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19004: "TEMPLE W" - "Studies in the spirit and truth of Christianity:" "being University and School Sermons"
49189: TEMPLE A - Hymns we love: stories of the hundred most popular hymns
29923: TEMPLE B - Exclusive language - a hindrance to evangelism among women (GEv3)
21964: TEMPLE W - Christian faith and life
18996: TEMPLE W - Readings in St John's Gospel (first and second series)
21919: TEMPLE W - Mens creatrix: an essay
47836: TEMPLE W - Christianity as an interpretation of history [William Ainslie Memorial Lecture]; delivered at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on 6th June 1944
18995: TEMPLE W - Readings in St John's Gospel (Vol 1 only): First series Chapters I-XII
30854: "TEMPLETON J H" - "Christianity and the challenge of humansim" "(Sophie Taylor Prize Essay 1970)"
50355: TEMPLETON E - Travelling with resiliance: essays for Alastair Haggart
56242: TENCH C C - Charley Gordon: an eminent Victorian reassessed
37467: "TENEBRAE" - "Tenebrae being Mattins of the last three days of Holy Week"
19011: "TENNANT F R" - "Born of a woman:" "a short life of Jesus (Seraph series)"
72886: TENNANT F R - NATURE OF BELIEF (Christian Challenge series)
51455: TENNANT F R - Miracle and its philosophical presuppositions: three lectures delivered in the University of London 1924
19013: TENNANT F R - Origin and propagation of sin: being the Hulsean lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge in 1901-1902
19015: TENNANT F R - Sources of the Doctrines of the Fall and Original Sin
39778: "TENNENT R J" - "Church Knowle:" "Purbeck parish through the ages"
19021: "TENNYSON A" - "Poems of Tennyson: (Oxford edition)" "including 'The Princess', 'In Memoriam', 'Maud', 'Idylls of the King' etc"
52713: TENNYSON A L - Complete works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
7149: "FRANCES TERESA" - "Living the incarnation;" "praying with Francis and Clare of Assisi"
19026: "TERESA, MOTHER" - "Best gift is love:" "meditations"
45748: TERRIEN S - Till the heart sings: biblical theology of manhood and womanhood
47257: TERRIEN S - Psalms and their meaning for today
31869: "TERRILL R" - "R H Tawney and his times:" "Socialism as fellowship"
63246: "DOMINICAN TERTIARY" - "Last week:" "together with the stations of the cross"
53731: TERTULLIAN [EVANS] - Treatise on the incarnation
38881: "TERTULLIAN [SOUTER]" - "Tertullian against Praxeas" "by A Souter (Translations of Christian literature, series II, Latin texts)"
40109: "TERTULLIAN [LUPTON J M]" - "Q. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani de Baptismo" "Greek text edited with intro and notes [in English] by J M Lupton (Cambridge Patristic Texts)"
50435: TERTULLIAN [EVANS E] - De oratione liber: Tertullian's tract on The Prayer: Latin text with critical notes, English translation, introduction...
52729: TESELLE S M - Literature and the christian life
52847: TESSORE D - Fasting
53210: JOURNAL FOR THE EVANGELICAL STUDY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - Journal for the evangelical study of the Old Testament (Volume 3 Issue 1)
53211: JOURNAL FOR THE EVANGELICAL STUDY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - Journal for the evangelical study of the Old Testament (Volume 2 Issue 1)
19922: "VETUS TESTAMENTUM (SUPPLEMENT)" - "Vetus Testamentum Volume XIII Numerical Sayings in the O T:" "a form-critical study"
19919: "VETUS TESTAMENTUM (SUPPLEMENT)" - "Volume VIII Das problem der altorientalischen" "Konigs-Ideologie im Alten Testament unter besonderer berucksichtigung der geschichte der psalmenexegese..."
19057: "TETLEY J" - "Sunday by Sunday:" "ASB year 2"
29558: "TEXTBRIDGE" - "Textbridge pro 98: user's guide," "turns your paper into pc documents without retyping"
47953: LATIN TEXTS - Hints on translation from Latin into English (Helps for students of history 20) [Souter]; Tome of Pope Leo the Great (Texts for Students 29) [Blakeney]; Selections from the Vulgate (Texts for students 6) [White]; God and his works (No 40) [Hebert]
36719: "THACKER H" - "Instant art for teaching Christianity" "(copyright free for schools and churches)"
47171: THACKERAY W M - Vanity Fair [drawings by Robert Jacques]
44466: "THADEN E C" - "Russia since 1801:" "making of a new society"
52348: FRANCIS L & THATCHER A - Christian perspectives for education: a reader in the theology of education
19061: "THATCHER A" - "Truly a person truly God:" "a post-mythical view of Jesus"
32697: "THATCHER A" - "Daily Telegraph guide to Christian marriage and to" "getting married in church"
28247: FRANCIS L & THATCHER A - Christian perspectives for education: a reader in the theology of education
54723: STUART E & THATCHER A - People of passion: what the churches teach about sex
21837: THATCHER A - Marriage after modernity: Christian marriage in postmodern time (Studies in theology and sexuality 3)
19063: THAYER J H [GRIMM] - Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament: being Grimms Wilkes Clavis Novi Testamenti translated revised and enlarged
19069: THEISSEN G - Social Reality and the Early Christians: theology, ethics and the world of the New Testament
19067: THEISSEN G - Open door: variations on biblical themes
46074: THEISSEN G - First followers of Jesus: sociological analysis of the earliest Christianity
19065: THEISSEN G - Biblical Faith: an evolutionary approach
22106: THEISSEN G - Traces of light: sermons & bible studies
50354: THEISSEN G - Signs of life: sermons and meditations
56044: THEKLA, MOTHER - George Herbert: idea and image - a study of 'The Temple'
25115: "GLORIOUS THEMES" - "Glorious themes (208 hymns, words only)" "J Smith & G Fyffe"
44175: "JEANROND W & THEOBALD C" - "God: experience and mystery" "(Concilium 2001/1)"
61335: BOVET THEODOR - THAT THEY MAY HAVE LIFE: a handbook on pastoral care for use of Christian ministers and laymen
32696: "THEOLOGIA" - "Theologia Germanica:" "trans from the German by S Winkworth (Golden Treasury)"
24657: "THEOLOGIA [WINKWORTH]" - "Theologia Germanica:" "trans from the German by S Winkworth (Golden Treasury)"
53938: SAINT THERESA - History of her foundations
72917: "THEW J" - "RADIANT HOPE:" "a memorial volume of sermons"
72918: THIBAULT R - UNION WITH GOD according to letters of direction of Dom Marmion
19090: THIEDE C P - Jesus papyrus
35901: "THIEDE C" - "Emmaus mystery:" "discovering evidence for the risen Christ"
35796: "THIEDE C" - "Jesus life or legend"
40146: "THIEL H" - "Im Spiegel der Kirchen:" "ein Bilderbuch evangelischer Dorfkirchen in Bayern"
19091: "THIELE E R" - "Pekah to Hezekiah" "(reprinted from Vetus Testamentum Vol XVI, No.1)"
19094: THIELICKE H - How modern should theology be?
72921: "THIELICKE H" - "AFRICAN DIARY:" "my search for understanding"
19092: "THIELICKE H" - "Between heaven and earth;" "conversations with American Christians"
19096: THIELICKE H - I Believe: the Christians Creed, translated by John W Doberstein and H George Anderson
19098: THIELICKE H - Theological ethics: Vol 1 Foundations
37320: THIELICKE H - Theological ethics: Vol 2 Politics
52727: THIELICKE H - Theological ethics: Vol 1 Foundations
52728: THIELICKE H - Theological ethics: Vol 2 Politics
41352: "THIERING B" - "Created second?:" "aspects of women's liberation in Australia"
1372: THILS G - Diocesan Priest: the nature and spirituality of the diocesan clergy
55727: THIMAN E H - Christmas carol sequence: five songs for SATB and piano or string orchestra [Same postal cost for up to 23 copies]
41691: THIMAN E H ET AL - Fanfares and processionals: eight pieces for organ by modern composers
41350: "THIRLWALL C" - "Remains literary and theological of Connop Thirlwall:" "in 3 vols: Vol I and II: Charges, Vol III: Essays"
56252: THIRLWALL C - Remains literary and theological of Connop Thirlwall: Vol II Essays, speeches, sermons
48670: THIRLWALL A P - Keynes as a policy adviser: the fifth Keynes Seminar held at the University of Kent at Canterbury 1980
56251: THIRLWALL C - Letters literary and theological: with annotations and preliminary memoirs by the Rev. Louis Stokes
56249: THIRLWALL C - Letters to a friend
49431: THISELTON A C - First Epistle to the Corinthians: a commentary on the Greek text (New Internationsl Greek Testament Commentary)
55300: THISELTON A - Lifetime in the Church and the University
52723: THISELTON A C - Interpreting God and the postmodern self: on meaning, manipulation and promise (SJT: Current issued in theology)
21774: "THISTLETHWAITE S B" - "Sex, race, and God:" "Christian feminism in black and white"
25266: "THODY A" - "Leadership of schools:" "chief executives in education (Management & Leadership ibn Education)"
43146: "THOLE S J" - "Ministry of parents to teen-agers"
51987: THOMAS R S - Later poems: 1972 - 1982
48671: THOMAS S E - Banking and exchange
52846: THOMAS R S - Later poems: 1972 - 1982
49013: THOMAS D W - Understanding the Old Testament: the Ethel M Wood lecture delivered before the University of London on 6 March 1967
43652: "THOMAS G" - "Pure pleasure:" "why do Christians feel so bad about feeling good?"
