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56647: RILKE R M - Selected poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
28572: "RIMA I H" - "Development of economic analysis"
32568: "RINALDI S" - "Trend: a pattern of life"
24442: "TIFFANY F C & RINGE S H" - "Biblical interpretation:" "a roadmap"
16484: RINGGREN H - Israelite religion
16483: RINGGREN H - Faith of the Psalmists
55908: BOTTERWECK G J & RINGGREN H - Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament Volume I - Volume XII [no additional postage for UK: overseas please ask for quotation, volumes weigh unpacked 13.5kg]
50962: RINPOCHE L N ET AL - Assisi declarations: messages on man and nature from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism
50139: RINVOLUCRI M - Anatomy of a church: Greek Orthodoxy today
54767: O RIORDAIN J J - Music of what happens: Celtic spirituality a view from inside
56061: O'RIORDAIN J J - Irish Catholic spirituality: Celtic and Roman
50137: RIPLEY F J - Priest for ever
50135: RIPLEY J - I found the answer but what was the question
40192: "RIPOLL L" - "Collection de bois graves majorquins"
22611: "RIPPIN B" - "Christian juggler"
50132: RIPPLE P - Walking with loneliness (Linford Inspirational Library large print edition)
55507: RIPPLE P - Growing strong at broken places
43591: "RISDON B" - "Maze of deception:" "an autobiography of a journey"
16494: "RISLEY C" - "Machine embroidery"
16495: RISSI M - Future of the World: an exegetical study of Revelation 19.11-22.15 (SBT2/23)
57157: RIST J M - Augustine: ancient thought baptized
58248: RIST J M - On the independence of Matthew and Mark (SNTS Monograph series 32)
60923: "BENNETT DENNIS & RITA" - "TRINITY OF MAN:" "the three dimensions of healing and wholeness"
72119: "SNOWDEN RITA" - "CHRISTMAS - AND ALWAYS:" "celebrating through the year"
72138: "SNOWDEN RITA F" - "BELLS FROM MANY A STEEPLE:" "a book for the dawning and the closing of the day"
72128: SNOWDEN RITA F - WHEN MY VISITORS GO: a book for one sick in hospital or at home
34949: "RITCHIE D G" - "Plato" "(World's epoch-makers)"
50128: RITCHIE A - Spiritual studies in St Luke's Gospel (Volumes 1 and 2)
38702: "RITSCHL A" - "Theology of Albrecht Ritschl, together with instruction," "translated by A M Swing"
24122: "RITSCHL D" - "Logic of theology:" "a brief account of the relationship between basic concepts of theology"
56299: RITTER G - Luther: his life and work
20850: "RITTNER C" - "Elie Wiesel:" "between memory and hope"
22747: "RITTNER C" - "Holocaust and the Christian world:" "reflections on the past, challenges for the future"
37365: "RIVIERE L LA" - "Creative and Christian:" "biblical principles"
319: "ANCREN RIWLE" - "Nun's Rule:" "modernised by James Morton"
16500: "ROAD" - "Road to Damascus: kairos and conversion"
57888: BREED W J & ROAT E C - Geology of the Grand Canyon
50129: ROBB A - Derek the cleric yearbook
16502: "ROBB I G" - "Century of Lowestoft"
46596: ROBBINS K - First World War
25617: "ROBBINS M" - "Medical receptionists and secretaries handbook"
34019: "ROBBINS N E" - "Not forgetting to sing"
24825: "ROBBINS W" - "Ethical idealism of Matthew Arnold:" "study of the nature and sources of his moral and religious ideas"
16504: "ROBBINS W L" - "Christian apologetic" "(HC)"
56316: MACK B L & ROBBINS V K - Patterns of persuasion in the gospels
55648: ROBBINS K - England Ireland Scotland Wales: the Christian Church 1900 - 2000 (Oxford History of the Christian Church)
16505: "ROBECK N DE" - "Christmas Crib"
25917: "ROBERSON B A" - "International society and the development of" "international relations theory"
60451: "BACKHOUSE ROBERT" - "CHRISTIAN MARTYRS:" "a handbook of believers who have dared to die for God"
60450: "BACKHOUSE ROBERT" - "CLASSIC LOVE:" "timeless wisdom from Classic Writers"
60855: "BECKFORD ROBERT" - "GOD AND THE GANGS:" "an urban toolkit for those who won't be sold out, bought out or scared out"
65980: "HUDSON ROBERT R" - "COMPANIONS FOR THE SOUL:" "a yearlong journey of miracles, prayers, and epiphanies. 366 classic Christian readings"
51107: SOUTH ROBERT - Twelve sermons and discourses on several subjects and occasions - 6 volumes (xiv/500,xx/480,xxii/476,x/542,xvi/564,x/511) printed from his original manuscripts
51108: SOUTH ROBERT - Posthumous works of the late Reverend Robert South containing sermons on several subjects [companion volume to Several 6 volumes]
41001: "ROBERT R" - "Historic Hertfordshire"
72550: "STOTT ROBERT" - "WAY EVERLASTING:" "[an anthology]"
53874: ROBERT - Robert de poche: langue francaise et noms propres
16507: "ROBERTS" - "New life in spirit:" "a study outline (Foundary Pamplets No 16)"
36294: "ROBERTS H E" - "Notes on the medieval monasteries and minsters of" "England and Wales"
16513: "ROBERTS J" - "Beverly Hills International Party Planner:" "the international directory for party services"
26121: "ROBERTS J" - "Multinational business service firms:" "development of multinational organisational structures in the UK business services sector"
16515: "ROBERTS L G A" - "Druidism in Britain:" "a preparation for the Gospel"
16516: "ROBERTS M" - "Faber book of Modern Verse"
16518: "ROBERTS R C" - "Rudolf Bultmann's theology:" "a critical interpretation"
16519: ROBERTS R E - H R L Sheppard: life & letters
32776: ROBERTS R H - Religion, theology and the human sciences
16520: "ROBERTS T" - "Partners and ministers:" "an experience in supplementary ministry"
