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29763: "PURCELL W" - "Plain man looks at the Commandments"
41739: PURCELL [ARR TAYLOR S DE B] - Second King Arthur Suite: the first overture, third-act tune, the battle scene, air from second music, and first-act tune: Organe
30570: PURCELL W - Comfort in bereavement: the Christian hope
56966: PURDY W - Search for unity: relations between the Anglican and Catholic churches from the 1950s to the 1970s
51693: PURSCH K - St Cyprian, Bonn: Wille and Weg einer katholischen Pfaffei der Alt-Katholiken in der Gestalt ihres Gotteshauses
49044: PURSELL B - Benedict of Bavaria: an intimate portrait of the Pope and his homeland
52272: PURTON R - Dear God
15907: "PURTON R" - "Autumn and winter days"
31519: "PURTON R" - "Festivals and celebrations"
15924: PUSEY E B - Spiritual letters of Edward Bouverie Pusey edited by J O Johnston & W C E Newbolt
15915: "PUSEY E B" - "Church of England leaves her children free to whom to open" "their griefs: letter to the Rev.W.U.Richards with postscript in answer to the letters of the Rev.W.Maskell"
37553: PUSEY E B - Doctrine of the real presence: as contained in the Fathers from the death of S. John the Evangelist to the Fourth General Council...
23757: "PUSEY E B" - "Letter to the Rt Hon & Rt Rev Lord Bishop of London" "in explanation of some statements contained in a letter by Rev W Dodsworth"
23755: "PUSEY E B" - "Royal supremacy" "not an arbitrary authority but limited by the laws of the church of which kings are members"
23763: PUSEY E B - Sermons for the Church's seasons from Advent to Trinity selected from published sermons of the late Edward Bouverie Pusey by RF Wilson
28817: "PUSEY E B" - "What is of faith as to everlasting punishment?" "in reply to Dr Farrar's challenge in his 'Eternal hope'"
15914: PUSEY E B - Letter to Richard Lord Bishop of Oxford on the tendency to Romanism bound with the articles treated on in tract a letter to Rev R W Jelf and letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury on...the present crisis in the English Church
56303: PUSEY E B - Selections from the writings of Edward Bouverie Pusey
23761: PUSEY E B - Parochial sermons (Volume I only) : for the season from Advent to Whitsuntide
23760: PUSEY E B - Parochial sermons in 3 volumes
54556: PUSEY E B - Church of England leaves her children free to whom to open their griefs: letter to the Rev.W.U.Richards with postscript in answer to the letters of the Rev.W.Maskell bound with two sermons 'The danger of riches : seek God first and ye shall have all' and two sermons 'All faith the gift of god : real faith entire' and a sermon preached to the younger members of the university at...Oxford 'The thought of the love of Jesus for us, the remedy for sins of the body'
15917: PUSEY E B - Minor prophets: with a commentary explanatory and practical, and introductions to the several books Vols 1 to 7 [lacking volume 8 Zechariah]
52691: PUSHKIN A S ET AL - Short stories by Russian authors (Everyman's Library No 758)
43595: "PUTMAN J" - "Church is a team sport:" "a championship strategy for doing ministry together"
15928: PUTTING - Putting our house in order - a sequel to ""Men, money and the ministry
12116: "LOUVEL F & PUTZ L J" - "Signs of Life"
26028: "PYKH Y A & MALKINA-PYKH I G" - "Method of response function in ecology" "(Advances in ecological sciences 7)"
51086: PYM T W - Sex and sense
32818: "PYPER H S" - "Christian family:" "a concept in crisis (Contributors include J Habgood, G Jantzen, A McFadyen F Young et al)"
52275: PYTCHES D - Can anyone be a leader?: identifying and developing potential
39592: "QUAKERS" - "Quaker faith and practice:" "the book of Christian discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain"
41960: QUASTEN J - Patrologia in 2 vols: Vol I: Hasta el concilio de Nicea, Vol II: La edad de oro de la literatura patristica griega
57221: QUASTEN J - Patrology Vol I The beginnings of Patristic literature, Vol II Ante-Nicene literature after Irenaeus, Vol III Golden Age of Greem Patristic literature from Council of Nicea to Council of Chalcedon [No additional UK postage: please ask for quotation for overseas]
48952: QUEEN - Queen's Jubilee: Commemorative issue 1977
46116: QUEEN'S GALLERY - Royal children
15945: "QUELL G ET AL" - "Sin" "(BKW)"
26715: "WOHLMEYER H & QUENDLER T" - "The WTO, agriculture and sustainable development"
54552: QUENNELL M & QUENELL C H B - A history of everyday things in England done in two parts (2 volume set); first part 1066 - 1499, second part 1500 - 1799
15948: "QUENNELL P" - "Four Portraits:" "studies of the 18th Century (Boswell, Gibbon, Sterne & Wilkes)"
15949: "QUENNELL P" - "Four Portraits:" "studies of the 18th Century (Boswell, Gibbon, Sterne & Wilkes)"
36671: "ROMAN QUESTION" - "Roman question:" "in letters to a friend, by an aged priest"
15953: "QUICK O C" - "Christian beliefs and modern questions"
15955: QUICK O C - Christianity and justice (Christian News-Letter Books 5)
8293: QUICKE M J - 360 degree preaching
25169: "QUIGLY I" - "The Royal Society of Literature:" "a portrait"
15970: "QUIN C" - "At the Lord's Table;" "a theological and devotional commentary on the Holy Communion Service according to the Anglican Rite of 1662"
56493: MCKITTERRICK R & QUINAULT R - Edward Gibbon and empire
23281: "DE QUINCEY T" - "Works of Thomas De Quincey:" "Volume 7, Articles from the Edinburgh Literary Gazette, Blackwood's Magazine 1829-1831 edited by R Morrison"
27667: "DUPPA R & DE QUINCY Q" - "Lives of the Italian painters:" "Michael Angelo & Raffaello"
38911: "QUINLAN J" - "Loved and lost:" "the journey through dying, death and bereavement"
15973: "QUINN M & T" - "Parenting and sex:" "support for parents at all stages - from your child is born until beyond adolescence"
56710: QUINN B - Art of living: Chinese style:
54442: QUINN M & T - Enjoy praying: ways of meeting God as you pray with the Gospels
55508: QUINN B - Accompanying Luke
54431: QUINN M & T - Being assertive: ways of respecting others but not letting yourself be walked on - especially for parents
54428: QUINN M & T - What can a parent do? Practical skills to help parents be more responsible and effective (Handbook for the fives to fifteens programme)
54429: QUINN M & T - Parenting and sex: support for parents at all stages from your child is born until beyond adolexcence (Handbook for the parenting and sex programme)
54430: QUINN M & T - What can the parent of a teenager do? (Parent's handbook for the teen-parenting programme)
31650: QUOIST M - With open heart
15979: QUOIST M - Prayers of Life
51897: QUOIST M - Parle moi d'amour
33685: "QUOTATION" - "Quotation guide" "(Longman pocket companion)"
35778: RABEY S - In search of authentic faith: how emerging generations are transforming the church
60632: RABIN J - Passover (Guide to 'O' Level Judaism)
54008: RABINOWICZ H - Hasidism and the State of Israel
15984: RABY F J E - Poetry of the eucharist (Studies in eucharistic faith & practice)
22415: RABY F J E - Poetry of the eucharist (Studies in eucharistic faith & practice)
15986: RACE A - Theology against the nuclear horizon
15985: RACE A - Christians and Religious Pluralism: patterns in the Christian theology of religions
49297: RACINE J [EVE] - Athalie: edited with introduction, notes and index by H W Eve (Pitt Press series] Play in French, notes etc in English
45122: RACINE J [BRAUNHOLTZ] - Plaideurs comedie with introduction and notes by E G W Braunholtz
45521: RACINE J - Theatre complet de Jean Racine
45601: RACINE - Phaedra and other plays: Iphigenia, Phaedra, Athaliah
