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35947: "PEACOCK R E" - "Brief history of eternity:" "a considered response to Stephen Hawking's 'A brief history of time'"
54760: PEACOCKE A - God and science: a quest for Christian credibility
24304: "PEACOCKE A R" - "Sciences and theology in the twentieth century"
21942: "PEACOCKE A R" - "Creation and the world of science" "(Bampton lectures 1978)"
15258: PEACOCKE A R - Science and the Christian experiment
15265: "PEAKE A S" - "Problem of suffering in the O T:" "Hartley lecture deliverd to the Primitive Methodist Conference in Carr's Lane Chapel, Birmingham, June 8 1904"
15260: "PEAKE A S" - "Christianity its nature and its truth"
22666: "PEAKE A S" - "Peake's Commentary on the Bible:" "completely revised & reset [same text as new paperback reprint]"
47701: CHANING-PEARCE M - Soren Kierkegaard: a study
8240: PEARCE J & A - Inner-City Spirituality: (GS21)
23596: "JONES S & PEARCE S" - "Jewish local patriotism and self-identification" "in the Graeco-Roman period (JSPSS 31)"
29070: "PEARCE F" - "Turning up the heat:" "our perilous future in the global greenhouse"
56018: PEARCE E C - General textbook of nursing: a comprehensive guide
38543: "PEARLMAN M" - "Hazor:" "historical sites in Israel. Material and photographs provided by Dr Yigael Yadin"
69862: PEARLMAN M - IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE PROPHETS [Photography by David Harris]
50097: PEARS D F - Bertrand Russell and the British tradition in philosophy
57048: PEARSE M - Age of reason: from the Wars of Religion to the French Revolution 1570 - 1789 [Baker History of the Church Volume 5]
56407: PEARSON J - Exposition of the Creed: revised and corrected by the Rev Temple Chevallier
29887: PEARSON B - Yes, manager... management in the local church (GPS29)
38930: "PEARSON B E" - "How the light gets in:" "short stories"
15276: PEARSON J - Exposition of the Creed: revised and corrected by the Rev Temple Chevallier
40283: "PEARSON J" - "Vindiciae epistolarum S. Ignatii in 2 volumes" "(LACT)"
73676: PEARSON M - Christian healing: a practical and comprehensive guide
32577: PEARSON A - Making creation visible: God's earth in Christian worship (GW137)
56334: PEARSON B A - Pneumatikos-psychikos terminology in 1 Corinthians: as study in the theology of the Corinthian opponents of Paul and its relation to Gnosticism (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation series no 12)
56335: PEARSON B A - Future of early Christianity: essays in honor of Helmut Koester
47713: PEARSON W - Preludes for Evensong for organ
15286: "PEASE A" - "Body language:" "how to read others' thoughts by their gestures"
40228: "PECHER E" - "John XXIII:" "a pictorial biography"
43645: PECK A - Life to die for: discovering your part in God's story
15289: "PECK A L" - "Church of Christ:" "an examination of certain Presuppositions in The Historic Episcopate"
26061: "PECK M S" - "Different drum:" "community-making and peace"
37454: "PECK W G" - "Catholic faith and the social order"
15295: "PECK W G" - "Christian economy"
56616: PECK J - What the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit (Layman's Series)
42341: PECKARD P - Life of Nicholas Ferrar abridgement from 'The Memoirs of Nicholas Ferrar' first published in 1790
48621: RASHKOVER R & PECKNOLD C C - Liturgy time and the politics of redemption
27350: "PEDERSEN S" - "Easy guide to the Sicilian Scheveningen"
28164: "PEDERSEN S" - "Test your chess"
14908: "PEEK F" - "English church, the priest and the altar"
41000: "PEEL J H B" - "Portrait of the Thames:" "from Teddington to the source"
52332: PEEL D - Ministry of the laity
15300: "PEEL A" - "Brief history of English Congregationalism"
69885: "PEEL M L" - "EPISTLE TO RHEGINOS:" "a Valentinian letter on the resurrection"
15303: "PEERMAN D" - "Frontline theology:" "with an introductory essay by Martin E.Marty"
15304: "PEERS E A" - "Behind that Wall:" "an introduction to some classics of the interior life [incl Augustine, Bernard, Ruysbroeck, Vaughan, Treherne etc]"
24564: "PEERS E A" - "Saint Teresa of Jesus" "and other essays and addresses"
15307: "PEERS E A" - "Mother of Carmel:" "a portrait of St Teresa of Jesus"
46833: MEANA L & PEERS E A - Spanish key to graded passages for translation from english (Hispanic Council Booklets No 2)
46834: PEERS E A - Graded passages for translationfrom English
46023: MICHEL C & PEETERS P - Evangiles apocryphes (Tome premier): protevangile de Jacques, pseudo-Matthieu evangile de Thomas. Histoire de Joseph le charpentier
56330: PEIL R - Handbook of the liturgy
15312: "PEILE J H F" - "Ecclesia Discens:" "the Church's lesson from the age"
15313: "PEILE J H F" - "Reproach of the gospel:" "an inquiry into the apparent failure of Christianity as a general rule of life and conduct with special ref to the present time (Bampton Lecture 1907)"
15314: "PEILE J H F" - "Reproach of the gospel:" "an inquiry into the apparent failure of Christianity as a general rule of life and conduct with special ref to the present time (Bampton Lecture 1907)"
15317: "PELIKAN J" - "Eternal Feminines:" "three theological allegories in Dante's Paradiso (Mason Welch Gross Lecture Series)"
15318: "PELIKAN J" - "Obedient Rebels: Catholic Substance and" "Protestant Principle in Luther's Reformation"
48188: PELIKAN J - Sacred writings Volume 5: Hinduism The Rig Veda
15326: "PELLOW J" - "Concrete village"
15328: "PELZ W" - "Irreligious reflections on the Christian Church" "(RBC 128)"
15330: "PELZ W & L" - "True deceivers"
26025: "PENDER M" - "Contemporary images of death and sickness:" "a theme in German-Swiss literature"
54759: PENELOPE SR - Coming: a study on the Christian faith
71927: PENELOPE SR - WOOD: an outline of Christianity
15333: PENGUIN - Penguin modern stories 2: edited by Judith Burnley with stories by John Updike, Sylvia Plath, Emanuel Litvinoff et al
15334: PENHALE F - Anglican church today: Catholics in crisis (Lambeth series)
48482: PENNINGTON J ET AL - British heritage. The people, their crafts and achievements as recorded in their buildings and on the face of the countryside
38584: "PENNINGTON M B" - "Mary today:" "the challenging woman"
43617: "HENRY W & PENNY M" - "Following Philippians:" "a verse by verse exploration and discussion"
34647: "PENRY J [1587]" - "Aequity of an humble supplication" "(reprinted from the copy in the British Museum and edited, with a preface, by A J Grieve"
43670: PENSON L - Relationships: (Life Issues Bible Study)
54116: PENSTONE M M - Church study: suggestions for a course of lessons on the church building, its furniture, its officers etc
47927: PEPLER C - English religious heritage
47937: PEPLER C - Three degrees; a study of Christian mysticism
56325: PEPYS [BRAYBROOKE] - Diary of Samuel Pepys from 1659 - 1669 with memoir
15342: "PEPYS S" - "Diary of Samuel Pepys:" "in 2 vols (EL)"
34895: PEPYS [GOATE] - Pepysian gospel harmony [MS PEPYS 2498] edited by Margery Goates (Early English Text Society original series 157)
39108: "PERCEVAL A P" - "Roman schism, illustrated from the records of the Catholic" "Church"
15343: "PERCHENET A" - "Revival of the religious life and Christian unity"
32549: "PERCY M" - "Calling time:" "religion and change at the turn of the millennium (Lincoln studies in religion & society 2)"
57298: PERCY E - John Knox
65644: PERCY M - Previous convictions: conversion in the present day
74609: "PEREIRA A" - "Tentativa theologica:" "Episcopal rights and ultra-montane usurpations trans from Portugese with notes & some additional matter by E H Landon"
15346: "PEREIRA H H" - "Intemperance" "(Handbooks for the Clergy)"
55249: PERELMAN J - Most of S J Perelman
49595: PERERA S B - Scapegoat complex: towards a mythology of shadow and guilt
52017: PERHAM M - Glory in our midst
31738: PERHAM M - Liturgy for a new century: further essays in preparation for the revision of the Alternative Service Book
29608: PERHAM M - Communion of Saints: an examination of the place of the Christian dead in the belief, worship, & calendars of the church (ACC No 62)
22409: "PERHAM M" - "Communion of Saints:" "an examination of the place of the Christian dead in the belief, worship, & calendars of the church (ACC No 62)"
15352: PERHAM M - Model and inspiration: the prayer book tradition today. Papers delivered at the PRAXIS C James, PD James, D Martin & D Stancliffe nov 1992...
