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54862: BRADLEY I - Power of sacrifice
30976: BRADLEY I - Abide with me: the world of Victorian hymns
46969: BRADLEY A C - Shakespearean Tragedy: lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
41585: "BRADNER J" - "Symbols of church seasons and days" "illustrations by Betty Wolfe and Kerry Dexter"
2416: "BRADSHAW J" - "Eight major religions in Britain"
10175: "JASPER R C D & BRADSHAW P F" - "Companion to the Alternative Service Book"
43710: BRADSHAW P F - Essays in Early Eastern initiation (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 8) (Grove Liturgical Study 56)
31736: BRADSHAW T - Way forward?: Christian voices on homosexuality and the church (Contributors include: A Thiselton, M Vasey, R Williams, J John et al)
55979: BRADSHAW P F - Canons of Hippolytus: English translation by Carol Bebawi (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 2) (Grove Liturgical Study 50)
34115: BRADSHAW P - Coronations past, present and future: essays by Henry Everett, Paul Bradshaw and Colin Buchanan (Joint Liturgical Studies 38)
33515: BRADSHAW P - New SCM dictionary of liturgy and worship
2421: "BRADSTOCK A" - "Saints and Sandinistas:" "the Catholic Church in Nicaragua and its response to the Revolution"
56893: BRADY D - Contribution of British writers between 1560 and 1830 to the interpretation of Revelation 13.16-18 (The number of the Beast): a study in the history of exegesis (Beitrage zur Geschichte der Biblischen Exegese 27)
53992: BRADY G K - Saint Dominic: pilgrim of light
58038: EDGAR W & BRAGDON J - Genesis: Journal of the Society of Christians in the Arts Inc June 1976 Vol 2 No 1 (articles by T Howard, C Kimball, P Miles, B K Moss, W Edgar and E M Catich)
58039: EDGAR W & BRAGDON J - Genesis: Journal of the Society of Christians in the Arts Inc April 1975 Vol 1 No 1 (articles by H R Rookmaaker, B Klein, W Edgar, J Bragdon, S Gross,and B Hannah)
47748: BRAHMS J - Walzer Opus 39
47804: BRAHMS J - Symphony No 1 C minor miniature score [Edition Eulenburg No 425]
47863: BRAHMS J - Variations on a theme by Haydn Opus 56A miniature score [Hawkes Pocket Scores No 144]
43672: "BRAIN F L" - "Poems by Florence:" "volume II"
2423: "BRAITHWAITE W C" - "Second period of Quakerism"
24645: BRAKE G T - Policy and politics in British Methodism 1932-1982
30614: "JOCELIN OF BRAKELOND" - "Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond:" "a picture of monastic life in the days of Abbot Samson newly edited by Ernest Clarke (Kings Classics Series)"
40578: "BRALEY B" - "Churches' copyright directory:" "October 1992 Edition"
37413: "BRAMHALL J" - "Works of the most Reverend Father in God John Bramhall" "with a life of the author and a collection of his letters 5 volume set (LACT)"
22781: "BRAMWELL R ET AL" - "Taxation of companies & company reconstructions" "2nd Supplement to 7th edition"
28616: "BRAMWELL R ET AL" - "Taxation of companies and company reconstructions:" "first supplement to the seventh edition (up to date August 1, 1999)"
30797: "BRAND M" - "Dr Kildare's crisis" "[Large print romance]"
25007: "BRANDES D" - "Gamesters' handbook two:" "another collection of games for teachers and group workers"
24454: "BRANDEWIE E" - "In the light of the word:" "Divine Word Missionaries of North America (ASMS 29)"
36613: "BRANDLING R" - "All for assembly:" "a resource book for First and Middle Schools"
2432: BRANDON S G - Trial of Jesus of Nazareth
2430: "BRANDON O" - "Pastor and his ministry" "(LPC)"
30214: "BRANDON S D F" - "Dictionary of comparative religion"
26442: "BRANDRETH H R T" - "Unity and reunion:" "a bibliography"
40531: "BRANDRETH H R T" - "Oecumenical ideals of the Oxford movement"
2434: BRANDRETH H R T - Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church
53647: BRANDT L F - Lord rules - let's serve Him: meditations on the psalms
61388: "BRANDT R L" - "CHARISMATICS:" "are we missing something? [Also published as Tongues, the greatest gift?]"
