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73568: "WALKER P L" - "MINISTRY OF WORSHIP:" "an exposition of selected Psalms"
73571: "WALKER S" - "LIFERAILS:" "holding fast to God's promises"
34782: "WALKER W L" - "Christian theism and a spiritual Monism:" "God, freedom, and immortality in view of Monistic evolution"
36559: "WALKER W L" - "Christ's Gospel of the eternal and the divine manifestation" "in Christ"
36560: "WALKER W L" - "Cross and the kingdom as viewed by Christ Himself" "and in the light of evolution"
51764: WALKER S - Year A resource: contemporary reflections for praying and preaching
51824: WALKER W, NORRIS R A, LOTZ D W, & HANDY R T - History of the Christian Church [4th edition]
20084: WALKER D - History in the Church in Wales
63057: "DAWSON-WALKER D" - "Epistle to the Colossians and the Epistle to Titus"
31275: "WALKER T" - "Open to God:" "a parish in renewal (GM&W38)"
54570: WALKER P J - Pulling the devil's kingdom down: the Salvation Army in Victorian Britain
56231: WALKER C - Ritual reason why
56232: WALKER A K - William Law: his life and thought
55470: WALKER A - Prayer for everyday living
36565: WALKER T - Jewish views of Jesus: an introduction and an appreciation
54580: WALKER Y M - Story of Croydon Old Palace and the Archbishops of Canterbury 871 - 1780
48316: DUES G & WALKLEY B - Called to parish ministry: identity, challenges and spirituality of lay ministers
48078: WALL W - Brief critical notes especially on the various readings of the New Testament books: with a preface concerning the texts cited therein from the Old Testament as also concerning the use of the Septuagint translation
73583: "WALL B & B" - "THAW AT THE VATICAN:" "an account of Session Two of Vatican II"
45488: WALL B - Italian art life and landscape
25847: "COWIE H & WALLACE P" - "Peer support in action:" "from bystanding to standing by"
73585: "WALLACE I" - "WORD:" "a novel"
20106: "WALLACE L" - "Ben-Hur:" "a tale of the Christ"
24749: "WALLACE M" - "Silent twins"
20110: "WALLACE W" - "Life of St Edmund of Canterbury" "from original sources"
49138: WALLACE H N - Words to God, words from God: the psalms in the prayer and preaching of the church
36546: WALLACE R S - Gospel miracles: studies in Matthew, Mark, and Luke
29889: WALLACE M - Healing encounters in the city: insights from an urban perspective (GPS30)
44080: WALLACE M I - Fragments of the Spirit: nature violence and the renewal of creation
49939: WALLACE R S - Many things in parables: expository studies
50332: WARD B & WALLER R - Joy of heaven: springs of Christian spirituality
73593: WALLIS A - GOD'S CHOSEN FAST: a spiritual and practical guide to fasting
44884: WALLIS J - Seven ways to change the world: reviving faith and politics
36153: "WALLIS J" - "Rise of Christian conscience" "(The 1986 CMS annual sermon)"
51204: WALLIS P - Be thou my breastplate: forty days of giving your life to God the Celtic way
23111: "WALMSLEY J" - "Brit-think Ameri-think:" "a transatlantic survival guide"
73600: "WALPOLE C F" - "ARTIST WITHOUT HANDS:" "a memoir of John Buchanan"
36151: "WALPOLE G H S" - "Kingdom of heaven:" "what it is and how we enter it"
73601: "WALPOLE G H S" - "PERSONALITY AND POWER" "or the secret of real influence"
20119: "WALPOLE G H S" - "Vital religion" "or the personal knowledge of Christ"
37418: MIDDLETON J R & WALSH B J - Truth is stranger than it used to be: biblical faith in a postmodern age
20131: WALSH W - Secret history of the Oxford Movement
34726: "PAKENHAM-WALSH H" - "Lights and shades of Christendom to AD 1000"
20126: "WALSH K" - "Sometimes I Weep:" "prayers & meditations"
73614: "WALSH M" - "CONCLAVE:" "a sometimes secret and occasionally bloody history of papal elections"
23316: "WALSH M" - "Irish tax treaties 2000"
20123: "WALSH G" - "Biopharmaceuticals:" "biochemistry and biotechnology"
35788: WALSH M - Dictionary of Christian biography
73611: WALSH M - JOHN PAUL II: a biography
56041: WALSH J, HAYDON C & TAYLOR S - Church of England c1689 - c1833: from toleration to Tractarianism
55469: WALSH M - Anthology of inspiration
56229: WALSINGHAM - Mass of the Holy House of Our Lady of Walsingham: together with other services for use by the Priests Associate of the Holy House of Our Lady of Walsingham
35683: "HANSEN B L & WALSOE F" - "In the beginning:" "the story of creation as told in the book of Genesis (colour photography throughout)"
262: "RALEIGH WALTER" - "Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh 1879 - 1922" "edited by Lady Raleigh, preface by D N Smith"
48076: WALTER J A - Long way from home: a sociological exploration of contemporary idolatry
36148: "WALTERS G" - "Science and religion: the re-opening dialogue" "[Papers presented to a Conference of Anglican & Methodist clergy, Bath, 6-7 May 1969]"