16522: "ROBERTS T A" - "History and Christian apolgetic"
28027: "SUTHERLAND S R & ROBERTS T A" - "Religion, reason and the self:" "essays in honour of Hywel D Lewis"
45681: ROBERTS A - Holy fox: a biography of Lord Halifax
38943: "ROBERTS J D" - "Philosophical introduction to theology"
70942: "ROBERTS O" - "Baptism with the Holy Spirit:" "and the value of speaking in tongues today"
70945: "ROBERTS T D" - "Diary of Bathsheeba"
56716: ROBERTS J R - Critical anthology of English recusant devotional prose 1558 - 1603
43742: "ROBERTS J" - "Walter Benjamin:" "theoretical traditions in the social sciences (Contemporary Social Theory)"
56712: ROBERTS K - Bruegel
58373: ROBERTS E - In and around Alresford in old photographs - Volume 2
50187: ROBERTS D E - Existentialism and religious belief
53144: ROBERTS K - Emerging prophet: Kierkegaard and the postmodern poeple of God
48567: ROBERTS M - Behaviour of nations: an essay in the conduct of national organisms in the nutritional field
58097: ROBERTS E - In and around Alresford in old photographs
12526: ROBERTSON D - Collaborative ministry: what it is, how it works and why
52700: ROBERTSON E H - Jeremiah, Lamentations, Baruch, Exekiel, Isaiah 40 - 66 (Mowbrays Mini-Commentaries) based on the text of the Jerusalem Bible
70951: "ROBERTSON A" - "PLAYING WITH FIRE:" "the use and abuse of music"
34958: ROBERTSON J - Windows to eternity [a personal exploration of Russian Orthodoxy]
35253: ROBERTSON E - Bonhoeffer's heritage
16523: ROBERTSON A - Contrasts: the arts and religion
16524: "ROBERTSON A" - "Regnum Dei:" "eight lectures on the kingdom of God in the history of Christian thought"
16527: "ROBERTSON A ET AL" - "Authority in Matters of Faith" "(Church Historical Society lectures Series II)"
27034: "ROBERTSON B A" - "International society and the development of" "international relations theory"
22432: ROBERTSON C - Singing the faith: essays by members of the Joint Liturgical Group on the use of hymns in liturgy
16531: "ROBERTSON E" - "Biblical bases of healing"
16532: "ROBERTSON E" - "Chiara" "(Lubich)"
16533: "ROBERTSON E" - "Pentateuchal Studies:" "rpt from the Bulletin of John Rylands Library"
22519: "ROBERTSON E" - "Text of the Old Testame and the methods of textual criticism" "(Lectio No. 1)"
16540: "ROBERTSON F W" - "Life and Letters of Frederick W Robertson M.A. vol II only:" "incumbent of Trinity Chapel, Brighton 1847-1853 edition by Stopford A Brooke"
16541: "ROBERTSON F W" - "Life and Letters of Frederick W Robertson M.A.:" "incumbent of Trinity Chapel, Brighton 1847-1853 edition by Stopford A Brooke with selection from notices of Sermons & Life & letters"
16550: "ROBERTSON R" - "Sociology of religion:" "selected readings"
25409: "VINCE M & ROBERTSON R" - "Winner:" "Workbook C"
25410: "VINCE M & ROBERTSON R" - "Winner:" "Workbook B"
47147: ROBERTSON J - Scottish Enlightenment and Militia issue
16535: ROBERTSON E H - Man's estimate of man
16538: ROBERTSON E H - Take and Read: a guide to group Bible study
55452: ROBERTSON J G - Literature of Germany 950 - 1913 (Home University Library)
16551: ROBINS H C - Guide to spiritual healing: practical advice and information with some spiritual guidance on the church's ministry of healing (Forms for the laying on of hands and the anointing of the sick/The administration of holy unction and the laying-on of hands)
16621: ROBINSON J A T - Truth is two eyed
39176: ROBINSON J A T - Where three ways meet: [last essays and sermons]
71760: ROBINSON M - World apart: creating a church for the unchurched: learning from Willow Creek
16584: ROBINSON H W - Record and revelation: essays on the Old Testament by members of SOTS
16638: ROBINSON T H - Epistle to the Hebrews (Moffatt New Testament Library)
16640: ROBINSON T H - Gospel of Matthew (Moffatt New Testament Commentary)
16582: ROBINSON H W - Inspiration and revelation in the Old Testament
49906: ROBINSON J A T ET AL - Layman's church
43653: ROBINSON D - Three wise men and a baby: and other seasonal sketches
32915: "LEALMAN B & ROBINSON E" - "Image of life" "(Exploration into experience)"
61453: "MACPHERSON D LASH N & ROBINSON" - "LUKE, ACTS, 1 PETER" "(Scripture discussion commentary 8)"
38233: "ROBINSON A" - "Jesus according to John:" "the sayings of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel"
16554: "ROBINSON A W" - "God and the World:" "a survey of thought"
24015: "ROBINSON A W" - "Studies in the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount"
26666: "ROBINSON C" - "Proficiency insight:" "Teacher's Book"
28364: "ROBINSON C" - "Voting behaviour and electoral systems" "(Access to politics)"
16558: "ROBINSON C H" - "How the Gospel spread through Europe"
22471: "ROBINSON C H" - "Studies in Christian worship"
16565: ROBINSON E - This time-bound ladder: ten dialogues on religious experience
16566: "ROBINSON F" - "College and Ordination Addresses"
16570: "ROBINSON G" - "Historians of Israel (1)" "1 and 2 Samuel , 1 and 2 Kings"
33112: "ROBINSON H W" - "Expository preaching:" "principles and practice"
35197: "ROBINSON H W" - "Inspiration and revelation in the Old Testament"
22344: "ROBINSON J" - "On the Lord's appearing:" "essay on prayer and tradition"
16631: "ROBINSON J" - "Soccer: the European Championships 1958-1996"
38831: "ROBINSON J A" - "Somerset historical essays"
16592: "ROBINSON J A" - "Vision of unity"
16599: "ROBINSON J A T" - "Christian freedom in a permissive society"
