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18702: SWETE H B - Apocalypse of St John: the Greek text with introduction notes and indices
55338: SWETE H B - Psalms of Solomon with the Greek fragments of the Book of Enoch edited for the syndics of the [Cambridge] University Press
18707: SWETE H B - Essays on the early History of the Church and the ministry by various writers
35113: SWETE H B - Patristic study (Handbooks for the clergy)
39871: SWETE H B - Last discourse and prayer of Our Lord: a study of St John XIV-XVII
18705: SWETE H B [MACLEAN] - Church services and service-books before the Reformation new edition revised by A J Maclean
54595: SWETE H B - Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint (3 volume set): Vol I Genesis- IV Kings, Vol II I Chronicles - Tobit, Vol III Hosea - 4 Maccabees Psalms of Solomon, Enoch, the odes No additional UK postage
22489: SWETE H B - Church services and service-books: before the reformation
18716: SWETE H B - Life of the World to come: six addresses
42281: SWETE H B - Parables of the Kingdom: a course of lectures
18703: SWETE H B - Apostles Creed: its relation to primitive Christianity
18712: SWETE H B - Holy Catholic Church: the communion of Saints a study in the Apostles Creed
52350: SWETE H R - Risen body and eternal life (Little Books on Religion No 150)
18715: SWETE H B - Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek: with an appendix containing the letter of Aristeas edited by H St J Thackeray
22616: "SWIDLER L" - "Bursting the bonds?" "Jewish-Christian dialogue on Jesus and Paul (Faith meets faith)"
34333: "SWIDLER L ET AL" - "Death or dialogue?:" "from the age of monologue to the age of dialogue (Contributors: L Swidler, J B Cobb Jr, P F Knitter, M K Hellwig)"
39488: "SWIFT D F" - "Sociology of education abstracts:" "report on first stage of project"
18720: "SWIFT G" - "Ever after"
18722: "SWIFT J M" - "Jehovah's witness:" "a brief account of the history, beliefs, and methods of a strange and widespread organization"
23432: "SWIFT K A D" - "Flavours and fragrances"
56977: SWIFT J - Gulliver's travels [illustrated by George Morrow)
37292: "SWILHART A" - "Luther and the Lutheran Church 1483-1960"
31496: "SWINBURNE R" - "Faith and reason"
34185: "SWINBURNE R" - "Faith and reason"
32711: "SWINBURNE R" - "Evolution of the soul"
34965: "SWINDOLL C R" - "Growing strong in the seasons of life"
39705: SWINDOLL C R - Moses: a man of selfless dedication
44788: "SWINDOLL C R" - "Quest for character"
53584: SWING W E - Swing with a crosier: sermons addresses and letters of the Rt Tev William E Swing Bishop of California
37116: "SWINGLEHURST E" - "Family life in Britain 1900-1950" "in black & white photographs"
25911: "SWINNEN J F M ET AL" - "Agricultural privatisation, land reform and farm" "restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe"
49326: RATCLIFFE D & SWINYARD L - God's seasons: a harvest service for reader, narrator, choir and organ
72719: "SWITZER D K" - "BREAKING POINT" "and how the Chrisitan ministry can help"
39624: "SYCE A H" - "Early history of the Hebrews"
56094: PARK M SYDNEY - Submission within the Godhead and the Church in the Epistle to the Philippians: an exegetical and theological examination of the concept of submission in Philippians 2 and 3
48095: SMITH SYDNEY - Sermons preached at St Paul's Cathedral, the Foundling Hospital and several churches in London together with others addressed to a country congregation
52782: BERLIN I & POLANOWSKA-SYGULSKA B - Unfinished dialogue with foreword by Henry Hardy
18753: SYKES S W - Sacrifice and Redemption Durham Essays in Theology
32978: SYKES S - Identity of Christianity: theologians and the essence of Christianity from Schleiermacher to Barth
22177: "CHATURVEDI B & SYKES M" - "Charles Freer Andrews:" "a narrative (Foreword by MK Gandhi)"
18733: "SYKES M" - "Bible Reading Fellowship Story"
24186: SYKES N - Church of England and non-episcopal churches in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: an essay towards an historical interpretation of Anglican tradition from Whitgift to Wake (Theology Occ Pap NS No 11)
18739: "SYKES N" - "Man as churchman" "(Wiles lectures 1959)"
18747: SYKES S W - Authority in the Anglican Communion: essays presented to Bishop John Howe
18736: SYKES N - Crisis of the Reformation
18740: SYKES N - Old priest and new presbyter: (Gunning lectures 1953-54 & Edward Cadbury lectures 1954-55)
18743: SYKES S - Unashamed Anglicanism
46306: SYKES N - Study of ecclesiatical history: inaugural lecture given at Emmanuel College, Cambridge 17 May 1945
18758: SYMANOWSKI H - Christian witness: in an industrial society
18760: "SYMON D" - "Lambeth Questions"
64644: "GOULD A E & SYMONDS V" - "Into the valley"
18762: "SYMONDS H E" - "Church Universal and the See of Rome:" "a study of the relations between the Episcopate and the Papacy up to the Schism between East and West"
24648: "SYMONDS J" - "Thomas Brown and the angels:" "a study in enthusiasm"
72734: "SYMONDS R" - "ALTERNATIVE SAINTS:" "post-Reformation British people commemorated by the church of England"
56262: SYMONDS J A - Renaissance in Italy: the Catholic reaction Part I