2436: "BRANDT W" - "World armament & world hunger:" "a call for action"
23285: "BRANNAN T" - "Effective advertiser"
41580: "BRANSCOMB B H" - "Jesus and the law of Moses"
41579: "BRANSON G" - "Church of England:" "its way, truth and life"
52382: BRANT J - Downloading the Bible: a rough guide to the Old Testament (Youth specialties)
52008: BRANTL G - Catholicism
37294: "BRASCH R" - "Unknown sanctuary:" "the story of Judaism, its teachings, philosophy and symbols"
58276: BRASH W B - Methodism
51246: REYNOLDS E E & BRASHER N H - Britain in the twentieth century 1900 - 1964
22904: "BRASSEY'S" - "Brassey's Defence Yearbook 1998"
30215: "BRAUN H" - "Introduction to English Mediaeval architecture"
38996: BRAVER B - I have called you friends: reflections on reconciliation in honor of Frank T Griswold
2438: BRAWLEY R L - Centering on God: method and message in Luke-Acts (Literary currents in Biblical interpretion)
66169: BRAY G - Knowing Jesus
32242: BRAY G L - Holiness and the will of God: perspectives on the theology of Tertullian
2440: "BRAY G" - "Creeds, councils and Christ"
57180: BRAY G L - Christian theological language [Latimer Studies 32]
40697: BRAY G - Biblical interpretation past and present
41577: "BRAYBROOKE M" - "Jews and Christians:" "can Jesus draw us together? (Forewards 19)"
22661: "BAYFIELD T & BRAYBROOKE M" - "Dialogue with a difference:" "Manor House Group experience"
34530: BRAYBROOKE M - Christian Jewish relations: a new look
15259: "BRAYBROOKE M" - "Explorer's guide to Christianity"
26857: "BRAYBROOKE M" - "Stepping stones to a global ethic"
41578: "BRAYBROOKE M" - "Be reconciled:" "a selection of sermons"
45764: BRAYBROOKE M - 1000 world prayers
22266: BRAYBROOKE M - How to understand Judaism
56563: BRAYBROOKE P - Some Victorian and Georgian Catholics
53262: BRAZIER P H - C S Lewis - on the Christ of a religious economy 3.2: II Knowing salvation (C S Lewis Revelation and Christ)
56952: BREACH B - Melbury Abbas: a narrative history of a Dorset parish
52343: BREALEY M - Bedford's victorian pilgrim: William Hale White in ontext (Studies in Christian history and thought)
43621: BREARLEY C - Does God approve of war?
43699: "BREARLEY C" - "Reclaiming church:" "applying 1st century principles to 21st century church problems"
43568: "BREAUX M" - "Identity theft:" "reclaiming who God created you to be"
26757: "BREBBIA C A, TADEU A & POPOV V" - "Boundary elements XXIV: Twenty-fourth International" "Conference on Boundary Element method incorporating Meshless Solution Seminar"
27031: "RAHMAN M VERHOEVEN R & BREBBIA" - "Advances in fluid mechanics IV" "(Fourth international conference 2002 in Ghent)"
30707: "BRECHT B" - "Caucasian chalk circle" "(A modern play)"
51733: BRECKNELL D - This is Holy Week
2448: "BREDERO A H" - "Bernard of Clairvaux:" "between cult and history"
52165: BREDIN J - Was Peter the first Pope?: a new look at ancient dogma
53646: BREESE H - Recollections: Henry Breese (1894 - 1972) with contributions from Frederick (1866 - 1945) his father, James (1924 - ) his son and the Revd Bernard Snell (1856 - 1934)
52042: BREHIER E - Middle Ages and the Renaissance (The History of Philosophy)
37197: "BREIER M A" - "Aleph-zero"
2456: "BREMNER J G" - "Infancy"
56891: BREMOND H - Histoire litteraire du sentiment religieux en France: Volume III La conquete mystique
56889: BREMOND H - Histoire litteraire du sentiment religieux en France: Volume I L'humanisme devot (1580 - 1660)
56890: BREMOND H - Histoire litteraire du sentiment religieux en France: Volume II L'invasion mystique (1590 - 1620)
61080: "BLAIR M & BRENDEL D" - "CHILD OF WOE:" "an autobiography (title page signed by author)"
27253: "BRENDON P" - "Motoring century:" "the story of the Royal Automobile Club"
41795: "BRENNAN P" - "Power in rite:" "celebrating RCIA"
37725: "BRENT C H" - "Adventure for God" "by Rt Rev Charles H Brent [Bishop of the Philippine Islands] (Bishop Paddock Lectures 1904)"
2461: "BRENT C H" - "Inspiration of Responsibility:" "and other papers"
37457: "BRENT C H" - "With God in the world:" "a series of papers by Charles Brent, Bishop of the Philippine Islands"
7367: "FUNCK-BRENTANO F" - "Luther:" "translated from the French by EF Buckley"
27198: "BRERETON J" - "The British soldier:" "a social history from 1661 to the present day"
44405: HUTTERIAN BRETHREN - Gospel in Dostoyevsky: selections illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg
48884: BRETT M G - Biblical criticism in crisis?: the impact of the canonical approach on Old Testament studies
33620: "BRETT B" - "Modern sea power" "[outsize book: 240mm x 313mm]"
23491: "BRETT D" - "C R Mackintosh:" "the poetics of workmanship"
7662: "WATSON V E & BRETT W M" - "Woman priests impossible?"
56888: BRETT L F X - Redeemed creation: sacramentals today
49984: BREVINT D - Christian sacrament and sacrifice by way of discourse, meditation and prayer upon the nature, parts and blessings of the Holy Communion
51719: BREVINT D - Saul and Samuel at Endor or the New Waies of Salvation and Service which usually temt Men to Rome and detain them there Truly Represented and Refuted As also A Brief Account of R F his Missale Vindicatum or Vindication of the Roman Mass
60849: BECK BRIAN E - READING THE NEW TESTAMENT TODAY: an introduction to New Testament study
53261: BRIAN R E - Covering up Luther: How Barth's christology challenged the Deus Absconditus that haunts modernity
61417: "BRIAULT M" - "POLYTHEISM AND FETISHISM" "(Catholic library of religious knowledge XVIII)"
38195: "BRICE S" - "Law relating to public worship with especial regard to" "matters of ritual and ornamentation, and to the means for securing the due observance thereof..."