16620: "ROBINSON J A T" - "St Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians:" "an exposition"
39878: "ROBINSON J M" - "New Quest of the Historical Jesus" "and other essays"
16632: ROBINSON N H G - Groundwork of Christian Ethics
16643: "ROBINSON T H" - "Outline introduction to the history of religions"
16654: "ROBINSON W C" - "Weg des Herrn: studien zxur Geschichte und Eschatologie im" "Lukas-Evangelium, ein Gesprach mit hans Conzelmann (Theologische Forschung XXXVI)"
71046: "ROBINSON W E" - "ON SPIRITUAL READING:" "a short practical guide from the Early Fathers to contemporary writers"
16656: "ROBINSON W H" - "Christian Doctrine of Man"
16657: "ROBINSON W S" - "Short history of Rome"
16820: "ROWAN-ROBINSON M" - "Nine Numbers of the Cosmos"
25998: "WILDEY K B & ROBINSON W H" - "Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Insect" "Pests in the Urban Environment: St John's College, Cambridge 30 June-3 July 1993"
16569: "ROBINSON F" - "Sympathy of God"
48719: ROBINSON A - John Maynard Keynes: economist, author, statesman: inaugural Keynes lecturer 22 April 1971
16630: ROBINSON J M - Problem of history in Mark (SBT21)
16629: ROBINSON J M - New Quest of the Historical Jesus (Studies in Biblical Theology 25)
47478: CAIN T G S & ROBINSON K - Into another mould: change and continuity in English culture 1625-1700
27421: ROBINSON J A T - Human face of God
16607: ROBINSON J A T - Human face of God
16645: ROBINSON T H - Poetry of the Old Testament
55907: ROBINSON J M - Pachomian Monastic Library at the Chester Beatty Library and the Bibliotheque Bodmer (Institute for Antiquity and Christianity Occasional paper number 23)
55198: ROBINSON J A - St Paul's epistle to the Ephesians: a revised text and translation with exposition and notes
53806: ROBINSON T H - Prophecy and the Prophets in Ancient Israel
54097: ROBINSON D - Concordance to the Good News Bible
42335: ROBINSON J A - Some thoughts on the incarnation: with a prefatory letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury
16556: ROBINSON A W (ED) - Personal life of the Christian (originally published by Longman in 1902 as 'Personal life of the clergy'
55906: ROBINSON J M - Manuscript discoveries of the future with an appendix: titlepage, table of contents, introduction and sample plates from a facsimile edition ot the Dead Sea Scrolls (Institute for Antiquity and Christianity Occasional paper number 23)
16593: ROBINSON J A T - Body: a study in Pauline theology (Studies in Biblical Theology 5)
47974: ROBINSON H W - Baptist principles
16600: ROBINSON J A T - Christian morals today
56356: CARRUTH S & ROBINSON J M - Q4:1-13,16: Temptations of Jesus Nazara (Documenta Q)
16613: ROBINSON J A T - On being the church in the world
58156: ROBINSON H C - Henry Crabb Robinson on books and their writers (Volumes 1 & 2 only
54424: ROBINSON S I - Images of Byzantium: learning about icons
50412: ROBINSON J A - Some thoughts on the Athanasian creed
44885: ROBSON P - Celtic liturgy
71051: "ROCHE A" - "LIGHT OF THE ANXIOUS HEART:" "spiritual reflections for war-time"
47246: ROCHE M DE LA - Centenary at Jalna
53928: ROCHE A - In the track of the Gospel: an outline of the Christian Apostolate from pentecost to the present
40544: "RODD C S" - "Why evil and suffering" "(Thinking Things Through 4)"
16664: "RODD C" - "Pastor's opportunities"
57739: RODD C S - Glimpses of a strange land (Studies in Old Testament Ethics)
16666: RODD C S - Book of Job (Epworth Commentaries)
40574: "SHEPHERD M H & RODENMAYER R N" - "Our prayers and praise: the Order for daily morning prayer" "and the Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper/Holy Communion with simplified rubrics & explanatory notes.. illus by a Sister of the Community of the Holy Spirit. Notes on Morning Pr
56015: RODERA G - Menorca (Mini Guides)
53142: RODES S J - From faith to faith: John Wesley's covenant theology and the way of salvation
53140: RODRIGUEZ D L - Liberating mission of Jesus: the message of the Gospel of Luke (Pentecostals, peacemaking and social justice series)
54376: RODWELL R - Chruch archaeology
16671: "ROE W G" - "Lamennais ad England:" "the reception of Lamennais's religious ideas in England in the 19th Century"
39604: "ROEBUCK S" - "Being human in a cosmic context:" "Christ and the cosmos No. 7"
39601: "ROEBUCK S" - "Being responsible in a cosmic context:" "Christ and the cosmos No. 8"
39174: "ROEBUCK S" - "Interpreting the cosmos:" "a report on the Conference held at Westminster College, Oxford from 3-5 April 1992 (Volume V in the 'Christ and the Cosmos' series)"
71057: "ROEBUCK S ET AL" - "Time and again:" "East Anglian reflections on the Christian life"
40565: "GOWLAND D & ROEBUCK S" - "Taking the initiative:" "studies in science and religion. Extracts from the writings of the 'Christ and the Cosmos Initiative'"
16675: ROETZEL C J - Letters of Paul: conversations in context
57864: ROFE A - Introduction to the prophetic literature (Biblical Seminar 21)
40430: "ROFE A" - "Storie di profeti: la narrativa sui profeti nella Bibbia" "ebraica: generi letterari e storia (Biblioteca di storia e storiografia dei tempi biblici 8)"
41958: "ROGER F" - "Lutte et contemplation:" "journal 1970-1972"
51019: ROGERS R A P - Short history of ethics: Greek and modern
48499: ROGERS M - Museums and galleries of London (Blue guide)
47573: ROGERS B - Man who went into the west: life of R S Thomas
23185: ROGERS D - Politics, prayer and parliament
