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44526: SELL A P F - God our Father: doctrine and devotion
44525: SELL A P F - Christ our Saviour: doctrine and devotion
53133: SELL A P F - Great ejectment of 1662: its antecedents, aftermath and ecumenical significance
53135: SELL A P F - Confessing the faith yesterday and today: essays reformed, dissenting and catholic
17527: "SELLAR W Y" - "Roman poets of the Australian Age:" "Virgil"
53136: SELLARS J - Light shining in a dark place: discovering theology through film
17529: SELLERS R V - Two ancient Christologies: a study in the christological thought of the schools of Alexandria and Antioch in the early history of Christian Doctrine
17530: "SELLIN E" - "Einleitung in das Alte Testament"
40178: "SELLIN E" - "Theologie des Alten Testaments"
37758: "SELLING J A" - "Embracing sexuality:" "authority and experience in the Catholic Church"
28669: "SELLMAN P" - "Law of International trade" "(Cracknell's Statutes)"
38832: "SELLMAN R R" - "Illustrations of Devon history"
25315: "HUNTER C & SELMAN A" - "Compulsory competitive tendering of housing management:" "law and practice in the management of social housing"
39944: SELVIDGE M J - Notorious voices: feminist biblical interpretations 1500-1920
52232: SELWOOD M & SELWOOD A - SLSA: Socio-Legal Studies Association directory 2000
17537: SELWYN E G - First Epistle of St Peter: the Greek Text with introduction, notes and essays
17539: "SELWYN E G" - "History of Christian Thought:" "a volume of essays"
17540: "SELWYN E G" - "Short history of Christian thought:" "a volume of essays"
53822: SEMES R L - Of these stones: an historical sketch of the Church of St Matthew San Mateo California 1865 - 1990
71684: "SEMLYEN M DE" - "ECUMENISM: where is it leading us?" "Unity, peace and Rome"
24190: "SEMMEL B" - "Methodist revolution"
17542: SEMPER C - Intercessions at worship: a guide for those who lead them
71687: "SEMPLE P" - "PARISH ADULT EDUCATION BOOK" "(Church of Ireland)"
30510: SENARCLENS J DE - Heirs of the Reformation (Library of history and doctrine)
17543: "SENCOURT R" - "Carmelite and poet:" "a framed portrait of St John of the Cross with his Poems in Spanish"
17544: "SENCOURT R" - "Life of Newman"
71688: "SENIOR D" - "GOD THE SON"
48787: SENIOR D - What are they saying about Matthew?
33032: "SENN F C" - "Stewardship of the mysteries"
30381: "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SENTINEL" - "Christian Science Sentinel:" "December 12, 1964, Volume 66, Number 50 (Airmail to US £1.50)"
30382: "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SENTINEL" - "Christian Science Sentinel:" "November 7, 1964, Volume 66, Number 45 (Airmail to US £1.50)"
34504: PIGUET C & SENTIS M - World at the turning: experiments with moral re-armament
57631: SEOW C L - Job 1-21 (Illuminations)
25112: "CLIFTON J & SERDAR H" - "Bully off:" "recognising and tackling workplace bullying"
37245: "SERULLAZ M" - "Phaidon encyclopedia of impressionism"
50830: FUNERAL SERVICES - Funeral services of the Christian churches in England
29478: "SOCIAL SERVICES" - "Social Services year book 1999"
32281: FUNERAL SERVICES - Funeral services of the Christian churches in England: including additional hymn section
47086: SETRIGHT R - Get well: an A - Z of natural medecine for everyday illness
23565: "GRADY K M & SEVERN A M" - "Key topics in chronic pain"
74363: "SEWELL W" - "Introduction to the dialogues of Plato"
71702: "SEWELL B" - "VATICAN ORACLE" "[Humanae Vitae and the Church's stance on artificial birth control]"
41837: "SEXTON W J" - "Catholic and evangelical courses of addresses" "published for the Committee of the Anglo-Catholic Congress"
55211: SEYFFERT O [NETTLESHIP & SANDYS] - Dictionary of classical antiquities: mythology, religion, literature and art
17561: SEYZINGER E - Glory of the priesthood
56160: SHADWELL A - Drink temperance and legislation
33607: "SHAFFER P" - "Royal hunt of the sun:" "a play concerning the Conquest of Peru"
40138: "SHAGEDH M" - "Hommage a Wilhelm Vischer"
9867: "IDRIES SHAH" - "Exploits of the incomparable Mulla Nasrudin"
56280: SHAIL W F - Psalms canticles and hymns: Psalms of the Old Testament, Canticles of the New Testament, Hymns of the Church
21781: "SHAKERS" - "Shakers:" "two centuries of spiritual reflection edited with intro by R E Whitson (CWS)"
55878: SHAKESPEARE W - Shakespeare library in ten volumes (boxed set)
47509: SHAKESPEARE W [ED CRAIG] - King Lear [Arden Shakespeare
55299: SHAKESPEARE N - Londoners
46701: SHAKESPEARE W - Poems (Arden edition of the works of William Shakespeare)
52530: SHALOM - Shalom and Israel: a message of peace in Israel's postage stamps
50640: SHAND R ET AL - New southern harmonies: four emerging fiction writers
17570: SHANDS A R - Liturgical movement and the local church (RBC 129)
37130: SHANKS H - Mystery and meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls
39431: SHANKS H - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: a reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review