53118: WALTERS S D - Go figure!: figuration in biblical interpretation (Princeton Theological Monograph Series)
20140: WALTON I - Lives of John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Richard Hooker, George Herbert and Robert Sanderson (WC)
73626: "WALTON C" - "SING A SONG OF CHRISTMAS" "[ A collection of over 210 poems by Christian writers]"
20141: "WALTON J" - "Six Reformers" "(Wilberforce, Peel, Fry, Shaftesbury, Nightingale & Barnado)"
20144: WALTON R C - Source book of the Bible for teachers
40682: "WALTON I" - "Herbert's poems:" "with the life of the author"
26114: "WALZENBACH G P E" - "Co-ordination in context:" "institutional choices to promote exports"
20148: "WAND J W C" - "Anglican communion:" "a survey"
20155: "WAND J W C" - "Church its nature structure and function"
20158: WAND J W C - Doctors and councils [includes 'Latin Doctors' 'Greek Doctors' and 'Four Councils']
20164: "WAND J W C" - "Golden String:" "a short introduction to Christian Practice"
20165: WAND J W C - Greek Doctors
20171: "WAND J W C" - "Latin Doctors"
20173: "WAND J W C" - "Minds behind the New Theology:" "Kierkegaard, Barth, Bultmann Tillich and Bonhoeffer"
73652: "WAND J W C" - "RECOVERY STARTS WITHIN:" "the book of the Mission to London, 1949"
20177: "WAND J W C" - "Second Reform"
24920: "WAND J W C" - "Temptation of Jesus"
20184: "WAND J W C" - "White of Carpentaria"
20186: "WAND W" - "Christianity:" "a historical religion?"
20185: "WAND J W C" - "White of Carpentaria"
4715: "WAND J W C ET AL" - "Confirmation book:" "for members of the Anglican Communion"
20157: WAND J W C - Development of Sacramentalism
20150: "WAND J W C" - "Anglicanism in history and today"
22545: WAND J W C - Seven steps to Heaven
20180: WAND J W C - Spirit of Church History
24630: "CHENG F Y & WANG Y Y" - "Post-earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction"
73657: "WANG S" - "LONG ROAD TO FREEDOM:" " the story of Wang Mingdao"
61446: "FREYNE S & WANSBROUGH" - "MARK AND MATTHEW" "(Scripture discussion commentary 7)"
20188: "WANSBROUGH H" - "Bendictines in Oxford"
51476: WANSBROUGH H - Sunday word: a complete commentary on Sunday lectionary
52108: WANSBROUGH H - Jesus: the real evidence
24905: "WANSEY C" - "New Testament word finder:" "a handy reference book to all NT passages common to all translations"
48054: WANTLAND W C - Foundations of the faith
53771: WARBURTON W - Warburton lectures delivered at Lincoln's Inn 1985 - 1994 (includes lectures by Enoch Powell and Bishop John Baker)
53770: WARBURTON W - Warburton lectures delivered at Lincoln's Inn 1995 - 2005
56228: WARD R H - Ten peace plays
34460: WARD J - Mixed nuts: 23 plays and sketches
52273: WARD M - Assemblies A-Z
48994: WARD K - God: a guide for the perplexed
49134: WARD K - Word of God: the Bible after modern scholarship
20219: WARD K - Living God
39228: WARD R S - Way: devotional studies in mystical religion by a priest
20191: "WARD B" - "Influence of Saint Bernard:" "Anglican essays with an introduction by Jean Leclercq"
20192: "WARD B" - "Progress for a small planet"
25259: "WARD G" - "Catering questions and answers:" "food hygiene"
29829: WARD H - Celebrating women
34781: "WARD J" - "Realm of ends or pluralism and theism" "(Gifford lectures 1907-10)"
24205: "WARD J" - "Study of Kant"
28266: "WARD J ET AL" - "Leisure and tourism:" "(GNVQ advanced)"
20201: "WARD J M" - "Prophets (IBT)"
20210: "WARD J S M" - "Brasses" "including fold-outs"
20211: "WARD J W" - "Letters of the Earl of Dudley to" "the Bishop of Llandaff"
20216: WARD K - Divine Image: the foundations of Christian Morality
32619: "WARD K" - "Ethics and Christianity" "(Muirhead Library of Philosophy)"
32609: "WARD K" - "God:" "a guide for the perplexed"
24310: "WARD K" - "Rational theology and the creativity of God"
20222: "WARD K" - "Rule of love:" "reflections on the sermon on the mount"
20230: "WARD M" - "Young Mr. Newman"
73699: "WARD R H" - "PRODIGAL SON:" "some comments on the Parable"
20231: "WARD R S" - "Selectivity in organic synthesis"
22249: "WARD S" - "Getting ready for the Pensions Act:" "a Trustees' guide"
36154: "WARD W" - "Last lectures by Wilfred Ward" "being the Lowell Lectures 1914 and three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution, 1915"
20247: WARD W - William George Ward and the Catholic Revival
20226: WARD M - France Pagan? the mission of Abbe Godin
49706: WARD R A - Hidden meaning in the New Testament: new light form the old Greek
31723: WARD J M - Thus says the Lord: the message of the Prophets
52718: WARD R S - To Jerusalem: devotional studies in mystical religion edited with introduction by Susan Howatch (Library of Anglican spirituality)
19082: WARD K - What the Bible really teaches: challenge for funamentalists
42413: WARD M - Early church portrait gallery
29918: WARD H - Giving your self away (GS26)
44163: "WARD K" - "Is religion dangerous?"