44502: BRICHTO S - Funny... you don't look Jewish: a guide to Jews and Jewish life
2474: BRICO R - Taize: Brother Roger and His Community
2478: "BRIDGE D" - "Looking at leisure"
2479: "BRIDGE D" - "More than tongues can tell:" "reflections on charismatic renewal"
41568: "BRIDGE J W ET AL" - "Fundamental rights:" "a volume of essays to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Law School in Exeter 1923-1973"
41632: "BRIDGEMAN C T" - "Jerusalem at worship, part one:" "Holy Week and Easter Western and Eastern services, description and time-tables with appendices on Jewish and Samaritan Passovers, Moslem Nebi Musa Feast"
33470: BRIDGER F - Diana phenomenon (GP75)
28767: "BRIDGES G F" - "Oxford Reformers and English church principles:" "their rise, trial, and triumph"
2485: BRIDGES R - Spirit of man: an anthology in English & French from the philosophers and poets made in 1915
48452: BRIDGES R - Achilles in Scyros
58596: BRIDGES C - Exposition of Proverbs (Geneva Series of Commentaries)
14608: O'BRIEN W B - Cowley Father's Letters
51645: O'BRIEN R B - John Bright
45532: O'BRIEN P T - Gospel and mission in the writings of Paul: exegetical and theological analysis
38224: "BRIENEN F" - "What does the Lord require?:" "a new anthology of prayers and songs for worship and mission"
30965: "BRIERLEY P" - "Christian England:" "what the English Church Census reveals"
2489: "BRIERLEY P" - "Vision building:" "knowing where you are going"
43381: BRIERLEY M - Public life and the place of the church: reflections to honour the Bishop of Oxford
46941: GILL C & BRIGGS A - History of Birmingam (2 volume set) Vol I Manor and borough to 1835/Vol II Borough and city 1865-1938
2492: "BRIGGS A" - "Social History of England"
22457: "BRIGGS A S A" - "Dictionary of twentieth century world biography"
53326: NAIRN-BRIGGS G - ""Love in action"": the human face of Faith in the City
2496: BRIGGS G W - Daily Reading: for school and home
25193: "BRIGHOUSE D" - "Financial services environment:" "an advanced guide to financial institutions and their regulation"
2507: BRIGHT J - History of Israel (OTL)
49702: BRIGHT B - Journey home: finishing with joy
2514: BRIGHT W - Chapters of early English church history: third edition revised & enlarged
2506: BRIGHT J - History of Israel (OTL)
2509: "BRIGHT J" - "Jeremiah (AB)"
30470: "BRIGHT L" - "Theology in modern education:" "a creative encounter"
61452: "BRIGHT L ET AL" - "PAUL II: 1 CORINTHIANS, 2 CORINTHIANS, PHILIPPIANS" "COLOSSIANS, PHILEMON (Scripture discussion commentary 11)"
2512: BRIGHT W - Age of the Fathers: Chapters in the History of the Church During the Fourth and Fifth Centuries Vol I & Vol II
37727: "BRIGHT W" - "Morality in doctrine"
2517: "BRIGHT W" - "Some Aspects of Primitive Church Life"
41802: "BRIGHT W [KIDD B J]" - "Letters of William Bright:" "with an introductory memoir by P G Medd"
41806: "BRIGHT W" - "Incarnation as a motive power:" "sermons"
41808: "BRIGHT W" - "Law of faith"
41812: "BRIGHT W" - "Lessons from the lives of three great fathers:" "with appendices"
36126: "BRIGHT W" - "Notes on the Canons of the First four General Councils"
61447: "SWANSTON H & BRIGHT L" - "HISTORIES l: JUDGES, 1 & 2 SAMUEL, 1 & 2 KINGS & RUTH" "(Scripture discussion commentary 3)"
49736: BRIGHT B - Sharing Christ: giving the eternal gift (Signature Series)
52722: BRIGHT J - History of Israel
2503: BRIGHT J - Early Israel in Recent History Writing: a study in method (Studies in Biblical Theology 19)
2502: BRIGHT J - Covenant and promise
10007: BRIGHT B - Witnessing without fear
2520: BRIGHTMAN F E - Liturgies Eastern and Western being the texts original or translated of the principal liturgies of the church, edited with introductions and appendices...former work by C E Hammond - Volume 1 Eastern Liturgies [Syrian, Egyptian, Persian, Byzantine]
48170: BRIGHTON A - Francis Bacon