30417: PERHAM M - Renewal of common prayer: uniformity and diversity in Church of England worship. Essays by members of the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England (GS Misc 412)
21799: PERHAM M - Celebrate the Christian story: introduction to the New Calendar, Lectionary and Collects of the C of E
67382: LEFEBVRE X & PERIN L - Going to god: preparation for Confession, Confirmation and Holy Communion
56323: PERKINS W - Art of prophesying
15355: PERKINS C - Renewal in Song
33331: "PERKINS E B" - "So appointed:" "an autobiography"
24378: "PERKINS R L" - "Soren Kierkegaard" "(Makers of Contemporary Theology)"
15360: PERKINS P - Jesus as teacher (Understanding Jesus Today Series)
56324: PERKINS P - Johannine epistles (New Testament Message 21)
15367: "PEROWNE S" - "Holy places of Christendom"
56611: PEROWNE S - Political background of the New Testament
53889: PEROWNE S - Hadrian
53649: PERQUIN B - Rabboni master
15372: "PERREYVE H" - "Counsels to the sick" "tr by K O'Meara"
22888: "PERRI 6" - "Future of privacy:" "Volume 1 - private life and public policy"
22889: "PERRI 6" - "Future of privacy:" "Volume 2 - public trust in the use of private information"
28375: "PERRI 6" - "On the right lines:" "the next centre-right in the British Isles"
43692: "PERRIER J" - "Lourdes:" "for today and tomorrow"
54507: PERRIN N - Promise of Bultmann
15374: "PERRIN H" - "Priest-workman in Germany"
15380: PERRIN N - What is Redaction Criticism?
15377: PERRIN N - Promise of Bultmann
15378: PERRIN N - Rediscovering the teaching of Jesus (NTL)
15375: PERRIN N - Jesus and the language of the kingdom: symbol & metaphor in NT interpretation (NTL)
40208: "PERRINS C M" - "Illustrated encyclopaedia of birds:" "the definitive guide to birds of the world"
52877: PERROTT B - Ecumencial journey: a spiritual scrapbook
55511: PERROTTA K - Matthew 5 - 7 How to be happy: a guided discovery for groups and individuals
40201: "PERROTTI R" - "Paura E Coraggio"
45006: PERROY E - Guerre de cent ans
55870: PERRY M - Elizabeth I: the word of a prince: a life from contemporary documents
29009: "CARTER P & PERRY M" - "Handbook of parish finance"
34455: PERRY C - Listen to the voice within: a Jungian approach to pastoral care (NLPC)
15385: "PERRY F" - "Collins Guide to Border Plants:" "hardy herbaceous perennials"
28153: "PERRY F A S" - "Middle Eastern studies:" "a thirty volume index 1964-1994"
38726: "PERRY M" - "Church family worship (words only):" "Church Pastoral Aid Society and Jubilate Hymns"
38731: "PERRY M" - "Church family worship (words only):" "Church Pastoral Aid Society and Jubilate Hymns"
15392: "PERRY M" - "Gods within:" "a critical guide to the New Age"
37044: "PERRY M" - "Miracles then and now" "(The Michael Elliott MemorialLectures 1986)"
39112: "PERRY T W" - "Lawful church ornaments, being an historical examination" "of the judgment of Stephen Lushington in the case of Westerton v. Liddell, and of 'aids for determining some disputed points...' by William Goode, with an appendix on the judgment of John Dobson"
15406: "PERRY W J" - "Origin of magic and religion"
74619: "YODER PERRY B" - "TOWARD UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE" "(Hermeneutics for lay people)"
30456: "PERRY M" - "Dramatised [Bible] Old Testament in 2 volumes" "(New International Version) Volume 1: Genesis to Esther, Volume 2: Job to Malachi"
55112: KEEFE-PERRY L C - Way to water: a theopoetics primer
52422: PERRY M J - Morality politics and law
15396: PERRY M - Resurrection of man: Christian teaching on life after death
53149: PERRY S - Resurrecting interpretation: technology, hermeneutics and the parable of the rich man and Lazarus
26139: "GARDNER J W & PERSAUD K C" - "Electronic noses and olfaction 2000:" "proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium held in Brighton July 2000 (Sensors series)"
15410: "PERSPECTIVES" - "Perspectives on suffering"
15414: "PESCH W" - "Matthaus der Seelsorger:" "neue Verstandnis der Evangelien dargestellt am Beispiel van Matthaus 18 (Stuttgarter Bibel Studien 2)"
61435: "BRIERLEY PETER" - "BEYOND THE CHURCHES:" "facing a task unfininshed: groups outside the churches in England and Wales"
61431: "BRIERLEY PETER" - "STEPS TO THE FUTURE:" "issues facing the church in the new millennium"
61429: "BRIERLEY PETER" - "TIDE IS RUNNING OUT:" "what the English Church Attendance Survey reveals"
62378: "CLARKE PETER B" - "WORLD'S RELIGIONS:" "understanding the living faiths [over 400 mainly colour photographs plus maps & diagrams](Outsize book)"
27244: "PETER L J" - "Quotations for our time"
72085: "SMITH PETER D" - "PEACE OFFERINGS" "[with some music in the text]"
73094: "TOON PETER" - "LET WOMEN BE WOMEN;" "equality, ministry and ordination"
73095: "TOON PETER" - "MEDITATING UPON GOD'S WORD:" "prelude to prayer and action"
63614: "ELVY PETER" - "BUYING TIME: the foundations of the Electronic Church"
43331: "PETERS F E" - "Jerusalem:" "the holy city in the eyes of chroniclers, visitors, pilgrims, and prophets from the days of Abraham to the beginnings of modern times"
15421: "PETERS E" - "Fallen into the pit"
60801: "PETERS E H" - "CONSTITUTION ON THE CHURCH OF VATICAN COUNCIL II" "proclaimed by Pope Paul VI, November 21, 1964 (De Ecclesia)"
15423: "PETERS J P" - "Bible and Spade: (Bross Lectures 1921)" "lectures delivered before Lake Forest College on the foundation of the late William Bross"
21832: "PETERS T" - "Playing God:" "genetic determinism and human freedom"
57066: PETERS T - Sin: radical evil in soul and society
34104: PETERS B - Anglical eucharist in New Zealand 1814-1989 (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 21)
48940: PETERSEN D L - Prophecy in Israel: search for an identity (Issues in Religion and Theology 10)
15425: PETERSEN D L - Haggai & Zechariah 1-8: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
23545: "PETERSEN A R" - "Royal God:" "enthronement festivals in Ancient Israel and Ugarit (JSOTSS 259)"
33149: PETERSON E H - Message: the Wisdom books
74372: "PETERSON E H" - "Message: Job," "led by suffering to the heart of God"
32811: "PETERSON M ET AL" - "Reason and religious belief:" "an introduction to the philosophy of religion"
56320: PETERSON E H - Message of David
23602: "MACDONALD B & PETHERAM M" - "Keyguide to information sources in media ethics"
22991: "PETIT I" - "God is not angry:" "the truth that sets us free"
15436: "PETITPIERRE D R" - "Meeting for prayer:" "a practical guide"
29542: "PETREMANN M" - "Simple guide to money 98"
15445: "PETRIE K" - "Catholic heresy:" "an evangelical responds to ecumenism"
15449: "PETTER H M" - "Churches and public buildings"
52876: PETTERSEN A - Athanasius
38862: "PETTERSON A C ET AL" - "Svensk-Engelsk Ordbok, and, Engelsk-Svensk" "Ordbok"
51049: PETTEY R J - In his footsteps: the priest and the Catholic charismatic renewal
29458: "PETTINGER R" - "Future of industrial relations"
27962: "PETTINGER R" - "Managing the flexible workforce"
27964: "PETTINGER R" - "Managing the flexible workforce"
40290: "PETTITT C I" - "One hour service for Good Friday"
49231: PETTIWARD D - Truly rural (illustrations by Paul Crum)
74225: "PETUCHOWSKI J J" - "Our masters taught:" "Rabbinic stories and sayings"
51053: PETULLA J - Faith on Monday (Life and Light Series)
51052: PETULLA J - All over the world (Life and Light Series)
55585: PEVSNER N - Wiltshire (The Buildings of England)
53301: PFATTEICHER P H - Dictionary of liturgical terms
15452: "PFEIFFER R H" - "History of New Testament times:" "with an intro to the Apocrypha"
15455: "PFLEIDERER O" - "Development of [RATIONAL] theology:" "in Germany since Kant and its progress in Great Britain since 1825"
34892: "PFLEIDERER O" - "Lectures on the influence of the Apostle Paul on the" "development of Christianity (Hibbert lectures 1885)"
36782: "PHAM X H T" - "Mourning in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible" "(JSOTS302)"
48713: PHEBY J - New directions in post-Keynsian economics
61081: "BLAIR PHILIP" - "WHAT ON EARTH?:" "the Church in the world and the call of Christ"
53300: PHILIP J - Death and resurection of Christ
36239: "PHILIPPE T" - "Contemplative life"
45183: PHILIPPI A - Florence: Famous art cities No IV
34176: "PHILIPPOU A J" - "Orthodoxy:" "life and freedom: essays in honour of Archbishop Iakovos"
15461: PHILIPS - Philips scripture atlas: edited by Harold Fullard
43800: "PHILIPSON W R" - "Birds of a valley" "illustrated with woodcuts by Claire Oldham"
15464: "PHILLIMORE C M" - "Fra Angelico" "(Bridgman Art Library of Great Artists)"
52964: PHILLIMORE J S - Hundred best latin hymns
41742: PHILLIPS G [ED] - Anthology of organ music: volume one
70039: PHILLIPS J A - FORM OF CHRIST IN THE WORLD: a study Bonhoeffers Christology
15470: PHILLIPS C H - Singing church: an outline history of the music sung by choir and people
36999: KERMODE J I & PHILLIPS C B - Seventeenth-century Lancashire essays presented to J J Bagle (Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire & Cheshire for the year 1982, Volume 132)
32354: "BRANDES D & PHILLIPS H" - "Gamesters' handbook:" "140 games for teachers and group leaders"
4772: "COOK B & PHILLIPS S G" - "Loss and bereavement" "(LSFS)"
15472: "PHILLIPS C S" - "Church in France 1789-1848: a study in revival"
34893: "PHILLIPS G E" - "Old Testament in the world church with special" "reference to the younger churches"
15479: "PHILLIPS G E" - "Religions of the world"
33065: "PHILLIPS J B" - "Living gospels of Jesus Christ" "[colour illustrations throughout]"
15493: "PHILLIPS S" - "Herod:" "a tragedy"
28269: "PHILLIPS W" - "Steps in infant mathematics 3"
28270: "PHILLIPS W" - "Steps to common entrance mathematics 1"
27673: "PHILLIPS W" - "Ventures in diplomacy"
36439: "VASSALL-PHILLIPS" - "Mustard tree:" "an argument on behalf of the divinity of Christ"
24108: "WILLIAMS P A & PHILLIPS G O" - "Gums and stabilisers for the food industry 9:" "proceedings of the Conference-Functional Aspects held at Wrexham 7-11 July 1997 (ISBN 0 85404 708 5)"
41179: "PHILLIPS M B" - "Church and Queen Diamond Jubilee Lambeth conference"
49970: PHILLIPS D J - Peoples on the move: introducing the nomads of the world
55175: PHILLIPS C S - Hymnody past and present