71075: "ROGERS P" - "SOWING THE WORD:" "biblical-liturgical essays"
71076: "ROGERS P V" - "COLOSSIANS" "(New Testament message 15)"
26233: "ROGERS A" - "Adults learning for development"
16690: "ROGERS C F" - "Parson Preaching"
16691: "ROGERS C F" - "Question time in Hyde Park:" "series I-V"
16696: "ROGERS E" - "Christian faith and Communism:" "the William Ainslie Memorial Lecture 1952"
16699: "ROGERS E" - "That they might have life"
16704: "ROGERS P" - "Guide to nuclear weapons 1984-85"
58155: ROGERS J G - Church systems in the nineteenth century (The Sixth Congregational Union Lecture|)
66714: KEELEY-ROGERS D M - Tears and triumphs
16685: ROGERS A K - Student's history of philosophy
16708: ROGERSON J W - Anthropology and the Old Testament (Biblical Seminar)
16705: ROGERSON J - Beginning Old Testament study
30845: HOULDEN L & ROGERSON J - Common worship lectionary: a scripture commentary Year A
16706: ROGERSON J - Old Testament Criticism in the Nineteenth Century: England & Germany
58249: ROGERSON J W ET AL - Bible in ethics: the Second Sheffield Colloquium
34587: "ROGET P" - "Everyman's thesaurus of English words and phrases" "revised from Peter Roget by D C Browning"
26477: "ROGET P M" - "Roget's international thesaurus" "fifth edition revised by Robert L Chapman"
16712: "ROGUET A M" - "Liturgy of the hours:" "the general instruction, with a commentary"
16713: ROHDE J - Rediscovering the teaching of the evangelists (NTL)
48659: ROHDE J - Rediscovering the teaching of the evangelists (New Testament Library)
24393: ROHDE P - Soren Kierkegaard: an introduction to his life and philosophy
71084: "ROHR J VON" - "Profile of Protestantism:" "introduction to its faith and life"
16716: "ROKACH L" - "Catholic Church and the Question of Palestine"
71087: "ROLDAN A" - "Personality types and holiness"
54287: ROLF V M - Julian's gospel: illuminating the life and revelations of Julian of Norwich
26501: "ROLLE R" - "English Writings"
16723: ROLLE R - Selected Writings of Richard Rolle: trans by John G Harrell
71094: "ROLLE R" - "Some minor works of Richard Rolle:" "with the privity of the passion by S Bonaventura, translated and edited by Geraldine E Hodgson"
16726: "ROLPH C H" - "Common sense about crime & punishment"
43552: ROLSTON H - Beyond the edge: one woman's journey out of post-natal depression and anxiety
71097: "ROLT M F" - "PAUL: hero and Saint"
50547: DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE [ROLT - Divine names and the mystical theology translated by C E Rolt
53914: ROMAIN J A - Renewing the vision: Rabbis speak out on modern Jewish issues
16734: "ROMBERG T, BLACK J & LEDWIDGE" - "Signal Processing for Industrial Diagnostics"
49304: ROME - Handbook to Rome and its environs: with three section plans showing every street and building of importance
37633: "CLEMENT OF ROME [CLARKE]" - "First epistle of Clement to the Corinthians" "edited by W K Lowther Clarke (Translations of early documents)"
69365: "ROME" - "ROMA E LE VIE CONSOLARI: paesaggi storici e artistici." "Black & white/colour illustrations, text in Italian"
30733: "ROMER J" - "Testament:" "the Bible & history"
57784: CURTIS A H W & ROMER T - Book of Jeremiah and its reception: le Livre de Jeremie et sa reception (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium CXXVIII)
57939: RONCALLI A G [POPE JOHN XXIII] - Mission to France 1944 - 1953
57946: RONCALLI A G [POPE JOHN XXIII] - Letters to his family
71121: RONCO D D - Risorgimento and the Free Italian Churches now Churches of the Brethren
53139: RONG L - Forgotten and forsaken by God: the community in pain in Lamentations and related Old Testament texts
51742: VAN ROO W - Mystery
39581: "CARROLL J & ROOF W C" - "Beyond establishment:" "protest identity in a post-protestant age"
53141: ROOK R D - Rhyming hope and history: theology and culture in the work of Robert Jenson
71759: "ROOKMAAKER H R" - "Modern art and the death of a culture"
27490: "ROOM A" - "Dictionary of place-names in the British Isles"
27238: "ROOM A" - "Room's classical dictionary:" "the origins of the names of characters in classical mythology"
27079: "PARK J & ROOME N" - "Ecology of the new economy:" "sustainable transformation of global information, communications and electronics industries"
63776: "FARICY R & ROONEY L" - "Medjugorje unfolds in peace and in war"
8208: ROOT J - Encountering Westindian Pentecostalism: its ministry and worship by (GBMW66)
45533: FACKRE G & ROOT M - Affirmations and admonitions: Lutheran decisions and dialogue with reformed, episcopal and Roman Catholic churches
56292: ROPE H E G - Benedict XV: the Pope of peace
37891: "BEBB A & ROPER A" - "Painful process:"
16737: "ROPER A" - "Fifteenth Station:" "epilogue by Karl Rahner"
31513: TREVOR-ROPER H - From Counter-Reformation to glorious revolution
16739: "ROPES J H" - "Synoptic Gospels"
24658: DANIEL-ROPS H - Church in the seventeenth century (History of the Church of Christ 6)
62937: "DANIEL-ROPS H" - "LIFE OF OUR LORD" "(Faith & Fact books no. 68)"
24656: DANIEL-ROPS H - Church in the eighteenth century (History of the Church of Christ 7)
55975: ROREM P - Calvin and Bullinger on the Lord's supper (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 12/Grove Liturgical Study 60)
35161: "ROSA P DE" - "God our Saviour:" "a study of the Atonement"
71131: "ROSADI G" - "TRIAL OF JESUS" "translated from the third Italian edition"