2522: BRILIOTH Y - Three lectures on evangelicanism and the Oxford Movement together with a lecture on the theological aspect of the Oxford Movement & a sermon preached in Fairford Church on 11 July 1933
28733: "BRILL F" - "Fiction reading tasks for the literacy hour in year 4" "(Lessons in literacy 1) (Photocopiable)"
41769: "BRILLANT M" - "Eucharistia:" "encyclopedie populaire sur l'echaristie"
2526: BRIMER J W & BRIMER S - Morning Assembly Book
30457: BRIN G - Studies in Biblical law from the Hebrew Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls (JSOT Supplement series 176)
31024: BRINDLEY D - Stepping aside: a guide to leading Christian conferences and retreats
41768: "BRINKMAN M E" - "Schepping en sacrament:" "een oecumenische studie naar de reikwijdte van het sacrament als heilzaam symbool in een weerbarstige werkelijkheid"
50776: BRISCOE S - Apostles' Creed: beliefs that matter
45761: BRISCOE D S - Fresh air in the pulpit: challenges and encouragement from a seasoned preacher
43721: "BRISCOE J" - "By hook or by crook:" "how God shaped a fisherman into a shepherd"
40124: "BRISTOW J" - "Sexual sameness:" "textual differences in lesbian and gay writing"
27691: "BRISTOW J A B [IARIGAI]" - "Advances in printing science and techology:" "proceedings of the 24th Research Conference of the International Assoc of Research Institutes... London, Sept 7-10, 1997"
61012: "BIBLE AND BRITAIN" - "BIBLE AND BRITAIN:" "being a pageant of the bible in two parts: Pt I - The bible in England, Pt II - The bible in the world"
48489: GREAT BRITAIN - UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE: Report of the committee on libraries
56885: BRITON F - By-and-by: a thrilling tale
58327: BRITTAIN V - Testament of friendship: the story of Winifred Holtby
2541: BRITTAIN F - Bernard Lord Manning: a memoir
58504: BRITTAIN V - Testament of youth: an autobiographical study of the years 1900 - 1925
58274: BRITTAIN V - Testament of experience: an autobiographical story of the years 1925 - 1950
48132: BRITTEN B - Four Burns songs for high voice and piano Op 92
25232: "PATERSON F A & BRITTON P" - "Construction Act:" "time for review"
47451: BRIVIO E - Museum of the Duomo, Milano's cathedral
47457: BRIVIO E - Guide of the Duomo of Milan
26432: RAMON BRO - My questions, God's questions
51818: BRO B - Surpris par la certitude (Tome II A cause de nous)
10815: KENNETH BRO - From the fathers to the churches: daily spiritual readings mainly from The Divine Office
16053: RAMON BRO - Fulness of joy: presence of God in human life
33923: RAMON BRO - Listening heart: seven days with the seven churches of the Apocalypse
16056: RAMON BRO - Deeper into God: handbook on spiritual retreats
32016: ROGER BRO - Wonder of a love: a letter from Brother Roger of Taize
34467: ROGER BRO [SCHUTZ] - Festival... ta fete soit sans fin (English edition)
26526: RAMON BRO - Praying the Bible: imagination in bible meditation (Christian Spirituality)
51819: BRO B - Stupeur d'etre
28024: LAWRENCE BRO - Practice of the Presence of God: being conversations and letters...trans by E M Blaiklock
16058: RAMON BRO - Hidden fire: exploring the deeper reaches of prayer
30644: TRISTAM BRO - Exciting holiness: collects and readings for the festivals and lesser festivals of the calendar of the Church of England
51892: ROGER BRO [SCHUTZ] - Unanimite dans le pluralisme
51893: ROGER BRO [SCHUTZ] - Son amour est un feu
51894: ROGER BRO [SCHUTZ] - Passion d'une attente
51895: ROGER BRO [SCHUTZ] - Amour de tout amour: les sources de Taize
26507: BROCK C - Guidelines on the Lord's Supper
2546: "BROCK P" - "Don't preach at me like that!" "handbook for preachers: a summons to the preached-at"
4547: "CLUTTON-BROCK A" - "Studies in Christianity"
2548: "BROCKETT J" - "No free lunches" "(economic & political tensions in todays world)"
2550: "BROCKINGTON L H" - "Critical introduction to the Apocrypha"
39093: BROCKLEHURST G - Text book of tithes and tithe rentcharge: simple outlines of the history of tithe in England... copies of map and apportionment book...
