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47397: SALVATORE R A - Verwunschene Tal Damonendammerung 3
34957: "SALWEY R" - "Beloved Commander"
52642: SAMAY S - Reason revisited: the philosophy of Karl Jaspers
52215: SINGH SAMBHI P - Guru Granth Sahib (Discovering sacred texts)
23161: "SAMBHI P S" - "Sikhism" "(World Religions series)"
26866: COLE W O & SINGH SAMBHI P - Sikhs: their religious beliefs and practices
54980: SAMMON B T - God who is beauty: beauty as a divine name in Thomas Aquinas and Dionysius the Areopagite (Princeton theological monograph series)
51212: SAMMONS P - Empty promise of godism
55023: SAMPLE T - Human nature interest and power: a critique of Reinhold Niebuhr's social thought
44386: "FRANCIS F O & SAMPLEY J P" - "Pauline parallels"
17082: "SAMPSON A" - "Changing anatomy of Britain"
33682: "SAMPSON H" - "Dumpty book of ships and the sea" "[over 1500 illustrations]"
71326: SAMPSON P ET AL - FAITH AND MODERNITY [Contributors include James D Hunter, Lesslie Newbigin, Elaine Storkey, Vinay Samuel, Os Guinness]
51464: SAMPSON A - This war and christian ethics: a symposium
46934: SAMPSON S - Confronting Jezebel
17085: "SAMPSON G" - "Mystery of faith - the real presence:" "simple devotional expositions of the Holy Scriptures on the blessed sacrament [signed by author]"
55503: SAMPSON W P - Meeting Jesus
17086: "SAMUEL D H" - "Threefold cord:" "philosophy, science, religion - a discussion between Viscount Samuel and Prof. H Dingle"
55522: SAMUEL R - Village life and labour (History Workshop Series)
49776: SAMUEL L - Personal witness
49849: SAMWAYS J - More to life: a model for mission for the local church in the 21st century (Ev 90)
54005: SANCTUARY - Sanctuary of our Mother of Good Counsel Genazzano
17095: SANDAY W - Life of Christ in Recent Research
17090: "SANDAY W" - "Christologies ancient and modern"
17091: "SANDAY W" - "Christology and personality containing" "I. Christologies ancient and modern II. Personality in Christ and in Ourselves"
17092: "SANDAY W" - "Christology and personality containing" "I. Christologies ancient and modern II. Personality in Christ and in Ourselves"
17093: "SANDAY W" - "Criticism of the Fourth Gospel:" "eight lectures on the Morse Foundation delivered in the Union Seminary New York in October & November 1904"
71341: "SANDAY W" - "DIFFERENT CONCEPTIONS OF PRIESTHOOD AND SACRIFICE:" "a report of a conference held at Oxford, December 13 and 14, 189"
39928: "SANDAY W" - "Oracles of God:" "nine lectures on the nature and extent of biblical inspiration and on the special significance of the Old Testament scriptures at the present time"
17097: "SANDAY W" - "Personality in Christ and in Ourselves"
39937: "SANDAY W ET AL" - "Criticism of the New Testament:" "St Margaret's lectures 1902"
17107: "SANDERS E K" - "Vincent de Paul:" "Priest and Philanthropist: 1576-1660 with eight reproductions from engravings in the Bibliotheque Nationale"
64587: "GOODALL J & SANDERS K" - "Changing world - unchanging values:" "Christian faith in medical practice"
17105: SANDERS E K - Sainte Chantal 1572-1641: a study in vocation
17116: "SANDERS E P" - "Paul: a very short introduction" "[first published in the Past Masters series 1991 0192876791]"
39973: "SANDERS J N" - "Foundations of the Christian Faith:" "a study of the teaching of the New Testament in the light of historical criticism"
39923: "SANDERS J N" - "Fourth gospel in the early church:" "its origin and influence on Christian theology up to Irenaeus"
71467: "SANDERS W" - "John Donne's poetry"
44907: SANDERS J T - Charisma, converts, competitors: societal and sociological factors in the success of early Christianity
40622: "MASON M & SANDERS M" - "City companion"
17106: "SANDERS E K" - "S. Francois de Sales 1567-1622"
52736: SANDERS J T - Ethics in the New Testament: change and development
30511: SANDERS E P - Paul (Past masters)
17109: SANDERS E P - Historical figure of Jesus
41065: MEYER B F & SANDERS F P - Jewish and Christian self-definition: Volume Three: Self-definition in the Graeco-Roman period
21679: SANDERS E P - Historical figure of Jesus
55656: SANDERS J - No other name: an investigation into the destiny of the unevangelized
55644: SANDERS J - God who risks: a theology of providence
33559: SANDERSON D - Work and office of an evangelist (GEv31)
32198: SANDERSON D - Getting started in evangelism: some basic principles (GEv17)
48562: SANDERSON T - Making gay relationships work: a handbook for male couples