55451: ROSAGE D E - Praying with scripture in the Holy Land: daily meditations with the risen Jesus
16743: "ROSCOE W" - "Life and Pontification of Leo the Tenth" "(revised by his son Thomas Roscoe 7th ed) in 2 vols"
33386: ROSE J - Sunday learning for all ages (GP11)
16746: "ROSE H" - "Science & society"
71137: "ROSE J" - "Elizabeth Fry:" "a biography (first published by Macmillan in 1980)"
71139: "ROSE S C" - "Grass roots church:" "a manifesto for Protestant Renewal"
47574: ROSE E J B ET AL - Colour and citizenship: report on British race relations
50801: ROSEN M - Demystifying personal evangelism
32770: "ROSEN S" - "Ancients and the moderns:" "rethinking modernity"
41100: "ROSENBERG D" - "Abraham:" "the first historical biography"
16: "ROSENFELD D" - "Psychoanalysis and groups;" "history and dialectics"
35269: "ROSENTHAL F" - "Grammar of biblical Aramaic" "(Porta Linguarum Orientalium V)"
16752: "ROSENTHAL G D" - "Ageless Stories"
16754: "ROSENTHAL G D" - "Survival"
56705: ROSENTHAL H - Opera annual No 3
42538: "MACKENZIE K D & ROSENTHAL G D" - "Sunday, and how to keep it" "(John Bull Tracts No 8)"
52960: ROSENTHAL J - Essential guide to the Anglican communion
58355: FARMER S & ROSENWEIN B H - Monks and nuns, saints and outcasts: religion in medieval society (Essays in honor of Lester K Little)
51211: ROSEVEARE H - Living sacrifice: willing to be whittled as an arrow
26945: "ROSEZWEIG F" - "On Jewish learning"
27776: "ROSIGNOLI G" - "Air Force badges and insignia of World War 2:" "Great Britain, Norway, Netherlands, USSR, Denmark, France, Belgium,Yugoslavia,USA,Italy,China,Bulgaria,Germany, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, Japan, Rumania, Hungary"
27205: "ROSIGNOLI G" - "Ribbons of orders, decorations and medals"
56051: ROSMAN D - Evolution of the English Churches 1500-2000
52962: ROSMAN D - Evangelicals and culture
50007: WEISS-ROSMARIN T - Judaism and Christianity: the differences
16762: "ROSMINI A" - "Philosophy of politics vol 2:" "society and its purpose"
58153: ROSMINI A - Anthropology as an aid to moral science
58154: ROSMINI A - Origin of thought
53494: ROSMINI A - Certainty
53495: ROSMINI A - Principles of Ethics
53496: ROSMINI A - Conscience
52475: ROSS K N - What the spirit says to the churches (Bishop of London's Lent book)
57807: ROSS G M - Leibniz (Past Masters)
56603: ROSS C - Inner sanctuary: an exposition of John 13 - 17
54242: ROSS J E - Christian ethics
34335: ROSS K - Hearing confessions
49164: ROSS S K - Roman Edessa: politics and culture on the eastern fringes of the Roman Empire 114-242 CE
25296: "JOHNS N & LEE-ROSS D" - "Research methods in service industry management"
30218: "KUBLER-ROSS E" - "Wheel of life:" "a memoir of living and dying"
16769: "ROSS J M" - "Presbyterian Bishops?"
16770: "ROSS J S" - "Basic psychology"
71162: "ROSS K E" - "Sorrowful mysteries"
71164: "ROSS K N" - "Christian mysteries"
16766: "ROSS A S C" - "Essentials of Anglo-Saxon grammar"
54746: ROSS S - Extravagant affections: a feminist sacramental theology
57734: ROSS D - Aristotle
57013: SHERIDAN R & ROSS A - Grotesques and gargoyles: paganism in the Medieval Church
16783: ROSS M - Pillars of Flame: power, priesthood and spiritual maturity
55118: ROSS C - Gifts glittering and poisoned: spectacle empire and metaphsics (Kalos 3)
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47396: SALVATORE R A - Juwelen des Himmels Damonendammerung 2
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51212: SAMMONS P - Empty promise of godism
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57740: SAMUELSON N M - Revelation and the God of Israel
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17092: "SANDAY W" - "Christology and personality containing" "I. Christologies ancient and modern II. Personality in Christ and in Ourselves"
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17109: SANDERS E P - Historical figure of Jesus
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48562: SANDERSON T - Making gay relationships work: a handbook for male couples
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36909: "SANFORD J A" - "Between people:" "communicating one-to-one"
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51701: SAROLEA C - Count L N Tolstoy: his life and work
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32646: SARTRE J-P - Words
53860: SARTRE J-P - Being and nothingness: an essay on phenomenological ontology
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53416: SAWARD J - Way of the lamb: the spirit of childhood and the end of the age
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17251: SAYERS S - Springboard two: ideas and resources for all-age worship
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17249: "SAYERS S" - "New intercessions for the Church year:" "weekly companion to the ASB"
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17242: SAYERS D L - Other six deadly sins: an address given to the Public Morality Council at Caxton Hall Westminster on Oct 23rd 1941
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55565: SAYLES G O - Medieval foundations of England
29222: "GALE S & SCANLAN G" - "Family business"
48563: EHRET C F & SCANLON L W - Overcoming jet lag
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54071: SCHAFF P - History of the Christian Church complete in 8 volumes Multi volume set but no additional postage for UK please ask for quotation for overseas
