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14212: "NEUHAUS R J" - "Dispensations:" "the future of South Africa as South Africans see it"
4688: "COLSON C & NEUHAUS J" - "Evangelicals and Catholics together:" "toward a common mission"
23429: "NEUMANN M" - "Competition policy:" "history, theory and practice"
53911: NEUMAYER H - Byzantine mosaics
58558: NEUSER W H - Calvinus sacrae scripturae professor: Calvin as confessor of Holy Scripture
48859: NEUSNER J - Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (Anchor Bible Reference Library)
50689: NEUSNER J - Major trends in formative Judaism: (third series) the three stages in the formation of Judaism (Brown Judaic studies 99)
50687: NEUSNER J - Major trends in formative Judaism: society and symbol in political crisis (Brown Judaic studies 60)
50688: NEUSNER J - Major trends in formative Judaism: (second series) texts, contents, and contexts (Brown Judaic studies 61)
50685: NEUSNER J - First-Century Judaism in Crisis: Yohanan ben Zakkai and the renaissance of Torah
3855: "CHILTON B & NEUSNER J" - "Judaism in N T:" "practices and beliefs"
37887: "NEUSNER J" - "World religions in America:" "an introduction"
44359: "NEUSNER J" - "Form-analysis and exegesis:" "a fresh approach to the interpretation of Mishnah, with special reference to Mishnah-tractate Makhshirin"
14215: NEUSNER J - Judaism in the beginning of Christianity
51317: NEUSNER J - Short history of Juadaism: three meals, three epochs
50641: NEUSNER J - Torah through the ages: a short history of Judaism
39207: "NEVILLE G" - "Advent hope:" "a study in the context of Mark 13 (previously owned by C F D Moule)"
36410: NEVILLE D J - Mark's Gospel - prior or posterior?: a reappraisal of the phenomenon of order (JSNT SS222)
56020: NEVILLE S - Funnily enough
14220: "NEW" - "New Theologians:" "Bultmann, Bonhoeffer, Tillich, Teilhard de Chardin"
14221: "NEW" - "New Weeks Preparation:" "for a worthy receiving of the Lord's supper as recommended and appointed by the C of E...."
24080: "STORIES OLD AND NEW" - "Short-shanks and other tales from the Norse"
14256: NEWBIGIN J L - Reunion of the church: a defence of the South India scheme
14255: "NEWBIGIN J L" - "Other side of
51888: NEWBIGIN L - South India diary
14258: NEWBIGIN J L - South India Diary
54555: NEWBIGIN L - Truth and authority in modernity
39287: "NEWBOLT H" - "Devotional poets of the XVII century" "with an introduction . Poets: John Donne, George Herbert, Robert Herrick, Henry Vaughan, Thomas Traherne"
14266: "NEWBOLT M R" - "Blessed Virgin"
40062: "NEWBOLT M R" - "Truth of the Bible" "[Mirfield Books]"
14269: "NEWBOLT W C E" - "Church Catechism:" "the Christian's manual (OLPT)"
14270: "NEWBOLT W C E" - "Consolidation: address delivered before annual meeting" "of the English Church Union 1/6/1897 (ACTII)"
14273: "NEWBOLT W C E" - "Holy Eucharist:" "a series of lectures delivered to the members of the St Pauls Lecture Society"
14276: "NEWBOLT W C E" - "Penitence and Peace:" "being addresses on the Fifty-First and Twenty-Third Psalms"
14284: "NEWELL M" - "Consecrated Life:" "a brief memorial of the late Elizabeth Langford by her friend"
54458: NEWELL P - Listening for the heartbeat of God: a Celtic spirituality
51759: NEWELL P - Earthful of glory: biblical prayers, liturgies and meditations
60672: NEWELL J P - Each day and each night: a weekly cycle of prayers from Iona in the Celtic tradition
50643: NEWENS R D - Eternal faith versus fleeting ritual or the faith and mutuality
33839: "NEWGASS E" - "Melody in your heart:" "a concise history of hymnology"
33133: "NEWLANDS G" - "Church of God" "(Foundations for faith)"
28946: "NEWLANDS G" - "Generosity and the Christian future"
30803: "NEWLANDS G" - "Making Christian decisions"
14287: "NEWLANDS G M" - "Theology of the love of god"
54970: NEWLANDS G - Spirit of liberality: collected essays
53169: NEWLANDS G M - God in Christian perspective
53167: NEWMAN E - Attending the wounds on Christ's body: Teresa's scriptural vision
38280: NEWMAN J H - Apologia Pro Vita Sua edited by Maisie Ward
44019: "NEWMAN R" - "Releasing the scream:" "coming to terms with childhood sexual abuse"
8299: NEWMAN D - Taking on faith in the city: (GPS 26)
8309: NEWMAN D - What we are about to receive: the holy spirit in initiation and experience (GP7)
28832: NEWMAN J H - Apologia Pro Vita Sua
39532: "NEWMAN A N" - "Parliamentary diary of Sir Edward Knatchbull:" "1722 - 1730"