46786: RACINE J - Theatre complet: oeuvre poetique (texte etabli et annote par Antonin Debidour)
15989: RACK H - 20th Century Spirituality
28315: RACK H D - Reasonable enthusiast: John Wesley and the rise of Methodism
46912: RACK H D - Future of John Wesley's Methodism (Ecumenical studies in history)
47991: RACKHAM R B - Acts of the Apostles: an exposition (Westminster commentary)
40351: RACKHAM R B - Acts of the Apostles: an exposition (Westminster commentary)
16000: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology Vol 2: the theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
15998: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology Vol 1 & 2: the theology of Israels historical traditions & theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
15996: RAD G VON - Moses (WCB 32)
15997: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology Vol 2 only: the theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
44674: RAD G VON - Deuteronomy: a commentary (Old Testament Library
15994: RAD G VON - Message of the Prophets
16001: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology in 2 volumes: Vol 1 Theology of Israel's historical traditions Vol 2 Theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
15990: RAD G VON - Deuteronomy: a commentary (OTL)
55016: RADCLIFF J R - Thomas F Torrance and the Church Fathers: a reformed, evangelical, and ecumenical reconstruction of the Patristic traditions
26786: RADCLIFFE T - I call you friends
52340: RADEMACHER W J - Lay ministry: a theological, spiritual and pastoral handbook (New edition with study guide)
55760: RADER M - No compromise: the conflict between two worlds
55759: RADHAKRISHNAN S - Reign of religion in contemporary philosophy
55758: RADHAKRISHNAN S - Religion in a changing world
23710: "RADIGUEL R" - "Devil in the flesh:" "a novel"
55757: RADIUS M - Tent of God: a journey through the Old Testament
33466: RADLEY S - Place: church and mission (GP70)
3456: "RADMACHER E" - "Nelson's new illustrated Bible commentary"
55756: RADMACHER E D - You and your thoughts: the power of right thinking
53148: RADNER E - World in the shadow of God: an introduction to Christian natural theology
36465: "RAE S" - "Rapid response:" "poems from the Guardian 1991-1996"
48246: RAE M - Science and theology: questions at the interface
33134: "RAFTERY W" - "Liturgy in the parish"
16007: RAGG L - Church of the Apostles: being an outline of the history of the church of the apostolic age
16008: "RAGG L" - "Evidence of Christianity" "(Oxford Church Text Books)"
16009: RAGG L - St Luke
55755: RAGG L - Book of books
55754: RAGUIN Y - Celibacy for our times (Religious Experience Series Volume 7)
55753: RAGUIN Y - Paths to contemplation
55752: RAHNER K ET AL - Bible in a new age: Rahner and others
55747: RAHNER K - Watch and pray with me
16016: RAHNER K - Church and the sacraments
35251: "RAHNER K" - "Biblical homilies"
16014: "RAHNER K" - "Bishops:" "their status and function"
16017: "RAHNER K" - "Encounters with silence"
16023: "RAHNER K" - "Love of Jesus and the love of neighbour"
33853: "RAHNER K" - "Mission and grace, Volume 1:" "essays in pastoral theology"
32771: "RAHNER K" - "On heresy" "(Quaestiones disputatae)"
16028: RAHNER K - Opportunities for Faith: elements of a modern spirituality
16030: "RAHNER K" - "Religious life today"
16037: RAHNER K - Theological Investigations Volume XXII: Humane Society and the Church of Tomorrow
16041: RAHNER K - Watch and pray with me
16015: RAHNER K - Christian commitment (first published as ""Mission & Grace "" vol 1)
55751: RAHNER K - Christian of the future
16032: RAHNER K - Shape of the Church to come
16039: RAHNER K - Theological investigations Volume XXIII: Final writings
52740: RAHNER K - Theological Investigations Volume VII: further theology of the spiritual life I
54753: RAHNER K - Spiritual Exercises: (Prayer and practice)
70514: "RAHNER K" - "Theological investigations" "Volume II: Man in the Church"
16024: RAHNER K - Mary mother of the Lord
34546: RAHNER K - Christian at the crossroads
55749: RAHNER K - Happiness through Prayer
55750: RAHNER K - Everyday faith
55748: RAHNER K - Meditations on priestly life
50398: RAID J - Tartu [text in Estonian] together with 12 page pamphlet Tartu Tapty [intro to book & list of illustrations in English & Estonian
55768: RAIKES H - Remarks on clerical education
16046: "RAILTRACK" - "Engineering Safety Management Volume 3 Guidance Issue 2.0" "Also Colloquially known as Yellow Book 2 (YB2)"
3493: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY - Cathedrals with 74 illustrations by photographic reproduction and 74 drawings
35183: "COUNTY DONEGAL RAILWAY" - "Drumboe the Donegal engine" "(Drumboe Galinneall Dhun na nGall)"
47563: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY - Cathedrals with 74 illustrations by photographic reproduction and 74 drawings
4352: "BRITISH RAILWAYS" - "Regulations for the guidance of train examiners and oilers" "(BR 11819)"
50422: RAINE J - Saint Cuthbert: with an account of the state in which his remains were found upon the opening of his tomb in Durham Cathedral in the year 1827 (1828)
55773: RAINES R A - New life in the church
55772: RAINEY D - Tribute: what every parent longs to hear
55771: RAINY R - Ancient Catholic Church: from the accession of Trajan to the Fourth General Council [AD 98 - 451] (International Theological Library)
47983: RAINY R - Epistle to the Philippians
28747: RAISANEN H - Marcion, Muhammad and the Mahatma: exegetical perspectives on the encounter of cultures and faiths (Edward Cadbury lectures 1995/6)
55736: RAISANEN H - Paul and the law
28363: "FIELD D & RAITT F E" - "Law of evidence in Scotland:" "(Greens concise Scots law)"
28165: "RAITT F E" - "Careers in Scots law:" "choosing a law degree and a career"
37912: "RAITT J" - "Eucharistic theology of Theodore Beza:" "development of the Reformed Doctrine (AAR Studies in religion No 4 1972)"
38049: RAITT J - Christian Spirituality: Vol 2 High Middle Ages and Reformation (World Spirituality)
54087: RAIZEN E - Modern Hebrew for intermediate students
36277: GLASER I & RAJA S - Sharing the salt [making friends with Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus]
16050: "RAJENDRA C" - "Songs for the Unsung:" "poems on unpoetic issues like war, want and refugees"
53359: RAJU A - Way of St James: Spain
50421: RALEIGH T - Annals of the church in Scotland
50259: RALL H F - Religion as salvation
50261: RAMABAI P - Testimony of our inexhaustible treasure
53147: RAMEY M E - Quest for the fictional Jesus: gospel rewrites, gospel (re)interpretation and christological portraits within Jesus novels
50263: RAMM T - Resurrection [poems by many contributors]
50243: RAMON A - Around the Holy City: Christian tourist routes between Jerusalem Bethlehem and Jericho
16060: "RAMPERSAD H K" - "Integrated and Simultaneous Design for Robotic Assembly"
39870: "RAMSAY W M" - "Bearing of recent discovery on the trustworthiness" "of the New Testament"
39916: "RAMSAY W M" - "Teaching of Paul in teams of the present day:" "the Deems lectures in New York University"
16065: RAMSAY W M - Pauline and other studies in early Christian history
55766: RAMSAY E B - Diversities of Christian character: illustrated in the lives of the four great apostles
16067: "RAMSBOTHAM J A" - "Belief in Christ and the Christian Community"
55769: RAMSBOTTOM V - Too many people (The World Today)
46877: RAMSEY A M - Gospel and the Catholic Church
52214: RAMSEY J - Coyote was going there: Indian literature of the Oregon country