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53856: SCHERER M R - Marvels of ancient Rome
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58209: SCHIFFMAN L H - Sectarian law in the Dead Sea Scrolls: courts, testimony and the penal code (Brown Judaic Studies 33)
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44284: SCHILLEBEECKX E - Understanding of faith: interpretation and criticism
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10034: METZ J-B & SCHILLEBEECKX E - Martyrdom today: (Concilium 163) contributors include K Rahner, L Boff, J Sobrino, D Berrigan et al
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53855: SCHILLER F - Erlauterungen zu schillers wilhelm tell
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17309: SCHILLING S P - Contemporary continental theologians
56288: SCHILLING H K - New consciousness in science and religion
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32639: SCHLAFER D J - Your way with God's word: discovering your distinctive preaching voice
17311: SCHLAFER D J - Surviving the sermon: a guide to preaching for those who have to listen
44116: SCHLAGEL R H - Vanquished Gods: science religion and the nature of belief (Prometheus Lecture Series)
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17312: "SCHLATTER A" - "Church in the New Testament period"
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71511: "SCHLIER H" - "Relevance of the New Testament"
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74346: "SCHLINK M B" - "Keeping in touch with God"
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71521: "SCHLITT D M" - "Divine subjectivity:" "understanding Hegel's philosophy of religion"
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40512: "SCHMIDT W H" - "Alttestamentlicher Glaube in seiner Geschichte"
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17336: SCHMITHALS W - Introduction to the theology of Rudolf Bultmann
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57985: SCHNEIDER J - Baptism and church in the New Testament
58037: SCHNEIDER J R - Good of affluence: seeking God in a culture of wealth
71542: SCHNEIDERS S M - NEW WINE-SKINS: re-imaging religious life today
50819: STRECKER G & SCHNELLE U - Einfuhrung in die Neutesamentliche Exegese
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71545: "SCHOFIELD G" - "Why was He killed?:" "the Jewish people and the death of Jesus"
41423: "SCHOFIELD J N" - "Archaeology and the after-life"
52578: SCHOFIELD N - Roman miscellany: the English in Rome 1550 - 2000
71551: SCHOKEL L A - Inspired word: scripture in the light of language and literature
49364: SCHOLES P A - Radio Times music handbook: being a complete reference giving both meaning and pronunciation of the technical words found in programmes
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55499: SCHOLFIELD R - Bordering on faith: developing orthopraxis in response to spiritual need
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33677: "SCHOOLGIRLS" - "Schoolgirls' story book"
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17369: "SCHOTTROFF L" - "Lydia's impatient sisters:" "a feminist social history of early christianity"
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40200: "SCHREIDEN J" - "Enigmes des manuscrits de la Mer Morte"
17373: "SCHREIN S" - "Quilting and Braiding:" "the feminist christologies of Salle McFague and Elizabeth A Johnson in Conversation"
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12079: SCHUBERT F - Lord is my shepherd: (Octavo Anthems 594)
71565: "SCHUBERT E S" - "Time for God:" "personal retreat"
47811: SCHUBERT F - VIII symphonie (inachevee) miniature score
49124: SCHULER P L - Genre for the gospels: the biographical character of Matthew
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53828: SCHULTZ R L - Church and the city: a social history of 150 years at Saint James Chicago
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17385: "SCHURMANN H" - "Jesu ureigener Tod:" "exegetische Besinnungen und Ausblick"
17386: "SCHUSTER G" - "Christianity and human relations in industry"
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17389: "SCHUTZ R" - "Violent for Peace"
34027: BERGAN J S & SCHWAN S M - Love: a guide for prayer (Take and receive series)
47093: SCHWARTZ S - Day by day (Godspell)
24125: "SCHWARTZ G" - "Bets and scams:" "a novel of the art world"
17393: "SCHWARZ W" - "Updating God"
54298: SCHWARZ H - Christology
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17403: "SCHWEITZER A" - "Paul and his interpreters:" "a critical history"
31751: SCHWEITZER A - On the edge of the primeval forest, and, More from the primeval forest: experiences and observations of a doctor in Equatorial Africa
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17398: SCHWEITZER A - My life and thought: an autobiography translated by C T Campion
17405: SCHWEITZER A - Quest of the Historical Jesus: a critical study of its progress from Reimarus to Wrede
17418: "SCHWEIZER E" - "Spirit of God" "(Bible Key Words)"
17417: "SCHWEIZER E" - "Luke:" "a challenge to present theology"
17414: SCHWEIZER E - Jesus Christ: the man from Nazareth and the Exalted Lord
17415: SCHWEIZER E - Letter to the Colossians: a commentary
17411: SCHWEIZER E - Good News according to Mark: commentary on the Gospel
43295: "SCHWEIZER E" - "Jesus: the Parable of God:" "what do we really know about Jesus?"
