KENNY N & CLARK T" - "Proficiency insight:" "Workbook and Companion"
18227: "STAFFORD-CLARK D" - "Psychiatry for students"
4401: CLARK G K - Expanding Society: Britain 1830-1900
40996: "CLARK G" - "Campden wonder:" "with chapters by the late Viscount Maugham and Dr D Russell Davis"
4419: "CLARK S B" - "Building Christian communities:" "strategy for renewing the church"
40932: "CLARK S C" - "Unity, uniformity and the English church"
40933: "CLARK W" - "Anglican reformation" "(Eras of the Christian Church)"
62351: "CLARK G" - "ON WINGS OF PRAYER" "with 30 fascinating photographs"
62355: "CLARK H" - "ETHICAL MYSTICISM OF ALBERT SCHWEITZER:" "study of the sources and significance of Schweitzer's philosophy of civilization"
53592: CLARK W J - How to use New Testament Greek study aids
53253: CLARK R - Jesus unleashed: Luke's Gospel for emerging Christians
31953: "CLARK R E D" - "Universe: plan or accident?" "the religious implications of modern science (Contemporary evangelical perspectives)"
57950: CLARK L H - They sang for horses: the impact of the horse on Navajo and Apache folklore
52126: CLARK A - Virgin birth
55624: CLARK G K - Critical historian
4447: CLARKE W K L - Prayer Book of 1928 Reconsidered
33558: CLARKE J - Evangelizing the fringe (GEv30)
45121: CLARKE W M - Secret life of Wilkie Collins
39818: "CLARKE F A" - "Thomas Ken"
42914: CLARKE S - Letter to Mr Dodwell wherein all the arguments in his Epistolary Discourse againgst the immortality of the Soul are particularly answered and the judgement of the Fathers concerning that matter truly represented... various title pages throughout but pagination continuous
35125: "CLARKE E" - "Benjamin Disraeli:" "the romance of a great career 1804-1881"
24756: "CLARKE I C" - "Shelley and Byron:" "a tragic friendship"
11542: "CLARKE O" - "Sainsbury's book of wine"
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26661: "CONCARI L" - "Snip Snap B:" "Activity Book"
56189: CONCILIUM [BEUKEN ET AL] - Concilium 1991/1: The Bible and its readers
36582: "CONCILIUM" - "Church history (Concilium Vol 7 No 1 September 1965)" "[Articles by B Tierney, H Marot, A Franzen, G Alberigo, R Aubert, J Fontaine]"
36583: "CONCILIUM" - "Dogma (Concilium Vol 1 No 2 January 1966)" "[Articles by Y Congar, J Bourke, P Schoonenberg, J-M Gonzalez-Ruiz]"
36581: "CONCILIUM" - "Ecumenism (Concilium Vol 4 No 1 April 1965)" "[Articles by W de Vries, H Kung, G Baum, W Kasper, J C Groot, L Vischer, H Dombois, F Bockle, P Nierman]"
4706: CONCORDANCE - Concordance to the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books of the Revised Standard Version, foreword by Bruce M Metzger
53299: CONCORDANCE - Phrase concordance of the Bible
38608: "CONDER C R" - "Judas Maccabaeus and the Jewish War of Independence"
74275: "WILMORE G S & CONE J H" - "BLACK THEOLOGY:" "a documentary history, 1966-1979"
55116: CONE S D - Ocean vast of blessing: a theology of grace (Kalos 1)
41180: "LAMBETH CONFERENCE" - "Lambeth conference of 1897:" "with the official reports and resolutions, together with sermons preached at the conference: being a supplementary volume to ""The Lambeth Conferences of 1967, 1878 and 1888"" compiled under the direction of Randall T David
6244: "EDINBUGH CONFERENCE" - "on Faith and Order:" "report of the Committee appointed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to consider the findings of the conference"