29258: "SANDERSON I" - "Management of quality in local government"
39919: "SANDERSON R" - "Works of Robert Sanderson in 6 volumes:" "now first collected by William Jacobson [referenced edition]"
39924: "SANDERSON R E" - "Life of the waiting soul:" "in the intermediate state"
40845: SANDERSON R - Bishop Sanderson's Lectures on conscience and human law: delivered in the Divinity school at Oxford edited in an English translation with a preface by Christopher Wordsworth
17134: "SANDERSONO R" - "Obligatione Conscientiae:" "praelectiones decem: Oxonii in schola theologica habitae AD MDCXLVII, bound with, De Juramenti promifforii Obligatione Pralectiones Septem. Habitae in Schola Theologica Oxon... AD MDCXLVI"
30879: "SANDFORD E G" - "Frederick Temple:" "an appreciation with a biographical intro by William Temple"
17137: "SANDFORD J" - "Down & out in Britain"
71468: "SANDFORD J & P" - "Elijah task:" "a call to today's prophets and intercessors"
17135: SANDFORD E G - Memoirs of Archbishop Temple: by seven friends (2 volume set)
37302: "SANDMEL S" - "First Christian century in Judaism and Christianity:" "certainties and uncertainties"
17141: "SANDMEL S" - "Enjoyment of Scripture:" "the law the prophets & the writings"
17142: "SANDMEL S" - "Old Testament Issues"
17143: "SANDMEL S" - "Several Israels and an essay:" "Religion and modern man"
53832: SANDNES J ET AL - Trondheim: one thousand years in the city of St Olav
17144: "SANDS E" - "Living liturgy:" "companion to the mass for Sundays & major feasts Vol II Mark Cycle Yr B"
17157: SANFORD J A - Ministry burnout
36909: "SANFORD J A" - "Between people:" "communicating one-to-one"
34445: "SANFORD J A" - "Kingdom within:" "a study of the inner meaning of Jesus' sayings"
56107: SANFORD W - Daily life in bible times: study course for youth and adults
17161: "SANGSTER P" - "Pity my simplicity:" "the evangelical revival and the religious education of children 1738-1800"
17162: "SANGSTER P E" - "Speech in the pulpit"
17171: "SANGSTER W E" - "Prayer" "(Christian beliefs)"
55566: SANGSTER W E - Craft of sermon construction
71250: SANKEY I D - My life and sacred songs
71411: "SANSBURY K" - "TRUTH, UNITY AND CONCORD:" "Anglican faith in an ecumenical setting"
8256: SANSOM M - Liturgy for Ordination: the Series 3 Services, intro and comm (GMW 60)
53831: SANTAYANA G - Reason in religion (Volume III of the life of reason or the phases of human progress)
55502: SANTER M - Church's sacrifice
48151: SANTINI L - Michaelangelo: painter - sculptor - architect
47650: SANTINI L - Verona [Guide with plan]
71416: "SAPIETS M" - "Unknown homeland:" "a Samizdat manuscript translated by Marite Sapiets [The true story of Father Pavel and his life during the Soviet Revolution]"
23597: "ELAYI J & SAPIN J" - "Beyond the river:" "new perspectives on transeuphratene (JSOTSS 250)"
71417: "SAPONARO M" - "Fishers of men" "translated from the Italian"
43651: SAPPINGTON T J - Letting God be judge: recognizing the impact of ungodly judgements and dealing with them
22884: "ABBOTT P & SAPSFORD R" - "Research into practice:" "a reader"
17186: "SARAPION [WORDSWORTH]" - "Bishop Sarapion's Prayer Book:" "an Egyptian sacramentary dated probably about A.D.350-356 with introduction, notes, and indices by John Wordsworth (Translations of Christian Literature series III Liturgical Texts)"
44806: "SARGEAUNT J" - "Poems of John Dryden"
71419: "SARGENT M" - "Sacrament of the altar"
43752: "SARIS W" - "Living the faith together"
48464: SARKISSIAN K - Armenian Christian tradition in Iran
17191: "SAROLEA C" - "Count L.N. Tolstoy:" "his life and work"
46784: SAROLEA C - Anthologie des poetes lyriques francais
51701: SAROLEA C - Count L N Tolstoy: his life and work
39729: "SARTRE J-P" - "Existential psychoanalysis"
32646: SARTRE J-P - Words
53860: SARTRE J-P - Being and nothingness: an essay on phenomenological ontology
17195: "SARUM" - "Sarum missal in English: Part I & Part II newly trans by" "F E Warren (Library of Liturgiology & Ecclesiology edited by Vernon Staley - original red bindings with slightly rubbed & bumped corners)"
39911: "SARUM" - "Hymnale secundum usum insignis ac praeclarae" "ecclesiae Sarisburiensis: accedunt hymni quidam secundum usus matris eccleslae Eboracensis et isignis eccleslae Herford"
35064: "SARUM" - "Sarum missal English: Part I & Part II newly trans by" "F E Warren (Library of Liturgiology & Ecclesiology edited by Vernon Staley - vol 1 original red binding faded rubbed & bumped corners spine rebacked but faded Pt II reference binding in brown buckr