9625: HOWELL-THOMAS D - Mutual Understanding: social services and Christian Belief
61294: "BOSLOOPER THOMAS" - "VIRGIN BIRTH" "(Preacher's Library)"
2896: "BULMER-THOMAS I" - "St Paul:" "teacher and traveller"
9626: "HOWELL-THOMAS D" - "Mutual Understanding:" "social services and Christian Belief"
19107: "THOMAS A" - "Hopkins, the Jesuit:" "the years of training"
19108: "THOMAS A" - "Life of Christ:" "twenty-four paintings"
9157: "THOMAS A" - "New Paganism:" "and other present-day perils and problems"
72937: "THOMAS A" - "PAGANISM AND CHRISTIANITY" "or the victory of the cross"
27853: "THOMAS D" - "Cardigan:" "a life of Lord Cardigan of Balaclava"
35425: "THOMAS D" - "Face of Christ"
25179: "THOMAS D" - "Flexible learning strategies in Higher and Further Education"
35198: THOMAS D W - Documents from Old Testament times
19158: "THOMAS E E" - "Political aspect of religious development"
19159: "THOMAS E E" - "Political aspect of religious development"
72948: "THOMAS G" - "WELSH EYE" "illustrated by John D Evans"
39788: "THOMAS G F" - "Christian ethics and moral philosophy"
34823: "THOMAS G F" - "Religious philosophies of the West"
72951: "THOMAS J" - "HERALD OF THE KINGDOM AND AGE TO COME:" "a periodical devoted to the interpretation of the ""Law and the testimony"", and to the defence of the ""Faith once delivered to the saints"""
38798: "THOMAS N L" - "Story of Swansea's districts and villages"
28521: "THOMAS R" - "Microsoft works for windows (Version 3)" "(Step by Step Guide)"
28873: "THOMAS R" - "Word perfect 6" "(Step-by-step guides)"
37542: "THOMAS S" - "Come to the feast, Book 1:" "all-age services for the church year based on the Revised Common Lectionary"
25885: "TOBIAS J S & THOMAS P R M" - "Current radiation oncology Volume 3"
49385: THOMAS T - Religion of the Sikhs [A228 Units 8-9]
42002: AP-THOMAS D R - Primer of Old Testament text criticism
44805: "THOMAS W H G" - "Genesis xxv.11 - xxxvi.8;" "A devotional commentary"
26098: THOMAS R S - Selected poems 1946-1968
40542: "THOMAS S" - "Christian services for schools"
43657: SHILSON-THOMAS A - Live simply: a CAFOD resource for living simply, sustainably and in solidarity
19175: THOMAS W H T - Work of the ministry
7359: FULLER THOMAS - Church History of Britain from the Birth of Jesus Christ until the year MDCXLVIII [1648] 3 vol set
47499: THOMAS D - Under milk wood (acting edition). A play in two acts. Preface and musical settings by Daniel Jones
51454: THOMAS D O - Honest mind: the thought and work of Richard Price
7830: GOSPEL OF THOMAS - Gospel according to Thomas: coptic text established and translated by A Guillaumont et al
27437: THOMAS P - Candle in the darkness: Celtic spirituality from Wales
50429: SMITH THOMAS [DEWAR MARY] - De Republica Anglorum
53131: THOMAS J H - Legacy of Kierkegaard
30040: THOMPSON J A - Book of Jeremiah (NICOT)
41356: THOMPSON D M - Nonconformity in the Nineteenth century: [Birth of modern Britain series]
72968: THOMPSON D W - DICTIONARY OF BIBLE PLACES (Illustrations by William Duncan)
19213: THOMPSON R H T - Church's understanding of itself: a study of four Birmingham parishes (SMW)
48523: THOMPSON F - Selected poems of Francis Thompson: edited with an introduction by Paul Beard
28202: "LACY-THOMPSON T" - "INFORMIX-SQL:" "a tutorial and reference"
28765: "THOMPSON A H" - "Cathedral churches of England"
19177: "THOMPSON B" - "Chance to change:" "women and men in the church"
19180: THOMPSON D - Priest and Pioneer: A memoir of Father Osmund Victor CR of South Africa
19187: "THOMPSON H P" - "Worship in Other Lands:" "a study of racial characteristics in Christian worship"
30503: "THOMPSON J" - "Good morning:" "a decade of thoughts for the day"
36838: "THOMPSON J" - "Horse-drawn farm implements:" "Part II - Preparing the soil"
36840: "THOMPSON J" - "Horse-drawn farm implements:" "Part IV - Harvesting"
36837: "THOMPSON J" - "Horse-drawn trade vehicles:" "a source book"
37740: "THOMPSON J" - "Reflecting:" "complete assemblies for secondary schools"
39330: "THOMPSON J A" - "Hirten, Handler und Propheten:" "die lebendige Welt der Bibel"
39110: "THOMPSON J D" - "God's redemption of man, being the report of the Birmingham" "Diocesan Convention for the deepending of the spiritual life, held in Birmingham, 1908..."
40227: "THOMPSON L" - "African societies in southern Africa"
25342: "THOMPSON L" - "Teaching of poetry:" "European perspectives"
19204: "THOMPSON M J" - "Soul feast:" "an invitation to the Christian spiritual life"
19206: "THOMPSON N" - "John Wesley Child of Fire: a musical drama"
34819: "THOMPSON P" - "Direction in prayer:" "studies in ascetic method edited by Patrick Thompson for the Society of Retreat Conductors"
22854: "THOMPSON R" - "Industrial inorganic chemicals:" "production and uses"
38615: CARGILL THOMPSON W D J - Studies in the Reformation: Luther to Hooker
19195: THOMPSON J A - Handbook of life in Bible times
19185: THOMPSON F - Works of Francis Thompson: Poems Volume 1 & 2, Prose Volume 3
50022: THOMPSON G B - How to get along with your church: creating cultural capital for doing ministry
43596: "COLLINS D & THOMPSON D" - "Trust unwrapped:" "a story of ethics, integrity and chocolate"
71310: "SALAMAN G & THOMPSON K" - "Control and ideology in organizations"
54720: THOMPSON R - Is there an Anglican way? Scripture church and reason: new approaches to an old triad (Affirming Catholicism)
43685: "THOMPSON A" - "History of Ruislip Baptist Church"
43650: "THOMPSON G" - "What's it all about?:" "an overview of the Bible"
19184: "THOMPSON F" - "Saint Ignatius Loyola" "with 100 illustrations"
42103: "THOMPSON H P" - "Thomas Bray"
46305: THOMPSON F - Poems of Francis Thompson
19188: THOMPSON J - Christ in perspective: Christological perspectives in the theology of Karl Barth
50950: THOMPSON K - Beliefs and ideology
72988: THOMPSON P - FIREBRAND OF FLANDERS: the gospel in Belgium seen in the life of Odilon Vansteenberghe
53128: THOMPSON P M - Returning to reality: Thomas Merton's wisdom for a technological world
48524: THOMSON J - Complete poetical works of James Thomson: edited with notes by J Logie Robertson
22090: "THOMSON J A" - "Wonder of life"
53983: THOMSON C E L - Thomas More through many eyes
43668: THOMSON D - Ways to pray
25502: "LOTZE M T & THOMSON A W" - "Dendritic cells:" "biology and clinical applications"
19215: THOMSON A - New Movements - Reform: Rationalism: Revolution 1500-1800 (TEFSG14)
19223: "THOMSON J A" - "What is man?"