49405: PHILLIPS P - Mark and Anne: the story of a royal romance
56319: PHILLIPS C S - Background of the prayer book
56634: PHILLIPS J B - Through the year with J B Phillips
27214: "PHILLIPSON D" - "Smuggling:" "a history 1700 - 1970"
15498: PHILOKALIA - Early Fathers from the Philokalia: together with some writings of St Abba Dorotheus, St Isaac of Syria & St Gregory of Palamas selected & trans from the Russian text by Kadloubovsky & Palmer
15497: PHILOKALIA - Philokalia: volume 1 complete text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth
29027: PHILOKALIA - Philokalia: Volume 2 complete text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth
34639: PHILOKALIA - Philokalia: volume 3 complete text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth
31543: "ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY" - "Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures" "Volumes 1,2,3,4, &5 [1966-1971] The human agent, Talk of God, Knowledge and necessity, The proper study & Reason and reality"
16877: "ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY" - "Talk of God:" "Lectures Volume two - 1967-1968"
24561: "PHILP H L" - "Freud and religious belief"
15501: "PHILPOT J H" - "Seceders: the story of JC Philpot and William Tiptaft" "abridged from the first 2 vols of 3 published 1829-69"
46848: PHILPS M - Power of meekness (GS73)
27348: "PHINN G" - "Sweet and sour: short stories" "including follow on activities"
49838: PHIPPS S - Weaving with words
35085: "ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS" - "First annual supplement to the 1973 list of the Fellows" "and Members of the Royal College of Physicians of London"
27677: "ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS" - "List of the fellows and members of the Royal College of" "Physicians of London"
57219: PIAT S-J - Story of a family: the home of St Therese of Lisieux (the little flower)
40450: "PICARD A" - "Histoire du Peuple Hebreu:" "des juges a la captivite: tome I: la periode des Juges"
27089: "LOPEZ-MARTINEZ R E & PICCALUGA" - "Knowledge flows in national systems of innovation" "a comparitive analysis of sociotechnical constituencies in Europe and Latin America"
54757: PICKARD J S - Out of Iona: words from a crossroads of the world
24085: "PICKERING W S F" - "Social history of the diocese of Newcastle 1882-1982"
48773: PICKETT B - Songs for the journey: the psalms in life and liturgy
45162: PICKLES D - France: the fourth republic
40641: "PIDOUX G" - "L'homme dans l'Ancien Testament" "(Cahiers Theologiques 32)"
34941: "PIERCE W" - "Historical introduction to the Marprelate Tracts:" "a chapter in the evolution of religious and civil liberty in England"
50214: WACE H & PIERCY W C - Dictionary of early Christian biography: a reference guide to over 800 Christian men and women, heretics and sects of the first six centuries
15519: "PIERRE A J" - "Conventional defense of Europe"
36110: "PIERSE G" - "Silence into service:" "from Mantra prayer to more genuine care"
33312: PIERSON L - Pastoral care of young people (GP21)
29894: PIERSON L - No-gay areas: pastoral care of homosexual Christians (GPS38)
55042: MCCONVILLE J G & PIETERSEN L K - Conception reception and the spirit: essays in honor of Andrew T Lincoln
15521: PIETISTS - Pietists: selected writings (CWS)
8229: PIGOTT G - Helpful habits: (GS31)
48715: PIGOU A C - Veil of money
27914: "EDWARDS G & PIJPERS A" - "Politics of European treaty reform:" "the 1996 intergovernmental conference and beyond"
15524: "PIKE E C" - "Four lectures on English nonconformity"
15525: PIKE J A - Doing the truth
52635: PIKE R - Encyclopaedia of religion and religions
56338: PILCH J J - Healing in the New Testament: insights from medical and Mediterranean anthropology
15531: "PILGRIM" - "Pilgrim hymnal"
15533: PILGRIM - Pilgrims guide to the Royal and Ancient City of Canterbury
25484: "PILLING P" - "Famous women of North Staffordshire"
28474: "PINCAS A" - "Review of English Language Teaching Volume 5 Number 2 1995:" "Spreading English: ELT projects in international development (celebrating the work of Peter Hill) edited A Pincas"
15544: "PINCUS L" - "Marriage:" "studies in emotional conflict & growth"
15548: "PINFOLD F L" - "Meeting points assembly book"
55872: D'EPIRO P & PINKOWISH M D - What are the seven wonders of the world? and 60 other great cultural questiond
22423: "PINNOCK K" - "Walk outside the walls:" "circular route from the city centre to St Martin's Church and back"
49720: PINNOCK C H - Reason enough: a case for the Christian faith
51556: PIOVANELLI S ET AL - Pace a Firenze: IX incontro internazionale per la pace Domini e Religioni
70507: "PIPA J A" - "Root and branch:" "a penetrating look into the person and work of Jesus Christ"
55720: PIPER R A - Wisdom in the Q-tradition: the aphoristic teaching of Jesus (Society for New Testament Studies monograph series 61)
54656: ESLER P F & PIPER R A - Lazarus, Mary and Martha: social-scientific approaches to the Gospel of John
56327: PIPER R A - Gospel behind the gospels: current studies on Q (Supplement to Novum Testamentum No 75)
37253: "PIPER D" - "Companion guide to London"
23218: "PIPER N" - "Racism nationalism and citizenship:" "ethnic minorities in Britain and Germany"
56329: PIPER R A - Gospel behind the gospels: current studies on Q (Supplement to Novum Testamentum No 75)
23766: PIPER J - Love your enemies: Jesus' love command in the synoptic gospels and in the early Christian paraenesis (SNTSMS 38)
23517: "AICHELE G & PIPPIN T" - "Monstrous and the unspeakable:" "Bible as fantastic literature"
15554: "PIRE D" - "Europe of the Heart: Autobiography" "of Father Dominique Pire Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize"
35225: PIRONIO E - We wish to see Jesus
37538: "PIROUET M L" - "Whatever happened to asylum in Britain?:" "a tale of two walls (Studies in forced migration, volume 9)"
15556: PITCHFORD J - ABC for the PCC: an alphabetical guide for members of the C of E
44596: PITCHFORD S - Following Francis: Franciscan way for everyone
53298: PITCHFORD J - Daily with God: with the Festivals and Saints Days kept by the church using the Revised Standard Version of the Bible
29268: "PITMAN I" - "Biographical sketch of Sir Isaac Pitman" "[To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Sir Isaac Pitman)`"
47757: PITT P - Famous songs old and new Part 2 (contents list available on request)
15564: "PITTENGER N" - "Gods way with men:" "a study of the relationship between God and man in providence miracle and prayer (Library of practical theology)"
15565: "PITTENGER N" - "Last Things in a Process Perspective"
15568: "PITTENGER N" - "Ministry of all Christians:" "a theology of lay ministry"
15570: "PITTENGER N" - "Preaching the Gospel"
15574: PITTENGER N - Word Incarnate: study of the doctrine of the person of Christ (Library of constructive theology)
15575: "PITTENGER W N" - "Christian understanding of human nature"
15571: PITTENGER N - Proclaiming Christ Today
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15585: "PLATER O" - "Intercession:" "theology and practical guide"
34944: PLATO [JOWETT] - Dialogues of Plato translated into English with analyses and introductions by B Jowett, in five volumes [no increase in default postage for UK : overseas 20]
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15597: "PLATTEN S" - "Augustine's legacy:" "authority and leadership in the Anglican Communion"
34087: "PLATTEN S" - "Retreat of the state:" "nurturing the soul of society by Nigel Lawson, Arthur Seldon, Michael Taylor & David Owen"
34084: "PLATTEN S" - "Seeing ourselves:" "interpreting contemporary society by Libby Purves, Robert Blake, Danah Zohar & John Habgood"
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56312: PLINY [LOWE] - Anecdotes in Pliny's letters: edited with introduction, notes and vocabularies
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15611: "PLUMMER A" - "English church history from the death of King Henry VII" "to the Death of Archbishop Parker: four lectures"
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48346: PLUMPTRE E H - Life of Thomas Ken, DD Bishop of Bath and Wells (Volumes I & II)
51644: PLUTARCH [TR LANGHORNE] - Plutarch's live (13 volume set): Alcibiades & Coriolanus, Aristides & Cato the Censor........Timoleon, Paulus AEmilius, Lysander and Sylla
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15619: "POBEE J S" - "New eyes for reading:" "biblical and theological reflections by women from the third world"
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15630: "POCKNEE C E" - "Rites of Christian initiation:" "their revision and reform"
15624: POCKNEE C E - Cross and Crucifix in Christian Worship and Devotion (ACT XXXII)
15625: POCKNEE C E - Eucharist across the centuries
27272: "POCOCK T" - "Young Nelson in the Americas"
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54540: POINTING H B - Brief dictionary of Quakerism
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64445: "POLCINO A" - "Adventure of affirming:" "reflections on healing and ministry"
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54447: POLKINGHORNE J - Living with hope: a scientist looks at Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
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51331: POLLARD M - Listening God
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54166: POLLOCK J C - Cambridge movement
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15675: "PONSONBY R" - "Life & teaching of Christ in the very words of scripture" "compiled from the 4 gospels & chronologically arranged"
41752: PONSONBY N - Five fancies: for small organ
15676: "PONTIFEX D" - "Fires of Smithfield"
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28844: POOLE G A - Life and times of Saint Cyprian (AMLTL)
23163: "NEWBY M & POOLE E" - "Investigating food"
70209: "POOLE J" - "Harm we do:" "a Catholic doctor confronts church, moral and medical teaching"
48565: WALSH D & POOLE A - Dictionary of criminology
47595: POOLE M - Commentary on the Holy Bible in 3 volume set: Vol 1: Genesis - Job, Vol 2: Psalms-Malachi, Vol 3: The New Testament
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70217: "POOVEY W A" - "Days before Easter"