27431: "NEWMAN H" - "Illustrated dictionary of glass:" "2,442 entries including definitions of decorative styles and entries on principal glass-makers, decorators and designers from antiquity to the present"
39348: "NEWMAN J" - "Foundations of religious tolerance"
14295: "NEWMAN J H" - "(Selections) Living thoughts of Cardinal Newman" "presented by H Tristam"
14298: "NEWMAN J H" - "Apologia Pro Vita Sua" "being a history of his religious opinions with an introduction by Maisie Ward"
1058: "NEWMAN J H" - "Apologia pro vita sua, being a history of his religious" "opinions with an introduction by Basil Willey (World's Classics 601)"
14330: "NEWMAN M" - "People of the Covenant:" "study of Israel from Moses to the monarchy"
14310: NEWMAN J H [O'CONNELL D M] - Idea of University: defined & illustrated: I In 9 discourses delivered to the Catholics of Dublin II In occasional lectures & essays addresses to the members of the Catholic University
14324: NEWMAN J H - Sermons bearing on Subjects of the Day
57097: NEWMAN E - Untamed hospitality: welcoming God and other strangers [Christian Practice of Everyday Life Series]
57238: NEWMAN J H - Meditations and devotions
54530: NEWNES G - Strand magazine : an illustrated monthly (Vol XXIV July - December 1902)
44438: "NEWPORT J P" - "New age movement and the Biblical worldview"
14332: "NEWSHOLME H P" - "Christian Ethics and Social Health"
29750: NEWSOME D - Victorian world picture: perceptions and introspections in an age of change
14339: "NEWSOME J D" - "I Samuel, 2 Samuel" "(Knox Preaching guide)"
52750: NEWSOME D - Parting of friends: the Wilberforces and Henry Manning
14337: NEWSOME D - Godliness and good learning: four studies on a Victorian ideal
14340: "NEWSON J & E" - "Four years old in an urban community"
51664: NEWTON - Lord Lyons: a record of British diplomacy
23410: "KINSEY S & NEWTON L" - "International banking in an age of transition:" "globalisation, automation, banks and their archives"
14342: "NEWTON E" - "Katherine Lloyd:" "by her friends"
30054: "NEWTON J A" - "Man for all churches:" "Marcus Ward 1906-1978"
25310: "SMITH R H & NEWTON C R" - "Jackson's matrimonial finance and taxation:" "supplement to sixth edition"
43524: "NEWTON J K" - "Revelation reclaimed:" "the use and misuse of the apocalypse"
46812: NEWTON I [MCLACHLAN] - Theological manuscripts selected and edited with an introduction by H McLachlan
31919: NEWTON J A - Fruit of the spirit in the lives of great Christians (Refresher courses for Methodist local preachers, No 1 new series)
14349: NEYREY J H - Social World of Luke-Acts: models for interpretation
29751: NEYREY J H - Paul, in other words: a cultural reading of his letters
53160: NGIEN D - Interpretation of love: God's love and ours
54398: NIAS J - Flame from an Oxford cloister: the life and writings of Philip Napier Waggett 1862 - 1939 scientist, religious theologian, missionary, philosopher, diplomat, author, orator, poet
14352: "NIBLETT W R" - "How and why do we learn"
52066: NICHOLAS D - Mr Secretary Nicholas 1593 - 1669: his life and letters
58631: NICHOLL D - Thurstan: Archbishop of York (1114-1140)
48135: NICHOLL D - Talking with St. Seraphim: meditation with St. Seraphim shared in the context of The St. Theosevia Centre for Christian Spirituality March 1992
35930: "NICHOLLS B J" - "Unique Christ in our pluralist world"
22463: "BLAKE R B & NICHOLLS C S" - "Dictionary of national biography 1981-1985"
33841: "NICHOLLS A R" - "Simple techniques for teachers:" " ideas and instructions for teachers in day school and the church"
14361: "NICHOLLS W" - "Revelation in Christ"
14362: "NICHOLLS W" - "Revelation in Christ"
52749: NICHOLLS D - God and government in an age of reason
22669: NICHOLS A - Panther and the hind: a theological history of Anglicanism
39427: "NICHOLS A" - "Splendour of Doctrine:" "the catechism of the catholic church on christian believing"
30055: NICHOLS K - Cornerstone (Guidelines for Religious Education 1)
14369: "NICHOLS K F" - "Theology and education"
14370: NICHOLS P - Pope's divisions: the Roman Catholic Church today
14364: NICHOLS A - Art of God Incarnate: theology and image in Christian tradition
52951: NICHOLS K - Orientations: six essays on theology and education
42326: NICHOLS A - Theology of Joseph Ratzinger: an introductory study
14380: "NICHOLSON S H" - "Quires and places where they sing"
38718: "NICHOLSON W, BP OF GLOUCESTER" - "Exposition of the Catechism of the Church of England" "(LACT)"
14377: NICHOLSON S H - Parish Psalter: the Psalms of David pointed for chanting - congregational edition without music