19224: "THOMSON J S" - "Hope of the gospel" "(Alexander Robertson lectures 1954)"
19225: "THOMSON R" - "Can British Churches grow?:" "a word book"
56248: THOMSON J - Seasons: to which is prefixed the life of the author by P Murdoch and an essay on the plan and character of the poem by J Aikin
41884: "THOMSON D P" - "David Inglis Cowan:" "man and minister: 1892 - 1950"
19228: THOMSON W M - Land and the Book
51631: THOMSON P D - Parish and the parish church: their place and influence in history (being the Baird lecture for 1935)
49923: THOMSON D P - Harnessing the lay forces of the church: experiences, adventures and discoveries in the work of visitation evangelism in Scotland 1946 - 57
19232: "THORN J" - "Road to Winchester"
26660: "THORNBURY S" - "Highlight Beginner Workbook" "(Without Key edition)"
37410: "THORNDIKE H" - "Theological works set of 6 volumes bound as 10 volumes" "(LACT)"
72997: "THORNE B" - "INFINITELY BELOVED:" "the challenge of divine intimacy (Sarum Theological Lectures)"
19235: "THORNE N" - "Repossession" "(Large print novel)"
48672: THORNEYCROFT P ET AL - Not unanimous: a rival verdict to Radcliffe's on money
19239: THORNTON L S - Conduct and the supernatural: being the Norrisian Prize Essay for the Year 1913
35178: "THORNTON M" - "Do we have free will?" "(Mind matters)"
19252: "THORNTON M" - "Function of theology" "(Library of Practical Theology)"
19259: "THORNTON M" - "Rock and the River:" "an encounter between traditional spirituality and modern thought"
51180: THORNTON J - Independents for East Herts: all you need to know about getting elected as a local councillor
19238: THORNTON L S - Common life in the body of Christ
19247: THORNTON M - English Spirituality: an outline of ascetical theology according to the English pastoral tradition
19253: THORNTON M - Joyful heart: Lenten meditations
22552: THORNTON M - Spiritual Direction
52085: THORNTON R - St Ambrose: his life times and teaching (The Fathers for English Readers)
52949: THORNTON L S - Doctrine of the atonement (The Christian Challenge Series)
48703: THORNYCROFT L B - Story of the Doones: in fact, fiction and photo
19262: "THOROGOOD B" - "Guide to the Book of Amos" "(TEF Study Guide 4) with theme discussions on Judgement, Social Justice & Priest and Prophet"
35495: THOROGOOD B - Judging Caesar
19261: "THOROGOOD B" - "Gales of change:" "responding to a shifting missionary context"
19263: "THOROGOOD B" - "Looking at leisure:" "a European view (a sketchbook)"
24879: "THOROLD A L" - "Life of Henry Labouchere"
36758: "THOROLD H" - "Collins guide to cathedrals, abbeys and priories of England" "and Wales. Photographs by Peter Butron"
36517: "THORP E" - "Swelling of Jordan (Nigeria)"
26274: "ROWE D & THORPE T" - "Implementing the law" "Citizenship for Key Stage 4: Law in education project (Understanding the Law 2)"
53785: THORPE W H - Biology and the nature of man (University of Durham Riddell Memorial Lectures thirty third series delivered at Necastle upon Tyne on 7 - 9 March 1961)
55556: THORPE W - Equipping the saints: the moderation of reader training 1999 -2003
56247: THORPE D R - Alec Douglas-Home
19267: "THORTON M" - "Essays in Pastoral Reconstruction"
19268: "THOULESS R H" - "Authority and freedom:" "some psychological problems of religious belief (Hulsean lectures 1952)"
19270: "THOULESS R H" - "Control of the mind:" "a handbook of applied psychology for the ordinary man"
29340: "THOULESS R H" - "Experimental physical research"
19283: "THROUGH" - "Through God's underground:" "the adventures of Father George among people under Soviet Rule as told to Gretta Palmer"
49292: THUCYDIDES - Complete writings of Thucydides: the Peloponnesian war (Unabridged Crawley translation with intro by Joseph Gavorse)
27739: "KIRKHAM P & THUMIM J" - "Me Jane:" "masculinity, movies and women"
24778: "THUMMA A" - "Voices of the victims:" "movements and models of people's theology"
24779: "THUMMA A" - "Wisdom of the weak:" "foundations of people's theology"
35184: "THUREN L" - "Argument and theology in 1 Peter:" "the origins of Christian paraenesis (JSNTSS114)"
19293: THURIAN M - Priesthood and ministry: ecumenical research translated by Paula Clifford
74011: "THURIAN M" - "Churches respond to BEM (Volume III) (F&O135)" "official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text"
73138: "THURIAN M" - "Churches respond to BEM (Volume IV)(F&O137):" "official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text"
60246: "THURIAN M" - "Churches respond to BEM (Volume V) (F&O143):" "official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text"
61671: "THURIAN M" - "Churches respond to BEM (Volume VI) (F&O144):" "official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text"
19287: "THURIAN M" - "Confession" "(SMW)"
22599: "THURIAN M" - "Confession" "(SMW)"
19288: "THURIAN M" - "Eucharistic Memorial:" "Part I The Old Testament (ESW 7)"
22405: "THURIAN M" - "Eucharistic Memorial:" "Part II The New Testament (ESW 8)"
19289: THURIAN M - Marriage and celibacy (Studies in Ministry and Worship)
19290: THURIAN M - Mary Mother of the Lord, Figure of the Church
51904: THURIAN M - Homme moderne et la vie spirituelle
51905: THURIAN M - Confirmation: consecrations des laics
51903: THURIAN M - Joie du ciel sur la terre: introduction a la vie liturgique
51902: THURIAN M - Sacerdoce et ministere: recherche oecumenique
19295: "THURLOW G" - "All Colour Book of Biblical Myths & Mysteries" "DISCARD"
55232: GEE H & THURLOW G - Gloucester Cathedral: an account of its history architecture and life
54583: THURMER J - Reluctant evangelist: papers on the Christian thought of Dorothy L Sayers
22089: THURNEYSEN E - Dostoevsky: a theological study
42158: THURSTON A - Time of waiting: images and insights
29678: "THURSTON H" - "No popery:" "chapters on anti-papal prejudice"
19301: "TIBBATTS G K" - "Notes of the Oratory"
19302: "TIBBENHAM D C" - "Apart with Jesus:" "short sermons for Lent and Easter"
35648: "TIBILETTI G" - "Monumenti e Cimeli Dell'Ateneo Pavese" "(black/white illustrations throughout)"
49061: TIDBALL D - Reality is Christ: the message of Colossians for today
55114: TIDBALL D J, HARRIS B S & SEXTON J S - Revisioning renewing rediscovering the Triune center: essays in honor of Stanley J Grenz
53784: TIDWELL M - Bayou farewell: the rich life and tragic death of Louisiana's Cajun coast
24551: TIEDE D - Jesus and the future (Understanding Jesus Today)
40630: "TIEN A" - "Egyptian, Syrian and North-African handbook:" "a simple phrase-book in English and Arabic for the use of the Armed Forces and civilians. English and Arabic in parallel columns"
56244: TIERNEY B - Crisis of church and state 1050 - 1300
56372: AMSTERDAMS SOCIOLOGISCH TIJDSCHRIFT - Amsterdams sociologisch tijdschrift: Dilemma's in vrouwenlevens - de sociologie van emoties [Jaargang 15, nr. 2, oktober 1988]
37735: "TILBY A" - "He made the stars also..." "the Eighth Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture delivered at Westminster Abbey on 24 May 1993"
19308: TILBY A - Let There Be Light: praying with Genesis
19938: TILBY A - Science and the soul: new cosmology. the self and God
24839: "TILBY A W" - "Lord John Russell:" "a study in civil and religious liberty"
19312: "TILL B" - "Change and exchange:" "mutual responsibility and the C of E"
19313: TILL B - Churches search for unity
73042: TILLAPAUGH F R - UNLEASHING THE CHURCH: getting people out of the fortress and into ministry
73043: "TILLARD J M R" - "GOSPEL PATH:" "the religious life"
31267: TILLER J - Modern liturgical bibliography (GM&W23)
30932: "TILLICH P" - "Systematic Theology:" "volume 3"
37192: TILLICH P - Systematic Theology (3 volume set)
19320: "TILLICH P" - "Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality"
19334: "TILLICH P" - "Protestant era"
73061: TILLICH, PAUL - ULTIMATE CONCERN: Tillich in dialogue edited by D MacKenzie Brown
51453: TILLICH P - Future of religions
19348: TILLICH P - Ultimate concern: Tillich in dialogue edited by D MacKenzie Brown
19338: TILLICH P - Religious situation
19323: TILLICH P - Courage to be
48957: BRALEY B & TILLMAN J - Galliard book of carols
53577: BOYCE-TILLMAN J - Creative spirit: harmonious living with Hildegard of Bingen
19349: TILLYER D - Prayer from beginning to end
56243: TILLYER D B - Learning about private prayer (Enquirer's Library)
44304: "TILSLEY V" - "Holy night"
54900: TIGER TIM - Tiger Tim's annual 1941
6837: "FINANCIAL TIMES" - "Financial times energy yearbook:" "Who's Who in world oil and gas 1999"
6838: "FINANCIAL TIMES" - "Financial Times energy yearbook: Mining 1999"
19351: "TIMES, THE" - "Living nobly:" "through the Christian year from the pages of The Times 1946-47"
45077: PAST TIMES - Past Times literary quiz book
27580: "TIMMERMAN J J" - "Through a glass lightly"
30746: "HOLDRIGHT D & TIMMIS A" - "Key advances in the effective management of Myocardial" "Infarction"
19354: "TIMMS N" - "Talking about welfare:" "readings in philosophy and social policy (International Lib of Welfare & Philosophy)"
73067: "TIMPSON G F" - "JAMAICAN INTERLUDE 1821-1941" "[an heroic episode from Colonial history]"