37173: "BROCKMAN J" - "Third culture" "[beyond the scientific revolution]"
49191: BROCKWELL M W - Leonardo da Vinci: illustrated with 8 reproductions in colour (Masterpieces in Colour)
51636: CHURCH A J & BRODRIBB W J - Agricola and Germnay of Tacitus and the dialogue on oratory (translated into English with notes and maps)
49925: CHURCH A J & BRODRIBB W J - Agricola of Tacitus: with revised text, english notes and map
14902: "BRODRICK G C" - "Memorials of Merton College:" "with Biographical Notices of the Wardens and Fellows by the Hon George C.Brodrick"
2553: BRODRICK J - Origin of the Jesuits
6597: BROMILEY G W - Thomas Cranmer: Archbishop and martyr
31161: BROMILEY G [ZWINGLI/BULLINGER] - Zwingli and Bullinger: selected translations with introductions and notes (Library of Christian classics Vol XXIV)
57898: LEWIS T P & BROMLEY A G - Victorian book of cakes: recipes, techniques and decorations from the golden age of cake making
32366: "BRONOWSKI J" - "Visionary eye:" "essays in the arts, literature, and science"
58372: BRONOWSKI J - Identity of man
27203: "BROOK S" - "Oxford book of dreams"
2565: "BROOKE C" - "Medieval Church & Society:" "collected essays"
27319: "BROOKE M Z" - "International management:" "a revue of strategies and operations"
2572: "BROOKE R" - "Rupert Brooke:" "the complete poems"
37420: "BROOKE S A" - "Fight of faith:" "sermons preached on various occasions"
37730: "BROOKE S A" - "Life superlative"
39094: "BROOKE S A" - "Sermons preached in St James's Chapel, York Street, London"
39095: "BROOKE S A" - "Sermons preached in St James's Chapel, York Street, London" "Second Series"
12329: "BROOKE W T" - "Old Englisgh Psalmody:" "from the accession of Edward VI to the restoration of Charles II 1547-1660"
21843: BROOKE Z N - English church and the papacy: from the Conquest to the reign of John
56561: BROOKE S A - Milton (Classical Writers)
56753: BROOKE S [JACKS] - Life and letters of Stopford Brooke (2 volume set)
34568: BROOKE A E - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Johannine Epistles (International Critical Commentary)
46307: BROOKE Z N - Prospects of medieval history: inaugural lecture selivered at Cambridge 17 Ocotber 1944
2573: BROOKE R B - Coming of the Friars
51062: NASHBROOK J & BROOKES P - Life as it could be: when self help isn't enough
56560: BROOKS T - Heaven on earth
37848: "BROOME J H" - "Pascal"
2587: "BROOMFIELD G" - "Constitutional Episcopacy"
2588: "BROOMFIELD G" - "Constitutional Episcopacy"
2589: "BROOMFIELD G" - "Towards freedom"
23903: "BROOMFIELD G W" - "Chosen people, or The bible, Christianity & race"
41575: "BROOMFIELD G W" - "John, Peter, and the Fourth Gospel"
52115: BROOMFIELD G W - Revelation and reunion: a response to Tambaram
48426: BRORLAND D M - Children's types
40502: "BROSS B" - "Pleasures of love"
32874: "MICHAEL BROTHER" - "Living in Christ:" "the text of a paper read in July 1974 at the York Conference of Anglican Religious Communities (Fairacres Publ No 45)"
2594: "BROTHERS J" - "Readings in the sociology of religion"
30958: "BROUGH G H" - "Private Limited companies:" "formation and management"
25555: "BROUGHTON S" - "Library and information organizations and networks handbook"
55374: BROWN D - Through the eyes of the saints: a pilgrimage through history
2663: BROWN R E - Jerome Biblical Commentary [no UK postal surcharge]
51662: BROWN J - Letters of Dr John Brown: with letters from Ruskin, Thackeray and others
2606: BROWN D - Divine Trinity
29635: BROWN S - Origins of Christianity: a historical introduction to the New Testament
55708: BROWN D - New threshold: guidelines for churches in their relations with Muslim communities
44017: BROWN E F - Pastoral Epistles (Westminster commentary)
54083: BROWN R E ET AL - New Jerome Biblical Commentary
44076: "BROWN R M" - "Persuade us to rejoice:" "the liberating power of fiction"
49245: BROWN I - I give you my word
44938: "LAUZUN-BROWN W" - "Useful information for the home"
56883: BROWN R - Marriage annulment in the Catholic Church
54816: BROWN R - Prejuicio su psicologia social
25492: "BROWN A N" - "Proceeds of crime:" "money laundering, confiscation and forfeiture"
2601: "BROWN D" - "All their splendour:" "world faiths, a way to community"
2610: "BROWN D" - "Newman:" "a man for our time Centenary Essays"
2612: "BROWN D" - "Word to set you free:" "living faith and biblical criticism"
14792: BROWN F B - Religious aesthetics: a theological study of making and meaning [Studies in literature and religion]
2618: "BROWN G" - "Decay of marriage:" "as seen by a divorce lawyer"
2621: "BROWN I" - "Shakespeare"
2632: "BROWN K B" - "Point Counter, Signs of Life & Inside Out 3 vols in slipcase" "(Mental Touchstones for the searching of the spirit)"
25743: "BROWN L ET AL" - "International handbook of women's studies"
30809: "BROWN M" - "How to study successfully for better exam results" "(Overcoming common problems)"
32423: "BROWN P" - "Authority and the sacred:" "aspects of the Christianisation of the Roman world"
23532: "BROWN R" - "Winning experience" "- in sport - in business - in life"
2670: "BROWN R M" - "Observer in Rome:" "a Protestant report on the Vatican Council"
2671: BROWN R R - Bigger than Little Rock
35423: "BROWN S" - "Religious painting:" "Christ's passion and crucifixion [over 100 colour illustrations]"