20218: WARD K - Images of eternity: concepts of God in five religious traditions
44205: "WARD K" - "Images of eternity:" "concepts of God in five religious traditions"
20217: WARD K - Holding fast to God: a reply to Don Cupitt
20237: WARD R S - Guide for Spiritual Directors: by the author of 'The Way'
47241: WARD A - Dickens: English men of letters
20208: WARD J N - Use of praying (Fernley Hartley Lecture 1967)
48069: WARD P - Worship and youth culture: a guide to alternative worship
48075: WARD A W - Counter-reformation (Epochs of church history)
52181: WARD B - Anselm of Canterbury: a monastic scholar: expanded version of a paper given to the Anselm Society, St Augustine's College, Canterbuty May 1973
20245: WARD W - Life of John Henry Cardinal Newman (2 volumes): based on his private journals and correspondence
49938: WARD R A - Pattern of our salvation: a study of New Testament unity
26005: "WARDE A" - "Consumption, food and taste:" "culinary antinomies and commodity culture"
33614: "WARDLAW R" - "Sermons"
20253: WARE K - Orthodox way
20260: "WAREHAM J" - "Christian attitude:" "simple considerations & devotions for use in retreat"
34459: "WAREHAM J" - "Conducting of retreats"
20262: "WAREHAM J" - "Parochial clergy and retreats for the people" "(A.P.R Handbooks 2)"
20263: WAREHAM J - Priest and his people
21707: "WAREHAM J" - "Know thyself:" "an aid to self-examination"
51458: WARFIELD B B - Biblical and theological studies
20264: WARFIELD B B - Miracles: yesterday and today true and false
27078: "HASSAN G & WARHURST C" - "Tomorrow's Scotland"
51820: WARIN A - Wilfred (AD 634 TO 709) the biography of an outstanding personality in Church and State, in early Anglo-Saxon times
55472: WARING P F - Pray always
46573: WARK K R - Elizabethan recusancy in Cheshire printed for the Chetham Society
20266: WARNE A - Church and society in eighteenth-century Devon
36195: "WARNECK D J" - "Paulus im Lichte der heutigen Heidenmission"
33459: WARNER P - Women's icons of ministry: images from scripture (GP60)
46782: WARNER R - Why was I killed? a dramatic dialogue
20269: "WARNER H C" - "Start of a family:" "the story of reproduction for boys"
31772: "WARNER P" - "For your maker is your husband:" "a study of the Christian understanding of selfhood"
73717: "WARNER R" - "BAPTISM AND YOU" "[A personal guide to believers' baptism]"
43513: "WARNER M" - "Between heaven and Charing Cross:" "finding a way to faith"
50937: WARNER W L ET AL - Yankee City (One volume abridged edition)
31416: WARNOCK M - Existentialist ethics (New studies in ethics)
53713: WARNOCK M - Existentialism
20281: WARREN F E - Liturgy and ritual of the ante-nicene church
49181: PERRY M & WARREN N - Wedding book: with the marriage service ASB 1980
20280: WARREN C R - Concept of the chosen people
20277: WARREN A - Church for the Nation?: essays on the future of Anglicanism
23368: "WARREN C H" - "Essex in 1950"
20279: "WARREN C H" - "Good life:" "anthology of the life & work of the countryside in poetry & prose"
23367: "WARREN C H" - "Great men of Essex"
22058: "WARREN F E" - "Leofric missal as used in the Cathedral of Exeter during the" "episcopate of its first bishop AD1050-1072 together with some account of the Red Book of Derby, Missal of Robert of Jumieges, & few other early manuscript Service books of the English Church"
73726: "WARREN G" - "HANG ON .. I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING" "illustrations by Jacky Fleming"
36562: "WARREN H C" - "Buddhism in translations:" "passages selected from the Buddhist Sacred Books and translated from the original Pali into English"
20295: "WARREN M A C" - "Caesar the beloved enemy:" "three studies in the relation of Church and state"
20285: WARREN M A C - Crowded Canvas: some experiences of a life-time
20286: "WARREN M A C" - "Day of the Preacher"
20287: "WARREN M A C" - "I believe in the Great Commission"
26548: "WARREN M A C" - "Perspective in mission"
20293: "WARREN M A C" - "Strange victory:" "a study of the Holy Communion Service"
20294: "WARREN M A C" - "Truth of vision:" "study in the nature of the Christian hope"
20297: "WARREN R" - "Building missionary congregations:" "towards a post-modern way of being church (BMO Paper 4) GSMisc 446"
30826: WARREN Y - Cracked pot: the state of today's Anglican parish clergy
20284: "WARREN M A C" - "Christian Mission"
27577: WARREN R - Affair of the heart
26551: "WARREN M A C" - "Social history and Christian mission"
55274: WARREN W L - Henry II