45671: SYMONDS J A - Sketches in Italy: selected from 'Sketches in Italy and Greece' and 'Sketches and studies in Italy
28876: "SYMONS R ET AL" - "En direct de la France:" "French reading materials from authentic sources"
18766: "SYMS R" - "Ferris Wheel:" "searching for an adult faith"
47433: SYNGE L - Mallett's great English furniture
18770: "SYNGE F C" - "Philippians and Colossians:" "intro & comm (TBC)"
53487: SYNGE M B - Book of discovery: the history of the world's exploration from the earliest times to the finding of the South Pole
18769: SYNGE F C - Philippians and Colossians: intro & comm (TBC)
73034: RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS - RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS OF THE WORLD: a contribution to the study of comparative religion. A collection of c50 contributors, now the authors together with some others specially written for this volume
44857: "SZELES M E" - "Wrath and mercy:" "commentary on the books of Habakkuk and Zephaniah (International theological commentary)"
18772: "SZONYI D M" - "Holocaust:" "an annotated bibliography and resource guide"
53112: SZUKALSKI J A - Tormented in Hades: the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) and other Lucan parables for persuading the rich to repentance
9449: "HOLNICKI-SZULC J" - "Structural analysis, design and control" "by the virtual distortion method"
48775: TABOR F - Between the wars and afterwards
44274: TACEY D - Spirituality revolution: the emergence of contemporary spirituality
51641: TACITUS - Histories
44851: "TACITUS" - "Histories Book I" "translated by F G Plaistowe and H J Maidment"
72746: "TADA J E" - "ALL GOD'S CHILDREN:" "ministry to the disabled"
72745: "TADA J E" - "SECRET STRENGTH" "[with four text paintings by author]"
18780: "TAFFINDER P" - "Big Change: a route map for corporate transformation"
47428: TAILLANDIER Y - Rodin
35480: "TAINE H A" - "History of English literature, in four volumes"
53794: TAIZE - Praise in all our days: Common prayer at Taize, liturgies for the entire year in modern English
54471: TAIZE - Chants de Taize (Chants from Taize)
18786: TAIZE - Pilgrimage of trust on earth
74623: "YOSHINORI TAKEUCHI" - "BUDDHIST SPIRITUALITY:" "Indian, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, and early Chinese (World spirituality)"
60914: "BENEDICTINES OF TALACRE" - "ST. PAULA: adapted from the tenth edition of the French of" "Mgr. F Lagrange"
37459: "TALBOT C" - "Studying at a distance:" "guide for students"
18791: "TALBOT E" - "My people of the plains"
18792: "TALBOT E" - "Some titles and aspects of the Eucharist"
18793: "TALBOT E K [MENZIES]" - "Retreat addresses of Edward Keble Talbot" "edited with an introduction by Lucy Menzies (signed by editor, with letter)"
18795: "TALBOT E S" - "Sermons preached in the Leeds Parish Church 1889-1895"
18796: "TALBOT E S" - "Some Aspects of Christian Truth:" "Sermons preached by Edward Stuart Talbot D.D. Bishop of Rochester"
18797: "TALBOT E S" - "Some titles and aspects of the eucharist"
18800: "TALBOT N S" - "Returning tide of faith"
18801: "TALBOT N S" - "Thoughts on unity"
10778: "TALBOT C H" - "Anglo-saxon missionaries in Germany:" "being the Lives of SS. Willibrord, Boniface, Sturm, Leoba & Lebuin tog with Hodoeporicon of St Willibald & a selection from the correspondence of St Boniface"
51917: TALEC P - Annonce du bonheur: vie et beatitudes
30564: "TALLEY T J" - "Worship:" "reforming tradition"
51189: TALLEY T J - Kingdom of Priests: liturgical formation of the people of God papers read at the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation Brixen, North Italy 24-25 August 1987 (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 5/Liturgical Study 53)
50783: TALLIS (BARNBY) - Preses and responses with litany according to Tallis arranged for four voices by Joseph Barnby
35479: "TALMAGE T DE W" - "Live coals from the discourses of T De Witt Talmage"
44576: "FORSTER M & TAMBLING C" - "Singing dancing carpenter:" "a musical"
32981: "AMMICHT-QUINN R & TAMEZ E" - "Body and religion" "(Concilium 2002/2)"
28292: "JORDAN B & MORGAN-TAMOSUNAS R" - "Contemporary Spanish cinema"
25891: "LU D & TANG Z" - "State intervention and business in China:" "the role of preferential policies"
18812: "TANGERMAN E J" - "Carving Religious Motifs in Wood"
47089: TANNER J M - Stress and psychiatric disorder: the proceedings of the Second Oxford Conference of the Mental Health Research Fund
18816: "TANNER M" - "Christian Feminism:" "a challenge to the Churches (Loughborough University and Colleges Anglican Chaplaincy)"
28588: "VINCE M & TANNER J" - "Top Teen ingles 9 ano nivel 5" "(Teacher's Book)"
51187: TANNER L E - History of the Coronation
49883: TANNER G - Perils of getting up
49884: TANNER G - Panic stations
32708: TANNER K - Jesus, humanity and the Trinity: a brief systematic theology (SJT: Current issues in theology)
56261: TANQUERAY A - Synopsis Theologiae Dogmaticae Ad Mentem S. Thomae Aquinatis; [3 Volumes] Fundamentalis: de vera religione, de Ecclesia & Specialis, Pars prima & secunda: I: De Fide, De Deo Uno Et Trino, De Deo Creante Et Elevanta, De Verbo Incarnato. II: De Deo Sanctificante Et Remuneratore Seu De Gratia, De Sacramentis Et De Novissimis.