24373: SHANKS H - Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism: a parallel history of their origins & early development
58020: SHANKS A - God and modernity: a new and better way to do theology
58031: SHANKS A - Other calling: theology intellectual vocation and truth
71708: SHANNON W H - SILENT LAMP: the Thomas Merton story
71711: SHAPIRO H L - JEWISH PEOPLE: a biological history (Race question in modern science series)
48513: SHAPLEN R - Free love and heavenly sinners: the story of the great Henry Ward Beecger scandal
17575: "SHARP E M" - "China Painting:" "the soft look technique"
40286: "SHARP T" - "Northumberland:" "a Shell guide"
56279: SHARP M - Traveller's guide to saints in Europe
52094: SHARP M - Holy places in Celtic Britain: a photographic portrait of Sacred Albion
17580: "SHARPE S" - "History of the Hebrew Nation and its Literature:" "with an appendix on the Hebrew Chronology"
57264: SHARPE E - It came upon a midnight clear: accompaniment and descant by Evelyn Sharpe [Cramer's Descant Series]
26091: "AL-SHARQAWI A R" - "Egyptian earth"
35121: "SHARROCK J A" - "Hinduism:" "ancient and modern viewed in the light of the Incarnation"
71717: "SHARROCK R" - "LIFE AND STORY IN THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS" "[Friends of Dr Williams's Library 32rd Lecture 1978]"
52936: HEFLING C & SHATTUCK C - Oxford guide to the Book of Common Prayer: a worldwide survey
57893: SHAW R A ET AL - Huguenots in Wandsworth
58009: SHAW W P - Praise disjoined: changing patterns of salvation in 17th century English literature (Seventeenth Century Texts and Studies)
22760: SHAW G - Creation and re-creation: an approach to prayer
55253: SHAW I - Selected short stories of Irwin Shaw
33146: "SHAW R" - "Exposition of The Westminster Confession of Faith" "with an introductory essay by Wm M Hetherington..."
47716: SHAW G - Fantasia on Adeste Fideles for the organ: original compositions for the organ No 19
28943: "HAGELL A & SHAW C" - "Opportunity and disadvantage at age 16"
39024: "SHAW B" - "Music in London 1890-94 in three volumes"
17586: SHAW G - Cost of Authority: manipulation and freedom in the New Testament
35492: "SHAW G" - "Seeds of love:" "being the Glastonbury series of short prayers"
40114: SHAW T - E M Blaiklock: Christian scholar
17594: "SHAW W" - "Never a Young Man:" "extracts from letters and journals compiled by Celia Sadler"
17595: "SHAW W" - "Spying in Furu land:" "inside Britain's cults"
17591: SHAW G - Pilgrim's Book of Prayers
54164: HARRIS H & SHAW J - Women and episcopacy
30225: SHAW S - Dancing with your shadow: getting in touch with the hidden side of our personalities
71730: "SHAW R" - "REFORMED FAITH:" "an exposition of the Westminster confession of faith"
71729: "SHAW R D" - "PAULINE EPISTLES:" "introductory and expository studies"
57769: SHAW G P - Patriarch and patriot: William Grant Broughton 1788 - 1853 Colonial statesman and ecclesiastic
46987: SHAW G B - Doctor's dilemma, getting married and the shewing-up of blanco posnet
41719: SHAW G [ED SHAW M] - Two organ choral preludes: Cramer's library of organ music by British composers edited by Martin Shaw
17589: SHAW G - God in our hands
48791: SHAW W A - Gospel of Luke
49833: SHAW L - Widening light: poems of the incarnation
51302: O'SHEA D - In a fitful light: conversations on Christian living
51740: SHEAIL P - Downland village: the story of a Hampshire parish in the 1850's
28470: "SHEALY C N" - "Self-healing workbook:" "your personal plan for stress free living"
17596: SHEARLOCK D - Practice of preaching
52686: SHEARS W S - King: the story and splendour of British monarchy
17598: "SHEBBEARE C J" - "Problems of Providence"
26131: "SHEE A H L" - "Legal protection of children against sexual" "exploitation in Taiwan: a socio-legal perspective"
17600: "SHEED F J" - "God and the human condition:" "Vol 1 - God and the human mind"
53820: SHEEHAN P A - My new curate: a story gathered from the stray leaves of an old diary
50389: SHEEHAN B A - Partners in covenant: the art of spiritual companionship
28889: "SHEEN J" - "Decorating with flowers"
71773: "SHEERIN J B" - "SACRAMENT OF FREEDOM:" "a book on confession"
17608: "SHEIL G L" - "Mother FA Forbes:" "Religious of the Sacred Heart"
17610: "SHELDRAKE P" - "Images of Holiness:" "explorations in contemporary spirituality"
33931: SHELDRAKE P - Spirituality and history: questions of interpretation and method
31115: SHELDRAKE P - Befriending our desires
17616: "SHELLEY P B" - "Poetry and Prose:" "with essays by Browning, Bagehot, Swinburne and reminiscences by others intro and notes by AMD Hughes"
17619: "SHELTON D" - "Remedies in International Human Rights Law"
44450: SHELTON C M - Morality of the Heart: a psychology for the Christian moral life
52217: SHENK W R - Write the vision: the church renewed (Christian Mission and modern culture)
58134: SHENK W R - Exploring church growth
48210: SHENNAN J H - Parlement of Paris
51005: SHEPHERD C - Blended learning cookbook
56884: BROOK-SHEPHERD G - Austrians: a thousand year odyssey