42338: WARREN F E - Liturgy and ritual of the Celtic church
20283: WARREN M A C - Christian imperative: being the Kellogg lectures at the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Massachusetts Feb 1955
49456: WARREN M - Seeing through the media: a religious view of communications and cultural analysis
56254: WARREN F E - Prayer-Book commentary for teachers and students containing historical into, notes on the Calendar, Services, Articles, Table of Kindred... together with complete concordances to the Prayer-Book and Psalter
28460: "WALSHE J G & WARRIER S" - "Dates and meanings of religious and other festivals" "with a calendar for 1997-2001"
43656: WARRIER G - Varaha: the secret of evolution
73739: "WARRY J G" - "GREEK AESTHETIC THEORY:" "a study of callistic and aesthetic concepts inthe works of Plato and Aristotle (UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY)"
53961: WARWICK R - Living flame: the first 25 years of the Society of St Pius X in Britain
48807: WARWICK C - Royal princes: the young men who will ensure the future of the Royal House of Windsor
54025: WASSERSTEIN B - Vanishing diaspora: the Jews in Europe since 1945
26747: "SCHEEL D & WASTERNACK C" - "Plant signal transduction"
51397: WATER M - New encyclopedia of Christian martyrs
20306: "WATERFIELD R" - "Prophet:" "The Life & Times of Kahlil Gibran"
73745: "WATERHOUSE J W" - "INTO HIS MARVELLOUS LIGHT:" "a commentary on the Episles of St Peter and St Jude"
73744: "WATERHOUSE J W" - "ZOROASTRAINISM" "(Great religions of the East)"
26055: "WATERHOUSE P" - "Tutoring" "(Teaching and Learning)"
20307: WATERHOUSE E S - Philosophical approach to religion
48072: WATERLAND D - Scripture vindicated Part I II III in answer to a book intituled Christianity as old as the creation a charge; Charge delivered to the clergy of Middlesex at the primary visitation held May 19, 1731; Christianity vindicated against infidelity; Doctrinal use of the Christian sacraments considered in a charge delivered to the Middlesex clergy May 12, 1736; Critica Sacra or a short introduction to Hebrew criticism [all bound together]
35267: WATERMAN T J - Life of William Tindale: translator, reformer, and martyr
43505: "WATERS J" - "Beyond consolation:" "or how we became too clever for god... and our own good"
20315: WATERS W E - Matters of life and death: an inaugural lecture delivered at the University of Southampton 12 May 1977
49823: WATERSON A P - Christian and the scientific method
20316: WATHERSTON P - Different kind of church: the Mayflower Family Centre story
34776: "WATKIN E I" - "Balance of truth"
56068: WATKIN P - Joyce's Ockenden: the story of a vision that became a venture for refugees
25279: "WATKINS C" - "Marketing, sales and customer services:" "understanding the theory and practice of selling through service"
73756: "WATKINS E" - "GODFOUND:" "discovering the searching God"
73753: "WATKINS E" - "GODSEARCH:" "a young person's exploration of faith"
73754: "WATKINS E" - "SURVIVAL HANDBOOK FOR FIRST-TIME PARENTS:" "an A - Z guide for when your first baby arrives"
55562: WATKINS P - Selection of secondary heads: suggestions for good practice (SHA discussion document 1983 Occasional Paper 2)
20342: WATSON F - Paul Judaism and the Gentiles: a sociological approach (SNTSMS 56)
29900: WATSON J - Guide to the New Age for confused Christians (GPS47)
53767: WATSON G - Practical sermons preached to a country congregation
54572: HAUSER A J & WATSON D F - History of Biblical interpretation: Volume 2 Medieval through the Reformation Periods
36835: "PITT-WATSON I" - "Kind of folley:" "toward a practical theology of preaching (Warrack Lectures 1972-1975)"
73762: "WATSON A" - "JESUS AND THE JEWS:" "the Pharisaic Tradition in John"
73768: "WATSON D" - "RENEWAL FOR LIFE" "[Thirty readings and spiritual exercises] (20 minutes with God series)"
36158: "WATSON F" - "Defenders of the faith; or," "the Christian Apologists of the second and third centuries"
20340: "WATSON F" - "Guide to the New Testament"
20344: "WATSON G" - "In tune:" "a guide to everything (from sex and evolution to philosophy and ecology) for young and old"
36933: "WATSON J" - "Comte, Mill, and Spencer:" "an outline of philosophy"
31437: "WATSON J" - "Doctrines of grace"
73792: "WATSON P S" - "CONCEPT OF GRACE:" "essays on the way of Divine Love in human life"
20351: "WATSON R" - "Anecdotes of the life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaff" "written by himself at different intervals, and revised in 1814"