16068: "RAMSEY A M" - "Anglican spirit"
16085: RAMSEY A M - Holy Spirit: a biblical study
37282: "RAMSEY A M" - "Lambeth essays on ministry:" "essays writen for the Lambeth Conference 1968"
16102: RAMSEY A M ET AL - Charismatic Christ
16106: RAMSEY I T - Christian Discourse: some logical explorations (Riddell lectures 1963)
16108: "RAMSEY I T" - "Christian ethics and contemporary philosophy" "(LPT)"
16109: RAMSEY I T - Christian ethics and contemporary philosophy (LPT)
16113: RAMSEY I T - On Communicating Religion (Problems in Christian Education No.5)
16117: RAMSEY I T - Religious language: an imperical placing of theological phrases
16118: "RAMSEY I T" - "Words about God:" "the philosophy of religion"
16121: RAMSEY P - Basic Christian ethics
16122: RAMSEY P - Deeds and Rules in Christian Ethics (Scottish Journal of Theology Occasional Papers No.11)
16110: RAMSEY I T - Freedom and immortality: the Forwood Lectures in the University of Liverpool 1957
16072: RAMSEY A M - Christ crucified for the World
16077: RAMSEY A M - Constantinople and Canterbury: a lecture in the University of Athens 7 May 1962
48784: RAMSEY A M - Gospel and the Catholic Church with new foreword by Geoffrey Rowell
16119: RAMSEY A M - Cross and this world
16120: RAMSEY A M - Lent with St John
16073: RAMSEY A M - Christian concept of sacrifice
16100: RAMSEY A M - Through the year with Michael Ramsey: devotional readings for every day ed Margaret Duggan
16095: RAMSEY A M - Sacred and secular: a study in the otherworldly and this-worldly aspects of Christianity (The Holland Lectures for 1964)
33882: RAMSEY A M - Glory of God and the transfiguration of Christ
57215: RAMSEY I T - Miracles: an exercise in logical mapwork an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 7th December 1951
16116: RAMSEY I T - Religion and Science: conflicts and synthesis some philosophical reflections
30665: RAMSEY I T - Christian ethics and contemporary philosophy
16079: RAMSEY A M - F D Maurice and the conflicts of modern theology (Maurice lectures, 1948)
16080: RAMSEY A M - From Gore to Temple: development of Anglican theology between Lux Mundi and the Second World War 1889-1939 (Hale lectures 1959)
22514: RAMSEY A M - Problems of Christian belief
48774: RAMSEY A M - Christianity and the supernatural: the Ethel M Wood lecture delivered before the University of London on 5 March 1963
55767: RAMSEY M - Freedom faith and the future
47598: RAMSEY I T - Christian Empiricism (Studies in Philosophy and Religion)
16071: RAMSEY A M - Canterbury Pilgrim
16083: RAMSEY A M - God Christ and the World: a study in comparative theology
16091: RAMSEY A M - Jesus the Living Lord
50419: RAMSEY M - Anglican spirit
50521: RAMSEY M - To believe is to pray: readings from Michael Ramsey
16125: RAMSHAW G - Under the tree of life: the religion of a feminist christian
54751: RAMSHAW G - God beyond gender: feminist Christian God-language
55765: RAND P H - Faithful unto death: the martyrs of East Anglia
39837: "RANDALL R H" - "Cloisters bestiary"
16129: "RANDLE M" - "People power:" "the building of a new European home"
41645: "RANDOLPH W" - "Analytical notes on the first and three last of the Minor" "Prophets for the use of Hebrew students, with an appendix on Dan. IX 24-27"
16131: "RANDOLPH B W" - "Earthly life of our Lord"
37977: "RANDOLPH B W" - "Marriage orders and unction" "(Congress Books: 32)"
16133: RANDOLPH B W - Mind and work of Bishop King
16134: RANDOLPH B W - Threshold of the Sanctuary: being short chapters on the inner preparation for the priesthood
55761: RANDOLPH B W - Virgin-birth of our Lord: a paper read (in substance) before the confraternity of the Holy Trinity at Cambridge
55763: RANDOLPH B W - Confession in the Church of England since the Reformation: a paper read at Cambridge Lent 1911
55762: RANDOLPH B W - Preparation for ordination: a paper read at Oxford March 3 19058
43771: "RANFT P" - "Woman's way:" "forgotten history of women spiritual directors"
38531: "CHAPMAN A & RANK M" - "Smart women keep it simple" "[getting free from the unending demands and expectations on a woman's life]"
55778: RANKE L VON - History of the Popes their church and state in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
45191: RANKE L VON - History of the Popes (Volumes 1 & 3 only): their church and state, and especially of their conflicts with Protestantism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
16137: RANKE L - Popes of Rome: their Church and State in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with essay by JH Merle D'Aubigne complete in 2 vols
48754: RANKE L - Popes of Rome: their Church and State in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with essay by JH Merle D'Aubigne complete in 2 vols translated from the last German edition
40232: "RANSOM D J" - "Legal aspects of insurance"
55777: RANSOME C - Advanced history of England: from earliest times to the present day
23543: "RANSON S" - "Towards the learning society"
54113: RANSON S ET AL - Clergy ministers and priests
55775: RANSTON H - Ecclesiastes and the early Greek wisdom literature
55774: RANSTON H - Old Testament wisdom books and their teaching
55776: RANYARD L N [L N R] - Book and its story: a narrative for the young on the occasion of the Jubilee of the British and Foreign Bible Society
55925: DELARUE M & RAOUL J-C - Quatre saisons en Sologne
62858: FRANCIS RAPHAEL [WILBERFORCE] - Memoir of Mother Francis Raphael: with some of her spiritual notes and letters
46794: MANGANEL E & RAPIN R - Lac Leman/Lake of Geneva (La Suisse vue par les peintres/Switzerland seen by painters
29992: "RAPOPORT R & R N ET AL" - "Fathers, mothers and others:" "towards new alliances"
39013: "RAPPAPORT S" - "Fathers and children:" "collective and individual responsibility in Jewish thought"
52223: RAPPOPORT A S - Psalms in life legend and literature
52251: RAPPOPORT A S - Ancient Israel: myths and legends (3 volumes in 1)
41036: "RAPPOPORT A S" - "Russian history" "(Temple primers)"
16148: RASHDALL H - Doctrine and development: University Sermons
21682: "RASHDALL H" - "God and man"
16146: RASHDALL H - Christus in Ecclesia: sermons on the church and its institutions
16149: RASHDALL H - Idea of Atonement in Christian Theology: being the Bampton lectures for 1915
55785: RASMUSSEN L - Reinhold Niebuhr: theologian of public life (Making of Modern Theology)
22578: "BIRCH B C & RASMUSSEN L L" - "Bible and ethics in the Christian life"
16152: RASMUSSEN L - Reinhold Niebuhr: theologian of public life (Making of Modern Theology)
16153: "RAST W E" - "Tradition History and the O T" "(OTS)"
53516: RATABOUL L-J - Anglicanisme (Que sais-je)
16154: "RATAUL S S" - "Khalsa"
16157: "RATCLIFF E C" - "English Coronation Service:" "being the Coronation Service of King George V and Queen Mary...extracts from 'Liber Regalis'"
32986: RATCLIFF E C - Coronation Service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a short historical introduction, explanatory notes and an appendix
48518: RATCLIFF E C - Booke of Common Prayer of the Churche of England: its making and revisions 1549 - 1661: set forth in eighty illustrations with introduction and notes
23737: "RATCLIFFE D" - "Prisoners of limbo:" "a novel"
36787: "RATCLIFFE F W" - "Preservation policies and conservation in British libraries" "(library and information research report 25)"
48959: RATCLIFFE D - Bethlehem's babe: the Nativity in carol, scripture and verse for narrator, reader, choir and organ
55782: RATTENBURY J E - Festivals and Saints Days: Trinity Sunday to Advent