48925: NICHOLSON E W - Exodus and Sinai in history and tradition (Growing points in theology)
57266: NICHOLSON S H - Love divine all loves excelling: anthem for quinquegesima or general use reprinted from the cantata 'The Saviour of the World'
58233: NICHOLSON R A - Mystics of Islam
14382: NICKELSBURG G W E - Jewish Literature between the Bible & the Mishnah: a historical and literary introduction
14387: "NICODEMUS" - "Renascence:" "an essay in faith"
53325: NICODEMUS - Nicodemus of the holy mountain: a handbook of spiritual counsel
27683: "NICOL G" - "Uncle George:" "Field-Marshal Lord Milne of Salonika and Rubislaw"
30185: NICOL R - Irritable bowel diet book (Overcoming Common Problems)
45123: NICOLSON H [OLSON] - Diaries and letters 1930 - 1964 edited and condensed by Stanley Olsen, introduction by Nigel Nicolson
45478: NICOLSON N - Harold Nicolson diaries and letters 1930-39, 1939-45, 1945-62
14391: "NICOLSON R" - "Black Future?:" "Jesus and Salvation in South Africa"
53324: NICOLSON A - Power and glory: Jacobean England and the making of the King James Bible
54167: NIEBANCK R J - By what authority: the making and use of social statements
24963: "NIEBUHR R" - "Leaves from the notebook of a tamed cynic" "[unabridged republication of the first edition published in New York in 1929]"
56458: NIEBUHR R - Christian realism and political problems
14403: NIEBUHR R - Discerning the signs of the times: sermons for to-day and to-morrow
31589: NIEBUHR R - Man's nature and his communities: essays on the dynamics and enigmas of man's personal and social existence
30057: "NIEBUHR R" - "Nations and empires:" "recurring patterns in the political order"
32843: "NIEBUHR R" - "Structure of nations and empires:" "a study of the recurring patterns and problems of the political order in relation to the unique problems of the nuclear age"
14414: NIEBUHR R R - Schleiermacher on Christ and Religion (LPT)
14398: NIEBUHR H R - Social sources of denominationalism
14405: NIEBUHR R - Do the state and nation belong to God or the Devil?: being the Burge Memorial Lecture for the year 1937
52968: NIEBUHR R - Europe's catastrophe and the Christian faith
50644: NIEBUHR R - Essays in applied Christianity
57426: NIEBUHR H R - Theology history and culture: major unpublished writings
55368: NIELSEN E - Oral Tradition (Studies in Biblical Theology 11)
57675: NIELSEN K - Ruth (Old Testament Library)
14416: NIELSEN E - Oral Tradition (Studies in Biblical Theology 11)
14417: "NIELSEN E" - "Ten Commandments in New Perspective:" "traditio-historical approach (SBT2/7)"
50646: NIELSEN K - Ruth (Old Testament Library)
58234: NIEMELA K - Does confirmation training really matter? A longitudinal study of the quality and effectiveness of confirmation training in Finland (Publications of the Church Research Institute 59)
58235: NIEMELA K - Church work and management in change (Church Research Institute Publication 61)
35649: "NIGG W" - "Lebel Christi in Meisterwerken der Kunst" "und den worten des Neuen Testaments (colour illus throughout)"
12897: "MASON T W & NIGHTINGALE B" - "New light on the pilgrim story"
54438: NIGOSIAN S - Judaism: the way of holiness
14425: "NILAUSEN J" - "APPN Networks"
14426: "NILES D P" - "Between the flood and the rainbow:" "interpreting the Counciliar Process of Mutual Commitment (covenant) to justice, peace and the integrity of creation"
14427: NILES D P - Resisting the threats to life: covenanting for justice, peace and the integrity of Creation
14432: "NILSEN M Y" - "Real living:" "small-group life experience with the Gospel of Luke (Member's book)"
24121: "NIND T" - "Everlasting relationship:" "mother and child at war and peace"
14437: "NINEHAM D E" - "Explorations in Theology 1"
26732: NINEHAM D E - Gospel of St Mark (Pelican New Testament commentaries)
14440: NINEHAM D E - Studies in the Gospels: essays in memory of R H Lightfoot
24294: NINEHAM D E - Use and abuse of the Bible: a study of the bible in an age of rapid cultural change
52521: NINEHAM D E - New Testament interpretation in an historical age: the Ethel M Wood lecture delivered before the University of London on 4 March 1975
50939: NISBET R A - Emile Durkheim (Makers of modern social science)
49228: NISTER E - His sweet will: a daily companion containing scripture texts and hymns for a month
14443: "NITTI F S" - "Catholic Socialism:" "translated from the 2nd Italian edition by Mary Mackintosh with intro by DG Ritchie"
56348: NIVEN D - Bring on the empty horses
33458: NIXSON R - Home is where the hurt is: domestic violence and the church's response (GP58)