39727: "TIMUR M" - "Theory of morals"
19356: "TINDALE W" - "William Tindale a biography:" "being a contribution to the Early History of the English Bible by R Demaus"
19358: "TINDALL F C" - "Christian Initiation: Anglican principles &" "practice a paper read at the Friends of Reunion Conference at High Leigh on December 13th 1950 (rptd from Church Quartley Review April-June 1951)"
22868: "TINDALL R" - "Gleams through the arches"
14333: NEWSOM C A & TINGE S H - Women's Bible Commentary
73069: "TINGLE R" - "REVOLUTION OR RECONCILIATION?:" "the struggle in the Church in South Africa"
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993: "BALLARD TODHUNTER" - "Roundup" "(large print western)"
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19466: "TOWARDS" - "Towards Christian order:" "by SJ Marriott, AE Baker et al"
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41381: TOWNSEND J - Defence of the reformation in answer to a book entitled: Just prejudices against the Calvinists by Monsieur Claude, to which is prefixed a sketch of the author's life in 2 vols:
36551: TOWNSEND M J - Worship (Thinking things through: 2)
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54489: TOY J - What are apocryphal writings?
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29362: "TOZER R" - " At the double:" " supporting families with two or more severely disabled children"
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7829: TRANT B [ARR] - Gospel train's A-comin': [Negro spiritual] arranged by B Trant for Hayes Girl's Choir (Oxford Choral Songs)
19512: "TRAPP M A" - "Yesterday today and forever"
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49717: TRAVIS D - Healing power voice activated
49724: TRAVIS S ET AL - All things to all people: mission beyond 2000
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43330: "TRAVIS S H" - "I believe in the second coming of Jesus"
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19517: TREASURE C - Walking on glass: women Deacons speak out
30613: "CHRISTIAN TREASURY" - "Christian treasury: a selection of standard treatises..." "containing articles by Magee, Witherspoon, Boston, Stuart, Guild & Less, edited by T S Memes"
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56384: LITTLE TREASURY - Little treasury of religious verse
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19519: "TREE M" - "Those weaker glories"
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37922: "TREPP L" - "Judaism:" "development and life"
37929: "TRESMONTANT C" - "Saint Paul and the mystery of Christ" "(Men of wisdom)"
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36318: "TREVELYAN W B" - "Sunday" "(OLPT)"
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19541: TREVELYAN G M - England in the Age of Wycliffe
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19547: TREVELYAN G M - Garibaldi and the thousand May 1860
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19554: "TREVETT C" - "Womens speaking justified" "and other seventeenth-century writings about women"
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73206: "TREVOR M" - "PROPHETS AND GUARDIANS:" "renewal and tradition in the Church"
19561: "TRIAL" - "Trial of Beyers Naude:" "Christian witness and the rule of law, edited by the International Commission of Jurists, Geneva preface by Lord Ramsey of Canterbury"
19562: "TRIBE R" - "Christian Social Tradition"
19565: "TRICKETT J" - "Christian faith in the secondary school:" "a scheme of work for schools"
30743: "TRICKETT J" - "Prevention of food poisoning" "[including 1995 food hygiene regulations]"
28591: "TRIGG R" - "Reason and commitment"
26100: TRIGG J W - Origen: the bible and philosophy in the third-century church
44328: TRIMBLE M R - Soul in the brain: the cerebral basis of language, art, and belief
52733: TRIMINGHAM J S - Sufi Orders in Islam
43534: TRIPP P D - Shelter in the time of storm: meditations on God and trouble
34112: TRIPP D K - Daily prayer in the Reformed tradition: an initial survey (Joint Liturgical Studies 35)
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19570: "TROCHU F" - "Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret (1765-1826):" "Foundress of Sister of Charity under St Vincent de Paul"
44254: TROCME E - Childhood of Christianity
19573: TROCME E - Passion as Liturgy: a study in the origin of the passion narratives in the Four Gospels
19571: TROCME E - Formation of the Gospel according to Mark
19572: "TROCME E" - "Jesus and His Contemporaries"
29976: "TROCQUER R LE" - "What is man?" "(Faith and Fact Books 31)"
37856: "TROLLER A" - "Law and order:" "an introduction to thinking about the nature of law"
47997: TROLLOPE A - Barchester Towers
45499: TROLLOPE A - Bertrams
51433: TROMMIUS A - Concordantiae Graecae versionis vulgo dictae LXX interpretum, cujus voces secundum ordinem elementorum sermonis Graeci digestae recensentur, contra atque in opere Kircheriano factum fuerat (Tomus I & II) Leguntur hic praeterea voces Graecae pro Hebraicis redditae ab antiquis omnibus Veteris Testamenti interpretibus, quorum nonnisi fragmenta extant, Aquila, Symmacho, Theodotione & aliis quorum maximam partem nuper in lucem edidit Bernardus de Montfaucon
47190: TROTTER T - Essay medical philosophical and chemical on drunkenness and its effects on the human body
52843: TROUNCER M - Miser of souls: the life of Saint jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney, Cure of Ars 1786 - 1859
56239: TROUNCER M - Gentleman saint: St Francois de Sales and his times 1567 -1622
54010: TROUNCER M - Reluctant Abbess or Mere Angelique de Sainte-Madeleine Arnauld de Port-Royal 1591 - 1661
19585: "TROUT J M" - "Kagawa Japanese Prophet:" "his witness in life and word (World Christian Books 30)"
73225: "TRUCHSES D D" - "FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM:" "choosing high self-esteem"
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19589: "TRUEBLOOD E" - "Yoke of Christ:" "and other sermons"
19590: "TRUEMAN A E" - "Geology and Scenery in England and Wales"
73230: "TRUMBULL C G" - "TAKING MEN ALIVE:" "studies in the principles and practice of individual soul-winning"
61949: "CANON LAW SOCIETY TRUST" - "CHURCH'S MATRIMONIAL JURISPRUDENCE:" "a statement on the current position"
31981: "TRUSTED J" - "Physics and metaphysics:" "theories of space and time"
47061: TSCHAIKOWSKY P - Concerto No 1 in B flat minor Op23: edition for two pianoforte
42851: MAO TSETUNG - Selected readings from the works of Mao Tsetung
44349: COMEY A & TSUR N - NTC's Hebrew and English dictionary: [the most practical and easy-to-use dictionary of Modern Hebrew and English]
48675: TSUTSUI W M - Banking policy in Japan: American efforts at reform during the occupation
53779: TUCK R C - Gothic dreams: the architecture of William Critchlow Harris 1854 - 1913
44148: "MILLER J M & TUCKER G M" - "Book of Joshua:" "CBCNEB"
44849: "TUCKER R" - "Philosophy and myth in Karl Marx"
19596: "TUCKER G M" - "Form criticism of the O T" "(OTS)"
23310: "TUCKER J T" - "Example stories:" "perspectives on four parables in the Gospel of Luke (JSNTSS 162)"
21782: TUCKETT C - Messianic Secret (IRT1)
54400: TUCKETT C M - Revival of the Griesbach hypothesis: an analysis and appraisal (SNTS monograph series 44)
19604: TUCKETT C - Reading the New Testament: methods of interpretation
55096: TUCKETT C - Reading the New Testament: methods of interpretation
8238: TUDGE P - Initiating Adults: lessons from the Roman Catholic Rite (GMW102)
55553: TUDGE C - Neanderthals bandits and farmers: how agriculture really began
56085: JONES R TUDUR - Faith and the crisis of a nation: Wales 1890-1914
19608: TUGWELL S - Human Immortality and the Redemption of Death
19613: "TUGWELL S, EVERY G ET AL" - "New Heaven? New Earth:" "an encounter with Pentecostalism"
19610: TUGWELL S - Reflections on the Beatitudes: soundings in Christian traditions
34818: "TUKER M A R" - "Past and future of ethics"
34984: "TULLOCH J" - "Rational theology and Christian philosophy in England" "in the seventeenth century, in two volumes (originally from the library of J W Rowntree & signed by him)"
19615: "TULLOCH J" - "Some Facts of Religion and of Life:" "sermons preached before Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland 1866-76"
31980: "TULLOCH J" - "Movements of religious thought in Britain" "during the nineteenth century (Victorian library)"
52509: TULLOCK J H - Old Testament story
26671: "TELE TUNES" - "Tele Tunes January to September 1997:" "supplement update to Tele-Tunes 1997 main book"
27817: "TELE TUNES" - "Tele tunes music reference book:" "January to September 1999 (supplement update to tele-tunes 1999 book)"
19618: "TUNNICLIFF H G" - "Transforming Experience"
19620: TUPPER E F - Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg
19621: "TURBERVILLE A S" - "English men and manners in the Eighteenth Century:" "an illustrated narrative"
19623: "TURBERVILLE A S" - "Spanish Inquisition" "(HUL)"
53778: TURNBULL R - Anglican and evangelical?