17412: SCHWEIZER E - Good news according to Matthew
17420: SCHWEIZER E - Theological Introduction to the New Testament
26979: SCHWEIZER E - Jesus (New Testament Library)
22132: SCHWEIZER E - Church order in the New Testament
71595: "SCHWENCK R L" - "Digging deep:" "penetrating our inner selves through dream symbols"
54794: SCHWOEBEL R - Renaissance men and ideas
48471: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Scientific and technical communication. A pressing national problem and recommendations for its solution: a synopsis of the report of the committee on scientific and technical communication of the National Academy of Sciences - National Academy of Engineering
48472: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Behavioral sciences and the federal government: advisory committee on government programs in the behavioral sciences National Research Council
17423: "SCIOMACHEN A" - "Optimization in Industry 3" "mathematics programming and modeling techniques in practice"
47905: SCORER C G - Healing: biblical medical and pastoral
6250: "EDMUNDS V & SCORER C G" - "Ethical responsibilty in medicine:" "a Christian approach"
54690: SCOTLAND A - Poems of yesterday and today BOOK II ONLY
57175: CHURCH OF SCOTLAND - A B C with the shorter catechism agreed upon by the assembly of divines at Westminster and appointed by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland: to be a directory for catechising such as are of weaker capacity
52208: SCOTLAND N A D - Evangelical Anglicans in a Revolutionary Age 1789-1901
4224: "CHURCH OF SCOTLAND" - "Prayers for Contemporary Worship"
4344: "CHURCH OF SCOTLAND" - "Report to the Religious instruction of youth by its special" "commission on the communist challenge to Christian youth"
54878: CHURCH OF SCOTLAND - Scottish service book for the use of Her Majesty's Armed Forces
54933: CHURCH OF SCOTLAND - Pray now: daily devotions with the Church of Scotland 1998 - 99
49327: UNITED FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND - Anthem book of the United Free Church of Scotland (1900 - 1929
32339: CHURCH OF SCOTLAND - Agreement and disagreement: the common ground and major differences in belief between the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church
25363: "SCOTS" - "Scots Law Times:" "Index 1991-1998"
51552: SCOTT W - Poems of Sir Walter Scott: Marmion
44398: "SCOTT W" - "Bring forth justice"
47689: SCOTT W - Quentin Durward [Collins Classics 613]
47685: SCOTT W - Kenilworth [Collins Classics 611]
51970: SCOTT P M ET AL - Remoralizing Britain: political ethical and theological perpectives on new Labour
41003: "SCOTT H J" - "View of Yorkshire" "photographs by G Bernard Wood"
41390: "SCOTT J H" - "God immortality and science"
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5887: "DORSETT S B & SCOTT J B" - "Gleanings from the Apocrypha"
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17436: "SCOTT E F" - "Epistle of Paul to the Colossians to Philemon" "& to the Ephesians (MNTC)"
38022: "SCOTT E F" - "Purpose of the gospels" "[an enquiry into why they were written]"
28384: "SCOTT M" - "Dying to live"
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17448: "SCOTT P" - "Coloured Key to the Wildfowl of the World"
17452: "SCOTT R P" - "What is Secondary Education? and other short essays:" "by writers of practical experience on various aspects of the problem of organisation..."
17455: "SCOTT W" - "Lord of the isles:" "a poem (third edition)"
17456: "SCOTT W" - "Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott"
17457: "SCOTT W" - "Rokeby:" "a poem (second edition)"
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58052: SCOTT M - Sophia and the Johannine Jesus (JSNT Supplement Series 71)
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41394: "SCOTT E F" - "Lord's prayer:" "its character, purpose and interpretation"
17443: "SCOTT G" - "R.C.'s:" "a report on Roman Catholics in Britain today"
40359: SCOTT D - Moments of prayer
40466: "SCOTT W [ROBERTSON]" - "Poetical works of Sir Walter Scott:" "with the author's introduction and notes"
41419: "SCOTT A B" - "Christ:" "the wisdom of man"
41418: "SCOTT C A" - "Book of the Revelation"
41399: "SCOTT C A" - "Evangelical doctrine, bible truth"
41417: "SCOTT C A A" - "Church:" "its worship and sacraments: a Free Church interpretation"
41416: "SCOTT C A A" - "Dominus Noster:" "a study in the progressive recognition of Jesus Christ our Lord"
41398: "SCOTT C A A" - "Foot-notes to St Paul"
41397: "SCOTT C A A" - "Saint Paul:" "the man and the teacher"
41395: "SCOTT E F" - "Gospel and its tributaries" "(Kerr Lectures delivered in the United Free Church College, Glasgow, during the session 1927-28)"
41393: "SCOTT E F" - "Man and society in the New Testament"
17442: "SCOTT E F" - "Varieties of New Testament religion"
53078: SCOTT E F - First age of Christianity
54377: LIDDELL H G & SCOTT R - Greek-English Lexicon [No additional UK postage. For overseas please ask for a quote]
17438: "SCOTT E F" - "Fourth gospel" "its purpose and theology (Literature of the New Testament)"
42359: SCOTT E J L [GAUDEN] - Eikon Basilike: the pourtraicture of his Sacred Majestie in his solitudes and sufferings: a reprint of the edition of 1648 and a facsimile of the original frontispiece...
53827: SCOTT W - Journal of Sir Walter Scott 1825 - 32 (from the original manuscript at Abbotsford)
17449: SCOTT R B Y - Proverbs, Ecclesiastes: introduction, translation and notes (Anchor Bible 18)
45602: SCOTT W - Redgauntlet
54739: SCRASE L - Coping with death
32753: SCREECH M A - Laughter at the foot of the cross
26765: "HODGSON G M & SCREPANTI E" - "Rethinking economics:" "markets technology and economic evolution"
40173: "SCRIBA A" - "Geschichte des Motivkomplexes Theophanie"
41427: "SCRIPTURE" - "Scripture picture-book:" "Old Testament"
2859: "BUDDHIST SCRIPTURES" - "Buddhist birth-stories (Jataka tales)" "tr from V. Fausboll's ed by TW Rhys Davids"
2860: "BUDDHIST SCRIPTURES" - "selected and translated by Edward Conze"
61715: "BUDDHIST SCRIPTURES" - "TEACHING OF BUDDHA" "Japanese/English interlinear"
9282: "HINDU SCRIPTURES" - "Song Celestial or Bhagavad-Gita (from the Mahabharata)" "tr by Edwin Arnold"