23966: NIXSON R - Liberating the gospel for women (GEv28)
27305: "GJELSTAD J & NJOLSTAD O" - "Nuclear rivalry and international order"
23313: "ALEXANDER D & NOBES C" - "European introduction to financial accounting"
32664: "WEST M & NOBLE G" - "Images of glory:" "a resource for small groups"
57247: NOBLE T T - Free organ accompaniments to one hundred well known hymn tunes
14445: "NOBODY'S" - "Club of Nobody's Friends:" "Biographical List of the Members from 1902 to 1948 with an historical introduction by Robert Chancellor Nesbitt Volume III"
51566: NOBODY'S FRIENDS - Club of nobody's friends (Volume II): since its foundation on 21 June 1800 to 29 April 1902
28248: NOEL C [DARK] - Conrad Noel: an autobiography, edited with a foreword by Sidney Dark, with a memoir of his childhood by a cousin and tributes by Kingsley Martin, Harry Roberts, and Richard Church
68193: "MARTIN NOELENE" - "MOVING MOUNTAINS:" "stories of faith from the Bible"
23202: "CLARKE J & NOIN D" - "Population and environment in arid regions" "(Man and the biosphere series vol 19)"
37883: "DI NOLA A M" - "Prayers of man:" "from primitive peoples to present times"
42762: "NOLAN A" - "Biblical spirituality:" "lecture notes for annual faith and life course"
51370: HATCH N O & NOLL M A - Bible in America: essays in cultural history
14457: "NOPPEN J G" - "Royal Westminster and the Coronation"
51044: NORBIE D L - Early church
11877: "LINDEROTH R & NORBRINK S" - "Den Svenska Kyrkan:" "Lasebok i kyrkokunskap for Kyrka Skola och Hem"
67755: "NORDELBIEN" - "Our Church:" "reports, illustrations and pictures of the Nordelbien Evangelical Lutheran Church"
48435: NORLAND M ET AL - Homoeopathic proving of aids
36189: NORMAN E - Anglican difficulties: new syllabus of errors
60852: "BECK NORMAN A" - "MATURE CHRISTIANITY IN THE 21st CENTURY:" "the recognition and repudiation of the anti-Jewish polemic of the New Testament"
30099: "NORMAN E" - "Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere:" "the churches in Latin America and South Africa"
45059: NORMAN E - History of modern Ireland
14462: NORMAN E R - Anti Catholicism in Victorian England
49599: NORRINGTON D C - To preach or not to preach: the Church's urgent question
45252: NORRIS R A JR - Homosexuality, ethics, and the church: some notes on the current debate regarding homosexuality and the place of homosexuals in the church [Anglican Theological Review Vol 90, Number 3, Summer 2008]
725: "ATKINS J & NORRIS M" - "Total area networking" "[ATM, frame relay and SMDS explained]"
37628: NORRIS R A - Understanding the faith of the church (Church's teaching series)
40945: "NORRIS H [PALEY R]" - "Justice in eighteenth-century Hackney:" "the justicing notebook on Henry Norris and the Hackney Petty Sessions Book edited by Ruth Paley"
52357: NORRIS J P - Key to the narrative of the four Gospels
58061: NORRIS R A - Song of Songs: interpreted by early Christian and Medieval commentators
68652: MICHAEL C P & NORRISEY M C - Arise: a Christian psychology of love
47840: HARLIN T & NORSTROM B Z - Halvvags till Himlem [Half-way to Heaven]
14472: "NORTH C R" - "Second Isaiah:" "intro translation & commentary to Chapters XL-LV"
14469: NORTH C R - Isaiah 40-55 (TBC)
23646: "NORTH F" - "Conventional bidding explained"
41995: NORTH C R - Thought of the Old Testament: 3 lectures
14477: "NORTHCOTT C H" - "Christian Principles in Industry:" "their application in practice"
14478: "NORTHCOTT H" - "Lines of Encouragement:" "from the letters... written between 1930 & 1968"
14481: "NORTHCOTT R J" - "Dick Sheppard & St. Martin's" "with 3 illus"
53229: VAN HOUTAN K S & NORTHCOTT M S - Diversity and dominion: dialogues in ecology ethics and theology
49062: NORTHCROFT D M - An A.B.C. of the New Forest
14483: "NORTHRIDGE W L" - "Disorders of the emotional & spiritual life"
14485: "NORTHRIDGE W L" - "Psychology and pastoral practice"
14489: "NORWOOD C" - "English tradition of education"
43584: "BONKER J & NOTA M" - "God of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael:" "one way to peace in the Middle East"
14494: "NOTES" - "On the Book of Deuteronomy Vol I"
14495: "NOTES" - "On the Book of Deuteronomy Vol II"
14497: "NOTES" - "On the Book of Genesis"
14498: "NOTES" - "On the Book of Leviticus"
14499: "NOTES" - "On the Book of Numbers"
24870: "NOTES" - "Notes on the Cathedrals 5 volumes - 1: Styles" "of Architecture, historical plan, Canterbury, St Paul's, Winchester, Gloucester, Lichfield, Salisbury 2: Norman buildings - Chichester, Durham, Ely, Norwich, Peterborough, Rochester, St. Albans 3: Bath Ab