37690: "SHEPHERD D" - "Cordon bleu Christianity"
28127: "SHEPHERD E T" - "Moments with God:" "sermonettes"
28891: "SHEPHERD J" - "Multilevel English grammar programme:" "level 4 student's book, with answers"
28003: "SHEPHERD J J" - "Experience, inference and God" "(Library of Philosophy and Religion)"
33161: "SHEPHERD M H" - "Holy Communion:" "an anthology of Christian devotion"
17622: "SHEPHERD M H" - "Liturgy and Christian Faith"
22473: "SHEPHERD M H" - "Living liturgy"
51213: SHEPHERD B - Inspiring women: created as a woman
31781: "SHEPPARD G" - "Pits and pedestals:" "a journey towards self-respect"
36932: "SHEPPARD L" - "New liturgy:" "a comprehensive introduction to the New Liturgy as a whole and to its New Calendar, Order of Mass, Eucharistic Prayers, the Roman Canon, prefaces & the New Sunday Lectionary"
17642: "SHEPPARD W J L" - "Swedenborgianism"
17635: SHEPPARD G - Aspect of fear
71798: SHEPPARD L - TRUE WORSHIP: the fifth Downside Symposium (Contributors: I-H Dalmais, Gabriel Herbert, L Bouyer, JD Crichton, Paul Grammont, Basil Minchin)
66750: KELLY G & SHEPPARD L - Their future, our passion
54958: SHEPPARD H R L - We say No! the plain man's guide to pacifism
58082: SHEPPARD L C - Portrait of a parish priest: St John Vianney, the Curé d'Ars
17641: SHEPPARD L C - Curé d'Ars: portrait of a parish priest
44506: "COHN-SHERBOK D" - "Hebrew Bible"
24402: "COHN-SHERBOK D" - "Jewish mysticism:" "an anthology"
39355: COHN-SHERBOK D - Many mansions: interfaith and religious intolerance (Canterbury Papers)
33119: COHN-SHERBOK D - Tradition and unity: sermons published in honour of Robert Runcie (Canterbury Papers II)
67172: "LAMB C & COHN-SHERBOK D" - "Future of religion:" "postmodern perspectives [essays in honour of Ninian Smart]"
4615: "COHN-SHERBOK D" - "Canterbury papers:" "essays on religion & society"
54323: COHN-SHERBOK D - Jews of Canterbury 1760 - 1931
52815: COHN-SHERBOK - Jewish Heritage
73374: ROTHSCHILD S & SHERIDAN S - Taking up the timbrel: the challenge of creating ritual for Jewish women today
25739: "SHERIFF J P" - "How to write advertising features:" "a practical guide on writing advertising features for your local newspaper"
8274: SHERLOCK C - Overcoming of Satan: (GS17)
22507: "JENKINS C & SHERMAN B" - "Collapse of work"
23392: "SHERMAN M" - "Despots, democrats and the determinants of" "international conflict"
48438: SHERR J - Homoeopathic proving of chocolate
23040: "MANLEY I & SHERR A" - "Advising clients with HIV and AIDS"
54249: SHERRARD P - Church papacy and schism: a theological enquiry
53815: SHERRARD P - Church papacy and schism: a theological enquiry
29465: "SHERRATT N ET AL" - "Introduction to the social sciences:" "understanding social change (Workbook 1) [Part of Open University course DD100]"
33562: SHERWIN D R ET AL - Evangelism across the diocese: two diocesan initiatives in evangelism (GEv34)
17651: "SHEVILL I" - "Half time" "(autobiography of The Right Reverend The Bishop of North Queensland)"
47284: SHIDELER M M - Charles Williams: a critical essay (Contemporary writers in Christian perspective)
71808: "SHIELDS J A" - "Guide to Lourdes"
71459: "SCANLAN M & SHIELDS A T" - "And their eyes were opened:" "encountering Jesus in the sacraments"
51958: SHILLITO E - Francois Coillard: a wayfaring man
17653: "SHILLITO E" - "Outline of Church History:" "From the Acts of the Apostles to the Reformation (Contributions by CH Dodd CE Raven EG Selwyn et al)"
48198: SHILLITOE R - Counselling people with diabetes: (Communication and counselling in health care series)
71810: "SHINN R L" - "LIFE, DEATH AND DESTINY" "(Layman's theological Library)"
17654: "SHINN R L" - "New Directions in Theology Today:" "Vol 6 Man: the New Humanism"
17656: "SHIPLEY O" - "Tracts for the day [5]:" "essays on theological subjects (1) Priestly absolution; (2) Purgatory; (3) Seven sacraments; (4) Miracles & prayer; (5) Real presence"
54092: SHIRE M - L'chaim! Prayers and blessings for the home
7452: "GARRISON J & SHIVPURI P" - "Russian threat:" "its myths & realities"
17660: "SHLEMON B L" - "Healing prayer"
71816: "SHOEMAKER S" - "And they neighbor:" "talk about creative living"
71756: "SHOEMAKER S M" - "Conversion of the church" "[Oxford Group]"
44355: SHORT E H - History of religious architecture
11739: LEWIS C T & SHORT C - Latin Dictionary founded on Andrew's Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary revised, enlarged and in great part rewritten [no additional UK postage, please ask for quotation for overseas before ordering]
17663: "SHORT A R" - "Bible and modern research"
35807: "CHAMPION S G & SHORT D" - "Readings from world religions"
6247: "EDMONDSON V & SHORT D" - "Czech Republic" "(World Bibliographical Series 219)"
54165: SHORT A R - Rock beneath
17669: SHORTER A - Revelation and its interpretation (Introducing Catholic Theology)
45593: SHORTHOUSE J H - John Inglesant: a romance
52119: SHORTT C DE L - Who was the first Bishop of Rome