55783: RATTENBURY H M - Lively oracles: clues to reading the Bible
16162: "RATTEY B K" - "Making of the Synoptic Gospels"
16163: RATTEY B K - Short History of the Hebrews: from Moses to Herod the Great
23783: RATTEY B K - Short History of the Hebrews: from Moses to Herod the Great
55781: RATTEY B K - Growth and structure of the Gospels
36687: "RATTI F" - "Milan and the lakes" "(Eyewitness Travel Guides)"
16164: "RATUSHINSKAYA I" - "No, I'm not afraid"
54241: RATZINGER J - Church ecumenism and politics: new essays in ecclesiology
20167: "RATZSCH D" - "Philosophy of science:" "natural sciences in Christian perspective (Contours of Christian Philosophy)"
39940: RAUM E - Dietrich Bonhoeffer: called by God
70599: "RAUSCHENBUSCH W" - "Theology for the social gospel"
40181: "RAVASI G" - "Qohelet"
37793: "RAVEN C E" - "Creator spirit:" "a survey of Christian doctrine in the light of biology, psychology and mysticism, with an appendix on biochemistry and mental phenomena"
16172: "RAVEN C E" - "Cross and the Crisis"
37794: "RAVEN C E" - "Is war obsolete?:" "a study of the conflicting claims of religion and citizenship (Halley Stewart Lecture 1934)"
22121: RAVEN C E - Jesus and the gospel of love (Alexander Robertson lectures, Univ of Glasgow, 1931)
38887: "RAVEN C E" - "Life and teaching of Jesus Christ"
16180: "RAVEN C E" - "Quest of religion"
16182: "RAVEN C E" - "Science, medicine and morals"
16184: "RAVEN C E" - "Teilhard de Chardin Scientist and Seer"
16189: "RAVEN C F" - "Christ and the modern opportunity:" "five addresses delivered at McGill University"
40296: "RAVEN C E" - "Palestine in pictures"
16176: "RAVEN C E" - "Natural Religion and Christian Theology" "(Gifford Lectures 1951) First Series: Science and Religion"
16187: RAVEN C E - War and the Christian (RBC 4)
37807: RAVEN C E - Gospel and the church: a study of distortion and its remedy
16185: RAVEN C E - Theological basis of Christian Pacifism
16174: RAVEN C E - Good news of God: being eight letters dealing with present problems and based upon Romans I-VIII
55779: RAVEN C E - Christ and the modern opportunity: a series of five addresses delivered in Moyse Hall, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
16190: "RAVERA S" - "Due profili:" "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Primo Mazzolari"
74652: "ZACHARIAS RAVI" - "CRIES OF THE HEART:" "bringing God near when He feels so far"
20224: "RAWDING F W" - "Buddha" "(Introduction to the history of mankind - topic book)"
16193: RAWLINGS M - Before Death Comes
16194: RAWLINGS M - Beyond death's door
55789: RAWLINSON A E J - Church of South India: the Lichfield Cathedral divinity lectures 1950
55787: RAWLINSON G - Second Book of Moses called Exodus (Commentary for Schools)
55788: RAWLINSON A E J - Historical Christianity
55790: RAWLINSON A E J - Church and the challenge of today: a primary visitation charge to the clergy of the Diocese of Derby
16198: RAWLINSON A E J - Christian Initiation
16196: RAWLINSON A E J - Authority and freedom (Bishop Paddock lectures 1923)
16199: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Church of England and the Church of Christ"
16203: RAWLINSON A E J - New Testament Doctrine of the Christ (Bampton lectures 1926)
16204: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Problems of Reunion"
21672: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Problems of Reunion"
16205: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Study of Christian Doctrine"
37110: "RAWLINSON M" - "Don't get ripped off:" "the complete user-friendly guide to buying a second-hand car"
16197: RAWLINSON A E J - Christ in the Gospels
16195: RAWLINSON A E J - Anglican communion in Christendom
51588: RAWLINSON A E J - St Mark: with introduction commentary and additional notes
55786: RAWSON M W - Gospels according to St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke, St John: with the Old Testament references printed on aprallel pages
55020: PHAN P C & RAY J S - Understanding religious pluralism: perspectives from religious studies and theology
55275: RAY M - Tent for the sun
55851: RAY J - Wisdom of God manifested in the works of the creation (in two parts)
55799: RAYBURN R G - O come let us worship: corporate worship in the evangelical church
55795: RAYMOND M - Three religious rebels: forefathers of the Trappists: the saga of Citeaux first epoch:
55806: RAYMOND M - Now
61271: BORLASE RAYMOND - TRUMPET CALL TO PRAYER [The practice and power of intercession]
16214: RAYMOND E - In the steps of St Francis
55798: RAYMOND E - Please you draw near: autobiography 1922 - 1968
35164: RAYMOND M - Mother of God's way
47215: RAYMOND E T - Disraeli: the alien patriot
42768: RAYMOND V - Spiritual director and physician: spiritual treatment of sufferers from nerves and scruples
53902: RAYMOND E - We the accused
55794: RAYMOND M - You
53538: RAYMOND E - One of our brethren
55797: RAYMOND M - Man who got even with God: the life of an American Trappist
55796: RAYMOND M - This is love
53877: RAYNER R M - European history 1648 - 1789
36323: "RAYNER J D" - "Practices of Liberal Judaism"
16218: "RAYNER J D" - "Towards mutual understanding:" "between Jews and Christians"
16219: RAYNES R - Thoughts of a Religious
55792: RAYNES C R - Called by God (What it means to be a priest)
8176: RAYNOR B - John Frith: scholar and martyr
3756: "CHARIF R & RAZ S" - "Jerusalem the eternal bond:" "an unbroken link with the Jewish people"
62478: COGGINS R J & RE'EMI S - Israel among the nations: a commentary on the Books of Nahum and Obadiah, and Esther
55807: REA L - Enthusiasts of Port-Royal
16223: READ D H C - Christian ethics (KC)
32194: READ C - Revising weddings (GW128)
16222: "READ D" - "Press and People 1790-1850:" "opinons in three English cities"
33679: "READ, MISS" - "Tales from a Village School:" "illustrations by Kate Dicker [Large print edition unabridged]"
16228: "READ, MISS" - "Village School:" "illustrated by J.S.Goodall"
49215: READ - Village school
55805: READ D H C - Prisoners' quest: a presentation of the Christian faith in a prisoners of war camp
55804: READ D H C - Grace thus far
55802: READ D H C - Sons of Anak: the Gospel and the modern giants
56940: READ M - Gossip from Thrush Green
16225: READ D H C - I am Persuaded (scholar as preacher)
55803: READ D H C - This grace given
46653: READ C - Bibliography of British History: Tudor period 1485-1603
24231: READ C - Religion, revolution & the Russian Intelligentsia, 1900-1912 then Vekhi Debate & its intellectual background
53146: READ J - Catherine Booth: laying the theological foundations of a radical movement
16230: READE W H V - Christian Challenge to Philosophy
16229: "READE C" - "Cloister and the hearth"
16235: "REAL" - "Real aid: a strategy for Britain," "report of the Independent Group on British Aid"
55800: REAM B - Too hot for comfort: war years in China 1938 - 1950
33994: REAR M - Ceremonial
16236: "REAR M" - "John Henry Newman"
16237: "REAR M" - "One Step More:" "between Rome and Canterbury"
57288: REAR M - Kneeling sitting and standing
57289: REAR M - Vestments
57290: REAR M - Facing the people
57291: REAR M - Reservation
16238: REARDON B M G - From Coleridge to Gore: century of religious thought in Britain
16239: "REARDON B M G" - "Liberal Protestantism"
16240: REARDON B M G - Religious thought in the Nineteenth Century illustrated from writers of the period
16241: REARDON B M G - Religious Thought in the Reformation
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54839: REARDON J P - Threads of creation: a resource book of words and pictures