11324: "LAMBETH CONFERENCE" - "Faith Alert:" "the Lambeth Conference 1968"
11326: "LAMBETH CONFERENCE" - "Lambeth and You 1958"
14894: "OXFORD CONFERENCE" - "Oxford Conference on Church, community & state July 1937" "in 8 vols (lacks vol 6 Church, Community, & State in relation to education"
73984: "WESTMINSTER CONFERENCE" - "PURITAN EXPERIMENT IN THE NEW WORLD" "[Articles on John Robinson & Separatist ideal, Thomas Hooker, John Cotton, Roger Williams, Halfway Covenant & Jonathan Edwards]"
73983: "WESTMINSTER CONFERENCE" - "UNION AND COMMUNION 1529-1979:" "papers read at the 1979 conference. Articles on: Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Puritan & Separatist Sacramental Discourses & the Marburg Colloquy]"
41865: LAMBETH CONFERENCE - Truth shall make you free: the Lambeth conference 1988: the reports, resolutions, and pastoral letters from the Bishops
41182: "LAMBETH CONFERENCE" - "Conference of Bishops of the Anglican Communion:" "holden at Lambeth palace in July 1888: Encyclical letter from the Bishops with the Resolution and Reports and two sermons"
41181: "LAMBETH CONFERENCE" - "Conference of Bishops of the Anglican communion:" "holden at Lambeth palace in July, 1897: Encyclical letter from the Bishops with the Resolutions and Reports"
41480: "LAMBETH CONFERENCE" - "Memorial against inter-communion with the 'Old Catholics'"
49747: ASIA REGIONAL CONFERENCE - Vision 2000 and beyond (Asia regional conference for Anglican leaders 2 to 8 June 1995)
56723: LAMBETH CONFERENCE - Lambeth prayer: daily worship for the Conference 1998
56840: CONGAR Y - Challenge to the church: the case of Archbishop Lefebvre
4721: CONGAR Y - I believe in the Holy Spirit: the complete three-volume work in one
4727: CONGREGATION - Congregation in church: plain guide to a reverent & intelligent participation in the public services of Holy Church
491: ANGLICAN CONGRESS - Report of proceedings of Anglical Congress 1963 edited by E R Fairweather [August 13-23 Toronto Canada]
24586: "ANGLO-CATHOLIC CONGRESS" - "Report of the Anglo-Catholic Congress July 1923" "General subject: The gospel of God"
31744: "CHURCH CONGRESS" - "Kingdom of God in a country diocese:" "papers read and sermons preached at the 62nd Annual Church Congress, Ipswich, October 1927..."
490: ANGLICAN CONGRESS - Report of the Anglican Congress 1954 edited by Powel Mills Dawley [Report of proceedings August 4-13 Minneapolis, Minnesota]
4733: "CONGREVE G" - "Christian Life....a Response:" "with other retreat addresses & sermons"
40859: "CONGREVE G" - "Christian progress:" "with other papers and addresses"
62575: "CONINGSBY F" - "POETRY OF LIFE:" "selected poems"
52404: CONN J W - Spirituality and personal maturity
4737: "CONNAUGHTON R" - "Nature of future conflict"
4740: "CONNELL R" - "Book of Prayers"
40860: "CONNELL W F" - "Readings in the foundations of Education" "by W F Connell, R L Debus, W R Niblett"
55231: CONNELL M - Against a peacock sky (Penguin Travel Library)
25563: "CONNIFF R" - "Spineless wonders:" "the joys of formication"
48387: CONNOLLY W J - Studies in the spirituality of Jesuits: contemporary spiritual direction: scope and principles. Vol VII June 1975 No 3
51681: O'CONNOR T P - Some old love stories
48393: O'CONNOR E - Eighth day of creation: gifts and creativity