31413: "SHOTTER E F" - "Matters of life and death" "by Cicely Saunders, J Dominian, C Murray Parkes, G R Dunstant et al"
71833: "SHRIMPTON M" - "No time for tears:"
71834: "SHRISUNDER D S" - "Miracles all miracles" "[signed by author]"
39726: "SHRISUNDER D S" - "Pocket guide to Asian religions in Britain"
17674: "SHROPSHIRE D W T" - "Church and the primitive peoples:" "the religious institutions and beliefs of the Southern Bantu and their bearing on the Problems of the Christian Missionary"
40096: "SHROPSHIRE D W T" - "Primitive marriage and European law:" "a South African investigation"
42038: "BOYD W & SHUFFREY W A" - "Littondale: Past and present: Limited Edition No. 7 of 250:" "Part 1: Fifty years in Arncliffe, and Part 2: Halton Gill in the Olden time. , Leeds 155pp 6 etchings/13 text woodcuts, hardback, original light blue/cream gilt decorated binding,"
71837: "SHULMAN D D" - "King and the clown in South Indian myth and poetry"
22906: "SHUTTLEWORTH V" - "Special educational needs coordinator:" "maximising your potential"
51683: SICHEL E - Life and letters of Alfred Ainger
39050: SIDEBOTTOM E M - James, Jude and 2 Peter based on the Revised Standard Version (Century Bible new edition)
51342: SIDEBOTTOM E M - Good news of God : the teaching of the Gospel tradition
49731: SIDER R - Evangelism and social action: uniting the Church to heal a lost and broken world
71849: "SIDEY R P" - "Lover of God:" "select's from St.John of Cross; daily readings"
53848: SIDNEY P - Apologie for poetrie
41439: "SIEBENS A-R" - "L'Origine du code Deuteronomique:" "examen historique et litteraire du sujet a la lumiere de la critique contemporaine"
17693: "SIGGINS I D K" - "Luther"
17696: SIKER J S - Disinheriting the Jews: Abraham in early Christian controversy
27446: "SILBERMAN N A" - "Hidden scrolls:" "Christianity Judaism & the war for the Dead Sea Scrolls"
30226: "SILF M" - "Soul space:" "making a retreat in the Christian tradition"
26684: SILF M - Landmarks: an Ignatian journey
50383: SILF M - Taste and see: adventuring into prayer
31804: "SILF M" - "Miller's tale and other parables"
36912: SILF M - Wayfaring: a gospel journey into life
55497: SILF M - Daysprings: daily readings for a life with God
50385: SILF M - On prayer
46291: SILK D - Prayers for use at alternative services: compiled and adapted from ancient, medieval and modern sources
34491: "SILLEM E" - "Ways of thinking about God:" "Thomas Aquinas and some recent problems"
17701: "SILLITOE A F" - "Britain in figures:" "handbook of social statistics"
33673: "NEAMAN J S & SILVER C G" - "Dictionary of euphemisms"
27331: "SILVER H" - "Good schools effective schools: judgements and their" "histories (School development)"
29885: SILVERSIDES M - Folk religion: friend or foe? (GP25)
71858: SIMCOX C E - Living the Lord's Prayer
71860: "SIMCOX C E" - "Promises of God:" "an exercise in Biblical thinking"
71861: "SIMCOX C E" - "Living the Creed:" "a study of the Apostles' Creed"
52577: SIMCOX C E - Treasury of quotations on Christian themes
71862: SIMEON C - Let wisdom judge: University addresses and sermon outlines
23103: "SIMMONS M" - "Landscapes - of poverty:" "aspects of rural England in the late 1990s"
25692: "SIMMONS M" - "Street credo:" "churches in the community"
37074: "SIMMONS V G" - "Reform in Judaism"
46625: SIMMS G - In my understanding
28562: "ETHERIDGE D & SIMON E" - "Information networks:" "planning and design"
17711: "SIMON G" - "Church, State and Opposition in the U.S.S.R"
17726: "SIMON W G H" - "First Epistle to the Corinthians (TBC)"
17709: "SIMON B" - "Ragman's city"
17722: SIMON U E - End is not yet: a study in Christian Eschatology
17719: SIMON U - Theology observed
17724: SIMON U - Theology of crisis
17723: SIMON U - Story and faith in the biblical narrative
55523: SIMON B - Education and the social order 1940 - 1990
53875: RITCHIE R L G & SIMONS C I - Essays in translation from French
41442: "SIMPSON A E" - "So god loved:" "the place of the cross in the Christian religion"
41447: "SIMPSON J Y" - "Man and the attainment of immortality"
24269: SIMPSON R - How we grew a local ecumenical project (GP17)
51281: SIMPSON F A - Louis Napoleon and the recovery of France1848-1856
47644: SIMPSON R - Holy Island prayer book: morning, midday and evening prayer
17744: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Ministry and the eucharist"
39524: "POLACK A I & SIMPSON W W" - "Jesus in the background of history"
22773: "SIMPSON D" - "Political parties" "[Access to Politics]"
24128: "SIMPSON D" - "Pressure groups" "(Access to politics)"
22778: "SIMPSON D" - "UK Government and politics in context" "[Access to Politics]"
17734: SIMPSON D C - Pentateuchal criticism
71881: "SIMPSON H L" - "Nameless longing"
71885: "SIMPSON J A" - "There is a time to....:" "a down to earth presentation of Christianity as a way of life. It is primarily intended for people who hunger for meaning in life, people who would like to ""believe and find it hard to do so."
71888: "SIMPSON J B" - "Hundredth Archbishop of Canterbury"