2678: "BROWN W" - "Mind and personality:" "an essay in psychology and philosophy"
2680: "BROWN W" - "Suggestion and mental analysis:" "an outline of the theory and practice of mind cure"
22199: "BROWN W A" - "Creed for free men:" "a study of loyalties"
2681: "BROWN W E M" - "Polised shaft:" "studies in the purpose and influence of the Christian writer in the Eighteenth Century (espec. Hervey, Cowper & Gilpin)"
25530: "BROWN W J" - "GCSE law"
61580: "BROWN, GRAHAM" - "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BRETHREN?:" "a survey of local churches in 1998-1999"
54870: BROWN R - Group processes
57305: BROWN G & R - Mere grain of sand: the extraordinary story of Britain's most remarkable spiritual healer
40624: "BROWN D" - "Dictionary of life:" "biblical wisdom for everyday living"
58028: BROWN D - God and grace of body: sacrament in ordinary
56559: BROWN I - Theatre 1954 - 5
30252: BROWN R E ET AL - Mary in the New Testament: a collaborative assessment by Protestant and Roman Catholic scholars, ed by R E Brown, K P Donfried, J A Fitzmyer & J Reumann
61588: BROWN J - Expository discourses on 1 Peter in 2 volumes (Geneva Series of Commentaries)
45745: BROWN C C - Niebuhr and his age: Reinhold Niebuhr's prophetic role in the twentieth century
27662: BROWN R E - Introduction to New Testament Christology
28413: BROWN D - Newman, a man of our time: centenary essays by Henry Chadwick, Anthony Kenny, Robert Runcie et al
31362: BROWN R E ET AL - Peter in the New Testament: a collaborative assessment by Protestant and Roman Catholic scholars
44120: BROWN L - Psychology of religious belief
58033: BROWN D - God and enchantment of place: reclaiming human experience
2650: BROWN R E - Churches the apostles left behind
2662: BROWN R E - Introduction to the New Testament (Anchor Bible Reference Library)
58469: TATTON-BROWN T - Lambeth Palace: a history of the Archbishops of Canterbury and their houses
2608: BROWN D - Invitation to theology
24252: BROWN C - New international dictionary of New Testament theology 3vols trans with additions and revisions from 'Theologisches Begriffslexikon sum Neuen Testament' indexes in ea vol, cumulative index in vol 3 [UK post 7.50]
58088: BROWN J - Sufferings and glories of the Messiah
52810: BROWN R M - Gustavo Gutierrez: an introduction to liberation theology
55177: BROWN W P - Character in crisis: a fresh approach to the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament
50275: BROWN R M - Theology in a new key: responding to liberation themes
32152: NAPIER C N & HAMILTON-BROWN J - New workbook on rural evangelism
58285: BROWN M P - Lion companion to Christian art
58265: BROWN P - Augustine of Hippo: a biography
56881: BROWNE T - Browne's religio medici and Digby's observations
2686: "BROWNE G F" - "Conversion of the Heptarchy:" "seven lectures given at St Paul's"
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2937: "BUNYAN J" - "Relation of the holy war:" "concerning the city or town of Mansoul besieged by Diabolus, and its final recovery by Emmanual"
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37757: VAN BUREN P M - Theological explorations
52504: VAN BUREN P M - According to the scriptures: origins of the gospel and of the Church's Old Testament
56558: BURGE T - Science and the bible: evidence based Christian belief
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58585: BURKE P - Montaigne (Past Masters)
57019: BURKE E - Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke 8 volumes No additional UK postage. For overseas please ask for a quotation
52112: BURKE T - Contribution of the Abbe Paul Couturier to the week of prayer for Christian unity: a paper given at the Worcester branch of the Newman Association in unity week 2003
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40958: "BURN A E" - "Hymn Te Deum and its author"
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49211: BURNETT F H - White people
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40968: "BURNEY C F" - "Israel's hope of immortality:" "four lectures"
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38525: BURNS S - Living the thanksgiving: exploring the eucharist (Church Times Study Guides)
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40482: "BURNS R" - "Poetical works of Robert Burns in two volumes"
53087: BURNS R - Works of Robert Burns: (2 volume set) with Dr Currie's memoir of the poet and an essay on his genius and character by Professor Wilson also numerous notes, annotations and appendices
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31614: "BURRELL M" - "Christian fringe:" "a critical assessment of 'Seven religious alternatives to mainstream Christianity' with a Christian response"
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55319: BURRIS R D - Where is the Church?: martyrdom, persecution and baptism in North Africa from the second to the fifth century
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58086: BURRUS V - Late ancient Christianity (A People's History of Christianity Volume 2)
54488: BURSTYN J N - Song cycle
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3015: "BURTON G E" - "Waiting Isle"
36896: "BURTON M" - "Unfaded garland:" "meditations on light and silence (Title page signed by author)"
37700: "BURTON P" - "Saint Augustine bishop and doctor:" "a historical study with map"