14503: "NOTH M" - "Das dritte Buch Mose:" "Leviticus (Alte Testament Deutsch 6)"
40612: "NOTH M" - "Gesammelte studien zum Alten Testament" "(Theologische Bucherei)"
24046: NOTH M - History of Israel
14512: "NOTSCHER F" - "Das Buch Jeremias:" "Ubersetzt und Erklart (Die Heilige Schrift des Alten Testamentes V11/2)"
39387: "NOTSCHER F" - "Gotteswege und Menschenwege in der Bibel und in Qumran" "[Bonner Biblische Beitrage 15]"
25415: "NOTT D" - "Points de depart:" "manuel de l'etudiant"
32840: "NOTT P" - "Letter from Losinga:" "a selection of sermons and addresses"
69413: "NOUET J" - "MEDITATIONS ON THE LIFE OF OUR LORD" "for every day in the year"
43616: NOUWEN H J M - Genesee diary: report from a trappist monastery
74474: NOUWEN H J M - Path of peace
14523: "NOUWEN H J M" - "In the house of the Lord"
69420: NOUWEN H J M - SABBATICAL JOURNEY: the diary of his final year
14530: NOUWEN H J M - Road to daybreak: a spiritual journey
44207: NOUWEN H J M - Here and now: living in the spirit
37622: "NOUWEN H J M" - "Seeds of hope"
29817: NOUWEN H J M - With open hands
14520: NOUWEN H J M - Cry for Mercy: prayers from the Genesee
54777: NOUWEN H J M - Life of the beloved (AUDIO BOOK): spiritual living in a secular world
35929: NOUWEN H J M - Our greatest gift: a meditation on dying and caring
54775: NOUWEN H J M - Path of waiting
47912: NOUWEN H J M - Way of the heart
55437: NOVAK M ET AL - Denigration of capitalism: six points of view
14536: "NOVATIAN [MOORE]" - "Treatise of Novatian on the Trinity:" "by Herbert Moore (TCL series II Latin Texts)"
1515: "BEGINNING NOW" - "Part One - Peacemaking theology," "Part Two - Peacemaking in practice"
46160: NOWACKI P - Oil shale technical data handbook: energy technology review No 63 / chemical technology review No 182
30875: OFF INTO NOWHERE - Off into nowhere: a book of poems about the Third World, written by children from six Norfolk schools, for Christian Aid Week 1980
44547: "ASHCROFT-NOWICKI D" - "New book of the dead"
5574: DE-LA-NOY M - Michael Ramsey: a portrait
14543: NOYCE G - Minister as moral counselor
46102: NOYES A - Voltaire
56531: BEESON NT - In tuneful accord: the church musicians
45299: BURMAN P & NUGENT K - Prophecy and vision
28716: "NUNN J" - "Learn chess"
14554: "NUNN J" - "Secrets of Pawnless Endings" "(Batsford Chess Library)"
39067: "NUNN R" - "This growing unity:" "a handbook on ecumenical development in the counties, large cities and new towns of England"
69433: NURNBERG W - HANDS AT MASS with an introduction by C C Martindale
38190: NUTTALL G F - Richard Baxter
14558: "NUTTALL G F" - "Better Than Life:" "the loving kindness of God"
44659: "NUTTALL M" - "Making of a tradition 1870-1970;" "Centenary lecture 1970"
47271: NUTTING A - Scramble for Africa
31353: "NYE C F" - "Prayers that have helped a man of the world" "(Guardian series No. 1)"
14580: "NYGREN A" - "Gospel of God"
51572: GREGORY OF NYSSA - Dogmatic treatises etc (Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Second Series, Volume V) edited by P Schaff & H Wace
53424: GREGORY OF NYSSA - Lord's prayer: the beatitudes
45708: GREGORY OF NYSSA [CLARKE] - Life of St Macrina
5166: "CYRIAX G & OAKESHOTT R" - "Bargainers:" "a survey of modern trade unionism"
14591: OAKESHOTT W - Sword of the Spirit: a meditative and devotional anthology
28357: "OAKLEY B" - "Windsurfing:" "the skills of the game"
14593: OAKLEY F - Crucial Centuries: the medieval experience
14592: "OAKLEY A" - "Orthodox Liturgy" "(Studies in eucharistic faith and practice)"
56021: OAKMAN D E - Jesus and the economic questions of his day (Studies in the Bible and Early Christianity volume 8)
14596: "OATES W E" - "What psychology says about religion"
44336: "OATES S B" - "Let the trumpet sound:" "the life of Martin Luther King Jr"
57777: OBBARD E R - Poverty - Simplicity - Joy: stories of St Francis and his companions for everyone
43809: "COMMUNITY OF OBERAMMERGAU" - "PASSION PLAY 2000 OBERAMMERGAU" "with contributions by Otto Huber and Christian Stuckl, colour plates by Brigitte Maria Mayer"
55894: OBERAMMERGAU - Passion play 2010 Oberammergau
40141: "OBERSTEINER J" - "Die Christusbotschaft des Alten Testaments:" "Kurze Darlegung und Erklarung der Wichtigsten Messianischen Weissagungen"
14602: "OBJECTIONS" - "Objections to Humanism" "ed by HJ Blackham"
49986: CARTWRIGHT M G & OCHS P - Jewish-Christian schism revisited