40010: SARUM - Sarum Missal: Missale, ad Usum, Insignis et Praeclarae Ecclesiae: done into English and abridged
17198: "SASSOON S" - "Meredith"
29831: "DE SATGE" - "Letters to an Ordinand:" "a study in vocation"
17199: "DE SATGE J" - "Mary and the Christian gospel"
55880: SATTERLEE A - Turning points: how the Salvation Army found a different path
43540: SATYAVRATA I - Holy spirit: Lord and life-giver
17201: SAUER E - Dawn of World Redemption: a survey of the History of Salvation in the Old Testament
71433: "SAUNDERS J" - "Frontiers of Aquarious:" "the human situation: a new dimension"
27567: "LLEWELIN P & SAUNDERS A" - "AA book of British towns"
17207: "SAUNDERS I" - "Taxation Judicial Review and other Remedies"
35110: "SAUNDERS K J" - "Buddhism in the modern world"
35108: "SAUNDERS K J" - "Gotama Buddha:" "a biography (based on the Canonical Books of the Theravadin) (Heritage of India)"
35111: "SAUNDERS K J" - "Story of Buddhism"
71434: "SAUNDERS R" - "Lord of the abandoned:" "the dramatic story of one man's calling to love the unlovely"
71431: "SAUNDERS E" - "Lourdes"
48486: SCHUR H & SAUNDERS W L - Education and training for scientific and technological library and information work
27870: "SAVAGE G" - "Dictionary of 19th century antiques, and later objets d'art"
39622: "SAVAGE H E" - "Gospel of the kingdom:" "or the sermon on the mount, considered in the light of contemporary Jewish thought and ideals"
71437: "SAVAGE K" - "History of world religions:" "maps by Richard Natkiel"
54688: SAVARY L M - Cycles: the third year: growing together in the spirit
39623: "SAVIDGE A" - "Foundation and early years of Queen Anne's bounty"
17214: SAVIDGE A - Parsonage in England: its history & architecture with foreword by Sir N Pevsner
49424: SAVILLE D - Called to the ministry
17216: "SAVOIE P" - "Sketch map book of the Bible lands"
49016: SAVONAROLA J - Sorrow and hope: a meditation on the thirty-first psalm
17221: SAWARD M - Anglican Church Today: Evangelicals on the move (Lambeth Series)
53416: SAWARD J - Way of the lamb: the spirit of childhood and the end of the age
15941: "QUEBEDEAUX R & SAWATSKY R" - "Evangelical-Unification dialogue"
40079: "SAWER G" - "Law in society"
17227: SAWYER J F A - Isaiah Vol 2 (DSB OT)
26182: "ARESTIS P & SAWYER M" - "Political economy of economic policies"
17225: SAWYER J F A - From Moses to Patmos: new perspectives in Old Testament study
49126: SAWYER J F A - Reading Leviticus: a conversation with Mary Douglas (JSOT 227)
26702: SAXBEE J - Liberal evangelism: a flexible reponse to the decade
53857: SAYCE A H - Social life among the assyrians and babylonians (By-paths of Bible Knowledge XVIII)
39942: "SAYEGH M" - "Eastern churches and Catholic unity"
43418: SAYER G - Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis
46107: SAYERS S - Living stones: all age resource for the Common Worship: lectionary year A - Boulders, 11 - 14 year olds
51755: SAYERS E & R - Following in their steps: short biographies for the Holy Days of the Revised Common Lectionary
17251: SAYERS S - Springboard two: ideas and resources for all-age worship
30568: "SAYERS J E" - "Papal government and England during the pontificate" "of Honorius III (1216-1227)"
21777: "SAYERS S" - "Growing:" "a comprehensive parish youth programme"
17249: "SAYERS S" - "New intercessions for the Church year:" "weekly companion to the ASB"
26950: "SAYERS S" - "Springboard to worship:" "ideas and resources for Sundays and Festivals: a companion to ASB years 1 & 2"
17234: SAYERS D L - Creed or Chaos?: and other essays in popular theology
52956: SAYERS D ET AL - Essays presented to Charles Williams
47365: SAYLES G O - King's Parliament of England
55565: SAYLES G O - Medieval foundations of England
29222: "GALE S & SCANLAN G" - "Family business"
48563: EHRET C F & SCANLON L W - Overcoming jet lag
48726: SCARFE B L - Cycles growth and inflation: a survey of contemporary macrodynamics (Advanced Book Program)
40089: "SCARMAN L" - "English law:" "the new dimension"
40088: "SCARMAN L" - "Law reform:" "the new pattern"
54496: SCHABERG J - Illegitimacy of Jesus: a feminist theological interpretation of the infancy narratives
36596: "SCHADEL E" - "Bibliotheca trinitatiorum:" "internationale bibliographie trinitarischer literatur"
17262: "SCHAEFFER E" - "Affliction:" "compassionate practical help for all who suffer"
17268: "SCHAEFFER F A" - "Church at the end of the twentieth century"
34961: "SCHAEFFER F ET AL" - "Who is for peace?"