29676: TANQUEREY A - Synopsis theologiae dogmaticae: Vol III De Deo sanctificante et remuneratore seu de gratia, de sacramentis et de novissimis
53793: TANTARDINI G - The son cannot do anything on his own: meditation on Holy Easter
31458: "TAPIA M D C" - "Beyond the threshold:" "a life in Opus Dei"
38242: "TAPIS A" - "AIDS crisis:" "the facts and myths about a modern plague"
52209: JOSEPH J & TAPLIN L - Signs of life: channel-surfing through '90's culture
25170: "TAPP A" - "Principles of direct and database marketing"
55961: TARRANT I - Anglican Swahili prayer books: Tanzania (1995) and Congo (1998) (Joint Liturgical Studies 62)
41308: "TARSOULI G" - "Mystras Sparta"
29524: "TASKER B" - "Prophecies for Church & State"
35880: "TASKER J G" - "Spiritual religion:" "a study of the relation of facts to faith, being the thirty-first Fernley Lecture 1901"
18829: "TASKER R V G" - "Old Testament in the New Testament"
18824: TASKER R V G - Gospel According to St John: an introduction and commentary (TNTC)
65431: "TASSONE S" - "Thirty-day devotions for the holy souls"
18831: TASTARD T - Spark in the soul: spirituality & social justice
18832: "TASTARD T" - "Spark in the soul:" "spirituality & social justice"
22107: "TATHAM C" - "Yardstick"
18834: "TATHAM C S" - "Camp prayers for guides"
60571: "TATLOCK R" - "Passion of Christ:" "a devotional service of nine lessons and hymns (or chorales) based on the St Matthew Passion narrative"
41564: "TATLOCK R" - "Indices to the Book of Common Prayer for the use of clergy," "readers, and teachers in Day and Sunday Schools in the preparation of sermons, lessons and occasional services"
18838: TATLOW T - Story of the Student Christian Movement of Great Britain and Ireland
36760: "TATMAN L" - "Knowledge that matters:" "feminist theological paradigm and epistemology - theology of Rosemary Radford Ruether, Carter Heyward & Sallie McFague (Studies in theology and sexuality 6)"
44346: TATUM W B - John the Baptist and Jesus: a report of the Jesus Seminar
51939: TATUM W B - In quest of Jesus: a guidebook
57130: TAULER J - Nachfolgung des armen Lebens Christi
21172: "TAULER J [WINKWORTH]" - "History and life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler" " of Strasbourg; with twenty-five of his sermons, trans... Susamma Winkworth, preface by Charles Kingsley"
22125: "SMITH D E & TAUSSIG H E" - "Many tables:" "the eucharist in the New Testament and liturgy today"
34812: "TAVARD G H" - "Church tomorrow"
72783: "TAVARD G H" - "MEDITATION ON THE WORD:" "perspectives for a renewed theology"
72781: "TAVARD G H" - "PROTESTANTISM" "(Faith & Fact Book 137)"
34466: TAVARD G H - Two centuries of ecumenism: the search for unity
49006: TAVARD G H - Quest for catholicity: a study in anglicanism
51938: TAVARD G H - Two centuries of ecumenism
28317: "TAVISTOCK" - "Tavistock handbook and directory of business centres" "and managed workspace 1998"
53792: TAYLER C B - Facts in a clergyman's life
41387: "TAYLOR V" - "Personne due Christ dans le Nouveau Testament:" "(Lectio Divina 57)"
52368: TAYLOR R B - Ancient Hebrew literature (Vol 4): wisdom literature, homiletic narratives and apocalypses [Everyman's Library 256]
52361: TAYLOR T S - For parsons only: a study in the cure of souls
43813: "TAYLOR M K" - "Remembering Esperanza:" "cultural-political theology for North American praxis"
49066: TAYLOR K - Living story of Christ and his church
18928: TAYLOR V - Jesus and His Sacrifice: a study of the passion sayings in the Gospels
25132: "ARNOULD-TAYLOR W" - "Textbook of holistic aromatherapy" "(First pub 1981 as Aromatherapy for the whole person)"
4507: "CLIFTON-TAYLOR A" - "Cathedrals of England:" "photos by Martin Hurlimann and others 203 plates 4 in colour"
23579: "CLORE J & TAYLOR C" - "Civil litigation"
27767: "MACDONALD-TAYLOR M" - "Dictionary of marks:" "metalwork, furniture, ceramics"
18853: "TAYLOR A E" - "Faith of a moralist in one volume:" "(Gifford lectures 1926-1928) Series 1 The Theological Implications of Morality, Series 2 Natural Theology and the Positive Religions"
18857: "TAYLOR A E" - "Problem of evil:" "affirmations, God in the Modern World"
23430: "TAYLOR B" - "Society & economy in early modern Europe 1450-1789:" "a bibliography of post-war research"
23468: "TAYLOR B B" - "Preaching life"
69171: "TAYLOR B C" - "Setting the gospel free:" "experiential faith and contemplative practice"
32703: "TAYLOR C" - "Hymns for today discussed:" "a commentary on Hymns A & M new standard edition (Hymns 334-533)"
35453: "TAYLOR C" - "Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, comprising Pirqe Aboth" "and Pereq R Meir in Hebrew & English with notes, & specimen pages of Cambridge University Mss of the Mishnah 'Jerushalmith'"
35452: "TAYLOR C" - "Witness of Hermas to the Four Gospels"
18864: TAYLOR D E - Confirmation training: a handbook for those preparing candidates for confirmation
34464: "TAYLOR D J" - "Explorations in assembly with children:" "suggestions for assembly in the junior school"
18865: "TAYLOR E" - "Upon the types of the O T:" "edited by CW Mignon 2 vol set"
18866: "TAYLOR E J" - "Problems of Christian living"
35451: "TAYLOR H O" - "Ancient ideals, in two volumes:" "a study of intellectual and spiritual growth from early times to the establishment of Christianity"
23151: "TAYLOR J" - "Pioneers' progress:" "'West-Africa calling'"
18899: "TAYLOR J L" - "Doctor & the law"
72802: "TAYLOR J P" - "CHRISTIANITY IS BORN:" "a creative approach to the Acts of the Apostles"
18900: "TAYLOR J R S & TAYLOR F J" - "Baptism in the Church"
18911: "TAYLOR J V" - "Sciences in search of a queen:" "an address given in the University, Southampton on Commemoration Day 1975"
72806: "TAYLOR J V ET AL" - "FACE TO FACE:" "essays on inter-faith dialogue"
25882: "TAYLOR L" - "Citizenship, participation and democracy:" "changing dynamics in Chile and Argentina"
72821: TAYLOR M - POVERTY AND CHRISTIANITY: reflections at the interface between faith and experience (Bernard Gilpin pastoral theology lectures for 2000, University of Durham)
18913: "TAYLOR M H" - "Christians and the future of social democracy" "[essays out of Consultation at Manchester March 1980]"
35207: "TAYLOR M S" - "Sharing prayer:" "simple formats for small groups"
29233: "TAYLOR N" - "More family walks in the White Peak"
18918: "TAYLOR R O P" - "Does science leave room for God?"