53683: WILLIAM OF OCKHAM [BRAMPTON] - De Imperatorum et Pontificum Potestate of William of Ockham edited by C Kenneth Brampton
53094: ODDIE W - What will happen to God?: feminism and the reconstruction of Christian belief
56648: ODELL C - Ever increasing circles
31203: ODELL C - Companion to the revised common lectionary: Volume 1 Intercessions
43746: "ODEN A" - "In her words:" "women's writings in the the history of Christian thought"
6607: "FABELLA V & ODUYOYE M A" - "With passion and compassion:" "third world women doing theology, reflections from the Women's Commission of EATWOT"
37658: "ODUYOYE M" - "Who will roll the stone away?:" "the Ecumenical Decade of the Churches in Solidarity with Women (Risk Book 47)"
34863: "OESTERLEY W O E" - "Fresh approach to the Psalms" "(International library of Christian knowledge)"
14638: OESTERLEY W O E - Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha
14636: OESTERLEY W O E - Books of the Apocrypha: their origin teaching & contents
34858: "OESTERLEY W O E" - "Immortality and the unseen world:" "a study in Old Testament religion"
28751: "OESTERLEY W O E" - "Psalms Book IV (XC-CVI):" "Hebrew Text with critical grammatical and exegetical notes"
14642: OESTERLEY W O E - Psalms: translated with text-critical and exegetical notes
34861: "OESTERLEY W O E" - "Studies in Isaiah XL-LXVI with an introductory" "chapter on the composite character of Isaiah I-XXXIX"
14646: "OESTERLEY W O E" - "Wisdom of Solomon" "(TED 2/1)"
37610: "CHURCH OFENGLAND" - "Book of Common Prayer [interleaved with plain lined paper]" "and administration of the sacraments & other rites & ceremonies of the church..."
50983: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Victorian Essex
53520: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Essex monasteries: a brief pictorial record of religious houses during the Middle Ages (This booklet commemorates the Silver Jubilee of the Essex Record Office 1938 - 1963)
53521: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Essex churches 600 - 1800
53522: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Elizabethan Essex
53523: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Leisure and pleasure in Essex
53524: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Georgian Essex
53525: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Medieval Essex
53526: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Victorian Essex
53527: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Essex homes
53528: ESSEX RECORD OFFICE - Face of Essex
32305: "HOME OFFICE" - "People in prison (England and Wales)" "presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Dept by Command of Her Majesty Nov 1969"
14657: OGDEN S M - Reality of God and other essays
54962: OGDEN S M - To preach the truth: selected sermons and homilies
46488: OGG D - Europe in the seventeenth century
26251: "OGILVIE G" - "Preaching at baptisms" "(GMW70)"
8201: OGILVIE G - Deliberate Oversight? (Episcopal ministry today) (GPS 46)
44308: OGILVY J - Turning points: stories to change your life
52746: OGLETREE T W - Use of the Bible in Christian ethics
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14698: "OLSEN T V" - "Haven of the Hunted" "(large print)"
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55311: PAPANDREA - Rome: a pilgrim's guide to the eternal city
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15314: "PEILE J H F" - "Reproach of the gospel:" "an inquiry into the apparent failure of Christianity as a general rule of life and conduct with special ref to the present time (Bampton Lecture 1907)"
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31738: PERHAM M - Liturgy for a new century: further essays in preparation for the revision of the Alternative Service Book
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58211: PEROWNE J J S - Immortality: four sermons preached before the University of Cambridge being the Hulsean Lectures for 1868
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22889: "PERRI 6" - "Future of privacy:" "Volume 2 - public trust in the use of private information"
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15377: PERRIN N - Promise of Bultmann
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58614: CALVEZ J & PERRIN J - Church and social justice: the social teaching of the Popes from Leo XIII to Pius XII (1878 - 1958)
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38731: "PERRY M" - "Church family worship (words only):" "Church Pastoral Aid Society and Jubilate Hymns"