31337: "WATSON R" - "Biblical and theological dictionary explanatory of the" "history, manners and customs of the exposition of principal doctrines of Christianity and notices of Jewish and Christain sects and heresies"
37366: WATSON T - Body of divinity: contained in sermons upon the Westminster Assembly's Catechism
51735: HULMES E & WATSON B - Religious studies and public examinations: report on the Farmingotn Conference held at Keble College Oxford 2nd - 6th January 1979
51085: WATSON J - Mind of the master
51205: WATSON D - Living faith: lessons form Abraham
46450: WATSON N - Second Epistle to the Corinthians [Epworth Commentaries]
73790: "WATSON N" - "Striking Home" "interpreting and proclaiming the New Testament"
36796: WATSON J - Bosshardt: a biography [The story of a Christian missionary caught up in Mao's Long March]
56039: WATSON F - Fourfold gospel: a theological reading of the New Testament portraits of Jesus
52087: WATSON E W - Church of England (Third Edition with new material and epilogue by Rt Rev Dr Alwyn Jones, Bishop of Winchester)
50329: WATSON E G - Wisdom's daughters: stories of women and Jesus
20355: WATT M H - History of the Parson's Wife
23708: "WATT A" - "Diamond dogs:" "a post-modern thriller"
23171: "WATT D A" - "Programming language concepts and paradigms"
73800: "WATT J" - "WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHRISTIAN HEALING?" "foreword by HRH the Prince of Wales"
73802: "WATT W M" - "CURE FOR HUMAN TROUBLES:" "a statement of the Christian message in modern terms"
44437: "WATT W M" - "Companion to the Qur'an:" "based on the Arberry translation"
52721: WATT W M - History of Islamic Spain with additional sections on literature by Pierre Cachia
48406: WATTS C A H - Depression: understanding a common problem: care and welfare (Teach Yourself Books)
43384: "WATTS I" - "Guide to Prayer:" "abridged and edited by Harry Escott"
20357: "WATTS A J" - "Ask me another:" "a further handbook for teachers based on the revised catechism and agreed syllabus"
30179: "WATTS A J" - "Teach your child about God"
26966: "WATTS A W" - "This is Zen and other essays on Zen and spiritual" "experience"
31960: WATTS F - Christians and bioethics: essays Approaches to bioethics, Cloning, Genetic engineering of food, Transplantation ethics, Reproductive medicine & Euthanasia and assisted suicide
33111: "WATTS J" - "God's business:" "preparing the church for dramatic growth"
20364: "WATTS J D W" - "List of words occuring frequently in the Hebrew Bible:" "Hebrew-English edition (Seminary edition)"
73817: "WATTS M" - "WISDOM OF SAINT COLUMBA OF IONA" "compiled and introduced by Murray Watts"
49142: WATTS J D W - Isaiah 34 - 66 (Word Biblical Commentary 25)
45541: WATTS G - Rembrandt
49463: WATTS I - Works of the Rev Isaac Watts in seven volumes (Volume I missing)
20367: WATTS M - Through a glass darkly: a crisis considered
56227: WAUGH E - Brideshead revisited: the sacred and profane memories of Captain Charles Ryder
23402: "WAUGH A" - "Crash the ash:" "some joy for the beleaguered smoker"
30686: "WAUGH E" - "Handful of dust"
20374: "WAUGH E" - "Life of the Right Reverend Ronald Knox: fellow of" "Trinity College, Oxford and Protonotary Apostolic to his Holiness Pope Pius XII compiled from the original sources"
9464: "HOOFT WAV'T" - "Genesis & formation of the World Council of Churches"
9466: "HOOFT WAV'T" - "No other name:" "the choice between syncretism and Christian universalism (RBC 156)"
52911: WAY - Way Supplement No. 77 (Summer 1993) Celibacy
52912: WAY - Way Supplement No 52 (Spring 1985): Aspects of the second week
52914: WAY - Way Volume 44 No. 2 (April 2005) Ministering God's word
52917: WAY - Way Volume 33 No. 4 (April 1993) Boundaries
36488: WAY - Way Supplement No 46 (Spring 1983): some helps in giving the Exercises
20377: "WAY" - "Way Supplement No 47 Spirituality & the priesthood"
35016: WAY - Way Supplement No 58 (Spring 1987): the spiritual exercises: weeks three and four
72902: "WAY" - "Way Supplement No 59 Summer 1987:" "Contemplation and the contemplative life"
34936: WAY - Way Supplement No 68 (Summer 1990): Ignatian spirituality in ecumenical context
34934: WAY - Way Supplement No 76 (Spring 1993): Person and society in the Ignatian exercises
20398: "WAY" - "Way Volume 31 No. 1 (January 1991) Europe and Beyond"
20399: "WAY" - "Way Volume 31 No. 2 (April 1991) Media and Communication"