17264: "SCHAEFFER E" - "Lifelines:" "ten commandments for today"
48863: SCHAFER D - Judeophobia: attitudes toward the Jews in the Ancient World
29856: "SCHAFF P" - "Religious encyclopaedia, or dictionary of biblical," "historical, doctrinal, and practical theology, in 3 volumes based on the Real-Encyklopadie of Herzog, Plitt and Hauck,"
17275: "SCHAFF P" - "History of the Christian Church Vol 2:" "Ante Nicene Christianity AD. 100-325"
54071: SCHAFF P - History of the Christian Church complete in 8 volumes Multi volume set but no additional postage for UK please ask for quotation for overseas
71489: "SCHAPER D" - "Stripping down:" "the art of spiritual restoration"
39329: "SCHARBERT J" - "Solidaritat in segen und fluch im Alten Testament" "und in seiner umwelt: Band 1: Vaterfluch und Vatersegen [Bonner Biblische Beitrage 14]"
44720: "SCHARFSTEIN B A" - "Mystical experience"
37969: "SCHARLIEB M" - "Sex instruction" "(Congress Books: 23)"
71490: "SCHEFFBUCH W" - "Christians under the hammer and sickle"
52687: SCHEFFCZYK L - Creation and providence
48710: PASINETTI L L & SCHEFOLD B - Impact of Keynes on economics in the 20th century
48953: DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD SCHEME - Guide to the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme for girls
44645: "SCHENK W" - "Reginald Pole, Cardinal of England"
17289: "SCHERER P" - "Word God Sent"
53856: SCHERER M R - Marvels of ancient Rome
46098: SCHIEDERMAIR W & SCHERG J - Denkmalfibel: hinweise zu Denkmalschutz und Denkmalpflege in Bayern
51561: SCHEZEN R - Visions of ancient America
30567: "SCHIELER C E" - "Theory and practice of the confessional:" "a guide in the administration of the sacrament of penance"
51307: SCHIFFMAN M - Techniques for personal growth (Self Therapy)
23309: "SCHILDGEN B D" - "Crisis and continuity:" "times in the Gospel of Mark (JSNTSS 159)"
36769: SCHILLEBEECKX E - God is new each moment by Edward Schillebeeckx in conversation with Huub Oosterhuis and Piet Hoogeveen
10405: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Christ: Christian experience in the modern world
21665: "SCHILLEBEECKX E" - "Christ the sacrament of encounter with God"
17306: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Revelation and theology
29601: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Jesus: an experiment in Christology
39943: SCHILLEBEECKX E - I am a happy theologian: conversations with Francesco Strazzari
17299: SCHILLEBEECKX E - God among us: the Gospel proclaimed
17295: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Church with a human face:
44284: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Understanding of faith: interpretation and criticism
13338: METZ J-B & SCHILLEBEECKX - Teaching authority of the believers (Concilium 180)
35547: SCHILLEBEECKX E - God the future of man (Theological soundings 5/1)
17303: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Jesus: an experiment in Christology
49273: SCHILLER [ED GARLAND] - Wilhelm Tell
53855: SCHILLER F - Erlauterungen zu schillers wilhelm tell
50632: KEENE R & SCHILLER E - World champion combinations
17309: SCHILLING S P - Contemporary continental theologians
56288: SCHILLING H K - New consciousness in science and religion
53137: SCHINDLER D C - Perfection of freedom: Schiller, Schelling and Hegel between the ancients and the moderns
52867: SCHIPPERGES H - World of Hildegard of Bingen: her life, times and visions
17311: SCHLAFER D J - Surviving the sermon: a guide to preaching for those who have to listen
44116: SCHLAGEL R H - Vanquished Gods: science religion and the nature of belief (Prometheus Lecture Series)
71506: "SCHLATTER V" - "Where is the body?:" "discovering the Church in the heart of Israel"
17312: "SCHLATTER A" - "Church in the New Testament period"
21824: SCHLEIERMACHER F - Christian faith: English translation of 2nd German edition edited by H R Mackintosh and J S Stewart
71507: SCHLEIERMACHER F - On religion: speeches to its cultured despisers
24820: "SCHLESINGER R" - "Marx:" "his time and ours (ILSSR)"
71511: "SCHLIER H" - "Relevance of the New Testament"
17318: "SCHLINK M B" - "Israel my chosen people:" "a German confession before God and the Jews (ESMD 1)"
74346: "SCHLINK M B" - "Keeping in touch with God"
71516: "SCHLINK B" - "Holy Land today"
71521: "SCHLITT D M" - "Divine subjectivity:" "understanding Hegel's philosophy of religion"
30818: "SCHLOSSBERG H" - "Silent revolution and the making of Victorian England"