29475: "TAYLOR T" - "European security and the former Soviet Union:" "dangers, opportunities and gambles"
18921: TAYLOR V - Atonement in the New Testament teaching
18923: "TAYLOR V" - "Forgiveness and reconciliation:" "a study in New Testament theology"
18933: "TAYLOR V" - "New Testament essays"
18863: TAYLOR D B - Mark's gospel as literature & history
47055: BRAHE M H & TAYLOR H - Song pictures: five songs
52365: TAYLOR J - Holy living and dying with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian: and the parts of devotion fitted to all occasions and furnished for all necessities
51655: TAYLOR J - Ductor dubitantium or the rule of conscience in all her generall measures; serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience in four books (small folio)
53360: TAYLOR J - Golden Grove: a choice manual containing what is to be believed practised and desired or prayed which is added A guide for the Penitent also Festival Hymns...[printed from 1680 ed, collated with 1655 1st edition, folio copy of 1657...]
18896: "TAYLOR J B" - "Thinking about Islam"
44827: TAYLOR H - Toolbox for small churches: a spiritual and practical guide to small church life
49945: TAYLOR W M - Ruth the gleaner and Esther the queen
50356: TAYLOR S - Out of bounds church: learning to create a community of faith in a culture of change
26552: TAYLOR J V - Primal vision: Christian presence amid African religion
40558: "TAYLOR J V" - "Church reshaped" "based on a lecture given at St George's House, Windsor"
53787: TAYLOR W E - Secret of the stairs
48685: TAYLOR I - Names and their histories: a handbook of historical geography and topographical nomenclature
30858: TAYLOR J V - Weep not for me: meditations on the Cross and the Resurrection (Risk Book No 27)
41076: "TAYLOR J" - "Jeremy Taylor [selections]:" "brief passages from the writings of the Christian Fathers (Miniature library of devotion]"
18912: TAYLOR J W - Coming of the Saints: imaginations and studies in early church history and tradition
56953: TAYLOR D E - In His Presence. A prayer book and guide to confirmation, communion and church teaching
47057: COLERIDGE-TAYLOR S - Valse Suite (Piano): Three-fours
54288: TAYLOR K - Hans Urs Von Balthasar and the question of tragedy in the novels of Thomas Hardy
55558: TAYLOR A J P - Politics in wartime: and other essays
55490: TAYLOR A - Sharing: a book of readings and prayers for guides
48048: TAYLOR B - River goes on
48088: TAYLOR N - For services rendered: an anthology in thanksgiving for the Book of Common Prayer
18870: TAYLOR G - Saints and their Flowers
55989: TCHAIKOVSKY P - Eugene Onegin [English version by Edward J Dent]
30894: "SOCIETY OF PUBLIC TEACHERS" - "OF LAW Directory of members 1999"
18937: "TEACHING [ROMESTIN]" - "Teaching of the twelve apostles:" "Greek text with intro trans notes and illustrative passages"
25313: "TEARE R" - "Managing and marketing services in the 1990s"
22972: "TEARE R ET AL" - "New directions in hospitality & tourism:" "a worldwide review"
27917: "TEARE R ET AL" - "Teamworking and quality improvement:" "lessons from British and North American organizations"
18939: "TEARE R ET AL" - "Virtual university:" "an action paradigm and process for workplace learning"
37123: "TEBBS H F" - "How the city has changed:" "a collection of articles... originally published each week in the Peterborough Standard"
39232: "TEICHMANN I" - "Credit to the Nation:" "refugee contributions to the UK"
67337: LEE BEE TEIK - Building a love house...: is hard work
31616: "DOWNIE R S & TELFER E" - "Caring and curing:" "a philosophy of medicine and social work"
41385: "TELFORD J" - "Methodist Hymn-book illustrated:" "in history and experience"
41384: "TELFORD M" - "Let's make models!:" "simple overseas models. Drawings by Leslie Dahl"
34853: "TELFORD J" - "New Methodist hymn-book illustrated in history and" "experience"
52892: TELFORD W R - Writing on the Gospel of Mark (Guides to advanced biblical research 1)
18950: "TELLENBACH G" - "Church state and christian society:" "at the time of the investiture contest translated by RF Bennett"
18951: "TELLENBACH G" - "Church state and christian society:" "at the time of the investiture contest translated by RF Bennett"
18953: "TEMPERLEY H N V" - "Scientist who believes in God"
41369: "TEMPLE L" - "Shining brother," "and the sequel, Francis speaks again"
41368: "TEMPLE A A" - "Flower and trees of Palestine" "with thirty illustrations by K Marian Reynolds"
18992: TEMPLE W - Nature man and God: being the Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Glasgow in the Academical Years 1932-1933 and 1933-1934
18984: TEMPLE W - Faith and modern thought: six lectures with intro by ME Sadler
18994: TEMPLE W - Personal religion and the life of fellowship
41370: "TEMPLE W" - "Basic convictions"
41371: "TEMPLE W" - "Nature of personality:" "a course of lectures"
72876: "TEMPLE W" - "Preacher's theme to-day:" "four lectures delivered at the College of Preachers, Washington"
18993: TEMPLE W - Palm Sunday to Easter a series of addresses broadcast during Holy Week and Easter 1942
18958: "TEMPLE F" - "Sermons Preached in Rugby School Chapel in 1858, 1859, 1860"
25257: "TEMPLE P" - "Traded options - a private investigator's guide:" "how to invest more profitably"
18963: "TEMPLE S" - "Core of the Fourth Gospel"
72864: "TEMPLE S" - "SERPENT IN EDEN" "and other stories from The Book"
18971: "TEMPLE W" - "Christianity in thought and practice"
18975: "TEMPLE W" - "Church and its teaching today:" "(William Beldon Noble lectures 1935)"
18982: "TEMPLE W" - "Essays in Christian politics and kindred subjects"
18988: "TEMPLE W" - "Issues of faith:" "a course of lectures"
19000: "TEMPLE W" - "Resources and influence of English Literature:" "introduction by Dr A Mansbridge"
19002: TEMPLE W - Some Lambeth Letters 1942-1944: edited by FS Temple
19003: TEMPLE W - Some Lambeth Letters 1942-1944: edited by FS Temple
19004: "TEMPLE W" - "Studies in the spirit and truth of Christianity:" "being University and School Sermons"
18973: TEMPLE W - Christus Veritas: an essay
49189: TEMPLE A - Hymns we love: stories of the hundred most popular hymns
29923: TEMPLE B - Exclusive language - a hindrance to evangelism among women (GEv3)
21964: TEMPLE W - Christian faith and life
18996: TEMPLE W - Readings in St John's Gospel (first and second series)