51316: POPE R M - Introduction to early church history
57393: VELIMIROVICH N & POPOVICH J - Mystery and meaning of the Battle of Kosovo [A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality]
57392: VELIMIROVICH N & POPOVICH J - Struggle for faith and other writings [A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality]
15690: POPPER K R - Open society & its enemies Vol 1 Plato Vol 2 Hegel & Marx
26126: "PORTA P L ET AL" - "Knowledge, social institutions and" "the division of labour"
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15693: "PORTEOUS N W" - "Danielbuch:" "(Alte Testament Deutsch 23)"
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56308: PORTER H - Mary Sumner: her life and work
6118: DURHAM J I & PORTER J R - Proclamation and presence: Old Testament essays in honour of Gwynne Henton Davies
48462: PORTER R - Crown and the Church
25268: PORTILLO M - Democratic values and the currency: a lecture given to the Institute of Economic Affairs... on 14 January 1998
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19790: "VAN DER POST L" - "Walk with a white bushman"
45646: POST L VAN DER - Journey into Russia
54099: POTIN J - Jesus in his homeland
43812: "GRIFFITHS L & POTTER J" - "World without end?" "contours of a post-terrorism world"
15707: "POTTER H" - "Hanging in Judgment:" "religion and the death penalty in England"
15708: POTTER S - Language in the Modern World
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8279: POWELL M M - Praying in the shadow of the bomb: (GS11)
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15718: "POWELL G" - "New Solutions to Difficult Sayings of Jesus"
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54504: POWELL M A - What are they saying about Luke?
55737: POWELL E - Myth of the lost gospel
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30740: "POWERS J M" - "Spirit and sacrament:" "the humanizing experience"
48938: POWERS W - Learn to read the Greek New Testament: an approach to New Testament Greek based on linguistic principles comprising a beginner's course, an intermediate course, a reference manual of forms and paradigms fully indexed and cross-referenced
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53882: POWICKE F M - Modern historians and the study of history: essays and papers
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25008: "POWYS M" - "Lace and lace-making"
45203: POWYS J C - Maiden Castle
15739: "POZNER V" - "First harvest: a novel" "[France in World War II]"
15740: "PRABHUPADA A C B S" - "Science of self-realization"
15741: "PRABHUPADA A C B S" - "Srimad Bhagavatam:" "Tenth Canto 'The Summum Bonum' with the original Sanskrit Text, Its Roman Transliteration, Synonyms, Translation and Elaborate Purports"
50596: PRADEL P ET AL - Mediaeval arts in France: Auckland City Art Gallery December through February 1972 - 1973
15745: "PRAILL D" - "Return to the desert:" "journey from Mount Hermon to Mount Sinai"
13516: MISSION PRAISE - Mission Praise 2: Full music
15761: "PRESBYTERIAN BOOK OF PRAISE" - "Presbyterian book of praise approved and commended by the" "General Assembly of the Prebyterian Church in Canada with tunes bound together with Bible Containg Old & New Testaments"
56724: LAMBETH PRAISE - Lambeth praise
22195: "PRATT B" - "God's private eye:" "a glimpse into the fascinating work of the Salvation Army Investigation Dept"
32799: "PRATT V" - "Religion and secularisation" "(New studies in the philosophy of religion)"
43604: "PRATT J W" - "Wedding services:" "just in time"
53937: PRATT J T - China and Britain
45148: PRATTS - Road atlas of England and Wales for motorists
53814: SIMPLE FAMILY PRAYERS - Simple family prayers: intended for the use of those classes whom it has pleased God to place in a humbler position than their more favoured neighbours
35932: "CELTIC PRAYERS" - "Celtic prayers of yesterday and today:" "a pocket-sized prayer book for the journey of faith"
38693: "PRAYERS" - "Prayers encircling the world:" "an international anthology of 300 contemporary prayers"
51185: JEWISH DAILY PRAYERS - Daily prayers, as read in Synagogue and used in families according to the custom of the German and Polish Jews [English/Hebrew]
15752: "PREACHERS" - "Preachers handbook:" "edited by Greville P Lewis nos.1 to 5 only"
7305: "FROST A J & PRECHTER R R" - "Elliott Wave Principle key to market behavior"
15754: "PRECHTER R R" - "At the Crest of the Tidal Wave:" "a forecast for the Great Bear Market"
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34215: "PREEDY G R" - "Life of John Knox"
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15758: "PRENTICE S" - "Voices of the cathedral:" "tales in stone and legends in glass"
15763: "PRESCOTT D M" - "Poems:" "for the school assembly and other occasions"
34945: "PRESCOTT J E" - "Christian hymns and hymn writers:" "a course of lectures"
29826: PRESCOTT D M - Junior Teacher's Prayer Book
52107: PRESCOTT W H [KIRK J F] - History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic in three volumes
56011: PRESCOTT W H - History of the reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain (Volumes I and II only)
56009: PRESCOTT W H - History of the conquest of Peru (Volume II only): with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas
56010: PRESCOTT W H - History of the conquest of Mexico (Volume II only): with a preliminary view of the civilization of the ancient Mexican civilisations and the life of Hernando Cortes
51595: PAST & PRESENT - Past and Present No 122 (February 1989): a journal of historical studies
51596: PAST & PRESENT - Past and Present No 121 (November 1988): a journal of historical studies
51594: PAST & PRESENT - Past and Present No 119 (May 1988): a journal of historical studies
51597: PAST & PRESENT - Past and Present Classified table of contents Nos 1 to 93 (1952 - 1981)
48718: PRESLEY J R - Robertsonian economics: an examination of the work of Sir D.H. Robertson on industrial fluctuation
45462: ENGLISH UNIVERSITIES PRESS - E.U.P. concise German-English and English-German Dictionary: together with a concise German grammar
50209: PRESSENSE E DE - Martyrs and apologists
15778: PRESTIGE G L - St Paul's in its glory: a candid history of the Cathedral 1831-1911 [appendix containing hitherto unpublished letters of Sydney Smith]
37958: "PRESTIGE L" - "Simple life of Our Lord" "(Congress Books: 10)"
15774: PRESTIGE G L - Gift of Bishopric: being the full text of a sermon preached in part before the U of Cambridge on Sunday 10 May 1953
15772: PRESTIGE G L - Fathers and Heretics: six studies in Dogmatic faith with prologue and epilogue being the Bampton Lectures 1940
15777: PRESTIGE G L - Life of Charles Gore: a great Englishman
45846: PRESTON P - Evangelicals and politics in Asia Africa and Latin America
45770: PRESTON R H - Middle way: theology, politics and economics in the later thought of R H Preston
38074: "PRESTON G" - "Pastors in pain:" "how to grow in times of conflict"
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15786: "PRESTON R H" - "Confusions in Christian social ethics:" "problems for Geneva and Rome"
15791: PRESTON R H - Technology and social justice: an International symposium on the social and economic teaching of the WCC from Geneva 1966 to Uppsala 1968
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15781: PRESTON R H - Religion and the persistence of capitalism: Maurice Lectures for 1977 & other studies in Christianity & social change
49654: PRETTEJOHNS G ET AL - Charles Dickens and Southwark
15795: "PREUSS H D" - "O T Theology vol 2"
25614: PREVOST J-P - How to read the Apocalyse
45451: PREVOST - Manon Lescaut
20337: HINTON J & PRICE P - Changing communities: church from the grassroots
15799: "PRICE E L" - "Journals written in Bechuanaland, Southern Africa 1854-1883" "with an epilogue 1889 and 1890 ed with intro etc by Una Long"
60883: "PRICE H H" - "Essays in the philosophy of religion:" "based on the Sarum lectures 1971"
39738: "PRICE P B" - "Living faith in the world through word and action:" "reflections on Matthew's gospel for small Christian communities"
31492: "PRICE P B" - "Living faith in the world, through word and action:" "reflections on St Matthew's gospel for small Christian communities (resource Booklet 11)"
39737: "PRICE P B" - "Telling it as it is:" "interactive learning for churches building small Christian communities"
36937: "PRICE R" - "Review of the principal questions in morals"
38217: PRICE P B - Undersong: listening to the soul
52871: PRICE M - Coins and the Bible
49967: PRICE R M - Inerrant the wind: the evangelical crisis of biblical authority
24274: PRICE T - Evangelical Anglicans and the Lima text: an assessment and critique (GW 92)
43646: "PRICE C" - "Woe unto that man Judas Iscariot:" "a fictional tale of love and betrayal"
22187: PRICE P B - Seeds of the world: biblical reflection for small church communities
56735: PRICE P B - Mark today: reflections on St Mark's Gospel for small Christian communities (Resource Booklet 12)
47239: PRICE A - Tomorrow's ghost
47843: PRICE G - Pilgrimage then and now
22453: "CARPENTER H & PRICHARD M" - "Oxford companion to children's literature"
56305: PRICHARD R - History of the episcopal church
48276: PRICKETT S - Narrative, religion and science: Fundamentalism versus irony 1700 - 1999
15805: "PRIDEAUX S P T" - "Ad Clerum or" "self-examination questions on the ten commandments"
15807: "PRIDEAUX S P T" - "Man and his religion:" "an essay in the comparative study of religions ancient and modern"
15814: "PRIEST" - "Priest-workman in England:" "a study in life"
56306: PRIESTLEY J B - Adam in moonshine
41322: "PRIETO G" - "Paintings and drawings"
50427: PRIMAVESI A - Gaia and climate change: a theology of gift events
23621: "PRIME R" - "Hinduism and ecology:" "seeds of truth (World Religions & Ecology)"
60613: "PRINCE D" - "Extravagant love" "(This booklet was transcribed from the 'Today with Derek Prince' radio program"
15829: "PRINCE D" - "In search of truth:" "a step-by-step guide to security and personal fulfillment"
50309: PRINCE J - Danomonii Orientales Illustres: or the Worthies of Devon...from before the Norman Conquest down to the present age...