20401: "WAY" - "Way Volume 31 No. 4 (October 1991) Renew your Whole Creation"
36492: WAY - Way Volume 33 Nos 1-3 (1993) [Titles: Everyday God: Boundaries: New Age spirituality]
32461: WAY - Way Volume 36 No. 3 (July 1996) Postmodernism: a contribution to spirituality
73256: "WAY" - "WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE:" "theAnglican walk with Jesus Christ by two Presbyters of the Anglican Way"
20406: "WAY P" - "John A.T. Robinson Bishop of Woolwich and author" "of Honest to God about keeping in touch with theology"
52512: WAY A S - Greek through English
20375: WAY - Way Supplement No 67 (Spring 1990): spirituality and liturgy
20388: WAY - Way Vol 28 No 3 (July 1988) Sexuality & Spirituality
20402: WAY - Way of a pilgrim: trans from the Russian by RM French
20376: WAY - Way Supplement No 25 God and Mary
52915: WAY - Way Volume 43 No. 4 (October 2004) Commitment and freedom
52916: WAY - Way Supplement No 54 (Autumn 1985): Approaches to spiritual direction
20409: "WAYNE R P" - "Chemistry of atmospheres:" "intro to the chemistry of the atmospheres of earth, the planets, and their satellites"
28151: "WEARMOUTH J" - "Special educational provision:" "meeting the challenges in schools"
20482: WEATHERHEAD L D - Why do men suffer?
20462: "WEATHERHEAD L D" - "Over His Own Signature:" "a devotional study of Christ's Pictures of Himself and of their relevance to our lives today"
20471: "WEATHERHEAD L D" - "Psychology in service of the soul"
21922: "WEATHERHEAD L D" - "Salute to a sufferer:" "an attempt to offer the plain man a Christian philosophy of suffering (AS Peake memorial lecture No 7)"
20449: "WEATHERHEAD K" - "Leslie Weatherhead:" "a personal portrait"
20451: WEATHERHEAD L D - Discipleship
54579: WEATHERHEAD L D - His life and ours:the significance for us of the life of Jesus
20463: WEATHERHEAD L D - Personalities of the Passion: a devotional study of some of the characters who played a part in the drama of Christ's Passion and Resurrection
20456: WEATHERHEAD L D - In quest of a kingdom
48891: CHARLESWORTH J H & WEAVER W P - Old and the New Testaments: their relationship and intertestamental literature (Faith and scholarship colloquies)
42071: "WEAVER B" - "His cross in your life"
55027: WEAVER J D - John Howard Yoder: radical theologian
54404: WEBB R L - John the Baptizer and Prophet: a socio-historical study
47095: WEBB J - Songs of joy: arrangements featured by the Sunbury Junior Singers on Music for Pleasure recordings
53764: WEBB E A - Book of the foundation of the church of St Bartholomew London: rendered into modern English from the original Latin version preserved in the British Museum
36217: "WEBB A" - "1001 illustrations for pulpit and platform" "(author inscription of front end paper)"
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53748: WHYTE'S - James Fenning sale of antiquarian books: Friday and Saturday 19 & 20 Ocotber 2012
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34967: WILLARD D - Divine conspiracy: rediscovering our hidden life in God
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55462: WILLE E - Maps for the journey: finding your way around the Bible
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53700: WILLEY B - Nineteenth century studies: Coleridge to Matthew Arnold
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20933: WILLEY B - More Nineteenth Century Studies: a group of honest doubters
30135: "WILLEY B" - "Seventeenth Century Background:" "studies in the thought of the age in relation to poetry and religion"
61619: BROWNSON WILLIAM C - GOD OF SURPRISES: studies in the Parables
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60622: BARCLAY WILLIAM - MARCHING ON: daily readings for younger people
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61404: "BREAULT WILLIAM" - "UNDER THE FIG TREE:" "stories of prayer-filled moments"
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44634: LAUD WILLIAM - Works of the Most Reverend Father in God William Laud sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury 7 volumes bound as 5 [lacks first volume containing volumes 1 and 2]
42063: WILLIAMS P - Second easy album for the Organ: all these pieces have a simple pedal part and can be played on organs with one manual if desired
46178: WILLIAMS E - Keston parish: more pictures from the past
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35379: "WILLIAMS I" - "Apocalypse with notes and reflections"