16244: "REASON J" - "Deep-sea Doctor" "(Eagle Books 40)"
39517: "REBERA R" - "We cannot dream alone:" "a story of women in development"
55813: RECKER C - All the days of Lent
55812: RECKITT M B - Social teaching of the sacraments: being the report of the second Anglo-Catholic summer school of sociology held at Keble College Oxford July 1926
31659: "RECKITT M B" - "Christian sociology for to-day:" "an abridged edition of 'Faith and society'"
22617: "RECKITT M B" - "P.E.T. Widdrington:" "a study in vocation and versatility"
16247: RECKITT M B - Faith and Society: a study of the structure, outlook and opportunity of the Christian social movement in GB and the USA
53876: REDDAWAY W F - History of Europe from 1715 to 1814 (Methuen's A History of Medieval and Modern Europe Volume VII)
38059: "JAGESSAR M N & REDDIE A G" - "Postcolonial Black British theology:" "new textures and themes"
55811: REDDING G - Prayer and the priesthood of Christ in the reformed tradition
25120: "REDDY M" - "Manager's guide to counselling at work"
28479: "KHALEMA-REDEBY L ET AL" - "Planning and management in the African power sector"
71110: "REDEMPTORISTS" - "Mary:" "God's masterpiece"
22786: REDFERN A - Ministry and priesthood (Exploring faith: Theology for life)
36819: "REED H & REDHEAD J" - "Riding and stable management (Stage one):" "a complete guide to the BHS Stage One examination"
16253: REDINGTON M - About religion: an anthology [from ATV's weekly programme]
55808: REDLICH E B - Introduction to the fourth Gospel
55809: REDLICH E B - Forgiveness of sins
55810: REDLICH E B - Christian heritage: an anthology of our times
51240: REDLICH E B - Student's introduction to the synoptic gospels
51241: REDLICH E B - Introduction to Old Testament study for teachers and students
16255: REDLICH E B - Form Criticism: its value & limitations (ST43)
16254: REDLICH E B - Forgiveness of sins
22971: "REDMAYNE A" - "Divided heart"
16256: REDPATH A - Blessings Out of Buffetings: studies in 2 Corinthians
36340: "REDPATH A" - "Making of a man of God:" "studies in the life of David"
55836: REDPATH A - Royal route to heaven: studies in First Corinthians
16257: REDPATH A - Victorious Christian service: studies in the book of Joshua
55834: REDPATH W M - Trauma energetics: a study of held-energy systems
55835: REDPATH H A - Book of the prophet Ezekiel
55832: REDWOOD H - Bristol fashion
55833: REDWOOD H - Bristol fashion
55829: REDWOOD H - God in the slums
52738: REDWOOD J - Reason ridicule and religion: the age of enlightenment in England 1660 - 1750
55828: REDWOOD H - Lay sermons and parables
55826: REED B H - For teenagers only
16259: REED A - Challenge of second marriage
32464: "REED B" - "Christian counselling:" "a guide to training and study (Things we face together No 5)"
16262: "REED B H" - "Eighty thousand adolescents:" "study of young pople in the City of Birmingham by staff & students of Westhill TC for Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust"
31206: "REED C E B" - "Memoir of Sir Charles Reed"
55733: REED J L - Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: a re-examination of the evidence
55824: REED C - Development matters: Christian perspectives on globalization
46908: REED J S - Glorious battle: the cultural politics of Victorian Anglo-Catholicism
55817: REEDY W J - Story of salvation :Teacher's annotated edition (Life and light series)
55849: REES J A - Danger saints still at work
33567: REES M - Celebrating the millennium in the local church (GEv39)
16266: REES D ET AL - Consider your call: a theology of monastic life today
55200: REES D - Monks of England: the Benedictines in England from Augustine to the present day
55847: REES P S - Radiant cross
55848: REES J A - God wondered
37198: "REES H" - "Rules of printed English"
55844: REES T - Church marches in
55816: REES D B - Chapels in the valley: a study in the sociology of welsh nonconformity
55846: REES P - Pictures that probe the present
55845: REES T - Break-through
43609: "REES D" - "Pointers to eternity"
54750: REES C - Voices of this calling: experiences of the first generation of women priests
16272: REES T - Sermons & Hymns: a companion volume to the biography 'Timothy Rees of Mirfield and Llandaff'
16275: "REEVE P" - "Every Good Gift:" "a History of S.James' Vancouver 1881-1981"
43677: REEVES E - Jesus and me: every day: book 3
47330: REEVES W - Legends of Moonie Jarl; retold by Moonie Jarl (Wilf Reeves), illustrated by Wandi (Olga Miller)
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16277: "REEVES D" - "For God's sake"
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16280: "REEVES M" - "Growing up in a modern society" "(Educational issues of to-day)"
41015: "LISTON D & REEVES N" - "Business studies, languages and overseas trade:" "a study of activities in education and training"
48038: REEVES D - Poems by Dudley Reeves
22731: REFLECTING - Reflecting the word: exploration of the Sunday themes of the ASB lectionary
56191: REFLECTIONS - Reflections: Benedictine Centre for Spirituality 1995 - 1998
7681: "ANGLICAN-REFORMED" - "God's reign and our unity:" "the report of the Anglican-Reformed International Commission 1981-1984"
56721: LAURET B & REFOULE F - Initiation a la pratique de la theologie: tome III Dogmatique II
16286: "REGAMEY P" - "Non-violence & the Christian conscience"
24353: "LINZEY A & REGAN T" - "Animals and Christianity:" "a book of readings"
55843: REGAN G M - New trends in moral theology
24208: REGENSTEIN L G - Replenish the earth: a history of organized religion's treatment of animals & nature...
16288: "REGNARD J-F" - "Oeuvres volume 4"
25107: "REHM R" - "People in charge:" "creating self managing workplaces"
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37099: "REICH E" - "Foundations of modern Europe:" "twelve lectures delivered in the University of London"
40342: "REICH W" - "Sex-pol:" "essays 1929-1934"
57131: KOCHANOWSKA-REICHE M - Galerie der mittelalterlichen kunst
55923: REICHEL E - Meditations chretiennes: Montmirail et Peseux 1868 - 1878
16294: "REICKE B" - "Epistles of James Peter & Jude:" "translated with an introduction and notes by B Reicke (AB)"
40147: "REICKE B" - "Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte"
51353: REID R R - King's Council in the North
50188: REID M S B - Strategic level spiritual warfare: a modern mythology?: a detailed evaluation of the biblical, theological and historical bases of spiritual warfare in contemporary thought
54817: REID A - Postcard from Palestine
65170: "HAMILTON M & REID H" - "Hospice handbook:" "new way to care for the dying"
50185: REID C - Discover Israel
40529: "CROWLEY J & REID A" - "Poor law in Norfolk 1700-1850"
16304: REID J K S - Authority of Scripture: a study of the reformation & post-reformation understanding of the Bible
54749: REID I - Meditations from the Iona Community
50186: REID C H - Why I belong
50414: REID H - Outside verdict: an old kirk in a new Scotland
55839: REIDER J - Book of wisdom
71877: "SIMONS J & REIDY J" - "Risk of loving"
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30229: "KATES J A & REIMER G T" - "Reading Ruth:" "contemporary women reclaim a sacred story"
43460: "REIMER K S" - "Living l'Arche:" "stories of compassion, love and disability"
41226: "REINARD R D" - "More sermons from the mystery box:" "object lessons for children"
53145: REINHART D L - Prayer as memory: toward the comparative study of prayer as apocalyptic language and thought
16319: REINHOLD H A - Bringing the mass to the people
16320: "REISER W E" - "What are they saying about dogma?"