10310: "JEWISH SCRIPTURES" - "Living Talmud: wisdom of the fathers" "& its classical commentaries selected & tr with essay by J Goldin"
36721: "SCRIVENER A" - "Instant art for festivals" "(copyright free artwork for 36 projects)"
24866: SCRIVENER F H - Plain introduction to the criticism of the New Testament for the use of Biblical students
42973: "SCROGGIE W" - "Know your bible:" "brief introducton to the scriptures volume I Analytical: the Old Testament"
53945: SCRUTON R - Dictionary of political thought
17470: SCUDAMORE W E - Notitia Eucharistica: a commentary, explanatory, doctrinal, and historical on the Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion
29749: SCUDAMORE W E - Steps to the altar: a manual of devotions for the blessed eucharist
17471: SCUDDER D L - Tennants Philosophical Theology
60247: "SCUFFHAM F L" - "Kingdoms in conflict:" "the gospel for an industrial world (Drawbridge Memorial Lecture 1979)"
34480: "SCULLION J" - "Theology of inspiration" "(Theology today 10)"
43427: SCULLY K - Five Impossible Things to Believe Before Christmas
35550: SCULLY K - Women on the way: meditations for Lent
52206: SCUPIN R - Religion and culture: an anthropological focus
17477: "SEALE M S" - "Desert Bible:" "nomadic tribal culture and O T Interpretation"
23207: "SEALEY S" - "Modern chlor-alkali technology" "Volume 7"
27225: "SEARIGHT S" - "British in the Middle East"
52299: ELLIS R & SEATON C - New Celts: following Jesus into Millennium 3
49105: SEATON J - Bishop Seaton of Wakefield: addresses and a memoir
57595: SEAVER P S - Wallington's world: a Puritan artisan in Seventeenth-Century London
55914: BACH JOHANN SEBASTIAN [RIDOUT] - Complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach: executive editor Alan Ridout, managing editor Anthea Smith, music setting Christopher Hinkins: four volume boxed set [no additional postage for UK: please ask for overseas quotation pre-packed weight 10kg
56281: SECOR P B - Richard Hooker: prophet of Anglicanism
17490: "SECRETAN C F" - "Memoirs of the life and times of the pious Robert Nelson"
71647: "SEDDING E D" - "GLORY TO GOD ON HIGH:" "instructions on the Holy Eucharist for teachers and children of the church"
29906: "SEDDON P" - "Darkness" "(GS5)"
8270: SEDDON P - New age - an assessment: (GS34)
35181: "SEDDON P" - "Whole Christ:" "the spirituality of ministry"
50224: SEDDON M S ET AL - British Muslims: loyalty and belonging
53044: SEDDON P R - Registers of Henry Burghersh 1320 - 1342 Volume II Institutions to benefices in the archdeaconries of Northampton, Oxfod, Bedford, Buckingham and Huntingon and collations of cathedral dignities and prebends (Lincoln Record Society 90)
53043: SEDDON P R - Letter book of Sir Anthony Oldfield 1662 - 1667(Lincoln Record Society 91)
50573: BROWN M & SEDGWICK P - Putting theology to work: a theological symposium on unemployment and the future of work
32333: "HARDY D W & SEDGWICK P H" - "Weight of glory:" "a vision and practice for Christian faith: the future of liberal theology: essays for Peter Baelz"
17495: "SEDGWICK S N" - "Years teaching on the church catechism:" "after the method of S. Sulpice"
43303: "HARDY D W & SEDGWICK P H" - "Weight of glory:" "a vision and practice for Christian faith: the future of liberal theology: essays for Peter Baelz"
28864: "SEDGWICK P" - "God in the city:" "essays and reflections from the Archbishop's Urban Theology Group["
43816: "SCLAFER D J & SEDGWICK T F" - "Preaching what we practice: proclamation and moral discernment"
17492: SEDGWICK J - Why women priests?: the ordination of Women and the Apostolic Ministry
54807: SEELEY D - Deconstructing the New Testament (Biblical interpretation series 5)
58333: SEERVELD C - Voicing God's psalms (with audio CD)
57741: SEEVERS B - Warfare in the Old Testament: the organization weapons and tactics of ancient Near Eastern armies
23355: "SEFTON H R" - "John Knox:" " an account of the development of his spirituality"
54808: VAN SEGBROECK F ET AL - Four Gospels 1992: festshrift Frans Neirynck Volume I (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium)
54810: VAN SEGBROECK F ET AL - Four Gospels 1992: festshrift Frans Neirynck Volume III (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium)
17504: "SEGELBERG E" - "Bedjen Oavlatligen:"
17505: "SEGELBERG E" - "Valsignelsens Kalik"
35060: SEGUNDO J L - Community called church: (Theology for a new humanity Vol 1)
36619: "SEGUNDO J L" - "Theology for artisans of a new humanity, Volumes 1-5:" "The community called Church; Grace and the human condition; Our idea of God; The sacraments today; Evolution and guilt"
40176: "SEIFERTH W" - "Synagoge und Kirche im Mittelalter"
52658: HELLHOLM D MOXNES H & SEIM T K - Mighty minorities? minorities in early Christianity - positions and strategies: essays in honour of Jacob Jervell on his 70th birthday
17514: "SELBIE W B" - "Aspects of Christ"
17518: "SELBIE W B" - "Psychology of Religion"
17520: "SELBIE W B" - "Servant of God:" "and other sermons"
30944: SELBY P - Rescue: Jesus and salvation today
71674: "SELBY T G" - "UNHEEDING GOD and other sermons"
37689: "SELF D" - "Somebody once said:" "an anthology of quotations for preachers and speakers"
24133: "SELFE P" - "Education, training & policy" "(Access to sociology)"
17525: "SELFE P L" - "Sociology:" "introductory course"
40419: "SELFRIDGE" - "Selfridge's decorations for the Coronation"
47013: SELINCOURT E DE - Letters of William and Dorothy Wordworth (6 volume set): Vol I The early letters, Vol II 1806 - 1811, Vol III 1811 - 1920, Vol IV 1821 - 1830, Vol V 1831 - 1840, Vol IV 1841 - 1850
31583: "SELL A P F" - "Philosophical idealism and Christian belief"
39272: "SELL A P F" - "Robert Mackintosh:" "theologian of integrity (European University Papers XXIII/95)"
26401: "SELL R D" - "Literature throughout foreign language education:" "the implications of pragmatics (Review of ELT V5 No 1 1995)"
71679: "SELL A P F" - "COMMEMORATIONS:" "studies in Christian thought and history"
43442: "SELL A P F" - "Spirit our life:" "doctrine and devotion"
53240: SELL A P F - Philosophy history and theology: selected reviews 1975-2011

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