21919: TEMPLE W - Mens creatrix: an essay
47836: TEMPLE W - Christianity as an interpretation of history [William Ainslie Memorial Lecture]; delivered at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on 6th June 1944
18995: TEMPLE W - Readings in St John's Gospel (Vol 1 only): First series Chapters I-XII
30854: "TEMPLETON J H" - "Christianity and the challenge of humansim" "(Sophie Taylor Prize Essay 1970)"
50355: TEMPLETON E - Travelling with resiliance: essays for Alastair Haggart
56242: TENCH C C - Charley Gordon: an eminent Victorian reassessed
37467: "TENEBRAE" - "Tenebrae being Mattins of the last three days of Holy Week"
19011: "TENNANT F R" - "Born of a woman:" "a short life of Jesus (Seraph series)"
72886: TENNANT F R - NATURE OF BELIEF (Christian Challenge series)
51455: TENNANT F R - Miracle and its philosophical presuppositions: three lectures delivered in the University of London 1924
19013: TENNANT F R - Origin and propagation of sin: being the Hulsean lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge in 1901-1902
19015: TENNANT F R - Sources of the Doctrines of the Fall and Original Sin
39778: "TENNENT R J" - "Church Knowle:" "Purbeck parish through the ages"
19021: "TENNYSON A" - "Poems of Tennyson: (Oxford edition)" "including 'The Princess', 'In Memoriam', 'Maud', 'Idylls of the King' etc"
52713: TENNYSON A L - Complete works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
7149: "FRANCES TERESA" - "Living the incarnation;" "praying with Francis and Clare of Assisi"
19026: "TERESA, MOTHER" - "Best gift is love:" "meditations"
45748: TERRIEN S - Till the heart sings: biblical theology of manhood and womanhood
47257: TERRIEN S - Psalms and their meaning for today
31869: "TERRILL R" - "R H Tawney and his times:" "Socialism as fellowship"
63246: "DOMINICAN TERTIARY" - "Last week:" "together with the stations of the cross"
53731: TERTULLIAN [EVANS] - Treatise on the incarnation
38881: "TERTULLIAN [SOUTER]" - "Tertullian against Praxeas" "by A Souter (Translations of Christian literature, series II, Latin texts)"
40109: "TERTULLIAN [LUPTON J M]" - "Q. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani de Baptismo" "Greek text edited with intro and notes [in English] by J M Lupton (Cambridge Patristic Texts)"
45992: TERTULLIAN - Q. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani Apologeticus the text of Oehler annotated, with an introduction by John E B Mayor with a translation by Alex. Souter
50435: TERTULLIAN [EVANS E] - De oratione liber: Tertullian's tract on The Prayer: Latin text with critical notes, English translation, introduction...
52729: TESELLE S M - Literature and the christian life
52847: TESSORE D - Fasting
53210: JOURNAL FOR THE EVANGELICAL STUDY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - Journal for the evangelical study of the Old Testament (Volume 3 Issue 1)
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19339: TILLICH P - Shaking of the foundations
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6838: "FINANCIAL TIMES" - "Financial Times energy yearbook: Mining 1999"
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19377: "TIZARD L J" - "Preaching:" "the art of communication"
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49139: TODD J M - Martin Luther: a biographical study
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993: "BALLARD TODHUNTER" - "Roundup" "(large print western)"
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52733: TRIMINGHAM J S - Sufi Orders in Islam
56956: TRINCANATO E R - Guide to Venetian domestic architecture: Venezia minore discovering the little known Venice illustrated by 160 drawings of buildings from the 12th to the 18th century
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34112: TRIPP D K - Daily prayer in the Reformed tradition: an initial survey (Joint Liturgical Studies 35)
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57203: TROCHU F - Cure d'Ars: St Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney (1786 - 1859): accordin to the acts of the process of canonization and numerous hitherto unpublished documents
44254: TROCME E - Childhood of Christianity
19573: TROCME E - Passion as Liturgy: a study in the origin of the passion narratives in the Four Gospels
19571: TROCME E - Formation of the Gospel according to Mark
19572: "TROCME E" - "Jesus and His Contemporaries"
29976: "TROCQUER R LE" - "What is man?" "(Faith and Fact Books 31)"
37856: "TROLLER A" - "Law and order:" "an introduction to thinking about the nature of law"
47997: TROLLOPE A - Barchester Towers
45499: TROLLOPE A - Bertrams
51433: TROMMIUS A - Concordantiae Graecae versionis vulgo dictae LXX interpretum, cujus voces secundum ordinem elementorum sermonis Graeci digestae recensentur, contra atque in opere Kircheriano factum fuerat (Tomus I & II) Leguntur hic praeterea voces Graecae pro Hebraicis redditae ab antiquis omnibus Veteris Testamenti interpretibus, quorum nonnisi fragmenta extant, Aquila, Symmacho, Theodotione & aliis quorum maximam partem nuper in lucem edidit Bernardus de Montfaucon
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56239: TROUNCER M - Gentleman saint: St Francois de Sales and his times 1567 -1622
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73225: "TRUCHSES D D" - "FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM:" "choosing high self-esteem"
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61949: "CANON LAW SOCIETY TRUST" - "CHURCH'S MATRIMONIAL JURISPRUDENCE:" "a statement on the current position"
31981: "TRUSTED J" - "Physics and metaphysics:" "theories of space and time"
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56657: TSCHAIKOWSKY P - Symphony 4 F minor Opus 36 (Pocket score)
42851: MAO TSETUNG - Selected readings from the works of Mao Tsetung
44349: COMEY A & TSUR N - NTC's Hebrew and English dictionary: [the most practical and easy-to-use dictionary of Modern Hebrew and English]
48675: TSUTSUI W M - Banking policy in Japan: American efforts at reform during the occupation
53779: TUCK R C - Gothic dreams: the architecture of William Critchlow Harris 1854 - 1913
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44849: "TUCKER R" - "Philosophy and myth in Karl Marx"
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19604: TUCKETT C - Reading the New Testament: methods of interpretation