30097: "ORIGINAL PRINTS" - "Original prints II:" "new writing from Scottish women, intro by Elspeth Davie"
33389: PRIOR D - Jesus or Britannia?: the Christian dilemma over patriotism (GP14)
8291: PRIOR D - Sharing pastoral care in the parish (GPS 3)
15836: "PRIOR D" - "Jesus and power (JL)"
63720: "PRIOR M" - "They came and they saw:" "Western Christians experiences of the Holy Land"
40121: "WESTON PRIORY" - "Formed from the earth:" "songs to celebrate creation"
49093: PRITCHARD J - Going to church: a user's guide
15840: "PRITCHARD B" - "Bridge Modification" "(Institute of Civil Engineers)"
47728: PRITCHARD A J - Three pieces for organ (Prelude - Pastorale - Postlude)
27865: "PRITCHETT V S" - "Balzac"
19010: "TEMPLETON PRIZE" - "Addresses at the 12th presentation of" "The Templeton Foundation Prize for progress in religion 15/5/1984"
15845: "PROBLEMS" - "Problems in psychoanalysis: a symposium, contributors incl." "Marcel Raclot, Charles Baudouin, A Vergote et al"
23288: "PROCEEDINGS" - "Proceedings of the British Academy - 105" "1999 Lectures and memoirs"
22114: "INTER-CHURCH PROCESS" - "Not strangers but pilgrims:" "report of the Swanwick Conference 3l Aug-4 Sep 1987"
53488: PROCHASKA F - Royal lives: portraits of past royals by those in the know
15846: PROCTER F - History of the Book of Common Prayer with a rationale of its offices
15848: "PROCTOR W" - "Interview with Chiara Lubich"
26487: PROGOFF I - Practice of process meditation: the Intensive Journal way to spiritual experience
50991: PROKOSCH E - Comparative Germanic grammar
45471: PROPERTIUS - Select elegies of Propertius: edited with introduction, notes and appendices by J P Postgate
12267: PROSE F - Anne Frank: the book, the life, the afterlife
49121: PROSZYNSKI K DE - Authentic photograph of Christ: his face and whole figure as marvellously appearing on the shroud which was thrown over his body after the crucifixion
15856: PROTHERO R E - Psalms in Human Life
51672: PROTHERO R E - Life and letters of Dean Stanley
15855: "PROTHERO R E" - "Life and Correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley:" "late Dean of Westminster (in 2 vols)"
54500: PROUD L - Christianity in England: over two thousand years
53879: PROUST M - Combray (A la recherche du temps perdu)
44766: "PROUST M" - "Remembrance of things past Volume 1;" "Swann's way within a budding grove"
45612: PRUDENTIUS - Hymns of Prudentius: (Temple Classics) translated by R Martin Pope
35951: PRUETT J H - Parish clergy under the Later Stuarts: the Leicestershire experience
36922: "PRUMM K" - "Theologie des Zweiten Korintherbriefes" "(erster teil) Apostolat und Christliche Wirklichkeit, Theologie des erster briefteils, kap 1-7"
23435: "SPENCER J & PRUSS A" - "Professional secretary"
8887: HAYES J H & PRUSSNER F C - Old Testament Theology: its history & development
39596: "PRUYSER P" - "Between belief and unbelief:" "(Studies in philosophy and religion 3)"
48623: PRYCE M - Men, masculinity and pastoral care (Contact Pastoral Monograph No 3)
15862: PRZYBYLSKI B - Righteousness in Matthew and his world of thought (SNTMS 41)
41481: "SING PSALMS" - "Sing Psalms: full music edition"
55384: BIBLE: PSALMS - Liber Psalmorum Ad Editionem Hooghtianam
51025: CATHEDRAL PSALTER - Cathedral Psalter containing the Psalms of David together with the canticles and proper psalms pointed for chanting and set to appropriate chants [4vo organ size]
70405: PSALTER - Knockholt psalter: 50 selected psalms (Prayer book version and music edition)
57231: PUECH A - Histoire de la litterature grecque chretienne depuis les origines jusqu'a la fin du IV Siecle - Tome III Le IV Siecle
57230: PUECH A - Histoire de la litterature grecque chretienne depuis les origines jusqu'a la fin du IV Siecle - Tome I Le Nouveau Testament
46676: PUECJ J [JOVIGNOT] - Litterature Grecque in 12 lecons
15870: PUGH G H M - Once Upon a Time: a play for children
44994: ROWLANDSON T & PUGIN A G - Microcosm of London text by John Summerson
15876: "PULKINGHAM W G" - "Gathered for Power" "illus by Kathleen"
15877: "PULKINGHAM W G ET AL" - "Renewal:" "an emerging pattern"
51236: PULLAN B - Jews of Europe and the Inquisition of Venice 1550-1670
37956: "PULLAN L" - "Authority of the church" "(Congress books: 13)"
15882: "PULLAN L" - "Early Christian doctrine" "(Oxford Church Text Books)"
20071: "WAKEMAN H O & PULLAN L" - "Reformation Great Britain"
15881: PULLAN L - Church of the Fathers: being an outline of the history of the church from AD 98 to AD 461 (CU 2)
30338: PULLAN L - Teaching of our Lord (Oxford church text books)
15887: PULLER F W - Primitive Saints of the See of Rome
47360: PULLMAN P - Goldene Kompass
46080: PULLMAN P - Good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ
21940: "PULS J" - "Seek treasures in small fields:" "everyday holiness"
15888: PULS J - Every bush is burning: a spirituality for our times
22176: CASHMORE G & PULS J - Clearing the way: en route to an ecumenical spirituality (Risk Book Series 43)
55517: PUNCH - More pick of Punch
15891: "PUNER H W" - "Freud:" "his life and his mind: a biography"
51989: PURCELL W - Fisher of Lambeth: a portrait from life
36736: PURCELL W - Bereavement (Enquirer's Library)
29957: PURCELL W - Evidence for the Holy Spirit (CES)
47031: PURCELL H [ARR MOORE] - Rondeau (from Abdelazer)
15892: "PURCELL M" - "World of Monsieur Vincent"
15893: "PURCELL W" - "Anglican church today:" "Anglican spirituality, a continuing tradition"
29763: "PURCELL W" - "Plain man looks at the Commandments"
41739: PURCELL [ARR TAYLOR S DE B] - Second King Arthur Suite: the first overture, third-act tune, the battle scene, air from second music, and first-act tune: Organe
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56966: PURDY W - Search for unity: relations between the Anglican and Catholic churches from the 1950s to the 1970s
51693: PURSCH K - St Cyprian, Bonn: Wille and Weg einer katholischen Pfaffei der Alt-Katholiken in der Gestalt ihres Gotteshauses
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31519: "PURTON R" - "Festivals and celebrations"
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37553: PUSEY E B - Doctrine of the real presence: as contained in the Fathers from the death of S. John the Evangelist to the Fourth General Council...