17736: "SIMPSON J B" - "Long Shadows of Lambeth X:" "a critical eye witness account of the tenth decennial conference of 462 Bishops of the Anglican Communion"
71889: "SIMPSON J H" - "Garment of the living God:" "studies in the relations of science and religion"
17739: "SIMPSON P C" - "Evangelical Church Catholic:" "the thirteenth series of the Chalmers Lectures"
28707: "SIMPSON T" - "Cartoonist's bible"
71896: "SIMPSON W D" - "Perth and the Celtic church"
71900: "SIMPSON W W" - "Pentateuch:" "mini-commentary"
22439: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Celebrant of the eucharist"
68443: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Christian Doctrine of God:" "lectures delivered to the members of the S. Paul's lecture society"
17741: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Church and the Bible"
15092: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Non-communicating attendance"
39004: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "St Augustine's episcopate:" "a brief introduction to his writings as a Christian"
17735: SIMPSON J A - Master Mind: Jesus according to his enemies
47523: SIMPSON A - Blooming Dublin: choice change and contradictions
41448: "SIMPSON J G" - "What is the Gospel? or redemption:" "a study in the doctrine of Atonement"
41446: "SIMPSON P" - "Marguerite Bourgeoys and Montreal, 1640-1665"
41328: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Roman Catholic opposition to Papal infallibility"
41329: "SPARROW SIMPSON W J" - "Sacramental principles:" "an essay on the Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist"
46594: SIMPSON F A - Rise of Louis Napoleon
17747: SPARROW SIMPSON W J - Our Lord's Resurrection (Oxford Library of Practical Theology)
60489: SINCLAIR A & J - 120 illustrated bible limericks
28339: "SINCLAIR J H" - "Handbook of conveyancing practice in Scotland"
17752: "SINCLAIR R" - "Except we turn"
17754: "SINCLAIR R" - "When we pray:" "a method of prayer taught by G A Studdert Kennedy"
27110: "VERNON J & SINCLAIR R" - "Maintaining children in school:" "the contribution of social services departments"
50036: GOMEZ D W & SINCLAIR M W - To mend the net: Anglican faith and order for renewed mission
41444: "SINCLAIR J" - "Sermons and Charges:" "including Essay on Church Patronage; Sermon on divisions in the church; Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Middlesex, bound in one volume. [Very attractive binding - image available]"
46674: SINCLAIR W A - Traditional formal logic: short account for students
71907: "SINE T" - "Wild hope:" "crises facing the human community on the threshold of the 21st century: a rallying call to take charge and live creatively in a changing world"
24444: "SINETAR M" - "Spiritual intelligence:" "what we can learn from the early awakening child"
60649: SINGER C - Short history of science to the nineteenth century
32745: SINGER P - Hegel (Past masters)
25327: "SINGH B R" - "Improving gender and ethnic relations:" "strategies for schools and further education"
57071: SINGLETON M W - God's courier: configuring a different grace in George Herbert's Temple
49726: SIRE J W - Discipleship of the mind: learning to love God in the ways we think
23943: SIRE H J A - Father Martin D'Arcy: philosopher of Christian love
41486: "SIRR W" - "Watchman, what of the night?:" "the way of deliverance at hand for the prisoners of hope"
41449: "SISAM C & K" - "Salisbury Psalter" "edited from Salisbury Cathedral Ms. 150 (Early English Text Society No 242)"
48177: SISLEY - Chef d'oeuvre de l'art grands peintres: Sisley [in French]
26599: "EILEEN MARY SISTER" - "Pilgrimage and possession:" "conversion in the writings of St Teresa and St John of the Cross"
30973: JANE SISTER - Hidden joy
38503: "JANE SISTER" - "Surprised by joy:" "a history of the Community of the Servants of the Cross 1882-2004"
47316: ELIZABETH SISTER [ED PHILIPON] - Spritual writings: letters, retreats and unpublished notes
50173: RELIGIOUS SISTERS - Religious sisters: being the English version of Directoire des Superieures and Les adaptations de la vie religieuse
48663: SITWELL O - Left hand right hand (Vol 4: Laughter in the next room)
52486: SITWELL S - Homing of the winds and other passages in prose
21770: "SIVARAMAN K" - "Hindu spirituality:" "Vedas through Vedanta (World Spirituality)"
48093: SIVERTSEN B J - Parting of the sea: how volcanoes, earthquakes and plagues shaped the story of Exodus
71933: "SIWEK P" - "Riddle of Konnersreuth:" "a psychological & religious study [Theresa Neumann]"
71934: "SIX J-F" - "Light of the Night:" "the last eighteen months in the life of Therese of Lisieux"
55893: SIZMUR S - Just between friends
34478: SJOGREN P-O - Jesus prayer
56811: EVANDER S & SJOSTROM L - Svenska Kyrkan I London 1710 - 2000: en historia i ord och bilder
40398: "SKA J L" - "Introduzione alla lettura del pentateuco:" "chiavi per l'interpretazione dei primi cinque libri della Bbbia"
17770: "SKEAT W W" - "Vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman:" "by William Langland"