55096: TUCKETT C - Reading the New Testament: methods of interpretation
8238: TUDGE P - Initiating Adults: lessons from the Roman Catholic Rite (GMW102)
19608: TUGWELL S - Human Immortality and the Redemption of Death
19613: "TUGWELL S, EVERY G ET AL" - "New Heaven? New Earth:" "an encounter with Pentecostalism"
19610: TUGWELL S - Reflections on the Beatitudes: soundings in Christian traditions
34818: "TUKER M A R" - "Past and future of ethics"
57183: TULL J E - Meon Valley football league 1906 - 2006: celebrating a century of soccer in the Meon Valley and surrounding area
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31980: "TULLOCH J" - "Movements of religious thought in Britain" "during the nineteenth century (Victorian library)"
52509: TULLOCK J H - Old Testament story
57008: VLCKOVA S V & TUMA M - Biblical landscapes [Biblicke Krajiny]
56997: TUMANOVSKY V - Kizhi
26671: "TELE TUNES" - "Tele Tunes January to September 1997:" "supplement update to Tele-Tunes 1997 main book"
27817: "TELE TUNES" - "Tele tunes music reference book:" "January to September 1999 (supplement update to tele-tunes 1999 book)"
19618: "TUNNICLIFF H G" - "Transforming Experience"
19620: TUPPER E F - Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg
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34111: TURNER T J - Welcoming the baptized: Anglican hospitality within the ecumenical enterprise (JLS34)
48537: TURNER E - Young man's companion or friendly adviser to educatioanl knowledge, worldly council and gentlemanley deportment
55315: TURNER H E W - Patristic doctrine of redemption: study of development of doctrine during first five centuries
55191: TURNER C H - History and use of creeds and anathemas in the early centuries of the Church
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19629: "TURNER E S" - "All Heaven in a Rage"
371: "TURNER G" - "More than conquerors" "(modern disciples)"
73246: "TURNER G A" - "NEW AND LIVING WAY:" "a fresh exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews"
19639: "TURNER H J M" - "Ordination and vocation, yesterday and today:" "current questions about ministries in the light of theology and history"
19641: "TURNER J E" - "Revelation of deity"
19644: "TURNER N" - "Handbook for biblical studies"
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37828: "TURNER S P" - "Sociological explanation as translation"
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24262: TURNER H E W - Jesus the Christ
53927: TURNER E S - Court of St James's
44417: TURNER N - Christian words
49850: TURNER H E W - Historicity and the Gospels
37888: TURNER N - Grammatical insights into the New Testament
53951: EUROSEMINAR '2000 VELIKO TURNOVO - Role of Christian ethics in the Armed Forces: a collection from Euroseminar '2000 ""Agape-Bulgaria"" in cooperation with AMCF, Veliko Turnovo diocese and the Bulgarian Army Academy
19651: "TUTU D" - "Rainbow people of God"
57007: TVEIT O F - Mutual accountability as ecumenical attitude: a study in Ecumenical Ecclesiology based on faith and order texts 1948 - 1998
52881: TWELFTREE G H - Jesus the exorcist: a contribution to the study of the Historical Jesus (Wissenschaftliche Unterscuchungen zum Neuen Testament-2-Reihe
23363: "TWINCH C" - "Poultry:" "a guide to management"
73255: "TWINING A G" - "CHILDREN'S CREED being a simple explanation of the" "Apostles' Creed"
40964: "TWINING L" - "Symbols and emblems of early and Medieval Christian art"
19660: "TYACK G S" - "Cross in ritual architecture and Art"
29675: "TYACK G S" - "Cross in ritual architecture and Art"
39505: "TYACK G S" - "Historic dress of the clergy"
56238: TYACKE N - England's long reformation 1500 - 1800
48423: TYLER M L - Drosera: a paper read to the British Homoeopathic Society, January 5 1927
48408: TYLER M L - Hahnemann's conception of chronic disease (as caused by parasitic micro-organism)
33086: "TYLER J" - "Shade of his hand" "[48 short poems on characters & situations in the bible] inscribed by author"
53795: TYLOR E B - Anthropology (2 volume set): an introduction to the study of man and civilisation (Thinker's Library)
51088: TYMMS T V - Christian idea of atonement: lectures delivered at Regent's Park College, London in 1903
56237: TYNAN K - Alec Guinness (Theatre World Monograph No 1)
38799: "TYRELL F" - "Swansea:" "a story of the city over one thousand years (illustrations by the author)"
19668: TYRRELL G - Christianity at the cross-roads
19670: TYRRELL G - Lex Orandi: or prayer and creed
29213: TYRRELL G - External religion: its use and abuse
29211: TYRRELL G - Medievalism: a reply to Cardinal Mercier
29210: "TYRRELL G" - "Much-abused letter"
19671: TYRRELL G N M - Personality of man: new facts and their significance
53777: TYRRELL S - Once upon a town: Susan Tyrrell about Stavanger
51609: TYRRELL G - Faith of the millions (First Series)
29819: TYRRELL G - Nova et Vetera: informal meditations
19669: TYRRELL G - Lex Credendi: a sequel to Lex Orandi
51608: TYRRELL G - Faith of the millions (Second Series)
29820: TYRRELL G - Hard sayings: a selection of meditations and studies
56717: TYSON J R - Invitation to Christian spirituality: an ecumenical anthology
55117: TYSON P - Returning to reality: Christian Platonism for our times (Kalos 2)
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24542: "UCKO H" - "People of God, peoples of God" "a Jewish-Christian conversation in Asia"
41115: "UDO D E" - "King of love and justice:" "an account of the life and contribution of Martin Luther King Jr, and the state of race relations in Britain"
49663: ULANOV A & B - Religion and the unconscious
56718: ULANOV B - Death: a book of preparation and consolation
73290: "ULEYN A" - "RECOGNITION OF GUILT:" "a study in pastoral psychology"
24578: ULLMANN W - Short history of the papacy in the Middle Ages
43774: ULTERINO G - Walking with wisdom's daughters: twelve celebrations and stories of women of passion and faith
45510: UNAIDS - Report of a theological workshop focusing on HIV- and AIDS-related stigma
19697: "UNDERHILL E" - "Life as Prayer"
19689: UNDERHILL E - Fruits of the Spirit, Light of Christ and Abba (three volumes bound as one)
27601: UNDERHILL E - Given to God: daily readings selected and arranged by Delroy Oberg
50841: UNDERHILL E - What is mysticism?