53120: TURNBULL N - Radical orthodoxy: annual review 4
73251: TURNER N - LIVING WISDOM: growing in the life of prayer
34111: TURNER T J - Welcoming the baptized: Anglican hospitality within the ecumenical enterprise (JLS34)
48537: TURNER E - Young man's companion or friendly adviser to educatioanl knowledge, worldly council and gentlemanley deportment
55315: TURNER H E W - Patristic doctrine of redemption: study of development of doctrine during first five centuries
55191: TURNER C H - History and use of creeds and anathemas in the early centuries of the Church
22808: "ROBERTSON R & TURNER B S" - "Talcott Parsons:" "theorist of modernity"
28264: "TURNER D" - "Information Technology:" "(GNVQ core skills level 3 core text)"
37833: "TURNER E H" - "Studies in early church history"
19629: "TURNER E S" - "All Heaven in a Rage"
371: "TURNER G" - "More than conquerors" "(modern disciples)"
73246: "TURNER G A" - "NEW AND LIVING WAY:" "a fresh exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews"
19639: "TURNER H J M" - "Ordination and vocation, yesterday and today:" "current questions about ministries in the light of theology and history"
19641: "TURNER J E" - "Revelation of deity"
19644: "TURNER N" - "Handbook for biblical studies"
37829: "TURNER R" - "Jewish living:" "drawings by Freda Miller, edited by Meir Persoff"
37828: "TURNER S P" - "Sociological explanation as translation"
26904: TURNER J M - Modern Methodism in England 1932-1998 (Exploring Methodism)
40494: "TURNER J" - "Thy neighbour's wife:" "twelve original variations on a theme by DV Baker, R Blythe, J Bratby, R Duncan, E Hyams, D Lessing, J Pudney, F Raphael, J Stubbs, R Timperley, F Urquhart, W Woods"
24262: TURNER H E W - Jesus the Christ
53927: TURNER E S - Court of St James's
44417: TURNER N - Christian words
49850: TURNER H E W - Historicity and the Gospels
37888: TURNER N - Grammatical insights into the New Testament
53951: EUROSEMINAR '2000 VELIKO TURNOVO - Role of Christian ethics in the Armed Forces: a collection from Euroseminar '2000 ""Agape-Bulgaria"" in cooperation with AMCF, Veliko Turnovo diocese and the Bulgarian Army Academy
19651: "TUTU D" - "Rainbow people of God"
52881: TWELFTREE G H - Jesus the exorcist: a contribution to the study of the Historical Jesus (Wissenschaftliche Unterscuchungen zum Neuen Testament-2-Reihe
19654: TWELFTREE G - Christ triumphant: exorcism then and now
23363: "TWINCH C" - "Poultry:" "a guide to management"
73255: "TWINING A G" - "CHILDREN'S CREED being a simple explanation of the" "Apostles' Creed"
40964: "TWINING L" - "Symbols and emblems of early and Medieval Christian art"
19660: "TYACK G S" - "Cross in ritual architecture and Art"
29675: "TYACK G S" - "Cross in ritual architecture and Art"
39505: "TYACK G S" - "Historic dress of the clergy"
56238: TYACKE N - England's long reformation 1500 - 1800
48423: TYLER M L - Drosera: a paper read to the British Homoeopathic Society, January 5 1927
48425: TYLER M - Different ways of finding the remedy
48408: TYLER M L - Hahnemann's conception of chronic disease (as caused by parasitic micro-organism)
33086: "TYLER J" - "Shade of his hand" "[48 short poems on characters & situations in the bible] inscribed by author"
53795: TYLOR E B - Anthropology (2 volume set): an introduction to the study of man and civilisation (Thinker's Library)
51088: TYMMS T V - Christian idea of atonement: lectures delivered at Regent's Park College, London in 1903
56237: TYNAN K - Alec Guinness (Theatre World Monograph No 1)
38799: "TYRELL F" - "Swansea:" "a story of the city over one thousand years (illustrations by the author)"
19668: TYRRELL G - Christianity at the cross-roads
19670: TYRRELL G - Lex Orandi: or prayer and creed
29213: TYRRELL G - External religion: its use and abuse
29211: TYRRELL G - Medievalism: a reply to Cardinal Mercier
29210: "TYRRELL G" - "Much-abused letter"
19671: TYRRELL G N M - Personality of man: new facts and their significance
53777: TYRRELL S - Once upon a town: Susan Tyrrell about Stavanger
51609: TYRRELL G - Faith of the millions (First Series)
29819: TYRRELL G - Nova et Vetera: informal meditations
19669: TYRRELL G - Lex Credendi: a sequel to Lex Orandi
51608: TYRRELL G - Faith of the millions (Second Series)
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55117: TYSON P - Returning to reality: Christian Platonism for our times (Kalos 2)
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51736: MOTHERS UNION - More time to pray: a further selection of prayers and meditations contributed by the members of the Mothers' Union in the deaneries of the Salisbury Diocese
56082: MOTHERS UNION - Time to pray: aselection of prayers and meditations contributed by the members of the Mothers' Union in the deaneries of the Salisbury Diocese
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66911: KING URSULA - CHRIST IN ALL THINGS: exploring sprituality with Teilhard de Chardin
44782: URWIN K - Short Old French dictionary for students
53724: URWIN D R - Western Europe since 1945: a short political history
51627: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Book of Common Prayer: [DESK/CHANCEL EDITION] and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
51628: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Proposed Book of Common Prayer: and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
51629: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Proposed Book of Common Prayer: and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
6468: "EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA" - "Authorized services 1973:" "pew edition"
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6471: "EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA" - "Services for trial use:" "authorized alternatives to Prayer Book Services"
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52856: VAAGE L E - Subversive scriptures: revolutionary readings of the Christian Bible in Latin America
52857: VAAGE L E - Galilean upstarts: Jesus' first followers according to Q
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19768: "VALID R" - "Nonlinear theory of shells through variational principles" "from elementary algebra to differential geometry"
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55482: VALLELY P - Pope Francis: untying the knots
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55703: VALLES C G - Art of choosing
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19821: VANDERKAM J C - Dead Sea Scrolls today
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47439: VANDERWILT J - Communion with non-Catholic Christians: risks, challenges and opportunities
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48668: SNOWDON B & VANE H R - Encyclopedia of macroeconomics
53723: VANHOLME F B - Practical helps to the recitation of the divine office
35221: VANIER J - Followers of Jesus
73344: "VANIER J" - "AN ARK FOR THE POOR:" "the story of L'Arche"
36893: VANIER J - Tears of silence
29337: "VANN G" - "High green hill"
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19843: VANN G - Son's course
73358: "VANN G" - "SEVEN SWORDS"
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19839: VANN G - Moral dilemmas
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19837: "VANN G" - "Eagle's word:" "presentation of the Gospel according to St John"
29607: "VANSTONE W H" - "Love's endeavour, love's expense:" "the response of being to the love of God"
35566: VANSTONE W H - Icons of the Passion: a Way of the Cross
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19854: VARAH C - Samaritans: befriending the suicidal
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73381: "VARDEY L" - "FLOWERING OF THE SOUL:" "a book of prayers by women"
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25767: "MCCLELLAND V A & VARMA V" - "Needs of teachers"
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8207: VASEY M ET AL - Family festivals: an approach to worship in the home (GW73)
8284: VASEY M - Reading the Bible at the Eucharist (GW94)
8292: VASEY M - Intercessions in worship (GW77)
36771: "VASS G" - "Pattern of doctrines" "Part III: A man of the church (Understanding Karl Rahner Volume 5)"