23757: "PUSEY E B" - "Letter to the Rt Hon & Rt Rev Lord Bishop of London" "in explanation of some statements contained in a letter by Rev W Dodsworth"
23755: "PUSEY E B" - "Royal supremacy" "not an arbitrary authority but limited by the laws of the church of which kings are members"
23763: PUSEY E B - Sermons for the Church's seasons from Advent to Trinity selected from published sermons of the late Edward Bouverie Pusey by RF Wilson
28817: "PUSEY E B" - "What is of faith as to everlasting punishment?" "in reply to Dr Farrar's challenge in his 'Eternal hope'"
15914: PUSEY E B - Letter to Richard Lord Bishop of Oxford on the tendency to Romanism bound with the articles treated on in tract a letter to Rev R W Jelf and letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury on...the present crisis in the English Church
56303: PUSEY E B - Selections from the writings of Edward Bouverie Pusey
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54556: PUSEY E B - Church of England leaves her children free to whom to open their griefs: letter to the Rev.W.U.Richards with postscript in answer to the letters of the Rev.W.Maskell bound with two sermons 'The danger of riches : seek God first and ye shall have all' and two sermons 'All faith the gift of god : real faith entire' and a sermon preached to the younger members of the university at...Oxford 'The thought of the love of Jesus for us, the remedy for sins of the body'
52691: PUSHKIN A S ET AL - Short stories by Russian authors (Everyman's Library No 758)
43595: "PUTMAN J" - "Church is a team sport:" "a championship strategy for doing ministry together"
15928: PUTTING - Putting our house in order - a sequel to ""Men, money and the ministry
12116: "LOUVEL F & PUTZ L J" - "Signs of Life"
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32818: "PYPER H S" - "Christian family:" "a concept in crisis (Contributors include J Habgood, G Jantzen, A McFadyen F Young et al)"
52275: PYTCHES D - Can anyone be a leader?: identifying and developing potential
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41960: QUASTEN J - Patrologia in 2 vols: Vol I: Hasta el concilio de Nicea, Vol II: La edad de oro de la literatura patristica griega
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46116: QUEEN'S GALLERY - Royal children
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15948: "QUENNELL P" - "Four Portraits:" "studies of the 18th Century (Boswell, Gibbon, Sterne & Wilkes)"
15949: "QUENNELL P" - "Four Portraits:" "studies of the 18th Century (Boswell, Gibbon, Sterne & Wilkes)"
36671: "ROMAN QUESTION" - "Roman question:" "in letters to a friend, by an aged priest"
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8293: QUICKE M J - 360 degree preaching
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56493: MCKITTERRICK R & QUINAULT R - Edward Gibbon and empire
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27667: "DUPPA R & DE QUINCY Q" - "Lives of the Italian painters:" "Michael Angelo & Raffaello"
38911: "QUINLAN J" - "Loved and lost:" "the journey through dying, death and bereavement"
15973: "QUINN M & T" - "Parenting and sex:" "support for parents at all stages - from your child is born until beyond adolescence"
56710: QUINN B - Art of living: Chinese style:
54442: QUINN M & T - Enjoy praying: ways of meeting God as you pray with the Gospels
55508: QUINN B - Accompanying Luke
54431: QUINN M & T - Being assertive: ways of respecting others but not letting yourself be walked on - especially for parents
54428: QUINN M & T - What can a parent do? Practical skills to help parents be more responsible and effective (Handbook for the fives to fifteens programme)
54429: QUINN M & T - Parenting and sex: support for parents at all stages from your child is born until beyond adolexcence (Handbook for the parenting and sex programme)
54430: QUINN M & T - What can the parent of a teenager do? (Parent's handbook for the teen-parenting programme)
31650: QUOIST M - With open heart
15979: QUOIST M - Prayers of Life
51897: QUOIST M - Parle moi d'amour
33685: "QUOTATION" - "Quotation guide" "(Longman pocket companion)"
35778: RABEY S - In search of authentic faith: how emerging generations are transforming the church
60632: RABIN J - Passover (Guide to 'O' Level Judaism)
54008: RABINOWICZ H - Hasidism and the State of Israel
15984: RABY F J E - Poetry of the eucharist (Studies in eucharistic faith & practice)
22415: RABY F J E - Poetry of the eucharist (Studies in eucharistic faith & practice)
15986: RACE A - Theology against the nuclear horizon
15985: RACE A - Christians and Religious Pluralism: patterns in the Christian theology of religions
49297: RACINE J [EVE] - Athalie: edited with introduction, notes and index by H W Eve (Pitt Press series] Play in French, notes etc in English
45122: RACINE J [BRAUNHOLTZ] - Plaideurs comedie with introduction and notes by E G W Braunholtz
45521: RACINE J - Theatre complet de Jean Racine
45601: RACINE - Phaedra and other plays: Iphigenia, Phaedra, Athaliah
46786: RACINE J - Theatre complet: oeuvre poetique (texte etabli et annote par Antonin Debidour)
15989: RACK H - 20th Century Spirituality
28315: RACK H D - Reasonable enthusiast: John Wesley and the rise of Methodism
46912: RACK H D - Future of John Wesley's Methodism (Ecumenical studies in history)
47991: RACKHAM R B - Acts of the Apostles: an exposition (Westminster commentary)
40351: RACKHAM R B - Acts of the Apostles: an exposition (Westminster commentary)
16000: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology Vol 2: the theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
15998: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology Vol 1 & 2: the theology of Israels historical traditions & theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
15996: RAD G VON - Moses (WCB 32)
15997: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology Vol 2 only: the theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
44674: RAD G VON - Deuteronomy: a commentary (Old Testament Library
15994: RAD G VON - Message of the Prophets
16001: RAD G VON - Old Testament theology in 2 volumes: Vol 1 Theology of Israel's historical traditions Vol 2 Theology of Israel's prophetic traditions
15990: RAD G VON - Deuteronomy: a commentary (OTL)
55016: RADCLIFF J R - Thomas F Torrance and the Church Fathers: a reformed, evangelical, and ecumenical reconstruction of the Patristic traditions
26786: RADCLIFFE T - I call you friends
52340: RADEMACHER W J - Lay ministry: a theological, spiritual and pastoral handbook (New edition with study guide)
55760: RADER M - No compromise: the conflict between two worlds
55759: RADHAKRISHNAN S - Reign of religion in contemporary philosophy
55758: RADHAKRISHNAN S - Religion in a changing world
23710: "RADIGUEL R" - "Devil in the flesh:" "a novel"
55757: RADIUS M - Tent of God: a journey through the Old Testament
33466: RADLEY S - Place: church and mission (GP70)
3456: "RADMACHER E" - "Nelson's new illustrated Bible commentary"
55756: RADMACHER E D - You and your thoughts: the power of right thinking
53148: RADNER E - World in the shadow of God: an introduction to Christian natural theology
36465: "RAE S" - "Rapid response:" "poems from the Guardian 1991-1996"
48246: RAE M - Science and theology: questions at the interface
33134: "RAFTERY W" - "Liturgy in the parish"
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16008: "RAGG L" - "Evidence of Christianity" "(Oxford Church Text Books)"
16009: RAGG L - St Luke
55755: RAGG L - Book of books
55754: RAGUIN Y - Celibacy for our times (Religious Experience Series Volume 7)
55753: RAGUIN Y - Paths to contemplation
55751: RAHNER K - Christian of the future
55752: RAHNER K ET AL - Bible in a new age: Rahner and others
34546: RAHNER K - Christian at the crossroads
55747: RAHNER K - Watch and pray with me
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35251: "RAHNER K" - "Biblical homilies"
16014: "RAHNER K" - "Bishops:" "their status and function"
16017: "RAHNER K" - "Encounters with silence"
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16030: "RAHNER K" - "Religious life today"
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16041: RAHNER K - Watch and pray with me
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16032: RAHNER K - Shape of the Church to come
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52740: RAHNER K - Theological Investigations Volume VII: further theology of the spiritual life I
54753: RAHNER K - Spiritual Exercises: (Prayer and practice)
70514: "RAHNER K" - "Theological investigations" "Volume II: Man in the Church"
16024: RAHNER K - Mary mother of the Lord
55749: RAHNER K - Happiness through Prayer
55750: RAHNER K - Everyday faith
55748: RAHNER K - Meditations on priestly life
50398: RAID J - Tartu [text in Estonian] together with 12 page pamphlet Tartu Tapty [intro to book & list of illustrations in English & Estonian
55768: RAIKES H - Remarks on clerical education
16046: "RAILTRACK" - "Engineering Safety Management Volume 3 Guidance Issue 2.0" "Also Colloquially known as Yellow Book 2 (YB2)"
3493: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY - Cathedrals with 74 illustrations by photographic reproduction and 74 drawings
35183: "COUNTY DONEGAL RAILWAY" - "Drumboe the Donegal engine" "(Drumboe Galinneall Dhun na nGall)"
47563: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY - Cathedrals with 74 illustrations by photographic reproduction and 74 drawings
50422: RAINE J - Saint Cuthbert: with an account of the state in which his remains were found upon the opening of his tomb in Durham Cathedral in the year 1827 (1828)
55773: RAINES R A - New life in the church
55772: RAINEY D - Tribute: what every parent longs to hear
55771: RAINY R - Ancient Catholic Church: from the accession of Trajan to the Fourth General Council [AD 98 - 451] (International Theological Library)