50198: REISER W E - Into the needle's eye: becoming poor and hopeful under the care of a gracious God
50189: REISER W - Potter's touch: God calls us to life
16322: "REITH M" - "God in Our Midst:" "prayers & devotions chiefly from Northern Scotland"
44360: REITHMAYR X - Patrum Apostolicorum: S Clementis Rom, S Barnabae, S Ignatii and S Polycarpi: Epistolae accedunt S Ignatii & S Polycarpi Martyria [Greek and Latin on opposite pages]
51565: PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION - International journal for philosophy of religion (Volume VI No 4 Winter 1975): Barnette (Anselm and the fool), Marsh (Freedom receptivity and God), Spade (What is proof for the existence of God), Wainwright (Christian theism and the free will defence) La Croix (Swinburne on omnipotence)
40868: "CONFERENCE ON THE RELIGIOUS" - "Notes: a Quarterly Review for Religious" "4 Issues (April, Dec 1965, Sept, Dec 1966)"
16331: RELTON H M - Study in Christology: the problem of the relation of the two natures in the person of Christ
24247: "RELTON H M" - "Cross and altar:" "a study of the way Christ saves us"
54096: REMBRANDT - Old Testament
64867: "GROS J & REMPEL J D" - "Fragmentation of the church and its unity in peacemaking"
50413: RENA S - All things give God glory: a catholic anthology
16332: "RENAISSANCE" - "Renaissance and modern studies:" "reprinted from Volume VIII 1964"
16333: "RENAISSANCE" - "Renasissance painting in manuscripts:" "treasures from the British Library"
37944: "RENAN E" - "Lectures on the influence of the institutions, thought" "and culture of Rome, on Christianity and the development of the Catholic Church (Hibbert Lectures 1880)"
50174: RENAUDON P - St Vincent de Paul
50175: RENDALL R - Greatness and glory of Christ: as set forth in certain key passages of the New Testament with some additional papers on the good life
50176: RENDALL R - History prophecy and God
57304: GOODHART-RENDEL H S - English architecture since the Regency: an interpretation
27423: GORDON C H & RENDSBURG G A - Bible and the ancient Near East
18056: SONGS OF RENEWAL - Songs of renewal 1: (Music Edition)
50177: RENGSTORF K H - Apostleship (Bible Key Words)
2918: "BULTMANN R & RENGSTORF K H" - "Hope" "(BKW 12)"
40139: "RENGSTORF K H" - "Charis Kai Sophia"
55858: RENOUF P LE P - Condemnation of Pope Honorius
16341: "RENOWDEN R" - "New patterns of ministry"
16342: RENSBERGER D - Overcoming the World: politics and community in the Gospel of John
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25061: "REPORTS" - "Reports on progress in physics: a journal recognized by the" "European Physical Society edited by L J Challis, Volume 61 Part 1 1998"
26059: "REPS P" - "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones:" "a collection of Zen and pre-Zen writings"
16349: "RESERVATION" - "Reservation: report of a conference held at Farnham Castle" "on October 24-27, 1925"
55825: RESSEGUIE J L - Strange Gospel: narrative design and point of view in John
50178: RETIF A - Catholic spirit (Volume 87 in Faith and Facts series)
39368: "REUMANN J" - "Church emerging:" "a US Lutheran case study (Contributors: James A Bergquist, Philip Hefner, Donald G Luck, Lee E Snook)"
22268: "REUMANN J" - "Creation and new creation:" "the past, present, and future of God's creative activity"
50179: REUMANN J - Jesus in the Church's Gospel: modern scholarship and the earliest sources
30390: "REUMANN J" - "Variety and unity in New Testament thought"
55857: REUSCH - Report on the proceedings at the reunion conference held at Bonn on September 14 15 and 16 1874: with a preface by H P Liddon
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27367: "REVELL J" - "Cross country:" "teacher's book 1"
12343: "REVENTLOW H G" - "Amt des Propheten bei Amos:" "[Forschungen zur religion und literatur des alten und neuen testamentes]"
52394: CHURCH QUARTERLY REVIEW - Liturgical papers 1880-1922: Lee - C of E and prayers for the departed: Aleardo Aleardi: Liturgy and ritual of the Celtic Church: C C Rolfe Ancient use of liturgical colours: English liturgical colours: Sign of the cross in Christian ceremonial:... Primitive form of consecration of the Holy Eucharist: W C Bishop - Special forms of prayer: Early Persian liturgy: Early Roman liturgy
4348: "CHURCH QUARTERLY REVIEW" - "Articles on liturgical subjects selected from issues between" "1880-1922 (by FG Lee AW Hutton et al)"
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16356: "REVIEW" - "Review of African Political Economy ROAPE No.74 1997"
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49716: CRUSADE FOR WORLD REVIVAL - Building a people of power: prayer diary
16359: REX J - Key problems of sociological theory (ILS&SR)
37935: "REYBURN H Y" - "John Calvin:" "his life, letters, and work"
50181: REYNALDS D - Holy stillness
50170: REYNOLDS R - John Woolman and the 20th century (Pendle Hill Pamphlet No 96)
37936: REYNOLDS B - Handbook to the Book of Common Prayer for the use of teachers and students
16360: "REYNOLDS E" - "Sinfulness of sin: Vol 1 of Whole works in 6 vols" "incl. Memoirs of the life of the author by A Chalmers, & three treatises"
37937: "REYNOLDS E E" - "Introduction to heraldry"
61833: REYNOLDS J S - Canon Christopher: of St. Aldate's, Oxford
23164: "REYNOLDS V" - "Practical guide to child development:" "Volume 1 The child"
54112: REYNOLDS A - English sects: an historical handbook
50183: REYNOLDS B - Project sainthood your business: God's reason for creating the universe
53497: REYNOLDS G G - First among equals: a study of the basis of association and oversight among Baptist churches
57081: REYNOLDS T E - Vulnerable communion: a theology of disability and hospitality
55301: REYNOLDS D - Swan river: a family memoir
55567: REYNOLDS D - Christ's: a Cambridge college over five centuries
55856: REYNOLDS G - Historical essay upon the government of the Church of England from the earliest to the present times exhibiting the true causes of the separation from Rome in the reign of Henry VIII...
47768: RHEINBERGER J - Monolgues (Opus 162, Nos 1 - 12)
55855: RHINE J B - Reach of the mind
24246: "RHINELANDER P M" - "Faith of the cross" "(Bishop Paddock lectures, New York 1914)"
50169: RHODE E - Generations of Adam
50168: RHODES M G - Little book of saints
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23396: "RHODES J P" - "Wicca unveiled:" "complete rituals of modern witchcraft"
39728: "RHODES W S" - "Christian God"
37713: "MACQUIBAN T & RHODES D" - "Human sexuality and the churches" "(Sarum Consultation)"
33085: LASH N & RHYMER J - Christian priesthood (9th Downside symposium)
16367: RHYMER J - Babylonian Experience: a way through the Old Testament, 4. The Exile
16372: "RHYMES D" - "Time past to time future:" "the church - my past experience and future hopes"
36485: "RHYN M VAN" - "Treasures of the dust:" "the New Testament in the light of recent excavations"
49367: RIANT P - Exuviae sacrae constantinopolitanae: fasciculus documentorum, ad byzantina lipsana in occidentem saeculo XIII translata spectantium & historiam quarti belli sacri: imperijq; gallo-graeci illustrantium I
25335: "PASCAL C & RIBBINS P" - "Understanding primary headteachers" "(Management and Leadership in Education)"
27923: "PASCAL C & RIBBINS P" - "Understanding primary headteachers:" "conversations on characters, careers and characteristics"
25236: "RIBBINS P" - "Leaders and leadership in the school, college and university" "(Management and Leadership in Education)"
61120: "BLAZQUEZ RICARDO" - "NEO-CATECHUMENAL COMMUNITIES:" "a theological discernment"
51125: RICCARDI A - Living together
40412: "RICCIOTTI G" - "Histoire d'Israel:" "Tome 1: des origines a l'exil"
16379: RICE H A L - Bridge Builders: biographical studies in the History of Anglicanism
27096: "RICE H A L" - "Prayer book heritage:" "an introduction to the history and development of Anglican worship"
22606: "RICE H S" - "Book of blessings"
26402: "RICE L O" - "VMS systems management" "(BCS Practitioner Series)"
16382: "RICE M & V" - "When can I say I love you?"
16383: "RICE M A" - "Story of St Marys Abbots Bromley"
39936: "RICE T T" - "Icons:" "art and devotion"
56798: UFFICIO DIOCESANO DI DOCUMENTAZIONE E DI RICERCA - Chiesa Fiorentina: storia, arte, vita pastorale
51352: RICH E E - St Catharine's College Cambridge 1473-1973: a volume of essays to commemorate the Quincentenary of the foundation of the college
16386: "RICH A" - "Of woman born:" "motherhood as experience and institution"
16387: "RICH E C" - "Spiritual authority in the Church of England:" "an enquiry"
22028: BAXTER RICHARD - Poetical fragments
60822: BAXTER RICHARD - REFORMED PASTOR edited by William Brown
60005: "ABANES RICHARD" - "HARRY POTTER AND THE BIBLE:" "the menace behind the magick"
68926: "MORGAN RICHARD L" - "WITH FACES TO THE EVENING SUN:" "faith stories from the nursing home"
50164: RICHARD P ET AL - Idols of death and the God of life: a theology
50163: RICHARD R L - Secularization theology
51896: RICHARD C - Priere d'intercession: questions
16388: RICHARD E - Acts 6:1 - 8:4: the author's method of composition (SBL DS41)
35205: RICHARDS H - What the Spirit says to the churches: a key to the Apocalypse of John
43772: "RICHARDS S P & RICHARDS L O" - "Women of the Bible: life and times of every woman in the Bible" "arranged A to Z for easy study... topic and scripture indexes..."