4743: "CONNOR W" - "Norwich Cathedral Argumentative Discourses in Defence and" "Confirmation of the Faith Series 1 (Discourse 1-10 bound as 1)"
48305: O'CONNOR E - Letters to scattered pilgrims
48303: O'CONNOR E - Servant leaders, servant structures
25367: RENFREW R & CONQUEST N - Standard grade chemistry
36315: "CONQUISTADOR D" - "Understanding dark sentences"
57872: CONRAD E W - Zechariah
57899: GAVIN D & CONRAN T - Outdoors: the garden design book for the twenty-first century
62583: "CONRAN M W T" - "PLAIN INSTRUCTIONS IN THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION" "with an introductory letter to those who use the chaplet of prayer"
57280: CONSTABLE W G - Painter's workshop
41140: "ANGLICAN ECUMENICAL CONSULT..." - "Emmaus report: report of the Anglican Ecumenical" "Consultation, Emmaus Retreat Centre, West Wickham...27 January-2 February 1987 in preparation for ACC-7 and Lambeth Conference 1988"
30363: "CONTRERAS F" - "Hope of living cancer free"
4754: "CONVERSATIONS" - "Conversations at Malines 1921-1925" "English/French parallel text"
4755: "CONVERSATIONS" - "Conversations at Malines 1921-1925" "English/French parallel text"
4758: CONVERSE F - House of Prayer: illustrated by M E Webb
26197: "CONVERY A ET AL" - "Pupils' perceptions of Europe:" "identity and education"
29180: "CHATRIK B & CONVEY P" - "New deal handbook:" "a guide to your rights and responsibilities on the 'New Deal'"
458: CONVRSATIONS - Conversations: between the Church of England and the Methodist Church: A report
54683: CONWAY P - 100 Irish ballads Volume 2 (with words, music and guitar chords)
38283: "CONYBEARE W J" - "Here's a church - lets go in"
57868: CONZELMANN H - Acts of the Apostles (Hermeneia)
4768: CONZELMANN H - 1 Corinthians (Hermeneia)
45352: CONZELMANN H - Theology of Saint Luke
23863: DIBELIUS M & CONZELMANN H - Pastoral Epistles (Hermeneia)
38281: CONZELMANN H - Jesus: the classic article from RGG expanded and updated
57873: COOK J E - Hannah's desire, God's design: early interpretations of the story of Hannah (JSOT Supplement Series 282)
48868: COOK M - Early Muslim dogma: a source-critical study
56162: COOK D - St Boniface 675/754: the first European
4779: "COOK H J" - "Pekah" "(reprinted from Vetus Testamentum Vol XIV, No.2 1964)"
26146: "COOK I G ET AL" - "Dynamic Asia:" "business, trade and economic development in Pacific Asia"
22002: "COOK S A" - "Foundations of religion" "(People's Books)"
62592: "COOK S A" - "RELIGION OF ANCIENT PALESTINE IN THE LIGHT OF ARCHAEOLOGY:" "the Schweich lectures of the British Academy"
41318: "COOK A M" - "Latin anthology: selected and arranged by A M Cook" "(Golden treasury Series)"
40850: "COOK E T" - "Use of plainsong"
40420: "COOK E T" - "Path to the throne:" "a short biography of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and notes on the coronation service and the regalia"
62590: "COOK G" - "CHAPEL IN THE MIDST:" "Mundane mission: an autobiography"
58049: COOK J I - Saved by hope: essays in honor of Richard C Oudersluys
47973: COOK H - What Baptists stand for
42098: "COOKE E A" - "Saint Columba:" "his life and work"
62594: "COOKE G A" - "TOPOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTY OF" "NOTTINGHAM containing an account of its situation, extent, towns, roads, rivers, minerals, fisheries, manufacturers, commerce, which is prefixed a copius travelling guide...for