49314: VAUGHAN E T - Calvinistic clergy defended and the doctrines of Calvin maintained in a letter to the Rev James Beresford occasioned by his sermon preached in St Martin's Church at...last visitation... [bound with] Vaughan E T 'Baptism: the basis of Christian education' sermon preached in Parish Church of St Mary, Leicester Easter Day April 19, 1829 published Combe & Son 1830 35pp
7345: FULLER J & VAUGHAN P - Working for the kingdom: the story of the ministers in secular employment
73398: "VAUGHAN B N Y" - "STRUCTURES FOR RENEWAL:" "a search for the renewal of Church's mission of the world"
19865: "VAUGHAN P H" - "Training for diversity of ministry:" "a symposium to mark the tenth anniversary of East Midlands Ministry Training Course (Nottingham working papers in the education of adults)"
34826: "VAUGHAN R" - "English Nonconformity"
49311: VAUGHAN C J - Lectures on the Revelation of St John
54644: VAUGHAN C J - Sundays in the Temple
49313: VAUGHAN C J ET AL - Spiritual life: addresses by Rev James Vaughan, Rev H W Burrows and the Right Rev Edward King
55480: VAUGHAN H - Selection of poems (with photogrpahs of the Usk Valley by Godfrey Harris)
49312: VAUGHAN C J - Epistle to the Hebrews (with notes)
40295: "LITTLEDALE R F & VAUX J E" - "Priest's prayer book:" "containing private prayers and intercessions; occasional, school and parochial offices; offices for the visitation of the sick, with notes, readings, collects, hymns, litanies, etc, etc. with a brief pontifical"
39710: "LITTLEDALE R F & VAUX J E" - "Priest's prayer book:" "containing private prayers and intercessions; occasional, school and parochial offices; offices for the visitation of the sick, with notes, readings, collects, hymns, litanies, etc, etc. with a brief pontifical"
30221: "VAWTER B" - "Job and Jonah:" "questioning the hidden God"
19873: "VAWTER B" - "On Genesis" "(NOT ""A path through Genesis"")"
50786: LE VAY B - Eccentric Oxford: a practical guide
5075: "CRYER N S & VAYHINGER J M" - "Casebook in pastoral counseling"
27069: "ROSKA T & RODRIGUEZ-VAZQUEZ A" - "Towards the visual microprocessor:" "VLSI design and the use of cellular neural network universal machines"
45379: DEL VECCHIO A & M - Preparing for the sacrament of Marriage
39145: "VEEN H-J" - "Arguements for Peace and Freedom:" "incls articles by Wolfhart Pannenberg, Walter Schmithals (Research Report 25)"
35472: "VEKEN J VAN DER" - "God en wereld:" "basisteksten uit de proces-theologie/gekozen, vertaald en toegelicht (Sleutelteksten in godsdienst en theologie, Dee 7)"
24600: "MARIA VELA" - "Third mystic:" "the self revelation of Maria Vela, a sixteenth-century Spanish nun (trans FP Keyes)"
73403: "VELLACOTT H" - "PASTOR IN A PAGAN SOCIETY" "[A vision for ministry today]"
36433: VELTRI J - Orientations in 2 volumes: Vol 1: A collection of helps for prayer, Vol 2: A manual to aid beginning directors of the Spiritual Exercises ... (This is a tentative first draft of a manual that is bring prepared for printing)
55666: VENDLER H [EMILY DICKINSON] - Dickinson: selected poems and commentaries
36710: "ACTA DERMATO-VENEREOLOGICA" - "Symposium: the Langerhan's Cell and Contact Dermatitis" "GIMO 1-2 October 1977 (ACTA Dermato-Venereologica Vol 58 Supplementum 79)"
28220: "VENN C" - "Occidentalism:" "modernity and subjectivity (Theory culture & society)"
53774: VENN H - Complete duty of man: or a system of doctrinal and practical Christianity to which are added forms of prayer and offices of devotion for the various circumstances of life
49458: VENN J - Caius college (University of Cambridge college histories)
50692: KLOPPENBORG VERBIN J S - Excavating Q: the history and setting of the sayings gospel
55982: VERCORS - Marche a l'etoile
41025: "VERDI G" - "Othello:" "a lyrical drama in four acts. Libretto by Arrigo Boito. Orchestra score"
63931: "VERDON T" - "Art, faith, history:" "a guide to Christian Florence"
53721: VERGIL - Opera
53719: VERGIL - Aeneid Book I (University Tutorial Series)
36441: "VERHEECKE M" - "Dieu et l'homme dialogue et combat" "(Collection Cerfaux-Lefort 6)"
19887: "VERHEUL A" - "Introduction to the liturgy:" "towards a theology of worship"
54299: VERHEY A - Remembering Jesus
19889: "VERITY G B" - "Life in Christ:" "a study of coinherence"
51915: VERLINDE J M - Christianisme au defi des nouvelles religiosites (Conferences Notre-Dame de Paris 2002)
19894: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in perspective
39392: "VERMES G" - "Manuscrits du desert de Juda"
19892: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls in English
19891: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls in English
35787: VERMES G - Changing faces of Jesus
19895: VERMES G - Jesus and the World of Judaism
55479: VERMES G - Resurrection
44675: "VERRYN T D" - "Penance and discipline;" "a reassessment"
73422: "VERRYN T D" - "VANISHING CLERGYMAN:" "a sociological study of the priestly role in South Africa"
38453: "BOOK OF MODERN VERSE" - "Book of modern verse" "[WB Yeates, W de la Mere, DH Lawrence, S Sassoon, TS Eliot, WD Auden, D Thomas et al)"
52296: VERTEUIL M DE - Celebrating Advent Year C
37893: "VERTEUIL M DE" - "Catholic theology in the Caribbean today 8:" "Caribbean personhood II - the challenge of violence"
36258: "VESEY S" - "New Christmas activity book" "illustrated by Paul Granger"
19917: VEST N - Preferring Christ: a devotional commentary & workbook on the Rule of St. Benedict
54541: VEST D C - Why stress keeps returning: a spiritual response
41998: VETTER D - Seherspruch und segensschilderung: ausdrucksabsichten und sprachliche Verwirklichungen in den Bileam-Spruchen von Numeri 23 und 24
52415: DUCHESNEAU C & VEUTHEY M - Music and liturgy: a Universa Laus document and commentary
41313: "BEHEL M & VEYSSEYRE P" - "Guide des collections:" "Musée Archéologique Saint-Roman-en-Gal Vienne"
53908: VIANEY J - Saint Cure d'Ars (1786 - 1859) [French text]
41509: "THEOLOGIA VIATORUM" - "Theologia Viatorum IX:" "jahrbuch der Kirchlichen Hochschule Berlin"
53773: VICKERS J A - Religious census of Hampshire 1851
48956: VICKERS H - We want the Queen: the authorized account of how the capital celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee
54613: VICKERS J - History of independent methodism: sketches of worthies origins of circuits expositions of principles and polity
48490: VICKERY B C - Faceted classification. A guide to construction and use of special schemes
51884: VICTOR O S - Secret christians: the teaching of the mystics (Series: The Christian Mysteries, Mechelen)
32631: VIDAL G - Thirsty evil: seven short stories
43815: "VIDAL K S" - "Moon under her feet: women of the apocalypse" "(originally published Pilgrim Press USA)"
19935: VIDLER A R - Century of Social Catholicism 1820-1920
19945: "VIDLER A R" - "Orb and the cross:" "a normative study in the relations of church and state with reference to Gladstone's early writings"
19946: "VIDLER A R" - "Plain man's guide to Christianity:" "essays in Liberal Catholicism"
19954: VIDLER A R - Windsor Sermons
52724: VIDLER A R - Century of Social Catholicism 1820-1920
19955: VIDLER A R - Witness to the light: F.D.Maurice's message for to-day (English title ""Theology of F.D.Maurice"")
19953: VIDLER A R - Variety of Catholic modernists
19943: VIDLER A R - God's demand and man's response: a course of addresses delivered during the Mission to Oxford University January 29th-February 7th 1938
19956: "VIDON H" - "Pilgrim's guide to Rome:" "discovering links with past English-speaking pilgrims and residents"
55405: VIEYRA M - Assyriens
48453: VIGNI G - Tiepolo
19961: "VILLAIN M" - "Unity:" "a history and some reflections"
19959: VILLAIN M - Life and work of Abbe Paul Courturier: apostle of unity
19962: "VILLARD O G" - "Inside Germany:" "with an epilogue ""England at War"""
41086: "GAUTHIER-VILLARS H [WILLY]" - "Tournee du Petit Duc"
46918: VILMAR A F C - Nibelungenlied
54141: GOBERNA R & VINAS L - Our father St Benedict
34831: VINCENT M R - History of the textual criticism of the New Testament
61299: "BOUCHER D & VINCENT A" - "RADICAL HEGELIAN:" "the political and social philosophy of Henry Jones"
33034: "RIEGER J & VINCENT J J" - "Methodist and radical:" "rejuvenating a tradition"
25432: "VINCENT A" - "How to choose your GCSEs:" "essential information about Key Stage 4 courses and examinations"
73447: "VINCENT E" - "C T STUDD AND PRISCILLA:" "united to fight for Jesus"
19967: "VINCENT J J" - "Alternative Church"
36555: "VINCENT J J" - "Discipleship in the 90's" "[What kind of people does the New World need?]"