25821: "BURTON R" - "Love, war and fancy:" "the customs and manners of the East from writings on The Arabian Nights"
34576: BURTON E D W - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians (International Critical Commentary)
40971: "BURTON E D" - "Source book for the study of the teaching of Jesus:" "in its historical relationships"
53955: BURTON H - Life of St Francis de Sales (Volume II)
45011: BURY J P T - FRANCE 1814 - 1940
46917: BUSCH W - Bilderpossen: Katze und Maus/Der Eispeter/Krischan mit der Piepe/Hansel und Gretel
26854: "BUSH R C" - "Religion in China"
52086: BUSH R W - St Athanasius: his life and times (The Fathers for English Readers)
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43631: "BUSHELL S" - "Jesus in college:" "being a witness for Jesus @ college"
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3030: "BUSIA K A" - "Urban churches in Britain:" "question of relevance (World studies of churches in mission)"
33606: "BUSIGNANI A" - "Botticelli:" "the life and work of the artist illustrated with 80 colour plates"
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51844: CARRETTO C - Desert dans la ville
3395: CARRETTO C - God who comes
3390: CARRETTO C - Blessed are you who believed
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35881: "CARRINGTON P" - "Early Christian church:" "Volume I: The first Christian century"
30630: CARRINGTON P - According to Mark: a running commentary on the oldest gospel
3410: "CARRITHERS M ET AL" - "Founders of faith"
58582: CARRITHERS M - Buddha (Past Masters)
47995: CARROL L - Alice au pays des merveilles
44887: "CARROLL L" - "Through the looking glass:" "and what Alice found there"
47738: CARROLL W - Twelve studies for pianoforte
3415: "CARROLL L" - "Hunting of the Snark:" "an agony in eight fits"
3416: "CARROLL L" - "Phantasmagoria:" "and other poems"
3420: "CARROLL R P" - "Wolf in the sheepfold:" "the bible as a problem for Christianity"
30024: DYCKMAN K M & CARROLL L P - Inviting the mystic, supporting the prophet: an introduction to spiritual direction
24471: "CARSON D A" - "Right with God:" "justification in the Bible and the world"
54153: CARSON D A - Gospel according to John
43369: "CARSON D A" - "Collected writings on scripture"
51890: CARSON A - Baptism in its mode and subjects
3429: "CARSWELL C" - "Savage pilgrimage:" "a narrative of DH Lawrence"
50787: CARTER S - St Andrew's: the story of a bookshop 1957 - 1997
24908: "BONHAM CARTER V" - "Winston Churchill as I knew him"
3433: "CARTER H" - "Methodist:" "a study in Discipleship"
3439: "CARTER T T" - "Harriet Monsell:" "A Memoir"
3441: "CARTER T T" - "Lent Lectures:" "delivered at All Saints' Margaret Street 1860 to 1866"
58419: CARTER H - Church and the new age
38889: GORDON-CARTER G - Amazing journey: the Church of England's response to institutional racism: a report on the development of the Committee for Minority Ethnic Concerns (CMEAC), the former Committee on Black Anglican Concerns (CBAC). A personal perspective... (GSMisc 702)
58413: CARTER H - Methodist: a survey of the Christian way in two centuries
57782: CARTER C E - Emergence of Yehud in the Persian period: a social and demographic study
41254: CARTER T T - Doctrine of confession in the Church of England
3442: CARTER T T - Life and Letters of Thomas Thellusson Carter: Warden of the House of Mercy, Clewer Hon Canon of Christ Church, Oxford and for thirty-six years rector of Clewer
19587: "CARTHUSIAN" - "Prayer of love and silence" "trans by a monk of Parkminster"
56527: CARTHUSIAN - Call of silent love: Cathusian novice conferences
54923: CARTHUSIAN - Where silence is praise
41503: "CARUANA S" - "Notes on alcohol and alcoholism"
54965: CARVALHAES C - Eucharist and globalization: redrawing the borders of eucharistic hospitality
53589: CARWARDINE R - Trans-atlantic revivalism: popular evangelicalism in Britain and America 1790-1865
62051: "CARY L" - "MYSTERIES OF CHRIST" "(Fairacres Publications 84)"
58439: CARY P - Jonah (SCM theological commentary on the Bible)
58040: CARY N R - Christian criticism in the twentieth century: theological appraoches to literature
41256: "CASE S J" - "Studies in Early Christianity"
57606: CASEY M - Aramaic approach to Q: sources for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series 122)
24054: "CASH W W" - "Missionary church:" "a study in the contribution of modern missions to Oecumenical Christianity"
56864: CASHDOLLAR C D - Transformation of theology 1830 - 1890: positivism and protestant throught in Britain and America
3466: "CASSAN S H" - "Lives and memoirs of the Bishops of Sherborne and Salisbury:" "from the year 705-1824 Rivingtons 1824 366pp half leather binding onto marbled boards rubbed with wear on edges and slight fraying at head/tail of spine"
3467: "CASSELL" - "German and English Dictionary"
58350: CASSELL - Cassell's children's book of knowledge (set consisting of volumes 1 - 7 plus index) [no additional postage for UK: oveseas please ask for quotation]
3468: "CASSERLEY J V L" - "Apologetics and evangelism"
3472: "CASSERLEY J V L" - "Retreat from Christianity in the modern world" "(Maurice lectures 1951)"
54006: CASSIDY J F - Glad man of God: St Philip Neri
24090: "CASSIDY R J" - "Society and politics in the Acts of the Apostles"
49889: CASSIDY S - Good Friday people
53901: CASSIDY J F - Life of Father Faber priest of the Oratory of St Philip Neri