47983: RAINY R - Epistle to the Philippians
28747: RAISANEN H - Marcion, Muhammad and the Mahatma: exegetical perspectives on the encounter of cultures and faiths (Edward Cadbury lectures 1995/6)
55736: RAISANEN H - Paul and the law
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28165: "RAITT F E" - "Careers in Scots law:" "choosing a law degree and a career"
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38049: RAITT J - Christian Spirituality: Vol 2 High Middle Ages and Reformation (World Spirituality)
54087: RAIZEN E - Modern Hebrew for intermediate students
36277: GLASER I & RAJA S - Sharing the salt [making friends with Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus]
16050: "RAJENDRA C" - "Songs for the Unsung:" "poems on unpoetic issues like war, want and refugees"
53359: RAJU A - Way of St James: Spain
50421: RALEIGH T - Annals of the church in Scotland
50259: RALL H F - Religion as salvation
50261: RAMABAI P - Testimony of our inexhaustible treasure
53147: RAMEY M E - Quest for the fictional Jesus: gospel rewrites, gospel (re)interpretation and christological portraits within Jesus novels
50263: RAMM T - Resurrection [poems by many contributors]
50243: RAMON A - Around the Holy City: Christian tourist routes between Jerusalem Bethlehem and Jericho
16060: "RAMPERSAD H K" - "Integrated and Simultaneous Design for Robotic Assembly"
39870: "RAMSAY W M" - "Bearing of recent discovery on the trustworthiness" "of the New Testament"
39916: "RAMSAY W M" - "Teaching of Paul in teams of the present day:" "the Deems lectures in New York University"
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55766: RAMSAY E B - Diversities of Christian character: illustrated in the lives of the four great apostles
16067: "RAMSBOTHAM J A" - "Belief in Christ and the Christian Community"
55769: RAMSBOTTOM V - Too many people (The World Today)
46877: RAMSEY A M - Gospel and the Catholic Church
52214: RAMSEY J - Coyote was going there: Indian literature of the Oregon country
16068: "RAMSEY A M" - "Anglican spirit"
16085: RAMSEY A M - Holy Spirit: a biblical study
37282: "RAMSEY A M" - "Lambeth essays on ministry:" "essays writen for the Lambeth Conference 1968"
16102: RAMSEY A M ET AL - Charismatic Christ
16106: RAMSEY I T - Christian Discourse: some logical explorations (Riddell lectures 1963)
16108: "RAMSEY I T" - "Christian ethics and contemporary philosophy" "(LPT)"
16109: RAMSEY I T - Christian ethics and contemporary philosophy (LPT)
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16072: RAMSEY A M - Christ crucified for the World
16077: RAMSEY A M - Constantinople and Canterbury: a lecture in the University of Athens 7 May 1962
48784: RAMSEY A M - Gospel and the Catholic Church with new foreword by Geoffrey Rowell
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16120: RAMSEY A M - Lent with St John
16073: RAMSEY A M - Christian concept of sacrifice
16100: RAMSEY A M - Through the year with Michael Ramsey: devotional readings for every day ed Margaret Duggan
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33882: RAMSEY A M - Glory of God and the transfiguration of Christ
57215: RAMSEY I T - Miracles: an exercise in logical mapwork an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 7th December 1951
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16080: RAMSEY A M - From Gore to Temple: development of Anglican theology between Lux Mundi and the Second World War 1889-1939 (Hale lectures 1959)
22514: RAMSEY A M - Problems of Christian belief
48774: RAMSEY A M - Christianity and the supernatural: the Ethel M Wood lecture delivered before the University of London on 5 March 1963
55767: RAMSEY M - Freedom faith and the future
47598: RAMSEY I T - Christian Empiricism (Studies in Philosophy and Religion)
16071: RAMSEY A M - Canterbury Pilgrim
16083: RAMSEY A M - God Christ and the World: a study in comparative theology
16091: RAMSEY A M - Jesus the Living Lord
50419: RAMSEY M - Anglican spirit
50521: RAMSEY M - To believe is to pray: readings from Michael Ramsey
16125: RAMSHAW G - Under the tree of life: the religion of a feminist christian
54751: RAMSHAW G - God beyond gender: feminist Christian God-language
55765: RAND P H - Faithful unto death: the martyrs of East Anglia
39837: "RANDALL R H" - "Cloisters bestiary"
16129: "RANDLE M" - "People power:" "the building of a new European home"
41645: "RANDOLPH W" - "Analytical notes on the first and three last of the Minor" "Prophets for the use of Hebrew students, with an appendix on Dan. IX 24-27"
16131: "RANDOLPH B W" - "Earthly life of our Lord"
37977: "RANDOLPH B W" - "Marriage orders and unction" "(Congress Books: 32)"
16133: RANDOLPH B W - Mind and work of Bishop King
16134: RANDOLPH B W - Threshold of the Sanctuary: being short chapters on the inner preparation for the priesthood
55761: RANDOLPH B W - Virgin-birth of our Lord: a paper read (in substance) before the confraternity of the Holy Trinity at Cambridge
55763: RANDOLPH B W - Confession in the Church of England since the Reformation: a paper read at Cambridge Lent 1911
55762: RANDOLPH B W - Preparation for ordination: a paper read at Oxford March 3 19058
43771: "RANFT P" - "Woman's way:" "forgotten history of women spiritual directors"
38531: "CHAPMAN A & RANK M" - "Smart women keep it simple" "[getting free from the unending demands and expectations on a woman's life]"
55778: RANKE L VON - History of the Popes their church and state in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
45191: RANKE L VON - History of the Popes (Volumes 1 & 3 only): their church and state, and especially of their conflicts with Protestantism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
16137: RANKE L - Popes of Rome: their Church and State in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with essay by JH Merle D'Aubigne complete in 2 vols
48754: RANKE L - Popes of Rome: their Church and State in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with essay by JH Merle D'Aubigne complete in 2 vols translated from the last German edition
40232: "RANSOM D J" - "Legal aspects of insurance"
55777: RANSOME C - Advanced history of England: from earliest times to the present day
23543: "RANSON S" - "Towards the learning society"
54113: RANSON S ET AL - Clergy ministers and priests
55775: RANSTON H - Ecclesiastes and the early Greek wisdom literature
55774: RANSTON H - Old Testament wisdom books and their teaching
55776: RANYARD L N [L N R] - Book and its story: a narrative for the young on the occasion of the Jubilee of the British and Foreign Bible Society
55925: DELARUE M & RAOUL J-C - Quatre saisons en Sologne
62858: FRANCIS RAPHAEL [WILBERFORCE] - Memoir of Mother Francis Raphael: with some of her spiritual notes and letters
46794: MANGANEL E & RAPIN R - Lac Leman/Lake of Geneva (La Suisse vue par les peintres/Switzerland seen by painters
29992: "RAPOPORT R & R N ET AL" - "Fathers, mothers and others:" "towards new alliances"
39013: "RAPPAPORT S" - "Fathers and children:" "collective and individual responsibility in Jewish thought"
52223: RAPPOPORT A S - Psalms in life legend and literature
52251: RAPPOPORT A S - Ancient Israel: myths and legends (3 volumes in 1)
41036: "RAPPOPORT A S" - "Russian history" "(Temple primers)"
16148: RASHDALL H - Doctrine and development: University Sermons
21682: "RASHDALL H" - "God and man"
16146: RASHDALL H - Christus in Ecclesia: sermons on the church and its institutions
16149: RASHDALL H - Idea of Atonement in Christian Theology: being the Bampton lectures for 1915
55785: RASMUSSEN L - Reinhold Niebuhr: theologian of public life (Making of Modern Theology)
22578: "BIRCH B C & RASMUSSEN L L" - "Bible and ethics in the Christian life"
16152: RASMUSSEN L - Reinhold Niebuhr: theologian of public life (Making of Modern Theology)
16153: "RAST W E" - "Tradition History and the O T" "(OTS)"
53516: RATABOUL L-J - Anglicanisme (Que sais-je)
16154: "RATAUL S S" - "Khalsa"
16157: "RATCLIFF E C" - "English Coronation Service:" "being the Coronation Service of King George V and Queen Mary...extracts from 'Liber Regalis'"
32986: RATCLIFF E C - Coronation Service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a short historical introduction, explanatory notes and an appendix
48518: RATCLIFF E C - Booke of Common Prayer of the Churche of England: its making and revisions 1549 - 1661: set forth in eighty illustrations with introduction and notes
23737: "RATCLIFFE D" - "Prisoners of limbo:" "a novel"
36787: "RATCLIFFE F W" - "Preservation policies and conservation in British libraries" "(library and information research report 25)"
48959: RATCLIFFE D - Bethlehem's babe: the Nativity in carol, scripture and verse for narrator, reader, choir and organ
55782: RATTENBURY J E - Festivals and Saints Days: Trinity Sunday to Advent
55783: RATTENBURY H M - Lively oracles: clues to reading the Bible
16162: "RATTEY B K" - "Making of the Synoptic Gospels"
16163: RATTEY B K - Short History of the Hebrews: from Moses to Herod the Great
23783: RATTEY B K - Short History of the Hebrews: from Moses to Herod the Great
55781: RATTEY B K - Growth and structure of the Gospels
36687: "RATTI F" - "Milan and the lakes" "(Eyewitness Travel Guides)"
16164: "RATUSHINSKAYA I" - "No, I'm not afraid"
54241: RATZINGER J - Church ecumenism and politics: new essays in ecclesiology
20167: "RATZSCH D" - "Philosophy of science:" "natural sciences in Christian perspective (Contours of Christian Philosophy)"
70599: "RAUSCHENBUSCH W" - "Theology for the social gospel"
40181: "RAVASI G" - "Qohelet"
37793: "RAVEN C E" - "Creator spirit:" "a survey of Christian doctrine in the light of biology, psychology and mysticism, with an appendix on biochemistry and mental phenomena"
16172: "RAVEN C E" - "Cross and the Crisis"
37794: "RAVEN C E" - "Is war obsolete?:" "a study of the conflicting claims of religion and citizenship (Halley Stewart Lecture 1934)"