36556: "VINCENT J J" - "Gospel in the 90's:" "a theological disputation (and contributions by William R Davies, Howard Mellor, Stephen Mosedale & Thomas Stuckey)"
26500: "VINCENT J J" - "Stirrings:" "essays Christian and radical"
53069: VINCENT N - Letters and churters of Cardinal Guala Bicchieri: Papal legate in England 1216 - 1218(Canterbury & York Society Vol LXXXVI)
53070: VINCENT N - Register of John Waltham Bishop of Salisbury 1388 - 1395(Canterbury & York Society Vol LXXXVI)
19973: "VINE W E" - "Expository Dictionary of New Testament words" "with their precise meanings for English readers 4 volumes bound as one with individual pagination"
56200: VINE C - How (not) to paint a locomotive
48081: VINES C S - Woman doctor on the frontier
38929: VINJE P M - Praying with Catherine of Siena (Companions for the journey)
48538: VINOGRADOFF P - Common-sense in law
26225: "VINTCENT C" - "Be your own stockbroker:" "the secrets of managing your own investments"
19977: "VIPONT E" - "High way:" "an anthology"
47846: PIERRE QUI VIRE - Pierre qui vire [French text]
44752: "VIRGIL" - "Georgics;" "translated into English verse with introduction and notes by L P Wilkinson"
19981: VIRGIL - Georgics trans by C Day Lewis
18550: "VIRGIL P [VERGILI]" - "Opera:" "recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit F A Hirtzel"
40474: "VIRGIL [FITZGERALD]" - "Aeneid"
49799: VIRGIL [PLAISTOWE] - Georgics I - IV
48053: COMMUNITY OF S MARY THE VIRGIN - Solemn modulations of magnificat (set of 8 copies)
51182: VIRGO W - Influential women: from the New Testament to today: how women can build up (or undermine) their local church
73463: VIRGO T - PRAYING THE LORD'S PRAYER (How to.... study series)
40168: "VIRGULIN S" - "Profeti e Sapienti uomini dello spirito"
40656: "VISCHER W" - "Immanuel-Botschaft im Rahmen des koniglichen Zionsfestes" "(Theologische Studien 45)"
17087: "SAMUEL D H 3RD VISCOUNT" - "Century's changes of outlook"
36548: "VISSER M" - "Geometry of love:" "space, time, mystery and meaning in an ordinary church"
49968: QUAST K & VISSERS J - Studies in Canadian evangelical renewal: essays in honour of Ian S Rennie
48166: VITRY P - Frere Yves, une oeuvre en priere
19984: "VITZ P C" - "Sigmund Freud's Christian unconscious"
69523: "OLESEN JORGEN VIUM" - "SONGS FROM DEEP WATERS:" "selections from the Psalms with prayer meditations"
69524: "OLESEN JORGEN VIUM" - "SONGS FROM HEAVEN AND EARTH:" "selections from the Psalms with prayer meditations"
47054: VIVALDI A - Magnificat: Vocal score (latin and english text)
55256: VIZINCZEY S - Rules of chaos
19987: "VLASIC T, FR & BARBARIC S, FR" - "Abandon yourself to me:" "meditations from January to June 1985"
25871: "VLEDDER E-J" - "Conflict in the miracle stories:" "a socio-exegetical study of Matthew 8 and 9 (JSNTSS 152)"
48519: VOAS D - Alternative Bible: a narrative summary based on the King James version. The Old Testament
49222: PAX VOBISCUM - Pax vobiscum: an address
19989: "VOGEL A A" - "I know God better than I know myself"
34155: "VOGEL A A" - "Jesus prayer for today"
28526: "VOGEL A A" - "Radical Christianity and the flesh of Jesus:" "the roots of Eucharistic living"
53477: VOGEL A A - Theology in Anglicanism (Anglican Study Series)
73471: "VOGELS H-J" - "CELIBACY - GIFT OR LAW?:" "a critical investigation"
252: "ALLEN J & VOGES R" - "Synthesis and applications of isotopically labelled" "compounds 1994: proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, Strasbourg, France, 20-24 June 1994"
25833: "RUSSELL A & VOGLER J" - "International politics of biotechnology:" "investigating global futures"
25151: "VOGLER L" - "Stora - ackordboken for keyboard:" "over 500 ackord med tydliga diagram och fotografier"
51748: VOGUE A DE - Community and Abbot in the Rule of Saint Benedict Volume Two ONLY
56419: GOLDSMITH M & VOIGT F - Hindenburg: the man and the legend
19993: "VOILLAUME R" - "Follow me:" "the call to the religious life today"
30196: VOILLAUME R - Source of life: the eucharist and Christian living
48460: VOLAVKOVA H - Guide to the Jewish Museum of Prague: Part II Museum of Jewish Towm in Prague
48459: VOLAVKOVA H - Jewish Museum of Prague: a guide through the collections
56043: VOLF M - Public faith: how followers of Christ should serve the common good
56042: VOLF M - Against the tide: love in a time of petty dreams and persisting enmities
36960: "VOLLEBREGT G N" - "Bible on marriage"
40038: "VOLPE C" - "Baroque and Rococo in Italy:" "illustrated catalogue"
19998: VOLTAIRE A M DE - Letters de Quelques Juifs: Portugalis, Allemands et Polonais par M L'Abbe Guenee in 3 vols
36598: "VOLTAIRE" - "16 artikel aus dem philosophischen taschenworterbuch"
53741: VONIER A - Angels
36587: "VONSEGGEN D & L" - "Puppets: ministry magic" "[How your youth group can reach out with puppets]"
53484: VORGRIMLER H - Karl Rahner: his life thought and work
73485: "VOS H F" - "GENESIS"
27385: "VOSE R H" - " Glass" "(Connoisseur illustrated guides)"
36501: "VOSMAN F J H" - "Denken naar God toe:" "Piet Schoonenberg e.a. over lijden, schuld, rechtvaardigheid, schepping en laatste oordeel"
53772: VOYSEY C - Theism or the religion of common sense
36547: VREDEVELT P - Empty arms [Emotional support for those who have suffered miscarriage or stillbirth]
5508: "DE VRIES E" - "Man in rapid social change"
40142: "VRIEZEN T C" - "Theologie des Alten Testaments in Grundzugen"
36502: "VROOM F W" - "First six centuries:" "sketches from early church history"
20028: "VROOM H" - "No other Gods:" "Christian belief in dialogue with Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam"
20029: "VULLIAMY C E" - "John Wesley"
73489: "VULLIAMY C E" - "OUR PREHISTORIC FORERUNNERS" "with thirty-three illustrations"
27080: "VUOLA E" - "Limits of liberation:" "feminist theology and the ethics of poverty and reproduction"
27081: "VUOLA E" - "Limits of liberation:" "feminist theology and the ethics of poverty and reproduction"
5518: DE WAAL E - World Made Whole: rediscovery of the Celtic tradition
54990: DE WAAL E - Celtic way of prayer: the recovery of the religious imagination
48045: DE WAAL E - Living on the border; reflections on the experience of threshold
21885: DE WAAL E - Seeking God: the way of St Benedict
5512: DE WAAL E - Life-giving way: a commentary on the Rule of St Benedict
41247: "WACE H" - "Church and faith:" "being essays on the teaching of the Church of England"
37483: "WACE H" - "Appeal to the first six centuries:" "containing an address on variations in doctrine and practice, a report of a deputation to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a treatise by Bishop Cosin on the 'Catholic religion of the Realm of England'"