54243: SCHMEMANN A - Presence of Mary (Saint Athanasius Study Series): Part I With humanity; Part II in Orthodox worship; Part III Through the Holy Spirit
17329: SCHMEMANN A - Great lent: journey to Pascha
17332: "SCHMIDII E" - "Novi Testamenti Graeci Tameion:" "aliis Concordantiae"
39759: "KUNG H & SCHMIDT H" - "Global ethic and global responsibilities:" "two declarations"
35259: "SCHMIDT A-M" - "John Calvin and the Calvinistic tradition" "(Men of wisdom)"
39221: "SCHMIDT H" - "Eyxapiethpion:" "studien zur religion und literatur des Alten und Neuen Testaments: Herman Gunkel zum 60 Geburtstage, dem 23 Mai 1922 dargebracht von seinen Schulern und freunden"
22691: "SCHMIDT W H" - "Faith of the Old Testament:" "a history"
40512: "SCHMIDT W H" - "Alttestamentlicher Glaube in seiner Geschichte"
56285: LABAHN M & SCHMIDT A - Jesus Mark and Q: the teaching of Jesus and its earliest records (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series 214)
42013: SCHMIDT H - Psalmen: [Handbuch zum Alten Testament 15]
48422: SCHMIDT P - Art of interrogation: the homoeopathic consultation
71536: "SCHMIERER D" - "Ounce of prevention:" "preventing the homosexual condition in today's youth"
17336: SCHMITHALS W - Introduction to the theology of Rudolf Bultmann
48213: SCHMITT J J - Isaiah and his interpreters
52081: SOUTHERN R W & SCHMITT F S - Memorials of St Anselm (Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi I)
56284: SCHMITZ L - History of Latin literature (Collins School Series)
37086: "SCHMOLLER O" - "Concordantiae Novi Testamenti graeci" "in augustum deductae (Pocket size)"
54076: SCHMOLLER O - Handkonkordanz zum griechischen Neuen Testament (Text nach Nestle):Concordantiae Novi Testamenti graeci in augustum deductae (Greek Text)
17341: "SCHNACKENBURG R" - "Baptism in the Thought of St Paul;" "a study of pauline theology trans by P Beasley-Murray"
44685: "SCHNACKENBURG R" - "Christ present and coming"
44096: SCHNACKENBURG R - All things are possible to believers: reflections on the Lord's Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount
49333: SCHNEEMELCHER W - New Testament Apocrypha: Volume II Writings relating to the Apostles Apocalypses and related subjects revised edition of the collection initiated by Edgar Hennecke edited by R McL Wilson
71542: SCHNEIDERS S M - NEW WINE-SKINS: re-imaging religious life today
50819: STRECKER G & SCHNELLE U - Einfuhrung in die Neutesamentliche Exegese
45210: SCHNITZLER A [MACPHERSON] - Zwei tiroler novellen: I. Der blinde Geronimo und sein bruder and II. Die weissagung
54248: SCHNURER G [UNDEREINER G J TRANSLATOR] - Church and culture in the Middle Ages: Volume I 350 - 814
28465: "SCHOFIELD I" - "Aspects of Huddersfield:" "discovering local history"
71550: SCHOFIELD J N - LAW PROPHETS AND WRITINGS: religion of the books of the Old Testament
71544: "SCHOFIELD C E" - "Gospel of opportunity:" "ventures in interpretation of the Gospel of Jesus"
71546: "SCHOFIELD G" - "Crime before Calvary:" "Heriodias, Herod Antipas, and Pontius Pilate: a new interpretation"
71545: "SCHOFIELD G" - "Why was He killed?:" "the Jewish people and the death of Jesus"
41423: "SCHOFIELD J N" - "Archaeology and the after-life"
52578: SCHOFIELD N - Roman miscellany: the English in Rome 1550 - 2000
71551: SCHOKEL L A - Inspired word: scripture in the light of language and literature
49364: SCHOLES P A - Radio Times music handbook: being a complete reference giving both meaning and pronunciation of the technical words found in programmes
60119: "SCHOLES A K" - "What Christianity is all about:" "how you can know and enjoy God"
55499: SCHOLFIELD R - Bordering on faith: developing orthopraxis in response to spiritual need
41421: "SCHONFIELD H J" - "Bible was right:" "new light on the New Testament"
22387: "SHERBORNE SCHOOL" - "Hymns for the use of Sherborne School 1888"
33677: "SCHOOLGIRLS" - "Schoolgirls' story book"
52274: SCHORI K J - Wing and a prayer: a message of faith and hope
40166: "SCHOTT S" - "Altagyptische Liebeslieder:" "mit Marchen und Liebesgeschichten"
44791: "SCHOTT S" - "Chants d'amour de l'Egypte ancienne (L'Orient illustre ancien 9);" "traduit de l'allemand par Paule Kreiger"
35581: SOELLE D & SCHOTTROFF L - Jesus of Nazareth
17369: "SCHOTTROFF L" - "Lydia's impatient sisters:" "a feminist social history of early christianity"