22121: RAVEN C E - Jesus and the gospel of love (Alexander Robertson lectures, Univ of Glasgow, 1931)
38887: "RAVEN C E" - "Life and teaching of Jesus Christ"
16180: "RAVEN C E" - "Quest of religion"
16182: "RAVEN C E" - "Science, medicine and morals"
16184: "RAVEN C E" - "Teilhard de Chardin Scientist and Seer"
16189: "RAVEN C F" - "Christ and the modern opportunity:" "five addresses delivered at McGill University"
40296: "RAVEN C E" - "Palestine in pictures"
16176: "RAVEN C E" - "Natural Religion and Christian Theology" "(Gifford Lectures 1951) First Series: Science and Religion"
16187: RAVEN C E - War and the Christian (RBC 4)
37807: RAVEN C E - Gospel and the church: a study of distortion and its remedy
16185: RAVEN C E - Theological basis of Christian Pacifism
16174: RAVEN C E - Good news of God: being eight letters dealing with present problems and based upon Romans I-VIII
55779: RAVEN C E - Christ and the modern opportunity: a series of five addresses delivered in Moyse Hall, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
16190: "RAVERA S" - "Due profili:" "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Primo Mazzolari"
74652: "ZACHARIAS RAVI" - "CRIES OF THE HEART:" "bringing God near when He feels so far"
20224: "RAWDING F W" - "Buddha" "(Introduction to the history of mankind - topic book)"
16193: RAWLINGS M - Before Death Comes
16194: RAWLINGS M - Beyond death's door
55789: RAWLINSON A E J - Church of South India: the Lichfield Cathedral divinity lectures 1950
55787: RAWLINSON G - Second Book of Moses called Exodus (Commentary for Schools)
55788: RAWLINSON A E J - Historical Christianity
55790: RAWLINSON A E J - Church and the challenge of today: a primary visitation charge to the clergy of the Diocese of Derby
16198: RAWLINSON A E J - Christian Initiation
16196: RAWLINSON A E J - Authority and freedom (Bishop Paddock lectures 1923)
16203: RAWLINSON A E J - New Testament Doctrine of the Christ (Bampton lectures 1926)
16204: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Problems of Reunion"
21672: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Problems of Reunion"
16205: "RAWLINSON A E J" - "Study of Christian Doctrine"
37110: "RAWLINSON M" - "Don't get ripped off:" "the complete user-friendly guide to buying a second-hand car"
16197: RAWLINSON A E J - Christ in the Gospels
16195: RAWLINSON A E J - Anglican communion in Christendom
51588: RAWLINSON A E J - St Mark: with introduction commentary and additional notes
55786: RAWSON M W - Gospels according to St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke, St John: with the Old Testament references printed on aprallel pages
55020: PHAN P C & RAY J S - Understanding religious pluralism: perspectives from religious studies and theology
55275: RAY M - Tent for the sun
55851: RAY J - Wisdom of God manifested in the works of the creation (in two parts)
55795: RAYMOND M - Three religious rebels: forefathers of the Trappists: the saga of Citeaux first epoch:
55806: RAYMOND M - Now
16214: RAYMOND E - In the steps of St Francis
55798: RAYMOND E - Please you draw near: autobiography 1922 - 1968
35164: RAYMOND M - Mother of God's way
47215: RAYMOND E T - Disraeli: the alien patriot
42768: RAYMOND V - Spiritual director and physician: spiritual treatment of sufferers from nerves and scruples
53902: RAYMOND E - We the accused
55794: RAYMOND M - You
53538: RAYMOND E - One of our brethren
55797: RAYMOND M - Man who got even with God: the life of an American Trappist
55796: RAYMOND M - This is love
53877: RAYNER R M - European history 1648 - 1789
36323: "RAYNER J D" - "Practices of Liberal Judaism"
16218: "RAYNER J D" - "Towards mutual understanding:" "between Jews and Christians"
16219: RAYNES R - Thoughts of a Religious
55792: RAYNES C R - Called by God (What it means to be a priest)
8176: RAYNOR B - John Frith: scholar and martyr
3756: "CHARIF R & RAZ S" - "Jerusalem the eternal bond:" "an unbroken link with the Jewish people"
62478: COGGINS R J & RE'EMI S - Israel among the nations: a commentary on the Books of Nahum and Obadiah, and Esther
55807: REA L - Enthusiasts of Port-Royal
16223: READ D H C - Christian ethics (KC)
32194: READ C - Revising weddings (GW128)
16222: "READ D" - "Press and People 1790-1850:" "opinons in three English cities"
33679: "READ, MISS" - "Tales from a Village School:" "illustrations by Kate Dicker [Large print edition unabridged]"
16228: "READ, MISS" - "Village School:" "illustrated by J.S.Goodall"
49215: READ - Village school
55805: READ D H C - Prisoners' quest: a presentation of the Christian faith in a prisoners of war camp
55804: READ D H C - Grace thus far
55802: READ D H C - Sons of Anak: the Gospel and the modern giants
56940: READ M - Gossip from Thrush Green
16225: READ D H C - I am Persuaded (scholar as preacher)
55803: READ D H C - This grace given
46653: READ C - Bibliography of British History: Tudor period 1485-1603
24231: READ C - Religion, revolution & the Russian Intelligentsia, 1900-1912 then Vekhi Debate & its intellectual background
53146: READ J - Catherine Booth: laying the theological foundations of a radical movement
16230: READE W H V - Christian Challenge to Philosophy
16229: "READE C" - "Cloister and the hearth"
16235: "REAL" - "Real aid: a strategy for Britain," "report of the Independent Group on British Aid"
55800: REAM B - Too hot for comfort: war years in China 1938 - 1950
33994: REAR M - Ceremonial
16236: "REAR M" - "John Henry Newman"
16237: "REAR M" - "One Step More:" "between Rome and Canterbury"
57288: REAR M - Kneeling sitting and standing
57289: REAR M - Vestments
57290: REAR M - Facing the people
57291: REAR M - Reservation
16238: REARDON B M G - From Coleridge to Gore: century of religious thought in Britain
16239: "REARDON B M G" - "Liberal Protestantism"
16240: REARDON B M G - Religious thought in the Nineteenth Century illustrated from writers of the period
16241: REARDON B M G - Religious Thought in the Reformation
30669: "REARDON M" - "Christian initiation - a policy for the Church of England:" "a discussion paper (GS Misc 365)"
54839: REARDON J P - Threads of creation: a resource book of words and pictures
16244: "REASON J" - "Deep-sea Doctor" "(Eagle Books 40)"
39517: "REBERA R" - "We cannot dream alone:" "a story of women in development"
55813: RECKER C - All the days of Lent
55812: RECKITT M B - Social teaching of the sacraments: being the report of the second Anglo-Catholic summer school of sociology held at Keble College Oxford July 1926
31659: "RECKITT M B" - "Christian sociology for to-day:" "an abridged edition of 'Faith and society'"
22617: "RECKITT M B" - "P.E.T. Widdrington:" "a study in vocation and versatility"
16247: RECKITT M B - Faith and Society: a study of the structure, outlook and opportunity of the Christian social movement in GB and the USA
53876: REDDAWAY W F - History of Europe from 1715 to 1814 (Methuen's A History of Medieval and Modern Europe Volume VII)
38059: "JAGESSAR M N & REDDIE A G" - "Postcolonial Black British theology:" "new textures and themes"
55811: REDDING G - Prayer and the priesthood of Christ in the reformed tradition
25120: "REDDY M" - "Manager's guide to counselling at work"
28479: "KHALEMA-REDEBY L ET AL" - "Planning and management in the African power sector"
71110: "REDEMPTORISTS" - "Mary:" "God's masterpiece"
22786: REDFERN A - Ministry and priesthood (Exploring faith: Theology for life)
36819: "REED H & REDHEAD J" - "Riding and stable management (Stage one):" "a complete guide to the BHS Stage One examination"
16253: REDINGTON M - About religion: an anthology [from ATV's weekly programme]
55808: REDLICH E B - Introduction to the fourth Gospel
55809: REDLICH E B - Forgiveness of sins
55810: REDLICH E B - Christian heritage: an anthology of our times
51240: REDLICH E B - Student's introduction to the synoptic gospels
51241: REDLICH E B - Introduction to Old Testament study for teachers and students
16255: REDLICH E B - Form Criticism: its value & limitations (ST43)
16254: REDLICH E B - Forgiveness of sins
22971: "REDMAYNE A" - "Divided heart"
16256: REDPATH A - Blessings Out of Buffetings: studies in 2 Corinthians
36340: "REDPATH A" - "Making of a man of God:" "studies in the life of David"
55836: REDPATH A - Royal route to heaven: studies in First Corinthians
16257: REDPATH A - Victorious Christian service: studies in the book of Joshua
55834: REDPATH W M - Trauma energetics: a study of held-energy systems
55835: REDPATH H A - Book of the prophet Ezekiel
55832: REDWOOD H - Bristol fashion
55833: REDWOOD H - Bristol fashion
55829: REDWOOD H - God in the slums
52738: REDWOOD J - Reason ridicule and religion: the age of enlightenment in England 1660 - 1750
55828: REDWOOD H - Lay sermons and parables
55826: REED B H - For teenagers only
16259: REED A - Challenge of second marriage
32464: "REED B" - "Christian counselling:" "a guide to training and study (Things we face together No 5)"
16262: "REED B H" - "Eighty thousand adolescents:" "study of young pople in the City of Birmingham by staff & students of Westhill TC for Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust"
31206: "REED C E B" - "Memoir of Sir Charles Reed"
55733: REED J L - Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: a re-examination of the evidence
55824: REED C - Development matters: Christian perspectives on globalization
46908: REED J S - Glorious battle: the cultural politics of Victorian Anglo-Catholicism
55817: REEDY W J - Story of salvation :Teacher's annotated edition (Life and light series)
55849: REES J A - Danger saints still at work
33567: REES M - Celebrating the millennium in the local church (GEv39)
16266: REES D ET AL - Consider your call: a theology of monastic life today
55200: REES D - Monks of England: the Benedictines in England from Augustine to the present day
55847: REES P S - Radiant cross
55848: REES J A - God wondered

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