20032: "WACE H" - "Confessions and absolution:" "report of a conference held at Fulham Palace on Dec 30 and 31 1901 and Jan 1 1902"
50839: WACHOB W H - Voice of Jesus in the social rhetoric of James (SNTSMS 106)
52850: WACHOLDER B Z - The Dawn of Qumran: the sectarian Torah and the teacher of righteousness
60721: "BARRON J B & WADDAMS H M" - "COMMUNISM AND THE CHURCHES:" "a documentation"
20035: WADDAMS H - Meeting the Orthodox Churches (RBC 158)
36504: "WADDAMS H M" - "Swedish church"
20041: WADDELL H - Stories from Holy Writ
53716: WADDINGTON C H - Scientific attitude
20044: "WADDY R P S" - "Philip Loyd:" "Missionary and Bishop"
20045: "WADDY R P S" - "Philip Loyd:" "Missionary and Bishop"
36505: "WADE G W" - "Books of the Prophets:" "Micah, Obadiah, Joel and Jonah"
30443: WADE G W - Book of the Prophet Isaiah with introduction and notes (WC)
70757: "WADSWORTH M" - "WITH YOU IN SPIRIT? Cardinal Hume's Advisory Group on the" "pon the Catholic Church's commitment to the Black Community"
22233: "WAESBERGHE J S VAN" - "Gregorian chant and its place in the Catholic liturgy"
54803: WAGER C E - Thoughts of a country parson: articles for the parish magazine and an essay on Jesus of Nazareth Charles Edward Wager Rector of Little Gaddesden 1933 - 1953
36506: "WAGGETT P N" - "Is there a religion of nature?:" "lectures given in St Paul's Cathedral January 1902"
20049: "WAGGETT P N" - "Religion and science:" "some suggestions for the study of the relations between them"
40588: "WAGNER R" - "Ein Ende in Paris"
47039: WAGNER R - Tannhauser (edited for the pianoforte)
47774: WAGNER R - Prelude to Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg miniature score [Edition Eulenburg No 665]
73529: WAGNER C P - CHURCH GROWTH AND THE WHOLE GOSPEL: a biblical mandate
44135: "VON WAHLDE U C" - "Johanine Commandments:" "1 John and the struggle for the Johannine tradition"
36507: WAIN J - Interpretations: essays on twelve English poems
20058: WAINWRIGHT G - Keeping the faith: essays to mark the centenary of ""Lux Mundi""
48995: WAINWRIGHT G - Doxology: the praise of god in worship, doctrine and life: a systematic theology
20052: "WAINWRIGHT A W" - "Beyond Biblical Criticism:" "encountering Jesus in scripture"
39707: "WAINWRIGHT G" - "Christian Initiation:" "ecumenical studies in history"
32527: WAINWRIGHT G - Lesslie Newbigin: a theological life
21680: "WAITE T" - "Footfalls in memory:" "relections from solitude"
25971: "WAITLEY D" - "Empires of the mind:" "lessons to lead and succeed in a knowledge-based world"
29892: WAKEFIELD G - Where are the men?: a study of an endangered species (GPS34)
35277: "MCDOWELL J & WAKEFIELD N" - "Dad difference:" "creating an environment for your child's sexual wholeness"
37786: "THORNTON-WAKEFIELD D" - "If fish is all you want" "[meditations on God's word and God's creation]"
20062: "WAKEFIELD G S" - "Kindly light:" "meditations on Newman's poem"
20063: WAKEFIELD G S - Life of the spirit in the world today [an examination of the practices of prayer and worship in our present intellectual and cultural climate]
36800: "WAKEFIELD G S" - "On the edge of the mystery:" "meditations on passages from the communion service"
20061: WAKEFIELD G S - Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
40692: "WAKEFIELD G S" - "My providential way"
52614: WAKEFIELD G - Lent with John Wesley: daily readings
32555: WAKEFIELD G S - Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
20064: WAKEFIELD G S - Liturgy of St John
36332: WAKEFIELD G S - Puritan devotion: its place in the development of Christian piety (Fernley-Hartley lecture 1957)
20068: "WAKEMAN H O" - "Europe:" "1598-1715 Period V"
36510: WAKEMAN H O - Introduction to the history of the Church of England from the earliest times to the present day, revised with an additional chapter by S L Ollard
30853: WAKEMAN H - Women priests: the first years
42087: "DIGIACOMO J J & WAKIN E" - "Understanding teenagers:" "a guide for parents"
73551: "WAKSLER F C" - "LITTLE TRIALS OF CHILDHOOD and children's strategies for" "dealing with them"
51401: WALASKAY P W - And so we came to Rome: the political perspective of St Luke (SNTSMS 49)
46588: WALBANK F W - Decline of the Roman Empire in the west
61712: "BUHLMANN WALBERT" - "FORWARD, CHURCH!:" "essays in ecclesial spirituality"
26674: "WALD N J" - "Epidemiological approach"
48750: WALDEGRAVE J [CLARK J C D] - Memoirs and speeches of James, 2nd Earl Waldegrave, 1742-1763 edited with an introduction by J C D Clark
47221: WALDMAN M - Sir Walter Raleigh
43636: "WALDRON R" - "15 days of prayer with Henri Houwen"
55366: CHURCH IN WALES - Order for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and the administration of the Holy Communion with collects, Old Testament lessons, epistles psalms and gospels
26190: "CHURCH IN WALES" - "Book of Common Prayer for use in the Church in Wales:" "Order for Morning and Evening prayer, Welsh and English on facing pages"
39869: "CHURCH IN WALES" - "Constitution of the Church in Wales, Volume 1& 2:" "Vol 1: The Chapters of the Constitution as at 30 April 1972, Vol 2: The Canons and the rules and regulations"
23726: "FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES" - "Official yearbook and supporters' guide 2000-2001"
26641: CHURCH IN WALES - Book of Common Prayer for use in the Church in Wales (Volume I text in English)
53715: WALEY D - Later medieval Europe: from Saint Louis to Luther
56233: WALEY A - One hundred and seventy Chinese poems
67254: LAURIE-WALKER C - Blessed are they that mourn
39412: "WALKER A" - "Different Gospels:" "Christian orthodoxy and modern theologies"
56230: WALKER L J - Why God became man
20101: WALKER W - History of the Christian Church
2832: "WALKER A" - "Restoring the kingdom:" "radical christianity of the House Church Movement"
36450: "WALKER A J" - "I am of Apollos:" "light on the synoptic problem from a School of John the Baptist"
27267: "WALKER B" - "Armada"
27689: "WALKER D" - "Digby:" "a novel"
73562: "WALKER G" - "IDEALISM OF CHRISTIAN ETHICS" "being the Baird Lecture for 1928"
36568: "WALKER G S" - "Corpus Poetarum Latinorum"
36801: "WALKER G S M" - "Churchmanship of St Cyprian" "(Ecumenical studies in history No 9)"
25480: "WALKER J A ET AL" - "Statistics:" "a first course"
20089: "WALKER K" - "Human Physiology"
20092: "WALKER L J" - "Problem of Reunion:" "discussed historically in seven essays"
37358: "WALKER M" - "God of our journey"

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