48560: RICHARDS J M - Castles on the ground (illustrated by John Piper)
50161: RICHARDS R - Moment with God for single parents: prayers for every single parent
16390: "RICHARDS A" - "God-alive" "(inherited Christian ideas rethought in cartoon form)"
33001: "RICHARDS A" - "Transparencies:" "pictures of mission through prayer and reflection - an accompaniment to Presence and Prophecy, by Mission Theological Advisory Group (GS Misc 690)"
27571: "RICHARDS A J" - "Birdwatcher's A-Z"
16391: "RICHARDS B" - "Current Perspectives in Healthcare Computing Conference" "Harrogate 17-19 March 1997 Part II Keynote addresses and satellite sessions"
28115: "RICHARDS B ET AL" - "Current perspectives in healthcare computing - Part 1:" "Conference Harrogate 17-19 March 1997"
16392: RICHARDS G A - Teaching of Christian Doctrine: a scheme for Secondary Schools and Training Colleges
22935: "RICHARDS J" - "Films & British national identity:" "from Dickens to Dad's Army"
39189: "RICHARDS J R" - "Jesus - Son of God and Son of Man: a Marcan study" "(Pantyfedwen Trust Lectures)"
61691: "RICHARDS M" - "Church 2001"
38490: "RICHARDS M P M" - "Integration of a child into a social world"
24229: "RICHARDS T" - "Puritan Movement in Wales, 1639-1653"
3914: "ANDERS-RICHARDS D" - "Drama of the Psalms"
50160: RICHARDS M - Church of Christ
16398: RICHARDS J - Consul of God: the life and times of Gregory the Great
55854: RICHARDS H J - Worship anthology on the creed
33990: RICHARDS H J - First Easter: what really happened?
43664: "RICHARDS H" - "Four gospels:" "an introduction"
38227: RICHARDS H J - Anthology for the church year: 500 readings and prayers for worship and reflection
50158: RICHARDS L O - Christian education: seeking to become like Jesus Christ
54748: RICHARDSON P T - Four spiritualities: expressions of self, expressions of spirit: a psychology of contemporary spiritual choice
16409: "RICHARDSON A" - "Dictionary of Christian Theology"
16414: RICHARDSON A - Gospel According to St John: introduction and commentary (Torch Bible Commentary)
16423: "RICHARDSON A" - "Science and Existence:" "two ways of knowing (Technics and Purpose)"
16435: "RICHARDSON M K" - "Family liturgy book"
24076: "RICHARDSON N" - "Was Jesus divine?"
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16438: "RICHARDSON R D" - "Theology for a new world"
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31171: RICHARDSON C C - Early Christian fathers newly translated and edited (Library of Christian Classics Volume 1)
49186: RICHARDSON S Y - Sing all 4: an aid to choosing fromHymns & Psalms following the readings set in the 4 year lectionary of the Methodist Church
35580: RICHARDSON A - Creeds in the making: short introduction to the history of Christian doctrine
46543: RICHARDSON P - My Jesus book
16415: RICHARDSON A - History sacred and profane (Bampton lectures 1962)
29223: "GEORGE A & RICHES M" - "Advanced motif programming techniques"
16439: RICHES - Riches of prayer by the author of The Splendour of God with a preface by Canon Joyce
33988: "RICHES J" - "World of Jesus:" "first-century Judaism in crisis (Understanding Jesus today)"
55900: RICHES J, TELFORD W R & TUCKETT C M - Synoptic Gospels with an introduction by Scot McKnight
38603: "RICHMOND W" - "Philosophy and the Christian experience being the" "Pringle Stewart Lectures for 1921-1922"
16441: "RICHMOND A H" - "Colour problem:" "study of racial relations"
16445: "RICHMOND J" - "Ritschl: a reappraisal -" "a study in systematic theology"
16446: RICHMOND J - Theology & metaphysics (LPT)
16447: RICHMOND K D - Preaching to sufferers: God and the problem of pain
35774: PORTER S E & RICHTER P J - Toronto blessing - or is it?
1563: "BELLIVEAU F & RICHTER L" - "Understanding Human Sexual Inadequacy"
36617: RICHTER L - Treasury of French dolls: Album 2
40137: "RICHTER W" - "Die bearbeitungen des ""Retterbuches"" in der Deuteronomischen" "Epoche: (Bonner Biblische Beitrage)"
50925: FRANCIS L J & RICHTER P - Gone for good? Church-leaving and returning in the 21st Century
30992: RICHTER P - God's here and now: social contexts of the ministry of the people of God
16449: "RICKABY J" - "Aquinas Ethicus in 2 vols :" "or the moral teaching of St Thomas Aquinas a trans of the principal portions of the second part of the Summa Theologica"
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41677: RIDOUT A - The organist's collection 13: for manuals and pedals: book thirteen: music from across the centuries
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57254: RIDOUT A - Pilgrim carol (SATB); song of the Shaker sect arranged by Alan Ridout
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55908: BOTTERWECK G J & RINGGREN H - Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament Volume I - Volume IX [no additional postage for UK: overseas please ask for quotation, volumes weigh unpacked 9.5kg]
50962: RINPOCHE L N ET AL - Assisi declarations: messages on man and nature from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism
50139: RINVOLUCRI M - Anatomy of a church: Greek Orthodoxy today
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25410: "VINCE M & ROBERTSON R" - "Winner:" "Workbook B"
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16538: ROBERTSON E H - Take and Read: a guide to group Bible study
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50402: STANES ROBIN - Fortunate place: the history of Slapton in South Devon
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16607: ROBINSON J A T - Human face of God
39176: ROBINSON J A T - Where three ways meet: [last essays and sermons]
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42335: ROBINSON J A - Some thoughts on the incarnation: with a prefatory letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury
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55906: ROBINSON J M - Manuscript discoveries of the future with an appendix: titlepage, table of contents, introduction and sample plates from a facsimile edition ot the Dead Sea Scrolls (Institute for Antiquity and Christianity Occasional paper number 23)
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52961: ROBINSON J M - Nag Hammadi Library in English: translated and introduced by members of the Coptic Gnostic Library Project
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44885: ROBSON P - Celtic liturgy
51347: ROBSON R - Ideas and institutions of Victorian Britain : essays in honour of George Kitson Clark
71051: "ROCHE A" - "LIGHT OF THE ANXIOUS HEART:" "spiritual reflections for war-time"
47246: ROCHE M DE LA - Centenary at Jalna
53928: ROCHE A - In the track of the Gospel: an outline of the Christian Apostolate from pentecost to the present
40545: "RODD C S" - "Is there life after death?" "(Thinking Things Through 5)"
40544: "RODD C S" - "Why evil and suffering" "(Thinking Things Through 4)"
16664: "RODD C" - "Pastor's opportunities"
56633: RODD C S - Gospel of Mark (Epworth Commentaries)
40574: "SHEPHERD M H & RODENMAYER R N" - "Our prayers and praise: the Order for daily morning prayer" "and the Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper/Holy Communion with simplified rubrics & explanatory notes.. illus by a Sister of the Community of the Holy Spirit. Notes on Morning Pr
56015: RODERA G - Menorca (Mini Guides)
53142: RODES S J - From faith to faith: John Wesley's covenant theology and the way of salvation
53140: RODRIGUEZ D L - Liberating mission of Jesus: the message of the Gospel of Luke (Pentecostals, peacemaking and social justice series)
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39604: "ROEBUCK S" - "Being human in a cosmic context:" "Christ and the cosmos No. 7"