19698: UNDERHILL E - Life of the Spirit and the life of today (Library of Anglican Spirituality)
19723: "UNDERHILL F" - "Prayer in Modern Life"
53823: UNDERHILL E - Feed my sheep
19700: UNDERHILL E - Light of Christ: addresses given at the House of Retreat Pleshey in May 1932
19710: UNDERHILL E - Practical mysticism: a little book for normal people
19681: UNDERHILL E - Abba: meditations based on the Lord's Prayer
33541: UNDERHILL E - Eucharistic prayers from the ancient liturgies
2043: UNDERHILL E - Heaven a dance: an Evelyn Underhill anthology compiled by Brenda & Stuart Blanch
19682: UNDERHILL E - Anthology of the Love of God edited by Lumsden Barkway
43467: "UNDERHILL E" - "Worship"
19696: UNDERHILL E - Letters of Evelyn Underhill: edited with intro by Charles Williams
19683: UNDERHILL E - Anthology of the Love of God: edited by the Right Rev. Lumsden Barkway & Lucy Menzies
19686: UNDERHILL E - Concerning the Inner Life
37715: UNDERHILL E - Worship
19712: UNDERHILL E - School of Charity: meditations on the Christian Creed and Mystery of Sacrifice: a meditation on the liturgy (2 vols bound as 1) (Inner life series)
53010: UNDERHILL E - Theophanies: a book of verses
34827: "UNDERWOOD A C" - "Conversion:" "Christian and non-Christian, a comparative psychological study"
73306: "UNDERWOOD A C" - "SHINTOISM:" "the indigenous religion of Japan"
40638: "UNGNAD A" - "Altesten Volkerwanderungen Vorderasiens:" "ein Beitrag zur Gechichte und Kultur der Semiten, Arier, Hethiter und Subaraer"
52542: MODERN CHURCHPEOPLES UNION - Modern Believing: Volume 50:3 July 2009
4369: "CHURCH UNION" - "Church Marriage and Divorce:" "some comments on the report of the joint committee of convocations on marriage"
70762: "JOINT COMMISSION CHURCH UNION" - "Church: its nature, function and ordering and proposed" "basis of union: the second report... presented to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, Sept 1964"
41243: "CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACTIC UNION" - "Christians and the Church in the German Democratic Republic"
51736: MOTHERS UNION - More time to pray: a further selection of prayers and meditations contributed by the members of the Mothers' Union in the deaneries of the Salisbury Diocese
56082: MOTHERS UNION - Time to pray: aselection of prayers and meditations contributed by the members of the Mothers' Union in the deaneries of the Salisbury Diocese
7219: "FREE CHURCH CHOIR UNION" - "Book of music for the 46th Annual Festival Concert:" "to be held at The Alexandra Palace Saturday, June 24th 1939 at 6.15 p.m."
31081: IFECOR TRAINING UNIT - Transformation - the church in response to human need (texts on evangelical social ethics (iii)) (GE62)
14743: "ORDER OF CHRISTIAN UNITY" - "Test tube babies:" "papers from the conference’ In Vitro Fertilisation & the quality of life’ 1983"
51551: HARVARD UNIVERSITY - Foundations for a learned ministry: catalogue of an exhibition on the occasion of the one hyndred seventy-fifth anniversary of the Divinity Scool Harvard University
40063: "OXFORD UNIVERSITY" - "Report of the Committee on University Libraries"
23258: "UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY" - "Restructuring the global military sector:" "Volume II The end of military Fordism edited by M Kaldor et al"
48467: OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Annual report for the curators of the Bodleian Library for 1966-7: supplement No 4 to the University Gazette vol xcviii (March 1968)
56986: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica et Ecclesiatica Volume III with facsimiles: essays chiefly in biblical and patristic criticism
56985: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica et Ecclesiatica Volume IV: essays chiefly in biblical and patristic criticism
56983: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica: essays in biblical archaeology and criticism
56984: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica et Ecclesiatica Volume II: essays chiefly in biblical and patristic criticism
40553: CLOUD OF UNKNOWING - Cloud of the unknowing edited with an introduction by James Walsh preface by Simon Tugwell (Classics of Western Spirituality)
45609: CLOUD OF UNKNOWING [BAKER A] - Cloud of unknowing: and other treatises by an English mystic of the fourteenth century with a commentary on The Cloud by Father Augustine Baker edited by J McCann (Orchard Books)
50999: UNSWORTH W - Matterhorn man: the life and adventures of Edward Whymper
37816: UNTERMAN A - Jews: their religious beliefs and practices
37817: "UNTERMANN A" - "Jews: their religious beliefs and practices"
51545: UNWIN R - Defeat of John Hawkins
54460: UPDIKE J - Song of Solomon: love poetry of the spirit
25560: "UPHAM M" - "Tempered - not quenched:" "the history of ISTC 1951-1997"
19738: "UPHAM T C" - "Life, religious opinions and experience of Madame Guyon" "including an account of the personal history & religious opinions of Fenelon, Abp of Cambray"
19740: UPJOHN S - In search of Julian of Norwich
19741: "UPPSALA" - "Uppsala Arkesate 800 AR:" "the see of Uppsala 800th Anniversary 1164-1964"
73315: UPRICHARD H - SON IS PROMISED: Christ in the Psalms
27377: "FERGUSON J & UPSDELL M" - "Key advances in the effective management of contraception"
35265: "UPSDELL J" - "Baptism that unites:" "a key to Christian unity"
34825: "UPTON C B" - "Dr Martineau's philosophy:" "a survey"
44944: ISHERWOOD C & UPWARD E - Mortmere Stories
44942: UPWARD E - Unmentionable man
53776: URANTIA - Urantia Book: Part I The central and superuniverses, Part II The local universe, Part III The history of Urantia, Part IV The life and teachings of Jesus
19742: "URBAN W M" - "Fundamentals of ethics:" "an introduction to moral philosophy"
52191: URBEL J P DE - Saint Paul: the Apostle of the Gentiles
42389: "URCH E" - "Be still my soul"
27390: "URDANG L" - "Timetables of American history"
49466: URLIN R D - John Wesley's place in church history: determined with the aid of facts and documents unknown to or unnoticed by his biographers