30421: CASSIDY S - Light from the dark valley: reflections on suffering and the care of the dying
49864: CASSIDY M - Passing summer: a South African's response to white fear, black anger and the politics of love
49856: CASSIDY M - Prisoners of hope
26007: "CASSON M" - "Enterprise and competitiveness:" "a systems view of international business"
40671: "CASTEEL J L" - "Spiritual renewal through personal groups:" "edited with an introduction and interpretation"
40152: "CASTEL F" - """Dio Disse..."":" "I primi undici capitoli della Genesi: parola di Dio, miti dell'Antico Oriente e tradizioni d'Israele"
3481: "CASTELLI J" - "Bishops and the bomb:" "waging peace in the nuclear age with the text of the Bishops' 1983 Pastoral Letter"
54983: CASTELO D - Confessing the Triune God (Wesleyan Doctrine Series 3)
3482: CASTLE A - More quotes and anecdotes: an anthology for parish & school
34004: CASTLE A - More quotes and anecdotes: the essential reference for preachers and teachers
35751: "CASTLE B" - "Unofficial God?:" "voices from beyond the walls"
3485: "CASTLE T" - "Basil Hume:" "A Portrait"
62077: "CASTLE T" - "TREASURY OF CHRISTIAN WISDOM" "two thousand years of Christian lives and quotations"
62085: "CASTLE T" - "YOUNG PEOPLES MASS BOOK:" "the complete Order of Mass together with the three eucharistic prayers for children"
3490: "CATALOGUE" - "Catalogue of British Official publications" "not published by H M S O 1994"
41314: "GOLDSCHMIEDEKUNST CATALOGUE" - "Goldschmiedekunst:" "des 18. Jahrhunderts in Augsburg und Munchen"
45315: CATCHPOLE D - Jesus people: the historical Jesus and the beginnings of community
50794: CATCHPOLE D - Resurrection people: studies in the resurrection narratives of the Gospels
54261: CATCHPOLE D - Quest for Q
49449: WOODWARD B B & CATES W L R - Encyclopaedia of chronology: historical and biographical
51956: WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - Winchester Cathedral record 2008 No 77
11627: "LEICESTER CATHEDRAL" - "Diocesan Synod on 'Confirmation To-day':" "held in Leicester Cathedral, on October 22nd, 1946"
20573: "WELLS CATHEDRAL" - "Wells Cathedral Chapter Act book 1666-83" "ed with intro DS Bailey"
40635: CATHEDRAL - Cathedral Psalter: containing the Psalms of David: together with the Canticles and proper psalms pointed for chanting and set to appropriate chants [4vo edition Organ edition]
56215: WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - Winchester Cathedral record 2006 No 75
41082: "SALISBURY CATHEDRAL" - "Enthronement on Friday 24th May 1963 at 3.0 pm of the" "Right Reverend Joseph Edward Fison, DD, Lord Bishop of Salisbury + election papers"
51564: LIVERPOOL CATHEDRAL - Affirmations of those who call themselves Christian being the form and order of an act of worship: broadcast in the empire programme of the BBC 6 June 1937
54840: SALISBURY CATHEDRAL - Cathderal 750 [Salisbury Cathedral]
3494: "CATHEDRALS" - "Cathedrals and Abbeys of Britain"
45119: CATHER W - Death comes for the archbishop
47955: CATHER W - My mortal enemy (Virago modern classics)
64095: "FOX CATHERINE" - "SCENES FROM VICARAGE LIFE or the joy of Sexagesima"
71215: RUHLAND CATHERINE VON - LOUDER THAN WORDS: an A-Z of Christian social action
28278: "CATHERWOOD F" - "It can be done:" "the real heroes of the inner city"
43475: ANGLICAN/ROMAN CATHOLIC - Growing Together in Unity and Mission
23948: "ANGLICAN ROMAN CATHOLIC" - "Three agreed statements of the Anglican-Roman Catholic" "International Commission: Eucharistic doctrine, Ministry & Ordination, Authority in the Church"
47452: ANGLICAN-ROMAN CATHOLIC - Mary: grace and hope in Christ
19350: "CATHOLICISM" - "Catholicism to-day:" "letters reprinted from the Times with a special article and a leading article"
3622: CATHOLICITY - Catholicity: a study in the conflict of Christian traditions in the West being a report presented to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury by amongst others Gregory Dix, T S Eliot, A M Farrer
62107: "CATOIR J T" - "CATHOLICS AND BROKEN MARRIAGES" "[pastoral possibilities of annulment, dissolution, the Internal Forum]"
23583: "CATT H" - "Voting behavious:" "a radical critique"
40966: "CAUDWELL I" - "Damien: the leper saint: 1840-1889" "[Joseph de Veuster]"
42150: "CAUJOLLE M" - "Discover Lourdes" "English text lavishly illustrated in colour"
47904: CAUSSADE J-P DE [BEEVERS] - Abandonment to divine providence
3632: "CAUSSADE J P DE" - "Spiritual Letters:" "on the practice of self-abandonment to divine providence trans A Thorold"
3624: CAUSSADE J-P DE [RAMIERE] - Abandonment to divine providence: edited by J Ramiere, intro Dom Arnold OSB from 10th complete French edition by E J Strickland
57188: CAUSSADE J P DE - Self abandonment to divine providence (also known as abandonment to divine providence) and letters of Father de Caussade on the practice of self-abandonment
54919: CAUSSADE J P DE - Fire of divine love
3629: CAUSSADE J-P DE - Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence including also 'Spiritual letters' 'Ordeals of souls' 'Comfort in ordeals' & 'Spiritual counsels' trans from standard French edition of R H Ramiere by A Thorold, newly ed by J Joyce, with intro by D Knowles
44793: "CAVAIGNAC E" - "Hittites (L'Orient ancien illustre 3)"

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