41426: "SCHOUPPE F X" - "Elementa theologiae dogmaticae e probatis auctoribus" "collecta et divini verbi ministerio, in two volujes"
40183: "SCHOUSBOE J" - "Secte juive de l'allinace nouvelle au pays de damas et le" "Christianisme naissant"
41415: SCHRADER E - Cuneiform inscriptions and the Old Testament translated from the second enlarged German edition by O C Whitehouse, in two volumes
17371: "SCHRAGE W" - "Ethics of the New Testament"
40200: "SCHREIDEN J" - "Enigmes des manuscrits de la Mer Morte"
17373: "SCHREIN S" - "Quilting and Braiding:" "the feminist christologies of Salle McFague and Elizabeth A Johnson in Conversation"
29786: LUDEMANN G & SCHRODER M - Die religionsgeschichtliche Schule in Gottingen eine Dokumentation mit 80 Abbildungen
71563: "SCHRODER A" - "Catherine:" "(The Saints in Legend and Art Vol 17)"
47787: SCHUBERT F - Symphony No 8 D759 unfinished B minor miniature score [Edition Eulenburg No 403]
12079: SCHUBERT F - Lord is my shepherd: (Octavo Anthems 594)
71565: "SCHUBERT E S" - "Time for God:" "personal retreat"
47811: SCHUBERT F - VIII symphonie (inachevee) miniature score
49124: SCHULER P L - Genre for the gospels: the biographical character of Matthew
17378: "SCHULTZ H J" - "Jesus in his time" "(essays by B Reicke, K Koch, R Schnackenburg et al)"
53828: SCHULTZ R L - Church and the city: a social history of 150 years at Saint James Chicago
71570: "SCHULTZ K A" - "Calming the stormy seas of stress"
35187: "SCHUON F" - "Understanding Islam"
22557: SCHURER E - History of the Jewish people in the age of Jesus Christ rev & trans G Vermes, F Millar & M Black Volume I and II ONLY lacks Vol III Pt I and Pt II
17384: "SCHURMANN H" - "Jesu Abendmahlshandlung als Zeichen fur die Welt;" "drei vortrage (Die Botschaft Gottes II:27)"
17385: "SCHURMANN H" - "Jesu ureigener Tod:" "exegetische Besinnungen und Ausblick"
17386: "SCHUSTER G" - "Christianity and human relations in industry"
17387: SCHUTZ R [BROTHER ROGER OF TAIZE] - This day belongs to God: trans by J C Dickinson
17389: "SCHUTZ R" - "Violent for Peace"
34027: BERGAN J S & SCHWAN S M - Love: a guide for prayer (Take and receive series)
35102: BERGAN J S & SCHWAN S M - Birth: a guide for prayer (Take and receive series)
31409: BERGAN J S & SCHWAN M - Praying with Ignatius of Loyola (Companions for the journey)
47093: SCHWARTZ S - Day by day (Godspell)
24125: "SCHWARTZ G" - "Bets and scams:" "a novel of the art world"
17393: "SCHWARZ W" - "Updating God"
54298: SCHWARZ H - Christology
47384: ANDREAS M & SCHWEIKART E & H - Mein erstes Kinderlexikon
30833: "SCHWEIKER W" - "Responsibility and Christian ethics" "(New studies in Christian ethics)"
17403: "SCHWEITZER A" - "Paul and his interpreters:" "a critical history"
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55299: SHAKESPEARE N - Londoners
46701: SHAKESPEARE W - Poems (Arden edition of the works of William Shakespeare)
51648: SHAKESPEARE W [ED URE] - King Richard II [Arden Shakespeare]
52530: SHALOM - Shalom and Israel: a message of peace in Israel's postage stamps
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39431: SHANKS H - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: a reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review
24373: SHANKS H - Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism: a parallel history of their origins & early development
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71717: "SHARROCK R" - "LIFE AND STORY IN THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS" "[Friends of Dr Williams's Library 32rd Lecture 1978]"
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17595: "SHAW W" - "Spying in Furu land:" "inside Britain's cults"
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54164: HARRIS H & SHAW J - Women and episcopacy
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71729: "SHAW R D" - "PAULINE EPISTLES:" "introductory and expository studies"
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26131: "SHEE A H L" - "Legal protection of children against sexual" "exploitation in Taiwan: a socio-legal perspective"
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53820: SHEEHAN P A - My new curate: a story gathered from the stray leaves of an old diary
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28889: "SHEEN J" - "Decorating with flowers"
51310: SHEEN F J - Eternal Galilean
71773: "SHEERIN J B" - "SACRAMENT OF FREEDOM:" "a book on confession"