17771: SKEATS H S - History of the Free Churches of England 1688-1851
71935: "SKELLINGTON R" - """Race"" in Britain today"
7043: "FORRESTER D B & SKENE D" - "Just sharing:" "Christian approach to the distribution of wealth income & benefits"
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22863: "STANTON E C" - "Woman's Bible:" "the original feminist attack on the Bible reprint of Parts I & II of 1895/98 in one volume, a number of letters to ECS which appeared as an appendix to Part II have been removed due to lack of space"
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37117: "STAPLETON B" - "Hampshire of one hundred years ago" "[Photography throughout]"
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31127: STARKEY N - Ministry of the word: a handbook for preachers on the Common Worship Lectionary
22396: "STARLING A C" - "Seven ages of Christian worship:" "a simple text-book written for the Salisbury Diocesan Committe for religion in the home"
30827: HARRIS C & STARTUP R - Church in Wales: the sociology of a traditional institution
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72401: "STATHAM B" - "Angels in dark places:" "a process of becoming"
72402: "STATHAM S M" - "Short sermons for the Church's seasons"
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54725: STATIONS - Stations of the cross
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72409: "STEELE D" - "Love enthroned:"
54270: ADDISON J & STEELE R - Sir Roger de Coverley
49037: STEELE F M - Monasteries and religious houses of Great Britain and Ireland: with an appendix on the religious houses in America
25686: "STEEN R" - "This sporting life: cricket:" "inside tales from the men who made the game what it is today"
52212: STEER R - Church on fire: the story of Anglican Evangelicals
56604: STEER R - J Hudson Taylor: a man in Christ
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26830: "STEERE D V" - "Quaker spirituality:" "selected writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)"
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51659: STEEVENS G W - In India
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29100: "STEIL B" - "European equity markets:" "the state of the union and an agenda for the millennium"
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55723: STEIN R H - Gospels and tradition: studies on redaction criticism of the synoptic gospels
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18301: "STEINER G" - "After Babel:" "aspects of language and translation"
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52855: STEININGER V - Divorce: arguments for a change in the Church's discipline
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18305: "STEINMANN J" - "Prophete Jeremie:" "sa vie son oeuvre et son temps (Lectio Divina 9)"
56681: STEINMANN J - Pascal
40655: "STEINMANN J" - "Deuteronome" "(texte francais)"
18308: "STENDAHL" - "Scarlet and Black:" "a chronicle of the Nineteenth Century"
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44745: STENDHAL - Love (translated by G & S Sale)
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18314: "STENGEL E" - "Suicide and attempted suicide"
25207: "STENSTROM P" - "68000 microcomputer organization and programming"
21651: "STEPAN A" - "Democratizing Brazil:" "problems of transition and consolidation"
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63634: "ENGLAND STEPHEN J" - "ONE BAPTISM:" "Baptism and Christian unity, with special to Disciples of Christ"
21844: STEPHENS W P - Theology of Huldrych Zwingli
37550: "STEPHENS A J" - "Book of Common Prayer and administration of the" "sacraments & other rites... according to the use of the United C of E & Ireland, together with the Psalms... originally annexed to Stat. 17 & 18 Car. II.c.6. (Ir.) and now preserved in the Rolls' Office,
18321: "STEPHENS H M" - "Revolutionary Europe 1789-1815:" "Period VII"
1403: "STEPHENS W R W" - "Chichester" "(Diocesan Histories)"
18325: "STEPHENS W R W" - "English Church: vol 2" "from the Norman Conquest to the Accession of Edward I (1066-1272) (HEC 2)"
9007: "STEPHENS W R W" - "Helps to the study of the Bible" "being a companion to church worship"
18326: "STEPHENS W R W" - "Helps to the study of the Book of Common Prayer" "being a companion to Church Worship"
18330: "STEPHENS W R W" - "Saint John Chrysostom:" "his life and times; a sketch of the Church and the Empire in the Fourth Century"
33653: "STEPHENSEN P R" - "Sydney sails:" "the story of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron's first 100 years (1862-1962)"
32721: "STEPHENSON A M G" - "Rise and decline of English Modernism" "(The Hulsean Lectures 1979-80)"
18339: "STEPHENSON G M" - "Development of conscience"
22977: "STEPHENSON A M G" - "Anglicanism and the Lambeth conferences"
18338: STEPHENSON G - Edward Stuart Talbot 1844-1934
43391: "STERNE L" - "Life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and:" "a sentimental journey through France and Italy in 2 Vols"