53925: COOKE P - Athelhampton House and Gardens
45355: COOMARASWAMY A K - Bronzes from Ceylon, chiefly in the Colombo museum [Memoirs of the Colombo Museum Series A. No. 1
42055: "COOMBS J" - "George Anthony Denison:" "firebrand"
4796: "COOMBS J" - "George and Mary Sumner:" "their life and times"
4797: COOMBS J - Judgement on Hatcham: the history of a religious struggle 1877-1886
53474: COOMBS J - One aim: Edward Stuart 1820 - 1877
62599: "COON L L ET AL" - "THAT GENTLE STRENGTH:" "historical perspective on women in Christianity"
55706: COOPER B - Meeting famous Christians
57583: COOPER C J - Centenary celebrations of the Baptists now worshipping at City Road Baptist Church Winchester: a short history of the cause 1861-1961
47356: COOPER J P - Land men and beliefs: studies in early-modern history edited with an introduction by G E Aylmer and J S Morrill
55705: COOPER E - Endless song: a celebration of life
43698: COOPER K - Held hostage: a serial bank robber's road to redemption
37250: "COOPER C E" - "Memoirs of Selworthy"
4799: "COOPER D" - "Death of the family"
32671: "COOPER D M" - "God is a verb:" "Kabbalah and the practice of mystical Judaism"
30177: "COOPER H" - "Holy unction"
4802: "COOPER H" - "Sense of belonging:" "dilemmas of British Jewish identity"
4803: "COOPER H" - "Soul Searching:" "studies in Judaism and Psychotherapy"
27479: "UDEN G & COOPER R" - "Dictionary of British ships and seamen"
54146: COOPER P - Healing power of light: a comprehensive guide to healing and transformational powers of light
40863: "COOPER N" - "How to change the course of industrial relations"
56892: COOPER J M - Last four Anglo-Saxon Archbishops of York (Borthwick Papers No 38)
56004: COOPER D - Darling monster: the letters of Lady Diana Cooper to her son John Julius Norwich 1939 - 1952
29165: "PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS" - "Tolley's taxation of foreign exchange gains and losses"
14740: ORD R & COOTE R B - Is the Bible true? understanding the Bible today
4812: COPE G - Symbolism in the Bible and the Church
62611: COPE G ET AL - EXPERIMENTAL LITURGY (Ecumenical studies in worship no.3)
4811: "COPE G" - "Christian ministry in new towns"
32072: "COPE G" - "Dying death and disposal" "by J Hick, G Rowell, W J Grisbrooke et al"
55704: COPELAND G - Call to prayer: intercession in action
24083: FIORENZA E S & COPELAND M S - Violence against women (Concilium 1994/1)
31698: "COPENHAVER M B ET AL" - "Good news in exile:" "three pastors offer a hopeful vision for the church [articles also by A B Robinson & W H Willimon]"
44501: "COPLESTON F C" - "Russian religious philosophy:" "selected aspects"
52399: COPLEY T ET AL - Splashes of God-light: Bible stories retold by Jews and Christians
24518: "COPLEY T" - "Doves in the rat race:" "Christian life-style today"
22000: "COPLEY T" - "Onward, Christian parents!"
55746: COPPING H - Life of Jesus in pictures
29394: "COPTIC" - "Coptic morning service for the Lord's Day" "trans into English by John, Marquis of Bute in original decorated blue cloth, ex clerical library - marks are number on spine, label inside front board and computer label on back endpaper"
4825: "CORBET R W" - "Letters from a mystic of the present day"
34359: CORBETT P - Ideologies (Philosophy at work)
51856: CORBIC A - Incroyance: une chance pour la foi?