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30456: "PERRY M" - "Dramatised [Bible] Old Testament in 2 volumes" "(New International Version) Volume 1: Genesis to Esther, Volume 2: Job to Malachi"
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53149: PERRY S - Resurrecting interpretation: technology, hermeneutics and the parable of the rich man and Lazarus
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61435: "BRIERLEY PETER" - "BEYOND THE CHURCHES:" "facing a task unfininshed: groups outside the churches in England and Wales"
61431: "BRIERLEY PETER" - "STEPS TO THE FUTURE:" "issues facing the church in the new millennium"
61429: "BRIERLEY PETER" - "TIDE IS RUNNING OUT:" "what the English Church Attendance Survey reveals"
62378: "CLARKE PETER B" - "WORLD'S RELIGIONS:" "understanding the living faiths [over 400 mainly colour photographs plus maps & diagrams](Outsize book)"
27244: "PETER L J" - "Quotations for our time"
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15421: "PETERS E" - "Fallen into the pit"
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51049: PETTEY R J - In his footsteps: the priest and the Catholic charismatic renewal
29458: "PETTINGER R" - "Future of industrial relations"
27962: "PETTINGER R" - "Managing the flexible workforce"
27964: "PETTINGER R" - "Managing the flexible workforce"
49231: PETTIWARD D - Truly rural (illustrations by Paul Crum)
51053: PETULLA J - Faith on Monday (Life and Light Series)
51052: PETULLA J - All over the world (Life and Light Series)
55585: PEVSNER N - Wiltshire (The Buildings of England)
53301: PFATTEICHER P H - Dictionary of liturgical terms
15452: "PFEIFFER R H" - "History of New Testament times:" "with an intro to the Apocrypha"
15455: PFLEIDERER O - Development of theology: in Germany since Kant and its progress in Great Britain since 1825
34892: "PFLEIDERER O" - "Lectures on the influence of the Apostle Paul on the" "development of Christianity (Hibbert lectures 1885)"
36782: "PHAM X H T" - "Mourning in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible" "(JSOTS302)"
48713: PHEBY J - New directions in post-Keynsian economics
61081: "BLAIR PHILIP" - "WHAT ON EARTH?:" "the Church in the world and the call of Christ"
58181: ROSATO PHILIP J - Spirit as Lord: the pheumatology of Karl Barth
53300: PHILIP J - Death and resurection of Christ
36239: "PHILIPPE T" - "Contemplative life"
45183: PHILIPPI A - Florence: Famous art cities No IV
34176: "PHILIPPOU A J" - "Orthodoxy:" "life and freedom: essays in honour of Archbishop Iakovos"
15461: PHILIPS - Philips scripture atlas: edited by Harold Fullard
15464: "PHILLIMORE C M" - "Fra Angelico" "(Bridgman Art Library of Great Artists)"
52964: PHILLIMORE J S - Hundred best latin hymns
41742: PHILLIPS G [ED] - Anthology of organ music: volume one
70039: PHILLIPS J A - FORM OF CHRIST IN THE WORLD: a study Bonhoeffers Christology
15470: PHILLIPS C H - Singing church: an outline history of the music sung by choir and people
36999: KERMODE J I & PHILLIPS C B - Seventeenth-century Lancashire essays presented to J J Bagle (Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire & Cheshire for the year 1982, Volume 132)
32354: "BRANDES D & PHILLIPS H" - "Gamesters' handbook:" "140 games for teachers and group leaders"
4772: "COOK B & PHILLIPS S G" - "Loss and bereavement" "(LSFS)"
15472: "PHILLIPS C S" - "Church in France 1789-1848: a study in revival"
34893: "PHILLIPS G E" - "Old Testament in the world church with special" "reference to the younger churches"
15479: "PHILLIPS G E" - "Religions of the world"
33065: "PHILLIPS J B" - "Living gospels of Jesus Christ" "[colour illustrations throughout]"
15493: "PHILLIPS S" - "Herod:" "a tragedy"
28269: "PHILLIPS W" - "Steps in infant mathematics 3"
28270: "PHILLIPS W" - "Steps to common entrance mathematics 1"
27673: "PHILLIPS W" - "Ventures in diplomacy"
24108: "WILLIAMS P A & PHILLIPS G O" - "Gums and stabilisers for the food industry 9:" "proceedings of the Conference-Functional Aspects held at Wrexham 7-11 July 1997 (ISBN 0 85404 708 5)"
41179: "PHILLIPS M B" - "Church and Queen Diamond Jubilee Lambeth conference"
49970: PHILLIPS D J - Peoples on the move: introducing the nomads of the world
55175: PHILLIPS C S - Hymnody past and present
49405: PHILLIPS P - Mark and Anne: the story of a royal romance
58192: FEWELL D N : PHILLIPS G A - Semeia 77: Bible and ethics of reading
56319: PHILLIPS C S - Background of the prayer book
56634: PHILLIPS J B - Through the year with J B Phillips