19735: UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD - Religious education in secondary schools: a survey & a syllabus prepared by U of Sheffield Institute of Education
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17611: SHELDRAKE P - Living between two worlds: place and journey in Celtic spirituality
17610: "SHELDRAKE P" - "Images of Holiness:" "explorations in contemporary spirituality"
33931: SHELDRAKE P - Spirituality and history: questions of interpretation and method
30509: SHELDRAKE P - Love took my hand: the spirituality of George Herbert
31115: SHELDRAKE P - Befriending our desires
17616: "SHELLEY P B" - "Poetry and Prose:" "with essays by Browning, Bagehot, Swinburne and reminiscences by others intro and notes by AMD Hughes"
17619: "SHELTON D" - "Remedies in International Human Rights Law"
44450: SHELTON C M - Morality of the Heart: a psychology for the Christian moral life
52217: SHENK W R - Write the vision: the church renewed (Christian Mission and modern culture)
48210: SHENNAN J H - Parlement of Paris
51005: SHEPHERD C - Blended learning cookbook
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22473: "SHEPHERD M H" - "Living liturgy"
51213: SHEPHERD B - Inspiring women: created as a woman
49354: SHEPPARD G - Living with dying
31781: "SHEPPARD G" - "Pits and pedestals:" "a journey towards self-respect"
17637: "SHEPPARD H R L" - "My cry for Christianity"
36932: "SHEPPARD L" - "New liturgy:" "a comprehensive introduction to the New Liturgy as a whole and to its New Calendar, Order of Mass, Eucharistic Prayers, the Roman Canon, prefaces & the New Sunday Lectionary"
17642: "SHEPPARD W J L" - "Swedenborgianism"
17635: SHEPPARD G - Aspect of fear
71798: SHEPPARD L - TRUE WORSHIP: the fifth Downside Symposium (Contributors: I-H Dalmais, Gabriel Herbert, L Bouyer, JD Crichton, Paul Grammont, Basil Minchin)
66750: KELLY G & SHEPPARD L - Their future, our passion
54958: SHEPPARD H R L - We say No! the plain man's guide to pacifism
17641: SHEPPARD L C - Curé d'Ars: portrait of a parish priest
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17947: "SMITH W S" - "London Heretics:" "1870-1914"
22086: "TURNER-SMITH N A" - "In his name:" "a book of guided prayer for corporate & private use"
44456: "HYLSON-SMITH K" - "Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation:" "Vol II from 1066 to 1384"
17914: SMITH M - Word is very near you: guide to praying with scripture
17917: SMITH M L - Benson of Cowley: essays by A M Allchin, A M Ramsey et al
22124: "SMITH P F" - "Third Millennium churches"
72018: "SMITH D" - "Days of his flesh:" "earthly life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ"
64303: "GARDNER-SMITH P" - "Roads converge:" "a contribution to the question of Christian Re-union by members of Jesus Coleege"
42360: GRIGG-SMITH T - Intinction: and the administration of the chalice
56273: SMITH T E - Summary of the law and practice in the Ecclesiastical Courts
49958: SMITH R H D - There was no Smith
40319: "GARNER-SMITH P" - "Narratives of the resurrection:" "a critical study"
72055: "SMITH J W D" - "Pattern of Christian belief:" "an essay in biblical interpretation"
72093: "SMITH R G" - "New man:" "Christianity and man's coming of age (Alexander Love Lectures 1955)"
34120: SMITH J D - Eucharistic doctrine of the Later Nonjurors: a revisionist view of the eighteenth-century Usages Controversy (Joint Liturgical Studies 46)
48701: SMITH W - First Greek course (Initia Graeca Part I): containing accidence, syntax and exercises for the use of the lower forms in schools and for private students
41413: "SMITH F H" - "Buddhist way of life:" "its philosophy and history"
41412: "SMITH G" - "Bishop Heber:" "poet and chief missionary to the East, Second Lord Bishop of Calcutta 1783-1826"
41464: "SMITH G A" - "Jerusalem: topography, economics and history from the" "earliest times to A D, in two volumes"
41463: "SMITH H L" - "Ethics and the new medicine" "[Abortion, artificial insemination, organ transplantation, and care of the dying]"
41458: "SMITH J P" - "Four discourses on the sacrifice and priesthood of Jesus" "Christ, and the atonement and redemption thence accruing: with supplementary notes and illustrations"
41457: "SMITH J W D" - "God and man in early Israel:" "with 5 maps and some questions"
41456: "SMITH R" - "Solution of the synoptic problem:" "sources, sequence and dates of the Gospels and Epistles and the consequent life of Christ: a study in methodology"