54020: CORBISHLEY T - Mary Ward in the 20th century: the life of Reverend Mother M Cecilia Marshall
9872: IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA [CORBISHLEY - Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: translation by T Corbishley
62646: "CORCORAN C" - "TAKE CARE!:" "preventing child abuse: a handbook for parents"
50092: CORCORAN R - Bishop or the king: how the Anglican Church of Canada has failed to defend its king
53473: CORCORAN G - Guide to the confessions of St Augustine (Living Flame Series Volume 17)
44296: "CORDEIRO W" - "Leading on empty:" "refilling your tank and renewing your passion"
4830: "CORDWELL C S" - "Praising Heart: in love and gratitude to Broughton Park," "Heaton Mersey and Marple Bridge Congregational and United Reformed Churches 1911-1985"
26167: "CORICELLI F, MATTEO M D & HAHN" - "New theories in growth and development"
62648: "CORLESS R" - "I AM FOOD:" "the Mass in planetary perspective"
57406: CORMACK G - Egypt in Asia: a plain account of pre-biblical Syria and Palestine
40479: "CORNILL C E" - "I profeti d'Israele" "(Biblioteca di cultura moderna)"
4842: "CORNILL C" - "Introduction to the canonical" "books of the Old Testament"
37739: CORNISH G J - Selection from the sermons and poetical remains of the Revd George James Cornish, late vicar of Kenwyn and Kea
51702: CORNISH C J - Wild England of today: and the wild life in it
62654: "CORNWALL I" - "ICE AGES:" "their nature and effects"
37460: "ROYAL CORNWALL" - "Hundredth Annual Report of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic" "Society, new series, volume VII, Centenary number, Part III - 1933 [Presentation copy - Sir John Cadman]"
4847: CORNWELL P - Human arch
27989: "CORNWELL P" - "Southern cross"
51746: CORNWELL M - Parying the Passion living the Gospel: scriptural reflections for adult believers
49842: CORNY K ET AL - Meet the neighbours
22386: "BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP" - "English-Welsh vocabulary together with examples" "of conjugation, greetings, phrases, and sentences, mutations, numbers"
4989: "BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP" - "Learning Welsh" "[English-Welsh vocabulary available separately]"
4850: CORRIGAN F - Benedictine tapestry
36902: "CORSTANJE A VAN" - "Third Order for our times" "[Secular orders of Saint Francis]"
47351: COSGRAVE P - Strange death of socialist Britain: post war British politics
62660: "COSGROVE F M" - "ESSENTIALS OF DISCIPLESHIP:" "practical help on how to live as Christ's disciple"
62661: "COSGROVE F M" - "ESSENTIALS OF NEW LIFE:" "Biblical truths a new Christian needs to know"
25038: "COSMI E V" - "Labor and delivery:" "Proceedings of the 2nd World Congress May 1997, Rome"
35484: "COSSLETT MRS" - "Father of Methodism:" "a sketch of the life and labours of the Rev John Wesley"
40372: "COSTACURTA B" - "Vita minacciata:" "il tema della puara nella Bibbia Ebraica (Analecta Biblica 119)"
4853: "COSTAIN T B" - "Silver Chalice:" "a story for the Cup of the Last Supper"
55335: COSTANZO E - Harbor for the poor: a missiological analysis of almsgiving in the view and practice of John Chrysostom
62663: "COSTANZO J F" - "PAPAL MAGISERIUM and ""Humanae Vitae""" "pages 377 - 421 of 'THOUGHT' (Fordham University Press) volume XLIV, No 174, Autumn 1969"
55425: COSTLER A ET AL - Encyclopaedia of sexual knowledge
56505: COTES P - No star nonsense
4857: "COTGROVE S" - "Science of society:" "intro to sociology"
38769: "COTSONIS J" - "Validity of the Anglican Orders" "(reprinted from the Greek Orthodox Theological Review, Spring 1958-Summer 1958)"
40887: COTTAM T - Fourth gospel rearranged
46025: COTTER J - By stony paths
4863: COTTER J - Prayer in the Day: a book of mysteries
4864: COTTER J - Prayer in the Morning: a book for Day's beginning
45619: COTTER J - Towards the city: a version of psalms 101 - 150
40888: COTTER J - Love re-membered: resources for a house eucharist
54944: COTTER J - Giving voice to the voiceless: encouraging one another in the shaping of prayer (Occasional Paper No 12)
21712: "COTTERILL J H" - "Let's talk it through:" "a book of discussion material"

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