55531: STETS - Book of prayers: prayers and reflections from students of the STETS ordination course 2002 - 2005
72432: "STEUART R H J" - "IN DIVERS MANNERS" "[dedicated to Lady Maud Birkbeck ""By her friend the author"" and signed]"
18342: "STEUART B" - "Development of Christian Worship:" "an outline of Liturgical history"
18203: ST JOHN STEVAS N - Life, death and the law: relationship between law and Christian morals in the English & American legal systems
18204: ST JOHN STEVAS N - Right to life
50933: STEVE M J - Living world of the Bible: the story of the people of God in a new historical and pictorial setting
41335: "STEVENS G B" - "Teaching of Jesus" "(New Testament handbooks)"
51966: STEVENS W B [ED GALBRAITH G] - Journal of the Rev William Bagshaw Stevens
18345: "STEVENS G B" - "Theology of the New Testament" "(International theological library)"
47091: STEVENS R - Everything is beautiful
41686: STEVENS C [FARJEON E] - Morning has broken
35461: "STEVENS H" - "Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition 1877" "or a bibliographical description of nearly 1000 representative Bibles in various languages... special edition revised and carefully corrected with additions"
18348: STEVENS R - Education and the death of love
52142: STEVENS M E - Temples tithes and taxes: the temple and the economic life of Ancient Israel
49301: STEVENSON R L - Inland voyage
30505: STEVENSON K - Jerusalem revisited: the liturgical meaning of Holy Week
35598: STEVENSON K E - Gregory Dix - 25 years on (Liturgical study 10)
41336: "STEVENSON F S" - "Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln:" "a contribution to the religious, political and intellectual history of the thirteenth century"
18367: "STEVENSON W B" - "Critical notes on the Hebrew text of the Poem of Job"
33239: "STEVENSON K" - "Fallible church:" "Lambeth essays"
72454: "STEVENSON R L" - "FATHER DAMIEN:" "an open letter to the Reverand Doctor Hyde of Honolulu from Robert Louis Stevenson"
58021: STEVENSON K - Take eat: reflections on the Eucharist
38063: "COTTON R & STEVENSON K" - "On the receiving end:" "how people experience what we do in church"
26651: "MUNDAY R & STEVENSON J A" - "Guns and violence:" "the debate before Lord Cullen"
39931: "STEVENSON B" - "Stevenson's book of quotations:" "classical and modern"
18352: "STEVENSON H F" - "Light upon the word:" "an anthology of evangelical spiritual writings, incl Philip Doddridge, George Whitefield, Henry Venn, John William Fletcher & Alexander Whyte, F B Meyer, G Campbell Morgan"
33167: "STEVENSON J S" - "Friend of little children:" "the story of our Lord's life told for children, illustrated with 12 colour plates by William Hole and numerous line drawings by C T Nightingale"
18361: "STEVENSON K E" - "Verdict on the Shroud:" "evidence for the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ"
18366: "STEVENSON R L" - "Familiar studies of Men and Books"
18369: "STEVENSON W B" - "Poem of Job: a literary study with a new translation" "(Schweich lectures 1943)"
55745: STEVENSON R L - Prayers written at Vailima: written out and illustrated by Alberto Sangorski
26577: STEVENSON J - New Eusebius: documents illus history of the church to AD 337
26827: STEVENSON R L - Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes
18355: STEVENSON J - New Eusebius: documents illustrating the history of the church to AD 337 revised with additional documents by W H C Frend
48698: STEVENSON R L - Familiar studies of Men and Books (Olive Classics)
21945: PERHAM M & STEVENSON K - Welcoming the light of Christ: a commentary on 'The promise of his glory: services and prayers for the season from All Saints to Candlemas'
54724: STEVENSON K - Watching and waiting: a guide to the celebration of Advent
22954: STEVENSON K - Authority and freedom in liturgy (GLS17)
32719: STEVENSON K - All the company of heaven: a companion to the principal festivals of the Christian year
45184: STEVENSON R L - St Ives [Everyman's Library]
22355: STEVENSON K - Family services (Alcuin Club Manual 3)
57821: STEVENSON R - Christmas sermon and other essays
55955: STEVENSON K W ET AL - Anglican marriage rites: a symposium (Joint Liturgical Studies 71)
18360: STEVENSON K - Liturgy reshaped (festscrift for 65th birthday of Geoffrey Cuming)
8657: HARFORD G & STEVENSON M - Prayer Book Dictionary
55560: STEVENSON R L - Master of Ballantrae: a Winter's tale (Nelson Classics)
49930: ROSS A & STEVENSON M M - Romans (Interpretation Bible Studies)
18371: "STEWARD D" - "Ark of God: studies in five modern novelists -" "James Joyce, Aldous Huxley, Graham Greene, Rose Macaulay, Joyce Cary (WT Whitley lectures 1960)"
39457: "STEWART D" - "Round Mosaic:" "is the first of a trilogy to be entitled The Sequence of Roles"
63738: "STEWART D R" - "Literature of theology:" "a guide for students and pastors"
35464: "STEWART J A" - "Notes on the Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle," "in two volumes"
27833: "STEWART K" - "Croft in the hills"
23614: "STEWART P" - "Beyond Japanese management:" "the end of modern times?"