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21928: WILLIAMS H A - Jesus and the resurrection
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29891: WHITE A & WILLIAMS D - Deacons at your service (GPS33)
34624: WILLIAMS R - Ray of darkness: sermons and reflections [USA title of Open to Judgement, DLT 1994]
54712: WILLIAMS R - Vocation: responding to the call of God's love (An address given to theological students at Westcott House
18553: WILLIAMS J - Holy Spirit in the world today by Jurgen Moltmann, Miroslav Volf, Rowan Williams, David Ford, Graham Tomlin et al
20972: WILLIAMS G - Sanctity of life and the criminal law
43684: "WILLIAMS R" - "God, actually:" "why God probably exists, why Jesus was probably divine and why the rational objections to religion are unconvincing"
54716: WILLIAMS R ET AL - Darkness yielding: angles on Christmas, Holy Week and Easter
33712: WILLIAMS C - Forgiveness of sins
20989: WILLIAMS H A - True to Experience: an anthology of the words and teaching of HA Williams edited by E Mable
30723: "WILLIAMS R" - "Ponder these things:" "praying with icons of the Virgin"
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44069: WALLACE R & WILLIAMS W - Three worlds of Paul of Tarsus
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20987: WILLIAMS H A - Tensions: necessary conflicts in life & love
49895: WILLIAMS H A - Jesus and the resurrection (The Bishop of London's Lent book)
52908: WILLIAMS R - Teresa of Avila (Outstanding Christian Thinkers series)
54717: WILLIAMS R - Address given at the Annual General Meeting of the Alcuin Club by the Most Reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury Lambeth Palace, Wednesday 20th May 2009
21927: WILLIAMS H A - Jesus and the resurrection
53734: WILLIAMS I - Gospel narrative of the Holy Week: harmonized with reflections
52909: WILLIAMS D J - Acts (New International Biblical Commentary)
21002: WILLIAMS J G - God and the human family
21003: WILLIAMS J G - Hungry world: the call for Christian Literature
21032: WILLIAMS R R - Acts of the Apostles: (TBC)
21045: WILLIAMS R V - O taste and see: a motet for unaccompanied S.S.A. choir with organ introduction
21046: WILLIAMS R V - Old Hundredth Psalm Tune: (All people that on Earth do dwell)
20963: WILLIAMS C W - Where in the world?: changing forms of the church's witness
20970: WILLIAMS E - Wind of Heaven: a play in six scenes (Drama library)
20977: WILLIAMS H - My word: Christian preaching today
20981: WILLIAMS H A - God's wisdom in Christ's Cross
21000: WILLIAMS J G - Faith and the space age
56240: WILLIAMS N P - Northern Catholicism: Centenary Studies in the Oxford and Parallel Movements
53480: WILLIAMS G - Reformation views of church history (Ecumenical Studies in History)
55544: WILLIAMS E J W - Odd tit-bits from Tichborne old church books
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44662: WILLIAMS R R - Letters of John and James; Cambridge Bible commentary on the New English Bible
44283: WILLIAMS C H - William Tyndale
49158: WILLIAMS G - Tradition and originality in Roman poetry
31132: WILLIAMS R - Lost icons: reflections on cultural bereavement
54578: WILLIAMS I - Autobiography of Isaac Williams
49765: WILLIAMS D - Bond that breaks: will homosexuality split the church
21024: WILLIAMS R - Resurrection: interpreting the Easter Gospel
54259: CARSON D A & WILLIAMSON H G M - It is written: scripture citing scripture - essays in honour of Barnabas Lindars
48547: WILLIAMSON D - Fireside tales of the traveller children
36203: "WILLIAMSON A W" - "Ideals of ministry" "[Front preliminary has inscription signed by author]"
36202: "WILLIAMSON A W" - "Person of Christ in the faith of the church" "(The fifteenth series of the Croall Lectures)"
25786: "WILLIAMSON D" - "Most diplomatic general:" "the life of General Lord Robertson of Oakridge"
21058: "WILLIAMSON H R" - "China among the nations" "(RBC 35)"
21059: "WILLIAMSON H R" - "Church of England and the 'Great Prayer':" "reprinted from the fortnightly review, December 1954 'A threat of disestablishment'"
21060: "WILLIAMSON H R" - "Paul, a bond slave:" "a radio play"
39902: "WILLIAMSON H R" - "Were you there ...?:" "six meditations for Holy Week"
28890: "WILLIAMSON L" - "Conceptual continuity:" "English is a silkworm"
35588: "WILLIAMSON R" - "Epistle to the Hebrews"
37115: "WILLIAMSON R" - "Indoor photography by artificial light"
21054: WILLIAMSON H G M - 1 and 2 Chronicles (NCBC)
49440: WILLIAMSON A - Missionary heroes in the islands of the Pacific