41455: "SMITH R B" - "Life of Lord Lawrence, in two volumes" "with portraits and maps"
41454: "SMITH S" - "Essays:" "social and political"
40667: "SMITH K N" - "Themes in religious education for nines to thirteens"
9849: HYLSON-SMITH K - Churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II [3 volume set] (No increase in UK POSTAGE: Rest of World £12)
52862: SMITH E W - Robert Moffat: one of God's gardeners
50670: SMITH D M - First, second, and third John: (Interpretation a Bible commentary for teaching and preaching)
46100: ANGUS M & SMITH P A - Tasmania sketchbook
53553: SMITH W - Everyman's smaller classical dictionary
23450: SMITH B - Silence of divine love
17847: "SMITH B A" - "Dean Church - the Anglican response to Newman"
72010: "SMITH B" - "Westminster concise Bible dictionary"
38470: "SMITH A L" - "Notes on Stubbs' select charters and other illustrations" "of English constitutional history to 1307"
53842: SMITH D M - Italy: a modern history
51995: SMITH J H - Constantine the Great
11788: HAROUTUNIAN J & SMITH [CALVIN] - Calvin: Commentaries newly trans & edited (Library of Christian classics Vol XXIII)
10984: KIRK-SMITH H - William Thomson, Archbishop of York: his life and times 1819-90
55584: SMITH D W - Wisdom Christology in the Synoptic Gospels pars dissertationis ad lauream in facultate S Theologiae apud Pontificiam Universitatem S. Thomae de Urbe
47270: GRIGSON G & GIBBS-SMITH C - People places and things Vol 2 Places: a volume of travel in space and time places which have delighted intrigued and intimidated men
47558: DUDLEY-SMITH T - Songs of deliverance: 36 new hymns written between 1984 and 1987
54198: SMITH D M - Composition and order of the fourth gospel: Bultmann's literary theory
54535: SMITH R J L - Guide to cathedrals and greater churches
48099: SMITH D P - Empowering ministry: ways to grow in effectiveness
49694: SMITH E C - Balanced church growth
41983: KAYE-SMITH S - Quartet in Heaven
50211: DUDLEY-SMITH T - John Stott: the making of a leader
53129: SMITH C - How to go from being a good Evangelical to a committed Catholic in ninety-five difficult steps
53132: SMITH B D - Oneness and simplicity of God
53134: SMITH B D - Indescribable God: divine otherness in Christian Theology
55593: SMITH J Z - Drudgery divine: on the comparison of early Christianities and the religions of late antiquity (Jordan lectures in comparative religion, XIV)
55316: SMITHER E L - Mission in the early church: themes and reflections
55312: SMITHER E L - Rethinking Constantine: history, theology and legacy
34289: "SMOLARSKI D C" - "Liturgical literacy:" "from anamnesis to worship [over 650 essential names, dates, liturgical objects and actions with their definitions]"
45169: SMOLLETT T - Life and adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves
27512: "SMOUT T C" - "History of the Scottish people 1560-1830"
17955: "SMYTH C" - "Friendship of Christ:" "a devotional study"
17961: "SMYTH N" - "Christian Facts and Forces"
17962: "SMYTH N" - "Passing Protestantism and coming Catholicism"
17963: "SMYTH N" - "Through Science to Faith"
17952: SMYTH C - Church and parish: studies in church problems illustrated from the parochial history of St Margaret's Westminster (Bishop Paddock Lectures for 1953-4)
17953: SMYTH C - Church and the Nation: six studies in the Anglican tradition
54050: SNAITH N H - Notes on the Hebrew text of Genesis XXII-XXV and XXVII
35915: SNAITH N H - Leviticus and Numbers (NCB)
72108: "SNAITH N" - "God that never was:" "a challenge to modern belief"
41407: SNAITH N H - Notes on the Hebrew text of I Kings XVII - XIX and XXI -XXII
54049: SNAITH N H - Notes on the Hebrew text of Job I-VI
54548: SNAITH N H - Notes on the Hebrew text of Genesis XL - XLIV
54549: SNAITH N H - Notes on the Hebrew text of Genesis XL - XLIV
36695: SNASHALL H - New stories for Christmas: short stories reflecting various aspects of Christmas for today's children
17975: "SNELL A" - "New and living way:" "an explanation of the Epistle to the Hebrews"
55019: SNELL R J - Perspective of love: natural law in a new mode
52346: SNELSON B - Enriching communion
54547: SNEVE V D H - That they may have life: the Episcopal Church in South Dakota 1859 - 1976
27822: "SNEYD M R" - "International banking and finance" "(Professional reading skills)"
53127: SNIDER P - Preaching after God: Derrida, Caputo, and the language of postmodern homiletics

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