27214: "PHILLIPSON D" - "Smuggling:" "a history 1700 - 1970"
15498: PHILOKALIA - Early Fathers from the Philokalia: together with some writings of St Abba Dorotheus, St Isaac of Syria & St Gregory of Palamas selected & trans from the Russian text by Kadloubovsky & Palmer
15497: PHILOKALIA - Philokalia: volume 1 complete text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth
29027: PHILOKALIA - Philokalia: Volume 2 complete text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth
34639: PHILOKALIA - Philokalia: volume 3 complete text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth
31543: "ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY" - "Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures" "Volumes 1,2,3,4, &5 [1966-1971] The human agent, Talk of God, Knowledge and necessity, The proper study & Reason and reality"
16877: "ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY" - "Talk of God:" "Lectures Volume two - 1967-1968"
24561: "PHILP H L" - "Freud and religious belief"
58180: PHILP R K - Practical housewife: a complete encyclopedia of domestic economy and family medical guide
15501: "PHILPOT J H" - "Seceders: the story of JC Philpot and William Tiptaft" "abridged from the first 2 vols of 3 published 1829-69"
46848: PHILPS M - Power of meekness (GS73)
27348: "PHINN G" - "Sweet and sour: short stories" "including follow on activities"
49838: PHIPPS S - Weaving with words
35085: "ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS" - "First annual supplement to the 1973 list of the Fellows" "and Members of the Royal College of Physicians of London"
27677: "ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS" - "List of the fellows and members of the Royal College of" "Physicians of London"
57219: PIAT S-J - Story of a family: the home of St Therese of Lisieux (the little flower)
40450: "PICARD A" - "Histoire du Peuple Hebreu:" "des juges a la captivite: tome I: la periode des Juges"
27089: "LOPEZ-MARTINEZ R E & PICCALUGA" - "Knowledge flows in national systems of innovation" "a comparitive analysis of sociotechnical constituencies in Europe and Latin America"
54757: PICKARD J S - Out of Iona: words from a crossroads of the world
12668: PICKERING W S F - Anglican-Methodist relations: papers presented to the Study Commission on Institutionalism Commission on Faith and Order World Council of Churches
24085: "PICKERING W S F" - "Social history of the diocese of Newcastle 1882-1982"
57473: PICKERING H - Chief men among the brethren: a series of brief records of brethren beloved collected from many sources
48773: PICKETT B - Songs for the journey: the psalms in life and liturgy
45162: PICKLES D - France: the fourth republic
40641: "PIDOUX G" - "L'homme dans l'Ancien Testament" "(Cahiers Theologiques 32)"
34941: PIERCE W - Historical introduction to the Marprelate Tracts: a chapter in the evolution of religious and civil liberty in England
57932: PIERCE M T - Marie Louise of Jesus De Montfort's spiritual daughter: the co-foundress of the Daughters of Wisdom
50214: WACE H & PIERCY W C - Dictionary of early Christian biography: a reference guide to over 800 Christian men and women, heretics and sects of the first six centuries
15519: "PIERRE A J" - "Conventional defense of Europe"
36110: "PIERSE G" - "Silence into service:" "from Mantra prayer to more genuine care"
33312: PIERSON L - Pastoral care of young people (GP21)
29894: PIERSON L - No-gay areas: pastoral care of homosexual Christians (GPS38)
55042: MCCONVILLE J G & PIETERSEN L K - Conception reception and the spirit: essays in honor of Andrew T Lincoln
15521: PIETISTS - Pietists: selected writings (CWS)
8229: PIGOTT G - Helpful habits: (GS31)
58179: PIGOU F - Phases of my life
27914: "EDWARDS G & PIJPERS A" - "Politics of European treaty reform:" "the 1996 intergovernmental conference and beyond"
15524: "PIKE E C" - "Four lectures on English nonconformity"
15525: PIKE J A - Doing the truth
57883: PILGRIM - In a country parson's shoes
15531: "PILGRIM" - "Pilgrim hymnal"
15533: PILGRIM - Pilgrims guide to the Royal and Ancient City of Canterbury
25484: "PILLING P" - "Famous women of North Staffordshire"
28474: "PINCAS A" - "Review of English Language Teaching Volume 5 Number 2 1995:" "Spreading English: ELT projects in international development (celebrating the work of Peter Hill) edited A Pincas"
15548: "PINFOLD F L" - "Meeting points assembly book"
58051: PINK A W - Seven sayings of the Saviour on the cross

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