52859: URO R - Sheep among the wolves: a study on the mission instructions of Q
66911: KING URSULA - CHRIST IN ALL THINGS: exploring sprituality with Teilhard de Chardin
44782: URWIN K - Short Old French dictionary for students
53724: URWIN D R - Western Europe since 1945: a short political history
51627: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Book of Common Prayer: [DESK/CHANCEL EDITION] and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
51628: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Proposed Book of Common Prayer: and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
51629: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Proposed Book of Common Prayer: and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
6468: "EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA" - "Authorized services 1973:" "pew edition"
6469: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Book of Common Prayer: [DESK/CHANCEL EDITION] and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
34190: "EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA" - "Proper for the lesser feasts and fasts" "together with the fixed Holy Days"
6471: "EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA" - "Services for trial use:" "authorized alternatives to Prayer Book Services"
19730: "UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH USA" - "Relation of Christian Faith to health:" "adopted by the 172nd General Assembly May 1960"
19753: "UTTON A G" - "Christmas Story:" "a dramatic presentation in the words of Holy Scripture arranged in three episodes"
52856: VAAGE L E - Subversive scriptures: revolutionary readings of the Christian Bible in Latin America
52857: VAAGE L E - Galilean upstarts: Jesus' first followers according to Q
51457: VAHANIAN G - Death of God: the culture of our post-Christian era
55327: VALANTASIS R - Subjective eye: essays in culture, religion and gender in honor of Margaret R Miles (Princeton theological monograph series)
29135: VALE E - Churches illus by John Mansbridge (Junior Heritage Books)
19760: "VALENTINE C H" - "Modern psychology and the validity of Christian experience"
22083: "VALENTINE C W" - "Introduction to the experimental psychology of beauty" "(People's Books)"
19763: "VALENTINE C W" - "Normal child and some of his abnormalities"
19767: "VALENTINE F" - "All for the King's Delight:" "a treatise on Christian Chastity, principally for Religious sisters"
19765: "VALENTINE F" - "Apostolate of Chastity:" "a treatise for religious sisters"
19766: "VALENTINE F" - "Art of Preaching:" "a practical guide"
73336: "VALENTINE F" - "RELIGIOUS OBEDIENCE:" "a practical exposition for Religious Sisters"
73337: "VALENTINE F" - "WHATSOEVER HE SHALL SAY:" "the first Theophila Correspondence"
43564: "VALENTINE J" - "Follow me:" "becoming a liberated disciple"
19768: "VALID R" - "Nonlinear theory of shells through variational principles" "from elementary algebra to differential geometry"
54670: VALLELY E & J B - Sing a song and play it: a book of Irish music and song for children No 1
55482: VALLELY P - Pope Francis: untying the knots
43542: VALLER P - Get a life: winning choices for working people
19769: VALLES C - Mastering Sadhana: on retreat with Anthony de Mello
55703: VALLES C G - Art of choosing
35786: VALLET R E - Steward living in covenant: a new perspective on Old Testament stories (Faith's horizons)
48056: VALLINS G H - Wesleys and the English language: four essays
40587: "VALSECCHI M" - "Caravaggio" "(Astra - Arengarium, painters)"
53533: GALLAGHER C A & VANDENBERG T L - Celibacy myth: loving for life
19821: VANDERKAM J C - Dead Sea Scrolls today
50840: VANDERWAAL C - Search the scriptures 6: Hosea - Malachi
47439: VANDERWILT J - Communion with non-Catholic Christians: risks, challenges and opportunities
25178: "SNOWDON B & VANE H R" - "Reflections on the development of modern macroeconomics"
48668: SNOWDON B & VANE H R - Encyclopedia of macroeconomics
53723: VANHOLME F B - Practical helps to the recitation of the divine office
35221: VANIER J - Followers of Jesus
73344: "VANIER J" - "AN ARK FOR THE POOR:" "the story of L'Arche"
36893: VANIER J - Tears of silence
29337: "VANN G" - "High green hill"
19840: VANN G - Morals makyth man
19843: VANN G - Son's course
73358: "VANN G" - "SEVEN SWORDS"
19845: "VANN G" - "Two Trees"
73366: "VANN G" - "OF HIS FULLNESS:" "a Christian Review"
19837: "VANN G" - "Eagle's word:" "presentation of the Gospel according to St John"
56709: GRIGOROVICH Y & VANSLOW V V - Authorized Bolshoi Ballet book of Spartacus: illustrated with 60 live action color photographs taken at the Bolshoi in Moscow
29607: "VANSTONE W H" - "Love's endeavour, love's expense:" "the response of being to the love of God"
35566: VANSTONE W H - Icons of the Passion: a Way of the Cross
47453: VANTAGGI R - Siena suburbs and province: every useful information for the tourist
19854: VARAH C - Samaritans: befriending the suicidal
73379: "VARDEY L" - "BELONGING:" "a questioning Catholic comes to terms with the church"
73381: "VARDEY L" - "FLOWERING OF THE SOUL:" "a book of prayers by women"
49315: VARENDONCK J - Evolution of the conscious faculties
55967: VARGHESE B - Syriac version of the liturgy of St James: a brief history for students (Joint Liturgical Studies 49)
73385: VARILLON F - ANNOUNCING CHRIST: through scripture to the church
51916: VARILLON F - Chretien devant les grandes religions (texte etabli et presente par Charles Ehlinger
4582: "COEURET-VARIN C E J" - "Cathechisme du Diocese d'Agen"
25767: "MCCLELLAND V A & VARMA V" - "Needs of teachers"
47165: VASARI G [TR BULL] - Life of Michelangelo Buonarotti
32211: VASEY M ET AL - Introducing the New Lectionary: getting the bible into worship (GW141)
8207: VASEY M ET AL - Family festivals: an approach to worship in the home (GW73)
8284: VASEY M - Reading the Bible at the Eucharist (GW94)

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