44978: WILLIAMSON G - Reader's guide to T S Eliot: poem by poem analysis
21055: WILLIAMSON H G R - Water at Whitsun: poems
50314: WILLIAMSON G A - World of Josephus
49091: WILLIMON W H - Sermons from Duke Chapel: voices from a great towering church
5540: "DEANESLY M & WILLIS G G" - "Anglican-Methodist Unity:" "some considerations historical & liturgical"
5541: "DEANESLY M & WILLIS G G" - "Anglican-Methodist Unity:" "some considerations historical & liturgical"
36198: "WILLIS E F" - "Worship of the Old Covenant" "considered more especially in relation to that of the new"
21070: "WILLIS J R" - "Pleasures forevermore:" "the theology of C.S.Lewis"
53111: WILLIS J T - Instruction shall go forth: studies in Micah and Isaiah
74273: "WILLMER H" - "20/20 VISIONS:" "the futures of Christianity in Britain"
74267: WILLMINGTON H L - King is coming: an outline study of the last days
54452: WILLMOT P - Stepping stones to paradise
55264: WILLOCK C - Rod pole and perch: a field guide to anglers (illustrated by Thelwell)
24193: "WILLOUGHBY H R" - "Study of the bible today and tomorrow"
74270: "WILLOUGHBY R" - "GROWING WITH GOD:" "know your Bible through the year"
54070: WILLS G - Saint Augustine
27501: "WILLS G" - "English furniture 1760-1900"
22899: "WILLS G" - "Knowledge game:" "revolution in learning and communication in the workplace"
40669: "WILLS E" - "School assemblies for 5-7's:" "ideas for a thematic approach to worship for younger children"
48805: WILLSON R - Silver Wedding Souvenir
25907: "WILLSON F M G" - "In just order move:" "the progress of the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance 1946-1996"
14773: "ORTUZAR J DE D & WILLUMSEN L G" - "Modelling Transport (Second Edition)"
74274: "WILMORE G S" - "BLACK AND PRESBYTERIAN:" "the heritage and the hope"
21076: "WILMORE G S" - "Last things first"
37247: "EARDLEY-WILMOT S" - "Our flags:" "their origin, use, and traditions"
25934: "WILMOT S" - "Ethics of community care"
55543: WILMOT C - Struggle for Europe
41741: WILSON A - Music for an occasion for organ:
54931: WILSON T W - Through the Bible (illustrated by C E and H M Brock and J B Ayto)
51626: WILSON T - Short and plain instruction for the better understanding of the Lord's supper
47022: WILSON D - Gilbert Murray OM 1866-1957
55246: WILSON C - Strength to dream: literature and the imagination
49064: WILSON J - Growth in prayer: with meditations for a year
21087: WILSON A - Missa Sancti Petri: for S.A.T.B. choir and organ (Vocal Score)
21126: WILSON J - Language and Christian belief
21099: "WILSON B" - "Contemporary transformations of religion:" "(Riddell Memorial lectures 45th Series delivered at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne on 2,3,4 December 1974)"
36218: WILSON J - All shall be well: a bereavement anthology and companion
54336: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO F & WILSON D - Reformation; Christianity and the world 1500 - 2000
25159: "REVELL J & WILSON K" - "Cross country:" "Teacher's book 3"
21728: "SHARP J C & WILSON J" - "Life is for everyone:" "a source book for church services"
37798: "WILSON A" - "Celebration of Holy Communion on Good Friday:" "the rule of the Church of England"
21098: "WILSON A" - "Emancipating the professions:" "marketing opportunities from de-regulation"
21084: WILSON A - Magnificat and nunc dimittis: (The Norwich Service) for S.A.T.B. choir and organ with optional second keyboard
74289: "WILSON B" - "HUMAN JOURNEY" "Christianity and modern consciousness"
29667: "WILSON B" - "Memoir of the life of William White," "Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Pennsylvania"
21103: WILSON B R - Religion in sociological perspective
35361: "WILSON C" - "Brandy of the damned:" "discoveries of a musical eclectic"
60527: "WILSON C V" - "Westminster concise handbook for the bible"
21106: "WILSON D F" - "School of Manhood"
21107: "WILSON D M" - "Triumph over fear"
40225: "WILSON F" - "Migrant labour:" "in South Africa"
27382: "WILSON F" - "Ten simple sailing models"
36211: "WILSON F E" - "Divine commission:" "a sketch of church history"
27208: "WILSON H" - "Prime minister on a prime ministers"
36056: "WILSON H S" - "Church on the move" "quest to affirm the biblical faith - essays in honour of Peddi Victor Premasagar Bishop in Medak & Moderator of the C S I"
21129: "WILSON J" - "Reason and morals"
21131: "WILSON J ET AL" - "Introduction to moral education"

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