18389: STEWART R A - Rabbinic theology: an introductory study
18390: "STEWART S" - "Expanded voice:" "the art of Thomas Traherne"
40271: "STEWART R L" - "Catholics and Methodists:" "an introduction to the work of the Joint Commissions between the World Methodist Council and the Roman Catholic Church since 1967"
56268: STEWART D - T E Lawrence: a new biography
40674: "STEWART C W" - "Minister as marriage counselor"
18384: "STEWART J S" - "Preaching (TYB):" "the Warrack Lectures first published under the title Heralds of God together with a new preface for this edition"
23086: STEWART K - Post in the hills
72477: "STEWART J H" - "GREATER EVE, or," "The throne of the Virgin Mother: six essays on the position of Mary in Catholic theology"
46123: STEWART J - Archaeological guide and glossary
51592: STEWART J A - Spurgeon glorious Spurgeon
52146: STEWART D - 101 questions people ask most about jesus
49548: STEWART L P ET AL - Communication between the sexes: sex differences and sex-role stereotypes
64902: "JOHN J & STIBBE M" - "Big picture:" "finding the spiritual message in movies"
43446: STIBBE M W G - John: readings a new biblical commentary
18393: STIBBS A M - First Epistle General of Peter (TNTC)
31974: STIBBS A M - Finished work of Christ (Tyndale biblical theology lecture 1952)
49953: STIBBS A - Such a great salvation: the collected essays of Alan Stibbs
72483: "STICKLAND M" - "No mask required:" "have you got the face to be a Christian?"
49730: STILLER B C - Don't let Canada die by neglect and other essays
40175: "STILLING P J, WILD K & SHARP D" - "Company accounting requirements:" "a practical guide"
37096: "STIRTON P" - "Renaissance painting" "[Over 100 illustrations in colour]"
54722: STIVER D R - Theology after Ricoeur: new directions in hermeneutical theology
18398: "STOBART J C" - "Glory that was Greece:" "4th ed edited & revised by RJ Hopper"
18399: "STOBART J C" - "Grandeur that was Rome"
35116: "STOBART J W H" - "Islam and its founder, with map" "(Non-Christian Religious Systems)"
72755: "TALLEY J & STOBBE L H" - "LIFE AFTER DIVORCE:" "a single mother's guide"
35463: "STOCK S G" - "Stoicism" "(Philosophies ancient and modern)"
18401: STOCK E - History of the Church Missionary Society (Vols I II & III): its environment, its men and its work
56267: STOCKING J - Laughing with God
18402: STOCKS M - Unread Best-Seller: reflections on the Old Testament
52505: STOCKS J L - Aristotelianism (Key Texts: classic studies in the history of ideas)
18406: "STOCKWOOD M" - "Christianity and Marxism:" "three lectures given in the University Church of St Mary, Oxofrd"
41280: "STODDARD L" - "New world of Islam"
49598: STODDARD J L - Glimpses of the world: a portfolio of photographs prepared under the supervision of John L Stoddard
18411: "STODDART J T" - "Old Testament in life and literature"
57461: STOEFFLER F E - Continental pietism and early American Christianity
52020: STOEVER W K B - Faire and easie way to heaven: covenant theology and antinomianism in early Massachusetts
53365: SCHWANK B & STOGER A - Two epistles of St Peter (New Testament for Spiritual Reading)
25090: "LORRAIN D & STOKER G" - "Privatization of urban services in Europe" "(Social changes in Western Europe)"
18417: "STOKES M B" - "Talking with God"
41296: STOKES G T - Some worthies of the Irish Church: lectures delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin
53993: STONE I - Men to match my mountains: the opening of the far west 1840 - 1900

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