39601: "ROEBUCK S" - "Being responsible in a cosmic context:" "Christ and the cosmos No. 8"
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71057: "ROEBUCK S ET AL" - "Time and again:" "East Anglian reflections on the Christian life"
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41958: "ROGER F" - "Lutte et contemplation:" "journal 1970-1972"
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47573: ROGERS B - Man who went into the west: life of R S Thomas
23185: ROGERS D - Politics, prayer and parliament
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22053: ROGERSON J W - Supernatural in the Old Testament
16705: ROGERSON J - Beginning Old Testament study
30845: HOULDEN L & ROGERSON J - Common worship lectionary: a scripture commentary Year A
34587: "ROGET P" - "Everyman's thesaurus of English words and phrases" "revised from Peter Roget by D C Browning"
26477: "ROGET P M" - "Roget's international thesaurus" "fifth edition revised by Robert L Chapman"
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16713: ROHDE J - Rediscovering the teaching of the evangelists (NTL)
48659: ROHDE J - Rediscovering the teaching of the evangelists (New Testament Library)
24393: ROHDE P - Soren Kierkegaard: an introduction to his life and philosophy
16715: ROHR H - Set me free
71084: "ROHR J VON" - "Profile of Protestantism:" "introduction to its faith and life"
16716: "ROKACH L" - "Catholic Church and the Question of Palestine"
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16723: ROLLE R - Selected Writings of Richard Rolle: trans by John G Harrell
71094: "ROLLE R" - "Some minor works of Richard Rolle:" "with the privity of the passion by S Bonaventura, translated and edited by Geraldine E Hodgson"
55537: ROLLINSON W - Life and tradition in the Lake District
16726: "ROLPH C H" - "Common sense about crime & punishment"
43552: ROLSTON H - Beyond the edge: one woman's journey out of post-natal depression and anxiety
71097: "ROLT M F" - "PAUL: hero and Saint"
50547: DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE [ROLT - Divine names and the mystical theology translated by C E Rolt
53914: ROMAIN J A - Renewing the vision: Rabbis speak out on modern Jewish issues
16734: "ROMBERG T, BLACK J & LEDWIDGE" - "Signal Processing for Industrial Diagnostics"
49304: ROME - Handbook to Rome and its environs: with three section plans showing every street and building of importance
37633: "CLEMENT OF ROME [CLARKE]" - "First epistle of Clement to the Corinthians" "edited by W K Lowther Clarke (Translations of early documents)"
69365: "ROME" - "ROMA E LE VIE CONSOLARI: paesaggi storici e artistici." "Black & white/colour illustrations, text in Italian"
30733: "ROMER J" - "Testament:" "the Bible & history"
71121: RONCO D D - Risorgimento and the Free Italian Churches now Churches of the Brethren
53139: RONG L - Forgotten and forsaken by God: the community in pain in Lamentations and related Old Testament texts
51742: VAN ROO W - Mystery
39581: "CARROLL J & ROOF W C" - "Beyond establishment:" "protest identity in a post-protestant age"
53141: ROOK R D - Rhyming hope and history: theology and culture in the work of Robert Jenson
71759: "ROOKMAAKER H R" - "Modern art and the death of a culture"
27490: "ROOM A" - "Dictionary of place-names in the British Isles"
27238: "ROOM A" - "Room's classical dictionary:" "the origins of the names of characters in classical mythology"
27079: "PARK J & ROOME N" - "Ecology of the new economy:" "sustainable transformation of global information, communications and electronics industries"
63776: "FARICY R & ROONEY L" - "Medjugorje unfolds in peace and in war"
8208: ROOT J - Encountering Westindian Pentecostalism: its ministry and worship by (GBMW66)
45533: FACKRE G & ROOT M - Affirmations and admonitions: Lutheran decisions and dialogue with reformed, episcopal and Roman Catholic churches
56292: ROPE H E G - Benedict XV: the Pope of peace
37891: "BEBB A & ROPER A" - "Painful process:"
16737: "ROPER A" - "Fifteenth Station:" "epilogue by Karl Rahner"
31513: TREVOR-ROPER H - From Counter-Reformation to glorious revolution
16739: "ROPES J H" - "Synoptic Gospels"
24658: DANIEL-ROPS H - Church in the seventeenth century (History of the Church of Christ 6)
62937: "DANIEL-ROPS H" - "LIFE OF OUR LORD" "(Faith & Fact books no. 68)"
24656: DANIEL-ROPS H - Church in the eighteenth century (History of the Church of Christ 7)
31515: DANIEL-ROPS H - Fight for God: 1870-1939 (History of the Church of Christ, Vol 9)
55975: ROREM P - Calvin and Bullinger on the Lord's supper (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 12/Grove Liturgical Study 60)
35161: "ROSA P DE" - "God our Saviour:" "a study of the Atonement"
5502: "ROSA P DE" - "Christ and original sin"
71131: "ROSADI G" - "TRIAL OF JESUS" "translated from the third Italian edition"
55451: ROSAGE D E - Praying with scripture in the Holy Land: daily meditations with the risen Jesus
16743: "ROSCOE W" - "Life and Pontification of Leo the Tenth" "(revised by his son Thomas Roscoe 7th ed) in 2 vols"
33386: ROSE J - Sunday learning for all ages (GP11)
16746: "ROSE H" - "Science & society"
71137: "ROSE J" - "Elizabeth Fry:" "a biography (first published by Macmillan in 1980)"
71139: "ROSE S C" - "Grass roots church:" "a manifesto for Protestant Renewal"
47574: ROSE E J B ET AL - Colour and citizenship: report on British race relations
50801: ROSEN M - Demystifying personal evangelism
32770: "ROSEN S" - "Ancients and the moderns:" "rethinking modernity"
41100: "ROSENBERG D" - "Abraham:" "the first historical biography"
16: "ROSENFELD D" - "Psychoanalysis and groups;" "history and dialectics"
35269: "ROSENTHAL F" - "Grammar of biblical Aramaic" "(Porta Linguarum Orientalium V)"
16752: "ROSENTHAL G D" - "Ageless Stories"
16754: "ROSENTHAL G D" - "Survival"
56705: ROSENTHAL H - Opera annual No 3
42538: "MACKENZIE K D & ROSENTHAL G D" - "Sunday, and how to keep it" "(John Bull Tracts No 8)"
52960: ROSENTHAL J - Essential guide to the Anglican communion
51211: ROSEVEARE H - Living sacrifice: willing to be whittled as an arrow
26945: "ROSEZWEIG F" - "On Jewish learning"
27776: "ROSIGNOLI G" - "Air Force badges and insignia of World War 2:" "Great Britain, Norway, Netherlands, USSR, Denmark, France, Belgium,Yugoslavia,USA,Italy,China,Bulgaria,Germany, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, Japan, Rumania, Hungary"
27205: "ROSIGNOLI G" - "Ribbons of orders, decorations and medals"
52962: ROSMAN D - Evangelicals and culture
50007: WEISS-ROSMARIN T - Judaism and Christianity: the differences
16762: "ROSMINI A" - "Philosophy of politics vol 2:" "society and its purpose"
53494: ROSMINI A - Certainty
53495: ROSMINI A - Principles of Ethics
53496: ROSMINI A - Conscience
52475: ROSS K N - What the spirit says to the churches (Bishop of London's Lent book)
56603: ROSS C - Inner sanctuary: an exposition of John 13 - 17
54242: ROSS J E - Christian ethics
34335: ROSS K - Hearing confessions
49164: ROSS S K - Roman Edessa: politics and culture on the eastern fringes of the Roman Empire 114-242 CE
25296: "JOHNS N & LEE-ROSS D" - "Research methods in service industry management"
30218: "KUBLER-ROSS E" - "Wheel of life:" "a memoir of living and dying"
16769: "ROSS J M" - "Presbyterian Bishops?"
16770: "ROSS J S" - "Basic psychology"
52941: WALLS A & ROSS C - Mission in the 21st cebtury: exploring the five marks of global mission
53868: ROSS K N - History of malden
71162: "ROSS K E" - "Sorrowful mysteries"
71164: "ROSS K N" - "Christian mysteries"
16766: "ROSS A S C" - "Essentials of Anglo-Saxon grammar"

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